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The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site


Kennedy's & King ( Jim DiEugenio)

The Oliver Stone Experience ( Oliver Stone)

William Pepper

Dr. David Mantik

Assassination of JFK (Greg Burnham)

Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA)

COPA ( John Judge)

Deep Politics Quarterly ( Walt Brown)

JFK Lancer( Debra Conway )

HiddenHistory Facebook

The Real History Archives ( Lisa Pease)

Rat Haus Reality ( Dave Ratcliffe)

Fair Play Magazine (John Kelin)

The Chicago Plot ( Edwin Black)

Oliver Stone discusses his film "JFK"

The JFK Assassination ( Jim Garrison)

Buckminster Fuller web site

50 Reasons For 50 Years

Inside The ARRB Journal( Douglass Horne)

JFK ( Robert Groden)

JFK Murder Solved ( Wim Dankbar)

JFK Counter Coup ( Bill Kelly)

Dick Russell

Bill Simpich

Vince Palmara

Chelsea Manning (Jesselyn Radack) ( Julian Assange)

Jullian Assange twitter

American Drug War ( Kevin Booth)

From the Wilderness Publications ( Mike Ruppert)

Info & links to the TWA Flight 800 Disaster:

James Files Fraud

The "Worst of the Web"

Is to be sure pitiful john mcadams - The dishonest work of mcadams is revealed here
Known as the Westboro Baptist of JFK research The Laughing Stock of The Internet - john mcadams "making non-sense of JFK's assassination after 50 years"
Anyone who puts their name behind mcadams should not be trusted either...

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