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    Show #711
    Original airdate: December 25, 2014
    Guests: Loren Singer / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Parallax View / Marquette Ban of McAdams

    Play Loren Singer   (48:17)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • BOR Show #305, original airdate: January 1, 2007
  • Loren Singer (1923-2009) wrote the book The Parallax View (1970)
  • Loren worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS ) during WW II
  • He first had to pass a series of psychological tests
  • He read studies of Rorschach tests given to top Nazis at Nuremberg
  • Loren wrote for television and radio, this was his first book
  • The amount of influence totalitarian governments had on us
  • A relationship with German Intelligence officer Reinhard Gehlen
  • Loren didn't like the film, the screenwriters couldn't find the thread
  • The terrorism threat is sort of gauzy, Where? How?
  • Unite in order to survive, that's what people will be told
  • Chapters start with quotes from a fictional handbook
  • The book is not a solution to the Kennedy assassinations
  • A list of JFK related deaths, originally Loren scoffed
  • The military men never became OSS assassins
  • General William Donovan, committed to the survival of Britain
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists, geographers,
       foreign language experts, engineers, weapons instructors
  • Does a government have the right and or the duty to
       eliminate numbers of it's citizens to ensure it's survival?
  • Skating around the edge right now with Guantanamo
  • Teams ready to do the bidding of corporate or government interests
  • The recruitment, the film's powerful six minute segment
  • An OSS competition, three days of psychological testing
  • Nobody ever passed the final exam, never any finite answer
  • The people running Parallax were certain to have backups
  • Loren did not want to do the screenplay
  • The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film) was much better written
  • Parallax opens with it's own "Zapruder" film
  • Six Seconds In Dallas (Thompson 1967), sued by Time, Inc.

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (52:11)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Upcoming interviews include Donald Gibson and Bob Tanenbaum
  • Donald Gibson was interviewed on BOR Show #3 on May 11, 2000
  • CTKA, Joan Mellen's talk at the AARC Conference
  • An inkling of hope, keeping this issue alive, new researchers
  • Networking is working, Len has a positive feeling for the coming year
  • Dallas on the 50th, police barricades and Homeland Security screening
  • John McAdams placed on indefinite leave from Marquette
  • Ethics,   Controversy,   Smear,    Siege,   Threats  
  • Response,   Demonstrators,   Abbate
  • You can sign Open Letter here
  • It is difficult to trust McAdams with the facts
  • Did Paul Nolan instigated the secret recording...
  • There is no such thing as absolute free speech in a classroom
  • Is it offensive? Is it educational? Is the teacher in control?
  • The discussion should have gone to the Dean of that department
  • CIA may intefere, or, Marquette may throw him under the bus
  • McAdams' name calling, smears and slurs
  • American Exceptionalism? Other countries have a better quality of life
  • Lisa Pease, "Forget about McAdams, he's there to waste your time"
  • Jim's JFK’s Foreign Policy: A Motive for Murder
  • Kennedy’s...foreign policy was...formed before he entered the White House
  • Two cover-ups, one of his murder, and one of who Kennedy actually was
  • The roots of the current situation lie in Kennedy’s death
  • Powerpoint presentations, 2013 and 2014
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
  • Like the Face Book Page Here of consider a donation to support the 2015 season

    Show #710
    Original airdate: December 18, 2014
    Guests: Bill Kelly / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Air Force One Tapes / CTKA / Torture / Listener Letters

    Play Bill Kelly   (51:22)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Air Force One in-flight taping was inaugurated by John Kennedy
  • Three or four radios on-board were taped, six hours of recordings
  • We have only two hours, LBJ's tape and Gen. Clifton's tape
  • Bill and Ed Primeau combined and edited the tapes
  • The tapes are like the assassination's black box
  • A good picture of key hours, important evidence
  • The response of the Cabinet's plane, Gen. LeMay's location
  • The White House Situation Room (CROWN), Maj. Patterson (STRANGER)
  • The Cabinet plane's missing code book, LHO was known at CROWN
  • Continue to search for the tapes, open air waves, HAM radio could listen in
  • Air Force connections, LHO on a USAF flight to Frankfurt in October 1959
  • Col. Church and LHO on a boat to France at the same time, FOIA request
  • A Marine who bunked with LHO at Atsugi, LHO was a communication tech
  • Oswald, a Covert Operational Personality, not lone nuts
  • No mention of Oswald's name on the tape today
  • William Manchester and others quote from a fuller tape transcript
  • Dallas was ordered not to charge Oswald with a communist conspiracy
  • Get the remaining records released, a goal we can achieve
  • Blakey did unmeasurable damage to the assassination investigation
  • If Oswald is completely guilty, there is no reason not to release records
  • Researchers working with the tapes, Larry Hancock, Doug Horne, David Lifton
  • A good article on the tape by Doug Horne
  • BOR Air Force One Tapes, eight 15 minute segments

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:14:20)   MP3 download Real Media or

  • Upcoming guests, Donald Gibson, Bob Tanenbaum (tentative)
  • Come January, Len plans to air audio from the 1978 HSCA hearings
  • CTKA, 15th Anniversary of the King case, Jim Douglass
  • The JFK Cover-up: (Hurlburt 2014), Vasilios Vazakas review
  • Donald Thomas, Acoustic Analysis of the Kennedy Assassination
  • David Josephs on Mexico City, Part 1 Part 2, Section A
  • Vince Palamara, Why did Floyd Boring lie about being in Dallas?
  • Will the UN reopen the Dag Hammarskjold case?
  • Cheney, torture, one of the most evil men to be part of the White House
  • Rise of the Vulcans: (Mann 2004), Peddlers of Crisis: (Sanders 1999)
  • Committee on the Present Danger, Paul Nitze, Team B
  • Bush One did not go all the way to Baghdad, Rovegate
  • The Project for the New American Century
  • More Canadian Army suicides than casualties
  • Oil, from 100 dollars a barrel down to 50, Saudis are calling the shots
  • The way the world is today began on November 22nd, 1963
  • Listener letters, Jim on Bugliosi and the Charles Manson case
  • Lincoln assassination was a conspiracy, Booth, Confederate intelligence
  • Marilyn Sitzman and two unknown black teenagers in Dealey Plaza
  • Self-censorship, destruction of documents, The//Intercept
  • Other false defectors, The Ordeal of Otto Otepka (Gill 1969)
  • Another ring around Gary Mack's neck
  • Jim considers himself not a leftist, but a Kennedy-Liberal
  • The political situation in Dallas, the Chicago Plot was for real
  • Little evidence that Oswald ever went to or returned from Mexico City
  • Who set it up, and why? A high level sophisticated conspiracy
  • "This is the key!", it's a collage of disinformation, 50 Reasons...
  • The Saturday Night Special, Cable 243 to Lodge in Saigon
  • President Kennedy was being countermanded by the State Department
  • Kennedy never was for the coup, he recalled Lodge to fire him
  • The Single Bullet Fallacy, the lead in Connally's body, Henry Hurt
  • The whole cannot be greater than the sum of the parts
  • The need for the Single Bullet arose at the WC in late January, 1964

    Show #709
    Original airdate: December 11, 2014
    Guests: Joe Green / William Pepper / Dave Ratcliffe
    Topics: The Anniversary of the King/Jowers Trial

    Play Joe Green   (52:12)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Joe has a new book, Dissenting Views II (2014)
  • John Judge was an associate of both Joe and Len
  • Sections on JFK, Memorials, Cinema, Interviews, Best and Recommended Books
  • Attacks with cherry-picked "facts" vs. DiEugenio, McKnight, Palamara, McBride
  • Accepting authority vs. information that makes sense, Pavlovian bells
  • Everything is related to everything else at a certain level
  • LBJ is not the center of any huge conspiracy, not the prime mover
  • Free essay downloads at Joe's site,
  • Allen Dulles, Reinhard Gehlen, architects of the Cold War
  • A Mae Brussell archive,
  • The Parallax View, Three Days Of The Condor, The Conversation, Blow Out
  • Joe worked on the upcoming documentary film King Kill 63 (2015)
  • Film from the 50th, on the ground in Dallas 11/22/14
  • Len interviewed (BOR #305 1/18/05) Loren Singer, author of The Parallax View
  • Warren Beatty as a Manchurian Candidate, the brain washing sequence
  • RFK hit in the back from the front, JFK hit in the front from behind
  • The Single Bullet Fantasy, in the 70's, serious, adult films
  • A commission to enforce the lie, the truth is done by independent researchers
  • We're seeing institutionalized injustice, Homeland Security, TSA 9/11
  • Selected writings of John Judge at
  • Thy Will Be Done: (Colby/Dennett 1996), Du Pont Dynasty: (Colby 2014)
  • The Plot to Seize the White House: (Archer 2007)

    Play William Pepper   (1:01:04)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • 15 years ago the jury reached a verdict in the King/Jowers trial
  • Author Jim Douglass sat through the whole trial
  • Orders to Kill: (1998), An Act of State: (2008)
  • Dr. William Pepper for the Plaintiff, Mr. Lewis Garrison for the Defendant
  • Loyd Jowers had admitted his role in the killing
  • Ray shooting from the rooming house was demolished by the evidence
  • Since the trial, Dr. Pepper has put together much more information
  • The planned Poor People’s Campaign march on Washington
  • The spotter, the shooter, and Jowers were in the bushes
  • James Earl Ray was wrongly convicted, his Mustang
  • Raoul Corello, Jowers was afraid of an indictment
  • Snipers, a railroad building, a water tower, in a window next to the rooming house
  • Army snipers and photographers on the firehouse, Col. John Downey
  • LBJ, "I can't get out of this war, my friends are making too much money"
  • The Army Security Agency (ASA) had King under surveillance
  • The case was not brought for money, but to obtain the truth
  • The evidence was overwhelming, 70 witnesses, the jury had everything they needed
  • Johnson knew that the assassins were afoot, that this was going to take place
  • It is hard to believe a person can be so uninformed as to call Oswald the assassin
  • Justice has been denied, the power of the ruling forces in American society
  •, Orders To Kill II, about a year away
  • We are very small voices crying in the wilderness, in darkness, unseen and unheard
  • King's drive for justice and equality was the root cause of his assassination
  • Dr. Pepper's The Children of Vietnam brought him to the attention of Dr. King
  • Oligarchic America, more insidious, economics, deprivation, hostility, is worse
  • Throughout history, they always ultimately fail, so will they fail, in this republic
  • Len recorded an album with Willianm Pepper
  • Songs Of Peace and Violence in the Shadow of Drawn Swords

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (16:49)   Real Media or MP3 download

  •, 15th anniversary of the verdict in the Martin Luther King murder trial
  • Randy Keeler, Project Unspeakable, trauma, truth, and healing
  • Martin Schotz, the illuson of democracy, contentment in the status quo
  • King, Gandhi and satyagraha, truth-force
  • The trial is very important, 70 witnesses, found in favor of the plaintiff
  • JFK, Malcolm X, King, RFK, tremendously vital, willing to stand and die
  • The few who have their hands on the levers of power, the invisible ones
  • There are still beacons of hope, hopeful signs, effect honesty

    Show #708
    Original airdate: November 27, 2014
    Guests: Walt Brown / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Listener Questions

    Play Walt Brown   (1:16:31)   MP3 download

  • Walt spoke at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas this November 22nd
  • The museum will have his presentation in thier video archve
  • Why are there so many unanswered questions?
  • Classified documents and disinformation
  • Who was Jack Ruby? Was he mobbed up?
  • Connally would have heard Splat! Bang!
  • Ruby was an enigma, he wasn't making any sense
  • The mob doesn't kill politicians
  • Oswald, a poor shot, an unsighted gun, no firing practice
  • He was involved in something that day
  • 1026 North Beckley, 22 bedrooms, the list is classified
  • The rifle leads to Hidel, to Oswald, to an anti-Castro fanatic
  • Oswald may have expected a failed, faked Cuban-inspired assassination
  • Marina, her English improved real quick
  • She and Ruth Paine were visited by Col. J. D. Wilmeth on the 19th
  • Army Intelligence is all over Dealey plaza
  • Walt's Master Analytic Chronology of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • The epileptic incident, an Army Intelligence officer right there
  • James Powell, bought Cuban oil leases, took a photo of the empty window
  • Somebody had to know Oswald was in the building, that was Powell
  • Jack Lawrence, worked for the Downtown Lincoln-Mercury car dealership
  • Robert Croft, the accidental tourist, a very good FBI and a missing photo
  • Oswald didn't defect, "some" intelligence agency, maybe ONI, too obvious
  • On the odd chance a U-2 plane would be shot down, blame Oswald
  • Fletcher Prouty on the U-2 Incident (Video / Text)
  • A lack of hydrogen and an un-armed Russian SU-9's propwash
  • Embarrass Eisenhower, heat up the Cold War
  • Military contractors build stuff, undue influence
  • Peace isn't good for business, it was about war and peace
  • Contact Walt at, or at 37 E. Liberty, Hillsdale, NJ 07642
  • An upcoming 400 page book limited to 100 signed copies
  • Fighting in Syria, our taxes, not our business, people make profit
  • If Vietnam doesn't happen, military officers face slow promotion
  • Officers approve weapon systems, bribes for these huge contracts
  • From 1940, military spending and the American economy
  • A joint space venture, the Soviets didn't have the technology
  • Stop the bomber gap, stop the missile gap, the Test Ban Treaty
  • Presidents get everything they want, except the right to make decisions
  • Watergate was the assassination of Richard Nixon

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:09:35)   MP3 download

  • Jim was the keynote speaker at the JFK Lancer Conference on the 21st
  • The people running the Warren Commission, Dulles, McCloy, Ford, Hoover
  • The verdict was in, Oswald, with no confederates at-large
  • Not an adversarial proceeding, Oswald was never provided a defense
  • Arlen Spector and the unsectioned bullet wounds
  • In New Orleans Pierre Finck refused the question eight times
  • The military interfered with the autopsy, Curtis LeMay was there
  • Why did the media not pick up on this? Why no writer?
  • The magic bullet, Bardwell Odum, O.P. Wright
  • The wrong rifle, John Stringer, Prayer Man
  • The early researchers, this case was even worse than they imagined
  • Ruby, connections to organized crime and Dallas cops
  • CE399, gut reaction, there's no way it did all that
  • The Boston Globe on the Wecht Conference (2013)
  • The HSCA review of the Ruby polygraph was good
  • 10 broken protocals, indicitive of deceptive criteria
  • A banana republic, the killers got away with it
  • Kennedy policies were changed after the assassination
  • CTKA, Filling the Blanks in Snowden’s ‘Citizenfour’
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, FISA courts, the law was broken
  • TEMPORA and PRISM, they download e-mail content
  • Gary Aguilar at the AARC Conference
  • David Mantik on the Harper Fragment Part 2
  • Listeners: Jim's Pittsburgh talk on Kennedy's foreign policy
  • Ivar Kreuger, killed in Paris in 1932
  • We need to know how the economy works, where power is located

    Show #707
    Original airdate: November 20, 2014
    Guests: Chris Gallop / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Listener Questions

    Play Chris Gallop   (30:57)   MP3 download

  • Chris has been researching the assassination for 28 years
  • His paramedic background has focused him on the medical evidence
  • Chris's JFK-The Continuing Inquiry Facebook page and website
  • Dallas on the 50th, the mayor closed a public place (Dealey Plaza)
  • In 2013 Chris held a luncheon with speakers in Dallas
  • He is sponsoring another this year on 11/21 in Mansfield, Texas
  • A luncheon, low price, open to the average person, a one day event
  • Chris has attracted new people to the research community
  • We have a legacy of previous researchers to expound on
  • Speakers: Beverly Oliver, Debra Conway, Gayle Nix-Jackson, Roger Stone
  • Phil Nelson, a video message from Joseph McBride, and Gary Shaw
  •, about 40 minutes from the assassination site
  • Researchers are working towards the common goal
  • Together, we can solve this case, stand united, we will prevail

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:14:14)   MP3 download

  • Yet another JFK assassination anniversary this weekend
  • Debra Conway has pulled together an anniversary conference
  • In Dallas, at the Adolfus, Jim will deliver the keynote address
  • Jim will give a presentation on JFK's foreign policy
  • Jim Marrs, Larry Hancock, Joe Backes, Pat Speer, Wesley Frazier or his son
  • Sherry Fiester, Gayle Nix Jackson, Bill Simpich, Stu Wexler, others
  • Nov. 21-22, conference info available at JFK Lancer
  • Stunning how bad the Warren Report is, only seven pages of medical evidence
  • The worst homicide investigation maybe ever, 'To convict Lee Harvey Oswald'
  • Otto Skorzeny was an anti-Lumumba contract agent for CIA in Congo
  • William Harvey and the assassination of Lumumba
  • CTKA, Part 2 of David Josephs on Mexico City due soon
  • David Mantik on the Harper Fragment Part 1 and Part 2
  • Hasan Yusuf is working on Jack Ruby associate Larry Crafard
  • This Saturday night Jim will be a guest on Coast To Coast
  • Donald Gibson, Battling Wall Street: (1994), will soon be a guest on BOR
  • Video documentaries, The LBJ Tapes RFK Vs LBJ, I Killed JFK
  • Listener questions, Hardway, Lopez, Blakey (BOR Show #697)
  • Blakey was all about having a report done, under budget
  • Dan Hardway and Eddie Lopez and Gary Aguilar on C-SPAN3
  • Doug Horne, 'David Theiss', 50 years, disinformation people in our midst
  • Robert Groden does good work on the photographic evidence
  • CBS, The Sixties:, Bugliosi, no conspiracy, no cover up
  • Has anyone identified the person in the Dillard photo?
  • A proposed JFK on-line study program, a learning management system (LMS)
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years..., battling with the Flat Earth Society
  • Something for Jim to think about doing when he retires
  • Philip Shenon, A Cruel and Shocking Act: (2013), Jim's review
  • Frontline, Oswald/Kostikov, where is the evidence?
  • John Armstrong on Jack Ruby, a photo of Oswald in Florida in 1960
  • Eddie Lopez and the HSCA did interview Fidel Castro
  • The Civil Air Patrol photo of Oswald with Ferrie

    Show #706
    Original airdate: November 13, 2014
    Guests: Col. Fletcher Prouty and David Ratcliffe
    Topics: The Power Behind the JFK Assassination

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty   (52:09)   MP3 download

  • This is from a 1989 interview of Col. Fletcher Prouty with David Ratcliffe
  • A trial for the act of murder, by law, is the function of state governments
  • The possibility is that there would have been no mystery
  • If normal police activity had been, it would have been solved before midnight
  • The people who made that plan intended to control the United States of America
  • An extremely powerful group, in order to control the progress of the government
  • He was going to merge our space agency, the Russian space agency, to go to the moon
  • The TFX fighter procurement plan, a second pressure point
  • In 1962 and 1963 the Vietnam War was not a big issue, Vietnamization
  • NSAM 263, of Oct 1963, the major pressure point, to assassinate JFK
  • No agency played a role as an agency, a certain small group coalesces
  • People from those agencies might have been called upon for certain specialties
  • The Secret Service. is augmented. with specially trained units from the military
  • There were false Secret Service there, who put those teams together?
  • They shifted the autopsy around, who arranged that entire cover story?
  • This was an inside, powerful group that scheduled all these event
  • The Secret Service, studies the routes, for at least 90 days ahead of time
  • It is not Secret Service policy to change a route at the last minute
  • High level elements within the government, were able to get that route changed
  • Everybody knew the route went one way, it was a shock, you don't hear about that
  • The only person in the photograph you can't see the face of
  • I recognized immediately, that man is General Lansdale
  • Was Lansdale walking in front of the building to reassure some people?
  • From senior government people, I got immediate confirmation: "that's Ed Lansdale"
  • I was in New Zealand, the Christchurch newspaper came out
  • There's enough information about Oswald to fill pages
  • News was written ahead of time, to say Oswald killed the President, with three shots
  • ANTARCTIC PROJECTS BULLETIN , December 1963 V 5 N 4 Page 9 {download}

    Youtube Video - Lansdale in Dealey Plaza

    Show #705
    Original airdate: November 6, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / John Barbour
    Topics: Book Reviews / Letters / Texas Theater Screening

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:01:24)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency (Donald Gibson 2014 re-issue)
  • This book places JFK within the power structure of the United States
  • Starting with a great chapter on the Steel Crisis
  • Dark Alliance: (Gary Webb 1999), Kill the Messenger: (Nick Schou 2006)
  • Synchronized shots in Dealey Plaza? A definite possibility
  • Jim thinks three teams, Grassy Knoll, sixth floor (east window), Dal-Tex
  • The Murder of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit (Gary Murr 1971)
  • Gary is soon to publish a book on the assassination
  • Howard Hunt outed in Watergate? He and McCord were "retired" CIA
  • McCord, “If Helms goes ... every tree in the forest will fall”
  • At the Watergate, McCord's actions are really inexplicable
  • Compulsive Spy (Tad Szulc 1974)
  • Jim may contact Carol Hewett to speak about Judy Baker on BOR
  • Is there a CTKA forum? No. The need for closed and moderated forums
  • Hasan Yusuf, Where was Oswald during the shooting?
  • Is Lisa Pease better at informing on what is known than what is false?
  • JFK and the Unspeakable, Kennedy, Johnson and the Nonaligned World
  • Media critique of Bugliosi's disinformation masterpiece
  • The Oxnard Call, predicting that JFK would be killed?
  • Jim's review of the film JFK: A President Betrayed (2013)
  • Video of HSCA Investigators Dan Hardway and Eddie Lopez at AARC
  • The assassins learned from the Missile Crisis, The Kennedy Tapes: (2002)
  • Determined not to escalate, it was Kennedy and his brother
  • His advisor were ready to turn on him, the Hawks must have been aware
  • Castro came out of that with the most success
  • American troops ashore at the Bay of Pigs?, Rip Robertson
  • Did Greer detect a shot from the front?

    Play John Barbour   (45:21)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A lot of JFK researchers are also musicians, including Len
  • John will be in Dallas at the Texas Theater for the anniversary
  • On the 21st he will screen his film, The Garrison Tapes
  • John feels predestined to have a relationship with the assassination
  • Jim Garrison was the first to get hold of the Zapruder film
  • John wrote material for Frank Sinatra
  • John felt that the HSCA four shot finding vindicated Garrison
  • "How many shooters?", "32", "Garrison's a kook"
  • John wanted Robert Kennedy Jr. to help screen the film on the 50th
  • John fell out with Sinatra over coroner Thomas Noguchi
  • The Last Word on the Assassination (2014) DVD
  • A censored joke about LBJ, his daughter, her marriage, and Earl Warren
  • Enough information to charge the FBI, LBJ, and CIA for impeding justice
  • On November 22nd we should march on Washington and the White House
  • Len's Band Website or video Hots on for nowhere and Tribute to Bill Hicks
  • Len's Album with William Pepper Songs Of Peace and Violence in the Shadow of Drawn Swords

    Show #704
    Original airdate: October 30, 2014
    Guests: Larry Hancock / Joseph Backes / Doug Campbell
    Topics: Dallas Conference / Document Releases / Assasination Research

    Play Larry Hancock   (32:13)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • November 21-22, 2014 JFK Lancer conference in Dallas
  • Debra Conway and Jim DiEugenio pulled together
  • The focus will be on the Warren Commission Report
  • Conference info available at JFK Lancer
  • In 2013 the event in Dealey Plaza faced away from the assassination scene
  • A psyop media event, don't look over there!
  • Lancer had their biggest conference of all in 2013
  • Friday: Alan Dale, Jim DiEugenio, Brian Edwards, Casey Quinlan
  • Saturday: Sherry Fiester, Gayle Nix Jackson, Rob Frazier, Pat Hall,
  • Jim Marrs, Bill Simpich, Pat Speer, Stu Wexler, Larry Hancock
  • Lancer, COPA, and others will be at the knoll on the 22nd
  • Shadow Warfare: (Hancock/Wexler 2014)
  • Larry will present new Bill Kelly information on the Air Force One tapes

    Play Joseph Backes    (57:56)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Joe runs the
  • The JFK Records Act, RIF, a thirteen digit code number for each document
  • As documents were released, Joe would get copies from the archives
  • Still seeking documents related to George Joannides
  • Joe presented at the AARC 2014 Conference
  • ISOO, ISCAP, Clinton Executive Order 12958 (1995), declassification
  • Bush and Chaney reversed declassification, expect unredacted releases in 2017
  • Joe is creating a master list of RIF numbers
  • First three RIF digits, CIA - 104, FBI - 124, HSCA - 180
  • Bill Kelly on the ARRB, ONI, and LCDR Terri Pike
  • A solid wall, we're not going to divulge our secrets
  • Too many pages withheld for just a Lone Nut
  • Joannides, DRE, Phillips, JM-WAVE, HSCA, Lazar and Morley lawsuits
  • Lopez Report, unreleased sub-report: Was Lee Harvey Oswald an Agent of the CIA?
  • Secret Service destruction of Presidential travel records
  • Definitely a domestic conspiracy, made to seem like a backlash against Mongoose
  • Foreign nations have archival material on Oswald, Russia, Mexico
  • The audio tape of Oswald being impersonated in Mexico City
  • Joe's best way to understand the releases was to go to DC and get them
  • The Mary Ferrell Foundation, best site for the JFK Records Collection
  • Secret Service agents drinking 190 proof alcohol in Fort Worth
  • Survivor's Guilt: (Palamara 2013), security stripping, uniquely insecure
  • Army Intel, why were they there? Advanced knowledge
  • We will ultimately know the real full story
  • Ed Sherry and his interesting emails
  • Contribute to Joe's research at

    Play Doug Campbell   (40:17)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Doug attended the JFK Historical Group Conference on the Warren Report
  • David Denton, Greg Burnham and Gerry Hemming
  • Fletcher Prouty, the shooters were military pros
  • Walt Brown, facilitators, spotters, after action damage assessment, a road crew
  • So much information, we forget things, Oswald and the CIA (Newman 1995)
  • The January 30, 1962 Hemming Los Angeles gun incident
  • Sixth Army CID, ghosts of Army Intelligence
  • Doug Horne, Gen. Curtis LeMay, the Rand Corporation, Robert Webster
  • Missile Crisis, "This is almost as bad as the appeasement at Munich"
  • These guys wanted a nuclear exchange, firebombing Japanese cities
  • Honest Joe's Pawnshop car, Forrest Sorrels, Ford Edsel station wagon
  • Not what to think, but how to think about the facts and the evidence
  • Robert Blakey, how can he believe the Single-Bullet Theory?
  • "...we could not determine...the...bullets were...fired from the rifle, CE-139"
  • Leave believe off, understand the evidence, what are the facts?
  • Here's the evidence, I understand these facts to be true
  • Explain the facts better because so far I am unconvinced
  • Send listener questions for Robert Blakey to Len at

    Show #703
    Original airdate: October 23, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Gary Webb
    Topics: Gary Webb / CTKA / Treefrog / Letters

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:33:15)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's review of the film Kill the Messenger at
  • 1996, Gary Webb, Dark Alliance article (1996), CIA/Contra drug dealing
  • Millions of dollars worth of crack cocaine
  • Sen. John Kerry, 1989, Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy
  • A counter-attack on Webb by Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times
  • Managing a Nightmare: CIA Public Affairs and the Drug Conspiracy Story
  • CIA report, CIA...COCAINE TRAFFICKING - Volume II: The Contra Story (1998)
  • Dark Alliance: (Webb 1999), Gary Webb obituary (1955-2004)
  • From the opening credits a very well done movie and screenplay
  • The link between CIA and drug running was a radioactive subject
  • The best and most important American picture I’ve seen in a long time
  • Anatomy of an Online Atrocity: Wikipedia, Gamaliel, and the Fletcher Prouty entry
  • The Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site, which is blacklisted by Wikipedia
  • John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • Mexico City, Part 1 by David Josephs, A New Look at Jack Ruby by John Armstrong
  • A photo of Lee Oswald in Florida in 1960, when he was supposed to be in Russia
  • Jim's review of Kennedy, Johnson and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2012)
  • The research community has lost Ed Sherry (Treefrog), obituary
  • We need new young people to get active, to pass the torch to
  • RFK never believed the Warren Commission, excuse that first day reaction
  • The rifle shot induced guitar-like acoustics of the TSBD would have been heard
  • Madeline Brown's Murchison party claim, Jim thinks it is a myth
  • CIA brainwashing, Eugene Dinkin predicted the JFK assassination
  • The Real Tonkin Gulf Deception Wasn't by Lyndon Johnson
  • Johnson had been building towards this casus belli
  • The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was prepared weeks before, Virtual JFK (2010)
  • The Great Carcano Swindle, Harvey and Lee (Armstrong 1997)
  • Howard Hunt outed in Watergate? Hunt was CIA inside Nixon's administration
  • More than one secret agenda to get Nixon out of office, the Huston Plan
  • Secret Agenda (Hougan 1984),, CTKA

    Play Gary Webb   (1:07:51)   Real Media or MP3 download or YouTube Video

  • Gary Webb with Len and Anita Langley on BOR Show #47, August 23, 2001
  • Gary was a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News in California
  • Drug asset forfeitures, cocaine, Crips and Bloods
  • Some of the money was used to buy weapons for the Nicaraguan Contras
  • "Freeway" Ricky Ross, the start of the crack epidemic, Dark Alliance: (Webb 1999)
  • CIA was running the drugs into the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles
  • The group included an MBA in marketing, a weapons advisor, a macro-economist
  • Norwin Meneses, they were untouched by law enforcement for many years
  • A professional marketing operation, not a lot of moral examination
  • Crack democratized cocaine, a cheaper unit cost, a bigger kick
  • Dr. Robert Byck congressional testimony on the smoking of cocaine
  • Increased prison sentences, not allowed to study it
  • Political overtones to the crack market, Miami, Haiti
  • An LAPD Rick Ross task force, civil rights violations
  • CIA/Contra evidence disappeared, CIA/Meneses, operated fairly openly
  • He could be blatant about it because he was a useful money launderer
  • The Sandinista revolution, the Somozas, Reagan, a PR campaign
  • "The moral equivalent of our founding fathers", DEA Agent Celerino Castillo
  • A DEA Investigation of CIA, these things get rooted in systems, they're protected
  • Did Gary make a difference? Yes. In African-American society this is still an issue
  • This story took off in 1996 on the world wide web, linked to source documents
  • The backlash was enormous, the Washington Post, the newspaper's reputation
  • CIA was allowed to investigate itself, cocaine brought in on freighters
  • 3 million dollars a day in crack sales, Dr. Hugo Spadafora
  • Cocaine trafficking was the coin of the realm in Central America
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the CIA and the Department of Justice
  • Agencies were profiting from the Drug War
  • Asset forfeiture, property confiscated without being charged

    Show #702
    Original airdate: October 16, 2014
    Guests: Len Osanic / David Ratcliffe and Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Listener letter / Allen Dulles and the CIA

    Play Len Osanic / Col. Fletcher Prouty   (1:27:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Robert Blakey interview, the Steven Kinser interview
  • Len's interest, the power that had JFK removed
  • Len presents these lone nutters for BOR listener's edification
  • A lot of good material in The Brothers (Kinser 2013)
  • Listener letters, the Robert Stone interview (BOR #362, Feb 21 2008)
  • Len invited Stone, then warned him that BOR could not suport conclusions of Oswald's Ghost (2007)
  • Mae Brussell broadcasts, Len encourages listening to them
  • Summary of H.Res.222 - 95th Congress (1977-1978)
  • David Ratcliff and Fletcher Prouty, Understanding The Secret Team
  • Allen Dulles was in Paris with the Wilson Peace Conference after WW I
  • The Dulles's were senior directors of Sullivan & Cromwell, an office in Nazi Germany
  • The World Council of Churches, OSS WW II experience, an unusual individual
  • Preaching anti-Communism, he abolished the DDA, the office for planning
  • An agency and a government of reaction, a straightjacket Kennedy was trying to remove
  • Gen. Smith, SACSA, Gen. Erskine, Special Ops moved in to the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Importance of Deception, Gen. Krulak, Counterinsurgency began under Eisenhower
  • The bureaucracy was all ready for Nixon, the infrastructure was in place
  • The Taylor letter, NSAMs 55, 56 and 57, the shock in Washington
  • Lemnitzer was not a cold warrior, his successor Taylor was, a major change
  • Taylor, not the representative military man of that time, made Ambassador to Vietnam
  • The make up of the Taylor/Cuban Study Group, Dulles made up the witness list
  • Dulles did some indoctrination on Bobby Kennedy and Maxwell Taylor
  • The Study Group's report (more) was in the form of a letter to Kennedy
  • Gen. Lemnitzer certainly was qualified to take over the post that Eisenhower had held in Europe
  • Ed Lansdale, Charles Bohannon, Lucien Conein, Bill Rosson, Arthur Arundel, Rufus Phillips
  • Operation Zapata (Aguilar 1981), The Ballad of Ed Lansdale

    Show #701
    Original airdate: October 9, 2014
    Guests: Steven Kinzer / David Mantik
    Topics: The Dulles Brothers / The Harper Fragment

    Play Steven Kinzer   (35:58)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War (2013)
  • Brothers who ran the State Department and CIA at the same time, overt and covert
  • Grandfather and uncle were Secretary of State, Princeton, the political elite
  • Presbyterian missionaries, good and evil, Sullivan & Cromwelll
  • The story of America, foreign policy in line with corporations
  • The Room, a small elite, lawyers and bankers, Council on Foreign Relations
  • A perch on Wall Street, transform their views into policy, unelected
  • Allen, Intelligence in Europe in both World Wars
  • Federal Council of Churches, interventionist missionary point of view
  • Superficial thinkers, sending people off to death didn't bother them
  • Outright refusal to negotiate with the USSR Kremlin peace feelers, a paradigm of hostility
  • In the American character, negotiation is compromise, appeasement
  • 1953, overthrow in Iran, planned in secrecy, deluded, a false world
  • Administrative incompetence, CIA poorly run, fire Allen Dulles
  • Foster, sour, arrogant, Allen was a pathological womanizer
  • They weren't great figures, quite superficial, they weren't thoughtful
  • Book does not discuss what Allen was doing from the day he was fired until JFK shot
  • More research needs to be done, but this book is a start.
  • The painting depicting J. Foster and Allen in "Glorious Victory" by Diego Rivera View Here
  • CSPAN interview
  • sample of the book The Brothers

    Play  David Mantik    (46:06)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dr. Mantik presented at AARC, and heard Doug Horne at the JFK Historical Group
  • Veciana's report, The Last Investigation (Fonzi 1993)
  • Robert Blakey was in attendance and spoke privately with Veciana
  • Blakey felt duped by CIA, feels the Magic Bullet theory is true
  • "...we could not determine...the...bullets were...fired from the rifle, CE-139"
  • Doug Horne's two-hour talk, most Oswald evidence would not be allowed
  • David is writing about the missing Harper Fragment, a hole in the back of the head
  • The three head shot scenario, the rear, the right forehead, near the right ear
  • His article will be published soon at CTKA
  • Where is the mainstream media? Researchers discuss their evidence on-line
  • McAdams, obfuscating the facts, Bugliosi, bullying
  • Dr. Mantik's review of Assassination Logic (McAdams 2011)
  • Reclaiming Parkland audio (DeEugenio 2013)

    Show #700
    Original airdate: October 2, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / David Denton
    Topics: 2014 Conferences / Mexico City

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:14:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim was with Dan Hardway and Ed Lopez at the AARC 2014 Conference
  • Antonio Veciana was with Alpha 66, his CIA handler was 'Maurice Bishop'
  • Likely, David Phillips was Oswald's mid-level manager
  • Blakey rescheduled and did not appear with Hardway and Lopez
  • Jim found the conference to be somewhat disorganized
  • Jim spoke about Kennedy's foreign policy
  • John McCloy convinced the Carter administration to admit the Shah of Iran
  • Jim has recieved JFK's September 19, 1963 Vietnam evacuation plan
  • Mexico City, Ann Goodpasture was Phillip's Man Friday
  • She lied to Hardway and Lopez, somebody fiddled with the evidence
  • CIA underestimated Dan and Ed, they got deep into Mexico City
  • Goodpasture was responsible for photos and tapes
  • Ed and Dan were given summaries, not the original data
  • Phillips was with Special Affairs, he had unique access to the original tapes
  • Sprague suspected Phillips of altering the translated transcript
  • The missing report, "Was Oswald an Agent of the CIA?"
  • Secret Service should have had the Mexico City/Oswald data from the FBI
  • Ten pieces of evidence that the tapes did not disappear
  • CIA planned to ensnare Oswald in a trap on November 22nd
  • Hoover, "CIA...the snow job they gave us about Oswald being in Mexico City"
  • Johnson and Hoover knew soon after that this was a high level conspiracy
  • Plaque Five: The Conspiracy the Commission Couldn't Find

  • Play David Denton   (24:45)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Warren Report 50 Years Later: A Critical Examination, changehistjfk.blogspot
  • David feels the conference was a success
  • Doug Horne covered the autopsy and the Zapruder film
  • Blatant manipulation of the medical evidence at every level
  • Expect a future release of the conference on DVD
  • Cyril Wecht gave the keynote speech with a lot of passion
  • Greg Burnham was impressive and insightful
  • There's a big vacuum without JFK Lancer and COPA
  • Ed Haslam, Dr. Mary's Monkey (2014 (new edition))
  • There are different viewpoints on the assassination in the community

    Show #699
    Original airdate: September 25, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Doug Campbell
    Topics: The Mexico City Impostor / Reclassification / 6.5 Ammo

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:19:44)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim will speak at the AARC 2014 Conference September 25-28
  • His topic will be Kennedy's foreign policy, CTKA
  • Jim's Why the Warren Report Today is Inoperable, Plaque Five
  • Excised Mexico City material from Reclaiming Parkland (2013)
  • Mexico City is the key, Oswald as a communist, a plot to kill Kennedy
  • The WC is uncertain how Oswald got from New Orleans to Houston
  • His travel clashes with the Sylvia Odio incident, he was impersonated
  • Check, post office, bus ticket, phone call, Employment Commission
  • Continental Trailways, Flecha Roja, passenger manifest, luggage list
  • Australian girls, loquacious Lee, passport, Russian stamp, CE-1969
  • Conspiracy in Camelot (Kroth 2003), John Howard Bowen, CE-2443
  • CE-2195, FBI investigation, “The person using the name Oswald…”
  • A fabricated paper trail, Harvey and Lee (Armstrong), pgs. 677-89, shocking
  • A photo, Silvia Duran's name in Lee's notebook, her description of Lee
  • The WC never interviewed Duran, CIA had her arrested
  • The Lopez-Hardway Report, Oswald and the CIA - Probe Vol. 6 No. 6 (Newman)
  • The CIA station in Mexico City, surveillance, photographic coverage
  • Cubans, Russians, visits, phone calls, transcripts, Russian, Spanish
  • Persons not mentioned in the Warren Report: Winston Scott, David Phillips,
  • Anne Goodpasture, Boris Tarasoff, his wife, Charlotte Bustos, Elsie Scaleti
  • Cable traffic, no mention of a follow-up inquiry, David Slawson
  • The Last Investigation (Fonzi 1993), Phillips, false stories about Oswald
  • Mexico City station delayed notifying CIA headquarters, a week later
  • Goodpasture, unserved indictments for perjury, ""
  • LILYRIC, pulse-activated cameras, no photo taken of Oswald
  • The issue of an Oswald impostor in Mexico City will not go away
  • The Mystery Man photo, CIA cable, "...not Oswald"
  • Dodges, evasions and fabrications by Goodpasture, part of the cover-up
  • A listener has given BOR a complete audio-taped set of the HSCA Hearings

    Play Doug Campbell   (33:34)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Doug will be speaking at The Warren Report 50 Years Later, September 26-28
  • The Dallas Action podcast, The Lone Gunman podcast
  • CIA Successfully Conceals Bay of Pigs History
  • Vietnam, Cuba, war on drugs, badly botched estimates, unsanctioned programs
  • Historical Document Reclassification
  • Gil Jesus, The Rifle Ammo, manufactured "during World War II"
  • Ammunition production had been completed back in 1944, CE-2694
  • Gun shop owners John Thomas Masen and John Brinegar
  • The matter was dropped. somewhere in the sales of those first ten boxes is the person who framed Oswald

    Show #698
    Original airdate: September 18, 2014
    Guests: Greg Burnham
    Topics: Warren Report Anniversary Conference

    Play Greg Burnham   (20:22)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Warren Commission created more questions than it answered
  • Greg will present at The Warren Report 50 Years Later, September 26-28
  • Greg will be speaking on the intention of the WC Report
  • The Report did tremendous harm, Once upon a time there was a boy named Lee
  • Puzzle pieces that never quite fit, damaging to a democratice republic
  • Dealey Plaza, street magic, they have kept us busy micro analyzing the evidence
  • Beyond 'who benefited', what changed, what was the outcome?
  • 13-Disc Set and Digital Download of the Wecht Conference

    Show #697
    Original airdate: September 11th, 2014
    Guests: Ed Lopez, Dan Hardway, with Robert Blakey
    Topics: The HSCA Investigation

    Play Ed Lopez, Dan Hardway   (1:55:39)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Ed was in Cornell Law School, and helped Robert Blakey write some chapters in a book
  • Blakey asked Ed to help him to "find who killed Johnny," John F. Kennedy
  • Dan, also at Cornell, asked Blakey if he could also go to D.C. to work on the HSCA
  • Blakey's Munchkins, many of the staff did not trust the Blakey people
  • Dan had read some books, Ed had read Rush To Judgement (Lane 1966)
  • Ed was convinced they would get it right and find out who killed Kennedy
  • They had no preconceptions, they wanted to fix the holes left by the WC
  • Two years is a very short time, it included the writing of the report
  • Some contention about how to proceed arose between Ed and Dan and Blakey
  • Dan wanted to investigate CIA ties to Oswald and the assassination
  • Waiting for security clearances, Dan and Gaeton Fonzi interviewed Joseph Burkholder Smith
  • Ed's highlights, investigating Castro, with others, Ed travelled to Cuba
  • They interviewed Fidel Castro and other officials
  • Castro gave them a book of photos taken in Mexico City at the Cuban Consulate
  • Dan interviewed CIA employees from Mexico City, including David Atlee Phillips
  • Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City, the "Lopez Report"
  • Dan and Gaeton spearheaded the Mexico City investigation
  • Ed and Dan roomed with Gaeton, who knew more about investigating and Washington
  • Ed and Dan had some incredible success framing requests, until CIA got wise to them
  • They felt at the time, that David Phillips had foreknowledge of the assassination
  • Antonio Veciana, Bishop/Phillips, Ed felt Bernardo De Torres had foreknowledge
  • They heard that De Torres had been in Dealey Plaza, knew Hunt, knew William Harvey
  • Investigators were prevented from asking him about the operations he had been involved in
  • Ed and Dan often found names which surprised CIA, and CIA denied access to their files
  • But Ed and Dan felt that they could try to find the persons on their own
  • Ed took a vacation to Mexico City, CIA made great efforts to frustrate him
  • Some docments were seen by Blakey, who did not have the detailed knowledge Ed and Dan had
  • Blakey was concerned with getting the report out on time, "Reality is irrelevant"
  • Congress was gonna cut funding, final hearings, final report, run political interference
  • Stansfield Turner memos to Chairman Stokes complaining about Dan
  • Before Joannides, Ed and Dan had an office out at CIA, files would be brought to them
  • Was Oswald in Mexico City? Yes, but someone else went to the Cuban Embassy
  • Castro's book of photos and CIA photos did not include Oswald
  • Perhaps there were no phone calls, just prepared transcripts
  • Ann Goodpasture and David Phillips, lying to Congress
  • A fight over the Johnny Roselli debriefing files
  • Ed wishes that he had taken his own notes, for continued investigation
  • As inexperienced researchers, Dan and Ed did a good a job on Mexico City
  • If Oswald was being run by Joannides, Joannides was reporting to Helms
  • Dan and Ed and Robert will be speaking at the AARC 2014 Conference
  • The following is a recently taped interview with Robert Blakey:
  • Mr. Stokes, a professional investigation, consistent with dignity
  • Robert worked in the Justice Department under Robert Kennedy
  • Sprague was a bull in a china stop on the Hill, totally unsuited
  • The Hill was investigating the agencies, not the crimes
  • We spent 50% of our time investigating King's death
  • Robert believed the goverment had cooperated with the Warren Commission
  • CIA and the FBI withheld evidence from the Commission
  • Robert conducted a review of the investigative agencies
  • The WC had not conducted a conspiracy investigation, pathetic
  • The WC originally had a 30 day grant, the assassination is like a Rorschach test
  • Amateur researchers come with presuppositions, and don't know what they're doing
  • We were the largest, most expensive investigation up until that time
  • With CIA, a Memorandum of Understanding, George Joannides
  • S. M. Holland had the number of shots dead right
  • Four shots, two shooters, a conspiracy, organized crime associations
  • The following is the continuation of the interview of Dan Hardway:
  • The importance of the Mexico City / Oswald episode
  • Angleton started monitoring Lee Oswald as soon as he defected
  • After Mexico City, what were they doing? He says he's a patsy
  • A pre-planned disinformation operation, Mexico City, the critical piece
  • Implying a Russian connection to Oswald, provides a reason for a cover up
  • Remember the Cold War and how close to world-wide destruction we were
  • Lyndon Johnson in 1963, his behavior and conduct, he feared a world war
  • The ambiguous "they", we're speculating, enough smoke to run with it
  • The Committee needed more time, more money out of Congress
  • The ARRB was able to release Blakey's Segregated CIA Collection
  • Blakey was suspicious of CIA, they convinced him they were going to be open and honest
  • Joannides came in once they figured out what we were looking for, to shut us down
  • A van with antennas showed up near their house, Ed and Dan brought them coffee
  • Someone was at the Embassy claiming to be Lee Oswald, conflicting descriptions
  • Transcripts of contacts that couldn't have happened, inserted into the record
  • They lied to us, saying the DRE didn't have a case officer, it was Joannides
  • Dan will speak at the AARC 2014 Conference, September 25-28, and Antonio Veciana
  • Antonio Veciana and Maurice Bishop / David Atlee Phillips
  • Len encourages interested persons to attend at least one conference

    Play FIOY   (00:40::39)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • An album of music on quotes discussing 9/11

    Show #696
    Original airdate: September 4, 2014
    Guests: Cyril and Ben Wecht / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Passing the Torch Videos / Assassination Research

    Play Ben and Cyril Wecht   (33:66)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Conference video now available, 13-Disc Set and Digital Download
  • An excellent, well attended program in Pittsburgh, Passing the Torch 2013
  • Cyril and Ben will be speaking in DC at...
  • The Warren Report 50 Years Later, and the AARC 2014 Conference
  • The conference and videos cover medical evidence, investigations, media, etc.
  • HistoryExhumedCom Facebook page
  • DVDs are also available from the 2003 Into Evidence conference
  • Parkland doctor, Dr. Robert McClelland presented at the 2013 conference
  • Ben is impressed by the diversity in age, professions, etc. of the JKF case audience
  • Serious, rational researchers agree things did not happen as the WC reported
  • The benchmark is, there was a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy
  • Contact Ben through the History Exhumed web site
  • The Wecht Institute at Duquesne will be holding a 150 year conference on Lincoln's death

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:24:05)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's coming book review at, Chasing Shadows by Ken Hughes (2014)
  • Directly related to BOR concerns, what happened in Vietnam after Kennedy?
  • NSAM 273, NSAM 288, the Gulf of Tonkin, Rolling Thunder, the Tet Offensive
  • LBJ's 1968 bombing halt and withdrawal from the Presidential race
  • Candidates Nixon, Humphrey, Wallace, real progress towards peace would help Humphrey
  • Nixon was leading by 15 points, Nixon's unethical and probably illegal electioneering history
  • Negotiation success by Johnson would threaten Nixon, Thieu began dragging his feet
  • Bugged communications found that Anna Chennault was a Nixon go-between
  • July 1968, Nixon met with Chennault to set up a back channel to stop negotiations
  • Johnson was briefing the candidates, Humphrey hints there might be a change in his policy
  • Humphrey announces that he would stop the bombing for good
  • The North Vietnamese don't want to deal with Nixon
  • Bundy left - 1966, McNamara left - 1967, Ball left - 1968, over the escalation
  • As the North Vietnamese began to concede, Theiu backed out, due to Nixon/Chennault efforts
  • Johnson confronted Nixon, Noxon denied it, Johnson called it treason
  • In public, Nixon supported the peace talks, in private he prevented them
  • Hoover told Nixon of the bugging, blaming Cartha DeLoach
  • The "Plumbers", the Special Investigative Unit, to plug leaks
  • Nixon wanted to count the Jews in the Treasury Department
  • Nixon's irrational fear of the "Harvard people", the Ivy League
  • The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972 (Brinkley/Nichter 2014)
  • Robert Blakey, Eddie Lopez, and Dan Hardway are scheduled together on next week's BOR
  • Listeners are encouraged to e-mail questions for their appearance
  • Their report was originally classified by CIA and not included in the HSCA Report
  • CIA involvement in the "Oswald in Mexico City" charade
  • Antonio Veciana, Marie Fonzi, and Maurice Bishop/David Atlee Phillips
  • Phillips name does not appear in the Warren Report, the CIA anti-FPCC campaign
  • Jefferson Morley and the toleration of John McAdams
  • CTKA has had 3.8 million hits in the last year
  • Len does not do a daily show, BOR is a not-for-profit
  • Jim has offered to debate Jean Davison on BOR

    Show #695
    Original airdate: August 28, 2014
    Guests: Jerry Policoff
    Topics: AARC 2014 Conference

    Play Jerry Policoff   (56:58)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jerry was 16 and a fan of JFK on the day of the assassination
  • He read Inquest (Epstein 1966), Rush to Judgement (Lane 1966), etc., and the 26 volumes
  • Jerry has written much on the case, he joined the board of AARC
  • The 1979 Gallery magazine flexi-disc of the acoustic evidence
  • AARC 2014 Conference, September 25-28
  • The Warren Report and the JFK Assassination: A Half Century of Significant Disclosures
  • At the Bethesda Maryland Hyatt Regency, 888-421-1442
  • Speakers, Gary Aguilar, Russ Baker, Joseph Backes, Robert Blakey, Rex Bradford,
  • Brenda Brody, Alan Dale, Jim DiEugenio, Marie Fonzi, Wesley Buell Frazier,
  • Robert Groden, Eric Hamburg, Larry Hancock, Dan Hardway, Mal Hyman, Gayle Nix Jackson,
  • David Kaiser, William Kelly, Peter Kornbluh, Andrew Kreig, Jim Lesar, Gerald D. McKnight,
  • Jefferson Morley, John M. Newman, Jerry Policoff, Randolph Robertson, Jane Rusconi,
  • Peter Dale Scott, Bill Simpich, Wayne Smith, Pat Speer, Donald Thomas, Ernst Titovets,
  • Lamar Waldron, Cyril Wecht, hopefully David Talbot, and Andy Winiarczyk and his books
  • The 27th is the 50th anniversary of the public release of the Warren Report
  • Continuing violation of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992
  • Unreleased CIA 301 (person of interest) files on Lee and Marina Owald
  • 50 Reasons... Episode 44, Dan Hardway and George Joannides
  • $50 registration for students, we need new blood, many original researchers are gone
  • Operation Mockingbird, infiltration of the media, demonstrably documentable
  • AARC is a not-for-profit organization, $35 membership
  • AARC is working on presenting one or two important yet-to-be-announced speakers
  • Sign up for the ARRC newletter, call Jerry at 717-682-4434

    Show #694
    Original airdate: August 21, 2014
    Guests: Shane O'Sullivan / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: George de Mohrenschildt audio/ JFK Assassination Research

    Play Shane O'Sullivan   (0:49:18)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Shane is a UK filmmaker, RFK Must Die, Killing Oswald
  • A rare six-hour 1969 interview of George de Mohrenschildt with Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans
  • A sense of his character, you can only take him at face value
  • The shooting of General Walker, the signed backyard photo
  • de Mohrenschildt, worked for French intelligence, was an oil geologist
  • He knew J. Walton Moore, CIA man in Dallas who sent him to check out Oswald
  • The Faux Baron (Weiford 2013), Shane suspect his death was a suicide
  • The recordings: I am a Patsy!, list of tracks:
  • The Assassination of President Kennedy
  • Oswald's Young Days in New Orleans
  • Politics and Sex
  • Lee and Marina
  • The Crazy Marxist
  • Last Meetings With Harvey Lee Oswald
  • The Warren Report
  • Lee and Marina - Pt. 2
  • To My Friend George, from Lee Oswald
  • George often refers to LHO as Harvey Lee, de Mohrenschildt felt he was being watched
  • Oltmans and the HSCA were key to pushing de Mohrenschildt over the edge
  • Additional interviews with Doug Horne available on vimeo for free in August and September
  • The Zapruder Film Mystery (August free streaming)
  • Medical Evidence (September free streaming)

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (57:11)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's BOR Bugliosi/Tate-LaBianca murders exposition (BOR #670)
  • The Family (Sanders 1971), Sinister Forces (Levenda 2011)
  • The Gary Hinman murder, Susan Atkins, Bobby Beausoleil
  • Jim's coming review of The War State (Swanson 2013) (Michael Swanson, BOR #690)
  • Eisenhower's farewell address, the creation of the military-industrial complex
  • Project for the New American Century, members, "a new Pearl Harbor"
  • The American economy is dependant on ... a perpetual war
  • During WW II, Roosevelt spent over 840 billion in today's dollars on the military
  • 36% of GDP, 86% of the budget at the worst, income withholding tax and the middle class
  • War Production Board, contract out to big companies, no-bid contracts, cost-plus contracts
  • Harry Truman, along with Winston Churchill, bears a responsibility for the Cold War
  • Roosevelt's Lost Alliances (Costigliola 2013)
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki, completely unnecessary, leverage over the Russians at Potsdam
  • The Bretton Woods Conference, the IMF, the World Bank, the Truman Doctrine
  • The Marshall Plan, NATO, the Warsaw Pact, the Berlin Airlift
  • Paul Nitze, NSC 68 - Objectives and Programs for National Security
  • Nitze didn't like the Nixon/Kissinger Soviet thaw, the Committee on the Present Danger
  • Peddlers of Crisis (Sanders 1999), Nitze had it all wrong
  • Edward Bernays and the overthrow of Arbenz
  • Kennedy and Laos, Kennedy and Khrushchev letters
  • The Missile Crisis, if it was Johnson, Nixon, Eisenhower, we might not be here today
  • This is a good big-picture book on the creation of the military/industrial complex
  • Kennedy and Vietnam, why debate?, Kennedy was never going into Vietnam
  • Mis-torians writing books on Kennedy

    Show #693
    Original airdate: August 14, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / David Denton / Doug Campbell
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / 2014 Conferences

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:30:17)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Warren Report 50 Years Later:, Russ Baker, Doug Horne, Phil Nelson
  • AARC 2014 Conference, Gary Aguilar, Robert Blakey, Dan Hardway
  • Anthony Summers, Jim DiEugenio, Randy Robertson
  • No scheduled Dallas conference this year, CTKA, Martin Hay Part 5
  • Review by Jim of Oswald's Game (1983) by Jean Davison
  • A Davisonism; An authoritive statement, which upon inspection falls apart
  • The problematic Herndon/Ruby polygraph, Ruby knew 75% to 85% of the Dallas police
  • Her footnotes, the Warren Report, Edward Epstein, and Priscilla Johnson
  • A Mother In History (Stafford 1992), Marguerite Oswald pilloried
  • Lee's Moscow hotel room bugged, learning Russian on his own
  • Defectors, Robert Webster, Nicholas Petrulli, Marina knowing English
  • State Department analyst Otto Otepka, the defectors, the CIA 201 file
  • The Mexico City false Oswald, a worthless biography
  • Listener questions, the mis-identified rifle, CIA bulk purchase of Mannlicher-Carcanos
  • No deliberate trail of possession of the rifle, don't know who in the FBI identified it
  • Two DPD and a sherrif handled the rifle and wrote affidavits about a German Mauser
  • Christchurch Star, down the rabbit hole, $10 per year for BOR audio archives
  • Robert MacNeil telephone report, the Sixth Floor and the Kennedys
  • Jim's new book, an anthology of essays, Tearing Down The Icons, 18 months away
  • The McCone/Rowley document, Hoover's role?, the FBI Summary Report was conclusive
  • The early critics, a conspiracy to commit a coup d'état, John Seigenthaler obituary
  • Bad books, don't read them, condemn people who write horrible books
  • An assassination board games would cheapen the killings of JFK, MLK, RFK
  • The Atlantic article on The Kennedy Tapes (May/Zelikow 2002)
  • John McAdams, Time, and the Wecht Conference, Oswald holding the rifle
  • Marina Oswald (Porter) HSCA testimony
  • FBI Director Robert Mueller is the grandnephew of Dick Bissell,
  • and is married to the grandaughter of General Cabell, the Power Elite
  • Actual provable details of the assassination?, read, read, read

    Play David Denton   (33:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Warren Report 50 Years Later: A Critical Examination, changehistjfk.blogspot
  • David is an historian and teacher and held a JFK Assassination conference last fall
  • The conference will be September 26th-28th, at the Crowne Plaza East Hotel, Alexandria, VA.
  • Cyril Wecht will be the keynote speaker, the Warren Report, a whitewash
  • Researchers extablished, no, JFK wouldn't have gone in to Vietnam
  • Contact David at for conference registration/information
  • We're not promoting theories, we're promoting facts
  • Understand what happened in Dallas, a lot of repercussions right up to today
  • Start with CE 399, a pristine bullet?, the single bullet theory
  • Nobody has got this thing 100% right, listen to a lot of people, different opinons
  • Dallas was hijacked last year

    Play Doug Campbell   (52:39)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Dallas Action Facebook page, 22NovemberNetwork
  • Harry Dean, maybe the most important material witness
  • Harry Dean's Confessions: I Might Have Killed JFK (Trejo 2013)
  • Dean joined the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, he was imprisoned by Castro
  • He turned and joined the John Birch Society
  • Lorenzo Hall, Seymour, Guy Gabaldon, General Edwin Walker
  • Late summer 1963, Walker says, a setback in the fall, and named Oswald as the patsy
  • The Walker/Kennedy blood feud, Truman's limited-war policy
  • The 38th parallel, over 30,000 casualties later, still at the 38th parallel
  • Walker was ordered to help integrate Little Rock High
  • Robert Welch, called Eisenhower an agent for the communists
  • He called Allen Dulles the most untouchable supporter of communism in Washington
  • The Invisible Government (Smoot 1962) Pro-Blue, Walker, and the Hatch Act
  • The Missile Crisis, James Meredith enrolling at the University of Mississippi
  • An open letter to JFK, accusing him of treason, Walker went to Oxford Mississippi
  • He was arrested and brought to a military psych ward
  • Prowlers near Walker's house, a bullet through a window nearly misses
  • Walker thought the Kennedy's tried to have him assassinated
  • The Wanted For Treason ads, the assassination of RFK
  • Owners, investors, project manager, job superintendent, the workforce
  • Walker, the job superintendent of the JFK assassination, properly motivated
  • Army Intelligence had 40 to 50 guys on the DPD, tell Walker, "We know who did it"
  • A military style ambush, Walker would be a hell of an asset on the ground
  • Guy Bannister, the man in Louisiana, Walker the man in Texas

    Show #692
    Original airdate: August 7, 2014
    Guests: Walt Brown
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Walt Brown   (1:19:10)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • To acquire Walt's quarterly e-journal e-mail him at
  • Walt's Master Chronology of JFK Assassination, or e-mail him
  • JFK Deep Politics Quarterly back issues
  • Walt will be speaking at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas on November 22, 2014
  • In JFK research, seperate reality from the unreal, work with solid information
  • Start with the little details, find an event and work it to death
  • Either with me or against me, way too much of that in the research community
  • Cyril and Ben Wecht and their collegial Pittsburgh Conferences
  • Ten years ago, Arlen Spector, "Kennedy was standing up"
  • Hoover had files on at least four of the Warren Commissioners
  • They rehearsed and rejected witnesses, the record got jimmied
  • The stenographers, Odell Oliver worked for Judge Sarah Hughes
  • Madeline Brown, the Murchison party, John Connally, commercial purposes
  • Walt has a Ph.D. in History, and worked as a special investigative agent
  • A NYC Oswald family landlord, Oswald shooting a BB gun
  • Did LBJ and Hoover have advanced knowledge? Walt believes they did
  • Johnson refused to enter any primaries, a gutless coward
  • Dulles was the control man afterwards, George H. W. Bush
  • Victoria Adams, Jack Ruby in Dealey Plaza
  • Leaning towards Military Intelligence, the most to gain
  • A war state leading to a generation of peace couldn't be allowed to happen
  • The photo of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis was taken by Army Intelligence
  • The TSBD photo was taken by Army Intelligence
  • The Chronology 32,000 pages, cross-referenced analysis, Bugliosi wrote a little book

    Show #691
    Original airdate: July 31, 2014
    Guests: Gayle Nix Jackson / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Orville Nix Film / JFK Assassination Research

    Play Gayle Nix Jackson   (1:43:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film (2014)
  • Gayle's grandfather, Orville Nix, encouraged her as a writer
  • Because of the money Zapruder made, he thought he was about to become wealthy
  • He was excited to see the President, he heard shots
  • He didn't realize that he had the assassination on film
  • The film developer asked him to come see it before they notified the FBI
  • He called Forrest Sorrels about the footage, then took it to the FBI on December 1
  • They kept it three days, a nuisance film, Time-Life offered him only $3,000
  • He took it to UPI, they offered him $5,000 and a new hat
  • The WC used the film when recreating the shooting
  • How to identify original films vs. copies?
  • 1967, CBS, Eddie Barker, Where did the shots come from?
  • He said, "The stockade fence", "Cut!", "Cut!", "Cut!"
  • Say what the WC said, "The Texas School Book Depository"
  • Is there a shooter in the film? Let's study it
  • "I know what I saw, I know what I heard"
  • Dealey Plaza, he heard four shots, Bam Bam, BamBam
  • J. C. Price, shots from the railroad area
  • Lots of big money in Dallas, oil men, the oil depletion tax
  • The TSBD and D. H. Byrd, they were all out of town
  • The City of Dallas did not kill President Kennedy
  • Orville got all kinds of hateful, terrible phone calls
  • Orville Nix and Mark Lane interview, he looks right in the camera
  • Orville Nix really liked Wes Wise, Penn Jones, and Mark Lane
  • UPI, Maurice Schonfeld, Jones Harris, ITEK, Frank Lindsay, Moses Weitzman
  • A man standing behind the fence, holding a metallic rod, multiple frames
  • The images were sent to Dr. Castleman at JPL and UPI immediately went out of business
  • All of this is not coincidental, "Eight frames, classic gunman"

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:01:36)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Two upcoming September conferences, AARC 2014 Conference
  • The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
  • The JFK Historical Group, The Warren Report 50 Years Later:
  • CTKA, Part Four of Martin Hayes on Dave Reitzes
  • Plaque Two of Jim's Why the Warren Report Today is Inoperable
  • Buried testimony of FBI agents Sibert and O'Neill
  • Never interviewed Admiral George Burkley, no mention of O. P. Wright
  • The Harold Rydberg drawings of Kennedy's wounds are fictional
  • Tippit witness T. F. Bowley was not interviewed, three transcripts of police radio log
  • Cannot tell us when Tippit was pronounced dead, no mention of the second wallet
  • No mention of the Babushka Lady, testimony screened in advance
  • The Commission, all lawyers, can be shown to be untrustworthy
  • Plaque Three, The Warren Commission Manufactures the Case Against Oswald
  • Jim (CTKA) and Len (BOR) reach thousands, the MSM reaches millions
  • The 50th media pig out, the MSM vs. Jesse Ventura and Oliver Stone
  • Listener questions, the three tramps, Hunt and Sturgis, Dallas arrest records
  • The Oswald shirt(s), Family of Secrets (Baker 2008), review by Jim
  • The Ruby/Nixon document, Jim does not think it's genuine
  • Where was Oswald at the time of the shots? In the Domino room
  • The inferior Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, New Republic article
  • Neither the WC or the HSCA put together a chain of possession

    Show #690
    Original airdate: July 24, 2014
    Guests: Michael Swanson / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Cold War / JFK Assassination Research

    Play Michael Swanson   (1:31:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The War State: (Swanson 2013), as a teenager, Michael read High Treason (Livingstone 1989)
  • There is not much evidence that Oswald did it, the medical evidence is crazy
  • What are the larger implications? How do we make meaning out of the assassination?
  • The founding of the National Security State/War State, 1947, NSC-68, 1950
  • The Power Elite (Mills 1956), before World War II we didn't have a standing army
  • 200,000 Google searches for 'JFK Assassination' per month, 320 search 'National Security State'
  • The background of Eisenhower's farewell speech, we had a massive superiority over the Soviet Union
  • There was a missile gap, the reason why LeMay and others wanted have a war with Russia
  • The Missile Crisis transcripts are scary, towards the end they seem to be thinking of a limited war
  • Joint Chiefs notes, LeMay gets angry, our missiles, why aren't we going to use them?
  • CIA spotted short range atomic missiles on Cuba
  • 2 November 1962 Memorandum for the President, Effect of US Operational Plans, Cuba
  • The assassination and the Vietnam War are a culmination of Cold War history
  • History is written by the Pentagon, Council of War: (Rearden 2012), the CIA has a history library
  • A textbook history of the JCS, that says Kennedy had a plan to withdraw from Vietnam
  • Perils of Dominance, (Porter 2006), Kennedy was going to withdraw
  • One of the reasons Kennedy was killed, maybe it was the final straw
  • The topic of JFK's withdrawal and LBJ's escalation, scared people
  • Jim Douglass's JFK and the Unspeakable: (2010)
  • Larry Sabato, talk of the assassination is a threat to national security
  • General Shoup, Militarism, U.S.A. (Donovan 1970)
  • Chapter 3, Capitalism's Invisible Army, CIA and Allen Dulles
  • Interconnected with Wall Street interests, Sullivan & Cromwell, Guatemala
  • Golden Rule: (Ferguson 1995), Democracy Incorporated: (Wolin 2010)
  • Senator Bob Graham on Saudi Arabian funding of 9/11
  • The MSM, we get stories that just disappear, like Flight 370
  • Understand the assassination, understand the news, understand the system
  • Michael's goal writing the book, an introduction to what led up to the assassination
  • Michael's father's job in the Army was how to protect against chemical weapons
  • He knew about war plans and intelligence operations, the Cold War was real to Michael
  • His father was given a mission, destroying a class of weapons, someone else reconstituted them
  • The assassination is a way to ask, who's running our society? How does power work?
  • Self interest, self importance, moving up in rank, believe they're doing good
  • The future will not have the kind of information about our times, that we have about the Kennedy era
  • Michael's two sites,,

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (59:10)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Martin Hay from England, a three part review of Dave Reitzes
  • Did Oswald get on a bus that afternoon? Why would he take public transportation?
  • Lee Farley from England, will argue that Oswald not get on the bus or take the taxi
  • Jim's review of If Kennedy Lived: (Greenfield 2013), A Populist Manifesto: (Newfield/Greenfield 1972)
  • The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Palast 2004), Jews for Buchanan: (Nichols 2001)
  • The Battle for Florida: (DeHaven-Smith 2005), Greenfield vouches for the WC, Oswald did it
  • Jim's Why the Warren Report Today is Inoperable, Part Two
  • Expect a David Mantik article on the Harper fragment
  • Redlich memorandum, "(JFK) was hit by the first bullet, ... Connally by the second, (JFK) by the third ... bullet"
  • "We have not shown that these events could possibly have occurred in the manner suggested above"
  • "Our intention is not ... complete accuracy, but ... to substantiate the hypothesis ... Oswald was the sole assassin"
  • "Facts ... submitted ... from the FBI and Secret Service, are totally incorrect ..."
  • Listener letters, John McCloy's background, a fixer and a facilitator
  • McCloy created the Office of Strategic Services, President of the World Bank, High Commissioner of Germany
  • He pardoned many Germans of war crimes, hired Reinhard Gehlen, etc, etc, etc
  • The Chairman: (Bird 1992), The Wise Men: (Isaacson/Thomas 2013), McCloy and Cronkite
  • Mae Brussell - Dialogue Assassination - (2-5-72, BOR show notes and links
  • The plotters made it appear that a lot of different people were involved
  • Jim Lesar, Jerry Policoff and AARC, contact page

    Show #689
    Original airdate: July 17, 2014
    Guests: Doug Campbell
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Doug Campbell   (1:47:01)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Dallas Action Facebook page, 22NovemberNetwork
  • Photo of George Bush in Dealey Plaza? No.
  • Roy Hargraves, Interpen mercenary, Operation Chaos, the Mad Bomber
  • Hargraves interviewed by Noel Twyman
  • Eladio del Valle, The Citizens Committee to Free Cuba
  • Miami, Chicago, Hargraves, on a plane out of Dallas after the assassination
  • RFK, "Three of us from the JFK thing were on the ground at the time."
  • Bill Simpich, Mexico City, Goodpasture, Phillips
  • Silvia Duran and William Seymour, testimony still classified
  • The southern Florida milieu of anti-Castro militants connected to CIA
  • Seymour, Operation 40, Texas, Mexico City, New Orleans, Florida, summer of '63
  • Seymour was in Dallas at the time of the Odio incident
  • HSCA ballistics testimony, (F-282) CE 572, CE 399
  • "we could not determine whether the FBI test bullets were, in fact, fired from the rifle"
  • Throw out the conclusions, the WC makes the case for Oswald's innocence
  • Oswald's gonorrhea treatment, and a boat trip to Taiwan, two Oswalds
  • The truth and the cover story, were published in the WC report
  • The Second Oswald (Popkin 1966), Richard Case Nagell
  • A 1968 letter from Popkin to Garrison, about Nagell, Shaw, Ferrie, Oswald
  • Nagell was ordered to kill Oswald, by the KGB, to stop the plot
  • David Atlee Phillips and Mark Lane debate
  • Phillips, no "photograph...Lee Harvey Oswald...Mexico evidence"
  • Lansdale, use Buell Wesley Frazier to get your patsy in place?
  • Be quiet, or like Roger Craig, you end up dead
  • Tax returns, Paines and Oswald, proof that they were intelligence operatives
  • Hold truth to a higher level, demand something more, a wake up call
  • We create our own enemies, Mujahideen, Al-Qaeda
  • It's up to the American people, 249 millionaires in Congress (49%)
  • We do our part by revealing facts, research, books
  • Bugliosi wrote "a book for the ages", full of bunk, factually wrong
  • Gary Mack, presstitute, McAdams did debate DiEugenio (BOR 442 and 443)
  • Trying to prove a counterfeit bill by reading the serial number
  • Seymour Weitzman affidavit, Eugene Boone report

    Show #688
    Original airdate: July 10th, 2014
    Guests: Jeff Carter / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassiantion Research

    Play Jeff Carter   (1:03:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Oliver Stone contributes to new documentary featuring Fletcher Prouty
  • How the mainstream covered the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination
  • NOVA:
  • CNN:
  • Joseph McBride reports the media initially report shots from front: Video
  • News and analysis sites recommended by Jeff -"

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:14:20)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Listener questions answered
  • Excerpts from the Wecht Pittsburgh Conference Video
  • "The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film and Television" Book at
  • Assassination of Alfred Herrhausen Article by Fletcher Prouty
  • Alfred Herrhausen murder Wall Street Journal
  • They used high-tech devices no one thought they possessed, and killed with military precision...
  • Robert McNeil on the spot, reports police chasing unknown gunman across railway tracks Youtube Link
  • Doomsday farewell message to America by Author Godfrey webpage Link

    Show #687
    Original airdate: July 3rd, 2014
    Guests: Dr. Lance Moore / Lynn Mangan
    Topics: RFK / JFK Assassination Research

    Play Dr. Lance Moore   (0:59:22)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A Fifty Year History of Deceit in the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy
  • Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies Kindle edition available at
  • From the Warren Commission to Bill O'Reilly, A History of Deceit in the Kennedy Assassination
  • Killing JFK Book Website
  • JFK Assassination Concrete Proof of Conspiracy YouTube Video

    Play Lynn Mangan   (1:57:49)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lynn's website - Sirhan's Researcher
  • Discussion continues regarding the evidence at the California State Archives
  • How many guns in evidence with what number?
  • How many bullets, Shell casing?
  • Lynn recomends reading her "Plain Talk Four "for people new to the case

    Show #686
    Original airdate: June 26, 2014
    Guests: John Barbour / Doug Campbell / Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Jim Garrison / JFK Assassination Research

    Play John Barbour   (1:23:36)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • John's Facebook page, the WC is a fairy tale
  • The Jim Garrison Tapes, John's film about Jim Garrison could not get aired for the 50th
  • John wanted to show the film at UNLV and feature RFK Jr. on a panel
  • He instead featured Joan Mellen, Jim Marrs, and Dick Russell on January 29
  • The result, The Last Word on the Assassination DVD
  • Who changed the parade route to travel down Elm? Who had the power?
  • The Secret Service had to approve the route
  • Did the limo driver (Greer) shoot Kennedy from the front seat?
  • Visual artifacts in poor quality video copies misled viewers
  • Greer did slow the limo down, a reaction to gunfire from the front?
  • The Joseph Milteer recording, was he photographed in Dealey Plaza?
  • Rose Cheramie, Texas officials denied Garrison her autopsy report
  • Garrison said it was Sen. Russell Long who questioned the WC
  • But, it was Senator and Warren Commissioner Hale Boggs
  • Boggs' plane went down and was never found, Flight 370
  • Oswald's Marine shooting ability, the Walker shooting
  • Why did Oswald request attorney John Abt?
  • Where is President Kennedy's brain? The family didn't take the brain
  • Did J. Edgar Hoover have foreknowledge of the assassination?
  • These people all hated Kennedy, they were only too glad to help (cover up)
  • Prouty thought this LBJ/Hoover conversation demonstrated LBJ's non-involvement
  • Why would they murder him in public, and then have to cover it up?
  • LBJ-did-it books leave CIA out of the story
  • To maintain access within government, the MSM plays ball
  • The mafia-did-it myth has worn out, LBJ, the new story to distract us
  • The Kennedy family reticence, they got away with it, you're next
  • John's association with Thomas Noguchi, RFK, shot from behind
  • Suspicious events around the crash and death of JFK Jr.
  • Why did Earl Warren not listen to Jack Ruby?
  • Warren knew there was a higher power, he didn't want to know the answer
  • Jack Ruby testimony, (Warren) June 7, 1964, (Specter) July 18, 1964
  • The hearings were held in secret, many who should have, did not speak out
  • Did the perpetrators of this crime think they were doing something evil?
  • Why has no one bragged about the conspiracy?
  • The E. Howard Hunt death bed confession, you don't brag about a perfect crime
  • It's a trait of professionals to not talk, to not even acknowledge each other
  • Yes, people can keep secrets, Fletcher Prouty would not ask Ed Lansdale
  • Lansdale's Dealey Plaza presence, his role, spectator or participant
  • Failed in Miami, failed in Chicago, a couple things went wrong that day
  • A shot from the sewer? Garrison thought so, the city wanted to cement it in
  • George Bush in Dealey Plaza?, CIA head became President
  • Did this murder involve JFK's opposition to the Federal Reserve? Absolutely
  • Was the Mossad involved? No, the big power structure within America
  • Will there be another President like Kennedy?, Change and hope, No
  • The Dealey Plaza shots echo for every President since
  • Jim Garrison going up against the government, was a great hero
  • The American media and the second assassination of John F. Kennedy

    Play Doug Campbell   (1:03:24)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Doug has been reading the HSCA testimony of Loren Hall
  • The son of Cuban immigrants, he went and joined the rebel Fidel Castro
  • Arrested in Cuba, he may have been a cellmate of Santo Trafficanti
  • On September 2nd, 1963, he was arrested for violation of the Neutrality Act
  • On the 4th, he meets with Lawrence Howard and William Seymour, guns for Cuban exiles
  • They got arrested for amphetamine possession, they called Robert Morris, and an FBI agent
  • Hall may have been in Dealey Plaza, he picked up a Johnson 30.06, sound suppressor, scope
  • He tells various people. "I gotta catch a plane to Dallas"
  • A November 23 FBI interview of private detectives Dick Hathcock and Roy Payne
  • Three questions, Were you in Dallas?, Loren Hall?, Fingerprints on a sniper rifle?
  • Loren Hall gave secret, immunized testimony to the HSCA
  • At first he took the Fifth in answering, Where were you on November 22, 1963?
  • Hall called CIA before he spoke with Jim Garrison
  • Hall received money from Trafficante, possibly from CIA
  • John Martino told his wife, the kid (Ronald Ponce DeLeon) was in Dallas
  • Felipe Vidal Santiago was in Dallas, an INS document places him in Dallas, 11/18-22
  • In April 1964, Hall paid $48,000 cash for a motel
  • Hemming was in out of reach in Southeast Asia at the time of the WC
  • Hemming listed Klein's Sporting Goods as a former employer
  • Two Dallas rifle witnesses, Philip Hathaway, John Lawrence affidavits
  • A trait of Ed Lansdale that there would be more than one team
  • Cuban officials believed there was a backup hit team at the Trade Mart
  • Somebody else was on the ground, Lansdale was the link to the decision makers
  • "Johnson had the most to gain", who had the most to lose?, the Cold Warriors
  • LeMay, Burke, Wheeler, Lemnitzer, Dulles, Bissell, Cabell
  • The bullets went over Johnson's head by about 14 inches (Cutler charts)
  • As a community, more willing to ask questions rather than argue conclusions
  • Failures in Miami and Chicago, Lansdale and Operation Mongoose
  • They found the 30.06 rifle in Dallas, tied it to Hall, and lifted Payne's fingerprints
  • The devil and the truth are in the details, The Dallas Action Facebook page

    Play Fletcher Prouty   (9:45)   YouTube

  • Fletcher Prouty discusses Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Nov 22 1963

    Show #685
    Original airdate: June 19, 2014
    Guests: Lynn Mangan
    Topics: RFK assassination research

    Play Lynn Mangan   (1:57:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lynn's website - Sirhan's Researcher
  • Lynn believed Sirhan was guilty, then she read the trial transcripts
  • Volume 15 , a secret meeting, no adequate foundation for the bullets
  • Grand Jury 5-B, four test fired bullets, no gun number appears in the grand jury transcript
  • People's 55, three test bullets, the test gun belonged to the LAPD, not Sirhan
  • Lynn and Sirhan's mother visited Sirhan in prison together
  • LAPD was removed from this case, SUS (Special Unit Senator) took over the investigation
  • The authentic neck bullet should have engraved on it TN 31, instead, it has DWTN
  • Special Exhibit 10, Plain Talk Five, #6, Page 2, somebody has rigged this
  • The Grand Hoax, proof of a fake sales receipt for mini-mag bullets
  • Shell casings in the archive don't match crime scene photos
  • Dr. Noguchi, a brave man, an unidentified negative of a two bullet comparison
  • Wolfer was like a deer in the headlights, SUS engineered this
  • Wolfer and Cooper were victims, they had the goods on them
  • Ted Charach defended Cooper to Lynn, this led to Lynn meeting Bill Harper
  • Everybody assumed the evidence was bona fide, the evidence is no good
  • SUS records were sealed for 20 years, Lynn did work others should have done
  • Two Judas's in the Kennedy camp, Sirhan was firing blanks at the gun range
  • Greased bullets in the archive, Motion for Continuance
  • William Pepper, bright, capable, Lynn is hard to please, they've never met
  • The Lee Institute has a very good RFK collection
  • The courts don't understand the case, Sirhan was a patsy
  • It goes high up, the courts are left to clean up the mess
  • Lynn feels Sirhan was firing blanks in the pantry
  • Shots meant for the heart, three entered RKF, one did not
  • Rafer Johnson took the gun to his home, and wrote the number in his diary
  • Cesar did not kill Kennedy, William Gardner, the hotel security chief
  • Several hit men were present, one on a guard's uniform
  • The girl with the polka dot dress was there, believe Sandy Serrano
  • The MSM won't touch Lynn's work, this cover up goes so high up
  • The archives photographed Scott Enyart's film canister, not the negatives
  • There's a special place in hell for Skip Miller
  • Lynn is an uncredentialed researcher, and needs a crime lab to review her work

    Show #684
    Original airdate: June 12, 2014
    Guests: Scott Enyart / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK / JFK assassination research

    Play Scott Enyart   (30:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Scott was a 15 year old photographer at the Ambassador the night Bobby Kennedy was murdered
  • Scott was familiar with the Ambassador, had a press pass, and had met Kennedy the day before
  • There was no official security, Scott was five feet in front of the podium, he followed backstage
  • Popping noises, Thane Eugene Cesar, Scott continued taking photos during the shooting
  • 18 to 20 pictures in the pantry, four or six during the shooting, just a few seconds
  • Sirhan emptied his gun in the direction of RFK, but he was in front, Cesar had drawn his weapon
  • The bullet count was 10 to 14, only eight in Sirhan's gun, Sirhan was not in position for the head wound
  • The evidence has been altered, they burned 2,400 photographs before the trial, part of a conspiracy
  • They destroyed everything that didn't point directly to Sirhan having done it
  • Scott was taken at gun point, transferred to Rampart Station, film sealed for 20 years
  • 1988, Scott tried to get his pictures back from the California State Archives
  • Scott sued LAPD, went to trial in 1996, attorney Skip Miller, Bernard Parks, Ted Charach
  • They claimed they found my film, the courier was robbed, Miller had called the courier company
  • They wanted to know the car, the color, the route, then the trial clerk's record had been stolen
  • Skip Miller contacted the jury foreman, taken before the Bar, found guilty, one day of ethics training
  • First trial, we were awarded a half a million dollars, they appealed, overturned our decision
  • I just wanted my film back, I was forced to see a psychiatrist, a way of intimidating me
  • It would have changed the law on how they handle evidence, from slight to reasonable standard of care
  • They got the press banned from our trial, I'll fight this in the press like I have before
  • I am on your show, because these are forums in which we really get the points across
  • Coroner Thomas Noguchi, stated that my photographs could have changed the results of his report
  • Lawrence Teeter has been battling away, who's killing our leaders?, the press stays away from it
  • Information sets you free, you haven't heard the last of me yet, another trial or something else
  • LAPD was not there before the shooting took place, there were three guns in that pantry
  • The FBI starts calling up, Special Unit Senator, rush to judgment
  • Somebody else was right behind him, your photographs would have shown that
  • You cannot connect Cesar and Sirhan as being both part of the same conspiracy
  • Eliminate the press coverage, cheat and lie, the jury saw right through this
  • Skip Miller came in there and lost this case, by taking the tactics that he did, the jury was truly offended
  • Three shelves full of documents, the entire record disappeared from the courthouse
  • They referred to me in court documents as, 'lurking in the kitchen with Sirhan'
  • The woman in the polka-dot dress, I have a photo of her, Sirhan, he has his hand on her shoulder

    This interview with Scott Enyart is a replay of Black Op Radio show #12

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (28:59)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Oliver Stone speaking in Vancouver this weekend, Len to interview him
  • 50 Reasons... seems to have drawn no critiques from the 'other side'
  • Len and Jeff showed the fraud of the WC week after week
  • One of the best arrays of talent, no budget, technically very well done
  • #44 and #50 are favorites, some contributed scripted presentations
  • Over 500,000 views, the episodes have been mirrored on many sites
  • Jim and CTKA, are starting a series on the Warren Report 50th anniversary
  • A paradigm of how not to conduct a high-profile murder investigation
  • The first set, Hopelessly Stilted At The Start, deals with the Commission formation
  • Warren did not want the job, he did not want hearings or witnesses
  • WC staff attorney Howard P. Willens

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (46:36)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lisa Pease wrote a two-part essay on the RFK case for Probe, Part I, Part II
  • Lillian Castellano wrote one of the first critiques of the Sirhan trial
  • The defense stipulated to the evidence, not going to argue the facts
  • Odd circumstances, RFK hit from behind, at an upward angle
  • Powder burns, a point contact wound, within one to three inches
  • Karl Uecker grabbed Sirhan's arm after the second shot
  • The Burzynski tape, probably 13 shots, from different directions
  • A clever magic show, the hand was quicker than the eye, looking in the wrong direction
  • CIA outreach programs to local police departments, Special Unit Senator (SUS)
  • The girl in the polka dot dress, Sandra Serrano, Sergeant "Hank" Hernandez
  • Ballistics expert Dewayne Wolfer, Lynn Mangan
  • Thomas Noguchi was a friend of Cyril Wecht, Pierre Finck was an observer
  • The Humes/JKF report was 7 or 8 pages long, the Noguchi/RFK report was 60 pages
  • "I have never said that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy"
  • Jim attended part of the Scott Enyart civil trial
  • Bobby's assassination allowed Nixon to become President, the Vietnam war to continue
  • President Ford kept Kissinger on as National Security Advisor
  • The Neoconservatives began under Ford, they didn't like détente
  • They were Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Cheney, and George Bush (Sr.)
  • You lose sight of the big picture for bullet trajectories
  • Bobby's murder brought on these lunatics, brought this country so much grief
  • LA's Rampart Station scandal

    Play RFK Assassination Video Part 1 of 2   (22:04)   YouTube

    Play RFK Assassination Video Part 2 of 2   (23:37)   YouTube

    Show #683
    Original airdate: June 5, 2014
    Guests: Dave Ratcliffe / Greg Burnham
    Topics: John Judge / Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (1:14:00)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dave spoke at the recent John Judge memorial
  • John wanted to start a Museum of Hidden History
  • John had a stroke and passed six weeks later
  • Dave worked with Tom Davis, John, and Mae Brussell
  • Patrick Elder spoke about countering military recruitment in schools
  •, Dave's presentation: John Judge, a Remembrance
  • " we nonviolently love those who do us evil"
  • Contributions by several other speakers, attendees sang "Give Peace A Chance"
  • John's partner Marilyn gathered over 200 people
  • John's ability to think critically, to analyze, to synthesize
  • Dave's work with Fletcher Prouty inspired Len, Understanding Special Operations
  • In 1988, Dave read 19 Liberty Magazine articles by Fletcher Prouty
  • Fletcher agreed to be interviewed by Dave about The Secret Team (Prouty 1973)
  • "the...faceless, nameless, ubiquitous briefing officer"
  • Fletcher operated in a very special area of access
  • Managing perceptions, History Will Not Absolve Us (Schotz 1996)
  • Pseudo-debate is founded on a premise that is a lie
  • There was an attempt to discredit Fletcher, a pseudo-debate
  • Fletcher Prouty spoke in 1989 about NSA recording everything
  • They never mention the range of surveillance
  • Only in person, out of sensor range, then you could maybe say something
  • You don't do it in an email, on the phone, on Skype
  • Power concedes nothing, oil, the low lying fruit is gone
  • Fletcher, his generosity, over the years
  • John, unique, a special closeness, Dave loved to get his take on things
  • At the end, John was working on a Museum of Hidden History

    Play Greg Burnham   (1:30:12)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Disagreements seem so nonsensical in the face of death
  • John Judge dedicated his life to making our world a better place
  • John was very focused, JFK, RFK, Malcom X, MLK, Reagan shooting, 9/11
  • Co-founded CHOICES, countering military recruiting in high schools
  • Greg was with John at COPA's event in Dallas on the 50th
  • We see the government snafus, if it looks wrong, question it
  • John is worth listening to, for the content and thinking
  • Nothing is coincidence in politics, newscasts, all political spin
  • Have a healthy cynicism towards government and media
  • John had terrific energy, and a tremendous amount of courage
  • Fletcher was generous with his time, and patient
  • Pick up the phone and say, "Hey Fletch, what about this?"
  • Presidential protection details, elite guard, relax the protection
  • Vince Palamara grasped it, how significant that is
  • NSAM 273 draft, written on the 21st of November, "Wait a minute!"
  • You had to do your homework, "Ok, now let's talk."
  • Fletcher could correct you and take you to the next step
  • He would test how much you could handle, as best as you could understand
  • He knew the truth, he knew the line, he was careful not to cross that
  • People are trained to be assassins, a call is made, the cover up is the whole thing
  • Anatomy Of An Assassination (Prouty), "The VINNELL Corporation" (Burnham)
  • Greg framed a Prouty letter, typed, with visible corrections, old school
  • Sirhan is there, gunshots from behind, pictures?, the courier got robbed
  • Wesley Liebeler came to the conclusion there was a big problem
  • He stopped pursuing it, he would have ruined his law career
  • Presstitute, McAdams, Don Quixote, there's a grant, somehow funded
  • Len does not trust " Paul Nolan",
  • RFK, the runt of the family, the protector of JFK politically
  • Bobby evolved, his dedication to peace and equality
  • Got him and Martin Luther King killed, abhorrence for war and violence
  • JFK was moving towards peace, Greg attended JFK's funeral services
  • The feeling was hopeful while JFK was alive, he appealed on a level of humanity
  • That feeling got obliterated on the streets of Dallas
  • Bobby ran a campaign based on peace, on coming together
  • He walked the talk, he went to some of the poorest areas
  • Bobby gave Greg a radiant smile when Greg grabbed him on June 3 in San Diego
  • What died with him? Killing JFK or an ideal? Where does liberty reside?
  • Self evident, empowering the individual to embrace your own liberty
  • That's the message that was murdered in Dallas, in Memphis, in Los Angeles
  • We have to have the courage, to live that way
  •, 160 members,
  • What BOR does is important, no one should take it for granted
  • Len appeals for donations, $52 a year, visit and contribute to Proutypedia
  • The name Prouty stands for honesty in research and truth
  • 50 Reasons... 50 Years...,

    Show #682
    Original airdate: May 12, 2014
    Guests: William Pepper / Lisa Pease
    Topics: Sirhan Sirhan / RFK assassination research

    Play William Pepper   (30:19)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The magistrate has refused to issue a recommendation to the court for the last nine months
  • The evidence of Sirhan's innocence is so overwhelming
  • Sirhan was in fact hypno-programmed
  • Anyone can go to the court records and read our filings
  • William took the case on in 2007, not easy to crack through
  • William won a civil trial in the Martin Luther King case
  • Sirhan was set up, and controlled by a woman at the scene
  • Assassination has been used to remove leaders who could not be controlled
  • William knew and had worked with both MLK and RFK
  • These events were preludes to an oligarchic state in America
  • A combination of hypnotism, electronics, and chemicals
  • The girl in the polka-dot dress, close to identifying her
  • RFK was going to end the war in Vietnam, a force for rejuvenation
  • About 13 shots were fired from two different directions
  • You can write to the Federal Magistrate in Los Angeles
  • William Pepper website
  • The music of Len Osanic and lyics of William Pepper - Direct download album Here

    Play Lisa Pease   (1:42:41)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Len explains why he sent Lisa a dozen red roses...
  • People have different theories, McAdams attacks other people
  • Expect a slew of disinformation on the RFK case as we approach 2018
  • Sandy Serrano, a young man in a gold sweater, the girl in the polka-dot dress
  • This case from the start was a cover up
  • Lisa read Plausible Denial (Lane 1991) and On The Trail Of The Assassins (Garrison 1988)
  • She volunteered to work on a Jerry Brown election campaign
  • She got involved FAIR - Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
  • Pay attention to the bylines, different prejudices and agendas
  • Lisa'a very first internet search was "JFK Assassination"
  • She found a group McAdams was ruling over, a five year argument
  • He would lie to shut down talk of conspiracy
  • CIA needs to shut down any investigation into conspiracy
  • TIME was invited to attend and review the Wecht conference
  • Their main story was about one of the attendees
  • Lisa found the LAPD RFK assassination investigation microfilms
  • She started reading witness interviews
  • The real story has not been told yet, Lisa has amazing new things
  • Our system is incredibly corrupt, they all protect each other's crimes
  • Drone assassinations, a horribly wrong turn morally
  • 9/11 Memorial Museum opening, a journalist escorted out for asking a question
  • Robert Kennedy really wanted to make the world a better place
  • In a five year period we lost JFK, Malcom X, MLK, and RFK
  • All Presidents have been cowed, there's a pattern here
  • Read Reclaiming Parkland (DiEugenio 2013) and Operation Hollywood (Robb 2004)
  • CIA, used loosely, killed both JFK and RFK, Allen Dulles seems very much a part
  • Lisa read The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Turner/Christian 1978)
  • Lisa met Lynn Mangan, Sirhan's Researcher, the bullets had been switched
  • Noguchi wrote "TN 31" on the base of the bullet removed from RFK's neck
  • Photos of bullet holes in the pantry door frame
  • Thane Eugene Cesar was standing in exactly the right position
  • Lisa believes he lives in Simi Valley in a very nice house
  • John Meier , Hoover on the RFK case, "That was a Maheu operation"
  • Hoover was opposed to the creation of CIA
  • CIA and the mob had blackmail information on Hoover
  • Gordon Novel was hired by Garrison to de-bug his office
  • Gordon himself bugged the office, and he doctored the tapes
  • Michael Wayne looked like Sirhan, he ran out of the pantry
  • Sirhan had no memory of or explanation for the crime
  • He was highly susceptible to hypnosis, reality that is not true
  • He was in the company of a girl in a polka-dot dress and a guy in a gold sweater
  • Sirhan remembered shooting at targets, not at Kennedy
  • There are impossibilities that cannot be explained by the official story
  • The Dulles brothers ran American foreign policy
  • Eisenhower's farewell speech is a bit hypocritical
  • CIA was trying to kill Castro, and not even telling the President
  • Be suspicious, but look for facts, deal with the facts that you find
  • We have to call for justice, empower people with information
  • The good guys are generally in the minority
  • The world can be and is already a better place, we've made a lot of progress

    Show #681
    Original airdate: May 22, 2014
    Guests: Doug Campbell
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Doug Campbell   (1:01:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Doug was four when Robert Groden and Geraldo Rivera aired the Zapruder film (1975)
  • At twelve he read Best Evidence (Lifton 1992)
  • The Zapruder film, back and to the left, the Boone and Weitzman affidavits
  • Let's say, a shooting, a pistol, affidavits of a Glock 9 mm, becomes a .45
  • Col. Robert E. Jones, 112th Army Intelligence in Texas, told to stand down
  • The Army Intelligence file on Henry Lee Oswald was accidently burned while being faxed
  • An undercover Army Intelligence officer worked in the Dallas Police Department
  • "Some intelligence agency contacted him," "Lee Harvey Oswald probably had a mission"
  • HSCA, Blakey, barring the doors and trying desperately to keep them from being kicked open
  • The are gems in the testimony, dropping hints, the follow up question was never asked
  • A retired Army Intelligence officer, a teacher of Russian, wanted lessons from Marina
  • LHO phone call to John D. Hurt, retired Army Intelligence, Nags Head, North Carolina
  • Someone may have been trying to stop it, the Chicago Plot, LHO was the informant 'Lee'
  • Oswald wasn't meant to live past 1:00, the James Powell photograph
  • Powell stood on the corner for an hour before the shots, somebody had to watch the patsy
  • The $12.00 rifle, put together with a dime, you have to "sight it in", fire, adjust
  • Doug's The Dallas Action podcast, Listen Here
  • The Dallas Action Facebook page
  • Wernher von Braun surrendered to Captain Clay Shaw

    Show #680
    Original airdate: May 15, 2014
    Guests: William Blum / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Ukraine and U.S. foreign policy / Prescott Bush / JFK foreign policy

    Play William Blum   (30:52)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Anti-Empire Report #128, Ukraine is in the news every day
  • U.S. foreign policy, the U.S. seeks to dominate the world, world hegemony
  • Only two countries, Russia and China, encircling both of these nations
  • NATO expansion, 28 members, 50 aligned countries, far beyond the "North Atlantic"
  • IMF will own Ukraine, cut all ties to Russia, allow NATO bases
  • The Cold War all over again, the U.S. attacks only countries that can't defend themselves
  • William's website, Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower (2005)
  • Under Gaddafi, Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa
  • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi's death
  • President Obama, no policy he will not compromise, he could be a Republican
  • A Celebration of John Judge, May 31, 2014 at the National Press Club in Washington
  • More U.S. Afghan vets are dying from suicide than on the battlefield
  • Russia Today, drunk on the idea of American Exceptionalism
  • American's are Nationalistic, "My country, right or wrong"
  • The U.S. is on the wrong side of history, one vote against the Patriot Act
  • America?s Deadliest Export: Democracy (2013)
  • Freeing the World to Death (2004)
  • War between the U.S. and Russia, not likely, fighting amongst the lower levels

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:09:02)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • John Hankey wrote Len expressing appreciation of Len and Jim
  • Is Seamus Coogan a real person? The Fetzer hypothesis
  • We're a community trying to go forward
  • HSCA test results that CE399 does not match the government's rifle
  • Not carried out by 'CIA', but by the right-wing power elite inside CIA
  • Graham Greene, The Quiet American (1955), who was in charge of the CIA?
  • Hoover, Johnson, Goodpasture, Phillips, Lorenz, Sturgis, Hemming
  • Prescott Bush supported Allen Dulles, but, the power behind the throne?
  • David Rockefeller was really the mentor behind Allen Dulles
  • Kennedy's agenda clashed with the globalist empire of the Eastern Establishment
  • Jim does not see Prescott Bush as the puppet master of Allen Dulles
  • The Dulles brothers represented Sullivan & Cromwell's clients
  • Cromwell was involved in the heist of the Panama Canal
  • Jim thinks all the Bush's should be in jail, Iran-Contra, stealing elections, embezzlement
  • Nobody owns the JFK case
  • Fetzer's attempt to deconstruct 50 Reasons for 50 Years
  • CTKA review of Kennedy, Johnson and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2012)
  • Betting On The Africans (Muehlenbeck 2012)
  • Kennedy's foreign policy is not just Vietnam and Cuba, Sadat, Nehru, Sukarno
  • JFK's predecessor and successor would have bombed Cuba and sent troops to Vietnam
  • Why wouldn't Kennedy?, His ideas were already formed before he got to the White House
  • The photo of Kennedy getting the news that Lumumba was dead
  • Lisa Pease and the death of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskj?ld
  • Kennedy sought the Arab world's help with the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Kennedy was opposed by European allies, in the Congo, etc.
  • Johnson reversed Kennedy's Congo policy and sided with Belgium
  • Kennedy was too radical for some liberal Democratic senators
  • Kennedy's foreign policy threatened to remove perhaps 2 trillion dollars from the table

    Show #679
    Original airdate: May 8, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination / Listener letters

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:08:37)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Approaching the anniversary of the RFK assassination, June 6, 1968
  • Jim considers Lisa Pease to be the best authority on the RFK case
  • Lisa's call and Jim's night time visit to the UCLA library
  • People thinks it's an open and shut case, tell them the specifics
  • The shots came in from behind, at contact range, 12 to 13 shots
  • Noguchi, there were powder burns, Cooper stipulated to the evidence
  • None of Sirhan's lawyers argued his innocence
  • The fix is in, people defending Sirhan were susceptible to coercion
  • Closed Circuit (2013 film), similar to The Parallax View (1974 film)
  • Missing photographs, evidence destroyed, too many bullet holes, Dwayne Wolfer
  • If Pepper ever gets this case to court, the jury is gonna go, "What?" "Based on this?"
  • Sandy Serrano, the girl in the polka dot dress, two guys with her
  • A magic show, they distracted the eye, Sirhan, the gun, Thane Eugene Cesar
  • Sirhan was hypno programmed, Operation Mind Control (Bowart 1978)
  • CTKA, Seamus Coogan, Master Class with John Hankey (four parts)
  • A Jim Fetzer/Jim DiEugenio/John Hankey debate
  • 98 points of agreement, have a disagreement, shoot themselves in their own foot
  • 50 Reasons..., reaching out to all the researchers, the tip of the iceberg
  • 50 Reasons series has to date "517,000" views approx 500 views/days (including mirrorred sites)
  • Jim's review of Absolute Proof (Groden 2014), Geraldine/Jeraldean Reid
  • Vince Salandria, Sylvia Meagher and the false nurse
  • Jim's review of Kennedy, Johnson and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2012)
  • Who is responsible for the JFK hit? John McCormack, "Everybody in this town knows"
  • Coup d'etat, The United States government orchestrated a cover up of the true facts
  • Don't believe everything, do your own work, make your own contributions
  • We agree with an awful lot, it should be a discussion of these gray areas
  • Do the work in good faith, bring an open mind
  • A favorable review of Reclaiming Parkland (DiEugenio 2013)

    Show #678
    Original airdate: May 1, 2014
    Guests: Michael Ruppert
    Topics: From The Wilderness
      (Repeat of BOR Show #2, May 3, 2000)

    Play Michael Ruppert   (1:03:57)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • From The Wilderness, started in March 1998
  • Mike's mother worked for the Army Security Agency and NSA, his father was Air Force
  • At UCLA Mike was chosen to intern for LA police chief Ed Davis
  • Mike was exposed to CIA connections in LAPD, the Agency was dealing drugs in this country
  • Forced out of LAPD in November of '78, Daryl Gates wanted to head CIA
  • CIA Diary (Agee 1975), CIA places officers inside police departments
  • The last word, 'Agency', an agency works for someone else, serving their interests
  • Clark Clifford, the Dulles brothers, Bill Casey, CIA works for Wall Street
  • Stockbrokers are not required to report cash transactions over $10,000
  • The "war on drugs", keeping the profits in the drug trade
  • 60 to 70 percent of new people in prison are non-violent drug offenders
  • Wackenhut, Corrections Corporation of America
  • "such other functions and duties ... as the NSC may from time to time direct"
  • There are factions within the Agency, to gain money or power
  • The Fletcher Prouty website run by Len
  • Mike was concerned (in 2000) about a ground war in Columbia, Barry McCaffrey
  • When you see the helicopters go in, the first sign of growing American involvement
  • Clinton pardoned FALN guerrillas, staging from Puerto Rico
  • Manuel Noriega, Gary Webb, CIA Inspector General's Report on CIA Drug Trafficking
  • Drug importation and campaign donations, California, Florida, Texas, and New York
  • Both parties are thoroughly corrupt, play with drug money or you can't play at all
  • The illusion that we live under the rule of law is fading away
  • The hundredth monkey paradigm, the collective consciousness level
  • They can't watch all of us, psychological warfare
  • A group consciousness revolution, military personnel at CNN
  • The Ed Wilson case, he shipped 40,000 pounds of C-4 to Moammar Qadaffy
  • We have to arm enemies so that we have somebody to fight and to justify the budget
  • His defense and the perjured Charles Briggs memo
  • The Watchtower missions, cocaine drug cartels
  • An Obituary for Michael Ruppert (1951-2014)

    Show #677
    Original airdate: April 24, 2014
    Guests: Larry Hancock
    Topics: Shadow Warfare

    Play Larry Hancock   (1:14:47)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A new book Shadow Warfare with Stuart Wexler, Larry has studied Cold War history
  • Nexus (Hancock 2011), how the CIA really did political assassinations
  • The WC Report, far from primary research, look for information they chose to not look at
  • CIA was often the initiator, Kissinger's State Department was a driving force
  • State would detail CIA operations, CIA would detail State operations
  • Often hard to draw the line, Guatemala, John Foster, Allen Dulles
  • They used United Fruit operationally, ships, businesses
  • Hand and glove linkage between the Agency and select corporate sponsors
  • Focus on the Plans and Operations Directorate, insurgency, counter-insurgency
  • Counter-insurgency, anti-communists governments were our friend
  • Their intelligence was filtered through corporate contacts
  • We helped the Chinese Nationalists stage three invasions of south China
  • We engaged militarily in opposing the Chinese in Tibet for over 15 years
  • Africa, Congo, Angola, Chad, we were militarily involved
  • We were engaged in covert military action in Vietnam in 1959-60
  • The Eisenhower administration, the most covert, clandestine operations
  • In Congo, information from State, from the ambassador, not just CIA
  • Free enterprise and capitalism, 30-40 year blockades
  • A memo about assassinating Castro within six months of taking power
  • The real money was in sugar, ranching, mining, rum
  • Infrastructure warfare, the Phoenix Project, Operation Condor
  • Lansdale, Conein, Ted Shackley in southeast Asia
  • We engaged in wars, but did not declare war, do we go public with it?
  • Doing something covertly that is not American public policy
  • The case of "In our best interest" is never made
  • Eisenhower grew the "Intelligence Complex"
  • It takes usually ten to twenty years to learn what really happened
  • Larry's blog, contemporary covert events
  • Places where they/we got it right, early on in Laos, 1961-64
  • The first year in Afghanistan, destroying the Taliban hold, booting Al Qaeda out
  • Regime building is a total failure, in real war there is a definitive conclusion
  • Congress could correct things, National Security Act of 1947 and 1953
  • They had all the information to bust the 2001 attack, they weren't sharing effectively
  • The side-effects of covert action, extra-legal activities
  • Privatization, military and intelligence contractors, no controls at all

    Show #676
    Original airdate: April 17, 2014
    Guests: Dr. Cryil Wech / Robert Groden / Randy Benson / Pete Johnson
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Joe Green / Bill Kelly
    Topics: John Judge Remembered

    ♦   Announcement of the passing of COPA director John Judge

    Play Cyril Wecht   (19:00)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A sad day and a significant loss to the JFK critic/research community
  • Cyril and John go back decades, they were two co-founders of COPA
  • Cyril acknowledges the care John's friend Marilyn gave John
  • The assassinations of King and RFK and JFK are related
  • In common, these men could not be beaten
  • John was very serious, courageous, tenacious
  • John would pursue things, and not back off
  • Contact Ben Wecht for conference DVDs
  • Passing the Torch, the Duquesne Conference

    ♦   Conversations with John Judge - Part I

    Play Robert Groden   (26:31)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert knew John for over 20 years and worked with him and COPA
  • The first organization to bring together people to present what they discovered
  • COPA has been important, it has kept the research community together
  • John put Robert up for the Sylvia Maegher Lifetime Achievement Award
  • John was of good humor and worked tirelessly year after year
  • Dallas (2013) was freezing, wet, embarassing, self-serving for Dallas
  • Dallas used heavy equipment to remove Roberts 'X' from Elm Street
  • It's important to keep the issue alive, Dan Rather is still out there
  • John also worked on the assassintations of Malcom X, Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy

    ♦   Conversations with John Judge - Part II

    Play Randy Benson   (16:05)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The kindest person Randy ever knew, he genuinely cared, warm and funny
  • You could talk about these issues with John and leave feeling hopeful
  • John believed we can know the truth
  • Randy met John at American University in June 2002
  • John would go to job-fairs at highschools, to counter-recruit the military
  • He would clip newspapers using a Mae Brussell technique, clipping backwards
  • He worked intimately with Vietnam veterans, the Winter Soldier investigation
  • He kept up the Penn Jones tradition of a moment of silence on the Knoll
  • John was one of the authors of the JFK Records Act

    ♦   Conversations with John Judge - Part III

    Play Pete Johnson   (15:00)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Pete attended the ASK conference in 1993 and met John there
  • Pete worked with John on a flyer used in Dallas in 2013
  • COPA also commemorated the assassinations of Malcom X, Dr, King, and Robert Kennedy
  • John worked on the congressional staffs of Cynthia McKinney and Dennis Kucinich
  • John was very pleasant and also very serious
  • In the future, people will look back, and see the truth clearly
  • John could speak with confidence and in detail, ex-contemporaneously
  • He battled the Dallas Mayor in 2013 for over a year
  • John worked on Jonestown, 9-11, the Reagan assassination attempt
  • Unsure of the future of COPA and John's collection of materials

    ♦   John Judge - Judge For Yourself - PART 1

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (19:19)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • John was a prolific activist, pushing things along, organizing public events
  • John had done research with Mae Brussell, Jim and Lisa Pease went through her archive
  • His mother worked for the Department of Defense
  • Michael Ruppert, an early BOR guest, passed on April 13th
  • Mike's site, From the Wilderness, Crossing the Rubicon: (Ruppert 2004)
  • The war games on 9-11, pointing the finger at Vice President Cheney
  • Ruppert internet interview Part 1, Part 2
  • The 9-11 stock market swindle, over $5,000,000 unclaimed

    ♦   John Judge - Judge For Yourself - PART 2

    Play Joe Green   (18:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • John was a friend and mentor to Joe, he was involved in counter-recruitment
  • He was really funny, after conferences at late night meals, a center of energy
  • A book called Judge For Yourself (Judge 1990)
  • Coalition On Political Assassinations, plural, they're related
  • He touched so many people's lives, he tried to help
  • "And what do you do?", Act, that's John's legacy
  • "What passes for my intolerance is intolerance of abuse itself"
  • One of the warmest people, you feel welcome right away
  • Right now the flag is at half-mast, donate to help defray costs

    ♦   Classic John Judge - C-SPAN

    Play Bill Kelly   (23:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bill met John in 1969 at the University of Dayton, conscientious objectors
  • John and Bill read about the Watergate burglary together
  • John and Bill suggested that Stone end the film JFK mentioning the withheld records
  • They frequently visted the JFK archives together
  • John had a wide circle of important friends
  • Remember him for his perseverance, his commitment to what he knew was right
  • John wanted a permanent research center on our hidden history
  • John would raise money for various causes
  • Use technology to empower people, form a consensus, complete our goals
  • Both his parents worked at the Pentagon
  • Dayton is a Catholic college, John had strong moral principles
  • No drugs, no drinking, a strict diet, the stroke was a surprise
  • He exercised his mind, not his body, he was a big influence
  • "What would John Judge do?" That would be the right thing
  • See Classic John Judge - C-SPAN (above)
  • The Committee for an Open Archives (COA)
  • John was always polite and used logic and reason to make his case

    ♦   John Judge, COPA 2013 - Closing Remarks

    Show #675
    Original airdate: April 10, 2014
    Guests: Robert Groden / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Listener letters

    Play Robert Groden   (36:08)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Wecht Pittsburgh Conference last September
  • So much new information and some BS
  • JFK: Absolute Proof, The Killing of a President, Vol. III (Groden 2014)
  • The WC mandate was to stop the rumors of conspiracy, most of which pointed to LBJ
  • Allen Dulles being on the Warren Commission was absolutely inexcusable
  • The new book, almost 500 pages, weighs 4 pounds, 1000 photographs
  • Robert's site, this book is the final part of Robert's trilogy
  • Cannot find any evidence that Lee was involved in anything, he was the chosen patsy
  • Gary Mack, Robert has a new lawsuit against the Sixth Floor
  • The expense of the book is due to the high quality paper and color photos throughout
  • Mrs. Geraldine Reid worked on the second floor of the TSBD
  • As she was counting out the change into Lee's hands, the gunshots went off
  • 72 seconds after the gunshots, Oswald had a gun in his ribs held by Marion Baker
  • She is mentioned only once, in passing, in the WC volumes
  • Oswald in the doorway? It's clearly Lovelady and not Oswald
  • Robert thanks Len and BOR listeners for support

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (53:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, a Hussan Yusef review of With Malice (Myers 1998)
  • Excerpt of Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War (Parker 2014)
  • An article by Ryan Siebenthaler about Gary Mack's "Magical" Powers of Dissuasion
  • Listener letters, Smothered (2002) and Frank Stanton
  • Hypno-programming of killers, Bjorn Nielsen and Palle Hardrup, 1951 in Denmark
  • Jim does not find Gerry Hemming creditable
  • Gen. Walker, Oswald was not a suspect until the FBI got involved
  • A photo taken by Jim Murray showing two guys leaving the TSBD (22/28?)
  • Was LHO completely innocent? Destiny Betrayed (2012)
  • The Oswald at the Russo meeting was a phony, Oswald's arrest and the pistol
  • Strong suspicion that Oswald was the informant on the Chicago Plot
  • If Oswald was the informant, doesn't it make sense for him to go home and get a gun?
  • The E. Howard Hunt confession, not a whole heck of a lot of credence
  • Is Lucien Sarti Badgeman? Serious problems with that photo
  • He's too short or too tall, the shot came further down (the fence)
  • The plot, no creditable evidence that puts Nixon in the middle of it
  • DPD officer Joe Marshall Smith, Senator Ralph Yarborough
  • Parkland Dr. Don Curtis, "No large wound in the right face..."
  • The Mauser, the Carcano, 50 Reasons..., Seymour Weitzman
  • Roger Craig, Mark Lane and Two Men In Dallas
  • It's open to debate whether Oswald pulled the pistol in the theater, McDonald
  • A 'tunnel' view (through the trees) from the Knoll shooter to the Sixth floor
  • How to pronounce Sylvia Meagher - Mar, aspiration
  • Stealing the body from Dallas, Secret Service? Jackie? Burkley? By implication?
  • They had to have planned leaving Dallas from the beginning
  • (Dr. George) Burkley is an interesting hypothesis

    Show #674
    Original airdate: April 3, 2014
    Guests: William Pepper / Greg Parker
    Topics: Martin Luther King / Oswald's Cold War

    Play William Pepper   (39:55)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • April 4th is the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King
  • Corporate media perpetuates the old story, lone gunman James Earl Ray
  • In 1999 a jury found that the U.S. was a major conspirator in the assassination
  • MLK was going to bring half a million people to Washington DC
  • Orders to Kill (Pepper 1995), An Act of State (Pepper 2003)
  • The dissenter dies, official stories continue to adorn the text books
  • A 1999 civil action brought by the King family against Loyd Jowers
  • The major responsibility for the death was laid at the doorstep of the United States
  • William knew Martin during the last year of his life
  • Rich and the poor, an effort to cut back continually on social programs
  • Money is equated with free speech, corporations are treated as human beings
  • Hoover was a clever manipulator, he perpetuated great evil in this republic
  • Ray was profiled when he was in prison, his escape was arranged
  • Memphis was chosen, because LA had already been chosen for the death of RFK
  • Sirhan was always in front of the Senator, RFK was hit from the rear
  • William is trying to get an evidentiary hearing in this case
  • The woman in the polka-dot dress, several leads, she is still alive
  • Judge Joe Brown, running for DA, in a position to re-open the MLK case
  • May Canada remain independant, not annexed, to the empire to the south
  • Access Len's audio production of William Pepper's poetry

    Play Greg Parker   (41:54)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Greg started by reading The Kennedy Conspiracy (Summers 1998)
  • He discovered that he was being lied to on a certain forum
  • So he started doing his own research and verifying facts
  • The evidence used to underpin the Report doesn't match up with the Report
  • Greg created to help move things forward
  • To have a large impact, do the book thing or a documentary
  • Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War (Volume One) (Parker 2014)
  • Put it back in the context of the Cold War
  • CIA and FBI operations, LHO and the CIA's authorization to open mail
  • Alledged POW defections in the Korean War, Oswald fit a profile
  • Edwin Ekdahl was a father figure to Lee, and most likely knew the Paines
  • Jorge Gaitán, assassinated by a lone gunman, a Rosecrucian, practicing self-hypnosis
  • Juan Roa Sierra was the patsy, the Banana massacre, United Fruit
  • The annexing of Panama for the canal, set up as a Socialist paradise
  • Tipping points, try to bribe, when that fails, get rid of him by other means
  • Gabriel Turbay died of an "asthma attack"
  • Everything is predicated on what is good for American business
  • Edwin Ekdahl had moved to China, there are linkages, Oswald as a young man
  • Marina got her husband (Lee) confused with Robert Webster
  • Greg is trying to show there is still a lot more to learn
  • A barber in Irving named Shasteen, and a youth of fourteen
  • Youth House, the family that funded it
  • The film JFK was a counterwieght to the official story
  • The outgoing President gives a warning to his nation
  • Oswald was identified in New York, as a kid they could use
  • Volume Three, one piece of information will tie everything together
  • The figure in the administration who was related to a key witness against Oswald
  • Greg really wants to get this case reopened

    Show #673
    Original airdate: March 27, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Reseach

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:02:44)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Reclaiming Parkland (DiEugenio 2013)
  • Bugliosi, Steve McQueen was supposed to have been at Cielo Drive that evening
  • The mis-personification of leaders as Hitler, Robert Parry at
  • James Tague and Warren de Brueys have both passed away
  • de Brueys was one of the authors of the FBI Report
  • At CTKA, part 1 of a review by Hasan Yusuf of With Malice (Myers 1998)
  • Jim believes Oswald was never at the scene of the Tippit murder
  • An excerpt of Lee Harvey Oswald's Cold War by Greg Parker (2014)
  • Lee may have been on the second floor, or even outside at the time of the shooting
  • Greg Parker is scheduled to be interviewed next week on BOR 674
  • A link to Joseph Cannon's blog about covert infiltration of the internet

    Show #672
    Original airdate: March 20, 2014
    Guests: Joe Williams / John Barbour
    Topics: JFK Assassination Reseach

    Play Joe Williams   (1:12:31)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Grassy Knoll Report (2013), Joe writes for the St. Louis Post Dispatch
  • Richard Dudman saw a hole in the windshield of the limosine
  • The corporate level of the media did not want talk of conspiracy
  • Wikipedia, behind the scenes control, we need a peer-reviewed source
  • The campaign against JFK (1991) by the MSM was meticulous
  • Rupert Murdoch owns the National Geographic channel
  • The Killing Kennedy movie, Oswald sneaking a four foot bag out of the Paine's
  • Lee looking for his gun, "Nixon's in town"
  • Make your getaway in a cab, "No, Ma'am, after you"
  • Jackie says, "There will be no autopsy in Dallas"
  • Undeniably, Oswald was sent to the Soviet Union by James Angleton
  • Look at the actual documents, get the first-hand truth
  • The big picture is clear, there was a conspiracy, do your homework
  • Media complicity is a story that needs to be told

    Play John Barbour   (53:12)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • John had an event in January in Las Vegas about Jim Garrison
  • A panel with Joan Mellen, Dick Russell, Jim Marrs
  • The DVD The Last Word on the Assassination (2014) is on Amazon
  • New 50 Reasons for 50 Years... BOR index page
  • A Veterans Today review of A Farewell To Justice (Mellen 2007)
  • It was not Russell Long but Hale Boggs who told Garrison to doubt the WC
  • Why execute the President in public, and then have to cover it up?
  • Operation Paperclip (Jacobsen 2014), it's not USA anymore, it's CIA
  • Kennedy became aware of it, they stopped him in his tracks
  • Chris Hedges speaks of, "acts of civil disobedience"
  • The United States government killed their President

    Show #671
    Original airdate: March 13, 2014
    Guests: Greg Burnham
    Topics: NSAM 263 & NSAM 273

    Play Greg Burnham   (1:39:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Older researchers need the participation of young people to pass the torch
  • Greg's new site,, the JFK administration
  • The Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, National Security Action Memoranda
  • Greg invites BOR listeners to click the BOR: Private Invitation button
  • From BOR, The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty: Direct Download
  • Air Force Col. Fletcher Prouty, Marine Lt. Gen. Victor Krulak and
  • We're getting out of Vietnam, NSAM 263, we're getting back in, NSAM 273
  • Prouty, "NSAM's, highly classified documents, the preservation of national security"
  • They handle they most critical things the President deals with
  • We were in Vietnam longer than most people realize
  • Kennedy urged Eisenhower and Secretary Dulles to rethink our involvement
  • June 1, 1956, Senator Kennedy's speech, America's Stake in Vietnam
  • September 6, 1963, JFK sent Krulak and Joseph Mendenhall to Vietnam
  • Mendenhall was negative, Krulak was optimistic about withdrawal by the end of 1965
  • September 24, 1963, Taylor and McNamara go to and report on Vietnam
  • Meanwhile, Krulak and Prouty wrote the report, directed by President Kennedy
  • NSAM 263 references the withdrawal recommendation in the Taylor/McNamara Report
  • November 21st, 1963, NSAM 273 DRAFT, written before Dealey Plaza
  • An internal coup of Diem was anticipated, it occurred on November 1, 1963
  • November 20, 1963, withdrawal plans were to be discussed at the Honolulu conference
  • McGeorge Bundy, "avoid either the appearance or the reality of public recrimination"
  • FRUS 1961-63 Volume IV: Vietnam August-December 1963, Document 167
  • The removal of Kennedy, the final straw was him pulling out of Vietnam
  • November 29, 1963 LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover, 1:40 PM phone call phone call
  • NSAM 271 Cooperation with the USSR on Outer Space Matters
  • Focus not on the murder mystery, but on who benefited?
  • What Churchill called the 'High Cabal', the Chinese call the 'Gentry'
  • Above the wealthiest of the wealthy, the elite of the elite, never named
  • Sponsers, Facilitators, Mechanics, we can name some of the Facilitators
  • There is a signature of disinformation to questionable events
  • Len recommends Books, Movies, Articles, Videos, Archived interviews

    Show #670
    Original airdate: March 6, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Vince Bugliosi Background

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (2:06:16)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Researcher John Judge has suffered a stroke Online donation here
  • Donations: COPA, PO Box 772, Washington DC 20044 - Make checks out to Marilyn Tenenoff

  • Reclaiming Parkland (2013), @ 60 pages were edited out
  • Chapter one is a biography of Bugliosi, the excised material is at Feral House
  • Famous cases, Peverler/Cromwell, the Tate/LaBianca murders
  • Aaron Stovitz was removed from the case, he never bought the 'Helter Skelter' angle
  • Two trials, four convictions resulting in the death penalty, then commuted to life
  • 7 million copies of the co-written Helter Skelter (Bugliosi/Gentry 1974)
  • As Jim read the book, his sharpened senses left him agape with the problems
  • Manson did not commit the murders, 'vicarious liability', conspiracy
  • Double standard, LA police work, poor, Dallas police work, good
  • Pre-trial publicity convicted these people, no change of venue
  • Very poor legal defense team, no defense was presented
  • Manson, the Beatles, the 'White Album', the Book of Revelations
  • Bugliosi, innate excitability and flair for hyperbole
  • Helter Skelter was not the only possible motive for the crimes
  • A lot of drugs were found at the Tate scene
  • Jay Sebring would distrubute cocaine to his customers
  • Wojciech Frykowski had been offered the franchise for selling MDA in LA
  • The LAPD does not bust Hollywood celebrities for drugs
  • Dennis Wilson, Cass Elliot, Terry Melcher, music/drugs
  • Manson had been at the Cielo Drive house when Melcher lived there
  • The Labianca phone line was tapped by the FBI
  • Copy-cat aspects of the murders, writings on the wall
  • Bugliosi made his named on that case, as a prosecutor
  • In the Kennedy assassination, he is not a good investigator
  • Bugliosi was indicted for perjury in the leaking of a transcript
  • Bugliosi's three failed runs for elected office
  • Bugliosi, his son, his wife, and Herbert Weisel - the Milkman
  • Van de Kamp, Bugliosi ran a dangerous and reckless campaign
  • The Family (Sanders), The Manson File (Parfrey 2011)
  • Manson in His Own Words (Emmons 1988)

    Show #669
    Original airdate: February 27, 2014
    Guests: Gov. Jesse Ventura
    Topics: Off The Grid

    Play Gov. Jesse Ventura   (47:51)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jesse has a new internet show called, Off The Grid on
  • Ten to twelve minute interviews on anything he wants to talk about
  • Jesse is being boycotted a lot by mainstream media
  • Jesse's Conspiracy Theory TV show topics, were ground breaking
  • It's their network, they foot the bill, it was an amazing three years
  • Harold Weisberg's Whitewash books, one year after the WC he totally debunked it
  • LBJ had to be very much involved, who prospered the most?
  • Jesse has read Roger Stone and Phillip Nelson
  • He was the most disloyal Vice President, the Altgens photo
  • Once you align yourself with not believing the WC, you're ostrasized
  • Jesse's time in the USA is going to be limited, physically
  • It's 85° and sunny where Jesse lives
  • Fight for internet freedom, with martial law, the internet would go down
  • Be savvy, be aware, make sure that they never take control of the internet
  • If you sell out on the internet, people, will go somewhere else to get their informtion
  • Once you read the WC it's indefensible, it's laughable
  • They're afraid of the American Dream being shattered, tunnel vision
  • Astounded that Obama and Bush would go to Nelson Mandella's funeral, he was tortured
  • Edward Snowden's a hero, if Jesse were President, he would be pardoned
  • Why aren't they prosecuting the people in government who are responsible?
  • Started the latter part of January, four shows a week
  • Jesse's last book, 63 Reasons (Ventura/Russell/Wayne 2013)
  • Thou shall not kill, government kills, kills in masses
  • Jesse makes his points and has fun
  • HAARP, the Superbowl, below 0°, went up to 50°, then back below 0°
  • Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone on Buzzsaw

    Show #668
    Original airdate: February 20, 2014
    Guests: Joe Williams / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Grassy Knoll Report / Assassination Research

    Play Joe Williams   (1:16:14)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Grassy Knoll Report (2013),
  • Joe is the film critic for the St. Louis Post Dispatch
  • The Lone Gunman, the evidence isn't there
  • Mainstream media, through-the-looking-glass weird propaganda
  • Assassination 101, a launching pad, read all the terrific books
  • Deceit at the core of what O'Rielly does, Posner, Bugliosi
  • They overemphasis the evidence that implicates Oswald
  • Wikipedia, pages are manipulated, Joe's JFK film page edits were not allowed
  • You gotta stand up, say what you have to say
  • 80% of the people understand what's happened, not just that we believe
  • Walter Sheridan, Robert Kennedy, Bobby may have known who Oswald was
  • Do a little bit of homework, you can't not smell a rat (App), (Kindle)
  • Cast of Characters, Scenes of the Crime, Timeline, Victims and Suspects
  • Alphabetically, the first is Angleton, Oswald and the fake defector program
  • At 12:30, November 22nd, second by second timeline
  • The big picture is irrefutable evidence for conspiracy
  • Somebody got away with murder, our government was overthrown
  • These guys were pros, the bases they covered were extensive
  • Langley is the private army of corporate America
  • John Judge, "The shots came from Washington DC"
  • Watergate, the same devils involved, Hunt, Barker, Cubans
  • Joe thinks, Langley hired Cubans, flew them into Dallas
  • Oswald was groomed to be a freelance agent, good at following orders
  • A foot soldier, someone to take the fall, let's hang this guy
  • Ruth Paine, should be forced to testify, handling Oswald
  • Oswald was a puppet, he got hung by his puppet strings
  • The paraffin test, the magic bullet, Jack Ruby is proof of conspiracy
  • Joe and Oliver Stone screened JFK in St. Louis last November

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:18:37)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Reclaiming Parkland (2013) Destiny Betrayed (2012)
  • CTKA, Joseph McBride's reply to Dale Myers
  • Vasilios Vazakas review of Killing Oswald by Shane O'Sullivan
  • Listener questions
  • Joan Mellon and the Mac Wallace fingerprint myth
  • Cold Case JFK, PBS is in the bag now, for the establishment
  • Betting on the Africans (Muehlenbeck 2012)
  • Stealing the body from Earl Rose, made trying the case difficult
  • Patricia Mumford, the bus to Mexico City, no stamp in the passport
  • Sylvia Meagher, pronounced Meeger or Marr?
  • The single bullet theory, Spector kept at, he convinced Warren and Ford
  • Investigation at the Tippit murder scene
  • A PBS/Frontline rebroadcast of Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
  • The WC was not right, could not afford to give us our fair share of time
  • This country cannot face the truth about what happened on that day
  • Oswald and Paine's tax returns, still secret
  • The attempt on Edwin Walker, McKnight, Armstrong, DiEugenio
  • Oswald did not fire on Walker, there is no legitimate case
  • More about Ruth Paine, Destiny Betrayed, Reclaiming Parkland
  • Joseph Milteer, read retired FBI Agent Don Adams book
  • Edmund Gullion, an article mentioning him, by Jim
  • A recent effort on the 'LBJ did it' line
  • Mark Lane, Jonestown? a co-opted agent? an early WC critic
  • The community's resistance to Mayor Rawlings was not coordinated
  • Could the autopsy have been thrown out of a Texas court? Yeah
  • The ammunition clip, Accessories After the Fact (Meagher 1992)
  • Ruth Paine's visit to her sister, in Glen Echo Heights, Maryland
  • Reclaiming Parkland, excised material
  • Did Ruby act on impulse in shooting Oswald? No, two horns
  • 48 Hours to Live, a pretty bad book, to be reviewed by CTKA
  • If the back wound was non-transiting, did the missile fall out?
  • The last place you want to get information on the JFK case is Wikipedia
  • CTKA Gary Mack review and a John McAdams review
  • John Mcadams FAQ page updated !

    Show #667
    Original airdate: February 13, 2014
    Guests: Edward James Snowden
    Topics: US Constitution

    Play Edward James Snowden   (1:52:14)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The preface to Everything You Know About The Constitution Is WrongI> (Snowden 2013)
  • We are living in an unconstitutional age in the United States
  • "Incorporation", the Supreme Court has been applying the Bill of Rights to States
  • The Constitution is constantly appealed to
  • But, you may know nothing about the system of Federalism
  • The first was the Articles of Confederation, there ought to be a third Constitution
  • Power to be adjusted away from the federal government, back to the States
  • There is no attempt to improve anything, the ship is sinking
  • People finally revolt in circumstances of imminent danger, death, starvation
  • The Sixties, the draft, people started to revolt
  • People in the United States, have access to their entertainments
  • Mind altering drugs, illegal and legal, psychoactive medication
  • 150 years ago, everything was in terms of "words"
  • Today, Americans are bathed in the satisfaction of constant entertainment
  • "It was just like in a movie," why are Americans so curiously unmoved?
  • You do not want standing armies, the military-industrial-congressional complex
  • Principles are alive in your Constitution, today, they have no living force
  • National government, used by power hungry people to justify their own abuses
  • After the Civil War, Constitutional government ceased in the U.S.
  • Sovereignty, at the founding, was envisioned, as State sovereignty
  • The United States is so sprawling, it intrudes into domains reserved for the States
  • Foundational principles, not read, not understood, that should be animating society
  • Jefferson, was in favor of a revolution, with each passing generation
  • The theory of Federalism, problems with the Bill of Rights
  • Sovereignty was possessed by kings, supremacy, no one is higher
  • Autonomy, within your domain, there are not others on the same level
  • Independent colonies, fully sovereign, they were autonomous and supreme
  • The States might not have joined the Union, West and East Florida
  • They were Nation States, they set up, a government, the Articles of Confederation
  • The States had unenumerated powers, you can do anything that you want
  • The Federal Constitution was one of enumerated powers
  • The Federal government was an agency, an intermediary, between States
  • Treaty power was reserved to the Federal government, as intermediary
  • Madison resisted a Bill of Rights, Hamilton as well, a contradiction in terms
  • Real government belonged to the States, Federalist 45 - Madison
  • The States, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people
  • Imagine, a Federal government, it's powers, restricted
  • After the Civil War, State powers had to be diminished
  • American imperialism, that's been going since the 1880s
  • The Federal government is a sovereign, not bound by the Constitution
  • Congress shall make no law, did not mean, States could not
  • Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore
  • The founding fathers intended, limitations on the Federal government
  • State constitutions are superior, better clarity, more fullness of protection
  • The founders intended you to have free speech, that was clearly not the case
  • You gained the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, only since 2010
  • The 14th Amendment, undo the damage of the Dred Scott Decision
  • Change the meaning, as an American citizen, you were granted rights
  • The Federal government is not the entity you go to for rights
  • Citizenship in the United States was contrary to the original vision
  • In the 20th century, the process of incorporation began
  • The Supreme Court would grant rights against the States
  • Not granted by legislatures, construed by the Supreme Court
  • How are excesses possible? the powers of the Federal government expanded
  • It's clear that a new Constitution is required in the United States
  • Not really possible, the train has left the station
  • Empires always grow and then they decline
  • The Founding Fathers were opposed, to being paid to be a professional soldier
  • A standing army, it was unthinkable
  • If you returned the focus to the States, it might result in a shift in thinking
  • Away from, this civilization sprawling military that obeys only itself
  • The entire system of corruption, the sheer number of persons
  • Over a million people with security clearances, we are the conspiracy
  • It's not some them, the economy, we are the ones attacking ourselves
  • A Romney document described the Federal government as a holding company
  • This corporate mentality, responds to the needs of corporations
  • There is a moment when a government and a society become totalitarian
  • When a crime against the people, becomes a crime against the state
  • You really no longer have unenumerated rights as an American
  • Aaron Swartz, hounded, saw no other way out than suicide
  • The idea of popular sovereignty, the people collectively were the sovereign
  • You treat the people with respect, public servants, serve the public
  • Because they are allowed to get away with murder literally,
  • Everybody's a slave, a unit of labor, you're a consumer
  • So much bailout money ended up in banks in Europe
  • This book is not a long read, but, the rewards come steadily

    Show #666
    Original airdate: February 6, 2014
    Guests: Dr. David Mantik / John Barbour
    Topics: JFK Research / Las Vegas Webcast

    Play Dr. David Mantik   (1:23:05)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dr. Mantik has a Ph.D in physics, and is also medical doctor
  • A CTKA review by Dr. Mantik, "Cold Case JFK" vs. Cold Hard JFK Facts
  • Jim DiEugenio who runs that site, felt this program would be of particular interest to me
  • It was so hilariously incorrect and disingenuous
  • They omitted this huge paper trail, which suggests some serious problems
  • We have multiple individuals attesting to a different weapon
  • It was not a German Mauser in the official report
  • Nova simply says, Lee Harvey owned the Mannlicher-Carcano
  • No one could pinpoint Oswald's purchasing such bullets
  • The Marine Corps purchased four million rounds
  • WC exhibit 856, fired through a cadaver's wrist, truly deformed
  • The supposed trajectory, had no choice, but to shatter a part of the bone (in JFK)
  • The skull x-rays, a trail of metallic like particles across the top of the skull
  • Measure the angle of the particle trail, and it doesn't fit at all
  • 16 degrees above horizontal is what it should have been
  • Oswald would have been hovering above the plaza in a hot air balloon
  • We don't see an exit hole at the back of the skull
  • We know the witnesses saw a large hole, which implies a shot from the front
  • The particle trail suggests that the shot came from the front
  • Eyewitnesses, saw, a small entry hole, on the right forehead, near the hairline
  • That shot is too high, to match the blowout at the back of the head
  • That shot came from the right just in front of, near the top of the right ear
  • James Jenkins, saw a small hole in exactly that location
  • Jenkins, the assistant at the autopsy, was standing literally a few feet away
  • That entry hole could match very well with the large blowout
  • The Parkland neurosurgeon (Clark), said it was caused by a tangential bullet
  • Nova, used laser data, from the grassy knoll, 105 feet, downward 4 degrees
  • The last shots, two of them were very close together, bang-bang
  • The Harper Fragment, matches the patholigist's entry site, a shot from the right-rear
  • Evidence for Zapruder film alteration is now so overwhelming,
  • Dr. Mantik is open-minded, timing, orientation, all of that is in doubt
  • Two shots from the front, a third from the rear, wounds on his body,
  • A shallow wound, right-upper back, the throat wound, from the front,
  • We have five shots that struck him
  • It would be very difficult to impose the particle trail on the x-rays
  • The 6.5 mm object is not authentic, no one saw it the night of the autopsy
  • John Ebersole, did not want to talk about that 6.5 mm object
  • X-ray optical densities show a lot of missing brain at the front
  • Autopsy photographs show a largely intact brain, a gross paradox
  • They cannot be of JFK's brain, they're someone else's
  • Nova interviewed, Josiah Thompson, the bullet in evidence is the wrong bullet
  • Nova didn't ask him about it, either they were avoiding it, or they didn't know
  • John Hunt and the timeline for the receipt of CE 399
  • "Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist", highly dubious
  • Gov. Connally's wound, where the bullet finally stopped, in his thigh
  • Only 1 cm deep, the lead had to come out of the back, makes no sense
  • John McCloy, "Show the world that America is not a banana republic"
  • Lancer, James Jenkins, the face sheet, no patient name, no signature
  • He recalls, a small plastic bag, inside were metal and bone fragments
  • Standard scalp incisions were not necessary, there were prior incisions
  • Jenkins saw incisions at the brain stem, not made by the pathologists
  • The carotid arteries had been cut before the autopsy
  • He concluded the brain had been removed before the autopsy began,
  • The purpose was to remove bullet fragments
  • A review by Dr. Mantik of Enemy of the Truth (Fiester 2012)
  • JFK was hit with a tengential shot, that caused the big blowout
  • Dr. Robert McClellan, missing brain at the back
  • In the x-rays, the missing brain is at the front, who's right?
  • They're both right, the brain shifted due to cutting of the falx
  • Reasonably persuaded, Humes and Boswell, (pre)extracted bullet fragments
  • Duquesne, Jeff Morley, on the case for releasing more documents, 2017
  • Morley made the point, don't count on this
  • We probably will never put our fingers on the originators of this plot
  • CIA fingerprints, we can name names, much too good a job covering up
  • Was the government involved in any of this?
  • Alteration of the x-rays was an inside job

    Play John Barbour   (26:26)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • From Las Vegas, last week's live webcast, a full house
  • UNLV was wonderful in assisting the live webcast
  • John wanted to get Jim Garrison's story out there
  • The panelists were outstanding, Joan Mellen, Jim Marrs, Dick Russel
  • DVD or VHS of the webcast for $15.00 at
  • Coincidental phone calls to Jean Aase in Chicago
  • Triangulation of fire, three teams, two in front, one in back
  • Joan Mellen named a likely shooter on the webcast
  • George Knapp did two news stories previewing the webcast on local TV
  • Len offers John time to answer questions asked at the webcast
  • One question on the night, why murder him in such a public fashion?
  • Dallas, the score was Government 1 - Truth 0
  • John's website,

    Show #665
    Original airdate: January 30, 2014
    Guests: Joan Mellen / Jim Marrs
    Topics: Las Vegas Jim Garrison Webcast

    Play Joan Mellen   (1:23:53)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A Jim Garrison Tapes event on-line from UNLV on January 31st
  • Joan will be speaking as Garrison's biographer
  • On the Trail of the Assassins (Garrison 1988)
  • His discovery that the intelligence services were connected to the assassination
  • Document after document connects Oswald to CIA, before the assassination
  • Perry Russo, Garrison's chief witness
  • Garrison was alone in New Orleans, insisting the Warren Report is worthless
  • John Barbour's film is about the whole Kennedy assassination
  • We have to stand up, shout, if you know something, speak out
  • New Oreleans was the end of line for people
  • Every single office in the International Trade Mart, had connection with CIA
  • Dean Andrews, Clay Bertrand, there's only one Clay, Clay Shaw
  • Garrison was hampered, we didn't have any JFK Act, any records
  • Oswald was debriefed by CIA, in June 1962
  • "The whole thing was Lyndon Johnson", might be a CIA maneuver
  • Who really plotted this, whose idea was it?
  • How to deal with critics of the Warren Report
  • Garrison was a great patriot, he got an Air Medal, flew a grasshopper
  • Jim Garrison: His Life and Times (Mellen 2008)
  • Five presentations from the October Wecht Conference on C-SPAN
  • Garrison v. Louisiana, New York Times v. Sullivan
  • This country, it will survive if the truth is told
  • The Clay Shaw trial transcipts survived
  • No other law enforcement organization did anything to help the investigation
  • Except for Richard Gerstein, DA for Dade County, Florida
  • Black Op Radio's contribution, JFK: "Secrecy is repugnant"
  • John F. Kennedy was the last president who thought he could take power"
  • A panel featuring Joan, Dick Russell, and Jim Marrs
  • On-line from UNLV on Friday, January 31st at 7:00 pm PST

    Play Jim Marrs  (45:46)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Jim Garrison Tapes event on-line from UNLV on January 31st
  • Film of one of the last interviews with Jim Garrison
  • Garrison convinced the jury in the Sshw trial that there was a conspiracy
  • It's what the WC didn't say, Sam Holland and 15 other railroad employees
  • Jim met Jim Garrison several times
  • Democrats and Republicans, are both run by the same oligarchy
  • 85% of the public undestands that something else went on
  • Opposition to Garrison did not come from Lee Oswald
  • New Orleans police officer, Aloysius Habighorst
  • Garrisons contributions, witnesses and tesimony into a courtroom
  • The first public showing of the Zapruder film, copies were made
  • Who could not have altered the Zapruder film? Khrushchev, Castro, gangsters
  • Jim found Garrison to be an erudite, thoughtful person
  • This only could have occurred at the level of the Federal government
  • Garrison played Earl Warren in the JFK film
  • Stone filmed from the seventh floor of the TSBD
  • The Federal government Garrison looked to for support, was his biggest enemy
  • Dallas on the 50th, COPA and Lancer attendees couldn't get in to Dealey
  • The biggest slap in the face of First Amendment rights
  • The Kennedy assassination fit the purposes of the Dallas clique
  • On-line from UNLV on Friday, January 31st at 7:00 pm PST

    Show #664
    Original airdate: January 23, 2014
    Guests: Oliver Stone / Jim DiEugenio / Dave Ratcliffe
    Topics: Media and the JFK Assassination / Fletcher Prouty

    Play Oliver Stone/Jim DiEugenio   (50:45)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Oliver was on various shows, but his segments were often cut
  • An unbelievable media pig-out, a Niagara Falls of "Oswald did it" shows
  • JKF (Stone 1991), Jim Garrison, Jim Marrs, Fletcher Prouty
  • New Orleans, Oswald, Dealey Plaza stories
  • The Oswald cover story on day one was highly suspect
  • Mr. X was a justifiable dramatic way to get in accurate information
  • The Vietnam angle had lain dormant for so long
  • The book of the film, we had to back it up
  • The movie went out on a lot of limbs, the evidence holds water
  • The script did not have the 2 million more ARRB pages we now have
  • They did better work than the HSCA, the "Lopez Report", the autopsy
  • Oliver testified before congress about government records
  • It's about the Cold War, Cuba, Russia, it was a global picture
  • Many of the original conspiracists felt that Garrison threw off the investigation
  • CIA, a guy like Lansdale would be around the edges of this thing
  • Gen Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Nov 22nd YouTube video
  • Meeting Garrison, Oliver raised points of criticism, Garrison took some umbrage
  • Eventually Oliver gained his trust, Jim was proud of the film
  • No one was talking about the good Garrison had done, buried by the CIA
  • Reclaiming Parkland, (DiEugenio 2013) deconstructing Bugliosi, state of the art
  • Oliver couldn't get on NPR, Fresh Air
  • Untold History of the United States (Stone 2013), Henry Wallace, lost history
  • The pattern of empire, the fever dream that runs through American history
  • No one knew about the Sec Def meeting in Hawaii, the withdrawal plan, NSAM 263
  • Kennedy was disengaging, Johnson was escalating, around the '64 election
  • The blip is Kennedy, Johnson and Eisenhower, essentially the same creatures
  • Kennedy broke with Dulles / Eisenhower, Johnson restored the status quo
  • Stone films have a subliminal impact, criticized because he's very good
  • Fletcher was controversial, no one was dealing with what he was saying
  • A professional military man, accurate, Oliver trusted him
  • Robert Groden helped stage the assassination, the autopsy, the wounds
  • JFK, the main points, it's all been strengthened, the film stands firmly
  • Oswald was watched, CIA, they were very interested in Oswald for years
  • Pease, McKnight, Newman, Talbot, Fonzi, Horne
  • Oliver's films create a dialogue, they put things out there on the table

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (47:21)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • In many ways, JFK does not go far enough
  • From '64 to '75, Oliver's films would fit in, socially relevant
  • Most films are popcorn kind of movies, so neutered
  • Stone's South of the Border documentary film
  • He's about the only guy out there doing this stuff
  • Purchase the products, help support that effort
  • Why does the media ignore the hundred things he got right?
  • At the 50th, he was the only guy out there from our side
  • If they don't have a case, they just push the guy around
  • Because of strict budgets, DA's pick cases they can win
  • Bugliosi ran for election three times, and lost three times
  • The London Oswald trial was a farce
  • A CTKA review of Who Really Killed Kennedy? (Corsi 2013)
  • Jim and Roger Stone on Buzzsaw
  • 91% of the American public think something went wrong in 1963
  • 200 Dallas cops around Dealey Plaza, paving over the "X"
  • An Amazon river of media outpouring
  • Jim's article, The State of the JFK case: 50 Years Out
  • Did the NY Times, the Washington Post serve the public?
  • Net neutrality, the internet is not free, only dial-up is cheap
  • The MSN has tried to get in on the side of the National Security State
  • A CBS News Inquiry: The Warren Report

    Play Dave Ratcliffe  (1:03:04)   Real Media or MP3 download

  •, Fletcher Prouty's birthday on the 24th
  • Understanding Special Operations (Ratcliffe 1989)
  • Dave found Mae Brussell, then The Secret Team (Prouty 1973)
  • Then issues of Freedom Magazine with articles by Fletcher
  • May 1989, Dave visited Fletcher for five days, 11.5 hours of tape
  • He was a consultant to Oliver Stone, he was excited about the movie
  • Secret Team Foundations: Creation of the CIA Focal Point System
  • The Dulles-Jackson-Correa report, NSC 5412
  • The Church Committee hearings, a lot of things came out
  • Within minutes of the assassination, the cover up is rolled out
  • McGeorge Bundy was speaking for the assassins that day
  • CIA, "capitalisms secret army", from Buckminster Fuller's Critical Path
  • NSA, "they record everything", voice prints, NSA is "eyes and ears"
  • Alfred McCoy interview with Jeff Blankfort, interview with Maria Gilardin
  • Commercial tripe, omitting the things that really do count
  • The Economy Act of 1932, reimbursement, this is how they do it
  • Snowden is just the tip of the iceberg, it would be jaw dropping
  • A deep consolidation of power by the unaccountable agencies
  • Fletcher was very connected, people noticed, very sharp, articulate
  • Good at following orders, thinks for himself, a lot to recommend him
  • This person can get the job done, focal point work
  • Struck by his affability, easy to be with, to talk to and listen to
  • He was interested to inform people, this is the way things are
  • It was a privilege to speak to him, to go and meet him
  • Sentencing of three on January 28th, in Knoxville Tennessee
  • Please sign the petition provided in the above link

    Show #663
    Original airdate: January 16, 2014
    Guests: John Barbour / Dick Russell
    Topics: Las Vegas Jim Garrison Webcast

    Play John Barbour  (1:36:47)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • After the Charlie Rose / Robert Kennedy Jr. interview,
  • John contacted Dick Russell about an anti-Warren Report effort
  • A panel featuring Dick, Joan Mellen, and Jim Marrs
  • A Jim Garrison Tapes event on-line from UNLV on January 31st
  • The Last Word on the JFK Assassination
  • Garrison was deliberately slandered by NBC, the Fairness Doctrine
  • John Barbour's World
  • Jim Marrs found a long-suppressed witness who worked at the TSBD
  • She was speaking with Lee Oswald as they heard shots fired
  • Jim Garrison had a private funding organization for his investigation
  • Garrison mis-edited, "How many shooters were there?" "32"
  • Frank Sinatra, William Holden, Thomas Noguchi

    Play Dick Russell  (39:44)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • John Barbour's interviews with Jim Garrison
  • Dick had met and interviewed Garrison
  • Clay Shaw had CIA ties, he knew Ferrie and Oswald
  • Gerald Ford informed to the FBI about the Warren Commission
  • They Killed Our President (Ventura/Russell/Wayne 2013)
  • 50th anniversary media coverage, unspurprising, but maddening
  • The Las Vegas event will air Barbour's film on Garrison
  • Then a panel discussion with Jim Marrs, Joan Mellen, and Dick
  • Our democracy is in grave jeopardy, we need people with courage
  • An internet show by Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone, Buzzsaw
  • Dick Russell website

    Show #662
    Original airdate: January 2, 2014
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research / Listener questions

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:31:14)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, The State of the JFK Case: Fifty Years Out, the mainstream media is dying
  • Articles, A Cruel and Shocking Act, Who Really Killed Kennedy?
  • Reviews by, Martin Hay, Mike Swanson, James DiEugenio, more
  • 50th anniversary shows spilled over from the assassination to smearing Kennedy
  • The assassination created a psychic break in America
  • The American public does not buy computer simulations
  • Kennedy was a really strong symbol of hope in the future
  • Two CTKA reviews of NOVA, Pat Speer's blog
  • Judge John Tunheim of the ARRB recently published an article on questions remaining
  • Jeremy Gunn with Marcus Rosenbuam on NPR
  • Listener questions, Oliver Stone's suggested reading list on JFK
  • Coming soon, a show with Len, Jim and Oliver Stone
  • A re-issue of The Last Investigation (Fonzi) from Skyhorse
  • Freeport Sulphur, was associated with David Atlee Phillips
  • The mid-level of the conspiracy, Phillips ran the anti-FPCC campaign
  • The McCone-Rowley document, Jim does not believe that it is genuine
  • John McAdams and Gary Mack, active agents in the 50 year cover-up?
  • Telling mistakes in the conspiracy or cover-up?, The wrong rifle, CE-399
  • Humes autopsy report draft, including 544 Camp Street in the Warren volumes
  • Cable 243, Diem was not shown all of the cable
  • A conspiracy in the State Department to get rid of Diem
  • Coming up, the 50th Anniversary of the issuance of the Warren Report