Reference Material Section Four:

4,754 Links to significant articles/publications
related to Black Op Radio topics

  (1776 01/09)   Common-Sense
                          (The Writings of Thomas Paine) (

  (1882 05/23)   A History of the Office of Naval Intelligence, 1882-1942

  (1890 05/19)   Ho Chi Minh
                          Kallie Szczepanski) (

  (1892 07/16)   "A Silly Bugaboo" - The Federal Elections (or "Force") Bill
                          (Victor Gillam) (

  (0000 00/00)   Five Myths About Reconstruction (01/21/2016)
                          (Jim Loewen) (Washington Post) (

  (1916 12/00)   I Have a Rendezvous with Death
                          (Alan Seeger) (

  (1917 05/29)   A Picture Book Biography of John F. Kennedy

  (1917 08/00)   The Masses
                          Revolutionary Progress, by Max Eastman
                          God Is Love, by Irwin Granich
                          The Rival Rajahs
                          Militarism at Play, by John Reed
                          Dialogue At Sunset - Translated from the French of Pierre Louys by Walter Adolphe Roberts
                          The Lonely Bather, by Max Eastman
                          O It's Joy To Sing With The Hair Flung Free, by Annette Wynne
                          Poems, by Lydia Gibson
                          The Chances Of Peace, by Floyd Dell
                          A Tribute, by Josephine Bell
                          Conscientious Objectors
                          The Benefactor, by Harrison S. Hires
                          The People's Council
                          Ishmael, by Louis Untermeyer
                          The Bargain, by Eupheni A Whittredge
                          The Spirit of Old Russia
                          The Eagle's Talons
                          The Passion of Peeking, and Other Problems, by Charles W . Wood
                          Books That Are Interesting A Monthly Review Conducted By Floyd Dell:
                          Doing My Bit for Ireland, by Margaret Skinnider
                          I, Mary MacLane, by Mary MacLane
                          The Mythology of All Races, in 13 volumes, Louis Herbert Gray, Ed.
                          Profiles From China, by Eunice Tietjens
                          Suffrage and Sedition
                          Knit a Strait-Jacket for Your Soldier Boy
                          The Liberty Loan
                          Making A Safe, By Elizabeth Waddell
                          Petition to the President and Congress of the United States
                          for the Immediate Repeal of the Present Conscription Law
                         (Max Eastman ed.) (

  (1927 00/00)   Proof of Conviction by Cross-Examination
                          (Edward W. Hinton) (

  (1934 11/21)   Gen. Butler Bares 'Fascist Plot' To Seize Government by Force
                          (New York Times)

  (1935 01/29)   Wall Street's Fascist Conspiracy
                          (John L. Spivak) (New Masses)

  (1935 11/00)   America's Armed Forces 'In Time of Peace'
                          (Major General Smedley D. Butler) (Common Sense)

  (1939 10/18)   Lee Harvey Oswald

  (1941 00/00)   5th Column in Mexico
                          (Vicente Lombardo Toledano) (Council for Pan American Democracy) (

  (1941 11/00)   The Americanism of Socialism
                          (Eric Hass) (Socialist Labor Party) (

  (1941 12/10)   FBI Arrests Woman Pilot, Romanian-Born Baroness Seized
                          (Times Herald) (

  (1942 03/16)   American Malvern
                          (TIME) (

  (1942 03/19)   Smith Obstructs War Effort
                          Detroit Career
                          Inner Circle
                          Hitlerite Poetry
                          (The Hour) (

  (1942 03/29)   The Huk Rebellion

  (1942 12/24)   Current America First Plot
                          Role of Nye, Wheeler, Reynolds and Taft
                          The Hour "Investigated"
                          Note on Myshuha
                          (The Hour) (

  (1943 01/12)   George Deatherage and Women United
                          Deatherage's Background
                          Lulu Wheeler Advises Women United
                          Coughlin Finds New Medium
                          (The Hour) (

  (1943 01/30)   Current Activities of America First Congressmen
                          The Case of Horace J. Haase
                          Edwin Webster, Senator Nye and Horace Haase
                          New Book On Germany's Economic Warfare
                          (The Hour) (

  (1943 02/21)   Present Activity of Joseph Kamp
                          Support From Dies and Hoffman
                          Current Pro-Axis Propaganda
                          Klu Klux Klan Pamphlet
                          (The Hour) (

  (1943 05/20)   Anti-Democratic Newspaper in North Carolina
                          Support from Shipbuilding Firm
                          Case of Rev. Land
                          Suspension of The Hour
                          (The Hour) (

  (1943 10/00)   Government Sponsored Fascism: The Story of Georgetown University
                          (Tabitha Petran) (The Protestant) (

  (1944 03/31)   The Propaganda Battlefront Vol. II, No. XV
                          The Case Against The Chicago Tribune
                          (Friends of Democracy, Inc.) (

  (1944 04/29)   The Propaganda Battlefront Vol. II, No. XVI
                          The New York Daily News-Mouthpiece of the Disloyal Opposition
                          (Friends of Democracy, Inc.) (

  (1953 03/21)   The Current Digest of the Soviet Press, Volume V, No. 6 (

  (1954 00/00)   Book Review (reviewing William F. Buckley Jr. et al., McCarthy and His Enemies (1954))
                          (Philip B. Kurland) (

  (1954 05/07)   The Fall of Dien Bien Phu and the Rise of U.S. Involvement in Vietnam
                          (Howard Simpson and Ted Tanen interviewed by Charles Stuart Kennedy) (

  (1956 00/00)   Cabaret Guide - Havana 1956
                          (Cabaret Quarterly) (

  (1956 00/00)   Guide to After-Dark Havana
                          (Cabaret Yearbook) (

  (1958 01/05)   Investments in Cuba 1958
                          (GENTE Magazine) (John J. McCloy) (

  (1958 01/05)   The True Life of Rebel Castro
                          (GENTE Magazine) (

  (1959 00/00)   The Chief Justice and the School Segregation Cases
                          (Philip B. Kurland) (

  (1959 01/21)   Dorothy Kilgallen - Sounds Off on Castro

  (1959 07/00)   To Preserve Peace, Let's Show Russians How Strong We Are
                          (U.S. Senator Prescott Bush) (Reader's Digest)

  (1959 07/28)   "CUBA TODAY": A Channel 4 Special Report (Transcript)
                          (WTVJ) (

  (1959 08/24)   LIFE Magazine August 24, 1959
                          Jackie Kennedy: A Front Runner's Appealing Wife

  (1959 11/26)   U.S. Defector to Reds Turned to Marx at 16
                          (Priscilla Johnson)

  (1960 03/28)   LIFE Magazine March 28, 1960
                          Hubert and Jack in Wisconsin

  (1960 05/00)   The Coroner and the Common Law - In Five Parts
                          (Jesse L. Carr, M.D.) (California Medicine) (

  (1960 07/08)   The Texas Observer
                          Pre-Convention Developments
                          Editorial: The Convention
                          Liberal A.D.A. Goes All Out Anti-LBJ

  (1960 07/15)   The Texas Observer
                          Jack Takes LBJ on Ticket, by Ronnie Dugger
                          LBJ Fights Hard, But Can't Cash In
                          Daniel Says He'll Vote, That's All
                          Texas Delegation Circulates for Lyndon
                          ... No Fight on Credentials
                          Enthusiasm for Nominee Not Great among Texans
                          Editorial: The Winds of Change ... And the Calculated Risk
                          *A Man in Blue - AP
                          Voting Records--and a Party Platform, by Anne and Jake Lewis
                          A Tarheel's View of Senator Johnson, by Ed Yoder
                          Political Intelligence
                          Points Disputed on LBJ, letter by Mrs. Harold H. Young

  (1960 07/22)   The Texas Observer
                          Kennedy's Decision
                          Houston Bolt, Loyalists' OK Greet Kennedy
                          Lyndon and the Negroes
                          The Demos' Platform for Texas
                          Homecoming A New `LBJ,' Acapulco
                          Texas Summer Sport: Successor-Guessing
                          After the Debate, a Bonfire in the Square, by Ronnie Dugger
                          Editorial: Kennedy and Johnson
                          A Liberal Party?, by Ronnie Dugger
                          The Catholic Issue, by Franklin Jones
                          A Difference, by Ronnie Dugger
                          Criswell Reproached, by H. M. Baggarly - Tulia Herald
                          The Press Responds in Varied Manners
                          Political Intelligence
                          Los Angeles Postscripts
                          It sometimes appears ..., letter by H. Mewhinney

  (1960 08/08)   LIFE Magazine August 8, 1960
                          Balloons Soar as the Nixons Begin Campaign

  (1960 11/00)   Superman Comes to the Supermarket
                          (Norman Mailer) (

  (1960 11/11)   The Texas Observer
                          Religion Helped, Not Hurt Kennedy, by Ronnie Dugger
                          LBJ's Successor A New Question
                          `Irregularities' Are Charged
                          Dallas Rhubarb
                          A Quiet Moment In Austin
                          Last-Minute Ads
                          Dailies Fought To the Last Day
                          The Week in Texas
                          Editorial: A Constructive Period
                          Editorial: Tricks and Smear
                          The Press in Elections, by Willie Morris
                          Goodbye, 'Texas Democrats', by Ronnie Dugger
                          Johnson and the Election, by Willie Morris
                          'Catching Cold and Missing Airplanes,' by Tom Sutherland

  (1960 11/21)   LIFE Magazine November 21, 1960
                          The Victorious Young Kennedys

  (1960 12/19)   LIFE Magazine December 19, 1960
                          The Kennedys and Their Son at Christening

  (1961 01/27)   LIFE Magazine January 27, 1961
                          The Kennedy Inauguration

  (1961 04/13)   April, 1961
                          (Herblock) (

  (1961 05/13)   Times Call for Liberal Action, Says Kennedy (Lodi News-Sentinel) (UPI)

  (1961 05/15)   A Short History of INCA (Information Council of the Americas)
                          (Frank DeBenedictis) (

  (1961 05/26)   LIFE Magazine May 26, 1961
                          The Kennedys in Canada

  (1961 08/04)   LIFE Magazine August 4, 1961
                          'Any dangerous spot is tenable if brave men make it so'

  (1961 08/04)   LIFE Magazine August 25, 1961
                          Our Report From Berlin

  (1961 10/00)   The New Guard
                          (Young Americans For Freedom) (

  (1962 00/00)   Counter-Guerrilla Operations: The Philippine Experience
                          (Charles Bohannon / Napoleon Valeriano)

  (1962 00/00)   Book Review (reviewing Sidney Hook, The Paradoxes of Freedom (1962))
                          (Philip B. Kurland) (

  (1962 01/25)   Commentary on President John F. Kennedy's
                          "State of The Union" Message to Congress on January 11, 1962
                          (Douglas R. Voohrees) (

  (1962 01/26)   LIFE Magazine January 26, 1962
                          Hard-headed Hard-driving, Kid Brother

  (1962 02/16)   'After All, It Doesn't Have to Be a One-Way Street'
                          (Herblock) (

  (1962 04/30)   Midlothian Mirror firebombed in Midlothian, Texas (Video)
                          (Helmer Reenberg) (

  (1962 05/01)   President John F. Kennedy's meeting with six Quakers in the Oval Office
                          (Terry Messman) (

  (1962 06/09)   Third American in 2 Months Leaves Soviet 'Home'
                          (Moscow UPI) (Washington Post) (

  (1962 10/09)   'Once More Unto the Brink, Once More'
                          (Herblock) (

  (1962 10/26)   Other Foreign News
                          (Herblock) (

  (1962 10/28)   Tick-Tock-Tick-
                          (Herblock) (

  (1962 12/27)   23 Americans Held by Castro May Be Freed
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1963 01/00)   The Anti-War Novel and the Good Soldier Schweik, by Leslie A. Fiedler
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1963 02/26)   'Who Said Anything about Driving out Castro? We're Talking about Kennedy'
                          (Herblock) (

  (1963 04/12)   LIFE Magazine April 12, 1963
                          Hit and Run Attack on a Russian Ship

  (1963 05/00)   Art, Morality, & Censorship, by Norman St. John-Stevas
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1963 05/00)   Playboy Interview, Malcolm X
                          (Alex Haley) (

  (1963 05/10)   LIFE Magazine May 10, 1963
                          Raw Untold Truth by Men Who Fought - Bay of Pigs

  (1963 05/16)   Eyewitness: The Police Terror at Birmingham
                          (Len Holt) (National Guardian) (

  (1963 06/00)   How I Signed Up at $250 a Month for The Big Parade
                          through Havana Bla-Bla-Bla and Wound Up in Guatemala with the CIA
                          (Terry Southern) (Esquire) (

  (1963 08/19)   With a New Kind of Loneliness

  (1963 08/27)   Conceived in Liberty and Dedicated to the Proposition That All Men are Created Equal...
                          (Herblock) (

  (1963 09/06)   LIFE Magazine September 6, 1963
                          Spectacle of the March

  (1963 10/00)   Jim Marrs dancing on stage in Jack Ruby's Carousel Club (Photo)

  (1963 10/02)   'Spooks' Make Life Miserable For Ambassador Lodge
                          'Arrogant' CIA Disobeys Orders in Viet Nam
                          (Richard Starnes) (Washington Daily News) (

  (1963 10/02)   The Taylor/McNamara Trip Report of October 1963 and NSAM 263
                          (Fletcher Prouty / David Ratcliffe) (Understanding Special Operations)

  (1963 10/03)   The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam
                          (Arthur Krock) (New York Times)

  (1963 10/04)   The Texas Observer
                          Political Intelligence
                          Lyndon and the Griffins, by Ronnie Dugger

  (1963 10/07)   The State Department Cover-up (Re: Otto Otepka)
                          (Chicago Tribune)

  (1963 10/11)   The Texas Observer
                          The Governor and a Hornet's Nest, by Ronnie Dugger
                          An Early Hallowe'en in Big D, by Dan Strawn
                          A Number of Unseen Salutes
                          Political Intelligence
                          Goldwater in 1984

  (1963 10/18)   Homosexual Spy 1951-1961 (Promotional)
                          (Louis Troy) (

  (1963 11/15)   The Texas Observer
                          The Kennedy Visit

  (1963 11/22)   "It all began so beautifully"
                          (Lady Bird Johnson) (

  (1963 11/22)   A History of the Zapruder Film
                          (Martin Shackelford / Debra Conway) (

  (1963 11/22)   LIFE Magazine November 22, 1963
                          Negro in the Big Cities

  (1963 11/23)   Gov. Connally Shot; Mrs. Kennedy Safe
                          President Is Struck Down by a Rifle Shot From Building on Motorcade Route
                          Johnson, Riding Behind, Is Unhurt
                          (Tom Wicker) (

  (1963 11/23)   President Kennedy Shot Dead;
                          Lyndon B. Johnson Is Sworn In

  (1963 11/23)   'With A Good Conscience Our Only Sure Reward,
                          with History the Final Judge of Our Deeds, Let Us Go Forth to Lead the Land We Love...'
                          (Herblock) (

  (1963 11/24)   'I Still Can't Believe It'
                          (Herblock) (

  (1963 11/25)   All Showbiz Mourns Kennedy
                          Reaction of Pix B. O. Split
                          Unprecedented Broadcasting Coverage Costing $30 Mil
                          Assassination Cues TV Shows Revamp Coming Programs
                          Showbiz Stox Hit By Death Of JFK
                          Studios, Clubs, Film Theatres Closed Today
                          Rod Serling, Froug Speed USIA Film On New President
                          Col Now `Worrying' About Releasing 'Bomb'
                          B'way Blacks Out Signs; Legit Shows, Opera And Niteries Shroud Tonight
                          Pioneers' Dinner Postponed In N.Y
                          Just For Variety, by Army Archerd
                          L.A. Legit Limp At Tragic News
                          Some Films Halted Production On Friday
                          Las Vegas Blackout
                          NAB Cancels Conference
                          Film Eds Postpone Meet
                          Showbiz In Washington Shrouded Today: All Performances Being Suspended
                          JOHN F. KENNEDY
                          Lee Oswald Nabbed In Rowley Flagship
                          (Variety) (

  (1963 11/25)   Sorrowing Nation Bids Solemn Farewell To Martyred Young President
                          (The Hartford Times)

  (1963 11/25)   Lee Harvey Oswald's body lies unmourned in Fort Worth funeral home
                          (Bryce Miller) (

  (1963 11/25)   Long Shadow
                          (Herblock) (

  (1963 11/26)   Dallas Gives FBI Oswald Evidence - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (P. 97)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1963 11/26)   Any Oswald-Rubenstein Tie In Dallas Sought By Police - Dallas Morning News (P. 54)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1963 11/27)   Sportsmen! Kids! Maniacs!
                          (Herblock) (

  (1963 11/28)   Just Another Face In The Crowd, by Sid Moody - Denton Record-Chronicle (P. 91)

  (1963 11/29)   LIFE Magazine November 29, 1963
                          President John F. Kennedy, 1917 - 1963

  (1963 11/29)   The Oswald File Must Not Close
                          (Dorothy Kilgallen)

  (1963 11/29)   The Texas Observer
                          The Last Voyage of Mr. Kennedy
                          San Antonio
                          Fort Worth
                          And Finally to the City of Dallas ...
                          To a Bend Near the Triple Underpass
                          On Dallas
                          The President Is Sworn In, by Sarah T. Hughes
                          President Johnson's Frontiers

  (1963 11/31)   Assassination Day - Step by Step
                          (Adrian I. Lee / Hugh E. Flaherty) (Philadelphia Bulletin) (

  (1963 12/00)   The Black Revolution, by Thomas Merton
  (1963 12/00)   Journal of a Trip South, by John Howard Griffin
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1963 12/02)   The Day Kennedy Died

  (1963 12/02)   Pravda Hints Oswald Spied For U.S. During Russia Visit - Moscow (UPI) (P. 36-37)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1963 12/03)   Oswalds Mother Remaining Silent, by Eddie S. Hughes
  (1963 12/03)   Two Urge Monument Be Fitting
  (1963 12/03)   Oswald Found Assistance in Austin and Washington, by Kent Biffle
                          Dallas Morning News (P. 39)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1963 12/06)   LIFE Magazine December 6, 1963
                          Mrs. Kennedy, Caroline and John Jr. Wait to Join Procession to Capitol

  (1963 12/07)   When Castro Heard the News
                          (Jean Daniel) (New Republic) (

  (1963 12/11)   The Dallas Investigation
                          (B. Izakov) (New Times) (

  (1963 12/11)   VICTORY, Vol. 1 No. 1
                          The Official Publication of the Information Council of the Americas (INCA)
                          INCA vs. Oswald
                          Awards Reception is ... Tonight Over Forty to be Honored
                          The Motivation of an Assassin, by Edward Scannell Butler
                          Editorial: The New Era
                          Dastugue Named Organizational Consultant
                          Martin M. Gurtler II Studio Dedicated
                          INCA Chapter Extension Planned
                          INCA Thanks Senator Thomas J. Dodd (D-Conn.)
                          Truth Forum Rates Praise
                          Conference For Unity of Americas Recapped
                          Communist Discrimination Bared
                          (INCA) (

  (1963 12/11)   Oswald's Attempts to Drive Recalled
  (1963 12/11)   Speculation on Oswald Discounted
  (1963 12/11)   Police Told Oswald, Ruby Seen in Waco
                          Dallas Morning News (P. 32)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1963 12/12)   Public Hearings Held On Mail Order Gun Bills - Washington (AP) (P. 31)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1963 12/13)   LIFE Magazine December 13, 1963
                          President Johnson at his White House Desk

  (1963 12/13)   The Texas Observer
                          Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
                          A Memorial
                          The Subject of Dallas
                          Was He a Loner or a Conspirator?
                          The Killer of the Accused Killer
                          Some Questions
                          The Funeral, by Jim Clark
                          Rep. Wright Contributes His Memories
                          Dallas from a Distance, by Harris Green
                          The Advertisement
                          A Political Notation
                          This Stored Hate, letter by Don C. Teas
                          This Atmosphere of Hate, letter by Charles P. Elliott
  (1963 12/14)   Unofficial Envoy: An Historic Report from Two Capitals
                          (Jean Daniel) (New Republic) (

  (1963 12/14)   John F. Kennedy
                          (The Nation) (

  (1963 12/19)   Oswald Innocent? - A Lawyer's Brief
                          (Mark Lane) (National Guardian)

  (1963 12/20)   Did Lee Oswald Ask to Charter Plane to Mexico?, by Jim Lehrer, Dallas Morning News (P. 22-26)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1963 12/21)   Interviews with Kennedy and Castro: Further Clarification
                          (Jean Daniel) (New Republic) (

  (1963 12/21)   Seeds of Doubt: Some Questions About the Assassination
                          (Jack Minnis / Staughton Lynd) (The New Republic)

  (1963 12/21)   The American Condition (
  (1963 12/21)   November 26, 1963 (Wendell Berry) (

  (1963 12/22)   Limit CIA Role to Intelligence
                          (President Harry Truman)

  (1963 12/27)   The Texas Observer
                          A New Faith?
                          The Aftermath: 1: Oswald in Austin
                          The Aftermath: 2: Questions on Oswald's Civil Liberties
                          The Aftermath: 3: Oswald and Others: Persisting Suspicions
                          The Political Situation After the Assassination
                          Political Intelligence
                          A Page of Thoughts
                          Kdy Edtl
                          A Few Righteous Men, letter by Marg-Riette

  (1963 12/28)   Boycotting Cuba: Whose Interest Does it Serve?
                          (Jean Daniel) (New Republic) (

  (1963 12/28)   The Warren Commission
                          (The Nation) (

  (1963 12/30)   Other Guns
                          (Time) (

  (1964 01/00)   Three Patients at Parkland
                          (State Journal of Texas Medicine) (

  (1964 01/00)   The Death of a President (Eric Norden)
  (1964 01/00)   Who Killed Whom and Why? Dark Thoughts About Dark Events (M.S. Arnoni)
                          (The Minority of One)

  (1964 01/00)   The Warren Commission: An Editorial
                          (Norman Podhoretz) (Commentary) (

  (1964 01/00)   Cuba and the Kennedy Assassination
                          (John Martino) (

  (1964 01/00)   Personal from the Editor
                          (Herbert W. Armstrong) (Plain Truth) (

  (1964 01/00)   A Note on the Birch Society, by John Cogley
  (1964 01/00)   Some of My Best Friends are Liberals, by John van der Zee
  (1964 01/00)   Interview with Rolf Hochhuth, by Judith Stone
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1964 01/03)   Interview of Mark Lane by Chris Koch and Robert Potts
                          (KPFA) (

  (1964 01/10)   The Texas Observer
                          The President and the Senator - Austin
                          The New Scenes - Austin
                          It Is a Question of Mettle - Austin
                          Mr. Buckley Comes to Austin to debate Ronnie Dugger

  (1964 01/14)   The Problem We All Live With
                          (Norman Rockwell) (

  (1964 01/15)   Personality in the news - Mark Lane
                          (Raleigh H. Allsbrook) (AP) (

  (1964 01/24)   What Was Back of Kennedy's Murder?
                          (John R. Rice) (

  (1964 01/26)   12 Perplexing Questions About Kennedy Assassination Examined
                          (Jack Langguth) (New York Times) (

  (1964 01/27)   Task of the Warren Commission (
  (1964 01/27)   Oswald and the FBI (Harold Feldman) (
                          (The Nation)

  (1964 02/00)   Red Roses From Texas, by Nerin E. Gun (

  (1964 02/07)   The Texas Observer
                          A Letter from Texas - Dallas
                          The Memorial in Dallas - Dallas, Austin
                          Political Patterns in Dallas - Dallas
                          The Scandal Ramifies - Austin
                          Oswald Not Known, Two Say

  (1964 02/08)   Oswald Not Alone In Slaying Of President, Attorney Claims
                          (George Dusheck) (

  (1964 02/12)   Seven Days In May - Trailer (Video)

  (1964 02/18)   Some 1,500 persons Filled Town Hall Tonight (

  (1964 02/20)   How NYU almost shut free speech out of Town Hall
                          (Guardian) (

  (1964 02/21)   The Texas Observer
                          John and Don Have At It Again With Lyndon and Allan in the Wings - Arlington
                          The Johnsons Radio-TV Interests:
                          A Basic Review in the Context of a Current Controversy - Austin
                          A Communication - New Orleans

  (1964 03/00)   The Oswald Affair
                          (Léo Sauvage) (Commentary)

  (1964 03/04)   The Oswald Case - Mark Lane's Testimony to the Warren Commission (Audio) (Audio)
                          (Folkways Records) (

  (1964 03/20)   LIFE Magazine March 20, 1964
                          Ambassador Lodge in Saigon

  (1964 03/24)   President's Panel Turns to Ruby
                          (Jack A. Smith) (National Guardian)

  (1964 04/00)   The Morality of Indian Hating, by N. Scott Momaday
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1964 05/09)   On April 29, after returning to New York, Lane said ...
                          (National Guardian) (

  (1964 05/24)   Commission Exhibits 585 & 888

  (1964 05/25)   The Dallas Rejoinder
                          (The Nation) (

  (1964 05/29)   LIFE Magazine May 29, 1964
                          Jacqueline Kennedy

  (1964 05/31)   Dealey Plaza - (6 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1964 06/00)   The Unspoken Speech of John Kennedy at Dallas, November 22, 1963
                          Privately printed for Stanley Marcus by Carl Hertzog (

  (1964 06/02)   Motorcade Aided Sniper
                          (Detroit Free Press)

  (1964 06/12)   LIFE Magazine June 12, 1964
                          Ugly War in Vietnam

  (1964 06/16)   The invisible government
                          (David Wise / Thomas Ross) (LOOK) (

  (1964 06/18)   The Oswald case: All Europe skeptical
                          (Mark Lane) (National Guardian) (

  (1964 06/27)   The Secret News That's Fit to Print
                          I - That Massive, Hidden Apparatus (Gilbert A. Harrison)
                          II - CIA and the Cuban Invasion (T. R. Fehrenbach)
                          (New Republic) (

  (1964 06/30)   The Strange Case of the CIA Widows
                          (David Wise / Thomas B. Ross) (LOOK) (

  (1964 07/00)   Schlesinger at the White House: An Historian's Inside View of Kennedy at Work
                          (Henry Brandon) (Harper's) (

  (1964 07/00)   Who Killed John Kennedy?
                          (John Gellner) (Saturday Night) (

  (1964 07/26)   Texas' Toughest Country Editor - He's Been Bombed and Beaten, May Finally Give Up
                          (Houston Chronicle - Texas Magazine) (

  (1964 09/00)   Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?, by Joachim Joesten (

  (1964 09/00)   The Unsinkable Marguerite Oswald
                          (Harold Feldman) (The Realist)

  (1964 09/06)   16 Questions on the Assassination
                          (Bertrand Russell) (The Minority of One)

  (1964 09/14)   The Warren Commission
                          (Maurice Rosenberg) (The Nation) (

  (1964 09/23)   Assassin or Fall Guy?, Book Review
                          (Victor Perlo) (New Times) (

  (1964 09/27)   CBS NEWS EXTRA "November 22 and The Warren Report" as broadcast over
                          the CBS Television Network, Sunday, September 27, 1964 5:00 - 7:00 PM, EDT
                          (Leslie Midgley) (

  (1964 09/29)   20 Questions for the Warren Report
                          (Curtis Crawford) (WBAI-FM) (

  (1964 10/00)   Conversation with Lez Edmond
  (1964 10/00)   The Diary, by Lez Edmond
  (1964 10/00)   The March That Failed, by Warren Hinckle
  (1964 10/00)   Arabs and Jews, by Judy Stone
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1964 10/00)   Playboy Interview, Cassius Clay
                          (Alex Haley) (

  (1964 10/02)   Special Section: The Warren Commission Report

  (1964 10/02)   Hoover Says Data Called Oswald Safe
                          (Jerry O'Leary) (Evening Star) (

  (1964 10/03)   Lane on Warren report: The doubts remain
                          (Mark Lane) (National Guardian) (

  (1964 10/04)   "It Just Doesn't Fit In With My Library!"
                          (HerBlock) (

  (1964 10/10)   Warren Report: Case for the Prosecution
                          (Murray Kempton) (New Republic) (

  (1964 10/12)   Focus on Chapter V
                          (The Nation) (

  (1964 10/12)   The Triumph of Caliban
                          (Karl E. Meyer) (New Leader) (

  (1964 10/12)   The Other Witnesses
                          (George and Patricia Nash) (The New Leader)

  (1964 10/17)   Mark Lane vs Melvin Belli: Debate on Warren report blacked out
                          (Peggy Dennis) (People's World, San Francisco) (

  (1964 11/00)   The Literary Goldwater, by Maxwell Geismar
  (1964 11/00)   The British Goldwater, by Terence Prittie
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1964 11/00)   The Paranoid Style in American Politics
                          (Richard Hofstadter) (Harper's)

  (1964 11/00)   Cuba, Castro and John F. Kennedy
                          (Richard Nixon) (Reader's Digest) (

  (1964 11/02)   The Warren Report: Analysis of Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds: A Lawyer's Dissenting View
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (The Legal Intelligencer) (

  (1964 11/02)   A Measure of the Achievement
  (1964 11/02)   The Warren Commission (II) (Herbert L. Packer)
                          (The Nation) (

  (1964 11/09)   In Defense of a Theory (Thomas G. Buchanan)
                          As I Was Saying (Leo Sauvage)
                          (The New Leader) (

  (1964 11/23)   A Lawyer's Dissenting View Addendum
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (The Legal Intelligencer) (

  (1964 11/30)   Hoover the Vulgarian
                          (The Nation) (

  (1964 12/00)   John Quincy Adams and the revolutionary temper, by Truman Nelson
  (1964 12/00)   The Gentle Revolutionary, by Thomas Merton
  (1964 12/00)   Magnolia Ghetto, by John Beecher
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1964 12/00)   The FBI Nobody Knows
                          (Fred J. Cook) (TRUE) (

  (1964 12/02)   The Kennedy Heritage
                          (Boris Izakov) (New Times) (

  (1964 12/14)   The Climate of Violence
                          (The Nation) (

  (1965 00/00)   Of Poetry and Power:
                          Poems Occasioned by the Presidency and by the Death of John F. Kennedy (Audio)
                          (Erwin A. Glikes / Paul Schwaber / Irene Dailey / Martin Donegan) (

  (1965 00/00)   Negroes in American History: A Freedom Primer
                          (Bobbi Cieciorka / Frank Cieciorka) (The Student Voice, Inc.) (

  (1965 01/00)   Playboy Interview, Martin Luther King, Jr.
                          (Alex Haley) (

  (1965 01/00)   A Lawyer's Notes on the Warren Commission Report
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  (1965 01/00)   A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (Liberation) (

  (1965 01/00)   Interview/Senator Frank Church
  (1965 01/00)   Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley, by Robert Scheer
  (1965 01/00)   The Psychology of Non-Violence, by Jerome D. Frank
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1965 01/00)   National Geographic: American Special Forces in Viet Nam
                          (Howard Sochurek) (
  (1965 01/00)   1965 Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Eastern Thailand Map

  (1965 01/08)   The Citizens' Committee Inquiry
                          (Cable: CITINQUIRY NEWYORK) (

  (1965 01/22)   John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums (Video)
                          (United States Information Service)

  (1965 02/00)   I'll Never Forget Alabama Law
                          (William "Meatball" Douthard) (The Liberal News) (

  (1965 02/04)   Dear Mr. Hoover: ... Sincerely yours, Paul Hoch
                          I have not been able to find the text of the F.B.I. report
                          among the published papers of the Commission (

  (1965 03/00)   The Warren Report?
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (Liberation) (

  (1965 03/00)   Fifty-One Witnesses: The Grassy Knoll (
  (1965 03/00)   Fifty-One Witnesses: The Grassy Knoll (Excerpts) (
                          (Harold Feldman) (Minority of One)

  (1965 03/00)   A Critique of The Warren Report
                          (Dwight Macdonald) (Esquire) (

  (1965 03/00)   Death of a President: The Established Facts
                          (Lord Devlin) (Atlantic Monthly) (

  (1965 03/00)   Editorial: The Lesson of Berkley
  (1965 03/00)   After J. Edgar, Who?, by William W. Turner
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1965 03/03)   VICTORY, Vol. 2 No. 1
                          The Official Publication of the Information Council of the Americas (INCA)
                          Castro's Sister Gets Golden Mike
                          No Voice Is Too Weak, by Juanita Castro
                          1000 Cheer!, by Louis M. Reese
                          INCA Thanks Police
                          Three Top Newsmen Accompany Castro's Sister
                          (INCA) (

  (1965 03/17)   Literacy Test
                          (Herblock) (

  (1965 03/18)   Commemorating the Action at Montgomery, Alabama, March 1965
                          (Herblock) (

  (1965 03/26)   LIFE Magazine March 26, 1965
                          Historic Turning Point for the Negro's Cause

  (1965 04/00)   Oswald
                          (Kerry Thornley) (

  (1965 04/00)   Life in Mississippi
                          (Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer & Jack O'Dell) (Freedomways) (

  (1965 04/00)   Editorial: The Year of the Lemming?
  (1965 04/00)   The Times They Are A-Changin', by Ralph J. Gleason
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1965 04/26)   Portrait Of The Assassin (Excerpt)
                          (Gerald R. Ford) (

                          New York University Law Review
  (1965 05/00)   Did Lee Harvey Oswald Act Without Help? (J. M. van Bemmelen)
  (1965 05/00)   Why the Warren Commission? (Robert F. Cushman)
  (1965 05/00)   The Warren Commission and the Fourth Shot:
                          A Reflection on the Fundamentals of Forensic Fact-finding (Paul L. Freese)
  (1965 05/00)   The Warren Commission from the Procedural Standpoint (Arthur L. Goodheart)
  (1965 05/00)   Trial by Newspaper (Lewis L. Jaffe)

  (1965 05/00)   The FBI & Organized Crime, by Fred J. Cook
  (1965 05/00)   The Shame of the Cities: McComb, Mississippi, by John Beecher
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1965 05/04)   Science of Spying (Video)
                          (John Chancellor) (NBC News) (

  (1965 06/00)   The South at War
                          Five Battles of Selma, by Warren Hinckle and David Welsh
                          1. Battle of the Bridge
                          2. Show of Force
                          3. Charge of the Bible Brigade
                          4. The Infiltration
                          5. SHADOW BRIGADE
                          (NOTE: Battle maps and chart of CONFEDERATE FORCES
                          and UNION FORCES as deployed in the Battle of Selma)
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1965 06/00)   Playboy Interview, Melvin Belli
                          (Alex Haley) (

  (1965 07/00)   The Unreasonable Question
  (1965 07/00)   The "Vietnam Lobby", by Robert Scheer and Warren Hinckle
  (1965 07/00)   A View from Phnom Penh, by Robert Scheer
  (1965 07/00)   A View from the Prince: Interview: Prince Sihanouk
  (1965 07/00)   A View from Djakarta, by William Worthy
  (1965 07/00)   A View from Washington, by Marcus Raskin,
  (1965 07/00)   The Making of a Quagmire, by David Halberstam, reviewed by Robert Scheer
                          (Ramparts) (

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                          Deeper Into the Vietnam War

  (1965 07/16)   LIFE Magazine July 16, 1965
                          A Thousand Days (Part I)

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                          Adlai Stevenson - 1900 - 1965 (A Thousand Days Part II)

  (1965 07/30)   LIFE Magazine July 30, 1965
                          Mantle's Misery (A Thousand Days Part III)

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  (1965 08/00)   The Fictitious Freedom of the Press, by Howard Gossage
                          (Ramparts) (

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                          The Fleet Lashes Out

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                          (Ramparts) (

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                          (James Phelan) (Saturday Evening Post) (

  (1965 10/00)   Free-Lance Integrationist, by Lewis Z. Koch
  (1965 10/00)   Journey Up North, by Louis E. Lomax
  (1965 10/00)   The Human Management of the News, by John P. Sisk
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                          A Thousand Days (Part IV)

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                          Stunning Victory of a Loner (A Thousand Days Part V)

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                          The Lights Went Out (A Thousand Days Part VI)

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                          (Mike Cochran) (Dallas, Tex. (AP) (

  (1965 11/26)   LIFE Magazine November 26, 1965
                          The Blunt Reality of War in Vietnam

  (1965 11/26)   Mr. Hoover's statement of Nov. 25 does not, in my opinion, satisfactorily answer the
                          critics' questions concerning the performance and reporting of the autopsy of President Kennedy
                          (Paul Hoch) (

  (1965 11/27)   The Trial Of Jack Ruby: A Classic Study of Courtroom Strategies (Excerpt)
                          (John Kaplan / Jon R. Waltz) (

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  (1965 12/00)   Vietnam Album, by Bernard B. Fall
  (1965 12/00)   Supersam, by Arnold Toynbee
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                          (Ramparts) (

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                          (SNCC) (

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                          Peace Drive Aimed at These Two Men

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  (1966 02/00)   Metropoly: The Story of Oakland, California
  (1966 02/00)   The Green Berets, by Robin Moore, reviewed by Don Duncan
                          (Ramparts) (

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                          The War Goes On

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                          Vietnam - A Searching Assessment

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  (1966 03/00)   Subject Index to the Warren Report and Hearings and Exhibits
  (1966 03/00)   Name Index to the Warren Report and Hearings and Exhibits
                          (Sylvia Meagher)

  (1966 03/00)   The Impossible Tasks of One Assassination Bullet: (First of Two Articles)
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (The MINORITY of One) (

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                          (Drew Pearson) (Washington Post) (

  (1966 03/06)   Humphrey Firm on War, Saddened at Liberal Split
                          (Julius Duscha) (Washington Post) (

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                          (Julius Duscha) (Washington Post) (

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  (1966 05/29)   An Inquest: Skeptical Postscript to Warren Group's Report on Assassination
  (1966 05/29)   There's a Dossier: It Might Not Be in CIA or FBI Files;
                          It Might Only Be FHA's Check on Marital Stability
                          (Rickard Harwood) (Washington Post) (

  (1966 06/00)   A Profile in Courage, by Warren Hinckle
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                          (Eric Norden) (The Realist)

  (1966 06/10)   "Ev tu?"
                          (Herblock) (

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                          (Fred J. Cook) (The Nation) (

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                          (Fred J. Cook) (The Nation) (

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                          reviewed by Leo Sauvage
                          (New Leader) (

  (1966 06/20)   Increased Altitude, Visibility Poor
                          (Herblock) (

  (1966 06/27)   Kennedy Hints FBI Wiretapping
                          (Morton Mintz) (Washington Post) (

  (1966 07/00)   Charlie's Long March, by Jean Lacouture
  (1966 07/00)   The Torture of Mothers, by Truman Nelson
  (1966 07/00)   The Organizer's Tale, by Cesar Chavez
  (1966 07/00)   The Hawks
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1966 07/00)   Review of the Forensic Science Examinations Embodied in the Warren Commission Report
                          (A Panel Discussion) Charles A. McInerney, A.B., Moderator
                          A Commentary on Issues of Importance in the Study of Investigation and Criminalistics,
                          by James W. Osterburg, MPA
                          Assassin Forger, by Alwyn Cole
                          Psychiatric Observations on the Warren Commission Report by Maier I. Tuchler, M.D.
                          A Critique of the Medical Aspects of the Investigation into the Assassination of President Kennedy,
                          by Cyril Wecht, M.D., LL.B
  (1966 07/00)   A Legal Demurrer to the Report of the Warren Commission, by Jay Schwartz, B.S., J.D.
                          (Journal of Forensic Sciences Volume 11, Number 3) (

  (1966 07/00)   Flying Saucers: An Analysis of the Air Force Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14
                          (Dr. Leon Davidson) (

  (1966 07/02)   Agent Who Drove Kennedy Car in Dallas Retires:
                          Did Not Know the President Had Been Hit by Bullet
                          (Robert B. Semple Jr.) (New York Times) (

  (1966 07/02)   The Wacky Spy Caper, Or, The Case Of The Bumbling Hawke,
                          The Mysterious Sparrow And The Seven Wandering Birds
                          (Barnard Law Collier) (Saturday Evening Post) (

  (1966 07/11)   The Vital Documents: What the Warren Report Omits
                          (Jacob Cohen) (The Nation) (

  (1966 07/11)   Editorial: The Christian Virtues
                          (Nation) (

  (1966 07/15)   "Departmental Practice"
                          (Herblock) (

  (1966 07/17)   Meet The Press, William F. Raborn - Former Director. C.I.A.
                          (Lawrence E. Spivak) (NBC) (

  (1966 08/00)   War Catalogue of Penn University, by Sol Stern
  (1966 08/00)   Soprano on West 15th Street, by Gene Marine
  (1966 08/00)   Napalm: Made in U.S.A., A Smalltown Diary, by James F. Colaianni
  (1966 08/00)   South Vietnam On The Road To Victory, reviewed by Don Duncan
                          (Ramparts) (

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                          (Gaeton Fonzi) (Greater Philadelphia Magazine)

  (1966 08/01)   Soviet Union Report
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                          (Jim Bishop) (WNEW) (

  (1966 09/00)   New Books on the Kennedy Assassination
                          (Richard Popkin) (New Times) (

  (1966 09/21)   Dallas Democrats Agree Not to Use Kennedy Film as Party Fund-Raiser
                          (Andrew J. Glass) (Washington Post) (

  (1966 09/22)   Who (Else) Killed Kennedy?
                          (Len Deighton) (Evening Standard) (

  (1966 09/25)   Pandora's box is opened
                          (Cyril Connolly) (Sunday Times) (

  (1966 09/25)   Kennedy X-ray storm grows
                          (Observer) (

  (1966 10/00)   The Birth of Black Power, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1966 10/00)   A Devout Meditation in Memory of Adolf Eichmann, by Thomas Merton
  (1966 10/00)   Obituaries on Lenny Bruce, by Ralph Gleason and Paul Krassner
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                          (Ramparts) (

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                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (Liberation) (

  (1966 10/01)   The Failure of the Warren Report
                          (Alexander M. Bickel) (

  (1966 10/09)   Did Oswald Act Alone?
                          Three investigators say Washington better take a new look at the assassination of President Kennedy
                          (Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin) (

  (1966 10/10)   'Overwhelming Evidence Oswald Was the Assassin'
                          U.S. News & World Report interview with Arlen Specter,
                          assistant counsel for the Warren Commission (

  (1966 10/26)   More Light on the Kennedy Assassinations
                          (V. Berezhkov) (New Times) (

  (1966 10/28)   The Road to Peace
                          (Charles de Gaulle) (

  (1966 10/28)   World Outlook: Vol. 4, No. 33
                          A Step Ahead For "World Outlook"
                          The Rising Doubts About The Warren Commission, by Arthur Maglin
                          Welcome Prepared In New Zealand For Lyndon B. Johnson, by H. Holland

  (1966 11/00)   The Disunion of South Africa, by Adam Hochschild
  (1966 11/00)   Charles Engelhard, by Paul Jacobs
  (1966 11/00)   Editorials from the Midlothian Mirror, by Penn Jones, Jr.
  (1966 11/00)   The Legacy of Penn Jones, Jr., by David Welsh
  (1966 11/00)   Inquest, by Edward Jay Epstein
                          Whitewash, by Harold Weisberg
                          Rush To Judgment, by Mark Lane
                          Time Of Assassins, by Ulov G. K. Leboeuf
                          Oswald: Patsy Without Portfolio, by Leopold Zaftig
                          Reviewed by Jacob Brackman and Faye Levine
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1966 11/00)   The Patriotism Of Dissent
                          (J. W. Fulbright, United States Senator, Arkansas) (Redbook) (

  (1966 11/00)   The Warren Commission Report and Its Critics
                          (Jacob Cohen) (Frontier) (

  (1966 11/00)   The Devil's D.A.
                          (David Chandler) (New Orleans Magazine) (

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                          (Edward Jay Epstein) (True) (

  (1966 11/00)   MacBird
                          (Barbara Garson) (

  (1966 11/07)   Prof. Bickel and the Warren Commission
                          (Leo Sauvage) (New Leader) (

  (1966 11/11)   Latitudes
                          The Case Is Not Closed (Ronnie Dugger)
                          (A review of ten books concerning the assassination of President Kennedy)
                          Lake At Twilight / Flowering Locust, Two Haiku by Jane McCoy
                          Mack Thomas In Residence / Updike As Secret Friend / ND # 19, Robert Bonazzi

  (1966 11/13)   4 Critics and 2 Defenders Debate Warren Report on Television
                          (Peter Riess) (New York Times) (

  (1966 11/14)   Dear Mr. Weisberg: ... Archivist of the United States
                          (National Archives and Records Service) (

  (1966 11/18)   LIFE Magazine November 18, 1966
                          Robert Kennedy

  (1966 11/22)   Two persons shot at President? Kennedy assassination probe held necessary
                          (Sylvan Fox) (Palo Alto Times) (

  (1966 11/25)   LIFE Magazine November 25, 1966
                          A Matter of Reasonable Doubt

  (1966 11/27)   FACE THE NATION as broadcast over the CBS Television Network and the CBS Radio Network
                          Sunday, November 27, 1966 -- 12:30-1:00 PM EST
                          Guest: Honorable Hale Boggs (Louisiana) House Democratic Whip
                          (CBS) (

  (1966 11/27)   Satiric Stab at U.S. Leaders
                          (Leroy F. Aarons) (Washington Post) (

  (1966 11/28)   And So It Goes
                          (William Buckley Jr.) (Washington Daily News) (

  (1966 11/29)   Doctor at Kennedy Autopsy Explains Sketch Controversy
                          (AP) (

  (1966 11/31)   FBI Director Backs Warren Report
                          (Frederick Post) (

  (1966 12/00)   Flyboys of the CIA, by David Welsh
  (1966 12/00)   Feasibility of Biological Recovery from Nuclear Attack, by Barry Commoner
  (1966 12/00)   Scenarios of Disaster, by Barry Commoner
  (1966 12/00)   Color Black Gloomy, by Adam Hochschild and Gene Marine
  (1966 12/00)   Making South America Safe, by James Petras
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1966 12/00)   Notes for a new Investigation (Sylvia Meagher) (
                          A Primer of Assassination Theories (

  (1966 12/00)   The Johnson Murder Charge
                          (Harold Feldman) (Minority of One) (

  (1966 12/01)   Mark Lane with William F. Buckley Jr.: Warren Report - Fact or Fiction? (Video)
                          (Firing Line)

  (1966 12/08)   Critic of Warren Commission Disputes Film Timing of Assassination Shots
                          (Peter Kihss) (New York Times) (

  (1966 12/13)   Go It, Man; Go It, Bear
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1966 12/21)   Echo of Dallas
                          (Boris Izakov) (New Times) (

  (1966 12/22)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - Window Dressing (Griscom Morgan)

  (1967 00/00)   The Truth About the Assassination, Foreword by Pierre Salinger
                          (Charles Wesley Roberts) (

  (1967 00/00)   Were We Controlled?: The Assassination of President Kennedy (Excerpt)
                          (Lincoln Lawrence) (

  (1967 00/00)   Oswald in New Orleans: Case for Conspiracy with the CIA (resources related to the book)
                          (Harold Weisberg) (

  (1967 00/00)   'MacBird' Lets Fly
                          (Peter Brook) (London Observer) (

  (1967 01/00)   Mr. Orwell, Meet Mr. Wirtz
  (1967 01/00)   A War Against Children - The Pessimist - The Skin-In - The Trip
  (1967 01/00)   Election Night In Lowndes County, by David Welsh
  (1967 01/00)   Bubble Gum Soldiers
  (1967 01/00)   The Yellow Submarine, by Paul Krassner
  (1967 01/00)   Hair, by Ralph J. Gleason
  (1967 01/00)   Memoirs Of A Southern Gentleman, by Julian Bond
  (1967 01/00)   Testing in Tahiti, by G.M. Feigen
  (1967 01/00)   An Interview With Dick Gregory
  (1967 01/00)   Lyndon B. Johnson: The Exercise of Power, by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak,
                          reviewed by Adam Hochschild
  (1967 01/00)   Echoes of Revolt: The Masses, 1911-1917, by William L. O'Neill, reviewed by Susan Griffin Levy
  (1967 01/00)   The Bishop's Not for Burning, by Lester Kinsolving
  (1967 01/00)   LBJ & the Oil Men: Five Lessons in Black Power, by Robert G. Sherrill
  (1967 01/00)   The Children of Vietnam: Preface, by Dr. Benjamin Spock
  (1967 01/00)   The Children of Vietnam: Photographs and Text, by William F. Pepper
  (1967 01/00)   The Minutemen [The Spirit of '66], by William W. Turner
  (1967 01/00)   The Case For Three Assassins, by David Welsh and David Lifton
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 01/00)   Playboy Interview, Fidel Castro
                          (Lee Lockwood) (

  (1967 01/00)   Just Plain H.L. Hunt
                          (Tom Buckley) (Esquire) (

  (1967 01/05)   Midlothian Mirror - Jack Ruby is dead

  (1967 01/11)   JFK Death Plot Play Defended
                          (Mort Young) (World Journal Tribune) (

  (1967 01/12)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 01/19)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II
                          Leads the Commission asked CIA to investigate (Griscom Morgan)

  (1967 01/20)   Six Seconds In Dallas: A Micro-study of the Kennedy Assassination
                          (Josiah Thompson) (

  (1967 01/22)   The Scavengers
                          (Richard Warren Lewis) (World Journal Tribune) (

  (1967 01/26)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - Falsies of the FBI

  (1967 02/00)   A Political Portrait of Robert Kennedy, by Robert Scheer
  (1967 02/00)   The Letter:, by Jack Ruby
  (1967 02/00)   The Defense Intellectuals, by Sol Stern
  (1967 02/00)   Saigon (A.P.) (U.P.I.) Etc.
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 02/00)   Playboy Interview, Mark Lane
                          (Eric Norden / S. Tyler) (

  (1967 02/00)   Intimidation Reprisal and Violence in the South's Racial Crisis
                          (Southeastern Office, American Friends Service Committee)
                          (Department of Racial and Cultural Relations, National Council
                          of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America)
                          (Southern Regional Council)

  (1967 02/00)   Don't Shut Me Out! Some Basic Steps Towards Becoming a Good Political Organizer
                          (James Forman) (SNCC) (

  (1967 02/00)   Ramparts Magazine
  (1967 02/00)   A Political Portrait of Robert Kennedy (Robert Scheer)
  (1967 02/00)   The Letter (Jack Ruby)

  (1967 02/01)   That Manchester Book
                          (V. Berezhkov) (New Times) (

  (1967 02/02)   Midlothian Mirror- Testimony of the Congressman's Wife - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 02/09)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 02/09)   One-Bullet Ballot
                          (Ledger -Times) (

  (1967 02/13)   TV: The Warren Report: Nizer and 2 Commission Aides Rebut Lane's Theory of a Conspiracy
                          (Jack Gould) (New York Times) (

  (1967 02/14)   An Open Letter to Father Oscar Huber
                          (Mrs. Shirley Martin) (

                          Mysterious Trips Cost Large Sums
                          (Jack Dempsey / Rosemary James / David Snyder) (New Orleans States-Item) (

  (1967 02/18)   'Definite' Orleans JFK Plot, DA Aide Quoted
                          (Rosemary James / David Snyder) (States-Item) (

  (1967 02/19)   The Arrogance Of Power, by J. William Fulbright
                          Senator Fulbright: Portrait of a Public Philosopher, by Tristram Coffin
                          (Ronald Steel) (Book Week) (

  (1967 02/21)   Garrison and JFK Plot Take 2 (Transmittal)
                          (David Snyder) (TIME) (

  (1967 02/23)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 02/23)   Oswald Probe Figure Found Dead in Bed; DA Planned Arrest
                          (George Lardner Jr.) (Philadelphia Inquirer) (

  (1967 02/23)   FBI Cleared New Orleans Pilot After Quiz, Warren Aide Says
                          (Michael J. Berlin) (New York Post) (

  (1967 02/24)   The New Orleans Investigation: Review and Assessment
                          (William E. Clayton Jr.) (UPI) (

  (1967 02/26)   Editor:
                          (World Journal Tribune) (

  (1967 02/27)   Flamboyant Jim Garrison: What's Behind the Furor in New Orleans
                          (Jack Wardlaw) (National Observer) (

  (1967 03/00)   The Social History of the Hippies, by Warren Hinckle
  (1967 03/00)   NSA and the CIA, by Sol Stern
  (1967 03/00)   The Passamaquoddy Indians, by David Welsh
  (1967 03/00)   The Hells Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs,
                          by Hunter S. Thompson, reviewed by Stephen Schneck
  (1967 03/00)   Vietcong: The Organization and Techniques of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam,
                          by Douglas Pike, reviewed by Tom Hayden
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 03/01)   Orleans Coroner Rules Ferrie Died Natural Death Despite Notes Found
                          (George Lardner Jr.) (Washington Post) (

  (1967 03/02)   Midlothian Mirror - Open Letter to Father Oscar Huber - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 03/02)   The New Orleans Whodunit
                          (Art Buchwald) (

  (1967 03/03)   Clark Discounts a Shaw Conspiracy
                          (Robert B. Semple Jr.) (New York Times) (

  (1967 03/03)   The theory of an Oswald conspiracy
                          (LIFE) (

  (1967 03/04)   Le procureur Garrison: J'irai Jusqu'au Bout
                          (Bernard Giquel) (Paris Match) (

  (1967 03/05)   A new and dismaying chapter is being written here
                          (Merriman Smith) (UPI White House reporter) (

  (1967 03/09)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 03/12)   New Orleans Likes Its Rumors Wild
                          (George Lardner) (Washington Post) (

  (1967 03/14)   Kennedy 'Plot' Discrepancies
                          (Washington Star) (

  (1967 03/16)   Midlothian Mirror - Inquisition - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 03/18)   Shaw Charged in Kennedy Slaying
                          Executive Is Linked to Oswald 'Plot'
                          (Philadelphia Inquirer) (

  (1967 03/19)   Behind the Tube: This Is "The FBI"
                          (Julius Duscha) (Washington Post) (

  (1967 03/20)   The Oswald Plot (Max Lerner)
  (1967 03/20)   JFK Book Row: A New Chapter
                          (New York Post) (

  (1967 03/23)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 03/26)   I Charge Robert F. Kennedy With Murder
                          (Willie A. Somersett) (

  (1967 03/27)   Judge Bars Warren Report
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1967 04/00)   The Plot Thickens, by William Turner
  (1967 04/00)   My Father & Stokely Carmichael, by Eldridge Cleaver
  (1967 04/00)   Three Tales of the CIA:
                          1] How I got in, and why I came out of the Cold:, as told to the editors
                          2] How the CIA turns foreign students into traitors:, by the editors
                          3] How the CIA makes liars out of union leaders:, by Paul Jacobs
  (1967 04/00)   Sanctuary, by Donald Duncan
  (1967 04/00)   America the Raped I: Who Needs a Swamp?, by Gene Marine
  (1967 04/00)   The Bitter Heritage: Vietnam and American Democracy, 1941-1966,
                          by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., reviewed by Noam Chomsky
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 04/00)   Three Sidelights Of The Investigation
                          The Garrison Investigation: How and why it began, by James A. Autry
                          The controversial first news break, by Eugene A. Sheehan
                          The Press: its actions and reactions, by William F. Diehl, Jr.
                          Mrs. Garrison talks about home life in the midst of it all, by Liz Bennett
                          (New Orleans Magazine) (

  (1967 04/00)   The Assassins
                          (John Kaplan) (American Scholar) (

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                          (George Lardner Jr.) (Washington Post) (

  (1967 04/06)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 04/07)   LIFE Magazine April 7, 1967
                          North Vietnam Under Siege

  (1967 04/08)   List of Characters in Kennedy Assassination Probe
                          (Rosemary James) (New Orleans States-Item) (

  (1967 04/12)   The Wisdom of MacBird
                          (Murray Kempton) (New York Post) (

  (1967 04/13)   Midlothian Mirror - Stump Water

  (1967 04/20)   Midlothian Mirror - Letter to the Editor (Billman Chester)

  (1967 04/24)   Transcript of Merv Griffin Show (Incomplete) (

  (1967 04/25)   CIA Linked To JFK 'Plot'
                          (New Orleans (AP)) (

  (1967 04/30)   Mysteries Hide Truth About Kennedy Death
                          (Henry J. Taylor) (

  (1967 05/00)   Wartime Washington, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1967 05/00)   "And Blessed be the Fruit...", by Don Duncan
  (1967 05/00)   Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam, by Martin Luther King Jr.
  (1967 05/00)   America the Raped II, by Gene Marine
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  (1967 05/00)   48 Hours and 36 Minutes in the Life of Jack Ruby (Jack Kirby)
  (1967 05/00)   A Second Primer of Assassination Theories
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  (1967 05/00)   The Warren Commission and the Legal Process
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  (1967 05/01)   Andrews Seeks To Lift Quiz Lid
                          (New Orleans States-Item) (

  (1967 05/04)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 05/15)   The JFK 'Conspiracy'
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  (1967 06/00)   Nobody Knows My Name, by Gene Marine
  (1967 06/00)   The Inquest, by William W. Turner
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                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 06/01)   Midlothian Mirror - Democracy By A Thread - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - Deaths

  (1967 06/08)   Midlothian Mirror - Governmental Scavengers - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - And More Deaths

  (1967 06/10)   The Press and the Assassination - Ohio AP News Directors Convention
                          (Harold Weisberg) (

  (1967 06/15)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

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  (1967 06/21)   Reporting the astonishing case of Mr. Jim Garrison
                          (Jeremy Campbell) (Evening Standard) (

  (1967 06/22)   Midlothian Mirror - Where We Stand - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 06/25)   CBS NEWS INQUIRY: "The Warren Report" Part I (Video)
                          as broadcast over the CBS Television Network, Sunday, June 25, 1967 10:00-11:00 PM, EDT
  (1967 06/25)   John J. McCloy and Walter Cronkite (Video)
                          (Leslie Midgley) (

  (1967 06/26)   CBS NEWS INQUIRY: "The Warren Report" Part II (Video)
                          as broadcast over the CBS Television Network, Monday, June 26, 1967 10:00-11:00 PM, EDT
                          (Leslie Midgley) (

  (1967 06/27)   Garrison Aide Quits, Discounts Shaw Case
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1967 06/27)   CBS NEWS INQUIRY: "The Warren Report" Part III (Video)
                          as broadcast over the CBS Television Network, Tuesday, June 27, 1967 10:00-11:00 PM, EDT
                          (Leslie Midgley) (

  (1967 06/28)   CBS NEWS INQUIRY: "The Warren Report" Part IV (Video)
                          as broadcast over the CBS Television Network, Wednesday, June 28, 1967 10:00-11:00 PM, EDT
                          (Leslie Midgley) (

  (1967 06/29)   Midlothian Mirror - Show The Film - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - And More Deaths

  (1967 06/30)   Probe Mystery Deepens as Charges Fly
                          (Howard Jacobs) (Times-Picayune) (

  (1967 07/00)   America's Night of the Generals, by Marcus Raskin
  (1967 07/00)   Invasion Plans, by David Welsh
  (1967 07/00)   The Future of Israel, by I.F. Stone
  (1967 07/00)   Notes toward a Definition of the Uniform Code of Military Justice,.
                          as Particularly Applied to the Person of Captain Howard Levy, by Donald Duncan and J.A.C. Dunn
  (1967 07/00)   The Hippocratic Revolt: The Army Physician and Vietnam, by Peter G. Bourne, M.D.
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 07/00)   Latitudes: Summer, 1967 volume one, number two
                          Stranger in Town (Robert Bonazzi)
                          Editorial by Penn Jones from The Mirror: Socialism In Dallas

  (1967 07/00)   The Trial of "State Cases" - A Post-Script on the Jack Ruby Trial
                          (Elmer Gertz / Wayne B. Giampietro) (DePaul Law Review) (

  (1967 07/00)   LRL Scientist's Persuasive Theory: New Clues In JFK Assassination Photos
                          (The Magnet) (Lawrence Radiation Laboratory) (

  (1967 07/02)   Probe Mystery Deepens as Charges Fly
                          (Howard Jacobs) (Times-Picayune) (

  (1967 07/06)   Midlothian Mirror - Forgive My Grief Vol. II - (Continued)

  (1967 07/15)   Jim Garrison response to NBC News White Paper of July 15, 1967 (Video)

  (1967 08/00)   Forgive My Grief II (Penn Jones Jr.) (

  (1967 08/02)   How to Solve a Crime
                          (Art Buchwald) (Washington Post) (

  (1967 08/24)   Midlothian Mirror - Letter to the Editor (Wally & Liz)

  (1967 08/28)   Dear Mr. Collier: ... Sincerely, Harold Weisberg (

  (1967 09/00)   The Press vs. Garrison, by William W. Turner
  (1967 09/00)   America's Black Guerrillas, by Sol Stern
  (1967 09/00)   Sirhan's Motives, by Mahmoud Abdel-Hadi
  (1967 09/00)   Epstein's Garrison, by William Turner
  (1967 09/00)   [The CIA] Festivals and Finks, by John Spitzer
  (1967 09/00)   [Welcome to Chicago] Meet the Men Who Own It, by Clark Kissinger and Paul Booth
  (1967 09/00)   Biafra: Let Them Eat Oil, by Robert Fitch and Mary Oppenheimer
  (1967 09/00)   The Case for Bugging, by Hal Lipset, Private Eye
  (1967 09/00)   A Paranoid's Guide to Bugging
  (1967 09/00)   What Makes Al Lowenstein Run?, by Paul Cowan
  (1967 09/00)   The HHH/Sgt. Shriver Axis, by Jack Newfield
  (1967 09/00)   Inside The FBI, by Norman Ollestad, reviewed by William W. Turner
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 09/00)   Coup d'Etat: November 22, 1963
                          (Medford Evans) (American Opinion) (

  (1967 09/04)   George Romney "Brainwash" interview on WKBD-TV (Video)
                          (Governor George Romney) (Pete Harwick) (

  (1967 09/17)   The Curious Conduct of a High-Velocity Projectile
                          (Sir Sydney Smith) (Washington Post) (

  (1967 09/22)   Dallas Policemen Deeply Involved in Plot, Says DA
                          (Times-Picayune) (

  (1967 10/00)   The Military: The Deserters, by Thomas R. Bransten
  (1967 10/00)   Mercenary Job Wanted, by Ted B. Braden
  (1967 10/00)   The Spectre of Che Guevara, by John Gerassi
  (1967 10/00)   "John Lennon, please don't die while there is still hope!", by Stephen Schneck
  (1967 10/00)   Pacification in Vietnam, by David Welsh
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 10/00)   Playboy Interview: Jim Garrison (Eric Norden) (

  (1967 10/00)   A Conversation with Mark Lane and Emile De Antonio, Producers of Rush To Judgment
                          (Film Comment)

  (1967 10/00)   The Press and the Bay Of Pigs
                          (Victor Bernstein / Jesse Gordon) (Columbia University Forum) (

  (1967 10/05)   Midlothian Mirror - Big Daddy Hunt is showing his hand!

  (1967 10/19)   Midlothian Mirror - Egg On His Face Last Time; A Threat This Time

  (1967 11/00)   Accessories After the Fact: The Warren Commission, The Authorities & The Report
                          (Sylvia Meagher) (

  (1967 11/00)   The NLF's Program, by Sol Stern
  (1967 11/00)   [The Nasser Thesis: Part I] The Story of Two Wars, by Robert Scheer
  (1967 11/00)   Symposium [Chicago's "Black Caucus"]
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 11/00)   Did this man happen upon John Kennedy's assassins?
                          (Jon Ruddy) (Maclean's Reports) (

  (1967 11/00)   Newsletter Number Two
                          (Kennedy Assassination Inquiry Committee) (

  (1967 11/10)   Garrison Says LBJ Protects Assassin
                          (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1967 11/15)   Consigned to history with the dubious epitaph of a fake inquest
                          (Harold Weisberg) (UPI) (

  (1967 11/16)   The Dead-Key Scrolls
                          (William Safire) (New York Times) (

  (1967 11/24)   LIFE Magazine November 24, 1967
                          Why Kennedy Went To Texas

  (1967 12/00)   Diplomacy: Saigon In Retrospect, by Hunton Downs
  (1967 12/00)   The Legacy of Che Guevara, by I.F. Stone
  (1967 12/00)   The Military: Ordering Infernal Machines, by Donald Duncan
  (1967 12/00)   "The Redress of Their Grievances", by the Editors
  (1967 12/00)   "Channeling" was one of ten documents in an "Orientation Kit" put out by the Selective Service
                          "The War Is Over", by Jonathan Mirsky
  (1967 12/00)   The Case for Black Separatism, by Robert S. Browne
  (1967 12/00)   Building Lyndon Johnson, by David Welsh
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1967 12/01)   'If Those Damned Civilians Would Leave Us Alone We Could Wind Up the Whole Thing'
                          (Herblock) (

  (1967 12/09)   Interview with Jim Garrison (Transcript)
                          (Face to Face With Murphy Martin) (WFAA-TV) (

  (1967 12/16)   "...the pity of it..."
                          (Stewart Alsop) (

  (1967 12/19)   Wiretaps and the Constitution
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1967 12/19)   Hand written transcript and notes on Loran Hall tape recording

  (1967 12/29)   The mind of Jim Garrison-a central character in the Kennedy story: PSYCHO
                          (Jeremy Campbell) (Evening Standard) (

  (1968 00/00)   Farewell America
                          (James Hepburn) (

  (1968 00/00)   Moment of Madness: The People vs. Jack Ruby (Excerpt)
                          (Elmer Gertz) (

  (1968 00/00)   Sam Johnson's Boy, A Close-Up of the President from Texas (Excerpt)
                          (Alfred Steinberg) (

  (1968 00/00)   The Great Assassin Puzzle (Ed Butler)
  (1968 00/00)   The Great Assassin Puzzle Part 2 (Ed Butler)
                          (Westwood Village Square) (

  (1968 00/00)   How To Protect Citizen Rights In Television And Radio
                          (Office of Communication - United Church of Christ) (

  (1968 01/00)   Memoirs of the Revolutionary War, by Che Guevara
  (1968 01/00)   [The Nasser Thesis: Part II] Oil & The Arabs, by Robert Scheer
  (1968 01/00)   The Garrison Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, William W. Turner
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 01/03)   Says Garrison Oversteps, Congress Should Act
                          (Ralph De Toledano) (

  (1968 01/04)   'It say, D. A. Garrison name you, Nanook, in JFK conspiracy'
                          (Thomas Darcy) (Philadelphia Bulletin) (

  (1968 01/04)   Midlothian Mirror - Oh, He Is a Sharp Old Geezer

  (1968 01/11)   Midlothian Mirror - An Investigation Is Called For

  (1968 01/11)   Dear Harold, ... Sincerely, Trent Gough
                          (Kennedy Assassination Inquiry Committee) (

  (1968 01/12)   The Texas Observer
                          The World of Oil Shale, by J. R. Freeman
                          A Time for Some Decisions
                          Questions at Trinity University, by Mary Beth Rogers
                          A Reader's Forum : Texas Liberalism
                          Observations: Happy New Year
                          The Assassination, by Ronnie Dugger
                          In My Opinion: La Raza Unida

  (1968 01/25)   Midlothian Mirror - Coming Up In The World, Or Just Another Coincidence

  (1968 01/28)   Suppressed JFK Murder Evidence
                          (William Condie / William Dick / Iain Calder / Pearl Trachtenberg / Paul Feis) (National Enquirer)

  (1968 01/29)   The Shots... Where From & How Many?
                          (Kennedy Assassination Inquiry Committee) (

  (1968 02/00)   A History of the Rise of the Unusual Movement for Women Power in the United States 1961-1968,
                          by Warren Hinckle and Marianne Hinckle
  (1968 02/00)   The Man Who Came in From the Cold (War), by Marcus G. Raskin
  (1968 02/00)   On Genocide, by Jean-Paul Sartre
  (1968 02/00)   The March on the Pentagon, by Allen Woode
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 02/01)   Midlothian Mirror - The Texas Observer Hates Criticism

  (1968 02/03)   The Canadian in the 'Kennedy case'
                          (Earl McRae) (Toronto Daily Star) (

  (1968 02/08)   Midlothian Mirror - Nearing The End?

  (1968 02/08)   "It became necessary to destroy the town to save it"
                          (Peter Arnett) (New York Times) (

  (1968 02/18)   Meet The Press, Ramsey Clark - Attorney General of the United States
                          (Lawrence E. Spivak) (NBC) (

  (1968 02/20)   General Press Release: Oswald in New Orleans
                          (Kennedy Assassination Inquiry Committee) (

  (1968 02/22)   Midlothian Mirror
                          Dallas Papers and Truth
                          On Insults And Cookie Eating

  (1968 03/00)   The Execution of Che By the CIA, by Michèle Ray
  (1968 03/00)   Mao's China, by K.S. Karol
  (1968 03/00)   The McCarthy Campaign, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1968 03/00)   The Regrouping of Doves in Moscow, Hanoi, Saigon & Washington
                          Also: Why They Will Never Get Off the Ground, by Peter Dale Scott
  (1968 03/00)   Far From Vietnam, reviewed by R. G. Davis
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 03/00)   Playboy Interview, Truman Capote
                          (Eric Norden) (

  (1968 03/04)   Oswald in New Orleans: Startling New Evidence Will Be Revealed
                          (Kennedy Assassination Inquiry Committee) (

  (1968 03/04)   "President Kennedy's autopsy was bungled!"
                          (Marshall Houts) (Medical Economics) (

  (1968 03/07)   Midlothian Mirror - The Take No Part Coincidence
  (1968 03/07)   Stump Water (

  (1968 03/08)   Dulles Ordered to Testify in DA Probe
                          (New Orleans States-Item) (

  (1968 03/09)   Ex-CIA Leader, Novel Called
                          Garrison Asks Dulles to Testify March 7, 8
                          (Times-Picayune) (

  (1968 03/09)   Subpoena Is Issued For Dulles
                          (New Orleans UPI) (

  (1968 03/11)   Exhibit "C": The Arrests (

  (1968 03/14)   Midlothian Mirror - The Importance of Roger Craig

  (1968 03/14)   Memo re: CE 3067
                          (Gary Richard Schoener) (

  (1968 03/15)   Zapruder Film Subpenaed
                          (States-Item) (

  (1968 03/16)   DA Subpena Seeks Film of JFK Slaying
                          (States-Item) (

  (1968 03/21)   Midlothian Mirror - NBC's Letter Answering Complaints

  (1968 03/28)   Midlothian Mirror - Meaning of the Struggle - Apres Moi, Le Deluge

  (1968 03/29)   Press Release: With regard to the pending theft charge against Mr. Gurvich
                          (Jim Garrison) (

  (1968 04/01)   Citizens' Committee of Inquiry Newsletter (

  (1968 04/04)   Conspiracy Theories Behind Martin Luther King's Assassination (

  (1968 04/04)   Midlothian Mirror - A Wider Credibility Gap - Strange Death No. 38

  (1968 04/05)   Garrison and the case of the cancelled banquet
                          (Mark Lane) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1968 04/06)   Secret Evidence On The Kennedy Assassination
                          (David Wise) (Saturday Evening Post) (

  (1968 04/07)   Meet The Press, Ramsey Clark - Attorney General of the United States
                          (Lawrence E. Spivak) (NBC) (

  (1968 04/11)   Midlothian Mirror - A Sick Remark - Mickey Mouse Says No Conspiracy - Honest John

  (1968 04/12)   LIFE Magazine April 12, 1968
                          Martin Luther King - 1929 - 1968

  (1968 04/12)   Somehow This Madness Must Cease ....
                          "I Have A Dream"
                          (Great Speckled Bird) (

  (1968 04/15)   Exorcism, by Thorne Dreyer
                          Memphis, by Becky Reavis
                          (The Rag) (

  (1968 04/18)   Midlothian Mirror - After More Than Four Years--- A Summation

  (1968 04/19)   LIFE Magazine April 19, 1968
                          America's Farewell in Anger and Grief

  (1968 04/20)   Bathroom and posed sniper in the Legacy Building boarding house
                          from which James Earl Ray allegedly shot Dr. King
                          (Paris Match) (

  (1968 04/25)   Midlothian Mirror - The Story of Two Subpoenas (Mark Lane)

  (1968 04/26)   LIFE Magazine April 26, 1968
                          The French Spy Scandal

  (1968 05/00)   LBJ & the Racketeers, by Michael Dorman
  (1968 05/00)   "Good Morning, My Name is Jules Feiffer", by Jules Feiffer
  (1968 05/00)   The Sieve of Gold, by Michael Hudson
  (1968 05/00)   "We lost a battle", by Edgardo Damommio
  (1968 05/00)   The 'Peace' Candidates, by Robert Scheer
  (1968 05/00)   Mark Twain on U.S. Imperialism, Racism and Other Enduring Characteristics of the Republic,
                          by Maxwell Geismar
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 05/02)   Midlothian Mirror - The word from reliable sources

  (1968 05/03)   LIFE Magazine May 3, 1968
                          The Accused Killer - RAY alias GALT

  (1968 05/09)   Midlothian Mirror - Happy Hunt

  (1968 05/11)   Hall Cleared by DA's Office
                          (Times-Picayune) (

  (1968 05/16)   Midlothian Mirror - Free Vacations!

  (1968 05/22)   U.S. Refuses Subpena for Ex-CIA Chief
                          (New Orleans States-Item) (

  (1968 05/23)   Midlothian Mirror - Politics and Oil

  (1968 05/24)   Photos Cited by Research Group in Kennedy Death
                          (Peter Kihss) (New York Times) (

  (1968 05/24)   Hall deposes to Garrison in New Orleans, is exonerated
                          (Paul Eberle) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1968 05/30)   Midlothian Mirror - The Warren Report-- Myth Generation
                          (Thomas Katen, Vincent Salandria, Gary Schoener)

  (1968 06/00)   Talk, Talk; Fight, Fight, by Tom Hayden
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 06/04)   Dear General Gavin: ... Sincerely, Harold Weisberg (

  (1968 06/05)   RFK Assassination As It Happened (Video) (04/19/2011)
                          (Evidence of Revision) (The Alternative News & Info Report) (
  (1968 06/05)   Ambassador Hotel pantry grid (Rose Lynn Mangan)
  (1968 06/05)   Employee's Report: DeWayne A. Wolfer (Los Angeles Police Department)

  (0000 00/00)   The Daily Mirror: Los Angeles History - June 6, 1968 (06/06/2008)
                          (Los Angeles Times) (

  (1968 06/06)   "Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives" (Video)
                          (John Lennon) (

  (1968 06/06)   Midlothian Mirror - The Search for the Crucial Tape (Thomas Katen, Vincent Salandria, Gary Schoener)

  (1968 06/07)   Trial of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan (

  (1968 06/08)   Fear Grips Haiti in Power Struggle
                          (Jim Hogland) (Washington Post) (

  (1968 06/09)   LIFE Magazine 1968
                          The Kennedys

  (1968 06/09)   Confronting The Madness of Our Military
                          Speech by Vincent J. Salandria in Central Park, New York City
                          Original copy of typewritten speech draft
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (

  (1968 06/11)   Midlothian Mirror - Letters to the Editor (Don Blaine) (John F. Engelke)

  (1968 06/13)   Dear Sir: ... Carol Jackson
                          (Village Voice) (

  (1968 06/15)   The Siege of Columbia
                          "Two, Three, Many Columbias", by Tom Hayden
                          Excerpts from a political biography recently in search of a publisher, by Robert Sherrill
                          Confessions of a Right" Wing Liberal, by Murray N. Rothbard
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 06/17)   Newsweek Magazine June 17, 1968
                          Once Again ... Once Again
                          Bobby's Last Longest Day
                          `There just hasn't been a nicer boy'
                          A Flame Burned Fiercely
                          `Laughter is better than tears'
                          Understanding Violence
                          Guns: Like Buying Cigarettes
                          Political Question Marks

  (1968 06/20)   Sandra Serrano / Hank Hernandez interview (Video)
                          (The Alternative News & Info Report) (

  (1968 06/20)   Midlothian Mirror - Number 43 and 44
                          Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (Thomas Katen, Vincent Salandria, Gary Schoener)

  (1968 06/21)   "There Are Guns Between Me And The White House"
                         - Robert Kennedy to Jim Garrison (Mark Lane)
                          Garrison Scores Feds
                          (Great Speckled Bird) (

  (1968 06/24)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.1 (

  (1968 06/27)   Midlothian Mirror - Where Are The People Who Believe In States Rights?
                          Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 07/00)   A Tentative Checklist of Publications on the Murder of President John F. Kennedy
                          (Thomas M. McDade) (American Book Collector) (

  (1968 07/00)   A Necessary Introduction, by Fidel Castro
  (1968 07/00)   The Diary of Che Guevara
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 07/03)   Flight Path of CE 399 - (24 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1968 07/04)   Midlothian Mirror - When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns - The Extradition Battle

  (1968 07/09)   LAPD Report: Albert L. Hertz
                          (LAPD) (

  (1968 07/11)   Warren Panel Critic Scores Garrison
                          (Peter Kihss) (New York Times)

  (1968 07/12)   "If McCarthy is nominated ...I think they will kill him in September or October"
                          (Paul Eberle) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1968 07/13)   A Reporter At Large: Garrison ( White)
  (1968 07/13)   A Reporter At Large: Garrison ( Weisberg)
                          (Edward Jay Epstein) (The New Yorker)

  (1968 07/16)   Dealey Plaza Charts - (5 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1968 07/18)   Midlothian Mirror - The Empty Pew (W. Jene Miller)
  (1968 07/18)   Midlothian Mirror - Stump Water

  (1968 07/21)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.3 (

  (1968 07/25)   Interview Between Bob Grant and Edward J. Epstein
                          Regarding New Yorker Story on District Attorney Jim Garrison of New Orleans
                          (KLAC Radio) (

  (1968 07/25)   Midlothian Mirror - Jim And His Judases - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 07/26)   The New Yorker vs. Garrison
                          (Paul Eberle) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1968 08/00)   Return to Vietnam, by Donald Duncan
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 08/00)   Pardon Me, but..., Number Forty Four
                          Dallas Conspiracy
                          (Nord Davis, Jr.) (

  (1968 08/01)   Midlothian Mirror - Epstein Assassin (Harold Weisberg)

  (1968 08/08)   Midlothian Mirror - H. L. Hunt Is A Liar - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 08/15)   Midlothian Mirror - A Threat From Harry Weatherford
  (1968 08/15)   Midlothian Mirror - Hot Off The Wire (Brad Williams)

  (1968 08/17)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.4 (

  (1968 08/22)   Midlothian Mirror - Ferrie Confessed His Involvement In John Kennedy Assassination Plot
                          Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 08/24)   Open Arms, Closed Minds, by Donald Duncan
  (1968 08/24)   The AMA Lies About Pot, by Joel Fort, M.D.
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 08/27)   The Whole World Was Watching
                          (Marsha Aaronson / Erin Barry) (

  (1968 08/29)   Midlothian Mirror - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 08/31)   Radio Commentary: 1. Money Down The Drain 2. Starving Biafra
                          (Melvin Munn) (Life Line) (

  (1968 09/00)   Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK
                          (James Hepburn / William Turner) (

  (1968 09/01)   On Every Side There Was Rage (Nicholas Von Hoffman)
  (1968 09/01)   Some Like It Hot, A Reviewer Finds At Chicago Smash (David Merrick)
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1968 09/01)   Garrison Probe Witness Reveals He Was... Offered $50,000 To Kill JFK
                          (Loran Hall) (National Enquirer) (

  (1968 09/05)   Midlothian Mirror - Epstein (Mrs. Marjorie Field)
  (1968 09/05)   Midlothian Mirror - Letter to the Editor (Don Blaine)

  (1968 09/06)   The Press: A Week of Grievances
                          (TIME) (

  (1968 09/11)   Radio Commentary: 1. One Man 2. Feminine Defense
                          (Melvin Munn) (Life Line) (

  (1968 09/12)   Midlothian Mirror - Epstein (Mrs. Marjorie Field) (continued)
  (1968 09/12)   Midlothian Mirror - Letter to the Editor (Hazel Baker)

  (1968 09/16)   Radio Commentary: 1. The Mark Of A Leader 2. A Frightened Nation
                          (Melvin Munn) (Life Line) (

  (1968 09/19)   Midlothian Mirror - Epstein (Mrs. Marjorie Field) (continued)

  (1968 09/26)   Midlothian Mirror - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 09/27)   Hubert Humphrey Talks his self portrait
                          (Richard Meryman) (LIFE) (

  (1968 09/28)   Czechoslovakia: Part One: From Protest to Resistance: Prague Under Red Guns, by Andrew Kopkind,
  (1968 09/28)   Czechoslovakia: Part Two: Testament of a Prague Radical, by Jan Kavan
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 10/00)   Conspiracy Interpretations of the Assassination of President Kennedy: International and Domestic
                          (Alfred Goldberg) (University of California / RAND Corporation) (

  (1968 10/01)   Lord Harlech talks about the Kennedys
                          (Henry Ehrlich) (LOOK) (

  (1968 10/02)   Yippie walkout Livens HUAC Hearing
                          (John P. MacKenzie) (Washington Post) (

  (1968 10/03)   Midlothian Mirror - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 10/04)   Costume Day on Capitol Hill
                          (Phil Casey / John P. MacKenzie) (Washington Post) (

  (1968 10/05)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.5 (

  (1968 10/10)   Midlothian Mirror - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 10/24)   Midlothian Mirror - The 1968 Election - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued)

  (1968 10/25)   We Fail Without... Unity, Freedom and Supremacy of Law, by J. Edgar Hoover
                          Life Line National Radio Schedule
                          False Images in 1968, by H.L. Hunt
                          (Life Line Radio Log) (

  (1968 10/26)   Czechoslovakia: The Economic Factors Behind The Russian Invasion, by Robert Fitch
  (1968 10/26)   Viet-Nam: The Decline and Fall of U.S. Morale, by Donald Duncan
  (1968 10/26)   [The Platform of the Trojan Donkey] A Welfare State for the Rich, by John Spitzer and Harvey Cohen
  (1968 10/26)   Wallace, by Pete Hamill
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 10/27)   He felt his world was going to hell -and it was
                          The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell - Book Review
                          (Alfred Kazin) (Washington Post Book World) (

  (1968 10/28)   But Can You Do That?: 'Fair Use' Protects Zapruder Film Copies
                          (Harriet F. Pilpel / Kenneth P. Norwich) (Publishers Weekly) (

  (1968 10/31)   Midlothian Mirror - Hunt And His Seeress

  (1968 11/01)   Radio Commentary: 1. The Mythical Split 2. Diary Of A Fox
                          (Melvin Munn) (Life Line) (

  (1968 11/02)   Radio Commentary: 1. Totalitarian Parties 2. Three Flags Over Anarchy
                          (Melvin Munn) (Life Line) (

  (1968 11/14)   Midlothian Mirror - Watchman Waketh, But In Vain (continued) - Stump Water

  (1968 11/15)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.6 (

  (1968 11/15)   Odd Man In: The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell - Book Review
                          (Time) (

  (1968 11/17)   Nixon, by Pete Hamill
  (1968 11/17)   Humphrey Dumphrey, by Lee Webb
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 11/21)   Midlothian Mirror - Reagan Rules To Free Bradley (Stephen Jaffe)
                          Will pay Billy Lovelady $50 (Don Blain)

  (1968 11/28)   Midlothian Mirror - Letters to the Editor (Jeane L. Dixon)

  (1968 11/30)   Westmoreland: The Inevitable General, by Ernest B. Furgurson, reviewed by Donald Duncan
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 12/00)   Millionaires and Managers
                          (Stanislav Mikhailovich Men'shikov) (

  (1968 12/00)   So here you are, Clay Shaw, twenty months and thousands of dollars after being charged
                          with conspiracy in the worst crime of the century. What are you doing about it?
                          (James Kirkwood) (Esquire) (

  (1968 12/05)   Midlothian Mirror - Conclusion of Jaffe Article on K E. Bradley (Stephen Jaffe)
                          Two-Way Radio Rednecks (Paul Eberle) - After 5 Months Craig Resigns as Midlothian Judge

  (1968 12/09)   Press Release: District Attorney - Parish of Orleans
                          (Jim Garrison) (

  (1968 12/12)   Interview of Augustin Guitart
                          (Harold Weisberg) (

  (1968 12/14)   Westmoreland: The Inevitable General, by Ernest B. Furgurson, by Lee Webb,
                          reviewed by Donald Duncan
  (1968 12/14)   Infiltrating Nixon, by Emma Rothschild
  (1968 12/14)   Litton Industries; Proving Poverty Pays, by David Horowitz and Reese Erlich
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1968 12/14)   Hell's Angels Seek British Recruits
                          (London (AP)) (Washington Post) (

  (1968 12/15)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.7 (

  (1968 12/19)   Midlothian Mirror - Merry Christmas

  (1968 12/28)   Yorty Pinko Dealings Bared
                          (Fred Hoffman) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1969 00/00)   The Kennedy conspiracy: an uncommissioned report on the Jim Garrison investigation (Excerpts)
                          (Paris Flammonde) (Merideth Press)

  (1969 00/00)   Dr. Spock and the Case of the Vanishing Women Jurors
                          (Hans Zeisel) (

  (1969 01/00)   The Last Days Of J. Edgar Hoover
                          (Drew Pearson / Jack Anderson) (TRUE) (

  (1969 01/10)   LIFE Magazine January 10, 1969
                          The Incredible Year '68

  (1969 01/02)   Midlothian Mirror - Jim Garrison, Bill Boxley, Some Critics and the Perrin Rich Case

  (1969 01/16)   Midlothian Mirror - Letter to the Editor (Don Blaine)

  (1969 01/20)   Dear Fred: ... Regards, (Dick)
                          What a farce. The Sirhan trial. (

  (1969 01/23)   Midlothian Mirror - Another Threat for Roger Craig - The Strange Death of Mr. Perrin or Somebody

  (1969 01/25)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.8 (

  (1969 01/30)   Midlothian Mirror - The Strange Death of Mr. Perrin or Somebody

  (1969 01/30)   Ex-Chief of CIA Allen W. Dulles Is Dead at 75
                          (Washington (AP)) (

  (1969 02/00)   What You Can Do To Improve TV
                          (Nicholas Johnson) (Harper's Magazine) (

  (1969 02/01)   WIN Magazine: Complete Guide to the Clay Shaw Trial
                          (Publishers Special Editions) (

  (1969 02/07)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.1,no.8 (

  (1969 02/14)   Midlothian Mirror - The Empty Pew (W. Jene Miller)

  (1969 02/14)   Back Again My Popular Demand
                          At the WAREHOUSE, 500 Canal. St. - a picket by the NAACP Youth Council
                          Prophesies Of Doom!
                          May 1, 1968 civil suit in U S District Court
                          The Conspiracy
                          LA. 1964 Political Campaign Contributions
                          McClellan - The Grim Inquisitor, by R. Analavage
                          An Enemy of the People, by Ibsen
                          Who Owns Whom In New Orleans, by the Chamber of Commerce
                          Basic Adult Education
                          Schwertz Profits
                          Dear Dr. Schwertz ... Regards, Robert Head
                          (NOLA EXPRESS Vol. 1, No. 23) (

  (1969 02/14)   Dear Gary, ... Sincerely, Fred
                          Marlynn called me to say the Zapruder film would be on KTLA Channel 5 at 5 p.m. today
                          Following is a transcript (

  (1969 02/20)   Midlothian Mirror - The Zapruder Film

  (1969 02/23)   Counterplot, by Edward Jay Epstein, reviewed by Edwin M. Yoder Jr.
                          (Book World) (

  (1969 02/28)   The Air is not yours- It belongs to The Rich and The Super-Rich
                          LA. State Police Radio System
                          For the Record: New Orleans X-Undercover Police
                          Social Register of New Orleans, by G. William Domhoff
                          The Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities: State of Louisiana
                          Crime in the Suites, by Jack Minnis
                          New Orleans Media Executives - City Administrators
                          (NOLA EXPRESS Vol. 1, No. 24) (

  (1969 03/00)   Who Killed Martin Luther King? Lecture - April 3rd
                          (Kennedy Assassination Inquiry Committee) (

  (1969 03/06)   Midlothian Mirror - A Report

  (1969 03/13)   Haiti Invasion Camp Raided In Everglades
                          (William Montalbano / Tom Smith) (Miami Herald) (

  (1969 03/27)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.2,no.2 (

  (1969 04/00)   How the U.S. got CHE
                          (Andrew St. George) (TRUE) (

  (1969 04/00)   `AMERICA BURNS' (Robert Curtat)
                          Translated from Tribune De Lausanne, Lausanne
                          the silliest revolution (M. P. Narayana Pillat)
                          (atlas) (

  (1969 04/01)   Judge W. Preston Battle Found Fatally Stricken, Victim of Heart Attack (

  (1969 04/03)   Midlothian Mirror - Number 58

  (1969 04/17)   Midlothian Mirror - Number 59

  (1969 04/17)   Neo-Nazis Threaten U.S.
                          (Drew Pearson) (States-Item) (

  (1969 04/18)   in defense of fairness
                          (Office of Communication - United Church of Christ) (

  (1969 04/24)   Midlothian Mirror - Another Important Loophole Missed in New Orleans - Number 60

  (1969 05/00)   Pacification in Viet-Nam: The Destruction of An Thinh, by Roger Williams
  (1969 05/00)   Billion Dollar Brains: How Wealth Puts Knowledge in its Pocket, by Roger Williams
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 05/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: The Missing Ambassador, by James C. Thomson, Jr.
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1969 05/08)   Midlothian Mirror - The Threat From the Military - The Empty Pew (W. Jene Miller)

  (1969 05/09)   The Justice ... and the Stock Manipulator, by William Lambert
                          (LIFE) (

  (1969 05/11)   Memorandum: Harold Weisberg, Vince Salandria, & other critics
                          Film Greetings, directed by Brian Di Palma
                          (Gary Schoener) (

  (1969 05/23)   Judgment On A Justice
                          (TIME) (

  (1969 05/23)   Truth Committee Releases (RFK) Conspiracy Evidence
                          (Floyd B. Nelson) (Los Angeles Free Press)

  (1969 06/00)   On Uncovering the Great Nerve Gas Coverup, by Seymour Hersh
  (1969 06/00)   The CIA as an Equal Opportunity Employer, by The Editors
  (1969 06/00)   An Analysis: Behind the Sino/Soviet Dispute, by David Horowitz
  (1969 06/00)   A Doily for Your Mind: The Passion of Tommy Smothers, by Peter Collier
  (1969 06/00)   The Strange Case of James Earl Ray:
                          The Man Who Murdered Martin Luther King
, by Clay Blair Jr., reviewed by Bill Turner
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 06/05)   Midlothian Mirror - Strange Death No. 61 - Letter to the Editor (Don Blaine)

  (1969 06/12)   Midlothian Mirror - One Car Accident On Tuesday

  (1969 06/19)   Midlothian Mirror - Editor Penn Jones Jr. Reads Speech at C. of C. Meeting

  (1969 06/27)   LIFE Magazine June 27, 1969
                          The Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam - One Week's Toll

  (1969 07/00)   "Officer O'Brien: 'I want to kill a nigger so goddamned bad I can taste it!"
                          He killed George Baskett, by Art Goldberg
  (1969 07/00)   Ireland's 'Niggers', by Peter Buckman
  (1969 07/00)   Our Town: The War Comes to Beallsville, by Jeffrey Blankfort
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 07/00)   Kenya and Tanzania: Developmental Contrast, by Peter Edelman
  (1969 07/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: The Cost of Cowardice: Silence In The Foreign Service, by William A. Bell
  (1969 07/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: The Cost of Courage: The Pentagon's Loneliest Man
  (1969 07/00)   Memo of the Month: Under Secretary Of Labor Washington To Supervisory Personnel
  (1969 07/00)   The Committee Revisited, by Walter Goodman
  (1969 07/00)   The War Business: The International Trade in Armaments, by George Thayer,
                          reviewed by Peggy Anderson
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1969 07/02)   Appeals Court Overturns Dismissal of U.S. Employe as Homosexual
                          (Thomas W. Lippman) (Washington Post) (

  (1969 07/08)   Midlothian Mirror - Chief Justice Warren Burger - The Death of Bert Peck

  (1969 07/11)   The Making of the President 1968, by Theodore H. White
                          (LIFE) (

  (1969 07/20)   'Miniwar' Laid to Marine Deserter
                          (Miami (AP)) (Washington Post) (

  (1969 07/28)   The Making of the President 1968, by Theodore H. White (Excerpt) (

  (1970 07/31)   To the Editor: ... J. Edgar Hoover
                          The purpose of this letter is to express my extreme displeasure with the
                          malicious distortions contained in the article entitled "FBI: Top Secrets at Top Cost"
                          by Aaron Latham, which appeared in the July 25 issue of your newspaper
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1969 08/00)   The NLF Asks the American Left: "Where are you now that we really need you?", by Franz Schurmann
  (1969 08/00)   Who the Hell Is Melvin Laird, Anyway?, by Karl Hess
  (1969 08/00)   King Nixon's Cabinet, by Robert Grossman
  (1969 08/00)   The Dialectics of Confrontation: Who ripped off the Park, by Robert Scheer
  (1969 08/00)   Rampage: A Detailed Investigation into Shotgun Tactics, by The Editors
  (1969 08/00)   Rocky Takes a Trip, by David Horowitz
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 08/01)   Special Unit Senator: The Investigation of the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (Excerpt)
                          (Robert A. Houghton / Theodore Taylor) (

  (1969 08/21)   Beret Captain Serving Term In '67 Murder
                          (Richard Homan) (Washington Post) (

  (1969 08/26)   How One Man ruined Another and Subverted Our Legal System: The Persecution of Clay Shaw
                          (Warren Rogers) (LOOK) (

  (1969 08/27)   Assassination Inquiry Committee Newsletter vol.2,no.3 (

  (1969 08/29)   Tom Dunkin's Deposition re: Project Nassau
                          (Special Subcommittee on Investigations, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce)

  (1969 09/00)   One, Two, Three... Many SDS's:
                           More Mao Than Thou, by Paul Glusman
  (1969 09/00)    Hand-Me-Down Marxism and the New Left, by Paul Glusman
  (1969 09/00)    Students and Workers, by Paul Booth
  (1969 09/00)    New Left: Old Traps, by Todd Gitlin
  (1969 09/00)    Requieim: The Medium is the Epitaph, by Dugald Sterme
  (1969 09/00)   Eco-Catastrophe!, by Dr. Paul Ehrlich
  (1969 09/00)   Mister Rockefeller Builds his Dream House, by W. David Gardner
  (1969 09/00)   20,000 Guns Under the Sea, by Seymour Hersh
  (1969 09/00)   Tyrannus Nix?, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  (1969 09/00)   The Prisoner, by Donald Duncan
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 09/00)   The Stupidity of Intelligence, by Ariel
  (1969 09/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: The Right to Speak Out From Within, by David Hapgood
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1969 09/01)   EXCLUSIVE: In First Interview Since Clay Shaw Trial New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison Says:
                          JFK Slaying Was Part of Military Takeover of the U.S. Govt.
                          (Thomas G. Buchanan) (National Enquirer) (

  (1969 09/05)   The Hotshot One-Man Roy Cohn Lobby
                          (William Lambert) (LIFE) (

  (1969 09/09)   The Making of the President 1968 (Video)
                          (David L. Wolper Productions) (

  (1969 09/11)   Midlothian Mirror - Roger Craig and Richard Carr

  (1969 09/16)   Dear Mr. Chief Justice: ... Sincerely yours, Bernard Fensterwald, Jr.
                          (Committee to Investigate Assassinations) (

  (1969 09/18)   Midlothian Mirror - Letters to the Editor (Jane Hearn) (Bob Williams)

  (1969 10/00)   Southern Africa: A Smuggled Report from a Guerrilla Fighter, by Africa Research Group
  (1969 10/00)   An Open Letter to Barry Goldwater, by Karl Hess
  (1969 10/00)   Sinews of Empire, by David Horowitz
  (1969 10/00)   ILGWU: Fighting for Lower Wages, by Michael Myerson
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 10/00)   Jamie Whitten: The Permanent Secretary Of Agriculture, by Nick Kotz
  (1969 10/00)   Analyzing Presidents: From Passive-Positive Taft to Active-Negative Nixon, by James David Barber
  (1969 10/00)   National Security: Are We Asking the Right Questions?, by Paul C. Warnke
  (1969 10/00)   Memo of the Month: Dear Parents: (Paul Junior High School)
  (1969 10/00)   The Making of a Majority: The Senate and the ABM, by Nathan Miller
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1969 10/00)   Reinhard Gehlen: The World's Greatest Spymaster
                          (Arturo F. Gonzalez, Jr.) (SAGA) (

  (1969 10/02)   The Green Beret Mystery
                          (Keyes Beech) (

  (1969 10/03)   The Bizarre Course of the Green Beret Case
                          (Robert G. Kaiser) (Washington Post) (

  (1969 10/16)   Midlothian Mirror - Did Connally Know?

  (1969 10/17)   Arthur Goldberg writes about the Green Berets
                          (LIFE) (

  (1969 10/23)   Midlothian Mirror - The uncropped James Altgens' photograph

  (1969 10/24)   Cleaver in Exile
                          (Stanley Cloud) (TIME) (

  (1969 11/00)   Canyon: Trouble in Paradise, by Sol Stern
  (1969 11/00)   Dial-A-Bomb: AT&T and ABM, by Joseph Goulden and Marshall Singer
  (1969 11/00)   ABM and the MAD Strategy, by John Raser
  (1969 11/00)   Santa Barbara: Oil in the Velvet Playground, by Harvey Molotch
  (1969 11/00)   Ho Chi Mihn: A Eulogy, by Franz Schurmann
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 11/00)   The Loyalty Program: A Case for Termination, by Philip M. Stern
  (1969 11/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: An Ambassador's Rebuttal, by Kennedy M. Crockett
  (1969 11/00)   CBW: Policy by Default, by Congressman Richard D. McCarthy
  (1969 11/00)   The Age of Discontinuity: Guidelines to Our Changing Society by Peter Drucker,
                          reviewed by Josiah Lee Auspitz
  (1969 11/00)   'Freedom Of Choice' Desegregation: The Southern Reality, by Taylor Branch
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1969 11/03)   Fort Detrick: A Symbol Of Crisis - No. 1: Biological Warfare As A Deterrent
                          (Richard Lebherz) (Frederick Post) (

  (1969 11/06)   Fort Detrick: A Symbol Of Crisis - No. 2: Project Whitecoat Draws Reactions
                          (Richard Lebherz) (Frederick Post) (

  (1969 11/13)   Midlothian Mirror - Another Example of Incomplete Questioning in the Clay Shaw Trial

  (1969 11/14)   The Fall of a 'Lost Soldier'
                          (Frank McCulloch) (LIFE) (

  (1969 11/22)   Bud Fensterwald: He Runs the Town's Other CIA
                          (Shelby Coffey III) (Washington Post/Potomac) (

  (1969 11/27)   Midlothian Mirror - Orders From Headquarters - Letter to the Editor (Madeline Goddard)

  (1969 12/00)   Editorial: The Moratorium, the War and the Empire
  (1969 12/00)   Inside the Great Pigasus Plot, by Jerry Rubin
  (1969 12/00)   Germ Warfare: for Alma Mater, God and Country, by Seymour Hersh
  (1969 12/00)   How To Control The Military, by John Kenneth Galbraith, reviewed by Steve Weissman
  (1969 12/00)   The Corporate Ideal In The Liberal State, 1900-1918, by James Weinstein,
                          reviewed by Murray Rothbard
  (1969 12/00)   The Trial Of Dr. Spock, by Jessica Mitford, reviewed by Malcolm Burnstein
  (1969 12/00)   The Rise of Women's Liberation, by Marlene Dixon
  (1969 12/00)   Nixon's Guaranteed Annual Poverty, by Linda Hunt, Gary Hunt, and Nancy Scheper
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1969 12/00)   Can We Survive?, by Barry Commoner
  (1969 12/00)   Memo of the Month: Optional Wear of Civilian Attire for Enlisted Personnel
  (1969 12/00)   Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, by Albert O. Hirschman
  (1969 12/00)   Revolt at Justice, by Gary J. Greenberg
  (1969 12/00)   Rebuke at HEW, by Morton Mintz
  (1969 12/00)   The Only Alternative: A Reply to the President on Vietnam, by Senator Frank Church
  (1969 12/00)   Generation Gap: Hostile Deaths in Southeast Asia, by Age and Military Service
  (1969 12/00)   Tax Resistance: Hell, No - I Won't Pay, by Kennett Love
  (1969 12/00)   One Man, No Vote, by Thomas R. Reid III
  (1969 12/00)   Polarize or Persuade: An interview With Congressman Allard K. Lowenstein, by David Hapgood
  (1969 12/00)   The Analysis and Evaluation of Public Expenditures: The PPB System, reviewed by Jack W. Carlson
                          (Washington Monthly) (

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                          (Senator J. William Fulbright) (LOOK) (

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  (1969 12/04)   Police Still Deny Panther Cop Shot
                          (Bob Seltzner / Caroline Young) (Daily Calumet) (

  (1969 12/08)   The Hampton bullet holes
                          (Mike Royko) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1969 12/10)   Attorneys reveal details, Panther story of killings
                          (Edmund J. Rooney / Henry De Zutter) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1969 12/12)   Hanrahan's 'bullet holes'
                          (Mike Royko) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1969 12/12)   Those 'bullet holes' aren't
                          (Joseph Reilly) (Chicago Sun-Times) (

  (1969 12/20)   Phoenix Program Reportedly Aims at Killing VC Civilians
                          (George C. Wilson) (Washington Post) (

  (1970 01/00)   The Vietnam War
                          (Sam Houston Johnson) (My brother, Lyndon) (
  (0000 00/00)   Take Note of Where the LBJ Men Are Now
                          (Shelby Coffey III) (

  (1970 01/00)   Editorial: Repression and The Chicago Eight
  (1970 01/00)   Using Racism at San Quentin, by Robert Minton and Stephen Rice
  (1970 01/00)   Alaska: The Ecology of Oil, by Barry Weisberg
  (1970 01/00)   Black Monday's Sunday Allies, by Pacific Studies Center
  (1970 01/00)   Behind the Chicago Conspiracy Trial, by Paul Glusman
  (1970 01/00)   LSD and SDS And Little Lambs Eat Ivy, by Paul Krassner
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                          reviewed by Ferdinand Lundberg
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 01/01)   The Fourth Estate As the Fourth Branch
                          (Judith Coburn / Geoffrey Cowan) (Village Voice) (

  (1970 01/10)   Blazing Rhetoric on Boston Common
                          (Gordon D. Hall) (Washington Post) (

  (1970 01/16)   State Links Judge To Party Sex Films
                          (States-Item) (

  (1970 01/17)   The Chicago Trial: A Comic Morality Play
                          (Sanford J. Ungar) (Washington Post) (

  (1970 01/20)   One word tells all: outrageous
                          (Mike Royko) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1970 01/25)   Testimony in the Chicago Panther Slayings Raises Some New Questions
                          (John Kifner) (New York Times) (

  (1970 01/27)   Not Guilty Is Verdict In Haggerty Vice Case
                          (John B. Cotter and Don Hughes) (Times-Picayune) (

  (1970 02/00)   The Unilateral Withdrawal of Private Weise, by Peter Collier
  (1970 02/00)   "Malvenido Rockefeller!" by David Horowitz
  (1970 02/00)   The Red Man's Burden, by Peter Collier
  (1970 02/00)   Air America: Flying the U.S. into Laos, by Peter Dale Scott
  (1970 02/00)   The Staged Sixties, by Deadman
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 02/00)   The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Anachronism on the Sea, by John Wicklein
  (1970 02/00)   What Happened to the Class Struggle?, by John Kenneth Galbraith
  (1970 02/00)   Spocklash: Age, Sex, Revolution, by Philip E. Slater
  (1970 02/00)   Zen Pong and Open Government: A Conversation between Marcus Raskin and Charles Peters
  (1970 02/00)   New Haven: Triumph and Trouble in Model City, by Fred Powledge
  (1970 02/00)   Memo of the Month: Post-Attack Registration of Federal Employees)
  (1970 02/00)   Locking the Barn Door: Secretary Shultz and the Miners by, Robert Walters
  (1970 02/00)   The Philippines: America's Former (?) Colony, by Richard Butwell
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 02/00)   Decade of Assassinations, Volume XII - Letter 9
                          (Hilaire du Berrier) (H du B Reports) (

  (1970 02/00)   the mysterious Project Phoenix
                          (Erwin Knoll) (The Progressive) (

  (1970 02/00)   The CIA's Hired Killers
                          (Georgie Anne Geyer) (True) (

  (1970 02/14)   `7' Called 'Evil' by Prosecutor
                          (William Chapman) (Washington Post) (

  (1970 02/16)   Haggerty Case--The Probers
                          (James Hearty) (States-Item) (

  (1970 02/26)   The Story of CBS and the Plot to Invade Haiti
                          (Gus Constantine) (Evening Star) (

  (1970 02/27)   Midlothian Mirror - Editor Jones Speaks at San Marcos

  (1970 03/00)   Inside Cuba: Workers and Revolution, by Maurice Zeitlin
  (1970 03/00)   The Rolling Stones - At Play in the Apocalypse, by Michael Lydon
  (1970 03/00)   On American Violence, by Bertrand Russell
  (1970 03/00)   Nixon: With A Little Help for His Friends, by Bob Fitch
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 03/00)   The CIA, FBI and CBS Bomb in Mission: Impossible
                          (Gene Grove) (Scanlan's Monthly) (

  (1970 03/05)   Midlothian Mirror - A Sign from on High

  (1970 03/09)   The Artist as Reporter
                          (TIME) (

  (1970 03/26)   Midlothian Mirror - Number 69

  (1970 04/00)   Eruption in India, by Phillipe Gavi
  (1970 04/00)   Fragments from the Shooting Gallery, by Marshall Singer
  (1970 04/00)   What the NLF Wants, by Franz Schurmann
  (1970 04/00)   A Cuban Artist Views North Vietnam, by Karen Wald
  (1970 04/00)   Inquisition Greek Style, by James Becket
  (1970 04/00)   Intervention And Revolution, by Richard Barnet, reviewed by Steve Weissman
                          The Roots of American Foreign Policy:, by Gabriel Kolko, reviewed by Steve Weissman
                          The Age of Imperialism:, by Harry Magdoff, reviewed by Steve Weissman
                          Competitive Interference and Twentieth Century Diplomacy, by Richard W. Cottam,
                          reviewed by Daniel Schechter
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 04/00)   The Mafia vs. The CIA
                          (Andrew St. George) (True) (

  (1970 04/01)   134 Wall Street Lawyers Criticize' Behavior of Judge Hoffman
                          (Linda Charlton) (New York Times) (

  (1970 04/19)   Lee Oswald Linked To Downing of U-2
                          (Francis Gary Powers) (Philadelphia Bulletin) (

  (1970 05/00)   Was I Betrayed by Lee Harvey Oswald?
                          (Gary Powers) (

  (1970 05/00)   Toward an Ecological Solution, by Murray Bookchin
  (1970 05/00)   Catch 24,400 (or, Plutonium Is My Favorite Element), by Roger Rapoport
  (1970 05/00)   The Making of a Pollution-Industrial Complex, by Martin Gellen
  (1970 05/00)   Para-Real Estate: The Handing Out of Resources, by James Ridgeway
  (1970 05/00)   A Short History of the California Water Plan As It Relates to the Questions of Ecology,
                          Waterlords and the Creation of Deserts, by Gene Marine
  (1970 05/00)   Why the Population Bomb Is a Rockefeller Baby, by Steve Weissman
  (1970 05/00)   The Eco-Establishment, by Katherine Barkley and Steve Weissman
  (1970 05/00)   Science and the Gross National Pollution, by George M. Woodwell
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 05/00)   Beyond Welfare Reform, by David Hapgood
  (1970 05/00)   The Secret Team and the Games They Play, by L. Fletcher Prouty
  (1970 05/00)   Census '70: Power to the Suburbs, by Gerald M. Pomper
  (1970 05/00)   Crime in the Courts: Assembly Line Justice, by Leonard Downie, Jr.
  (1970 05/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: I'm Glad You Asked That Question
  (1970 05/00)   Messiah from the Midwest?, by Nick Kotz and James Risser
  (1970 05/00)   The Faults of Fault Insurance, by Richard E. Stewart
  (1970 05/00)   Memo of the Month: Continued Development of the CDAIS
  (1970 05/00)   Military Dictatorships: Why Rockefeller's Wrong, by Dan Gottlieb
  (1970 05/00)   Dean Burch Watches Television, by Elizabeth B. Drew
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 05/00)   The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy:
                          The Application of Computers to the Photographic Evidence
                          (Richard E. Sprague) (Computers And Automation)

  (1970 05/01)   Chronology of Events, May 1-4, 1970

  (1970 05/02)   KCBS Transcription: Richard E. Sprague (

  (1970 05/04)   The May 4 Shootings At Kent State University: The Search For Historical Accuracy
                          (Jerry M. Lewis / Thomas R. Hensley) (

  (1970 05/07)   Letter to Richard E. Sprague from Harold Weisberg (

  (1970 05/21)   Letter to Richard E. Sprague from Harold Weisberg, and response (

  (1970 06/00)   DePugh and The Minutemen: Wonderland of the Mind, by William Turner
  (1970 06/00)   Women and the Myth of Consumerism, by Ellis Willis
  (1970 06/00)   Seize the Time: The Next Panther Victim, by Bobby Seale
  (1970 06/00)   The Vietnamization of Laos, by Banning Garrett
  (1970 06/00)   Off The Pill?, by Judith Coburn
  (1970 06/00)   Puerto Rico: Our Backward Colony, by Michael Myerson
  (1970 06/00)   The Unlawful Concert: An Account of the Presidio Mutiny Case, by Fred Gardner,
                          reviewed by Adam Hochschild
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 06/00)   Whitewashing Detroit's Dirty Engine, by John Wicklein
  (1970 06/00)   The Great Helium Bubble, by John H. Rothchild
  (1970 06/00)   The Great Wind Machine, by Bruce J. Oudes
  (1970 06/00)   Whatever Happened to OEO?, by Mark R. Arnold
  (1970 06/00)   The Poverty Lawyer's Work Is So Good It Has To Be Stopped, by Clark Holmes
  (1970 06/00)   Politics (Censored) in the Peace Corps
  (1970 06/00)   Obstacles to Reform: Nobody Covers the House, by Michael Green
  (1970 06/00)   The Machine Democrats, by Norman C. Miller
  (1970 06/00)   Memo of the Month: Supplemental Payroll Checks
  (1970 06/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: Mores of Protest, by Peter Gall
  (1970 06/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 06/09)   Operation Overflight: A Memoir of the U-2 Incident, by Francis Gary Powers with Curt Gentry,
                          reviewed by David Wise
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1970 06/15)   Crossfire - (22 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1970 06/17)   Letter from Richard E. Sprague to Harold Weisberg(

  (1970 06/20)   Letter from Harold Weisberg to Richard E. Sprague (

  (1970 06/25)   Midlothian Mirror - The C.A.P. and the T.S.B.D.B.

  (1970 07/00)   Editorial: A Tract for Our Time
  (1970 07/00)   The Trial: Introduction, by Tom Hayden
  (1970 07/00)   From Protest to Resistance: I. 1968: Repression
  (1970 07/00)   From Protest to Resistance: II. Convention Week 1968
  (1970 07/00)   A Generation on Trial: III. Our Identity on Trial
  (1970 07/00)   A Generation on Trial: IV. Their Identity on Trial
  (1970 07/00)   A Generation on Trial: V. The Rigging of Justice
  (1970 07/00)   A Generation on Trial: VI. On Contempt of Court
  (1970 07/00)   A Generation on Trial: VII. The Jury
  (1970 07/00)   The Trial in Perspective: VIII. Thoughts on Political Trials
  (1970 07/00)   The Trial in Perspective: IX. Justice in the Streets
  (1970 07/00)   The Trial in Perspective: X. The Limits of the Conspiracy
  (1970 07/00)   From Resistance to Liberation: XI. The Eighth Conspirator Is a Prisoner of War
  (1970 07/00)   From Resistance to Liberation: XII. The New American Revolution
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 07/00)   Atomic Power Abuse: The AEC in Colorado, by Anthony Ripley
  (1970 07/00)   Atomic Power Abuse: The Marginal Nuclear Utilities, by Richard Karp
  (1970 07/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1970 07/00)   Getting Down to Earth on Earth Day, by Arthur Kanegis
  (1970 07/00)   Paying for NATO, by Charles H. Percy
  (1970 07/00)   Violence and the Masculine Mystique, by Lucy Komisar
  (1970 07/00)   CONUS Revisited: The Army Covers Up, by Christopher H. Pyle
  (1970 07/00)   Memo of the Month: Contraception
  (1970 07/00)   Renewal in New York: The State Tries Its Hand, by Samuel Kaplan
  (1970 07/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: DIA: Intelligence to Please, by Patrick J. McGarvey
  (1970 07/00)   Public Works: A Dangerous Trade, by Robert Moses, reviewed by Mary Perot Nichols
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 07/00)   The Grand Jury Panther Report: an unnerving story, by Harry Kalven Jr.
                          Why no indictments?, by Jon R. Waltz
                          talk:, by Harriet Heyman
                          (Chicago Journalism Review) (

  (1970 07/19)   The compleat spy - as tradesman
                          (Thomas Braden) (Chicago Tribune) (

  (1970 08/00)   Voices From The South - Black students talk about their experiences in desegregated schools
                          (Betsy Fancher) (Southern Regional Council) (

  (1970 08/00)   Jocks 1, War 0, by Jack Scott
  (1970 08/00)   The Soledad Brothers: How a Prison Picks Its Victims, by Eve Pell
  (1970 08/00)   The Road to Phnom Penh: Cambodia Takes up the Gun, by Banning Garrett
  (1970 08/00)   Lenin: Introduction, by David Horowitz
  (1970 08/00)   Lenin: The Making of a Revolutionary, by Isaac Deutscher
  (1970 08/00)   Hoover's FBI: The Men and the Myth, by William W. Turner, reviewed by Andy Truskier
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 08/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1970 08/00)   Red, White, Blue & Gold: The Oil Import Quotas, by Martin Lobel
  (1970 08/00)   Freedom on a String, by Paul Dickson
  (1970 08/00)   The Politics of Peace, by Sam Brow
  (1970 08/00)   Claude Pepper's Crime Stoppers, by Eric Lax
  (1970 08/00)   Memo of the Month: "guidelines for using communications media"
  (1970 08/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: Washington's Other Crime Problem, by John H. Rothchild
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 08/07)   'CIA killed JFK to keep war going'
                          (Mark Lane) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1970 08/07)   LIFE Magazine August 7, 1970
                          Johnson and the Kennedys

  (1970 08/31)   Texas Lawman I. E. (Bill) Decker Dies
                          (Martin Weil) (Washington Post) (

  (1970 09/00)   Ford and La Raza: "They stole our land and gave us powdered milk",
                          by Rees Lloyd and Peter Montague
  (1970 09/00)   All for Vietnam, by Tom Hayden
  (1970 09/00)   Workers Against the War, by Al Richmond
  (1970 09/00)   Now You See Him... Now You Don't: Lenin, Trotsky, Rockefeller and Stalin
  (1970 09/00)   The Theft of a Nation: Apologies to the Cherokees, by Peter Collier
  (1970 09/00)   Corporations and the Cold War, Ed. David Horowitz, reviewed by Murray N. Rothbard
  (1970 09/00)   Minimizing Racism in Jury Trials, Ed. Ann Pagan Ginger, reviewed by Malcolm Burnstein
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 09/00)   Running Against Growth in Hawaii, by Louise Campbell
  (1970 09/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1970 09/00)   Congress and Pollution: The Gentleman's Agreement, by Douglas Ross and Harold Wolman
  (1970 09/00)   The New Agrarians, by Taylor Branch
  (1970 09/00)   The Ritual of Wiggle: From Ruin to Reelection, by James Boyd
  (1970 09/00)   The Harvard Brain Trust: Eating Lunch at Henry's, by Michael E. Kinsley
                          The Harvard Brain Trust: Eating Crow at Mike's, John Averill
  (1970 09/00)   The Kids Will Be More Than Just Younger, by Michael Rappeport
  (1970 09/00)   Israel's Peril: Our Military-Industrial Bubble, by L. Fletcher Prouty
  (1970 09/00)   Memo of the Month: Inclusion of Wives? Names in Biographic Register
  (1970 09/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: Clots in the System, by Arthur L. Levin
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 10/00)   What It's Like in Belfast, by Alexander Cockburn
  (1970 10/00)   From Rumble to Revolution: The Young Lords, by Frank Browning
  (1970 10/00)   Editorial: The Lessons of a Massacre
  (1970 10/00)   The Berkeley Mafia and the Indonesian Massacre, by David Ransom
  (1970 10/00)   The Politics of Violence: The Urban Guerrilla in Brazil, interviews by Andy Truskier
  (1970 10/00)   Director Edgar Lockwood Resigns; Editors Reply
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 10/00)   Up Against the Barbecue: Smithtown Middle America, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1970 10/00)   The Floating Plantation, by Timothy H. Ingram
  (1970 10/00)   Memo of the Month: CIA has requested
  (1970 10/00)   Richard Nixon, The Last Liberal, by Garry Wills
  (1970 10/00)   Civil Defense: The Case for Nuclear War, by John H. Rothchild
  (1970 10/00)   Superman, Our Textbook President, by Thomas E. Cronin
  (1970 10/00)   Views of the Press: The Sell-Out of the Pulitzer Prize, by James Aronson
  (1970 10/00)   The Radical Suburb: Soundings in Changing American Character,
                          by John B. Orr and F. Patrick Nichelson, reviewed by David Hapgood
  (1970 10/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 11/00)   The Dominoization of Thailand, by Banning Garrett
  (1970 11/00)   They Shoot Hippies, Don't They?, by Frank Browning
  (1970 11/00)   From Dustbowl To Saigon: The "People's Bank" Builds an Empire, by Michael Sweeney
  (1970 11/00)   Kaiser: You Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chances, by Judith Milgrom Carnoy
  (1970 11/00)   Children of Vietnam-II, by Claude Johnes
  (1970 11/00)   Nielsen to Newspeak: CBS Seeks an Image, New People Media Project
  (1970 11/00)   Sexual Politics, by Kate Millett, reviewed by Meredith Tax
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1970 11/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: We're All Working for the Penn Central, by Taylor Branch
  (1970 11/00)   Views of the Press: Oily Reprints at The Times, by Richard Karp
  (1970 11/00)   Moral Ostrichism: Blindness on a Bank Board, by John Rothchild
  (1970 11/00)   The Assault of Sound, by Robert Alex Baron
  (1970 11/00)   Gilbert Fitzhugh's Golden Fleece, by A. Ernest Fitzgerald
  (1970 11/00)   Memo of the Month: Office Decor Guidelines
  (1970 11/00)   Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson, reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1970 11/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 11/21)   17 Defense Witnesses Named In Haggerty 'Stag Party' Case
                          (States-Item) (

  (1970 11/23)   Haggerty Ouster Ordered
                          (James Hearty) (States-Item) (

  (1970 11/24)   Shaw Trial Judge Fired Off Bench
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1970 11/30)   Interview With Ramsey Clark
                          (Art Kevin) (

  (1970 12/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1970 12/00)   What's Good for the Country is Good for GM, by Philip W. Moore
  (1970 12/00)   Views of the Press: Pure Thoughts and Dirty Water, by Dirk van Loon
  (1970 12/00)   The Hidden Arsenal: You Can't Keep a Deadly Weapon Down, by Arthur Kanegis
  (1970 12/00)   The Hidden Arsenal: Tac Nukes: A More Personal Delivery, by Donald May
  (1970 12/00)   When Tiny Tim Gives to Scrooge, by Edward Flattau
  (1970 12/00)   Gay is Good for Us All, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1970 12/00)   Colonizing Paradise, by Jerry Fite
  (1970 12/00)   Memo of the Month: Proper Office Attire
  (1970 12/00)   Africa for the Africans, by G. Mennen Williams,
                          The Great Powers & Africa, by Waldemar A. Nielsen,
                          The High Price of Principles, by Richard Hall, reviewed by Bruce J. Oudes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1970 12/03)   Forced Plunge From Copter To Coerce VC Is Described
                          (Bernard D. Nossiter) (Washington Post) (

  (1970 12/04)   A heritage of smoke
                          (Donald Jackson) (LIFE Book Review) (

  (1970 12/07)   Anti-Matter
                          (Harvey Matusow) (East Village Other) (

  (1970 12/14)   J. Edgar Hoover Speaks Out With Vigor
                          (TIME) (

  (1970 12/17)   Midlothian Mirror - Correction

  (1970 12/18)   Jim Garrison: Far-Fetched, two reviews by George Lardner Jr.
                          A Heritage of Stone, by Jim Garrison,
                          American Grotesque:
                          An Account of the Clay Shaw-Jim Garrison Affair in the City of New Orleans
, by James Kirkwood,
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1970 12/18)   LIFE Magazine December 18, 1970
                          Khrushchev Remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis

  (1970 12/18)   Army Denies Spying Charge
                          (Donald M. Rothberg and John S. Lang) (Times-Picayune) (

  (1970 12/20)   A "Dossier Society"
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1970 12/27)   Mitch WerBell: Gunsmith to the 'Right' Side
                          (Roger Williams) (Washington Post) (

  (1970 12/28)   Hoover press interviews largely obscure truth
                          (Frank Mankiewicz / Tom Braden) (States-Item) (

  (1970 12/31)   Millionaire Picked Up Hoover's Tab
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 00/00)   When They Kill A President (Roger Craig) (

  (1971 00/00)   The Kennedy Assassination and the Vietnam War
                          (Peter Dale Scott) (

  (1971 01/00)   The Ordeal of Legal Services: How Poor People Won in Court But Lost in OEO, by Taylor Branch
  (1971 01/00)   Reserves and Guard: A More Selective Service, by Adam Hochschild
  (1971 01/00)   Blaming the Victim, by William Ryan
  (1971 01/00)   Memo of the Month: Overdue Correspondence
  (1971 01/00)   Ben Yellen's Fine Madness, by Michael E. Kinsley
  (1971 01/00)   FDA: The Sugar-Coated, Polyunresponsive, Indigestible Placebo, by Richard Margolis
  (1971 01/00)   Boundaries, by Robert Jay Lifton, reviewed by John Rothchild
  (1971 01/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 01/01)   Armageddon Precipatated (Unattributed) (

  (1971 01/11)   Aged Hoover Aide Skirts Retirement
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 01/25)   The Berrigans: Conspiracy and Conscience
                          (TIME) (

  (1971 01/31)   Winter Soldier Investigation
                          Testimony given in Detroit, Michigan, on January 31, 1971, February 1 and 2, 1971
                          (Vietnam Veterans Against the War) (

  (1971 01/31)   Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Winter Soldier Investigation
                          (Dr. Ernest Bolt) (University of Richmond) (

  (1971 02/00)   Hard Times Section: War Crimes
  (1971 02/00)   Angela Davis: A Prison Interview, by Michael Myerson
  (1971 02/00)   Dear Angela: from Herbert Marcuse
  (1971 02/00)   Vietnam: How Nixon Plans to Win the War, by Banning Garrett
  (1971 02/00)   The New Math: The Day They Bombed Wisconsin, by J.S. Rock
  (1971 02/00)   The Americanization of Micronesia: Paradise Lost, by Steve Murray
  (1971 02/00)   The Mental Health Industry: This Way Lies Madness, by Andrew Kopkind and James Ridgeway
  (1971 02/00)   America on $0 a Day, by Abbie Hoffman
  (1971 02/00)   "Medium Chile": Cinéma Vérité inside the Third World, by Philip Frazier
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 02/00)   James Marcus: Out of the Reservoir and up the River, by Walter Goodman
  (1971 02/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: The Anguish of Losing Office, by Roy Hattersley
  (1971 02/00)   America's Time Traps: the Youth Cult, the Work Prison, the Emptiness of Age, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1971 02/00)   Memo of the Month: Use of Full Title Instead of Abbreviations in Correspondence
  (1971 02/00)   Ecology Denied: The Unmaking of a Majority, by William H. Rodgers, Jr.
  (1971 02/00)   The Inscrutable Commitment, by James C. Thomson, Jr
  (1971 02/00)   The One-Eyed Watchdog of Congress, by Richard F. Kaufman
  (1971 02/00)   Reports:
                          Security Agreements and Commitments Abroad
                          The Role and Effectiveness of Federal Advisory Committees
                          Better Late Than Never
  (1971 02/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 02/00)   Report of the National Committee to Investigate Assassinations
                          (Bernard Fensterwald, James Lesar, and Robert Smith (CTIA)) (Computers And Automation)

  (1971 02/00)   The Murder of Police Officer J. D. Tippit (Gary Murr) (Unpublished manuscript)

  (1971 02/27)   Karpis Hits Hero Role Of Hoover
                          (Ken W. Clawson) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 03/00)   Hard Times Section: King Coal
  (1971 03/00)   Exit Gomulka, by Tamara Deutscher
  (1971 03/00)   The Cleaning of America (Don't Hold Your Breath), by James Ridgeway
  (1971 03/00)   Los Siete de la Raza, by Marjorie Heins
  (1971 03/00)   Revolutionary Karma vs. Revolutionary Politics, by David Horowitz
  (1971 03/00)   Watch Out: Prosperity Is Just Around the Corner (Again), by Doug Dowd
  (1971 03/00)   Rip Torn: The Case of the Hollywood 1, by Craig Pyes
  (1971 03/00)   Polaroid Apartheid: Pull Tab, Wait 60 Seconds, by Daniel Schechter
  (1971 03/00)   The Greening of America: Beyond the Valley of the Heads, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1971 03/00)   Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music, by Frank Kofsky, reviewed by Roland Young
  (1971 03/00)   Future Shock, by Alvin Toffler, reviewed by Robert Sklar
  (1971 03/00)   Supermarket Trap, by Jennifer Cross, reviewed by Helene Lippincott
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 03/00)   The Interlake Affair, by Alexander Polikoff
  (1971 03/00)   America the Featherbedded, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1971 03/00)   Memo of the Month: ?The Committee for Dick Feezle and Family Tribute?
  (1971 03/00)   The Rising Profits of Public Service, by Taylor Branch
  (1971 03/00)   Annual Political Book Award:
                          The Lost Crusade: America in Vietnam, by Chester L. Cooper
                          The Twilight of the Presidency, by George E. Reedy
  (1971 03/00)   The Prince and His Courtiers: at the White House, the Kremlin, and the Reichschancellery,
                          by Russell Baker and Charles Peters
  (1971 03/00)   The Politics of Poetry, by Conor Cruise O'Brien
  (1971 03/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1971 03/00)   A Congressional Garden of Verse, by Paul Dickson
  (1971 03/00)   The Lost Crusade: America in Vietnam, by Chester L. Cooper, reviewed by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 03/27)   Hoover's Trash Shows He's Human
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 04/00)   Hard Times Section: Welfare Trade-Off
  (1971 04/00)   Joint Treaty of Peace Between the U.S. and Vietnamese People
  (1971 04/00)   Chilean Revolution: The Bullet or the Ballot, by Maurice Zeitlin
  (1971 04/00)   I Wanna Hold Your Head: John Lennon After the Fall, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1971 04/00)   Salmon Fishing in America: The Indians vs. the State of Washington, by Peter Collier
  (1971 04/00)   Civil War in Cairo, Ill.: A Dispatch from the Front, by Howard Kohn
  (1971 04/00)   Oil and Revolution in the Persian Gulf, by Fred Halliday
  (1971 04/00)   The Press and the Cold War, by James Aronson, reviewed by Sol Yurick
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 04/00)   Special Indochina Section: Introduction, by Congressman Paul N. McCloskey, Jr.
  (1971 04/00)   Maximizing COBRA Utilization, by Jeffrey Record
  (1971 04/00)   The Vietnamization of Cambodia, by Peter A. Poole
  (1971 04/00)   No Victory Parades, by Murray Polner
  (1971 04/00)   The Burn Ward, by Ronald J. Glasser
  (1971 04/00)   Monopoly, by Charles E. Mueller
  (1971 04/00)   America's Respectable Crime Problem, by Sarah Carey
  (1971 04/00)   Memo of the Month: Female Impersonaters, Unattached Men?s Center
  (1971 04/00)   Leonardo or Otis B. Driftwood?, by John Rothchild
  (1971 04/00)   Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 04/01)   Midlothian Mirror - Did He Get a Promotion - The DCA Film

  (1971 04/07)   F.B.I. Under Fire
                          (New York Times) (

  (1971 04/09)   LIFE Magazine April 9, 1971
                          Emperor of the FBI: G-Man Under Fire

  (1971 04/10)   We Must End the War
                          (Burke Marshall) (New York Times) (

  (1971 04/10)   Frame-Up: The Assassination of Martin Luther King, by Harold Weisberg, reviewed by Fred J. Cook
                          (New York Times Book Review) (

  (1971 04/10)   The FBI Story (Incomplete)
                          (New Republic) (

  (1971 04/11)   Calley 'Just Plain Dumb,' Says His Ex-Sergeant
                          (William J. Nazzaro) (Sunday Bulletin) (

  (1971 04/22)   "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" (Video)
                          (John Kerry) (Senate Committee of Foreign Relations)

  (1971 04/23)   "Some Of The Things You Hear These Days Are Absolutely Shocking"
                          (HerBlock) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 05/00)   Hard Times Section: Blue Cross; Oil in Vietnam; Women in Congress; Mayday
  (1971 05/00)   The Profit Motive and the Public Interest: Wright Patman vs. the Bankers, by Walter Shapiro
  (1971 05/00)   The New Opium War, by Frank Browning and Banning Garrett
  (1971 05/00)   Anti-War Games, by Allen Ginsberg
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 05/00)   The Electronic Battlefield: Wiring Down the War, by Paul Dickson and John Rothchild
  (1971 05/00)   The Dairy Lobby Buys the Cream of the Congress, by Frank Wright (Continued)
  (1971 05/00)   Memo of the Month: Sick Leave Regulations
  (1971 05/00)   Courage without Esteem: Profiles in Whistle-Blowing, by Taylor Branch
  (1971 05/00)   Sex, Work, and Motivation in Castro's Cuba, by Barry Reckord
  (1971 05/00)   Political Book Notes
  (1971 05/00)   The Soft Revolution, by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner, reviewed by Jamie Rosenthal
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 05/02)   Frame-Up: The Assassination of Martin Luther King, by Harold Weisberg, reviewed by John Kaplan
                          (New York Times Book Review) (

  (1971 05/11)   TWA Says FBI Sent It AF Data On Pilot-Critic
                          (Nick Kotz) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 05/12)   $100-a-Day Suites Free to Hoover
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 05/24)   Other Rifles - (4 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1971 06/00)   Hard Times Section: Health Economics; Business of War; Appalachian Inferno; Mayday
  (1971 06/00)   Rebellion in Pakistan: Prelude to the Indian Revolution?, by Tariq Ali
  (1971 06/00)   Women in Prison, by Kitsi Burkhart
  (1971 06/00)   Inside a State of Siege: Legalized Murder in Guatemala, by Susanne Bodenheimer
  (1971 06/00)   A Reader's Guide to the Warfare State, by Derek Shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 06/00)   Busting Our Mental Blocks on Drugs and Crime, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1971 06/00)   Views of the Press: The Stories Reporters Don't Write, by John Rothchild
  (1971 06/00)   Kennedy Center: Brand Name Culture in Another Rayburn Building,
                          by Barbara Raskin and Helen Goldberg
  (1971 06/00)   Fighting Seniority with Bigotry, by Robert N. Butler
  (1971 06/00)   The Conference Committee: Congress' Final Filter, by Albert Gore
  (1971 06/00)   Memo of the Month: SUBSTANDARD APPEARANCE OF PERSONNEL
  (1971 06/00)   How to Make $300,000 a Year After Bankruptcy, by Murray Seeger
  (1971 06/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1971 06/00)   Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago, by Mike Royko,
                          Daley of Chicago, by Bill Gleason, reviewed by Anthony T. Podesta
  (1971 06/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 06/07)   Traverse Thoracical - (9 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1971 06/07)   The Collapse of the Armed Forces
                          (Col. Robert D. Heinl, Jr.) (Armed Forces Journal)

  (1971 06/17)   Midlothian Mirror - Craig Pictured in Will Fritz Office

  (1971 06/20)   J. Edgar Hoover and His Alumni
                          (Jack Anderson) (Parade) (

  (1971 06/28)   Agent Rufus Youngblood, Protector of Presidents: Traveler Retires, Aims to Be Tourist
                          (Hank Burchard) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 07/00)   Hard Times Section: The Enemy Within: The FBI's Forgotten Past
  (1971 07/00)   Vietnam Vets: The Anti-War Army, by Art Goldberg
  (1971 07/00)   May Day: Anatomy of the Movement, by Michael P. Lerner
  (1971 07/00)   Civil War in Ceylon, by Tamara Deutscher
  (1971 07/00)   Inside Los Angeles: The Coroner's Report, by Maxwell Boas
  (1971 07/00)   Battle for the South: Phase Two, by Charles Fulwood
  (1971 07/00)   Lennon: The Working-Class Hero Turns Red, interview by Robin Blackburn and Tariq Ali
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 07/00)   The Case Against Foundations, by Taylor Branch
  (1971 07/00)   Publishing Conglomerated: When Profits Become Censor, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1971 07/00)   Memo of the Month: Sell your class on ?vandal and vandalism being dirty, evil words?
  (1971 07/00)   The Wild Blue Yonder Over Laos, by Fred Branfman
  (1971 07/00)   The Vested Oracles: How Industry Regulates Government, by Lee Metcalf
  (1971 07/00)   Political Numbers: The Rise of the Small State, by Michael Rappeport
  (1971 07/00)   Muskie: A Sketch from the Inside, by Joseph H. Nicholson, Jr.
  (1971 07/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 07/28)   Mae Brussell - Ted Kennedy Framed at Chappaquiddick (Video) (

  (1971 07/03)   The long checkered career of one Pershing Gervais
                          (Gene Bourg) (States-Item) (

  (1971 07/12)   J. Edgar Hoover, You Have a Friend
                          (Marvin Kitman) (Newsday) (

  (1971 08/00)   Hard Times Section: The Democrats in '72: Muskie and the Teddy Boys/Mayday
  (1971 08/00)   Inside China: In the wake of the Cultural Revolution, by John Gittings
  (1971 08/00)   Move Over Mayor Daley: Here comes Frank Rizzo, by Sandy Padwe
  (1971 08/00)   My Jewish Problem-and Ours: Israel, the Left, and the Jewish Establishment, by Sol Stern
  (1971 08/00)   Egypt Moves West, by Fred Halliday
  (1971 08/00)   Bobby and Ericka: Free at Last ((until next time), by Art Goldberg
  (1971 08/00)   Notes from Rainbow Farm
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 08/00)   Cooing Down the War: The Senate's Lame Doves, by John Rothchild
  (1971 08/00)   Memo of the Month: Employee Suggestion Program Changes
  (1971 08/00)   Testimony from the War's Trigger End, by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. with Mike Betzold
  (1971 08/00)   H. R. Gross: The Conscience of Uncle Sucker, by Jacques Leslie
  (1971 08/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1971 08/00)   Striking Out on Your Own, by Paul Dickson
  (1971 08/00)   The International Screw Thread Commission, by Jim Clark
  (1971 08/00)   Man and Atom, by Glenn T. Seaborg and William Corliss,
                          Poisoned Power, by John W. Gofman and Arthur R. Tamplin, reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1971 08/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 08/00)   My Paranoia And Me
                          (Gaeton Fonzi) (Philadelphia) (

  (1971 08/01)   The curious Washington days of deposed Vegas Prince Bob Maheu
                          (Shelby Coffey III) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 08/11)   The curious testimony of Mr. Givens (Sylvia Meagher)
                          A Commission lawyer replies: 'Truth was my only goal' (David Belin)
                          Belin asks too much
                          (Texas Observer)

  (1971 08/13)   Letter from Gerald Policoff to Mr. Geoffrey Wolff, Newsweek - Re: New York Times Book Review

  (1971 08/12)   Midlothian Mirror - Letters to the Editor
                          (Doris Loftus) (Peggy Mosey) (M. Changler Henderson)

  (1971 08/16)   Letter from Gerald Policoff to Mr. John Leonard - Editor - New York Times Book Review

  (1971 08/26)   Midlothian Mirror - Amazing Coincidence - Just Another Amazing Coincidence

  (1971 08/29)   The Decline of the Black Panthers
                          (House Internal Security Committee on the Black Panther Party) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 08/30)   14 Chicago Police, DA Cleared?
                          (CST) (San Francisco Examiner) (

  (1971 09/00)   Hard Times Section: The Economics of Health; Big Brother; Rebel Yell Academies; Mayday
  (1971 09/00)   Foreign Reports: Generals of the New Army; Pakistan; Detroit's Asia Strategy
  (1971 09/00)   Latin America: The Left on the Move, by John Gerassi
  (1971 09/00)   Rape: The All-American Crime, by Susan Griffin
  (1971 09/00)   The Mormon Empire, by Frances Lang
  (1971 09/00)   How the U.S. (and Britain and Germany...) Got Involved in Lockheed, by Robert Fitch
  (1971 09/00)   Lockheed's Life and Hard Times, by Joel Yudken
  (1971 09/00)   Jack Nicholson Looks East, by Jon Stewart
  (1971 09/00)   Notes from Rainbow Farm
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 09/00)   The Terms of Tenure: To Have and Be Held, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1971 09/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: Chronic Epistilitis, by Robert L. Taylor
  (1971 09/00)   Agribusiness: Overkill on the Farm, by Harrison Wellford
  (1971 09/00)   The Twilight Zone of Government, by John Rothchild
  (1971 09/00)   Memo of the Month: Minority Group Statistics Subsystem
  (1971 09/00)   Political Numbers: Nationalizing the South, by Michael Rappeport
  (1971 09/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1971 09/00)   Reports: Aid to Brazil: From Dungeons to Disneyland, by Taylor Branch
  (1971 09/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 09/05)   YAF Convention Urges Drive to Dump Nixon
                          (David S. Broder) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 09/14)   Judge Limits U.S. Check of Homosexuals
                          (Thomas W. Lippman) (Washington Post) (

  (1971 10/00)   Hard Times Section: Rocky Mountain Coal Fever; The Agri-Welfare Roll;
                          Acupuncture; Nixon's Feudal Friends in Carolina; Mutual Frauds; Mayday...
  (1971 10/00)   Foreign Reports: Ecuador: Birth-Controlling the People;
                          Guatemala: Food for Profit; AWOL in Japan
  (1971 10/00)   Contradictions, by Carl Oglesby
  (1971 10/00)   The Making of America's China Policy, by David Horowitz
  (1971 10/00)   Down and Out in London: The Common Market Dilemma, by Alexander Cockburn
  (1971 10/00)   Sickle Cell Anemia: An "Interesting Pathology", by Michael G. Michaelson
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 10/00)   A New Look at John Kennedy, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1971 10/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1971 10/00)   Israel: Yesterday's Hero, by Georgie Anne Geyer
  (1971 10/00)   The Screwing of the Average Man, by John Rothchild
  (1971 10/00)   'Not When They Did Him Like That', by Ron Porambo
  (1971 10/00)   Memo of the Month: Reallocation of Furniture
  (1971 10/00)   The Odd Couple: Ellsberg and Otepka, by Taylor Branch
  (1971 10/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 10/00)   The Journalists' Rebellion
                          (Nat Hentoff) (evergreen) (

  (1971 10/19)   Memoirs of an Unwanted Agent (Maxine Cheshire)
  (1971 10/19)   Youngblood Hounded Out of His Job (Jack Anderson)
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1971 10/22)   Heady days of presidential power
                          (Hugh Sidey) (LIFE) (

  (1971 10/26)   Onetime Secret Service Hero Takes Back Seat Under Nixon
                          (Frederick Post) (

  (1971 10/28)   Fifty years on pot bust
                          (Jack Newfield) (Village Voice) (

  (1971 11/00)   Contradictions, by Carl Oglesby
  (1971 11/00)   Disney's War Against the Wilderness, by Roger Rapoport
  (1971 11/00)   The Strange Economics of the Vietnam War, by Banning Garrett
  (1971 11/00)   There's a Toyota in Their Future?, by James Ridgeway
  (1971 11/00)   H. Ross Perot: America's First Welfare Billionaire, by Robert Fitch
  (1971 11/00)   Out of the Closet: A Gay Manifesto, by Allen Young
  (1971 11/00)   Hollywood's New Wave, by Robert Sklar
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 11/00)   Tragedy in Bengal: The Role of American Foreign Policy, by Edward M. Kennedy
  (1971 11/00)   Political Numbers: Party Alignment: The Biggest Shift in 40 Years, by Michael Rappeport
  (1971 11/00)   The Roosevelts and Arthurdale, by Joseph P. Lash
  (1971 11/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1971 11/00)   The Screwing of The Average Man: The Wall Street Treatment, by Paul Dickson
  (1971 11/00)   Memo of the Month: You have all taught me a great deal in a very short time
  (1971 11/00)   The Unnatural Gas Case, by Michael Green
  (1971 11/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1971 11/00)   A Mysterious Phone Call - Pershing Gervais Talks From His Unknown Hideaway
                          (Rosemary James) (New Orleans Magazine) (

  (1971 11/04)   Midlothian Mirror - "Buddies"

  (1971 11/05)   Hero' Rufus Youngblood gets the Secret Service brush-off
                          (Sylvia Wright) (LIFE) (

  (1971 11/12)   The "Routine" Investigation of Daniel Schorr
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1971 11/17)   Fugitive's Ordeal Ends In Freedom
                          (Michael T. Kaufman) (New York Times) (

  (1971 11/18)   A DA's Apology: Dear Sir: (Continued)
                          (Jim Garrison) (Village Voice) (

  (1971 11/21)   The Site Of the Most Shocking Single Event Of Our Time
                          (Gary Cartwright) (New York Times)

  (1971 11/26)   "John Sinclair" by John Lennon
                          John Sinclair Invades Michigan Senate
                          Dragon Teeth: A Column by John Sinclair
                          (Ann Arbor Sun) (

  (1971 11/29)   Navy's 'Seals,' Super-Secret Commandos, Are Quitting Vietnam
                          (Craig R. Whitney) (New York Times) (

  (1971 12/00)   Hard Times Section: The Antipopulists; The LBJification of U.T.; East Coast Oil; The Honor System
  (1971 12/00)   Organizing the New Politics: A Proposal, by Staughton Lynd
  (1971 12/00)   Carnal Knowledge: A Portrait of Four Hookers, by Kate Coleman
  (1971 12/00)   Behind the Cancer Campaign, by Robert Bazell
  (1971 12/00)   The Rise of Henry Kissinger, by David Landau
  (1971 12/00)   Letters from Attica and Elsewhere
  (1971 12/00)   From the Cockettes With Love and Squalor, by Jon Stewart
  (1971 12/00)   Women's Studies, by Roberta Salper
  (1971 12/00)   Rainbow Farm
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1971 12/00)   The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: A Model of Explanation
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (Computers and Automation) (

  (1971 12/00)   CTIA News Letter Vol. I, No. 3
                          Freedom of Information Suits
                          James Earl Ray
                          New Developments in Sirhan Case
                          The Research Corner (prepared by Robert Smith, Director of Research)
                          Where Did the Bullets Come From?
                          Georgetown University Receives Research Data On Kennedy, King Assassinations
                          (Committee to Investigate Assassinations) (

  (1971 12/02)   Midlothian Mirror - Misconduct Before the Enemy

  (1971 12/09)   Midlothian Mirror - Another Traitor in the Camp - Dallas News Said Craig Identified Oswald

  (1971 12/17)   John Sinclair Is Free!
                          The People Freed John
                          Free At Last, by John Sinclair
                          3 New Tunes By John & Yoko
                          John Sinclair Freedom Rally (Video)
                          Rockin' To Free John
                          Happy Xmas (war is over), Love, John & Yoko
                          (Ann Arbor Sun) (

  (1971 12/18)   Agency Report/FBI nears end of Hoover era lacking blueprint for transition
                          (Richard S. Frank) (National Journal) (

  (1971 12/30)   Midlothian Mirror - Where Are The Careful Studies

  (1972 01/00)   Hard Times Section: Internal Security Makes a Comeback; The CIA as Cop;
                          Blue Cross Lobby; Ludlow Massacre Revisited; Corporation Towns; Vaccines
  (1972 01/00)   Japan: Rising Sun in the Pacific, by Tom Engelhardt and Jim Peck
  (1972 01/00)   Greece: Jackie and Ari and Tom and George and Spiro and..., by Robert Fitch (Continued)
  (1972 01/00)   Mascots of War, by Jill Marti
  (1972 01/00)   Senator "Scoop" Jackson: Pentagon Populist, by Frank Browning
  (1972 01/00)   Tom Wolfe: Reactionary Chic, by John Gordon
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 01/00)   The Folding of Fred Harris, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 01/00)   Memo of the Month: TODAY PROGRAM - does it again!
  (1972 01/00)   Finding the Facts Bureaucrats Hide, by John Rothchild
  (1972 01/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 01/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 01/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: Nothing Fails Like Success, by Eric Lax
  (1972 01/00)   The Billions in The White House Basement, by Timothy Ingram
  (1972 01/00)   Political Numbers: Jobs: Get 'Em Where They Ain't, by Michael Rappeport
  (1972 01/00)   Why Mayors Go Nowhere, by Theodore J. Lowi
  (1972 01/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 01/00)   The Promotion of Domestic Discord
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (Computers and Automation) (

  (1972 01/09)   U.S. Issuing Licenses for Haiti Arms
                          (Terri Shaw / Irwin Goodwin) (Washington Post) (

  (1972 01/13)   Midlothian Mirror - Further Criticisms of Salandria

  (1972 01/14)   Some off-bench opinions from Judge Julius Hoffman
                          (Betty Dunn) (

  (1972 01/27)   Midlothian Mirror - An Issue for a Candidate - Letter to the Editor (James Segesta)

  (1972 01/30)   How Clifford Irving Sold McGraw-Hill His Latest Project
                          (Stephen Isaacs) (Washington Post) (

  (1972 02/00)   Hard Times Section: Corporate Tax Bonanza; Emma Goldman;
                          The Sickle Cell and the Pill; Clean Water: Nixon vetoes Nixon;
                          Texas Gas vs. Kentucky Farmers (Continued)
  (1972 02/00)   Science Fiction: Hawks and Doves? Whose Future Will You Buy?, by Richard Lupoff
  (1972 02/00)   The China Scholars and U.S. Intelligence, by David Horowitz
  (1972 02/00)   Organizing Behind Bars, by Frank Browning
  (1972 02/00)   A Phase Two Strategy for the Left, by Staughton Lynd
  (1972 02/00)   Beyond the Pentagon Papers, by Melvin Gurtov (Continued)
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 02/00)   Revenue Sharing With the Rich and the Crooked: An Introduction, by John Rothchild
  (1972 02/00)   West Virginia: The Governor Tooketh, by Mary Walton
  (1972 02/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 02/00)   Maryland: The Governor Raiseth, by Thomas B. Edsall
  (1972 02/00)   Memo of the Month: Executive Order No. 7
  (1972 02/00)   Political Numbers: New Jersey: The People Close Their Eyes, by Michael Rappeport
  (1972 02/00)   Working Up to Killing, by Oriana Fallaci
  (1972 02/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 02/00)   Rehnquist, Powell, and the Cult of the Pro, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 02/00)   Kennedy Justice, by Victor S. Navasky, reviewed by Theodore J. Lowi
  (1972 02/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 02/06)   The hatchetman and the hatchetmyth
                          (Robert Sherrill) (Washington Post/Potomac) (

  (1972 02/07)   Society of Former Agents, Mr. Hoover's Loyal Legion
                          (William W. Turner) (Nation) (

  (1972 02/10)   Midlothian Mirror - Me and Jean Dixon

  (1972 02/20)   C. Tracy Barnes Dies at 60; Former Aide With CIA, Yale
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1972 02/20)   MOTION WILL BE DENIED: A New Report on the Chicago Conspiracy Trial, by John Schultz
                          (Jon R. Waltz) (Book World) (

  (1972 02/24)   Midlothian Mirror - The Plotter's Ears

  (1972 02/27)   The Revolution in Law Enforcement Technology Has Produced...
                          An Information Monster That Threatens Our Privacy
                          (Roger Wilkins) (Washington Post) (

  (1972 03/00)   Asian Tragedy: Purge in China, by David Horowitz (Continued)
  (1972 03/00)   I.R.A.: Beyond the Barricades, by Russell Stetler
  (1972 03/00)   Hard Times Section: Gas Battle of Algiers; DuPont Nation; Mayday, by James Ridgeway
  (1972 03/00)   The Panthers After the Trial, by Art Goldberg
  (1972 03/00)   The Love Machine: Sex and Scandal in the Penn Central, by Robert Fitch
  (1972 03/00)   Underground Medicine: Ups and Downs of the Free Clinics,
                          by Constance Bloomfield and Howard Levy
  (1972 03/00)   Oops!... The Story of Nuclear Power Plants, by Roger Rapoport
  (1972 03/00)   Left-Winging to Chile, by Robert Kaldenbach
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 03/00)   Government Subsidies: Who Gets the $63 Billion?, by Taylor Branch
  (1972 03/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 03/00)   Political Numbers: The Cities Turn a Corner, by Michael Rappeport
  (1972 03/00)   Annual Political Book Award:
                          A History of the Modern Age, by Julian K. Prescott
                          365 Days, by Ronald J. Glasser
  (1972 03/00)   365 Days, Ronald J. Glasser, reviewed by William Styron
  (1972 03/00)   A History of the Modern Age, Julian K. Prescott, reviewed by John Rothchild
  (1972 03/00)   Memo of the Month: Personal Profile Form And Telephone Directory Attachment
  (1972 03/00)   The Workers, by Ken Lasson, reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 03/00)   Why Don?t We Learn From History?, by B. H. Liddell Hart, reviewed by Russell Baker
  (1972 03/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 03/00)   Death and the Mines, by Brit Hume, reviewed by James Boyd
  (1972 03/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 03/00)   The Complete Collection of
                          Political Documents Ripped-Off from the F.B.I. Office in Media, PA., March 8, 1971
                          4: Introduction
                          8: From the Citizen's Commission to Investigate the FBI
                          10: A guide to a Typical Document
                          12: Glossary
                          13: Sources of Information
                          20: Internal Bureau Matters
                          25: Taps & Bugs
                          28: White Left: General Directives
                          33: WL: Samples from Particular Investigations
                          40: Espionage
                          48: Black Left
                          52: Ghettos
                          55: Riot Control Information Bulletin
                          70: Black Students
                          73: Right Wing
                          74: Draft, Awol
                          81: Misc.
                          (Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI) (

  (1972 03/05)   Confessions of an FBI agent: Part 1
                          (Robert Wall) (Washington Post/Potomac) (

  (1972 03/12)   Confessions of an FBI agent: Part 2
                          (Robert Wall) (Washington Post/Potomac) (

  (1972 03/17)   Report Assails Inquiry on Slaying of Black Panthers
                          (Thomas A. Johnson) (New York Times) (

  (1972 03/19)   New York Times Book Review, March 19, 1972 (Leonard Lewin)
                          Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace

  (1972 03/23)   Midlothian Mirror - Larry Crafard

  (1972 03/30)   Midlothian Mirror - "Patsy'

  (1972 04/00)   Vietnam and the Elections: Old Myths and New Realities, by David Kolodney (Continued)
  (1972 04/00)   Nixon's Peace Offer, by Noam Chomsky (Continued)
  (1972 04/00)   Selling the Debt; Zimbabwe!, by Robert Fitch (Continued)
  (1972 04/00)   Hard Times Section: Health: The Blue Cross We Bear, by James Ridgeway
  (1972 04/00)   Apartheid in the New Africa, by Ruth First
  (1972 04/00)   How to Cheat on Your Income Tax: A Guide, by Bob Cratchit (Continued)
  (1972 04/00)   Them That Has, Keep: Taxes, by Jack Newfield and Jay Greenfield (Continued)
  (1972 04/00)   Big Sky: Chet Huntley's New Home on the Range, by Frank Browning
  (1972 04/00)   Inside the RAND Corporation and Out: My Story, by Anthony Russo
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 04/00)   Let Those Hillbillies Go Get Shot, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 04/00)   Speak Up, I've Got a Lobbyist In My Ear, by Joseph Spear
  (1972 04/00)   How to Succeed in Business Without Really Bribing, by James Boyd
  (1972 04/00)   Memo of the Month: you should allow at least five spaces
  (1972 04/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 04/00)   Why Lindsay Failed as Mayor, by Steven R. Weisman
  (1972 04/00)   In the Midst of Wars, by Edward Geary Lansdale,
                          Swords and Plowshares, by Maxwell D. Taylor, reviewed by Taylor Branch
  (1972 04/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 04/02)   When Uncle Sam's Army Watched You
                          (Lloyd Shearer) (PARADE) (

  (1972 04/16)   Black Perspective on Harlem's State of Mind
                          (Rosa Guy) (New York Times Magazine) (

  (1972 05/00)   Et tu China?, by David Kolodney
  (1972 05/00)   Indochina: The Next Phase, by Noam Chomsky (Continued)
  (1972 05/00)   Black Cops: Black and Blue Ain't White, by Carol Morton
  (1972 05/00)   Eating It! From Here to 2001, by Judith Van Allen
  (1972 05/00)   Why China "Turned West", by Jim Peck
  (1972 05/00)   Deaths I Have Known, by Jose Yglesias
  (1972 05/00)   Seattle: The New Poor Face the New Depression, by Jon Stewart
  (1972 05/00)   The New Poor: A Case Study, by Jon Stewart
  (1972 05/00)   Solzhenitsyn: An Appraisal, by Tamara Deutscher
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 05/00)   Our Bombs Fall on People, by George S. Wald
  (1972 05/00)   The Poor Man's Welfare Payment to the Middle Class, by Milton Friedman
  (1972 05/00)   Memo of the Month: Office of General Counsel
  (1972 05/00)   The Pittston Mentality: Manslaughter on Buffalo Creek, by Thomas N. Bethell and Davitt McAteer
  (1972 05/00)   The MacLeish Memorandum, by Taylor Branch
  (1972 05/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 05/00)   The Day They Shut Down Birmingham, by Patrick J. Sloyan
  (1972 05/00)   Political Numbers: The Emerging McGovern Majority, by Michael Rappeport
  (1972 05/00)   Catch the Falling Flag, by Richard J. Whalen,
                          Courage and Hesitation, by Allen Drury, reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 05/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 05/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 05/03)   J. Edgar Hoover Made the F.B.I. Formidable With Politics, Publicity and Results
                          (Christopher Lydon) (

  (1972 05/04)   Midlothian Mirror - Clark Won't Answer

  (1972 05/07)   Disturbing questions about justice, by Edwin M. Yoder Jr.
                          (Washington Post Book World) (

  (1972 05/12)   April 4, 1972 Tusday 6:30 a.m. - Copyright 1972 - all rights reserved
                          (Arthur H. Bremer) (

  (1972 05/14)   Nine years after a fateful assassination- The Cult of Diem
                          (Robert Shaplen) (New York Times) (

  (1972 05/16)   Family Has File In Family Court
                          (Thomas G. Lubenow) (Milwaukee Journal) (

  (1972 05/16)   Man in the schoolhouse door (Robert Signer)
  (1972 05/16)   Ghastly echo (John Fischetti)
  (1972 05/16)   The assault on Wallace
                          (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1972 05/18)   Midlothian Mirror - Oswald Hated to Leave Russia

  (1972 05/19)   9 Wounds: From Only 5 Bullets?
                          (Silver Spring (AP)) (New York Post) (

  (1972 05/19)   "What's the world coming to?"
                          (Erryn) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1972 05/19)   Maryland, Michigan and Beyond
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1972 05/26)   LIFE Magazine May 26, 1972
                          The Wallace Shooting

  (1972 05/26)   Film: Like Reporter's Notes?
                          (Philip A. McCombs) (Washington Post) (

  (1972 05/27)   Bremer's Long Road to Laurel
                          (Donald Zochert / Edmund J. Rooney) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1972 06/00)   Electoral Politics: The Candidates Reply, by David Kolodney (Continued)
  (1972 06/00)   The Food [Stamp] Conspiracy: No. That's Bankrupt Hippie Morality,
                          by Sheldon Heuchler (Continued)
  (1972 06/00)   The Food [Stamp] Conspiracy: Go Ahead. The Best Things in Life Are Free,
                          by Sheldon Heuchler (Continued)
  (1972 06/00)   How to Get Them, by Robert Cratchit
  (1972 06/00)   Micronesian Memories: Paving Over Paradise, by Eric Treisman
  (1972 06/00)   The Great American Pension Machine, by Charles Leinenweber
  (1972 06/00)   Fat Cats and Democrats, by G. William Domhoff
  (1972 06/00)   What's Left of the Black Left?, by Walt Thompson
  (1972 06/00)   Regulating the Phone Company in Your Home
  (1972 06/00)   Lenny, You Meshugginah, You Can't Play the Hero!, by Gene Marine
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 06/00)   What's Wrong With McGovern, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 06/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 06/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 06/00)   The Environmental Rights You Don't Have (and Aren't Likely to Get), by Daniel Zwerdling
  (1972 06/00)   Memo of the Month: Furnishings for space categories established by DoD Instruction 5305.3
  (1972 06/00)   The American Connection, by John Rothchild and Tom Ricketts
  (1972 06/00)   The Empty Seat War or the Folly of Airline Competition, by Frederick C. Thayer
  (1972 06/00)   Views of the Press: The Bigotry of Liberal Magazines, by Eunice Corfman
  (1972 06/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 06/00)   John Edgar Hoover, by Hank Messick (Excerpt) (

  (1972 06/01)   Midlothian Mirror - Some Win, Some Don't

  (1972 06/03)   Gray Area
                          (TRB) (

  (1972 06/08)   Midlothian Mirror - We Made a Mistake

  (1972 06/18)   5 Held in Plot to Bug Democrats' Office Here (Alfred E. Lewis) (
  (1972 06/18)   Operation Phoenix: A Vietnam Fiasco Seen From Within (Wayne L. Cooper) (

  (1972 06/19)   GOP Security Aide Among Five Arrested in Bugging Affair
                          (Bob Woodward / Carl Bernstein) (

  (1972 06/24)   Gehlen: Spy of the Century, by E. H. Cookridge
                          The General Was a Spy:
                          The Truth About General Gehlen and His Spy Ring, by Heinz Hohne and Hermann Zolling
                          The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen, by Reinhard Gehlen
                          Gehlen: Master Spy of the Century, by Charles Whiting
                          (Robert G. Deindorfer) (Saturday Review) (

  (1972 06/28)   Police Sergeant Vanishes In Chicago Murders Probe
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1972 07/00)   Uncle Bob, by Bob Cratchit (Continued)
  (1972 07/00)   Ice Cream, by Jack Soltanoff
  (1972 07/00)   How the Phone Company Interrupted Our Service, by The Editors
  (1972 07/00)   Three Questions on China, by George Wald
  (1972 07/00)   The China Question and the American Left, by David Horowitz
  (1972 07/00)   The Story of My Overthrow and Resistance, by Prince Norodom Sihanouk (Continued)
  (1972 07/00)   I.Q. Tests: Building Blocks for the New Class System, by Noam Chomsky
  (1972 07/00)   This Land is Their Land, by Larry Casalino
  (1972 07/00)   The Open Schoolroom: New Words for Old Deceptions, by Jonathan Kozol
  (1972 07/00)   Janis Joplin: Death Watch, by Richard Lupoff
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 07/00)   Following the Rules with Dita and Dick, by James Boyd
  (1972 07/00)   Memo of the Month: Travel Of Exactly 24 Hours
  (1972 07/00)   Why the Rich Shouldn't Worry About Tax Reform, by V. O. French
  (1972 07/00)   How the Dirty Thirty Cleaned Up Texas, by Harvey Katz
  (1972 07/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 07/00)   The Coming of Age, by Simone de Beauvoir, reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 07/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 07/04)   Candidates Do Surmount Pettiness
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1972 07/16)   A Modest Proposal To The FBI: Here's What You Can Do With Your Agency
                          (Victor S. Navasky) (New York Times Magazine) (

  (1972 08/00)   The Realist, number 93 (Incomplete)
                          Will Revolution Spoil Groucho Marx?, by Paul Krassner
                          Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?, by Mae Brussell
                          Editorial Giggy Trips:
                          -This Is Another Pre-Anniversary Issue
                          -A Few Words About Saint Mae
                          -Notes of a Paranoid Schizophrenic
                          American Assassins Are Not Mutations, by Mae Brussell
                          How Nixon Actually Got Into Power, by Mae Brussell
                          Postscripts to the Martha Mitchell Story, by Mae Brussell
                          Fables Without Morals:
                          -The Peter Eater
                          -One Picture Is Worth...
                          How District Attorney Jim Garrison Was Framed
                          (The Realist) (

  (1972 08/00)   Classroom Surveillance by Kodak (12 years ahead of its time), by Buddy Nevins
  (1972 08/00)   damned dams stand; plastic for breakfast; who pays watt; weatherwar ;
                          uh, kimosabe; catch as catch can; safer thoughts; don't read this;
                          dita boom; bear eats crow; sherrill seeks his pass (Continued)
  (1972 08/00)   The Rolling Stones; Goodbye to All That, by Dick Lupof (Continued)
  (1972 08/00)   Nixon's Vietnam Strategy: How It Was Launched with the Aid of Brezhnev
                          and Mao and How the Vietnamese Intend to Defeat it, by David Horowitz
  (1972 08/00)   The Prospects of the Vietnam Offensive, by Tom Hayden
  (1972 08/00)   Lasers into Pruning Hooks: Science for the People, by Maurice Bazin
  (1972 08/00)   The Rising Cry for Justice, by the Immaculate Heart College Art Department
  (1972 08/00)   U.S. Electronic Espionage: A Memoir
  (1972 08/00)   What's Left of the Black Left, Part II, by Walt Thompson
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 08/00)   Inside a Major Strike: Woodcock's UAW Vs. General Motors, by William Serrin
  (1972 08/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 08/00)   Aborting a Fetus: The Legal Right, the Personal Choice, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 08/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 08/00)   Prisoners of War, Prisoners of Peace, by Taylor Branch
  (1972 08/00)   Memo of the Month: Clarification - Affirmative Action Policy of The Board of Higher Education
  (1972 08/00)   The Brookings Budget: One Schultz Is Like Another (e),
                          by John Rothchild and Charles Peters (Continued)
  (1972 08/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 08/01)   Bug Suspect Got Campaign Funds
                          (Carl Bernstein / Bob Woodward) (

  (1972 08/05)   Bremer Guilty - Gets 63 Years
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1972 08/11)   Miami Bomb Plot: Democratic HQ wiretapping linked to CIA assassins (Art Kunkin)
                          How American 'advisors' manufacture the 'top men' - Paris
                          (Pacific News Service/Liberation News Service) (

  (1972 08/14)   Hanrahan Trial Focuses On Panther Raid Details
                          (Joseph R. Tybor) (Washington Post) (

  (1972 08/20)   Gray Puts New 'Style' in FBI
                          (Jerry Greene) (Miami Herald) (

  (1972 09/00)   McGovern and the Left: Time for a Stand, by David Kolodney (Continued)
  (1972 09/00)   huey newton's revival meeting in oakland, by Bo Burlingham
  (1972 09/00)   unions give peace a chance, by Staughton Lynd
                          nixon: prince of peace?; who is the enemy?, by B.B.
  (1972 09/00)   The Democrats: a winning strategy?, by Jim Ridgeway
                          pet explosion; last lash; instant justice; cicero grass
  (1972 09/00)   Seoul's Hired Guns, by James Otis (Continued)
  (1972 09/00)   Richard Plays Realtor in San Clemente, by Robert Fitch (Continued)
  (1972 09/00)   Confronting Stalin's Ghost: The Soviet Left Today, by Louis Menashe (Continued)
  (1972 09/00)   The Show the Pentagon Couldn't Stop
  (1972 09/00)   The Browning of Stockholm: America Takes Its Ecology Show Abroad, by Barry Weisberg
  (1972 09/00)   Thoughts of a Palestinian Exile, by Fawaz Turki
  (1972 09/00)   Tell us about small claims court..., by Bob Cratchit (Continued)
  (1972 09/00)   Paternalistic Capitalism, by Andreas G. Papandreou, reviewed by Doug Dowd
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 09/00)   Let Them Eat Bombs, by John Everingham
  (1972 09/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 09/00)   The Space Shuttle: Who Needs It?, by Les Aspin (Continued)
  (1972 09/00)   The FBI's Big Brother Computer, by Michael Sorkin
  (1972 09/00)   Memo of the Month: Invitation for Inputs
  (1972 09/00)   Why Lowenstein Lost: Ethnics, Crooks, and Carpetbaggers, by Lanny J. Davis
  (1972 09/00)   A Nation of Strangers, by Vance Packard, reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 09/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 09/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 09/01)   OSS: The History of America's First Central Intelligence Agency
                          (R. Harris Smith / Barbara Cady) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1972 09/21)   Carmel Closeup: Mae Brussell - Fears 'hidden government' planned assassinations
                          (Judith A. Eisner) (The Pine Cone) (

  (1972 09/29)   Mitchell Controlled Secret GOP Fund
                          (Carl Bernstein / Bob Woodward) (

  (1972 10/00)   How All the News About Political Assassinations In the United States
                          Has Not Been Fit to Print in The New York Times
                          (Jerry Policoff) (The Realist - Issue No. 94 - October, 1972)

  (1972 10/00)   Nguyne Thai Binh, 1948-72
  (1972 10/00)   The Amazing Grace of Sissy Farenthold: Populism in Texas, by Harvey Katz
  (1972 10/00)   phone phreak-out in phun city, by robert sherman
  (1972 10/00)   Women, by Women's News Collective
  (1972 10/00)   Poor Derek's Almanac, by Derek Shearer
  (1972 10/00)   The Americanization of the Persian Gulf, by Fred Halliday
  (1972 10/00)   The Diplomacy of Terror: Behind the Decision to Bomb the Dikes, by David Landau (Continued)
  (1972 10/00)   Election '72, by Peter Kenner
  (1972 10/00)   "Oh, Sarge? He's a good soldier", by Jim Ridgeway
  (1972 10/00)   How Clifford Irving Stole That Book, interview by Abbie Hoffman (Continued)
  (1972 10/00)   Cracks in the Great Wall of Chinatown, by Min S. Yee (Continued)
  (1972 10/00)   How to Vote for the Vietnamese, by Tom Hayden
  (1972 10/00)   Soul In Africa, by J. K. Obatala
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 10/00)   How Ralph Nader, Tricia Nixon, the Aba, and Jamie Whitten Helped Turn the FTC Around,
                          by Harrison Wellford
  (1972 10/00)   Cuban Missiles and Kennedy Macho: New Evidence to Dispel the Myth, by Graham Allison
  (1972 10/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 10/00)   Political Numbers: Up the Down Coattails: McGovern and the Congressional Candidates,
                          by Michael Rappeport
  (1972 10/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: Dumping $2.6 Million on Bakersfield, by Michael Aron
  (1972 10/00)   Memo of the Month: Health Care Recommendations
  (1972 10/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 10/00)   The President's Asylum: The Secret Service's Preventive Detention, by Timothy Ingram
  (1972 10/00)   An Ulsterman's Irishman, an Arab's Jew, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 10/00)   New Towns In-Town, Martha Derthick, reviewed by James Fallows
  (1972 10/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 10/00)   Breakout
                          (Eliot Asinof / Warren Hinckle / William Turner) (Playboy) (

  (1972 10/00)   Arthur Bremer - The Communist Plot To Kill George Wallace
                          (Alan Stang) (American Opinion) (

  (0000 00/00)   3 Prominent Investigators of U.S. Assassinations Claim ...
                          Arthur Bremer Was Trained to Shoot Gov. Wallace in 'School for Assassins'
                          (William Dick) (

  (1972 10/00)   The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy: An Annotated Bibliography
                          (David R. Wrone) (Wisconsin Magazine of History) (

  (1972 10/10)   FBI Finds Nixon Aides Sabotaged Democrats
                          (Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward) (

  (1972 10/12)   Midlothian Mirror - Assassination Roundup (Ivan Dryer)

  (1972 10/19)   The Presidency: Too Soon to Love Again (Priscilla McMillan)
                          Issues 1972 (Albert Gore)
                          (New York Times) (

  (1972 10/19)   Midlothian Mirror - The Hot Knife - Location of the Reserves

  (1972 11/00)   The Cruel Reconciliation, by david horowitz (Continued)
  (1972 11/00)   Notes on the Nixon Crisis: yankees and cowboys, by carl oglesby (Continued)
  (1972 11/00)   McGovern and the Military, by richard f. kaufman (Continued)
  (1972 11/00)   Japanese Colonialism in Appalachia, by james ridgeway,
  (1972 11/00)   The Indonesian Connection, by steve weissman
  (1972 11/00)   Women, by Women's News Collective
  (1972 11/00)   La Raza Unida Comes Together, by rodrigo reyes
  (1972 11/00)   The Rand Papers: Introduction, by the editors
  (1972 11/00)   Behind the Policy Makers: RAND & The Vietnam War:, by david landau
                          1. The Ikle Memorandum
                          2. The Viet Cong Motivation And Morale Project (Continued)
  (1972 11/00)   Looking Backward: RAND and Vietnam in Retrospect, by Anthony Russo (Continued)
  (1972 11/00)   War in the Back Pages, by Tom Oliphant (Continued)
  (1972 11/00)   Capitalist Realism by Norman Rockwell, by Marshall Singer
  (1972 11/00)   Poor Derek's Almanac, by derek shearer
  (1972 11/00)   The Late Night Show from Munich, reviewed by Peter Collier
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 11/00)   You Can't Buy Safety At the Company Store, by Davitt McAteer
  (1972 11/00)   Memo of the Month: The Use Of Three Staples Appears To Be Adequate
  (1972 11/00)   Picking Up the Tab, by James Fallows
  (1972 11/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 11/00)   The Shriver Prescription: How the Government Can Find Out What It's Doing,
                          by Jack Gonzales and John Rothchild
  (1972 11/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 11/00)   Boise Cascade: The One That Didn't Get Away, by William H. Rodgers, Jr.
  (1972 11/00)   Class Action: A Way to Beat the Bureaucracies Without Increasing Them,
                          by Philip Schrag and Michael Meltsner
  (1972 11/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 11/00)   An American Death: The True Story of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
                          and the Greatest Manhunt of Our Time

                          (Gerold Frank) (Book Find News) (

  (1972 11/00)   Executive Action - (6 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1972 11/05)   Know Your FBI
                          (Lloyd Shearer) (Parade) (

  (1972 11/13)   At five minutes before six p.m. April 4, 1968
                          (Harold Weisberg) (

  (1972 11/22)   "And As For Your Attitude ..."
                          (Oliphant) (

  (1972 11/28)   The Head Shots - (7 Drawings)
  (1972 11/28)   Quest for Truth - (3 Drawings)
  (1972 11/28)   The Shot In The Back - (3 Drawings)
  (1972 11/28)   Sixty-Six Seconds - (14 Drawings)
  (1972 11/28)   Wounds and Scars - (5 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1972 12/00)   Spooking the Spooks: the victor marchetti story, by james otis
  (1972 12/00)   Women, by Women's News Collective
  (1972 12/00)   Money and Politics: the good fortune of the franklin mint, by james ridgeway
  (1972 12/00)   Poor Derek's Almanac, by derek shearer
  (1972 12/00)   Bankamerilib: can lynda bird be liberated?, by sheila daar
  (1972 12/00)   Marcos and Martial Law in the Philippines, by stephen hart
  (1972 12/00)   Conversations With The Steelmill Rebels, by Staughton Lynd (Continued)
  (1972 12/00)   Who Goes Begging in America? The Myth of the Middle Class,
                          by Richard Parker (Continued)
  (1972 12/00)   Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Racism in the Counterculture,
                          by Jonathan Kozol (Continued)
  (1972 12/00)   Kissinger: The Swinging Sphinx, by francine du plessix gray (Continued)
  (1972 12/00)   Alcatraz is Not an Island, by richard oakes (Continued)
  (1972 12/00)   the only good indian..., by Peter Collier (Continued)
  (1972 12/00)   Signs, by Van Schley
  (1972 12/00)   Gerald Hanley: An Irishman in Africa, by judy stone
  (1972 12/00)   Munich on $40 Million a Day, by ted brock
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1972 12/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1972 12/00)   Democracy in Action: One Who Lost, by Walter Shapiro
  (1972 12/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1972 12/00)   Democracy in Action: One Who Won, by Daniel Epstein
  (1972 12/00)   Memo of the Month: Illuminating Affirmatively
  (1972 12/00)   Stealing from the Blind, by Marjorie Boyd
  (1972 12/00)   Fair Employment: The Machinery Continues to Rust, by Timothy H. Ingram
  (1972 12/00)   Whizzer White and the Fearsome Foursome, by Robert Zelnick
  (1972 12/00)   Work In America: Do Entrepreneurs Have More Fun?, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1972 12/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1972 12/09)   Johnson Feared War At Kennedy Death, Earl Warren Says
                          (New York Times) (

  (1972 12/11)   A Conversation with Earl Warren
                          (Brandeis Television Recollections) (

  (1972 12/21)   To the Editor, Sir ... HAROLD Weisberg
                          There is an ostrich-like quality to your reporting and editorial on the
                          firing of Dr. Thomas Rose by Hood College that results in the most
                          serious reflections on people I am confident you did not intend
                          (Frederick Post) (

  (1972 12/28)   Desperate Signals or Sour Grapes at the FBI?
                          (Joseph Kraft) (Washington Post) (

  (1972 12/29)   LIFE Magazine December 29, 1972
                          The Year in Pictures

  (1973 00/00)   Trilateral Commission: World Shadow Government

  (1973 00/00)   The Second Gun (Video)
                          (Ted Charak) (

  (1973 01/00)   Who Really Lost the Election?, by bo burlingham
  (1973 01/00)   Indians at the BIA: Bury My Heart on the Potomac, by eugene l. meyer
  (1973 01/00)   apres papa doc: Jean-Claude's New Black Magic, by fred halliday
  (1973 01/00)   Six Lessons in Underdevelopment, by Claudius Ceccon
  (1973 01/00)   Slow Leak in the Pentagon:
                          (and the CIA and the State Dept. and the White House and...), by terry pollack (Continued)
  (1973 01/00)   Soldier: A Memoir, by anthony b. herbert and james t. wooten (Continued)
  (1973 01/00)   down those mean streets: The Framing of Carlos Feliciano, by jose yglesias (Continued)
  (1973 01/00)   the mideast: Dark at the End of the Tunnel, by noam chomsky (Continued)
  (1973 01/00)   The Radical Philatelist: Robert Fried, by paul krassner
  (1973 01/00)   Fire in the Lake, by Frances FitzGerald, reviewed by ngo vinh long (Continued)
  (1973 01/00)   Poor Derek's Almanac, by derek shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 01/00)   Pat Moynihan's Ship of Fools, by Taylor Branch
  (1973 01/00)   Nuclear Hijacking: Now within the Grasp of Any Bright Lunatic, by Timothy H. Ingram
  (1973 01/00)   The Ms. Click!, the Decter Anguish, the Vilar Vulgarity, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1973 01/00)   The Screwing of the Average Taxpayer, by James Fallows
  (1973 01/00)   Memo of the Month: This regulation establishes guidance for the maintenance of bulletin boards
  (1973 01/00)   The Secret Way the Rich Escape, by Philip M. Stern
  (1973 01/00)   Winning Back the Ethnics: Public Help for Private Schools, by Charles Peters
  (1973 01/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 01/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 01/10)   J. Edgar Hoover's Legacy: A Political Snakepit at the FBI
                          (Rowland Evans / Robert Novak) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 01/13)   Reopening the R.F.K. Investigation: Paul Schrade and Congressman Allard Lowenstein
                          (Jim Berland) (KPFK)

  (1973 01/24)   6 p.m. news
                          (KPFA-FM) (

  (1973 01/31)   Last Two Guilty in Watergate Plot
                          (Lawrence Meyer) (

  (1973 02/00)   Uncommon Sense, by Brit Hume
  (1973 02/00)   De Mau Mau: Fast Eddie's Last Draw, by Martin Weston
  (1973 02/00)   Ethiopia: Whose Kingdom Come?, by John Moorehead
  (1973 02/00)   TPF: Driving the Snakes Out of Boston, by Craig Unger
  (1973 02/00)   The Selling Out of the Candidate: 1972, by Tom Oliphant,
  (1973 02/00)   Looking Backward: The Sixties and The Movement, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1973 02/00)   Baba Ram Dass: The Metamorphic Journey of Richard Alpert, by Sara Davidson (Continued)
  (1973 02/00)   The Second Coming of Monti Rock, III, by Bill Cardoso
  (1973 02/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
  (1973 02/00)   The Hair Piece, by Irving Wallace
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 02/00)   In Praise of the Property Tax, by Mason Gaffney
  (1973 02/00)   Peril of the Month: Gas Supertankers, by Timothy H. Ingram
  (1973 02/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 02/00)   The Culture of Bureaucracy: So Hard to Remember, So Easy to Forget,
                          by William and Elizabeth Paddock
  (1973 02/00)   The First Four Years, by the editors
  (1973 02/00)   Memo of the Month: Shift Hours - Cake Pick-Up Time - Rest Period
  (1973 02/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 02/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 02/00)   Commentary: The central problem facing America today
                          (Jim Garrison) (Harper's) (

  (1973 02/13)   Exhibit No. 14 - (13 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1973 02/24)   Fifteen Years Later: Reflections on a Top Secret Report
                          (Chalmers M. Roberts) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 03/00)   Uncommon Sense, by Brit Hume
  (1973 03/00)   "Peace Is at Hand" Henry Kissinger, by David Landau
  (1973 03/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
  (1973 03/00)   Spooks on Parade, by James Otis
  (1973 03/00)   The Most Loathsome Man in the Senate, by Harry Stein
  (1973 03/00)   Cosmopolitan: The Feminine Plastique, by Robin Reisig (Continued)
  (1973 03/00)   ITT's Geneen: How To Succeed in Business by Really Trying, by William Rodgers (Continued)
  (1973 03/00)   The View from Tel Aviv and Beirut, by Paul Jacobs (Continued)
  (1973 03/00)   Confessions of a Number One Son, by Frank Chin
  (1973 03/00)   Gay Rock: The Boys in the Band, by Andrew Kopkind
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 03/00)   The seven secrets of the Metroliner's success, by Walter Shapiro
  (1973 03/00)   Memo of the Month: Refreshments in wardroom
  (1973 03/00)   The Political Puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 03/00)   What the FDA won't tell you about FDS, by Joseph A. Page
  (1973 03/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 03/00)   Annual Political Book Award:
                          Fire in the Lake, by Frances FitzGerald
                          Papers on the War, by Daniel Ellsberg
  (1973 03/00)   The Best and the Brightest, David Halberstam,
                          Fire in the Lake, by Frances FitzGerald,
                          Papers on the War, by Daniel Ellsberg,
                          reviewed by Taylor Branch
  (1973 03/00)   The Hidden Injuries of Class, by Richard Sennett, reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1973 03/00)   Busting our mental blocks on foreign aid, by James Fallows
  (1973 03/00)   Realerpolitik: the texts are getting better, by Luke Popovich
  (1973 03/00)   Political Book Notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 03/06)   CIA on the Trail of a Book About CIA
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 03/08)   The assassination labyrinth
                          (Ron Rosenbaum) (Village Voice) (

  (1973 03/18)   Downey: A CIA Agent in From the Cold
                          (Thomas O'Toole) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 03/24)   Mr. Gray and Mr. Meany: Old Quotes Remembered
                          (John Herling) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 04/00)   LBJ: The Last Roundup by, Andrew Kopkind
  (1973 04/00)   Disability Pay: The Check at the End of the Tunnel, by Mark McIntyre
  (1973 04/00)   The Legacy of Amilcar Cabral, by Gerard Chaliand
  (1973 04/00)   A Matter of Life and Death:
                          The Scandalous Conditions at Boston City Hospital, by Jonathan Kozol (Continued)
  (1973 04/00)   Endgame: The Tactics of Peace in Vietnam, by Noam Chomsky (Continued)
  (1973 04/00)   A Modest Proposal: On Increasing Respect for the Presidency, by Edward Sorel and Kirkpatrick Sale
  (1973 04/00)   Death on the Yard: The Untold Killings at Soledad & San Quentin, by Min Sun Yee (Continued)
  (1973 04/00)   Confessions of a Single Mother, by Susan Griffin
  (1973 04/00)   Year One of the Russian Revolution, by Victor Serge, reviewed by Tamara Deutscher
  (1973 04/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 04/00)   The foreign service as mirror of America, by James Fallows
  (1973 04/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 04/00)   The Mafia and the Mexicans: crooked justice from the INS, by Barry Lando
  (1973 04/00)   The case for the extended family: Life insurance today, by Urban Lehner
  (1973 04/00)   Memo of the Month: morally reprehensible or morally commendable
  (1973 04/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 04/00)   The Watergate story: why Congress didn't investigate until after the election, by Marjorie Boyd
  (1973 04/00)   Decency and loyalty: Linwood Holton learns the President's views, by Frank Rich
  (1973 04/00)   How to keep them buying, even though they know you're lying, by James Rowen
  (1973 04/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 04/00)   The Mystery of the Black Books
                          (Warren Hinckle III) (Esquire) (

  (1973 04/08)   We Lost So Much When King Died
                          (Claude Lewis) (Sunday Bulletin) (

  (1973 04/11)   The FBI: Phase II
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1973 05/00)   The American POWs: Their Glory Is All Moonshine, by Ngo Vinh Long
  (1973 05/00)   The War on Poverty: Nixon Pulls Out, by James Ridgeway
  (1973 05/00)   Locked Out: Our Last Days at the OEO, by Tom Mack and Tim Hoffman
  (1973 05/00)   Jimmy "The Greek": Beware of Greeks Making Odds, by Min S. Yee (Continued)
  (1973 05/00)   The Selling of the Lord 1973, by Eugene L. Meyer (Continued)
  (1973 05/00)   Revolutionary Suicide: My Days in Solitary, by Huey P. Newton (Continued)
  (1973 05/00)   Last Tango in Buenos Aires: The Re-emergence off Juan Peron, by Jose Yglesias (Continued)
  (1973 05/00)   A Gallery of Unlikely Occurrences, by Edward Sorel and Kirkpatrick Sale
  (1973 05/00)   Turning On: The Scientific Method, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1973 05/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
  (1973 05/00)   Man and His Urban Environment:
                          A Manual of Specific Considerations for the Seventies and Beyond
                          by Fred Smith and others, reviewed by Thomas Morton
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 05/00)   We knew what we were doing when we went into Vietnam, by Henry Fairlie
  (1973 05/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 05/00)   Waiting for disarmament: Weapons we can live with-and without, by C. Robert Zelnick
  (1973 05/00)   Memo of the Month: Please place this carbon copy in your files and destroy the original
  (1973 05/00)   A radical proposal: free enterprise, by Michael Rappeport and Christine Van Lenter
  (1973 05/00)   The hero of a year ago, by Ted Van Dyk
  (1973 05/00)   Meanwhile the Realities: "I don't walk around with jobs in my pocket", by Polly Toynbee
  (1973 05/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 05/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 05/00)   "President Kennedy's Brain Is Missing"
                          (True) (Paulette Cooper) (

  (1973 05/01)   3 Top Nixon Aides, Kleindienst Out; President Accepts Full Responsibility;
                          Richardson Will Conduct New Probe
                          (Laurence Stern / Haynes Johnson) (

  (1973 05/16)   Listed Under 'Miscellaneous'
                          (Tom Zito) (

  (1973 05/27)   The Howard Hughes Memos
                          (Jack Anderson) (United Feature Syndicate) (

  (1973 06/00)   Prisoners and Patriots: Adventures in the P.O.W. Trade, by Cora Weiss
  (1973 06/00)   The Chilean Experiment: Revolution in the Countryside?, by Jose Yglesias (Continued)
  (1973 06/00)   Ruchell Magee: The Defense Never Rests, by Alexandra Close (Continued)
  (1973 06/00)   Wounded Knee: The New Indian War, by Peter Collier (Continued)
  (1973 06/00)   How the U.S. Went Bankrupt, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1973 06/00)   A Vegetarian Manifesto, by Frances Moore Lappé (Continued)
  (1973 06/00)   Beefed Up: Drugs in the Meat Industry, by Daniel Zwerdling
  (1973 06/00)   A Long View from the Left: Memoirs of an American Revolutionary,
                          by Al Richmond, reviewed by David Horowitz (Continued)
  (1973 06/00)   Almanac, by Derek Shearer
  (1973 06/00)   Reggae: The Steady Rock of Black Jamaica, by Andrew Kopkind
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 06/00)   Putting the Wisdom Back into Intelligence, by James Fallows
  (1973 06/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 06/00)   The Wall Street Lawyers in Washington, by Paul Hoffman
                          Reassurance From the Folks Who Gave Us General Lavelle
  (1973 06/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 06/00)   Black and White Together Is Still the Point, by Walter Shapiro
  (1973 06/00)   The Wife and Kids: Not the Excuse They Used to Be, by Michael Rappeport and Howard Van Lenten
  (1973 06/00)   Memo of the Month: he who complains about the ordered existence is guilty of myopic vision
  (1973 06/00)   Living Through the Boss- A Day in the Life of a Senator's A. A., by Polly Toynbee
  (1973 06/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 06/19)   Michael Reilly Is Dead at 63; Headed Secret Service Detail
                          (New York Times)

  (1973 07/00)   Election Special: Standoff for Radicals In Local Contests Around the Country
                          Madison Elects Radical Mayor, by Dan Schwartz
                          Human Rights Party Suffers Setback In Ann Arbor, by Edward Zuckerman
                          Radicals Win Initiatives, Lose Council Race In Berkeley, by Art Goldberg
                          Environment An Issue As Left Coalition Wins In Santa Barbara, by Richard Parker
  (1973 07/00)   The Rise and Fall of Nick Charney's Saturday Review, by Jon Swan (Continued)
  (1973 07/00)   Mystic Politics: Refugees from the New Left, by Andrew Kopkind (Continued)
  (1973 07/00)   A Reader's Guide to the New Mysticism, by Joshu
  (1973 07/00)   Blissed Out With The Perfect Master, by Ken Kelley (Continued)
  (1973 07/00)   Cambodia: The War at the End of the Tunnel, by Judith Coburn
  (1973 07/00)   The Fall of Jerusalem, by Abdullah Schleifer, reviewed by Paul Jacobs
  (1973 07/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 07/00)   Why the White House Press Didn't Get the Watergate Story, by Charles Peters
  (1973 07/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 07/00)   Civility, Community, and Humor: The Conservatism We Need, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1973 07/00)   The Screwing of the Average Man: How Your Banker Does It, by Paul Dickson
  (1973 07/00)   Memo of the Month: Monthly Checklist of Housing Management
                          Issuances Distributed to Local Housing Authorities, April 1973
  (1973 07/00)   Bank Charters: How He Got to Do It, by Walter Shapiro
  (1973 07/00)   A Democratic Vassal in King Richard's Civil Service, by Charles Markham
  (1973 07/00)   "Making It" Revisited: Nader, Podhoretz, and Morris, by James Fallows
  (1973 07/00)   What Happens When America Runs Out of Leftovers, by David Weisbrod
  (1973 07/00)   Grumman Couldn't Bear It: The F-14 Story, by Duane Yorke
  (1973 07/00)   Beyond Boredom- A Look at What's New on the Assembly Line, by Daniel Zwerdling
  (1973 07/00)   political book notes
  (1973 07/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 07/00)   Mae Brussell's Conspiracy Newsletter, First Issue
                          Why Is the Senate Watergate Committee Functioning As Part of the Cover-Up?
                          I. Knowledge Omitted from the Campus
                          II. The Cover-Up
                          A. Concealing the motives
                          B. Witnesses not called
                          1. Martha Mitchell
                          2. Louis Tackwood
                          3. Tom Charles Huston
                          4. William Sullivan
                          III.- Martial Law Without the Riots
                          A. Institutions to dismantle
                          B. The enemy list
                          C. The warfare state
                          D. Political prisoners of America
                         Opening Statement by Senator Sam J. Ervin Jr. Before the Senate Select
                          Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities - May,17, 1973, the first day of the hearings
                          The Plumbers Connection
                          CIA Surplus Items:
                          -Military Occupation Scrip
                          -Canvas Bags Filled with Live Cats
                          -A Complete Russian Small Town
                          -Anodized Electronic Genital Prods
                          -6 Pound "Cooties"
                          -Cesar Chavez Targets
                          -Radioactive Cobalt Vaginal Suppositories
                          (The Realist) (

  (1973 07/11)   Watergate and the Shooting of George Wallace
                          (Timothy Heinan) (The Review Of The News) (

  (1973 08/00)   Land Reform: Reclaiming Mother Earth, by Warren T. Weber
  (1973 08/00)   George Seldes: Muckraker Emeritus, by Derek Shearer
  (1973 08/00)   Informers: The Enemy Within, by Paul Jacobs (Continued)
  (1973 08/00)   The Gainesville Eight: Dirty Tricks on Trial, by Rob Elder (Continued)
  (1973 08/00)   Chavez and the Teamsters: Showdown in the Coachella Valley, by George Baker (Continued)
  (1973 08/00)   Watergate, by The Editors
  (1973 08/00)   Historians and the Cold War: The Battle over America's Image, by David Horowitz (Continued)
  (1973 08/00)   The Implosion Conspiracy, by Louis Nizer, reviewed by Walter Schneir (Continued)
  (1973 08/00)   State of Siege , by Costa-Gavras, reviewed by Andrew Kopkind
  (1973 08/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 09/00)   Putting the President Back into Politics, by Thomas E. Cronin
  (1973 09/00)   Campaign Reform: Taking the Worry Out of Reelection, by Walter Shapiro
  (1973 09/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 09/00)   Senator Baker and the Bureau Chief: Why They're Wrong About Watergate, by Charles Peters
  (1973 09/00)   The Case for the Family Farmer, by James Hightower
  (1973 09/00)   Memo of the Month: You recently applied for consideration for the above vacancy
  (1973 09/00)   Right to Read: Lost in PR, by Wallace Roberts
  (1973 09/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 09/00)   'Classification and Adjustment' in a Maryland Women's Prison, by Polly Toynbee
  (1973 09/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 09/02)   His only regret-not to have killed de Gaulle: The real Jackal
                          (Ted Morgan) (The New York Times Magazine) (

  (1973 09/19)   Voice of Garrison Said Spliced Into Recording,
                          (John McMillan / Don Hughes) (Times-Picayune) (

  (1973 10/00)   CAP: New Breeze in the Windy City, by Derek Shearer
  (1973 10/00)   Che's Revenge: Trouble for Bolivia's Junta, by James Kohl
  (1973 10/00)   An Inside Look: Watergate and the World of the CIA, by L. Fletcher Prouty (Continued)
  (1973 10/00)   Cleaning up the Act: The Politics of Police Reform, by Andrew Kopkind (Continued)
  (1973 10/00)   Nixon's "Lucky City": C. Arnholt Smith and the San Diego Connection,
                          by Lowell Bergman and Maxwell Robach (Continued)
  (1973 10/00)   The Strange Tale of The Secret Army Organization (USA), by Richard Popkin (Continued)
  (1973 10/00)   Out of Gas: Notes on the Energy Crisis, by James Ridgeway
  (1973 10/00)   Belfast's Children of Violence, by David and Philip Thompson
  (1973 10/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 10/00)   Health: The Care We Need and Want, by David Blumenthal and James Fallows
  (1973 10/00)   Health: The Morality of Medicine, by David Ignatius
  (1973 10/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 10/00)   A Latin-American Vietnam, by Jack Hood Vaughn
  (1973 10/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 10/00)   After the Scandal: Picking Up the Pieces, by Frank Browning
  (1973 10/00)   Running for Office: All You Need is an Issue, by Stephen Schlesinger
  (1973 10/00)   The McGovern Campaigners: Their Dirty Little Secret, by Walter Shapiro
  (1973 10/00)   Inflation: The Permanent Problem of Boom and Bust, by Robert Lekachman,
                          reviewed by James Fallows
  (1973 10/00)   Memo of the Month: Flower Fund 1973
  (1973 10/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 10/00)   CTIA Newsletter
                          (Bernard Fensterwald, Jr.) (Committee to Investigate Assassinations) (

  (1973 10/07)   Hughes' Political Donations Surface
                          (Morton Mintz) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 10/07)   The Collapse of the Internal Balance of Power
                          (Carl Oglesby) (Boston Phoenix) (

  (1973 10/07)   The Second Gun (Video) (Ted Charach)

  (1973 10/08)   Garrison v. Everybody
                          (TIME) (

  (1973 10/19)   Dick Gregory
                          (Chris Van Ness) (Los Angeles Free Press) (

  (1973 10/25)   Nixon Seen Deeply Suspicious of Cox
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 10/30)   Doctor Recalls Nov. 22
                          (Claude Lewis) (

  (1973 11/00)   From Dallas to Watergate: The Longest Cover-Up, by Peter Dale Scott (Continued)
  (1973 11/00)   Ballots into Bullets: Epitaph for a Peaceful Revolution, by Betty and James F. Petras (Continued)
  (1973 11/00)   1909-1973 - Salvador Allende: A PERSONAL REMEMBRANCE, by Jose Yglesias (Continued)
  (1973 11/00)   Women's Self-Help Movement*
                          *Or, Is Happiness Knowing Your Own Cervix?, by Elizabeth Fishel (Continued)
  (1973 11/00)   The New International Power Game, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1973 11/00)   Life After Death: The Sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, by Jonah Raskin (Continued)
  (1973 11/00)   Handbook for the Virgin Voter, by Edward Sorel and Edward Eliscu
  (1973 11/00)   The Almanac, by Derek Shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 11/00)   Meanwhile the Realities: Student Loans: How the Government Takes the Work Out of Fraud,
                          by Sylvia Kronstadt
                          The Real Reason Nixon Fired Cox, From the Editors
  (1973 11/00)   Moral Myopia: /The New York Review' and the New York Intellectuals, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1973 11/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 11/00)   ITT and Watergate: The Colson Connection, by Timothy H. Ingram
  (1973 11/00)   Rooting for the Other Team: Clientism in the Foreign Service, by Roger Morris
  (1973 11/00)   Memo of the Month: Fit Mrs. Nixon and Tricia for balls as soon as possible
  (1973 11/00)   Heading the Highway Lobby Off at the Overpass, by David Martin
  (1973 11/00)   The $12 Billion Misunderstanding: Veterans and the VA, by Paul Starr
  (1973 11/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 11/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 11/00)   Ten years?
                          (Theodore C. Sorensen) (

  (1973 11/00)   Where Were You?
  (1973 11/00)   Ten years later: A Legacy of Suspicion (Bernard Fensterwald, Jr.)
  (1973 11/00)   The Greatest Home Movie Ever Made: What happened next... (Richard B. Stolley)
  (1973 11/00)   Did There Come a Point in Time When There Were 43 Different Theories of How Watergate Happened?
                          Yes, to the best of our recollection (Edward J. Epstein and John Berendt)
                          (Esquire) (

  (1973 11/04)   Where they are now - The Camelotians (Donald Smith) (Incomplete)
                          Hootenannies, digit dialing, Mme. Nhu, Krebiozen, 007, the 5-cent stamp,
                          Katanga, 'Fanny Hill', 'Tom Jones' and Bobby Baker...Then (William Manchester)
                          (New York Times) (

  (1973 11/07)   "EXECUTIVE ACTION" Facts Behind The Making Of This Film (Trailer)
                          (Wakeford / Orloff) (

  (1973 11/11)   Hughes in Las Vegas: Orgy in Avarice
                          (Leroy F. Aarons) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 11/18)   The Finest Judges Money Can Buy, and Other Forms of Judicial Pollution (Excerpt)
                          Judge Edward A. Haggerty, Sr. (Louisiana)
                          (Charles R. Ashman) (

  (1973 11/18)   Tribal Loyalty Is Alive and Waiting
                          (William Greider) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 11/18)   Book Review: November 22, 1963: You Are the Jury, by Daniel W. Belin, Esq.
                          (George and Priscilla Johnson McMillan) (New York Times) (

  (1973 11/19)   Messages Exchanged By President Kennedy and Chairman khrushchev
                          During the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962
                          (Department of State Bulletin) (

  (1973 11/20)   Arlen: Warren Panel Right
                          (Arlen Specter) (Philadelphia Daily News) (

  (1973 11/20)   INSIDE, STRAIGHT, No. 2
                          The Zap Shot
                          The Dummy, The Rummy, Or The Junta?
                          The Pressures On The President
                          "Kill" Pills And Crashes
                          Why "Junta"?
                          "Kiss" Is Missed
                          Colson Is The Key
                          Constitutional Rites
                          The Ford Fund's "Board"
                          Red Herring Whitewash
                          Texas Takes Over
                          President Richardson
                          (Leon Davidson) (

  (1973 11/21)   300 Honor Kennedy At Dallas Ceremony
                          (Dallas (UPI)) (

  (1973 11/21)   Ten Years Gone
                          (Pete Hamill) (New York Post) (

  (1973 11/21)   Kennedy, Nixon: 2 Faces of One Era
                          (Clifton Daniel) (New York Times) (

  (1973 11/22)   Time Remembered (Anthony Lewis)
  (1973 11/22)   That Time We Huddled Together in Disbelief (Priscilla McMillan)
                          (New York Times) (

  (1973 11/22)   His shadow casts a shadow casting flames
                          (Paul Engle) (

  (1973 11/23)   Decade Of Assassinations 1963 - 1973 (Program)
                          Georgetown University - Gaston Hall - Nov. 23-24, 1973
                          (Committee To Investigate Assassinations) (

  (1973 11/24)   A 'Dispirited Decade'
  (1973 11/24)   'What Special Magic Did He Have?' (Pierre Salinger)
  (1973 11/24)   Assassination Probers Gather Here (John Hanrahan)
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1973 11/26)   Memories of John F. Kennedy
                          (Hugh Sidey) (Time) (

  (1973 12/00)   Vietnam: The POW'S We Left Behind, by Fred Branfman
  (1973 12/00)   Paris, Five Years Later, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1973 12/00)   Scorecard on the Environment, by Gene Marine
  (1973 12/00)   The Third Sex, by James Nolan (Continued)
  (1973 12/00)   Dorothy Healey: The Great Purge of 1973, by Barry Farrell
  (1973 12/00)   The Fall of Santiago, by Fernando Alegria
  (1973 12/00)   Detroit's Supercops: Terror in the Streets, by Howard Kohn (Continued) (Continued)
  (1973 12/00)   A Decade of Unanswered Questions, by The Editors
  (1973 12/00)   "The Day I Was Busted by G. Gordon Liddy", by Timothy Leary
  (1973 12/00)   Executive Action: Hollywood Rediscovers Politics, by M. Robach
  (1973 12/00)   The Human Face of Socialism: The Political Economy of Change in Czechoslovakia,
                          by George Shaw, reviewed by Al Richmond
  (1973 12/00)   Almanac, by Derek Shearer
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1973 12/00)   Death on the Road: Going Beyond Nader and the Reader's Digest, by James Fallows
  (1973 12/00)   Shooting Down Some Myths About Gun Control, by Polly Toynbee
  (1973 12/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1973 12/00)   Two Policemen Talk: Letting Rizzo Do the Thinking, by Christopher Wren
  (1973 12/00)   Two Policemen Talk: Thinking for Ourselves: The Questions We Can Start With, by Donald Graham
  (1973 12/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1973 12/00)   What Makes Congress Run?, by Norman Ornstein
  (1973 12/00)   Memo of the Month: Simplification of the $ .08294 Rate for Mileage Reimbursement
  (1973 12/00)   Kay, Otis, and Newby: They Sell Out Too, by Walter Shapiro
  (1973 12/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1973 12/00)   DARLIN' ARLEN & THE S--BT or How to Write a Report without Really Trying
                          (R. B. Cutler) (

  (1973 12/01)   Halperin: Taps Followed Access End
                          (Timothy Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 12/07)   Assassination Conference Attracts Varied Types
                          (Tim Butz) (Daily Rag) (

  (1973 12/07)   "Dear James McCord", by Paul Krassner
                          (Crawdaddy) (

  (1973 12/11)   Watergate-Hughes Data Link Probed
                          (Lawrence Meyer / Timothy S. Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1973 12/14)   Kennedy's Murder, and a man named McCord...
                          (Berkeley Barb) (

  (1974 00/00)   The Mystery of the origins of the book, Farewell America
                          (Warren Hinckle) (If You Have a Lemon, Make Lemonade)

  (1974 00/00)   Mission Impossible: Eugenio Martinez, Watergate Burglar
                          (Vanity Fair) (

  (1974 00/00)   Forgive My Grief III
                          (Penn Jones Jr.) (

  (1974 00/00)   Applications of Nuclear Science in Crime Investigation
                          (Vincent P. Guinn) (Annual Review of Nuclear Science) (

  (1974 00/00)   The French in Indochina
                          (Thomas Ladenburg) (

  (1974 00/00)   United States v. Nixon: Who Killed Cock Robin
  (1974 00/00)   Watergate, Impeachment, and the Constitution
                          (Philip B. Kurland) (

  (1974 01/00)   Vietnam: The Cease-Fire that Never Was, by Ngo Vinh Long
  (1974 01/00)   Alexander Haig: Nixon's New Go-fer, by Thomas Oliphant
  (1974 01/00)   Carl Albert: Every Other Inch a President, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1974 01/00)   Behind the Scenes at the Cox Investigation, by George Lardner, Jr.
  (1974 01/00)   The Last Days of Louisiana Red, by Ishmael Reed (Continued)
                          Special Report On the Mideast War
  (1974 01/00)   I. The Mood in Tel Aviv, by Paul Jacobs
  (1974 01/00)   II. The Background, by Noam Chomsky
  (1974 01/00)   III. Crisis for NATO, by Terence McCarthy
  (1974 01/00)   IV. Saudi Arabia: The Wild Card, by Fred Halliday
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 01/00)   Chapter Two of Moral Myopia: The Watergate Committee and its Staff, by James Fallows
  (1974 01/00)   The ABA: The Rhetoric Has Changed nut the Morality Lingers On, by Mark Green
  (1974 01/00)   Ralph Nader, the Last New Dealer, by Simon Lazarus
  (1974 01/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 01/00)   The Ziegler Memorandum: A Five-Point Plan to Prevent Impeachment, by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 01/00)   Memo of the Month: "FIFRA as amended," or "FIFRA of 1972"
  (1974 01/00)   Conning Congress- The Wild Card Story, by Eliza Paul
  (1974 01/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 01/00)   Where It All Ends, by Mary Adelaide Mendelson & David Hapgood
  (1974 01/00)   political book notes (Continued)
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 01/03)   Say Leftists Held Girl a Prisoner
                          (Jay Levin) (New York Post) (

  (1974 01/03)   Murder in the Cathedral
                          (Robert Blair Kaiser) (Rolling Stone) (

  (1974 01/07)   Indicting Hughes
                          (TIME) (

  (1974 01/13)   20 Years in the Secret Service: My Life With Five Presidents, by Rufus Youngblood
                          (Washington Post/Potomac) (

  (1974 01/22)   Congressional Record - Extensions of Remarks: A Decade Of Assassinations
                          (Hon. Louis Stokes) (

  (1974 01/27)   The Hughes Report: Saga of Ties to Nixon Rivals Novel
                          (Lawrence Meyer) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 02/00)   A Time to Make Peace, by Victor Cygielman
  (1974 02/00)   Blueprints for a New Society, by G. William Domhoff
  (1974 02/00)   Greece: The Junta is Dead, Long Live the Junta, by Margaret Papandreou
  (1974 02/00)   British Colombia: Socialism in One Province, by Derek Shearer
  (1974 02/00)   Hospitals for Sale: (and other ways to kill a public health system),
                          by Elinor Blake and Thomas Bodenheimer
  (1974 02/00)   A Conversation, by Jean-Paul Sartre
  (1974 02/00)   Guru Maharaj Ji: Over the Hill at 16? 15?, by Ken Kelley
  (1974 02/00)   Payola: As American as Pizza Pie, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1974 02/00)   The Way We Weren't, by Judy Stone
  (1974 02/00)   The New Socialist Revolution, by Michael Lerner, reviewed by Stanley Aronowitz
  (1974 02/00)   Notes from Prison, by Daniel Berrigan
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 02/00)   How We Can Survive the Seventies, by James Fallows
  (1974 02/00)   How We Can Bring Back Quality: Sharing a Piece of the Action, by Marjorie Boyd
  (1974 02/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 02/00)   The Screwing of the Average Man: How Your Lawyer Does It, by Charles Peters
  (1974 02/00)   Political Numbers: No Watergate Landslide, by Alan Ehrenhalt
  (1974 02/00)   Memo of the Month: Hazardous Use of Coffee Pot
  (1974 02/00)   How Much Did You Give Last Year?, by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 02/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 02/00)   From Korea With Love, by John D. Marks
  (1974 02/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 02/06)   Scenario of Hughes-Nixon Link
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post)

  (1974 02/21)   '53 Oil Cartel Probe Killed
                          (Morton Mintz) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 03/00)   Good Morning Class ............... My Name is Bzzz Vzz, Crackle,
                          by Michael Seltzer and Howard Karger
  (1974 03/00)   Europe's Immigrant Workers: New Grapes of Wrath, by Schofield Coryell
  (1974 03/00)   How Far Can a Lone Ranger Ride?, by William Greider (Continued)
  (1974 03/00)   Soviet Dissent: In Search of Forgotten Men, by Marcus Raskin (Continued)
  (1974 03/00)   Poems, by Osip Mandelstam
  (1974 03/00)   The Energy Crisis Is about 200 years,
                          but watch what happens in the meantime, by Richard Parke (Continued)
  (1974 03/00)   Alternate Energy: Here Comes the Sun, by Gene Marine
  (1974 03/00)   Elk Hills: The Return of Teapot Dome
  (1974 03/00)   ...and in the Mountains of Colorado
  (1974 03/00)   Under the Volcano, by Malcolm Lowry, reviewed by Adam Hochschild
  (1974 03/00)   Film Notes, by Nick Rabkin
  (1974 03/00)   The Almanac, by Tom Zeman
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 03/00)   Inside ETS- Or the Plot to Multiple-Choice Us from Cradle to Grave, by Eric Rodriguez
  (1974 03/00)   The Distinctions the Pollsters Don't Make, by Michael Rappeport
  (1974 03/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 03/00)   Memo of the Month: Removal of silver tip on Retractable Ball-Point Pens
  (1974 03/00)   It Takes Energy to Produce Energy: The Net's the Thing, by Edward Flattau and Jeff Stansbury
  (1974 03/00)   Annual Political Book Award:
                          Cold Dawn: The Story of SALT, by John Newhouse
                          The Congressman Who Loved Flaubert and Other Washington Stories, by Ward Just
  (1974 03/00)   Will Editors Ever Love Flaubert? by James Fallows
  (1974 03/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 03/00)   Cold Dawn: The Story of SALT, by John Newhouse,
                          Kissinger: Portrait of a Mind, by Stephen Graubard,
                          reviewed by Graham Allison
  (1974 03/00)   SDS: The rise and development of the Students for a Democratic Society, by Kirkpatrick Sale,
                          reviewed by Suzannah Lessard
  (1974 03/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 03/00)   The Grassy Knoll Papers
                          (David Williams and Harvey Z. Yazijian) (

  (1974 03/05)   The 'Why' of Watergate Explored
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 03/12)   Shots Heard - (6 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1974 03/15)   Mr. Hoover's Dirty Tricks
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1974 03/21)   'National Security' Taps
                          (Gaylord Nelson) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 03/23)   Richard Goodwin: Washington Reflections And Other Illusions
                          (Michael Kernan) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 03/24)   Navy Abandons Sunken Torpedo
                          Puerto Rican Smuggling
                          (Jack Anderson / Les Whitten) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 04/00)   Some of His Best Friends Were..., by Paul Jacobs
  (1974 04/00)   Brazil: The Underside of the Miracle, by Fred Halliday and Maxine Molyneux
  (1974 04/00)   R.D. Laing: The Politics of Madness, by Edgar Z. Friedenberg (Continued)
  (1974 04/00)   Could Karl Marx Teach Economics in America?, by Lawrence S. Lifshultz (Continued)
  (1974 04/00)   Will There Always Be an England?, by Alexander Cockburn (Continued)
  (1974 04/00)   Women at Work, by Studs Terkel
  (1974 04/00)   John Ford: The Last Frontiersman, by Ron Chernow
  (1974 04/00)   The Almanac, by Tom Zeman
  (1974 04/00)   A Tax Guide for the Rest of Us:
                          If you can't give your papers to the National Archive..., by Robert Kaldenbach
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 04/00)   Doing a Little for Others and a Lot for Ourselves, by James Fallows
  (1974 04/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 04/00)   Nixon's Flying Führerbunker, by Mary Meehan
  (1974 04/00)   Memo of the Month: Highlight Report for the Week Ending January 4, 1974
  (1974 04/00)   New Hope for Parents- A Way to Beat the High Costs of College, by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 04/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 04/00)   The Vice Presidency: From Cigar Store Indian to Crown Prince, by Donald Graham
  (1974 04/00)   A Congressman's Day: At the District Office, by Jamie Rosenthal Wolf
  (1974 04/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 04/02)   Howard Hughes' Link to Watergate
                          (Carl Oglesby) (Boston Phoenix) (

  (1974 04/06)   Hughes Gift Tied to Miss Woods, Nixon Kin
                          (Carl Bernstein / Bob Woodward) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 04/09)   The Hughes Connection: Showdown in Vegas
                          (Carl Oglesby) (Boston Phoenix) (

  (1974 04/16)   The Hughes Connection and the Great Rip-off
                          (Carl Oglesby) (Boston Phoenix) (

  (1974 04/19)   Is SLA's Cinque The First Black Lee Harvey Oswald?, by Mae Brussell and Stephanie Caruana
                          (Berkeley Barb) (

  (1974 05/00)   "What the country needs Is...", by Peter Barnes
  (1974 05/00)   The Great American Doom Machine, by Leonard Rodberg
  (1974 05/00)   ...And Its Runaway Budget, by Sanford Gottlieb (Continued)
  (1974 05/00)   The Symbionese Liberation Army: Terrorism and the Left, by the Editors
  (1974 05/00)   An Age of Scarcity: Oil Is Only the Beginning, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1974 05/00)   In the Shadow of War...China's New Cultural Revolution,
                          by David Milton, Nancy Milton, and Franz Schurmann (Continued)
  (1974 05/00)   The Importance of Being Izzy, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1974 05/00)   All Said and Done, by Simone de Beauvoir
  (1974 05/00)   The Almanac, by Tom Zeman
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 05/00)   Mary McCarthy- The Blinders She Wears, by James Fallows
  (1974 05/00)   Memo of the Month: No additional meetings are to be held by the women without prior authorization
  (1974 05/00)   Why Price Controls Stopped Working..., by Robert Samuelson
  (1974 05/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 05/00)   ...Where Price Controls Are Still Needed, by Morton Mintz
  (1974 05/00)   'We Try to Use Dictatorial Powers Only As a Last Resort', by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 05/00)   Shooting at Empty Silos, by Pat Schroeder
  (1974 05/00)   7,000 Toys for the Generals, by Paul Warnke
  (1974 05/00)   An Island Paradise for the Admirals, by Gene LaRocque
  (1974 05/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 05/00)   The Rehnquist Recuse: Judging Your Own Case, by John Mackenzie
  (1974 05/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 05/00)   Fit To Kill: The Presidency And Political Assassination
                          (Medford Evans) (American Opinion) (

  (1974 05/06)   Investigators Believe Hughes Case Provides Motive for Watergate
                          (Jerry Landauer) (Wall Street Journal) (

  (1974 05/12)   Go East, Young Man: The Early Years, by William O. Douglas, reviewed by Colman McCarthy
                          (Washington Post Book World) (

  (1974 05/23)   Huges Papers Reveal Eccentricities
                          (Jack Anderson) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 05/24)   Appointment in Dallas - (3 Drawings)
  (1974 05/24)   Shots & Authors - (12 Drawings)
  (1974 05/24)   Through the Chest - (5 Drawings)
  (1974 05/24)   The Umbrella Man - (8 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1974 06/00)   Campaign Reform: To Be Taken with a Grain of Salt, by Robert Walters
  (1974 06/00)   The Watergate Net: One Who Got Away, by Tom Zeman
  (1974 06/00)   GM and the Nazis, by Bradford Snell
  (1974 06/00)   Trying to Stay Alive: Collective Bargaining in Brooklyn, by Jonathan Maslow
  (1974 06/00)   Lockheed: The High Cost of Dying, by A. Ernest Fitzgerald (Continued)
  (1974 06/00)   Chile: Can the Junta Rule?, by Richard Pierson
  (1974 06/00)   Watergate and Other Crimes, by Noam Chomsky
  (1974 06/00)   Miners for Democracy: Year One at the UMW, by Ward E. Sinclair (Continued)
  (1974 06/00)   The New Woman, by Anais Nin
  (1974 06/00)   Solzhenitsyn and the Radical Cause, by David Horowitz
  (1974 06/00)   The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956, by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, reviewed by Roy Medvedev
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 06/00)   The Unions- How Much Can a Good Man Do?, by Curtis Seltzer
  (1974 06/00)   F. Edward Hebert- A Credit to His Race, by Daniel Rapoport
  (1974 06/00)   Memo of the Month: Physical Change in Classrooms
  (1974 06/00)   Ramparts: The End of Muckraking Magazines, by Adam Hochschild
  (1974 06/00)   Big is Bad for Us All, by John Winslow
  (1974 06/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 06/00)   Collecting Merit Badges: The White House Fellows, by Peter Rand
  (1974 06/00)   Making It With Mailer, Millett, and Capote, by James Fallows
  (1974 06/00)   political book notes
  (1974 06/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 06/23)   Mitchell Tied to Hughes Bid
                          (George Lardner Jr.) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 06/29)   Are There 'Manchurian Candidates' Among Us?
                          (Tom Tiede) (

  (1974 07/00)   Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Gasoline*
                          *but the oil companies were afraid to tell you, by Tom Zeman
  (1974 07/00)   Senator John Tunney: His Father Was a Heavyweight, by George Baker
  (1974 07/00)   Report from Saigon: An Economy Near Collapse, by William Shawcross
  (1974 07/00)   Inside the CIA: The Clandestine Mentality, by Victor Marchetti and John Marks
  (1974 07/00)   National Health Insurance: The Care and Feeding of Medi-Business,
                          by Ronda Kotelchuck and Thomas Bodenheimer (Continued)
                          The U.S. Economy:
  (1974 07/00)   I. Death of an Illusion, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1974 07/00)   II. The Way Things (Don't) Work, by Seymour Melman
  (1974 07/00)   III. One Modest Proposal, by Tom Zeman
  (1974 07/00)   Racist Chic: Return of the Klansman, by Robert Chrisman
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 07/00)   Moral Myopia Chapter Three: Jack Anderson and the Eagleton Case, by Brit Hume
  (1974 07/00)   Denenberg v. Flaherty: Politics After Common Cause, by Walter Shapiro (Continued) (Continued)
  (1974 07/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 07/00)   Memo of the Month: Members who may be accustomed to carrying firearms
  (1974 07/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 07/00)   The Zero Defect System, by Charles Peters
  (1974 07/00)   Bill Moyers: His Heart Belongs to Daddy, by James Fallows
  (1974 07/00)   Kissinger and the Brothers Kalb, by Roger Morris
  (1974 07/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 07/00)   Did the Press Uncover Watergate?
                          (Edward Jay Epstein) (

  (1974 07/01)   González Says That He Has Been (Quote) "Restudying" The J.F.K. Assassination
                          (Zodiac News Service) (

  (1974 07/14)   Hughes Hired O'Brien
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1974 07/21)   The Realist, number 98
                          Mae Brussell's Conspiracy Newsletter
                          I. Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?
                          II Cast of Characters
                          III Chronology of Events
                          IV. Why Was the SLA Created?
                          V: The Tell-Tale Revolutionaries: Conspicuous Banditos or Provocateurs?
                          VI. Tactical Support
                          VIT. How Dangerous Was the SLA?
                          VIII. Why the Charges Against Patty?
                          IX. The Death Trap
                          X. How Do You Tell a CIA Espionage Plot from a Revolutionary, Radical, Terrorist Guerrilla Army?
                          1. Cover Story
                          2. Coincidence?
                          3. Dummy Fronts
                          4. Use of Media and Propaganda
                          5. Indications of CIA Conspiracy
                          6. Indications of FBI Collusion
                          7. The Tom Charles Huston Plan; Combined Efforts of the White House, Vice-President,
                          Justice Department, Intelligence Agencies, Military, Police Departments, and Prison Systems
                          XI. Indications the SLA Is Part of a Larger National Conspiracy
                          XII. Were These Game Plans Against Humanity Necessary?
                         Editorial Quack-Quacks
                          Author's Note, Paul Krassner
                          (The Realist) (

  (1974 08/00)   Harlem Housing: The New Homesteaders, by Jonathan Maslow
  (1974 08/00)   The Friendly Skies of Air Rhodesia, by Bruce Oudes
  (1974 08/00)   Nuclear Power: Lying Doesn't Make It Safe, by Tom Zeman (Continued)
  (1974 08/00)   Powers that Be: The NBC Documentary You Never Got to See, by Elliot Kanter (Continued)
  (1974 08/00)   Moratorium: Taking the Initiative in California, by Gene Marine
  (1974 08/00)   Purgatory on Wheels, by Eugene L. Meyer
  (1974 08/00)   Yankees, Cowboys, and Watergate, by Steve Weissman (Continued)
  (1974 08/00)   Doomsayers on the Left, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1974 08/00)   Education: Trying Other Ways, by Herbert Kohl
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 08/09)   Mae Brussell Replies: 'Conspiracy' Is An Understatement
                          (Berkeley Barb) (

  (1974 08/16)   Kennedy murder evidence
                          (Robert White) (Kansas City Star) (

  (1974 08/18)   Investigator Ties Navy Intelligence to JFK Killing; Findings Almost Cost Him His Life
                          (John Moulder) (National Tattler) (

  (1974 08/24)   Veteran F.B.I. Agent Saw "Leads Being Washed Out"
                          (Zodiac News Service) (

  (1974 09/00)   Fascism and Other Nightmares, by David Horowitz
  (1974 09/00)   Sterilization: Who Decides?, by Gene Marine
                          Europe: Scenario of Blood and Iron, by Alexander Cockburn
  (1974 09/00)   The Rise and Fall of Welfare Rights, by Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven
  (1974 09/00)   Workfare: How Rhetoric Met Reality and Lost, by Tom Zeman (Continued)
  (1974 09/00)   Feast or Famine: The Choices for Mankind, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1974 09/00)   a subversive program for energy in america, by Tom Zeman (Continued)
  (1974 09/00)   Giving Birth, by Melissa Sones (Continued)
  (1974 09/00)   Childbirth: A Feminist View, by Elizabeth Fishel
  (1974 09/00)   Pablo Neruda: "Out of his great Silence", by Fernando Alegria
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 09/00)   The Man Who Nailed Tony Boyle, by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 09/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 09/00)   How to Take Over The Government, by Charles Peters
  (1974 09/00)   Memo of the Month: Use of Affirmative Action in titles
  (1974 09/00)   Did Kissinger Leak the Big One?, by James Nathan
  (1974 09/00)   Hustlers on the Range, by James Henderson
  (1974 09/00)   Clever Briefers, Crazy Leaders, and Myopic Analysts, by Morton Halperin
  (1974 09/00)   Crazies by the Tail: Bay of Pigs, Diem, and Liddy, by James Fallows
  (1974 09/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 09/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 09/08)   Your Fingerprints on File - Good or Bad?
                          (Mort Weisinger) (Parade) (

  (1974 10/00)   Gerald Ford, Understudy for Defeat, by David Kolodney
  (1974 10/00)   What We Don't Know Can't Hurt Them, by Richard Hall
  (1974 10/00)   The Passion of the Jews, by David Horowitz (Continued)
  (1974 10/00)   Red Ink Capitalism: Banking on Borrowed Time, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1974 10/00)   Buying Power: Towards a Public Utility Network, by Thomas Brom and Edward Kirshner
  (1974 10/00)   The Politics of Common Cause: An Indelicate Balance, by William Chapman
  (1974 10/00)   Ford and the Media: CBS Declares a Honeymoon, by Peter Collier
  (1974 10/00)   Living Together: A Year in the Life of a City Commune, by Michael Weiss,
                          reviewed by Andrew Kopkind
  (1974 10/00)   Tales of Two Women, reviews by Sharon Curtin
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 10/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 10/00)   What Do We Do Next?
  (1974 10/00)   A Platform For the Seventies, by Thomas Redburn
  (1974 10/00)   Putting Yourself on the Line, by Charles Peters
  (1974 10/00)   How Not to Help Small Business, by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 10/00)   Why the Victim is Co-Conspirator, by David Hapgood
  (1974 10/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 10/00)   Graduate School for the Generals, by Maureen Mylander
  (1974 10/00)   Moral Myopia: Michael Straight, Jack Anderson, The New York Review,
                          and The Washington Monthly, by James Fallows
  (1974 10/00)   Memo of the Month: Women's Rest Room Signs - United States Courthouse
  (1974 10/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 11/00)   A Conspirator in Vermont, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1974 11/00)   Blacks for Wallace, by Charles Fulwood
  (1974 11/00)   In Defense of Paranoia, by Carl Oglesby (Continued)
  (1974 11/00)   The Southwest: America's New Appalachia, by Thomas Brom
  (1974 11/00)   Amnesty: A Question of Justice, by Gene Marine (Continued)
  (1974 11/00)   California Politics: How the West Was Lost, by Francis Carney (Continued)
  (1974 11/00)   True Detective, by Peter Collier (Continued)
  (1974 11/00)   Portugal: Who Will Rule?, by Robin Blackburn (Continued)
  (1974 11/00)   Portuguese Decolonization: What Next for Southern Africa?, by Louis Freedberg
  (1974 11/00)   Meet Ms. Caucus, by Gary Trudeau
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 11/00)   How to Spot a Spook, by John Marks
  (1974 11/00)   Why Leave it to Earl?, by Roger Morris and Hal Sheets
  (1974 11/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 11/00)   Why Johnny Can't Work: The Snobbery Factor, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1974 11/00)   Why Johnny Can't Work: The Robbery Factor, by Peter Cowen
  (1974 11/00)   'I Got My Job Through CREEP', by Arthur Levine
  (1974 11/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 11/00)   Memo of the Month: Breasts will be covered at all times
  (1974 11/00)   Running for Congress: The Secret Motives, by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 11/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 11/00)   The Greatest Cover-Up
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty) (Genesis) (

  (1974 11/00)   The Office Politics of J. Edgar Hoover
                          (Ovid Demark) (Esquire) (

  (1974 11/23)   Weisberg's Whitewash IV bares Ford's use of 'Top Secret' data

  (1974 11/30)   Billionaire Texas Oilman H. L. Hunt Dies
                          (Martin Weil) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 11/30)   Billionaire H.L. Hunt dies
                          (Frederick Post) (

  (1974 12/00)   The Teamster Raid: Stalled in the Vineyards, by George Baker
  (1974 12/00)   Can Chavez Win?, by Rick Beban
  (1974 12/00)   Saigon's Corruption Crisis: The Search for an Honest Quisling,
                          by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman (Continued)
  (1974 12/00)   The Advertising Council: Selling Lies..., by Bruce Howard (Continued)
  (1974 12/00)   ...And Selling Truth, by Henry Weinstein (Continued)
                          A Special Supplement: Busing
  (1974 12/00)   Banned in Boston: Busing into Southie, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1974 12/00)   Busing: A Symposium , by Herb Kohl
  (1974 12/00)   Busing, by John Holt
  (1974 12/00)   Busing, by Noel Day
  (1974 12/00)   Busing, by Ericka Huggins
  (1974 12/00)   Busing, by Edgar Friedenberg
  (1974 12/00)   Busing, by Malecai Andrews
  (1974 12/00)   Busing, by Miriam Wasserman
  (1974 12/00)   Busing, by Jonathan Kozol
  (1974 12/00)   An End to Affluence: The Last Christmas in America, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1974 12/00)   Behavior Mod: Is the Pigeon Always Right?, by Edgar Z. Friedenberg
  (1974 12/00)   Anne Sexton: Light Up the Cave, by Denise Levertov
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1974 12/00)   Wilbur Mills: The Ways and Means of Conning the Press, by Walter Shapiro
  (1974 12/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1974 12/00)   Government Unions: The New Bullies on the Block, by Thomas Redburn
  (1974 12/00)   A Day in the Life of a Government Executive
  (1974 12/00)   P-38, Where Are You?, by William D. White
  (1974 12/00)   The Man Who Nailed Gordon Liddy, by Arthur Levine (Continued) (Continued)
  (1974 12/00)   Memo of the Month: Simplified Work Flow Chart
  (1974 12/00)   Racetracks, Banks, and Liquor Stores, by Thomas B. Edsall
  (1974 12/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1974 12/00)   Wheelchairs, Casework, and Bi-Lingual Education, by James Fallow
  (1974 12/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1974 12/00)   Forgive My Grief IV
                          (Penn Jones Jr.) (

  (1974 12/08)   H. L. Hunt: Advisor to Presidents
                          (Booth Mooney) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 12/09)   Just a Country Boy
                          (TIME) (

  (1974 12/22)   How Liberals Rediscovered Free Speech
                          (Marcus Cohn) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 12/14)   Reflections of a Super-Narc
                          (Frank Browning) (Washington Post) (

  (1974 12/15)   6 Years Later, Evidence in Sirhan's Case Is Questioned
                          (John M. Crewdson) (New York Times)

  (1975 00/00)   Farewell America: Commentary by Harold Weisberg

  (1975 00/00)   Presumed Guilty
                          (Howard Roffman) (

  (1975 01/00)   Conning the Boss: The Art of Getting Away With Doing Good, by Richard Shell (Incomplete)
  (1975 01/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 01/00)   Corporation and State Taxes: The Big Ones Get Away, by Jim Rosapepe
  (1975 01/00)   Memo of the Month: Scott Golf Course Beautification
  (1975 01/00)   Down and Out on Capitol Hill, by Arthur Levine (Continued)
  (1975 01/00)   Staff Infection, by Bennett Beach
  (1975 01/00)   Space Race, by Iric Nathanson and Norman Ornstein
  (1975 01/00)   Ben Bradlee and His All-Star Revue, by James Fallows
  (1975 01/00)   Dust to Dust, by Alicia Tyler
  (1975 01/00)   Caring for the Natives, by Hamlet J. Barry
  (1975 01/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 01/00)   American Mercury, Volume CXI Number 519
                          Was President Kennedy Murdered by a Loner?:
                          If not, who shielded his accomplices? And why?, by Glenn O. Young
                          Fifty Years of Political Assassinations, by James J. Martin
                          In the Mercury's Opinion: "The Jewish Peril"

  (1975 01/20)   How Nixon Used the C.I.A. (Tad Szulc)
                          Obiter Dicta From The Watergate Press Table (Nina Totenberg)
                          (New York Magazine) (

  (1975 01/21)   A Quiet Death, Three Decades Late
                          (George F. Will) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 01/24)   Tracking the CIA
                          (Taylor Branch) (Harper's Weekly) (

  (1975 01/28)   Priest Administered Last, Rites to Kennedy
                          (St. Louis (AP)) (

  (1975 02/00)   Accountants: Those Wonderful People Who Gave You Maurice Stans, by Thomas Redburn
  (1975 02/00)   Memo of the Month: "Work: The American Ethic," will not be printed until next fall
  (1975 02/00)   Shaking the Sheiks, by David Ignatius
  (1975 02/00)   Getting Tough With Israel, by J. William Fulbright
  (1975 02/00)   Arming the Shah: Alms for the Rich, by Walter Shapiro
  (1975 02/00)   View from the Bench: A Judge's Day, by Judge Lois G. Forer
  (1975 02/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 02/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 02/00)   Getting to Know Your Congressman: The $500 Understanding, by Arthur Levine
  (1975 02/00)   political book notes (Continued)
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 02/00)   FREEDOM: The Independent Journal Published by the Church of Scientology No. XXI
                          Interpol New Watergate Connection?, by Vaughn Young
                          Patients Victims In Institute LSD Scandal
                          Political Psychiatry: CIA Tool by Steven R. Heard
                          AMA Votes To Keep Drug Industry Ties
                          The Thought Police
                          The Enemies of a Democracy, by Rev. Kenneth J. Whitman
                          Terrorism: Why It Exists
                          Terrorism: An Alternative
                          The Justice Department Versus Americans, by George Kellogg
                          The Doris Scott Case
                          Probing Federal Data Banks, by Thomas M. Susman
                          Book Review
                          The Third Party Law, by L. Ron Hubbard

  (1975 02/03)   Warren Commission, Allen Dulles, and a book on Presidential assassins (Video)
                          (Mae Brussell) (Dialogue: Conspiracy #182)

  (1975 02/06)   Letter from L. Fletcher Prouty to Ian MacFarlane

  (1975 02/12)   A Bahamas Plot Alleged
                          (Agence France-Press) (

  (1975 02/23)   States of Intrigue
                          One Nation, Conceived in Conspiracy, by Henry Allen
                          Bringing the Balkans Back Home, by Dan Morgan
                          They're Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine, by Miles Copeland
                          SPOOK: by Laurence Stern and Susan Dooley
                          (Washington Post/Potomac) (

  (1975 02/27)   Kissinger's Indochina Obsession: Will He Bomb Again?
                          (Tom Hayden) (

  (1975 03/00)   A Few Words, by The Editors
  (1975 03/00)   In Defense of Paranoia: An Exchange between Carl Oglesby and David Horowitz
  (1975 03/00)   The Middle East: Will We Go To War?, by Terence McCarthy (Continued)
  (1975 03/00)   The Indian Movement: Out of a Wounded Past, by Vine Deloria, Jr.
  (1975 03/00)   Buildings Are Judgment ...or "What Man Can Build", by Marshall Berman (Continued)
  (1975 03/00)   The Canadian Way: No Exit?, by Edgar Z. Friedenberg
  (1975 03/00)   Lenny Bruce: Resurrection of a Junkie Prophet, by Andrew Kopkind
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1975 03/00)   The Most Famous Journalist in America, by James Fallows
  (1975 03/00)   Memo of the Month: His time is very precious
  (1975 03/00)   All the Presidential Men, by Paul R. Clancy
  (1975 03/00)   Was Sirhan Sirhan on the Grassy Knoll?, by Tom Bethell
  (1975 03/00)   Political Book Award:
                          The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York , by Robert A. Caro
                          Congress: The Electoral Connection, by David R. Mayhew
  (1975 03/00)   Robert Caro and the Power Broker: The Master Builder, by David Hapgood
  (1975 03/00)   The Master Biographer, by Charles Peters
  (1975 03/00)   Good Legislation Has Nothing To Do With It, by Walter Shapiro
  (1975 03/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 03/00)   Taste, Class, and Mary Tyler Moore, by Suzannah Lessard
  (1975 03/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 03/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 03/00)   H. L. Hunt's Long Goodbye
                          (Bill Porterfield) (

  (1975 03/02)   Watergate Rival
                          (Parade) (

  (1975 03/19)   C.I.A. Salvage Ship Brought Up Part of Soviet Sub Lost in 1968, Failed to Raise Atom Missiles
                          (Seymour Hersh) (New York Times) (

  (1975 03/19)   Army apparently didn't tell commission of Oswald's alias
                          (Earl Golz) (Dallas Morning News) (

  (1975 03/20)   Laird suspects Soviets watched lifting of sub
                          (Peter Lisagor) (Chicago Daily) (

  (1975 03/21)   A-Warheads Believed Recovered
                          (Thomas O'Toole) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 03/23)   Ocean Gear Heard Soviet Sub Blasts
                          (Thomas O'Toole) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 03/27)   The Confusing Coverage Of the Submarine Story
                          (Charles B. Seib) (New York Times) (

  (1975 03/27)   Stolen Files Said to Link Hughes CIA
                          (Robert Meyers) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 03/27)   Howard Hughes' Latest Tool
                          (Art Buchwald) (Los Angeles Times) (

  (1975 03/29)   A Cointel Story
                          (Anthony Lewis) (New York Times) (

  (1975 04/00)   A Few Words, by The Editors
  (1975 04/00)   Lowndes County, Alabama: The Great Fear Is Gone, by Andrew Kopkind (Continued)
  (1975 04/00)   Reporter in Saigon: Being Briefed, by Danny Schechter
  (1975 04/00)   Tax Time: Soaking the Poor, by Terence McCarthy
  (1975 04/00)   Solar Power Now, by Tom Zeman (Continued)
                          Breaking the Mideast Deadlock:
  (1975 04/00)   I. The Plan, by Avishai Margalit
  (1975 04/00)   II. The Prospects, by Noam Chomsky (Continued)
  (1975 04/00)   California Politics: The Riddle of Governor Jerry Brown, by Francis Carney (Continued)
  (1975 04/00)   "Hearts and Minds": The Adamant Memory of Vietnam, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1975 04/00)   The Selling of the Apocalypse (1975), by Peter Collier
  (1975 04/00)   A Moment of Rebirth, by Daniel Hunter and Diane Coleman
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1975 04/00)   Ripping Off Con Ed, by Fred C. Shapiro
  (1975 04/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 04/00)   Beets, Beef, and Henry Wallace, by Thomas Redburn
  (1975 04/00)   Memo of the Month: To establish a Management Planning System (MPS)
  (1975 04/00)   What Politicians Really Want, by Walter Shapiro
  (1975 04/00)   Al Ullman: How Like A Mills, by Finlay Lewis
  (1975 04/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 04/00)   Better Than Deep Throat, by Arthur Levine
  (1975 04/00)   Is It Getting Too Sexy?, by Timothy Ingram
  (1975 04/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 04/01)   Hughes' Financial Umbrella
                          (Leroy F. Aarons) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 04/08)   'Good Ol' Boys' Raised Russian Sub
                          (Nicholas C. Chriss / Jerry Cohen) (Los Angeles Times) (

  (1975 04/11)   Allard Lowenstein with William F. Buckley Jr.: Who Killed Bobby Kennedy? (Video)
                          (Firing Line)

  (1975 04/19)   Who assassinated everybody?
                          (William F. Buckley Jr.) (States Item) (

  (1975 04/27)   The CIA and a Soviet Tank
                          (Parade) (

  (1975 04/30)   Nixon Says He Ordered Wiretaps
                          (New York (AP)) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 05/00)   A Few Words, by The Editors
                          Vietnam Report:
  (1975 05/00)   I. Why the Refugees?, by Edward Block
  (1975 05/00)   II. The Myth of the Hue Massacre, by Edward S. Herman and D. Gareth Porter
  (1975 05/00)   III. Last Report from the Central Highlands, by James Fenton
  (1975 05/00)   Depression and the Crisis of Conscience, by Terence McCarthy
  (1975 05/00)   "The Spain of Our Generation", by Rose Styron (Continued)
  (1975 05/00)   An Interview with Carmen Castillo, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  (1975 05/00)   Capitalism in One Country?, by Terence McCarthy
  (1975 05/00)   The Great Fear in Europe: Will There Be Another Chile?, by William Shawcross (Continued)
  (1975 05/00)   A Washington View: The Portuguese Connection, by Dan Griffin and Laurence Stern
                          Buildings are Judgment II:
  (1975 05/00)   - Terence McCarthy
  (1975 05/00)   - Percival Goodman
  (1975 05/00)   - Mary Perot Nichols
  (1975 05/00)   - John H. Schaar
  (1975 05/00)   - Alan Temko
  (1975 05/00)   - Marshall Berman
  (1975 05/00)   Hollywood ... Under the Influence of Women? by Andrew Kopkind
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1975 05/00)   From Mickey Spillane to Erica Jong, by Larry McMurtry
                          A Shopper's Guide To the Sexual Revolution
  (1975 05/00)   Congress v. Kissinger: The New Equalizers, by Frederick Poole (Continued)
  (1975 05/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 05/00)   The Development Set, by Tom Ramey and Ross Coggin
  (1975 05/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 05/00)   What the Republican Party Means To Me, by Arthur Levine
  (1975 05/00)   Guaranteed Annual Income For Consultants, by Robert Samuelson
  (1975 05/00)   Memo of the Month: when the little hand is on the eight and the big hand is on the twelve
  (1975 05/00)   The Gold in the Garbage: What the Left Can Learn From Ayn Rand, by James Fallows
  (1975 05/00)   political book notes (Continued)
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 05/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 1
                          Growth in Public Interest, by David Williams
                          People and the PURSUIT of Truth - A New Magazine, by Edmund C. Berkeley
                          Asbestos and Cancer, by Environmental Defense Fund
                          The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy:
                          The Involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Plans and the Cover-up,
                          by Richard E. Sprague
                          Political Assassinations in the United States:
                          Inventory of 57 Articles Published in Computers and People, May 1970 to April 1975 - Part 1,
                          The Assassination of President Kennedy: The "Oswald Window" (with two photographs)
                          by Neil D. Macdonald

  (1975 05/02)   How the Good Guys Finally Won (Excerpt)
                          In October of 1972, Hale Boggs went to Alaska ...
                          (Jimmy Breslin) (

  (1975 05/13)   CIA Kill Plots Not Demo Work (06/10/1975) (Incomplete)
                          CIA Bugging Affidavit Arrives In LV (Ken Langbell) (05/13/1975)
                          (Las Vegas Sun) (

                          Conversations With Kennedy
  (1975 05/18)   Roots of a Friendship That 'Dominated My Life'
  (1975 05/19)   The First 100 Days, The Bay of Pigs and a TV Show
  (1975 05/20)   Phone Calls: 'Whizzah' White, Teddy's Troubles
  (1975 05/21)   Matters of Big Steel, Big Business and a Big Temper
  (1975 05/22)   Bantering Among Brothers and a Financial Feud
  (1975 05/23)   A TV Interview, Rehashing a Party, the Children
  (1975 05/24)   Killing of a President, Memories of Things Forever Past
                          (Benjamin C. Bradlee) (Washington Post)

  (1975 05/25)   No Left Turns: An agent's bizarre reminiscences from inside Hoover's FBI
                          (Joseph C. Schott) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 06/00)   Wedding Presents, Cigars, and Deference, by Thomas Redburn
  (1975 06/00)   Anything You Can Eat, Drink, Or Fornicate in One Afternoon, by Peter Gruenstein and Daniel West
  (1975 06/00)   Memo of the Month: Professional Services Carryover Projects, FY 1975 to FY 1976
  (1975 06/00)   American Communes: Voluntary Maoism, by John Rothchild
  (1975 06/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 06/00)   Leaving Vietnam: The One Man We Remembered, by John D. Marks
  (1975 06/00)   Leaving Vietnam: The Others We Forgot, by Charles Peters
  (1975 06/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 06/00)   Nelson Rockefeller's Pill: The UDC, by Steven R. Weisman
  (1975 06/00)   The Mellons, the Mafia, and A Colonial County, by George Crile III
  (1975 06/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 06/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 2
                          33 Cosponsors of Gonzalez' Resolution, by Neil Macdonald
                          The JFK Assassination: New Developments, by David Williams
                          Regarding Tyranny, by Edmund C. Berkeley
                          Employment in More Useful Jobs that Pay Better: The Rehn Plan in Sweden, by Neil Macdonald
                          Substantial Evidence of Conspiracy Ignored by the Warren Commission - Part 1,
                          by Mark Allen and others
                          Political Assassinations in the United States:
                          Inventory of 57 Articles Published in Computers and People, May 1970 to April 1975 - Part 2,
                          by G. Scott Wheeler
                          Chile and Central Intelligence Agency Intervention, 1964-1973 - Part 1, by Hortensia de Allende
                          Regarding Tyranny, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1975 06/01)   Nixon Is Tied to Suspects In Kennedy Assassination
                          (Tom Lutz) (National Tattler) (

  (1975 06/08)   RFK: Ambassador Hotel - (10 Drawings)
                          (Robert Cutler) (

  (1975 06/16)   A Super-Secret Air, News-Leak Wiretaps Described
                          (Timothy S. Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 06/21)   Giancana, Linked to CIA Plot, Slain
                          (Lawrence Meyer / Joel D. Weisman) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 06/27)   A Report On Some of the Conspiratorial Elements In the Assassination of Reverend
                          Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. As Covered By the New York Times and Other Print Media
                          (James Fraley) (University of Michigan) (

  (1975 06/29)   FBI Gunbattle Details Still Unclear
                          (Joel D. Weisman) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 07/00)   The Unreasonable Question, by The Editors
  (1975 07/00)   An Open Letter to Our Readers, by The Editors
  (1975 07/00)   Selling Apartheid: The Facelift in South Africa, by Neal Ascherson
  (1975 07/00)   Millions for Third Parties (Nice work, if they can get it, by Robert Walters
  (1975 07/00)   The American Corporation: A Study in Ineptness, by Terence McCarthy
                          Stopping the Superweapons:
  (1975 07/00)   - Editorial: A Fight We Can Win, by David Kolodney
  (1975 07/00)   - The Pentagon's $150 Billion Shopping List, by David Johnson (Continued)
  (1975 07/00)   - Enough Is Enough, by Herbert Scoville, Jr. (Continued)
  (1975 07/00)   The Riddle of Governor Jerry Brown Part II - The Policies, by Francis Carney (Continued)
                          The Denial of Abundance:
  (1975 07/00)   - The Marketplace of Hunger, by Susan DeMarco and Susan Sechler (Continued)
  (1975 07/00)   - Why China Doesn't Starve, by Roger Blobaum
  (1975 07/00)   A Declaration of Interdependence, by Robert McAfee Brown
  (1975 07/00)   "The Berendt Conversion" Footnotes to a Future Famine, by John Brunner
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1975 07/00)   Apres Henry Le Deluge, by Roger Morris
  (1975 07/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 07/00)   Open Files: Letting Exxon In, by Thomas Redburn
  (1975 07/00)   Gaylord Nelson and the Myth of the White Knight, by Walter Shapiro
  (1975 07/00)   Memo of the Month: Neither Mr. Gonzales nor Mr. Frank Sturgis
                          have ever been connected with the Central Intelligence Agency in any way
  (1975 07/00)   Why Johnny Can't Eat: The Saga of the Farm Bill, by Dan Balz
  (1975 07/00)   John Gardner and the Albany Nymphettes, by Taylor Branch
  (1975 07/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 07/00)   The Air Force's Secret War On Unemployment, by Peter J. Ognibene
  (1975 07/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 07/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 3
                          The Timely Publication of Important Information, by Edmund C. Berkeley
                          "CONSPIRACY IN AMERICA": Conference May 16 to 18 in Los Angeles - Part 1, by Jeff Cohen
                          Chile and Central Intelligence Agency Intervention, 1964-1973 - Part 2, by Hortensia de Allende
                          Substantial Evidence of Conspiracy Ignored by the Warren Commission - Part 2,
                          by Mark Allen and others

  (1975 07/00)   How the CIA Controls President Ford (L. Fletcher Prouty) (Genesis)

  (1975 07/00)   CIA Assassination of Trujillo (p. 16)
                          (Robert Roman) (Soldier of Fortune) (

  (1975 07/11)   Butterfield Called Contact; CIA Panel Probing Role
                          (Norman Kempster) (Washington Star) (

  (1975 07/11)   Was Fidel on the grassy knoll?
                          (George O'Toole / Ron Rosenbaum) (New Times) (

  (1975 07/12)   The Long Arm of the CIA: Few Agencies Escape, 'Thousands' of Contacts Perform Secret Tasks
                          L. Fletcher Prouty said...
                          (Norman Kempster) (Washington Star ) (

  (1975 07/13)   Interview of William George Gaudet
                          (Bernard Fensterwald / Allan Stone) (

  (1975 07/14)   Kermit of Arabia
                          (R.T. Gault) (The Penn - Indiana University of Pennsylvania) (

  (1975 07/22)   The Prouty-Butterfield Flap
                          (Charles B. Seib) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 07/24)   James Bond meets the Godfather
                          (R.T. Gault) (The Penn - Indiana University of Pennsylvania) (

  (1975 07/25)   What's your CIAQ?
                          (Ralph Novak) (NEA News Service) (

  (1975 07/28)   The CIA's big rub-out
                          (R.T. Gault) (The Penn - Indiana University of Pennsylvania) (

  (1975 08/00)   Britain in Between, by Matthew Blaire
  (1975 08/00)   Grand Juries: The American Inquisition, by John Conyers, Jr.
  (1975 08/00)   Militarism, Ideology and Poverty, by Terence McCarthy
  (1975 08/00)   How Poverty Breeds Overpopulation (and not the other way around), by Barry Commoner (Continued)
  (1975 08/00)   Running With Dick Gregory, by Barry Farrell (Continued)
  (1975 08/00)   The Remaking of History, by Noam Chomsky (Continued) (Continued)
  (1975 08/00)   Revolution and Continuity, by Jacques Decornoy (Continued)
  (1975 08/00)   The Press at War, by Andrew Kopkind
  (1975 08/00)   Reconstruction and Reconciliation: A Call, by Don Luce
  (1975 08/00)   The Privilege of Violence, by Edgar Z. Friedenberg
  (1975 08/00)   Hollywood Politics: Hearts, Minds and Money, by Andrew Kopkind
                          (Ramparts) (

  (1975 08/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 4
                          The JFK Assassination: Recent Developments, by David Williams
                          The Coverup of the Coverups: The Protectors of the Assassins, by Richard E. Sprague
                          Substantial Evidence of Conspiracy Ignored by the Warren Commission - Part 3,
                          by Mark Allen and others
                          "CONSPIRACY IN AMERICA": Conference May 16 to 18 in Los Angeles - Part 2, by Jeff Cohen

  (1975 08/00)   The Assassination Please Almanac
                          The Brains Behind the President, by Tom Miller
                          Your Assassination A-B-C's
                          38 With A Bullet
                          Suggested Questions For Study
                          Stalking the Wild Conspiracy: 8 Questions to Ponder
                          Stalking the Wild Conspiracy II: 8 Theories to Ignore
                          And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'
                          The Oswald Tapes, by Jeff Cohen
                          (Crawdaddy) (

  (1975 08/00)   The Kennedy Vendetta: How the CIA waged a silent war against Cuba
                          (Taylor Branch / George Crile III) (Harper's) (

  (1975 08/09)   Remarks of The Honorable Thomas N. Downing
                          (Virginia Commonwealth's Attorneys Association) (

  (1975 08/12)   The Letters of the Law
                          (Timothy S. Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 08/15)   Judge Approves A Sirhan Review (New York Times)

  (1975 08/18)   Suit contends Hughes is dead
                          (AP) (Frederick Post) (

  (1975 09/00)   The Moral Myopia of Magazines, by Michael Kinsley
  (1975 09/00)   The Case Against Energy Independence, by Charles Peters and Glen Allerhand
  (1975 09/00)   Tying the Imperial Purse Strings, by Ben Roberts
  (1975 09/00)   Selling the Sahel, by Karen DeYoung
  (1975 09/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 09/00)   State Government All-Stars, by Richard Hall
  (1975 09/00)   Memo of the Month: Executive Position Titles
  (1975 09/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 09/00)   Expense Account Insights on the South, by Tom Bethell
  (1975 09/00)   The Best of APSA
  (1975 09/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 09/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 5
                          Questions re President Kennedy's Death, by Congressman T. N. Downing
                          The Shooting of Governor George Wallace: Why?, by R. Frank Salant
                          The Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, by R. B. Cutler and others
                          Correction, by David Williams

  (1975 09/00)   Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids
                          (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 55, No. 3)

  (1975 09/01)   'Dear President Ford: I Know Who Killed JFK'
                          (Dick Russell) (The Village Voice)

  (1975 09/03)   Television networks Rejected Movie Of Portrait Of The Assassin
                          (Zodiac News Service) (

  (1975 09/07)   Officials Interrogate Fromme
                          (Jules Witcover) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 09/14)   Invisible Government - Part I: Hughes' Power Felt
                          (Gerald Bellett) (Las Vegas Sun) (

  (1975 09/18)   Hughes Misses Court Date: But That Doesn't Prove He's Dead, Lawyer Says
                          (William Claiborne) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 09/23)   Ford Escapes Second Attempt At Assassination; Woman Held (Leroy F. Aarons)
  (1975 09/23)   Wife on most Tapped Calls (Timothy S. Robinson)
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1975 09/24)   Sara Moore Linked To FBI, SLA
                          (Andrew Ross) (Pacific News Service) (

  (1975 09/26)   The Warren Commission In Its Own Words
                          (Tad Szulc) (New Republic)

  (1975 09/27)   Dan Rather letter to James Earl Ray
                          (CBS) (

  (1975 09/28)   The Emergence of Sara Jane Moore
                          (Leroy F. Aarons) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 09/30)   N.Y. Police 'Spy' Unit Examined
                          (William Claiborne) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 10/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 6
                          Who Killed President John F. Kennedy? Why? How?, by Richard E. Sprague
                          "Recent Disclosures Have Devastated the Credibility of the Warren Commission Report" - Part 1,
                          by Senator Richard S. Schweiker
                          "End the Cover-Up of Dallas" - A Call For Popular Action, by the Assassination Information Bureau
                          Senate Rules Committee Votes to Return to Secrecy, by John W. Gardner

  (1975 10/00)   A civilian M.D. (Cyril Wecht) in on the Kennedy autopsy says more than one gun killed J.F.K.
                          Part 1: The evidence, Part 2: The cover-up
                          (Ken Rankin) (Physician's Management)

  (1975 10/00)   The Guns of Dallas
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty with Richard E. Sprague) (Gallery) (

  (1975 10/00)   Hocus Pocus & Helter Skelter (08/1976)
                          JFK Case: The Plot Thickens (07/1976)
                          This Watergate Swings Both Ways (06/1976)
                          Sirhan, Bremer and "Babushka" (10/1975)
                          (Assassination Information Bureau) (Crawdaddy) (

  (1975 10/00)   The Bayo/Pawley Affair: A Plot To Destroy Kennedy And Invade Cuba
                          (Miguel Acoca / Robert K. Brown) (Soldier of Fortune) (

  (1975 10/00)   Conspiracy Fever
                          (Jacob Cohen) (Commentary) (

  (1975 10/01)   U.S. Probes Charge of FBI Alert on JFK
                          (Barry Sussman) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 10/05)   FACE THE NATION as broadcast over the CBS Television Network and the CBS Radio Network
                          Sunday, October 5, 1975 -- 11:30 AM - 12:00 Noon, EDT Origination: Washington, D. C.
                          Guest: William E. Colby Director of Central Intelligence
                          (CBS) (

  (1975 10/08)   One Gun Killed RFK, Ballistics Experts Find
                          (Bill Richards / Robert Meyers) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 10/09)   Reporter finds security plan
                          (AP) (

  (1975 10/13)   The Kennedy Assassination as Related to the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War
                          (Andrew Dapondes) (

  (1975 10/13)   Detailed Analysis of the Tramp Photographs
                          (William H. Depperman) (

  (1975 10/15)   A police drama in three acts
                          (Mike Royko) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1975 10/26)   Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Necessary?
                          (Barton J. Bernstein) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 10/27)   The JFK Murder Files
                          (Jack Anderson / Les Whitten) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 10/28)   Friends:
                          (The Research/Action Group on Political Assassinations) (

  (1975 10/30)   About the Evidence
                          (John Hart Ely) (New York Times) (

  (1975 11/00)   Who Was Jack Ruby?: How a small-time strip joint operator ushered in America's age of violence
                          (Gary Cartwright) (

  (1975 11/00)   Playboy Interview, Muhammad Ali
                          (Alex Haley) (

  (1975 11/00)   NASA (That's Right, NASA) Is a Good Thing, by Tom Bethell
  (1975 11/00)   The Capital Crisis: Crying Wolf on Wall Street, by David Ignatius
  (1975 11/00)   Memo of the Month: I am about to order again sets of souvenir cuff links, key chains, and bracelets
  (1975 11/00)   The Two Party Pork Barrel, by Walter Shapiro
  (1975 11/00)   This Time Everybody's Got a CREEP, by Bruce F. Freed
  (1975 11/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 11/00)   Now You're Thinking Like a Lawyer, by Michael Kinsley and Charles Peter
  (1975 11/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 11/00)   The Martial Arts, by Jane Berdes
  (1975 11/00)   The Spoiled Child, by Henry Fairlie
  (1975 11/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 11/03)   Ford fires Colby, Schlesinger: Requests Kissinger leave National Security Council
                          (Washington) (AP) (

  (1975 11/04)   FBI Airtel: SAC, San Francisco, to Director Re: Sandra Goode; Mae Magnin Brussell - Victim

  (1975 11/19)   Senate Intelligence Panel Told of F.B.I. Attempt to Discredit Dr. King in 1964
                          (Nicholas M Horrock) (New York Times) (

  (1975 11/21)   Mr. Hoover and Dr. King
                          (Washington Star) (

  (1975 11/22)   "We've got to get Martin Luther King, Jr ... He's positively un-American"
                          (Auth) (Philadelphia Inquirer) (

  (1975 11/25)   CBS REPORTS INQUIRY "The American Assassins" Part I
                          Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy as broadcast over
                          the CBS Television Network, Tuesday, November 25, 1975 10:00 - 11:00 PM, EST
                          (Leslie Midgley / Bernard Birnbaum) (

  (1975 11/26)   CBS REPORTS INQUIRY "The American Assassins" Part II
                          Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy as broadcast over
                          the CBS Television Network, Wednesday, November 26, 1975 10:00 - 11:00 PM, EST
                          (Leslie Midgley / Bernard Birnbaum) (

  (1975 12/00)   Notes Toward a Definition of National Security, by Richard D. Cotter
  (1975 12/00)   Memo of the Month: Slots and Positions for DSCP People who go to GPG
  (1975 12/00)   Mumbling It Through, by Ann Cooper
  (1975 12/00)   A Report From the Wiretap Subculture, by James M. Ellison
  (1975 12/00)   The Quote Circuit, by Tom Bethell
  (1975 12/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1975 12/00)   We Could Have Saved New York, by Charles Peters
  (1975 12/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1975 12/00)   Milton Friedman: The Ambiguous Achievement of a Positive Economist, by David Ignatius
  (1975 12/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1975 12/01)   JFK Assassination: A Cover-Up?
                          (David R. Wrone) (Capital Times) (

  (1975 12/02)   Turmoil at FBI When Hoover Died Is Told
                          (George Lardner Jr.) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 12/03)   Do Secret Records Imply a Conspiracy?
                          (David R. Wrone) (Capital Times) (

  (1975 12/04)   The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
                          (David R. Wrone) (Capital Times) (

  (1975 12/04)   Searching For the Truth
                          (Bill Peterson) (

  (1975 12/06)   The FBI: How Low Can It Go?
                          (Mike Royko) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1975 12/11)   If FBI offers food, skip it
                          (Mike Royko) (

  (1975 12/18)   Ford Disputed on Events Preceding Nixon Pardon
                          (Bob Woodward / Carl Bernstein) (Washington Post) (

  (1975 12/18)   Covert Action In Chile 1963-1973
                          Staff Report of the Select Committee To Study Governmental
                          Operations With Respect To Intelligence Activities
                          (United States Senate) (

  (1975 12/24)   Others Planned Dr. King's Murder, Convict James Earl Ray Contends
                          (Wayne Chastain Jr.) (Post-Dispatch) (

  (1976 00/00)   The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate
                          (Carl Oglesby) (

  (1976 00/00)   The Defenestration of Henry Cott, or They Kill Their Own, or Take It From Here (Circa 1976)
                          (Harold Weisberg) (

  (1976 01/00)   Cover-Up: The Governmental Conspiracy to Conceal the
                          Facts about the Public Execution of John Kennedy
                          (J. Gary Shaw / Larry R. Harris) (

  (1976 01/00)   Criminals Belong in Jail, by Tom Bethell
  (1976 01/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1976 01/00)   Maximizing Profits at The Washington Post, by Ben H. Bagdikian
  (1976 01/00)   In the Sanding Booth at Ford, by Rick King (Continued)
  (1976 01/00)   Memo of the Month: Communication with DSAD Staff
  (1976 01/00)   Flim-Flam, Double-Talk, and Hustle: The Consulting Industry, by Daniel Guttman and Barry Willner
  (1976 01/00)   Last Hurrahs for the New Deal, by Alan Ehrenhalt
  (1976 01/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1976 01/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1976 01/00)   CounterSpy Vol. 2, Issue 4
                          GARDENPLOT & SWAT US Police as New Action Army
                          Letters to the Editor:
                            Abolish the CIA and Covert Action
                            Fight Crime, Not Dissent
                            De-militarize the Police
                            Stop Senate Bill One
                            Challenge the New Liberal Consensus
                            Agriagents At Work
                            FBI Strikes Weather Underground
                            Card-Carrying Citizens
                            Navy Spied On Civilians
                            CIA Off Campus!
                            CIA Goblins
                            Right-Wing Research?
                            Women Mercenaries
                            Who's Who in the KGB?
                            The Grand Jury Arm of the FBI
                            Government Continues Indian Hunt
                          GARDEN PLOT & SWAT: U.S. Police As New Action Army:, by Tim Butz
                            Tricks of the Trade
                            LANTERN SPIKE: Clearance for Local Spying
                            DOMS - Trigger for Military Rule
                            Pentagon War Games
                            Wounded Knee '73: Rehearsal for GARDEN PLOT
                            Military Put in Gear
                            Training for the Siege
                            LEAA Boost to Riot Control
                            Military/Police on War Path
                            Army Readiness Region Boundaries
                            GRAM METRIC CABLE SPLICER: Sixth U.S. Army Final Report
                          CIA Around the World:
                            CIA: Entanglers Entangled
                            CIA in Canada
                            CIA in Finland
                            CIA In Italy
                            CIA In Spain
                            CIA In Denmark
                            CIA In Zaire
                            CIA In Sweden
                            Who is Richard Welch?, Commentary by Paul Jacobs
                            The Man From ARIO
                            The Thailand Connection, by John Burgess
                            The Great Southern Africa War
                          TIP: Terrorist Information Project
                            RESTORATION OF LAW AND ORDER IN THE STATE OF _______
                          Keep on Keepin' On:
                            FBI/Police Political Operations
                            Legal Action
                            Senate Bill One
                            The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove:
                            An analysis of the U.S. police, by the Center for Research on Criminal Justice
                          Keepin' Informed:
                            Fifth Estate Annual Report: 1975
                            The Intelligence Documentation Center (IDC)
                            The Public Education Project on the Intelligence Community (PEPIC)
                            Repression Research Group (RRG)
                          New Organizations:
                            Project on Official Illegality
                            Research Associates International
                            Campaign for a Democratic Foreign Policy
                          (Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estate) (

  (1976 01/00)   Sara Jane and Squeaky to the Rescue
                          (Assassination Research Bureau) (CrawDooDah) (

  (1976 01/02)   CBS REPORTS INQUIRY "The American Assassins" Part III
                          James Earl Ray and Martin Luther King as broadcast over
                          the CBS Television Network, Friday, January 2, 1976 10:00 - 11:00 PM, EST
                          (Leslie Midgley / Bernard Birnbaum) (

  (1976 01/04)   Letters
                          (Carl (Cyril) H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.) (New York Times Magazine) (

  (1976 01/04)   Who killed this man?, Doubt is growing that James Earl Ray acted by himself
                          (Les Payne / Paul Valentine) (Toronto Star) (

  (1976 01/04)   The Most Curious Assassination
                          (Paul Valentine) (Washington Post/Potomac) (

  (1976 01/11)   C.I.A. Tried in 50's to Recruit Times Man
                          (John M. Crewdson) (New York Times) (

  (1976 01/12)   The Best Witness Stands Mute
                          (Dick Russell) (Village Voice) (

  (1976 01/13)   Kissinger Blames Hoover on Tap
                          (Timothy S. Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 01/14)   Passing the Buck on Taps
                          (Timothy S. Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 01/15)   Oswald, CIA Trails Crossed; Shadowy Figure Emerges
                          (Norman Kempster) (Washington Star) (

  (1976 01/16)   The charmed life of Richard Helms - Part 3 - On Tape: 'We Protected Helms,' Nixon Told Haldeman
                          (Lyle Denniston) (Washington Star) (

  (1976 01/18)   The charmed life of Richard Helms - Part 5 - 'Track II," the Anti-Allende Plot, and How It Worked
                          (Lyle Denniston) (Washington Star) (

  (1976 01/19)   Does This Man Know Who Conspired to Assassinate King?
                          (Dick Russell) (Village Voice) (

  (1976 01/24)   Dear Mr. Weisberg, ... Paul Harvey
                          I would enjoy hearing your point of view of who shot
                          and wear the shots came from when John F. Kennedy was killed (

  (1976 01/29)   January 29, 1976: Pike Committee Report Criticizing US Intelligence Agencies Is Suppressed
                          (Gerald K. Haines) (

  (1976 02/00)   The Cigarette Scandal, by James Fallows
  (1976 02/00)   Jimmy Carter: Kennedy Or Kefauver?
                          New Hampshire, by Tom Ferriter
                          Florida, by John McDermott
                          Iowa, by James Flansburg
  (1976 02/00)   Memo of the Month: Presidential Determination of August 5, 1975
  (1976 02/00)   A Rare Resignation in Protest: Nat Davis and Angola, by Roger Morris
  (1976 02/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1976 02/00)   Defense Spending: The Dodos and the Platypuses, by Henry Fairlie
  (1976 02/00)   The Honey and the Source: Reporters and Their Status Taboo, by Tom Bethell
  (1976 02/00)   National Economic Planning: Must It Be Orwellian?, by David Ignatius
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1976 02/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 10
                          The Fifteen Main Sources of News and Opinion in the United States - and
                          Their Control by the Intelligence Community and the White House:
                          "Mind Managing", 1976, by Richard E. Sprague
                          Impeachment of Richard M. Helms as Ambassador to Iran:
                          Statement Accompanying Introduction of a Congressional Resolution - Part 2 (Conclusion),
                          by Congressman Robert F. Drinan
                          Recent Developments, by Jeff Gotlieb and David Williams

  (1976 02/00)   we almost went to war
                          (Barton J. Bernstein) (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists) (

  (1976 02/00)   The Assassination Business: An Investigation of the Investigators, by F. Peter Model
                          When Good Assassinationists Get Together... They Seldom Get Together, by Tom Shales
                          (Oui) (

  (1976 02/00)   The Bizarre Career of Jacque Srouji, Alias Lelia Hassan
                          (Irvin Muchnick) (MORE) (

  (1976 03/00)   Wall Street: The Entrepreneur's Worst Friend, by Thomas Redburn
                          Memo of the Month: Addition of Gypsies to the SRS Minority Studies Program
  (1976 03/00)   The Firemen First Principle, by Charles Peters
  (1976 03/00)   The Texas Airline War, by George Hopkins
  (1976 03/00)   Tidbits and Outrages
  (1976 03/00)   Annual Political Book Award
  (1976 03/00)   Uncontrollable Spending for Social Services Grants, by Martha Derthick,
                          reviewed by Walter Shapiro
  (1976 03/00)   Anarchy, State, and Utopia, by Robert Nozick,
                          reviewed by James Fallows
  (1976 03/00)   Earl Warren: On the Mob's Payroll?, by Tom Bethell
  (1976 03/00)   the political puzzle, by John Barclay
  (1976 03/00)   Intimidation and Power: Games Losers Play, by David Ignatius
  (1976 03/00)   Putting the Sex Back Into Rape, by Taylor Branch
  (1976 03/00)   political book notes
                          (Washington Monthly) (

  (1976 03/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 11
                          The Wounds of President John F. Kennedy, by Prof. Robert Forman
                          The Picture "Oswald with a Gun": Evidence of Forgery, by Peter R. Hymens
                          "There Might Be Some Value in a Re-investigation", by Michael Patterson

  (1976 03/00)   Ray of Hope in King Case
                          (Assassination Research Bureau) (CrawDooDah) (

  (1976 03/11)   Nixon Details Three Roles In Wiretaps (Timothy S. Robinson) (Continued)
  (1976 03/11)   Skeleton in Our Closet Refuses to Stay Put (Richard M. Cohen)
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1976 03/13)   An Oriana Fallaci Interview: The CIA's Mr. Colby
                          (Oriana Fallaci) (New Republic) (

  (1976 03/22)   Dear Mr. Hearst, ... Sincerely, Harold Weisberg
                          Dr. Frank Olson who was permitted to commit suicide when, as is not generally known,
                          he was working for the CIA while engaged in bacteriological warfare (

  (1976 03/28)   Halperin Case Records Show Hoover Initiated Leak Wiretap
                          (Walter Pincus) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 03/30)   "For Outstanding Non-Performance"
                          (HerBlock) (

  (1976 03/31)   Kraft Data to Be Destroyed
                          (Walter Pincus) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 04/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 1, No. 12
                          An Introduction to the Assassination Business, by L. Fletcher Prouty
                          The CBS Inquiry and Report into the Shooting of President John F. Kennedy,
                          by David Williams and others
                          Present Day Political Campaigning:
                          The Process of Finding out What a Presidential Candidate Stands for, by John W. Gardner
                          No Unemployment in China, by Pien Hui

  (1976 04/00)   CounterSpy Vol. 3, Issue 1
                          COINTELPRO: Psychological Warfare and Magnum Justice
                          From Our Readers:
                          "The Panthers were dangerous ... ideas of freedom are always dangerous to oppressive forces."
                          Elaine Brown, Black Panther Party
                          "Indian people are asked to celebrate 200 years of murderous oppression. It is a gross insult."
                          Jimmie Durham, Indian Treaty Council
                          "They cannot paralyze this party."
                          Juan Mari Bras, Puerto Rican Socialist Party
                          "Intelligence operations have turned out to be a domestic war ..."
                          Maria Serna, Crusade for Justice
                          "As the U.S. government slips down, the total outrageousness of it all, forces people forward."
                          Phil Ochs
                            Labor Spies Inc.
                            More CIA Recruits
                            Stump Colby
                            LEAA Opens Criminal Records
                            Court OKs Police Set Ups for Dope
                          FBI, by Sanford Ungar, reviewed by Susan Kaplan
                          Congressional Aide Spies on Left
                          COINTELPRO: Psychological Warfare and Magnum Justice, by Tim Butz
                          Women's Liberation-A Subversive Act?
                          Battle Hymn of Senate Bill One
                          U.S. Pushes National ID Card
                          TIP Terrorist Information Project: Backlash to Indian Sovereignty
                          CIA Around the World:
                            More CIA in Africa
                            CIA In Zaire
                            CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia
                            ELP: Mercenaries Prepare to Invade Portugal, by Carl Michael and Julie Brooks
                            Apartheid's Corporate Covert Action, by Winslow Peck
                            Silvermine, by Winslow Peck
                          Keep On Keepin On:
                          PEPIC: Public Education Project on the Intelligence Community
                          FBI: The purpose of this memorandum is to review articles entitled "Agents and Informers"
                          and "Counter-insurgency Comes Home", which appear in a quarterly journal entitled, "Counter-Spy"
                          (Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estate) (

  (1976 04/00)   Argosy Interview: Gerry Hemming
                          An EX-CIA Man's Stunning Revelations On "The Company,"
                          JFK's Murder, And The Plot To Kill Richard Nixon
                          (Dick Russell) (Argosy) (

  (1976 04/00)   He Killed The Dreamer
                          (Bob Mannings) (Players) (

  (1976 04/00)   Black Perspectives on the News: Clarence M. Kelley - Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
                          (Reggie Bryant / Les Payne / Claude Lewis / Roger Wilkins) (WHYY) (

  (1976 04/04)   A New College Course: They Study the JFK Assassination
                          (Jonathan Braun) (Parade) (

  (1976 04/07)   Secrecy Shrouds Hughes
                          Wielder of Power (Morton Mintz / George Lardner Jr.)
                          Melodramatic End (Laurence Stern)
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1976 04/08)   Hughes Buried; FBI Confirms Identity
                          (AP) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 04/11)   Hughes as a Wheeler-Dealer: 'Unorthodox, Contradictory, Disorganized' Methods
                          (Jack Egan) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 04/16)   Mexicans Raise Questions on Hughes Death
                          (Marlise Simons) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 04/20)   Two Conspiracies In JFK Death?
                          (Dorothy Madlee) (Sentinel Star) (

  (1976 04/26)   What Was in the CIA's Declassified JFK File?
                          (Dick Russell) (Village Voice) (

  (1976 05/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 2, No. 1
                          If Oswald Had Been Brought to Trial ...., by Congressman Thomas N. Downing
                          Conspiracy Fever and the Plan to Control the 1976 Presidential Elections, by Richard E. Sprague
                          "The Wounds of President John F. Kennedy" (Letter to the Editor), by R. B. Cutler
                          Louis Tackwood: "I Was Assigned to Assassinate George Jackson.", by David Williams
                          The Resolutions for a Select House Committee to Investigate Political Assassinations,
                          by Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez

  (1976 05/00)   The Guns of Dallas: Update
                          (L. Fletcher Prouty) (Gallery) (

  (1976 05/00)   Cover-Up: The Governmental Conspiracy to Conceal
                          the Facts About the Public Execution of John Kennedy
                          (J. Gary Shaw / Larry R. Harris) (

  (1976 05/02)   Was the CIA's Man in Havana a Double Agent? The Riddle of AM LASH
                          (George Crile III) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 05/05)   Notes on Key CIA Items
                          (Paul L. Hoch) (

  (1976 05/07)   The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the CIA Agent...
                          (Art Buchwald) (

  (1976 05/12)   2d Hughes 'Will' Surfaces
                          (From News Dispatches) (Washington Post) (

  (1976 05/20)   Strange Bedfellows: The Hughes-Nixon-Lansky Connection:
                         The Secret Alliances of the CIA From World War II to Watergate
                          (Howard Kohn) (Rolling Stone) (

  (1976 05/21)   Dear Fellow Americans ... Sincerely, Ace R. Hayes
                          The interlocking cabal which dictates all fundamental decisions
                          for this nation by the veto of murder -when necessary (

  (1976 05/25)   Hart Regrets Role In Murder Probe
                          (Richard Starnes) (Memphis Press-Scimitar)
  (1976 05/21)   Dear Mr. Weisberg: ... Sincerely, Gary Hart U.S.S.
                          In accordance with Senate Resolution 21 which established the Select Committee,
                          it has been an attempt to examine the manner in which our intelligence agencies performed,
                          or did not perform, their intelligence mission in this particular case
  (1976 06/19)   Dear Senator: ... With every best wish, James D. White
                          Conclusions that different from those of your subcommittee
  (1977 01/29)   Hill Prober Of CIA Gets Agency Quiz
                          (Jeremiah O'Leary) (Washington Star) (

  (1976 05/27)   Jack Anderson's Washington Merry-go-round
                          (Jack Anderson / Les Whitten) (

  (1976 06/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 2, No. 2
                          The Secret, Illegal, and Powerful Control of the United
                          States Government When President John F. Kennedy Was
                          Murdered .... and Subsequently, by Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty
                          The Back/Throat Wound of President Kennedy, by Fred Litwin
                          "Betrayal" - A Review, by David Williams
                          The Strategy of the Opposition - Editorial, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1976 06/12)   'FBI told me to drug Hampton before raid'
                          (Rob Warden) (Chicago Daily News) (

  (1976 06/13)   The Colonel's Secret Drug War
                          (George Crile III) (Harper's) (

  (1976 06/24)   Transcripts:
                          Face The Nation - Senator Schweiker (06/27/1976)
                          Robert MacNeil Report - Senator Morgan, David Phillips (06/24/1976)
                          (CIA) (

  (1976 06/25)   Memoirs of a CIA Psychologist
                          (Maureen Orth) (New Times) (

  (1976 06/27)   Face The Nation: as broadcast over the CBS Television Network and
                          the CBS Radio Network - Sunday, June 27, 1976 -- 11:30 AM - 12:00 Noon, EDT
                          Guest: Sen. Richard S. Schweiker (Rep., Pennsylvania)
                          (CBS) (

  (1976 07/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 2, No. 3
                          The Takeover of America: The Power-Control Group and How It Began, by Richard E. Sprague
                          "Go Ahead and Play Checkers - Just Don't Move This Checker", by John Gardner
                          One Kind of Justice for Whites, Another Kind of Justice for American Indians:
                          The Story of Yvonne Wanrow, by Arthur Kinoy
                          "There Is No Longer Any Reason to Have Faith in the Warren Report's
                          Conclusion on the Assassination of John Kennedy" ... Senator Richard Schweiker,
                          by the Assassination Information Bureau

  (1976 07/02)   Validation of Appointment in Dallas
                          Rick Bennett interview of Hugh C. McDonald (

  (1976 07/05)   Dear Mr. Kelley, ... Sincerely, Harold Weisberg

  (1976 07/05)   Top Secret Papers Reveal Oswald Was CIA Agent
                          (Mae Brussell) (Midnight) (

  (1976 07/11)   The CIA's Corporate Shell Game
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  (1976 07/19)   We need a fall guy
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  (1976 08/08)   FACE THE NATION as broadcast over the CBS Television Network and the CBS Radio Network
                          Sunday, August 8, 1976 -- 11:30 AM - 12:00 Noon, EDT
                          Guest: Clarence Kelley Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
                          (CBS) (

  (1976 08/09)   Crime Figure, Linked to Plot on Castro, Found Slain
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                          Watergator - Frank Angelo Fiorini
                          Interview With Albert E. Jenner Jr., by Michael S. Cohen
                          Behavioral Control: A Bibliography, by David Wemple
                          News Brief: Dallas Police officer James Chaney, 54, suffered a fatal heart attack
                          Rockefeller Speaks, by Larry R. Harris
                          New Trick Adopted by Archives
                          Book Review: The Choice: by Samuel F. Vette, Reviewed by Penn Jones
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                          Freedom of the Press (Reprinted from The Nation / April 17, 1976)
                          The Presidency: How and Why Gerald Ford is There, by Larry R. Harris
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) AAA - Adams

  (1976 08/29)   FACE THE NATION as broadcast over the CBS Television Network and the CBS Radio Network
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                          Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Assassination: Additional Evidence, by Mark Lane
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                          Assassination Fictions Vs. Underlying Realities and Social Change, by David Williams
                          Truth, Theory, and Deception, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1976 09/00)   The Puppet...And The Puppetmasters
                          Uncovering the Secret World of Nixon, Hughes and the CIA
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  (1976 09/12)   The Calculated Rise And Abrupt Descent Of Johnny Roselli
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                          The FBI and the Murder of Martin Luther King, by Mark Lane
                          Dallas Morning News staffer Earl Golz - bullet mark on Elm Street sidewalk
                          Notice: We must stop distribution of the booklet The Assassination Story

  (1976 10/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 2, No. 6
                          Inside Account by a Member of the Commission - Putting Together the Evidence
                          - Nailing Rumors of a Conspiracy - Mother's Myth: Oswald Was a Paid U.S. Agent
                          - Conclusion: One Rifle and One Rifleman, by Congressman Gerald R. Ford
                          A Mathematical Look at the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, by Jeffrey P. Hoyle
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                          by Jeff Cohen and David Williams
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                          The End of the Beginning - Editorial, by Edmund C. Berkeley

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                          United States House of Representatives
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                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Alvares - Arnett
                          A Little Philosophy, by Penn Jones
                          News Briefs:

  (1976 10/22)   'U.S. Integrity Is at Stake In JFK Probe'
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  (1976 10/29)   Little Havana's Reign of Terror
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                          The Application of Computers to the Photographic Evidence - Excerpt, by Richard E. Sprague

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                          News Briefs:
                          The Spoiler Attempts:
                          How True, How True, by Penn Jones

  (1976 11/29)   Dear Sir: ... Very truly yours, Robert P. Gemberling (
  (_________)   The Fuel That Fires The JFK Conspiracy Hysteria (Robert P. Gemberling) (

  (1976 11/29)   For the Kennedy Probe, A Man Who Was There
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                          Some Pictures of Dallas Events and Computer Enhancement, by Ronald J. Barr
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  (1976 12/00)   America's Secret Police Network
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  (1976 12/01)   Larry Harris hunts JFK killers
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  (1976 12/16)   The Rise and Fall of Richard Helms: Survival and sudden death in the CIA
                          (Thomas Powers) (

  (1976 12/17)   U.S. Got Communication Data Off Sunken Soviet Submarine (Thomas O'Toole)
  (1976 12/17)   Nixon, Aides Lose Suit On Wiretap (Timothy S. Robinson)
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  (1976 12/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 1, Number 5
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                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Babington - Bastien
                          An Interview With Robert Morrow, by C. B. Sharrett
                          News Briefs:

  (1976 12/24)   An Epitaph for a Friend
                          (Mike Causey) (Washington Post) (

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  (1977 00/00)   The Tools of the Historian and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
                          The Evidentiary Base: A Critical Evaluation of the Basic Findings
                          of 200 Investigators Over the Last 14 Years
                          (David R. Wrone) (University of Wisconsin)

  (1977 00/00)   On the Trail of a President's Killers (1)
  (1977 00/00)   On the Trail of a President's Killers (2)
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                          Book Review: The American Police State: by David Wise, Reviewed by Larry R. Harris
                          CIA Halting Use of U.S. Reporters as Secret Agents - News Services
                          News Briefs:
                          Jim Garrison:

  (1977 01/28)   Stamp Held Key to Hughes 'Will' Fate
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                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Bastien-Thiery - Belli
                          The "New" Oswald Letter, by Penn Jones
                          Same Gun?, Photo analysis by Jack White
                          Available Now! Penn Jones' Volume III (Revised) of Forgive My Grief
                          Instructing a Witness, by Penn Jones
                          Dear Mr. Jones: ... Sincerely, H. Quillen
                          It's Great to be a Winner: John J. McCloy of Warren Commission notoriety
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                          "Frenchy" Identified?, by J. Gary Shaw and Penn Jones
                          The Oswald Who Stayed Home, by J. Gary Shaw
                          Inflation, by Jan Diaz
                          New Film Available: Featuring Roger Craig
                          He Has Been Busy "Excuse me. What is the single bullet theory?"
                          News Briefs:

  (1977 02/26)   The Persecution And Assassination Of Martin Luther King Jr.: OPERATION ZORRO! Part 3
                          (Don Freed And The People's Information Project) (The Black Panther) (

  (1977 03/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 2, No. 11
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                          The Killing of Two Black Panther Leaders, Chicago, 1969, by Lucius Walker, Jr.
                          Surveillance Technology - 1976: Preface, by Senator John V. Tunney
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                          To Attack Critics of the Warren Report Around the World: A CIA Objective, by Associated Press
                          Collisions and Disorder, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1977 03/00)   Statement Of Purpose
                          News Briefs
                          Dealey Plaza Breakdown
                          The Yankee and Cowboy War; Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate, by Carl Oglesby
                          Betrayal, by Robert Morrow
                          The Taking of America 1-2-3, by Richard E. Sprague
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                          Nov 22, by Michael Eddowes
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  (1977 03/00)   The Bizarre Deaths Following JFK's Murder!
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  (1977 03/00)   The One And Only (William Bradford Huie)
                          Belin Vs Sprague (David Sanford)
                          (Skeptic) (

  (1977 03/06)   Don't Talk to Castro About Human Rights
                          (Benjamin C. Bradlee) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 03/11)   The Phantom of the Penthouse
                          (Jack Anderson / Les Whitten) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 03/15)   Who's Who - Edition I, Show 10 as broadcast over
                          the CBS Television Network, Tuesday, March 15, 1977
                          The Press As Hostage - Produced by Ellen B. Colyer
                          L.L. Bean - Produced by David Buksbaum
                          James Earl Ray - Produced by Esther Kartiganer
                          King Tutankhamen - Produced by Charles Kuralt
                          (CBS) (

  (1977 03/16)   Howard Hughes Estate Is Valued at a Mere $168 Million
                          (UPI) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 03/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 1, Number 8
                          Dubious Duo: Aynesworth and Alexander, by Larry R. Harris
                          King Assassination: FBI ignored its Miami informer, by Dan Christensen - Miami Magazine Inc.
                          More Light on the Milteer-Somersett Affair ... a Letter From Bill Barry
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Berrey - Bogdanov
                          'They're Killing Your Father,' Mrs. Sigler Told Her Daughter,
                          by John Stark - El Paso Times (Continued from February)
                          Calls To Ft. Bliss Trigger Reaction, by John Stark - El Paso Times
                          If It Wasn't His Twin, It Was His Ghost,' - Maid, by John Stark - El Paso Times
                          No One Is Likely To Read Sigler's Book, by John Stark - El Paso Times
                          Who's Who in CIA: Vance, Cyrus Roberts
                          The Babysitter Has Flown the Coop, by Penn Jones
                          News Brief:

  (1977 03/23)   Bodies of CIA Agent, Airman To Be Sent Home by Vietnam
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1977 03/30)   Johnson And Warren Forced To Whitewash JFK Murder Or Face
                          Nationwide Guerrilla Warfare! Congressman Implicated!
                          Bits And Pieces:
                          (Between The Lines...) (Volume 4, Number 9) (

  (1977 03/31)   Mental Ills Of Oswald Confidant Told, by Earl Golz - Dallas Morning News (P. 27-28)
                          (John Armstrong Collection) (

  (1977 04/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 2, No. 12
                          The Design of the Warren Report, to Fall to Pieces, by Vincent J. Salandria
                          The Trilateral Commission and the Political Assassination Investigation, by Christopher B. Sharrett
                          We the Undersigned Send this Letter to President Carter and
                          the House of Representative, by Norman Mailer and 28 more authors

  (1977 04/00)   The Design of the Warren Report, to Fall to Pieces
                          (Vincent J. Salandria) (People and the PURSUIT of Truth) (

  (1977 04/00)   Washington Progress Report
                          (Assassination Information Bureau) (

  (1977 04/00)   Committee to Finger the Patsy
                          (CFP) (

  (1977 04/00)   The man who called Walter Cronkite a spy
                          (Taylor Branch) (Esquire) (

  (1977 04/02)   Connally's guard recalls at least 3 bullet fragments
                          (Earl Golz) (Dallas Morning News) (

  (1977 04/11)   The FBI takes aim at AIM
                          (Elliot Kanter) (Seven Days) (

  (1977 04/15)   Select Committee on Assassinations In Full Swing
                          To Tell The Truth??
                          The Former Head of the Environmental Protection Agency
                          Bits And Pieces:
                          (Between The Lines...) (Volume 4, Number 10) (

  (1977 04/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 1, Number 9 (Mislabeled: Volume II, Number 4)
                          JFK: The Cloak and Dagger Mutiny, by Col. Davies - Australia
                          A Few More Pieces to the Puzzle, by Jack White
                          Excerpt from Agee Book: Analysis of Pseudonym Similarities
                          Fritz is the Liar - Not Roger Craig, by J. Gary Shaw
                          Mysterious deaths surround JFK case, by Jim Marrs - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
                          From Dallas to Del Mar, by Jay Morgan
                          Illegally administered dangerous mind-altering drugs - Between The Lines
                          Within Minutes of Lee Harvey Oswald's Arrest in Dallas
                          Johnson and Warren Forced to Whitewash JFK - Between The Lines
                          Murder or Face Nationwide Guerrilla Warfare! Congressman Implicated!
                          Assassination day bullet pieces reported, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (AP)
                          Book Review: The Assassination Chain by Sybil Leek and Bert Sugar, Reviewed by Larry R. Harris
                          LBJ, Hoover implicated in JFK death 'cover up', by Homer Kruckenberg - Great Bend Tribune
  (1977 05/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 3, No. 1
                          Congressional Investigation of Political Assassinations in the United States:
                          The Two Approaches: From the Bottom Up vs. From the Top Down, by Richard E. Sprague
                          "We the Undersigned Send This Letter ...": The 28 Authors
                          The Active Effort in 1977 to Continue Cover-Up of the
                          Political Assassinations in The United States, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1977 05/00)   The Memoirs of Chief Justice Earl Warren (Chief Justice Earl Warren) (Excerpts) (
  (1977 05/00)   The Memoirs of Chief Justice Earl Warren (Chief Justice Earl Warren) (Excerpts) (
  (1977 00/00)   Book Review: Self-Portrait of a Jurist-Without Warts (Philip B. Kurland)

  (1977 05/06)   Fidel On the Grassy Knoll?
                          (Jeff Cohen /Donald Freed) (Liberation) (

  (1977 05/08)   Kennedy Assassination: A Different View
                          Gun Expert Reasons Oswald Didn't Fire Fatal Shot
                          (Ralph Reppert) (Sun Magazine) (

  (1977 05/09)   George deMohrenschildt: The freelance spy who said he helped kill Kennedy
                          (Mike Shuster) (Seven Days) (

  (1977 05/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 1, Number 10
                          The Harassment of Roger Craig, The Case History of an Uncooperative Witness, by Harry Irwin
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Boggs - Bowie
                          Lou Howard Staples: 1944 - 1977
                          Deaths, by Penn Jones
                          It's Great to be a Winner: The Return of Mike McLaney, by Chris Sharrett
                          Senator Eugene McCarthy - CIA, by Paul Foot - Private Eye
                          JFK: The Cloak and Dagger Mutiny, by Col. Davies - Australia (Continued from April)
                          Subtle Hints, by Penn Jones
                          Book Review: Crime and Cover-Up: by Peter Dale Scott

  (1977 05/21)   Halleck Loses Struggle to Keep D.C. Judgeship
                          (Timothy S. Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 05/23)   Interview with Bernard Fensterwald (Transcript)
                          (Charlie Boone / Roger Erickson) (WCCO Radio Boone and Erickson Show) (

  (1977 05/29)   Kennedy: the publisher's case
                          (Thomas McCormack) (

  (1977 06/00)   The Law and Henry Wade
                          (Jim Atkinson) (

  (1977 06/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 3, No. 2
                          The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and the "Raoul" Mystery:
                          Are We Being Sidetracked?, by Richard E. Sprague and Christopher Sharrett
                          Lee Harvey Oswald and His Fingerprint Records, by Jeff Meek
                          The Reeducation of Vietnamese Soldiers of the Saigon Regime, by Wilfred Burchett
                          The Broken Promise of The United States, of Reparations to Vietnam, by Richard M. Nixon
                          Genocide in South Dakota?, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1977 06/07)   Background Briefing on Loran Eugene Hall
                          (Assassination Information Bureau) (

  (1977 06/13)   Mae Brussell with Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas, Sirhan Sirhan's psychologist (Video)

  (1977 06/20)   Surveillance: New Haven's Watergate
                          (Cynthia Brown) (Seven Days) (

  (1977 06/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 1, Number 11
                          Oswald: Double or Nothing, by Suom Ynona
                          "OPERATION RED CROSS":
                          The Time, Inc. / CIA / Mafia Plot to Ruin JFK, by J. Gary Shaw and Larry R. Harris
                          Lou Staples Was Murdered, by Penn Jones
                          JFK: The Cloak and Dagger Mutiny, by Col. Davies - Australia (Continued from May)
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Branner - Brinski
                          Oops! Here is a revision of pages 3, 4, 5, & 6 of TCI No. 10
                          Sorry! We made a mistake! Name Index - Boggs, Rep. Hale
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Bowler - Brannan
                          The Lackeys Have Purpose, by Penn Jones
                          Who's Who in CIA: Loomis, Henry
                          Note to Subscribers:

  (1977 07/01)   Why the Soviet Union Thinks It Could Fight & Win a Nuclear War
                          (Richard Pipes) (Commentary)

  (1977 07/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 3, No. 3
                          "Have Certain News Reports Been Influenced by Reasons Other
                          than Providing Information to the Public?", by Congressman Walter E. Fauntroy
                          Does the "Power Control Group" Influence the Publication of News in the Media of the United States?,
                          by Frederick L. Pilot, Benjamin C. Bradlee, Richard E. Sprague,
                          Thomas N. Downing, and Edmund C. Berkeley
                          Why Was Santos Trafficante Called Before the House
                          Assassination Committee? - Part 1, by Jim Kostman
                          The Death of de Mohrenschildt, Witness Regarding President Kennedy's Assassination, by B. Burden
                          The Credibility of "People and the PURSUIT of Truth", by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1977 07/00)   Clandestine America, Vol. 1 No. 1
                          New Chief Counsel
                          Rays Escape
                          Secret War of CBS
                          Military Audit Project - Freedom of Information Act
                          Loran Hall
                          Assassination Update
                          Looking Towards The Future
                          (Assassination Information Bureau) (

  (1977 07/09)   Tapes disprove Warren Report
                          (Ted Gandolfo) (Assassination Information Committee) (

  (1977 07/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 1, Number 12
                          Dan Rather Blinked, by Penn Jones
                          JFK: The Cloak and Dagger Mutiny, by Col. Davies - Australia (Continued from June)
                          Editorial: Will the Real Scavengers Please Stand Up
                          Salesman insists FBI discounted facts on Oswald, by Earl Golz - Dallas Morning News
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Briseno - Burdick
                          Editorial: The Solution Has Been Found !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and the "Raoul" Mystery:
                          Are We Being Sidetracked?, by Richard E. Sprague and Christopher Sharrett
                          Editor's Note: Photographs, boxcars, tramps, weapons
                          An Open Letter to Bill Moyers, by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. - Wall Street Journal 07/05/1977
                          The First Renewal for TCI!! Charles A. Spears
                          Pissants Come Cheap, by Penn Jones

  (1977 07/28)   Oswald Was Alone, FBI Prober Says
                          (Robert W. Kotzbauer) (Philadelphia Bulletin) (

  (1977 07/29)   Halleck's Verdict: 'Free at Last'
                          (Laura A. Kiernau) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 08/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 3, No. 4
                          The Central Intelligence Agency and the "New York Times",
                          by Samuel F. Thurston, pen-name for Richard E. Sprague
                          Why Was Santos Trafficante Called Before the House
                          Assassination Committee? - Part 2, by Jim Kostman
                          "Clandestine America" - New Publication of the
                          Assassination Information Bureau, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1977 08/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 2, Number 1
                          The Dallas Police Radio: Assassination on Tape!, by Gary Mack
                          Editor's Note: A very important letter
                          Unsigned letter: Suddenly, it dawned on me: Henry Cabot Lodge!
                          A Veteran C.I.A. Officer, by Jim Horwitz - Between The Lines
                          Just for the Record ... Press Conference - Jack Ruby
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Burgess - Cammer
                          Beware of Docudrama, Newest Propaganda Device of the Cover-Up, by Jack White
                          TV May End JFK Killing Curiosity, by Jim Marrs - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
                          It should not be overlooked ...
                          The Trilateral Commission - North American Members - European Members - Japanese Members
                          Spy men kept a Premier taped - Britain's Daily Express
                          Paul Mellon, Portrait of an Oil Baron, by William S. Hoffman
                          An Interview With Tammi True, by Jim Marrs

  (1977 09/00)   The Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald
                          (Robert J. Groden) (Argosy) (

  (1977 09/11)   Embargoed Story: The CIA and The Press
                          (Carl Bernstein) (Rolling Stone Magazine) (

  (1977 09/17)   Assassination U.S.A. - Mark Lane debate with David Phillips (Video 1 of 2)
  (1977 09/17)   Assassination U.S.A. - Mark Lane debate with David Phillips (Video 2 of 2)

  (1977 09/18)   Hunt Claims Authorship of CIA Article (Bill Peterson)
  (1977 09/18)   The CIA's Journalists, New Charges Raise Old Questions
                          About the Media and Intelligence (Richard Harwood / Walter Pincus)
                          Carl Bernstein On CIA and the Press (George F. Will)
                          (Washington Post) (

  (1977 09/21)   Newspapers, networks cooperated with agency, Journalists' CIA aid exposed
                          (Abe Weisburd) (Guardian) (

  (1977 09/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 2, Number 2
                          Lee Harvey Oswald's 1962 Income Tax Return - CD 90a, by Mary Ferrell
                          An Interview With Tammi True, by Jim Marrs (Continued from August)
                          The Dallas Police Radio: Progress Update, by Gary Mack
                          The Pentagon Wants to Know More About You!
                          Exclusive! Exclusive! For Sale: Zapruder Slide Sets!!!
                          Apology: Too Little and Too Late, by Penn Jones
                          Another Opportunity and Another Film Lost
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Camargo - Carbonell
                          Remember Pearl Harbor: Is The Analogy Odious? A Report to Penn Jones by Arthur Byron Cherry
                          Remember Pearl Harbor Updated to May 1972
                          Peter Bourne and Carters, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Coerced into Truth in Lieu of Charity, Let critics set examples, letter by Rev. Ralph D. Hyslop
                          Worst aspects of our politics, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Nixon, Ford and friendship, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Seizures open Pandora's box, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          What's wrong with death?, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Promotions order of day, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Yes, promotions. LBJ won promotion when "three shots rang out" at Dealey Plaza
                          You get what you pay for, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Too much to talk about, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          As Goldwater stated, "We have lawyers."
                          Dear Mr. Cherry, ... Sincerely, Ward Winslow - Associate Editor - Palo Alto Times
                          Rehabilitating transcriptions, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Some things make sense, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Evolution in reverse, letter by Arthur B. Cherry
                          Final Paragraph of 17-page Story - Buried in the Back (TIME 7-25-77 page 43)
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Cardenas - Carroll

  (1977 09/26)   The CIA at CBS: Cloak-and-Camera at Black Rock
                          (Daniel Schorr) (New York Magazine) (

  (1977 09/27)   If They Back a Pair of Twos, They Must Have CIA Money
                          (Art Buchwald) (Los Angeles Times)

  (1977 10/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 3, No. 6
                          "Coincidence or Conspiracy" - Excerpts,
                          by Michael Ewing and the Committee to Investigate Assassinations, Inc.
                          "Citizen's Arrest: The Dissent of Penn Jones Jr. in the
                          Assassination of John F. Kennedy" - Excerpts (Part 2), by H. C. Nash
                          President Jimmy Carter and the Power Control Group, by R.B. Cutler and Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1977 10/00)   The Rockefeller Commission: The Second JFK Whitewash
                          (Robert and Christine Groden) (Argosy) (

  (1977 10/00)   My Forty Years With the F.B.I.
                          (John Kenneth Galbraith) (Esquire) (

  (1977 10/00)   Did Hunt Pen `Times' Column?
                          (Steve Robinson) (MORE) (

  (1977 10/01)   Kennedy Autopsy At Wrong Place
                          (William R. Barnard) (Dallas (AP)) (

  (1977 10/05)   The CIA And Me
                          (C.L. Dancey) (Peoria Journal Star) (

  (1977 10/05)   Journalism and the CIA
                          (Nicholas von Hoffman) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 10/08)   Army Gave Private LSD in 3-Month Interrogation in 1961
                          (Lou Cannon) (

  (1977 10/03)   Loran Hall and the Politics of Assassination
                          (Dick Russell) (Voice) (

  (1977 10/09)   Who Killed Kennedy? After fourteen years -the doubts emerge
                          (Sunday Mirror) (

  (1977 10/13)   The Assassins
                          (Daniel Schorr) (New York Review of Books) (

  (1977 10/14)   The Press/Spy Affair: Cozy and Still Murky
                          (Charles B. Seib) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 10/16)   Who Killed Kennedy? The riddle they didn't even try to solve
                          (Sunday Mirror) (

  (1977 10/20)   The CIA and the Media:
                          How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with
                         the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up
                          (Carl Bernstein) (Rolling Stone)

  (1977 10/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 2, Number 3
                          We Surrendered So Easily, by Penn Jones
                          A Study of the Motorcade Escort Cycles, by Wendell Krueth and Jerry Carlson
                          A Woman of Importance, by Penn Jones
                          The Importance of the Towner Slides, by Penn Jones
                          Dorothy Kilgallen, Louis Lomax, Sal Mineo, Lou Staples,
                          Freddie Prinz, Tony Orlando, Geraldo Rivera, by Penn Jones
                          Secret Service Report 491, by Patricia Lambert
                          Name Index (to 26 Volumes and Commission Documents) Carroll-Catena
                          JFK's Assassination and the News Media, by J. David Truby
                          Gathering in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1977

  (1977 10/23)   Who Killed Kennedy? The death list that hides the truth
                          (Howard Reynolds) (Sunday Mirror) (

  (1977 11/00)   People and the PURSUIT of Truth, Vol. 3, No. 7
                          "Clandestine America" and its Relation to "People and the PURSUIT of Truth",
                          by David B. Williams and Edmund C. Berkeley
                          "Clandestine America" - Summary of the Sept./Oct. Issue
                          The Death of Charles Horman, U.S. Citizen, in Chile 1973 and
                          the Complicity of the U.S. Government, by Rhonda Copeland and John Corwin
                          Evidence That James Earl Ray Could Not Have Killed Martin Luther King, by Charles Cobb
                          President Carter's Possible Involvement in the Coverups
                          of Political Assassinations in the United States, by David B. Williams
                          "Citizen's Arrest": A Note, by Edmund C. Berkeley
                          The International Power Brokers Who Have Jimmy Carter in Their Pocket, by David Wemple
                          The Sunset Law, by Edmund C. Berkeley

  (1977 11/00)   The Latter-Day Intrigues of the Mormon Church
                          Watergate, CIA, Howard Hughes, Cuban exiles, big business,
                          right-wing gun groups - and you thought it was just a big church with a nice choir
                          (Jim Kostman / J. C. Louis / Harvey Yazijian) (oui) (

  (1977 11/01)   Helms Pleads 'No Contest' in Testimony Case
                          (Timothy S. Robinson) (Washington Post) (

  (1977 11/02)   "Except For Those Of Us Who Are Above It"
                          (Herblock) (

  (1977 11/22)   The Continuing Inquiry, Volume 2, Number 4
                          Is the FBI Shielding a JFK Assassin?, by J. Gary Shaw & Larry R. Harris
                          This brings to mind the tale of an OAS operative ...
                          More on Tom Bethell: A Dissenting View From Sylvia Meagher
                          Strange Death No. 136