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  • Play Episode 03 - Oswald in the USSR
  • Play Episode 04 - New Orleans
  • Play Episode 05 - Mexico City
  • Play Episode 06 - The Sylvia Odio Incident
  • Play Episode 07 - Richard Case Nagell
  • Play Episode 08 - The Chicago Plot
  • Play Episode 09 - Rose Cherami
  • Play Episode 10 - The First Words
  • Play Episode 11 - Films of the Assassination
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  • Play Episode 13 - The Tague Shot
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  • Play Episode 23 - Evidence of a Coup d'Etat
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  • Play Episode 25 - The Head Wound
  • Play Episode 26 - The Back Wound
  • Play Episode 27 - Oswald in Custody
  • Play Episode 28 - Oswald is Shot
  • Play Episode 29 - The Media Convicts
  • Play Episode 30 - Mexico City Redux
  • Play Episode 31 - Evidence On Demand
  • Play Episode 32 - The Warren Commission
  • Play Episode 33 - Agent Oswald
  • Play Episode 34 - Secret Service & The CIA
  • Play Episode 35 - The Commission's Witnesses
  • Play Episode 36 - The Tippit Crime Scene
  • Play Episode 37 - The Single Bullet Theory
  • Play Episode 38 - The Mannlicher Carcano
  • Play Episode 39 - A Mail Order Rifle
  • Play Episode 40 - CE399
  • Play Episode 41 - Senator Russell Dissents
  • Play Episode 42 - Dead Witnesses
  • Play Episode 43 - The Garrison Investigation
  • Play Episode 44 - The Information They Were Seeking
  • Play Episode 45 - Oliver Stone's JFK
  • Play Episode 46 - Political Truth: The Media and the Assassination
  • Play Episode 47 - The Airforce One Getaway
  • Play Episode 48 - The ARRB Medical Evidence
  • Play Episode 49 - Postponed In Full
  • Play Episode 50 - The Bigger Picture

    Show #661
    Original airdate: December 26, 2013
    Guest: Jeff Carter
    Topics: 50 Reasons for 50 Years

    Play Jeff Carter   (1:14:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Inspired by DiEugenio's critique of Bugliosi and the 10 hour Armstrong interview
  • Len canvassed listeners for problems with the Warren Reposrt
  • Many facts in the episodes came from the JFK Records Act released material
  • The plan was to present them with an historical through-line
  • The idea was to keep them short, some the topics led to increased length
  • Episodes have been popularly mirrored on various sites
  • The episodes are beneficial for people who are new to the topic
  • In January 2012, Jeff contacted Len about creating a documentary series
  • It helped that Jeff and Len live both live in Vancouver
  • Each episode was intended to spark interest, there are books to read
  • John Armstrong and Jim Fetzer were the first to contribute
  • The Fetzer episode was the most controversial for several reasons
  • One of Len's favorites is #44, Dan Hardway
  • One of Jeff's favorites is episode #14
  • The rifle and the bullet don't match, the back wound is too low
  • Bugliosi and Posner presented prosecuter briefs, not honest works
  • The assassination is still a contemporary story, of political importance
  • The American experiment is important to humanity, the founding documents
  • The continuing mystery of the Boston bombing
  • Anthrax and the Patriot Act, the Detroit underwear bomber
  • Episode #50 with Oliver Stone sums it up, a transparent conspiracy
  • We gotten sucked in to arguments about moot points

    Show #660
    Original airdate: December 19, 2013
    Guests: Joan Mellen / Walt Brown
    Topics: Continuing JFK Research

    Play Joan Mellen  (1:09:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Joan and others in Pittsburgh at the Duquesne Conference in October
  • What constitutes "evidence"? In the case of Lyndon Johnson, there's nothing on paper
  • Most LBJ did it books do not deal with CIA, it's either...or
  • Billy Sol Estes' accusations, after LBJ, Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace were all dead
  • There are no Texans in sight in New Orleans with Clay Shaw
  • CIA media assets are out there, to present alternate sponsers
  • Joan has researched the unidentified fingerprints found on the sixth floor
  • She will print the evidence that they were not Mac Wallace's fingerprints
  • Joan spoke at Lancer and COPA this November in Dallas
  • Many people from foreign countries, both conferences were filled with energy
  • Looking at the assassination in terms of individuals may be a mistake
  • The institution of CIA, some malevolent individual, low level history writing
  • Libra (DeLillo 1991), CIA conspirators, sit and discuss all this, an extraordinary novel
  • What film, has had the political and historical effect that JFK had?
  • Lansdale was in Dealey Plaza, Lansdale was CIA, lived his whole life with military cover
  • It is important to people new to the case, where does the truth lie?
  • Fletcher Prouty discusses Ed Lansdale in Dealy Plaza Nov 22nd YouTube
  • Like to see John Armstrong's material taken back to CIA,
  • Where did permanent war, preemptive war start? Go back to the Kennedy assassination
  • Get this Lyndon Johnson thing under a rational microscope
  • Look in to the politics of the Kennedy's, understanding our own history
  • A more discriminating look at the materials released by the history section of CIA
  • Bobby Kennedy was obstructing Garrison's investigation, Garrison couldn't understand it
  • The working title of Joan's research in to "LBJ did it", Rashomon in Texas

    Play Walt Brown  (1:35:38)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Wecht Conference, not a for profit group, professional from top to bottom
  • JFK comedy night in Pittsburgh, Walt did a skit called "Who fired the first shot?"
  • Josiah Thompson, Cyril Wecht, Bob Tannenbaum, Bob Groden
  • Continuing research is critical, don't solve the case, look at specific points of light
  • The Warren Report is toilet paper, there's nothing there
  • Walt's Chronology, Walt's e-mail kiasjfk@aol
  • JFK and the Federal Reserve, it was not all that much, a drop in the bucket
  • Mutual space exploration, would have revealed, what we had was vastly superior
  • The space race was a propaganda joke from the get-go
  • So much of the Cold War was mythology, the right people made a killing
  • There was no bomber gap, there was no missile gap
  • Bissell got a good job in private industry, Cabell went back to the Pentagon
  • CIA is an agency, it works for somebody, the George Bush Center for Intelligence
  • Who decides what is "national security" 54 years after the event?
  • Antonio Veciana "Maurice Bishop...was David Atlee Phillips"
  • The JFK community doesn't work like the collegial history community
  • Photographers in Dealey Plaza, had six seconds to react
  • Dallas officers on the overpass, lied in their testimony
  • Oswald could have got rid of the shells, and pretended to be a witness
  • Police had two-way radios, citizens could listen in
  • There was way too many people in the interrogation
  • "Dear Mr. Hunt", may have been, "Dear Mr. Hurt"
  • Look at what wasn't asked of the Dealey Plaza witnesses
  • A photographer before the WC was not asked if he took any pictures
  • You can't wake up every morning to the Zapruder film and the autopsy photos

    Show #659
    Original airdate: December 12, 2013
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Reclaiming Parkland / Letters

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (55:40)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim was on Media Mayhem with Allison Weiner re: Reclaiming Parkland
  • Problems with the phony London trial with Bugliosi and Gerry Spence
  • The falsity of events in the record, the basic evidence of the case
  • Bugliosi distorts Spence's preparedness
  • Some of Jim's excised material can be found at Feral House
  • 50 Reasons... 2 1/2 hours of evidence, a year long project
  • Letters, post assassination Castro speech, recent Castro comments
  • Nitrate tests and the FBI? the WC knew they could not rely on them
  • Pre-assassination target practice on the knoll? Appears to be true
  • The book Dr. Feelgood (Lertzman 2013)? Not read by Jim
  • Paul Harvey reported rifles in Washington on the 26th? Jim was not aware
  • Oswald in Mexico City? Jim believes Oswald was not there
  • The Odio incident and Mexico City overlap, etc.
  • Frazier and the curtain rod package? Only Frazier reported it
  • Fair Play For Cuba flyers? Oswald hired two assistants
  • George Bush and the assassination? Jim is not convinced
  • The Agency has a department of disinformation, be wary
  • Look forward to an upcoming Olive Stone/Jim DiEugenio BOR show

    Show #658
    Original airdate: December 5, 2013
    Guests: Shane O'Sullivan / Greg Burnham
    Topics: Killing Oswald / COPA Conference

    Play Shane O'Sullivan  (59:37)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A new film, Killing Oswald, first a feature film script
  • Archival material and what happened on the road to Dallas
  • Two years to produce, to do the research, make it accessible to new people
  • Long letters from Lee to Robert, read by actors
  • Oswald in Japan, Richard Case Nagell, getting in to Russia within days
  • George de Mohrenschildt, hours of audio tapes, CIA handler for Oswald
  • He introduced Oswald to Ruth Paine, audio of David Atlee Phillips
  • Veciana has just confirmed that Phillips was Bishop
  • Shane thinks Oswald did go to Mexico City, and he was impersonated on the phone
  • Many different ideas as to what might have happened, decide for yourself

    Play Greg Burnham  (1:58:47)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Greg saw the play, Noah's Ark, and walked out into 35 degree weather
  • Cold and rainy, Dallas's first commemoration of the anniversary
  • Move along folks, nothin' to see here
  • The violations of First Amendment rights to gather
  • It rained on their parade, quite appropriate
  • Researchers who attended differing conferences got together
  • The WC, not a court of law, they weighed all the evidence against Oswald
  • Greg presented on making Kennedy appear to be less than adequate
  • Fidel was supported by the U.S. government, then became communist
  • A regime change plan, diplomatic, military, covert
  • Overt military action, the Soviet Union would likely retaliate
  • Eisenhower approved of a guerilla operation against Castro
  • Roughly 60 men, elite, highly motivated, 300 men, then 600
  • This got dumped in Kennedy's lap, they built the force up to 3000
  • The Agency isn't good at military operations
  • Control of the air was essential, the military are not covert operators
  • It has to be plausibly deniable, get it done within the restrictions
  • King to Hawkins, President, "Under no conditions will the U.S. intervene"
  • Hold a beachhead, establish an airfield, claim a government in exile status
  • Take out Castro's airforce, fly a 'defecting' plane to Miami
  • The defecting plane was mis-configured for a real Cuban plane
  • Adlai Stevenson was embarrassed in the U.N.
  • Stevenson to Rusk to Bundy to Cabel to Bissell, cancel the airstrikes
  • Post-failure, Cuban Study Group, Dulles, Burke, Robert Kennedy, Taylor
  • Memorandum No. 2: Immediate Causes of Failure of the Operation ZAPATA
  • The President was not requested to extend the air scover
  • The cancellation of the strikes, was probably the most serious
  • Sabotage, Kennedy hadn't been consulted
  • At 4:20 in the morning, Kennedy refused fighter aircraft cover
  • Could he have ordered aircover? No. The plan must retain covert character
  • Jack Pfeiffer CIA historian, declassified two years ago, Pfeiffer lies
  • Swords and Plowshares (Taylor 1972), "Kennedy cancelled the dawn strikes"
  • Wikipedia refuses to link to their Fletcher Prouty page to

    Show #657
    Original airdate: November 28, 2013
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Larry Hancock
    Topics: Dallas on the 50th

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:02:25)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The coldest Dallas in November, the worst anniversary
  • You couldn't get within two blocks of the plaza
  • The recent media blitzkrieg, several documentaries in the works
  • Jim spoke twice, on JFK's foreign policy and on the HSCA
  • Autopsy witness James Jenkins said the autopsy face sheet is not the original
  • Researchers are discussing the evidence, the media parrots "Oswald did it"
  • The HSCA was willing to compromise,
  • CTKA two reviews of Cold Case JFK
  • In England, the media assumption is Oswald didn't do it
  • Robert Kennedy Jr. published in Rolling Stone
  • Black Op Radio, CTKA, 50 Reasons..., are making a dent
  • One conference by Lancer and COPA would have been over 700 people
  • Browkaw had Ruth Paine and Wesley Frazier as the main talking heads
  • Oliver Stone in USA Today
  • A CTKA review of Patrick Nolan by Martin Hay

    Play Larry Hancock  (35:25)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Larry was conference chair of the Lancer conference
  • The mood was very tempered, the weather was miserable
  • The plaza crowd was fairly small
  • The Mayor's speech was, put it all behind us and look forward
  • Debra tried to get a permit starting after last year's conference
  • Lancer had well over 400 attendees, the breadth of speakers was amazing
  • Break-out sessions, focus group meetings, a big book room
  • An educational conference, half the people were new to conferences
  • 8:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night, Jeff Morley delivered the keynote
  • They're not going to see anything new, they're not looking
  • Once the city got done on Friday they pretty much just left
  • On the knoll, Lancer had prayers, remarks, and music
  • Lancer had a video tribute to researchers who have passed away
  • We'll be back at the knoll next year to observe it
  • A lot of people don't attend because of Thanksgiving week
  • There's an effort to have smaller conferences around the country
  • This is not a history class, it's a struggle to get the truth out
  • Get ready for the anniversary of the Warren Commission
  • Larry will have a new book out, Shadow Warfare, the first of the year
  • Early next year Lancer will have dvd's of the conference
  • Len's video excerpts of the Wecht conference

    Show #656
    Original airdate: November 21, 2013
    Guests: Lisa Pease / Dan Hayden
    Topics: Duquesne and the Truth / Dealey Plaza and Free Speech

    Play Lisa Pease  (1:17:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Science is legit, the inputs are not legit
  • Len sent Lisa a dozen red roses for "ruining" McAdams life
  • Lisa learned much defending herself against him
  • In Brazil, they call it the parallel government
  • It's like finding colored glass in sand, one pile gets bigger
  • CIA was deeply involved and, responsible for the assassination
  • Nitrate tests, Oswald did not fire the rifle
  • We've been lied to, who's doing the lying?
  • Pittsburgh conference media panel, Boston Globe reporter
  • Max Holland, several years he was funded by foundations
  • Bugliosi went to the University of Miami at the time of JM/WAVE
  • Allen Dulles' appointment calendar, "Weekend at Farm"
  • Talbot showed, he certainly had access to all the players
  • DiEugenio, on Kennedy's foreign policy, nationalist movements
  • Robert Kennedy in South Africa in 1966, "My name is Kennedy"
  • Rare earth minerals, as important as oil, the Congo in Africa
  • Communism, the excuse, so that we could take over the resources
  • Lives are stake when you tell the big, lies cost lives
  • We don't have enough intelligence agency literacy
  • There are people who do good work in CIA
  • Lisa spoke on the Covert Corruption of Culture
  • Stick to the facts, you don't have to suppose "what if"
  • Angleton had Oswald's file, Special Affairs, Desmond Fitzgerald
  • Oswald's trip to the Soviet Union was on behalf of CIA
  • Joannides shut down Hardway and Lopez of the HSCA
  • Congress knows, they're very afraid of CIA, they're cowed
  • Who could and would still be covering up fifty years later?
  • The Sixth Floor, the "CIA Museum", a selective retelling of events
  • A war for our history, read 1984, history itself has been captured
  • Wars, have always been about resources and money
  • Gas prices, not something to send someone else's kid to die for
  • A sea change is coming, a positive view of the next hundred years
  • Len recommends the film, V for Vendetta, Mack with Ventura
  • On Twitter and Facebook, there aren't the gate keepers in between
  • People can't have different sets of facts, give the gift of truth
  • If you've never gone, treat your self to a Kennedy conference

    Play Dan Hayden  (59:26)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dan worked in Dealey Plaza in the 90's as a vendor
  • It was a business, selling publications to tourists
  • The competition was very fierce, sometimes it got physical
  • To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men
  • Dan developed a little tour of the plaza
  • Rumors From the Grassy Knoll (2013) ebook
  • The Moment of Silence should have been recognized by the city
  • The Sixth Floor, a government sponsered propaganda machine
  • Their bookstore is all the offical version
  • An insult, barricades up, James Teague is not allowed in
  • Maybe Alex Jones should crash the party with his bullhorn

    Show #655
    Original airdate: November 14, 2013
    Guests: Doug Horne / Roger Stone / John Judge
    Topics: Assassination Records Review Board / The Man Who Killed Kennedy / COPA-Dallas

    Play Doug Horne   (2:20:30)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Doug was 11 years old 50 years ago on the day
  • In 1993, Doug attended his first assassination symposium
  • Doug applied for a job with the ARRB in 1994
  • Senior, then chief analyst on the Military Records team
  • Involved in taking depositions of autopsy witnesses/participants
  •, Inside the ARRB (2009)
  • Funding limitations, a part time board, staff of 25-30, four year life span
  • Congress did not want to re-investigate the assassination
  • Look for records, a broad definition, the enforcement arm of the Act
  • Prove to us you're doing searches, we reviewed redacted records
  • 60,000 records other agencies wanted to withhold
  • About 1,100 CIA records still withheld
  • Robert Blakey wrote the JFK Records Act, he set the parameters
  • The board had a closed mind, but they did want to release records
  • Louis Stokes asked them to clarify the record in the medical area
  • Vietnam, the full minutes of the May 1963 SecDef conference
  • The intent of that policy (withdrawal) became NSAM 263 in October
  • Cuba, Northwoods documents from 1962, the ICCCA 1963
  • Califano, Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee of Cuban Aaffairs
  • JFK withdrew his offer to Lansdale to be ambassador to Vietnam
  • Instead, he allowed him to be the operations officer for Mongoose
  • Lansdale asked the Pentagon for a policy statement on Cuba
  • He also asked for a list of pretexts for an invasion of Cuba
  • Sinking an American ship, launching a terror campaign in the U.S.,
  • simulating an attack on an airliner by remote control
  • Operation 'Dirty Trick', to blame Castro if Glenn's Mercury flight failed
  • Lemnitzer tried to raise this subject, Kennedy shot him down
  • The Joint Chiefs castigated McNamara, insisting on invasion now
  • Doug wrote five volumes to complete the medical evidence picture
  • Disturbing facts the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about
  • About 18 autopsy views are missing, 18x4 photographs
  • Gerald Custer said there were five or six skull x-rays
  • At least two are missing, Dr. Mantik concludes the three are altered
  • Sibert and O'Neill said, the intact back of the head images were wrong
  • O'Neill said the brain photo had way to much mass present
  • The supplementary brain exam photos are on the wrong film
  • Stringer took photos of a brain section, they are not in the archive
  • The suppressed photos would have shown evidence of crossfire
  • Two brain exams, a substitute brain, to take pictures of it
  • The autopsy report is the third version, Humes burned first draft
  • No reason to do any of these things, if it was a simple murder
  • What was going on at Bethesda Hospital that night?
  • The body arrived at 6:35 pm, a black hearse, a cheap shipping casket
  • Kennedy's body arrived before the Andrews motorcade
  • What happens between then and 8:00?
  • The body, stolen from Parkland, taken out of the casket at Love Field
  • Humes and Boswell, evidence of frontal shots was removed
  • Dallas docters and nurses saw cerebellum, a wound in the rear
  • "Surgery to the top of the head", to dissassociate himself
  • Doug wrote an essay in July on Air Force One
  • A six part essay on JFK/National Security Establishment
  • Kennedy was persueded to go along with the Bay of Pigs
  • Allen Dulles knew it had little chance of success
  • The assumption was Kennedy would bail it out with U.S. troops
  • "You need to put compat troops in Laos", we need nuclear weapons to win
  • Three times in 1961, pressured Kennedy to send troops to Vietnam
  • Following the Missle Crisis, the veto on his life was cast
  • The Soviets had tactical nuclear weapons in Cuba
  • Kennedy proposed ending the Cold War, not winning it
  • JFK's secret rapprochement to Cuba, calls were being bugged
  • Kennedy was lectured on advantages of a first stike on the Soviet Union
  • "Why don't we go to the moon together", NSAM 271
  • Doug gave a four hour presentation at Olney Central College
  • If you believe the Dallas doctors, you should be bothered by the Zapruder film
  • The suppression of the film, apparent evidence of conspiracy
  • Research on the film in Hollywood is gaining momentum
  • It's going to be a game changer, the best proof of a conspiracy
  • Peter Janney interviewing Dino Brugioni, NPIC
  • The film arrived at 10:00 pm on Friday at NPIC, the original film
  • A second arrival, 24 hours later, an altered Zapruder film
  • Developed in Rochester, at a secret lab, Hawk-Eye Works
  • Peter showed Dino frame z-313, Dino's reaction:
  • "(The explosion) was in the air, I remember being shocked"
  • "Straight up," "Three or four feet from his head," "I saw more than that"
  • The Zapruder film is altered, the back of the head is crudely blacked out
  • Crude animation performed by aerial imaging, an optical printer
  • Volume 4, overview of the autopsy and the Zapruder film
  • A student at the Rochester Institute of Technology,
  • was shown a transparency of JFK that is not in the evidence
  • Professor Andrew Davidhazy and the Oswald backyard photos
  • Two clandestine surgery witnesses, Tom Robinson, Ed Reid
  • Matters of science or history, make up your own mind

    Play Roger Stone   (59:26)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Roger worked for the Nixon, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush presidential campaigns
  • In 1964 he read A Texan Looks at Lyndon (Haley/1964)
  • Lyndon Johnson, corrupt, tied to eight murders prior to JFK, mean spirited
  • The chief appropriator for the military, close to the defense industry
  • Taking money from Carlos Marcello , a unique relationship to everyone in the plot
  • Under Federal investigation for corruption, faces being dumped from the ticket
  • RFK has given TIME/LIFE a dossier, they are working on an exposé of Johnson
  • The WC is still being defended, three Federal investigations have repudiated it
  • Texas oil finances the assassination, the plan is two years in the making
  • 70% of the American people don't believe in the WC anymore
  • The real shooter on the sixth floor is Malcolm Wallace
  • John Connally is Johnson's protégé, Secretary of the Navy, Governor of Texas
  • The day before in Houston, all the Secret Service procedures are met
  • Johnson got SS Chief James Rowley his first job in 1938
  • Two camps, the Kennedy people in shock, Johnson people are very pleased
  • The oath is really symbolic, LBJ winks at his crony Congressman
  • There continues to be a mainstream media cover up of this case
  • Johnson says, this was really done by the Russians, a nuclear holocaust
  • Roger knew Arlen Spector, he's doing what Warren and Dulles tell him to
  • John Kerry said, Oswald didn't act alone, the Soviets were involved
  • Johnson was the linchpin, it's his town, CIA supplies the patsy
  • Kennedy runs to the right of Nixon, then gave away our missiles in Turkey
  • In 1963 there was CBS, ABC, and NBC, that's it, journalists on CIA payroll
  • Dorothy Kilgallen was the Barbara Walters of her day, suspiciously murdered
  • The evidentiary record is corrupted, and in some cases fabricated
  • If Oswald had gone to trial he would have been acquitted
  • Roger believes Madeleine Brown is telling the truth
  • There was a party, then after midnight, a meeting
  • Dealey eye witnesses describe a man who looks like Malcolm Wallace
  • Wallace went to work for D.H. Byrd , who owned the TSBD
  • JFK offered the vice-presidency to Stuar t Symington
  • Johnson and Sam Rayburn have a Hoover dossier on Kennedy's sex life
  • LBJ hates being vice-president because he is powerless
  • Robert Caro, good and bad, he misses Billie Sol Estes
  • Roger's book is out now, The Man Who Killed Kennedy (2013)
  • LBJ wants a state commission, his aides talk him in to a Federal commission
  • The Sixth Floor gets Federal funding, they're lone nutters
  • Lyndon Johnson yoked the conspiracy, he did this, or he did not survive
  • He who derived the greatest benefit from the crime committed it

    Play John Judge   (33:09)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • COPA will feature 37 speakers and several related events
  • An agreement has been reached with Mayor Rawlings
  • A suit was prepared and held as a card to get some conditions met
  • Every park in Dallas was closed to First Amendment activity that day
  • The conference t-shirt may be worn by ticket holders
  • A plaque will be unveiled at the Grassy Knoll, so,
  • COPA sympathizers should gather as a group on the Grassy Knoll area
  • A first Moment of Silence at 12:30 pm, at the corner of Market and Main
  • Signs, banners and free speech will be allowed outside Dealey Plaza
  • Gather at 11:00 (Market and Main), the ceremony at 12:30
  • Then at 2:30, we will be able to go in to Dealey Plaza
  • Starting at 8:00 am, COPA will be leafleting crowds entering the Plaza
  • In the Plaza, signs, banners, noise, and disruptions won't be allowed
  • COPA will have a police escort to the Plaza at 2:30
  • A second Moment of Silence will be held there in that space
  • COPA events will be listed on the Mayor's ticket website, with a link to COPA
  • 5,000 leaflets, telling why they were excluded, about the conference, etc.
  • The controversy is now out, the press knows about it, one of our goals
  • Half a million to a million spent on security and other things
  • Special Homeland Security mobile surveillance vehicles have been bought
  • Like little tanks, with a high pole and surveillance cameras
  • A COPA early bird dinner, Thursday night, the 21st, Bob's Steak & Chop
  • At 7:00 pm, there's a play, Noah's Ark, with Martin Sheen at Unity Church
  • On the 22nd, gathering at Market and Main, 2:30 escorted to the Plaza
  • A sold out banquet at 6:00 pm, over 250 people, 7:00 pm, keynote speakers
  • People can pay on site, there will be day rates
  • Saturday, 9:00 am, speakers, lunch, speakers, dinner, speakers
  • A premier showing of The Searchers, a documentary by Randy Benson
  • The 24th, 9:00 am, speakers, future plans, the Baylor University JFK archive
  • They were conspiring to violate our First Amendment rights from the beginning
  • Pretty onerous, tickets, wristbands, security, no chairs or umbrellas, no guns
  • Bob Groden got depositions, police admitted Sixth Floor harassment
  • Even the Dallas Morning News interviewed John
  • Pittsburgh, a wonderful conference, analysis based on millions of documents
  • Bob Groden called it the Woodstock of political assassination conferences
  • People came away feeling empowered, to not let the truth die
  • COPA and Lancer conferences, good effort, National Journal article
  • Not that the whole city hated him, money, power, oil, munitions
  • Kennedy was the last good hope for peace, taken another direction since then
  • It's not that it's a mystery, we know, they made it evident at the time
  • They Red-dipped Oswald, as Operation Northwoods, to invade Cuba
  • A Single Integrated Operational Plan to destroy China and Russia
  • Our government, complicit in the cover up, Dulles played a role
  • It was the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the rising military/industrial complex
  • Americans don't want to see the solution, it would mean acting on it

    Show #654
    Original airdate: November 7, 2013
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Pete Johnson / Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: JFK Research / Dallas Update / The "High Cabal"

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:05:54)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Pittsburgh, the Who's Who of the research community
  • I wish it would have lasted a week, my idea of paradise
  • John McAdams, Lisa Pease, Jim DiEugenio and Time magazine
  • Three days and the writer keyed the whole thing around this professor
  • 448 JFK researchers and two people, McAdams and Holland
  • (The article, your National Security State tax dollars at work)
  • David Talbot's article on books by Philip Shenon and Howard Willens
  • Spector proposed the single bullet theory to Warren at the TSBD
  • Warren pivoted, said nothing and left the building
  • David Slawson was thinking of writing about reopening the case
  • James Angleton called him and warned him
  • CIA Chief of Counter Intelligence, liaison to the Warren Commission
  • CTKA, Larry King interview on Jim Garrison and RFK
  • Oliver Stone interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now
  • Untold History of the United States DVDs
  • Limited theater re-release of JFK starting November 8th
  • Jim will speak twice at the Lancer conference in Dallas,
  • on JFK's foreign policy and on the HSCA
  • Jim recommends that listeners please go to one of these
  • Another occasion like this is not seen in the near future
  • Over 30 speakers over four days, November 21-24
  • Barry Ernest, Pamela Brown, Jeff Morley, Rollie Zavada,
  • Don Thomas, William Law, Ed Tatro, Jim Marrs, Larry Hancock,
  • Russ Baker, Rex Bradford, Dave Mantik, Joan Mellen,
  • Dick Russell, Pat Speer, Tink Thompson, others
  • COPA speakers Cyril Wecht, Walt Brown,
  • Bob Groden, Ernst Titovets, Bill Kelly,
  • Bill Simpich, John Judge, Joe McBride, others
  • There could be fireworks, it should be very exciting
  • Dallas meet and greet luncheon with a Q & A roundtable
  • November 23, 12:30 - 5:00 pm, maximum of 35 people, $30.00
  • Where's Bugliosi? Where's Posner?
  • Many who applied for tickets to Dealey Plaza did not get in
  • Thank you to all the contributors to 50 Reasons for 50 Years
  • No duplication, 50 different reasons, #44 with Dan Hardway
  • John Kelin article, he wrote Praise from a Future Generation (2007)
  • A coming article by Jim on Tony Summers and Patricia Lambert
  • An article by Jim on Dave Reitzes and Michael Shermer
  • Conspiracy (Summers 1980) is on Jim's Top Ten JFK Books list
  • Listener questions, significance of the Clinton, Louisiana trip?
  • Two hamlets, Clinton and Jackson, a very rural area
  • Four separate events, presented to Oswald as a surveillance mission
  • A Cuban exile training camp at Marydale Farms run by Lloyd Cobb
  • Shaw tried to get his application into the East Louisiana State Hospital
  • They were going to try to show that he was a patient up there
  • Oswald and the Coke machine?, a famous incident, Officer Marrion Baker
  • Marrion Baker's first day affidavit states, "third or fourth floor"
  • That was manufactured, because Oswald wasn't really on the second floor
  • Interesting pictures, looks like Oswald and Frazier on the TSBD steps
  • E-mail Len at with questions for HSCA investigators

    Play Pete Johnson   (24:17)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Pete is with COPA and has news about Dallas and the 50th
  • Pushing back against the silencing of the annual moment of silence
  • The mayor doesn't want "crazy conspiracy theory" on the grassy knoll
  • A plan to distribute a broadsheet that states, "This is no longer a mystery"
  • The national security state killed Kennedy, he wanted peace
  • Waiting for a response on the timing of free access to the knoll
  • Handing out the broadsheet at the ticket pick up location
  •, we want to get our message across
  • Scholars recognize a cover-up and tampering with the evidence
  • At the Pittsburgh conference the word was CIA, CIA, CIA
  • Dallas had a part in Ruby shooting Oswald in the police basement
  • CIA is entrenched, still very nervous if this was to come to light
  • People are going to be surprised and troubled, getting kicked off the knoll
  • Seeking teams of two to distribute 500 broadsheets in two hours
  • Volunteers can contact Pete at
  • Pete had to contact a Sgt. from Homeland Security about permitting
  • People don't want to occupy the grassy knoll or have a protest
  • Dallas is still trying to conceal the truth about this assassination
  • We represent the good, we can win this battle, people will listen
  • This is a free country, it was a conspiracy, we know who did it
  • It's our turn to be heard, we have to make this work, it'll be fun
  • Registration for the COPA conference (November 22-24 in Dallas)

    Play Fletcher Prouty and Dave Ratcliffe   (1:36:03)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Murder is the function of state governments
  • The autopsy should have been completed in the hospital
  • Oswald was picked up on the charge of shooting Tippit
  • The murder was clearly the activity of several trained people
  • Hit from the back, hit from the front twice, the Tague shot, four bullets
  • A British 303 rifle, a German mauser, the Italian caracano
  • Normal police activity would have solved that crime before midnight
  • They interviewed him all night, they took no notes at all
  • HSCA found more than three rifle sounds, they think there was a conspiracy
  • Evidence of one of the most powerful cover ups ever created
  • The people who made that plan intended to take over control
  • They had the power to kill, to cover up, to take over the Presidency
  • If a group conspired, then they had an objective
  • A powerful group within the government, killed Kennedy
  • The motive was the control of the government
  • A speech at the U.N., a cooperative attempt to go to the moon
  • The TFX fighter program, 6 to 7 billion dollars
  • The contract was awarded to General Dynamics, the military wanted Boeing
  • Vietnam was not a big issue, Laos and Congo were more important
  • If the people wanted their own country, they were gonna have to fight
  • NSAM 263, a thousand troops home for Christmas
  • It was clear he would have another four years, then Bobby, then Teddy
  • The hit men are professionals, covered by the police
  • No agency played a role as an agency, the Gold Key club
  • People from various agencies might have been called upon
  • The Secret Service is augmented with U.S. military units
  • The automobile with the President cannot travel less than 44 mph
  • Military units were called, "You won't be needed in Dallas"
  • Close and seal all the windows, a man on the roof with a radio
  • There were false Secret Service there, false police
  • The autopsy in Bethesda, wounds of entry in different places
  • LIFE published reversed Zapruder film extracts
  • Shot through with cover stories, an inside powerful group
  • The Secret Service studies the route, they don't want to change it
  • High level elements were able to get the route changed
  • The men that saw this happen were kept from speaking
  • A very slow speed, making corners, right under the guns
  • It was an absolute ambush, a real wild west ambush
  • The photographic evidence is amazing, place them in a time frame
  • Who is in these pictures? Three men being led by police to the Sheriff's
  • 1 of 6, 2 of 6, 3 of 6, 4 of 6, 5 of 6, 6 of 6,
  • Called "tramps", new clothes, new shoes, the police are in stage costumes
  • One has a hearing device in his ear, very questionable
  • In one of these photos is another man, walking in the other direction
  • Fletcher recognized that man is General Lansdale, he retired 10/31/63
  • Was Lansdale there to reassure someone working for him?
  • Fletcher mailed photos to acquaintances of Lansdale
  • Senior people confirmed, "That's Ed Lansdale"
  • Lansdale arranged for Fletcher to go to the South Pole
  • Fletcher was in New Zealand when he heard about Kennedy being killed
  • Would he just as soon Fletcher be out of town?
  • Fletcher was in New Zealand at the time the President was killed
  • The Christchurch newspaper came out, an Extra
  • News that's printed immediately, is more apt to come right from the record
  • One reporter said that he heard "three bursts of automatic weapons fire"
  • Lee Harvey Oswald, a nondescript, 23-24 years old, what was very elaborate
  • He had gone to Russia, defected, married a Russian, come back, Fair Play for Cuba
  • There's a picture of Oswald, well-dressed in a business suit
  • Where did the paper get such complete information? (and page 5)
  • This is the man alleged to have shot the President
  • The police picked up Oswald on the grounds that he killed a policeman
  • The police issued the charges against Oswald long after the paper had been printed
  • Who had written that scenario? A big organization, was involved in the murder
  • Written ahead of the time, to say that Oswald killed the President
  • Somebody had decided Oswald was going to be the patsy
  • Fletcher got the paper before noon, in Dallas, about 4:30 in the afternoon
  • The paper was saying what the police were going to say some eight hours later
  • Churchill during the war stated, "the High Cabal is operating here"
  • Fletcher was at the Cairo Conference, and the Teheran Conference
  • Churchchill is a senior person, there seems to be a level that he listens to
  • The secret of the High Cabal, their most valuable asset is anonymity
  • 30,000 years, society has lived on an Earth that was an expanse
  • No problem with space. They didn't even think about the word "property,"
  • Magellan's expedition, going to the west and keep going to the west
  • One single ship returned, they had completely circumnavigated the earth
  • This realization changed the mind of man, a sphere is finite
  • Kings and queens, began to realize, there's only so much land, tin, gold
  • The East India Company, the British achieved dominance
  • The king could commission them to set up a proprietary colony
  • They could introduce their religion and their armies to the colony
  • The elite people now became surveyors, George Washington was a trained surveyor
  • Mankind was beginning to develop the concept of the ownership of property
  • The British created Haileybury College, they trained financial aspects, military, missionaries
  • Go into these colonies with their missionaries first, then bring in their military
  • What they were really after was to learn what the assets of the entire Earth were
  • They set up an economic studies department
  • Thomas Malthus was given the job of inventorying Earth, circa 1805
  • Mankind was increasing at a geometric rate,
  • and food was increasing at an arithmetic rate, an "us or them" mentality
  • Charles Darwin, proclaimed those that were fittest survived
  • Mankind is increasing too fast, we can't all live, genocide is perfectly all right
  • The next 200 years, were the years when they were exploring
  • The Napoleonic Wars, WW I, WW II, we haven't finished who owns what.
  • We have defined the idea of property
  • The Jesuit Square area of Africa, about 15,000 square miles
  • "Unexplored." They ignored the people there, it was discoverd by the British
  • We're still operating under the principles of Haileybury, Malthus, and Darwin
  • In 1862, Lord Oliphant, created the British Society of Psychic Research
  • The Boston Tea Party, took the flag East India flag down
  • George Washington asked Betsy Ross to put stars in
  • The American flag is the East India flag
  • Cecil Rhodes, sent emissaries to this country, teaching Haileybury, Malthus, and Darwin
  • Rhodes scholars, go to British colleges, then come back and become leaders
  • You could get the property you would own the world, that was their driving force

    Play Col. Prouty discussing photos of Dealey Plaza   (9:45)   Video

    Show #653
    Original airdate: October 31, 2013
    Guests: Greg Burnham / Fletcher Prouty / Debra Conway
    Topics: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty / Wecht Conference

    Play Greg Burnham   (1:19:53)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Do listeners have questions to forward to HSCA investigators?
  • Greg and Len met through their relationships with Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
  • Fletcher was in sensitive positions in the Pentagon and SecDef
  • Fletcher spoke about things which did not have proof at the time,
  • but as time passed, documents were declassified, and were they true
  • NSAM 263, Fletcher worked on it, post-WWII era, CIA expansion
  • The Kennedy team were very capable, but lacked experience
  • CIA acted in a rogue manner, changed Brigade 2506 to an invasion force
  • Kennedy came in with a deep background, against involvement in Vietnam
  • He needed approval from SecDef and JCS, he wrote the report himself
  • The McNamara-Taylor trip report was written in Washington
  • Col. Prouty worked with Gen. Krulak in writing it for Kennedy
  • Eisenhower's Farewell Address, JFK was told it was an Eisenhower plan
  • Military/industrial complex, an unholy union, Defense and corporate America
  • Both the supplier and the end user of what it makes
  • A credible threat of war justifies it's own existance
  • CIA told JFK, "We have these 3,000 men", there were only 300 at the time
  • JFK seemed not to trust McNamara or Taylor
  • Why is it important to care what happened to JFK?
  • At six years old, Greg attended JFK's funeral services
  • "Who did it?", Greg is more interested in the effect of the cover-up
  • The assassination was not only the murder of a man, but of our government
  • Failed investigation, the facts of the crime remain obscure even today
  • Presidents must feel fear, potentially to be left without protection
  • Perpetrators of such a traitorous act can get away with it
  • Warren Commissioners sold their country out by signing that report
  • The WC was to evaluate an FBI report, members were approved by Hoover
  • Gerald Ford is enthusiastic about being appointed to the Commission
  • Drafts of NSAM 273 floating around before Kennedy was killed
  • Kennedy's determination to never get involved in a ground war in Vietnam
  • A Honolulu conference to discuss Vietnam, the Diem assassination
  • November 13, 1963 cable, directing discussions for the Honolulu conference
  • Foreign Relations of the United States 1961-63 Volume IV Aug. - Dec. 1963
  • November 21st, McGeorge Bundy writes the draft of NSAM 273
  • NSAM 273 reverses the "central object of the U.S. in South Vietnam",
  • from withdrawal to "assist...against the Communist conspiracy"
  • JFK to the UAW, "the responsibility of the President of the United States"
  • That's what got him killed, he thought he was the President
  • Vietnam was not inevitable, did the Domino Theory boogeyman show up?
  • We lost the war, communism contained itself, because of their expansionism
  • Fletcher talked about the culture of Vietnam predating the Egyptians
  • Fletcher was in charge of "Team B", NSC 5412
  • Prouty briefed Lemnitzer on NSAMs 55, 56, 57, following the Bay of Pigs
  • Fletcher knew Allen and John Dulles and Lansdale, he was at the fulcrum
  • Fletcher never signed an oath of secrecy to CIA
  • Greg received Fletcher's log of his time during the period of the assassination
  • His return from Antarctica, reading the Christchurch Star
  • The other side is very afraid of the revelations made by Fletcher
  • An honorable man, his oath to his country
  • In a court case, he and others would come out to tell what they knew
  • Every President since Kennedy has known that it's a lie
  • How do you take office? You get the screws turned on you
  • The research community infighting makes no difference
  • The cover-up continues, what does that mean?
  • How many shooters?, Prouty said, "There were as many shooters as it took"
  • It has to start with a revolution in the way we think
  • The Wecht Conference, of course there's a conspiracy!
  • Recent Richard M. Mosk Los Angeles Times article
  • Greg will be speaking at COPA in Dallas
  • Greg was the first guest on BOR and thanks Len for his good work

    Play Fletcher Prouty and Len Osanic   (14:56)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • NSAM 263, 1000 home by Christmas '63, all personal out by the end of '65
  • "That goddamn Kennedy", the Honolulu Conference, 20th November
  • Most of the cabinet were on their way to Tokyo on the 22nd
  • McGeorge Bundy had already drafted on the 21st a document (NSAM 273),
  • that significantly began changes that occurred later in Vietnam
  • In 1991, McBundy wrote that he wasn't at the Honolulu Conference
  • Records show he was, later he wrote that he was there
  • "Ambassador Lodge flies to Washington to speak to the President"
  • Which President?, the Pentagon Papers didn't even know Kennedy died
  • On the 24th, a discussion of NSAM 273, signed by LBJ on the 26th
  • Bill Bundy writes that he never heard of NSAM 273
  • What is abnormal is the chronology, Honolulu, Tokyo, Dallas
  • Major writers were writing that there is no such document as NSAM 263
  • It is in the Pentagon Papers, listed under document such-and-such
  • NSAM 273 is also divided and separated into different pages

    FRUS 1961-63 Volume IV: Vietnam August-December 1963

    Play Debra Conway  (26:39)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Debra and her sister Sherry Fiester were both in Pittsburgh
  • Sherry presented on the trajectory of Kennedy's fatal head shot
  • Lancer will have their conference in Dallas from 11/21 - 11/24
  • Hoping to have a ceremony in Dealey Plaza, waiting for confirmation
  • Lancer and COPA are left with very little information
  • People will still be able to get into the Plaza during the weekend
  • Tacky, you can't bring chairs, were wheelchairs excluded?
  • How much money, upwards of three million dollars?
  • Like minded conference goers, camaraderie, raise people's spirits
  • Commemorating, having a government that refuses to tell the truth
  • Lancer's 19th conference, exciting to see the progress every year

    Show #652
    Original airdate: October 24, 2013
    Guests: Ben Wecht / Mark de Valk / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Passing the Torch Symposium, Pittsburgh, October 17-19

    Play Ben Wecht   (30:07)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The symposium in Pittsburgh was professionally video taped
  • The primary goal was to pass the torch to up and coming researchers
  • Day three stands out for the synthesis of historical and political forces
  • Who would have liked to have killed Kennedy?
  • First generation researchers still at it
  • On demand video may be available around the time of the anniversary
  • Wanted to hear from RFK Jr. and Jim Douglass
  • Len and Ben surprised how many times CIA was mentioned
  • Bridging forensic, scientific and legal education
  • Friendly, smiling, a real buzz ammong attendees
  • Many key players in terms of research, advocacy and activism
  • Video of the conference is intended to educate
  • The importance of social media in furthering research and education

    Play Mark de Valk  (1:37:56)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Mark is with Dealey Plaza UK
  • Three full on days, a queue to get in, over 400 attendees
  • Robert Groden and all participants were very approachable
  • 84 year old Mark Lane, presented and participated on a panel
  • The city and conference both had a very good vibe
  • Two dis-info agents in attendance, John McAdams and Max Holland
  • A presentation by Larry Sabato, author of The Kennedy Half Century (2013)
  • Josiah Thompson's presentation concluded a final shot was from the rear,
  • Which closely followed a head shot from the front
  • Lobby tables for COPA, Lancer, Mary Ferrel, Walt Brown, Andy Winiarczyk
  • Very good hospitality and overall organization in a university setting
  • Large screens and very good audio, two rooms for concurrent sessions
  • Some new material was presented in Pittsburgh for the first time
  • The conference was accredited for students and professionals
  • Tim Nicholson, acoustic analysis of witness reports
  • Donald Thomas on synchronization of acoustical evidence
  • Jeffrey Sundberg on imaging properties of Zapruder's camera,
  • Concluded the re-photographing of Z-film frames using B&H optics
  • Cyril Wecht gave a forensic critique of the medical evidence
  • David Mantik and then Pat Speer on the Harper fragment
  • The fragment was likely moved further down Elm, before it was retrieved
  • A live video feed from Parkland Dr. McClelland from Dallas
  • A serious and straight forward confirmation of front and rear entries
  • A bus ride in the rain to the Heinz Center for a reception
  • A panel on the JFK Assassination and the Media with,
  • Jerry Policoff, Lisa Pease, Russ Baker, Jefferson Morley, David Talbot, Oliver Stone
  • John McAdams off in the corner, a lone Lone Gunman myth disseminator
  • October 18th, Lee Oswalds birthday, Mark Lane presented on the Secret Service
  • Joan Mellen spoke on Clay Shaw and the Garrison Case
  • Rex Bradford on the Church Committee
  • Dr. Gary Aguilar on wrong conclusions about the medical evidence
  • William Kelly on forensic analysis of the Air Force One Tapes
  • Robert Tanenbaum on the House Select Committee on Assassination misconduct
  • James Lesar reviewed the Assassination Records Review Board
  • Dan Hardway, former HSCA investigator, on the HSCA and CIA
  • A panel with Dan Alcorn, Policoff, Hardway, others, on what have we learned?
  • Oliver Stone gave a presentation on his Untold History (2013)
  • Mark bought a vinyl lp of Oswald - Self Portrait In Red autographed by Ed Butler
  • Dinner and discussions out afterwards with friends old and new
  • John Costella came from San Francisco, his Zapruder film analysis
  • Day three, David Talbot presented on Allen Dulles
  • Jim DiEugenio presented on JFK's foreign policy as a motive for murder
  • Jim got a standing ovation after demonstrating that JFK never was a cold warrior
  • Walt Brown presented on assassination sponsors
  • Sherry Fiester on the head shot trajectory analysis
  • Jefferson Morley presented on what the government is still hiding
  • Brian Litman on the Soviet experience of Oswald and the KGB
  • Lisa Pease presented on the covert corruption of culture
  • John Judge on a call to action and what needs to be done
  • Closed with a panel with Cyril Wecht, John Judge, Robert Groden,
  • Walt Brown, Joan Mellen, David Talbot, Lisa Pease, Robert Tanenbaum
  • A very nice conference, good company, collectively sharing notions
  • Pittsburgh, the Steel City, vs. Dallas, the City of Hate

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (59:36)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • A pleasant city, a well presented conference, Passing the Torch
  • Speaker after speaker after speaker, everybody was quite excited
  • Jim attended the 40th anniversary Wecht conference, Into Evidence DVD
  • Jim enjoyed the first night panel discussion on the media
  • Their anecdotal evidence of media stonewalling
  • Bill Kelly's work on the Air Force One tapes
  • BOR was well received, Len met listeners and hooked up interviewees
  • Speakers were roomed in three hotels, 500 or so attendees
  • After hours discussions late into the night with food and drink
  • Bill Kelly posted updates on the conference, an enervating experience
  • Ben Wecht's able hands on the nuts and bolts
  • Gaeton Fonzi's widow was in attendance
  • Len and Mark de Valk caught nearly the entire conference on video
  • The conference had many highschool and college students attending
  • John McAdams' Lt. Columbo impersonation, odd to see him there
  • The Dallas COPA and Lancer conferences are still on the horizon
  • Debra Conway is trying to get the Kennedy Memorial the night before
  • John Judge is trying to get Dealey Plaza around 2:30 on the day
  • Ben Wecht, all the logistics, a tremendous amount of work
  • Pittsburgh felt like a welcoming city, not like the feeling of Dallas
  • The conference got good local press and television coverage
  • Cyril, a bundle of energy, wonderful auspices of Duquesne University
  • 11/23/13 meet and greet social on the terrace of the Belmont Hotel
  • Together, Lancer and COPA have registered over 500 already
  • The attention being paid to this anniversary is increasing
  • Dealey Plaza may be inundated that day, very interesting
  • Jim's latest book, Reclaiming Parkland (2013), is available
  • A review of Tom Hanks, Bugliosi, Reclaiming History, and Hollywood
  • Read book reviews at CTKA, view Len's series 50 Reasons For 50 Years
  • Wikipedia denies again that Len's Col. L. Fletcher Prouty site is official ? calls it dubious and rejects link...

    Show #651
    Original airdate: October 10, 2013
    Guests: Donald Freed / Governor Jesse Ventura
    Topics: Executive Action / They Killed Our President

    Play Donald Freed   (56:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Donald is a co-screenwriter of Executive Action (1973)
  • Donald had written a play called Inquest about the Rosenberg Case
  • Mark Lane was a friend and thought the time was right for a JFK film
  • Mark and Donald wrote the novel and co-wrote the film with Dalton Trumbo
  • The was a rumor of a bomb threat against the film set
  • The major television networks refused national ads for the film
  • Newsweek wrote a review, recommending the film should be banned
  • The media have stigmatized critics from the beginning as crackpots
  • The spirit of the time, there are power structures that plan
  • To win is a succesful revolution, to fail is called madness
  • Conspiring is a form of planning, people do plan, they form and re-form
  • Dealey Plaza involved upper levels of former American Intelligence members
  • Anti-Castro forces were very upset when JFK did not invade at the Bay of Pigs
  • The film mystified the conspirators, it makes it an all-American conspiracy
  • The cover-up required real power, the murder, is a counter-indicator of power
  • With Nixon's downfall, not a shot was fired, that's real power
  • In Dallas, the cover-up could have failed, the FBI and CIA were compromised
  • The FBI carried the ball for Johnson, LBJ told Earl Warren, it could be WW III
  • JFK portrayed LBJ as involved, he profited, yes, but that is gratuitous
  • It does not go to the very top, the assassination was limited in its power
  • The WC has long since been superceded, the Kennedys resisted investigations
  • It came out of Lake Pontchartrain, JFK could not turn off the Intelligence wars
  • Johnson had been ruined by Vietnam and destroyed by the JFK assassination
  • There is a whiff of Fascism in the air, the polarization is dangerous
  • It matters when the President is executed in the street by insurgent power
  • Many secrets are kept when the firing squad is waiting
  • Stolen elections, A Citizens Dissent (Lane 1968), Orwellian state control
  • President Dwight Eisenhower's Farewell Address, January 17, 1961
  • JFK's Commencement Address at American University, June 10, 1963
  • Donald Sutherland ("X") had early enthusiasim for Executive Action
  • Mr. Freed knew something was wrong when he learned of 544 Camp Street
  • The New York Times 1973 review of Executive Action

    Play Jesse Ventura  (1:03:46)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Another book by Jesse, They Killed Our President
  • In 1963 there was a coup d'état in the United States, with a bullet to the head
  • People don't want to admit that here, offer up one lone deranged nut
  • Truthers now has a bad connotation? How can truth be bad?
  • The book is timed to the anniversary of the assassination
  • The 38th Governor of Minnesota did not believe the Warren Commission
  • Someone would have talked, people have talked, the media remain silent
  • Talking about conspiracy theories is healthy
  • 50 years ago we lost control of our government
  • Wedge formation of motorcycles, used in Texas, but not in Dallas
  • Secret Service ordered down from the limo, on video
  • Dick Russell and David Wayne contributed to the book
  • Jesse's Petition for Governmental Redress of Grievances
  • The U.S. has been using chemical weapons for 60 years, what is napalm?
  • They need a cooperative government in Syria to run an oil pipeline
  • Perennial war, Major General Butler, send in the Marines
  • SEAL teams, isn't there supposed to be a trial before capital punishment?
  • Fletcher Prouty liked to level the playing field
  • JFK and the Unspeakable (Douglass 2010)
  • Kennedy murdered, Khrushchev taken out of power
  • We lead the world in, incarcerated citizens, believers in angels, defense spending
  • Jesse trys to avoid flying, a federal judge threw out his case against TSA
  • Reasonable search and seizure, a 9-year-old boy boards a plane without a ticket
  • Lee Oswald does not deserve to go down in history as the murderer of our president
  • Me & Lee (Baker 2011), any books by Harold Weisberg
  • There were two conspiracies, one to murder JFK, one to cover it up
  • No doubt LBJ was involved in the conspiracy to cover it up, cleaning out the limo
  • Jesse won't be in Dallas, it wasn't safe even with Secret Service protection
  • Jesse's Facebook page

    Show #650
    Original airdate: October 3, 2013
    Guests: Jim Hargrove and John Armstrong / Cyril Wecht / John Kelin
    Topics: Harvey & Lee / Passing the Torch / Praise from a Future Generation

    Play Jim Hargrove and John Armstrong   (1:34:18)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim was a kid on a soccer field when he learned of the assassination
  • He got mad after viewing the JFK film, and read some researcher's books
  • In 1999, Jim attended a talk by John, and put together the Harvey & Lee website
  • The newest website:, featuring recent writings by John
  • Someone was on the bus, using the name Oswald, going to Mexico City
  • The Cuban Oswald photos and the 50 Reasons episode featuring John
  • Mexico City was a complete hoax, we would have seen any real evidence
  • David Atlee Phillips lied to the HSCA about the cameras not working
  • Not the Intelligence community, a handful of officers, Phillips, Hunt, Goodpasture
  • Taped conversations were transcribed, we have the transcripts Phillips altered
  • Hunt and Phillips engineered to blame Castro, to demand an invasion of Cuba
  • Robert McKeown, a gunrunner who knew Castro, was visited by 'Oswald'
  • "Oswald" attempted to buy rifles through McKeown
  • The purchase of a rifle through Klein's probably never happened
  • "Project Oswald" to send a spy to the Soviet Union went on for years
  • It got misdirected in 1963 for the assassination of JFK
  • "Lee" was in the U.S. while "Harvey" was in Russia
  • The Friends of Democratic Cuba, using Lee to try to buy trucks
  • Look at the military records, when could "Lee" have taken Russian classes?
  • John Hart Ely didn't realize that Santa Ana and El Toro were two different bases
  • "Lee" was discharged from El Toro in March, 1959
  • "Harvey" was discharged from Santa Ana in September, 1959
  • Palmer McBride worked with Oswald at Pfisterer Dental Laboratory in '57 and '58
  • The Biloxi Radar School, Daniel Patrick Powers testimony, Allen Felde
  • Oswald's school records do not indicate the WC reports of truancy
  • John Pic said Lee attended school in Manhattan, there are no records
  • "Lee's" and "Harvey's" school, employment, and military records were merged
  • The FBI would gather original documents, then alter and manipulate copies
  • The FBI took Klein's microfilm, that film dissappeared
  • The FBI picked up school records, employment records, within a day or two
  • How would the FBI know where to go the day after the assassination?
  • Only if they would have known about "Harvey" and "Lee" before the assassination
  • Hoover to Johnson, "That picture and tape do not correspond to this man"
  • The word "conspiracy" has got to be at the forefront of President Johnson's mind
  • If he's got a conspiracy, does he dare let that out to the public?
  • De Mohrenschildt said Oswald preferred to read and speak Russian
  • Anita Zieger told John, Oswald spoke no Russian in Russia
  • He was a spy, of course he spoke no Russian in Russia
  • The more important question is what language Marina spoke?
  • Robert Webster spoke to Marina in Moscow, in English, rough but decent
  • Was she KGB? Absolutely.
  •, photos of "Harvey" and "Lee"
  • A chart showing which was where from 1953 through the assassination
  • An FBI document describing procedures to alter Warren Commission testimony
  • Background information on Marguerite Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald
  • That the U.S. Postal Money Order that was NEVER cashed
  • John Armstrong speeches and articles, examples of "Harvey" and "Lee"
  • Then a detailed page that describes the events of November 22, 1963
  • How American born Lee kills Tippit, runs to the Texas Theater, lures the police
  • "Lee" led out the back, "Harvey" arrested, led out the front
  • An opportunity to buy John's book and more write ups by John
  • Who creates two Oswalds? Don't you have the people behind the assassination?
  • Someone is spending a lot of money each year to fund "the WC was right"
  • Robert Tannenbaum, "The major area focused on the government"
  • Richard Sprague, "Oswald's ties to the Central Intelligence Agency"
  • It all points to the CIA, who told the city of Dallas to shut out everybody?
  • Len 7 hour interview with John Armstrong available by direct download <""> Here

    Play Cyril Wecht  (32:42)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Passing the Torch, October 17-19 2013, at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Presentations from the foremost critic/researchers, people involved for 20, 30, 40 years
  • How Would The News Media Handle The Assassination If It Were To Occur Today?
  • Call 412-396-1049 to speak to Ben Wecht if special assistance is required
  • Dr. Robert McClelland (video conference), Josiah Thompson, Last Second in Dallas
  • Cyril expects the lone gunman barrage to continue, but, we are the majority
  • Pre-Watergate, pre-Vietnam, news media did not seriously challenge the government
  • Today, would the autopsy be done by pathologists who have never done a gunshot wound case?
  • This was not just a murder case, it was the overthrow of the government, a coup d'état

    Play John Kelin  (59:20)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • John's book, Praise from a Future Generation (2007) is available as an E-book
  • John had an early interest in the assassination which was rekindled by the JFK film
  • John ran a web magazine called Fair Play, then he wrote his book
  • The title comes from a review of Inquest (Epstein 1966) by M.S. Aroni
  • The grassroots response to the assassination, the WC report was not an accurate document
  • Persons who early on reviewed the report and the 26 volumes of hearings and exhibits
  • Mark Lane, Vincent Salandria, Sylvia Meagher, Shirley Martin, Maggie Field, Raymond Marcus
  • Harold Feldman, Penn Jones, Harold Wiesberg, the Garrison investigation
  • A five or six year period, their effect on it, and it's effect on them
  • They felt isolated, the public suspected, but they didn't want to know
  • Mark Lane's Citizens' Committee of Inquiry became a focal point
  • Salandria said, "On November 22nd 1963, Dealey Plaza reeked of conspiracy"
  • Aquilla Clemmons, Helen Markham, the most unreliable witness imaginable
  • An interesting period, between the assassination and the publishing of the WC report
  • A LIFE editorial lied, Dec. 6, 1963, End To Nagging Rumors
  • "8mm film, President turning his body, throat is exposed, towards the sniper's nest"
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Richard Dudman was in the motorcade
  • Sixth Floor has an article from 11/24 stating "a small entrance wound below the adam's apple"
  • There are three versions of LIFE's October 2, 1964 Warren Report issue
  • Each changed caption comports with the official story of a gunman from behind
  • Vince Salandria's 1998 COPA speech, A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes
  • Roger Craig showed Maggie Field where his WC testimony was edited
  • The effect of so many contradictory books, is to keep historians discouraged
  • The other side uses the promotion of confusion and mystery
  • Avoid Bugliosi, read Douglas, Talbot, McBride, Meagher, Lane, Garrison
  • Avoid Mortal Error (Menninger 1992), read Gaeton Fonzi
  • Praise from a Future Generation Facebook page, John's Dallas photos

    Show #649
    Original airdate: September 26, 2013
    Guests: Joan Mellen / Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Jim Garrison / The Secret Team

    Play Joan Mellen   (44:15)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Joan's A Farewell to Justice (2005) released with a 90 page update
  • If not for JFK (1992), we would not have the Assassination Records Collection Act
  • The CIA released a document that admitted Clay Shaw was a highly-paid CIA source
  • Oswald was never alone, he was always with CIA and Intelligence people
  • Garrison was right in practically everything he said
  • The truth has come out, the CIA was part of the cover-up
  • The government is undermining the constitution and the rule of law
  • The assassination marked a moment when there were no longer any restraints
  • Shaw, Ferrie and Oswald, travelled to Jackson and Clinton, Louisiana
  • Oswald was to register to vote during a CORE voter registration drive
  • It shows Oswald was under the discipline of the CIA
  • Research is difficult because people want to protect the Kennedys
  • Robert Kennedy did try to have Castro assassinated
  • Bobby was definitely obstructing Garrison's investigation
  • Bobby sent Walter Sheridan to brief interviewer Johnny Carson
  • Gen. Lansdale was in Dealey Plaza, Gen. Krulak recognized him in a photo
  • Joan has just written The Enigma Of Malcolm Wallace
  • Ramsey Clark told Joan he found Castro assassination plans in his office
  • JFK fought against McGeorge Bundy over sending troops to Vietnam
  • William Colby and the Phoenix Program, The Great Game in Cuba (Mellen 2013)
  • Our Man in Haiti (Mellen 2012), George de Mohrenschildt and the CIA
  • Ron Paul said of the CIA "They're everywhere", "get rid of them"
  • The Bruce-Lovett Report, Truman's CIA op-ed piece
  • Joan's update shows that LHO was debriefed by the CIA, by Eleanor Reed
  • Also Herman and George Brown, Brown & Root, and their connection to the CIA
  • The structure of the CIA, how the components work
  • New research, FBI clerk William Walter, he had the original telex
  • How much the govenment knew about Oswald prior to the assassination
  • To show how close Garrison was to the truth
  • Thomas Beckham was in Dealey Plaza, and he met Oswald the week before
  • Martial law, the National Defense Authorization Act
  • We have had consequences in ignoring the Kennedy assassination
  • Every President after Kennedy was killed was terrified, Johnson understood
  • Lyndon Johnson was a hired hand, Madeleine Brown's party story was made up
  • "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce"
  • Joan's website,
  • Jim Garrison's and Oliver Stone's courage, the JFK Records Collection Act
  • Joan will be speaking at the Wecht conference and in Dallas at Lancer and COPA

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty  (1:41:27)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Allen Dulles was in Paris with the Wilson Peace Conference group after WW I
  • The Dulles's were senior directors of Sullivan & Cromwell
  • S&C maintained an office in Nazi Germany even after the start of WW II
  • The World Council of Churches , OSS WW II experience, an unusual individual
  • Preaching anti-Communism, he abolished the DDA, the CIA office for planning
  • An agency and a government of reaction, a straightjacket Kennedy was trying to remove
  • Gen. Smith, SACSA, Gen. Erskine, Special Ops moved in to the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Importance of Deception, Gen. Krulak, Counterinsurgency began under Eisenhower
  • The bureaucracy was all ready for Nixon, the infrastructure was in place
  • Taylor letter (1) (2) (3) (4), NSAMs 55, 56 and 57, the shock in Washington
  • Lemnitzer was not a cold warrior, his successor Taylor was, a major change
  • The make up of the Taylor/Cuba Study Group, Dulles made up the witness list
  • Dulles did some indoctrination on Bobby Kennedy and Maxwell Taylor
  • The Study Group's report was in the form of a letter to Kennedy
  • Fletcher revised The Secret Team in 1970 after the release of the Pentagon Papers
  • Charles Bohannon, Lucien Conein, Bill Rossin, Arthur Arundel, Rufus Phillips, CIA agents
  • Lansdale biography In the Midst of Wars (1972), worked in the Philippines, to overthrow Quirino
  • Bohannon, Valeriano, Lansdale, Chief of the Saigon Military Mission, Psychological Warfare
  • The Saigon Military Mission was a cover the Agency created in 1954, Ngo Dinh Diem
  • The Military Assistance Program and the Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam
  • Stilwell, Lansdale, Mao's Little Red Book, "The people are like water and the army is like fish"
  • We moved in to Iran after 1949, the Agency was all over Iran, Iranians went to Fort Bragg, etc.
  • Thousands of dossiers on Iranians, Nixon appointed Richard Helms as Ambassador to Iran
  • Allende, Pinochet is the one we trained, we reap what we sow, Kennedy's pressure against the system
  • The Bay of Pigs, the willing support of the rest of the government, in a Secret Team mode
  • Cuba, casinos, people from the Pentagon buying sugar stock, a commercial venture
  • Deniability, the U2, scrubbed clean, sanitized aircraft, you can't do it, required by NSC directive
  • 42,000 American rifles is not covert, NSAM 57, small things assigned to CIA
  • Denial of national sovereignty of your target country, criminal among the family of nations
  • There is no longer anything called sovereignty, satellites, finance, communications, transportation
  • Walter B. Wriston, Risk & Other Four-Letter Words (1986), covert operations, horse and buggy
  • There's no point in launching hydrogen bombs, economic warfare, an overdrawn account
  • We kept the secret from the American people, the rest of the world was laughing at us
  • The B-1 and B-2 bombers, stealthy in radar, makes more noise, that world is behind us
  • Energy and food eras, the government doesn't stand still, the weapons are gonna be different

    PART THREE - Video with a Lesson...   (00:49::27)  Watch Here

  • Len recommends you watch this video...

    Show #648
    Original airdate: September 19, 2013
    Guests: John Judge / Gary Shaw
    Topics: Dallas 2013 / Early JFK Research

    Play John Judge   (44:15)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Trying to work with the city of Dallas for a year and a half
  • No Dallas park can have a permitted activity that day
  • The Mayor offered a proposal, if John's group did not intend to disrupt
  • Stage at an area near Dealey Plaza, about two blocks away
  • Then be allowed in after the offical Dallas program
  • John wanted to know if the Mayor would announce such an event
  • Dallas could hold their event at the American Airlines Center
  • Or, begin in Dealey at an earlier time
  • Or, move the fence and leave the north knoll open
  • Their planning was intended to prevent the annual silent moment
  • John may file for an injunction to preserve First Amendment rights
  • A "morbid, necrophiliac circus"
  • Old and established money in Dallas is trying to make this happen
  • Dallas has it's past to hide, the police mangled the evidence
  • The City of Shame, "nothing to see here folks"
  • Dallas expects tens of thousands of visitors that day
  • An attempt, to clear their names and hope history will forget
  • Not interested in disrupting, allow us to do our event
  • This is soon going to become national news
  • We are not the dissent, we are the mainstream
  • COPA press release, A Moment of Silencing

    Play Gary Shaw   (1:17:15)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Gary is a retired architect, lived near Dallas, and had met Jack Ruby
  • At first, the Warren Report satisfied Gary
  • Rush to Judgement, (Lane 1966) began Gary's quest to see who killed our President
  • Penn Jones, the Commission, "forgot to underline where they lied to us"
  • Eye witness accounts of activity in Dealey Plaza, in front of the President
  • There's no doubt of a consipiracy and multiple shooters
  • A film confiscated in Dealey fron the "Babushka Lady", Beverly Oliver
  • Gary met Beverly in church, Richard Sprague had written about the Babushka Lady
  • The cover-up was rather simple, we trusted our agencies and news media
  • Cover-Up (Shaw/Harris 1976)
  • Our government had the ability to conceal the truth, suspicion of guilt
  • The rifle was taken to the morgue to get a good palm print on it
  • They chose to publicly execute him, to send a message
  • Co-author Larry Ray Harris, worked hard on the Tippit murder
  • Conspiracy of Silence (Shaw/Crenshaw 1992)
  • People were fearful, research was difficult
  • The JFK Assassination Information Center in Dallas
  • Bud Fensterwald put his money where his mouth was
  • It was hard to compete with the Sixth Floor Museum
  • The SFM seeks to control what happens in Dealey Plaza
  • Dallas' plans are an indictment of the city fathers
  • Chigaco Tribune, Who needs facts when you have conspiracy theorists?
  • Trauma Room One (Crenshaw 2001), coming out soon as JFK Has Been Shot
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association reaction
  • The HSCA lied, saying that 26 witnesses verified autopsy photographs
  • Karen Bennett, Little Lynn, a stripper for Jack Ruby
  • Ruby and the Western Union alibi, Little Lynn was scared out of her wits
  • Bugliosi, a win at all cost prosecutor
  • The proof lies in the autopsy evidence, what they did and didn't do
  • Continue studying the archival material
  • The truth has never been told, and it's important that it is told

    Show #647
    Original airdate: Sept 12, 2013
    Guests: Bill Kelly / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Air Force One tapes / Officer Baker and listener letters

    Play Bill Kelly   (1:11:56)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bill has two blogs, JFKcountercoup and JFKcountercoup2
  • Bill has been working on the Air Force One tapes recorded on 11/22/63
  • The original LBJ Library tape (1, 2, 3, 4) and the recently released Clifton tape (1, 2)
  • A report of General LeMay dying in an airplane crash
  • Colonel Dorman requests to give an urgent message to General LeMay
  • Bill spoke to Dorman's wife, she was working at the White House
  • Ordered by the SecDef to Andrews, instead he landed at Washington National
  • Bill will speak about and release his Air Force One tape edit at the Wecht Conference
  • Three radio channels, there should be seven hours of tapes, now just 80 minutes
  • Dorman's son said, it was strange that his father was not with LeMay
  • LeMay had his own plane, "Speckled Trout"
  • Oswald was a rabbit let loose at a hunt, who was the sixth floor assassin?
  • No sense looking at the "trigger man", study the victim to lead you to the assassin
  • LeMay brought up appeasement and Munich during the Missle Crisis
  • Tony Summers revised book, Not in Your Lifetime (1998)
  • John Newman is researching JM/WAVE , Bill Turner on the CIA and Cuba
  • Bill Simpich is working on Oswald's handlers, Lifton is working on different angles
  • Jeff Morley, John McAdams is full of crap, his site does have witness testimony
  • The lone nut debate is a false trail, critiques of McAdams
  • Naked girl in Dealey Plaza, European TV ad
  • Release the files for reasons of national security, find out exactly what happened
  • Dallas, Ruth Altshuler, a trustee of SMU and Ruby grand jury member
  • Ruth Paine is speaking in Sonoma on Friday, “My Window on the Oswalds
  • "Prayer Man" at the TSBD, photos and films that might prove Oswald was innocent
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years, one reason a week to say, "It's not possible"
  • Navy Commander Steel investigated Oswald twice for ONI
  • The Sixth Floor interviewed Buell Wesley Frazier recently
  • Evidence of conspiracy is in their oral history interviews
  • COPA and Lancer, Dallas is afraid of something
  • A central point to meet in Dallas, Ferris Plaza Park
  • John Judge has not heard back from the city
  • Jim Fetzer event in Santa Barbara, JFK 50th - more info Here

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:15:30)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's new book, Reclaiming Parkland, should start shipping next week
  • A good JFK app by Marlene Zenker, a good way to spread the word
  • Ongoing important discussions on Reopen Kennedy Case! and Spartacus
  • Oswald Leaving TSBD? thread and photo
  • Fritz's interrogation notes were copied from FBI agent Bookout and changed
  • Dallas police may have manufactured the 2nd floor soda machine incident
  • That incident was not in Officer Baker's first day affidavit
  • New CTKA reviews, A Secret Order, Conspiracy Theory In America
  • Len's archives available by direct download for $10 per year
  • Listener letters, left-handed telescopic sight, CE 2560
  • CTKA's review of Voodoo Histories (Aaronovitch 2010)
  • The Gleiwitz incident, conspiracies in history
  • Who Killed Franklin D. Roosevelt?, Elliot Roosevelt and Fletcher Prouty
  • A national effort to get the a JFK play into major American cities
  • Operation Northwoods, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
  • Betting on the Africans (Muehlenbeck 2012)
  • Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2012)
  • The Dulles brothers saw nonaligned countries as the enemy
  • "Johnson did it" may well be a diversion, Dulles and Bissell post firing
  • Ruth Paine is speaking in Sonoma on Friday, C-SPAN to film it
  • Dan Hardway (BOR #504 and #508), Eddie Lopez, Bob Tannenbaum
  • A complete blackout, or is it possible to get a permit somewhere else in Dallas?
  • Was Virgilio Gonzalez involved in the assassination?
  • Black Op Radio is attracting about 25% new listeners each week
  • The Honolulu Conference of November 1963, Cable 243
  • Where was the assassination communications center in Dallas?
  • Was the Warren Commission a CIA operation?
  • Black Op Radio and CTKA experienced some server blackouts
  • The book Dulles gave to the WC, The Assassins (Donovan 1955)

    Show #646
    Original airdate: September 5, 2013
    Guests: Vince Palamara / Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Survivor's Guilt / Prouty Topic

    Play Vince Palamara   (2:20:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy (2013)
  • If the Secret Service had done their normal job, Kennedy would have lived
  • Security even included a helicopter in San Antonio the day before
  • "Survivor's Guilt", a double entrende,
  • The bubbletop was not bullet proof, it was bullet resistant, it would have helped
  • At least 20 times he used the bubbletop in good weather conditions
  • JFK did not order agents off the car in Dallas
  • Floyd Boring did, the planner of the Texas trip
  • Sam Kinney said he himself was responsible
  • A crucial element that was not done in Dallas, watching the buildings
  • He normally had motorcycles all around, in Dallas they were moved back
  • Winston Lawson said, "Not specifically at this instance orders from him (JFK)."
  • Agents said, Kennedy, Kenny O'Donnell, etc., didn't order them to do anything
  • Motive, several agents had anger toward Kennedy, because of his private life
  • One of them, Emory Roberts, was the shift leader in Dallas
  • Roberts went on to be Appointments Secretary for Johnson, a political job
  • Roberts joined the White House detail in early November from Seattle
  • Floyd Boring was the number two agent, Gerald Behn was number one
  • Among others, Vince suspects agents Boring and Roberts
  • Fletcher Prouty has been totally vindicated by Vince's research
  • The 112th Military Intelligence group was asked to stand down
  • Sherriff Decker told Forest Sorrells he was going to augment his security
  • Emory Roberts recalled both Henry Ribka and Don Lawton at Love Field
  • Vince's other major suspect is limo driver Bill Greer
  • JFK's former driver died of a heart attack at Camp David one month before
  • After the first shot(s), Greer slowed the car down, until after the hit in the head
  • Greer's actions were central to the success of the assassination
  • Greer was born in Ireland, and was a Protestant, not a Catholic
  • Behn was not there in Dallas, he took a rare vacation
  • Agent Behn told Vince, I know the motorcade route was changed
  • They didn't have to go from Main to Houston to Elm
  • Agents gave Vince unguarded comments during interviews
  • Vince's research spurred SS agents to write their own books
  • The SS not protecting Kennedy, he would have lived, conspiracy or not
  • Agents who were not there, Behn and Boring, Kellerman was in charge
  • "We're heading into nut country today," JFK said
  • Some people (agents) were demoted, some were promoted
  • Pierre Salinger was not there, third stringer Malcolm Kilduff was
  • For some agents, Texas was their first trip
  • General McHugh was told not to ride in the limosine, for the first time, in Dallas
  • Nine agents were drinking the evening before, until five AM
  • They weren't heroes, they cost the nation it's President
  • Still going through ARRB released documents
  • Protective Research Section Agent Glenn Bennett, administrative, not a field agent
  • Bennett lied about not being on the Florida trip, he was
  • Agent Tim McIntyre, also lied about not being on trips, he roomed with Bennett
  • Agent Howard Norton, Technical Security agent, was in Texas
  • The cancelled Chicago trip, concern on the Florida trip
  • The security was relaxed, orders given and not given
  • After years of research, Vince can see what was not done in Dallas
  • Appendix 3, deconstructing The Kennedy Detail (Blaine/2010)
  • In that book, retired agent Blaine attacks Vince's research
  • Fatherland Security, the Secret Service is now under Homeland Security

    Play Col. L. Fletcher Prouty    (0:24:51)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lecture from the 1970's Anatomy of Assassination
  • Transcript of Lecture

    Show #645
    Original airdate: August 29, 2013
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Siege of Chicago Part 2

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:48:20)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • 50 Reasons for 50 years... are being viewed by a lot of people on the net
  • John McAdams and the Siege of Chicago Part 2 (DiEugenio/Hunt/CTKA)
  • McAdams, "A solid paper trail connects Oswald to the rifle"
  • Researchers have raised serious doubt whether LHO ordered or picked up the rifle
  • The money order was deposited on March 13, but only left Dallas on March 12
  • Postal rules prevented Alek Hidell's package from being deposited in LHO's box
  • McAdams says, part 3 of the application did not have to be preserved
  • Part 3 allows other people to pick up merchandise sent to the actual box holder
  • The New Orleans post office kept the entire application, listing the name Hidell
  • The Magic Bullet, the paper trail actually indicates that CE 399 was substituted
  • CE 543, the dented shell found on the sixth floor, defies any kind of logic
  • All the shells were, at the very least, rearranged
  • Bullet fragments from the head shot, allegedly found in the front seat
  • Supposed to be the head and tail of the bullet that went through Kennedy's skull
  • Russell Fisher moved the wound, and he "discovered" the middle of the bullet
  • "Hard evidence" is another trick by the professor, each piece is now soft as mush
  • McAdams, "Ok, but none of that Paul Nolan or disinformationist stuff"
  • DiEugenio / McAdams Debate (Shows #442,#443) transcripts here - Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 :
  • McAdams started making preemptive strikes and smears against his opponent
  • McAdams was eager to inject the word "factoid" into the ebb and flow
  • Lee Oswald met David Ferrie in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)
  • McAdams has a special place in his pantheon for Jim Garrison
  • Michael Kurtz saw Oswald with Banister in New Orleans
  • McAdams said, this was not in Crime of the Century (Kurtz/1993)
  • This is not correct, McAdams was desperately grasping at straws
  • J. P. Mroz penned an extraordinarily important article about Wikipedia for CTKA
  • Rob Fernandez, "conspiracy theorists take issue with every detail of the assassination"
  • McAdams' biography at Wiki was first started by Fernandez
  • Fernandez is able to propagate disinformation
  • Why does McAdams' web site qualify, but neither Probe Magazine, nor CTKA, does
  • McAdams tries to discredit Fletcher Prouty, as if things he said are wild and unfounded
  • Find The Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site here
  • McAdams, "People who are mentally disturbed have the right to sleep in parks"
  • Even when McAdams knows better he chooses to spout disinformation
  • It is an error to limit him to being a provocateur only on the Kennedy assassination
  • McAdams, Truman and Johnson were more liberal than Kennedy
  • Anthony Eden blamed Truman and Churchill for causing the Cold War
  • JFK was not a Cold Warrior, he was trying to achieve detente with Cuba and Russia
  • McAdams is a rightwing political operative who would be comfortable with Guy Banister
  • McAdams wanted Mexican President Ernest Zedillo to wipe out the Zapatista rebels
  • McAdams is an active agent for the power elite
  • McAdams printed posts on his Marquette Warrior blog...
  • ...without telling the reader they were from Wal Mart's public relations department
  • McAdams belief system about the USA is about 180 degrees from Kennedy
  • Smearing Kennedy, deliberate confusion about his death, two aims of the hard right
  • PBS had been under attack for a long time by the rightwing
  • PBS therefore know just how far they can go in their programming
  • Nova is about to do it again, with McAdams, "Garbage in, garbage out"
  • And what in heaven's name is a "Virtual Autopsy"?
  • Anytime one does an autopsy without the body, that is not medicine. It is magic
  • Why not get Dan Rather to host the show?
  • McAdams, "Liberals are like ducks in water in academia"
  • The CIA has had an officer in residence program
  • A CIA officer is retired and takes up teaching duties at a university
  • One of them was Marquette (McAdams teaches at Marquette)
  • Pat Speer noted that the ads on a McAdams web site were all paid for by the CIA
  • McAdams is part of the rightwing movement, that has taken over America
  • A letter from Dan, who used to work in Dealey Plaza
  • The take over of Dealey Plaza by the Sixth Floor Museum
  • Dan was collecting data, Gary Mack's office was in the County building
  • The ease and timing of filing law suits
  • A conspiracy to use prior restraint, to stop assembly for free speech
  • Certain people are still investigating, and care about this crime
  • Write to Len or Jim regarding dealings with John McAdams

    Show #644
    Original airdate: August 22, 2013
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Fidel Castro read by Weldon Wenturine
    Topics: Dallas/John McAdams / Fidel Castro speech regarding JFK's assassination

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:27:17)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim just finished writing a book, Reclaiming Parkland (DiEugenio/2013)
  • He will be speaking at Lancer in Dallas in November
  • Dallas, who is speaking for their side? Seeking ACLU legal intervention
  • Locked down for the week before and the week after
  • Len would rather not be arrested in Dallas
  • Jim is prepared to scream, "I am not resisting arrest!"
  • Perhaps hold the moment of silence at the Kennedy Memorial
  • Prior restraint, freedom of speech and of assembly
  • The problem with John McAdams is not the usual friction between researchers
  • He is off the scales, a fraud, used phony names, his research is worthless
  • Black Op Radio was listed as one of the Worst JFK Web sites at
  • John McAdams and the Siege of Chicago (DiEugenio/CTKA)
  • McAdams refers to critics as "buffs", unwelcome facts he calls "factoids"
  • At a debate in Chicago, McAdams implied notes of the interrogation were like a transcript
  • Police did not have to furnish Oswald with a lawyer, or advise him that he could remain silent
  • McAdams was born in Kennedy, Alabama, as Jim Crow and racial segregation began to crumble
  • In 1994, in D.C., CIA officials met to use one of their friendly media assets to attack COPA
  • At COPA that year McAdams registered as "Paul Nolan", and was interviewed by Matt Labash
  • Polarization and then marginalization, the strategy of the other side, a CIA tactic
  • McAdams is not a researcher, he is a Warren Commission parrot, "Oswald did it!, Oswald did it!"
  • John McAdams - Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • Jackie and Bobby felt JFK had been removed by a large, rightwing, domestic conspiracy
  • If Bobby won the presidency, the quest for detente would continue
  • "People cannot accept President Kennedy dying at the hands of a deranged communist"
  • Some of McAdams' contributers are Dave Reitzes, Max Holland, Eric Paddon
  • Paddon writes that Kennedy increased the "troop number" in Vietnam
  • There were no troops, Kennedy increased the number of advisors
  • The ARRB declassified the proceedings of the SecDef Conference on Vietnam of May, 1963
  • How can you write about Jack Ruby with out mentioning Lewis McWillie? Reitzes can
  • They say that Garrison could not find anyone who could tell them Shaw used the alias of Bertrand
  • Garrison had about a dozen witnesses that Shaw was Bertrand, the FBI knew it
  • Oswald's staged defection, he refers the reader to Peter Vronski's site
  • That site deals with Oswald in Russia, not the steps leading to his defection
  • Oswald took a Russian test in February of 1959, for some future military assignment?
  • Albert Schweitzer College, the FBI couldn't find it,
  • Oswald applied for his passport seven days before he was actually released
  • Oswald's discharge was approved in ten days, instead of three to six months
  • Helsinki was the only European capital that granted visas to Russia within a week
  • None of this is on McAdams' site
  • John McAdams is the equivalent of a cheap magic act
  • It is intellectual censorship and deception on a grand scale
  • Len cannot recommend that anyone go to McAdams' site
  • N. Vietnamese General Giap was asked, did he think Kennedy was withdrawing in 1963?
  • He replied, Yes, he knew that Kennedy was withdrawing in the fall of 1963

    Play Fidel Castro read by Weldon Wenturine   (1:18:49)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Full text of Fidel Castro's 11/23/63 speech about the JFK assassination
  • When something very important has happened...we have thought it desirable to speak to the people
  • Yesterday in the United States...the President was murdered...a calm analysis of these events
  • The government of the United States...did not practice precisely a policy of friendship toward us
  • The hostility and the aggressiveness of U.S. imperialism...took us to the brink of war
  • There falls on Kennedy an important responsibility in these events
  • The news of the murder of the President of the United States is serious news and bad news
  • And we have to begin by considering that we do not hate men, we hate systems
  • The deed itself could have very negative repercussions on the interests of our country
  • In the United States there are a number of powerful forces: economic, political, military
  • A question begins to arise...of the new authority who assumes power, of the new President
  • What happened yesterday can only benefit those ultra-rightist and ultra-reactionary sectors
  • What were the real motives for the assassination of Kennedy?
  • Lee H. Oswald...Fair Play for Cuba Committee...right away Cuba and...the Soviet Union
  • You see how all this propaganda works...slander against the Soviet Union and against Cuba
  • In all the questioning Oswald has denied that he took any part in the murder
  • Oswald could be guilty or innocent, we can't tell; or he could be a CIA or FBI agent
  • Who are those guilty for the murder of Kennedy? Who will benefit from this murder?
  • This man may be innocent...prepared by people who knew how to prepare these plans
  • It is in the interest of the U.S. people...that the facts be made clear
  • We are not worried about ourselves. We are worried about the interests of mankind

    Show #643
    Original airdate: August 15, 2013
    Guests: Bill Simpich / Joseph McBride
    Topics: The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend / Into The Nightmare (Interview 4)

    Play Bill Simpich   (1:00:59)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Twleve, is an attempt to figure out who Oswald really was
  • Nightmare in Mexico City (Part 10), Lee travels to Mexico to get a visa to Cuba
  • His goal was to test these counsuls, he was some kind of intelligence asset
  • Ann Goodpasture (#11) was the lead case officer for the Mexico City CIA station
  • Wiretapping and to try to recruit people from the communist nations
  • Goodpasture would listen to and summarize wiretape recordings
  • In late September, she allegedly heard Oswald on one of those tapes
  • He went to the Cuban Consulate three times and the Soviet Consulate once
  • He showed Communist Party and FPCC membership cards, and lied to both Consulates
  • He slapped a pistol on the table, and left crying
  • Two phony calls were placed by "Oswald" to the Soviet Consulate
  • Goodpasture lied the day after the assassination about "destroyed" tapes
  • The station knew they had a problem with the impersonated voices on tape
  • Ann Egerter (#5), working for James Angleton (#1), conducted a mole hunt
  • A picture of the "Mystery Man", a KGB man named Yuriy Moskalev
  • Egerter sends out false information to various agencies to trap a mole
  • The purposefully inaccurate paper trail was not shown to the WC
  • They hid the mole hunt and the pre-assassination impersonation of Oswald
  • The use of Oswald in the 1960 mole hunt would have come out
  • The people who planned the assassination, effectively blackmailed the CIA and FBI
  • If it wasn't Bill Harvey, it was his acolytes, his network, David Morales
  • Bill Bright, transferred to Mexico City a month before Oswald went there
  • Bill Harvey and Edward Lansdale worked together in Mongoose
  • They hated Bobby Kennedy, Army Intelligence, the Army controlled the autopsy
  • Dick Helms understood a coup had happened, he covered up
  • Redacted documents, 50 years later, we're being treated like children
  • Was Oswald in Mexico City? The telephone impersonation is important
  • Bugliosi, make an argument, misconstrue or ignore the evidence
  • Part 11, Michael and Ruth Paine, left-wing and right-wing in Dallas

    Play Joseph McBride   (1:12:09)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Into The Nightmare (2013), Why Do the Leaves Fall?
  • From a JFK/JFK Jr. dictabelt recording in November, 1963
  • “President Kennedy died like a soldier under fire for his duty...”
  • Kennedy was aware of assassination, but how aware? The Chicago plot
  • Kennedy went to Vietnam in 1951, a futile effort by the French
  • Johnson with McBundy reversed Kennedy's policy on Vietnam
  • Johnson was involved in the plot, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, the coverup
  • The Bobby Baker scandal, Brown & Root and Halliburton
  • General Dymancis and the TFX scandal, Who benefits? Cui bono
  • Senator Yarborough said Johnson was tense and stiff in the motorcade
  • Rufus Youngblood put caveats on Johnson's story
  • A lot of people were involved, before or after the fact
  • The military, Curtis LeMay, Lyman Lemnitzer, Operation Northwoods
  • 50 years later, this is a current issue
  • Boston, a major American city taken over for three days
  • Continuity of Government plan, the media are a big part of the problem
  • The mysterious car crash and death of Michael Hastings
  • Joseph will be speaking at the Dallas COPA conference

    Show #642
    Original airdate: August 8, 2013
    Guests: Joseph McBride / Douglas Valentine
    Topics: Into The Nightmare (Interview 3)

    Play Joseph McBride   (1:31:31)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Into The Nightmare (2013), The Rosetta Stone
  • The JFK case had little evidence against LHO, they were leaning heavily on the Tippit case
  • The Dallas police didn't really bother investigating this very much
  • The Tippit of the Warren Report is unknowable, Joseph set out to know him
  • Take one aspect of the case and research the hell out of it
  • He was not who they portrayed him as being and he had a direct role in the plot
  • The murder may have been a scene staged by Jack Ruby connected witnesses
  • Tippit grew up on an East Texas farm, was a paratrooper in WW2, served in Germany
  • His war trauma caused post-traumatic stress disorder
  • He had trouble looking people in the eye, a psychiatrist found him "disturbed"
  • He was financially overburdened, he was philandering, Mrs. Witherspoon
  • 11 years on the force without being promoted, he wasn't very well educated
  • Other possible suspects, policemen, Ruby, Darrell Wayne Garner
  • Tippit was cruising on E. Tenth Street in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas
  • Oswald was at his rooming house at 1:04, a 15 minute walk, Tippit died at 1:09
  • Police told Mrs. Tippit, J.D. and another officer were tracking down Oswald
  • Oswald was arrested at 1:49, 40 minutes after Tippit was shot
  • The first stories said he died at the theater, then it was in a shoot out on the street
  • Lee had two ID's, Oswald and Hidell, an additional wallet at the shooting scene
  • A lot of suspicious activity in Oak Cliff, witness accounts were pretty terrible
  • Helen Markham said she saw the whole shooting, not a good witness
  • Cartridges found, no chain of evidence connecting Oswald and the rifle or gun
  • An automatic or a revolver, the ballistics evidence was worthless
  • Witnesses Ted Callaway, Tippit's gun, Frank Wright
  • Tippit's car blocked an alleyway, there might have been other policemen there
  • Jack White and Badgeman, a Dallas policeman on the knoll
  • Tippit may have been home for lunch, may have investigated a shoplifter
  • Not 100% proof he was in Dealey Plaza, only old pictures of Tippit in the Report
  • Tippit ran in to the Top Ten record store, frantically looking for his quarry
  • Oswald was an FBI informant, not realizing he was being set up
  • An escape rendezvous, Tippit's behavior would not have been as frantic
  • Researchers Larry Ray Harris, Greg Lowery, Bill Pulte
  • Lee and J.D. moved in the same circles, inter-connected friends
  • Ruby is everywhere in this case, the Dallas political structure
  • A mixture of the underworld and the overworld, a very corrupt police force
  • D.H. Byrd, Army Intelligence, a lot of connections
  • It wasn't an accident that this crime happened in Dallas
  • Joseph does not think that Oswald was at the Tippit shooting scene
  • A person taken out the back of the theater by the police
  • A person in a car who looked like Oswald, Carl Mather of Collins Radio
  • A lot of corrupt people willing to look the other way
  • The heroes are the witnesses and the researchers
  • S.M. Holland and Lee Bowers
  • Joseph has spent 30 years investigating the assassination
  • Stay tuned for the fourth interview exploring this book

    Play Douglas Valentine   (41:49)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers, and Ed Lansdale
  • Doug was of draftable age during the Vietnam war
  • The Phoenix Program, pacification, Lansdale put in Diem
  • 1957 to 1963, the Office of Special Operations, CIA liason
  • Lansdale returned to Vietnam in 1965 to work for Ambassador Lodge
  • Ellsberg had been a marine, he joined Lansdale's super spooks team
  • Ellsberg never mentions his work with the CIA in Vietnam
  • Violating the rules of land warfare, Lucien Conein, Frank Scott
  • High level espionage and intrigues, CIA Station Chief John Hart
  • Ellsberg, a great lover, a girl named Germaine, a torrid affair
  • The media know about Ellsberg's background, but it never comes out
  • Why the secrecy? The myth of the Pentagon Papers
  • Will the Real Daniel Ellsberg Please Stand Up! (Valentine/2003)
  • Scott put Ellsberg up to publishing the Papers
  • Why is everyone covering for the king of the whistleblowers?
  • In The Midst of Wars (Lansdale/1991), control of the opium trade
  • It's the rich one percent that the CIA and military really work for
  • The NSA started working with the DEA in 1972 to monitor telephone calls
  • Closing U.S. Embassy's for two days, psychological warfare
  • Planned in advance, a story prepared, we accept this stuff
  • When we left Vietnam, it became convenient to reveal the drug trafficking
  • Noriega was allowed to deal drugs until the CIA wanted to get rid of him
  • Ed Lansdale photographed in Dealey Plaza, Operation Mongoose
  • Doug's book, TDY (2000), highly recommended by Len
  • The Ballad of Ed Lansdale written by Len

    Show #641
    Original airdate: August 1, 2013
    Guests: Joseph McBride
    Topics: Into The Nightmare (Interview 2)

    Play Joseph McBride   (1:31:04)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Into The Nightmare (2013), The Great American Mystery
  • Penn Jones, small town newspaperman, Midlothian, Texas, was at the Trade Mart
  • He saw Jack Ruby at Parkland, it took him until Sunday to spot the conspiracy
  • The Continuing Inquiry newsletter, Penn started the mysterious deaths list
  • Joe's book is dedicated to Aquilla Clemons, S. M. Holland, and Mary Moorman
  • Penn started the annual observance on the grassy knoll
  • Dallas is trying to turn attention from JFK's death to his life
  • The media blew the story from the beginning
  • By Tuesday, America went back to work, Oswald was convicted on television
  • Tom Wicker, NY Times, reported a shot in the throat from the front
  • Parkland reported wounds did not match autopsy described wounds
  • Few journalists questioned their own reporting
  • The mystery is partly created by the media
  • Joseph tracks the changing story and the WC's eight proofs
  • In November 1966, LIFE issued, A Matter Of Reasonable Doubt
  • In December 1966, Esquire published A Primer of Assassination Theories
  • You can't believe the media, shake off the reverance for authority
  • It is career suicide to write about the assassination conspiracy
  • Judy Woodruff's story changed regarding the Reagan assassination attempt
  • "Don't believe all the so-called evidence" - Lee Oswald
  • The plot, Phase One, a communist plot, Phase Two was one lone nut
  • Hoover settled on Oswald within two and half hours
  • Internally the FBI had all kinds of doubts
  • As in Watergate, the cover up is the key to the crime
  • Any evidence that convicted Oswald, doesn't hold up at all
  • The presentation of the evidence in the Boston bombing was chaotic
  • Eight proofs, one, he owned the rifle, that's been demolished
  • Two, he brought the rifle to the TSBD, that collapses
  • Three, he was present at the window, Howard Brennan, not credible
  • Four, he shot Tippit so he shot Kennedy, ridiculous
  • Five, he tried to shoot a policeman at the theater, no proof
  • Six, he lied to the police, doesn't prove anything
  • Seven, he tried to kill General Walker, doesn't hold up
  • Eight, possesed capability with the rifle, he wasn't much of a marksman
  • Joseph intended to enlighten the general reader, and surprise others
  • Lee was patriotic, he didn't know he was being set up
  • Since 1960, all major American history events don't make any sense
  • Independent investigators do what we can to create a mosaic of truth
  • You can understand the broad outline and some of the details
  • Mary Ferrell, Joseph feels she was duplicitous, spook connections
  • Gary Mack, did do some good discoveries, the Badgeman
  • Then went to work for the Sixth Floor, criticizing conspiracies theorists
  • John Armstrong's good work, following the paper trail
  • Stay tuned for interviews three and four exploring this book

    Show #640
    Original airdate: July 25, 2013
    Guests: Jim Schutze / John Judge / Joseph McBride
    Topics: Dallas Update / Into The Nightmare

    Play Jim Schutze   (18:45)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's latest Dallas Observer column
  • The process isn't fair, isn't random, and isn't working
  • The City is not happy, the sponsers raised half a million for security
  • Bill Minutaglio, Dallas 1963 (2013), a city of hate and intolerance
  • Respectful observations, for the first time we're going to have an ugly scene
  • The Dallas courts are very much politically controlled
  • COPA was warned by law enforcement, "You're not allowed for two weeks"

    Play John Judge   (25:29)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Mayor's assistant said the Mayor is hands off at this point
  • Calls and e-mails into City Administrator Mary Suhm
  • They have wanted to get the counter message out, our history is false
  • Ruth Altshuler, no conspiracy theory on the grassy knoll
  • They want to call it "random", choosing 2,500 Dallasites and 2,500 others
  • "We're not the City of Hate anymore", admit what you did, change it
  • People aren't coming to demonstrate or cause trouble
  • Excessive lengths not to talk about the anniversary of a murder
  • COPA, denied access to Dallas buildings because of security concerns
  • Basic First Amendment Rights, we're being shut out
  • Legal action comes after exhausting the remedies

    Play Joseph McBride   (1:10:53)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The murders of JFK and J.D. Tippit, Into The Nightmare (2013)
  • Joseph has written 17 books, and is a professor of cinema
  • He met JFK during the campaign and when he was President
  • They didn't solve the crime, we live in a limited police state
  • A proper investigation would have been disruptive and shattering
  • Fidel Castor understood the basic elements, Cuba was being set up
  • In 1961 Joseph wrote of a fictional communist Kennedy assassination
  • The upcoming Parkland film, a pro Warren Commission script
  • Kennedy and Kruschev both lost their jobs as a result of the Missile Crisis
  • The Kennedy's weren't perfect, JFK was trying to be an advocate for peace
  • We get Johnson, who leads us into Vietnam, and got deposed in 1968
  • For 20 minutes, the reports were of shots from the front
  • Then it changed to the TSBD, there's something wrong
  • First reports have elements of truth, that are changed and denied
  • Get to the television within the first two hours, or quicker
  • At 7:55 Oswald was saying, "I'm just a patsy", he seemed creditable
  • Vietnam, Sullivan, "We want to control the oil in the South China Sea"
  • Finding out hidden information, terribly lied to as a kid
  • The title, from a 1960 Norman Mailer article on the Democratic Convention
  • The "Sixties" as we know it began the moment Kennedy was shot
  • We were lied into the war with Iraq, Bush and Chaney, said, "So?"
  • The nightmare, Jim's story, a bigger implication, perpetual war, like 1984
  • Orwellian, Politics and the English Language (1946)
  • Tippit's case was dropped after Oswald was shot
  • Understand what happened to Tippit, "The Rosetta stone of the case"
  • "He must have shot Kennedy because he shot Tippit", cockeyed logic
  • Some suspects, some eliminated suspects, Tippit on the grassy knoll?
  • The story is a personal, emotional, idealogical journey
  • It is a 50 year old cold case, the process of investigation
  • Kennedy, Johnson, Vietnam, McNamara should have resigned
  • Errol Morris, The Umbrella Man film, Josiah Thompson
  • The man's testimony doesn't match the Zapruder film
  • Joseph's research started before the internet, went to the archives
  • 30 Dallas interviews, Leavelle, Wade, Mrs. Johnnie Maxie Witherspoon
  • T. F. Bowley, Morris Brumley, Klu Klux Klansman, extreme right-wingism
  • Austin Cook, employed J.D. Tippit, member of the John Birch Society
  • George H. W. Bush, Houston, secretly in the CIA
  • The funeral on television was basically a narcotic, beautifully produced
  • The LIFE magazine Zapruder images, the film was altered by the CIA
  • A funeral had been rehearsed at Fort Myer, for Herbert Hoover
  • The Patriot Act had to have taken months to write
  • The prior events are interesting leading up to the assassination
  • A detailed biography of Oswald, film of him, ready to go
  • American media are CIA connected
  • Oswald's grave in Ft. Worth, Dallas has always tried to distance itself
  • Expect three more BOR interviews with Joseph McBride about this book

    Show #639
    Original airdate: July 18, 2013
    Guests: Marlene Zenker / John Armstrong
    Topics: Dallas 2013 app / Harvey & Lee

    Download The New App here !

    Black Op Radio app

    JFK 50th Dallas app

    Play Show 639   (104:35)   Real Media or MP3 download

    Play Marlene Zenker and John Armstrong   (1:12:33)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • New JFK 50th Dallas app available
  • Marlene Zenker, a regular BOR listener, developed the app
  • Links to research sites, JFK speeches, CIA media assest memo
  • Maps of Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington DC
  • Ira David Woods chronology, Len reading the Chicago Plot
  • New people will find it extremely beneficial, includes a camera
  • Hour four excerpt from the seven hour John Armstrong interview:
  • The complete interview available here by Direct Download
  • Robert McKeown smuggled arms to and became a close friend of Castro
  • Lee Oswald visited McKeown to try to buy four rifles
  • People setting up Harvey Oswald as the patsy
  • An attempt to link Oswald to Cuba, Lee impersonated Harvey
  • McKeown's brother was caught fishing in Cuban waters, a call to Fidel
  • The rifle, imported by Crescent Firearms, C2766
  • Sold to Klein's Sporting Goods on June 18, 1962
  • Gun dealer Fred Rupp, lists of rifle serial numbers
  • FBI records show it was not delivered until February, 1963
  • Serial numbers should have been listed, the FBI had no numbers
  • Rupp unpacked, cleaned, replaced parts, re-packed and shipped rifles
  • No bills of lading, an undated shipping order
  • Length of rifles, 40" sold through February, 1963, then only 36" rifles
  • Hidell should have received a 36" rifle, 40" found in the Depository
  • The FBI obtained records from Harborside Terminal, Fred Rupp, and Klien's
  • Klien's microfilm records, alledged documents, microfilm not in the Archives
  • As of September, they had not yet chosen the rifle they wanted to be found
  • Klien's received 36" rifles, ordered with a scope, no clip, no ammunition
  • The US postal money order, no stamps on it
  • Never been deposited, postal zone, mailed several miles away
  • Endorsements, Klien's, bank stamp, Fed stamp, Federal Postal Order stamp
  • Never deposited into any bank or financial institution
  • Money order deposited on February 13, before the rifle was ordered
  • Postal Inspector Harry Holmes located an advertisement for a $12.78 rifle
  • Money order purchased early in the morning, consecutively numbered
  • Located at the Federal Records Center, by an employee of the National Archives
  • First it was for $12.78, then it was for $21.45
  • Postal money headquarters in Kansas City, why in Washington, D.C.?
  • Somebody had to pull a postal money order out of the stack, Harry Holmes
  • No mention of postal regulations involving the mailing of a rifle
  • John just proved that the rifle was never ordered or purchased by Oswald

    Show #638
    Original airdate: July 11, 2013
    Guests: Brad Kizzia / Debra Conway
    Topics: Dallas Legal Matters Update

    Play Brad Kizzia   (47:35)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert Groden's Class-C Misdemeanor case thrown out, the City appealed
  • Federal Court reinstated the civil rights case against the police officer
  • Police met with the Sixth Floor to plan to arrest and remove all vendors
  • An e-mail trail points to the collusion with Gary Mack
  • Robert was mostly ticketed, until his arrest in June 2010
  • His property was held for over a year, it was not an arrestable offense
  • The Sixth Floor sells lots of books, t-shirts, coffee mugs, a cafe
  • Their merchandise is anti-conspiracy, Robert's is pro-conspiracy
  • He does not support their two lone nuts theory, Oswald and Ruby
  • The plan, to totally occupy Dealey Plaza, to exclude and intimidate
  • Discourage most people (over 5,000), throw them out on technical grounds
  • Reserve half the tickets for Dallasites, exclude extremists
  • A lot of buildings could be used to help eliminate security concerns
  • Exclude people who want to talk about why the case has never been solved
  • The murder scene is a National Landmark, celebrate his birth or inauguration
  • How many Lincoln commemorations have been held at Ford's Theater? None
  • How do you draw 5,000 on that date to not talk about the assassination?
  • The barricaded area may go up early and extend way out
  • A moment of silence observed for 49 years, Dallas is gonna get a black eye
  • To use it as an excuse to divert attention from open questions is a fraud
  • Their strategy is to stall it out, it's not clear who is paying for it
  • By trying to exclude people forcibly, they are inviting a confrontation
  • A mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald was held, sponsored by the State Bar
  • Although a majority, not all WC doubters want to come to Dealey Plaza
  • They will regret the embarrassment, likely to happen on November 22nd
  • John Judge and others have gone above and beyond, legal action, a just cause
  • Brad Kizzia biography

    Play Debra Conway   (52:37)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The City has commandeered the Plaza, even before the anniversary
  • Dallas might have had a healing event, it's not the Sixth Floor
  • The Plaza was dangerous and not up to ADA standards
  • They're forgetting that the whole world is going to be watching and questioning
  • This is beyond the pale, bizarre and foolish
  • JFK Lancer has had no complaints in 18 years of observance in the Plaza
  • Lancer has a four day conference, plans to speak on the knoll when possible
  • Some vendors are aggressive, Robert Groden is different
  • Permits have not been exclusive, Lancer as a company, does not have a board
  • Lancer and others are pursuing action by the ACLU
  • The lottery site is collecting personal data
  • The City is afraid of an Occupy Dealey Plaza movement
  • Lancer plans walking and bus tours, panels, etc.
  • To make the conference memorable and important for the researchers
  • The Sixth Floor will never be neutral with Gary Mack as curator

    Show #637
    Original airdate: July 4, 2013
    Guests: Walt Brown
    Topics: Master Analytic Chronology

    Play Walt Brown   (1:27:55)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Walt was 16 at the time of the assassination
  • The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald (1994)
  • Master Analytic Chronology: The Death of President John F. Kennedy (2013)
  • Corliss Lamont, denied a passport, Oswald should not have had one
  • Oswald, "Nobody has ... axed me that question", Lee wasn't fluent in English
  • Attorney John Abt, defender of those charged with violation of the Smith Act
  • Walt's e-mail contact:
  • Pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, you need more data
  • Rachel Oswald has never met or spoken to Robert Oswald
  • Oswald's report cards, in NY and Louisiana at the same time
  • His English language spelling is horrendous, his Russian spelling is perfect
  • His Russian writing was perfect, better than most Russians could do
  • Walt spoke to researcher John Armstrong this morning
  • His hardship discharge was not documented
  • Patterns emerge, U.S. Army Intelligence, a file on Henry Lee Oswald
  • Destroyed by Thermo-Faxing, in effect, one page at a time
  • The U2, the generic "radio factory" produced experimental radar
  • The CIA, Dulles, the Powers flight was meant to fail...
  • Col Fletcher Prouty discusses the Powers U2 flight 1 hour Video
  • The Warren Commission, accessories before and after the fact, its members
  • Stenographers knew things, Odell Oliver, judge Sarah Hughes' court reporter
  • Problems with the rifle, pistol, and ammunition purchases and deliveries
  • LBJ's role, a gutless coward, he entered no primaries in 1960
  • His psychosis, the mover and shaker? - no, cover-up? - absolutely
  • Hoover's WC perjury, Oswald was legally an FBI informant. so was Ruby
  • The Secret Service were with McKinley and Garfield when they were shot
  • The Chronology CD-ROM, 4 books, Dynasty, Death, Disappointment, Discovery
  • 15 appendices, speeches, Marina's testimony, characterizations, Walt's oddyssey
  • Parables, medical testimony, motorcade participants, organized crime, U2
  • Testimony on Ruby took up more space than testimony on Oswald
  • J.D. Tippit, his goodbye to his kids that morning was not an ordinary goodbye
  • He sat at a gas station across from where Oswald would have gotten off the bus
  • He made a phone call, and was dead three minutes later
  • A hypothesis, Ruby and Tippet had been made aware of alternate realities
  • They believed Castro was going to be assassinated, the tables got turned
  • There's more to J.D. Tippit than meets the eye
  • The Chronology CD-ROM is $89.95, five are $54.00 each, 32,000 pages
  • Walt's Kennedy memorabilia auction, speaking at the Wecht Conference
  • Copa may be a disappointment with only 12 minute presentations
  • The Dallas lottery, 5,000 tickets, vetting, it's wrong, times not to picket
  • Walt was manhandled on the 30th by cops in the middle of Dealey Plaza
  • The Chronology is an entertaining read, lots to learn in there

    Show #637
    Original airdate: July 4, 2013
    Guests: Walt Brown
    Topics: JFK Assassination Cronology

    Play Walt Brown    (131:57)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Show #636
    Original airdate: June 27, 2013
    Guests: Jim Shutze / John Judge
    Topics: Rolling out the Dallas welcome mat

    Play Jim Shutze   (45:57)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The City is vetting applications, looking for extremists and terrorists
  • Previous peaceful observances by JFK Lancer and COPA
  • Mayor Rawlings met with John Judge, the Dallas welcome mat
  • One theory, Dallas is acting like it has something to hide
  • The role of the Sixth Floor is disheartening, persecuting Groden
  • Jumbotrons around the city, Dealey Plaza belongs to the country
  • Tighter security than when the President went to Dallas
  • Lee Harvey Oswald gets a hung jury at a recent mock trial
  • Was Dallas, and were people in Dallas, complicit?
  • Why be this touchy a half-century after the event?
  • Nicola Longford wanted transparency, but she went dark
  • Private funding donated for the security, W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation
  • The activity of Dallas has caused Jim to consider conspiracy possible
  • Black Op Radio to hold a mock trial of the City of Dallas - stay tuned...

    ➜    The 50th Committee June 20 press release and ticket request site

    Play John Judge   (1:02:27)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • The most ridiculous level of security ever seen
  • 2500 Dallas residents, 2500 other guests, the press
  • John wants the research community to get tickets
  • This method requires, your name, e-mail, address, SSN, etc.
  • Tickets to be picked up only on the morning of the 23rd
  • Who is doing the background check? Their PR firm?
  • John acquired minutes of an event planning meeting
  • COPA, they don't want conspiracists on the grassy knoll
  • A security concern, no chairs, blankets, umbrellas, signs, etc.
  • Not banning guns, free speech is far more dangerous
  • An on-line mock trial of the City of Dallas?
  • Dallas had an opportunity to restore its reputation
  • A major cold case for 50 years, have a full investigation
  • Private funding, Dealey Plaza is for sale
  • We are the mainstream, write a letter, an on-line petition
  • 49 years of peaceful observance started by Penn Jones
  • The Sixth Floor Ad nauseam, inaccurate museum exhibits
  • The Mayors early planning meeting minutes
  • A moment of silencing, they need to let people in
  • We have rights to free speech and assembly
  • If JFK was in office now, and went to Dallas, he'd be killed again
  • Should Len go to Dallas to cover a riot or a commemoration?
  • The Mayor is claiming some special right, closing all Dallas parks
  • Denying the dignity of political researchers
  • They should accomodate the thousands who would like to attend
  • COPA's 2013 conference, denied the George Allen Building
  • Unsuspecting tourists, thousands of letters, free speech should apply
  • It's a method that's meant to intimidate you and push you away
  • Use the processes of democracy, even if we're skeptical of them
  • On a deep level, America was lost on November 22nd, 1963
  • "Power concedes nothing without a demand"
  • A better audience this year, more press this year
  • Since 1963 the people knew this was a coup d'etat
  • COPA plans, meet and greet, dinners, speakers, a film, a play
  • We're gonna be seen at 12:30 in the vicinity of the grassy knoll

    Show #635
    Original airdate: June 20, 2013
    Guests: Barry Ernest
    Topics: The Girl On The Stairs

    Play Barry Ernest   (1:33:16)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A new edition of The Girl On The Stairs, witness Victoria Adams
  • In 1967, Barry started to doubt the Warren Commission
  • Vicky was on the staircase at the same time Oswald was supposed to be there
  • Barry interviewed Vicky 35 years later, her story was dismissed by the WC
  • Altered and ignored testimony of Roger Craig, Carolyn Walther, Emmet Hudson
  • The book is the story of the journey of Barry's investigation
  • Victoria's testimony was very consistent, the WC was very interested in her
  • Sandra Styles, who was with Vicky, did not testify to the WC
  • Barry's website, a friend pointed out WC inconsistencies
  • Barry investigated to disprove his friend, but he couldn't
  • The report implied Vicki was alone, it did not mention Sandra
  • Barry viewed the Zapruder film at the archive, he understood its significance
  • The Oswald/Baker/Truly timeline, Vicky was on the stairs at the time
  • In 1999 Barry found the Martha Stroud document re: Dorothy Garner
  • Garner worked with Adams and Styles, she fully corroborated Vicki's timeline
  • She had been questioned by someone from the WC, and told them so
  • Vicki and Sandra should have encountered Lee descending, they did not
  • Was Oswald not on the sixth floor at the time of the assassination?
  • Sylvia Meagher thought so in 1967, Barry knows something was amiss
  • Oswald might have come up using the front stairs of the TSBD
  • Vicky's testimony says she spoke to Shelley and Lovelady, she says otherwise
  • Many events Vicky testified to have supporting evidence
  • Barry arrived at four conclusions:
  • The Warren Report is wrong, They knew it was wrong,
  • The assassination is beyond the capabilities of one man,
  • Finding out who did kill JFK is beyond the capabilities of a private citizen
  • The Warren Report is wrong about Adams, They knew it was wrong,
  • They intentionally made her appear wrong,
  • Adams' account is a critical element to Oswald's whereabouts
  • The Shelley/Lovelady problem meant Adams was either right or wrong
  • Barry discovered the stenographer tapes of April 7th, 1964 are missing
  • Shelley, Lovelady and Adams all testified on that day in Dallas
  • Vicky states the incident was inserted in her testimony
  • The evidence doesn't support Oswald in the doorway of the TSBD
  • You can look for culpability anywhere and find evidence to support
  • Johnson, anti-Castro Cubans, pro-Castro Cubans, CIA, the military, FBI
  • To a citizen it's confusing, frustrating, disturbing
  • Harold Weisberg, Vince Salandria, Gary Schoerner, David Lifton, Penn Jones
  • Book signings, Barry will present at JFK Lancer in Dallas in November, COPA
  • Dealey Plaza, blocked off, conflict is a possibility, freedom of speech

    Show #634
    Original airdate: June 13, 2013
    Guests: Jesse Ventura
    Topics: DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans

    Play Jesse Ventura   (54:09)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • A new edition of DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, murder by drone
  • Since when do we behave like terrorists? Bradley Manning on trial
  • George Bush, the real weapon of mass destruction
  • The government believes all of us could be potential terrorists
  • We pay for their surveillance of ourselves
  • A third party would have to be as corrupt as the current two
  • We should abolish parties, eliminate party names from the ballot
  • Jesse would consider running for President without a political party
  • If a grassroots effort got him on the ballot in all 50 states
  • Howard Stern as Vice-President? Need to get into the debates
  • The parties crown one of their gang members for us to pick from
  • Jesse would serve as VP under Ron Paul as an independant
  • The foreign policy of Major General Smedley Butler
  • War Is A Racket (Butler/1935), the conspiracy to overthrow FDR
  • Skyhorse Publishing, Jesse writes to be on the record
  • The 38th Governor of Minnesota does not believe the Warren Commission
  • A new Ventura book, They Killed Our President, out in the fall
  • Two conspiracies, the murder and the cover up
  • Let's see Lee's tax returns, who was paying Oswald?
  • Conspiracy Theory is pretty much over with
  • Jesse has been communing with gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus)
  • He's considering disabling whale hunting ships, intelligent mammals
  • The absence of the major media, down to counting them on one hand
  • Boston was a practice run at martial law
  • We've been at war Jesse's whole life, he wants peace
  • Tennessee has legalized TSA 'VIPR' teams
  • Corporations are controlling our elected officials
  • There's no incumbent President in the 2016 election
  • A site exists promoting Jesse Ventura for President
  • You need some TV ads for legitimacy, to get to debate

    Show #633
    Original airdate: June 6th, 2013
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: The JFK Coup d'Etat / Early JFK Research

    Play Fletcher Prouty    (47:25)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Medical care, aircraft, refrigerators, this country has been taken over
  • 2,600,000 men would not have been sent to Vietnam, 570 billion dollars
  • The Vietnam era began on the 2nd of September, 1945
  • Cold War, Far East operations were written at the Tehran conference
  • Elliot Roosevelt, Stalin, Eleanor Roosevelt, the body of the dead President ,
  • From Parade Magazine February 9, 1986 Article "Why Stalin 'never Forgave' Eleanor Roosevelt" by Elliot Roosevelt,
  • Tokyo was flat, rebuilt with American money, SONY, Standard Oil of New York
  • Unused arms were divided and sent to Korea and Vietnam
  • World events are exquisitely orchestrated by the power elite
  • Military planners realized nuclear war was unthinkable
  • Can a nation survive in a condition of permanent peace?
  • Report from Iron Mountain (Lewin 1996)
  • New York Times Book Review: March 19, 1972 "Report From Iron Mountain" 'The Guest Word' - By LEONARD LEWIN
  • Foreign Relations of the US, 1961-1963, Vol. 4: Vietnam, Aug-Dec 1963
  • Kennedy would not have sent more Americans to Vietnam
  • NSAM 263 was used as the basis for the November 20th, 1963 Honolulu Conference
  • NSAM 273 was signed on November 26th, 1963, four days after Kennedy's death
  • Eisenhower's farewell address, "guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence"
  • The National Security Act of 1947, the means to make money by making war
  • The Saigon Military Mission, CIA, under the control of Edward Lansdale
  • NSC 5412, National Security Council Directive on Covert Operations
  • Prouty and the military support of the clandestine activities of the CIA by the Air Force
  • The billion dollar telephone call, a request for a squadron of helicopters in Vietnam
  • 4,865 helicopters were lost in Vietnam, at an average price of $250,000
  • The decision to assassinate, and to take over the government, with no prosecution
  • Lansdale's overriding ambition to be named Ambassador to Vietnam
  • The Taylor Committee Investigation of the Bay of Pigs

    Show #632
    Original airdate: May 30, 2013
    Guests: Gerald McKnight
    Topics: Breach of Trust

    Play Gerald McKnight  (1:35:21)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Gerald taught in Frederick, MD, where researcher Harold Weisberg lived
  • They developed a relationship which turned into a preoccupation
  • Today we are an empire, our republic is in pretty sad shape
  • Gerald's Breach of Trust (2005), now in paperback
  • Oswald was put on the docket 25 minutes after JFK was pronounced dead
  • In the theater, Oswald was looking for his contact
  • Oswald was a low level Intelligence operative
  • None of his interrogation in Dallas was written down
  • Hoover kept the FBI away from the police basement
  • Marina's first Secret Service interrogation has also been lost
  • The non-testimony of JFK's physician Admiral George Burkley (more) (more)
  • The unsigned Walker note written in Russian
  • General Walker denied the Carcano-matching bullet
  • LBJ wanted an FBI reported supported by the Attorney General
  • Dr. Earl Rose competently autopsied Oswald, Tippit, and Ruby
  • Admiral Galloway controlled the Bethesda autopsy
  • Gerald believes LBJ was in on the planning
  • LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination (Nelson/2011)
  • Gerald would like an entire Air Force One conversations record
  • McGeorge Bundy had been a CIA asset while a dean of students at Harvard
  • Average Marines are not sent to language school
  • Senator Russell, the Dean of the Senate, was the first dissenter
  • Russell, Cooper, and Boggs re-interviewed Marina in Dallas
  • Jack Ruby was, and Lee could have been, an informant
  • Oswald was a provocateur in New Orleans, he called the FBI
  • Lee attempted to call his cut-out John Hurt in Nags Head
  • Lee Oswald the Cuban conspirator became the lone nut
  • The new edition of Gerald's book contains a new preface
  • A film script supporting the Commission was reviewed by the FBI
  • In their review, the FBI noted that the paraffin test was erroneous

    Show #631
    Original airdate: May 23, 2013
    Guests: John Judge
    Topics: Dallas, Texas... The City Of Hate

    Play John Judge  (1:17:02)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • COPA, "And We Are All Mortal….." June 10, American University
  • 50th anniversary, 20th annual conference in Dallas in November
  • Fifty Years Is Enough! Free The Files – Find The Truth
  • Frustrated attempts to remedy Dallas obstruction of Dealey Plaza
  • COPA has the only standing legal application for the Plaza
  • Please sign COPA's on-line petition to Mayor Mike Rawlings
  • Write to Mayor Rawlings to express your desire for an open Dealey Plaza
  • Robert Groden has won a victory for free speech
  • Who Died and Made the Sixth Floor Museum the King of Dealey Plaza?
  • Time and research have devastated the Warren Commission findings
  • Their glee club event is an insult to history and the American people
  • They should be re-opening the case, resolving this unsolved murder
  • COPA's own Dallas plans, register soon for discounts
  • COPA continues it's efforts to re-open the RFK and MLK cases
  • Mayor Rawlings is under tremendous pressure from the monied of Dallas
  • Distrust of government dates to the release of the WC Report
  • The National Security State feel they won when they stopped Kennedy
  • The HSCA audio study of the police dictabelt forced a finding of conspiracy
  • Two assassins firing at the same time is probably an indication of conspiracy
  • Government is there to serve the people
  • Support the lie and thrive, expose the lie and die
  • Switching of guns in the Reagan/Hinckley shooting
  • Multiple problems with the testimony of Marina Oswald
  • Two horn honks to orchestrate the shooting of Oswald?
  • No bigger security concern than managing a large, well behaved crowd
  • That site belongs to the American people and to the world
  • They preserved the building so you can see how the shooting wasn't done

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (53:40)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Recent article by Peter Mandel, My Dad and JFK
  • Original LIFE article by Paul Mandel, End To Nagging Rumors
  • David Mamet/Cate Blanchett film, Blackbird
  • 50 Reasons scores thousands of hits by featuring legitimate critics
  • Dealey Plaza JFK memorial plaque planned
  • Support Andy Winiarczyk and The Last Hurrah Bookshop
  • Letters, Destiny Betrayed (Second Edition), a must read book
  • 1967 Josiah Thompson (Six Seconds In Dallas) radio interview
  • Who benefited? Why did this happen? How did it get covered up?
  • Gary Mack manages to never have to answer for his contributions
  • Three WC bullets, we have evidence of a bullet strike on Elm Street,
  • Buddy Walthers bullet, the Day report, a Mauser shell, too many bullets
  • Plus all the Connally wounds, not done by the same bullet
  • CE 399 was clearly planted, fragments in the car
  • Was Watergate burglar Virgilio Gonzales in the know on the JFK case?
  • Arthur Krock, The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam (10/1963)
  • Read Newman and Douglas and Conway on the Lodge/Conien coup
  • Speculation on LBJ did it books, the activities of Dulles and Bissell

    Show #630
    Original airdate: May 16, 2013
    Guests: Richard Belzer / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Hit List / Books and films and questions

    Play Richard Belzer   (43:15)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Hit List is now on the New York Times Best Seller List
  • No longer any reason to keep this information from the public
  • This story isn't owned by Tom Wicker and Dan Rather and George Will
  • Americans aren't naïve any more, 1963, the Cold War, it was covered up
  • Len's 50 Reasons series is a great teaching tool, compelling and fascinating
  • Hit List, 50 mysterious deaths, at astounding odds
  • A human being died that day, an incredible, brave leader
  • As Senator, Kennedy questioned the Eisenhower policy in Vietnam
  • Who killed Kennedy? Who didn't kill him? A common interest among dark forces
  • Roger Craig, Lee Oswald, the mystery of Ruth Paine's station wagon
  • The deaths of Grant Stockdale, George de Mohrenschildt, Dorothy Kilgallen
  • Oswald, the non-lone assassin, fake communist, intelligence asset
  • The HSCA's witnesses were being shot out from under them
  • Dr. Mary Sherman, leading cancer expert, unexplained murder
  • Years in the making, similar interests with co-author David Wayne
  • Vietnam, war as a laboratory, huge money making, Nixon prolonged the war
  • Bugliosi, the Warren Commission on steroids, an irresponsible book
  • Contacting Richard Belzer on line

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (57:36)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Billie Sol Estes died this week, the unsolved death of Henry Marshall
  • Films and books due for release
  • The Commission (Sobel), Dallas in Wonderland (Page)
  • Legacy of Fear, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Skyhorse to re-release Accessories After the Fact (Meagher 1967)
  • Who Really Killed Kennedy? (Corsi 2013)
  • The Kennedy Half-Century (Sabato 2013)
  • CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys (Nolan 2013)
  • To Move the World: JFK's Quest for Peace (Sachs 2013)
  • JFK Has Been Shot (Crenshaw 2013)
  • Conspiracy theorist, Lance deHaven-Smith (BOR #628), Boston
  • Don't even look at the curtain, shut down a city for two guys
  • Obama, something's going on here, Matt Taibbi
  • Gary Webb and CIA drug running, Kill the Messenger (Schou 2006)
  • Webb was right like Garrison was right
  • The JFK case is a real education in how they run this country
  • Crossing the Rubicon (Rupert 2004)
  • Questions, James Worrell ran around the TSBD, Oswald look alikes
  • Roger Craig and Marvin Robinson saw Oswald get in the Nash Rambler
  • Only after the FBI entered the case was Lee a suspect in the Walker shooting
  • Might friends and family of participants have some knowledge? Yes
  • How well did Phillips and Morales know each other? Both in on Bay of Pigs
  • Alternative Zapruder films? Jim has never seen one
  • Use the free iPhone/iPad BOR app and give a good rating
  • Betting on the Africans (Muehlenbeck 2012)
  • Kennedy, Johnson, and the Nonaligned World (Rakove 2012)
  • Lessons in Disaster (Goldstein 2009)
  • Johnson broke with Kennedy's policies in Vietnam
  • Bugliosi tried to demean and demonize the critics
  • Jim's Reclaiming History review to be published as a book this fall CIA invovement in drug trafficking to Los Angeles 1996

    Show #629
    Original airdate: May 9, 2013
    Guests: April Oliver
    Topics: Operation Tailwind

    Play April Oliver   (1:08:11)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Tonight's show is a rebroadcast of BOR Show #5, from May 25, 2000

  • April Oliver was a journalist and worked with MacNeil/Lehrer and CNN
  • She was fired from CNN for reporting on nerve gas use in Laos in 1970
  • It went through 44 drafts, an inherently collaborative team effort
  • The televised report was titled Valley of Death
  • CNN brought in attorney Floyd Abrams, his work did April in
  • The military flexed their muscles, news executives saw dollar signs
  • Abrams' report was written before April was interviewed
  • The report met every standard of journalism, yet April was fired
  • April learned of African-American defectors being targeted
  • Operation Tailwind was to wipe out a defector training camp in Laos
  • 40 million pounds of sarin nerve gas were weaponized for the US military
  • A cover up in 1970, CNN crushed the story for the military in 1998
  • Gary Webb's story on CIA cocaine smuggling, The Dark Alliance
  • April's story is the message that Special Ops stories are off limits
  • Fort Bragg Psyops troops were working internships at CNN
  • Internet warriors were recruited to crush the Tailwind report
  • Perhaps this 30 year old story has pertinence to current operations
  • Admiral Moorer in a deposition revealed some startling things
  • JCS sought direction from the Washington Special Actions Group (WSAG)
  • Tailwind was a multi-force operation using SOG units
  • April is pursuing a law degree specializing in First Amendment issues
  • Organized efforts to discredit stories threatening establishment power
  • Journalism's sensitivity to and quest for ratings
  • Seymour Hersh and the final days of the Gulf War

    Show #628
    Original airdate: May 2, 2013
    Guests: Lance deHaven-Smith / Dave Ratcliffe
    Topics: Conspiracy Theory In America / Managing Perceptions

    Play Lance deHaven-Smith   (1:33:00)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Conspiracy Theory In America (2013)
  • The 'Conspiracy Theory' conspiracy, created by the CIA
  • The 2000 election, stolen by administration of election laws
  • State crimes against democracy, The Battle For Florida (2005)
  • They manipulate our language, beliefs, and perceptions
  • The 9/11 attack, called by a date, before 9/11 and after 9/11
  • 'Conspiracy Theory' is used when the suspicion contradicts the government
  • JFK's body taken from Dallas by force, limousine washed at Parkland
  • Serial crime, connect JFK, RFK, MLK, look at patterns
  • Information comes out, long afterwards, Ford changing the wording
  • The withering of the middle class, banks too big to fail
  • Investigate like every other crime, innocent though proven guilty
  • A criminal class running our society
  • NSC 68, use fear of communism to manipulate the American people
  • The 1980 Reagan-Bush October surprise, to hold the hostages longer
  • Campaign manager William Casey became head of the CIA
  • Nixon in Moscow, compared JFK assassination to a purge
  • Bugliosi wrote the contrarian point of view for the money
  • Nuremburg prosecuted journalists and lawyers
  • The press commits high crimes, betraying the public trust
  • Define and legislate state crimes against democracy
  • There is no statute of limitations for treason
  • Aaron Burr was prosecuted for treason
  • Lying us into war in Iraq was a high crime, treasonous
  • We need to hold our leaders accountable
  • Ass Sunstein, government agents infiltrating activist groups
  • Daniel Ellsberg was converted from a hawk
  • Kennedy was the last president to stand up to these people
  • 1035-960, Countering Criticism of the Warren Report
  • Our government is the muscle for capitalism
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Perkins/2005)
  • Hold people accountable for these crimes
  • A selective totalitarianism framework
  • Working on an analysis of cover ups and language

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (27:32)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Monsanto terminator seeds, 'Managing Perceptions'
  • A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes (Salandria/1998)
  • Police activity during the Boston manhunt and the press reaction
  • since 1994, MLK Assassination Conspiracy Trial
  • Bill of Rights, hemp seed, Understanding Special Operations
  • Fukushima radiation concern, TUC Radio, Pandora's box
  • 'Go deeply enough into the darkness, anything can happen for the good'

    Show #627
    Original airdate: April 25, 2013
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: 50th anniversary year books / Listener questions

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:20:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, book review, Kaleidoscope (Livingstone/2012)
  • Jim to write a commentary on Ron Rosenbaum, Philby and Oswald
  • The Bush/Gore election, Florida flipping around, something was really wrong
  • The Battle For Florida (deHaven-Smith/2005), Conspiracy Theory in America (2013)
  • Elite political misconduct, conspiracies are as old as this republic
  • "Conspiracy theory" was introduced to deflect criticism of the Warren Commission
  • Books due this year by Clint Hill, Thurston Clarke, Peter Dale Scott,
  • Lamar Waldron, Dean Owen, Howard Brinkley, Vince Palamara,
  • Dallas doctors and nurses, Priscilla Johnson, Todd Elliott,
  • Jesse Ventura, Phil Nelson, Roger Stone, more
  • The stretcher the Magic Bullet was found on, Ronnie Fuller's
  • As noted in Six Seconds in Dallas (Thompson/1976)
  • Fake Hidell ID and alias, was it part of the Friday story?
  • Chief Jesse Curry mentions Hidell on Saturday morning
  • Arresting officer Gerald Hill testimony on the fake ID
  • Was the Hidell story in operation on Friday or not until Saturday?
  • The wallet "found" at the Tippit shooting, not introduced as evidence
  • The Odio Incident, why Sylvia is a credible witness
  • Why James Files "grassy knoll shooter" confession is not credible
  • You're not gonna find the shooters, disinformation, golden apples
  • The guys lower down are kept out of the loop, "the shooters don't even know"
  • This is not a conventional crime, find evidence that fits the overall paradigm
  • Fidel Castro's speech on 11/23/63 about the JFK assassination
  • Jim feels by now he should have earned the trust of BOR listeners
  • A letter to Maddow recommending she interview Jim DiEugenio
  • Max Holland's 11 second shot sequence, Jim's review
  • Frames Z-212 through Z-313, a six second span, oak tree, Tague hit
  • Groden's restored film, JFK is hit before going behind the sign
  • That hit can't be from the sniper's nest because of the tree
  • The lengths gone to, to explain a "lone assassin"
  • 50 Reasons is getting a lot of hits on linked sites
  • Jim's contribution to the UK conference went well
  • Len Osanic asks... Please sign this petion Mayor Mike Rawlings to open Dealey Plaza to the public nov 22 2013

    Show #626
    Original airdate: April 18, 2013
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Jim Fetzer
    Topics: Current events / Listener questions / Oswald in the doorway

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:23:03)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • London conference, Jim, John Armstrong and others participating
  • Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar April 20th/21st 2013
  • Were the Boston Marathon explosions a false flag operation?
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years, Len and Jeff's process and progress
  • The series serves as an antidote to the Sixth Floor
  • The Groden episode, The Immediate Aftermath
  • CTKA, a review of Kaleidoscope (Livingstone/2012)
  • Fletcher Prouty, Harry Livingstone's reactions to Stone's JFK
  • Jim to discuss the work of Ron Rosenbaum of Slate Magazine
  • A recent article by Rosenbaum, Philby and Oswald
  • Angleton, Oswald, and the false detector program
  • Angleton, Seymour Hersh, and illegal domestic operations
  • What about the brown bag? No photo of the bag on the sixth floor
  • WC testimony of Troy West, dispenser of the brown wrapping paper
  • WC testimony testimony of Jack Dougherty
  • Oswald wedding ring left at the Paine house? Marital problems
  • Rachel Maddow, the NBC company line, a disappointment
  • Dealey Plaza, National Historic Landmark
  • Please sign the COPA Petition of Mayor Mike Rawlings
  • President Obama, Bill Clinton, Webb Hubbell, and JFK
  • Ruby's request to go to Washington DC
  • Secret Service advanced notice of the assassination?
  • The ease of use and pleasure of listening to eBooks
  • Destiny Betrayed (DiEugenio/2012) why, who and how
  • Dulles and Truman, the assassination and The Truman Show
  • Brigitte Wilcke's critique of the documentary Conspiracy Rising
  • Killing Kennedy film update, a script breakdown and production schedule
  • Rachel Maddow mentioned MLK's accused assassin
  • Oswald's Intelligence indoctrination had to be by ONI
  • He had help getting out of the Marines early
  • Harold Weisberg's last book Never Again!: (2007)
  • A Black Op Radio App

    Play Jim Fetzer   (1:17:08)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's article, What We Know Now that We didn’t Know Then
  • Jim's article, Lovelady’s “arrow” points to conspiracy and cover-up
  • Papers of Capt. Will Fritz, Billy Lovelady said he was out front
  • An obfuscated face in the photo, Altgens 6 photo
  • Jim's focus has gone from the faces to the clothing
  • The Oswald Innocence Project
  • Door Man, Black Tie Man, Black Hole Man
  • Door man's left shoulder is missing
  • Black Tie Man is in front of and behind Door Man
  • A black man's profile behind the column
  • Jim claims Door Man is Lee Oswald
  • Facial disimilarities between Lovelady and Oswald
  • Photo and film alterations
  • Jim contends Black Hole Man is Billy Lovelady
  • Lovelady was quoted in a 1964 article by Dom Bonafede
  • FBI report on the above article
  • in Jim's view Fedora Hat Man may be Jack Ruby
  • Billy Nolan Lovelady's Warren Commission testimony
  • Lee told Capt. Fritz he was out front with Bill Shelley
  • Marrs/Fetzer article, Framing the Patsy:
  • Jim has many articles at Veterans Today
  • A CIA false documentary trail, Algens 6 was altered
  • Red and white, vertically striped, short sleeved shirt
  • Bill Lovelady's arrow on CE369
  • Jim's article, Newseum Displays “Oswald’s Shirt”:
  • The obscured face is likely Bill Shelley
  • Zapruder film alteration evidence
  • Horne/Fetzer article, The Two NPIC Zapruder Film Events:
  • The Boston explosions and social media false flag awareness

    Show #625
    Original airdate: April 11, 2013
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The First Dissenter / Listener questions

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:06:22)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Researcher Brian Hunt is helping Jim review John McAdams career
  • Reviews by Seamus Coogan on St. John Hunt and Charles Ochelli on Joan Mellen
  • Sen. Richard Russell, The First Dissenter, disagreed with the magic bullet theory
  • The First Dissenter.pdf
  • They snookered him, he began to turn against the Warren Commission
  • Helpful contributions by BOR listeners, the reach of Black Op Radio is expanding
  • Differing beliefs held by JFK researchers, some evidence is just "scenery"
  • We should promote cogent facts, things we know, not conjecture
  • Let's go with the best stuff we have, BOR is an honest effort
  • The WC was a kangaroo court, a perversion of the legal process
  • Listener questions, Specter didn't forward the Silbert and O'Neill report to Rankin
  • O'Reilly's claim that he was at De Mohrenschildt's door at the time of his death
  • makes a pretty solid case that could not have happened
  • Wesley Snipes film about Hoover, William Sullivan, and Martin Luther King
  • CIA and FBI counter-intelligence activities against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee
  • Phillips and James McCord ran an illegal domestic surveillance on the FPCC

    Show #624
    Original airdate: April 4, 2013
    Guest: William Pepper / Bill Simpich / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: MLK / The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend / MLK/JFK

    Play William Pepper  (25:11)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Joint national tragedies, the loss of King, the failure of the mainstream media
  • The shot did not come from the bathroom, it came from the bushes
  • Sirhan Sirhan, a response has been filed, a criticism of the magistrate's report
  • William worked for Robert F. Kennedy and knew Martin Luther King
  • Our situation now is worse than it was in 1968
  • We ask for the grant of a new trial, or at least an evidentiary hearing
  • RFK was hit from behind, the magistrate admits Sirhan was in front of him
  • The evidence is there, it may shatter the idea of a nation
  • Martin wept over the plight of the maimed children of Vietnam
  • He was determined to end that war, he stood firm until he fell
  • We owe it to his memory, to understand how evil were the forces who took him from us
  • William speaking tonight at 7:00 at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada
  • Alternative media gate keepers, won't touch political assassinations

    Play Bill Simpich  (29:57)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Part 9: Oswald Takes Center Stage As An Intelligence Asset
  • The building of the legend was part of handling a rare asset to the intelligence community
  • Guy Banister (#10) was a dogged anti-Castro activist, a dogged white supremacist
  • Oswald and the Reily Coffee Company, the Crusade to Free Cuba Committee
  • Four co-workers went to work at NASA, Banister bid on the NASA security contract
  • The segregationist Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission, Gerard Tujague
  • Oswald's connections with U.S. Customs and David Smith
  • Cuban Revolutionary Council public relations man Arnesto Rodriguez
  • New Orleans DRE leader Carlos Bringuier, Jorge Bringuier, CIA by 1968
  • Flexibility is the name of the game, no paper trail
  • Oswald need not be a mystery, he can be understood
  • Oswald and Celso Hernandez were arrested together in August 1963
  • The Mexico City Oswald, he was impersonated on the phone
  • The cover-up was founded in Mexico City, possibly the assassination itself
  • Slowly and methodically putting these pieces together

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:01:18)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Are tickets to Dealey on the 50th available? Don't think so
  • Hotel rates are going up and rooms are filling up
  • April 4th, the 45th assassination anniversary of Martin Luther King
  • Jim Douglass for Probe was the only reporter at the Jowers trial every day
  • The entire collection of Probe magazine available on disk
  • William Pepper, Judge Joe Brown, The Assassinations by Jim and Lisa Pease
  • Jim's open letter to Rachel Maddow, Oswald as the lone assassin
  • Jim to review Kaleidoscope (Livingstone/2013), a review of (Doug Horne/2009)
  • Jim to review the career right-wing propagandist John McAdams
  • CTKA to list 50 things wrong with the Warren Commission
  • It was really the Dulles Commission, The Warren Omission (Walt Brown/1996)
  • Dr. Boswell was asked 13 pertinent questions, Ruth Paine was asked 5,286
  • The structure and workings of the Commission, ended up being a joke
  • Their poor work on Mexico City, substantial omissions and obfuscations
  • No description of the action in the Zapruder film, medical drawings
  • The FBI report was not included, nor was the Silbert and O'Neill report
  • The worst criminal investigation of a murder case in history
  • May be the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American public
  • Jim will be signing books in Costa Mesa on 4/13

    Show #623
    Original airdate: March 28, 2013
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Dealey Plaza 2013 / Listener questions

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:09:11)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Destiny Betrayed is out on audio book, Len recommends listening to it
  • Jim's Dallas contacts are trying to convince Mayor Rawlings to open the Plaza
  • It may be time to seek a court case or Congressional hearing
  • Jim and Len thank all those who contribute information to BOR
  • Jim thinks this is an issue of national concern
  • The Robert Groden case found that Dealey Plaza is not a city park
  • There should be thousands of people there, thousands of tourists
  • Listener questions, the film The Day The Dream Died (UK/1988)
  • Author Rodger Remington will be starting his own site soon
  • The lone gunman myth blog, fifteen simple questions for Gary Mack
  • Collecting and cross-referencing assassination related phone numbers
  • Fletcher Prouty helped Jim Garrison track Pentagon phone numbers
  • Rachel Maddow and JFK's connection to Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle
  • Subjects for discussion, CE-399, Oswald's coke, the limousine driver
  • Mauser/Mannlicher-Carcano, the Silbert and O'Neill report, etc.
  • Anybody who studies this case knows that it was a conspiracy
        NOTE: (One minute of audio is missing @ 39:51)
  • Cheramie, Nagell, and Phillips are not in the WC report
  • Clay Shaw, Jim has traced his public persona, one world/free trade
  • Shaw was an extension of the eastern establishment free trade doctrine
  • Shaw was just following orders, he was a low-level operative in the plot
  • CTKA, FBI Agent Cartha "Deke" DeLoach died
  • Larry Hancock wiil post a Red Bird airport article
  • Jim's booksignings in Manhattan Beach on 4/6, and Costa Mesa on 4/13
  • Len promotes tourism in Dallas this November

    Show #622
    Original airdate: March 21, 2013
    Guest: Mark Lane
    Topics: The Last Word

    Play Mark Lane  (1:01:03)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Last Word (2012) on the assassination, Citizen Lane (2012) an autobiography
  • Len enjoys the audiobook, Mark usually writes from the view of refuting false evidence
  • This book considers the view of the conspirators, dealing with the Secret Service protection
  • Gerald Behn, in charge of the White House detail, took vacation just before Dallas
  • 11 agents transferred from the detail, the CIA prepared Secret Service credentials
  • Abraham Bolden reported agents were speaking of not protecting JFK
  • Greer driving the limo slowed down, Kellerman should have covered JFK's body
  • Clint Hill was able to catch the limo, police met a credentialed SS agent on the knoll
  • Bob Tannenbaum, HSCA, John McCloy's background
  • Mark's autobiography was very long, he separated it into these two books
  • Dorothy Kilgallen was interested in Jack Ruby and had interviewed him
  • She was concerned with her safety just before she committed suicide
  • Witness Acquilla Clemons saw men leaving the scene of Officer Tippit's murder
  • Marita Lorenz, knew Castro, saw E. Howard Hunt in Dallas
  • An updated film, "A Rush To Judgement" due soon
  • Mark was a Freedom Rider, never imagined an African-American President
  • Americans know what the New York Times has never printed
  • Mark knew an employee in the National Archives who would alert him
  • People high up in the government were involved in killing the President

    Show #621
    Original airdate: March 14, 2013
    Guests: Dave Ratcliffe / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: 50th Anniversary Efforts / JFK Research / Listener Questions

    Play Dave Ratcliffe   (2:33:03)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Understanding Special Operations (1999), Cover-Up (Shaw/Ray 1976)
  • JFK's American University Address, the writings of Jim Douglass
  • Jim Douglass: Confronting the Unspeakable (Ratcliffe 2013)
  • What can we do about the Orwellian landscape we all live in?
  • 50 years since the "extra-constitutional firing of the 35th President"
  • Researchers Vince Salandria and Martin Schotz
  • The National Security State, History Will Not Absolve Us (Schotz 1996)
  •, The Foreign Relations of the United States on line
  • 1961–1963, Volume VI, Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges
  • COPA 1998 Vincent Salandria, A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes
  • COPA 1998 Martin Schotz, The Waters of Knowledge
  • COPA 2009 Jim Douglass, Confronting the Unspeakable
  • Dave's list of Kennedy's 12 "Bay of Pigs"
  • Laos, Congo, big steel, Cuban Missile Crisis, Sukarno, NSAM 239
  • American University, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Castro back-channel
  • Wheat, Vietnam withdrawal, joint expedition to the moon
  • NSAM 271, I have a rendezvous with Death, Fletcher Prouty
  • Jim Douglass in Vancouver, Len and Jim in Vancouver
  • Abraham Lincoln, esteemed by his fellow man, John Kennedy
  • The web, an electronic world library, work to promote historical truth
  • Understanding Special Operations is Prouty on The Secret Team
  • Fletcher lived it, he knew these people, Orwellian control, Freedom is Slavery
  • Is the suicide of Aaron Swartz mysterious?

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:20:21)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Gary Mack Strikes Again, former Warren Commission critic
  • Recent article, Dealey Plaza is not listed as a park, very helpful
  • Fifty years is enough, a second article
  • March 20, Jim booksigning at Eso Won Books in Los Angeles
  • Listeners questions, Destiny Betrayed, a reissue of Stone's JFK?
  • AP was visited by FBI agents, told not to feed Garrison's press releases
  • A film of Ferrie, Phillips, Bannister, and Oswald? Seen by Bob Tannenbaum
  • Jack Dougherty and the TSBD? Important
  • The Hollywood Group and the Zapruder film? Jim visited the Wilkinsons
  • Their work makes an interesting case for film alteration
  • Bill Clinton asks Webb Hubbell to get to the bottom of the JFK assassination
  • The Eisenberg memo, Earl Warren's acceptance of the Chairmanship
  • Charlie Rose interview of RFK Jr., get RFK Jr. on BOR, pressure Rose
  • Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy action alert
  • Ruth Paine visits her sister, but can't remember where she lives
  • Falls Church, a smoke screen? Avoided where her sister worked and lived
  • Jim's Bugliosi book review, 50 Reasons For 50 Years
  • Did the Soviets inform Kennedy of the plot? No. Did they try? Don't know
  • Richard Case Nagell's story would make a heck of a film
  • Europeans enjoy Jim and Len, Black Op Radio IPhone App
  • Movies, Orders To Kill, by William Pepper about the King case
  • Dealey Plaza oversight, Sens. Jack Reed (D-RI), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
  • Diane Feinstein (D-CA), Reps. Mike Simpson (R-ID),
  • Jim Moran (D-VA), Eddie Johnson (D-TX)
  • Protesters and counter-protesters, Dallas may be weakening
  • Be upset, they flexed their muscles, a transparent conspiracy
  • American free speech, what have we learned from this?
  • Take the time to write to the above elected officials

    Show #620
    Original airdate: March 07, 2013
    Guest: Jim Lesar, Robert Groden, Jim Douglass, Vince Palamara
    Topics: George Joannides / Dallas arrest / Public appearances / Secret Service

    Play Jim Lesar  (11:04)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Court of Appeals, District Court abuse of discretion by denying attorneys fees
  • George Joannides CIA/HSCA liaison, CIA forces FOIA litigation
  • A great deal of expense, time, and money, other avenues, other lawsuits
  • An iron curtain of disclosure, the end of the Jefferson Morley case
  • Various routes can be pursued, an uphill battle, eventually we will prevail

    Play Robert Groden  (12:08)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Arrested two years ago, thrown in jail, case thrown out, judge was fired
  • Appellate Court found for Robert, pursuing a federal case against the City of Dallas
  • First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights
  • Jim Schutze, the Sixth Floor Museum is a fairy tale and a fraud, Mack knows it...
  • Dallas Still Wants to Control Speech on JFK Anniversary by Jim Schutze

    Play Jim Douglass  (05:08)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim to speak in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Friday
  • A Martyrs to the Unspeakable workshop on Saturday, followed by a play

    Play Vince Palamara  (1:26:24)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • An interest in the Secret Service and JFK starting in the early 90's
  • In 2007 Vince was temporarily persuaded by Reclaiming History
  • A 576 page book, Survivor's Guilt, due in September
  • Vince interviewed over 80 former agents, viewed films and photos
  • Why did the Secret Service fail? Cyril Wecht suggested Vince investigate
  • In 2005 Vince sent Clint Hill a 22 page letter, Hill got angry
  • Gerald Blaine knew of the letter, then wrote The Kennedy Detail (2011)
  • Clint Hill wrote Mrs. Kennedy and Me (2012), another book due this year
  • Prior protection had been remarkable, JFK did not order agents off the car
  • 11 agents asked for transfers just before the assassination
  • October 14th, 1963, Agent Shipman dies of heart attack at Camp David
  • The bubble top could have deflected a bullet, action through inaction
  • Emory Roberts recalled Agents Lawton and Rybka from attending the limo
  • Roberts became President Johnson's Appointments secretary
  • Fall of 1963, unusually, Protective Research agents accompanied JFK
  • Hill notes the large rear head wound, but ignores the Tague hit
  • Vince contacted Abraham Bolden in 1993, Echo From Dealey Plaza (2009)
  • Vince has a detailed chapter on the Chicago Plot
  • Since the ARRB, we know things we theorized before
  • Agents expressed anger towards JFK due to his private life
  • Secret Service suspect Agents, Greer, Roberts, and Boring
  • Bad enough they assassinate the man, don't blame him for his own death
  • The people who make the money are those who say Oswald acted alone
  • Enemy of the Truth (Fiester/2012), the car slowed down, looked like a stop
  • 50 years of questions, we need answers, open some eyeballs
  • Assassinating JFK's behavior, what about LBJ?
  • Gerald Blaine autograph on JFK head shot photo
  • Motorcycle escorts, media, military aide, etc. were different in Dallas

    Show #619
    Original airdate: February 28, 2013
    Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Pentagon insider information

    Allen Dulles and the CIA

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Audio  (46:08)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Allen Dulles was in Paris with the Wilson Peace Conference group after WW I
  • The Dulles's were senior directors of Sullivan & Cromwell, an office in Nazi Germany
  • The World Council of Churches, OSS WW II experience, an unusual individual
  • Preaching anti-Communism, he abolished the DDA, the office for planning
  • An agency and a government of reaction, a straightjacket Kennedy was trying to remove
  • Gen. Smith, SACSA, Gen. Erskine, Special Ops moved in to the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Importance of Deception, Gen. Krulak, Counterinsurgency began under Eisenhower
  • The bureaucracy was all ready for Nixon, the infrastructure was in place
  • The Taylor letter, NSAMs 55, 56 and 57, the shock in Washington
  • Lemnitzer was not a cold warrior, his successor Taylor was, a major change
  • Taylor, not the representative military man of that time, made Ambassador to Vietnam
  • The make up of the Taylor/Cuban Study Group, Dulles made up the witness list
  • Dulles did some indoctrination on Bobby Kennedy and Maxwell Taylor
  • The Study Group's report was in the form of a letter to Kennedy

    The NSA

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Audio  (19:58)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • The NSA, the eyes and ears of America in the world, a purely mechanical job
  • The NSA was used to detect information around the world in the 60's
  • Sheer volume of information is overwhelming, computers are needed to filter it all
  • The NSA is a governmentally/militarily directed agency
  • The CIA is different in that it is an independent agency with a focused agenda
  • JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Occasional collisions of policy between the agencies and military operations
  • How the checks and balances failed in the Iran/Contra operations
  • The abolishment of the OSO was a mistake, a breakdown of checks and balances
  • Isolating departments from each other under seperate commands and personalities

    Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza, November 22, 1963

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Video  (9:46)  YouTube

  • Investigation of Dealey Plaza photographic evidence, three men, not tramps
  • In the first picture, another man, his back to the photographer
  • That man is General Lansdale, a strange little eye-catch, a bit of expression
  • Lansdale had sent Prouty to the South Pole, he was out of the country on the 22nd

    The Bay of Pigs Explained

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty Video  (55:10)  YouTube

  • Kennedy was in the Navy, he was a congressman, then a senator
  • Eisenhower had approved a base to train exile Cubans to incite a rebellion
  • Eisenhower would never have approved an invasion
  • The fourth Kennedy/Nixon debate, Kennedy knew the leaders of the Cuban program
  • The CIA changed the plan to a 3,000 man invasion before the inauguration
  • Marine Colonel devised the plan, Kennedy waited for the air strike
  • Destroyed seven of 10 Cuban jets, JFK ordered the destruction of the three
  • The Cuban Study group, Operation ZAPATA, Dulles, Burke, Taylor, RFK
  • Walter Bedell Smith, Truman's DCI, a democracy cannot wage war
  • Covert operations can be done up to a certain size, should be taken from the CIA
  • Fletcher briefed the JCS on NSAM 55, a major change
  • A key point in Kennedy's difficulties with many points of power
  • McGeorge Bundy called Gen. Cabell and cancelled the additional air strike
  • Why? Not elaborated, there was no air cover in the plan
  • 42,000 rifles, submarines, not covert, advised to keep Americans out of Asia
  • NSAM 263, Vietnam policy, Taylor and McNamara went to Vietnam
  • The Taylor/McNamara Report, withdraw all U.S. personnel
  • Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, opposition to the film JFK
  • 570 billion dollars, the Military/Industrial Complex, Kennedy and the report
  • Honolulu and NSAM 273, a reversal of NSAM 263, NSAM 288
  • A history of the U.S. in Vietnam, the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg, DOD/ISA
  • Lodge confers with the President, no mention of JFK's assassination

    Show #618
    Original airdate: February 21, 2013
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Bill Simpich
    Topics: Current Events / The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:19:28)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Destiny Betrayed book signings, March 20 in LA, April 6 in Manhattan Beach
  • Coming reviews of Bond of Secrecy, Our Man In Haiti, and Kaleidoscope
  • Morley v. CIA, stonewalling on FOIA requests about George Joannides
  • DRE, Phillips, Clare Boothe Luce, summer 1963, Oswald's New Orleans profile rises
  • Carlos Bringuier, a scuffle on Canal Street, LHO arrested, requests FBI interview
  • Very weird things going on to configure Oswald for a commie sympathiser
  • HSCA needed a liaison with CIA, Joannides, lied about his relationship with the DRE
  • Jefferson Morley has been trying to find out what the CIA was hiding
  • The ARRB knew this was important, 1,100 documents still being withheld
  • O'Reilly and National Geographic on Killing Lincoln
  • John Judge and Mayor Rawlings (BOR #617), background of Ruth Altshuler
  • First-ever female grand jury member, subpoenaed on the day of JFK's assassination
  • The Sixth Floor, a Trojan horse for City Hall and the Dallas power elite
  • A correction, Robert Groden was ticketed 80 times, arrested once or twice
  • The week long permit may not be in effect, jurisdiction of the Dept. of the Interior
  • Dallas attorney Brad Kizzia, Dallas is getting a lot bad publicity
  • Listener questions, 50 Reasons for 50 years..., did Tippit drive Oswald?
  • Did Tippit double JFK at the autopsy? There is no evidence for this
  • Roscoe White diary debunked, Double Cross (Giancana/1992), not credible
  • Judy Baker, a distraction, her story has changed, a tell-tale point, Carol Hewitt
  • Appreciation for Jim and Len, a request for BOR to air twice weekly
  • A strong and consistent BOR, not watered down by overexposure, not profit driven

    Play Bill Simpich  (35:13)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Part 8: The CIA-Army Intelligence Mambo, Dorothe Matlack, Tony Czajkowski
  • Army and CIA debriefing specialists, David Morales and the Caribbean Action Center
  • George de Mohrenschildt was debriefed by Matlack and Czajkowski
  • Matlack was assigned to "defector matters", odds are she had an interest in Oswald
  • Ties between Herbert Itkin, James Angleton, Allen Dulles
  • The Army Intelligence angle deserves far more research than it gets
  • Few books out there on military intelligence programs
  • Need FOIA releases on: Plan Judas (DIA), AMTORRID (Army)
  • Jack Modesett, Harold Feeny, Operation Patty (Navy)
  • In 1962 the Defense Intelligence Agency was formed by JFK
  • TSA lawsuits, Gilmore v. Gonzales, "Papers please"
  • Secret law, judges fear, the antithesis of a democratic society

    Show #617
    Original airdate: February 15, 2013
    Guest: John Judge, Jim Douglass, Bill Kelly
    Topics: Dallas 2013 / JFK Research

    Play John Judge  (44:14)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • COPA 50th anniversary JFK conferance, November 22-24, the Aloft Hotel
  • COPA Malcom X 47th anniversary conferance, February 21, Howard University
  • 10 Points of Agreement, 26 speakers, 100 registered attendees already
  • Trying to secure a permit for a moment of silence in Dealey Plaza
  • Gary Mack obstructionism of the long-standing COPA observance
  • The Sixth Floor's exclusive permit, COPA's continuing efforts
  • John interviewed in the Wall Street Journal and on Fox News
  • COPA met with Dallas' mayor in Washington during the recent inaugural
  • Content based denial of free speech
  • COPA represents the majority of opinion regarding the facts of the assassination
  • According to Rawlings, even Robert Kennedy Jr. would "have to stay on point"
  • A designated National Historical Site, protected by the courts
  • A perpetuity of silence, John made several suggestions to the mayor's committee
  • Serious thought about a legal claim to our First Amendment rights in court
  • "50 Years is Enough! Free the Files – Find the Truth"
  • The annual "And We Are All Mortal" observance at American University, June 10
  • Write of your concerns to Mayor Rawlings

    Play Jim Douglass  (47:39)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • JFK and the Unspeakable now available in paperback and as an eBook and on audio
  • The story of anyone who stands up for the truth and has the courage to do so
  • Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, a correspondent with Ethel Kennedy
  • JFK and the third world, Indonesia, Johnson took exactly the opposite direction
  • Fidel Castro and Nikita Kruschev, supposed enemies, turned toward peacemaking
  • On March 7-9 Jim will speak in Vancouver at Simon Fraser University
  • On March 6, Jim will speak at the library in Hedley, BC
  • The importance of rain, JFK and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Rain and the Rhinoceros
  • Witnesses, Dorothy Kilgallen, Jim and Elsie Wilcott, Abraham Bolden, Bill Pitzer,
  • Ralph Yates, Roger Craig, Silvia Odio, Jacqueline Kennedy, Rose Cheremie,
  • Charles Crenshaw, Richard Case Nagel, Caroline Arnold, Ed Hoffman,
  • Julia Ann Mercer, Wayne January, Robert Vinson, James Patello
  • Wayne January worked at Red Bird Airport, incidents before the assassination
  • Read the book and study before coming to hear Jim speak
  • Take hope from JFK's assassination, his courage to risk his life for peacemaking
  • Jim Douglass Schedule Vancouver march 2013 View Here

    Play Bill Kelly  (28:45)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bill runs JFKcountercoup, Missing ONI Records Not Missing At All
  • Larry Huff, Marine report concluding Oswald could not have committed the assassination alone
  • Fred Reeves, ONI investigator who investigated Oswald's defection in 1959
  • ONI Director Admiral Rufus L. Taylor, we know records exist
  • The ARRB could not get anything out of ONI, LCDR Terri Pike was almost courtmartialed
  • Oswald's brother John Pic was in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve?
  • Robert Oswald's book, still a living witness, Denton, Texas
  • Not released for reasons of national security, March 10-16, Sunshine Week
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. arrested Wednesday at the White House

    Show #616
    Original airdate: February 7, 2013
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Dallas 2013 / Listener Questions

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:37:10)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • RFK Jr. and Charlie Rose interview, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Chris Heinbaugh
  • Bill O'Reilly says he was at de Mohrenschildt's house and heard the shotgun blast
  • Five scheduled films: Parkland, O'Reilly's book done for TV, Legacy of Secrecy
  • Two are pro-conspiracy: Dallas In Wonderland and a documentary by the same filmmakers
  • The 50th's predicted large media exposure has already begun
  • Dallas' "official" ceremony not to be open to the public, they have a week-long permit
  • They fear a big crowd, estimates of over 900 people, Jim wants to seek an injunction
  • Jim wants the attention of the international media, but not while in handcuffs
  • Listener questions, O'Reilly used to follow Gaeton Fonzi, the 1983 film The Day After
  • Destiny Betrayed (2012) impressively updated, chapter 14: Garrison Must Be Destroyed
  • A review by Jim of The Untold History of the United States (Stone/Kuznick 2012)
  • CTKA and BOR are trying to present the most honest research, 50 Reasons...
  • A research community without a leader, here is what is known
  • Edmond Black, the Chicago Plot, written before the HSCA
  • Jim's good work as an author of books and with Probe
  • An interview with FBI Agent Don Adams about Joseph Milteer
  • The fim Executive Action (1973) mentions the Vietnam withdrawal as a motive
  • Oliver Stone Untold History videos on YouTube
  • Fall 1961, Dulles and the Joint Chiefs recommended a first strike against the Russians
  • Did Phillips plan for an attack of Cuba and a full bore preemptive nuclear strike against Russia?
  • Plan A to start a war, Plan B to create a lone nut gunman, a letter to National Geographic,
  • JFK knowledge of raids on Cuba? Mongoose was terminated, problems getting it turned off
  • Jim Marrs on Zapruder Film alteration, complete alteration vs. obscuring rear head wound
  • Petitioning the White House to reopen the Kennedy Assassination
  • In History's Shadow (Biles 2002), on Kerry W. Thornley

    Show #615
    Original airdate: January 31, 2013
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK Jr. / Listener Questions / Destiny Betrayed

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (53:27)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • RFK Jr. interview with Charlie Rose, no Kennedy has gone on record against the WC
  • The show was taped but has not yet aired, it has created a mini media sensation
  • Brothers (Talbot 2008), One Hell of a Gamble (Fursenko/Naftali 1998)
  • Bobby was interested in the Garrison investigation, he doubted the WC
  • Rose started in Dallas, an establishment figure, he leaned toward a mob hit
  • No transcript, audio or video of this interview, still under Dallas auspices
  • RFK Jr. called Jim Douglass and thanked him for JFK and the Unspeakable (2010)
  • Listener Questions, KHOU in Dallas, where Dan Rather got his start
  • J.D. Tippit was married and had a girlfriend, his true intention, no full biography
  • Jim thinks LHO was not at 10th and Patton, Tippit was shot to enrage the Dallas police
  • Tippit was out of his patrol area, three versions of Dallas Police radio calls tape
  • Of whom would you ask three quesions? Oswald, then Ruby
  • In the summer 1963 did you have any intimations that someone was manipulating you?
  • Did you go to Mexico City? If no, where were you? If yes, what did you actually do?
  • Where did you go between the TSBD and the Texas Theater?
  • Roger Craig testified before the Shaw grand jury, Craig and the Rambler troubled the police
  • Lt. Day and the CIA? Other Dallas police and the CIA? Police were trained by the CIA
  • Would truthful document releases be believed? Wouldn't factions still argue?
  • What are we looking for to be released? ARRB says 1,100 documents still need release
  • New Orleans, Garrison, Clay Shaw trial, Smoking guns? Doubt it
  • The plot may have been hatched when Kennedy established back channels

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (49:22)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Destiny Betrayed (DiEugenio 2012), last chapter, Shaw would have been opposed to JFK
  • Free trade and globalism, International House, International Trade Mart, Freeport Sulphur
  • CIA had a Y file on Shaw, Shaw was briefed before travel overseas, met with high officials
  • CIA Domestic Contact Service, Shaw was in San Francisco the day of the assassination
  • 12 Shaw/Bertrand witnesses, the FBI lied, Shaw called Dean Andrews to represent LHO
  • Shaw's lawyers, they got all kinds of help and lied about it, obstruction of justice
  • Three LHO wallets, Castro back channel, Phillips/Bishop, Dulles was part of the conspiracy
  • The establishment knows something went wrong in 1963, the country would never be the same
  • Garrison was first to focus on Mexico City and Vietnam, first to call it a coup
  • ARRB releases show CIA activity against Garrison out of Angleton's office
  • Vince Salandria congratulated Jim on his updated Garrison book
  • Jim likes BOR's 50 Reasons for 50 years... series, what is known
  • The 50th is going to be big, JFK 101, facts that are true

    Show #614
    Original airdate: January 24, 2013
    Guest: Sherry Fiester / Andrew Wakefield
    Topics: Enemy of the Truth / Vaccines and Autism

    Play Sherry Fiester  (1:02:11)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Did not believe the Warren Report, entered law enforcement as a crime scene investigator
  • In 1993 her sister Debra Conway pointed out the blood suspended in the air in Z-313
  • Use scientific forensic disciplines to have information to take to court
  • Enemy of the Truth (2012), a distorted historical record of the assassination
  • Blood spatter analysis, fatal head shot trajectory analysis, peer reviewed
  • There was more than one shooter, a grassy knoll shooter, but not for the head shot
  • Enemy of the Truth, quoting John Kennedy, eight myths forensics could address
  • The Commission was unable to prove the Single Bullet theory, page 19 and page 107
  • Dallas police investigative standards, ear witnesses, blood in the Z film, the limo stop
  • Ballistic testing, grassy knoll head shot, two head shots
  • Historical information, recent forensic research, analysis and conclusion
  • Something that we could take to court, a book for everyone, deals with the facts
  • Dallas and the 50th, don't give up on them to do the right thing
  • The controversy brings a lot of attention to JFK researchers
  • Historical researchers, capable of critical thinking, have valuable information
  • SA Robert Frazier, the limo examination, even in 2002 he was still covering
  • Sherry will speak at the next Lancer conference on the front shot
  • Surprising how evidence was handled, no report on the collected window sill
  • Learn and share information, share books, there is a truth, important to act
  • Someone Would Have Talked (Hancock 2010), The Girl on the Stairs (Ernest 2011)

    \ Play Andrew Wakefield  (52:44)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dr. Wakefield is a gastroenterologist and has investigated autism and vaccines
  • A rise from 1:10,000 to 1:25, Dr. Wakefield's career has suffered severely
  • Non-vaccinated children are healthier, the MMR vaccine contains three live viruses
  • Other vaccines contain killed components, mercury preservative, aluminum, pig virus
  • Parents, schools, families experience problems with their children, they form interest groups
  • Some seek the cause, some seek a treatment, not anti-vaccine, but for safe vaccines
  • Lawyers get involved, government has indemnified the vaccine makers
  • The government has acknowledged an MMR and encephalitis association
  • Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), placed on the taxpayer
  • The loss of public confidence may lead to the return of certain diseases
  • The Cochrane review of vaccines to prevent influenza in healthy adults
  • Questionable and illegal practices, suing the British Medical Journal in Texas
  • The Academic Integrity Fund, to help fight back against the likes of Bill Gates
  • Direct-to-Consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals, Vaccine Court awards
  • The Italian vaccine case, the Dr. Wakefield Justice Fund

    Show #613
    Original airdate: January 17, 2013
    Guests: Bill Simpich / Jim Marrs
    Topics: The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend / 50th Anniversary

    Play Bill Simpich   (46:11)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Part 7: The hand-off from De Mohrenschildt to the Paines
  • Oswald's return from the Soviet Union with a wife and child and no money
  • Peter Gregory wrote about Lee's ability to speak Russian well enough to be a translator
  • Max Clark was a security consultant for General Dynamics, his wife was a Russian princess
  • White Russian community, Clark advised De Mohrenschildt to meet Oswald
  • The Paines met the Oswald's at the Magnolia party at the home of Everett Glover
  • Ruth Paines' family had a lot of connections to the CIA
  • Michael Paine (#12) worked for Bell Helicopter, babysitting Oswald
  • Oswald was manipulated, "Now everyone will know who I am"
  • It's kind of like smoke, a coup of convenience, economics drove a lot of the situation

    Play Jim Marrs   (57:11)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert Kennedy Jr. is publicly questioning the Warren Commission
  • LBJ and Hoover are provably guilty in the cover up, accessories after the fact
  • There was a coup d'etat in the United States in 1963
  • Sincere lone assassin believers vs. those who have dissembled and misinformed
  • There has been lies, deceit and fabrication from the absolute beginning
  • The Zapruder film was altered, the autopsy was manipulated
  • The 50th, you're gonna see more people coming out, come to a truthful understanding
  • Will a government official get up? No. You can't trust the basic evidence
  • Seven hour interview with John Armstrong Download here
  • Harvey and Lee, not some wild theory, 1960, Hoover and an Oswald imposter
  • CIA, FBI, U.S. Military, anti-Castro Cubans all working together in Mongoose
  • They sent these hit teams to Dallas and set Oswald up to be the patsy
  • Loose ends, nothing fits, D.A. Wade, fingerprints on the rifle
  • Paul Groody, Bill and Gayle Newman, Evelyn Lincoln
  • Dealey Plaza is a public park, come, be respectful, just be there
  • The public has a right to peaceably assemble
  • ARRB revelations of Zapruder film alteration
  • Crossfire (1993), Our Occulted History (2013)

    Show #612
    Original airdate: January 10, 2013
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Listener Questions / Destiny Betrayed

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:26:08)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • 2nd Amendment issue, Piers Morgan and Alex Jones debate, Alan Dershowitz
  • CTKA Action Alert, Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy
  • The WC was not an error, they did what they wanted to do, frame Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Arnaldo M. Fernandez review of Castro’s Secrets
  • Listener questions, modification of Oswald's pistol, Melvin Belli and Moe Dalitz
  • Marina Oswald's second husband, Kenneth Porter, did work at Collins Radio
  • The Alliance for Progress, Battling Wall Street (Gibson 1994)
  • Ordeal in Africa (Mahoney 1983), Bay of Pigs Declassified (Kornbluh 1998)
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Perkins 2005) , Probe back issues
  • Kennedy was killed by his enemies, the Steel Crisis, NSAM 271
  • Garrison noticed the complete reversal of Kennedy's foreign policies
  • Destiny Betrayed (DiEugenio 2012), Vietnam as a motive for the assassination
  • LBJ reversals of JFK policies, Congo, Katanga province
  • Indonesia, JFK supported Sukarno, Jock Whitney, Laos, Air America
  • Harry Truman's CIA editorial, Dulles' consciousness of guilt
  • Dulles was a part of the conspiracy and a prime component of the cover up

    Show #611
    Original airdate: January 3, 2013
    Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The High Cabal / Destiny Betrayed

    Play Col. Fletcher Prouty  (44:19)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Winston Churchill referred to the bombing of London as the work of the High Cabal
  • Buckminster Fuller referred to a Super Elite, with an asset of anonymity
  • From an infinite world, via Magellen, to a finite sphere
  • Exploration and inventorying of the world, proprietary colonies, surveyors
  • Haileybury College, Thomas Malthus, Malthusian theory regarding food and overpopulation
  • Darwin and the Origin of Species, survival of the fittest, genocide
  • British Society for Psychical Research, the striped flag of the East India Co.

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:07:14)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • Questions, Larry Hagman, Who shot J.R.? What happened to the supposed second LHO?
  • Harvey and Lee, doubling would have occured around age 11, not all questions are answered
  • TSBD shooting reenactment, the stack of boxes under the rifle and the height of the window
  • John Armstrong documents at Baylor, Jim on Halberstam, Spector and Wecht
  • Altgens 6 photo, Oswald or Lovelady in doorway? A radioactive issue
  • James Tague wound, the FBI tried to ignore it, but it became too widely publicized
  • Destiny Betrayed, the HSCA, Tanenbaum and Sprague, Gaeton Fonzi
  • Press attacks on Richard Sprague, Robert Blakey, de Mohrenschildt's death
  • Some deaths should not be brushed off as coincidence, the strange position of the rifle
  • Blakey recommended a conspiracy featuring only five or six people, other HSCA shortcomings
  • Oswald in Mexico City is clouded with a mist, an investigative leap to see the impersonation
  • Odio and Leibler, an invitation to his hotel room, the bus to Mexico City
  • Speaking very poor Russian and very good Spanish, not one picture of Oswald
  • Earl Warren wanted to simply ratify the FBI investigation
  • Garrison's sophisticated understanding of events in Mexico City
  • David Atlee Phillips courted Bugliosi to write a book