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    Show #867
    Original airdate: December 28, 2017
    Guests: Douglas Weldon J.D. / Fletcher Prouty w/David Ratcliffe
    Topics: The Kennedy Limousine / Understanding The Secret Team

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  • Rebroadcast of BOR #28, February 1, 2001, with Len and Anita Langley
  • Doug contributed to the book Murder in Dealey Plaza (Anth. 2000)
  • Doug was 10, living in Alexandria, VA, at the time of the assassination
  • Doug accepted Oswald as the lone assassin and the Warren Report
  • But, then the HSCA concluded a likely conspiracy and another shooter
  • Doug has read around 400 books on the assassination
  • In 1993, Doug talked with a gentleman who had worked for Ford Motor Co.
  • Was there a shot fired through the front of the windshield?
  • A tremendous amount of collaboration, Nick Principe, Capital Park Police
  • William Greer has made a number of stories over the years
  • That night, Greer told Principe, one shot came through the windshield
  • A friend's father worked at Ford in 1963, told stories of the assassination
  • The Kennedy Limousine: Dallas 1963
  • The Monday after the assassination, the limousine was in the B building
  • The windshield was being used as a template for a new windshield
  • He is 100% sure a shot had gone through that glass from the front
  • Evalea Glanges, a medical student at Parkland, saw the hole
  • Doug evaluates witnesses in his practice of the law
  • Doug's witnesses don't know each other, yet, they say the same thing
  • '63 and '64, the story of the limo in Detroit, evidence destroyed
  • Officially, the limo was in DC until December 20, driven to Detroit
  • Hess & Eisenhardt say the limo was flown to them on December 19
  • In the law in 1963, it was strictly a crime in the State of Texas
  • They took the body and limo away from the rightful authorities
  • The Secret Service, a gun was raised, "We're taking this body"
  • They had no right to illegally take that evidence
  • Murder from Within: (Newcomb 1974), a tape of Stavis Ellis
  • Doug has met many wonderful people who lived a part of history
  • (DPD Officer) Stavis Ellis placed a pencil into that hole
  • Doug had to go down to Dallas and see if it was feasible
  • The Altgens (5) photograph, Z-Frame 255, a spiral nebula and a hole
  • That photo was changed in many publications, in a variety of ways
  • The Grassy Knoll, Elm Street in front of the car, would not work
  • Dealey is small, a shooting gallery, the steep angle of Elm Street
  • The overpass? A perfect 200 yard trajectory, concealed
  • A south side sewer drain is now paved over
  • It has not been pleasant to discover what happened on that day
  • A personal search for the truth
  • Doug is closely aligned with law enforcement
  • In a true democracy we are candid with our citizenry
  • Several Secret Service agents were compromised that day
  • November 1963, a leader has been removed without an election
  • FBI Agent Robert Frazier wrote "No holes found"
  • Investigators do not note things that are not there
  • Too many people saw that hole in the windshield
  • Doug got to know Willard Hess who made the automobile
  • Shoot through the windshield, exclude the bubble top
  • Kennedy was not going to leave Dallas alive that day
  • A windshield shot, available no matter the weather conditions
  • Doug's site presents a very small downward trajectory
  • Doug believes in a bullet entrance wound to the throat
  • Gen. Godfrey McHugh's front seat would be in the line of fire
  • The Secret Service moved him to another motorcade vehicle
  • Doug's search for the truth was private for 14 years
  • The research community has been very helpful to him
  • He has over 3,000 pages of written material, taped interviews
  • We can create an historical record, the truth of what happened
  • The Public Philosophy by Walter Lippmann (1955)
  • To wait to reveal the facts before you act, it's too late
  • People didn't have all pieces of information we have today
  • Supposed photographs of the limousine at Hess & Eisenhardt
  • Doug has evidence, he has presented it honestly
  • He has a job, a family, and this small part of history
  • If you steal a lot of ideas, you're a researcher
  • Doug presenting at the JFK Assassination Forum in 1999

    Play Fletcher Prouty with David Ratcliffe   (2:14:55)   MP3 download

  • Rebroadcast of BOR #373, May 8, 2008
  • Understanding The Secret Team
  • The National Security Act of 1947
  • President Truman abolished the OSS, created the National Intelligence Group
  • A new branch of the service: the Air Force, a single Department of Defense
  • Intelligence ... wasn't coordinated, new ways of gathering intelligence
  • CIA is created to coordinate the intelligence of the rest of the government
  • An atom bomb ... has no real value until it's been delivered
  • We were made a defensive nation by the Department of Defense
  • OSS members, well-trained in covert work, came into CIA
  • OPC (Office of Policy Coordination), was to preserve certain assets
  • The creation of the National Security Council
  • President, Vice-President, Secretaries of State and Defense, no others
  • Directive "10-slant-2" (10/2) recognized ... covert action
  • In 1948, the Allen Dulles, William Jackson, Mathias Correa Report
  • Dulles ... saw that report as, you might say, his own Mein Kampf
  • The single primary character of the CIA is Allen Dulles
  • There is no law that says it is a covert operations agency
  • President Truman wrote, greatest mistake, to create the CIA
  • Shifting NSC oversight from directing to approving plans
  • OCB was the Operations Coordinating Board, a part of NSC
  • OPC was the residual OSS organization, from World War II
  • Dulles was able to circumvent the law, to have clandestine capability
  • NSC found itself, approving reactive covert operations
  • Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnamese, had been provoked, they did not initiate
  • Deputy Director Plans, just our euphemism for covert operations
  • His brother, Secretary of State, the dominant vote in the NSC
  • Only one, NSC had directed the CIA to involve itself in Tibet
  • The intelligence community, was not homogenous
  • Futile to try to enforce the law, on either Defense or CIA or State
  • There exists a Secret Team that is out of control
  • Covert operations in Customs, Treasury, even in FAA
  • It's not CIA all the time, they say it was the CIA
  • Experienced military intelligence officers, work with the CIA
  • Military officers ... say pilots ... will be assigned to CIA
  • Reserve military, employed as civilians by CIA, called to active duty
  • CIA men, call him Commander Jones, he works for CIA
  • All of a sudden went into this guise of defense
  • General Westmoreland, had no place to go in Vietnam and win the war
  • General Krulak, devised a war plan, to march on Hanoi, and end the war
  • Offense is the core of war, the antithesis of, a Department of Defense
  • They are unable to assimilate, nuclear weapons into war planning
  • We can still go on the offense, we are doing it economically
  • Evolution of warfare, ended with the explosion of the hydrogen bomb
  • CIA could promote, counterinsurgency or covert operations
  • We had to create this Manichaean devil so we created Communism
  • Then you can justify having a navy, air force, and an enormous army
  • I was, "to provide military support of clandestine operations of the CIA"
  • National Security Council Directive #5412 of March 15, 1954
  • Dulles said, "I want an office that has access to a system in the Pentagon"
  • That agency might not even know that employee was our man
  • Colonel Lansdale, a full colonel in the Air Force, that was his cover story
  • A member of the office of the Secretary of Defense, his home is really CIA
  • We bought hundreds of airplanes for the CIA, technically for the Air Force
  • Millions and millions of dollars, never went through Air Force procurement
  • Units in the Army that were supporting CIA, there were 605
  • A lot of these people worked right up into the White House
  • Eisenhower, did not want the CIA to create a capability that was on-going
  • The secret of covert operations is the control of money
  • Reimbursement is very important, it keeps bills from appearing in public
  • Reimbursement, can be used, without explaining that it was for salaries
  • Congress, allocate a bulk sum and then just sit back
  • An awful lot of potential for money to be handled without an accounting
  • CIA considered as a fourth force, Army, Navy, Air Force, and CIA
  • 234 Provisional Support Group, CIA people in military uniforms
  • The agency was able, to create quite a well-equipped military force
  • Generals Lemnitzer and Shoup, never knew they were part of a covert operation
  • "I want 2,008 missiles", you have to have the authority
  • CIA, used an Air Force unit, without raising any eyebrows at all
  • All covert operations require foreign alliances
  • For more: and

    Show #866
    Original airdate: December 21, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Document Release Critic

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:45:20)   MP3 download

  • Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas
  • Skyhorse is bringing out Jim's Reclaiming Parkland, revised, with a new title, JFK: The Evidence Today
  • Recent release, a female CIA employee who overheard Kennedy/Vietnam critics in March, 1961
  •, Jim responds to Max Holland, Max Holland Says Enough!
  • Holland didn’t like all the attention that the media had been paying to the JFK case
  • Old tricks, he does not reveal anything new or important to his readership
  • The ARRB revealed that the destruction of Shaw’s files extended into his 201 file
  • In 1964 CIA began a cover-up about Shaw’s true Agency status
  • Holland concludes many CIA documents fall under the rubric of NBR, or "Not Believed Relevant"
  • These CIA/Earle Cabell documents were originally classified as NBR
  • Tens of thousands of documents are classified NBR and remain unreleased
  • The November 22, 1963 Love Field to Andrews AFB Air Force One tape
  • Pierre Salinger mentioned a message that should have been on that tape
  • The Presidential party on Air Force One "... learned of the identity of Oswald and his arrest"
  • ARRB Search for AF1 Radio Tapes and The Railroading of LCDR Terri Pike (Bill Kelly)
  • Anne Buttimer, ARRB Chief Field Investigator, why did she leave after one year?
  • Ignoring the good things the ARRB did, Holland writes that they proved the WC verdict
  • John F. Kennedy's Head Wounds: A Final Synthesis (Mantik 2015)
         and a New Analysis of the Harper Fragment
  • The ARRB did a decent job collecting records of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison
  • On the Trail of the Assassins: (Garrison 1988)
         One Man's Quest to Solve the Murder of President Kennedy
  • Let Justice Be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation (Davy 1999)
  • A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination (Mellen 2013)
         And the Case That Should Have Changed History
  • Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case (DiEugenio 2012)
  • The FBI cancelled the 1959 FLASH Warning on Oswald on October 9, 1963
  • Malcolm Blunt is in the workhorse category of researchers
  • Tennent 'Pete' Bagley told him that Oswald's defection was expected by CIA
  • Oswald "201" File (201-289248) opened 12/09/60, CIA "defectors" list 11/21/60
  • Holland suggests instead of releasing documents, why not destroy them?
  • The Hollands of the world can't forget about Mark Lane (BOR #783)
  • The Hanks/Spielberg film, The Post premieres this Friday
  • This story qualifies for a miniseries (chronology)
  • Ellsberg offered the Pentagon Papers to Senators Fulbright, McGovern, Mathias
  • The Pentagon Papers were a secret study on Vietnam initiated by Robert McNamara in 1967
  • June 13, 1971, the first installment is printed by the New York Times
  • The study exposes false pronouncements on Vietnam by the Johnson administration
  • The Times declined Attorney General Mitchell's request to stop publishing
  • A Federal district court in New York granted a temporary restraining order
  • Senator Mike Gravel, Gravel v. United States, 408 U.S. 606 (1972) (audio of arguments)
  • Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Mythologize the Washington Post
  • Listener questions, Oswald was the first person to mention a Coke
  • Interior Minister Luis Echeverría (LITEMPO-8), was secretly chosen to be President of Mexico
  • CIA ordered Mexican officials to secretly arrest Sylvia Duran
  • C.D. Jackson: Cold War Propagandist for Democracy and Globalism (Stern 2012)
  • Page after page of blacked-out or blank pages proves there is something to hide
  • Jim, pull the sword from the sheath, they f*cked us
  • Jim, my son has referenced your work in high school and college papers
  • CBC, the Fifth Estate, Brian McKenna, The JFK Files : The Murder of a President (2017)
  • A friend of Bugliosi may have the entire 26 hours of that 1986 mock trial

    Show #865
    Original airdate: December 14, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Robert Kennedy / JFK Assassination

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:54:01)   MP3 download

  • The Vietnam War and the Destruction of JFK’s Foreign Policy (Part 1) Giglio/DiEugenio
  • The Vietnam War and the Destruction of JFK’s Foreign Policy (Part 2) Giglio/DiEugenio
  • The Application of Forensic Principles for the Analysis of the Autopsy Skull X-Rays
         of President Kennedy and a Review of the Brain Photographs (Michael Chesser
  • The State of Texas vs Lee Harvey Oswald: The JFK Autopsy Skull X-rays (David Mantik)
  • Jim's review of The Revolution of Robert Kennedy, by John R. Bohrer (2017)
  • Bobby Kennedy expressed to LBJ his opposition to the Vietnam War in 1964
  • LBJ neutralized JFK's U.S. aid to Latin America, the Alliance for Progress
  • Thomas Mann, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, the Mann Doctrine
  • "It sounds like we're working for United Fruit again"
  • "The responsibility of our time is nothing less than a revolution"
  • The Alliance for Progress: Symbol and Substance, RFK May 9, 1966
  • Robert Kennedy spoke in South Africa on June 6, 1966 (Video)
  • This 300 page book covers three years, 1963 to 1966
  • In the U.S. 90% of media is owned by six companies
  • Democracy requires divergent sources of opinion
  • The JFK Files : The Murder of a President - The Fifth Estate (Video)
  • Companies used to be restricted as to how much media they could own
  • Net neutrality allows users to access any and all sites for one price
  • A non-neutral tiered internet would charge for channels and bandwidth
  • Len and Jim discuss the recent Alabama special election for U.S. Senator
  • As Attorney General, RFK tried to negotiate with Mississippi governor, Ross Barnett
  • In Alabama, after dealing with Governor Wallace, Bobby sent in the army
  • Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment (Trailer 1963) Clip
  • President Nixon understood and manipulated the south's white backlash
  • The south turned from solidly Democratic to solidly Republican
  • Listener letters: The tape and the photograph of the man who was at the Soviet Embassy
  • Why would Mexico City CIA send out non-Oswald tapes and photos?
  • Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (Dan Hardway and Edwin Lopez) (HSCA)
  • Mexico City - Pandora's Box, John Armstrong, State Secret: Preface, Bill Simpich
  • To have something to show LHO was there, Anne Goodpasture did the best she could?
  • She lied to Hardway and Lopez about things that were her responsibility alone
  • David Atlee Phillips' name is not in the over 17,000 pages of WC documents
  • If he was never there this is an intelligence disinformation campaign
  • Former CIA now staff at the National Archives? Might be true
  • It was bad that Trump backed out of his record release promise
  • Was Lee Harvey Oswald a person intent on killing others? No
  • Until August 8, 1965, killing the President was not a federal offence
  • The Secret Service violated the law when they took the body out of Texas
  • Jim does question the Marion Baker encounter with Lee Oswald
  • Can we trust Baker and Truly?
  • DPD Affidavit: M. L. Baker, Patrolman Dallas Police Department 11/23/63
  • Statement to FBI: Roy S. Truly on 11/22/63
  • Thank you Jim for the review on Burns and Novick and 'The Vietnam War'
  • Daniel Ellsberg risked going to jail over the Pentagon Papers
  • The Dulles brothers provoked the Vietnam War, not a civil war, CIA invented it
  • McNamara classified the Pentagon Papers Top Secret to keep LBJ from seeing them

    Play Col. L. Fletcher Prouty   (1:17:35)   MP3 download

  • Fletcher's first appearance on BOR #105 January 9, 2003
  • He is speaking in Florida in 1993
  • The 30th Anniversary of the Coup D'etat in America
  • Medical assistance in America has deteriorated
  • The finest airplane in the world of its type, has been shelved
  • This country has been taken over, we've lost our sovereignty
  • 2,6000,000 Americans were sent to Vietnam, over 570 billion dollars
  • Strategy for Defeat: Vietnam in Retrospect, Admiral Sharp (1978)
  • The Vietnam era began September 2nd, 1945, as Japan surrendered
  • Elliott Roosevelt, Stalin, and the Churchill gang
  • Plans for continuing war in Asia were made at Tehran (11/28/43)
  • Arms planned for the invasion of Japan were split between Korea and Vietnam
  • "In Indochina, a desperate struggle is in its eighth year," Dulles, 1953
  • Such world events are exquisitely orchestrated by the power elite
  • "Success of invention has destroyed the possibility of war," MacArthur, 1951
  • Report From Iron Mountain: (Leonard C. Lewin 1967)
         On The Possibility And Desirability Of Peace
  • War making societies require and thus bring about such conflicts
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961–1963
         Volume IV, Vietnam, August–December 1963
  • Kennedy was unswervingly not going to put Americans in Vietnam
  • Special Meeting on Vietnam, Honolulu, November 20, 1963
  • National Security Action Memorandum 263 JFK 10/11/63
  • National Security Action Memorandum 273 LBJ 11/26/63
  • Eisenhower Farewell Radio and Television Address 01/17/61 (Video)
  • "Immense military establishment ... unwarranted influence"
  • Kennedy was a war veteran, had been a Representative, and a Senator
  • The National Security Act of 1947, most unwise legislation
  • As CIA matured, it moved in to make-war mode
  • In January, 1954 Allen Dulles created the Saigon Military Mission
  • National Security Action Memorandum Number 5412 DDE 03/15/54
  • The first time the government defined and established Covert Operations
  • In 1955 Fletcher was assigned to create Pentagon support of CIA
  • In 1958, CIA supported 40,000 Indonesian rebels with military hardware
  • In 1960, Gen. Cabell (CIA), placed the first helicopter squadron in Vietnam
  • 4,865 helicopters were lost in Vietnam at a cost over 1 billon dollars
  • JFK's plan to curtail the Vietnam war, one of the reasons to assassinate him

    Show #864
    Original airdate: December 7, 2017
    Guests: Brian Edwards & Casey Quinlan / Chris La May
    Topics: Witness Ed Hoffman / Texas Trial Visit

    Play Brian Edwards & Casey Quinlan   (1:43:48)   MP3 download

  • Beyond the Fence Line: (Quinlan/Edwards 2008)
         The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President John F. Kennedy
  • Casey was a teacher for 40 years, he would bring students to the Plaza
  • Ed was one of the most spectacular witnesses the students met
  • What Ed saw that day as he went to visit the dentist
  • He parked on the side of Stemmons Freeway above the entrance ramp
  • Ed could see the stockade fence and the parking lot
  • He saw a man in a suit and a man dressed as a railroad worker
  • He noticed various cars, including a Rambler station wagon
  • Ed saw the man in the suit point a rifle towards Elm Street
  • The rifle was tossed to the other man by the railroad switchbox
  • That man disassembled the rifle into a bag and walked off
  • Suit man walked back to the parking lot and encountered a police office
  • Ed did see the limousine and occupants come up the entrance ramp
  • He drove to the parking lot, but did not see the men
  • His dentist was the first person he told
  • Ed told his uncle, a Dallas police detective, he told Ed to keep quiet
  • To protect Ed, his family lied about his credibility to police
  • He went to the FBI in Dallas in 1967, he drew what he saw
  • No FBI report of Ed's information has been found
  • Many of the details of his story have been proven
  • A shot from behind the fence makes tactical and evidentiary sense
  • "He showed me that he was a Secret Service agent" - Joe Marshall Smith
  • Witness testimony demonstrates a multiple shooter scenario
  • This is not a closed case, 54 years later it is wide open
  • Bugliosi and Posner both tried to cut the heck out of Ed Hoffman
  • Ed was excited that Brian and Casey wrote about his story
  • Lone-nutters are cognitively impaired or on a payroll
  • Nigel Turner's interpreter did not get all Ed's details correct
  • Brian and Casey and Ed reenacted his story in Dealey at the fence
  • Casey and Brian have been presenting a two-week course for 35 years
  • They conducted many CSI Dallas tours with their students
  • Witnesses enjoyed speaking to the interested young people
  • Casey and Brian introduced Dr. Robert McClelland to Ed
  • Brian thinks the Sixth Floor displays are well done
  • It is disheartening that they don't show both sides of the story
  • It is the largest tourist attraction in the state of Texas
  • They got one thing right, there is no Lee Harvey Oswald at the window
  • Speaking truth on that floor gets one walked out of the building
  • Gary Mack worked with Jack White on photographic evidence
  • He went to the other side and became curator of the museum
  • Robert Groden has strong feelings about Mack and the Sixth Floor
  • Debra Conway seems to be opening some doors there
  • Beyond the Fence Line: (Availability)
  • What have you done? Contribute, put your ideas forward
  • The MSM no longer feature experts from our side
  • Every piece of physical evidence in that trial carried no weight
  • 50 reasons ... 50 quick tutorials on why not to trust the Warren Commission

    Play Chris La May   (31:36)   MP3 download

  • Chris writes the Black Op Radio show notes
  • He flew to Houston with his daughter Rachel
  • They attended the CAPA Mock Trial of Oswald
  • The mock trial was not a place to learn court procedure
  • As a long-time student of the case, Chris did not learn much
  • His daughter though often exclaimed "What? That happened?"
  • The law school had food and coffee and nice box lunches
  • It is a nice facility, the school personnel were helpful
  • The prosecution, defense, and judge were in earnest
  • The defense were unprepared with their exhibits
  • Defense witnesses were good, some were very professional
  • They brought out a lot of good information, there was a lot of information
  • Robert Tannenbaum was impressive, when the defense was on, they were on
  • Convinced of Oswald's innocence, it was difficult to predict the verdict
  • Chris hopes that CAPA found the process beneficial
  • Sticking to two or three points might have been better
  • The rifle non-chain of evidence, no identification of Oswald at either shooting
  • The prosecution's only witness did go on rather long
  • Both sides should have presented opening arguments
  • The audience was students, associates of participants, a few citizens
  • Chris' daughter recognized Cyril Wecht from his work on many cases
  • It was enjoyable meeting BOR alumni interviewees
  • Chris wanted Len to go with him to Houston, and then on to Dallas
  • On the drive to Dallas, Chris and Rachel toured the LBJ Ranch
  • The next morning, they walked into Dealey Plaza on Commerce St.
  • They crossed to Elm at the underpass, as more people gathered
  • Circling the TSBD, they walked along the stockade fence, onto the bridge
  • Dealey is not a private place, it fills with tourists and hawkers
  • The rooming house, now a museum, has a large building back near the alley
  • The two walked a random route to the Tippit murder site
  • Oak Cliff is a nice residential area and quite hilly
  • Tenth Street looks a lot different, due to development
  • The much studied assassination site is like visiting a movie set
  • What stood out is ... Dealey Plaza is a pretty place
  • "I remember thinking it would be so cool, under the tunnel" - Jackie Kennedy
  • Dealey Plaza is as much about a moment, as about a place
  • Rachel Photos

    Show #863
    Original airdate: November 30, 2017
    Guests: Brian Edwards / David Ratcliffe
    Topics: Mock Trial Witness / We are witnesses to our time

    Play Brian Edwards   (1:56:41)   MP3 download

  • Brian testified for the defense at the recent mock trial
  • He was seven and at school at the moment of the assassination
  • Brian saw Lee Harvey Oswald shot dead live on television
  • In ninth grade he wrote a 100 page paper on the assassination
  • Since then he has interviewed over 75 JFK witnesses
  • He served as a police officer and sniper in Kansas City
  • Brian's interest is in the forensics of the shooting
  • He met Ed Hoffman, a deaf-mute witness to the assassination
  • Beyond the Fence Line: (Quinlan/Edwards 2008)
         The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President John F. Kennedy
  • Bill Simpich and Larry Schnapf asked Brian to testify at the mock trial
  • The other defense witnesses were Doctors Cyril Wecht, David Mantik,
         Gary Aguilar, Donald Thomas, Clifford Spiegelman, Michael Chesser
  • (The only witness for the prosecution was Lucien Haag)
  • The trial was not about proving conspiracy, it was - could you convict Oswald?
  • The verdict was six for guilty, five for not guilty
  • Brian swayed two jurors by arguing that the rifle was not capable
  • When Oswald was killed, Brian's dad said, "Now we'll never know what happened"
  • This mock trial procedure was a lot different than normal trials
  • The defense were all on the same page, advocates fighting for Lee Oswald
  • Brian was pleased with his testimony, the rifle's chain of evidence
  • February, 1963 American Rifleman, Klein's Sporting Goods ad
  • Postal workers did not remember receiving or delivering the rifle
  • There is no direct evidence ... that rifle was ever delivered to Box 2915
  • When found, the rifle was identified as a 7.65 Mauser
  • Commission Exhibit 139 is 40.2 inches long, the rifle ordered was 36 inches
  • Photos show The rifle with different strap configurations
  • Brian thinks the rifle was just window decoration, not even sure that it was fired
  • HSCA test-fired (last page) bullet markings do not match (p 368, (138)) CE 399
  • CE 579-581 - Photographs of the rapid-fire accuracy test site
  • Robert Frazier (2) (3) and Ronald Simmons, targets, high and right
  • The judge asked if it was a deadly weapon, of course it is, at a short distance
  • Brian would never have chosen a bolt-action rifle for rapid fire
  • That rifle required an ammo clip, they did not find one
  • They found no one who sold Lee any ammo
  • An anonymous caller told the FBI Klein's sold that rifle
  • A carbine is for infantry, multiple rounds, short, compact, lower velocity
  • When that day and where did Oswald put the rifle together?
  • U.S. soldiers saw a lot of Mannlicher-Carcanos next to dead Italian soldiers
  • CE 541 - Photographs of markings on the C2766 rifle (CE 139)
  • The evidence which "cinched" the case would have been excluded (1:06:30)
  • Oswald's Wallet , by John Armstrong
  • Brian thinks Oswald realized he was the sacrificial lamb
  • Brian has copies of the evidence collected by WaggonerCarr
  • The split verdict was surprising
  • The majority of the audience was convinced Oswald was set up
  • The youngest jurors voted Oswald guilty
  • Len thinks presenting just the rifle non-evidence could win a trial
  • The Tippit witnesses do not describe Lee Oswald
  • Brian is one who has read all 26 volumes
  • Judge Jay T. Karahan was relaxed, cordial, proffessional
  • The mock trial was needed, timely, and worthwhile
  • Tippit murder lead Detective Jim Leavelle did not keep witness statements notes
  • "He (Oswald) really didn't say anything of value"
  • Visit BOR for a future interview of Brian and Casey Quinlan on Ed Hoffman

    Play David Ratcliffe   (57:01)   MP3 download

  • Dave remarks on Black Op Radio's longevity, this is the 18th season
  • Len has now exceeded the number of radio shows produced by Mae Brussell
  • Dave wants to evoke the spirit of Mae, who fulfilled one of life's needs
  • Humans are not seperate groups, we are all one single family
  • The Children of Vietnam: Preface, by Dr. Benjamin Spock (Ramparts)
  • The Children of Vietnam: Photographs and Text, by William F. Pepper (Ramparts)
  • William Pepper was in Vietnam for six weeks in 1966
  • The Truth of The Children of Vietnam: A Way of Liberation
  • The Children of Vietnam w/color photographs (
  • Because JFK was killed, the war went on for an additional 8 years
  • Talk given by William F. Pepper at Modern Times Bookstore, 4 February 2003
  • U.S. spending on post-9/11 wars reaches $5.6 trillion
  • Martin Luther King: The Inconvenient Hero (Harding 2008)
  • King was a world leader on things far beyond civil rights
  • Martin asked questions we're still seeking answers to
  • The U.S. was founded as a racist state
  • We must be witnesses to our time, to our world
  • We need to get away from sabre rattling and reconnect with life
  • Len's creative work gives us a light in our eyes to see beyond ourselves
  • Militarism, materialism, racism, need to be responded to creatively
  • Songs Of Peace and Violence in the Shadow of Drawn Swords
  • ICAN, Booklet: The nuclear weapon ban treaty

    Show #862
    Original airdate: November 23, 2017
    Guests: Larry Schnapf / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: The Houston Trial in retrospect

    Play Larry Schnapf   (52:53)   MP3 download

  • A discussion of the CAPA trial strategies in Houston Nov 16th & 17th 2017

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:58:13)   MP3 download

  • Views of the Trial outcome
  • Pro and Con what can we learn
  • Listener questions answered

    Show #861
    Original airdate: November 16, 2017
    Guests: Dan Hardway / Larry Hancock / Bill Kelly / Chris Gallop / Mark de Valk
    Topics: Continued Redactions / JFK Conferences / Mock Trial

    Play Dan Hardway   (0:00:00)   MP3 download

  • What Were They Hiding And What Should We Look For?, Dan L. Hardway (10/2017)
  • Will there be a smoking gun?, Allen Dulles told us no, federal agents would lie
  • The 1967 CIA plan to counter criticism of the Warren Commission
  • That plan's tactics are still in use today
  • DCI John McCone and the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Robarge 2013)
  • It took CIA 50 years to admit to a "benign" cover-up
  • CIA's intra-government openness "depends a little bit on the circumstances"
  • John McCone told Bobby the Z-film indicated "there were two people involved in the shooting"
  • CIA will give you a bit of truth which leads to an incorrect inference
  • Oswald as the lone assassin was the best truth possible
  • "avoiding disclosures about covert actions that would
          circumstantially implicate CIA in conspiracy theories"
  • Not Castro directed or anti-Castro plots, but "covert operations against Cuba"
  • The Intelligence Community Flips Off America, Dan L. Hardway (11/2017)
  • They're still hiding 1963 operations run by Phillips and Joannides, AMSPELL
  • Dan found a newly released file to have 61 pages are expurgated in full
  • Only a finding of "identifiable harm" before October 26, would allow redaction
  • CIA is saying it doesn't apply to us, what are you gonna do about it?
  • Absence of such written proof cannot be considered to be proof of the
          absence of a relationship between Oswald and an intelligence agency
  • Dan found a gap in Phillips' personnel file between 1960 and 1965
  • Ed Lopez found three persons in Mexico with 1961/62 CIA operational approval,
          yet their 201 files show no use of them until 1964
  • The first conspiracy theories, those concerning Cuba and Oswald,
          were put forth by Phillips run Mexican operatives
  • Phillips was ready with a Castro/Oswald propaganda campaign
  • Even Phillips and Joannides may have been played
  • Hide a conspiracy in a conspiracy, hide cover operations in cover operations
  • Association of Former Intelligence Officers v.

    Play Larry Hancock   (23:21)   MP3 download

  • The 24th Annual Lancer conference Dallas
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11/17-19
  • The theme this year is "Disconnection"
  • Speakers, John Newman, Jeff Morley, Malcolm Blunt on documents
  • Mike Chesser, M.D. and Jim Jenkins, Randolph Robertson M.D., Gary Murr
  • We should be getting full release of the remaining documents
  • Bill Simpich, Brian Edwards, Larry Schnapf
  • Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer, Michael Marcades, Gary Shaw
  • The international media is more responsive
  • Russ Baker, Andrew Kreig, Chuck Ochelli,
  • Lancer provides contact time between presenters and attendees
  • By January, there should be available DVDs of the entire conference
  • Interested parties will benefit from conference attendance

    Play Bill Kelly   (21:51)   MP3 download

  • CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassinations
  • State Of Texas V. Lee Harvey Oswald, Nov. 16-17, Houston, TX
  • CAPA members are encouraged to participate on committees
  • The mock trial is preliminary to a possible Texas Court of Inquiry
  • We may never get justice but we might be able to get truth
  • Follow Bill at and JFKCOUNTERCOUP2
  • Bill is anticipating Congressional Oversight Hearings on the JFK Records Act
  • Trial will be streamed on video Thursday & Friday, Nov. 16-17, 2017
  • Audio-only will stream on Black Op Radio
  • Bill to update CAPA events on Black Op Radio
  • Many of the founders of this fight have passed, it is up to us to continue

    Play Chris Gallop   (19:12)   MP3 download

  • The 5th Annual JFK Luncheon & Symposium
  • Randy Benson, Dr. Michael Marcades, Gary Shaw,
  • Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer (polaroid), Hubert Clark
  • 117 Main Street, Mansfield, TX, Dirty Job Brewing
  • 11am-5pm, Monday, Nov. 20, 2017
  • JFK - The Continuing Inquiry
  • This un-themed luncheon is intended to be small and intimate
  • Randy Benson is going to record the event and that will become available
  • Chris created this short-format JFK forum for the 50th anniversary in 2013
  • There is no golden ticket in the document releases, but there are pieces of the puzzle
  • Come if just to hear Beverly Oliver sing

    Play Mark de Valk   (25:48)   MP3 download

  • Screening The Scaffold: JFK, The Camera & The Establishment
  • A Presentation of the Controversy by Professor Mark de Valk
  • 7pm, Nov 22, 2017 - The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, UK
  • Mark will have his Zapruder Model 414 PD Bell & Howell Zoomatic Director Series Camera
  • JFK's Executive Order 11110 - Affecting the Department of the Treasury
  • British media is following the current document release / non-release
  • Average Britishers do not know much more than Lee Oswald as the lone nut
  • Mark wants to re-review JFK research books on future BOR episodes
  • The Gun: A "Biography" of the Gun that Killed John F. Kennedy (Bloomgarden 1975)
  • I'm an Endangered Species: Autobiography of a Free Enterpriser (Byrd 1979)
  • The film CITIZEN LANE by Pauley Perrette (2017)
  • This is a good film, kind of organic
  • FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose (Swearingen 1994)
  • BOR #523, Wes Swearingen and Mark de Valk live in Hawaii, April 21, 2011

    Show #860
    Original airdate: November 9, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Steve Jaffe / John Barbour
    Topics: Vietnam and Nixon / CIA and Oswald / Film Screening

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:47:55)   MP3 download

  •, the film CITIZEN LANE by Pauley Perrette (2017)
  • Citizen Lane: (Lane 2012)
          Defending Our Rights in the Courts, the Capitol, and the Streets
  • The Intelligence Community Flips Off America, by Dan L. Hardway
  • The Information They Were Seeking - Episode 44 of 50 Reasons For 50 Years
  • American media is the worst in the western world
  • Rachel Maddow, JFK and Easy Money, by James DiEugenio
  • Their JFK 'experts' mention not one new document
  • Continuing redactions are in no way legitimate
  • CIA on Jim Garrison - 8 of 11 pages whited out
  • Pages that are completely unintelligible
  • Report on Belle Chase - 11 redactions on one page
  • David Atlee Phillips wrote the Belle Chase sanitation report
  • December 1963 James Hosty report on Ruth Paine - cover sheet only
  • The ARRB redefined the whole calculus of the JFK case
  • NBC on the Warren Report limited to concinence with FBI deductions
  • David Slawson's 1964 draft of his Mexico City Report
  • Voice comparisons?, Phillips/None, Helms/Yes, FBI/Not Oswald
  • Round-the-clock full photo coverage of both embassies
  • CIA could not find evidence that Oswald was in Mexico City (p. 630 of 1028)
  • Luis Echeverria Alvarez made a false paper trail
  • They haven't proved Oswald did it in 54 years
  • American Media & The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • John Barbour screened this film at Len's studio
  • Ken Burns & Lynn Novick get hammered, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • 68/69 Vietnam events that intertwined Johnson and Nixon
  • Early 68, Johnson and the "Wise Men"
  • Clark Clifford came to the view military victory in Vietnam was hopeless
  • Johnson decided not to run again, he would pursue a peace agreement
  • Nixon, in plotting and acting against those negotiations, broke the law
  • Nixon extended the air war in a war he knew was lost
  • Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the Destruction of Cambodia (Shawcross 1979)
  • 3,630 secret B-52 bombing raids over Cambodia in 14 months
  • This film implies the Cambodia excursion didn't make a big difference
  • Nixon did not inherit the Vietnam War, he was present at it's birth
  • Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War (Schmitz 2014)
  • Nixon was fighting the Dulles' international communist conspiracy
  • Nixon's Vietnam War (Kimball 1998), Operation Duck Hook
  • Nixon, Kissinger, and the "Decent Interval"
  • Thus film understates the selling out of President Thieu
  • Beijing and Moscow never cut off their support for Hanoi
  • The evil that secrecy does, allows people to get away with bold-faced lies
  • The film unfairly caricatures Jane Fonda's anti-war activities
  • Jim attended one of her demonstrations of an anti-personnel cluster bomb
  • The film ignores veteran testimony of atrocities
  • Vietnam, Watergate and Presidential Powers (Bundy 1979)
  • Congress repealed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  • The film ignores the Golden Triangle heroin trade
  • The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia (McCoy 1972)
  • Hearts and Minds (Davis 1974) and Last Days in Vietnam (Kennedy 2014)
  • The Real Story of the My Lai Massacre
  • The Phoenix Program (Valentine 1990)

    Play Steve Jaffe   (35:07)   MP3 download

  • Steve has a cover article in the National Enquirer
  • The March 3, 1964 McCone-Rowley memo - page one - page two
  • "Oswald subject was trained by this agency" "for Soviet assignments"
  • Not all the news seems to be fit to print
  • Even the National Enquirer does some really good work
  • The brilliant ongoing unfolding of the onion skin of the cover-up
  • Will we find something new? What's wrong with the old facts?
  • Steve has found notes by handwritten CIA monitoring Jim Garrison
  • Len's Black Op Radio archives are good work and valuable throughout history

    Play John Barbour   (50:03)   YouTube Video

  • John Barbour Movie Screening Q & A, "Live" from Fiasco Bros. Studio
  • American Media & The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • This film is available for purchase on Vimeo

    Show #859
    Original airdate: November 2, 2017
    Guests: Cyril Wecht / Bill Simpich / Larry Schnapf / John Barbour
    Topics: CAPA & Texas V. Oswald / Studio film screening

    Play Dr. Cyril Wecht   (00:00)   MP3 download

  • CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassinations
  • State Of Texas V. Lee Harvey Oswald, Nov. 16-17, Houston
  • The first time scientific evidence in this case will be presented
  • You do not have evidence in this crime of a sole shooter
  • The documentary film The Parkland Doctors will premiere at this event
  • Alec Baldwin will speak at the banquet Thursday night
  • Cyril eagerly awaits all the contributions of his colleagues
  • This two-day event will be live-streamed
  • Disappointment that Trump's willingness to release all records was foiled
  • Eyeball-to-eyeball with the CIA, Trump seemed to cave a little bit
  • What would be compromised this many years later?
  • What is being withheld is critical, there's just no other explanation
  • Majorities of Americans have never accepted the Warren Report
  • Stay tuned, stay on their backs, breathe on their necks
  • Visit the CAPA site, get in touch with the directors, become a member

    Play Bill Simpich   (00:00)   MP3 download

  • The records release, the big dogs ate Trump's homework
  • Only 10% of the remaining documents were released
  • At the mock trial, the prosecution case is focused on the firearms
  • Cyril Wecht on Dealey Plaza, Parkland, and Bethesda
  • Bob Tanenbaum of the HSCA
  • Gary Aguilar on CE 399, Michael Chesser on x-rays
  • David Mantik on densitometry and the Harper fragment
  • Larry Schnapf and Bill, Oswald's whereabouts and background
  • Brian Edwards, former policeman, on the rifle and procedures
  • Concentration on the chain of custody
  • State Of Texas V. Lee Harvey Oswald, Nov. 16-17, Houston
  • Cliff Spiegelman on bullet analysis, Larry Rivera on two photos
  • This is not your classic mock trial
  • It is weighted towards the defense
  • Don Thomas on acoustics analysis
  • A dinner on Thursday where Alec Baldwin will speak
  • The jury deliberation will be videotaped
  • John Orr, who wants a DNA test done on a bullet fragment
  • Bill wants this effort to lead to a more voracious mock trial
  • Still attempting to get the attention of the media
  • How the Warren Commission Covered Up JFK's Murder
  • CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassinations
  • Bill likes to see the community working together

    Play Larry Schnapf   (00:00)   MP3 download

  • State Of Texas V. Lee Harvey Oswald, Nov. 16-17, Houston
  • Judge: Jay T. Karahan, Prosecuting Attorney: Gus Pappas
  • Defense Counsel: Robert Tanenbaum, Lawrence Schnapf, Bill Simpich
  • Witnesses: Cyril Wecht, Gary Aguilar, Michael Chesser, Don Thomas
  • Pre-trial motions have already excluded certain testimony and evidence
  • Witnesses: Brian Edwards, Cliff Spiegelman, Larry Rivera, others
  • A jury consultant will assemble 12 Houston area citizens
  • It is a judicial setting to test the evidence
  • A mockery trial of the justice system
  • CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassinations
  • Alec Baldwin will speak at the banquet Thursday night
  • The anti-social lone-nut still effects national security 54 years later
  • Records still held back include those on George Joannides and David Phillips
  • CAPA is actively pursuing various initiatives and seeks participation

    Play John Barbour   (00:00)   MP3 download

  • John is going to visit Vancouver and Fiasco Bros. Studio to screen...
          American Media & The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • Len will live-stream to YouTube's Black Op Radio Channel subscribers
  • We need to reverse Bill Clinton's Telecommunications Act
  • This Sunday, November 5th, 6:00 PM Vancouver time, 9:00 PM Eastern
  • Many of this film's fans were not alive when JFK was murdered
  • "with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone"

    Show #858
    Original airdate: October 26, 2017
    Guests: Walt Brown / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald / Johnson and Vietnam

    Play Walt Brown   (1:29:19)   MP3 download

  • Walt spent 7½ years writing the 30,000 page
          Master Analytic Chronology of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy (2013)
  • He has just written The Kennedy Execution: (2017)
          Six Seconds that Kept the Military-Industrial 'Cold War' Alive
  • This coming mock trial, I don't know how much you can do in two days
  • The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald (1994)
  • The book got excellent reviews by law journals
  • Walt read the 26 volumes six times
  • Over 10 weeks, the book wrote itself
  • SA's Sibert and O'Neill were pre-interviewed, but, not officially
  • Stenographer Odell Oliver was Judge Sarah T. Hughes' court clerk
  • "I'm going to ask you about the three shots you heard in Dealey Plaza"
          Mr. (David W.) BELIN - How many shots did you hear, if you remember?
          Mr. (Robert Edwin) EDWARDS - Well, I heard one more then than was fired, I believe.
  • There was no case, Oswald was hung out to dry on the Tippit killing
  • Walt would not change The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald (p 31)
  • Oswald's defense lawyer, Eddie Barnes, is based on Walt himself
  • Oswald never spoke Russian in a public utterance
  • CE 3134 - 09/08/1964 Dr. Howard P. Rome, section of psychiatry, Mayo Clinic
  • Khrushchev's name in Russian is six letters, Хрущёв
  • Defense attorney, that rifle was not purchased or received by Mr. Oswald
  • That money order is pristine, it never got stamped by anybody
  • Col. Allison Folsom, "... a low marksman qualification indicates a rather poor "shot""
  • Oswald's spelling, he can't see the full field of some words, word-blindness
  • Nobody saw that man, the defendant, in that window - that day
          Rep. (Hale) BOGGS. Is what?
          Mr. (Sebastian) LATONA. A cheap old weapon ... not readily susceptible to a latent print
  • That gun was never designed to have a telescopic sight
  • Railway Express could not deliver the pistol to a post office box
  • The Soviets broke their own rules expelling Priscilla Johnson
  • No apparent motive, his known thoughts on President Kennedy were positive
  • What was his getaway plan? A city bus
  • Jury summation, no motive, no evidence, no case
  • Treachery in Dallas (1995)
  • Despite all their publishing, Kent Carroll and Herman Graf thought Oswald did it
  • Posner is more of an agent-in-place than Oswald ever was
  • If the government is lousy you protest and change it
  • A patriot would like to get all of the essential truths out in the open
  • There are reasonable people who don't want to know, don't turn their universe upside down
  • The Warren Omission: (1996)
          A Micro-Study of the Methods and Failures of the Warren Commission
  • The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald, hard and fast argument that Oswald did not kill Kennedy
  • Walt's e-mail, those who care matter, best to your audience
  • Dr. Brown has eight previous BOR appearances, from #356 01/10/08 through #734 06/04/15

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:23:50)   MP3 download

  • Roger Stone may deserve credit for Trump's decision
  • Files on James Angleton, David Phillips, William Harvey, Howard Hunt
  • Harvey, Hunt, and Phillips were all in Dallas in November, 1963
  • Many of the documents are qualified as 'illegible'
  • Jim is reading the new releases for five hours a day
  • John Barbour live in Len's studio in Vancouver, subscribe to the blackopradio YouTube Channel
  • Coming up, the Mock Trial, JFK Lancer, a more organized community is desired
  • Trump tweets and the MSM call out Posner, nothing to see here
  • Hillary spent over $450,600,000 on the campaign, Trump spent $238,900,000
  • Trump ran a very smart campaign, they made up the difference in brain power
  •, Friday, 11/17, 7 and 10 PM, on RT television, with Jesse Ventura
  • William Turner speaks with Hal Verb and Elsa Knight Thompson 10/06/67 (Transcript) (Audio)
  • Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero, by Ronald Redmon
  • In the Army in Europe, in October 1963, Dinkin determined there was a plot to kill Kennedy
  • The Larry and Phil Show, Part 3, by James DiEugenio
  • "overly hasty, cherry-picked conclusions from individual documents"
  • Ken Burns & Lynn Novick, The Vietnam War: Part Three (The Johnson Years), by James DiEugenio
  • Johnson's presidency was crucial to the expansion of the war
  • They underplay the pre-Tonkin Gulf groundwork for the expansion
  • "I always thought it was foolish for you to make any statements about withdrawing"
  • Kennedy thought Vietnam did not maintain any of our vital national interests
  • Johnson thought the dominos would fall all the way to San Francisco
  • The filmmakers do not mention NSAM 263, NSAM 273, and NSAM 288
  • The Tonkin Gulf Resolution (August 7, 1964) was actually drafted in May of 1964
  • The North Vietnamese attacks on the Maddox were provoked by the DESOTO Patrols
  • The filmmakers interview Navy pilot and nine-year POW Everett Alvarez
  • The retaliation for the Gulf of Tonkin incident aided Johnson politically
  • The United States will "still seek no wider war", We Seek No Wider War
  • The McNamara / Bundy "Fork in the Road" memo
  • The defensive troops, there to protect the planes, went on the offensive
  • 15 months after Dealey Plaza, we had the air war and combat troops
  • CIA analyst Sam Adams complained about Pentagon estimates of enemy strength
  • Senator Fulbright held televised hearings on Vietnam, he knew LBJ had lied to him
  • "We have tried to force upon the rest of the world a righteous American point of view"
  • LBJ branded the anti-war movement as communist sympathizers
  • Johnson sprung his own trap upon himself

    Show #857
    Original airdate: October 19, 2017
    Guests: John Armstrong
    Topics: Men on the 6th floor

    Play John Armstrong   (1:28:23)   MP3 download

  • Men on the 6th floor, by John Armstrong,
  • John's interest is always in things that don't add up
  • No one saw or heard anyone leaving the 6th floor
  • A wooden NW staircase, a fire escape, two open gated freight elevators
  • How could one or more men have fired shots from the 6th floor
          of the TSBD and then left without being seen or heard?
  • Witnesses see two men on the 6th floor
  • Oswald was impersonated on many occasions, continuing at the TSBD on 11/22/63
  • Geneva Hine, "The lights all went out and the phones became dead"
  • Someone shut off the electricity moments before President Kennedy was assassinated
  • Sandra Styles, Victoria Adams, Elsie Dorman, and Dorothy Garner
          were watching the parade thru a 4th floor office window
  • Baker replied, "On the first floor there were two men," near the buildings electrical panels
  • The freight elevators could not have been used to leave the 6th floor
  • Neither Adams, Styles, Garner, Truly, Baker, Norman, Williams, Jarman
          or Dougherty saw or heard anyone hurrying down the NW stairway
  • Anyone on the fire escape would have been seen and likely photographed
  • There is at least one alternate way to escape from the 6th floor
  • A discrete and secret way to go from the 6th to the 1st floor
  • John believes the men used the passenger elevator
  • The ceiling boards of the 5th floor elevator shaft are the floor boards of the 6th floor
  • These boards are only about 15 feet from the 'sniper's nest'
  • In photos, these boards have no boxes on them
  • The elevator had an overhead access panel
  • Take the elevator to the fourth floor, turn off the electricity, use the access panel,
          climb the wall mounted ladder, lift the floor boards
  • Exiting the same way in reverse to the 1st floor, one to two minutes
  • Mr. SAWYER. We got into the elevator. We run into this man.
  • Mr. SAWYER. The best of my recollection, it was a passenger elevator.
  • Two shooters on the 6th floor, one accomplice in the elevator, one by the electric panel
  • Why are two men at the back of the 1st floor while the motorcade passes?
  • The passenger elevator serviced floors 1 ,2 ,3 and 4
  • The passenger elevator shaft went from the basement to the fifth floor
  • 1963 hard-soled shoes on 70-year-old wooden stairs would have been noisy
  • The Warren Commission testimony of Mrs. Reid and what the attorney is up to
  • There was much testimony from witnesses that the Commission did not go into
  • A classic example of selective evidence to prove what you want to
  • Testimony of Clifton M. Shasteen, so many unfollowed leads
  • Attorney John Ely, background investigation on Marguerite and Lee Oswald
  • Albert E. Jenner Jr., "there are details in Mr. Ely's memoranda which
          will require material alteration and in some instances, omission"
  • Harvey & Lee: How the CIA framed Oswald, by John Armstrong (2003) (.pdf)
  • Jack Ruby, by John Armstrong
  • The importance of attention to detail in document research

    Show #856
    Original airdate: October 12, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Releases, Listeners, Turkey

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:27:40)   MP3 download

  • The National Archives has announced no releases until October 26
  • Jim may speak on RT and Coast to Coast about the newest JFK record releases
  • John Tunheim had a first meeting with a CIA representative
  • "National Security?" "Give me a couple of minutes, I'll think of something"
  • Bill Davy at the VMI Seminar (Transcript) (Video)
  • Listener Questions,
  • Robert F. Kennedy Advocated Ending the Ban on Travel to Cuba, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
  • December 12, 1963, memorandum to Secretary of State Dean Rusk re: Travel to Cuba
  • The Siege of Jadotville (Trailer)
  • Allen Dulles sped up the assassination of Lumumba to before JFK's inauguration
  • The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Turner/Christian 1978)
  • Bugliosi argued for an RFK conspiracy and against a JFK conspiracy
  • The evidence on Oswald was that he spoke horrendous Spanish
  • Are the Oswald and Paine tax returns to be released?
  • IRS law is that an individual has to sign off on release of their own returns
  • Lee's returns would most likely reflect income for his being an (FBI?) informer
  • When will we see the archived JFK autopsy pictures and x-rays?
  • It involves the Deed of Gift to the archives from the Kennedys
  • Jim is of two minds about the brain photos
  • ARRB Deposition: John T. Stringer (Gunn, Horne, Montague, Golrick, Tilley) 07/16/1996
  • Was the Watergate break-in because of Nixon's involvement in JFK's assassination?
  • It may have been about Nixon's thwarting of LBJ's peace negotiations
  • Jim recently finished a giant turkey... the Burns/Novick version of the Vietnam War
  • Jim DiEugenio reviews "The Vietnam War," Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • South Vietnam was created by the Dulles brothers
  • Operation Passage To Freedom images (more)
  • CIA created the South Vietnamese police state
  • Representative Kennedy met State Department diplomat Edmund Gullion in 1951
  • Operation Vulture, a plan to bail out the siege at Dien Bien Phu
  • Remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy on Indochina before the Senate, April 6, 1954
  • Remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy on Imperialism before the Senate, July 2, 1957
  • This film just ignores that history and more recent research
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961–1963, Volume I, Vietnam, 1961
  • The Mekong was a Rubicon Kennedy was not going to cross
  • Kennedy, If we converted it into a white man's war, we would lose
  • Memorandum to Kennedy from Ambassador John Galbraith on Vietnam, 4 April 1962
  • This film attributes the desire to withdraw to McNamara
  • Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (O'Donnell / Powers 1972)
  • Memorandum of Discussion at the Special Meeting on Vietnam, Honolulu , November 20, 1963
  • John Paul Vann was an American advisor in Vietnam, committed to the cause
  • A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam (Sheehan 1988)
  • Endless Enemies: The Making Of An Unfriendly World (Kwitny 1984)
  • "It was like bees to honey; Vietnam was a spook's dream," William Prochnau
  • The Battle of Ap Bac, January 2, 1963, The Making of a Quagmire (Halberstam 1965)
  • David Halberstam, The Best and the Brightest, Part 1, by James DiEugenio
  • Conversations With Americans: Testimony from 32 Vietnam Veterans (Lane 1970)

    Show #855
    Original airdate: October 4, 2017
    Guests: Steve Jaffe
    Topics: Reflections on Investigating the JFK Assassination

    Play Steve Jaffe   (1:15:34)   MP3 download

  • Jim Garrison found it increasingly difficult to use subpoena power
  • TIME/LIFE sent Garrison a very poor copy of the Zapruder film
  • Steve went and viewed the copy the National Archives had
  • He was Garrison's liaison to Intelligence in other countries
  • Steve was in France when Bobby Kennedy was killed
  • On arrival in New Orleans, he was beaten and threatened
  • That story will be detailed on a future BOR appearance
  • Steve recovered in hiding so his face could heal
  • When back in L.A. he met with his French connection
  • He was given a very good copy of the Zapruder film
  • Steve plans a book on forensic evidence, another on his journey
  • He trusts today's CIA, but that CIA was a different animal
  • To Move A Nation:: (Roger Hilsman 1967)
          The Politics of Foreign Policy in the Administration of John F. Kennedy
  • CIA feared for it's survival under a second JFK term
  • Steve's work with Garrison ended in the summer of 1968
  • That work included photographing Dealey Plaza extensively
  • He undertook a study of the backyard photos
  • Commission Exhibits 133 A, 133 B, 133 C
  • Proof that Oswald was framed, those photos are composites
  • Garrison had a really good mind, he could fit the pieces together
  • Steve spoke with Gerry Patrick Hemming who fingered CIA involvement
  • Garrison considered himself the hub of the spokes of an investigative wheel
  • The trial was unsuccessful but, the jury did not consider Oswald the assassin
  • There was a full plate of crimes for his department to continue handling
  • Mark Lane and Steve reunited for the case of congressman William Jefferson
  • They had a fine time reminiscing and dining in the French Quarter
  • CIA sowed suspicion in the New Orleans District Attorney's Office
  • Garrison was contacted by all sorts from all over the country
  • Steve also, and he would perform initial investigations
  • Fletcher Prouty, articulate, part of the Kennedy administration at the highest level
  • JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy (Prouty 1992)
  • The Secret Team:
          The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World (Prouty 1973)
  • Understanding Special Operations And Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era (Ratcliffe 1999)
  • Marita: The Spy Who Loved Castro (Marita Lorenz 2017)
  • In 1989 Mark Lane and Steve helped free James Joseph Richardson in Florida
  • Mark defended Liberty Lobby in 1985 against a judgement won by E. Howard Hunt
  • It was the important second case trying facts of the JFK assassination
  • Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? (Lane 1991)
  • Circumstances and relationships came together to create Executive Action (1974)
  • Steve knows producers and directors, but, could not get a film made of Plausible Denial
  • Steve is coming out with a film about three key people, Lane, Stone, Tannenbaum
  • Lyndon Johnson / Walter Cronkite interview excision, on grounds of 'national security'
  • Lane was excited the day he won the Liberty Lobby case
  • Steve was being interviewed on radio, he got Mark on air that day
  • Mark and Steve were involved with the documentary film Unlawful Killing (2011)
  • Citizen Lane, a film by Pauley Perrette (2013 trailer)
  • Steve can talk about Mark Lane, Jim Jones, and Jonestown on another appearance
  • Having kept much about his experiences quiet for 50 years, Steve is opening up

  • NOTICE: Two-Day Mock Trial: State of Texas V. Lee Harvey Oswald

    Show #854
    Original airdate: September 28, 2017
    Guests: William Davy / Symposium / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Symposium / Ken Burns on Vietnam

    Play William Davy   (48:14)   MP3 download

  • Symposium On Kennedy Assassination 09/02/2017
  • William and Jim DiEugenio and John Newman
  • Bill spoke on HSCA conclusions, Church Committee files,
  • The CIA IG Report on the Castro Assassination Plots,
  • Project ZR-RIFLE, CBS and Hale Boggs, and Earl Warren
  • Len finds this a well done research presentation
  • The HSCA concluded CIA/Mafia/Cuban plots:
  • "The committee found that the CIA-Mafia-Cuban plots had all
          the elements necessary for a successful assassination conspiracy -
          people, motive and means, and the evidence indicated that the participants
          might well have considered using the resources at their disposal to increase
          their power and alleviate their problems by assassinating the president"
  • "During the course of its investigation, the committee developed several
          areas of credible evidence and testimony indicating a possible association in
          New Orleans and elsewhere between Lee Harvey Oswald and David W. Ferrie"
  • "If the witnesses were not only truthful but accurate as well in their accounts,
          they established an association of an undetermined nature between Ferrie,
          Shaw and Oswald less than 3 months before the assassination"
  • Does that remind you of anybody?
  • "Probably" - it's an interesting word
  • A Church sub-committee on the Kennedy assassination
  • New Orleans, INS while surveilling anti-Castro Cubans,
          had seen Oswald, Ferrie, and Bannister associating
  • Oswald only spoke Russian to police when arrested in New Orleans
  • Scott Breckenridge on Castro assassination plots
  • Phase I preceded Kennedy, Phase II was unauthorized
  • Assassinations of heads of state do not always change course of governments
  • SecDef Conference, May, 1963, Hawaii
  • Speeding up the Vietnam withdrawal plan (see (9) phase out)

    Play Unveiling The Secret Documents   (42:04)  YouTube video

  • William Davy Symposium Presentation, sponsored by Lee D. Sphepard
  • Author of Let Justice Be Done (1999)

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:25:41)   MP3 download

  • Michael Baden's Deceptions), by Milicent Cranor (Probe 06/15/1997
  • How The Atlantic Monthly and Kurt Andersen Went Haywire, by James DiEugenio
  • Jim DiEugenio at the VMI Seminar, by James DiEugenio
  • Jim DiEugenio at the VMI Seminar
  • Ken Burns & Lynn Novick get hammered for their version of the Vietnam War
  • America’s Amnesia, by Thomas A. Bass (MekongReview)
  • Ken Burns & Lynn Novick Do Vietnam:
          a Tale of Two Critics, by Michael Uhl (Counterpunch)
  • The Killing of History, by John Pilger (Consortiumnews)
  • JFK Had Ordered Full Withdrawal from Vietnam:
          Solid Evidence, by James K. Galbraith (WhoWhatWhy)
  • Ken Burns & Lynn Novick, The Vietnam War: Part One, by James DiEugenio
  • The War "was begun in good faith by decent people out of fateful misunderstandings"
  • The Dulles brothers? Ed Lansdale?
  • They do not mention Operation Vulture, a huge nuclear air armada
  • Vice President Nixon was for it, he lobbied Congress
  • Nixon proposed American combat troops to rescue the French at Dien Bien Phu
  • Foster Dulles setup the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), 1954
  • The Geneva Conference temporarily partitioned the country pending elections
  • South Vietnam had not existed before 1954
  • The film leaves out CIA/Lansdale manipulation of the southward migration
  • Ed Lansdale, while glimpsed in the film twice, is not mentioned once
  • "We have a clean base there now, without a taint of colonialism
          Dien Bien Phu was a blessing in disguise"
  • May, 1956, 350 U.S. military advisors
  • North Vietnam's Easter Offensive
  • Nixon's Vietnam War, Jeffrey Kimball (1998)
  • Vietnam was broadcast into our living rooms, antagonists are still alive
  • Today there are plethora of books, articles, documents, interviews
  • Vietnam a Television History Episode 1 (PBS 1983), was much better than this
  • Burns on Kennedy is not soft, it is a whitewash
  • They wrongly attribute Agent Orange to the Kennedy era
  • The bogeymen of the International Communist Conspiracy and the Domino Theory
  • Vietnam was a war to end U.S. supported French colonialism
  • Fletcher Prouty pointed out the futility of taking a hill and then leaving it
  • Prouty audio from Understanding Special Operations "Now by God, Abe, go out and do it"
  • Battle for Hill 875 Vietnam Nov. 1967
  • Tracking Oswald does not mention, George Mohrenschildt, George Bouhe,
          Ruth and Michael Paine, David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Clay Shaw, Wesley Frasier
  • The Belle Chasse Training Camp and David A. Phillips
  • Listener Letters: 50 Reasons for 50 years... Episode 17: The "Snipers Nest"
  • The rifle is the wrong rifle, the shells are mis-arranged, you're stuck with CE-399
  • Why would Army Intel want to take photos that day in Dealey Plaza?
  • James W. Powell with the 112th Intelligence Corps, ARRB interview, photo
  • Lee/Leon Oswald, pushing Cubans to assassinate? An interesting take
  • Baer deceives viewers with a limited view of the 11/25/1963 LBJ/Hoover transcript
  • Could the Bethesda autopsy be excluded as Texas law was broken?
  • Attorney Larry Schnapf (BOR #810) says the judge would have several options
  • Two Men In Dallas, Argentine Mausers did have a stamp
  • There was an on-air reference to an Argentine Mauser that weekend
  • The rifle in evidence was not available at the time Oswald/Hidell ordered a rifle
  • Episode 38: - The Mannlicher Carcano, Episode 39: - A Mail Order Rifle

    Show #853
    Original airdate: September 21, 2017
    Guests: Steve Jaffe
    Topics: Garrison/Lane DA's Investigator Reflects on JFK Investigation

    Play Steve Jaffe   (1:58:04)   MP3 download

  • Steve had not been political, he was trying to avoid going to Vietnam
  • Steve wrote to President Kennedy and got a letter back
  • He read the Warren Report and was not satisfied with their conclusions
  • He read Lane's Rush To Judgment (1966) and was overwhelmed
  • Steve met Mark in September of 1966, he volunteered to work for Mark
  • Mark introduced Steve to Jim Garrison in early 1967
  • He worked for Garrison analyst photographic forensics analyst
  • Steve photographed Dealey Plaza from the POV of various witnesses
  • Steve made short documentary intercutting amateur film of JFK from 11/22/63
  • Jim emanated power and poise, easy to work for, easy to like
  • His DA Office was comprised of Southerners in a Southern culture
  • In 1963, Garrison turned over his information to the FBI
  • Jim understood the Warren Report was a "load of crap"
  • He began to reinvestigate the case with a new objective eye
  • Some of the DA staff did not support Garrison's investigation
  • Many important researchers aided Jim, in those pre-computer days
  • The staff were wary of volunteers, might be nuts or infiltrators
  • He understood the conspiracy would want to stop him
  • Garrison gave one volunteer, Tom Bethel, the job of "archivist"
  • Bethel gave Garrison's trail strategy memo to attorneys for Clay Shaw
  • Clay Shaw gave the name Clay Bertrand as his alias when he was booked
  • SS Agent Clint Hill said the (2nd) shot sounded as if it came from a bunker ("an echo")
  • Garrison asked Steve to find such an opening in Dealey Plaza
  • They found on the north side of Elm a sewer opening
  • Steve lifted the manhole cover and got down into it
  • He had friends drive by in a convertible, and he could see their heads
  • He got city plans and found a pipe giving access to an exit behind the fence
  • Steve got no help from the Dallas police, or city authorities
  • It is not really a sewer, it is a water runoff drainage opening
  • The Dallas police nearly arrested Steve, but he talked his way out of it
  • Garrison was threatened daily, Mark Lane kept a file of his own death threats
  • Memorandum: Stephen Jaffe to Jim Garrison: Loran Hall Interview (03/20/1968)
  • Hall was disappointed that he did not get the contract
  • $50,000 was to be divided among several people
  • There was an effort to kill Castro, sponsored by CIA
  • It is possible they were turned around to kill Kennedy
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much: (Russell 1992), Richard Case Nagell
  • Intelligence became the warriors of the Cold War
  • Nagell was involved in babysitting Oswald
  • He went to jail rather than kill Oswald
  • The Russians probably knew who killed Kennedy
  • Steve sent undercover agent to meet with Russians in Mexico City
  • Steve got a manuscript called 'The Plot' from Liechtenstein
  • Steve flew to Paris and met a French Intelligence agent
  • He was escorted into the Élysée Palace and introduced to André A. Ducret
  • Ducret hand-delivered Steve's letter to De Gaulle who reciprocated with note to Steve
  • French agents comfirmed it was a Mauser which had been used, not the Mannlicher-Carcano
  • Jaffe asked French director Ducret for Zapruder film
  • Ducret sent Zapruder film copy to Jaffe on his return to L.A. Jaffe brought it to Garrison
  • The more Garrison investigated, all the evidence fit together
  • Hoover to all SACs: Threat to assassinate President Kennedy in Dallas (p. 9)
  • Garrison brought information out at trial, with little hope of winning
  • Read On The Trail Of The Assassins (Garrison 1988)
  • Steve has waited 50 years to talk about this
  • The film Executive Action (1974), Donald Sutherland was Steve's client
  • Producer Edward Lewis was not afraid of the screenplay
  • Mark Lane's script was rewritten by Dalton Trumbo
  • Steve was a technical consultant on the film
  • The assassination of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed
  • Mark and Steve met with Mohamed Al Fayed in 2006
  • The documentary film Unlawful Killing (2011)
  • They were first hired by Fayed, and then told to cease and desist
  • Mark and Steve were unable to substantiate her pregnancy
  • In production, A Rush to Judgment, about Mark Lane
  • Jaffe writing two books, "Chain of Evidence" about faked photos and one about Garrison

    Show #852
    Original airdate: September 14, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Recent JFK Document Releases

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (55:31)   MP3 download

  • Michael Baden's Deceptions, by Milicent Cranor (06/15/1997)
  • How The Atlantic Monthly and Kurt Andersen Went Haywire, by Jim
  • He's a radio show host, not a historian, but, a joker
  • Trump's campaign astutely played the Electoral College (video)
  • People would vote for anybody but Hillary
  • Jim had never heard an interview of Sylvia Meagher (1967)
  • Her Subject Index to the Warren Report and Hearings and Exhibits (1966)
  • Accessories After the Fact (Meagher 11/1967)
  • Clinton Cash: (Peter Schweizer)
         The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments
         and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich (2016 video)
  • The VMI Symposium (BOR #849) was videotaped by Randy Benson
  • The new releases from the National Archives
  • Open Letter to NARA Concerning First Release of Documents, by Jim
  • Four batches of partially redacted documents, 16 of withheld docs
  • Gary Majewski has given Jim his research on the first four
  • CIA had a 201 file on Frank Bartes
  • William Martin was a CIA agent before working for Garrison
  • Shaw lawyer, Guy Johnson, was a CIA liaison for ONI
  • 1975, President Ford to Phil Buchen, assassination attempts on Castro
  • "The Warren Commission addressed this question"
  • CIA tracked Who Killed Kennedy? author Thomas Buchanan
  • David Atlee Phillips lied about the recycling of Oswald Mexico City tapes
  • 11/23/63 Richard Helms memo to FBI, "voice comparisons", the tapes survived
  • FBI to CIA, Investigation of notebook, no pages, just a routing slip
  • 6/27/64 CIA memo to Commission, Drew Pearson conversation with Khrushchev
  • Khrushchev was incredulous, he did not believe U.S. security services were this inept
  • 10/1962 Lansdale memo, Mongoose, the first four months were data collection
  • 4/10/79, Dale Force, Madera County Sheriff's Office, list of acronyms
  • 1967 CBS and LIFE full-fledged investigations got waylaid
  • The New York Times was also going to conduct a full-scale exposé
  • Hale Boggs' son Tommy had FBI dossiers on critical authors
  • FBI and CIA were spying on author Joachim Joesten
  • 11/28/63 CIA memo, "Avoid mention of wiretaps" get info on Sylvia Duran
  • Cuban Embassy plants had no knowledge of Oswald
  • The David Phillips/Gilberto Alvarado story, pushing the Cuban angle

    Show #851
    Original airdate: September 7, 2017
    Guests: David Ray Griffin
    Topics: Bush, Cheney and 9/11 Revisited

    Play David Ray Griffin   (55:07)   MP3 download

  • It is almost again the anniversary of 9/11
  • Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World (2017)
  • The U.S. and the world are going to hell in a handbasket
  • 9/11 was the original sin
  • The Middle East has been virtually destroyed
  • The official story is based on miracles, contrary to all experience
  • The failure of a very well-designed, expensive protection system
  • Bush and Cheney killed Iraqis, but, they would not kill fellow Americans
  • Consensus 9/11 focuses only on ascertainable facts
  • Instructors refused to fly with Hani Hanjour a second time, he knew nothing
  • CIA can stop any story cold
  • Building 7 came down at freefall speed
  • The Jersey Girls pressured the 9/11 Commission into existence
  • Popular Mechanics had a good reputation
  • The staff was turned over, brought in to write their book
  • The Commission lied about Chaney and his timeline that day
  • Secret Service records contradict that lie
  • This book makes a strong case for conspiracy
  • 9/11 justice may be relegated to fantasy
  • The intention was to create a U.S. world empire
  • David's book is recommended by Len to all

    Play William Pepper   (14:06)   MP3 download

  • William Pepper key note speaker
  • Special: 13th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival, September 11, Oakland California

    Show #850
    Original airdate: August 31, 2017
    Guests: William Davy
    Topics: Assassination Symposium and Research

    Play    (46:30)   MP3 download

  • William Davy was BOR's fourth guest back in 2001
  • Symposium On Kennedy Assassination Sept. 2 - 7:30 PM
  • Marshall Hall, Center for Leadership and Ethics,
          Gillis Theatre, Virginia Military Institut
  • Let Justice Be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation (1999)
  • William will speak on conclusions reached by the HSCA
  • "The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it,
          that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy."
  • "It is probable that more than one person was involved in the President's murder
          That fact compels acceptance
          And it demands a re-examination of all that was thought to be true"
  • "Neither Oswald nor Ruby turned out to be 'loners,'
          as they had been painted in the 1964 investigation"
  • Mort Sahl was the catalyst for Bill's interest in the assassination
  • Bill read the report and volumes, critical literature, Garrison in Playboy
  • This was in DC in the late 70s, Bill read the HSCA final report
  • The ARRB releases in the archives was a goldmine for researchers
  • Bill went to the archives and New Orleans seeking primary material
  • He met and travelled with Jim DiEugenio
  • Through the Looking Glass: The Mysterious World of Clay Shaw (1995)
  • A key inspiration for Bill to write, were the Clinton episode witnesses
  • Clinton/Jackson, the State Mental Hospital, Dr. Albert Butterworth
  • The 'Magic mushroom unit', MK/ULTRA, testing CIA provided LDS on subjects
  • Bill has been collecting documents for an update of Let Justice Be Done:
  • Lee Oswald / David Atlee Phillips / Warren DeBrueys relationships
  • Bill did meet Dick Gregory (1932 – 2017) in Dallas in 1998
  • Jim Garrison was right, he spoke truth to power, and he paid a price
  • Bill is helping a drummer named John Wall with his autobiography
  • A microcosm of the 60s and 70s, touching on Rock, Hollywood, and Broadway

    Show #849
    Original airdate: August 24, 2017
    Guests: Lee Shepherd / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Assassination Symposium / Dick Gregory

    Play Lee Shepherd   (30:37)   MP3 download

  • Symposium On Kennedy Assassination Sept. 2 - 7:30 PM
  • Marshall Hall, Center for Leadership and Ethics,
          Gillis Theatre, Virginia Military Institute
  • Speakers, Dr. John Newman, William Davy, and James DiEugenio
  • No reservations necessary, only a small fee
  • We do know what happened, we don't have all the pieces
  • Garrison was blocked by high level government agencies
  • Lee would like to see the evidence presented in a court of law
  • JFK Counter Intelligence: Common Intent: Revision
  • JFK Counter Intelligence II
  • JFK Counter Intelligence III
  • An amazing story, tragic and dark, a history of today
  • Not just four bullets, somebody powwerful removed the President
  • The official story is funded and supported
  • This is a unique year, VMI is a unique place
  • Allen Dulles was at the secondary CIA command post that day
  • The Symposium will be videotaped
  • The Speech JFK Never Gave (Text)
  • We in this country, in this generation, are - by destiny rather
          than by choice - the watchmen on the walls of world freedom
  • (540) 817-1047 or send an email to

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:09:35)   MP3 download

  • Open Letter to NARA Concerning First Release of Documents
  • Why begin an early release if you're not ready?
  • NBR: Not Believed Relevant, a third way out
  • How could Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell being a CIA asset not be relevant?
  • There is no excuse for keeping that stashed away for 20 more years
  • How many documents are really stowed away?
  • The final release is a big event, 50 years later
  • Joseph E. Green review of Nicholas Schou's
          Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood
  • From The Archives: E. Martin Schotz - Probe Vol. 4 No. 2 - January-February, 1997
          The Nation's Editorial Policy From the Assassination to the Warren Report
  • Former Marquette professor, John McAdams challenged his termination
  • The judge agreed with Marquette
  • Joan Mellon argued for care in dismissing a tenured professor (BOR #718)
  • McAdams never expressed any remorse to Cheryl Abbate
  • Dick Gregory passed away last week (08/19)
  • Dick was once the highest paid stand up comedian in America
  • He walked away from that to help Martin Luther King
  • After the political assassination slaughter of the 1960s,
          he delved into what really happened to that decade
  • He co-wrote Code Name "Zorro": The Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1977)
  • Gregory - Groden - Rivera - Zapruder (03/06/1975)
  • Dick and Joe Madison were arrested taping CIA headquarters with crime scene tape
  • Dick read The Assassinations: and got Jim on air with Madison
  • Bull Conner was the chief of police in Birmingham
  • King countered that using little kids
  • "The President called," so he calls Kennedy, "Dick, what happened?"
  • Listener questions: “One should not forget that now the
          United States is no longer at an unreachable distance from the
          Soviet Union as it was before,” Khrushchev declared - July 9, 1960
  • Khrushchev was bluffing, the U.S. had a five-to-one advantage
  • McNamara did a study of the 'missile gap'
  • Brezhnev went to work building up a nuclear arsenal
  • What's the truth about the Pentagon Papers?
  • It's true that Nixon went crazy when they were publicized
  • Watergate was caused by the first 'October Surprise'
  • Nixon was subverting Johnson's attempts to get a peace conference
  • NSAM 263, get all the advisor's out by 1965
  • The Honolulu Conference, review American involvement in Vietnam
  • McNamara decided to review how we got into Vietnam
          Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force
  • The 'Plumbers' were to stop the leaking of classified information
  • Executive Order 11110 (President John F. Kennedy)
  • The Creature from Jekyll Island: (Griffin 1994)
  • H. L. Hunt did not have a seat on the Federal Reserve Board
  • Len and Jeff Carter are soon to start on the MLK/RFK 50 Reasons

    Show #848
    Original airdate: August 17, 2017
    Guests: Joe Backus / John Barbour with Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Records and RIFs / Tracking Oswald / Filmmaking

    Play Joe Backus   (54:18)   MP3 download

  • Joe was surprised by the July 25th early document release
  • Originally there were nine ZIP files
  • Joe is interested in the RIF numbers
  • Open In Full, Postponed In Part or In Full
  • Federal Register: Assassination Records Review Board
  • Through much research Joe has lists of released and unreleased records
  • RIF: Record Identification Form
  • (RIF 198-10004-10015 is Army-Califano-Lansdale-Cuban Operations)
  • There are gaps in the sequential numbering of RIFs which Joe is tracking
  • Some of these scans are totally illegible, from multiple photocopying
  • Their spreadsheet is not a great guide, you have to look at each scan
  • NBR: Not Believed Relevant
  • Good work from John Newman, Malcolm Blunt, Bill Kelly
  • Tracking Oswald, part of the continuous disinformation campaign
  • Bob Baer is ex-CIA, presenting nothing new, discovering nothing
  • Why did they nix their own propaganda this time?
  • Len thinks the series makes points leading to CIA connections
  • They present Alpha 66 as though it was not CIA
  • Ken Burns has a new documentary, The Vietnam War (09/17/2017)
  • JFK was withdrawing from Vietnam, it is becoming accepted
  • NSAM 263, NSAM 273 totally eclipses JFK's pull out of troops
  • Foreign Relations of the United States Series
  • 1961–1963, Volume IV, Vietnam, August–December 1963
  • On AF-1 that afternoon, Evelyn Lincoln wrote out a list of suspects
  • Dixiecrats, Senators John Stennis, Richard Russell, Strom Thurmond
  • Joe is continuing his analysis of the RIF numbers
  • He is seeking Army Intelligence and Federal Reserve documents
  • Joe Califano: Pentagon 61-65, special assistant for domestic affairs 65-69

    Play John Barbour with Jim DiEugenio   (1:09:55)   MP3 download

  • John has produced three films on the JFK Assassination
  • The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes (1992)
  • JFK: The Last Word On The Assassination (2014)
  • American Media & The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (2017)
  • He just wanted to tell Jim Garrison's great American story
  • John has presented in these films: Fletcher Prouty, Nicholas Katzenbach,
  • Bill Alford, Jim Leavelle, Harold Weisberg, Jim Marrs, Lou Ivon,
  • Mark Lane, Steve Jaffe, Ed Hoffman, Irvin Dymond
  • Katzenbach was charmed by John's wife's voice when she called to invite him
  • John performing It's Tough To Be White... The Wit of John Barbour (1965)
  • John created 'Real People', it became the number one show
  • George Schlatter fired him and the show's ratings plummeted
  • John reviewed movies on local Los Angeles television stations
  • He has won Emmys for both entertainment and news
  • John read Garrison's, A Heritage of Stone (1970), and called him up
  • Garrison, "John, I feel like a blind man who has gotten
          a very small trophy in a dark room. Only I know I got it"
  • John interviewed Jim Garrison on camera for three thrilling hours
  • John had eight minute segments to present Garrison on 'Speak Up America'
  • "How many shooters?", "Probably three"
  • "How many people knew?", "About 30"
  • Schlatter edited it: "How many shooters?", "About 30"
  • John thought Oliver Stone might produce a film with his footage
  • In their 09/05/1980 interview, Garrison discusses Vietnam at length
  • Roger Craig saying the rifle was a Mauser and the shells were very close together
  • John interviewed Orville Nix's granddaughter Gayle
  • CIA's Ray Rocca said, "Garrison would indeed obtain a conviction of Shaw"
  • The newest film has a powerful first eight minutes
  • John has Dan Rather saying a bullet came in the throat and exited the back of the neck
  • Garrison had a recording of Walter Sheridan offering Perry Russo a bribe
  • The Supreme Court, "John Barbour's review was of no public import"
  • Garrison's successor as DA, Harry Connick Sr. was a nightmare
  • Bill O'Reilly kind of sold his soul to the devil
  • No conspiracy argument was aired around the 50th
  • John asked Tom Brokow for some air time, "No Garrison"
  • Let justice be done though the heavens fall

    Show #847
    Original airdate: August 10, 2017
    Guests: Frank Cassano / Paul Bleau / Arnaldo M. Fernandez
    Topics: Tracking Oswald / Oswald’s Intelligence Connections

    Play Frank Cassano   (50:06)   MP3 download

  • Frank has reviews of Tracking Oswald at
  • Bob Baer is furthering the disinformation campaign
  • He is about as convincing as a referee in professional wrestling
  • Jim DiEugenio has published Frank's reviews over the years
  • Frank had not watched the first two of this series, knowing he would not stomach them
  • Suppositions are hypnotically entered into the argument without offering any proof
  • While aired completely in Canada, the U.S. run was dramatically yanked off the air
  • U.S. viewers did not see episode three, which mentioned the name Maurice Bishop
  • Though they did not mention he was CIA's David Atlee Phillips, they may have gone too far
  • Persons in the States asked Frank, Can you help us here? Will you write something?
  • In 25 years, we've had The Men Who Killed Kennedy and Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura
  • How much more have they had on television in those 25 years?
  • CIA host Baer, serves up disinformation and then asks viewers to make up their own minds
  • Corporate media will shut down truth, alternative media shows like BOR broadcast the truth
  • The mystery of the History Channel ... the Mystory Channel
  • Episode three connected Oswald to Bishop, CIA, JMWAVE
  • Wrong facts, red herrings, garbage, wrong names, wrong dates
  • They keep saying Oswald did it, but, they never examine the evidence around the rifle
  • They state thoughts supposedly in Oswald's head
  • Certain persons are hired to cloud the issue, then their phone rings, "Sic 'em, Sic 'em!"
  • Everyone in the community finds Tracking Oswald almost impossible to watch
  • Len was prevented from posting episode three
  • Footprints of Intelligence, a “military-grade operation,” surmised Baer
  • "50 Reasons For 50 Years...", quality education for the short attention spanned
  • There are few researcher/authors, the rest of us are experts
  • Thought of the day - get someone you know to visit Black Op Radio
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 1 (04/28/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 2 (05/05/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 3 (05/24/2017) (Frank Cassano)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 4 (05/31/2017) (Frank Cassano)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 5 (07/09/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 6 (07/12/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
  • And now, in lieu of the unlikely mea culpa press conference...
  • The Ballad of Ed Lansdale, written by Len Osanic

    Play Paul Bleau   (1:25:20)   MP3 download

  • Paul has a new article at
  • Oswald’s Intelligence Connections: How Richard Schweiker clashes with Fake History
  • Paul finds there are a lot of names and connections to remember
  • Frank Bartes, a Cuban exile, showed up in court in New Orleans
  • When researched, Frank Bartes turns out to be an FBI informant
  • Just how many people with Intelligence connections did Oswald cross with?
  • Choke points, incidents which prove the Warren Report wrong
  • Oswald's Intelligence connections are a choke point
  • Sen. Richard Schweiker on the Church Committee looked into the Intelligence agencies
  • Book V: The Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • The WC never really asked people, "Who the heck are you?"
  • Allen Dulles kept his connections to the Paines secret
  • Larry researched the writings of respected writers
  • He found and wrote about 64 persons with Oswald/Intelligence touch points
  • Compare that with his reputation of being a loner
  • The WC did not want to know about Oswald's work at Atsugi
  • Tokyo legend? Lee Harvey Oswald and Japan (Kevin Coogan/Lobster)
  • Oswald. spy camera, microdots, discharge, learning Russian, false defection
  • New Orleans, infiltrating the FPCC, Mexico City, the Lopez Report
  • Schweiker pointed out that Oswald had both pro-Castro and anti-Castro connections
  • Phase one, the fake defection, phase two, the setup as a patsy
  • It is hard to point to the exact place the patsy sheep-dipping began
  • But Dave Ferrie is a part of both phases
  • As is Gerard Tujague, vice-president of the Friends of Democratic Cuba
  • And so is Richard Case Nagell
  • The WC relied on Marine Kerry Thornley, he appears in three phases
  • He was on the team to sabotage the Garrison case trial of Clay Shaw
  • Embassy official Richard Schneider in Moscow knew what to do with Oswald
  • Robert Webster of RAND defected just before Oswald, and had met Marina
  • Oswald is welcomed by the anti-Soviet White Russian community in Dallas
  • Ruth Paine, the most important witness for the Warren Commission
  • Ruth and Michael and their relatives have many Intelligence connections
  • Victor Thomas Vicente, FPCC member and FBI informant
  • Oswald is directed by Guy Bannister and likely by CIA and the FBI
  • Clay Shaw denied much that was later contradicted by the HSCA
  • 504 Camp Street is full of anti-Castro Cuban exiles
  • Sergio Arcacha Smith, Carlos Quiroga, Carlos Bringuier
  • Oswald appears to be an informant for Warren DeBrueys, Frank Bartes surely is
  • There are many links between David Atlee Phillips and Lee through others
  • Paul is indebted to the many government investigators and private researchers

    Play Arnaldo M. Fernandez   (43:08)   MP3 download

  • Arnaldo has articles at
  • Arnaldo is an anti-Castro Cuban exile and author with a Degree in Journalism
  • He does not believe Castro was involved in the JFK assassination
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 1 (04/28/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
          How The History Channel is Tracking Oswald Non-Historically
  • Bob Baer in this series is lying, KGB agents in Mexico did not talk to Oswald about assassination
  • The series contains contradictions and false hypotheses
  • Castro would not have risked so much just to have Lyndon Johnson as President
  • It is not just bad entertainment, but, it is also fake news
  • That CIA would not know Castro knew Oswald was going to be JFK's assassin is impossible
  • The series is part of an agenda to hide the truth of CIA responsibility
  • It is a waste of resources, no new evidence, claimed new discoveries are lie after lie
  • If the WC lone gunmen is wrong ... uh, then the conspiracy must be ... uh, Cuban!
  • They have not tracked Oswald, they have tracked Bob Baer's agenda
  • They omitted totally as a conspirator, CIA officer David Atlee Phillips
  • Arnaldo recommends reading his reviews, because his spoken English may be difficult to listen to
  • Len recommends reading Arnaldo's reviews, to avoid having to sit through the series episodes
  • Len and Arnaldo laugh, but, they are saying, don't read anything, just trust us
  • CIA created, supported, and manipulated Alpha 66
  • It is impossible they would not know about an Alpha 66 / Oswald connection
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 2 (05/05/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 3 (05/24/2017) (Frank Cassano)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 4 (05/31/2017) (Frank Cassano)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 5 (07/09/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 6 (07/12/2017) (Arnaldo M. Fernandez)
  • NOTE: Arnaldo sometimes pronounces CIA as 'Seeah'

    Show #846
    Original airdate: August 3, 2017
    Guests: John Armstrong / Dr. Cryril Wecht / Mark de Valk / Robert Groden
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Larry Hancock / Debra Conway / John Barbour
    Comments: Malcolm Blunt / Oliver Stone / Lisa Pease
    Topics: The Contributions of Jim Marrs

    Play All Eleven Contributors   (2:54:52)   MP3 download

  • John Armstrong on Jim Marrs (December 5, 1943 - August 2, 2017)
  • John met Jim when Jim and Jack White were teaching a class in Arlington, Texas
  • John found Jim to be a good friend who was knowledgeable, generous, and honest
  • In the early 1990's, Jim and Jack taught a JFK Assassination class
  • At conferences, everybody knew Jim and Jim knew everybody
  • Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (11/01/1989)
  • Crossfire was a guideline to various possible scenarios
  • It was an important component of the JFK film script
  • Living in the Dallas area, Jim knew many witnesses on a first name basis
  • Jim's ears would perk up if there was a shred of hope of finding something new
  • It would have been hard for an investigative journalist in Dallas not to cover the assassination
  • John was not a writer at the time he wrote, Harvey & Lee: How the CIA framed Oswald (2003)
  • John and Jim were working on having Jim write the book based on John's research
  • John had to proceed on his own to get the book out before November, 2003
  • Both Jack White and John contributed their files to Baylor University
  • Jack White and Jim Marrs did not know how to tell lies
  • Jim got Texas Theater employee, concessionaire Butch Burroughs on videotape
  • Jim did not write to prove a point, he wrote to prove the truth
  • John realized recently that Jim was not well, he already misses Jim
  • John likes research and believes all documents belong to the public
  • Jim Marrs put his heart and his soul into his work and did the best he could

  • Jim Marrs.....what a guy, as "down home" as you could get and deeply knowledgeable...
          someone who within seconds made you feel at ease and welcome...
          I will miss him, as will the countless number of folks who
          crossed his path over the years, adieu my friend....Malcolm Blunt

  • My gratitude goes out to Jim Marrs and his family for
          the help he gave us in understanding the JFK assassination,
          May he rest in peace and may his tormentors know the difference....Oliver Stone

  • Dr. Cryril Wecht on Jim Marrs (
  • We've lost a true gentleman and an important critic
  • His reasoning was always precise and fair, his writings are top notch
  • Cyril pays his respects to Jim's family
  • Crossfire's concise establishment of the shooting scenario
  • Jim's experience as a reporter permeates his literary work
  • We who do not except the WC Report have lost a stalwart fighter

  • Mark de Valk on Jim Marrs
  • Mark met Jim in Dallas in 2008 at the November conferences
  • Crossfire was a seminal book, used by Oliver Stone for JFK
  • Jim would interview witnesses no one else had yet spoken to
  • Ed Hoffman, Gordon Arnold, Madeleine Brown, and Esther Mash - who Mark does not recall
  • He was the first person to offer a University level course, starting in 1976
  • Jim wrote about A.J. Millican, a witness and co-worker of Howard Brennan
  • Also about Sandy Speaker, their supervisor who heard five shots from different locations
  • Groundskeeper Emmett Hudson, "Well, there was a young fellow..."
  • Jack Lawrence worked at Downtown Lincoln-Mercury, he was arrested that afternoon
  • While much work has been done since it's writing, it is still a worthwhile volume
  • Jim firmly believed Beverly Oliver is the Babushka Lady
  • Crossfire comprehensively related the state of the research in 1989
  • Jim suggests a possibility of another cameraman close by Abraham Zapruder
  • While Jim suggested it, he did not make it a cause célèbre
  • Mark encourages a rereading of Crossfire, check out the photos
  • The book is a good primer for anyone new to the case
  • Mark thinks Jim could have played Santa Claus
  • Jim earned our respect and affection

  • Robert Groden on Jim Marrs
  • Robert knew Jim for over 30 years, they always got along very well
  • Jim was a walking computer of the history of Texas crime
  • He had a great sense of humor, he was in the belly of the beast (Dallas) at the beginning
  • Last November they were both at a showing of The Searchers at the Texas Theater
  • That was the last time Robert saw Jim, his greatest contribution was Crossfire

  • Jim was a bit too trusting at times...
          As a person Jim was warm and funny and always an interesting conversationalist...
          I never got the feeling that he was trying to mislead, and he definitely
          had a good sense of humor about himself, the case, and life in general....Lisa Pease

  • Jim DiEugenio on Jim Marrs
  • The two Jims met in 1991, so well over twenty years
  • Jim Marrs was a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • A photo of Jim dancing on stage in Ruby's Carousel Club in October, 1963
  • Jim regretted the loss of investigative reporting in America
  • He turned to the writing of books, starting with the unconventional Crossfire
  • It was a compendium of information on subjects developed by the researcher community
  • It was like a one-volume coffee table mini-encyclopedia on the JFK case
  • The publisher did not provide an index or footnotes
  • Sylvia Meagher was hired by Simon and Schuster to fact check the book, and she approved it
  • Jim wrote at least 12 books, Jim D. likes, Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History
          That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids (2001)
  • Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (2015 film preview)
  • Jim Marrs cameo in Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald (1993 film)
  • Jim was very deservedly successful in his career, he acquitted himself well
  • Len, Jim, and ourselves observe the loss of big names in the research community
  • Sterling Seagrave (BOR #512 #538 #548) just recently passed away
  • Fortunately, Black Op Radio has archived interviews with those researchers and authors

  • Larry Hancock on Jim Marrs
  • Jim was a constant participant in the Lancer Conferences, Larry got to talk with him every year
  • Larry blamed Jim and Crossfire for his own immersion in this subject
  • The book was so convincing, it was obvious the Warren Commission Report was bogus
  • Jim would laugh and say he had no remorse at all
  • Jim wrote a convincing treatment of the motorcade and the shooting as a crossfire
  • He provided a detailed buffet of the possibilities, an ideal book to get you started
  • Jim styled himself as a reporter, he didn't argue any specific propositions
  • Jim launched the third generation of research, and the JFK Records Act
  • He wrote a book that spoke to everyone

  • Debra Conway on Jim Marrs
  • The experience of knowing of Jim and then actually meeting him
  • He was down to earth, friendly, and funny, he became your best friend immediately
  • At dinner, you would happily give him the floor, he knew so many stories, so many things
  • Before Google, before the internet, we had Jim Marrs, the index was worth the price of the book
  • Jim would do his own research and he would share it to see where it would fit in
  • Jim would research a person's home town to see if he could find a possible link
  • He lived very close to Dallas, he spoke to school children
  • His book is not document based, as many are since the ARRB
  • Jim hit the street, one-on-one with people, he called or visited
  • He was a wonderful story teller, he could explain it like no one else
  • Tell people new to the case, watch JFK, read Crossfire
  • They led to the document release, and to more witnesses coming out and talking
  • Jim was at most Lancer conferences, he would dance as Beverly Oliver sang
  • He was famous, he was just a normal person, he was just Jim
  • Jim was always available to counsel Debra, when she started he gave her his mailing list

  • John Barbour on Jim Marrs
  • There will never be another Jim Marrs
  • Jim's mind was a library of knowledge, especially about JFK's murder which he happily shared
  • John made The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes (1992), and asked Jim for help
  • He went to Dallas and filmed Jim speaking about Military Intelligence and Oswald
  • Jim Marrs was a teddy bear with a beard, he was just so sweet to be around
  • Hmm... John thinks Jim could have played Santa Claus
  • JFK: The Last Word On The Assassination (UNLV/Las Vegas, NV 01/31/2014)
  • John Barbour's Last Word On 'The Garrison Tapes' (BOR #759)
  • John put together a panel for the assassination anniversary
  • Jim Marrs said the Zapruder film is proof to our Presidents they do not run this country
  • JFK Assassination Panel (UNLV/Las Vegas, NV 01/31/2014)

  • Jim Marrs gets the last word

    Show #845
    Original airdate: July 27, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: NARA Document Release / Listener Letters

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:13:58)   MP3 download

  • Last week's good interview with Oliver Stone
  • National Archives document releases have been expected in October
  • Surprisingly, on July 25th, they started releasing documents
  • 441 formerly withheld-in-full and 3,369 formerly withheld-in-part
  • Jim Hargrove showed Jim a seven page CIA document still redacted in full
  • There are Martin Luther King documents in there ... what the heck?
  • The files are available for download in batches
  • The Assassination Records Review Board had a powerful mandate in theory
  • It is time to reevaluate the job the ARRB did
  • Interview of Jim by David Giglio (July 2017)
  • The KGB had a three foot tall stack of LHO documents, which the ARRB declined to buy
  • CIA documents shared with the HSCA were then 'segregated'
  • Subject Index to the Warren Report and Hearings and Exhibits, Sylvia Meagher (1966)
  • Name Index to the Warren Report and Hearings and Exhibits, Sylvia Meagher (1966)
  • Listener Letters
  • Why did anti-Castro anti-Kennedy Cubans seem to go quiet after the assassination?
  • CIA set up a quasi-employment service in Miami, they continued in covert operations
  • The excuse about the Bay of Pigs, that JFK reneged on air cover, was a lie
  • Cuban exiles wanted revenge for the failure and for the killed and captured
  • The Kennedy/Atwood/Castro back channel was known
  • Indications of a Cuban presence in Dealey Plaza and earlier in Chicago
  • Was Oswald in Mexico City to try and escape being the patsy? Not likely
  • Wayne January and Red Bird Airport
  • Bob Baer, Tracking Fake Oswald News, Mexico City with no mention of the Lopez Report
  • Kennedy put Ambassadors in charge of secret operations in foreign countries
  • Last Man Standing: Mort Sahl and the Birth of Modern Comedy (Curtis 2017)
  • Oswald Military ID with an Oct 23, 1963 postmark
  • The Assassination Chronicles: Inquest/Counterplot/Legend, (Epstein 1992)
  • Epstein was offered CIA tapes of Oswald in the Soviet Embassy and Cuban Consulate in Mexico
  • (Jim leaves to retrieve the book) He takes some time to locate the indicated quote
  • No researcher has ever heard those tapes, of a voice other than Lee Oswald's
  • JFK and the Majestic Papers: The History of a Hoax, Introduction, by Seamus Coogan (08/15/2011)
  • One cannot trust the mainstream media, CIA, the FBI, any other Intelligence agency
  • The Dual Life of Albert Osborne, by John Kowalski (07/21/2017)

    Show #844
    Original airdate: July 20, 2017
    Guests: Oliver Stone
    Topics: Oliver Stone rages against the machine

    Play Oliver Stone   (43:13)  (YouTube)

  • Len and Oliver have collaborated on work regarding Fletcher Prouty
  • Both continue to work with Tony Lyons and Skyhorse Publishing
  • Oliver praises Reclaiming Parkland: (DiEugenio 2013)
          Tom Hanks, Vincent Bugliosi, and the JFK Assassination in the New Hollywood
  • The best examination of the evidence, there is not evidence for a conviction
  • Oliver continues to speak out on the subject of the JFK assassination
  • He still feels compassionately about the work of Jim Garrison
  • The assassination is where we are now, the Kennedy era was a point of change
  • There is now a second edition of JFK and Vietnam: (Newman 2017)
          Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for Power
  • Presidents have to deal with the Dulles-like apparatus and their leaks
  • All Presidents since Kennedy have been getting weaker in regards to our military
  • This is an ugly world now, it's becoming uglier because we made it so
  • JFK speaks on price rises of United States Steel and others (April 11, 1962)
  • The overt and covert defense budget is close to a trillion dollars
  • The Oliver Stone Experience ( Matt Zoller Seitz 2016)
  • President Putin speaks to the assassination of JFK as an Intelligence conspiracy (06/04/2017)
  • We are the largest military force in the world and claim that Russia is threatening us
  • Clinton failed to convince the voters, Trump was adamant and bold about his message
  • The fine, honest, ordinary citizen research community are our Tom Paines
  • John Lennon speaks on maniacs and maniacal ends, they're all insane (06/06/1968)
  • You have to believe in some leaders, there are some who care
  • A trailer for the Stone produced Igor Lopatonok film Ukraine On Fire (2016)
  • Len recommends the nine-hour Oliver Stone Interviews Vladimir Putin audio book
  • Gorbachev has said, Putin is the man for Russia now
  • CIA supports 'opposition parties' in the Caucuses, we would call them terrorists
  • The Putin narrative appears in the West for the first time though Stone and Lopatonok
  • The U.S. closes down on hearing alternate views
  • Black Op Radio Presents "50 Reasons For 50 Years...", almost 1 million views
  • Oliver asks Len, "Why are you so obsessed?"
  • Len was inspired enough by Fletcher Prouty to level the field once a week
  • Some documentaries are a public service, sometimes you can find the money
  • We put missiles in South Korea, ABMs in Poland and Rumania, against China and Russia
  • Let's freeze the world for a moment, the United States is upping the ante all the time
  • Oliver encourages Len's work and the work of Jim DiEugenio
  • Oliver speaks to writers about being responsible to society (02/20/2017)

    Show #843
    Original airdate: July 13, 2017
    Guests: Andrew Kreig
    Topics: Political Assassination Research

    Play Andrew Kreig   (58:38)   MP3 download

  • Andrew has again taken up investigative reporting, after careers in non-profit and law
  • Around 2008, he began to come to grips with the JFK assassination and the media cover-up
  • Andrew feels the work of L. Fletcher Prouty needs to brought forward to the public
  • A catalytic event was his growing awareness of the unfairness of the 'prestigious' media
  • Andrew is on the board of Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA)
  • He is the Director of the Justice Integrity Project (JIP) which researches official misconduct
  • “The National Security State and JFK” conference was held June 3, 2017 (BOR #836)
  • Experts: Deep State Killed JFK For His Cuba Policy, Peace Advocacy (Kreig 06/13/2017)
  • The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) is hosting videos of the speakers at the conference
  • July 19, 2017 National Press Club evening talk by Dr. William Pepper on his July 20 Sirhan filing
  • (July 19, 1962 National Press Club speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Draft))
  • Dr. Pepper is going to file a legal complaint with the Organization of American States (OAS)
  • Asking for a new trial or an evidential hearing, denial of which violates treaty obligations
  • Certain cases such as this, have a media and court system self-censorship
  • E-mail Andrew at to secure entry to the July 19 event in Washington, DC
  • Andrew read some of Fletcher Prouty's The Secret Team: on the metro ride to the June 3rd event
  • Fletcher was twice mentioned favorably by presenters
  • C-SPAN tends to be fearless covering legitimate events, other media are calibrated in a different way
  • People who got their start in Dealey Plaza, Rather, Lehrer, MacNeil, Schieffer, Moyers (.p 518)
  • Andrew encourages BOR listeners to speak in public or on air on this subject, a grassroots movement
  • President Kennedy had Cuba and Vietnam peace policies
  • Presidents Obama and Trump both find Cuba relevant today
  • Trained to Kill: The Inside Story of CIA Plots against Castro, Kennedy, and Che (Veciana/Carlos 2017)
  • The MSM ignores the story and acts as if the U.S. is the victim of Cuba
  • DC contractor Development Alternatives employee Alan Gross was imprisoned by the Cubans in 2009
  • Development Alternatives, a well known CIA proprietary, was the employer of President Obama's mother
  • Andrew wrote about this in, Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters (2013) (video)
  • After Jimmy Carter, every President had been an asset of CIA or the FBI before their political career
  • Obama's first job was with CIA front Business International
  • Andrew's mother, a writer, also worked for CIA, it is not necessarily a bad thing
  • These relationships are not mentioned, it is assumed their rise to power is on the public record
  • Margaret Krieg worked for Prentice-Hall, the publisher of The Secret Team:, so did William Casey
  • Would Prouty have known his own publishing house had a mole?
  • Len does not know, they approached him, he became aware of it once the book died
  • The publishing world is full of moles, sabotage, and bad luck
  • Prentice-Hall and Business International are now owned by the same British conglomerate, Pearson PLC
  • Justice Integrity Project (JIP), Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA)
  • There are other political assassinations we should be reconsidering
  • CAPA is a volunteer organization, needing input, send news of breakthroughs, events, films
  • At CAPA Forum, JFK Experts See Need, Momentum For Assassination Records (06/03/2017)

    Show #842
    Original airdate: July 6, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Tracking Max Holland

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:22:44)   MP3 download

  • Vincent Palamara, The Not-So-Secret Service, by Joseph E. Green
  • How Max Holland Duped the Daily Beast, by Jim
  • The Deceptions and Disguises of Noam Chomsky, by Jim
  • John Barbours World with guests James DiEugenio and JP Sottile
  • September 2nd, Jim and John Newman will speak at VMI in Lexington, Virginia
  • Alec Baldwin will MC a dinner at the November Mock Trial in Houston
  • Max Holland had an article in the Daily Beast in April, How the KGB Duped Oliver Stone
  • A 50 year-old article, Mounting Evidence Links CIA to 'Plot' Probe, was a triumph for Moscow
  • An Italian newspaper, Paesa Sera, did a series on Centro Mondiale Commerciale, sometimes called Permindex
  • Holland calls Paesa Sera a KGB outlet and Garrison a dupe of Moscow
  • His source? The controversial Mitrokhin archives
  • Vasili Mitrokhin was an archivist for the KGB, in 1992 he defected to the United Kingdom
  • The sale and marketing of former Russian Intelligence employees who spirit out their notes
  • The Sword and the Shield: (Andrew/Mitrokhin 1999)
          The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB
  • Mitrokin said that Mark Lane (BOR #783) had been aided by two secret donations from the KGB
  • In a continuation of the Cold War, these Russians gave MI5 and CIA what they wanted
  • The pretext for writing this article, a Russian disinformation scheme
  • The Paesa Sera six-part series was very detailed, it was not created in 48 hours
  • Centro Mondiale Commerciale was a very mysterious business agency with a suspect past
  • CMC finances included J. Henry Schröder and J. & W. Seligman, associated with Allen Dulles and CIA
  • Millionaires and Managers (Stanislav Mikhailovich Men'shikov 1969), the Marine Midland Group
  • Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero and Le Devoir in Montreal also reported on CMC
  • A CMC director, Ferenc Nagy was a CIA asset
  • Holland defies the declassified records of the ARRB, he conceals the new documents about Clay Shaw
  • He writes that the WC investigated Clay Bertrand, and determined he was not a even real person
  • He writes that the WC investigated Clay Bertrand, and determined he was not a even real person
  • In 1967, AG Ramsey Clark stated that the FBI had investigated Clay Shaw in 1963
  • The FBI knew that Shaw was Bertrand and they concealed it
  • What led Garrison to suspect CIA? Oswald’s Russian language test, the address on the pro-Castro flyers
  • Banister and Ferrie, the Bay of Pigs, Operation Mongoose, CIA sanctioned, supplied, and backed
  • Oswald was an agent provocateur against the Fair Play For Cuba Committee
  • CIA have attorneys and a legal fund to call upon
  • Gordon Novel had volunteered to ensure Garrison's office was not bugged, he ended up doing the opposite
  • Passport to Assassination: (Nechiporenko 1993)
          The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him
  • Oswald is portrayed in this book as a desperate man
  • Holland charges it was Jim Garrison who caused a loss of belief in the democratic institutions of government
  • There was the Vietnam War, Watergate, and the exposés of the Church Committee
  • Has Holland completely forgotten the Tet Offensive, My Lai, Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre,
          CIA assassination attempts, COINTELPRO?
  • Arrogant Capital: Washington, Wall Street, and the Frustration of American Politics (Phillips 1995)
  • Trust in government chart, the drop off begins the year the Warren Report was issued
  • The Kennedy Half-Century: (Sabato 2013)
          The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy
  • 78% thought the Kennedy Presidency had a very deep impact on the United States
  • Holland has been selling this essay for 16 years, The Demon in Jim Garrison (2001)
  • A long time ago, Jim had high hopes for internet news journals
  • The Post, the Times, TIME, Newsweek, they were tied in to the Eastern establishment
  • Tina Brown her husband Harry Evans sponsored Case Closed
  • The firestorm around Oliver Stone's movie took them by surprise
  • Posner's face was everywhere in 1993, timed for the 30th anniversary
  • Dan Rather said to Robert Tannenbaum, "We really blew it on the Kennedy assassination..."
  • MSN Declassified: Tracking Bob "the new McAdams" Baer
  • Whittaker Chambers testified to HUAC against Alger Hiss
  • America's Dreyfus: The Case Nixon Rigged (Brady 2015 GB)
  • Alger Hiss: Framed: A New Look at the Case That Made Nixon Famous (Brady 2017 US)
  • LPM Declassified: Tracking Lies Per Minute
  • Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers and the Case That Ignited McCarthyism (Hartshorn 2013)
  • Secret History (Roberts 2012)
  • Reading about JFK is a pleasure, reading about Nixon is like drinking castor oil

    Show #841
    Original airdate: June 29, 2017
    Guests: Scott Enyart / Randy Benson
    Topics: Lynn Mangan / The Searchers Film

    Play Scott Enyart   (30:51)   MP3 download

  • Paul Schrade (BOR #824) informed Scott of Lynn Mangan's passing
  • Lynn assisted Scott as he prepared for his civil trial
  • She methodically went through the RFK material at the State Archives
  • Lynn (BOR #839) photographed each page as she inspected them
  • She detected altered logs at the time Scott's photos were "found"
  • The film was stolen on the way to the court house
  • Skip Miller, attorney for the City ended up being disbarred
  • Scott (BOR #737) did not so much win his case, the City of Los Angeles lost it
  • Through Lynn, Scott started speaking with Sirhan's brother Adel
  • Lynn was mysterious in a sense, she spent her own money, her determination
  • She seemed attached to the Sirhans in way that Scott found hard to resolve
  • Her work was critical to Scott's case, discrediting the defense
  • Scott met Ted Charach the night of the assassination
  • Teenage Scott is in Ted's film, The Second Gun (1973)
  • Lynn had a real obsession with Truth, Justice, and the American Way
  • (The suicide of RFK assassination researcher Greg Stone)
  • Two Boogiemen, Manson and Sirhan, symbolically the most horrible people
  • Lynn was very sweet, soft spoken, and very disarming, that benefited her
  • She brought a human element to something that had become very distorted
  • Len is the first person Scott has given an interview to in 10 years
  • Something Scott did when he was 15 has followed him around the rest of his life
  • A certain obligation comes along with it
  • Scott is grateful that his and Lynn's paths crossed

    Play Randy Benson   (39:54)   MP3 download

  • The Searchers won the Orson Welles Award at the 2017 Tiburon Film Festival
  • A history professor in Florida told Randy the
          film would forever change the way he teaches history
  • It is a portrait of the JFK assassination community
  • Started in 2002, 14 years in the making, a labor of love
  • Find links to the film at
  • The Mark Lane Memorial Film Screening College Tour
  • Josiah Thompson, John Judge, Walt Brown, Robert Groden, Mark Lane,
          Jim DeEugenio, Lisa Pease, Debra Conway, Andy Winiarczyk, Rex Bradford
  • Also Ray Marcus, Shirley Martin, Vince Salandria,
          Mary Ferrell, Mae Brussell, Penn Jones
  • What they faced and what they've achieved
  • Randy presents CIA document 1035-960 targeting Warren Report critics
  • The first time the words 'conspiracy theorist' were joined at the hip
  • Walt Brown addresses the ups and downs of the research family
  • Six Seconds in Dallas: (Thompson 1967) was important
  • These authors have been ingenious in deciphering government language
  • They are responsible for the largest record release since Nuremberg
  • Absurd for LIFE to describe an entry wound as coming from behind
  • Mary Ferrell rounding up Dallas newspapers full of discrepancies
  • Randy has a box set of the uncut interviews
  • The film is about the assassination and how we view history
  • Russian President Putin referenced the Kennedy assassination conspiracy (@ 6:30)
  • A lot of research and networking was done before the internet
  • The film has it's worldwide released this July 4th
  • $3.99 for viewing, $18.99 sale price, DVDs are $19.99 with goodies
  • A film of Randy's won an Oscar (1999) for Best Student Film
  • The sound of crickets occurred when Randy described the JFK film project
  • All JFK Act documents need to be released by this October 26th
  • Listen to Randy's previous appearance (BOR #809)

    Show #840
    Original airdate: June 22, 2017
    Guests: Bill Kelly / John Judge
    Topics: CAPA / Two governments, one invisible

    Play Bill Kelly   (25:39)   MP3 download

  • A successful CAPA event in March, JFK at 100, State of the Records (BOR #827)
  • Planning a similar event at the National Archives on October 26
  • A mock Oswald trial coming up in Houston on November 16-17
  •, Citizens Against Political Assassinations
  • Join, serve on a committee, CAPA is doing things
  • Civil Air Patrol - Plan for Loyalty Police Spies, JFKcountercoup2
  • David Harold Byrd, owner of the TSBD was a cofounder of the CAP
  • Trained to Kill: (Veciana / Harrison 2017)
            The Inside Story of CIA Plots against Castro, Kennedy, and Che
  • Veciana, Bishop/Phillips, and Oswald in Dallas, in September 1963
  • We have to look at the assassination as a covert operation
  • Antonio Veciana's Trained to Kill - Kelly's Review, JFKcountercoup
  • Sylvia Odio, her parents were in jail in Cuba
  • They were caught up in a Veciana plot to kill Castro
  • It doesn't matter if it was Oswald or not, they were setting him up
  • Len thinks the fact of an imposter is important
  • The Lone Nut people just have to back off
  • Their fallback position is, oh, it was covert, but, it was Castro
  • Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook (Luttwak 1979)
  • All the agencies have to be infiltrated, somebody in those organizations
  • Army Intelligence may have monitored Dallas and Cuba more closely than CIA even
  • Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence Office (ACSI), they're all over the place
  • The motorcade, Ruth Paines, De Mohrenschildt, Civil Defense command post

    Play John Judge   (33:34)   MP3 download

  • The following three sections are the first appearance of
  • researcher John Judge on Black Op Radio, Show #41, June 14, 2001
  • ------
  • John, born in 1947, grew up in the shadow of the Pentagon
  • In a bedroom community of the NSA, CIA, DIA, NASA
  • His parents worked at the Pentagon
  • John learned there were two governments, one invisible
  • He understood his parent were afraid of Sen. Joe McCarthy
  • The U-2 Incident, led Eisenhower to admit we lied and spied
  • John came out in opposition to the war in Vietnam in 1964
  • In 1967 he read Mark Lane's Rush To Judgment (1966)
  • In '67-68 he read the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission
  • He met early researchers, Mae Brussell, Maggie Fields,
  • Sylvia Meagher, Lillian Castellano, Penn Jones,
  • John went to conferences, Peter Dale Scott, Carl Oglesby
  • John knew Mae for 20 years
  • She wrote about Watergate in The Realist in August 1972
  • Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?
  • How Nixon Actually Got Into Power
  • They becaame research associates and friends, shared files
  • The Brussell Sprouts listened to her weekly show on tape
  • Mae cross-referenced and indexed the Warren Commission
  • She clipped 15 daily newspapers, 150 periodicals
  • She also read 300-500 books a year
  • She cracked the code of the Kennedy and other assassinations
  • John was inspired to work half as hard as she did
  • Her level of recall, analysis, perception, to connect things
  • Mae passed a note to Rose Kennedy five days before Robert Kennedy
            was shot, saying, "The forces that killed your son John are moving on Bobby"
  • She called Mary Jo Kopechne's parents three days before
            Chappaquiddick and said, "They're about to kill your daughter"
  • She could understand the movements of the secret government
  • The mark of genius, to be able to make connections
  • 36 filing cabinets, 18 binder WC index, 6,000 books
  • Jonestown (11/18/1978) was an intelligence operation
  • John sent Mae 70 reasons, Mae sent John 115
  • She was fearless, the media were afraid of her
  • Negative stuff, it would have depressed them not be able
            to know what was happening in the world
  • The things we have uncovered about the secret government,
            are directly proportional to the fear they have of us
  • It's not us who are paranoid, it's them
  • Pull the needle out of your arm, Just Say No to them
  • The most basic level of violence, is social privilege
  • To exploit labor, steal resources, control sexuality
  • They're stripping us of the delusion of democracy
  • A split over whether or not to go to open fascism
  • The JFK assassination, public, violent, with contempt
  • A transparent conspiracy, we were supposed to get the point
  • "Yeah, we killed him, what do you wanna do about it?"
  • Elections in this country, the evil of two lessors
  • We don't have elections, we have selections
  • A lot of the internet is just volume, you can read anything
  • History Will Not Absolve Us: (E. Martin Schotz 1996)
           Orwellian Control, Public Denial, and the Murder
           of President Kennedy

  • Allowed to believe anything, allowed to know nothing
  • Not all conspiracies are created equal (Judge 10/30/2002)
  • Conspiracy and Theory are no longer separate words
  • You can call everyone else a Coincidence Theorist
  • To breathe together, some people have worse breath
  • Timothy McVeigh, meet Lee Harvey Oswald (06/11/2001)
  • A forest is made of trees, branches, roots, history, details
  • There are mechanics that carry out the will of the class
  • Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
  • Founded in 1994, out of the Committee to Open the Archives
  • JFK (1991) had the audacity to put some facts in
  • The case was basically dead in the water until that film
  • COA combined with the Assassination Archive Research Center
  • and Citizens for Truth in the Kennedy Assassination
            (NOTE: Kennedys and King (formerly CTKA))
  • President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992
  • Testimony of John Judge, ARRB Hearing of 10/11/94
  • Before 1994, FOIA, we got loose a few thousand files
  • Since 1994, ARRB, almost 6,000,000 pages have been released

    Play John Judge   (29:32)   MP3 download

  • COPA helped get the JFK Act passed
  • Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board
  • 10 Recommendations of the ARRB Board Final Report
  • Some releases have been postponed until 2017
  • The Board was appointed the same day Case Closed was published
  • Bill Davy (BOR #4) and Jim DiEugenio have worked with releases
  • Bolsters Garrison's conclusions, Shaw's CIA connections, etc.
  • Destiny Betrayed: (DiEugenio 1992), Let Justice Be Done: (Davy 1999)
  • Oswald In Mexico City, John Newman's Oswald and the CIA: (1995)
  • Peter Dale Scott's Deep Politics II: (1995)
  • Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Act (10/10/2000)
  • CIA's secret history of U.S. relationship with General Reinhard Gehlen (Released 02/04/2005)
  • Jennifer Harbury 1998 testimony, Human Rights Information Act
  • Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, Warren Commission,
  • Church Committee, House Select Committee files released
  • As well as FBI, CIA, Secret Service,
  • Foreign Intelligence Advisory Files
  • Executive Order 12958 - Classified National Security Information
  • Executive Order 13142 - Amendment To Executive Order 12958
  • Defense Intelligence Agency, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Office of Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence
  • This was a military coup d'etat in Dallas
  • Those files remain buried, those agencies refused to comply
  • JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Walter Reuther, the Reagan shooting
  • COPA, national conferences, regional meetings
  • Commemorated the June 10, 1963 American University Speech
  • Over 6000,000 MLK records locked up until 2038
  • FOIA request for Army Intel MLK surveillance records and photos
  • After Action Report, Civil Disorder Operation: LANTERN SPIKE
  • COPA v. Department of Defense on King Files (05/14/2001)
  • COPA v. Department of Defense FOIA appeal lost (05/27/2001)
  • Judge Joe Brown starting testing the MLK rifle (BOR #30)
  • Assassinations are the Rosetta Stone of the National Security State
  • The JCS were quite active that day, especially General Curtis LeMay
  • Monday after the assassination, reversed Vietnam withdrawal order
  • Instead projected a 10 year war with 50,000 American dead
  • Mary Cooley Judge, JCS Manpower Analyst, projection of 11/25/63
  • The military uses 65-80% of the total energy resource pie
  • It took 3.5 billion gallons of oil to carry out the Gulf War
  • GOP, the Gas Oil Plutonium Party
  • 65% of the tax dollar pays for past and future wars
  • The Military/Industrial complex rose to power with the JFK Assassination
  • Bay of Pigs, Peter Kornbluh, National Security Archive (03/23/2001)
  • They planned for the operation to fail, to force Kennedy's hand
  • Jack Ruby ran guns to Castro under CIA operations
  • Operation Mongoose, undercover domestic CIA/Mob assassination capability

    Play John Judge   (29:12)   MP3 download

  • Iranian Hostage Rescue (04/24/1980)
  • Told to take sand protecting shields off helicopter engines
  • They wanted to embarrass and undermine Carter
  • Kennedy understood they lied, he fired Dulles, Cabell, Bissell
  • Thirteen Days (2000) film , The Kennedy Tapes: (May/Zelikow 2002)
  • Missile Crisis, Kennedy was about the only level head in the room
  • Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp had an Intelligence background
  • Sleeping with your intern is a sport in Washington, D.C.
  • Presidents come and go, Intelligence agencies stick around
  • Tim McVeigh, the shmuck in the truck, following orders
  • Reagan shooting (03/30/1981), Hinckley, Richardson
  • None of Hinckley's bullets hit Reagan
  • A 45 degree downward angle, back-to-front, left-to-right
  • Hit by a small flechette, a razor edged disk
  • On film, you can see the planting of the .22
  • The limo was headed for Bethesda, not the White House
  • Reagan got to the hospital 15 minutes after James Brady
  • Hinkley family was financially and socially linked to the Bush's
  • It's not a conspiracy, it's ironic, John is an Irony Theorist
  • 'W' was the dumbest one, a coke addict, party animal, lush
  • A phonied-up election, they're going to decide
  • Washington said, no standing army, avoid foreign entanglements
  • Political parties, put decision making in the hands of an elite
  • COPA (now CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassinations)
  • Contact them at:
  • Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA)
            P.O. Box 7641
            Lancaster, Pa. 17604-7641
  • John acknowledges Fletcher Prouty's passing
  • One year a memorial was held at the Kennedy gravesite
  • Penn Jones introduce John to Fletcher
  • John kept up with Fletcher's articles
  • The Ratcliffe (BOR #13) interviews, Understanding Special Operations
            And Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era
            1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty, Colonel USAF (Retired) (1999)
  • When John was young, he knew persons like Fletcher
  • He would sit back and listen when they spoke unguardedly
  • John Judge (December 14, 1947 - April 15, 2014)

    Show #839
    Original airdate: June 15, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio/William Pepper / Lisa Pease / Lynn Mangan
    Topics: Sirhan's Researcher, Lynn Mangan

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (42:16)   MP3 download

  • Sirhan's Researcher, Lynn Mangan passed away in February of this year
  • Bill Pepper, she contributed greatly to ballistics issues in the case
  • Her meticulous research and discovery showed there was no match of the neck bullet
  • Bill is taking Sirhan's case to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
  •, Requiem for Rose Lynn Mangan
  • No one did as much work in the Sacramento Archives on this case as she did
  • RFK's assassination was important, it allowed Nixon to be elected
  • The transference of the U.S. from slightly left leaning, to staunchly conservative
  • It was considered an open and shut case, Sirhan was firing
  • Sirhan's trial was not about who killed Kennedy, it was about Sirhan's mental state
  • Various evidence of more shots than Sirhan's gun held
  • Lynn was the researcher for Sirhan's appeals, they switched the guns and the bullets
  • She was a key witness at Scott Enyart's (BOR #737) civil trial
  • Special Exhibit 10 was supposed to be the ace-in-the-hole for LAPD
  • A micrograph comparison of an RFL bullet and a test bullet, it was not
  • Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part I: The Grand Illusion (Lisa Pease 1998)
  • Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part II: Rubik's Cube (Lisa Pease 1998)
  • The Sacramento Archives tried to ban Lynn, she was finding so many subterfuges
  •, Her several appearances on BOR were rare for her
  • She got a bee in her bonnet about this case and started digging up facts
  • The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (William Turner / Jonn Christian 1978)
  • The Second Gun (Ted Charak 1973) (BOR #300)

    Play Lisa Pease   (1:02:31)   MP3 download

  • Lisa spent a few days with Lynn in her home
  • Her passing is a huge loss to the research community
  • She had a collection of antiquities from all over the world
  • Lynn had Roman coins and Egyptian artifacts
  • She could be forceful in her arguments, she had a really bright mind
  • Lisa had written a short piece on the RFK case and Lynn contacted her
  • Forensic pathologist Robert Joling had fallen out with Lynn
  • The Wenke panel made a careful inventory of the bullets
  • The Kennedy neck bullet did not have the coroner's mark 'T1'
  • Lisa is writing a book on the case with so much new stuff
  • Lynn was somewhat right wing, she was mad at the police she trusted
  • Lynn's son had found a wallet, they took it to the police
  • If it is not claimed, can he have it? No one claimed it, but, it was gone
  • She talked to a supervisor, miraculously it surfaced and the kid went home with it
  • Lynn knew a neighbor of the Sirhans, she introduced herself to Mary Sirhan
  • Lynn met with criminalist and former OSS member, William Harper
  • He was getting information from former OSS in the LAPD
  • Harper and Lynn were right, they switched the gun, they switched the bullets
  • Lynn and Lisa may the only two people to have read the entire trial transcript
  • Lynn said Rafer Johnson had taken the gun home and wrote the gun number in his diary
  • Lisa could not have written her two-part article without Lynn's help
  • Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part I: The Grand Illusion (Lisa Pease 1998)
  • Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part II: Rubik's Cube (Lisa Pease 1998)
  • Thomas Noguchi's report, powder burns from 0 to 2 inches
  • Lynn was super nice, with a big hearty laugh
  • A funny sense of humor, a gallows humor, an interesting way of talking
  • She did have a falling out with the Sirhan family
  • She had a document, the search for Thane Cesar's gun
  • Thane shot Kennedy, or he allowed somebody to shoot Kennedy
  • In the Archive, oil had been placed on the bullet, causing deterioration
  • Lynn was a damned fine intelligent housewife
  • John Meier told Lisa that Hoover told him the assassination was a Maheu operation
  • Lynn was frustrated with Larry Teeter, she became friends with Paul Schrade (BOR #824)
  • Like Lynn, be fearless, be fierce, know who you are, know what you know
  • There is some truth to 'fake news', false pretenses, false reporting
  • The carrot and the stick, play ball with CIA and you get rewarded
  • August 21st, the U.S. will have a total eclipse of the sun
  • Lynn followed her moral compass, we need more like her

    Play Lynn Mangan  Show #685 - June 19, 2014  (1:57:23)   (YouTube)

  • Lynn's website - Sirhan's Researcher
  • Lynn believed Sirhan was guilty, then she read the trial transcripts
  • Volume 15, a secret meeting, no adequate foundation for the bullets
  • Grand Jury 5-B, four test fired bullets, no gun number appears in the grand jury transcript
  • People's 55, three test bullets, the test gun belonged to the LAPD, not Sirhan
  • Lynn and Sirhan's mother visited Sirhan in prison together
  • LAPD was removed from this case, SUS (Special Unit Senator) took over the investigation
  • The authentic neck bullet should have engraved on it TN 31, instead, it has DWTN
  • Special Exhibit 10, Plain Talk Five, #6, Page 2, somebody has rigged this
  • The Grand Hoax, proof of a fake sales receipt for mini-mag bullets
  • Shell casings in the archive don't match crime scene photos
  • Dr. Noguchi, a brave man, an unidentified negative of a two bullet comparison
  • Wolfer was like a deer in the headlights, SUS engineered this
  • Wolfer and Cooper were victims, they had the goods on them
  • Ted Charach defended Cooper to Lynn, this led to Lynn meeting Bill Harper
  • Everybody assumed the evidence was bona fide, the evidence is no good
  • SUS records were sealed for 20 years, Lynn did work others should have done
  • Two Judas's in the Kennedy camp, Sirhan was firing blanks at the gun range
  • Greased bullets in the archive, Motion for Continuance
  • William Pepper, bright, capable, Lynn is hard to please, they've never met
  • The Lee Institute has a very good RFK collection
  • The courts don't understand the case, Sirhan was a patsy
  • It goes high up, the courts are left to clean up the mess
  • Lynn feels Sirhan was firing blanks in the pantry
  • Shots meant for the heart, three entered RKF, one did not
  • Rafer Johnson took the gun to his home, and wrote the number in his diary
  • Cesar did not kill Kennedy, William Gardner, the hotel security chief
  • Several hit men were present, one on a guard's uniform
  • The girl with the polka dot dress was there, believe Sandy Serrano
  • The MSM won't touch Lynn's work, this cover up goes so high up
  • The archives photographed Scott Enyart's film canister, not the negatives
  • There's a special place in hell for Skip Miller
  • Lynn is an uncredentialed researcher, and needs a crime lab to review her work

    Play Lynn Mangan  Show #687 - July 3, 2014  (1:57:49)   (YouTube)

  • Lynn's website - Sirhan’s Researcher
  • Substitution of false evidence, a tissue of lies
  • Appendix H: List and Description of Trial Exhibits
  • People's 55 is a Perry Mason moment
            Peo. 55: spent .22 cartridges (2); expended test bullets (3); shell casings (2)
  • Two unaccounted for spent .22 cartridges
  • Peo. 21: spent .22 cartridges (8)
  • Nancy Zimmerman at the California State Archives
  • The Archive was given phony evidence, the gun, H18602, H53725
  • A secret meeting in the Judge's chambers, what to do with the evidence?
  • The test shells are not in the Archives
  • Peo. 21 was supposed to evidence from the crime scene
  • Two different test firings with two different guns
  • Can you believe that? Can you believe that?
  • Lynn is a very careful researcher, we will never know the gun Sirhan had
  • Strong evidence of whiteout on the gun's bill of sale
  • Why destroy an original and keep a photostatic copy?
  • There's an obstruction of justice at every damn turn that I took
  • If it wasn't for shows like BOR, people wouldn't know about these things
  • The Weisel bullet went through eight hands before Det. Orozco marked it
  • Where is the H53725 gun? In the Archives, though Lynn doubts it's authenticity
  • Paul Shrade blocked filmmakers from filming in the pantry
  • Film producers, Beaux Carson and Tim Gibbons, "Operation Tinker Toy"
  • Intentional Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage
  • Independent criminalist Larry Bagget's memo, The Grand Hoax
  • Lynn can't account for how much Sirhan was involved, but, he didn't shoot Kennedy
  • Thane Eugene Cesar said he sold his nine-shot .22 before the assassination
  • They had several of the same guns and the same ammunition at the crime scene
  • Lynn recommends reading her "Plain Talk Four" for people new to the case
  • Professional hitmen, Sirhan was recruited as a throw away
  • We had these people out there, tailor made, ready for use
  • Sirhan and James Earl Ray pled guilty
  • Sirhan was told there would be a Jordanian prisoner exchange
  • Special Unit Senator's hands are in the cookie jar
  • We demand justice, we can't have this sort of thing in our courtrooms
  • Challenge my work, go ahead, take a look
  • Robert F. Kennedy/Sirhan Evidence Report, (Mangan / A. Sirhan 10/22/1996)

    Play Lynn Mangan  Show #735 - June 11, 2015  (1:44:04)   (YouTube)

  • Lynn (Sirhan’s Researcher) was a neighbor of Sirhan Sirhan
  • The provenance of the gun, and the absence of a serial number
  • George Earhart sold Sirhan a gun, Rafer Johnson knew the number, H53725
  • Special Unit Senator (SUS) screwed the hell out of this case
  • A Property Receipt, the issuer info was left blank, no serial number
  • Shell casings and other evidence are missing from the California Archives
  • The shells from the scene were not marked for identification
  • A deliberate pattern of (SUS) wrongdoing
  • Nothing is accurate, nothing is original
  • Grant Cooper was the chief defense counsel, he rolled over in this case
  • Cooper aided the prosecution in every which way
  • Stipulation of evidence eliminates the need to prove the evidence
  • An orchestrated dog and pony show
  • Robert Kennedy, shot in the back from the front
  • Independent criminalist William Harper was helpful to Lynn
  • The Sirhans were not allowed into their house for a week
  • Sirhan was being controlled by hypnosis
  • Coffee and the girl in the polka dot dress
  • His next memory is being choked and his leg was twisted
  • Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas with Mae Brussel
  • Three shooters, to distract and to create panic
  • Thane Eugene Cesar didn't kill Kennedy, no way
  • The 'killing crew' all had the same make of gun and ammunition
  • Harper said that Michael Wayne was another shooter
  • The Sandra Serrano / Hank Hernandez interview
  • The acoustic evidence, 14 overlapping shots
  • Sirhan had a right to a fair trial and he didn't get it
  • The 'Hey Punk' letter from Sirhan to Cooper
  • LAPD leaked to Harper against SUS
  • What the hell is going on? You can't keep quiet

    Show #838
    Original airdate: June 8, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Pete Johnson / Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Vietnam Declassified / National Security Conference /Fletcher Prouty & KAL 007

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:18:30)   MP3 download

  • The 2017 Houston Mock Trial of Oswald, by Larry Schnapf
  • "Davy Disappoints": A Rebuttal, by William Davy
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 4,
            by Frank Cassano and Arnaldo Fernandez
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years - Episode 50 - The Bigger Picture
  • The excellent 50 episode production by Len Osanic and Jeff Carter
  • The "Uncensored War": The Media and Vietnam (Hallin 1986)
  • The sphere of Consensus, stories accepted as true
  • A debatable sphere, pro and con, it was good, no, it was bad
  • The sphere of Deviance, true or false, the MSM does not present them
  • Clamp Oliver Stone shut with Gerald Posner, and we get crap like this
  • Jim presented at The National Security State and JFK conference
  • Jeffrey Sachs, To Move the World: JFK's Quest for Peace (2013)
  • Jefferson Morley presented, “Angleton, Cuba, and Assassination”
  • Jim presented on, “Vietnam Declassified: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon”
  • His point, if we had known, the war would not have run as long as it did
  • Fifty years of violent war deaths from Vietnam to Bosnia:
            analysis of data from the world health survey programme
  • Vietnam and Cambodia, over 5,000,000 deaths
  • JFK's policy of withdrawal was purposefully stopped and blurred by LBJ
  • Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye (O'Donnell/Powers 1972)
            Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (song)
  • 15,000 advisors went up to 21,000 advisors
  • In 1965 the combat troops going ashore at Danang
  • Choosing War: (Logevall 1999)
            The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam
  • "We are not about to send American boys ..."
  • As bad as Johnson was, Nixon and Kissinger might have been worse
  • By about a million tons (of bombs)
  • "The whole thing was a lie!", by Donald Duncan (Ramparts 02/1966)
  • Nixon learned the Madman Theory from John Foster Dulles
  • The Haldeman Diaries: Inside the Nixon White House (Haldeman 1994)
  • Kennedy understood what the Vietnam War was about
  • Under the Geneva Accords, there was to be reunification in 1956
  • Ho Chi Minh could defeat any candidate the French put up
  • South Vietnam was a puppet state of the American government
  • It was largely on the ground the work of Ed Lansdale
  • The U.S. was spending hundreds of millions of 1960 dollars
  • Kennedy was the only guy in his administration arguing against combat troops
  • Johnson makes it clear he is not going to continue Kennedy's policy
  • Operation Rolling Thunder, 540,00 troops, a war that could not be won
  • Kissinger, "Rest assured, all we want is a decent interval"
  • It was Peace With Honor in public, in secret it was the decent interval
  • By 1969, the American army was falling apart
  • "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"
  • Col. Robert D. Heinl, Jr., Armed Forces Journal, 7 June, 1971
  • 500 incidents of fragging in three years, drug abuse
  • Rory Kennedy's, Last Days in Vietnam (2014)
  • Fletcher (Mister "X") just got a call one day from Oliver Stone
  • John Lennon, "Our society is run by insane people"
  • Oliver Stone and Jim had a Q&A with the audience
  • On The Set: Dallas in Wonderland (Lardner 1991)
  • The Post, George Lardner and My
            Version of the JFK Assassination (Stone 1991)
  • How many people knew ensamtusixteethree?
  • For about a year you actually had debate about the assassination
  • Then Posner's book became the accepted wisdom
  • Bill O'Reilly is a good example of how you can compromise somebody
  • For the U.S. to redeem itself, it has to admit certain facts
  • "If they can do that to a President ..."
  • When Pol Pot took over, there were warnings
  • Chomsky criticized those people, tried to defend the Khmer Rouge
  • In the whole declassified record, there is nothing about conspiracy
  • Jim attended John Barbour's film in L.A., NYC on the 9th
  • The film was reviewed by the L.A. Times as "conspiracy theorist porn"

    Play Pete Johnson   (30:06)   MP3 download

  • Pete attended The National Security State and JFK conference
  • Jacob Hornberger (BOR #836) runs The Future of Freedom Foundation,
  • Jeffrey Sachs was the first presenter, he spoke on JFK’s Quest for Peace
  • Michael Glennon spoke on Double Government—and the “Best Truth” about the Assassination
  • Neither of them take a position on the Kennedy assassination
  • Both of their presentations were really good
  • Jeffery also spoke of JFK's Report to the American People on Civil Rights, June 11, 1963
  • And on JFK's Speech to the UN General Assembly, on September 20, 1963
  • Kennedy's non-aligned policy, states do not have to choose the West or Communism
  • Michael worked on the Church Committee, dignified institutions, those we elect
  • Efficient institutions are the National Security State, they move away from democracy
  • The Trump administration does not have harmony between these two, an open rift
  • Stephen Kinzer talked about American Empire, back to 1898
  • The Spanish American War encouraged expansion
  • A 32 day debate over the ratification of the Treaty of Paris
  • Mark Twain: And as for a flag for the Philippine Province, it is easily managed.
            We can have a special one - our States do it: we can have just our usual flag,
            with the white stripes painted black and the stars replaced by the skull and cross-bones
  • Eisenhower supported covert action, way better than going to war
  • Doug Horne spoke next on CIA pretexts for invading Cuba, including the assassination
  • Michael Swanson spoke on empire and the Soviet enemy
  • Peter Janney spoke on the Mary Meyer assassination
  • Peter mentioned L. Fletcher Prouty and what CIA was capable of doing
  • Jefferson Morley spoke on James Angleton, the mole hunter
  • CIA was able to pretend the didn't know Oswald
  • Jefferson Morley and treating John McAdams as an authority
  • Ron Paul gave a disappointing Libertarian stump speech
  • Jacob Hornberger spoke about the historical context of various coups
  • Jim DiEugenio talked about Vietnam, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon
  • The Oliver Stone and Jim took questions
  • Beginning on the 12th, on Showtime, Oliver will be interviewing President Vladimir Putin
  • All in all, the conference was worth Pete's effort, one-day conferences work well
  • The conference was not on the mechanics of assassination, but, on motive

    Play Fletcher Prouty   (32:41)   MP3 download

  • Remembering Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty (USAF, Retired) 01/24/1917 - 06/05/2001
  • This audio is comprised of two appearances on Karl Loren Live on KIEV in L.A.
  • The subject is the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 shoot down on September 1, 1983
  • ------
  • Most of us gather our news through TV news, Fletcher listens to shortwave radio
  • A Korean Air Line plane had made a call at 3:20, after that it hadn't been heard from
  • Fletcher had helped create the international air traffic controllers organization
  • The U.S. CIA reported the plane safe on Sakhalin Island in the Soviet Union
  • A VP of Korean Air Line and a Japanese diplomat were going to Sakhalin to arrange for its release
  • The plane was supposed to land at Gimpo airport in Seoul at 6:00 that morning
  • At four minutes after 6:00, another Korean airliner, number 015 landed in Seoul, Korea
  • It had flown from Los Angeles, stopped in Anchorage, was there with 007 from New York
  • 007 took off first, the second was behind by about 15 minutes
  • Today, the non-arrival of a plane with 270 passengers would become international news
  • 015 carried U.S. Senators Jesse Helms and Steve Simms from Idaho
  • The missing plane carried Congressman Larry McDonald from Georgia
  • There was no news about the Senators inquiring about the Congressman's plane
  • 20 hours later, Secretary Shultz announced the shoot down by the Soviet Union
  • Where were the news people? The NY Times ignored their original reporting
  • The State Department called McDonald's family to inform them of the CIA statement
  • Why was the news so garbled, why the 20 hour wait?
  • ------
  • I had a letter printed in the New York Times, I have done that before
  • But, this is the first time one of their editors ever called me
  • An international, commercial airliner, with 269 people on board
  • Why didn't the news publish that the plane didn't arrive?
  • The world-wide air traffic control system goes into action
  • Hundreds of in-the-clear messages went out on the air
  • A second airplane arrived on time, no press, no phone calls
  • In the 50's, Fletcher managed Tokyo International Airport
  • When they had incidents, his halls would fill with news reporters
  • If the Russian attack story was true, the planes would be on Soviet radar
  • They searched from September to November and never found that wreckage
  • 'Body parts' were found 200 miles from where the plane should have crashed
  • Frustration, what can we do, your letter is an encouraging sign
  • What role, if any, did our government have in directing the plane there?
  • Within days of the event, Fletcher and others were contacted by the same man
  • They received stacks of papers from this man none of them knew
  • This man contacted family members, took them to news conferences
  • Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-1987 (Woodward 1987)
  • Bob Woodward's Yale education was paid for by the Navy ROTC
  • He served with Admiral Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Not just your ordinary street newsman, from Rockville MD. to the Washington Post
  • K.A.L. 007: What the U.S. Knew and When We Knew It, by David Pearson
  • What is the role of the government in seeing that these books are published?

    Show #837
    Original airdate: June 1, 2017
    Guests: Dave Ratcliffe / Joseph Green / John Barbour
    Topics: False Mystery / Fletcher Prouty / Judge For Yourself / Film Opening

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (59:39)   MP3 download

  • False Mystery: Essays on the JFK Assassination, by Vincent J. Salandria
  • A first generation American from Italy and Philadelphia lawyer
  • In 1963 he felt the questionable nature of the President being shot
  • If Oswald lived through the weekend, not a likely conspiracy
  • If he is killed, we must assume this is a State crime
  • He read the Report and wrote an article on his questions,
            The Warren Report
            Analysis of Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds:
            A Lawyer’s Dissenting View (11/02/1964)
  • Vince followed that up with,
            A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds (January 1965)
  • Vince went through the 26 volumes in one weekend, and wrote, The Warren Report? (March 1965)
  • Dave has created three digital versions of the book by Salandria and John Kelin ed.,
            False Mystery: Essays on the JFK Assassination (1999)
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (Douglass 2008)
  • Dedicated to Vincent Salandria and Martin Schotz
  • History Will Not Absolve Us: (Schotz) 1996
            Orwellian Control, Public Denial, & the Murder of President Kennedy
  • Dave has annotated Vince's 1998 COPA Conference presentation,
            The JFK Assassination: A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes (w/video)
  • In that Vince shows how the Government conclusions violate physics and logic
  • He went to the crux to the Why? "Dallas reeked of conspiracy"
  • Praise from a Future Generation: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Kelin 2007)
  • "After more than a half century, the historical truth of the assassination of President
            John F. Kennedy has been finally established beyond rational dispute.
            The Kennedy assassination is a false mystery. It was conceived by the conspirators to
            be a false mystery which was designed to cause interminable debate. The purpose of
            the protracted debate was to obscure what was quite clearly and plainly a coup d’état.
            Simply stated, President Kennedy was assassinated by our U.S. national security
            state in order to abort his efforts to bring the Cold War to a peaceful conclusion."
  • Max Good (BOR #831), The Assassination & Mrs. Paine (2017)
  • The Role of the Paines In History (Video)
  • In 2012 Arlen Specter invited Vince to lunch, Notes on Lunch with Arlen Specter
  • JFK to a Quaker delegation in the Oval Office, "You believe in redemption, don't you?"
  • Dave posted this work on May 29th, John F. Kennedy's 100th birthday
  • The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: A Model of Explanation
  • Not “How?” but “Why?”, he was the first to turn away from the details of Dealey Plaza
  • Dave has written a Postscript
  • JFK's story as a gospel tale, to stand up and sacrifice himself
  • Dave has recreated the 1992 format of The Legal Intelligencer
  • Dave did this work to honor people he looks up to, John, and Vince
  • "But our government showed no interest in pursuing this compelling evidence of the
            existence of a conspiracy nor in prosecuting the criminals who were impersonating
            federal officers. In refusing to pursue the evidence of conspiracy and in failing to
            pursue the criminals who were impersonating federal officers, the Warren
            Commissioners, their staff, the Attorney General’s Office, and the FBI became
            accessories after the fact and abetted the killers.”
  • "The most useful expert, of course, is the one who can lie," Guy Debord
  • Comments on the Society of the Spectacle (Debord 1988)
  • “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it,” a U.S. major said Wednesday
  • The CIA As Organized Crime: (Valentine 2016) (BOR #825)
            How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World
  • From Confronting The Madness of Our Military,
            "People, how can it be that diverse madmen, such as the candidates we are asked to
            accept as the murderers of the four martyrs whom we honor today, are so focused in
            their madness that they shoot only those great men who are joined with one common
            thread—dedication to sparing mankind from the oppression and violence visited upon
            it by our warlords? One would expect madmen—if they are the random products of a
            generally sick society—to be more diversified in their choice of targets. Friends,
            human affairs are not guided by ravaging streams of diverse and melancholy madness
            such as serve the unvarying purpose of killing the most important enemies of our
            military. If the motivation be madness, then it is the madness of our military."
  • Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty (USAF, Retired) 01/24/1917-06/05/2001, by Leonard Osanic
  • John Judge, "I mentioned to Fletcher Prouty the other day I worked from the
            bottom up and he worked from the top down, and we met at the Joint Chiefs"
  • Understanding Special Operations and Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era:
  • Dave digitized Fletcher's, The Secret Team:, be sure to explore
  • Dave suggests printing and distributing this double-sided Press Release

    Play Joseph Green   (36:00)   MP3 download

  • Joseph contributed to Dave Ratcliffe's work on the writing of Vince Salandria
  • He produced the cover, a photo of the statue of Pierre de Wissant by Auguste Rodin
  • Long ago, Judge for Yourself: A Treasury of Writing & Speeches (1995)
  • Judge for Yourself: A Treasury of Writing by John Judge (April 13, 2017)
            Joseph E. Green (Editor), David T. Ratcliffe (Introduction)
  • This new edition has been in the works for years
  • The cover illustration is a painting which hangs in Joseph's living room
  • It contains all of John's major works
  • Each of John's many threads could be their own books
  • Kenn Thomas was the publisher of Steamshovel Press, Issue 5
  • The Octopus: The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro (Thomas 1996)
  • Trumpocalypse Now!: The Triumph of the Conspiracy Spectacle (Thomas 2017)
  • Kenn wrote the Forward for this Judge for Yourself: Treasury
  • The Revolution Will Include Cookies (Dr. Faith G. Harper 2016)
  • Joseph is working a book about researcher Richard Bartholomew who wrote,
            Possible Discovery of an Automobile Used In the JFK Conspiracy
  • Joseph is on the team of the Center for Deep Political Research (CDPR)
  • Mae Brussell could boggle your mind, Mary Jo Kopechne (07/28/1971)
  • Former CIA agent Bob Baer has reached a new level of garbage
  • 2017 Tiburon International Film Festival,
            Orson Welles Award: Randolph Benson, for: The Searchers [USA]
  • John Judge would say six things in 60 seconds that would blow your mind
  • It's nice to have the book, you can follow the details
  • Philip Dick was an influential science fiction writer
  • The Matrix Control System of Philip K. Dick And The Paranormal
            Synchronicities of Timothy Green Beckley (Anthology 2017)
  • Dissenting Views II: (2014) (BOR #709)
            More Investigations into History, Philosophy, Cinema, & Conspiracy
  • Joseph expects to have another Dissenting Views: out in 2018
  • in York, Pennsylvania
  • Antonio Veciana, with Carlos Harrison, Trained to Kill, a review by Joseph

    Play John Barbour   (32:36)   MP3 download

  • John wanted to tell the rest of this story of injustice and evil
  • To tell of the sabotage of Jim Garrison and his successful investigation
  • The majority of Americans have been bludgeoned by the perpetual War State
  • Pacifica Radio, as a fund raiser, sold out the theater at $50.00 a ticket
  • The murder of JFK, the death of democracy, and the birth of fake news
  • The L.A. Times critic dismissed the film with a non-review
  • John's friend David Lispi posted John's review of the non-review
  • David Lifton came to see it, Jim DiEugenio came twice
  • The film opens June 9 in New York City at the Cinema Village Theater,
            The American Media and The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • John says this may be most important film ever made in America

    Show #836
    Original airdate: May 25, 2017
    Guests: Jacob Hornberger / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The National Security State and JFK / Demonization of Jim Garrison

    Play Jacob Hornberger   (35:45)   MP3 download

  • Founder of The Future of Freedom Foundation,
  • Jacob has both Economics and Law degrees, he is now in the non-profit libertarian world
  • Libertarians focus on limited government, a dramatic conversion after World War II
  • The Cold War, anti-communist crusade converted the government into a National Security State
  • Oliver Stone's JFK (1991), Doug Horne on the medical records (2009)
  • The JFK plot was regime change here, just as in Guatemala, Iran, tried in Cuba, did so in Chile
  • FFF was founded in 1989, 2007 and 2008 conferences on Foreign Policy & Civil Liberties
  • Alexander Cockburn, Stephen Kinzer, Andrew Napolitano, Ron Paul
  • Jacob's book, The Kennedy Autopsy (2015)
  • CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files (Morley 2016)
  • JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated (Horne 2014)
  • Civil Liberties, the War on Terrorism, and the Constitution Tour, University of Colorado, 11/19/2012
  • End the Drug War Conference, at Florida A&M University, 03/22/2017
  • The National Security State and JFK, Saturday, June 3, 2017
  • More about the political environment in the Kennedy administration, and bringing it up to date
  • Jeffrey Sachs, To Move the World: JFK's Quest for Peace (2013)
  • Stephen Kinzer, The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War (2013)
  • Michael Glennon, National Security and Double Government (2014)
  • Douglas Horne, Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War (2017)
  • David Talbot, The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government (2015)
  • Peter Janney, Mary's Mosaic:
           The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace (2012)
  • Jefferson Morley,, memory / truth / meaning
  • Jim DiEugenio and Oliver Stone will present together, wrapping up the conference
  • Ron Paul will be letting his perspectives on the JFK assassination be known for the first time
  • Admission price: $99, including coffee, tea, lunch, and afternoon appetizer break
  • Kennedy and the National Security Establishment were waging serious war against each other
  • There are those for whom it is inconceivable the National Security Establishment would assassinate JFK
  • What about the ARRB testimony of Saundra Spencer? She said the autopsy photos were not the ones she developed
  • Jacob thinks JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (Douglass 2008) is the best book
  • June 3, Washington Dulles Airport Marriott, 45020 Aviation Drive, Dulles, Virginia, 8:45 AM - 6:15 PM
  • The Pentagon wanted Kennedy to initiate a nuclear first strike on the Soviet Union
  • We would only lose 40 million people, "And we call ourselves the human race"

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:05:36)   MP3 download

  • Dear Len, I don't know why you feature that overrated know-it-all, signed, Jim DiEugenio
  •, JFK at 100
  • The History Channel's JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald went off the air in the U.S.
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 3, reviewed by Frank Cassano
  • Jim Garrison Investigation: Belle Chasse Training Camp memo, by David A. Phillips, 10/31/1967
  • John Barbour's, American Media & the Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • The 2017 Houston Mock Trial of Oswald, by Larry Schnapf
  • The defense team, Bill Simpich (BOR #807) and Larry Schnapf (BOR #810), Gus Pappas as prosecutor
  • Max Holland vs. Oliver Stone: A debate about the CIA and JFK, by Jim at
  • Max Holland had an article in the Daily Beat in April, How the KGB Duped Oliver Stone
  • He start with The Demon in Jim Garrison (2001)
  • Holland ignores the ARRB releases, says Garrison was being a dupe of Moscow
  • Vasili Mitrokhin was an archivist for the KGB, in 1992 he defected to the United Kingdom
  • Mitrokin said that Mark Lane (BOR #783) had been aided by two secret donations from the KGB
  • Holland’s pretext for writing this article, a Russian a disinformation scheme
  • The Paesa Sera lengthy, detailed reporting was the result of a weeks-long inquiry
  • Centro Mondiale Commerciale truly was a mysterious business agency with a suspect past
  • FBI agent Regis Kennedy, “Shaw was a CIA agent who had
            done work of an unspecified nature over a five year period in Italy”
  • What led Garrison to suspect CIA, Oswald’s Russian language test, origins of the pro-Castro flyers
  • Banister and Ferrie, the Bay of Pigs landing, Operation Mongoose, CIA sanctioned, supplied, and backed
  • The New Orleans States Item reported how CIA had undermined Garrison’s investigation
  • Holland charges it was Jim Garrison who caused a loss of belief in the democratic institutions of government
  • Has Holland completely forgotten the Tet Offensive, My Lai, Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre,
            CIA assassination attempts, COINTELPRO?
  • C-SPAN, Warren Report: The Garrison Investigation: Gary Aguilar vs. Max Holland, September 18, 2004
  • After the fall of the Soviet Union, things went downhill, like the Great Depression
  • Soviet Intelligence agents manipulated data to make money in the West
  • Passport to Assassination: (Nechiporenko 1993)
            The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him
  • Nechiporenko proposed that Oswald actually did go to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City
  • Jim to speak in Virginia on June 3, about what Oliver Stone's JFK did for the true story of Vietnam
  • Krulak and Prouty worked on the writing of the Taylor/McNamara Trip Report
  • The "Uncensored War": The Media and the Vietnam (Hallin 1986)
  • Hallin's spheres: spheres of consensus, legitimate controversy, and deviance
  • Consensus is a province of implicit agreement wherein journalists present the official line
  • Legitimate controversy is a province of objectivity wherein issues can be debated
  • Deviance is a province excluding views considered too radical, irresponsible, or dangerous to be given a fair hearing
  • (October 5, 1963) Read NSAM 263, NSAM 273 alters 263, and then NSAM 288 completely reverses 263
  • Jeffery Sklar (BOR #38) knew Garrison, and of his letters from Fletcher
  • The My Lai Massacre tribunal covered things up
  • Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam (Turse 2013)
  • Douglas Valentine (BOR #825), Kissinger, "We should have never been there"
  • The Last Helicopter: Evacuating Saigon (Photo)

    Show #835
    Original airdate: May 18, 2017
    Guests: Tom Rossley / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Warren Commission / Rewriting History

    Play Tom Rossley   (56:02)   MP3 download

  • Tom worked at the Hartford Times (CT) the day of the assassination
  • He told his wife not to worry, the Secret Service were all Clark Kents
  • Tom read the Warren Report, it didn't make sense
  • The only provable crimes in Dallas, were committed by the authorities
  • He has 29 of them listed under CASE DISMISSED at
  • Len enjoyed Tom's audacity when he debated John McAdams
  • The first debate occurred April 5, 2009 on Anton Batey's WHPR radio show
  • The second debate occurred March 13, 2010 again on Anton Batey's show
  • Tidbits and factoids from someone who never read the 26 volumes
  • HSCA report, the rifling of CE 399 does not match the rifle (CE 139)
  • The birth of the Single Bullet Theory
  • Specter to Humes, "Hypothesize or assume, if you will ..."
  • Oswald couldn't hit anything with a shotgun
  • Rifle tests, NRA masters, Hendrix, Staley, and Miller
  • The Report is one book of 888 pages, supposedly based on 26 volumes
  • Tom is willing to lecture and debate
  • Ruby's Western Union receipt, that clock can be reset
  • Oswald did not have time to walk to the Tippit murder site
  • Somebody impersonated Oswald while he was in Russia
  • The FBI found no prints anywhere on the rifle
  • Kangaroo court, eliminated rules of evidence and the adversary procedure
  • The Pike Committee report, U.S. Intelligence Agencies and Activities
  • Church Committee: Book V - Performance of the Intelligence Agencies
  • How many dogs do you know who wear clothing?
  • The Parkland doctors knew gunshot wounds
  • The Secret Service, destruction of evidence is a felony
  • Monterey School of Languages (Army Language School), Nelson Delgado
  • Oswald was never arraigned for Kennedy's shooting, only for Tippit
  • Secret Service working the President's visit were identified by lapel pins
  • Oswald was a lousy shot, it wasn't his rifle, he didn't do it
  • Involved, without a doubt the Dallas Police, third floor Recording Room
  • Backyard photos, maybe they had their own copy, paste in your own guy
  • Robert Oswald overheard Marina threatened with deportation
  • Lee: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother (Oswald 1967)
  • James Angleton, CIA and the Bay of Pigs, Anne Lorene Goodpasture, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • You lost your whole country the day you lost Kennedy
  • Tom believes the body was altered the evening of the 22nd
  • Tom has many rare assassination books for sale

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:28:24)   MP3 download

  • This is a re-play of BOR #484 from July 22, 2010
            This was the second half part 9 of Jim's multi-part review of Bugliosi's Reclaiming History: (2007)
            The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
            That review became the basis of Jim's Reclaiming Parkland: (2013)
            Tom Hanks, Vincent Bugliosi, and the JFK Assassination in the New Hollywood
            (NOTE) The text of Jim's review is no longer available online
  • Jim's online site is of course
  • Bugliosi, his dubious qualities as a historian
  • If the Commission participated in adulteration of the record, would cast aspersions on their objectivity
  • People have said that what they said to the Commission is not what was written
  • John Hart Ely's Oswald chronology, 'will require material alteration and. in some instances, omission"
  • Lt. Don Archer refused to sign off on rewriting of his testimony twice, after he himself had corrected it
  • Roger Craig, S.M. Holland, Ken O'Donnell, and Dave Powers, mentioned alterations and omissions
  • SA Elmer Moore was part of team which changed testimony of TSBD employees, Harold Norman (p. 8)
  • Dr. Pierre Finck, the Kennedy autopsy "was just horrible," Tales from the Morgue: (Wecht/Curriden 2005)
            Forensic Answers to Nine Famous Cases Including The Scott Peterson & Chandra Levy Cases
  • Both Bugliosi and the Commission deny any relationship between Oswald, 544 Camp Street, and Bannister
  • Delphine Roberts said Oswald, Ferrie, and Martin were regulars at Bannister's office
  • Bannister swore her to secrecy, she was the source that Bannister pistol-whipped Jack Martin
  • Commissioners did what they could to intimidate and stop the critics and their criticism
  • David Slawson, "There is still a reasonable chance of spiking this thing"
  • John J. McCloy and his daughter Ellen worked on the CBS 1967 Warren Report documentary series
  • Earl Warren said the Commission, "was a whitewash forced on him by Lyndon Johnson"
  • Every other lawyer who has taken a look at this case, has had nothing but scorn
  • Jim Garrison, Robert Tanenbaum, Gary Cornwell, David Marston, Gary Hart, Jeremy Gunn
  • Gunn would choose to defend Oswald, "if there was a good judge on the case"
  • It is debatable whether Bugliosi started the book with "a completely open mind"
  • Praise from a Future Generation: (Kelin 2007)
            The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the First Generation Critics of the Warren Report
  • Bugliosi said the RFK conspiracy would, "make Watergate look like a one-roach marijuana case"
  • He postulates a White House conspiracy, a huge fraud, the U.S. invasion of Iraq
  • He insinuates a double conspiracy in Florida before and after the 2016 election
  • Bugliosi leaves out the Goliath, the PR campaign to make America believe in the efficacy of the Report
  • This arrangement between the government and the media had long-term results
  • November 22, 1963: You Are the Jury (Belin 1973)
  • Who Killed Kennedy? (Buchanan 1964) and Oswald: Assassin or Fall-Guy? (Joesten 1964)
  • Bugliosi tries to intimate that the first wave of books were written by Communist sympathizers
  • The Unanswered Questions About President Kennedy's Assassination (Fox 1965)
  • He leaves out The Oswald Affair: (Sauvage 1966) and Inquest: (Epstein 1966)
  • We're supposed to believe that Black Op Radio, JFK Lancer, CTKA, and COPA, are more powerful than,
            CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, AP, and UPI
  • A lot of people who believed in a conspiracy were not of the tin-foil-hats,
            Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Robert Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy,
            Bill Atwood, Al Gore, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Schweiker, Gary Hart,
            George Burkley, Richard Daley, Russell, Boggs, and Cooper
  • The Church Committee is important, he deals with it in three paragraphs
  • Richard Schweiker came to his own conclusion, CIA had killed President Kennedy
  • The Church committee, the relationship between the Commission and the FBI was adversarial
  • Bugliosi tries to neuter Oliver Stone's JFK thesis about Vietnam
  • Johnson clouded his plans to escalate, Kennedy was ambiguous about his desire to withdraw
  • Kennedy rejected each and every plea to send troops to Vietnam, not the case with LBJ
  • 48 hours after Kennedy was shot, LBJ made it clear there was going to be a change
  • A January, 1964 Pentagon proposal, bombing of the North and the insertion of combat troops
  • Bugliosi wants to paint LBJ as something he was not, the reluctant warrior
  • Choosing War: (Logevall 1999)
            The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam
  • Johnson knew it would take 500,000 troops ten years to win the war
  • "We can fight them in South Vietnam, or we can fight them in San Francisco"
  • The Vantage Point: Perspectives of the Presidency, 1963-1969 (Johnson 1971)
  • Lessons in Disaster: McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam (Goldstein 2009)
  • Bugliosi discusses the Gulf of Tonkin almost in a vacuum
  • NSAM 288, March 17, 1964 (McNamara, March 16, 1964)
  • Tonkin Gulf and the Escalation of the Vietnam War (Moïse 1996)
  • JFK and Vietnam: Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for Power (Newman 1992)
  • OPLAN 34A, U.S. maritime operations designed as provocations
  • Incidents on August 2, 1964, one bullet through one hull, August 3, 1964
  • August 7, 1964, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution (transcript)
  • All of the above is not in Bugliosi's book, he uses dubious and disgraced sources
  • He uses the JAMA articles in his chapters on the autopsy
  • If Jim was Bugliosi's professor, he would not give him a grade
  • He would tell him to switch to law school, because he treats history like a prosecutor
  • To write really good history you have to collect all the pertinent facts
  • Try and make the weight of the evidence lead you to the conclusion
  • Kennedy was going around Bundy, Bundy was too militant
  • Kennedy rejected every single request to escalate, Johnson accepted them
  • Bugliosi did not have an open mind, he had an open pocketbook

    Show #834
    Original airdate: May 11, 2017
    Guests: John Barbour / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: A Film by John Barbour / JFK's Centennial Birthday

    Play John Barbour   (1:17:49)   MP3 download

  • John thanks Len for his contributions to John's new film
  • The American Media and The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes (1992) (Part 2)
  • The Last Word on the Assassination (2014)
  • John had unused hours of Jim Garrison on film
  • A rough cut of the film was premiered last November in Dallas
  • The predominantly young audience gave a 10 minute standing ovation
  • The new film opens on May 26 at the Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills
  • This film is about the birth of fake news, the media protected the killers
  • Garrison, "There are people walking around today who should be arrested"
  • John includes a 10 Most Wanted poster, still an open case
  • Audiences talk to the screen, booing and cheering the screen
  • "I never knew ... there was a Fairness Doctrine, or an Equal Time doctrine
  • John is not overselling, it is impressive, hard hitting
  • 10 chapters, two hours and seven minutes long
  • John was a film critic, the opening 10 minutes of this film is compelling
  • First, CIA and the Media before Dallas
  • Garrison did deep research into the origins of the Central Intelligence Agency
  • The Depression, ended by WWII, would have continued but for the Cold War
  • The Military/Industrial Complex needed a fake Cold War
  • John Kennedy is the person standing in the way of the CIA's plans
  • John's show Real People, was the number one show in television
  • This film names of all the media principles involved
  • An internal 1967 CIA memo on Jim Garrison and Clay Shaw
  • Fletcher Prouty told Len, Reader's Digest was in the same game
  • Bob Woodward, once Naval Intelligence, always Naval Intelligence
  • Ellsberg worked for Lansdale, Pentagon Papers don't say anything about CIA
  • "If the United States ever experiences [a coup] it will come from the CIA"
  • General Edwin Walker was not shot at by Lee Harvey Oswald
  • View the one-minute trailer,
  • John is not a conspiracy theorist, he is a story teller
  • Many persons contributed material and research assistance
  • Las Vegan Geno Munari contributed funding, research, and editing
  • "Matthew are you happy?", and a white heron flew over and dove down
  • See the film, a week in L.A., a week in New York, 15 film festivals
  • Support independent research community filmmakers in the theater
  • Len Osanic is soon to complete another revolution around the Sun

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (54:44)   MP3 download

  • Jim is enjoying his retirement,
  • JFK @ 100, this is the centennial of Kennedy's birthday
  • 1917-1960: From Brookline to Washington
  • 1961: The Kennedy Presidency
  • 1962: The Kennedy Presidency
  • 1963: The Kennedy Presidency
  • Kennedy encouraged his Cabinet to hire Blacks for the administration
  • The History Channel debuted a six-part series on April 25th
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, a review by Arnaldo Fernandez
  • They say Oswald is the assassin, they don't even say alleged
  • Kennedys birthday, the document release, the mock trial in Texas
  • Antonio Veciana, review by Joseph Green, review by Arnaldo Fernandez
  • No Lieutenant Columbo in Mexico City, by Lisa Pease (Probe 11/1996)
  • David Slawson was on Oswald and a possible foreign conspiracy
  • How the KGB Duped Oliver Stone, by Max Holland (04/28/2017)
  • Listener letters, Detective Leavelle's white suit, used as a marker?
  • The two horn version of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald
  • The Commission covered-up the killings of Kennedy, Tippit, and Oswald
  • Ruby stalked Oswald from Friday night
  • Formally the Paine's are divorced, but, live in the same retirement home
  • Len says, look at the BOR schedule. good stuff coming up
  • Len doesn't interview an author about a book without having read it
  • One does not have time to investigate everything

    Show #833
    Original airdate: May 4, 2017
    Guests: Vince Palamara / Sherry Fiester
    Topics: The Not-So-Secret Service / A Torch is Passed

    Play Vince Palamara   (1:12:02)   MP3 download

  • Vince is an acknowledged expert on the United States Secret Service
  • Vince's latest book, The Not-So-Secret Service: (2017)
            Agency Tales from FDR to the Kennedy Assassination to the Reagan Era
  • Sherry Fiester - crime scene investigator, researcher, and author, passed away today
  • Enemy of the Truth, Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination (2012)
  • Len and Vince both met Sherry at various conferences
  • Survivor's Guilt: (Palamara 2013)
            The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy
  • JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda: (Palamara 2015)
            The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium
  • Vince has been writing this and one more book all along
  • The death of Special Agent Thomas B. Shipman, 10/14/1963
  • Publisher Trine Day is pushing a lot of titles
  • Vince feels this book is his best written and best illustrated
  • Vince came across Thomas Shipman's death in a very obscure book
  • By a former head of the White House Communications Agency
  • A million miles of presidents: (McNally 1982)
            narrative of presidential travels, Truman--Johnson
  • "One of JFK's drivers ... Thomas Shipman died suddenly"
  • Here was a mysterious death shortly before the assassination
  • This was in 1997 and Vince could find nothing on Shipman
  • Agent Sam Kinney confirmed Shipman's service as a driver
  • Officially, he died at Camp David of a heart attack
  • Died on a Monday, coroner's report the next day, buried on Thursday
  • Odd that there was no statement from President Kennedy
  • After Survivor's Guilt, Shipman's family contacted Vince
  • They were urged to bury him quickly, and no autopsy was performed
  • Shipman planned to be the driver in Dallas, where he had lived
  • Three eligible drivers, Shipman, Greer, and Kinney
  • The family was lucid, matter of fact, they were suspicious
  • Reilly Of The White House\ (1947)
  • By former head of the White House detail, Michael Reilly
  • Camp David, Shangri-La, was a former training ground of the OSS
  • An exumation is on the table, but, they're reluctant
  • Len finds these circumstances very suspicious
  • He had just passed an annual physical, he was 51
  • “The Secret Service was the only boss that the
            President of the United States really had,” Harry Truman
  • Kennedy could not order agents off the car
  • In 2010, Clint Hill said, “He can tell you what he wants done
            and he can tell you certain things but that doesn’t mean you
            have to do it. What we used to do was always agree with the
            President and then we’d do what we felt was best anyway”
  • Agent Wade Rodham, in charge of the Middleburg, VA residence
  • He was the uncle of Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • That relationship was not mentioned anywhere by the Clintons
  • 1957 era, the Queen of England was given extensive protection
  • President Eisenhower had no problem with the protocal
  • President Truman was adored by the Secret Service
  • November 1, 1950, two Purto Ricans tried to assassinate Truman
  • Special Agents Vincent Mroz Stewart Stout, and Floyd Boring
  • Rooftops were regularly quarded through FDR, HST, DDE, JFK
  • What Does a Secret Service Agent Do? (Hyde 1962)
  • "Agents and police guard building rooftops along the route of travel"
  • Why did they not do that in Dallas? They had the resources
  • It was business districts that got the heavy security
  • Fletcher Prouty said there are procedures for every instance
  • Chief Rowley, "I don’t think that these people should be blamed
            for the tragedy that happened at that time, and that any attempt to
            assess formal punishment would in the light of history stigmatize
            them for the rest of their life, as well as their families"
  • Greer, Boring, and Roberts, three suspicious agents
  • The Kennedy Detail: (Blaine 2010)
            JFK's Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence
  • Vince debunks agent Blaine's naked propaganda apology
  • The book was in reaction to Vince's 22 page letter to agent Hil
  • Agent Robert Newbrand spied on Senator Ted Kennedy
  • President Kennedy's Brain is Tied to Nixon's Watergate
  • Vince lists all Secret Service Presidential Protection agents
  • And he lists his five favorite agents, Robert DeProspero
  • You'll never look at the JFK assassination the same way again
  • Previous Vince Palamara appearance: BOR Show #809

    Play Sherry Fiester    (53:56)   MP3 download

  • Sherry Fiester - crime scene investigator, researcher, and author, passed away today
  • This is a re-play of her interview on BOR #614, January 24, 2013
  • Did not believe the Warren Report, entered law enforcement as a crime scene investigator
  • In 1993, her sister Debra Conway pointed out the blood suspended in the air in Z-313
  • We can use scientific forensic disciplines to have information to take to court
  • Enemy of the Truth, Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination (2012)
  • The historical narrative of the assassination is distorted
  • Blood spatter analysis, trajectory analysis of the fatal head shot, peer reviewed
  • There was more than one shooter, there was a grassy knoll shooter
  • But, the fatal head shot could not have come from the Grassy Knoll
  • Enemy of the Truth, from a 1962 quote of President John Kennedy
  • Sherry wrote on eight myths forensics could address
  • The Commission was unable to prove the Single Bullet theory, page 19 and page 107
  • If you believe the Single Bullet theory, you believe more then the Commission did
  • Dallas police investigative standards, ear witnesses, fake blood in the Z film
  • The limo stop, ballistic testing, the Grassy Knoll head shot, two head shots
  • Historical information, recent forensic research, analysis and conclusion
  • Something that we could take to court, a book for everyone, deals with the facts
  • Dallas and the 50th, don't give up on them to do the right thing
  • The controversy over the Plaza brings a lot of attention to JFK researchers
  • Historical researchers, capable of critical thinking, have valuable information
  • SA Robert Frazier, the limo examination, even in 2002 he was still covering
  • Sherry will speak at the next Lancer conference on the front shot
  • Surprising how evidence was handled, no report on the collected window sill
  • Learn and share information, share books, there is a truth, important to act
  • Someone Would Have Talked (Hancock 2010), The Girl on the Stairs (Ernest 2011)
  • Joey Granati, Cathy Stewart, and Sherry Fiester, "The Torch is Passed"

    Show #832
    Original airdate: April 27, 2017
    Guests: Doug Horne / Bill Kelly / Stuart Galloway / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Deception and the Second World War / JFK Assassination Research

    Play Doug Horne   (2:17:20)   MP3 download

    Available on YouTube

  • Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War (Horne 2017)
            A Chronology of Significant Events Detailing President Franklin D. Roosevelt's
            Successful Effort to Bring a United America Into the War Against Germany
            During the Second World War
  • We were told December 7th, 1941 was a surprise attack, a 'day of infamy'
  • Doug still admires FDR, though he believes he had foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor
  • "Churchill did share a warning about Pearl Harbor ... November 26th, 1941"
  • "I never let my right hand know what my left hand is doing", FDR
  • FDR was Machiavellian at times, a champion of human rights
  • He was a Wilsonian internationalist, an opponent of isolationism
  • President Truman said, "He was the coldest man I ever met"
  • Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship (Meacham 2003)
  • "... pursue different courses at the same time and deceive those closest to them"
  • America entered World War One late, it's entry made the difference
  • We're not going to war anymore to pull the British Empire's chestnuts out of the fire
  • When Hitler invaded Poland, Roosevelt says publically what the people want to hear
  • But he began taking actions, he amended the Neutrality Acts, Cash and Carry
  • The Nazis overran Belgium, Holland, and France in May 1940
  • FDR's goal, prevent the defeat of Great Britain, not let the U.S.S.R. go under
  • Prepare American materiel, and to get a united U.S. into the war
  • The Lend-Lease Act, the Arsenal of Democracy speech, passed in March 1941
  • He was a ship negotiating a minefield of Isolationists and Interventionists
  • His one big mistake was to try to pack the Supreme Court with favorable justices
  • He had been totally obsessed with domestic concerns, he had to shift his focus
  • Roosevelt and Churchill met in secret at sea in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland
  • The Destroyers For Bases Agreement, September 2, 1940 (map)
  • While the destroyers were not useful, it was a morale boost and greased the skids
  • In Placentia Bay, they talked, and argued about the British Empire
  • Roosevelt said in secret, "I'll conduct an undeclared war against German U-boats"
  • A casus belli, "If Hitler doesn't like it, he can attack U.S. forces"
  • Two promises, to escort British ship convoys, to make undeclared war on the German Navy
  • Japan, Roosevelt said, "I'm going to baby them along'
  • The September 29, 1940 Tripartite Pact between Germany, Japan, and Italy
  • German U-boats were under strict orders not to attack any American ships
  • Out of the Placentia Bay meeting came the Atlantic Charter. August 14, 1941
  • "... the establishment of a wider and permanent system of general security"
  • "... the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live"
  • "... access, on equal terms, to the trade and to the raw materials of the world"
  • In December 1940, we broke the Japanese diplomatic code (MAGIC)
  • Hitler promised Japan on August 15, 1940, "In the event of a collision between
            Japan and the United States, Germany would at once open hostilities with America'
  • The first incident between the U.S. and German Navies
  • On September 4th, two torpedoes missed the USS Greer destroyer
  • Freedom of the Seas Fireside Chat, September 11th, 1941
  • A second incident, the USS Kearny destroyer, hit and nearly sunk
  • FDR, October 27th, 1941 Navy Day speech, "the shooting has started"
  • A third incident, on the 31st the USS Reuben James was sunk, 115 deaths
  • Roosevelt did nothing, he had already decided, get in the war another way
  • Commander Arthur McCollum, ONI, October 7, 1940 Memorandum
  • "Not ... capable of declaring was against Japan without more ado"
  • An eight point plan, embargo all U.S. trade with Japan, oil
  • "... Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better"
  • Admiral Richardson, the Pearl Harbor fleet cannot conduct an offensive
  • Roosevelt, sooner or later Japan would make a mistake
  • FDR told Admiral Stark to conduct pop-up US cruises near Japan
  • The ultimate provocation, cutting off Japan's oil supply, July 26th
  • Threshold of War: (Heinrichs 1988)
            Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Entry into World War II
  • Some Japanese wanted to attack Russia, others to expand south
  • Cutting off Japan's oil forced them not to go north, they panicked
  • Admiral Yamamoto, the day war starts, cripple the American Pacific Fleet
  • It was unprecedented to use aircraft carriers as blunt instruments of offense
  • Our Navy thought torpedoes would not work in shallow Pearl Harbor
  • FDR, November 25th, we should maneuver them into firing the first shot
  • A Japanese modus vivendi, offer, counter-offer
  • Remove troops from Vietnam, oil for domestic consumption
  • The November 26 Cordell Hull Note, 10 tough demands
  • Withdraw all military, naval, air and police forces from China and from Indochina
  • Two Japanese operational orders Doug believes Churchill sent to FDR on the 25th or 26th
  • Doug found them in the 1946 The Pearl Harbor Committee Report, 40 volumes
  • November 22, Yamamoto to First Air Fleet:(a) The task force, keeping its movement
            strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft will advance
            into Hawaiian waters, and upon the very opening of hostilities shall attack the main force
            of the United States Fleet in Hawaii and deal it a mortal blow.
            (Doug confirms the message was sent the 22nd, not the 25th as printed in the report)
  • The oil embargo was in the guise of freezing of Japanese assets
  • The U.S. sent three war warning messages to forces in the Pacific
  • Two on November 27th, one on the 28th, desire Japan commit the first overt act
  • Navy listening posts, in three months, intercepted over 26,000 Japanese messages
  • There was a post-Pearl Harbor cover-up in the Navy communications headquarters
  • Shipping in the Pacific was routed south
  • A November 26th trans-Atlantic Churchill/Roosevelt phone call transcript
  • That may be a forgery, there was a secret underwater cable from London to New York City
  • The British Security Coordination Communications Division, Sir William Stephenson
  • Roosevelt to Churchill, "Japanese negotiations off. Services expect action within two weeks"
  • Doug knows of missing decrypts signals intelligence gave to Churchill
  • Army Pearl Harbor Board, on the 26th there was specific evidence of Japanese intentions
  • The Navy Inquiry, Admirals Kimmel and Stark, privilege against revealing state secrets
  • Hitler's promise to Japan, the back door to war
  • Navy listening posts were also direction finding stations
  • Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor (Stinnett 1999)
  • Infamy: Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath (Toland 1982)
  • Fletcher Prouty told Len, ONI is much larger than CIA
  • On November 26, the Navy issued a “Vacant Sea” order, Pacific shipping to the south
  • Chief of Naval War Plans, Admiral Turner, rode roughshod over three ONI Directors
  • We know Pearl Harbor was being scouted (Takeo Yoshikawa)
  • Aircraft carriers, Lexington, Saratoga, and Enterprise were out of Pearl
  • Saratoga was in San Francisco, the other two were delivering planes to Wake and Midway
  • Doug thinks it was luck, fortunate they did not meet the Japanese carriers
  • ONI knew shallow running torpedoes were used in the attack at Taranto
  • The best ships were in the Atlantic, obsolescent ships were in Pearl
  • The U.S. had 47% of the world's manufacturing power, Japan 3.5%, Germany 14%
  • The plan was Germany first then Japan
  • Get the book, focus on the Turner, Marshall, Stark, Stimson testimony
  • Harry Hopkins, Dec. 7th, "The enemy was Hitler ... Japan had given us an opportunity"
  • Churchill, Dec. 7th, he wept with joy, he slept well for the first time in two years
  • Len learned quite a bit from the book, a deeper understanding of Franklin Roosevelt
  • Doug found the FBI looked competent in Hawaii before the attack
  • Len wonders who didn't know about the attack coming?
  • Doug has worked on this off and on for six years

    Play Bill Kelly   (24:51)   MP3 download

  • and
  • CAPA promoted a Sunshine Week program (BOR #827)
  • Judge John Tunheim - CAPA Sunshine Week at NPC
  • Bill has posted two more transcripts of the presentations
  • Nate Jones of NSA at CAPA Sunshine Week Press Conference
  • Adam Marshall - Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press
  • Focusing on the records that are supposed to be released in October
  • Judge Tunheim on the Moscow and Mexico City Assassination Records
  • The Significance of the Still Secret - Secret Service Threat Sheets
  • A full-court press by every agency to keep Oswald in Mexico City documents
  • Congressional Oversight Hearings are our next step
  • Chairman of the Committee, Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz
  • Bill is optimistic that this is our year

    Play Stuart Galloway   (15:25)   MP3 download

  • Dealey Plaza UK 2017 Seminar, Canterbury, Christchurch University April 29-30
  • By telephone Vince Palamara, Larry Hancock, Ed Ledoux
  • In person, Russell Kent, two films, The Searchers, A Coup In Camelot, Alaric Rosman
  • 33 pounds for the two days, with lunch, 75 pounds
  • Contact Stuart at
  • The Dealey Plaza Echo

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:09:34)   MP3 download

  •, the trailer for the four-part JFK @ 100 slideshow
  • Trained to Kill: (Veciana / Harrison 2017)
            The Inside Story of CIA Plots against Castro, Kennedy, and Che
  • A review by Joseph E. Green, and a review by Arnaldo M. Fernandez
  • In The News: Men on the 6th floor by John Armstrong
  • John Barbour's new film opens in Los Angeles at the Music Hall on May 26th
  • The American Media & The 2nd Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • David Giglio interviews HSCA Researcher Dan Hardway
  • Listener letters: Alex Sill article on the 2016 U.S. presidential election
  • Voter supression and ballot banditry, no mandate, disillusionment with Democrats
  • Trump busted open the Rust Belt, a traditional Democratic domain
  • Clintonism, her candidacy was emblematic, she did not inspire enthusiasm
  • She won the popular vote, the Electoral College is a relic in our republic
  • Gerrymandering, Republicans draw election districts to negate Democratic votes
  • Obama did not build and grow the Democratic Party
  • Presidential elections with no coat tails, a failure
  • George W. Bush stole the 2000 election from Al Gore in Florida
  • Voting Irregularities in Florida During the 2000 Presidential Election
  • Governor Jeb Bush had a plan to disenfranchise Black voters
  • Kris Kobach and the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program
  • There has been a gutting of the 1965 Voting Rights Act
  • The Citizens United decision, no restrictions on money in politics
  • A denuded Democratic National Committee focused only on the Presidency
  • Orders to Kill: (Pepper 1995), he mentions a Memphis godfather
  • Produce merchant Frank Liberto, connected to Jowers
  • Allard Lowenstein with William F. Buckley, Firing Line, April 11, 1975
  • Mae Brussell, William F. Buckley and CIA Family (01/29/1978)
  • Buckley wanted to remake the Republican Party into his image
  • In the 50s, it had wings to it, moderate, isolationist
  • Recruit young people, Young Americans For Freedom, brainwash them
  • Get the party into the mainstream, get them on TV, get them exposure
  • Marina Oswald, Lee, Cuba, and Mexico
  • She originally stated he did not go to Mexico City
  • She changed that story, Marina was under pressure of deportation
  • Mae Brussell, Dialogue: Conspiracy 75-02-03 (#182)
  • Warren Commission, Allen Dulles, and a book on Presidential assassins
  • The Assassins (Donovan 1955), (PT 109: (Donovan 1961))
  • Les Crane TV Transcription (Commission Document 1454)
  • Melvin Belli disparages Marguerite Oswald
  • Marguerite said Lee was an espionage agent for the United States
  • Why would Oliver Stone use Steve Rivele as a consultant?
  • He co-wrote the Nixon (1995) screenplay
  • Gonna be quite a while before Jim writes another book on the JFK case
  • Upcoming 50th anniversary of the King assassination
  • Len and Jeff Carter (BOR #830) are working on King and RFK
  • 50 Reasons for 50 Years..., high quality for free on YouTube
  • Otto Otepka (Chicago Tribune October 7, 1963)
  • Newsweek, December 2nd, 1963, the assassination issue
  • A clear reference to JFK's Vietnam withdrawal program
  • The State Department dismissed Otepka on a pretext
  • Impressed with Jim on BOR #826, researchers honor Kennedy
  • Why ink the deceased Oswald's hands to transfer prints to a rifle?
  • Funeral Director Paul J. Groody reported agents inked Oswald's hands
  • Pat Speer is trying to determine if prints can be transferred from a card
  • Donald Carpenter does not acknowledge email questions
  • Max Holland, presstitute, he'll write anything for money
  • Donald Trump, JFK, Oswald and the 2016 Presidential Election
  • Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent provocateur and FBI informant
  • Lee might be the source of two warnings to the FBI
  • Jim never came across Rafael Cruz's name

    Show #831
    Original airdate: April 20, 2017
    Guests: Bart Kamp / Max Good
    Topics: Lunch Room Encounter / The Paines

    Play Bart Kamp   (67:24)   MP3 download

  • Anatomy of the Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
  • Winner of the Mary Ferrell & JFK Lancer New Frontier Award Nov. 2016
  • Bart saw a BBC documentary when he was 11, he was fascinated by the whole mystery
  • The first internet search Bart made was for Fletcher Prouty
  • He started focusing more, going deeper, he spent a year in Harold Weisberg's archives
  • His first project's scope was too wide, he focused in on the TSBD, a brilliant maze
  • There is a lot of contradiction, Prayer Man, Bill Kelly's thread
  • The Lunch Room Encounter, where was Oswald?
  • Dealey Plaza UK 2017 Seminar, Canterbury, Christchurch University April 29-30
  • The truth is not in the Warren Report, a picture is painted
  • Baker's initial statement doesn't refer to the lunch room or the second floor
  • Baker's FBI statement, the Warren Report was already printed
  • Newspapers contradict the official story
  • Bart leans towards, Roger Craig's observation, Oswald and the Nash Rambler
  • Oswald was on the first floor, not on the sixth, not on the second either
  • Bart has written 18 chapters over 177 pages
  • Links, pictures, documents, floor plans
  • Motorcycle policeman Marion Baker and TSBD Superintendent Roy Truly
  • Baker did not dash into the building, he stood in front
  • In 1964 Roy Truly stated he talked to Howard Brennan
  • The Blacks (employees/witnesses) were treated really bad and they were scared
  • Eddie Piper, Troy West, discrepancies in their statements, Charles Givens
  • The actual encounter, look at the pictures, imagine Baker and Truly
  • The Secret Service, a lot of stories were invented
  • The Oswald Affair: (Sauvage 1966)
           An Examination of the Contradictions and Omissions of the Warren Report
  • Truly, "Baker was ahead of me," not between a policeman and a gunman
  • Seeing somebody behind that tiny little window of that closed door
  • Truly's testimony just rattles, he corners himself
  • The evolving up and down story of the Coke
  • Oswald walks through the office, down the steps, out the building
  • He allegedly encounters Mrs. Robert Reid, Geneva Hine contradicts her
  • Was Oswald Encountered Somewhere Else? The most important chapter
  • Oswald was stopped, but, he was stopped on the first floor
  • The TSBD had a class divide, laborers, office workers
  • Bart covers Oswald's interrogations, what did he say?
  • His legal rights were trampled on
  • The re-enactment didn't add up
  • Excerpts of this article at
  • (NOTE: Bart's article has many links, which are not duplicated here)

    Play Max Good   (30:16)   MP3 download

  • Max is a documentary filmmaker
  • The assassination is a fascinating topic
  • Max has made a film with Ruth Paine's cooperation
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: (James W. Douglass 2008)
           Why He Died and Why It Matters
  • Max has the interviews and principle photography
  • He needs to finalize editing and mastering
  • This project was Max's thesis film in school
  • His 20 minute film has grown longer, 60-90 minutes
  • Michael and Ruth Paine have been overlooked
  • She was asked over 5,000 questions by the WC
            03/12/64 Ruth Hyde Paine testimony
            03/12/64 Ruth Hyde Paine testimony (resumed)
            03/12/64 Ruth Hyde Paine testimony (resumed)
            06/24/64 Ruth Hyde Paine affidavit
            07/23/64 Ruth Hyde Paine testimony
  • Some of the most critical evidence was found by Ruth
  • 50 Reasons: Episode 19 - The Paines - Jim DiEugenio
  • 50 Reasons: Episode 31 - Evidence On Demand - Jim DiEugenio
  • The complex story of the Minox camera
  • Max kept an open mind, he is not an assassination expert
  • He sought interviewees on both sides of the debate
  • CIA assets Max Holland and Priscilla Johnson McMillan
  • Priscilla said that she felt Oswald was acting in Moscow
  • Max interviewed Ruth several times
  • Oswald the Patsy would be tied to the Babysitter Paines
  • Ruth's sister was a confirmed CIA employee
  • Help fund this film on KickStarter
           (This project will only be funded if it reaches
           its goal by Sat, April 22 2017 10:59 AM PDT)
  • This story with this central character could have a wide audience
  • Many people know almost nothing about his case
  • Just a few of these facts start to open their minds
  • Max continues to follow leads, the October document release

    Show #830
    Original airdate: April 13
    Guests: Jeff Carter / Greg Burnham
    Topics: Zapruder Film / First Vietnam Combat Troops

    Play Jeff Carter   (55:06)   MP3 download

  • Jeff Carter's review (Part 1) (Part 2) of Alexandra Zapruder's,
  • Twenty-Six Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder Film (2016)
  • Theories that the Zapruder film has been altered
  • Jeff and Len produced the 2013 video series 50 Reasons For 50 Years
  • Episode 11 - Films of the Assassination - Robert Groden
  • Mr. Groden believes the three films in that episode are genuine
  • Many researchers have studied the film in detail and believe in alteration
  • Len sees a difference between simple editing and wholescale recreation
  • Jeff examined the claim of the use of an optical printer and matting
  • Jeff has film a school background and has used an Oxberry Optical Printer
  • Former Kodak employee Rollie Zavada was hired by the ARRB
  • Rollie's response to Doug Horne, ARRB Chief Analyst for Military Records
  • Jeff's rejects the Zapruder film as a creation of travelling mattes
  • He thinks the car indeed slows down in the film
  • It slows down to virtually a halt, very unprofessional driving
  • The question of individual frames being removed
  • An artifact of the mechanics of a spring driven camera
  • 18.3 frames a second, misunderstood, that is an average
  • Using that figure for timing is problematic
  • Jeff reviewed Doug Horne interviews of NPIC employees
  • Doug established that two separate NPIC studies were performed
  • Jeff thinks while not sinister, they pointed to conspiracy
  • Zapruder's book was not that interesting, possible alteration was
  • Discussions with Jim DiEugenio led to Jeff's review
  • Generally well written, access to internal TIME/LIFE documentation
  • Alexandra sets up a timeline of possession of the film
  • She dismisses Zapruder allegations, and defends the money
  • It should have been confiscated as evidence
  • A desire to sell the film, and to cooperate with an investigation
  • First $50,000 for print rights, then purchased for $150,000
  • Locked in a vault, not released to the public as a film
  • C.D. Jackson and TIME/LIFE were trusted entities
  • Alexandra believes the official story, not conversant or interested
  • She has a palpable annoyance with conspiracy theorists
  • Recent investigation in Hollywood may be stymied without the original
  • Len is open to differing impressions of various facts
  • Len thinks the government had access to alteration capabilities
  • Jeff wonders if Hawkeye Works could or would alter the film
  • Analysis of the film was a Secret Service production
  • They have the bullshit magic bullet and the jet effect
  • The book provides information for super keen Zapruder researchers
  • An early LIFE article discussed the film, an incorrect reading
  • NPIC Analysis of Zapruder Filming of JFK Assassination (1975)
  • CIA Addendum to Comments on the Zapruder Film (05/07/1975)
  • The notion there were three shots, was an immediate determination
  • Previous Jeff Carter appearance: BOR Show #802
  • Also,
  • 50 Reasons: Episode 12 - The Shot Sequence - Pat Speer
  • 50 Reasons: Episode 29 - The Media Convicts - Len Osanic
  • 50 Reasons: Episode 46 - The Media and the Assassination - Joseph McBride

    Play Greg Burnham   (1:01:38)   MP3 download

  •, LBJ’s War: Vietnam - 50 Years Ago This Day
  • Anniversaries spark interest, March 8, 1965, first combat troops
  • 18 months after the JFK assassination, a timeline of our involvement
  • The North Vietnamese ... continue Viet Cong terrorist activities
  • The Viet Cong were conflated with the North Vietnamese communists
  • Propaganda motivates Len and Greg to level the playing field
  • They deliberately misinform, agenda driven, 52 years later
  • Our founders, did they think the press was noncorruptable?
  • Greg lives ten minutes north of the Mexican border
  • Freeway illegal immigrant crossing signs, Watch Out!
  • NSAM 263, NSAM 273, Dien Bien Phu
  • JFK gave a speech, vehemently against involvement in Vietnam (1954)
  • A true civil war between North and South, a conflict on the border
  • The war was occurring way south, in the delta region
  • One Northern group were the communists, the other was the Catholic population
  • The U.S. transmigrated 1,100,000 Tonkinese Catholics to the delta
  • South Vietnam colluded with U.S. Intelligence to displace natives
  • The displaced became the Viet Cong, CIA installed Catholic Diem
  • Ho Chi Minh later supported the Viet Cong against western democracy
  • Who's the enemy? Whoever runs, otherwise you can't tell
  • The French created the Viet Minh, they were fiercely nationalistic
  • CIA created a communist Viet Cong insurgency in the South
  • Anti-American, anti-Diem, the enemy of my enemy is my friend
  • "Seven billion human beings ... most of them brown, yellow, or black"
  • History's gonna repeat itself, conflicts Trumped up out of nowhere
  • A child of the Cold War, the Soviet Union sought to undermine democracies
  • Policies change, needs change, a flux, the persistence of Russia remains
  • China has interest in a stable U.S., Russia has interest in being a player
  • The election was the Clinton Foundation versus the Cowboy
  • The same result was likely without any Russian interference
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership, not allowed to see what it was
  • April 17th will be the 56th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs
  • Kennedy's presidency was short and packed with strife and hatred
  • The Kennedy end run around Taylor and McNamara, he wrote their report
  • History has proven out that his judgment on Vietnam was correct
  • "In Indochina we have allied ourselves to the desperate effort of a
             French regime to hang on to the remnants of empire ... defiance
             of innately nationalistic aims spells foredoomed failure"
  • Researchers Adele Edisen and Bernice Moore have both passed recently
  • Adele (BOR #812) worked on banking and on oil not being a fossil fuel
  • Bernice was an archivist, always generous with her research
  •'s forum is not an echo chamber of horrors
  • Greg was the first guest on Black Op Radio on April 20, 2000
  • Previous Greg Burnham appearance: BOR Show #767

    Show #829
    Original airdate:
    Guests: William Pepper / Dave Ratcliffe / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Martin Luthor King Assassination 49th Anniversary

    Play William Pepper   (34:04)   MP3 download

  • Martin Luther King's 'Beyond Vietnam' speech at Riverside Church (04/04/67)
  • The 49th anniversary of his assassination in Memphis was Tuesday
  • William's book has not been reviewed, The Plot to Kill King: (2016)
            The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • William admired Fletcher Prouty, patriot and insider, The Secret Team: (Prouty 1973)
  • An ultimate tactic, assassination, in the 60's we saw four of those
  • Belief in lone nuts was convenient for the ruling classes
  • Back to Socrates, on to Caesar, people in the way, assassination takes over
  • Hoover would send money in brown bags through Clyde Tolson
  • J. Edgar Hoover was the major mistake Franklin Roosevelt made
  • The Hoovers, the Dulles', are only foot soldiers, the rulers make the decisions
  • A need for revolutionary change to establish a democratic republic
  • Essential for success, psychopathy, ego, lust for power, greed, anger, hatred
  • The withering and the rising, non-violent revolutionary change
  • Espouse the truth, the organization of people on a unified basis
  • We have an administration that will facilitate anger and radicalization
  • William is writing a book on the historic reality of assassinations
  • The murder of John Lennon, another one of a kind
  • Previous William Pepper appearance: BOR Show #818

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (38:26)   MP3 download

  • 50 Years Ago: Riverside Church and MLK’s Final Year of Experiments With Truth
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. William Francis Pepper, and the half century from then to now
  • Martin Luther King's 'Beyond Vietnam' speech at Riverside Church (04/04/67)
  • "I ponder the madness of Vietnam ... living under the curse of war"
  • "Vietnamese independence in 1945 ... we refused to recognize them"
  • Relentless pursuit of global resources by U.S. corporate interests
  • The universality of human needs that are the same for all people
  • "King went beyond ... [and] became a national security threat" (James Douglass 04/2007)
  • William Pepper's article, The Children of Vietnam (Ramparts 01/1967)
  • Dr. King read that article, it moved him deeply, he met William
  • "showing him these photographs ... And he wept, he openly wept" (Pepper)
  • "that passion came out in his speech on April 4th, 1967 at Riverside Church"
  • The Poor People’s Campaign terrified Intelligence agencies
  • "King was creating a crisis of conscience, in our national security state"(Douglass)
  • In 1978 Ralph Abernathy asked William to speak with James Earl Ray in prison
  • Attorney Pepper began representing Ray in 1988
  • ‘Guilt or Innocence: The Trial of James Earl Ray’ (1993)
  • Army feared King, secretly watched him, by Stephen Tompkins (03/21/1993)
  • In 1917, spy target was black America (ibid)
  • Lt. Col. Ralph Van Deman created the Army’s black spy network in 1917
  • (Top spy feared current below surface unrest (ibid))
  • (Spying linked Carmichael to Chinese, Cuba (ibid))
  • Obama's Expanding Surveillance Universe, Alfred W. McCoy (2013)
  • Jeff Blankfort interview with Alfred W. McCoy (07/24/2013) (audio)
  • Army intelligence was focused on King and desperately searching for a way to stop him
  • Eight Operation Detachment Alpha 184 Team soldiers were also in Memphis
  • The entire assassination was photographed by two Army Intelligence operatives
  • A civil trail was held in Memphis from November 15 to December 8, 1999
  • Wendell Stacy and Jim Douglass (BOR #620 ) attended the entire trial
  • Dave's extensive page on the King v. Jowers trial at
  • He had become a world-figure, the poor of this earth, at the grass roots
  • Going into that you begin to tread on toes, that’s dangerous ground
  • "You need a revolution every 20 years," said Thomas Jefferson
  • The history Dave writes and Len broadcasts is so important
  • Targeting of Dr. King by J. Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO
  • As long as there is one to sing, one to dance, one to speak,
            and one to listen, life will go on - Oren Lyons
  • Previous Dave Ratcliffe appearance: BOR Show #818

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:03:49)   MP3 download

  • The King anniversary does not get the attention the JFK anniversary does
  • King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
  • President Kennedy was going to challenge southern states in court using Bobby
  • Candidate Kennedy called Coretta King when Martin was imprisoned in 1960
  • That act galvanized the Black vote for Kennedy and served as a signal
  • President Eisenhower's record on Civil Rights was nondistinctive
  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka had passed back in 1954
  • The Kennedys did not think they could get a Civil Rights Act through congress
  • Harris Wofford Civil Rights memo to Kennedy in December 1960
  • Black organizations began to get more invigorated, they now had somebody in the White House
  • Attorney General Kennedy joined a judges order to integrate New Orleans schools
  • One Black girl showed up to integrate a New Orleans elementary school
  • An escalation, President Kennedy, "Who's behind all this?" "You are"
  • Freedom Riders (1961), Birmingham Campaign (1963)
  • King came in to face Public Safety Commissioner Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor
  • The domestic news center of America, horrific images on national television
  • King had studied Gandhi's nonviolent tactics
  • Ole Miss, James Meredith, and Ross Barnett, Kennedy sent in the Army
  • Writing off state after state for reelection in 1964
  • March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, "I Have a Dream"
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964, passed under Johnson
  • Selma to Montgomery March in 1965, King and Jim Clark
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • The South had been lost to the Democratic Party
  • King and Johnson got along for about a year
  • A King-Hoover-Johnson triangle, Hoover despised King
  • Hoover ramped up COINTELPRO against King and the SCLC
  • Hoover feared a Black Messiah, sent a tape and letter to King
  • With JFK killed, King was out there on his own
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the Mike Douglas Show (11/02/1967)
  • Vietnam was a mistake, who wants to die for a mistake?
  • King branched out to poverty and the Vietnam War
  • The U.S. dropped over 7.2 million tons of bombs on Indochina
  • Kissinger and Nixon reversed Kennedy foreign policy further
  • Kissinger and Nixon toppled Sihanouk in Cambodia
  • Lon Nol, Pol Pot, one of the great genocides in history
  • "I cannot get out of Vietnam, my friends are making too much money"
  • Mr. "X", First National Bank of Boston, Bell Helicopter, all these companies
  • King was correct, there was no moral reason to be in Vietnam
  • With the Tet Offensive it was all over, embassy attacked
  • By 1968, a whole circle of surveillance around King
  • Two figures, Percy Foreman and the specter of military Intelligence
  • Charlie and Grace Walden Stephens, reward and asylum
  • Guy Canipe and the pre-dropped patsy bundle
  • Arthur Haines was ready for a trial, he advised Ray to refuse a plea bargain
  • The rifle may never have been sight in since purchased
  • A famous picture for a French magazine, you had to be almost a ballet dancer
  • Ray made a mistake, he substituted Haines for Percy Foreman
  • Foreman never put on a defense, James wanted to take the stand, Hanes disagreed
  • William Bradford Huie, Foreman insisted, "James Earl Ray sent me a letter"
  • Foreman used every unethical trick in the book to get James Earl Ray to go along
  • Pressure to plead guilty? "Now, what did you say?", altered to "No. No one in any way"
  • From Jim's review of The Martin Luther King Congressional Cover-Up (Emison 2014)
  • Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King (William F. Pepper 1995)
  • Frame-Up: The Assassination of Martin Luther King (Weisberg 1970)
  • King - April 4, 1968, RFK - June 6, 1968, not noted at the time, the space of two months
  • The Assassinations: (DiEugenio / Pease 2012)
            Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X
  • JFK's 100th birthday is coming up (May 29, 1917)
  • and Black Op Radio - this is not fake news
  • James Earl Ray was denied medical help in prison

    Show #828
    Original airdate: March 30, 2017
    Guests: William Blum / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: CIA and Russia

    Play William Blum   (39:38)   MP3 download

  • Killing Hope: (2003)
            U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II
  • Rogue State: (2000)
            A Guide to the World's Only Superpower
  • America's Deadliest Export: (2013)
            Democracy - The Truth about US Foreign Policy and Everything Else
  • -The Anti-Empire Report
  • The Anti-Empire Report - Issue #149 (03/07/2017)
  • The United States and the Russian devil: 1917-2017
  • “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers.
            You think our country is so innocent?”
  • Unusual, U.S. foreign policy is really sacrosanct
  • American Exceptionalism, in our overthrowing of other countries
  • CIA engage in things we accuse the KGB of doing
  • Nasty foreign policy, what we did in Panama in 1989
  • Operation Just (Be)Cause, never mentioned, slight understanding
  • The worst lies are those of omission
  • The Invasion of Vietnam, that phrase is never used
  • Attempts to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments
  • Attempts to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders
  • Seattle, Montreal, camouflaged and masked provocateurs
  • The President's appointments, one anti-Russian after another
  • The end of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin, oligarch commandeering
  • Putin changed that situation, not sure he's a dictator
  • Cold War II, charges without evidence, accepted as fact
  • Obama was not good with whistleblowers
  • We punish the poor and the Blacks, not the military or executives
  • William is not very politically correct
  • Taking to task Islamic terrorists, blaming their being Islamic
  • Warning! What follows is very politically incorrect (07/00/2016)
  • The President has not lived up to his talk
  • Shocking, adding $54 billion to the Pentagon budget
  • The money comes from the poor, medical care, education
  • We've bombed Muslims for many years, well documented
  • No excuse for their choice of retaliation, beheadings, etc.
  • How do they know martyrs go to Paradise?
  • Police Provocateurs stopped by union leader at anti SPP protest
  • The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud Undercover Police engaged in Provocation
  • Previous William Blum appearance: BOR Show #680

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:29:36)   MP3 download

  • Sherry Fiester Cancer Fund Go Fund Me page
  • Special double Time issue on JFK's hundredth birthday (May 29, 1917)
  • is working on JFK at 100
  • Legendary banker David Rockefeller dies at 101 (Reuters, AP)
  • Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency (Gibson 1994) (BOR #3)
  • The Power Elite (Mills 1956)
  • JFK was not a part of the Eastern Establishment club
  • He never joined the Council on Foreign Relations or any secret societies
  • David Rockefeller was the spokesman for the establishment
  • The accumulation of wealth in the Gilded Age, 1890-1910
  • John D. Rockefeller Sr., the first billionaire in the United States
  • Standard Oil, in 1913, worth 20 billion dollars today
  • Chase Manhattan, Exxon, and Chevron
  • John D. Rockefeller Jr. had five sons
  • South America, Africa, Indochina, the second period of colonization
  • October 1963, JFK did not discuss a coup in Brazil with David
  • In December, Johnson did, he ok'd it, CIA, John J. McCloy
  • July 6, 1962 letter to David Rockefeller on the Balance of Payments Question
  • The Rockefeller family has the most shares in the Federal Reserve Bank
  • Greg Poulgrain (BOR #821), Indonesia, Freeport Sulpher
  • Indonesia was the biggest diamond in the whole broach
  • Rockefeller and Morgan, pushing for globalization
  • Breakdown trade barriers, an international economy
  • Kennedy did not agree, House, Senate, Presidency
  • David Rockefeller achieved it with Bill Clinton and NAFTA
  • The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group
  • In the 70's William Bundy was Secretary General of the Bilderberg Group
  • Here comes David, hide the cigarettes and the booze!
  • Are going to have a less class and race conscious society?
  • Jeff Carter (BOR #661) on Alexandra Zapruder, Part 2
  • Max Holland and Donald Carpenter vs. Jim Garrison and the ARRB
  • Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay Shaw (Carpenter 2013)
  • Early on Jim concentrated on New Orleans and Jim Garrison
  • A lot of research, trips, interviews, document repositories
  • Clinton/Jackson, summer of 1963, Oswald, Ferrie, Shaw
  • Max Holland posted an excerpt of Carpenter on his web site
  • Who the hell is Max Holland? In 1994 he wrote in the Wilson Quarterly
  • Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (Scott 1993)
  • Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK (rensoP)
  • Who Shot JFK: A Guide to the Major Conspiracy Theories (Callahan 1993)
  • He liked Posner, not the other two, he really went after Scott
  • He became a reporter for The Nation, on the ARRB and the assassination
  • The 2000 Bush/Gore election and 9/11 revitalized the Left
  • RFK in 1968 was advised by William vanden Heuvel
  • Gene Case raised a ruckus, Victor Navasky, editor of The Nation
  • Case, Aguilar, Armstrong, Cranor, it didn't work
  • Letters to The Nation on Holland, Mark Lane, Joan Mellen, Jim Lesar
  • Oliver Stone (BOR #664) and Jeffery Sklar (BOR #38) wrote an open letter
  • On the forums nobody wants to talk about control of the media
  • Outside of Black Op Radio and Kennedys and King we don't have platforms
  • He never wrote about the Lopez-Hardway Report, Gunn on the autopsy evidence
  • Jim tried to cut off his subscription to Probe, he used our research
  • 2004 AARC Conference, The Warren Report and Its Legacy
  • Holland spoke about his article published in CIA's Studies in Intelligence
  • Jim is pretty sure he is on their advisory board
  • Pittsburgh 2013, 490 to 2, Holland and McAdams on the side, ostracized
  • A story about the KGB, Clay Shaw, and Permindex
  • Shaw wrote of Permindex in his Who's Who entry
  • Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat (Holland 2008)
  • The Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate (Rosen 2008)
  • In Nixon's Web: A Year in the Crosshairs of Watergate (Gray 2008)
  • Holland's was the worst, Gray's is the best
  • Patrick Gray wrote that Deep Throat was a composite
  • National Geographic, JFK: The Lost Bullet (2011), a review
  • You can't rapid fire the Mannlicher-Carcano
  • Garrison was the first official to break with the gospel of the WC
  • He discovered Ferrie knew Oswald, and much more
  • A whole world the Warren Commission didn't come close to
  • He was attacked, a planned assault
  • Blocking subpoenas, bugging his house, following him
  • The Kennedy assassination began to dispel the FBI's reputation
  • William Turner was an FBI Agent, electronic surveillance, black bag jobs
  • Hoover's F.B.I.: The Men and the Myth (Turner 1970)
  • Three steps, collect leads, follow leads to the end, collate the information
  • Step two had not been done, leads not followed to their conclusions
  • CIA put together a Garrison Group, Ray Rocca was there
  • Clay Shaw's lawyer, Irvin Dymond, lied to Jim, they were getting tons of help
  • They set up a cleared attorneys panel in New Orleans
  • ARRB declassification (BOR #827) shed so much light on what went on in New Orleans
  • Let Justice Be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation (Davy 1999) (BOR #4)
  • A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination (Mellen 2005) (BOR #649)
  • Jim had to re-write Destiny Betrayed: (1992/2013) because of all the new documents
  • Richard Helms (BOR #726) and CIA acted on Garrison before, during, and after the trial
  • Get Garrison out of office and destroy the evidence he had
  • Carpenter's book is right up Holland's alley, CPA, novelist, then a biography of Clay Shaw
  • Clay Shaw was aide-de-camp to General Charles Thrasher in WWII, war crimes
  • Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners
            at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II (Bacque 1989)
  • The Holland/Carpenter time machine back to 1969
  • DA Garrison questioned David Ferrie on 11/25/1963, ice skating and goose hunting
  • He turned Ferrie over to the FBI, where he was allowed to lie his head off
  • Galveston is about 35 miles south of Houston, on the coast
  • You could easily get someone out of the country by the Gulf of Mexico
  • Ferrie led to Sergio Arcacha-Smith, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Atlee Phillips
  • Ferrie and Cuban exiles at Belle Chasse training camp, Phillips reported on that site
  • Bob Tanenbaum told Jim he saw a film with Oswald, Bannister, and Phillips
  • Lawyer Dean Andrews, Clay Bertrand called and asked him to defend Oswald
  • Who was Bertrand? Andrews wasn't saying
  • Garrison spent a period of months trying to find out who Bertrand was
  • At least 12 people identified Bertrand as Clay Shaw, the FBI knew he was
  • Oswald in New Orleans: A Case for Conspiracy with the CIA (Weisberg 1967)
  • Weisberg befriended Andrews, Dean admitted to Harold that Shaw was Bertrand
  • There never really was a real investigation
  • Bernardo De Torres, CIA agent, infiltrated Garrison’s office
  • Bill Boxley, former CIA agent, sabotaged Garrison’s investigation
  • James Angleton and Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK (Hepburn 1968)
  • Weisberg, it was a hoax, supervised by French SDECE agent Philippe de Vosjoli
  • Garrison hid Clyde Johnson, Johnson was beaten, hospitalized, and could not testify
  • Despite several covert operations, Shaw had to lie his head off on the stand
  • Shaw had a CIA covert security clearance for project QK/ENCHANT
  • Joan Mellon (BOR #649), CIA documents. Shaw was a highly-paid contract agent
  • Carpenter does not use any ARRB declassified documents
  • Previous Jim DiEugenio appearance: BOR Show #826

    Show #827
    Original airdate: March 21, 2017
    Guests: CAPA News Conference
    Topics: JFK at 100, State Of The Records

    Play CAPA News Conference   (3:48:58)   MP3 download

  • JFK at 100: State of the Records (The National Press Club)
  • CAPA Chairman Cyril Wecht (BOR #782) introduces Judge John Tunheim,
  • Former ARRB Chairman Tunheim delivers keynote address at the March 16
            National Press Club Forum Previewing Historic 2017 JFK Records Release
  • The ARRB was put to together by an Act of Congress
  • The Board was confirmed in the Spring of 1994
  • (ARRB Board Meeting, Washington DC, 12 Apr 1994)
  • The Board broadened the definition on an assassination record
  • There was a presumption of disclosure for assassination records
  • Agencies had to present clear and convincing evidence to protect a record
  • Postponements included, Intelligence activities, law enforcement,
            protection of the President, foreign relations, personal privacy
  • Fall of 1994 hired Executive Director, David Marwell
  • The review process was largely word by word
  • $11 or $12 million a year, could have used two or three more years
  • Decisions were made on over 27,000 documents, redactions
  • Core documents, centrally related, line by line, word by word
  • Prohibited by law from releasing Oswald's tax records
  • The Lopez Report was released in an unredacted form
  • Developed a faster track process, 35,000 agency consent releases
  • Rooms full of CIA segregated files, the Board took control of them
  • Files Not Believed Relevant (NBRs), that is most of the group still to be released
  • Interesting stuff, some may be relevant, other postponements were redactions
  • Obstacles, the FBI appealed the first 570 decisions to the President
  • President Clinton did not overturn the Board once
  • Sought private, State, and other organizations records
  • There was probably some unlawful withholding of records by agencies
  • The FBI was organized, the Secret Service was the most difficult
  • Records may have been destroyed in the 30 years, boxes in basements
  • Redaction catgories, predicting when someone would no longer be alive
            FBI informants, names of Intelligence agents, names of NSA staff,
            names of CIA sources, CIA pseudonyms, CIA cryptonyms, CIA location digraphs,
            surveillance methods, personal privacy, foreign government cooperation
  • J. Edgar Hoover memo, Lee Harvey Oswald Internal Security, June 3, 1960
  • Judge Tunheim no longer has authority, he hopes for a full release
  • Files which are still not in the collection:
  • The Oswald KGB file in Minsk, five feet high, Norman Mailer bought some of them
  • A huge KGB record cache in Moscow, they commenced an intensive investigation
  • Jack Ruby Dallas prosecution files, discovered in a closet in the last year
  • George Joannides, we were told he was just a liaison, kind of a flunky
  • Agencies have a continuing responsibility under the law to disclose
  • Stuff from 50 years ago, not that important to keep protecting it
  • A full court press not to release stuff related to Mexico City
  • The rationale to protect that is no longer rational
  • Questions: This President? Not sure they're aware, someone should be
  • Stonewalling? Backed down when declassification was assured
  • Needle in a haystack? Something hard to find in 40,000 records
  • Operational CIA files? Certain parts of those files were released
  • Letter from John McCone? The judge has not seen the letter
  • Cyril Wecht introduces Dr. John Newman, Jefferson Morley, James Lezar
  • Dr. John Newman, a needle in a haystack, Emilio Americo Rodriguez
  • Redacted 500 times, unredacted once, cryptograms and pseudonyms
  • Dr. Newman has broken over 200 himself, to understand the story
  • CIA and FBI resisted and subverted investigations by government officials
  • These files belong to us, many files no longer exist in the Archives
  • Eisenhower instructed subordinates to murder Lumumba, Trujillo, and Castro
  • Questions: Eisenhower Library? In Abilene
  • Air Force One tapes, ONI defector records? They were not in the collection
  • Jefferson Morley, the topic of the JFK assassination was polarizing
  • We don't know exactly what is in there, what are we going to find?
  • We know an incredible amount from ARRB previously released records
  • CIA knowledge of Oswald before the assassination, a lie
  • Oswald was watched closely from the time of his defection
  • His CIA file was handled in an unusual way, held by James Angleton's CI staff
  • Expect release of the CIA interrogation of KGB agent Yuri Yosenko, 2,000 pages
  • CIA operational files, Bill Harvey, David Phillips, George Joannides, Anne Goodpasture
  • Questions: Helms' lies? It was the Cold War, clandestine work from conception to eternity
  • Call the ARRB back? Jefferson calls for an independent board
  • Why conspiracy? We can't decide until we have all the records
  • James Lesar (BOR #565), Where do we go from here?
  • Why did President Obama not help release these records?
  • CIA is reluctant to release over 3,000 entirely withheld documents
  • At present FOIA is more effective than the JFK Act
  • A JFK Act provision provides for oversight by Congress
  • Joannides was undercover and subverted the HSCA
  • September 25, 1963, Desmond Fitzgerald briefing on the July 20 Hitler plot
  • Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist since 1962, about 20,000 autopsies
  • The President at Parkland Hospital, a major trauma center
  • Dr. Kemp Clark, Dr. McClelland, they had no dog in that race
  • They described the wounds, the occipital area, damage to the cerebellum
  • Humes and Boswell had never done a single gunshot wound autopsy
  • This was going to be a controlled military operation
  • Now the cerebellum is intact, no damage in the occipital area
  • They missed the bullet wound in the front of the neck
  • The Zapruder film, the Mannlicher-Carcano, now it doesn't work
  • Cyril endorsed Senator Arlen Specter, but, not for the Magic Bullet Theory
  • Cyril demonstrates the impossible bullet path on a volunteer
  • Dr. Wecht wrote a dissent on the HSCA Medical Panel report
  • Comment: Dr. Humes deposition, he obviously lied
  • Comment: Tom Robinson, Gawler's Funeral Home, sealed with a patch
  • Question: Alteration of the body? Yes, Lifton
  • The missing brain (Mystery Cloaks Fate of Brain of Kennedy - NYT 8/27/72)
  • Larry Schnapf, Co-chair of CAPA Legal Committee
  • The Warren Commission was the original fake news with alternative facts
  • Conclusions based on evidence not admissible in a court of law,
            overstated, cherry-picked, exaggerated, failed to disclose, failed to pursue leads,
            bullied witnesses, changed testimony, declined to call witnesses, hid behind secrecy
  • Today as in 1963 the press is in an elite bubble, group-think
  • You might argue for a cover-up in 1963, but, not 50 years later
  • The story in not Cruz's father, we don't know who the people around Oswald are
  • Trying to prevent creating government records, not to be subject to FOIA
  • The FBI was in charge of the investigation, it was clearly politicized
  • Trump is more hostile to the National Security apparatus than Kennedy or Nixon
  • CAPA mock trial in Houston in November, there have already been four mock trials
  • Marina Oswald, sympathetic, a classic Sophie's Choice
  • If successful in the mock trial, bring a real Texas Court of Inquiry
  • Jim Lesar, has handled over 200 Freedom Of Information Act cases
  • A long time to put the puzzle together because of the huge release of documents
  • AARC 2014 Conference Video Archive
  • Antonio Veciana – Admissions and Revelations, David Phillips knew Lee Oswald
  • Dan Hardway and Edwin Lopez – The HSCA and the CIA: The View from the Trenches
  • Prof. G. Robert Blakey – The HSCA and the CIA: The View from the Top
  • Operation Northwoods, false flag operations against Americans
  • Congress had promised fast disclosure, instead, delay after delay after delay
  • The Morley lawsuit for CIA's George Joannides records
  • 295 pages of Joannides' Operational records are still withheld
  • Carl Oglesby v. Department of Army 1987 FOIA suit, in it's 29th year
  • The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt, by Carl Oglesby, a deal with Reinhard Gehlen
  • Nazi assassin Werner von Alvensleben was in Dallas, Texas in late 1963
  • This is not just history, this is our future, Sunshine Week, open government
  • Andrew Kreig, National Security Archive, files FOIA requests
  • The government can classify a ham sandwich, declassification can confuse the public
  • 3,603 records held in full, 41,000 records held in part, not pages - records
  • The Archives will release unless stopped by the President
  • Adam Marshall, FOIA lawyer assisting reporters
  • The state of FOIA is terrible, Obama denied more records than ever before
  • AG Jeff Sessions is not a fan of FOIA, no memo from him yet
  • Government must describe how release of a record would cause harm
  • The Executive branch is not interested in transparency, kicking and screaming
  • FOIA remains a valuable if messy tool
  • Randy Benson, filmmaker, The Searchers (BOR ##809)
  • Randy received great welcome from JFK researchers
  • Randy used a lot of archival film, problems getting access to footage
  • 10 seconds from the Today show, $10 a second, for the whole five minutes
  • Use of the Zapruder film has been difficult, the Sixth Floor
  • Oh, Joannides will help you, they never said he was a major player
  • Ralph Nader's home town requires students to file FOIA requests
  • Question: How do networks use other networks clips? They work together
  • The Review Board expropriated the Zapruder film, the Sixth Floor claims the copyright
  • FOIA courts tend to defer to agency expertise
  • Robert Groden showed Dick Gregory him the Zapruder film
  • Gregory was excited, he knew Geraldo Rivera, ABC said, No, it's copyrighted
  • Question: How many shots? We can account for four
  • Destroy the Single Bullet Theory, you have more than one shooter, a conspiracy
  • No Conspiracy, But-- Two Assassins, Perhaps?, NYT 09/11/66
  • Question: What can we do before the release? Write about this
  • It is unlikely for CIA and the FBI to forget to argue their case
  • The President can issue an Executive Order to release everything
  • Question: Are their friends we can pressure, to pressure the White House?
  • What does Trump think about the JFK case? A narrow circle of people he listens to
  • Bottom up, link to CAPA on your social media
  • This may not be the end, this may not be the beginning of the end,
            but, it may be the end of the beginning
  • National Archive JFK Assassination Records FAQ

    Show #826
    Original airdate: March 16, 2017
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:17:53)   MP3 download

  • Judge John Tunheim to speak in D.C. on closure of the ARRB Act
  • Jim's estimation of the ARRB has declined, Probe covered them
  • A barely adequate job, undestaffed, under budgeted, not enough time
  • Certain agencies were not excited about giving up certain records
  • Secret Service records were destroyed after passage of the law
  • The Railroading of LCDR Terri Pike, by Bill Kelly (BOR #550, #617)
  • Why couldn't the ARRB find the complete Air Force One radio tapes?
  • General LeMay, out of the country until it was safe to come back in
  • Congress never does get to the bottom, an apology waiting to happen
  • ARRB Chief Counsel Jeremy Gunn did a pretty good job
  • The Board members were not well informed about the Kennedy Assassination
  • Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: (Horne 2009) (BOR #452)
            The U.S. Government's Final Attempt to Reconcile the
            Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK
  • Jim's review of Horne's book, what the working morale was
  • We didn't even have a picture of Kennedy in the foyer
  • Marina Oswald Porter on Oprah, November 22, 1996
  • The teacher in Jim would give the ARRB a grade of C, not a strong C
  • Nothing declassified changed the calculus of the Warren Commission verdict
  • They should not have been saying that, they weren't reading the stuff
  • What about the Lopez Report and the testimony of John Stringer? (audio)
  • BOR Show #824, Schrade / Pease / DiEugenio, Allard Lowenstein quote:
  • "Robert Kennedy’s death, like the President’s, was mourned as an extension of
            the evils of senseless violence; events moved on, and the profound alterations
            that these deaths ... brought in the equation of power in America was perceived
            as random ... What is odd is not that some people thought it was all random, but
            hat so many intelligent people refused to believe that it might be anything else.
            Nothing can measure more graphically how limited was the general understanding
            of what is possible in America."
  • "the profound alterations that these deaths ... brought in
            the equation of power in America was perceived as random
  • An understatement, what the hell happened? Who benefits? It wasn't us!
  • Allen Dulles said, "The American people don’t read"
  • The absolute absurdity of the JFK and RFK cases
  • An official total of 11 shots, with five Magic Bullets
  • Forced to accept absurdities, the result is tragedy - Mark Lane
  • How CBS News Aided the JFK Cover-up, by Jim (04/22/2016)
  • Roger Feinman uncovered documents as an employee of CBS
  • The 1967 and 1975 CBS Assassination programs were rigged
  • Randy Benson (BOR #809), The Searchers, multi-disc interview set
  • Josiah Thompson said Roger uncovered a memo, trying to duplicate Oswald's feat
  • The memo said in 1/3 of the cases the gun jammed or misfired
  • Josiah told Jim that Bob Richter (CBS) said actually they couldn't hit the time limit
  • Why CBS Covered Up the JFK Assassination, by Jim (04/07/2016)
  • It was a top-down operation ordered by CBS president Dick Salant
  • Salant left a message for Josiah, saying they proved it
  •, The FBI's Fib about the Mannlicher Carcano (Cranor 1995)
  • Fixing data to fit desired results is the way hierarchies work
  • From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle: (Adams 2012)
            One FBI Agent's View of the JFK Assassination
  • He was transferred to Dallas in June, 1964, he screened the Zapruder film
  • He was hit from the front, we know that, that's not what headquarters wants
  • Jim Garrison gave up being Senator, Governor, to pursue the JFK case
  • No one to call them out on the way system works
  • Jim saw The Parallax View in the theater (BOR #305), That's America...
  • If you can kill the President in broad daylight, what can't you get away with?
  • Listener Letters: Dan Hardway (BOR #822), there's treason in this case
  • The HSCA were not prosecutors, they did have subpoena and immunity powers
  • Danny and Eddie could not get a vote on perjury for Phillips and Goodpasture
  • It's difficult to separate CIA from CIA funded Cubans, Alpha 66 and the DRE
  • The Deep State, the National Insecurity State is split
  • Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko, the picture of Oswald on the embankment?
  • Jim had the photo, he sold them, he does not have that collection anymore
  • Greg Poulgrain (BOR #821), the film The Act of Killing (2012 documentary)
  • Sherry Fiester Cancer Fund Go Fund Me page

    Show #825
    Original airdate: March 9, 2017
    Guests: Col. Fletcher Prouty / Doug Valentine
    Topics: CIA and Edward Lansdale

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty with Sean Mackenzie   (59:18)   MP3 download

  • The following is from a 1992 interview at the National Press Club
  • CIA involvement in the deaths of RFK and Martin Luther King?
  • Nobody could answer those questions honestly
  • The significant involvement is the suppression of normal court procedures
  • The power that can keep the State of Texas from carrying out the law
  • Wagoner Carr, J. Edgar Hoover, the Warren Commission
  • Fletcher travelled to another country to talk with a person
  • This person was eight or 10 inches behind Bobby Kennedy
  • A gun went off in this person's right ear
  • Castro, Khrushchev, the Mafia, they don't control Texas
  • Is the Rockefeller organization really the black hats?
  • Old John D., sent scientists to Geneva, oil was organic matter
  • (Congrès de nomenclature Chimique de Genève, 1892)
  • (Geneva Nomenclature Congress of 1892)
  • This sort of proved that oil was in short supply, with intrinsic value
  • The breakdown of Standard Oil (May 15, 1911) was paper work
  • The amount of money they control, they're gonna have a say
  • Beef cattle, dairy, the Rockefellers have the American Breeders Service
  • Milk production, 10,000 quarts, up to 40,000
  • Oil did not come from the decomposition of formerly living matter
  • An ingredient of the Earth just like, rock or water
  • Rockefeller money moved in to Japan to rebuild the economy
  • The Rockefellers pull strings, make plans, control things
  • Why come forward with this confirmation?
  • High Treason: (Livingstone / Groden / Prouty 1989)
            The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy : What Really Happened
  • A discussion with Livingston about Kennedy's Vietnam commitment of 16,000
  • NSAM 263 was to build down, NSAM 273 was to build up
  • Fletcher's candor versus others who have kept their mouth shut
  • If one doesn't choose to write about what he did ...
  • A lot of what Fletcher did was to correct things he read
  • The Secret Team and the Games They Play, The Washington Monthly (05/1970)
  • The Secret Team: (Prouty 1973)
            The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
  • Fletcher considered the book an autobiography
  • Philip Agee probably went to Switzerland with a ticket bought by CIA
  • Ellsberg, Les Gelb, the Pentagon Papers, pro-Agency
  • The CIA and Decision-Making (Cooper 01/1972), pure propaganda
  • Laurence Oliphant (1829-1888), Turkey, British Society of Psychical Research
  • Fletcher taught at Yale, Skull and Bones, George HW Bush, Bill Buckley
  • ONI is itself, not Navy really, the most powerful intelligence organization
  • OSS was under the JCS, not Intelligence, operational
  • Truman felt Intelligence was not coordinated, he abolished OSS
  • They preserved OPC, agents you just can't cut off, under Frank Wisner
  • 1947 National Security Act, Department of Defense, National Security Council
  • CIA, the only operational word - coordination, not collection
  • Walter Bedell Smith, Moscow Ambassador, made head of CIA
  • The Dulles–Jackson–Correa Report, January 1, 1949
  • The brothers Dulles and the World Council of Churches
  • The brothers Dulles and Sullivan and Cromwell
  • Enormous business contacts in pre-war Germany
  • In 1944, Fletcher flew to Syria to pick up 750 Allied prisoners of war
  • There were German and Romanian Nazis with them, escorted by Frank Wisner
  • That was the first act of the Cold War, against our Russian ally
  • Iron Curtain, Count Lutz Schwerin von Krosigk speech (05/03/45)
  • Winston Churchill "The Sinews of Peace" speech, Fulton, Missouri (03/05/46)
  • Most writers write truth, it's the machine that won't take the truth
  • Smith, Wisner, Dulles, ignored the law, made CIA into an operational organization
  • Fletcher spent 10 interesting years in the banking business
  • American Bankers Association's Committee on Automation Planning and Technology
  • Banks hold a leadership role in American society and this world
  • NSC knows you made that call and who you called
  • A word they don't understand - illegal
  • NSA listens, they don't 'know', they record, they sort it out later by desire
  • The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), ran the Energy Crisis
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies, the propaganda work
  • Fletcher does not find MJ-12 (Majestic 12) credible, the material doesn't stand up
  • Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace (Lewin 1967)
  • It's a novel, he made it up, well that's what he says
  • The statements he has in it, I heard in the Pentagon almost daily
  • The substance is true, he didn't want to have to explain who was involved
  • Leonard Lewin on his book, New York Times Book Review, March 19, 1972
  • Operation Zapata: (Aguilar 1981)
            The "Ultrasensitive" Report and Testimony of the Board of Inquiry on the Bay of Pigs
  • A report written by General Maxwell Taylor to President Kennedy
  • The Cuba Study Group met down the hall from my office
  • The Iron Mountain subject matter is incomparable
  • If you have a way of getting rid of people, you at least have got to preserve the 144,000

    Play Doug Valentine   (1:01:19)   MP3 download

  • Vietnam was CIA from the start, 1954-1964
  • The military was unprepared to fight brush-fire wars
  • Regular U.S. military was still in Europe
  • CIA absorbed the people and methodology of the OSS
  • Guerilla and covert wars, Army Special Forces
  • General Erskine, Office of Special Operations, (OSO)
  • The liaison between CIA and the military
  • U.S. war of suppression in the Philippines (1899 – 1902)
  • The OSO provides CIA with personnel, planes, material
  • Military in civilian clothes, civilians with military rank
  • The OSS fought behind enemy lines with partisans
  • They're cutthroats, they like this kind of work
  • Guerilla war, there are no rules, anything goes
  • You have to be able to torture and kill civilians
  • Throwing people out of a helicopter is the least of it
  • Atrocity and crime on an industrial scale
  • Zionists poured into Palestine, guerilla warfare
  • Communists want to take the land back
  • Vietnam, ideological civilian warfare
  • CIA managing police operations, root out the enemy
  • Lansdale becomes the guru
  • Charles Bohannon, Napoleon Valeriano
  • Counterguerrilla Operations: The Phillippine Experience (1962)
  • Lansdale becomes an Air Force colonel
  • An ethic of war crimes as policy
  • The (Hukbalahap) Huk Rebellion, United Fruit, Allen Dulles
  • Communists were the good guys in the Philippines
  • Rampant fascist capitalism turns people into commodities
  • Lansdale put down the Huk Rebellion (1946–54)
  • Paramilitary police work, quasi-military police units
  • Dress up like Huks, wipe out neutral villages
  • Project a boy scout propaganda image back home
  • The Dulles brothers loved Lansdale
  • He packaged lies, bullshit, that was what his genius was
  • Magsaysay gave Ford and Westinghouse franchises
  • CIA and the military, most important to show success
  • Operation Mongoose, Task Force W, second coming of Christ
  • Overthrowing Guatemala not for democracy, for United Fruit
  • "For Democracy" is all a lie, colonial United States
  • Fletcher Prouty explained all this
  • CIA in Saigon, C-4 explosives, kill dozens, blame communists
  • Freedom Company and Operation Brotherhood
  • WWII, OSS, the Psychological Warfare Branch of the U.S. Army
  • Anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists
  • The world is a laboratory for these mad scientists
  • Church Committee Interim Report, Operation Mongoose
  • Lansdale's programs failed, the communists won
  • Ed Murphy worked in Phoenix in Vietnam
  • Military Intelligence in D.C, identify protest leaders
  • Go in and start bonfires and fights
  • U.S. citizens are not considered as different from peasants
  • You're just a commodity to be exploited for your labor
  • Kennedy was killed, Civil Rights, you're a communist
  • Making war has become America's business
  • CIA, military, arms industry, politicians, indistinguishable
  • Doug corresponded with Lansdale, they never met
  • The CIA As Organized Crime: (Valentine 2016)
            How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World
  • Previous Doug Valentine appearance: BOR Show #820

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty with Karl Loren   (32:46)   MP3 download

  • The following is from the June 7, 1988 Karl Loren Live talk radio show
  • A Tale Of Unspeakable Evil In Honduras (Mann 06/08/1988)
  • Ines Murillo, survived torture, Honduran government death squads
  • U.S. and CIA up to its neck in unspeakable evil, Florencio Caballero
  • CIA, taught him, "physical torture ... psychological methods"
  • Trained in assaults, by Americans, Chileans, and Argentines
  • Testifying To Torture (LeMoyne 06/05/1988)
  • Murillo, beaten, electrically shocked, burned, starved, exposed,
            threatened, stripped naked and sexually molested for 80 days
  • Vietnam and the Phoenix Program, no trials, no rights
  • NSC 5412 National Security Council Directive on Covert Operations
  • There is no law on covert operations, NSC 5412, March 15, 1954
  • "overt foreign activities ... supplemented by covert operations"
  • "Create and exploit troublesome problems for International Communism"
  • "Counter any threat ... in a free world country"
  • Two months after the establishment of the Saigon Military Mission
  • "covert operations shall be ... so planned and executed that any,
            U.S. Government responsibility for them is not evident"
  • "propaganda; economic warfare; sabotage, deception plans and operations"
  • The U.S. Government and the Vietnam War:
            Executive and Legislative Roles and Relationships, Part II: 1961-1964
            Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate (April 1984)
  • A place in Virginia called "the Farm" (RTU-11), sabotage training
  • Congress was stunned, Psychological Operations In Guerrilla Warfare
  • "professional criminals will be hired to carry out specific selected jobs"
  • That's how President Kennedy was killed
  • "bring about uprisings or shootings, ... cause the death of ... martyrs"
  • "The practice of disappearing people ... secretly executing people
            without trial ... Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia,
            Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico
            have secretly killed as many as 100,000 of their people" (LeMoyne)
  • Former Amb. to Honduras, John Negroponte, asst. for national security affairs
  • "CIA ... Argentine Army officers ... train the contras and Honduran intelligence"
  • General Haig was close to the Argentinians
  • "We ... interrogated them, then gave them to a death squad to kill"
  • "1974 ... Congress ... allowed CIA to maintain contacts with police forces"
  • We opened the Inter-American Police Academy in Panama (1962-1964)
  • Prohibition against unifying U.S. police, instructors in a common procedure

    Show #824
    Original airdate: March 2, 2017
    Guests: Paul Schrade / Lisa Pease / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK Assassination Research

    Play Paul Schrade   (58:14)   MP3 download

  • Reopening the R.F.K. Investigation: (Schrade/Lowenstein 1973)
  • Paul was an officer in the United Auto Workers union
  • He became Labor Chair in the RFK Presidential campaign
  • He was with RFK at his victory speech the night of the California primary
  • Senator Kennedy spoke to Paul as they entered the Ambassador Hotel pantry
  • Paul was about six feet behind RFK as Sirhan fired two shots
  • The first shot went wild, the second shot hit Paul
  • Rep. Allard Lowenstein (D-NY) recruited Paul to get involved in a new investigation
  • Paul had gone back to work, and had accepted that Sirhan did it
  • Allard introduced Paul to Lillian Castellano and Floyd Nelson
  • (Truth Committee Releases Conspiracy Evidence, L.A. Free Press, May 23, 1969)
  • A photograph of bullets in the door frame, beyond the number of bullets reported
  • Lowenstein was a good Democrat for New York, he was on Nixon's Enemies List
  • Paul filed an unsuccessful lawsuit for files and evidence
  • Superior Court Judge Robert A. Wenke, granted a refiring of the gun
  • They found no evidence of a second gun
  • When Lillian Castellano went public, they locked up the files
  • The files were finally released in 1988 after a struggle
  • A large amount of evidence had been destroyed
  • Allard Lowenstein with William F. Buckley, Firing Line, April 11, 1975
  • (Ex-Rep. Lowenstein Fatally Shot By Gunman in N.Y. Law Office) (3/14/80)
  • The Obsession, the suicide of RFK assassination researcher Greg Stone (1/29/01)
  • A key Sirhan had fit the car of a man working in the Ambassador kitchen listed
            as not to be trusted in the presence of the President
  • What is left of the prosecution's evidence, proves a second gunman
  • Nobody saw the second gunmen, true, and nobody saw Sirhan behind RKF!
  • Paul testified for pantry photographer Scott Enyart (BOR #12)
  • The key issues are those in the record, not Scott's missing photos
  • Aged 92, Paul feels pressure to open the case with the evidence at hand
  • They know as much as we do, they're not willing to go there
  • Ted Charach (BOR #300) did really great work, The Second Gun
  • Lynn Mangan (BOR #769) and Paul, the best of buddies, used to fight like hell
  • Dr. William Pepper (BOR #773), exhausted every court possibility
  • Former California attorney general, Kamala Harris, fought Pepper and Laurie Dusek
  • There's been a lot of good talk, books, television about it
  • We get into blind alleys, but, can't convince DAs, police
  • Audio expert Phil Van Praag (BOR #334) analysis of the Pruszynski recording
  • Van Praag found two shots followed by a flurry of 11 shots
  • The first two shots did not hit Kennedy, Sirhan's next six couldn't hit Kennedy
  • Photographer Bill Eppridge of TIME/LIFE, RFK and Paul's foot
  • Paul is working to make the case against the prosecution
  • Previous Paul Schrade appearance: BOR Show #769

    Play Lisa Pease   (57:09)   MP3 download

  • This is a replay of BOR Show #581 from June 7, 2012
  • A three day event, California primary, RFK walked into the kitchen pantry
  • Karl Uecker, Thane Eugene Cesar, Sirhan Sirhan fired, police suppressed evidence
  • Sirhan was not close enough to Kennedy to have fired the shots that hit him
  • An unseen second gunmen, too many bullet holes, DeWayne Wolfer
  • 1975 reinvestigation, the HSCA did not reopen the RFK case
  • William Pepper trying to get a new evidentiary hearing, Brad Johnson
  • Witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes, 12 shots from two firing positions
  • A gunman shooting downward from the steam table, a third gunman
  • Powder burns on RKF, security guards gun was drawn, a witness saw him fire
  • Grant Cooper stipulated the ballistics evidence, the Friars Club case
  • Cooper was facing disbarment, instead he got a slap on the wrist
  • Sirhan had no memory of the shooting, no motive, LAPD ties to the CIA
  • Michael Wayne and one other man were arrested that night
  • Chief Robert Houghton, Sirhan did not identify himself for hours
  • Sirhan was in a hypnotic state, may not have had actual bullets
  • We're living in a false history, in a National Security State
  • Lisa is working on a new book, twitter lisapease
  • Previous Lisa Pease appearance: BOR Show #736

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (40:51)   MP3 download

  • Jim appreciates the archival work of David Giglio (BOR #803) at
  •, Reopening the R.F.K. Investigation: (Schrade/Lowenstein 1973)
  • Suppressed Evidence of More than One Assassin?, Saturday Review, (Lowenstein 02/19/1977)
  • Allard K. Lowenstein (01/16/1929 – 03/14/1980) graduated from Yale Law School in 1954
  • Get a law degree from Yale, you've got your ticket punched forever
  • He worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Hubert Humphrey (D-MN)
  • He wrote Brutal Mandate about the Union of South Africa (1962)
  • He helped write RFK's University of Cape Town "Day of Affirmation" speech (06/06/1966)
  • In 1968 Lowenstein served a single term in Congress from New York State
  • Articles and books questioned the JFK assassination, some even before the Warren Report
  • Fifty-One Witnesses: The Grassy Knoll, by Harold Feldman, Minority of One (03/1965)
  • Seeds of Doubt:, by Jack Minnis and Staughton Lynd (New Republic) (12/21/1963)
  • Who Killed Kennedy?, by Thomas G. Buchanan (1964)
  • Oswald: Assassin or Fall-Guy?, by Joachim Joesten (09/1964)
  • That didn't happen in the RFK case until after the trial
  • Lillian Castellano in the Los Angeles Free Press (06/06/1969)
  • That article opened up Pandora's box
  • Sirhan's lawyer, Grant Cooper stipulated to the evidence
  • Lowenstein met really serious people with really serious questions
  • Lowenstein did get a slight reopening of the case in 1975, the Wenke Panel
  • Special Exhibit 10 Report, by Rose Lynn Mangan (BOR #769)
  • Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part I: The Grand Illusion, by Lisa Pease (BOR #736)
  • "Not a comparison against a test bullet, but rather, against another victim bullet"
  • In Jim's long experience, he considers this fraud as being particularly "pretty bad"
  • If the bullets did match, why would they have to go through all this?
  • If the bullets don't match, then there has to have been a second gun
  • Reply Brief on the Issue of Actual Innocence, by Pepper and Dusek (11/20/11)
  • Criminalist Bill Harper questioned the ballistics in this case
  • He told Lynn Mangan, they switched the bullets and they switched the guns
  • (6 Years Later, Evidence in Sirhan's Case Is Questioned, by John Crewdson (NYT 12/15/1974))
  • Sirhan's hypno-programming, the girl in a polka-dot dress (BOR #790)
  • Next year is the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination
  • Assassination by distraction, Thane Eugene Cesar in the perfect position
  • "Robert Kennedy’s death...mourned as an extension of the evils of senseless violence"
  • "how limited was the general understanding of what is possible in America"
  • Allard Lowenstein, a politician who really had the guts to do the right thing
  • Previous Jim DiEugenio appearance: BOR Show #823

    Show #823
    Original airdate: February 23, 2017
    Guests: Pearse Redmond and Tom Secker / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The CIA and Hollywood / Lopez-Hardway Report / Listener Letters

    Play Pearse Redmond and Tom Secker   (1:21:05)   MP3 download

  • A series, The CIA and Hollywood, Episode 8 The Quiet American (1958)
  • Pearse's website:, Tom's website:
  • Love of movies, understanding what Intelligence agencies get out of this
  • Two seasons, 15 episodes, over 20 movies, historic, modern
  • CIA had an official liaison office, Chase Brandon, 1996
  • CIA was in Hollywood for Animal Farm (1954), 1984 (1956)
  • E. Howard Hunt purchased the rights to those stories from Orwell's widow
  • The official office, a bit more public, to offer advice and influence
  • A wide variety, Meet The Parents (2000), Meet The Fockers (2004)
  • Race To Witch Mountain (2009), Zero Dark Thirty (2014), Salt (2010)
  • The liaison office is still there, a unit within the CIA Public Affairs Office
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)
  • Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)
  • American Ultra (2015), Spy (2015), Argo (2012)
  • Television as well, Homeland, The Agency, 24, The Americans
  • Propaganda to make the Agency look great, look scary, even evil, but, necessary
  • The insidious part is they are creating and influencing culture
  • A clandestine organization that sells drugs and oppression around the world
  • These are domestic operations within the United States, illegal for CIA
  • Tom Clancy had a relationship with CIA, they were huge fans
  • Patriot Games (1992), Clear and Present Danger (1994)
  • Chase Brandon wrote The Recruit (2003)
  • The novel The Quiet American (1955) by Graham Greene
  • CIA understood the power of the novel on influencing people on Vietnam
  • 1943 OSS memo: The Motion Picture as a Weapon of Psychological Warfare
  • In the book, the main character, Alden Pyle, is CIA, not so in the 1958 film
  • They remove most of the politics in the film
  • In the novel, the U.S. supplies bombs to Vietnamese, in the film, to Chinese
  • Vietnamese General Trinh Minh The (TAY), carried out terrorist bombings in Saigon
  • Edward Lansdale letter to filmmaker Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 3/17/1956
  • Edward Lansdale's Cold War (2005), by Jonathan Nashel
  • In the book, Pyle is a spy, in the film, he works for some non-governmental agency
  • Pyle may be based on Lansdale
  • The bombings are connected to CIA in the novel, connected to communists in the film
  • Mankiewicz was quite taken with Lansdale, the globetrotting man of the world
  • Lansdale promised and delivered on getting the crew to film in Vietnam
  • A gorgeous looking film, filmed in Saigon and north of Saigon
  • CIA know a lot of great spy stories, CIA sponsored films are better films
  • Lansdale knew how to sell something, whether it was true or not
  • The 1952 bombing was a false flag, as is the 1958 film
  • Covering up everything that really went on, Charlie Wilson's War (2007)
  • Lansdale was selling an image of Vietnam, an idea, and tourism
  • CIA knew Vietnam was important, a need to pave the way for further involvement
  • The average American didn't know Vietnam, that the U.S. and the French were there
  • Lansdale false flags in the Philippines, Bay of Pigs, Operations Mongoose and Northwoods
  • The U.S. military may have lost in Vietnam, CIA got most of what they wanted
  • One idea in the film, this is America's duty, all over the world
  • Pyle is played by Audie Murphy, decorated WWII veteran
  • Greene was criticizing spreading democracy by the use of clandestine militias
  • The book is good spy fiction, politically subtle, dead right
  • The 1984 (1956) film is boring. they take out most of the interesting political statements
  • Animal Farm (1954) is a great animated film, they changed and manipulated the ending
  • Double-speak, the Patriot Act, Operation Enduring Freedom, you're being taken advantage of
  • Without CIA help, Hollywood turns subversive stories into boring, inoffensive stories
  • You could never forgive Tom Hanks for doing Charlie Wilson's War (2007)
  • Good talents at the service of a mistelling of history, a complete deception
  • CIA turns rogue agents into someone you can have affection for
  • The Good Shepherd (2006) , it's all justified, for the greater good
  • Daniel Ellsberg's public persona is phony, he grew up in Vietnam
  • What does the Pentagon Papers leave out? What CIA was doing
  • Jek Porkins, the first member of the Rebel Alliance to die attacking the Death Star
  • Jek Porkins V.1 V.2 V.3

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:17:45)   MP3 download

  •; Remembering Malcolm X: February 21, 2017
  • Featuring Joe Green, James W. Douglass, and Talmadge Hayer
  • Jeff Carter's review (Part 1) of Alexandra Zapruder's,
  • Twenty-Six Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder Film (2016)
  • Presstitute Max Holland, winner of a CIA Studies in Intelligence Award
  • Jim turned down Holland's subscription money, Len turned down McAdams
  • Charles Bartlett, Pulitzer-winning journalist and Kennedy loyalist, dies at 95
  • Douglas Valentine’s CIA vs. Donald Trump’s CIA, by Brad Schreiber
  • The good contributions of David Giglio,
  • Varying opinions on G. Robert Blakey and the HSCA, Dan Hardway (BOR #822)
  • In the top five of ARRB releases, the Lopez-Hardway Report, Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City
  • Eddie Lopez wanted the Mexico City camera operator names
  • CIA would not give them to him, he got the list from Fidel Castro
  • Jim disagrees with their information on Oswald's travels to/from Mexico City
  • To this day, we do not know how Oswald left New Orleans to get to Houston
  • Houston to Mexico City, very dicey witnesses
  • 54 years later, CIA has no picture or tape recording of Oswald
  • David Phillips lied about the automatic pulse camera being broken
  • The Mexico City Oswald speaks broken Russian and fluent Spanish
  • FBI memo to Secret Service, 'not Lee Harvey Oswald,' 11/23/63
  • Anne Goodpasture ran Phillip's Mexico City operations much of the time
  • Goodpasture HSCA 1, Goodpasture HSCA 2, Goodpasture ARRB
  • Why did she lie repeatedly to Eddie and Danny?
  • Neither Goodpasture nor Phillips are in the Warren Report
  • In Mexico City, Phillips was Head of Cuban Operations
  • The production and notes for LILYRIC, the Soviet Embassy camera
  • The Mystery Man photo printed in the WC, Commission Exhibit 237
  • The Mystery Man was KGB employee Yuriy Moskelev
  • The cable regarding Oswald did not get to Langley for seven days
  • CIA did not fully declassify Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City until 2007
  • Dan Hardway, 50 Reasons for 50 Years... Episode #44
  • First come first serve to buy an autographed copy of Reclaiming Parkland (revised 2016)
  • Contact Jim at
  • Listener letters: Fake news? In the JFK assassination you couldn't trust any news organizations
  • How accurate is the film JFK (1991)? See Reclaiming Parkland, very accurate
  • Read JFK: The Book of the Film (Stone/Sklar 2000)
  • Review the The Collected Works Of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty CD-ROM
  • Memo: Secretary of Defense Conference, Honolulu, May 6, 1963
  • How accurate is the film Executive Action (1973)?
  • Len interviewed both Mark Lane (BOR #545) and Donald Freed (BOR #651) on it
  • They both said their screenplay was tougher on CIA than the film
  • Ex-CIA John Stockwell, it's a miracle Jim Garrison got as far as he did
  • Read Let Justice Be Done (Davy 1999) and A Farewell to Justice: (Mellon 2005)
  • Watch The Jim Garrison Tapes (Barbour 1992)
  • On the Trail of the Assassins: (Garrison 1988)
            One Man's Quest to Solve the Murder of President Kennedy
  • Limited 20 CD edition of The Searchers and 37 hours of interview footage
  • Do all books about JFK tell the same story?
  • A conclusion that there was a conspiracy, that's only natural
  • Watch 50 Reasons for 50 years..., Jim's Best 10 Books on the JFK Assassination
  • Len recommends books, movies, articles, videos, and BOR interviews
  • No, we don't know exactly what Dorothy Kilgallen had (BOR #820)
  • It is not the function of private citizens to spend their lives investigating
            who killed John Kennedy, bless the ones who do
  • If you like the information Black Op Radio provides, please donate or subscribe

    Show #822
    Original airdate: February 16, 2001
    Guests: Dan Hardway
    Topics: The Lopez-Hardway Report

    Play Dan Hardway   (55:07)   MP3 download

  • Dan, an attorney, worked with Edwin Lopez and Robert Blakey in the HSCA
  • The HSCA Lopez-Hardway Report, Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City
  • When Dan was getting too close to certain issues, CIA brought in George Joannides
  • Joannides covered-up David Phillips' propaganda activities linking Oswald to Castro
  • Phillips was not rogue, possibly he was used from within the Agency
  • Dan did this work 40 years ago, he has not had the time to keep up with research
  • There was Intelligence involvement in setting up the cover-up in advance
  • Was CIA involved in the assassination? We tried not to speculate
  • Is CIA suspect? Yes. Evidence? Clearly enough to merit further investigation
  • The built-in function of plausible deniability, propaganda, black operations
  • Oswald could not have been set up better, very sophisticated, detail and coordination
  • OurHiddenHistory's Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City audiobook
  • There is evidence Oswald went to Mexico City. Did he go? I don't know
  • Evidence, indications, testimony, records, questionable
  • A distinct possibility he could have been impersonated in Mexico City
  • The kind of details we get hung up in, in an Intelligence operation, we can expect
  • Pretty sure a photo was obtained and a tape recording survived, they ended up in Dallas
  • FBI saw a photo and heard a tape, neither one of them were of Oswald
  • Gary Cornwell wasn't very supportive of Dan and Eddie
  • Most HSCA staffers were at least agnostic on the issue of conspiracy
  • Eddie and Dan got a lot of insulation from Bob (Blakey)
  • Sprague and Tanenbaum, went in thinking they could act like prosecuting attorneys
  • A Congressional Investigation could not indict, did not have prosecutor authority
  • When it blew up, they left, a huge mess, doubt whether it would finish
  • What Blakey could do was produce a report and suggest legislation
  • Dan started in the dark, they found the basis of what the ARRB found and disclosed
  • Cover-up does not prove conspiracy, other possible motivations to cover-up
  • CIA admitted participating in a benign cover-up, Thank You Phil Shenon (10/2015)
  • Dan's blog,
  • CIA was declassifying the Lopez-Hardway report at three days per four paragraphs
  • Someone, maybe CIA, made marginalia notes in the declassified draft
  • People plotting to kill Castro, could have been in on killing Kennedy
  • It takes painstaking work to pull out the threads and make the connections
  • It's now a historical rather then a forensic investigation
  • Select Committees are limited in time, purpose, and funding
  • Speculation, animosity about the King investigation, Southern congressman
  • Mickey Goldsmith, sharp, supportive, backed up Dan and Eddie with CIA
  • Our motto was "Reality is Irrelevant"
  • The Prosecutor's Tale (July 14, 2016)

    Play Dan Hardway   (13:13)   Youtube

  • 50 Reasons for 50 Years... Episode #44
  • Information They Were Seeking
  • Presenter - Dan Hardway
  • Dan Hardway served as an investigator for the HSCA late 1970s
  • Along with colleague Ed Lopez, Hardway was assigned to the CIA file
  • The information they developed was immediately classified
  • In this series exclusive, Hardway discusses his experiences

    Show #821
    Original airdate: February 9, 2017
    Guests: Greg Poulgrain & Jim DiEugenio / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Foreign Policy / Listener Letters

    Play Greg Poulgrain & Jim DiEugenio   (1:15:44)   MP3 download

  • Greg took literary studies at the University of Queensland
  • He took a class on Southeast Asia and Indonesia
  • He acquired a History PhD in the early 90's
  • The Netherlands had colonized Indonesia for 350 years
  • Only a few Dutch knew the wealth of West Irian (West New Guinea)
  • The richest oil in the world, it has no sulphur in it
  • The biggest gold deposit in the world, called Copper Mountain
  • Freeport Sulphur, now Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
  • Presidents Kennedy and Sukarno (Indonesia) were not aware of the gold
  • Joseph Luns, Dutch foreign minister (1952–71), was aware
  • 1962, Kennedy advised his Dutch NATO ally to leave West Irian
  • Avoid Soviet clash, get Indonesia on side in the Cold War
  • Sukarno gave the PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia) the oil rich area
  • Japanese Admiral Maeda and the PKI oil company
  • Achmed Sukarno said the Papuans can be their own masters
  • Since Mohamed Suharto, they have been dominated and decimated
  • Kennedy planned to visit Jakarta in 1964
  • He wanted to settle Konfrontasi or Indonesian-Malaysian Confrontation
  • The British were worried about Chinese influence in decolonization
  • They wanted to link their former colonies together
  • Crown Colony of Sarawak, the CCO (Communist Clandestine Organisation)
  • This got the attention of CIA and MI-6, wanted to give CCO weapons
  • William Andreas Brown, later U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  • Roy Henry, British Intelligence started the Brunei rebellion
  • The British forced the CCO from Sarawak to Indonesia
  • Indonesian Foreign Minister Subandrio, not Sukarno, started Konfrontasi
  • The Indonesian Army could fling the Cabinet around like a doll
  • Foreign Minister Subandrio was also Chief of Intelligence (BPI)
  • The Dulles group in CIA, MI-6, and Subandrio started Konfrontasi
  • U.S. Ambassador Howard Jones (1958-65), Indonesia: The Possible Dream (1971)
  • Moscow wanted the PKI to stand for election, Beijing did not
  • In 1963, former CIA Chief Dulles was out, but, he was still in
  • Lyndon Johnson reversed Kennedy policy, LBJ did not like Sukarno
  • Greg was in Jarkata for the fall of Suharto (06/21/1998)
  • Ten Days In Jakarta: (06/24/1998)
            Events Surrounding the Resignation of President Suharto
            (First published in Dutch in De Groene Amsterdammer)
  • Greg spoke with Kolonel Abdul Latief, imprisoned from 1965-99
  • Latief knew Suharto and Suharto knew Sjam Kamaruzaman from 1945
  • Sjam Kamaruzaman (1924-1986) killed the generals in the 1965 coup
  • Suharto knew and was behind those of the 30 September Movement
  • Greg thinks Sjam was not executed, perhaps he died in San Francisco
  • History tells that on October 1, 1965,
            Colonels loyal to Sukarno executed six Generals about to kill Sukarno
  • Latief said, the plan was that no one would be killed
  • Sjam led the kidnapping and murder of the Generals
  • Chairman Mao Tse-tung knew of the plan a month earlier
  • Jess Melvin, her PhD thesis, Mechanics of mass murder (2014)
  • Suharto had taken steps to strike the PKI before this event occurred
  • Greg knew Indonesian General Abdul Nasution
  • Sjam and Suharto seen in Bandung with CIA trained General Suwarto
  • Guy Pauker, friends with Suwarto and Allen Dulles
  • Peasants joined PKI to get a little bit of land, not political
  • 1965-66, over 1,000,000 were killed, rivers choked with bodies
  • Moscow and Beijing blamed each other for what happened to the PKI
  • The Supersemar, mysterious letter from Sukarno to Suharto to take control
  • Greg was the last person to enter Jarkarta at Soekarno-Hatta airport on 05/14/1998
  • Buildings were burning, don't burn the buildings marked with an X
  • Burning supermarkets with people inside, 60,000 students occupied Parliament
  • Indonesian James Riady's LippoBank contributed millions to Clinton's re-election
  • Secretary of State Madeleine Albright convinced Suharto it was time to go
  • Pretext for Mass Murder: (Roosa 2006)
            The September 30th Movement and Suharto's Coup d'État in Indonesia
  • Suharto's prior involvement in the strike against the Generals needs to come out
  • Greg could and may write a book on the 1965 coup
  • The Genesis of Konfrontasi: (Poulgrain 2014)
            Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia, 1945-1965
  • The Incubus of Intervention: (Poulgrain 2015)
            Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles
  • Previous Greg Poulgrain appearance: BOR Show #792

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:06:32)   MP3 download

  • 2017 milestone event, May 21, JFK's 100th birthday
  • 2017 milestone event, October 26, ARRB final releases
  • An open and shut, Oswald did it case? Why 4,000,000 pages?
  • Jim Lesar, Bill Kelly, John Newman, East coast researchers
  • 2019 #Calexit Independence Referendum
  • The Left Coast, Washington, Oregon, and California, civil war?
  • Fidel Castro's First Speech on the JFK Assassination, 11/23/1963
  • His analysis makes the WC Report look like a kindergarten class
  • A Kennedy/State Department view of Cuba, and a Pentagon/CIA view
  • Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City (aka The Lopez Report) Audiobook
  • Listener letters, acknowledgement of Jim as a researcher, writer, and educator
  • +P ammo was not available in the 1960s
  • (NOTE: This 22-second gap intentionally left blank)
  • On the Trail of the Assassins: (Garrison 1988)
            One Man's Quest to Solve the Murder of President Kennedy
  • Garrison was a good lawyer, also a very good writer
  • Only one bullet found in Tippit sent to the FBI lab
  • The bullet did not match Oswald's revolver
  • The WC inquired of the other three, found after four months
  • FBI was unable to conclude any were fired from the Oswald revolver
  • Cartridges found at the scene had automatic ejector marks
  • WC testimony of DPD patrolman J. M. Poe, 04/091964
  • Sandra Serrano, Officer Habighorst and Clay Shaw's Clay Bertrand alias
  • Jim spoke with Habighorst's widow, he was a proficient officer
  • It was objected that Shaw did not have an attorney at the booking
  • Dorothy Kilgallen (BOR #820, #813), circumstances warrant a reinvestigation
  • A Coroner Inquest may call witnesses, but, not under a Medical Examiner
  • William Bruce Pitzer, Jim is agnostic, best work by Allan Eaglesham
  • Witnesses Jerrol Custer and Dennis David, a measure of credibility
  • How to square Oswald leaving Dealey Plaza, WC vs. Roger Craig
  • One way to explain it is that there were two Oswalds
  • Another way to explain is that one of the stories is wrong
  • Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko found a picture of Oswald on the embankment
  • Oswald may never have been on that bus or in the cab either
  • Sylvia Meagher makes a good case, Accessories After The Fact: (1967)
            The Warren Commission, the Authorities & the Report on the JFK Assassination
  • Might Trump put the kibosh on the 2017 ARRB releases?
  • Bill Hicks on Presidential orientation
  • Alex Jones scholarship and approach to controversial subjects
  • Alex Jones on the Kennedy Murder: A Painful Case, Seamus Coogan
  • We have the worst mainstream media in the world
  • Jones is Pavlovian against liberals, he does talk about things others won't
  • Good early work, a vacuum, O'Reilly or Jones
  • In Ten Days In Jakarta:, Greg Poulgrain mentions Kolonel Abdul Latief
  • Information Latief revealed to Greg, never heard anywhere else
  • Complete reversal of JFK's foreign policy, Sukarno's democracy, Suharto's dictatorship
  • The bloodiest coup in CIA history, an ethnic massacre
  • Latief said Suharto was fully aware of what the Colonels were going to do
  • Televised film of the General's bodies turned people against the PKI
  • It has taken 50 years to understand Suharto's playing the Colonels
  • CIA knew how much underreported mineral wealth there was in that area
  • Jim's review of The Incubus of Intervention:(Poulgrain 2015)
            Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles
  • The 1965 Indonesia coup is CIA's crown jewel
  • Jim:, Greg:

    Show #820
    Original airdate: February 2, 2017
    Guests: Doug Valentine / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Book of the Year / Dorothy Kilgallen

    Play Doug Valentine   (1:04:30)   MP3 download

  • Doug is back to further discuss his new book
  • The CIA As Organized Crime: (November 30, 2016)
            How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World
  • Len considers this a very important book along with,
  • The Secret Team: (Prouty 1973)
            The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
  • The Devil's Chessboard: (Talbot 2015)
            Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government
  • The Phoenix Program (Valentine 1990)
            America's Use of Terror in Vietnam
  • It starts in World War II
  • Fletcher Prouty identified Gen. Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza
            in a Three Tramps photo
  • Our Achilles heel, why we think about things the way we do
  • Ed Lansdale represents a player behind the scenes
  • Lansdale was in the OSS and Intelligence in WW II
  • He was in Philippines starting around 1948
  • He is credited with saving the Philippines from communism
  • He engaged in illegal and immoral activities
  • He developed counter-insurgency warfare and tactics
  • He assassinated Filipinos, to blame it on the Communists
  • Black propaganda, at the heart of our problems today
  • He did the same things in South Vietnam
  • He selected Catholic Diem and had his election rigged
  • In Saigon, Diem got 133% of the vote
  • Lansdale had the experience and know-how and amorality
            to stage a coup in the U.S. and overthrow John Kennedy
  • His team in Vietnam, 1954-66, spread around the world
  • His doctrine becomes the thinking of CIA and military officers
  • His people show up later on, Charles Bohanan, Joe Baker,
  • Lucien Conein, Bernard Yoh, William Rosson
  • The Bay of Pigs fiasco brought Kennedy into conflict with CIA
  • The Kennedy's thought Lansdale was compatible with them
  • The counter-insurgency guru in charge of Operation Mongoose
  • To wage an insurgency in Cuba and overthrow Castro
  • He wanted to use chemical and biological warfare
  • CIA officers William Harvey and Ted Shackley
  • Working with mobsters like Santo Trafficante
  • These things he developed are still used today
  • The Ugly American (Burdick/Lederer 1958), is about him
  • Mongoose and Diem were terrible failures
  • Lansdale had been discredited by November 1963
  • Kennedy,, "And we call ourselves the human race"
  • Anything you could do to stop communism was ok
  • Bomb them back to the Stone Age
  • A CIA and military that at its heart is psychopathological
  • People who would have no problem killing John Kennedy
  • They had done before, removal of heads of state
  • Lansdale had been in advertising, he made Levis popular
  • A command of language and symbolism, essential to CIA
  • The selling of the psychopathic programs
  • Cloaking them as Civic Action
  • In Vietnam, Filipino assassins, Operations Brotherhood
  • The American public believed CIA were boy scouts
  • Essence of CIA power is in it's ability to rewrite history
  • Government imperial ambitions in the hands of criminal genius
  • At the center is drug trafficking
  • In WW II Fletcher was flying opium to the OSS in Burma
  • This methodology was kept and transferred to Southeast Asia
  • Nazis and collaborators, Reinhard Gehlen, Stepan Bandera
  • CIA set one of them up in an airline in Saigon and Laos
  • Aigle Azur, Blue Eagle Airlines, running drugs for CIA
  • They supplied people like Santo Trafficante through Cuba
  • Proprietary companies run by deniable assets
  • To do illegal things to subvert, or to support puppets
  • CIA is the organized crime branch of the U.S. government
  • Call in Col. Magsaysay, the Communists are coming!
  • A charade of defending against Communists attacks
  • CIA Ivy League anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists
  • To control political and social movements around the world
  • Johnson reversed Kennedy policies, escalation of the war
  • Viet Cong and the NLF were more powerful in rural villages
  • American military might could not win
  • Apply psychological warfare against the villagers
  • In 1965, Lansdale and a special team return to Vietnam
  • The same gang of Filipino cutthroats and CIA officers
  • Coordinator with the Revolutionary Development Support program
  • To use explicit and implicite terrorism
  • One of the members of Lansdale's team is Daniel Ellsberg
  • Frank Scotton pioneered Armed Propaganda Teams
  • 40 men, four or five of whom assassinated people
  • Ellsberg, who Doug interviewed, was part of this
  • He defended Lansdale, his mentor in counter-insurgency
  • Is it possible for him to not see these guys as psychopaths?
  • Ellsberg achieved infamy, a swordsman, romancing women
  • Ellsberg reported on Vietnamese he socialized with
  • An affair with Germaine, who was engaged to a Corsican
  • Michel Seguin, a CIA associated drug trafficker
  • Scotton and Conein prevented Seguin from killing Ellsberg
  • The CIA drug network was on the verge of collapsing
  • To Doug, Ellsberg denied CIA involvement in drug trafficking
  • The Pentagon Papers don't represent CIA Vietnam operations
  • Ellsberg knew the truth, his biography skips over it
  • We can't assume people we look to are honest with us
  • Convoluted historians assassinate JFK over and over
  • We have to question what we think, our own beliefs
  • This idea that the United States is a force for good
  • It's all bullshit, we're run by a group of psychopaths
  • The media understands, America is run by a cult of death
  • Until that basic assumption is confronted and exposed,
            it's all just gonna go rolling along the same way
  • Ellsberg, Lansdale, Pentagon Papers, JFK assassination
  • Just one tiny example, these things go on every day
  • Pearl Harbor, what do you mean they knew they were comin'?
  • Len recommends that you pick up this new book, also,
  • The Phoenix Program: (2000)
            America's Use of Terror in Vietnam
  • TDY (2000)
  • The Strength of the Wolf (2006)
            The Secret History of America's War on Drugs
  • The Strength of the Pack: (2009)
            The Personalities, Politics and Espionage
            Intrigues that Shaped the DEA
  • Previous Doug Valentine appearance: BOR Show #819
  • Also,
  • Col. Fletcher Prouty discusses Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza
  • The Ballad of Ed Lansdale, by Len Osanic (2002)
  • And,
  • The CIA and Hollywood episode 8 The Quiet American
  • Ed Lansdale and the Folksongs of Americans in the Vietnam War
  • Air University Catalog of Lansdale s Books and Papers

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  • Jim's
  • Sign up to receive Kennedys and King's monthly newsletter
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  • From The Archives Special: Martin Luther King
  • Articles from Probe by Lisa Pease, Dick Russell, and James Douglass
  • The Magic Scalp, by Milicent Cranor
  • Jim's review of Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon (Tye 2016)
  • A poor book, trying to create a spin that is not really there
  • The book is endorsed by none other than Henry Kissinger
  • Jim's review of The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: (Shaw 2016) (BOR #813)
  • Dorothy Kilgallen, one of the few MSM to take issue the WC
  • She worked with Mark Lane and Fort Worth reporter Thayer Waldo
  • No one in the MSM came close to her investigation and reporting
  • Kilgallen: a Biography of Dorothy Kilgallen (Lee Israel 1979)
  • Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen? (Sara Jordan 2007)
  • Good Night, Dorothy Kilgallen (Paul Alexander 2008) (Unpublished)
  • She was found in the wrong bed, wearing earrings and the wrong clothes
  • With a book she had already finished, and her eyeglasses were not in the room
  • Everything about the scene was abnormal, no NYPD investigation
  • Traces of Seconal, Nembutal and Tuilan, a fatal effect in combination
  • A romantic relationship with Ron Pataky, Columbus Citizen-Journal reporter
  • The Assassination Tapes: (O'Toole 1975)
            An electric probe into the Murder of John F. Kennedy and the Dallas coverup
  • While with CIA, George O'Toole had used a voice stress analyzer (PSE)
  • Pataky's recorded denial of being in New York City that night, rated high stress
  • From The Archives Feature: The Creation of the Warren Commission (Gibson)
  • Letters: Where are the hi-res scans of the Z-film?
  • Robert Groden in 50 Reasons For 50 Years - Episode 25
  • Len is not yet convinced of Z-film alteration, but, it would not surprise him
  • Jim has seen the scans, this does not approach full-scale alteration
  • You can see in the scan a black marking, on a third generation film
  • They are getting the runaround on acquiring the first generation transparencies
  • Twenty-Six Seconds: (Alexandra Zapruder 2016)
           A Personal History of the Zapruder Film
  • Jeff Carter (50 Reasons For 50 Years) (BOR #750) is reviewing that book
  • The Zapruder Film Mystery (Doug Horne/Shane O'Sullivan)
  • *** Breaking news on a Manhattan D.A. Office look into Kilgallen's death
  • Previous Jim DiEugenio appearance: BOR Show #815

    Show #819
    Original airdate: January 26, 2017
    Guests: Doug Valentine
    Topics: CIA As Organized Crime

    Play Doug Valentine   (1:23:34)   MP3 download

  • Doug's first appearance was 17 years ago, 12/11/2000 - BOR #26
  • The CIA As Organized Crime: (November 30th, 2016)
            How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World
  • Doug was a blue collar kid, he started college in 1967
  • He became a tree surgeon, wanting to be a writer
  • Age 30, his father told him about being a POW in WWII
  • That story of a POW mutiny became The Hotel Tacloban (1984)
  • Wanting to write of Vietnam, Doug heard of the Phoenix Program
  • In 1983, Doug contacted William Colby (OSS/CIA/Phoenix/DCI)
  • Colby read The Hotel Tacloban, liked it, and granted Doug interviews
  • He was introduced to senior CIA who ran Phoenix and other programs
  • They liked him and they volunteered CIA's deepest darkest secrets
  • Two resulting books, TDY (2000) and The Phoenix Program (2000)
  • Phoenix coordinated 25 Intelligence and paramilitary programs
  • Two main programs, Foreign Intelligence, Covert Operations
  • Doug acquired more knowledge than the compartmented CIA personnel
  • Ruthless killers, the world's best blackmailers, drug smugglers
  • Evan Parker, OSS, 1967 director of Phoenix, provided the roster
  • A wink and a nod mindset carried though Doug's interviews
  • Lou Conein, OSS/CIA, the 1963 assassination of President Diem
  • John Muldoon, CIA, the Provincial Interrogation Center Program
  • Conein tells Doug which bar to find Muldoon in
  • "You Muldoon?", "Yeah", "Well Conein says you're the worst..."
  • Colby had a tiny Jesuit's office in a richly furnished law firm
  • He was down to earth, direct, a pale cold fish
  • The 2011 Carl Colby documentary The Man Nobody Knew:
  • Congress authorizes CIA to be the organized crime branch
  • Murder, blackmail, extort, deal drugs, just don't tell us
  • We want to move in to (any country), do it, we'll have your back
  • CIA was originally intended only to coordinate intelligence
  • A covert operations clause, subverting foreign nations
  • Limit CIA Role To Intelligence, Harry Truman, 12/22/1963
  • U.S. expansion westward, boundaries with Canada and Mexico
  • Building its industrial base, isolationist
  • A lot of Americans owned businesses around the world
  • More political influence, The Foreign Policy Association (1918)
  • FDR created the OSS through their auspices, then CIA
  • Allen Dulles was FPA, the bureaucratic, government aspect
  • Phoenix was secret from 1967 to 1969
  • Nelson Brickham, CIA, organized pacification of South Vietnam
  • It was targeted at the civilians who managed the insurgency
  • There were thousands of massacres, hunting civilians on it's hit list
  • Officially 25,000 killed, actually hundreds of thousands were killed
  • Bruce Lawlor, CIA, Danang 1971, an Interrogation Center
  • A woman suspect raped and murdered, he was shocked, a war crime
  • Lawlor complained, was sent home and cashiered out of CIA
  • Colby brought him back in to the family, a brigadier general
  • He became the first Homeland Security Chief of Staff
  • Phoenix Program participants rose to positions of power
  • They run repressive police state systems
  • Ultimately to destroy any kind of Left in the U.S.
  • Psychological warfare to terrify the 20,000,000 population
  • Sen. Bob Kerrey, Navy SEAL, Thanh Phong village, February 1969
  • They slit the throats of a grandma, grandpa, and granddaughter
  • Gathered together in a cluster, the villagers were killed in cold blood
  • Bob Kerrey was given a Medal of Honor
  • CIA has a license to kill, that's it's job
  • In Thailand's Golden Triangle, CIA's Hill Tribe Research Center
  • Chicago 1973, Customs seized opium from Thailand
  • Thai national, Puttaporn Khramkhraun, CIA, sponsored by USAID
  • Colby got Justice to drop the case because of National Security
  • No Good Men Among the Living: (Gopal 2014)
            America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes
  • Phoenix Intelligence Operations and Coordination Centers (IOCC)
  • Migrated to El Salvador, Nicaragua, and to the United States
  • Homeland Security Fusion Centers, domestic IOCCs
  • The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation (1989)
  • Society of the Spectacle (Debord 1967)
  • Manipulation of perceptions creates reality, creates beliefs
  • CIA Speaks, The Phoenix Files
  • Previous appearance: BOR Show #642
  • also...
  • Will the Real Daniel Ellsberg Please Stand Up! (2003)
  • The Phoenix Program and Contemporary Counterinsurgency (RAND 2009)

    Play Doug Valentine w/John Muldoon   (2:10:21)   MP3 download

  • Author Douglas Valentine interviews John Muldoon (CIA)
  • Muldoon built Province Interrogation Centers (1965-1966)
            *** (Muldoon Tape 1 Side 1) ***
  • Tucker adopted a Korean girl, she became a doctor
  • Tucker Gouggelman was a Marine in WWII
  • Gougelmann (CIA) and Barlow (MI Six) were setting up
            Province Intelligence Coordination Committees (PICC)
  • As far as battalions, regiments, they came in '65
  • In Korea John worked interrogation in Seoul
  • John arrived in Korea in 1961
  • Kim Jong-pil, founder of the Korean CIA
  • Captured North Korean Intelligence agents
  • Anyone tougher than Special Forces? Yes, SEALs
  • Special Operations Group (SOG)
  • Gougelmann ran everything in Danang
  • John arrived in Vietnam in November 1964
  • He served in the National Interrogation Center (NIC)
  • The South Vietnamese had their own wants
  • Prisoners were both Northerners and Southerners
  • Vietnamese Military Security Service
  • The NIC was located at the Naval compound in Saigon
  • Four or five American interrogation advisors
  • He did what he wanted, went where he wanted
  • John had his wife and two children with him
  • Families were evacuated in February 1965
            (Camp Holloway helicopter facility attacked 02/07/65)
  • Paul Hodges (CIA Chief of Foreign Intelligence)
  • Choice of the U.S., or Thailand, Hong Kong,
  • Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Okinawa
  • NIC American staff dependents in Saigon, maybe 15
  • John (aka PICadoon) moved to the PIC program as it started
  • Jack `Red’ Stent (CIA), new Chief of Foreign Intelligence
  • John’s boss at NIC had been Ian “Sammy” Sammers (CIA)
  • PIC staff came from NIC
  • After the bombing things started with the PICs
            (03/30/65, Viet Cong car-bomb outside U.S. Embassy)
  • John shared an office with Gougelmann and Barlow
  • Tucker was loud, foul-mouthed, brilliant
  • Barlow told stories about Africa, Malaysia
  • Australian Ian Teague
            (Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam (AATTV))
            (posted to a Covert Action Branch of CIA)
  • Jack, suit and tie, Tucker, shorts and no tie
  • Regional Directors prioritized PIC locations
  • A lot of politics, Province chiefs, special cities
  • Guard posts had been built outside the compound!
            *** (John Muldoon Tape 1 Side 2) ***
  • John describes the layout of a PIC
  • He narrates as he draws a diagram for Doug
  • PICs had 12 or 14 Vietnamese guards
  • PICs were located in provincial capitals
  • John's responsibilities, land, contractor, staff, training
  • Tucker (Gougelmann CIA) stayed in Saigon
  • PICs cost around $30,000 to build
  • Smaller versions, John called them "Nit-PICs"
  • 30 or 40 prisoners, kept isolated from each other
  • John built and staffed PICs, got them working, built another
  • He flew on Air America, the pilots were a good group of guys
  • John knew Ray Valentine (CIA), visited Ray's province
  • John visited all but two small provinces near Cambodia
  • CT (Counter-Terror) teams, armed to the teeth small groups
  • Not your average Joe, they got criminals and everything else
  • A lot of people doing a lot of things they weren't supposed to
  • Provincial Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) Program
  • John suggests Harry Monk (CIA) should speak for himself
  • Six or seven interrogators, a chief, a deputy
  • Analysts, clerical, guards, kitchen, medical staff
  • During the Tet Offensive, John was in Thailand
  • Marine Bob Slater (contract CIA) ran the PIC Program 67-69
  • John met Lucien Conein (CIA) in Vietnam
  • John worked 14 years in the Agency
  • John discusses the three CIA he would not work with
  • Counter Intelligence/Counter Espionage (CICE)
  • John discusses CIA recruits in Vietnam as paramilitary
            *** (John Muldoon Tape 2 Side 1) ***
  • John knew Jim Ward (CIA)
  • Ralph Johnson (CIA) and Evan Parker (CIA)
  • For the military Vietnam was the place to be
  • PICs were well lit, spotlights at night
  • Types of questions interrogators should ask
  • Making sure the medical staff knew what it was about
  • Betting on olive races with Lou Conein
  • People had different ideas about the value of the PICs
  • Military Intelligence would interrogate their prisoners first
  • Sir Robert Thompson, British Advisory Mission 61-65
  • John knew Jack Barlow in Thailand
  • Thompson was the experts expert
  • The concept was bought by CIA, the Embassy, the military
  • CIA province guys had to sell it to the military
  • Palace Dog/Project 404 (covert U.S.A.F. mission in Laos)
  • Doug tells John the PICs and PRUs became part of Phoenix
  • John never saw much of the intelligence from the PICs he built
  • John liked Nelson Brickham (CIA)
            (In charge of Foreign Intelligence Field Operations 65-66)
  • Tucker Gougelmann was a legend in his own time
  • Legions would follow him
  • Tucker tried to get his family out after the fall of S. Vietnam
  • In 1977 the Vietnamese finally returned his body
  • Tucker said he would kill himself before being interrogated
            (Tucker Gougelmann died in Vietnamese hands in 1976)
  • Orville Freeman, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 61-69
  • Freeman was the best man at one of Tucker's weddings
  • John and Doug discuss book publishers
  • ABCs of American Interrogation Methods (Valentine)
  • More Valentine/CIA/Phoenix Program interviews

    Show #818
    Original airdate: January 19, 2017
    Guests: Dave Ratcliffe / Dr. William Pepper
    Topics: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty / Martin Luther King Jr

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (61:33)   MP3 download

  • Next Tuesday is Col. L. Fletcher Prouty's 100th birthday
  • Col. L. Fletcher Prouty (January 24, 1917 – June 5, 2001)
  • Dave had the good fortune to meet and work with researcher John Judge
  • John introduced Dave to Fletcher in 1989, 19 articles in Freedom Magazine
  • In March, 1989, Dave interviewed Fletcher in his Virginia home
  • Over 11 hours of audio tape on The Secret Team (Prouty 1973)
  • First-hand experience, furthering the reach of National Security managers
  • Dave was motivated by curiosity, the opportunity to talk to with Fletcher
  • Len, just an interested citizen, posed a series of questions to Fletcher
  • Len was pleasantly surprised to get Fletcher's reply, "Sure, write to me"
  • When Fletcher spoke, he knew, knew what he had done
  • In 1979, Dave met and studied with Jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams
  • Understanding Special Operations, (Ratcliffe 1999)
            And Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era
            1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired)
  • Fletcher did some additions and slight editing
  • CIA, capitalism's invisible army, The United States LLC
  • 750 copies, appendices, indexed, a form of their conversation
  • NSC 5412 clandestine ops, Focal Point Officer, in conjunction with CIA
  • Chief of Team B, in charge of clandestine operations, for the Air Force
  • For clandestine work, you have to have the money available all the time
  • Ask him the question, and then just listen, don't interrupt
  • James Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable: (2010), feels USO is essential
  • Fletcher had to have been very bright to do the work he'd done
  • He would give Len as much as Len could absorb
  • Fletcher considered Len's knowledge and interest as one in ten million
  • The Manichean Devil, the ends justify the means, you have to have an enemy
  • Planning and overt diplomacy vs. response to intelligence inputs, without plans
  • In modern war, push a few buttons, rockets would fly, nuclear weapons would fall
  • CIA took the special forces, civic action/counterinsurgency side of the business
  • Reagan shook Gorbachev's hand, the West would not push any further East
  • Since then, push, push, push, insane people want that final war, take out Russia
  • Really tenuous now, Team Swamp, ramp up 'cause it's good for business
  • Fletcher had on-the-ground savvy, a military career officer in upper echelons
  • Understand how does our world actually work, not doomed to repeat history
  • Dave, Jim Douglass, and Martin Luther King, Confronting the Unspeakable
  • Hope in Confronting the Unspeakable, by Jim Douglass, 20 November 2009
  • Topics on the National Security State of America
  • History Will Not Absolve Us: (Schotz 1996)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King’s 1967 Anti-War Speech And Today (Schotz 2016)
  • The Government that Honors ... King ... Killed Him, by Edward Curtin
  • Which is Curtin's review of The Plot to Kill King: (Pepper 2016)
  • A Day of Service is a Disservice to the Truth of MLK's Life ..., by Edward Curtin
  • The MLK 10-Point Program, by Joseph E. Green
  • Transcript of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Conspiracy Trial
            November 15 to December 8, 1999, Memphis, Tennessee
  • The CIA as Organized Crime: (Valentine 2017 )
  • Breaking Through Power: It's Easier Than We Think by Ralph Nader (2016)
  • Ralph Nader podcast with Maria Gilardin of Part one, Part two
  • There is the dark side, but, there is also the light
  • We were fortunate to have had Fletcher Prouty

    Play Dr. William Pepper   (30:24)   MP3 download

  • Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)
  • King's birthday is abused in a celebratory fashion
  • It focuses on his civil rights work, not on his asset inequality work
  • Trump puts into power the wealthiest Cabinet in U.S. history
  • Martin was concerned about ending all war, a strategy of non-violence
  • American war and military bases around the world would have dismayed him
  • And that of course is why they killed him
  • He was to bring half a million or more people to encamp in Washington D.C.
  • Seeking a reallocation of American assets back into social programs
  • The military and government believed, revolution on the streets of America
  • In this country we assassinate critical leaders as a last resort
  • A problem of human history, we kill them and then celebrate them
  • William was the attorney for the King family in the action in 1999
  • Coretta Scott King, et al Vs. Loyd Jowers et al, Shelby County, Tennessee
  • It was established the he was officially killed, not by a lone gunman
  • The Plot to Kill King: (Pepper 2016)
            The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The Dixie Mafia choreographed by Clyde Tolson at J. Edgar Hoover's request
  • He espoused the principle of love, love is the highest human value
  • He developed this extraordinary compassion for all of humanity
  • His commitment to non-violence put him at odds with others
  • His dream was the alleviation of suffering for all of humanity
  • Martin read William's The Children of Vietnam in Ramparts (Jan. 1967)
  • LBJ said, I can't get out of Vietnam, my friends are making too much money
  • The poor of the world will continue to suffer, in pursuit of this greed
  • Ramparts was an essential, serious, progressive voice in the sixties
  • The MSM is controlled, Black Op Radio and a few others are the exception
  • William feels helpless in the juggernaut of consolidated control of expression
  • Their greed, arrogance, and distain, will ultimately bring them down
  • President-elect Trump is not a Cold Warrior
  • King's legacy stands, we know what it is
  • The 50th anniversary of Martin King's assassination is next year

    Show #817
    Original airdate: Jan 12, 2017
    Guest: Mark de Valk / Douglas Weldon
    Topics: Dealey Plaza UK / JFK's Limousine

    Play Mark De Valk   (1:02:37)   MP3 download

  • Rebroadcast of BOR #561, from January 12, 2012
  • Mark is the editor of Dealey Plaza UK and the Dealey Plaza Echo published three times a year
  • Mark appeared live on video with Len in Hawaii on April 14, 2010
  • Mark is working on a series of one hour guerilla style documentaries based on several books;
  • JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (Douglas, 2008)
  • Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald Hardcover (Armstrong, 1997)
  • Len explains why he has no desire to visit Dallas, including the existence of the Sixth Floor Ad Nauseam
  • Mark found being on the ground visiting assassination related sites to be like going into a time capsule
  • Mark found understanding the geography of Dallas gives one chills, all the important sites seem very close to each other
  • Louie Steven Witt, The Umbrella Man (Morris, 2011), Family of Secrets: (Baker, 2008)
  • Ruth Paine received divorce papers on the morning of 11/22/63, her lawyer and Witt worked in the same building
  • The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK (Fetzer and others, 2003)
  • Mark discusses a photo one page 100 in which he detects Eugene Hale Brading/Jim Braden with Robert Oswald
  • Inside the Assassination Records Review Board (Volume III) (Horne, 2009), page 845, the autopsy reports
  • Discussion of Len's 2010 Hawaii conference and a possible future Black Op Radio sponsored conference
  • The Sixth Floor has booked Dealey Plaza for seven days in a row surrounding the 50th anniversary
  • Mark urges a clandestine Black Op Radio broadcast from Dallas, perhaps from inside a van
  • Mark met author Barry Ernest in Dallas, The Girl On The Stairs (Ernest, 2010)
  • Len could broadcast from the Adolphus Hotel or the Hotel Lawrence
  • Mark encourages Len to be present in Dallas for the 50th despite the attempt to lock Dealey Plaza down
  • Contact Dealey Plaza UK

    Play Doug Weldon   (1:35:25)   MP3 download

  • Rebroadcast of BOR #451, from December 3, 2009
  • Douglas Weldon (August 10, 1953 - January 5, 2012)
  • A through and through hole in the limo windshield
  • Doug lists off a number of competent researchers and their critical works
  • So many people saw things denied by the WC, "What is the value of these witnesses?"
  • George Whittaker's story of the windshield at the Ford Rouge plant in Dearborn Michigan.
  • The old windshield had a bullet hole in it that traversed the windshield from outside to inside
  • The Whittakers were very fearful of divulging this information
  • Motorcade Sergeant in charge, Stavis Ellis also recognized that a hole was in the windshield
  • Ellis was a very honest and solid witness, he sought nothing from his knowledge
  • A hole emanating from the front means a shot came from the front, "NO LONE NUT"
  • If this is true, who was involved in altering and obfuscating this evidence?
  • The difficulties with other researchers using Evalea Glanges' information, they never interviewed her
  • Nigel Turner and Doug Weldon are the only two people to actually interview Glanges.
  • Witness testimony attesting to a windshield hole was continually made top secret
  • Deception regarding the windshield hole, testimony changed to "Pinhole" and no hole at all
  • The government went to extraordinary lengths to get the hole testimony recanted
  • Fear of assassination prevented many witnesses from coming forward
  • Doug clears up several misconceptions about the Whitehouse and Bethesda
  • William Greer, the limo driver changed his story many times
  • Martin Heinreichs, 3D image expert, stated the crack photos were not of the same windshield
  • The Secret Service ordered 12 windshields to use for "target practice" after the assassination
  • The inference is they were recreating the imaged damage without making a hole
  • Several dates seem to have been changed in and around the assassination
  • The limo seems to have a concocted history surrounding the driving of the vehicle
  • Weldon talks extensively about the researchers, good and bad
  • The lone assassin theory is "a house of cards"
  • Doug has a book in the works but he doesn't hold out hope it'll get published
  • James Cheney: First shot missed and raised dirt, second shot hit Kennedy in the front!
  • Doug believes Lyndon Johnson was involved in the assassination

    Show #816
    Original airdate: January 5, 2017
    Guests: Dr. Grover Proctor Jr.
    Topics: Oswald's Raleigh Call

    Play Dr. Grover Proctor Jr.   (1:01:01)   MP3 download

  • Dr. Proctor was in graduate school at the time of the Watergate Hearings
  • A friend suggested he read Heritage of Stone (Garrison 1970)
  • In 1980, post HSCA, Grover learned of the Raleigh Call
  • Grover was reading Conspiracy (Summers 1980), Area Code 919
  • Two articles published in Spectator Magazine, July 17 and 24, 1980
  • Mark Lane recognized that something was not right, government might lie
  • Garrison's book had a lot to say about CIA, Watergate, an overlap there
  • Anthony Summers told Grover that Robert Blakey believed the call had happened
  • Saturday night, the 23rd, Oswald is in the jail, he tried to place a call
  • Oswald called operator Louise Swinney, operator Alveeta Treon and two men listened in
  • Area Code 919, to a man named John Hurt, he gave two phone numbers, a collect call
  • Mrs. Swinney put Oswald on hall, and speaks over the phone to the two men
  • Mrs. Swinney told Oswald, "I am sorry the number doesn't answer.'
  • Mrs. Treon filled on an LD (Long Distance) slip indicating did not answer and cancelled
  • Mrs. Treon kept that slip of paper as a souvenir for the next five years
  • Alveeta mentioned the experience to a friend of hers
  • The friend told a Sheriff, who spoke to Mrs. Treon, then called the FBI
  • The FBI borrowed the phone slip, this was 1968, she never heard from the FBI again
  • The HSCA was gearing up in 1978, Bud Fensterwald's group sent them an unsigned affidavit
  • The HSCA interviewed Mrs. Treon, Mrs. Swinney, and John Hurt in Raleigh
  • John Hurt said, "No, I never received a call from Oswald"
  • John Hurt was a Counter Intelligence agent for the U.S. Army during WWII
  • Hurt's health suffered, he was an alcoholic, and considered psychopathic and a danger
  • Blakey, "real," "substantiated," "very troublesome," and "deeply disturbing"
  • The Spectator's publisher, Bernie Reeves and I contacted Victor Marchetti
  • The pre-publication censored The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (Marchetti/Marks 1974)
  • Standard spycraft, Hurt was a cut-out, if you get in trouble, call this person
  • Oswald was being run, or believed he was being run, as an intelligence agent
  • ONI in Nags Head, North Carolina, training young men to defect to the Soviet Union
  • Hoping they would be picked up by the Russians to be used as double agents
  • Those two men in the Dallas jail prevented the call to his cut-out
  • JFK's assassination gives us a chance to look under the cover and see the rottenness
  • Conspiracies require a high level of research and fact checking
  • They have to fight back against the truth telling
  • The Raleigh Call and the Fingerprints of Intelligence (2014), article, lecture
  • Site:, Email: