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Must reads to be up on the facts -
  • On The Trail Of The Assassins - Jim Garrison
  • Understanding Special Operations - Dave Ratcliffe / Fletcher Prouty
  • JFK and The Unspeakable - Jim Douglass
  • Destiny Betrayed - Jim DiEugenio
  • JFK, The CIA, Vietnam And the Plot To Assassinate John F. Kennedy - Fletcher Prouty
  • The Secret Team - Fletcher Prouty
  • Rush To Judgement - Mark Lane
  • The Last Word - Mark Lane
  • Reclaiming Parkland - Jim DiEugenio

    Recommended Movies

  • JFK- Oliver Stone
  • The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Nigel Turner
  • Executive Action - Donald Freed
  • Parallex View - Loren Singer

    Recommended Articles

  • The Chicago Plot - Edwin Black
  • Reviews of Reclaiming History - Jim DiEugenio

    Recommended Video

  • The History of Oil - Robert Newman
  • Zeitgeist The Movie - Peter Joseph
  • Zeitgeist Addendum - Peter Joseph
  • Who Killed John O'Neil - Ty Rauber
  • Lecture - Christopher Hitchens
  • An Atheist's Call To Arms - Richard Dawkins:

    And of course the video series 50 Reasons For 50 Years" by Len Osanic and Jeff Carter

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    Recommended Black Op Radio Shows

    The initial idea of Black Op Radio was to archive important researchers who are not well known.
    These have branched out into authors, directors, film makers etc.
    I have often been asked which shows stand out.
    I hope they are all important, but here are a few you should not miss,
    and is a good place to start if this is your first visit.

    Len Osanic

    #12 Scott Enyart - Photographer... Witness to the RFK assassination
    #5 April Oliver - Nerve Gas in Vietnam... her last interview before the gag order...
    #38 Zachary Sklar - Co-writer for the film "JFK" with Oliver Stone
    #8 Jean Hill - JFK assassination witness, her last interview before she passed away

    Show #12
    Featured Guest:  Scott Enyart

      Scott Enyart was the photographer in the Ambassador hotel the night Robert Kennedy was shot and killed.  His film showed the assassination, and where everyone was in the pantry.  He has been in a legal battle with LA county/police to recover his film since 1988.  Here is what he has been going through to get it back.  Shocking and disturbing... this is a "must hear" interiew!

      Part One

      Part Two

      Part Three

    Show #38 - May 17th 2001
    Featured Guest:  Zachary Sklar

      Zachary Sklar is a journalist and a professor of journalism at the Columbia School of Journalism.  He is also a contributor to The Lies of Our Times, a monthly journal dedicated to exposing the truth behind twisted and censored reports in the mainstream media.  He was the editor for Jim Garrison's book "On the trail of the assassins"
      He co-wrote the screenplay with director Oliver Stone for the movie "JFK"

      Part One

      Part Two

      Part Three

    Show #5
    Featured guest:  April Oliver / Producer of "Valley Of Death"

      The story of "Operation Tailwind" first aired on CNN.  Then fired along with Jack Smith by CNN as management caved in to pressure of boycott from the military.  Despite months of research, on-camera interviews, and depositions to buttress their investigative reporting... CNN hopes the story goes away.

      Part One
      April Oliver

      Part Two
      April Oliver

    Show #8
    Featured Guest:  Jean Hill