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    Show #943
    Original airdate: Jun 13, 2019
    Guests: Jeff Carter
    Topics: MLK Assassination Research

    Play Jeff Carter (1:03:08) MP3 download

  • Jeff Carter is a filmmaker and audio technician based in Vancouver, Canada
  • Co-produced the web series 50 Reasons for 50 Years in 2013
  • Please donate at Black Op Radio's Patreon page
  • All articles by Jeff Carter
  • Jeff's latest article on the MLK case - Garrow’s Interpretive Guesswork Presumes the Worst
  • Postscript 1968 web series on MLK and RFK assassinations by Black Op Radio
  • Article: VICE News Botches the King Case (2018) by Jeff
  • The FBI was determined to ruin MLK by collecting gossip about his private life
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr. by David J. Garrow
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Bearing the Cross: MLK and the SCLC by David J. Garrow
  • David Garrow broke with the King family during the civil trial in 1999
  • Garrow was opposed to the civil trial and the position of Dr. King's family
  • Complete Transcript of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Conspiracy Trial: Read Online, Download PDF
  • Article: The Troubling Legacy of Martin Luther King by David Garrow
  • Garrow could not get this article published in the mainstream media as the allegations couldn't be verified
  • The FBI has a history of prejudice against MLK
  • Article: Historians attack Pitt professor David Garrow's Martin Luther King allegations
  • Garrow portrays Dr. King as a sexual libertine who ‘laughed’ as a forcible rape took place
  • According to Garrow, this incident has been recorded on tape (audio) and will be released in 2027
  • Garrow relies on the FBI files which report this alleged incident
  • However, the room where this incident allegedly took place wasn't under FBI surveillance
  • So it's unlikely that there is a tape which captures this incident
  • It has been established that Dr. King had relationships outside of his marriage
  • The Las Vegas incident in April 1964
  • These charges are nothing more than gossip by the FBI to destroy the reputation of Dr. King
  • If the recordings did exist, then the FBI would have made it public a long time ago to tarish Dr. King's image
  • Total length of the 50 Reasons for 50 Years series is 6 hours and 18 minutes
  • Article: "I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It’s Happening Again." - Colin Powell
  • TIP: You can read articles at The New York Times website for free (without a subscription)
    by opening the link in a private or incognito window; alternatively you can use this link
  • If you understand what happened in the 1960s, you are much better equipped to understand the present

    Show #942
    Original airdate: Jun 06, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio, Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Remembering Col. Prouty and Robert Kennedy

    Play Jim DiEugenio (1:26:19) MP3 download

  • Yesterday, June 5th, was the 18th death anniversary of Fletcher Prouty
  • And the 51st death anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy
  • FREE ONLINE EBOOK: (html version) The Secret Team:
    The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World by Col. Fletcher Prouty
    The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World by Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • This book explains how the CIA managed to infiltrate all the main institutions of power
  • 'The Collected Works of Col. Prouty' CD-ROM available for direct download here for just $30
  • Col. Fletcher Prouty interviewed by Daniel Schorr, CBS News in Washington DC on July 11, 1975
  • Col. Prouty was the liaison between the US Air Force and the CIA
  • Article, The New York Times, July 12, 1975: CIA Report Says Aides Worked at Other Agencies
  • The above article includes comments by Col. Prouty
  • CIA Special Report: "For many years the Central Intelligence Agency has detailed employees to the immediate office
    of the White House per se and to components associated intimately with the immediate office of the President such as
    the Council on International Economic Policy and the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board"
  • Alexander Butterfield was CIA's contact officer in the White House
  • Video: Butterfield testifies during the Watergate hearings about listening devices in the White House
  • Robert Mullen Company, CIA's public relations firm
  • E. Howard Hunt told Col. Prouty that his contact in the White House was Butterfield
  • The sheep-dipping process
  • Charles Colson said that Nixon suspected Butterfield worked for the CIA after the tapes incident
  • Butterfield and his wife Charlotte interviewed by Mike Wallace, CBS News in New York on July 13, 1975
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam by Robert S. McNamara
  • NSAMs 55, 56 and 57
  • Fletcher never signed an oath of secrecy
  • FREE ONLINE EBOOK: (html version) Understanding Special Operations, And Their Impact on Vietnam War Era
    1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty, Colonel USAF (Retired) by David Ratcliffe
  • How Col. Prouty became a consultant on the Oliver Stone movie JFK
  • The movie JFK resulted in the creation of the ARRB
  • Col. Prouty was one of the very few insiders who was willing to talk
    The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy by Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • Bobby Kennedy's death marked the end of the era
  • New documentary on the life and assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X
  • Rob Reiner's 10-part series based on three books:
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: The Man Who Knew Too Much by Dick Russell
  • Book: The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi
  • The "left" and the "right" are both controlled by the billionaires
  • Jim Garrison had bought three sets of the Warren Commission's 26 volumes
  • John Bohrer's excellent book Revolution of Robert Kennedy: Hardcover, Kindle, Google Books, Scribd, Audiobook
  • On the day of JFK's murder, RFK called John McCone and asked him if one of his guys (CIA) did it
  • Fidel Castro solved the Kennedy case in a nutshell within a day of the assassination
  • Castro's speech on 11.23.63: Read Online, Download PDF, Listen Online, Download MP3
  • Bobby Kennedy's call to William Walton
  • Book: Delta Epiphany: RFK in Mississippi by Ellen Meacham: Hardcover, Kindle, Google Books, Scribd, Audiobook
  • Video: Robert Kennedy announces the death of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • It's easier to prove a conspiracy in the RFK case than in the JFK case
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by William Turner and Jonn Christian
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination by Philip Melanson
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Who Killed Bobby by Shane O'Sullivan
  • Lisa Pease's book A Lie too Big to Fail: Hardcover, Kindle, Scribd
  • David Talbot's book Brothers: Real History of the Kennedy Years: Paperback, Kindle, Scribd, Audiobook
  • Video: Bobby Kennedy's final journey
  • The Democratic Party has never been the same after the murder of Bobby Kennedy
  • Kamala Harris's role in denying Sirhan parole

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty (16:48) YouTube Video

  • Len Osanic interviews Col. Fletcher Prouty; Jul 21, 1997
  • The CIA is an agency
  • An agency, by definition, is an organization that works for someone
  • The CIA comes under the National Security Council
  • General Charles Cabell's, the then DDCI, call to Col. Prouty requesting a squadron of combat helicopters
  • Col. Prouty calls it The Billion Dollar phone call
  • When the CIA was founded in 1947, it's purpose was to "coordinate the intelligence of the US Govt"
  • As the DCI, Allen Dulles called himself the lawyer of the US Govt
  • If the CIA isn't controlled, then they will do what they want
  • It's the people who have given up the responsibility
  • The media came out against the Oliver Stone movie JFK
  • 90% of the drugs come into the US by aircrafts
  • The collusion of the government in the drug business
  • The US military paid Chinese with packages of heroin during the Burma campaign of World War II

    Show #941
    Original airdate: May 30, 2019
    Guests: Mark de Valk, Greg Parker, Michael Le Flem
    Topics: Remembering Ian Griggs, JFK Assassination Research

    Play Mark de Valk (32:50) MP3 download

  • Mark de Valk is an author, researcher, lecturer and filmmaker
  • Mark was a member of Dealey Plaza UK and was the editor of the magazine Dealey Plaza Echo
  • Ian Griggs, co-founder of Dealey Plaza UK, passed away last week
  • Ian edited the magazine Dealey Plaza Echo from 1996 to 2005
  • Video: Mark's 2011 interview with Len Osanic: Part 1, Part 2
  • Ian was a former British police officer and detective for 23 years
  • A selection of Ian Griggs's articles
  • Ian's book: No Case to Answer
  • FREE ONLINE EBOOK: And We Are All Mortal by George Michael Evica
  • Warren Commission (WC) stated that the rifle was disassembled and carried into the TSBD in a paper bag
  • WC claims that Oswald carried this bag holding it under his armpit from the palm of his hand
  • Even with the rifle disassembled, it wouldn't fit under the armpit from the palm of the hand
  • No screw driver was found on the sixth floor which could have been used to put the rifle together
  • Ian interviewed several witnesses like Beverly Oliver, Jean Hill, James Tague, Ed Hoffman
  • Ian was quite close with many researchers in the community
  • Paul Wilkins was the first policeman to discover the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle: Commission Exhibit 2645
  • Dealey Plaza UK website:
  • Mark's twitter profile
  • Ian Griggs JFK Mannlicher-Carcano presentaion Video from 2004 conference

    Play Greg Parker (44:28) MP3 download

  • Greg Parker is a researcher from Australia
  • Greg has been researching the case for almost 20 years
  • Greg's article: Was there a Wedding Ring?
  • Other articles by Greg
  • Oswald supposedly left his ring off on the dresser
  • There's no indication that Oswald bought a ring for himself
  • Apart from the wedding photo which shows him wearing a ring, there's no indication he ever had one
  • The day before leaving Minsk, Oswald offered his friend, Ernst Titovets “a large silver ring bought in Japan"
  • Oswald never took off this ring
  • The wedding ring however is not large
  • Marina Oswald's contradictory statements on the ring
  • Marina's call to Ruth Paine
  • Ruth said that the ring was picked up by Bardwell Odum of the FBI
  • However she does not mention, nor is she asked, when was it picked up
  • When the police first searched the place, they did not find a ring
  • The story of the ring developed under the guidance of the Secret Service
  • The rings wouldn't fit on Oswald's ring finger at his funeral
  • The chronology of events that transpired on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th Nov
  • Marguerite Oswald, Lee's mother, believed that her son was an agent for the US Govt
  • The exhumation of Oswald's grave in 1981
  • In 2004, Dave Perry found a gold wedding ring from the file of Marina's lawyer Forrest Markward
  • The ring is too small to be Oswald's ring
  • Dave Perry claims that Kennedy never intended to pull out of Vietnam; check here
  • The ring was found in 2004 but Marina Oswald wasn't notified until 2012
  • "I forgot what I was supposed to say" - Marina Oswald
  • The ring was auctioned for $107,000
  • The ring is now at display in the Sixth Floor Museum

    Play Michael Le Flem (25:15) MP3 download

  • Michael Le Flem reviews Mal Hyman's book Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination
  • The book is also available on Kindle, Google books and Scribd
  • This is probably the best book on how the media treated the JFK assassination
  • Michael also reviewed the book C.D. Jackson: Cold War Propagandist for Democracy and Globalism
  • Review of Jim DeBrosse's book See No Evil: The JFK Assassination and the US Media
  • The first few chapters of Mal Hyman's book detail the media coverage of the CIA and the cold war
  • If an assassination similar to that of JFK took place in the USSR, it would have been taught in US schools
  • USA is a totalitarian country masked as a democracy
  • All news organizations refuse to admit any explanation other than the lone-gunman theory
  • Mal Hyman covers what the foreign newspapers were saying in the immediate weeks after the assassination
  • For eg. Indian newspapers suspected foul play
  • Fidel Castro solved the Kennedy case in a nutshell within a day of the assassination
  • Castro's speech on 11.23.63: Read Online, Download PDF, Listen Online, Download MP3
  • John J. McCloy's daughter was working with the producers of the WC documentary
  • Orville Nix said that the shots came from the grassy knoll during an interview with the WC
  • Video: Gayle Nix Jackson talks about how the WC manipulated Orville Nix's testimony
  • It's easier to manipulate the public today than it was 50 years earlier as people don't read much
  • Article: "I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It’s Happening Again." - Colin Powell
  • TIP: You can read articles at The New York Times website for free (without a subscription)
    by opening the link in a private or incognito window; alternatively you can use this link
  • Academia needs to become more open to the real history of the CIA
  • Intelligence community & military industrial complex are the only ones who can sustain the coverup for so long
  • Cuban exiles or the mob cannot do it
  • USA specializes in economic and psychological warfare against other countries
  • Who better to kill JFK than those who specialize in overthrowing governments and covering it up?
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: JFK & the Unspeakable: Why He Died & Why It Matters by James Douglass

    Play Barry Keane (26:38) MP3 download

  • Barry Keane is a researcher from UK
  • Vice-chairman of Dealey Plaza UK
  • Barry's article: For the Sake of Historical Accuracy
  • Videos of various presentations and interviews of Barry Keane
  • How Barry got interested in the JFK case
  • The WC Report and 26 volumes of hearings and exhibits: Read Online, Download Zip file (1.17GB)
  • Larry Howard, technical advisor to director Oliver Stone for the film JFK
  • Ian Griggs stepped down as the secretary of Dealey Plaza UK in 2005
  • Barry Keane and Bart Kamp met Ian Griggs while he was recovering last summer; pic here
  • Ian's work on the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle
  • Become a member of Dealey Plaza UK; details here
  • Ian Griggs passed away on May 19, 2019
  • Richard Nixon wouldn't have been elected the President in 1968 if JFK wasn't assassinated
  • Membership of Dealey Plaza UK is not limited to UK residents
  • Dealey Plaza UK's facebook group

    Show #940
    Original airdate: May 23, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio (1:27:24) MP3 download

  • At Kennedys and King: Jim DiEugenio's 25-part series on Destiny Betrayed (2nd edition)
  • Article: Thomas, Lattimer, and Reality: A Study in Contrasts by Milicent Cranor
  • Review of Mal Hyman's book Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination by Michael Le Flem
  • Review of Mark Shaw's book Denial of Justice by Jim DiEugenio
  • Mark Shaw's first book on the Dorothy Kilgallen's case The Reporter Who Knew Too Much is a decent book
  • Melvin Belli, attorney for Jack Ruby
  • FREE BORROWABLE BOOK: Dallas Justice: The Real Story of Jack Ruby and His Trial by Melvin Belli
  • Jack Ruby was technically not guilty as he was granted a new trial
  • Mark Shaw is a 'mob-did-it' guy
  • The HSCA went all-out to connect the mob to the JFK case
  • Frank Ragano's book Mob Lawyer was exposed by Anthony Summers
  • John Kennedy vs. Hubert Humphrey, West Virginia Presidential Primary, 1960
  • Video: Kennedy-Humphrey Debate, 1960 West Virginia Primary
  • Raymond Chafin's book Just Good Politics
  • How Joe Kennedy earned his millions
  • Listener questions answered
  • Article: The Mysterious Life and Death of James W. McCord by Jim DiEugenio
  • Kennedysandking was the only site to report on the death of James W. McCord for a couple of weeks
  • Now the MSM has caught-up: LA Times, Washington Post, New York Times, have all picked-up this story
  • Both The New York Times and The Washington Post mention Shane O'Sullivan's book Dirty Tricks and kennedysandking
  • FREE BORROWABLE E-BOOK: Secret Agenda : Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA by Jim Hougan
  • Students for a Democratic Society
  • Video: Vietnam War Lessons Learned by Prof. Edward White
  • Download MP3 of the lecture 'Vietnam War Lessons Learned' by Prof. Edward White here
  • Hunt was probably spying on Nixon for Richard Helms
  • The top 1% has taken over the world
  • Forum discussion: “The lights all went out,” and the elevators stopped while JFK was murdered
  • JFK's Commencement Address at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 11 June 1962: Audio, Text
  • Video: President Kennedy calls out the steel companies (1962)
  • Gore Vidal was thrown out of the White House by Bobby Kennedy
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Of Kennedys and Kings: Making Sense of the Sixties by Harris Wofford

    Show #939
    Original airdate: May 16, 2019
    Guests: Mal Hyman, Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: The Media and the JFK Assassination

    Play Mal Hyman (1:18:35) MP3 download

  • Mal Jay Hyman has taught at Coker College as a Professor of Sociology
  • Mal has also taught in public schools and a medium security men’s prison
  • Mal's new book: Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination
  • Also available on Kindle, Google books and Scribd
  • The Chair of the HSCA, Congressman Richardson Preyer, told Hal in 1989 that
    he was deeply frustrated that the military had destroyed many of their files
  • Mainstream Political Science needs to change significantly
  • The MSM has been consistently reluctant to look deeply into the assassinations
  • The MSM doesn't want to challenge the legitimacy of the current system
  • The MSM avoids significant new information that would challenge the basic tenets of the WC
  • "I think teaching in the state prison allowed me to understand sociopaths better
    which allowed me to understand the political class in America better"
  • Book: JFK: The Book of the Film by Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar
  • Oliver Stone's researcher for the movie JFK was Jane Rusconi
  • Loch Johnson, Professor of Political Science at the University of Georgia
  • Loch Johnson had been working with Senator Frank Church in their investigations of the CIA
  • On being asked if it were true that 400-600 journalists had some sort of relationship with the CIA,
    Loch Johnson replied that it was at the very least 400-600 journalists
  • The Church Committee's findings of it's investigation of the CIA haven't been declassified yet
  • Connie Kritzberg
  • The FBI stopped many stories from being published or investigated
  • The WC's report doesn't match the 26 volumes of hearing and exhibits
  • Oswald, the CIA and Mexico City (aka The Lopez Report) Audiobook for $12
  • FREE BORROWABLE BOOK: In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story by John Stockwell (former CIA)
  • Kennedy took on the CIA, the Military, FBI
  • The ideologues in the CIA and FBI saw Kennedy as betraying American interests
  • LBJ would have had a tough time getting through the next week if Kennedy wasn't killed on 11.22.63
  • Jack Anderson interviewed Jim Garrison and passed on the information to the FBI
  • The MSM links to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • Document: Operation Northwoods
  • Video: Doug Horne on Operation Northwoods (watch for about 4mins)
  • Alexander Butterfield was a friend of Bob Woodward
  • Kennedy was surrounded by enemies (ideologues)
  • Article: The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam by Arthur Krock, Oct 3, 1963 in the NYT View here
  • "A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market
    is a nation that is afraid of its people" - JFK

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty (1:03:17) MP3 download

  • Subject of the talk: The 30th Anniversary of the Coup D'etat in America
  • The works of Dr. Joseph Needham, a British biochemist, historian and sinologist
  • Col. Prouty authored the textbook on Aerodynamics for the USAF
  • The day when JFK was murdered was the day that we lost the United States of America
  • More than 50% of US newspapers are owned by foreigners
  • If Kennedy had not been killed, then 2,600,000 Americans would not have been sent to Vietnam
  • 58,000 Americans lost their lives in the Vietnam War
  • Upwards of 570 Billion USD would not have been spent in the meaningless no-win war
  • The Vietnam War began on Sept 2, 1945 when Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence
  • On the very same day, the Japanese had signed the surrender documents
  • Article from Parade Magazine, Feb 1986:
    Why Stalin Never Forgave Eleanor Roosevelt by Elliott Roosevelt: Page 1, Page 2
  • Some of the great decisions of the post-war (WW2) period were made in the Tehran Conference
  • It was the first time that the Chinese met with the "Big Three"
  • No history book tells us about Chiang Kai-Shek's presence at the Tehran conference
  • Col. Prouty flew the Chinese to Tehran in 1943
  • During the conference, plans for the future of Asia and European colonies in Asia were made
  • These plans included rearming Chiang Kai-Shek, selection of Korea and Vietnam leaders
  • Post-war Japan was rebuilt with American money
  • The power elite of the world always plan for events that are built around warfare
  • They cannot function in peacetime and do not try
  • After Japan's surrender, arms which were supposed to be used for the invasion of Japan were
    sent to Syngman Rhee in Korea and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: One World by Wendell L. Willkie
  • On September 2, 1953, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said "In Indochina, a desperate
    struggle is in its eighth year....We are already contributing largely in matériel and money to the
    combined efforts of the French and of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia."
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Report from Iron Mountain by Leonard C. Lewin
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961–1963, Volume IV, Vietnam, August–December 1963
    Download this Ebook in EPUB or MOBI format
  • This book proves that JFK intended to withdraw US troops from Vietnam by 1965
  • "The United States' objective in South Vietnam is to bring Americans home" - JFK on Nov 14, 1963
  • National Security Action Memorandum 263
  • LBJ reversed NSAM 263 with NSAM 273 that he signed on Nov 26, 1963; just 4 days after JFK's murder
  • President Eisenhower's farewell address on Jan 17, 1963: Video, Text
  • National Security Act of 1947 laid the foundations for a national security state and for creating the CIA
  • The CIA created the Siagon Military Mission in Vietnam
  • Saigon Military Mission was under the operational control of Edward G. Lansdale
  • National Security Council Directive 5412: HTML, PDF, Ratical
  • NSC 5412 defined 'Covert Operations' for the first time
  • Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with the CIA in an operation against Sukarno in Indonesia
  • General Charles Cabell's, the then DDCI, call to Col. Prouty requesting a squadron of combat helicopters
  • 4865 helicopters were lost in Vietnam at an average price of 250,000 dollars per helicopter
  • McGeorge Bundy wrote NSAM 273, which changed Kennedy's policy, before Kennedy was killed
  • From 1945-65, almost all US Military personnel in South Vietnam served under the operational direction of CIA
  • Video: JFK's last press conference on Nov 14, 1963: "..that is our object - to bring Americans home.."
  • Video: JFK talks about pulling 1000 troops from South Vietnam in the same press conference
  • NSAMs 55, 56 and 57
  • These NSAMs made it clear that the CIA were being removed from their role in Vietnam
  • The New York Times of Nov 15, 1963 talks about Kennedy's withdrawal plans from Vietnam
    The Pentagon Papers (The Senator Gravel Edition): Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5
  • Page 223 of Vol 2: "...US intention to withdraw 1,000 troops by the end of the year"
  • On the same page, it talks about NSAM 273 on Nov 23, 1963
  • But NSAM 273 DID NOT exist on Nov 23, 1963; it was signed on the 26th
  • McGeorge Bundy's draft of NSAM 273 written on Nov 21, 1963
  • The Secret Service protocols for protecting the President were not followed in Dallas
  • Man with the umbrella, open windows
  • "I never believed that Oswald acted alone" - LBJ, Atlantic, July 1973
  • "We had been operating a damned Murder Inc. in the Caribbean" - LBJ (same source as above)
  • No court has ever found Oswald guilty
  • FBI Director Hoover informed LBJ that the shots were fired from the FIFTH floor
  • A tree blocked the view from the fifth floor making it impossible to shoot Kennedy
  • It was then changed to the SIXTH floor
  • Arlen Specter deviced the The Single Bullet Theory (aka The Magic Bullet)

    Show #938
    Original airdate: May 09, 2019
    Guests: Walt Brown, Dave Ratcliffe
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Walt Brown (1:03:17) MP3 download

  • Author of The People v. Lee Harvey Oswald (FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK)
  • And Treachery in Dallas (FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK)
  • For JFK / Deep Politics quarterly, email Walt at
  • 19 May is the 25th death anniversary of Jacqueline Kennedy
  • "As long as you have a shovel that won't break and can go deep, there's new stuff to be found"
  • At The Cold Shoulder of History by James Curtis Jenkins is a disappointment
  • Only 12 pages of this book are dedicated to the autopsy
  • Walt's book: The Kennedy Execution
  • Reverse Trajectory Momentum
  • The two people who did the autopsy at Bethesda were not autopsists
  • The only thing Kennedy had close to a friend on the Warren Commission was John Sherman Cooper
  • Edward Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Dallas on 22 Nov, 1963 comfirmed by Col. Prouty & Gen. Victor Krulak
  • The KGB was the most efficient killing machine
  • Walt's new book on Judyth Vary Baker, author of 'Me and Lee', to be released for Kindle on June 1st
  • Book: Judyth Vary Baker - In Her Own Words edited, with commentary by Walt Brown
  • For copies of the book, email Walt at

    Play Dave Ratcliffe (2:29:11) MP3 download

  • Dave Ratcliffe is the editor and publisher of Rat Haus Reality Press
  • Dave's website:
  • JFK page at ratical:
  • Article: Losing Earth? Realign with Original Free Peoples’ Great Law and Find Her Again
  • Jim Garrison's first book on the JFK Assassination available on ratical in html, text and PDF
  • "My staff and I found ourselves on a collision course with the most powerful force in the country. The battle that followed
    over those three years exposed us to a part of America that we never dreamed existed. It became very clear to me that this
    was no longer the country that I had grown up in as a boy. It was a nation controlled by an enormous domestic
    intelligence organization which would seek to discredit or destroy anyone who dared challenge its authority."
    - Jim Garrison
  • Buckminster Fuller on FINCAP (Financial Capitalism) and LAWCAP (Lawyer-resurrected Capitalism)
  • CIA = Capitalism’s Invisible Army
  • Dave reads out from his article
  • “Economic power is-and always has been—the foundation of political power.
    Those who control the peoples’ means of living rule.”
    - David Korten
  • National Security Act of 1947, which laid the foundations for a national security state, including creating the CIA
  • Colonel Fletcher Prouty on creating a Manichaean Devil to justify spending $6 trillion for a cold war
  • Excerpt from John Kelly’s essay on Crimes and Silence, The CIA’s Criminal Acts and the Media’s Silence (2002)
  • Section 308 of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001
  • U.S. crimes are of no consequence to U.S. lawmakers because laws broken were/are laws of other countries
  • Crimes of terrorism, assassination, torture and systematic violations of human rights are part and parcel of deliberate CIA policy
  • In 2000, a law was enacted immunizing CIA offenders who violate treaties and international agreements while following orders
  • The Constitution does not apply to CIA or any U.S. intelligence personnel, including lowly agent-assassins
  • Book: The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World by Douglas Valentine
  • Douglas Valentine's interview: The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime
  • Article: The CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein
  • Article: The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know by James F. Tracy
  • If the assassination was the result of a lone Marxist as the govt proclaimed, why lock up all the sensitive evidence?
  • FREE ONLINE EBOOK: False Mystery (2017 Edition) by Vincent Salandria
  • FREE ONLINE EBOOK: History Will Not Absolve Us by E. Martin Schotz
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James Douglas
  • FREE DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK: The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future by Riane Eisler
  • FREE ONLINE EBOOK: Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: In the Absence of the Sacred by Jerry Mander
  • Article: Top 20 Facts About 5G And Your Health: What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless and “Small” Cells

    Show #937
    Original airdate: May 02, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio, John Armstrong
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio (1:27:00) MP3 download

  • Article: Was there a Wedding Ring? by Greg Parker
  • Article: Truthdig, Major Danny Sjursen and JFK by Jim DiEugenio
  • Kennedy endorsed the Brown v. Board decision in 1956 in public
  • Major Danny Sjursen says that Kennedy hedged about civil rights
  • Kennedy started affirmative action
  • JFK's Executive Order 10925 on affirmative action on March 6, 1961
  • Book: The Bill of the Century: The Epic Battle for the Civil Rights Act by Clay Risen
  • Article: NewsBuster: Busting Up the JFK-Assassination Research Findings by Arnaldo M. Fernandez
  • Michelle Goldberg in her article on the Mueller report:
    "A rough public consensus on what happened in the 2016 election and its aftermath, akin to the Warren Commission report
    on the assassination of President John Kennedy, or the 9/11 Commission Report. A set of facts that serious people could
    agree on, leaving conspiracy theories at least somewhat marginalized."
  • Kennedysandking was the only site to report on the death of James W. McCord for a couple of weeks
  • Now the MSM has caught-up: LA Times, Washington Post, New York Times, have all picked-up this story
  • Both The New York Times and The Washington Post mention Shane O'Sullivan's book Dirty Tricks and kennedysandking
  • The first issue of garrison.: The Journal of History & Deep Politics (magazine)
  • Lisa Pease on “Why the CIA Killed RFK”, Jim DiEugenio on JFK and the Middle East, Jim Hougan on Gordon Liddy
  • Bill Davy on Jim Garrison, Walt Brown on The Warren Omission, Emma Best on Ramparts magazine vs FBI, other articles
  • Order the e-version (PDF) of the magazine for just $8.99 here
  • Greg Poulgrain's new book JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia to be released in October
  • JFK and the Middle East
  • Kennedy's Algeria speech in the senate
  • The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
  • Nasser recognised Red China which resulted in the US withdrawing the funding of the Aswan dam
  • Nasser turned to the USSR for funding the dam
  • Allen Dulles and the CIA hatched a plot to kill Nasser and overthrow his government
  • The US would then back Saudi Arabia to oppose Nasser and Egypt
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: The Ugly American by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick
  • Saudi Arabia backed the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Video: Gamal Adbel Nasser on Muslim Brotherhood and hijabs
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Devil's Game: How the US Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam by Robert Dreyfuss
  • The Muslim Brotherhood was financed by the British
  • Kennedy backed Nasser in his battle over Yemen
  • Suez Crisis of 1956
  • The Palestinian crisis
  • Dimona nuclear plant in Israel
  • Book: Stealing the Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel by Roger J. Mattson
  • JFK threatened to withdraw US support of Israel if regular inspection visits to Dimona were not agreed to
  • Kennedy forced the resignation of David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel
  • When Nasser heard about Kennedy's murder, he fell into a mental depression
  • Golda Meir intended to threaten using nuclear weapons during the Yom Kippur War in 1973

    Play John Armstrong (34:00) MP3 download

  • Updated article: Escape from the 6th Floor (Updated 4/10/19)
  • A proper understanding of everything related to JFK begins with accurate timing
  • John explains how Lee and Harvey Oswald both left the TSBD
  • None of the witnesses reported having seen Oswald in the doorway
  • Stuart Reed
  • Different sources of information and different documents need to be linked

    Show #936
    Original airdate: Apr 25, 2019
    Guests: Bill Kelly, Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Bill Kelly (18:10) MP3 download

  • Bill Kelly's blog:
  • Bill Kelly is a board member of CAPA
  • New updated article: The Collins Radio Connections to the Assassination of JFK - Updated
  • Article: Case Study No.14 - Wes Wise - Assassin's Tour of Dallas
  • A mechanic saw Oswald in a 58 plymouth parked in a restaurant parking lot
  • The car was traced to a Carl Mather who worked in the Collins Radio
  • This same car was at Tippit's house (after Tippit's murder)
  • The FBI did not interview Carl Mather
  • Marina Oswald went on to marry a guy who worked in the Collins Radio
  • Air Force One radios were all made by Collins Radio
  • Dozens of references to the Collins Radio appear throughout the story of the assassination
  • Collins Radio became a major defense contractor during World War II
  • CAPA is in the midst of planning the 'CAPA November in Dallas' conference which will be on November 22/23
  • Sign Lisa Pease’s Petition to Governor Gavin Newsom to free Sirhan Sirhan
  • Please support JFKCountercoup, a reader-supported research; donate here

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty (12:09) MP3 download

  • Col. Prouty explains the background of NSAM 263 and the McNamara-Taylor Report
  • Vietnam was NOT considered as a 'hotspot' in 1961
  • The Vietnam War was going to happen whether anybody planned it or not
  • In 1961, the only commander in Vietnam was the CIA
  • Helicopters and maintainence units in Vietnam
  • Prisoners of War
  • By the summer of 1963, Kennedy had made up his mind to get out of Vietnam
  • Gen. Victor Krulak was very close to Bobby Kennedy and Jack Kennedy
  • Gen. Krulak and Col. Prouty actually wrote the McNamara-Taylor Report
  • The report reflected JFK's own views of the Vietnam War

  • Show #935
    Original airdate: Apr 18, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio (1:31:45) MP3 download

  • Article: Paul Blake Smith, JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot by Paul Bleau
  • In the article, Paul Bleau reviews Paul Bake Smith's book 'JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot'
  • Article: Was there a Wedding Ring? by Greg Parker
  • Article: Truthdig, Major Danny Sjursen and JFK by Jim DiEugenio
  • When was America really great?
  • JFK's Executive Order 10925 on affirmative action on March 6, 1961
  • There was not one combat troop in Vietnam when Kennedy was inaugurated or on the day he was killed
  • By 1967, there were over 500,000 combat troops in Vietnam
  • Sign Lisa Pease’s Petition to Governor Gavin Newsom to free Sirhan Sirhan
  • Article: The Mysterious Life and Death of James W. McCord by Jim DiEugenio
  • Book: Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA by Shane O'Sullivan
  • McCord worked briefly for the FBI and then for the CIA
  • Not many people are involved in both the JFK and the Watergate case
  • E. Howard Hunt and James W. McCord were involved in both the cases
  • The first full exposure of Watergate scandal was by Jim Hougan in 1984 in his must-read book 'Secret Agenda'
  • FREE BORROWABLE E-BOOK: Secret Agenda : Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA by Jim Hougan
  • Jim Hougan interviewed by Len Osanic and Jim DiEugenio: Episode #506
    (#874 a replay of #506 can be download from the 2018 archive page for now)
  • Other previous appearance of Jim Hougan on BOR: Episode #479
  • While working at the White House, Hunt got technical assistance from the CIA
  • Ben Bradley, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post
  • Howard Hughes donated to Nixon and his brother
  • McCord insisted on the breaking-in even after they found that the tapes on the doors were removed
  • McCord might have taped as many as eight door including ones on the floors that would never be used
  • Barker and the Cubans kept the hotel keys on them
  • The hotel rooms were not sterilized i.e. incriminating evidence was left in the hotel room
  • Jim's review of the movie 'Mark Felt': Rearranging the Watergate Myth
  • Book: In Nixon's Web: A Year in the Crosshairs of Watergate by Patrick Gray, Ed Gray
  • Book: Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon by John Meier, Gerald Bellett
  • Deepthroat was a composite character
  • Watergate was a set-up, a classic ploy as old as espionage itself. In its favor it had simplicity of execution,
    an irresistible bait and a spy on the inside. It was flawless. So completely were the anti-Nixon conspirators
    in control, that they knew an intrusion into the Democratic Party’s national headquarters was being plotted,
    yet did nothing to prevent it."
    (Bellett, p. viii)
  • Angelo Lano, Special Agent, FBI
  • McCord was part of the security team at Langley, CIA Headquarters
  • Listener questions answered
  • Oswald wasn't the only one missing from the TSBD
  • "There's a sucker born every minute" - P. T. Barnum
  • Outtakes from the CBS special on the Warren Commission
  • Video: JFK talks about pulling 1000 troops from South Vietnam in a press conference
  • Seymour Hersh's book The Dark Side of Camelot is junk

    Show #934
    Original airdate: April 11, 2019
    Guests: Jen Hobbs, Dr. Cory Holly, John Barbour
    Topics: American Hemp

    Play Jen Hobbs (50:19) MP3 download

  • Jen Hobbs is the author of the new book American Hemp
  • Co-authored Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto
  • Previous appearance on BOR: Episode 801
  • Jen's blog:
  • Differences between Hemp and Cannabis (Marijuana)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Hemps grows taller and is similar to bamboo
  • Marijuana is more like a bush and the leaves are wider, fatter
  • Hemp can be used for making ropes and paper among other things
  • William Randolph Hearst lobbied to get hemp included in the Marijuana Tax Act, 1937
  • Bureau of Narcotics later became the Drug Enforcement Agency or the DEA
  • Back then, the Bureau of Narcotics was an arm of the IRS
  • Hemp absorbs toxins like lead, arsenic & radiation from the soil
  • The 2018 Farm bill legalizes the production of hemp
  • Hemp hasn't been grown in the US since World War II
  • The hemp seeds are very nutritious containing Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, zinc, iron, Vitamin E, potassium
  • The National Institute of Health reported that vitamins and supplements have no real health benefits
  • FDA recently approved a drug which contained CBD
  • The EPA is NOT your friend
  • The Pentagon has about 10% of all American superfund sites
  • Superfund sites are polluted locations requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous contaminations
  • The cleaning of the superfund sites is a very expensive process; might take billions of dollars and decades
  • 40,000 contaminated sites in the US alone
  • Hempcrete = concrete made out of hemp
  • Hempcrete is carbon negative
  • Hempcrete strengthens over time
  • Hempcrete has been used in the Great Wall of China, top of Egyptian pyramids
  • Hemp phytoremediation
  • Israel is at the forefront of Cannabis research
  • Only place in the US that's been allowed to grow Marijuana for research purposes is University of Missippi

    Play Dr. Cory Holly (57:11) MP3 download

  • A short bio of Dr. Cory Holly here
  • Dr. Holly's website:
  • Previous appearances on BOR: Episodes 226 & 487
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) education program at the Cory Holly Institute
  • The domestication of animals is the primary cause in the transfer of infectious organisms
  • Mandatory vaccinations
  • Prohibition doesn't work ever
  • The 'Blue Zones' of the world where the healthiest people live
  • Life span of humans is 120 years
  • Life expectancy of humans today is 80 years
  • Health is not just the absense of disease but the presence of function
  • The most lethal substance on this planet is tobacco, followed by alcohol
  • Hemp hearts
  • You CANNOT get high if you don't smoke the weed
  • This means that if you took the buds in salads or juiced it, you won't get high
  • The US Constitution was written on Hemp paper
  • All food guides are compromised as they consult food industries
  • Wheat is not fit for human consumption
  • Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Nobel Peace Prize
  • Our bodies will heal themselves if they have what they need to do the work
  • Vitamin C is essential to the prevention and treatment of scurvy
  • FREE Downloadable Book (PDF): How to Live Long and Feel Better by Linus Pauling
  • Most people who choose chemotherapy die from the chemotherapy and not the cancer
  • <

    Play John Barbour (26:23) MP3 download

  • John reviews the David Denton conference
  • Warren Commission (WC) was a sham
  • We live in a celebrity-soaked swamp
  • RFK Jr. has publicly stated that neither he nor his father believed the WC report
  • It's very easy for Donald Trump to make America great again
  • By reversing the communications act signed in the 90s by Bill Clinton
  • Clearwater owns 1500 radio stations across the country
  • The case for conspiracy is easier to make for the RFK murder
  • John's new book: Your Mother's Not a Virgin!
  • John's website:
  • The Garrison Files release page here
  • John will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2019 on 13th & 14 April
  • Location: University of Southern California - University Park Campus, Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • Book tickets and find out more about the event here

    Show #933
    Original airdate: April 4, 2019
    Guests: David Denton
    Topics: JFK Research Conference

    Play David Denton (26:23) MP3 download

  • April 5-8th conference details here
  • Book tickets at the above link
  • The conference is titled 'Political Assassination of the 1960s'
  • The event focuses on the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK
  • Venue: Olney Central College, 305 North West Street, Olney, IL 62450
  • Lisa Pease, author of A Lie too Big to Fail, is one of the speakers
  • Other speakers include Richard Bartholomew, Phillip Nelson, Shane O'Sullivan, John Barbour, Randy Benson
  • FDR signed Executive order 9066 ordering the removal of Japanese Americans from "military areas"
  • David can be reached at 618-204-1498

    Play Fletcher Prouty (11:45) MP3 download

  • Col. Prouty explains the "Arab OIL EMBARGO".

  • Col. Prouty explains the "Arab OIL EMBARGO".
  • Upto 1973, the price of oil was $1.70 per barrell
  • Companies made huge profits selling oil at this price
  • According to the newspapers, the Arabs embargoed oil after the 1973 Yom Kippur War
  • The only income source of the Arabs is the sale of oil
  • The tanker industry absolutely controlled the movement of oil
  • With increase in the price of oil, the prices of all commodities go up
  • Iraqi pipelines were forced dry as a result of Israeli attack on Lebanon
  • Egypt and Israel both recieve aid from the US which is perhaps payment for their assistance
  • Iran-Iraq war was simply to create a shortage of oil from these two countries
  • This would result in higher oil prices due to the fall in supply
  • This is the new type of warfare

    "I can show you copies of the Congressional Record in which oil experts from the middle East reported that, exactly at this time of the Arab oil embargo. The storage tanks at the Arab facilities whether it is Kuwait, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia were over loaded and bursting with oil waiting for ships to come" "There was no shortage of oil. What happened was that, a very well planned system was applied though the tanker industry and they arbitrarily and absolutely controlled the movement of oil by not picking it up until the price was right

    Show #932
    Original airdate: Mar 28, 2019
    Guests: John Kowalski
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play John Kowalski (1:02:15) MP3 download

  • John Kowalski's article: The Canadian Archives, Michele Metta, and the latest on Permindex at Kennedys and King
  • All articles by John Kowalski
  • John has been investigating the Louis Bloomfield papers
  • Bloomfield was connected to Permindex and CMC
  • Clay Shaw was on the Board of CMC in Rome, Italy
  • Garrison believed that Bloomfield worked for the Office of Strategic Services or the OSS
  • Kowalski doesn't believe that Bloomfield was ever connected to any espionage work at all
  • Lyndon LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review
  • Strategy of tension
  • Bloomfield died in 1984
  • Maurice Phillips, a researcher in Canada, sued the Canadian archives for Bloomfield's papers
  • Book: CMC: The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK by Michele Metta
  • One of the board members of Permindex was a former general in Mussolini's army
  • The Torbitt Document is total disinformation
  • The British were involved in drug trade in the 1840s in China and India
  • Article: The Dual Life of Albert Osborne by John Kowalski
  • Osborne is the passenger reputed to have sat next to Oswald on his bus trip to Mexico City
  • FBI investigation on Osborne resulted in an 88-page report (CE2195)
  • Osborne may have been working with / for the British Intelligence
  • Documents of Jim Garrison will be added here each week

    Show #931
    Original airdate: Mar 21, 2019
    Guests: Paul Schrade, Munir Sirhan
    Topics: RFK Assassination Research

    Play Paul Schrade, Munir Sirhan (1:24:33) MP3 download

  • Munir is the brother of Sirhan Sirhan
  • Paul Schrade served as RFK's 1968 presidential campaign Labor Chair
  • The trial was no trial but rather a farce
  • Grant B. Cooper was the chief defense attorney of Sirhan Sirhan
  • Cooper cliamed that Sirhan would be out of prision in 3.5-7 years
  • Cooper did not have a defense investigator on his team
  • He accepted the story given out by the media as the truth
  • Bullets from RFK's neck wound did not match Sirhan's gun
  • "I know you didn't murder my father" - RFK Jr. to Sirhan
  • Paul Schrade does not believe that Scott Enyart was in the pantry
  • Enyart and his friend were in the lobby at the time of the shooting according to Schrade
  • The prosecution knew that Sirhan didn't kill RFK
  • The prosecution also knew that there was second gunman in the pantry
  • Schrade is working with RFK Jr. to get Sirhan released
  • Cooper was working on his own agenda
  • RFK wanted to end the Vietnam war
  • The parole board's animosity towards Sirhan
  • Rose Lynn Mangan's website:
  • Metallic powder from the bullet found in RFK's hair

    Show #930
    Original airdate: Mar 14, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio (1:24:37) MP3 download

  • Video: John Barbour to release the lost Garrison files
  • Gaeton Fonzi's original 1980 article, "Who Killed JFK?", now available at
  • College admission conspiracy
  • John F. Kennedy started affirmative action
  • Executive Order 10925
  • The Kennedys and Civil Rights: How the MSM Continues to Distort History - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • Brown v. Board of Education
  • Little Rock Nine
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar
  • El Mozote massacre
  • Obama a pretty face who got away with murder - Omar
  • Jim is currently working on a new article on JFK, Israel and the Middle-East
  • Book: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World by Robert B. Rakove
  • Book: Betting on the Africans: John F. Kennedy's Courting of African Nationalist Leaders by Philip E. Muehlenbeck
  • Book: Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam by Robert Dreyfuss
  • The Muslim Brotherhood was initially backed by the British
  • John Foster Dulles did not like the Non-Aligned Movement
  • CIA tried to assassinate the President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1957
  • JFK and Israel
  • At Kennedys and King: John Newman on the JFK Assassination
  • Book: Where Angels Tread Lightly: The Assassination of President Kennedy Volume 1 by John Newman
  • Jim's review of John Newman's book Where Angels Tread Lightly
  • Book: Countdown to Darkness: The Assassination of President Kennedy Volume II by John Newman
  • Jim's review of John Newman's book Countdown to Darkness
  • Book: Into the Storm: The Assassination of President Kennedy Volume 3 by John Newman
  • Berlin 1961—The Most Dangerous Place on Earth (excerpt from Chapter 5 of volume 3, Into the Storm)
  • When Fiction is Stranger Than Truth: Veciana and Phillips in Cuba — 1959-1960 (excerpt Ch 3 of vol 3, Into the Storm)
  • Article: The Hidden Hand: The Assassination of Malcolm X by Karl Evanzz
  • FREE borrowable ebook: The Judas Factor: The Plot to Kill Malcolm X by Karl Evanzz
  • Book: The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad by Karl Evanzz
  • Book: The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X edited by Jim and Lisa Pease
  • Article: Suppressed Evidence of JFK Throat Entry by Milicent Cranor
  • Listener questions answered
  • Jim's review of Joan Mellen's book A Farewell to Justice
  • John Kowalski's review of Michele Metta's book 'CMC'
  • Jack Ruby did not use the main street ramp

    Show #929
    Original airdate: Mar 7, 2019
    Guests: John Armstrong
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play John Armstrong (1:46:44) MP3 download

  • John's website:
  • John Armstrong's book Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf)
  • The elevator in the Texas school book depository (TSBD) could have been used for escape
  • The Girl on the Stairs: Search for a Missing Witness to JFK Assassination by Barry Ernest
  • Revised and Updated article: Escape from the 6th Floor by John
  • Roy Truly and Marion Baker
  • Dorothy Garner saw Victoria Adams and Sandra Stiles go down the stairs
  • Two Oswalds at the TSBD
  • Lee Oswald was the one wearing the white shirt
  • Harvey Oswald was the one wearing the brown shirt
  • Electrical service was interrupted twice in TSBD on Nov 22, 1963
  • A few minutes before and again a few minutes after the assassination
  • William Shelley and Billy Lovelady
  • "I have been harassed for 15 years and I'm not gonna be harassed anymore" - Patricia, w/o Lovelady
  • Warren Commission (WC) classified Victoria Adams' testimony as Top Secret
  • It remained classified for 30 years
  • WC chose to rely on the testimony of William Shelley and Billy Lovelady
  • In 1963, Victoria Adams said she saw Shelley and Lovelady on 1st floor within a min of assassination
  • However, in 2002, she said that she never saw Shelley or Lovelady

    Show #928
    Original airdate: Feb 28, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Al Rossi
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio (1:09:52) MP3 download

  • Video: Jim's presentation at San Francisco Conference in Dec 2018 titled Vietnam Declassified
  • The presentation can be downloaded here (PDF)
  • JFK & McNamara decided to not extend aid to Saigon
  • Jim Garrison was the first to point out that there would have been no Vietnam War had JFK lived
  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee's website:
  • Michael Le Flem's review of Lisa Pease's book A Lie too Big to Fail
  • At Kennedys and King: Interesting new updates in the News section
  • Hosty: They went outside to watch P. parade
  • When Garrison's investigation broke out, several newspapers carried stories on Permindex & Clay Shaw
  • Maurice Phillips' blog
  • Book: CMC: The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK by Michele Metta
  • Propaganda Due (or P2)
  • Allen Dulles, James Angleton and other CIA guys rigged the 1948 Italian elections
  • Book: Who Killed Hammarskjold?: The UN, the Cold War and White Supremacy in Africa by Susan Williams
  • New documentary on the death (murder) of Dag Hammarskjold titled 'Cold Case Hammarskjold': Trailer
  • PROBE magazine articles on Congo (Africa) and Dag Hammarskjold
  • Part 1: Dodd and Dulles vs. Kennedy in Africa by Jim DiEugenio
  • Part 2: Midnight in the Congo: Assassination of Lumumba and Mysterious Death of Hammarskjold by Lisa Pease
  • Patrice Lumumba, Congo and Dag Hammarskjold
  • Article: The Mysterious Death of a UN Hero by Lisa Pease
  • Edmund Gullion, Kennedy's ambassador to Congo, suspected Hammarskjold's plane was shot down
  • Listener questions answered
  • Article: The Tippit Case in the New Millennium by Jim
  • Book: Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of JFK & Officer J. D. Tippit by Joseph McBride
  • Harry Olsen and J.D. Tippit
  • Nixon knew the US couldn't win the Vietnam war when he entered the office
  • Yet he increased the bombing and expanded the war into Laos and Cambodia
  • Video: Bernie Sanders calls out Hillary Clinton on taking advice from Henry Kissinger
  • This is the 20th year of Black Op Radio

    Play Al Rossi (10:57) MP3 download

  • Al Rossi is the webmaster of
  • Al praises 50 Reasons for 50 Years
  • John McAdams - Laughing stock of the Internet Here
  • Due to health reasons, Al will not be able to continue as the webmaster of
  • Al will tutor and guide the interested person
  • Interested people can send an email to

    Show #927
    Original airdate: Feb 21, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: San Francisco Conference

    Play Jim DiEugenio (47:58) YouTube Video

  • Filmed by Max Good, San Francisco 2018
  • Max is a documentary filmmaker
  • Max's upcoming documentary is titled 'The Assassination of Mrs. Paine': Trailer
  • For more, visit Max's website
  • Jim's presentation at San Francisco Conference in Dec 2018 titled Vietnam Declassified
  • The presentation can be downloaded here (PDF)
  • John Newman, author of JFK and Vietnam
  • George Lardner of the Washington Post attacked the movie JFK seven months before it's release
  • Lardner argues that there was no abrupt change between Kennedy's Vietnam policy and that of LBJ
  • National Security Action Memorandum 263
  • Fletcher Prouty and his boss Victor Krulak actually wrote the McNamara/Taylor report
  • David Halberstam's books are pretty worthless
  • Halberstam doesn't list the sources for his claims; no footnotes
  • Halberstam and Neil Sheehan conveyed the message that American intervention was needed
  • No mention of NSAM 263 and 273 in Halberstam's 670-page book The Best and the Brightest
  • John Kenneth Galbraith's influence on JFK
  • Meeting between the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, Galbraith and JFK
  • Book: John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, His Politics, His Economics by Richard Parker
  • Book: Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam by Gareth Porter
  • NSAM 273 and 288 to bring the war to North Vietnam
  • Book: Johnny, we hardly knew ye;: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy by Kenneth O'Donnell
  • Editors of Life Magazine asked for an escalation of the war effort, rejecting the withdrawal option
  • Book: Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace & Escalation of War in Vietnam by Fredrik Logevall
  • LBJ planned on entering the war after 1964 elections
  • Gulf of Tonkin resolution was written months before the event happened
  • Jacqueline Kennedy pleaded McNamara to get out of the Vietnam War
  • "The Best and the Brightest is one of the greatest bullshit books ever written" - Warren Hinckle
  • LBJ escalated the war to unimaginable heights
  • It cost $400,000 to kill one enemy soldier (Viet Cong)
  • During the siege of Khe Sanh, Johnson seriously considered using atomic weapons
  • The four men who got us into Vietnam: Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower and Nixon
  • "We have a clean base there now without a taint of colonialism.
  • Dien Bien Phu was a blessing in disguise" - John Foster Dulles
  • John Foster wanted to use atomic weapons to bail out the French siege at Dien Bien Phu
  • Operation Vulture was Dulles' plan to save France
  • The LA Times got Henry Kissinger to review Oliver Stone's movie Nixon
  • Nixon knew he could not win the war when he became President
  • "When in doubt, we bomb Cambodia" - Henry Kissinger
  • Nixon inherited his Madman Theory from John Foster Dulles' Uncertainity Principle
  • Book: Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam by Nick Turse
  • Nixon's Operation Duck Hook
  • Nixon's Decent Interval strategy
  • "We should have never been there" - Henry Kissinger in 1975
  • Jim Garrison was the first to point out that there would have been no Vietnam War had JFK lived
  • Article: Washington Post, December 22, 1963: Harry Truman writes 'Limit CIA Role to Intelligence'
  • Book: Virtual JFK: Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived by James Blight
  • Book: Lessons in Disaster: McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam by Gordon Goldstein
  • Book: JFK and Vietnam: Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for Power by John Newman
  • Book: Fatal Politics: The Nixon Tapes, the Vietnam War, and the Casualties of Reelection by Ken Hughes
  • Book: The Vietnam War Files: Uncovering the Secret History of Nixon-Era Strategy Jeffrey Kimball

    Show #926
    Original airdate: Feb 14, 2019
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Walt Brown
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio (1:34:38) MP3 download

  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee's website:
  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • A Joint Statement on the Kennedy, King and Malcolm X Assassinations and Ongoing Cover-ups here
  • Support the effort by signing these three petitions:,,
  • At Kennedys and King: Top Ten Features of 2018: The highest rated articles of 2018
  • Article: The Tippit Case in the New Millennium by Jim
  • Jim's interview: The Tippit Case in the New Millennium; posted by
  • Article: Bullet Trails on the Zapruder Film? by Milicent Cranor
  • Article: Life Magazine Warren Commission Issue, October 2, 1964 by James Finn
  • Henry Luce and C.D. Jackson bought the Zapruder film a couple of days after the assassination
  • YouTube Video: Dan Rather lies about JFK's head moving violently forward
  • LIFE Magazine pulls back copies which showed Kennedy's head moving backwards
  • Paul Mendel's article in Life Magazine, Dec 6,1963 (turn to page 52F)
  • Paul lied about Kennedy having turned towards the "Sniper's Nest" to explain the neck wound being an entrance wound
  • Book: CMC: The Italian Undercover CIA and Mossad Station and the Assassination of JFK by Michele Metta
  • John Kowalski's review of Michele Metta's book 'CMC'
  • Clay Shaw was a board member of Permindex
  • Permindex was very likely a shell company of the CIA in Italy
  • Allen Dulles, James Angleton and other CIA guys rigged the 1948 Italian elections
  • The Strategy of Tension
  • Article in The Washington Post: Review of Lisa Pease's book A Lie too Big to Fail by Tom Jackman
  • The killing of Bobby Kennedy marked the end of the hopeful 60s
  • Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, bought The Washington Post for $250 Million in 2013
  • Robert Maheu was a CIA cutout in the Castro assassination plots
  • Jim is currenty working on an article on Kamala Harris
  • Kamala was the Attorney General of California from 2011 to 2017
  • Kamala opposed Bill Pepper's and Laurie Dusek's efforts seeking a new trial for Sirhan
  • Listener questions answered
  • Jack Ruby at the Parkland Hospital on the afternoon of the assassination
  • Book: Praise from a Future Generation by John Kelin
  • Youtube Video: Fletcher Prouty explains how and why the Gary Powers' U2 flight was sabotaged
  • Book: Beyond the Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President John F. Kennedy
  • Black Op Radio show # 864 with Casey J. Quinlan and Brian K. Edwards
  • Video: Fletcher Prouty on the Bay of Pigs invasion

    Play Walt Brown (54:45) MP3 download

  • Walt Brown is the author of Treachery in Dallas (free borrowable ebook)
  • And The People v. Lee Harvey Oswald (free borrowable ebook)
  • For JFK / Deep Politics quarterly, email Walt at
  • The arrest of Roger Stone
  • Book: At The Cold Shoulder of History by James Curtis Jenkins and William Matson Law
  • A more appropriate name for the Warren Commission would be 'The Dulles Commission'
  • If Oswald had indeed killed JFK alone, not a single paper would have been classified or held back
  • No conclusive proof of Oswald having visited Mexico City

    Show #925
    Original airdate: Feb 7, 2019
    Guests: Andrew Kreig
    Topics: Truth and Reconciliation Committee

    Play Andrew Kreig (26:42) MP3 download

  • Andrew Kreig, based in Washington DC, is a public affairs commentator, author, attorney and legal reformer
  • Andrew's website:
  • Andrew's book: Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters
  • Andrew is also the editor of the Justice Integrity Project at
  • Article: Kennedy and King Family Members and Advisors Call for Congress to Reopen Assassination Probes
  • More than 60 authors and researchers have called for a new congressional investigation
  • Signatories: David Talbot, Jim DiEugenio, Len Osanic, Oliver Stone, Dr. Gary Aguilar, Dr. Cyril Wecht & others
  • Washington Post Article: Kennedy, King, Malcolm X relatives and scholars seek new assassination probes
  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee
  • Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot
  • Robert Blakey is also one of the signatories
  • Blakey was Chief Counsel & Staff Director to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) from 77-79
  • Other signatories: Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen, Mort Sahl, David Crosby
  • Article: New probes demanded into murders of JFK, RFK, MLK Jr. and Malcolm X
  • "The cover story was transparent and designed not to hold, to fall apart at the slightest scrutiny.
    The forces that killed Kennedy wanted the message clear: 'We are in control and no one - not the President, nor Congress,
    nor any elected official - no one can do anything about it.'" - Vincent Salandria
  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee's website:
  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Joint Statement on the Kennedy, King and Malcolm X Assassinations and Ongoing Cover-ups here
  • Support the effort by signing these three petitions:,,

    Play Bill Kelly (22:36) MP3 download

  • Bill Kelly is a Board Member of CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassinations)
  • Article: Conspiracy or Coup?
  • The ten-point joint statement prepared by David Talbot and other researchers
  • CAPA conference in Dallas likely on 22nd and 23rd November this year
  • CIA plan 'Pathfinder' to kill Castro was redirected to kill JFK
  • Video: "There is a theory that Kennedy's assassination was arranged by the US Intelligence Services" - Putin
  • John Newman's new book: Into the Storm: The Assassination of President Kennedy, Volume 3

    Show #924
    Original airdate: Jan 31, 2019
    Guests: Donald Thomas
    Topics: San Francisco Presentaion

    Play Donald Thomas (31:13) Youtube video

  • The pre-assassination investigation of Alpha 66
  • Alpha 66 is the oldest anti-Castro group in Miami, Florida
  • Donald Thomas' book Hear No Evil: Scientific Analysis of the Forensic Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination
  • John Kennedy ordered the FBI to investigate Alpha 66 for violations of the neutrality act
  • FBI Office in San Antonio
  • Marita Lorenz, girlfriend of Frank Sturgis (watergate)
  • Alpha 66 smuggled weapons into Cuba to support anti-Castro counter-revolutionaries
  • Captain George C. Nonte
  • Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro was the leader of Alpha 66 in Dallas
  • John Thomas Masen, owner of Masen's Gun Shop and member of the Minutemen
  • John Elrod was one of the hobos arrested
  • General Edwin Walker was the leader of the Minutemen
  • Donald Edward Browder and Jack Ruby smuggled weapons into Cuba
  • Jack Ruby and his dog Sheeba
  • Four money orders for Samuel Baker found in the trunk of Ruby's Car
  • Baker was the ordinance officer at the National Guard Armory at Terrell, Texas
  • Alpha 66 member Thomas Eli Davis was running guns from the coast of Texas to Cuba

    Show #923
    Original airdate: Jan 24, 2019
    Guests: Dave Ratcliffe / Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Remebering Fletcher Prouty

    Play David Ratcliffe (52:13) MP3 download

  • Today (Jan 24th) is the birth anniversary of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
  • Christopher LaMay did the show notes for Black Op Radio for 6 years
  • Anything you want to do, do it now
  • David's website:
  • Col. Prouty's two books
  • Read online for free: The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
  • JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
  • David's 1989 interview with Col. Prouty (BOR #923b)
  • Read online for free: Understanding Special Operations and Their Impact on the Vietnam War Era
  • Col. Prouty's 19 articles in the Freedom Magazine
  • The President's Daily Briefs
  • Col. Prouty was one of the 52 senior officials at the Pentagon cleared for the pre-briefs
  • Col. Prouty set up the Focal Point offices in the Air Force and all the branches of military
  • The Christian-European world's discovery of America
  • Cristobal Colon aka Christopher Columbus bumped into the West Indies but thought it was India
  • Columbus murdered the indigenous population with the authority of the Pope of the Vatican (Catholic Church)
  • Col. Prouty explained how the world really works
  • The power of monetized media to control people
  • Article: Losing Earth? Realign with Original Free Peoples’ Great Law and Find Her Again by David Ratcliffe
  • Article from Parade Magazine, Feb 1986:
    Why Stalin Never Forgave Eleanor Roosevelt by Elliott Roosevelt: Page 1, Page 2
  • 'The Collected Works of Col. Prouty' CD-ROM available for direct download here for just $30

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty (52:13) MP3 download

  • Fletcher Prouty Jan 24th 1917 - June 5th 2001
  • The Col. Prouty Reference Site -
  • Fletcher Prouty discusses The Secret Team Read Text Here
  • In The Context of Its Time: The National Security Act of 1947
  • The Creation of the National Security Council
  • The Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report
  • Opening the Door to CIA Clandestine Operations:
  • Shifting NSC Oversight from Directing to Approving Plans
  • The Function of the Director of Central Intelligence:
  • Coordinating Intelligence of the Government Intelligence Community
  • Clandestine Operations: Out of Control
  • If Not Directed by the National Security Council
  • Four Categories of Military Personnel Employed by CIA
  • Final Chapter in the History of War Making:
  • Going From Offense to Defense
  • The Threat of Nuclear Weapons: Making War Planning Obsolete
  • Creating a Manichaean Devil to Justify Spending $6 Trillion for a Cold War
  • Secret Team Foundations:
  • Creation of the CIA Focal Point System Throughout The Government
    Part II
  • The Power of Indirection--
  • Military Units Financed and Controlled by the CIA
  • Secret Team Growth: Focal Point Personnel Assuming Broader Roles
  • Obtaining Everything Money Can Buy: The CIA Act of 1949 and
  • Secretary of Defense Johnson's paper on Covert Operations
  • Employing the System of Reimbursement To Fund Unaccountable Activities
  • Post WWII War Plans--CIA Begins Amassing
  • Its Own Stockpile of Military Equipment
  • From the Chairman of the JCS On Down: "where the CIA was concerned there were a lot of things no one seemed to know"
  • The Importance of the CIA's Deputy Director of Support (DD/S) Side of the Agency by the Time of the Bay Of Pigs
  • Congressional Non-Oversight of Agency Funding and Executive Branch Responsibility for CIA
  • The Significance of the Sense of Infallibility Leaders of the Agency Felt Imbued With
  • The ST Running A Government Of Reaction: Develop and Control
  • All Secret Intelligence, And Brief The President On It Every Day
    Part III
  • Allen Dulles: Forging a Government of Reaction
  • Dispersion of the OSO, Creation of the Office of SACSA
  • DOD Adoption of a Counterinsurgency Role in the late Eisenhower Years
  • NSAM 55--JFK's Attempt to Get CIA out of Clandestine Operations
  • Chairman of the JCS: Exit Lyman Lemnitzer, Enter Maxwell Taylor
  • Bay of Pigs Post-Mortem and the Dynamics of Personality:
  • Allen Dulles, Maxwell Taylor, and Bobby Kennedy
  • Bay of Pigs Report: Taylor's Letter to the President and the Origin of NSAM Nos. 55-57
  • Understanding the Military Assistance Program (MAP)
  • The Little Red Book's Influence on General Stilwell and Lansdale
  • MAP as a Sensor to React To
  • MAP's Ultimate Manifestation: Iran
  • The Secret Team: Far Beyond the Capability of the CIA
  • An Impossible Contradiction: Covert Operations Must Be Deniable

    Show #922
    Original airdate: Jan 17, 2019
    Guests: Lisa Pease / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK Assassination Research

    Play Lisa Pease   (1:45:47)   MP3 download

  • Lisa's new book A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
  • Lisa has been researching the JFK & RFK cases for over 25 years
  • 3 other persons were taken into custody on the night of RFK's assassination
  • Lisa's blog:
  • The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X edited by James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease
  • There may have been 3 shooters in the pantry
  • LAPD "solved" the case backwards
  • They reached the conclusions first and then interpreted the evidence to support their conclusions
  • Sirhan-lookalikes in the ambassador hotel
  • A likely plot to kill RFK in the ambassador hotel on the 2nd of June, 1963
  • RFK's itinerary was stolen
  • Mary Ferrell Foundation website:
  • George Plimpton, an American journalist, writer, literary editor, was a CIA asset
  • Freddy Plimpton, wife of George Plimpton
  • Secret weapons of the CIA
  • Sirhan was used as a distraction to draw attention away from the other shooter(s)
  • A cop kills a person under hypnosis (in the 1920s)
  • Under hypnosis, Sirhan remembered talking to the girl in the polka dot dress
  • Oswald and the CIA by John Newman
  • The police referred to the CIA as 'Goliath'
  • Admiral Calvin B. Galloway, who was present during JFK's autopsy, was a CIA guy
  • Four people who warned of the impending assassination
  • A former CEO of General Motors was a CIA person
  • Dan Moldea's disinformation
  • The weapons industry cannot profit if there is no war
  • June 10 1963, JFK's American University commencement address titled 'A Strategy of Peace': Audio, Video, Text
  • RFK believed that GDP was not the right parameter to measure success of a country
  • RFK's Day of Affirmation address; also known as the "Ripple of Hope" Speech - Audio, Text
  • RFK Jr.'s good book American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family
  • The intra-administration war: The CIA's world view vs. The Kennedy Brothers' world view
  • JFK and RFK were increasingly isolated within their own administration

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:25:24)   MP3 download

  • David Josephs' must-watch video presentation on Oswald's Mexico city trip
  • David Josephs' video presentation on CE-139 (the rifle)
  • Index of David's articles
  • David Phillips helped manufacture an audio trail for Oswald's Mexico city trip
  • James Angleton released information about Oswald meeting Valery Kostikov (KGB)
  • Len recommends the new movie VICE: IMDB, Trailer
  • Jim's review of the movie 'Vice'
  • The first issue of the 'Deep Truth Journal' can be purchased from Alibris and AFP
  • 'JFK and the Congo Crisis' cover story by Jim DiEugenio in the 'Deep Truth Journal'
  • New documentary on Dag Hammarskjold
  • Article: RAF veteran ‘admitted 1961 killing of UN secretary general’
  • Article: Man accused of shooting down UN chief: ‘Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…’
  • At Kennedys and King: JFK and Far-right Conspiracy Rhetoric by Quashon Avent
  • Listener questions answered
  • John Armstrong's book Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf)
  • John Armstrong discusses Harvey and Lee in an epic 7-hour interview. Download here for just $10
  • Nigel Turner's 'The Men Who Killed Kennedy' is not very impressive
  • The series features Daniel Marvin who claimed that he was asked by the CIA to get rid of William Bruce Pitzer
  • Allan Eaglesham's research on the Pitzer-Marvin issue is available here
  • Probe Magazine Article by Jim: The Posthumous Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • Sylvia Meagher, Anthony Summers, Josiah Thompson, David Lifton all hated / criticized Jim Garrison
  • Jim's book Destiny Betrayed (Second Edition)
  • Jim lists 12 sources showing that Clay Shaw indeed used the alias of Clay Bertrand
  • Dean Andrews admitted to Harold Weisberg that Bertrand was Clay Shaw
  • The FBI knew that Bertrand was Clay Shaw
  • William Davy's book Let Justice be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation
  • Jim Garrison was the first man to link the Vietnam issue to JFK's murder
  • Richard Helms created the Garrison Group at the CIA to obstruct Jim Garrison's investigation
  • Barry Krusch's books Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald: Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3
  • Jim's review of Philip Shenon's book 'A Cruel and Shocking Act'
  • The Guns of November series by Dave Emory
  • Joseph McBride's book Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of JFK & Officer J. D. Tippit
  • Berlin Crisis: Lucius Clay and John Kennedy
  • Clay succeeded Eisenhower as High Commissioner of Germany in 1947
  • David Talbot's 10-point statement to be released in a few days (around the 21st)

    Show #921
    Original airdate: Jan 10, 2019
    Guests: Larry Schnapf / William Pepper
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Larry Schnapf   (42:50)   MP3 download

  • Larry Schnapf is a Board Member of Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA)
  • Larry attended Gary Aguilar's conference in San Francisco last month
  • CAPA's event in Nov 2018
  • Arlen Specter interviewed Dr. Donald Curtis for the Warren Commission
  • The Warren Commission manufactured the historic record
  • James Curtis Jenkins' book: At The Cold Shoulder of History
  • 3D animation of Zapruder film frames 210 and 225
  • 3D animation shows that a single bullet did not pass through both JFK and Connelly
  • The 3D Animation can be used to test any potential trajectory in Dealey Plaza
  • Sidney Wilkinson and Thom Whitehead's 6K Analysis of Zapruder Film Frame 317
  • Gary Aguilar is now a Board Member of CAPA
  • CAPA's plans for 2019
  • The 10-point statement prepared by David Talbot and other researchers at San Francisco
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Alec Baldwin, among others, have agreed to sign this statement
  • CAPA's website:
  • Larry can be reached at

    Play William Pepper   (16:02)   MP3 download

  • William Pepper's book: Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King
  • And The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Attempts to free / release Sirhan on parole
  • New evidence that might help exonerate Sirhan

    Show #920
    Original airdate: Jan 3, 2019
    Guests: David Josephs / Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play David Josephs (36:49) MP3 download

  • David Josephs has researched the JFK case for over 25 years
  • Index of David's articles
  • The first and second generation researchers filed numerous FOIA requests
  • Thanks to their efforts, thousands of documents are available in the public domain
  • The "evidence" of Oswald's Mexico city trip is not convincing
  • Bill Simpich's online book: State Secret
  • The conclusions of the Warren Commission (WC) can't be trusted
  • WC concludes that the Secret Service "performed" their job
  • Woodrow Wilson and the establishment of the Federal Reserve
  • Oliver Stone's movie JFK is the tip of the iceberg
  • Book: JFK: The Book of the Film by Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar
  • Every scene and line of the movie has been backed up
  • FBI had multiple assets in the Mexico City
  • The rifle in evidence: CE-139
  • Black Op Radio's 50 Reasons for 50 Years

    Play David Josephs (44:24) David Josephs - Mexico City

  • David Josephs has researched the JFK case for over 25 years
  • Index of David's articles
  • Oswald's visit to the Mexico city
  • The Lopez Report concluded that Oswald had travelled to Mexico City
  • Oswald was acting as an undercover FBI agent
  • Oswald was being paid $200 a month by the FBI from Sept 1962
  • Hoover's FBI assets in Mexico could find no trace of Oswald having been there
  • Hoover believed that Oswald had not been to Mexico City
  • If Oswald didn't make the trip, where did all the "evidence" come from?
  • Sylvia Odio confided to Father Machann about the visit by the three Cubans
  • Miss. Mumford never saw a picture of Oswald
  • "In any event, Oswald did not take bus 340" - Warren Commission
  • Newly declassified documents show that Oswald was not at the embassy
  • Luis Echeverria, a CIA asset, went on the become the President of Mexico

    Play David Josephs (14:41) David Josephs, CE 139 -The Rifle

  • The rifle in evidence: CE-139
  • The serial number of the rifle: C2766
  • Oswald supposedly ordered the rifle from Klein's Sporting Goods, Chicago
  • Klein's Sporting Goods bought rifles from Crescent Firearms Company
  • Rifle with serial number N2766 was sold on June 18, 1962
  • Rifle with serial number C2746 was sold on March 27, 1963
  • No record of C2766 being sold on either dates
  • J. Lee Rankin prepared the affidavit for Louis Feldsott, the President of Crescent Fireams
  • Rankin was the General Counsel for the Warren Commission
  • The Money order used to purchase the rifle
  • Oswald was closely watched by FBI for over a year prior to the assasination
  • Yet there are no contemporaneous reports of Oswald receiving the rifle

    Play Fletcher Prouty (14:41) Col Prouty discusses Ed Lansdale
  • Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Nov 22nd 1963
  • Indentified in writing by Gen. Victor Krulak

    Jim Garrison Documents
  • Documents of Jim Garrison will be added here each week.