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    50 Reasons for 50 years...

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    Show #610
    Original airdate: December 27, 2012
    Guest: Pete Johnson
    Topics: Occupy The Grassy Knoll

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  • Pete's interest was piqued by the film JFK, he attended the ASC conference in 1993
  • Dallas denying John Judge a permit for Dealey Plaza on the 50th, Pete's Occupy website
  • A place for dissenters to gather, have our voices heard, push back against the City of Dallas
  • Write a personalized letter to Mayor Rawlings (sample), this is a freedom of speech issue
  • It is unclear how Dallas plans to accommodate or discourage conspiracy realists
  • We are not a bunch of kids, join arms and identify ourselves to the international press
  • Occupy is open to suggestions, Pete is prepared to force Dallas to arrest attendees
  • He would prefer to come to an accommodation with the City
  • Pete was just interviewed by the Wall Street Journal
  • We want to be represented in Dealey Plaza on the afternoon of the 23rd
  • More records need to be released, 50 years and they're still afraid of the truth
  • The importantance of 50 years of research is the motive

    Show #609
    Original airdate: December 20, 2012
    Guest: Cyril Wecht / Bill Kelly / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: 50th Conference / ARRB / Destiny Betrayed

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  • 50th anniversary conference at Duquesne University, October 17th-19th
  • Perhaps not solve, but get this case handled as a murder, informative and provocative
  • The success of the 40th anniversary conference, a growing list of participants

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  • Judge John Tunheim, Chairman of the ARRB, did a good job
  • He said recently that few documents remain to be found and few are still withheld
  • Both of those facts are wrong, the Archives has no idea, at least 50,000 CIA records
  • The Clifton/Air Force One tape, Secret Service Agent Blaine had some records
  • Sprague's HSCA records, Bill's letter to Judge Tunheim
  • He said they found nothing to change the Oswald as lone gunman conclusion
  • Their job was to locate and release records, not to come to any conclusions
  • The CIA classifies the Joannides records as Operational and not relevent
  • Secret Service records destroyed, problems with the ONI, the ARRB's own records
  • We don't expect a smoking gun, there's a reason why they're withholding records
  • Record Identification Forms, hundreds Withheld In Full, focus on the records
  • Do not trust any website that list mcadams as trustworthy
  • Oswald was a rabbit set free at the scene for everyone to chase

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:19:07)  Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Seamus Coogan review of The French Connection (Kross 2012)
  • Listener questions, details of the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle
  • James Files, Noam Chomsky, Jim's Top Ten JFK Assassination Books, BOR list
  • A difference between believing and knowing JFK was killed by a conspiracy
  • An article on the death of Dag Hammarskjöld by Lisa Pease,
  • CTKA to offer all of Probe's articles on cd, ranking Kennedy as President
  • Walter Sheridan, RFK, Garrison, Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann
  • Destiny Betrayed, Garrison's good work as District Attorney, his investigation
  • Four months worth of discoveries, 544 Camp, Bannister, Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Rose Cheremie
  • Raichard Nagel, Clinton/Jackson, Lafayette, Kerry Thornley, Dulles, the Paines, Mary Bancroft
  • Elements of the CIA, Anti-Castro adventurers and the Mob
  • Clara Gay and Ferrie's map of Dealey Plaza, the forces that rise up against Garrison
  • Ferrie's death, Garrison investigation infiltrators, the Gervich's, Gorden Novel
  • Sheridan's machinations, James Phelan, Hugh Ainsworth
  • Hoover wired Garrison's office, Loran Hall, CIA group, Larry Houston, Ray Roka
  • Thwarting the subpoenas, Bill Boxley, scuttling Garrison
  • The Shaw trial, CIA intimidation of witnesses, Pierre Finck's testimony

    Show #608
    Original airdate: December 13, 2012
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Allen Dulles / Destiny Betrayed

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  • Allen Dulles was in Paris with the Wilson Peace Conference group after WW I
  • The Dulles's were senior directors of Sullivan & Cromwell, an office in Nazi Germany
  • The World Council of Churches, OSS WW II experience, an unusual individual
  • Preaching anti-Communism, he abolished the DDA, the office for planning
  • An agency and a government of reaction, a straightjacket Kennedy was trying to remove
  • Gen. Smith, SACSA, Gen. Erskine, Special Ops moved in to the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Importance of Deception, Gen. Krulak, Counterinsurgency began under Eisenhower
  • The bureaucracy was all ready for Nixon, the infrastructure was in place
  • The Taylor letter, NSAMs 55, 56 and 57, the shock in Washington
  • Lemnitzer was not a cold warrior, his successor Taylor was, a major change
  • Taylor, not the representative military man of that time, made Ambassador to Vietnam
  • The make up of the Taylor/Cuban Study Group, Dulles made up the witness list
  • Dulles did some indoctrination on Bobby Kennedy and Maxwell Taylor
  • The Study Group's report was in the form of a letter to Kennedy

  • The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty now available Direct Download

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  • Notes on Lunch with Arlen Specter, Jim Garrison on the Johnny Carson Show
  • Listener questions, a promised steak dinner, Washington to Moscow hotline
  • A film of Legacy of Secrecy, Dealey Plaza shot timing, job search map
  • What was Oswald's destination from Beckley? He may have walked directly to the theater
  • An Oswald double, the seven hour John Armstrong/Len Osanic interview is available
  • Dave Ferrie's brother and sister, the neck entrance wound bullet,
  • The issuance of United States Notes, perhaps an overrated issue, G. Edward Griffin
  • James Saxon and the Federal Reserve, three tramps, Lois Gibson
  • Jim and Len a better team than Batman and Robin, Jim on Chomsky
  • Destiny Betrayed, who the heck was Lee Harvey Oswald?
  • Texas, New Orleans, New York City, post-assassination phone call to a Mrs. Jack Tippet
  • Marguerite, not well off, hired a housekeeper, mental tests at Jacoby Hospital
  • Where did Oswald go to Jr. High School? Beauregard/New Orleans? Stripling/Ft. Worth?
  • Ferrie and the CAP, Oswald drops out of school to join the Marines
  • Marine Corp radar training, Atsugi, marksmanship, Oswaldkovich
  • Hardship discharge, Albert Schweitzer College, travel to Helsinki
  • Fast visa, false defector, Oswald's CIA file is in Angleton's office
  • KGB, Marina, whirlwind romance, return to U.S., debriefing
  • Dallas White Russians, de Mohrenschildt, the Paines, separating the Oswalds
  • Oswald's cavorting in New Orleans, the Fair Play for Cuba Committee
  • Guy Bannister, 544 Camp Street, the Latin Listening Post interview
  • Getting a job at the Texas School Book Depository through Ruth Paine
  • A letter writing campaign to Mayor Rawlings,

    Show #607
    Original airdate: December 6, 2012
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty / Joe Backes / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: FOIA Requests / Dallas Trip Planning / Destiny Betrayed

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  • A Texas trial, Lansdale was one of the best cover story creators
  • FOIA requests clue departments in on where researchers are working
  • A lawyer needed the Cuban Study Group report, he got NSAM 55 through FOIA
  • Fletcher could tell it was changed significantly, he still had his original copy
  • The lawyer called the White House and insisted on having the original
  • NSAM 263, the report of the McNamara-Taylor Mission to South Vietnam
  • The removal of Diem, they weren't going to kill him, it's all on paper

    Play Joe Backes   (47:40)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Joe testified before the ARRB twice and has researched releases at National Archives II
  • Dallas 2012, Lancer/COPA, researchers, witnesses, Air Force One tapes
  • The 50th, media play, a week long permit, a ticketed event
  • The Texas trip planning, LBJ ran for Vice-President and Senator in 1960
  • When his Senate seat went to a Republican, LBJ sent Connally to run for Governor
  • JFK went to Texas to attend a dinner honoring Representative Albert Thomas on the 21st
  • Johnson/Connally added the second day and more cities
  • The assassination appears to have been a go by April 23rd, 1963, increased Oswald activity
  • Connally pushed for the trip, controlled the itinerary and tickets
  • The Accidental President (Sherrill 1968), The Lone Star: (Reston 1989)
  • The Advance Man (Bruno/Greenfield 1971), In History's Shadow: (Connally 1993)
  • Murder From Within (Newcomb 1974), Connally: (Ashman)
  • The Death of a President (Manchester 1967), The Last Hurrah Bookshop,
  • Joe's blog

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:14:10)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Listener questions, Jim is available for radio interviews
  • An alternative to mass civil disobedience in Dealy Plaza 2013
  • A legal challenge to the permit, call, write, fax, e-mail Mayor Rawlings
  • Peaceful observance, not a protest demonstration, a Texas Monthly article
  • Jim's good contributions to research, could Chicago have been a rehearsal?
  • Ferrie and G. Wray Gill, Ferrie and the Mob and Intelligence, CIA recruiting ads
  • Assignment Oswald, (Hosty 2011), the A. Hidell alias timing
  • An Oswald map of the shooting?, Von Pein and Posner argue without wonder
  • The timing of shots two and three, Blakey trying to recycle the rifle
  • Jim's reviews save others from having to read lousy books
  • Did General Walker pay for the Wanted for Treason posters?
  • Destiny Betrayed, the Mongoose program wasn't really having an effect
  • No American Embassy on the island of Cuba, then came the Missile Crisis
  • Castro thought he couldn't trust the Russians anymore, a backchannel to JFK
  • Kennedy starts to wind down Mongoose, the American University speech
  • Angleton, Dulles, Rose Cheremie, Jack Martin, Dave Ferrie, Clay Bertrand
  • Clinton-Jackson, Richard Case Nagell, Gary Underhill, another strange death
  • 544 Camp Street, Hoover's coverup, Guy Bannister, Ferrie and Oswald
  • Robert Tannenbaum, a film including Ferrie, Oswald, Bannister, Phillips

    Show #606
    Original airdate: November 29, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Bill Simpich / John Armstrong
    Topics: Destiny Betrayed / The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend / Harvey and Lee

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:20:07)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Discussion of Jim's newly updated Destiny Betrayed
  • Kennedy's foreign policy ideas clashed with the National Security state
  • Why he was killed, the establishment of the Cold War, the Dulles'
  • Sullivan & Cromwell, it was about money, imperialism and colonialism
  • Overthrow of foreign leaders, reneged on the Geneva Accords
  • Cuba, Fulgencio Batista sold out the country to American interests
  • Eisenhower and Dulles drove Castro into the arms of the Russians
  • A study of Cuba, Phillips in 1959, recruiting Cubans, a government in exile
  • Kennedy, third world nationalism, 1951 trip to Southeast Asia, Edmond Gullion
  • Imperialism vs. nationalism, Operation Vulture, Sen. Kennedy letter on Indochina
  • Kennedy's 1957 Algerian resolution, TIME, DEMOCRATS: Man Out Front
  • As President, Kennedy begins to change foreign policy, Congo, Indonesia, Laos
  • Assassination of Patrice Lumumba, Sukarno, Prouty on the case of Allen Pope
  • November 1961, send troops to Vietnam? NSAM 111, Galbraith report
  • The Bay of Pigs the transition, from an infiltration, to a strike force
  • JFK was misled, Castro was alerted, no guerilla training, myth of the air strikes
  • Dulles in 1965 admitted that the operation wouldn't succeed
  • Kennedy would not commit naval or air power for an invasion
  • Robert Leavitt, no accountability at the CIA, fire all the Dulles'
  • Men still there, with allegiance to Dulles, not Kennedy
  • Bay of Pigs and Dallas, de Torres, Phillips, Hunt, Morales, Angleton
  • Operation 40, Prouty on the Forty Committee
  • The title of Destiny Betrayed was chosen by the original publisher
  • For more information on Fletcher Prouty

    Play Bill Simpich   (33:59:06)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bill attended Lancer in Dallas this month, urges people to attend, an energy boost
  • Part 6: White Russians Keep An Eye On Oswald In Dallas
  • White Russians, counter-revolutionaries, Slavs, various political groups, the NTS
  • Dallas, John Fain (#7), Max Clark, security for General Dynamics
  • de Mohrenschildt, Oswald's background was unusual for a 22 year old
  • Peter Gregory testified that Oswald was fluent in Russian
  • Herbert Itken, de Mohrenschildt, Angleton (#1), Haiti
  • Max Clark, I.B. Hale, Judith Campbell, incestuous relationships
  • Primary documents are now available, History Matters

    Play John Armstrong  (28:23)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Excerpt from the seven hour interview with John Armstrong
  • 24 persons inside the Texas Theater at the time of Oswald's arrest
  • Officially, Oswald snuck in at 1:45, but, Butch Burroughs sold him popcorn at 1:15
  • Arrested on main floor, a dark shirt, white t-shirted look-alike escorted out the back
  • Person in a white t-shirt in a window holding a rifle, Truly saw him in a dark shirt
  • White t-shirt/brown shirt, a problem for the WC, Lee, white t-shirt, coke, Nash Rambler
  • Harvey, brown shirt, lunchroom, bus, taxi, 1026 N Beckley, Helen McIntosh
  • A man in a laundromat, past a 10th St. barber shop, a white jacket, Ruby's apartment
  • Did Tippit recognize him? Two days before, Tippit and Oswald both in a cafe
  • Tippit was parked at the Gloco station, across from the bus stop, no Oswald
  • Tippit at the record store making a phone call, stops Lee in a white jacket and t-shirt
  • Lee knew Tippit's job was to shoot "Oswald", no choice, but to shoot Tippit
  • The balcony, Lee snuck up, Harvey arrested in the lower section
  • Red Ford Falcon, the license plate belonged to Carl Mather of Collins Radio
  • Lee driving the red Ford Falcon, some plans went askew
  • Tippit to shoot Oswald, or take him to the airfield

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    Show #605
    Original airdate: November 22, 2012
    Guests: Jeff Carter / Jim DiEugenio / Kris Millegan
    Topics: 50 Reasons For 50 Years / JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jeff Carter   (1:14:42)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jeff is a film maker in Vancouver, co-producer of 50 Reasons For 50 Years
  • Inquest (Epstein 1966), hint of controversy, Heritage of Stone (Garrison 1970)
  • Heartland (Sahl 1977), Six Seconds in Dallas (Thompson 1976)
  • Fascinating photographic evidence, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, JFK
  • Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent, Stone was successsful, release of records
  • Resistance to Stone's film, public pressure, the HSCA, CIA document #1035-960
  • 50 weekly videos to be released by BOR detailing 50 Reasons For 50 Years
  • Dave Ratcliffe, Probe, new releases, Deep Politics (Scott 1996)
  • BOR on-line, DiEugenio's rebuttal of Bugliosi, John Hunt, CE-399
  • Jeff imagined BOR self-produced films, a 50th anniversary through-line
  • Still in production, researchers present the episodes, Fletcher Prouty
  • Jeff enjoys working with the films of that day, Zapruder
  • Dealey Plaza, the videos hit them week after week
  • Political establishment support of the WC, has been solid and dishonest
  • The media, as deliverers of truth, an enforcer of an untenable conclusion
  • The Fourth Estate, Gary Mack and the Sixth Floor, deal with the devil
  • Posner and Bugliosi, serve a policing function, the last hurrah
  • Democracy, what do you stand for?
  • Pulling this off was a desperate act, a bit of panic guiding the coverup
  • Kennedy was willing to take on, the covert wing of the National Security State
  • Interruption of history, Kennedy had an ear to good advisors, a progressive view
  • His vision, the Steel crisis, the idealism of the baby boomers
  • Many more than 50 reasons, modern technology, internet links
  • Dallas, Sixth Floor exclusion of consipracy books, harrasment of Groden
  • The ambiguous culpability of Dallas, need a level playing field
  • Introduce ideas to a wider audience, view the Introduction Episode on YouTube

    Play Jim DiEugenio   (1:11:20)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim was recently interviewed on Coast to Coast
  • JFK and the Unspeakable, or maybe it was Madame Nhu
  • Dr. Cinque in Dallas, a recreation of the Altgens photo
  • At Lancer in Dallas, Lee Farley and the Bledsoe quandary, Russ Baker
  • Hugh Aynesworth, Dave Perry, the 50th, bigger than the Sixth Floor
  • The Dallas Power structure, the corrupt Dallas Police, DA Henry Wade
  • A five day permit for the entire area, Mayor Mike Rawlings
  • A ticketed event, the police can move in and arrest, prior restraint
  • We need to file a lawsuit or massive civil disobediance
  • The Belo Corporation, arranged in advance for two years
  • The 30th, dozens of media trucks, a four hour permit, speakers
  • Jim is seeking support to file a lawsuit, next year could be a game changer
  • Lunch with Arlen Specter, being in Dealey Plaza

    Play Kris Millegan   (1:21:32)   Real Media or MP3 download or YouTube Video

  • TrineDay publishing, started with Daniel Hopsicker and Anthony Sutton
  • Daniel Estulin, Peter Levenda, Nick Bryant and the Franklin Scandal
  • Kris's dad was in Intelligence in the 30's, he was in COI, the Philipines desk
  • Deep politics, put in the military, into G2, sent to MacArthur's staff
  • Dr. Hayden's papers, the depth of information, resources, economic, political
  • Ran anti-Japanese guerillas, replaced by Ed Landsdale, a guest in Kris's home
  • State, CIA, went covert in 1951, Indonesia, Kris lived overseas as a child
  • In DC in 1956, a trip to east Asia, he met Lansdale, everything changed
  • College vice president, high school teacher, the Vietnam War
  • Kris's dad told him the war was about drugs, secret societies
  • Communism is a shame, it's all a big game, his intelligence career
  • Playing out a Lose scenario in Vietnam, psychological warfare
  • Dad helped prepare the President's Daily Brief, a conspiracy theorist
  • Kris was interested in Chang Mai, Thailand, heroin, his Dad and Mom had been there
  • She stopped believing everything she read in newspapers in Chang Mai in 1956
  • Picnic photos of Lansdale and North Vietnamese military leaders, the Golden Triangle
  • Trying to opiate a generation, control of eduction and television by 1950
  • Start the Drug war, Generations (Howe/Strauss 1992), the Civil War generation
  • Cannabis, a gateway drug, cohesed as hippies, personal computers and the internet
  • People are corrupting our life, more of us than there are of them
  • The endgame is to rule the world through China, three levels, three parts
  • Mining, metal, money, then drugs, guns, oil, then media, movies, magic
  • JFK assassination, ducks were in a row before Kennedy was elected
  • The assassination. Watergate and 9/11, were huge intelligence operations
  • 1952 election, Robert Taft was boring, Eisenhower could win in a walk
  • Prescott Bush, Averell Harriman, Dick Nixon, Paperclip, Crossbow, John Loftus
  • The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt (Oglesby), Dallas was filled with shooters
  • Foreknowledge, Dulles, Hoover, Johnson, G.H.W. Bush, Nelson Rockefeller
  • Watergate, Nixon, Agnew, Ford, Squeaky Fromme, Rockefeller
  • shing Out Skull & Bones (Millegan 2004), Gold Warriors (Seagrave 2005)
  • The Black economy, the corruption is multi-faceted, many books
  • Promoting Me and Lee (Baker 2011), Dr. Mary's Monkey (Haslam 2007)

    Show #604
    Original airdate: November 15, 2012
    Guest: John Armstrong / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Harvey and Lee / JFK Research

    Play John Armstrong  (1:08:32)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Order the complete Seven hour interview for only $10 - Direct mp3 Download

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  • John is the author of Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald (1997)
  • Records in the Warren volumes that contradicted themselves
  • Alan Felde, with Oswald in boot camp and in school in Memphis, Tennessee
  • No records of Oswald going to school in Memphis, he was supposed to be in Japan
  • D. Power's orders list Squad 3383, WC lists 3381, Class AB27037, WC says AB27330
  • School records, WC does not have Lee attending Stripling in Fort Worth
  • Robert Oswald said he did, John spoke to the assistant principal from 1954, Lee had
  • Frank Kudlaty said he had given Lee's school records to the FBI on the 23rd
  • Somebody knew how important those records were to show up within 24 hours
  • FBI and WC handling of events and witnesses, within 24 hours
  • Teenage employment and school records, questioning employers
  • FBI agents went to Klein's Sporting Goods, they took the microfilm
  • John Ely, WC staffer, found discrepencies he couldn't understand
  • The FBI misquoted teacher Myra DaRouse, did not investigate the school in Memphis
  • Records of Oswald in Taiwan and Japan at the same time
  • Most Marine interviews were of Marines in California at MACS-9
  • Evidence gathered and people interviewed without any records to show it
  • John read the WC Report and all 26 volumes, things in there just didn't make sense
  • Marina said Oswald spoke perfect Russian with a Baltic accent
  • How did he learn it so well? Where did he learn it? No record
  • You find one discrepency, then another, and another, and another...
  • John went to Argentina to interview Anita Ziger, who knew Oswald in Minsk
  • John asked, "How was his Russian?", Anita told him, "He didn't speak any Russian"
  • You write, you call, you interview the people who knew Oswald
  • A missing tooth, John spoke with Marina, she gave him x-rays and photos
  • No end to the discrepencies, Harvey at MACS-9, Lee on a ship in the Pacific
  • Rambler/bus, back/front of the Texas Theater, lay the documents side by side
  • Two columns, Harvey and Lee, "Call me Harvey", two different people
  • Harvey on the first floor, short and thin, Lee on the third floor, big and husky
  • Ed Vobel knew Harvey in school and Lee in the Civil Air Patrol
  • Vobel called from the Ochsner Clinic the day before his death
  • John has provided a foundation for someone to further this work
  • All of this could end with a DNA test of Robert Oswald's and Marina's children

    Play Jim DiEugenio  (1:12:10)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim is in Dallas to speak at the Lancer Conference on two topics
  • He used Probe Magazine on CD as a valuable tool while re-writing his book
  • He will be in Dallas on the 50th, he encourages Len to attend also
  • Jim's review of Noam Chomsky, Anton Batey, Distortions at Fourth Hand
  • Russian/Cuban arsenal, 40 launchers, 60 missles, 40 Il-28 bombers, 11 submarines
  • A first strike capability on the U.S., overkill, not a response to Mongoose
  • Chomsky claims JFK sounds diplomatic and peaceful because the meetings were taped
  • U.S. Navy surfaced Russian submarines, JFK moved the quarantine line back
  • B-52 bombers at their fail-safe points and possible rogue pilots
  • Rudolf Anderson's U2 was shot down, LBJ was a real hawk, taunting Kennedy
  • Castro asked Kruschev for permission to launch a first strike
  • William Harvey launched a dozen paratroopers into Cuba in secret
  • Kennedy was clear, he would not tolerate Cuba as an atomic arsenal, Kruschev lied
  • Chomsky credits the Soviets with the solving of the crisis
  • JFK had already proposed a trade of missles in Cuba and Turkey
  • RFK met with Soviet ambassador Dobrynin, the trade was kept secret
  • Chomsky claims that AMLASH was initiated on November 22nd, 1963
  • Mongoose was terminated after the crisis by the NSC on November 29th, 1962
  • JFK wanted détente with Castro, he cut back on all anti-Cuban operations
  • Kennedy came to rely on back channels, Castro was jubilant
  • JFK was the only President to attempt normalization with Cuba
  • Destiny Betrayed: Chapter 3 on-line at Mary Ferrell
  • Virtual JFK (2008),
  • Black Op Radio Presents: The Final Analysis: ...That Whole Bay of Pigs Thing (2012)
  • Fletcher Prouty and Understanding Special Operations (Ratcliffe 1999)
  • Jim writes about JFK's opposition with Allen Dulles, David Phillips, Howard Hunt
  • Dulles lied about the Bay of Pigs operation's probable success and outcome
  • Operation 40 was a secret assassination operation rolled into the invasion
  • Dulles knew he was going to be fired, an article by Charles Murphy for Fortune
  • Website email questions, Letters: Richard Belzer and Piers Morgan and P.J. O'Rourke, Ted Turner
  • Was James Earl Ray in Dealey? No, not true
  • Warren Commission Exhibit 10-12b, two shells, not three, a dented shell, CE 543
  • The origination of the description of the suspect?, from witness Howard Brennan
  • Oswald in doorway? Unknowable, he got out of the building fast
  • Oswald's movements, the WC versus Roger Craig, the worst escape plan

    Show #603
    Original airdate: November 8, 2012
    Guest: Jim Schutze / Bill Simpich
    Topics: Dealey Plaza / The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend

    Play Jim Schutze    (35:44:9)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim worked as a journalist in Detroit, now is a columnist for the Dallas Observer
  • Dealey Plaza, a historic site, the most visited local tourist attraction
  • Embarrassing to the city if people express scepticism about the Lone Gunman theory
  • The Sixth Floor, police persecution of Robert Groden, a scholar of the assassination
  • Arrested, thrown in jail, he has violated no law, Sixth Floor controlling Dealey Plaza
  • Dallas acts like it has something to hide, the jail is scary, the arrests are rough
  • Tourists find Groden engaging, an American exercise of free speech, or it was
  • Two book store/gift shops, contain nothing about theories of the assassination
  • An effort to make it bland, Jim took the museum's headphones off, Nicola Longford
  • The mentality of the money backers, they really want to control the conversation
  • It seems a software glitch prevents the double-booking of Dealey Plaza

    Play Bill Simpich    (30:04:8)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Part 4, the Double Dangle, the U-2 went down on the first of May, 1960
  • Oswald's role, Robert Webster, plastics and fiberglass in Soviet rocket development
  • Robert and Lee resembled each other, both were used in the CIA mole hunt
  • Ziger (#8), Egerter (#5), Fain (#7), Webster's vital statistics laid on Oswald
  • 5'10", 165 lbs., fed to Inspector Sawyer in Dallas, on November 22nd
  • Lee and Marina both hid their ability to speak each other's language
  • Marina was more likely to have been a spy, her uncle was an intelligence officer
  • The RAND Corporation and Robert Webster, pre-U-2 activities
  • The U-2 shoot down was a setup, a tip from Jack Dunlap
  • The CIA didn't want a peace interregnum with the Soviet Union
  • Marguerite wanted to know if Lee was an agent of the U.S. government
  • Hoover himself questioned whether Oswald was being used as an agent

    Show #602
    Original airdate: November 1, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio    (1:29:35)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's review of Killing Kennedy, it could have been written in 1965
  • Noam Chomsky on the Cuban missile crisis, so upside-down, he can't be trusted
  • Jim's book, which acknowledges Len, is shipping, he wants a Coast to Coast interview
  • Upcoming conferences, Dealey Plaza renovations, restoring the pergola, installing signs
  • Jim to speak at Lancer on Ruth Paine and the CIA attempt to destroy Garrison
  • Helms said, develop lines of action before, during, and after the Shaw trial
  • Get Garrison out of office, ruin his finances, put him in jail, incinerate his evidence
  • Bernardo DeTorres was the first infiltrator in Garrison's office, late 1966
  • Before the ARRB and after, night and day, changes the calculus
  • The "Nixie" package for Oswald, a piece of brown wrapping paper about 18" long
  • Letters, from London, men on steps in Moorman photo, a groundskeeper, Pat Speer
  • How did the Mannlicher-Carcano get to the sixth floor?, dropped by the actual assassins
  • There were suspects, there was no security, the assassination team was not apprehended
  • Was Oswald involved in Dealey at all?, no, Tippit was murdered to enrage the Dallas police
  • Room for something to have gone wrong, resort to plan B, or C, the Texas Theater
  • Allen Dulles, revolutionized the CIA, Danny Casolaro, the underside of the U.S.
  • Why was Barr McClellan not sued?, Lady Bird was not being libelled, LBJ was
  • From Switzerland, Lucien Sarti?, Jim does not buy the French connection
  • Gordon Arnold?, Jim has not studied Arnold, Christian David letter?, never surfaced
  • Oliver Stone's Showtime, Secret History of the United States
  • (COA)/COPA JFK Act Oversight, RIFs on Shaw and Ferrie, stuff not yet declassified
  • An objection to Walt Brown being called a poorly supported "LBJ did it" author
  • Buying seven copies of Bugliosi for $2.38 each and tossing them in a dumpster

    Show #601
    Original airdate: October 25th, 2012
    Guests: Joan Mellen / Debra Conway
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Joan Mellen   (48:49)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Our Man In Haiti, Joan's writing about Jim Garrison led to an interest in the CIA
  • CIA relationships in Texas, George de Mohrenschildt handled Oswald in Dallas
  • A CIA document which states that Clay Shaw was a contract employee of CIA
  • April, 1963, de Mohrenschildt was assigned to Clemard Joseph Charles in Haiti
  • In 1804, Haiti overthrew slavery, 200 years of U.S. explotation and intervention
  • Charles worked for Haitian ruler "Papa Doc" Duvalier, while trying to overthrow him
  • CIA was worried about de Mohrenschildt talking about what he knew
  • Hunt Oil security chief, Paul Rothermel, implicated the Hunts in the JFK assassination
  • The Zapruder film was not viewed by Hunt on the day of the assassination
  • de Mohrenschildt's suspicious death was ruled a suicide
  • de Mohrenschildt was a man for sale, he worked for French intelligence in WWII
  • CIA man Jim Moore in Dallas, why was this sophisticated man cultivating Oswald?
  • He also handled Herbert Itkin, involved in plots to overthrow Duvalier
  • Papa Doc was the "not-Castro" in the Caribbean, hospitable to American capitalism
  • Relations to Haiti are a model for U.S. relations with other countries
  • Joan plans three books on the CIA and Texas; Haiti, Cuba, and Mac Wallace
  • de Mohrenschildt was a thoroughly awful man, some good people in the book
  • Joan found no direct involvement of de Mohrenschildt in the assassination
  • He never got paid by the government of Haiti, he came back broke
  • He was dangerous, he knew that CIA knew about Oswald in 1962
  • The CIA betrays people that contract with them, a dangerous business
  • A letter to CIA Director George Bush, Bush involved in CIA fronts in Haiti
  • de Mohrenschildt was attractive to women, he was not suicidal
  • Trineday publisher,, next book, The Great Game in Cuba
  • Mohamed Al-Fayed, Haiti, Lady Diana's death
  • Next year, a reprint of A Farewell to Justice (2005), with a 134 page update

    Play Debra Conway   (1:01:01)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Debra was interested in JFK and his assassination, helped with a newsletter
  • In 1995 she met Mary Ferrell, John Newman, Noel Twyman, Dr. Mantik
  • JFK Lancer, JFK's Secret Service code name, first conference in 1996
  • Evica, Ferrell, Lifton, Rose, Griegs, White, Mantik, Kuhns-Walko
  • Reviews of documents, interviewers of witnesses, 1999, Newman on Mexico City
  • Doug Horne's first presentation on the ARRB, copies of his memos
  • JFK Lancer has a huge website, search for just about anything, click on an area
  • The Texas advantage, Tom Jones, able to go to Dealey Plaza anytime you want to
  • "The Warren Commisssion found that Lee Oswald acted alone", ...finish the sentance
  • JFK Lancer works for people who study or write, to be a resource
  • More than one shooter, limited investigations, they had more evidence
  • Intelligence agencies withheld information, the case is not closed
  • The Sixth Floor, impressive exhibits, but not complete, needs an AARB exhibit
  • Conference this year, November 16-18, the Adolphus, a panel on the 50th
  • Bugliosi, an agenda to bury the truth in minutiae, Tom Hanks should know better
  • Every November, Debra overwhelms and shocks interested reporters
  • Maybe five, ten points, this is the truth, not someone's opinion
  • Investigate the murder of a President, hard to tackle the Intelligence agencies
  • Jim Marrs, "they were all ingredients in big a bowl of soup called Mongoose"
  • Mafia, anti-Cuba, the military, the political climate, why it's so complex
  • Conference dates close to the anniversary, to go to Dealey, have a ceremony
  • Closer to a major anniversary, the Plaza is like hallowed ground
  • Like the 60's, a blend of our anger, what JFK meant, prayer, song
  • Every year COPA and Lancer are out there, sharing, our groups are different
  • Dealey plans are in the city's hands, the Plaza is not maintained
  • Dallas did not kill Kennedy, it almost happened in Chicago
  • Release the Plaza, let people speak, First Amendment rights
  • Dallas feels accountable, there was a vicious atmosphere
  • Organizers were not prepared on the 45th in 1995, 5,000 people showed up
  • The 50th will be history one day, the day should reflect the truth
  • Conference pre-registration, a driving tour, tour the jail
  • On Sunday, Larry Hancock will lead a walking tour through the Plaza
  • Debra appreciates Black Op Radio and sends people and reporters to this site
  • Could the Sixth Floor Museum lead Dallas in a movement towards openness?

    Show #600
    Original airdate: October 18th, 2012
    Guest: Bill Simpich / John Judge / Robert Groden
    Topics: The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend / JFK Assassination Research

    Play Bill Simpich   (30:50)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bill's third bi-weekly appearance discussing the Oswald Legend
  • Part Three: Counterintelligence goes molehunting with Oswald's file
  • Ann Egerter (#5), CI/SIG, James Angleton (#1), Consul Snyder (#4)
  • Oswald's actions, statements and purpose in the U.S.S.R., Robert Webster
  • Egerter didn't open a 201 file until the State Department snooped around
  • Marvin Gheesling (#6) at the FBI got a card out on Oswald right away
  • Lee is one of three hundred people having their mail opened, HT-LINGUAL
  • The dangles, Webster and Oswald, the embassy issued doctored information
  • Put false info in, watch the cable traffic, see who pops up with the info
  • The first of three molehunts and Lee, his file is more important than him
  • Lee Henry Oswald, Lee Harvey, Lee H., keep people off their footing
  • Lee was manipulated, he was smart, well read, deeply politically interested
  • Lee was a spy in his own mind, he didn't have the training
  • Popov was busted in the Soviet Union, the day Oswald came into town
  • Angleton saw it as a message, it's likely Oswald was Angleton's guy
  • An asset, they used his file, trying to smoke out (CIA) moles
  • A redefector is even more interesting, for the covert action wing of the CIA
  • Not as a big player, but as a marble in a jar, to cause some mischief
  • In two weeks, Part Four, Oswald's connections with the Soviets

        BOR debuted April 20th, 2000 with Len, Anita and guest Greg Burnham
        A 600th broadcast celebratory cake

    Play John Judge   (36:55)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • COPA’s 18th Annual Regional Meeting, in Dallas, November 22-25 2012
  • Seeking 10 Points of Agreement, to speak with one voice, the 50th anniversary
  • Thursday's Moment of Silence, 12:30 on the grassy knoll, Penn Jones
  • Joan Mellon, Russ Baker, Bob Groden, Ben Rogers of Baylor University
  • Donald Miller, Jeff Morley, David Montague, Jared Ball
  • The Hotel Lawrence, a $100 donation receives registration and DVDs
  • The following concerns the unsolved murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK

        1. Factual evidence of conspiracy
        2. Official investigations were flawed
        3. Improper trials, wrongful convictions, evidence of innocence
        4. Obstruction of justice, official cover-up
        5. A pattern of unusual deaths, murders, suicides and threats
        6. Military and intelligence involvement in crime and coverup
        7. Suspects and accessories after the fact
        8. A pattern of assassination as a tool of state repression, control and foreign policy
        9. Open cases, closed files
      10. The claims of justice and history

  • COPA has a permit this year and is denied for next year, legal matters
  • "You can't say Dallas doesn't love you", is where Dallas wants to freeze time
  • Presidents come and go, the merger of corporation and state, global facism
  • Full release of all records, reopen these unsolved homicides, grand juries, a special prosecutor
  • COPA hopes to hold a major public conference in Dallas 11/22-24/2013
  • Contact John at

    Play Robert Groden   (22:45)   Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert's newest book is headed to the printer now
  • 81 court appearances regarding Bob's work in Dealey Plaza
  • An alternate to the fiction told by the Sixth Floor Museum
  • Kennedy upset the status quo, a danger to their financial and political interests
  • The military-industrial-intelligence complex
  • The value of Black Op Radio's 12 year global reach
  • Bob is planning a lawsuit against the city of Dallas over access to Dealey Plaza

    Show #599
    Original airdate: October 11th, 2012
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty / Pat Valentino & Chris La May
    Topics: The JFK Coup d'Etat / Early JFK Research

    Play Fletcher Prouty    (47:25)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Medical care, aircraft, refrigerators, this country has been taken over
  • 2,600,000 men would not have been sent to Vietnam, 570 billion dollars
  • The Vietnam era began on the 2nd of September, 1945
  • Cold War, Far East operations were written at the Tehran conference
  • Elliot Roosevelt, Stalin, Eleanor Roosevelt, the body of the dead President ,
  • From Parade Magazine February 9, 1986 Article "Why Stalin 'never Forgave' Eleanor Roosevelt" by Elliot Roosevelt,
  • Tokyo was flat, rebuilt with American money, SONY, Standard Oil of New York
  • Unused arms were divided and sent to Korea and Vietnam
  • World events are exquisitely orchestrated by the power elite
  • Military planners realized nuclear war was unthinkable
  • Can a nation survive in a condition of permanent peace?
  • Report from Iron Mountain (Lewin 1996)
  • New York Times Book Review: March 19, 1972 "Report From Iron Mountain" 'The Guest Word' - By LEONARD LEWIN
  • Foreign Relations of the US, 1961-1963, Vol. 4: Vietnam, Aug-Dec 1963
  • Kennedy would not have sent more Americans to Vietnam
  • NSAM 263 was used as the basis for the November 20th, 1963 Honolulu Conference
  • NSAM 273 was signed on November 26th, 1963, four days after Kennedy's death
  • Eisenhower's farewell address, "guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence"
  • The National Security Act of 1947, the means to make money by making war
  • The Saigon Military Mission, CIA, under the control of Edward Lansdale
  • NSC 5412, National Security Council Directive on Covert Operations
  • Prouty and the military support of the clandestine activities of the CIA by the Air Force
  • The billion dollar telephone call, a request for a squadron of helicopters in Vietnam
  • 4,865 helicopters were lost in Vietnam, at an average price of $250,000
  • The decision to assassinate, and to take over the government, with no prosecution
  • Lansdale's overriding ambition to be named Ambassador to Vietnam
  • The Taylor Committee Investigation of the Bay of Pigs

    Play Pat Valentino & Chris La May    (2:13:17)     Real Media or MP3 download Or Youtube Video

  • Pat, a long time JFK researcher is a music arranger, Chris writes the BOR show notes
  • Pat's interest began the day of the assassination, and with the murder of Oswald
  • Oswald was tried by the WC with no defense, Rush To Judgment (Lane 1966)
  • The evidence and testimony did not gel with the Commission's report
  • Inquest (Epstein 1966), Pat tape recorded Mark Lane being interviewed on the radio in LA
  • Six Seconds in Dallas (Thompson 1976), Pat taped a debate with Lane and Louis Nizer
  • Pat knew and worked with Donald Freed and Steve Soter
  • Steve and Pat interviewed a chef at a restaurant frequented by JFK and Jack Ruby
  • The War Conspiracy (Scott 1972), Executive Action (Freed/Trumbo 1973)
  • Pat did a lot of taping off the TV, before the availability of video recording
  • 9/11, the Bush Administration dodged valid questions and concerns
  • 1993/94 Pat met regularly with Gary Aguilar at his home
  • Pat has given presentations of his JFK recording archive
  • BOR provides new research revelations and a historical perspective
  • Convoluted arguments by WC defenders, Robert Oswald in Lifton's new book
  • Best Evidence (Lifton 1981), was ready to go to press, then came the HSCA releases
  • In 1975, Pat's sister was dating David Lifton, David had a lot of rare books
  • David asked Pat to attend a lecture by Fred Newcomb, the body alteration theory
  • David read Sibert and O'Neill, "surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of the skull"
  • He showed it to professor and Warren Commission counsel Wesley Leibler
  • Leibler wrote a memo and sent it to many people in Washington
  • Katzenbach dismissed it saying, "Bobby Kennedy would have done something"
  • David questioned Allen Dulles at a UCLA lecture re: back and to the left
  • Patricia Lambert cooperated with, then fell out with David and Pat
  • Jim Garrison may have been gun shy, he was courageous
  • Patricia was a dedicated participant with David Lifton
  • Gary Aguilar on C-SPAN with Max Holland, re: Jim Garrison and Clay Shaw
  • Hal Lieberman, Harry Livingstone, Donald Freed, monthly meetings, William Turner
  • The 1993 ASK conference, Norman Mailer
  • David on his own and with Pat recorded many interviews with witnesses
  • 1983, David a set of FBI Agent Fox's autopsy photos, Pat invited David to Dallas
  • They interviewed several Parkland doctors, first, anesthesiologist Marion Jenkins
  • He was a Kennedy hater, shown the photos, he was noncommittal
  • Jenkins claimed he felt an unseen shoulder wound, but only 17 years later to the HSCA
  • Dr. Peters, Dr. Jones, Peters says, "Oh's occipital parietal"
  • Dr. Kemp Clark, though reluctant to talk to researchers, called David
  • In his office, Clark didn't look at the photos, so he wouldn't have to go record
  • 1989, Pat and David filmed extensive interviews, including John Newman
  • Pat has the original draft of Newman's JFK and Vietnam (1992)
  • Fletcher Prouty and John Newman, Oswald and the CIA (Newman 1995)
  • It's the intelligence community, not a lone Marxist, deeper then the CIA, like ONI
  • John Kennedy handled the Bay of Pigs, finessed the Missile Crisis, greatest capacity for learning
  • He had the greatest capacity for learning, and the willingness to learn
  • Johnson, Nixon, Dealey Plaza compared to entering Oz, Nixon was assassinated by Watergate
  • Nixon's criminality, paranoia, red-baiting, Helen Gahagan Douglas
  • The Hiss and Rosenberg cases, typewritten materials precede the typewriter manufacture
  • Hoover and Roy Cohn, 9/11, Dealey Plaza II, Building 7, Silverstein, "pull it"
  • A tremendous breakdown in security, George Tenet and David Boren, a pilot's license
  • Hijackers in Las Vegas, a hubbub that disappeared, believers wouldn't be visiting strippers
  • The Warren Commission did not invent suppressing documents for years, there was precedent
  • Richard Case Nagell, Mort Sahl, Garrison subpoenas denied by Governors
  • Garrison's war service, this was not the country he fought for
  • Pat followed the Kennedy candidacy and his administration, the Best Evidence
  • Lifton's work, body alteration is bizarre, then you hear the Bethesda witnesses
  • Jerrol Custer observing Jackie entering the lobby after x-raying JFK
  • Events in and surrounding Bethesda, Gerry Spence and Paul O'Connor in London (1986)
  • The helicopter lifting off from the right side of Air Force One, you can hear it
  • That casket does not have John Kennedy's body, Lifton's approach to evidence
  • Two sets of doctors, two lenses, the potential of interviewing David Lifton

    Show #598
    Original airdate: October 4th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Bill Simpich
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend

    Play Jim DiEugenio    (1:10:51)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Future Black Op Radio shows, projects, music, and a website update
  • Approach of the 49th anniversary, a Bill O'Reilly book, Jim's book is due Nov. 15th
  • A Joan Mellon book on George de Mohrenschildt, Peter Kross's new book
  • New books should incorporate some of the two million pages of ARRB releases
  • The Lopez Report is excellent compared to the Warren Commission on Mexico City
  • Richard Helms arranged a trip to Mexico City for David Slawson and Bill Coleman
  • They did not talk to Sylvia Duran, they accepted the DFS summaries
  • Mexico City is the key to the Dallas plot, Oswald may not have been in Mexico City
  • Literature from 1964 to 1968 does not question Mexico City, Garrison was first
  • If there was any justice in this world, Ann Goodpasture would be in jail
  • The Dallas Observer column Get Off My Lawn by Jim Schutze
  • The Sixth Floor Ad Nauseum and the take over of Dealey Plaza on the 50th
  • They fear a sophisticated up-to-date presentation about how Kennedy was killed
  • Today you could empanel a grand jury, and they would recommend indictments
  • The Chicago Plot, Odio, Mexico City, JFK was not going to get out of 1963 alive
  • Chicago, the same setup, if not for the cover up, Dallas would have never happened
  • Abraham Bolden tried to call the WC, he got framed and went to jail
  • The Edwin Black article, Chicago local TV news story with Bolden
  • De Torres, in Dealey Plaza disguised as a photographer, worked for Mitch WerBell
  • A supressed rifle in Dealey Plaza, diagrams of the sewer system in Dealey Plaza
  • Bill Turner noted FBI leads were not followed through, step two is to follow the leads

    Play Bill Simpich    (35:29)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bill is a civil rights attorney and an antiwar activist
  • Part Two: An Instant Visa Gets The Marine Into Moscow
  • A gripping story, a Hubble telescope in to the intelligence community
  • The visa used to get in to Moscow, a matter of days, through Helsinki
  • The Moscow visa leads to the Mexico City visa attempt
  • Oswald in the Far East, a unique relationship to the U-2
  • His operational relationship as a radar operator, an intelligence prize
  • I Led Three Lives, Herbert Philbrick, Lee was interested in intelligence
  • Discharged to care for his mother, he stays three days, gets on a freighter
  • Robert Webster and the 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow
  • Webster vanishes in Russia just as Oswald comes into play
  • Webster and Oswald, really rattling the Soviets, a James Bond story
  • Red Cap, a program focused on Soviet Counterintelligence using tourists
  • Richard Bissel, head of CIA/DDP, a burst of defectors
  • Webster, stripped of his citizenship, left Russia within two weeks of Lee
  • U.S. Embassy, Snyder and McVicker and Priscilla Johnson
  • She treats him well, to keep the Soviets of balance
  • Lee was coaxed, the North American Newspaper Alliance
  • Angleton and Cord Myer keeping an eye on Oswald
  • Marina knew Webster, Marina was always the more real threat

    Show #597
    Original airdate: September 27th, 2012
    Guest: Jesse Ventura
    Topics: DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODicans

    Play Jesse Ventura    (1:02:26)     Real Media or MP3 download or Youtube

  • Piers Morgan, entertainment, not news, Jesse unofficially banned from MSNBC/FOX
  • 9/11 and the violation of standard operating procedures, bin Laden was never indicted
  • DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODicans, buy the book to get the knowledge
  • No disclosure of who is bribing them, a foreign country could found a PAC
  • Elect and get behind an independant leader, the parties will inflict pain on the citizens
  • Dick Russell and Skyhorse Publishing, no theory, everything is backed up
  • More dangerous than Crips and Bloods, the parties affect everyone in this country
  • The hypocrisy, they have government run health care, retirement for public service
  • They spend a million dollars for a job that pays one hundred grand
  • Hunter S. Thompson, a true journalist, we think Hunter would be proud
  • Contract wars, contracted out to mercenaries, the Uniform Code of Military Justice
  • The separation of church and state, it's ok to be an atheist and an American
  • Organized religions can lead to wars and the oppression of women
  • Tea Party taken over by big right-wing money, tied in with the Republican party
  • Ron Paul doesn't give you double talk, a man of character, refused to endorse Romney
  • Vote for the person you want to be President, not take the lesser of two evils
  • 21 congressman and senators are convicted felons and we still pay their retirement
  • Voter ID fraud is a red herring, the fraud is in the electronic voting machines
  • ATM machines offer you a receipt, no way to know my vote on a voting machine
  • The 2008 recession lost all of us wealth, billionaires increased their wealth five times
  • It's called Facism when corporations take over the government
  • The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional, the scoundrel Woodrow Wilson
  • Jesse sued the TSA under the Fourth Amendment, has not flown for over two years
  • Be prepared to be searched in a free country, no place to seek redress if they abuse you
  • Season three, November 7th, TruTV, seven more episodes of Conspiracy Theory
  • An episode on the TSA will not be aired, TSA wristband will be able to disable you
  • Anyone who reads this book and then votes for a Dem. or Rep. is the problem

    Play Dick Russell     (38:55)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans (Ventura/Russell 2012), American Conspiracies (2011)
  • 9/11, Bush and Cheney, Project for the New American Century, a new Pearl Harbor
  • FEMA, software on Smartphones, Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (2006)
  • The two party system has become like street gangs, very little difference between them
  • Obama crackdown on whistleblowers, the founders were against the party system
  • The system doesn't work, we need more independent candidates
  • Media collusion with the parties, church and state, the Christian right
  • Civil rights, third parties are not the answer, pick the man or woman to do the job
  • The stealing of democracy, the Koch brothers, ALEC, fraud in Ohio in 2004
  • Michael Connell. Rove's IT guy was about to talk, died in private plane crash
  • Jesse's third season, postponed or cancelled?, the books are best sellers
  • A new biography about James Hillman, 2012 election year prospects
  • They wouldn't have Ron Paul in there, global warming, carbon credits

    This is Dick Russell's fifth appearance on Black Op Radio

    Show #596
    Original airdate: September 20th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Bill Simpich
    Topics: JFK Assassination research /   The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend

    Play Jim DiEugenio    (1:01:36)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • The approaching 49th anniversary of the JFK assassination
  • The Last Investigation (Fonzi 1993), Vince Salandria
  • The Warren Report conclusions vs. the evidence in the 26 volumes
  • The Hardway and Lopez report, Phillips and three cigarettes
  • CTKA, Seamus Coogan review of FBI Agent Don Adams’ book
  • Review by Jim of the new Lamar Waldron book about Nixon/Watergate
  • Woodward and Bernstein wrote the offical version of Watergate
  • Secret Agenda (Hougan 1984), Silent Coup (Colodny/Gettlin 1991)
  • The Pentagon Papers, Nixon and the October Surprise
  • Bill Simpich, Jim used some of Bills good work in his book rewrite
  • Oliver Stone's Secret History of America TV production due in November
  • Letters, Oswald, aware or unaware of plot?
  • The Kennedys and the death of Marilyn Monroe, Jim wrote about this
  • The Posthumous Assassination of JFK, Marilyn Monroe (Spoto 2001)
  • Ejection of the third shell casing, LHO given CPR that hastened his death
  • Japanese Socialist Asanuma assassinated on television (1960)
  • Can high speed photography be used to analyze the Zapruder film? It cannot
  • Announcement, Hanks to produce Parkland, a docudrama

    Jim Hougan appeared on Black Op Radio shows #506 and #479

    Play Bill Simpich     (37:59)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Bill is a civil rights attorney and an antiwar activist
  • He is interested in the hidden history of political scandals
  • Oliver Stone, a coup d'état, Mary Ferrell, Fair Play For Cuba
  • A need to agree on who Oswald was, the art of counterintelligence
  • Why Oswald?, why Russia?, why wasn't he punished?
  • Part One: Mother, Meyer, and the Spotters
  • John Fain, Ann Egerter, CI/SIG, working with people's files
  • The Angler, James Angleton, planted his own bugs
  • His role was central, to prevent a penetration, he went on defense
  • Angleton may have been a victim, pulling the strings
  • Cord Meyer, the man of action, Priscilla Johnson, the Spotter
  • Evaluate Oswald and go easy on him in 1959
  • In 1963 she turned Oswald into the disaffected loner
  • Three Priscillas?
  • Her Dad put up Stalin's daughter when she defected
  • The visa was manipulated, the American and Soviet Helsinki Consuls
  • Why did Oswald go?, the Schweitzer School, Robert Webster's defection
  • Somebody wanted to get inside the Soviet's head, Oswald got in
  • Oswald was effective, witting or unwitting, Richard Snyder
  • The Soviet Union was a very mysterious place in the 1950's
  • Rule out people not in on the plot to kill Kennedy

    Show #595
    Original airdate: September 13th, 2012
    Guest: Dennis Marker
    Topics: US Economy

    Play Dennis Marker    (1:01:22)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dennis worked for a Congressman on Capitol Hill and the EPA, Sojourners Magazine
  • Helped start and run non-profits, Witness For Peace, The Pledge of Resistance
  • 15 Steps to Corporate Feudalism (2012), Reaganomics, no longer need a middle class
  • Charts of US Debt Increase, Income Share of Top 10%, 400 Richest, CEO Wages
  • $19,000 an hour, a CEO may make 450 times more than the average worker
  • Each step was necessary to con the middle class, control of the media
  • A two-tiered economic system, Waltons/Wal-Mart, 30% to 40% of the nations wealth
  • Media deregulation, five corporations, got rid of the Fairness Doctrine, foxaganda
  • Tax structure radical change, General Electric last year payed zero taxes
  • The free press, no standards regarding truth, not news, but opinion and lies
  • There was no middle class before the unions, revive the unions
  • Politicians have to cater to the very wealthy, support their legislation
  • The Tea Party, the pressure relief valve for the rich, billionaire funding
  • Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, marginalized, stuck with two parties
  • You need a government that has the power to control giant corporations
  • Piratizing, privitized military services, Blackwater/Academi mercenaries
  • Government jobs are middle class jobs, contractors don't have the stability
  • Regulations protect regular people,
  • Jesse Ventura talked about CIA implanted in State Government, his CIA interrogation Must Watch Video
  • Promoting unnecessary wars, the agenda was waiting on the shelf before 9/11
  • War provides the bean under the cup, they're picking our pockets
  • Drones, serfs, peasants, minimum wage, no benefits, they're blatant about it
  • Bankrupting the national and state governments, a great wealth transfer
  • Occupy Wall Street, wealth inequality, a huge message, not allowed to be out there
  • Beginning the radical changes needed to restore the middle class

    Show #594
    Original airdate: September 6th, 2012
    Guest: Gaeton Fonzi
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Gaeton Fonzi    (1:22:32)     Real Media or MP3 download

    In memorium of Gaeton Fonzi who passed away on August 30th, 2012

  • Gaeton worked for Philadelphia Magazine at the time of the assassination
  • He read an article by attorney Vincent Salandria critiquing the Warren Report
  • A local story due to Arlen Specter's work on the report, the single bullet theory
  • The report was contradicted by it's own evidence, black and white contradictions
  • Gaeton knew and interviewed Arlen who hemmed and hawed over explanations
  • Gaeton's article, it is difficult to believe the Warren Commission Report is the truth
  • Gaeton worked on the Church Committee and the HSCA
  • In 1980 Gaeton wrote an article, about misinformation and decoys
  • Calls from people like Frank Sturgis and Gerry Patrick Hemming offering to help
  • A report from the Key West Airport director, Oswald and Ruby early '61 or '62
  • Clare Boothe Luce admitted giving false information
  • HSCA/CIA liason George Joannides and the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil
  • Gaeton was hired by Richard Sprague and Bob Tannenbaum to work for the HSCA
  • Sprague pressed David Atlee Phillips on Mexico City and the tapes of Oswald
  • Congress could control G. Robert Blakey, interested in organized crime
  • Make the Mob the fall guy, not the Agency, Blakey knew his priorities
  • The acoustical evidence forced a conclusion of conspiracy as the Committee ended
  • The American people have been deceived twice, by the WC and the HSCA
  • David Atlee Phillips, perjury before the Committee, David Morales
  • The mystery of the Keneddy Assassination, we know the truth
  • The length and strength of the cover up points to the seat of power
  • Salandria, the assassination was barbarous and openly arrogant
  • A message to the people that their government was powerless
  • David Morales, "We took care of the son of a bitch, didn't we"
  • Ted Shackley ran JM/WAVE, he was not forthcoming at all
  • Gerry Hemming, a likeable and very intelligent guy
  • Jake Esterline, we never got to him, Ed Lansdale, not in my area
  • Bloody Treason (Twyman 1997), an encyclopedic presentation, some disagreement
  • The Last Investigation (Fonzi 1993), Specter didn't rebut anything
  • Gaeton met Jim Garrison, liaisoned with him, straightforward honesty
  • The Committee's distortion of Phillips and Valenciana testimony
  • Ruth Paine was never interviewed by the Committee
  • There has not yet been a valid investigation of the Kennedy assassination

    This is a rebroadcast of Black Op Radio show #45 with co-host Anita Langley

    Show #593
    Airdate: August 30th, 2012

    Play Part One - Mark De Valk     (1:02:29)     Video on YOUTUBE or Real Media
    or MP3 download

  • Mark is the editor of Dealey Plaza UK and the Dealey Plaza Echo published three times a year
  • Mark appeared live on video with Len in Hawaii on April 14, 2010
  • Mark is working on a series of one hour guerilla style documentaries based on several books;
  • JFK and the Unspeakable (Jim Douglas, 2008), Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald (John Armstrong, 1997)
  • Len explains why he has no desire to visit Dallas, including the existence of the Sixth Floor Ad Nauseam
  • Mark found being on the ground visiting assassination related sites to be like going into a time capsule
  • Mark found understanding the geography of Dallas gives one chills, all the important sites seem very close to each other
  • Louie Steven Witt, The Umbrella Man (Errol Morris, 2011), Family of Secrets (Russ Baker, 2008)
  • Ruth Paine received divorce papers the morning of Nov 22nd, 1963, her lawyer and Witt worked in the same building
  • The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK (Jim Fetzer and others, 2003)
  • Mark discusses a photo one page 100 in which he detects Eugene Hale Brading/Jim Braden with Robert Oswald
  • Inside the Assassination Records Review Board (Volume III) (Doug Horne, 2009), page 845, the autopsy reports
  • Discussion of Len's 2011 Hawaii conference and Black Op Radio April 2012 conference
  • The Sixth Floor has booked Dealey Plaza for seven days in a row surrounding the 50th anniversary View Application
  • Mark urges a clandestine Black Op Radio broadcast from Dallas, perhaps from inside a van
  • Mark met author Barry Ernest in Dallas, The Girl On The Stairs (Barry Ernest, 2010)
  • Len could broadcast from the Adolphus Hotel or the Hotel Lawrence
  • Mark encourages Len to host some kind of presence in Dallas for the 50th despite the attempt to lock Dealey Plaza down
  • Contact Dealey Plaza UK

    Mark de Valk also appeared on Black Op Radio show #522
    Russ Baker appeared on Black Op Radio show #422
    Doug Horne appeared on Black Op Radio shows #459, #452, #159 and #149
    Barry Ernest appeared on Black Op Radio show #518

    Show #592
    Original airdate: August 23rd, 2012
    Guest: Richard Belzer
    Topics: Political Assassination Research

    Play Richard Belzer    (44:44)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dead Wrong (2012), used to be a newpaper reporter, co authored with David Wayne
  • 10 stories, Marilyn Monroe, RFK, JFK, MLK, Vince Foster
  • James Kelly, Henry Marshall, George Krutilek
  •,, mainstream media has not covered these
  • Jeffersonian democracy would not have to hide anything
  • People do not like to be occupied, an informed electorate is what we need
  • Piers Morgan, trying to get my goat, they try to marginalize us
  • Fred Hampton, murdered in his bed, JFK, murdered in broad daylight
  • MLK, murdered by elements within our government, 1999 jury trial
  • RFK, 14 shots, an eight shot gun, point blank behind the left ear
  • Vince Foster, dramatic inconsistencies, he intended to resign
  • Military suicides, epidemic, wounded warriors, swept under the rug
  • Four million Iraqi refugees, hundreds of thousands dead
  • Eisenhower knew, we do not need to be armed to the teeth
  • Question authority, think before they accept a headline or a news story
  • Congress, they represent corporations, the banks own the government
  • Kennedy wanted to end the Federal Reserve, so they exploded his head
  • A documentary based on the book, Bugliosi, the WC on steroids
  • Jesse Ventura, wants the country to live up to its original aspirations
  • TSA, groping babies and grandmothers, still taking off our shoes
  • A good book to start with, get their patriotism fired up
  • Julian Assange, no treasonous laws were broken, embassies are sovereign
  • Bradley Manning, helicopter footage, in a war zone horrific things happen
  • Americans don't want to go to war, they have to be lied to

    Show #591
    Original airdate: August 16th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio    (1:20:28)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Reevaluating the Case Against Lyndon Johnson, article delayed
  • 10 points used to make the case against LBJ planning the assassination
  • The Warren Commission, Howard Hunt, Madeline Brown
  • Billy Sol Estes, a con artist, little evidence Johnson was involved
  • A Texan Looks at Lyndon (Haley 1964), murder of Henry Marshall
  • LBJ/Ed Clark, LBJ/Mac Wallace, fingerprint analysis
  • The FBI lab, the Lindbergh/Hauptmann case, the wooden ladder
  • LBJ/Connally/Yarborough, LBJ and the Mafia
  • Photos of Johnson ducking down, Dallas and Texas
  • The Valkyrie Plot by Bill Kelly, Joint Chiefs of Staff against Castro
  • Seamus Coogan on Don Thomas, retired FBI agent, the Milteer case
  • Letters, Otto Otepka, the guy wouldn't give up
  • A Farewell to Justice (Mellen 2005), a false Oswald in Lafayette
  • Jack Ruby, his sister may have been threatened
  • Destiny Betrayed, preparing blurbs, due the first week of November
  • Barry & 'the Boys' (Hopsicker 2001), criminal activity/government
  • Jim Marrs claims Garrison had an unedited Zapruder film, Jim is unaware
  • That Day in Dallas, on page 123, the arm and hand is not Oswalds
  • Affidavit of Seymour Weitzman, 7.65 Mauser, Mauser rifles in Cuba Melanson, Schotz, Armstrong
  • Hunt and Sturgis, involved in the Watergate break-in, not the tramps
  • Just asking you to have the courage to use your real name, as Jim does
  • CTKA does not bash books, painstaking detail, the art of criticism
  • What makes a book valuable, a negative critique can be just as valuable
  • A 34 page review is not bashing, that's elucidating
  • Lawrence of Arabia and Jim's review of JFK and the Unspeakable
  • The Assassinations (DiEugenio, Pease, Brown 2003)
  • The Mannlicher-Carcano, Finnish troops would discard this weapon
  • Carol Hewitt, the Paines, the Last Hurrah Bookshop
  • Frank Cassano review of McAdams, who is John McAdams?
  • Political science professor at Marquette, right wing agitprop artist
  • Since the film JFK, always advocates the Warren Commission stance
  • Clay Shaw, Permindex and Who's Who in the South and Southwest
  • 1995 COPA Conference, the Paul Nolan incident, factoids
  • The package delivered to the Paine house, brown wrapping paper

    Daniel Hopsicker appeared on Black Op Radio shows #529, #382, #194 and #193

    Show #590
    Original airdate: Aug 9th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:37:37)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Mark Prior's Manifesto for the Fiftieth, single bullet, the Mob
  • Waldron on Watergate, 725 pages, 200 pages on the JFK assassination
  • Jim's review of Caro's latest LBJ book, little use of ARRB releases
  • On Vietnam, nothing by Prouty, Newman, Mahoney and others
  • Calls un-named NSAM 263 tentative, Fletcher emphasized NSAM 288
  • NSAM 273, direct U.S. naval involvement in North Vietnam
  • Gulf of Tonkin, LBJ and McNamara lied, a violation of territorial waters
  • U.S. retaliation caused two planes to get hit, four men taken prisoner
  • LBJ promised we were not going into this war, we seek no wider war
  • The Joint Resolution, Rolling Thunder, troops set foot in Danang
  • Covert plans, Oplan 34A, overt plans, objective was to win the war
  • Kennedy understood military lying, McNamara understood, Johnson knew
  • Warren Commission, Armageddon scenario, tape of Oswald in Mexico
  • CIA, Kostikov, KGB assassinations, the voice wasn't Oswald
  • LBJ intimidated Warren, Russell, his mentor, tried to do a good job
  • Russell nearly resigned, took a rifle to the TSBD sixth floor window
  • Didn't beleive the single bullet theory, wanted objections in the record
  • Rankin faked a stenographer, Russell broke ranks in public, Boggs
  • None of this is in Caro's book, nor the Bay of Pigs Taylor Report
  • Nor the Bruce-Lovett report, Allen Dulles on the Commission
  • LBJ said RFK suggested Dulles, but only after Robert was dead
  • Caro does not explain the opposite point from a scholarly point of view
  • Jim finds LBJ as interesting as a hamburger, is not a fan of Bob Caro
  • Letter, Jim Tague second book, LBJ did it, Billy Sol Estes
  • Bobby Baker, fraud and kickbacks, Don Reynolds, insurance policy
  • Murchison meeting, started with Penn Jones and a chauffeur in '67
  • The number of people at this meeting, growing at an exponential rate
  • Johnson was in Houston then Ft. Worth until at least 11:45 pm
  • Jim doesn't buy Madiline Brown, her story, LBJ's son
  • CTKA this week, Reevaluating the Case Against Johnson
  • Barr McClellan. Don Thomas, Ed Clark, Johnson had confessed
  • McClellan puts Oswald on the sixth floor, evidence against that
  • If you believe in what you're saying, do some original research

    Show #589
    Original airdate: Aug 2nd, 2012
    Guest: Dick Russell / Seamus Coogan
    Topics: US democracy / JFK Assassination research

    Play Dick Russell     (38:55)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans (Ventura/Russell 2012), American Conspiracies (2011)
  • 9/11, Bush and Cheney, Project for the New American Century, a new Pearl Harbor
  • FEMA, software on Smartphones, Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (2006)
  • The two party system has become like street gangs, very little difference between them
  • Obama crackdown on whistleblowers, the founders were against the party system
  • The system doesn't work, we need more independent candidates
  • Media collusion with the parties, church and state, the Christian right
  • Civil rights, third parties are not the answer, pick the man or woman to do the job
  • The stealing of democracy, the Koch brothers, ALEC, fraud in Ohio in 2004
  • Michael Connell. Rove's IT guy was about to talk, died in private plane crash
  • Jesse's third season, postponed or cancelled?, the books are best sellers
  • A new biography about James Hillman, 2012 election year prospects
  • They wouldn't have Ron Paul in there, global warming, carbon credits

    This is Dick Russell's fifth appearance on Black Op Radio

    Play Seamus Coogan    (1:33:09)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • From New Zealand, JFKs Catholicism, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, the Zapruder film
  • Colonel Fletcher Prouty, Cyril Wecht, even Gary Mack, Dealey Plaza photos
  • Carl Oglesby, the ether of our own imaginations, Mike Griffith
  • CTKA, Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease, Probe, the pot of gold in terms of research
  • Involved publically around 2007, travelled to Dallas, George Michael Evica
  • The assassination had a powerful impact around the world
  • The world's greatest democracy is a banana republic.
  • Prouty, the elites can perform an act, the death of a President
  • Fletcher and the Christchurch Star, shirt and tie photo
  • Sixth Floor Museum, CTKA reviews, John Hankey, Alex Jones
  • Valid criticism, peer reviewed, pity the country that's got McAdams, Waldron, Hankey
  • Critics of CTKA reviews, don't offer a shread of evidence to challenge Jim and Seamus
  • Look for reliable sources, Seamus has written on UFOs without the same kind of criticism
  • Suspicious of shows like the X Files, hate the term Conspiracy Theorist
  • Operation Gladio, James Bamford and Operation Northwoods
  • Northwoods may have distracted from other ARRB releases, Bamford review
  • The U-2 Incident, Fletcher is actually asking you the questions, pros like Dulles
  • The Dulles's were established before the Roosevelts, Allen was involved in this conspiracy
  • Seamus's UFO article, Allen Dulles was behind that too
  • The 50th anniversary and Dallas, do what thou shalt, as long as its constructive
  • Get involved, contribute, volunteer and help out, more activism
  • Executive Action, they were coordinated, a military style ambush
  • The three tramps, the loose formation of those cops, something's wrong
  • Giving up on forums, made some wonderful friends, focus on research and helping CTKA

    Show #588
    Original airdate: July 26th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:45:16)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Len has found some old tapes of Fletcher Prouty interviews
  • Jim's rewrite of Destiny Betrayed is due November 1st
  • Jim Schutze, the Dallas Observer, Gary Mack/City Hall illegal collusion
  • Jim got no response when he wrote to Mack's Discovery shows producer
  • CTKA, Doug Valentine MLK case article from August 2000
  • Jim is working on a review of Robert Caro's latest LBJ volume
  • Caro is pretty good on the 1960 Democratic primary and convention
  • Kennedy had to win Texas and other Southern states
  • Also, good work on the general election race against Nixon
  • Jim disagrees with Caro on his take on the Tax Cut and Civil Rights bills
  • Caro short changes Birmingham and omits the March on Washington
  • Letters, Black Dog Man, may have been a woman and baby
  • The parade route and Lee's TSBD job, the acoustics evidence jumble
  • The Carcano iron sights, is there some undeniable damning evidence?
  • CE-399 and John Hunt, the Connally bullet and Bob Harris
  • The problem is the media, mainstream and alternative
  • The Assassinations (Pease/DiEugenio 2003)
  • Dag Hammarskjöld, Kennedy in Africa, Midnight in the Congo
  • Waldron on Coast to Coast, 5th floor window, three shells dropping
  • Secret Service Report 491, Senator Symington and the Missile Gap
  • Peter Janney, LBJ and the assassination, JFK and LSD
  • Critiquing vs. bashing of books, getting the other side worried
  • 50th anniversary shooting contest, human head gunshot reaction
  • Scope vs Iron Sights Video

    Show #587
    Original airdate: July 19th, 2012
    Guest: Rose Lynn Mangan / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK Assassination / JFK Assassination

    Play Rose Lynn Mangan     (1:47:43)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Sirhan was friendly with a man Lynn knew, through him, she met Mary Sirhan
  • Psychic Maris De Long wrote Sirhan to expect a woman like Rose to help him
  • Latest court filings, Lynn's aversion to the media's untruthfulness
  • Attorney Emile Zola Berman leaked secret plea talks to the press
  • Larry Teeter, Judge Walker, stipulations concerning the bullets and the gun
  • Ted Charach, Rose worked with criminalist William Harper
  • Special Unit Senator, a giant cover up, behind Sirhan there was a shooter
  • Thane Ceser was a distraction, the real assassin, in a rented security uniform
  • DeWayne Wolfer, Special Exhibit 10, Garland's 1975 evidence inventory
  • Bogus bullet comparison, Wolfer's log, Balliscan camera photographs
  • Rose has been threatened, she brought Teeter into the case, disagreement
  • Sirhan’s Researcher, truthful and fair, jealous researchers
  • Judge Loring secret meeting, court order regarding disposition of trial evidence
  • Scott Enyart and the California Archives, Skip Miller, Rose testified
  • An attempted sting operation against Rose involving an FBI document
  • Sirhan was firing blanks at the firing range, maybe also in the pantry
  • Lynn asked Sirhan if hypnosis could be involved, he rejected that, Dr. Spiegel
  • Dr. Daniel Brown did attempt deprogramming Sirhan, Mom, I don't remember
  • Grant Cooper was compromised, Melvin Belli wanted to handle the appeal
  • Larry Teeter's efforts and problems, he was serving Sirhan pro bono
  • Harper and Exhibit 55, the evidence envelope, the wrong serial number

    Rose Lynn Mangan's original interview (BOR #298)
    was replayed on Black Op Radio show #581

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:01:16)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Jims' Mary's Mosaic review, upcoming articles and reviews
  • Review of Jim Douglass's Gandhi and the Unspeakable (2012)
  • Letters, Bill Davy update of Let Justice Be Done (1999) is due out soon
  • The Awful Grace of God, Bugliosi, RFK/JFK, John Armstrong interview
  • Conspiracy, the Penn State scandal, active agreement to conceal the facts
  • Oswald, not involved in the conspiracy, did not play an active role
  • Wedding ring, That Day in Dallas (Trask 2000), a ring on his finger
  • O'Reilly interview of Bugliosi, O'Reilly seems to be flipping sides
  • Vince argues: the number of shots/misses, firing in a straight line
  • Oswald as a communist, Kennedy was behind the Bay of pigs
  • Lee hated America, Ruby was a nut, idolized JFK, he would be a hero
  • Bugliosi is one hundred percent certain that Oswald did it
  • Mastery of this case is beyond the scope of any one person
  • Jim is acknowledged for having very good command of the case
  • The picture of Kennedy hearing the news of Lumumba's death

    Show #586
    Original airdate: July 12th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:51:40)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • A murder connected to Occupy Wall Street has been de-bunked
  • From an Office Building... (Adams 2012), interesting, watched Zapruder film
  • Hosty, Oswald had to been an informant, Milteer, pre-assassination
  • Gandhi and the Unspeakable (Douglass 2012), 20 years in South Africa
  • The partition of India, Don Adams to be reviewed by Seamus Coogan
  • Jim to review Ghandi and Passage of Power (Caro 2012) Consortiumnews
  • Letters, Lee's adenoids, autopsy, meeting Marina, the KGB
  • The assassination limo, used through the Carter presidency
  • Could the murder of JFK have been justified?
  • He was not hawkish, he was the son of a gangster, vote him out
  • The cover up is more sinister than the murder, subverting democracy
  • Oswald participation? He didn't appear to know what was going to happen
  • Three wallets, at the theater, at the Tippit scene, at the Paine home
  • Backyard photos real? No, they're phoney, no one gave him the rifle
  • Multiple problems with Oswald and the purchase of the rifle
  • Oswald has all the markings on an intelligent agent, David Ferrie
  • The Paxton thing, from a dramatic mini-series to a documentary
  • Bill O'Reilly, Killing Kennedy (due 2012), DeMorenschildt
  • Chris Matthews, Elusive Hero (2011), was a US Capitol policeman
  • Tried to win a Pennsylvania Congressional seat, speech writer for Carter
  • Worked for Tip O'Neill, San Fransisco Examiner, SF Chronicle
  • Went after Stone for JFK and Nixon, Good Morning America, Hardball
  • Discredits conspiracies, the power elite, written six books
  • Kennedy and Nixon (1997), new book, little that is new, Herbert Parmet
  • Ordeal in Africa, Kennedy Tapes, Battling Wall Street, JFK and Vietnam
  • The Congo Crisis, Cuban Missle Crisis, the Economic crisis, Vietnam War
  • The Presidency covered in only 85 pages, Indochina speech
  • Operation Vulture, SEATO, the Geneva Conference, May 53' letter to Dulles
  • Algeria speech, Matthews agenda is to call Kennedy a classic Cold Warrior
  • Omits key points, like Congo and Lumumba, the Cuban back channel
  • NSAM 263, Vietnam withdrawal plan, Diem, the coup cable
  • PBS interview with Lodge, the Dulles brothers, Eisenhower foreign policy
  • Jon Stewart on Chris Matthews, Jim Hougan on Watergate

    Jim Douglass discussed Gandhi on Black Op Radio show #573
    Jim Hougan discussed Watergate on Black Op Radio show #506

    Show #585
    Original airdate: July 5th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:36:27)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA, Mary's Mosaic, Lisa Pease and Jim, up-coming articles
  • From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle (Adams 2012)
  • Letters, BOR round table, Bugliosi in hospital, Apian Way address
  • Appian Way, 9255 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 615, West Hollywood, CA 90069, (310) 300-1390
  • The Harper fragment, parietal or occipital?  missing evidence
  • Otto Otepka, Pease, Sheridan, Spooks (Hougan 1978), Angleton
  • Zapruder, back and to the left, every other frame, edited out the gore
  • In the assassination. what things went wrong?  the wallet(s)
  • Two rifles, the shells, CE399, the wrong stretcher, chain of custody
  • They controlled the cover up, the troika, Inquest (Epstein 1966)
  • Wesley Leibler memo, Markham would be exposed
  • Top-down cover up, tie loose ends, issue a report, media swallows
  • The Sibert and O'Neill FBI report is not in the Warren Report
  • Sylvia Odio, a plot, they had to discredit her, Nagell, Cheramie
  • Mark Felt, Jim Garrison, did they know each other?  probably not
  • Destiny Betrayed, Oxner/Ferrie?, Dr. Mary's Monkey (Haslam 2007)
  • Ferrie's library card, did Tippit know Ruby?  surprised if he didn't
  • Oswald and Ruby, Hubert and Griffin, Ruby, a real cover up
  • "Harry Weatherford was on the roof ... and he had a rifle", Bowles
  • Tippit was killed, to get the Dallas police incensed, out of his area
  • Secret Service IDs, drunken agents, the grassy knoll, fewer motorcycles
  • Reports of a Secret Service agent killed that day?  blood in Dealy Plaza
  • Shots?  never gonna know, triangulation, Dal-Tex, TSBD, Grassy Knoll
  • Angleton, black operators, Barnes, Phillips, Lansdale, plan an operation
  • Umbrella Man, the Cuban, sitting on the curb, Louis Witt
  • Smoking guns?  the autopsy notes, the Chicago plot, Vietnam
  • Vital documents, ARRB autopsy review, the Lopez report, Sylia Odio
  • The Garrison Investigation, the HSCA on the Clinton/Jackson incident
  • Altgens photo of Lovelady?  the Magic Bullet?  Tague, spectography
  • Odio/Mexico, Oswald's Game (Davison 1983), Tague, Max Holland
  • Dallas police backyard photo, never been solved, LHO wedding ring
  • Assassination Conspiracy Cable Network? Alex Jones/Chris Matthews
  • Jim nudges Len, Len speaks to his contribution, US citizen disinterest
  • Geo Visitors, 10,000 listeners a week, the information gets out, 12 years
  • The reissue of the updated Destiny Betrayed is due this year
  • A book of Jim's Reclaiming History review should be out next year
  • JFK and the Unspeakable on Audio Book, over 22 hours

    The "Blood in Dealy Plaza" interview is Black Op Radio show #551, Part Two, Jerry Coley

    Show #584
    Original airdate: June 28, 2012
    Guest: Jim Marrs / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Jack White / JFK Research

    Play Jim Marrs     (47:40)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jack was meticulous and a gentleman, he did some important photographic work
  • We know the truth, a coup d'état, we are a banana republic
  • Fort Worth...the way we were, backyard photos, the rifle
  • Jack showed what Oswald said was true, it was a composite photograph
  • DA Wade said there were fingerprints, it was a smudgy palm print
  • Paul Groody said the FBI put Oswalds dead hand on the rifle
  • Lee said he was in the first floor lunchroom, he mentioned Jarman and Norman
  •, who backs Romney?, who backed Obama?
  • South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • Jim reported on Jack's research, Roscoe White, a third backyard photograph
  • Penn Jones' newletter was continued to be published by Jack White
  • Dallas, Texas, Hoover, Nixon, Johnson, CIA, DeMorenshield
  • JFK, the last President who cared about the best interest of the American people
  • JFK would have ended the Cold War, no Vietnam, prosecuting organized crime
  • He ordered 4.2 billion dollars printed by Treasury, not the Federal Reserve
  • The second President to issue interest free money, the first was Abraham Lincoln
  • Tom Hanks' project was based on Reclaiming History (Bugliosi 2007)
  • Jim, Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 2013, a public place, expressing opinions

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (2:03:29)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • HBO, it was going to be a mega series, Bill Paxton had seen JFK that morning
  • Apollo 13, Playtone, Hanks, he finally wised up, they payed Bugliosi off
  • Jack White had a lot to do with Harvey and Lee and John Armstrong
  • CTKA, Lisa Pease's review of Mary's Mosaic (Janney 2012)
  • Letters, Ochelli, Oswald in the doorway, Top Ten JFK Assassination Books
  • The updated Destiny Betrayed is better because of the ARRB releases
  • Have researchers used composite sketch artists with witnessses? No.
  • Occupy Wall Street, Naomi Klien, a Mayor's conference, they had to evict
  • Intelligence and the Mafia, during WWII, Lansky, killing Castro
  • Hoover did not want to admit the mob existed, RFK stamped out mobsters
  • Schweiker, Lee had the fingerprints of Intelligence all over him, Atsugi
  • Otto Otepka, eight defectors, which are phoney?, they drilled his safe
  • A real of a fake defector?, the whole key regarding Oswald
  • Final Destination III contains multiple assassination references
  • Thomas Mallon author related to H. Neil Mallon? Don't know
  • David Halberstam review, The Best and the Brightest (1972)
  • The Making of a Quagmire (1965), John Paul Vann
  • Not footnoted, no list of interviews, Halberstam had advocated ground troops
  • Historical imbalance, 90% deals with JFK and LBJ, 1954 Geneva Accords
  • No election, no unified country, because Ho Chi Minh would win
  • Ngo Dinh Diem was too westernized, people were jailed, killed, tortured
  • JFK, three years-300 pages, LBJ, five years and the escalation-365 pages
  • Halberstam is making Vietnam into a Democratic Party war, which it was not
  • Giving the involvement under JFK the same weight as under LBJ
  • Eight requests to Kennedy for ground troops, all turned down
  • Taylor (Rostow) Mission Report, Halberstam leaves out the debate
  • JFK didn't buy the Domino Theory, advised by MacArthur and De Gaulle
  • John Kenneth Galbraith goes to Saigon, returns with a negative report
  • McNamara changes his mind, starts to wind things down
  • Virtual JFK (Masutani 2009), an end run around his Cabinet
  • "We have to find a way to get out of Vietnam", no mention of NSAM 263
  • McNamara-Taylor Report, written by Kennedy, Prouty and Krulak
  • If you eliminate, misrepresent, don't mention, censorship of the worst kind
  • Pentagon Papers, "phasing-out the U.S. role", turn over to South Vietnam
  • The thesis is Vietnam was inevitable, no mention of NSAM 273
  • First LBJ Vietnam meeting, his intent was clear, it was to win the war
  • A new sheriff in town, Halberstam implies LBJ bowed down to advisors
  • NSAM 288 March 1964, Gulf of Tonkin, Oplan 34
  • Johnson ordered air sorties that evening, Johnson lied to Fulbright
  • Johnson cuts off Humphrey, Canada, U Thant, NSAM 308
  • Ran as a peace candidate against Goldwater, nothing subtle about 1964
  • America in Vietnam had been going on for three presidencies, a long slide
  • Johnson was not asking advice, he was dictating, the slightest provocation
  • Bundy, attack at Pleiku, air strikes, planning had been going on for months
  • Rolling Thunder, air base security, Da Nang, a land based war
  • 82,000 combat troops, 175,000 by the end of 1965
  • The fall of China, Kennedy never made that comparison
  • Halberstam's book covers up, this circular cabal, Kennedy never joined
  • Purposeful, an intentionally misleading, pernicous book
  • The decline of America began with that war, CIA was leading until 1965

    Show #583
    Original airdate: June 21st, 2012
    Guest: Robert Groden / Greg Burnham / Jim DiEugenio / Jack White
    Topics: Jack White

    Play Robert Groden     (16:08)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Robert knew Jack for 36 years, a really nice, cooperative man and a friend
  • Jack was deepy into the photographic evidence, he felt the Zapruder film was faked
  • Jack testified to the HSCA about photos, backyard photos, photogrammetry
  • The nicest person, good work, good discoveries, he had worked with Gary Mack
  • The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack was a graphic artist
  • Jack donated material to Baylor University, he was respected and liked
  • Badge Man, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, Jack's work was very good
  • Robert's latest book is still in the works, maybe three months

    Play Greg Burnham     (29:59)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jack was loved, noble, tenacious, generous, steered people in a good direction
  • An alternate Zapruder film seen by Greg and Della Rosa, JFK Assassination Forum
  • Jack immediately knew that something was wrong with information coming out
  • He didn't care for the Kennedys, he came to respect JFK later, studying his politics
  • He respected Jim Marrs and Jim Fetzer, he fell out with Gary Mack
  • Jack once introduced Gary as Gerald Posner's brother, just for shock value
  • Jack worked on Harvey and Lee, and Assassination Science
  • Jack was very knowledgeable on the photographic and film evidence
  • Other subjects Jack was interested in, on JFK Jack spoke with authority
  • The Zapruder film, the blur issue, Jack was courageous enough to explore it
  • Two years ago Greg visited with Jack, Fort Worth...the way we were
  • Researchers were better off for knowing him, Deep Politics Forum

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:33:37)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jack was around from the very first days, interesting work on the rifle
  • The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald, HSCA Photographic Panel Report
  • David Eisendrath letter to Mickey Goldsmith, Report on Fake Photography Project
  • CTKA, review of Wexler and Hancock on the King case
  • Lisa Pease's review of Mary's Mosaic coming this weekend
  • Letters, Ernst Titovets's Oswald: Russian Episode (2010), Lee in Minsk
  • Me & Lee (Baker 2011), First Hand Knowledge (Morrow 1992)
  • U2 Incident vs. JFK assassination, the first was secret, the second was very public
  • Oswald Russian hospitalizations, attempted suicide and adenoid surgery
  • Legacy of Secrecy and Ultimate Sacrifice, Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Any investigation of LHO purchasing ammo in New Orleans? No evidence
  • Evidence of other patsies? Thomas Arthur Vallee in Chicago, Edwin Black's article
  • Thom Hartmann, wikipedia did change his entry re: rhetorical arguments
  • Lee thought he was part of the CIA's Anti-Fair Play for Cuba Committee program
  • Bay of Pigs D-Day airstrike, Bundy, Cabell, the Taylor and Kirkpatrick reports
  • Fortune magazine Cuba: The Record Set Straight article
  • Titovets says the U2 was downed by Russians, Oswald never mentioned the U2
  • Jim discourses on the historic (great) and current (sad) state of American cinema
  • Fred Cook, Some Unanswered Questions (Nation, 1966), Maverick (1984)
  • FBI Agent Hosty, no doubt he has a lot to hide, Assignment: Oswald (1997)
  • Jim's possible Bugliosi book would include a new Part 11
  • Rodger Remington, perhaps writing a book answering Bugliosi, Charles Ochelli
  • Phillips walking out on the HSCA?, Tannenbaum, Corruption of Blood (1996)
  • Phillips lied about Oswald and Kostikov, a crucial part of the plot, a charade
  • Calder, JFK vs. CIA (1998), Halberstam, The Best and the Brightest (1993)
  • New books due by John Barbour, Robert Groden and Gerald McKnight

    Play Jack White     (1:32:06)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jack's interest started on November 22nd, 1967, in Fort Worth, an art director
  • Didn't really like the inexperienced, playboy Kennedys, a little right of center
  • It was local, heard on the radio, Jack followed it very closely
  • Figured it would be handled properly, read Warren Report all the way through
  • They were mistaken about Seth Kantor, Lee said the backyard photos were fake
  • Penn Jones' advice, specialize, the photos and LHO, developed a slide show
  • Mary Ferrell recommended Jack to the HSCA, the leadership was corrupt, Blakey
  • Threatened with contempt before testifying, photogrammetry, tried to discredit him
  • Two different rifles in photos, forged serial numbers, Jack has photographic proof
  • Other discoveries, two or more Oswalds, Badge Man, Zapruder film tampering
  • Extensive studies of Zapruder, The Great Zapruder Film Hoax video, the Nix film
  • Fetzer, Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003)
  • The Evolution of Lee Harvey Oswald, John Armstrong writing a book
  • Oswald in New York City, another boy, a false defector program, the patsy
  • The real Oswald may still be alive in Florida, the fake Oswald was shot by Ruby
  • The Mary Moorman photograph, untampered evidence, the Altgens photo
  • Jack believes Oswald was in the lunch room, and Lovelady is not in the doorway
  • Confiscated film of Beverly Oliver, Gordon Arnold, a dozen unknown photographers
  • The FBI had a watch on every photo developing place, they intercepted them
  • Gordon Arnold, deceased, became frightened, he may have seen the shooter
  • The Tramp photos, Fletcher Prouty identified Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza
  • Zapruder did not film the film attributed to him, the Zapruder Waltz, Marilyn Sitzman
  • Tampering was done to remove the limousine stop and certain witnesses, Altgens 5
  • Towner photo, a large silver van, Jean Hill and Mary Morman had to be in the street
  • JFK Research Forum, Zapruder frame 369, four people, the Franzons and a man
  • In the Orville Nix film, Mrs. Franzone is not there and another woman is
  • Zapruder shadows at 133°, should be 113°, Frank Cancellare, Zapruder 404-411
  • Greg joins and expresses his pleasure listening to Len and Anita offer fresh questions
  • A patriot who believes the truth needs to be out, looked at the evidence objectively
  • Noel Twyman, Bloody Treason (1997), a little paranoia, a sense of humor
  • Even given 1963 technology, a shoddy job, the control of the media

    This interview with Jack White, Anita Langley and Greg Burnham is a replay of BOR show #15

    Show #582
    Original airdate: June 14th, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Robert Sterlie
    Topics: JFK Assassination / Law Enforcement

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:54:58)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's JFK assassination book, due in November, nearly ready to send to his publisher
  • 50th anniversary Dealey Plaza plans, criticism reported in the Dallas Observer
  • Allen Dulles was one of the conspirators in the conspiracy and in the cover-up
  • Sergio Arcacha-Smith and Bernardo De Torres, running the operation on the ground level
  • Gary Mack fears Dallas DA Watkins being pushed to open a grand jury hearing
  • The Paines were extensions of the eastern establishment, Carol Hewitt
  • Dulles friend Hewitt, Boswell, Finck, Clay Shaw trial, John Nichols
  • Alvin Oser, "there was a General", Harry Connick, Boswell was to discredit Finck
  • Finck was experienced in gunshot wound autopsies, Humes and Boswell were not
  • Eisenberg memorandum, "conditions had to override general principles"
  • Mexico City, Kostikov, to associate Oswald with Cuba and Russia
  • The Lopez Report, Phillips, Goodpasture, a charade, a key part of the plot
  • The Chicago plot, they tried to kill Kennedy, Oswald, a backup plot
  • Ruth Paine had Marina separated from Oswald, she was worried about the HSCA
  • CTKA website, review of McAdams by Aguilar, Palamara review of Clint Hill book
  • Prior article on the U2, James Earl Ray interview, Nina Rhodes-Hughes interview
  • Listener letters, two horn honks in Police basement, coincidence?
  • Buugliosi and Oswalds motive, Dr. Shaw press conference, The Connally Bullet
  • Betting on the Africans (Muehlenbeck, 2012), understanding who JFK was
  • Kennedy was in conflict with the CFR types, his speech on Algeria
  • Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (FIAB), colonialism, coups, globalization
  • Cold War, the power of American corporations, The Eagle and the Lion (Bill, 1989)
  • Green's Dissenting Views (2010), references to other books vs. direct references?
  • Research vs. budget and time, direct references are the path to follow
  • Harvey and Lee review by Jim?, Jim has no time to go back and review books
  • The Garrison case is fundamental to understanding the JFK assassination
  • The Warren Commission, then the critics, Garrison took a quantum leap
  • 544 Camp Street, Bannister's office, not a defector, an agent provocateur
  • Garrison showed the Zapruder film for the first time, Ruth Paine's sister
  • Loren Singer, The Parallax View (1974), The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

    Loren Singer appeared on Black Op Radio show: #305

    Play Robert Sterlie     (55:34)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Police can now accuse you of drug use arrest and no appeal allowed Newspaper Article
  • RCMP interpretation of the Motor Vehicle Act allows arrest and no appeal
  • Bob was driving, made a left, got pulled over for running a red light
  • Bob got out to get his phone from the back of the vehicle
  • Police backup came, Bob called his Dad to show up
  • He was told he would get no citation for the traffic infraction
  • Then he was accused of being on drugs and of being noncooperative
  • Bob read his own legal rights from a card he carried in his wallet
  • He did not consent to a search, he was arrested, handcuffed
  • His father called a lawyer and took possession of Bob's car
  • Bob was put in a locked room, asked to take a drug test
  • They were going to arrest Bob's father for counseling him to wait for a lawyer
  • They put a "lawyer" on the phone, who advised him to what ever the police asked
  • He consented to the test, expecting to pee in a cup
  • He failed, not knowing the correct time, not able to balance on a crippled foot
  • Not touching his nose correctly due to incomplete instructions
  • Fail, fail, fail, Kafka meets 1984 Bob felt anger and terror
  • Given a 24-hour suspension for drug impairment, by a so called Drug Recognition Expert
  • They wouldn't give him their names...
  • RCMP Commissioner of Public Complaints conducted an investigation
  • Including improper arrest, oppressive conduct, neglect of duty
  • Police were supported by Assistant Commissioner Fraser MacRae, 254.3.1
  • Tagged for his attitude, they were mean, rude bullies, insulting
  • Surrey-Whalley NDP MLA Bruce Ralston is helping Bob
  • Bob continues to fight to get this removed from his record
  • "You do not have a right of review by the Superintendent"
  • More... Sober 80 year old with bad lungs fails to blow over two hours fined licence suspended... Newspaper Article

    Robert Sterlie also appeared on Black Op Radio show: #261

    Show #581
    Original airdate: June 7th, 2012
    Guest: Lisa Pease / Rose Lynn Mangan
    Topics: RFK Assassination

    Play Lisa Pease     (1:06:32)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Brief recap of the case, a three day event, California primary, into the kitchen pantry
  • Karl Uecker, Thane Eugene Cesar, Sirhan Sirhan fired, police suppressed evidence
  • Sirhan was not close enough to Kennedy to have fired the shots that hit him
  • An unseen second gunmen, too many bullet holes, DeWayne Wolfer
  • 1975 reinvestigation, the HSCA did not reopen the RFK case
  • William Pepper trying to get a new evidentiary hearing, Brad Johnson
  • Witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes, 12 shots from two firing positions
  • A gunman shooting downward from the steam table, a third gunman
  • Powder burns on RKF, security guards gun was drawn, a witness saw him fire
  • Grant Cooper stipulated the ballistics evidence, the Friars Club case
  • Cooper was facing disbarment, instead he got a slap on the wrist
  • Sirhan had no memory of the shooting, no motive, LAPD ties to the CIA
  • Michael Wayne and one other man were arrested that night
  • Chief Robert Houghton, Sirhan did not identify himself for hours
  • Sirhan was in a hypnotic state, may not have had actual bullets
  • We're living in a false history, in a National Security State
  • Lisa is working on a new book, twitter lisapease

    Play Rose Lynn Mangan Part One     (50:26)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • A friend lived near Sirhan and introduced Lynn to his family, they became good friends
  • Luke McKissack became his attorney, Lynn got hold of the trial transcript
  • Tested the wrong gun, Grant Cooper was leveraged, the Friars case, Russell Parsons
  • The prosecution admitted inadequate foundation for the ballistics, the defense stipulated
  • William Harper, two sets of test bullets, Jake Williams' gun, Allen Gilmore
  • Lynn's extensive Sirhan’s Researcher archive site, Special Exhibit 10
  • A microscope bullet comparison photo, two inauthentic bullets, DWTN, TN31
  • Hypnosis, San Quentin, Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas, Associate Warden James Park
  • Sirhan, mention hypnosis and a wall shuts down, he had joined the Rosecrucians
  • Mr. Widner, Mr. Peters, mysticism, he wasn't in control of his actions, the Baggett memo
  • His brother Munir was always in trouble, arrests, jail, deportation
  • George Erhard, the gun, the gun label, the Insurance envelope, the Lee Institute

    Play Rose Lynn Mangan Part Two     (54:45)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lowell Bradford, bullets covered in grease, missing test bullets
  • Allard Lowenstein, Henry Gonzalez, HSCA, Larry Teeter, Scott Enyart
  • Peoples' 48, the fatal bullet, George Walsh Clayton
  • Visiting Sirhan, Penny and George Jackson, the Black Brotherhood
  • Knowing Charles Manson in San Quentin and Corcoran
  • DeWayne Wolfer, Grant Cooper, Criminal Identification and Investigation
  • Robert Blair Kaiser, R.F.K. Must Die! (1970)

    This interview with Rose Lynn Mangan is a replay of Black Op Radio show #298

    Show #580
    Original airdate: May 31st, 2012
    Guest: Mark Lane
    Topics: Citizen Lane

    Play Mark Lane     (1:05:27)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Last Word (2011), on the JFK assassination, Citizen Lane (2012), an autobiography
  • Kirkus review, one book which turned into two, Citizen Lane covers Mark's career
  • Actor and activist Martin Sheen wrote the forward to Citizen Lane
  • Robert K. Tannenbaum wrote the introduction to Last Word
  • The CIA lied about Oswald in Mexico City, to frame Oswald and hide the conspiracy
  • Mark helped write the HSCA legislation, he met Deputy Counsel Bob Tannenbaum
  • Key witness was David Atlee Phillips, Mark told Bob to ask Phillips for documentation
  • Congress refused to cite Phillips for contempt, Tannenbaum then quit
  • Bugliosi and his quoting FBI reports, a letter to Mark from Vince
  • The CIA set Oswald up, Oswald was not in Mexico City
  • Case Closed (1994), Posner wrote that Mark could have gotten Oswald acquitted
  • In the Dreyfus affair France admitted it's mistake, our government has not
  • The First Amendment, the most important single sentence in the history of America
  • The administration is targeting terrorists, we've forgotten who we are, who we were
  • Mark describes being warned about his own assassination by a man offered the job
  • Pauley Perrette documentary about Mark, A Rush To Judgement preview

    Mark Lane also appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #545,
    #527, #502, #475, #464, #438, #416, #409, #386, #365 and #294

    Show #579
    Original airdate: May 24th, 2012
    Guest: Nick Wright
    Topics: G20 in Toronto 2010

    Play Nick Wright     (37:02)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Nick is from Toronto and practices business law, the G20 met in Toronto in 2010
  • Twenty leading nations, meeting behind closed doors without accountability
  • Undermining democracy, the discussions and decisions are kept secret
  • Efforts to integrate North America through regulation rather than through legislation
  • Over one billion dollars was spent, a massive security perimeter in downtown Toronto
  • Public Works Protection Act, police attacked citizens, "This ain't Canada"
  • Some vandalism occurred on the first day, leading to mass profiled arrests
  • The second day, riding his bike and wearing a bandana, Nick was arrested
  • Profiling people from Quebec and Montreal, suspending the Constitution
  • Nick filed a Conduct Complaint under the Police Services Act and is suing civilly
  • Two years going, another year until the matter is resolved, there is little accountability
  • The Provincial Ontario Dalton McGuinty liberals did not review their own behavior
  • Stopped and arrested, gave only his name and address, frisked and searched illegally
  • Constable Ryan Simpson did not have on his ID badge and lied about his name
  • The Office of the Independent Police Review Director was able to catch the officer
  • The legal process becomes the punishment, pursue media coverage and political action
  • The 5-metre rule fiction, the 2007 Montebello meeting, agent provocateurs
  • Montreal student protest, a city bylaw against mask wearing, unconstitutional
  • People of Quebec, stand up and ensure that the government is held fully accountable
  • While individual officers are not excused, the orders are coming from high up
  • The same formula, vandalism for the media to record, followed by mass arrests
  • A segment of officers break the law, something we need to fix, get involved
  • Geopolitical Monitor, articles on global events and international affairs

    Show #578
    Original airdate: May 17th, 2012
    Guest: Scott Enyart
    Topics: RFK Research in the news

    Play Part One - Scott Enyart     (30:50)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Scott was a 15 year old photographer at the Ambassador the night Bobby Kennedy was murdered
  • Scott was familiar with the Ambassador, had a press pass, and had met Kennedy the day before
  • There was no official security, Scott was five feet in front of the podium, he followed backstage
  • Popping noises, Thane Eugene Cesar, Scott continued taking photos during the shooting
  • 18 to 20 pictures in the pantry, four or six during the shooting, just a few seconds
  • Sirhan emptied his gun in the direction of RFK, but he was in front, Cesar had drawn his weapon
  • The bullet count was 10 to 14, only eight in Sirhan's gun, Sirhan was not in position for the head wound
  • The evidence has been altered, they burned 2,400 photographs before the trial, part of a conspiracy
  • They destroyed everything that didn't point directly to Sirhan having done it
  • Scott was taken at gun point, trasfered to Rampart Station, film sealed for 20 years
  • 1988, Scott tried to get his pictures back from the California State Archives
  • Scott sued LAPD, went to trial in 1996, attorney Skip Miller, Bernard Parks, Ted Charach
  • They claimed they found my film, the courier was robbed, Miller had called the courier company
  • They wanted to know the car, the color, the route, then the trial clerk's record had been stolen

    Play Part Two - Scott Enyart     (38:48)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Skip Miller contacted the jury foreman, taken before the Bar, found guilty, one day of ethics training
  • First trial, we were awarded a half a million dollars, they appealed, overturned our decision
  • I just wanted my film back, I was forced to see a psychiatrist, a way of intimidating me
  • It would have changed the law on how they handle evidence, from slight to reasonable standard of care
  • They got the press banned from our trial, I'll fight this in the press like I have before
  • I am on your show, because these are forums in which we really get the points across
  • Coroner Thomas Noguchi, stated that my photographs could have changed the results of his report
  • Lawrence Teeter has been battling away, who's killing our leaders?, the press stays away from it
  • Information sets you free, you haven't heard the last of me yet, another trial or something else

    Play Part Three - Scott Enyart     (33:52)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • LAPD was not there before the shooting took place, there were three guns in that pantry
  • The FBI starts calling up, Special Unit Senator, rush to judgement
  • Somebody else was right behind him, your photographs would have shown that
  • You cannot connect Cesar and Sirhan as being both part of the same conspiracy
  • Eliminate the press coverage, cheat and lie, the jury saw right through this
  • Skip Miller came in there and lost this case, by taking the tactics that he did, the jury was truly offended
  • Three shelves full of documents, the entire record disappeared from the courthouse
  • They referred to me in court documents as 'lurking in the kitchen with Sirhan'
  • The woman in the polka-dot dress, I have a photo of her, Sirhan, he has his hand on her shoulder

    More from witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes
    RFK special on Investigative Reports Part One and Part Two

    This interview with Scott Enyart is a replay of Black Op Radio show #12

    Show #577
    Original airdate: May 10th, 2012
    Guest: Larry Hancock
    Topics: MLK Research

    Play Larry Hancock     (1:12:20)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Nicholas Katzenbach, 90, died on Tuesday, his November 25, 1963 memo to Bill Moyers
  • JFK/RFK, within 24/48 hours officials saying it's all done, the start of the coverup
  • MLK, early leads written off, The Awful Grace of God (Wexler/Hancock, 2012)
  • The effort to murder King, that conspiracy, how patsy's are used, new leads and witnesses
  • Solid leads, an active cold case Civil Rights file, a host of fingerprints, run through IAFIS
  • To release HSCA files on King, would require a memo from the Clerk of the House
  • Living witnesses, law enforcement agency informants, their records are protected
  • No sign of premeditation on Ray's part, bounty offers on Dr. King, the CB radio broadcast
  • Martin Luther King Assassination (Melanson, 1994), The Last Crusade (McKnight, 1998)
  • Evidence, with a good defense lawyer, 90% would never have stood up in court, the system fails
  • Incomplete Justice (Hancock, 2008), a facade, quickly put to rest, they get away with it
  • Hoover's attitude and actions against MLK, he ordered his people to filter information
  • FBI Domestic Intelligence report, a lot of good investigative work, maneuvered at the top
  • Keep everyone afraid, unlimited Defense spending, Pearl Harbor, Day Of Deceit (Stinnett, 2001)
  • We keep working with people, intelligence, covert operations, money, weapons, massive CYA
  • Mary Ferrell, King assassination documents, doing a book, you can't let them get away with it
  • Sandra Serrano, Scott Enyart, Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza, Victor Krulak, Larry's blog
  • WikiLeaks, they're very worried, close Dealey Plaza, attack talk of conspiracy

    Show #576
    Original airdate: May 3rd, 2012
    Guest: Barry Krusch / William Pepper
    Topics: JFK- RFK Research

    Play Barry Krusch     (1:06:04)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald (2012), there is no case, none
  • The JFK Challenge, prove Barry wrong and earn $25,000.00
  • Mark Lane lecture, Stone's film JFK (1991), believed, Bugliosi, then doubted
  • How many targets are driven to their assassin? On a hairpin curve?
  • JFK and the Unspeakable (Douglass, 2008), turned a proposed chapter into a book
  • In this case so many things come up, pattern recognition, bizarre occurances
  • Luke Mooney, plainclothes officers, TSBD, phone, power, and elevator went out
  • To prove that Oswald could not be found guilty, deductive logic, facts not opinions
  • Exactly Three Shots Fired, early reports said the bullet did not go through the body
  • With no "single bullet theory", you've got at least five shots, "impossible", "reality"
  • Reasonable doubt, unreasonable chance, prove to an arbitrator
  • Two sets of shells, from Lt. Day to Det. Sims, two other shells to SA Brown/FBI
  • Ear witnesses, inductive reasoning, the shells, true/five shells, false/officers lying
  • You needed the documents to come out, there was incompetance in so many areas
  • The Oswald Wall, a projection, shut down the screen, Oswald's like a dam
  • Fear of the bombs, WW III (K6311.06), maybe Spector was told a story
  • Jenga, the shells take down other evidence and officer testimony
  • Compare and contrast the WC and the HSCA, basic premises were now challenged
  • Back wound moved up, who is correct? 50% probability, a crises of authentication
  • 25 chosen at random, the 6th floor height was measured with an 8 ft difference
  • If you ever call in to Gary Mack, or Bugliosi, give him the JFK Challenge
  • A 95% confidence level, if they don't come forward, what does that tell you?
  • WW III cover story, the wheels start to turn, coordinated in advance
  • Volume One covers the shells, Two covers the three shots, Three wraps up the case

    Play William Pepper     (18:31)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Sirhan legal team, motion filed on February 22nd, uncovered fraud committed on the court
  • One of the team's witnesses has spoken to CNN, she said that she heard 14 shots
  • Saw Sirhan and heard his shots, then heard shots to her right, Phil Van Praag discerned 13 shots
  • Gave a statement to Phil Melanson 10 years ago, FBI distorted her story, LAPD excluded her
  • CNN International reporter Brad Johnson, CNN LA reporter Mike Martinez
  • It is criminal, it's an obstruction of justice, it goes on all the time, the work of Dan Brown

    Nina Rhodes-Hughes on CNN reveals second RFK shooter
    William Pepper website
    Rare RFK documentary on YouTube - Part One and Part Two

    Play Jim Lesar     (37:43)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Morley v. CIA, argued in Court of Appeals in April, remanded to U.S. District Court
  • Upheld CIA FOIA Exemptions 1, 3, 5 and 6, Milner v. Dep't of the Navy
  • Exemption 2 protected internal personnel rules and practices of an agency
  • High 2 Exemption, more substantial internal matters, file numbers, routing instructions
  • Chief Justice Roberts wrote in the Milner case, 2 applies only to employee matters
  • NY-694-S*, Code Name SOLO, Communist Party members who met Kruschev and Castro
  • CIA invoked Exemption 2 for 200 documents in the Joannides collection
  • Remanded to determine Exemption 2 claims, one document they forgot to claim
  • The Court refused to confront the substantive issue, 50 year old classified material
  • Some documents released through the ARRB, these 200 are still classified,
  • Disputed Issue of Material Fact, Summary Judgment can't be granted, if issues are disputed
  • Seek Discovery or hold a Trial, the Appeals Court ignored that argument
  • Executive Order 12958, Obama issued a new EO, Joannides was HSCA/CIA liason
  • Jefferson Morley, Joannides never informed the HSCA that he had directed DRE
  • He was acting in a covert capacity, Blakey has denounced the CIA
  • Flawed Patriot (Stockton, 2006), a huge amount of material, if people can go after it
  • Raise money, recruit attorneys to take cases for records of interest to the research community
  • The Morley case said CIA's exemption did not apply to Congressional investigations
  • Jim's AARC number: 202-393-1921,
  • Considering a 20th anniversary conference marking the JFK Records Act (1992)
  • October, November or Spring 2013, in D.C., one in Pittsburgh, October. 2013

    William Pepper also appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #558,
    #539, #517, #448, #416, #405, #388, #343, #111 and #30
    Phil Van Praag appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #369 and #334
    Phil Melanson appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #289 and #169
    Jim Lesar also appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #565, #469, #418 and #352

    Show #575
    Original airdate: April 26, 2012
    Guests: Mark de Valk
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Mark de Valk     (1:43:17)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • The 100th anniversary of the Titanic, the Lusitania
  • Occupy Dealey Plaza, New Orleans, Dr. Mary's Monkey (Haslam, 2007)
  • Dr. Alton Ochsner, polio expert, Dr. Mary Sherman died mysteriously in 1964, Ferrie's mice
  • Judyth Baker, proximity of living spaces in New Orleans, 544 Camp, Reily Coffee Company
  • Harvey and Lee (Armstrong, 2003), Mark met with John Armstrong in Hawaii,
  • Oswald's non-existant Birth Certificate, WC Exhibit 2003, Declaration of Live Birth
  • Sen. Richard Russell, Col. Phillip Corso two Birth Certificates, two Marguerite Oswalds,
  • Palmer McBride, Atsugi, INCA, Ed Butler, Ochsner, Reily,
  • NOTE Mark de Valk - has made a mistake meant "Orlando Bosch Avila" is (likely) DCM. not Sergio Arcacha-Smith
  • Team Bannister, Team Intel, Bannister's death, school records, Clay Shaw, Collins Radio
  • Harvey and Lee and Marina Dallas impersonations, Tippit's mission, Ferrie's activities
  • Klein's Sporting Goods, money orders, post office box, Charles Rogers, radio equipment
  • The many faces of LHO, marriage in Russia, honey trap, Robert Webster, Marine defector
  • Discussion of multiple connections illustrated in John Armstrong's work, Mrs. Jack Tippit
  • Oswald at the zoo, 1026 N Beckley, multiple wallets, Friends of a Democratic Cuba
  • Dealey Plaza UK, April 21st, annual Conference, Dealey Plaza Echo, Canterbury England

    Mark de Valk appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #561 and #522
    John Armstrong in being interviewed this week by Len in Hawaii, stay tuned

    April 19th 2012
    Black Op Radio Presents Documentary Preview... "The Final Analysis... That Whole Bay of Pigs Thing" (2:22:23)

    The original Rush To Judgement - Mark Lane (1:36:57)

    Show #574
    Original airdate: April 12, 2012
    Guests: Ted Yacucci
    Topics: Common Sense

    Play Ted Yacucci     (1:00:24)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Ted's upcoming documentary film Common Sense, the lie detector challenge
  • New Chicago plot information and the possibility of a new Ruth Paine interview
  • The investigation of Thomas Arthur Vallee, sightings of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas
  • Ted is running as a Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 34th District
  • A base of people, in government, to take look at new material researchers are presenting
  • The District Attorney in the city of Dallas, a discussion, some national recognition
  • The Miami thing is really exciting, Ted has been to Chicago three times, a year of research
  • Chicago CIA Station Chief, complicit in the cover-up, more complicit in the planning
  • Chicago was a killing ground, James Douglass, Mexico City, the Lopez Report
  • Elements of the CIA were involved in the killing of the President, the Intelligence community
  • John Armstrong, Oswald impersonators, multiple events in the three weeks leading up to Dallas
  • So much stuff to go through, read the Congressional inquiries, it starts to make sense
  • Let's look at people's motives, JFK was assassinated because of money, NSAM 273
  • Savings & Loan crisis, deregulation, those who have their own financial interests at heart
  • Fighting to repeal the Violence Against Women Act (1994), benefits corporations
  • The JFK assassination, the starting point for understanding, chip away at the poverty of ignorance
  • Discussion of film distribution, costs, editing efforts, Len's 12 year archive of interviews

    The new Jackson Valley Production documentary film,

    Ted Yacucci appeared on Black Op Radio show: #560
    Jim Douglass appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #573
    #454, #417, #406, #379, #377, #375, #374, #372, and #369
    John Armstrong in being interviewed this week by Len in Hawaii, stay tuned

    Show #573
    Original airdate: Apr 05, 2012
    Guest: Jim Douglass / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Gandhi and the Unspeakable / Martin Luther King

    Play Jim Douglass     (1:20:24)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Santa Clara University, since the 1950's, Gandhi and the non-violence of Jesus
  • Working on Martin, Malcom and the Unspeakable, became it's own book
  • Gandhi went to South Africa as lawyer in the 1890's, he had been a failure in India
  • He had to overcome racial segregation, a pattern of non-violence, 20 years
  • His vision of non-violent transformation of the world, non-violence or non-existance
  • Satyagraha, Truth Force or Soul Force, the most powerful force in the universe
  • Mahatma, Great Soul, Gandhi invited his assassin Nathuram Godse to live with him
  • Vinayak Savarkar masterminded the assassination, Gandhi knew him since 1906
  • William Curzon Wyllie, political aide to the Secretary of State for India, assassinated
  • Back to India, 1915, a campaign against the Empire, mobilizing through his own example
  • Resist without hitting back, the Empire was dependant on the Indian people
  • Overcome their fear, then the Empire has no power, die rather than cooperate
  • The partition of India and Pakistan, the British divided the Hindus and Muslims
  • Hindutva, Hindu Nationalism, a legacy of division between Hindus and Muslims
  • India today, Gandhi was unsuccessful, but for the existance of India
  • Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter, Indira Gandhi, exploded their first nuclear weapon
  • Gandhi asked Lord Mountbatten to appoint Muhammad Ali Jinnah as Prime Minister
  • The empire Jim lives in, the U.S., war, oppose this with one's whole life
  • Going to jail, refusing jobs that are in any way complicite, go to those lengths
  • JFK moved in that direction, unless the people take a stand, willing to give our lives
  • "Widen the prison gates", the Salt March, over 100,000 were jailed
  • Syria and Libya, oil, politics, more expediant to intervene in Libya
  • The Arab Spring, non-violent resistance, requires enormous patience
  • Ganhi said that suffering can be redemptive, one can become free in the process
  • Abdul Ghaffar Khan, taught the redemptive power of suffering based on the Koran
  • Burma (Myanmar), Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Kathy Kelly, arrested many times
  • Say no to opression, and yes to freedom, regardless of, suffering in our own lives
  • Boycotting any product associated with oppression, non-cooperation with evil
  • Walking into jail, makes you free, liberate ourselves, work for a transformed world
  • Bradley Manning, risk our future for the truth, he is freer than his fellow soldiers are
  • 63% disagree with the policy in Afghanistan, withdraw non-violently our civic cooperation
  • Robert Bales, accused of massacre in Afghanistan, both victims of a failed policy
  • Gandhi and the Unspeakable: His Final Experiment with Truth (2012)
  • Meeting with Narayan Desai, Jayaprakash Narayan, disciples of Gandhi
  • Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Jim was born in British Columbia, he likes the rain

    Jim Douglass appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #454,
    #417, #406, #379, #377, #375, #374, #372, and #369

    Play Jim DiEugenio     (1:19:03)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA articles on Martin Luther King, the mock HBO/ trial, the Loyd Jowers case
  • The attempt by Pepper to re-open the case in a criminal venue, 1997 through 1998
  • Judge Joe Brown was removed from the case, then James Earl Ray passed away
  • Ray never had a criminal trial, William Bradford Huie, Percy Foreman, sold down the river
  • A plea bargain, there was no trial, Ray wrote a letter asking for a new trial, Richard Ryan
  • March 31, 1969, Judge Battle died, while automatic by law, a new trial was not granted
  • Pepper mock trial acquittal, Gamemaster rifle tests, Brown wanted to clean out the barrel
  • The 13th Juror (Shanklin 2009), Frame-up (Weisberg 1971)
  • Code Name "Zorro" (Lane/Gregory 1977), Who Killed Martin Luther King? (Ray 1997)
  • Conspiracy and Cover-Up (Melanson 1994), Orders To Kill (Pepper 1998)
  • Grace Stephens, boarding house witness, the Lorraine, Mark Lane, a sanitarium
  • The package dropped in front of Knipe's secondhand store, 10 minutes before the shooting
  • Paris-Match showed that a gunman had to contort himself, standing on the rim of the bathtub
  • The rifle was not sighted in, has to be machine calibrated, Brown is an expert rifleman
  • Arthur Hanes, the State knew that they did not have a case against Ray, "Raul", Canada
  • Three different identities, within a three mile radius outside of Toronto
  • Judge Brown was on vacation, brought in a Special Master, removed from the case
  • Garrison's trial of Clay Shaw, the Clinton–Jackson witnessess, James Phelan
  • Jim Douglass for Probe Magazine, the only reporter there for every day of the trial
  • Hampton Sides video on youtube view link
  • Gerald Posner, Michael Shermer, Skeptic magazine, Conspiracy Rising
  • Pierre Finck testimony, Alvin Oser, why was the back wound not dissected?
  • Paul O'Connor told Jim, Curtis LeMay was at the autopsy smoking a cigar
  • Spector shut down the medical evidence, Walt Brown, Boswell, 13 relevant questions
  • Gerald Ford, WC executive session, a lead that Oswald was an FBI informant
  • Almost no doubt, Oswald was CIA and FBI, William Walter, Warren DeBrueys (p. 192)
  • Oswald was interviewed in the Customs Office, Wendall Roache and Ron Smith
  • 544 Camp Street, saw Oswald at Guy Banister's office, rooting out Communists
  • The revision of Destiny Betrayed, Ruth and Michael Paine, direct ties to Allen Dulles
  • Fair Play for Cuba, Phillips, McCord, Hunt, Cuban Revolutionary Council, Sergio Smith
  • Garrison was close, De Torres, Novell, Sheridan, Phelan, Ainsworth
  • Angleton targeted Garrison, he was tracing the Shaw trial jury, the "jet effect"
  • If Oswald acted alone, why all this technical mumbo-jumbo to explain all this stuff away?
  • Three shots in six seconds, Blakey and Cornwell, sight aiming, with a scope and iron sights
  • The Teague hit, 20 feet over the car, absurd, no copper from the bullet on the curb
  • David Ferrie should have been arrested on November 25th, stated he didn't know Oswald
  • While trying to find a picture of him and Oswald in the Civil Air Patrol, he lied to the FBI
  • He was in Texas the day of the assassination, ice skating, standing by a phone, gets a call
  • He heard that Oswald was arrested with Ferrie's library card
  • Tanenbaum saw a film of Cuban exile training, Oswald, Ferrie, and Phillips were in the film
  • Ferrie could have gotten 20 years for all the lies he told the FBI

    Jim DiEugenio contributes frequently to Black Op Radio
    William Pepper appeared on Black Op Radio shows:
    #558, #539, #517, #448, #416, #405, #388, #343, 3111, and #030
    Judge Joe Brown appeared on Black Op Radio show: #423
    Mark Lane appeared on Black Op Radio shows:
    #545, #527, #502, #475, #464, #438, #416, #409, #386, #365, and #294

    Show #572
    Original airdate: March 29, 2012
    Guest: Hank Albarelli
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Hank Albarelli     (1:04:47)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Researching the assassination for five years, Frank Olson, provocative facts
  • Oswald was not an innocent bystander, broader subjects, Oswald was in Mexico
  • A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination
  • Jean-Pierre Lafitte, a chef at the New Orleans Trade Mart, the Reily Coffee Company
  • Retired to New Hampshire in the 70's, Sheffield Edwards, Vietnam, Loran Hall
  • Silvia Odio , Thomas Eli Davis, Morales, Harvey and Lee (Armstrong, 1997)
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much (Russell, 1993), Richard Case Nagell
  • Lone assassin, a choice someone makes prior to doing research, theories in print now
  • McAdams book, glaring factual errors, preconceived notions, not very helpful
  • Bugliosi, massive, footnote cd's, he followed the record, in someways helpful
  • Keep an open mind, different theories, fine, people on the other side
  • Mexico City, American Embassy ties to the Mafia, Rose Cheramie, her life and connections
  • The Garrison investigation, wish they'd been more thorough, the two men she was travelling with
  • Adele Edison, Operation Paperclip, Jose Rivera, Brooke Army Medical Center
  • Hank's book out in April or May, Peter Janney's book (2012), the murder of Mary Meyer
  • Not technical, Hank is a trained historian and investigative reporter, Doug Horne's books
  • No event has been as examined as the JFK assassination, books, investigations
  • We're a lot further down the road, Mary Ferrell, early work, 1964
  • Jesse Ventura, Gary Mack, Bugliosi, what happened to Manson in prison?
  • Whitey Bulger, LSD, MK/ULTRA, we've just scratched the surface, Hank's last book
  • American Embassy in Mexico was a hotbed of MK/ULTRA, Project Artichoke, hypnotism
  • Malcom Bloughton in England, Australian James Richards photographs, Robert Emmett Johnson
  • An enormous amount of detail, never gets put in one place, new, credible, startling
  • The Agency is still very sensitive, recent seminar at Hood College, the Agency was there
  • Not Oswald, but the Agency, life is a conspiracy, unfolding all the time
  • Another one or two generations, ancient history, it's important, so it doesn't happen again
  • 9/11, the Reichstag fire, pulling it all together, new names, possible shooters

    Hank Albarelli also appeared on Black Op Radio show: #567
    Dick Russell appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #524, #465, #400, #066
    Adele Edison appeared on Black Op Radio show: #526

    Show #571
    Original airdate: March 22, 2012
    Guest: Dr. David Mantik with Greg Burnham
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Dr. David Mantik and Greg Burnham     (1:12:41)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dr. Mantik has a physics PhD and is certified in radiation oncology
  • Became seriously interested in the assassination with Stone's movie
  • Performed x-ray measurements at the National Archives,
  • JFK Assassination Logic (McAdams 2011), How to Think Like John McAdams
  • Six Seconds in Dallas (Thompson 1967) touted as the best, forty years later
  • Overview, logic in the title, but not in the book, he does commit logical fallacies
  • Why he omits data, culling evidence, no citation, no rules, inconsistent
  • After all of the data that we have accumulated, he does seem to be stuck in the past
  • He seems to just regurgitate second hand evidence, no real research of his own
  • Do not trust eyewitnesses, except for those approved by McAdams
  • Elizabeth Loftus, 10 closest witnesses to the limousine, it stopped, ignored
  • Tippet, ejected spent cartridges, Don Thomas, three irreconcilably different opinions
  • Back of JFK's head, McAdams argues no damage, witnesses report the opposite
  • Right-rear head wound descriptions, exit wound, orange or palm sized, McClelland
  • The right temple/forehead, identified by witnesses to the body and to photographs
  • Press conference, Malcolm Kilduff pointing, Chet Huntley, George Burkley
  • Seth Kantor, Charles Crenshaw pointed to right hair line just above the eye socket
  • Robinson, near the hairline, Joe O'Donnell, Robert Knudsen photographs
  • Above the right eye, an entry wound, Dennis David, William Pitzer
  • Ed Reed, Doug Horne, Reed, Robinson, saw Humes sawing into the skull
  • Dr. Mantik observed a trail of apparent bullet fragments on the skull x-rays
  • The largest fragment at the back of the head, larger pieces go farther, from the front
  • At the autopsy, there was no fragment on the x-rays, children can find it
  • Dozens of, experts could not see the fragment that night, the Clark Panel report
  • Double exposing an x-ray, John Ebersole, discussion ended at the mention of fragment
  • Assassination Science (Fetzer et al 1998), John Fitzpatrick, a forensic radiologist
  • McAdams acknowledges no fact checker, Dr. Mantik thanks Millicent Cranor
  • Assumes 20 conspirators, 96% probability that it would get out, standard deviation
  • Gilbert Welch (2004), a list of bad facts in the book
  • Photos of back of the head, stereo viewer, paired images, hair looked flat
  • 5x7 transparencies of JFK's back, left upper back, a small dark spot, a lighter spot
  • Color prints, an inconsistent set of photographs, authentic? impossible
  • Abnormally dark area, hair washed, no autopsy witnesses saw hair washed,
  • Keeping major secrets, autopsy personnel, Parkland doctors, kept their secrets
  • Manhattan Project, Mrs. Groves was shocked, My Lai, People of the Lie (1998)
  • Fingerprint and palmprint evidence, Carl Day refused to sign a statement
  • Fingerprint identification has come under increasing skepticism as unscientific
  • The provenance, a print under the wooden stock, one on the trigger guard
  • Dr. Mantik reviews his summary, Attention Deficit Disorder, critical thinking

    Dr. Mantik also appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #453, #395, #331, #127 and #029
    Greg Burnham also appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #509, #081, #037, #034 and #001
    John McAdams appeared on Black Op Radio shows: #443 and #442

    Show #570
    Original airdate: March 15, 2012
    Guest: Larry Hancock
    Topics: Nexus: The CIA and Political Assassination

    Play Part One - Larry Hancock     (1:46:03)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Larry was a teenager in Oklahoma when the assassination occurred, Jim Marrs' book
  • Looking for leads, a researchers guide, led to Someone Would Have Talked (2003)
  • Nexus: The CIA and Political Assassination (2011), a top-down investigation
  • A nexus, a group of individuals who were in a position to direct political assassination
  • The Operations Directorate, Lessons From Guatemala, nobody ever gave an order
  • JFK, a pragmatic cold warrior, knew how to negotiate, disturbing the Establishment
  • CIA Operations/Plans, other tasks as assigned, NSC 10/2, Operations Directorate
  • The Office of Security, Angleton, JM/WAVE/Morales, Alpha 66, Bishop/Phillips
  • Lisa Howard, Castro invited a Kennedy negotiator, Castro sent a message to LBJ
  • Angleton suspicious of anyone with a backchannel to JFK, bug sweeps of JFK rooms
  • Angleton and Bill Harvey, Task Force W, CIA covert operations failing
  • Operation Switchback in Vietnam, Cuba, Lansdale and Mongoose
  • A personal crusade for them, anti-Communist cold warriors, guardians of the West
  • People suspected something was wrong, but they just went along, Ted Shackley lied
  • Mexico City, telephone impersonations, CIA telephone taps of the Cuban embassy
  • Allen Dulles, not telling the truth under oath, Richard Helms, convicted of perjury
  • Illegal acts up to and including murder, "sources and methods", a deal with Justice
  • Gaeton Fonzi, Morales, Joannides, De Torres, laughable Congressional oversight
  • The DC plot, Oswald about to move, started to put something together by September
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis, "Something's got to be done", a sniper in the Orange Bowl
  • September 1963, Miami exile community impassioned against JFK
  • In contact with, aware of Oswald in New Orleans, letters to Communist Party USA
  • The Dallas conspiracy was organized by officers of U.S. Intelligence
  • Johnny Roselli sniper teams might have been used, shooting fish in a barrel
  • Howard Hunt, a bench warmer, in the Big Event, Hunt heard details, Morales' name
  • Gun running, Robert McKeown, plotters wanted Castro to take the fall
  • Contingency plans? Dallas was a complex tactical plan, back-up sites, Antonio Veciana
  • Bugliosi, in his Manson book he discovers a conspiracy, he's inconsistent
  • Oswald impersonators in Dallas, framing Oswald, in Mexico City, FBI informant
  • He was under surveillance, somewhat simplistic, brute force, react, bombers to Cuba
  • Public transport getaway, contradictions, a field day for a Defense attorney
  • People realized they'd been used, didn't stand up and talk, never will change their stories
  • JFK, if he got re-elected, would have gone forward, 50 years of covert warfare
  • No war with the Soviet Union and 10,000 warheads, Iran with one?
  • Kennedy was willing to change the game, lesson learned, there's been no one since
  • Larry's blog, covert operations in general, American secret warfare, the

    Show #569
    Original airdate: March 8, 2012
    Guest: Doug Horne
    Topics: Transcripts of the Air Force One Tapes

    Play Part One - Doug Horne     (3:00:00)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Doug performed staff work on the ARRB and wrote a five volume book (2009)
  • Air Force One audio tapes, Cedar Rapids, the Fishbowl, call-sign Liberty, Collins Radio, Bill Kelly
  • SAM 26000, David Lifton, the AP article, Clifton, 2:20 long, on-line recordings, 2 mp3's
  • Doug's blog, take off/landing times for Air Force Two, Col. Dorman trying to get hold of Gen. LeMay
  • MSgt. Trimble, 4 simultaneous frequencies, the 02:17:00 flight should have 6 hrs of recorded conversation
  • Still missing messages, to Salinger and Asst. Sec. State Robert Manning from WH Situation Room
  • The Making of the President 1964, Oswald guilty message passed to Air Force One
  • General LeMay, what was he doing the day of the assassination?
  • Airman Gilmore, contact LeMay, log book rescued from trash, Chuck Holmes
  • Airplane sent to Toronto, diverted to Wairton, Secretary of the Air Force orders plane to Andrews
  • Lands at National, a civilian airport in a military craft at 5:12 PM EST, 52 minutes before AF1 lands
  • Warren Kozak book, p356, "on a hunting trip in Michigan", a strong dislike between LeMay and JFK
  • JCS, SAC, Gen. Power, Seven Days in May (1962), LeMay calling Kennedy a coward
  • Missile Crisis, quotes from transcript, Timothy Naftali, Munich, Cuba had tactical nuclear weapons
  • Russian Bear testicles, "We've won", "We've been had", LeMay, "Won, hell!, We lost", first strike
  • Paul O'Conner, Navy man at autopsy, LeMay was at the autopsy, smoking a cigar,
  • Why is LeMays aide not with him?, Why a special flight to get him? Lying about where he was that day
  • 67 Japanese cities destroyed by firebombing, a cheerleader of the coup, SIOP-62
  • The autopsy site and the mode of transportation for the body
  • Context, three casket entries to the morgue, 6:35 pm, cheap metal shipping casket, 6:55, 8:15
  • Kellerman to Behn, "Waiting for swearing in", "After the uh, body"
  • Aft starboard galley door, Dr. Rose, Aubrey Rike, Mrs. Kennedy on board, flying command post
  • Col. Hornbuckle, where will the autopsy be? Kellerman, Adm. Burkley, ambulance to Walter Reed
  • Behn, "No, by helicopter to Bethesda", Burkley, to Walter Reed, "Choppered to South Grounds"
  • "Body by helo to Bethesda", Clifton/Watchman, Heaton, ambulance to Walter Reed,
  • Mortuary ambulance, "Black Cadillac", Col. Swindal, ramp forward on starboard side
  • NBC, 6:04 pm, AF One rolls to a stop, "an Army helo has just landed", gray Naval ambulance
  • 6:09 ambulance departs, Jackie stayed with the coffin, "ambulance to helicopters"
  • 6:20 TV coverage is cut, Lifton/Lancer 1996, interviewed a Marine helicopter pilot
  • Hid his chopper behind some trees, to approach unnoticed if possible, fly body to Bethesda
  • HMX Squadron, Anacostia, the Hot Team, flew back to Quantico, motorcade took 45 or 46 minutes
  • The actual intent of those controlling the autopsy, Gawler's Funeral Home, Tom Robinson
  • The body was removed before the swearing-in, reunite his body with the casket at Walter Reed
  • Early entry to perform inspection, post-mortem/pre-autopsy surgery, remove evidence of frontal shots
  • Walter Reed, 1997 Dr. Dick Davis, AFIP, all set to do a craniotomy, the body never arrived
  • Originally to go to Walter Reed, altered there, then Humes and Boswell to serve as dupes,
  • Dallas casket/ambulance lost and found on Bethesda grounds, signed letters of silence
  • Lipsey (HSCA) mentions decoy ambulance, diagram of wounds description, three hits from behind
  • Humes told FBI two shots, the chain of custody was broken, a clandestine operation was afoot
  • Remaining minutes of the recording? recordings made at Liberty, WHCA property
  • Salandria, White, Manning, fingering the lone assassin way too early in the game, absurd
  • Crown/Behn/Bundy, sceptical, wonderful if another tape showed up, government search, they refused
  • Behind a wall of silence, risk, blame and exposure, raise a massive uproar, political cowardice
  • Covered up in the 60's by guilty men and to prevent WWIII, perpetuated by cowards
  • We don't need to be protected from the truth, AARB cop-out, no official investigation or conclusions
  • Anna Nelson, DeMohrenschildt linked to VP Johnson, FBI bugged KBG, Johnson responsible
  • SS Inspector General Tom Kelley opposed a bill making Pres. assassination a federal crime
  • Melvin Eisenberg memo, Earl Warren, to shut down rumors Johnson was involved
  • Brain, tissue slides, photographs, x-rays missing, altered, accessory after the fact
  • Pre-autopsy surgery? Robinson saw head sawed open, x-ray technician Ed Reed, the forehead, photographs, x-rays
  • 8:00 "autopsy", altering the wounds, expand the head wound, destruction of evidence, a charade
  • Secret or shadow government still in control? Eisenhower warned us, Military/Industrial complex
  • Jeremy Gunn, ARRB charter forbade investigation and conclusions, Blakey, a limited hangout
  • Autopsy attendees? A list, unusual, LeMay was there to gloat, the gallery was full, Galloway/Burkley
  • Thomas Jefferson,
  • Hoover and Johnson, essential enablers, Sibert and O'Neill report, "surgery of the head area"
  • The WC buried that evidence, Ebersol, Gerald Custer, story kept changing, Ed Reed, occipital
  • Boswell ARRB deposition, bone missing, but it looked intact, burning of autopsy notes
  • Fink's notes disappeared, a first draft reviewed without Fink, Capt. Canada, Capt. Stover
  • Galloway, third written version, Doug's book, Joannides, assigned as CIA liason to HSCA
  • A big conspiracy, a massive government cover-up, implemented immediately, too soon
  • Do not blindly accept the pronouncements of authority, demand the right to know

    Doug Horne also appeared on Black Op Radio shows #459, #452, #150 and #149

    Show #568
    Original airdate: March 1, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Assassination Research / Listener Questions

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio (1:30:31)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Thanks for the t-shirt ideas and the facebook 50 reasons the WC is wrong input
  • Harvey and Lee (1997), two Oswalds, how can that be? Meeting with John in Hawaii
  • Jim's review of Winner-Take-All Politics (Hacker/Pierson 2011)
  • Jim might write a book about Obama and FDR, two men, the Democratic party, the rich
  • Inside Job (2010), the 2007/2008 blow out, real estate market crash
  • Gramm?each?liley Act (1999), Phil Graham, Countrywide, Americorp
  • Sub-prime loans, bank loan guidelines, Wall Street attached derivatives to sub-prime loans
  • You don't own anything, like betting on futures, betting on whether the home owner will renege
  • 100 times as large as the real estate value, AIG, deriviatve insurance, London
  • AIG couldn't be allowed to go under, the Fed, Bernanke, TARP bill
  • Roosevelt/Obama, it ain't what it used to be, the New Deal, recovery and reform
  • Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, commercial banks, investment banks, loans and Wall Street
  • SEC, Joe Kennedy, Wall Street hated FDR, banks and stocks, off like a rocket
  • Washington Mutual, brought down, Grahams Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000
  • He and his wife became consultants, Collapse (2009), Michael Moore
  • Fraud, No-Doc loans, no paycheck stub, 1932, 1980, Democratic Leadship Council
  • RFK, electric companies, Democrats, Howard Dean, Clinton
  • Bush, SEC, cuts, Bernie Maddof, how the middle class has been ripped off
  • CTKA, Jim's review of Nexus (Hancock, 2011), McAdams reviews, Mantik, Cassano, Speer
  • Bought but not read, a right wing propagandist, agitprop
  • Paul Nolan, an assumed name, interviewed to do a hit job
  • More on John Mcadams - Laughing Stock of The Internet
  • McadamsRegarded as "Westboro Baptist Church" of the JFK research community
  • Correct ideas float to the top, they know better, no valid criticisms
  • Logic, ad hominem attacks, he serves up primary documents on the web
  • History Matters, Mary Ferrell, research, Frequently Asked Questions regarding John McAdams
  • Wikipedia, Haymarket Square Riot, creditable sources, Probe magazine, primary documents
  • Talkback pages, is Probe creditable? McAdams site is listed as references
  • Fernandez, JFK and Oswald, CTKA article, part 1 and 2 and three, New Media
  • Blogosphere, alternative press, Huffington Post, Jim's article, 20,000,000 visitors a month
  • Unique visitors, sold to AOL for $315,000,000, Daily Beast, Tina Brown
  • Jesse Ventura, "we don't do 9/11", snail nail, comment logs, Lisa Pease got flagged,
  • Questions, photo of Robert Oswald and Jim Braden, Parkland, after Lee was shot
  • Bill Kelly - Jim Braden,
  • Larry Hancock, The Man On The Grassy Knoll, a film, the screenwriter, Ted Shakley
  • Joe Trento's book, Paul Schrade, DiCaprio, more fiction. the ARRB, deal with the facts
  • Capt. Fritz, notes, Shelly, Altgens, doorway, Lovelady or Oswald, the Commission
  • Book about Victoria Adams, Oswald identified 3 or 4 people, Carolyn Walter
  • Chicken dinner, Dougherty fifth floor, Sandra Stiles, Bob Tannenbaum, a "motion picture case"
  • Credible witnesses, Oswald was not on the 6th floor, Brennan, bad eyesight
  • Dealey Plaza - Impossible angle revealed on Google Earth
  • Ted Yaguchi, film maker, Jim's overview of November 21, 1963, with Jim's re-release of his book
  • Ferrie's library card, looking for picnic photo, CAP, three days after the assassination
  • Covert forces, 1960's assassinations
  • Bugliosi, Hoover and the FBI, Bill Turner, decline and fall of the FBI began in Dealy Plaza
  • Hoover, the Commission, Oswald, CIA and FBI, New Orleans arrest, communist defector
  • Oswald, I was under the protection of the US
  • David Bellen, Wesley Liebler, Robert Blakey, Priscilla Johnson, apologists
  • He really wasn't a communist, Bobby/Hoover communist party informants, infiltrated
  • CIA/Fair Play for Cuba Commitee, John Newman's book 1995, agents inside, Phillips and McCord
  • 1964, The Nation, shot witnesses, Oswald was an informant, 32 years later, Oswald makes sense
  • Phillips, McCord and the FBI, Anti-FPCC, black-bag jobs, Gentry on Hoover
  • New Orleans and Cubans, leaflets, tragedy, National Security State cover-up
  • Classifications, the true circumstances, the culprits, their security, not ours

    Show #567
    Original airdate: Feb 23, 2012
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Hank Albarelli
    Topics: Assassination Research / Frank Olson and Secret Cold War Experiments

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio     (1:32:20)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • CTKA reviews of books by Chris Matthews, Mark Lane, and Larry Hancock
  • Reviews of McAdams by David Mantik, Frank Cassano, and Pat Speer
  • Who is Mcadams, CIA disinformation asset, or just plain Crackpot? "Laughing stock of the Internet "
  • CTKA has 900 visitors a day, heading for 2 million hits a year, Len's IPhone feed
  • Elegy for Roger Feinman, Curtis LeMay and Air Force One recordings
  • Bill O'Reilly Killing Kennedy, Sirhan case, California AG Kamala Harris
  • Ed Sherry, South Florida Research Group, open meeting this Saturday (
  • Larry Hancock, Someone Would Have Talked (2006), the CIA and the Justice Department
  • The Arbenz coup (1954), Hunt and Phillips, the Bay of Pigs
  • The Posthumous Assassination of JFK (1997), Mimi Alford, A Storm in a (Mimi) Teacup
  • "Better Red than dead", an amphibious armada in south Florida, tactical nuclear weapons on Cuba
  • Traded missiles for a no invasion pledge, get missiles out of Turkey, replied to the first letter
  • Jefferson Morley, Salon, Edmund Gullion, Vietnam, not about Communism, but Colonialism
  • Operation Vulture (1954), JFK speech of April 6, 1954, and speech of November 1, 1957
  • 1.1 million northern Tonkinese moved to South Vietnam (1954), Ngo Dinh Diem, Americanized
  • The Eisenhower Domino Theory, JFK turned down nine different attempts to get into Vietnam
  • Kennedy brought Gullion in to the White House, appointed him Ambassador to the Congo
  • Collins Radio, T.F. White, Oswald look alike, Wes Wise, not in the Warren Report
  • Reports of Oswald coming out the back of the Texas Theater, a second Oswald in the theater
  • Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald (John Armstrong, 1997), 983 pages
  • Palmer McBride, somehow knew Oswald in New Orleans, when Oswald was in Japan
  • Gandhi and the Unspeakable (Jim Douglass, 2012), Robert Caro's fourth volume on LBJ
  • Listener questions, single bullet problem, Connally's wrist, loss of pulverizing power
  • JFK Scandal Page, the single bullet did not occur, can we stop arguing about it?
  • The Roscoe White story, Jim didn't buy it, Texas Monthly (1990)
  • Where did the shot in the throat come from? Dr. Malcolm Perry, Milicent Cranor
  • The worst autopsy of the century, it's not an exit wound
  • Bugliosi and the RFK assassination

    Jim DiEugenio contributes frequently to Black Op Radio

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  • A Terrible Mistake (2009), Frank Olson, Camp Detrick (1941), Frederick, Maryland
  • Edgewood Arsenal, aerosol dispersion, biological warfare research, CIA
  • Olson headed the Special Operations Division, MK/NAOMI, an assassination tool
  • Botulism used to kill Lumumba, MK/ULTRA, MK - the Technical Services Division
  • Study a broad range of subjects, behavior modification, mind control, 144 sub-projects
  • LSD experiments, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, CIA interrogation enhancement
  • Effective with alcoholics, Vancouver Maclean Hospital, reprogramming
  • Canadian Dr. Ewen Cameron was one of the worst, LSD and MK/ULTRA,
  • The Frank Olson death (1953), the Rockefeller Commission (1975)
  • The Search for the Manchurian Candidate (John Marks, 1979)
  • Catonsville, Maryland, strange behavior in a fast food restaurant, Spring Grove people
  • Spring Grove, the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, prior to the Army or the CIA
  • Frank Olson exhumed, family's doubts, a 900 page book on the subject
  • Hank came to the conclusion that Olson hadn't committed suicide
  • The Army and the CIA, what were their objectives? Fort Detrick
  • Hank interviewed Sidney Gottlieb, he was very cordial, met with a CIA attorney
  • Lumumba, botulism, the Congo, QJ/WIN, Pont-Saint-Esprit (1951), dosing bread
  • The Army, Dr. L. Wilson Green, Edgewood Arsenal
  • Albert Hofmann, Sandoz Chemical Company, what's the market for this drug?
  • Olson wanted out, he got a little bit too talkative, Deep Creek Lake, New York hotel
  • Reports that LSD has been used at Guantanamo Bay, Camp X, Jose Padilla
  • Sen. Leahy, anthrax letters, Bruce Ivins, Obama non-transparency, FOIA requests
  • 7,000 service people were experimented with, you forgo your rights as a US soldier
  • The CIA budget and how many employees they have, Congress doesn't want to know
  • Heroin production up 85% in Afghanistan, CIA domestically owns 8,000 corporations
  • CIA Domestic Offices, Homeland Security Headquarters, 60,000 employees
  • Jesse Ventura, TSA has no sense of decency, Ron Paul belittled

    Show #566
    Original airdate: Feb 16, 2012
    Guest: Len Osanic / Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: JFK Research

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  • Updates, listener questions, Len will be in Hawaii in April, interviews with John Armstrong
  • Harvey and Lee (1997), facts, are they true or are some of them Golden Apples?
  • Top 50 things wrong with the Warren Commission, 16 smoking guns, fraud
  • Oswald's tax records are still a state secret. Why? David Mantik review of McAdams
  • Regarded as Westboro Baptist Church of the JFK research community more on John Mcadams...
  • CE 399, reverse trajectory momentum, misleading by omission
  • Jim Douglass, new book Gandhi and the Unspeakable (2012)
  • You can't give away Ultimate Sacrifice (Waldron/Hartmann 2005)
  • 12 years of Black Op Radio, Len to interview John Armstrong in-depth
  • Dealey Plaza booked all week for the 50th by Gary Mack, any other t-shirt ideas?
  • Has Mark Lanes Citizen Lane been released? You're invited to Hawaii in April

    David Mantik appeared on Black Op Radio shows #029, #127, #331, #395 and #453
    John McAdams appeared on Black Op Radio shows #442 and #443
    Jim Douglass appeared on Black Op Radio shows #369, #372, #374, #375, #377, #379, #406, #417 and #454
    Mark Lane appeared on Black Op Radio shows #294, #365, #386, #409, #416, #438, #464, #475, #592, #527 and #545

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  • The Secret Team (Fletcher Prouty, 1973), Understanding Special Operations (David Ratcliffe, 1999)
  • The National Security Act of 1947, the Department of Defense
  • The Central Intelligence Agency, legislated to coordinate intelligence
  • Nuclear Age war strategy , the creation of the CIA (1947), the OSS (1942) and OPC (1948)
  • The National Security Council (1947), amended (1949), by law directs covert operations
  • NSC 10/2 (1948), Intelligence Survey Group, Allen Dulles, Mathias Correa, William Jackson
  • The Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report (1949), John Foster Dulles, Walter Bedell Smith
  • No law says that the CIA is an intelligence or covert operations agency, Harry Truman column
  • NSC 5412, the Special Group, the OCB (1953), Dulles as DCI (1953)
  • The NSC approved reactive CIA conceived covert actions, the Tonkin Gulf incident (1964)
  • There was no planning, Dulles was very effective, two Dulles's, Tibet (1959)
  • Army Intelligence, Air Force resources, the law of custom, the NSC is responsible for covert ops
  • Almost any branch of the government gets involved in covert ops, Customs, Treasury, FAA
  • Military officers work with the CIA, the CIA will pay DOD for volunteer pilots, dual records
  • Defense, Westmoreland, Search and Destroy, he wasn't on the offense, no place to go and win the war
  • General Creighton Abrams, LBJ, General Victor Krulak, Averell Harriman
  • Warfare as defined by Clausewitz, is all out action, offense is the core of war
  • The primary principle of war is the objective, the antithesis of defense, the Strategic Defense Initiative
  • People are unable to assimilate, nuclear and biological weapons, AIDS is a weapon
  • Man is too puny to cope with hydrogen bombs, fight economically, the Arab Oil Embargo
  • The battle over food, Malthusianism, genocide, too many people on Earth
  • After Hiroshima, Russian hydrogen bomb, lethal radiation, beyond control, war is outmoded
  • SHAEF headquarters in Europe, NATO War Plans, no plan for all-out war
  • The Manichean Devil, the AEC (1946), we created Communism as the enemy, 6 trillion dollars
  • Vietnam, Viet Cong, kha/beggar, 'cong' an Irish ghost in the closet
  • Dulles, Focal Point system, CIA personnel placed in other Departments and Agencies
  • CIA agent 'Colonel' Ed Lansdale promoted by USAF General LeMay, Frank Hand
  • The CIA bought hundreds of Helio Planes through the Air Force, helio strips in Vietnam
  • Chairman of the JCS, General Lemnitzer had no idea that DOD supported 608 CIA units
  • There is no law for the control of covert operations, other than at the NSC level
  • CIA personnel embedded in other Departments, FAA, the Office of Special Operations, General Erskine
  • Major Al Haig was a man in this program, became Secretary of State (1981)
  • Eisenhower did not want the CIA to create a capability that was on-going
  • Departmental assistance to the CIA, Dulles would ask to put a man or men in to coordinate
  • CIA Act of 1949, the secret of covert operation is the control of money, Louis Johnson, reimbursement
  • Keeps bills from appearing in public, Tab-6 (USAF Focal Point System), Agency money
  • The DCI doesn't have to account for spending, a considerable amount of money under their own control
  • Used to spend for salaries, not visible, concealed in a budget, street name accounts, Cede & Co.
  • Suydam and Co. (p. 25) a CIA account, Air America commercial work, invested in a supermarket chain
  • The war planning role of the CIA, reserve a non-fallout area for CIA to operate, a fourth Force
  • Trucks, aircraft, radios, a post-strike function, create a unit, CIA people in military uniforms
  • Filling their warehouses, the Agency was able to create quite a force, able to get equipment quickly
  • In Nicaragua (1986), Eugene Hasenfus captured, the Agency's stockpile, a Chase 123,
  • Lemnitzer, Shoup, Indonesian Rebellion (1958), the Marines loaned the Army 12,000 rifles, given to CIA
  • Col. North, 2,008 TOW missiles delivered to Iran, they sold them for money
  • Soviet "blip" transmissions, stretched into readable language, EG&G
  • From then on, Fletcher kept the JCS well briefed, a large, costly function, almost uncontrolled
  • All covert operations require foreign alliances, bilateral agreements, other countries lose faith
  • The Office of Special Operations was moved by Robert McNamara into the JCS (1961)
  • Operations require approval, support, equipment, the Bay of Pigs (1961), Eisenhower
  • Hardly covert, a tactical combat air force larger than any in Latin America
  • The Agency requested just two Navy doctors, USAF supplied two, a lot of capability
  • Built a big airbase in Guatemala, they could run major warfare by themselves
  • Nixon was most active, Eisenhower never authorized an invasion of Cuba
  • Dulles and Bissell briefed JFK, a three thousand man force, JFK knew the Cuban leaders
  • Senator Kennedy and four Cuban exile leaders, Manuel Artima, Mendonca, de Varona
  • Col. Jack Hawkins made the tactical plans, combat in Laos used Agency owned equipment
  • Covert ops require matériel, the Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report, the Dulles Mein Kampf
  • Congress created an intelligence coordinating organization, the CIA, where is the oversight?
  • The NSC has to control it, Fletcher briefed cleared Senators, Russell and Saltonstall
  • If DOD is taking care of it, "I don't need to know about that Colonel", it must be proper
  • Lyman Kirkpatrick, The Real CIA (1968), "the leaders of the Agency can do no wrong"
  • Ray Cline (1982), Peer De Silva (1978), Agency men who've written books, generally accurate
  • CIA, the cover story is that it is an Intelligence organization
  • Almost, all covert activity is in the CIA, a small group, the world is one big chessboard
  • The real leaders are still anonymous, we won't give their names, Colby, Helms, FitzGerald
  • Convinced that they are right and able, the Craft of Intelligence (Dulles, 1963)
  • Col. L.K. White, had a Deputy of Supply, he had his money man, Capt. Garrison, DD/S
  • DCI Casey, part of the original OSS group, it's the man
  • Secret Intelligence, spies, bribery, assassinations, to gain and protect information
  • Every night Intelligence is boiled down to the essence, Agency does analysis and briefing
  • Pentagon pre-brief for 52 cleared people, then to the White House to brief the President
  • What makes Washington run comes down from the pre-brief, the agenda for the day
  • Reacting, responding, not on the offense, since the 40's, pre-empts the President
  • George Bush, the first DCI to be President, Fletcher attended briefings for years
  • Dulles went to Paris with the Wilson Peace Conference group right after World War I
  • John and Allen Dulles were both senior directors of the Sullivan & Cromwell law firm
  • Major legal contacts with Germany during the Nazi period, the World Council of Churches
  • A missionary, a lawyer, a financier, a diplomat, he calls on all this background
  • Communism or the West, his ability to control the briefings, guiding the government
  • DDA, he abolished it, he would react to things, a government of reaction
  • This straight-jacket Kennedy was trying to remove, he fired Dulles
  • Kennedy, in direct conflict with the CIA, Truman recalled Walter Bedell Smith from Moscow
  • Under the Secretary of Defense was the OSO, DIA would improve Military Intelligence
  • General Erskine retired, DDR&E, ISA, the three Services supported CIA in an ad-hoc manner
  • General Wheeler, bringing Special Operations into the JCS, Lansdale working for Gilpatric
  • McNamara increased JCS manning allotments, Fletcher moved downstairs to the JCS area
  • SACSA, and the Office that handles Deception, General Craig
  • General Krulak, the Counterinsurgency role bloomed during the Kennedy period
  • Fort Bragg, the Kennedy Center, General Maxwell Taylor, The Uncertain Trumpet (1960)
  • The shift from Eisenhower to Kennedy was unexpected, they were ready for Nixon
  • Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Air Force Base, JFK asked Taylor to review the Bay of Pigs
  • The Taylor letter to JFK, moved the Administration closer to Counterinsurgency
  • NSAM 55, NSAM 56 and NSAM 57 contained the language of the Taylor letter
  • The JCS would advise the President in peace time as in war time
  • Fletcher briefed the Chairman, the shock that procedure created in Washington
  • Taylor succeeded Lemnitzer as Chairman of the JCS, McCone replaced Dulles at CIA
  • Taylor later became the Ambassador to Vietnam, he was succeeded at JCS by General Wheeler
  • Taylor, Burke, Kennedy, Dulles, review of the Bay of Pigs, Dulles made up the witness list
  • Dulles was indoctrinating the Kennedys, Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy
  • A whole family of documents, look at these dominant papers of the Kennedy Administration
  • Fletcher revised The Secret Team in 1970 after the release of the Pentagon Papers
  • Charles Bohannon, Lucien Conein, Bill Rossin, Arthur Arundel, Rufus Phillips, CIA agents
  • Lansdale biography In the Midst of Wars (1972), worked in the Philippines, to overthrow Quirino
  • Bohana, Valeriano, Lansdale, Chief of the Saigon Military Mission, Psychological Warfare
  • The Saigon Military Mission was a cover the Agency created in 1954, Ngo Dinh Diem
  • The Military Assistance Program and the Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam
  • Stilwell, Lansdale, Mao's Little Red Book, "The people are like water and the army is like fish"
  • We moved in to Iran after 1949, the Agency was all over Iran, Iranians went to Fort Bragg, etc.
  • Thousands of dossiers on Iranians, Nixon appointed Richard Helms as Ambassador to Iran
  • Allende, Pinochet is the one we trained, we reap what we sow, Kennedy's pressure against the system
  • The Bay of Pigs, the willing support of the rest of the government, in a Secret Team mode
  • Cuba, casinos, people from the Pentagon buying sugar stock, a commercial venture
  • Deniability, the U2, scrubbed clean, sanitized aircraft, you can't do it, required by NSC directive
  • 42,000 American rifles is not covert, NSAM 57, small things assigned to CIA
  • Denial of national sovereignty of your target country, criminal among the family of nations
  • There is no longer anything called sovereignty, satellites, finance, communications, transportation
  • Walter B. Wriston, Risk & Other Four-Letter Words (1986), covert operations, horse and buggy
  • There's no point in launching hydrogen bombs, economic warfare, an overdrawn account
  • We kept the secret from the American people, the rest of the world was laughing at us
  • The B-1 and B-2 bombers, stealthy in radar, makes more noise, that world is behind us
  • Energy and food eras, the government doesn't stand still, the weapons are gonna be different

    David Ratcliffe also appeared on Black Op Radio shows #013, #154,
    #155, #461, #474, #475, #477, #478, #479, #482, #504 and #563

    Visit the The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site for much more insight from this Pentagon insider

    Show #565
    Original airdate: Feb 09, 2012
    Guest: Jim Lesar
    Topics: JFK Research

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  • Jim and The Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) sent a letter to the United States Archivist
  • Detailing 50,000 pages of CIA documents yet to be released per Assassination Records Collection Act (1992)
  • All records must be made public by 2017 unless the President approves their withholding
  • National Declassification Center, declassifying 400,000,000 pages by 2013, excluding JFK records
  • They need to be available for the public debate generated by the approaching 50th anniversary
  • "Knowledge of our history is an essential feature of democratic accountability", Obama openness policy
  • AARC (1984) is a successor to the Committee to Investigate Assassinations (1969), Bernard Fensterwald
  • 700,000 pages digitized by the Mary Ferrell Foundation are available
  • There has been no review of records labeled by the CIA as NBR (Not Believed Relevant)
  • One citizen, Mayor R M Johnson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, got most Warren Commission records released
  • Following a suit in 2003, the Court of Appeals in 2007 ordered the CIA to search for relevant records
  • The CIA revealed that George Joannides worked with the HSCA in a covert capacity
  • Put the pressure on, write your Representative , help by joining and supporting AARC
  • Contribute to 50 ways the official story can be shown to be wrong... at Black Op Radio on facebook

    Jim Lesar also appeared on Black Op Radio shows #469, #418, #352

    Show #564
    Original airdate: Feb 02, 2012
    Guests: Holland Vandennieuwenhof / Bill Kelly
    Topics: Oklahoma City Bombing / JFK Research

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  • Late 1970's LBJ Library released tapes of Air Force One radio transmissions from November 22nd, 1963
  • Bill acquired copies, accessed two varieties of transcripts, then made his own, posted them on line
  • Newly acquired tapes from Brigadier General Chester Clifton, Kennedy's military aide, from the Raab Collection
  • Discovered new "patches" (air/ground conversations), the question is what is not on the tape? What has been cut out?
  • Theodore White wrote of a call from McGeorge Bundy in the White House, saying that Oswald was captured and a lone nut
  • Pierre Salinger, on a plane along with most of the Cabinet, wrote that the radio code book could not be found
  • They switched around from Walter Reed to Bethesda and from a helicopter to an ambulance, a forklift on the front right
  • The LeMay patch was not on the original version, his assistant tries urgently to contact him aboard another plane
  • General LeMay was returning from a Canadian Air Base, no transmission from LeMay is on the tape
  • Five or six hours were recorded, twice as long as we have today, a lot of references people have made are not on the tapes
  • Vincent Salandria first requested the tapes and logs, he called attention to the missing references
  • We need a House Oversight committee to review the records that we know existed, and are still withheld or missing
  • We have to fight in Congress, in the courts and with the Obama administration
  • Jim Lazar is holding a conference in D.C. in October, the 20th anniversary of the JFK Act, Sunshine Week in March
  • Air Force One Radio Transmission mp3, Air Force One Radio Transmission Transcript

    Bill Kelly also appeared on Black Op Radio shows #550 and #431

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  • A documentary called A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 (2011), from Plato: a lie told for the greater good
  • The official story is false, McVeigh was not alone in the truck, the truck was not the sole source of destruction
  • Concurrent military operations that mimic the event, a bomb squad at the Murrah Building two hours before the explosion
  • McVeigh told his attorneys that he carried out his actions in Oklahoma City while under order from the U.S. government
  • The internet was just beginning at the time (April 19, 1995), early reports were manhandled and lost
  • A False-flag attack, made a movie, the best way to get the data out to the masses
  • We have the support of the families, Grand Juror member Hoppy Heidelberg
  • Like Oswald, Tim McVeigh started building a legend for himself in the Neo-Nazi radical Right
  • His handler was FBI Assistant Director Larry Potts, involved in Ruby Ridge and Waco and PATCON
  • Street Agents think they're covering up a screwed up sting operation, their truck, their explosives, their informants
  • Many records were purposefully destroyed, rescue operations were interrupted while victims were still trapped
  • The damage was off center from the truck bomb crater, the Partin Report, explosives placed within support columns
  • Most of our witnesses are government employees, all of our documents are the governments
  • Several people died trying to get the truth out, Sergeant Terrance Yeakey, the first responder, ruled a suicide
  • Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building (Charles Key, 2001)
  • The State of Oklahoma was complicit in the bombing, the major papers in Oklahoma were complicit
  • No room for speculations, two hours, the evidence is clear, it's up to the viewer to follow the implications
  • Their were dozens of video cameras watching, they have not released one of them
  • Debris fell on buildings across the street, through the blast wave, three seismographs recorded two explosions
  • "Until we have truth, we will not have justice", survivor V.Z. Lawton
  • Holland is a native of Oklahoma and a former Marine and co-hosts Free Mind Report, Free Mind Films

    Brig. Gen. Ben Partin appeared on Black Op Radio show #042

    Show #563
    Original airdate: Jan 26, 2012
    Guests: Anita Langley/David Ratcliffe
    Topics: Fletcher Prouty Special/Nuclear Radioactivity

    Play Part One - Anita Langley     (1:03:25)     Real Media or MP3 download or YouTube

  • Anita met Len as a guest in his recording studio, she noticed a copy of The Secret Team by Fletcher Prouty
  • Anita helped Len with the preparation of the Fletcher Prouty CD/ROM, they co-hosted Black Op Radio for seven years
  • Len shows Anita his Joseph Goebbels/Texas School Book Depository t-shirt "The Confusitory"
  • Anita recalls Fletchers troubles getting The Secret Team published and how his insight ran deeper than just JFK
  • Michael Riconosciuto, Philip Thompson, jailed murderer of Paul Morasca, Document Archive, John Nichols jailed
  • Electroactive armor, Riconosciuto's research, Born Classified (Gordon Sivell/Peter Osborne, unpublished)
  • PROMIS software (Prosecutor’s Management Information System), Octopus Murders Case, series KSEQ/Indio, CA
  • Triple homicide, Fred Alverez, Gerald Bull was assassinated, Valleyfield Chemical a munitions facility in Quebec
  • Michael Riconosciuto was mining platinum, no drug lab contamination, Anita is related to Michael by marriage
  • The Last Circle (Cheri Seymour, 2010) on the Octopus and the PROMIS Software scandal
  • Anita's thoughts on Jim Fetzer, documentation vs hearsay, Abid Jan interview, CIA vs CIA operatives
  • The internet makes a difference, SOPA, more difficult to censor, Len's awareness, looking over his shoulder
  • Changing awareness of privacy vs disclosure, it affects We The People as well as the powers that be
  • Airport security, death by a thousand cuts, secure the pilots, discouraging passengers isn't helping
  • While off topic re: Fletcher Prouty, the above discussion was inspired by Fletchers striving for openness

    Anita Langley was Len's original co-host on Black Op Radio
    Abid Jan appeared on Black Op Radio show #133

    Play Part Two - David Ratcliffe     (1:05:59)     Real Media or MP3 download or YouTube

  • Fletcher wrote about his own primary experiences in World War II and beyond, John Judge knew Fletcher quite well
  • The Secret Team (Fletcher Prouty, 1973), David met with Fletcher in May 1989 in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Three days, 11.5 hours on tape, an autobiographical summary, his life, his book, the assassination
  • 10 years later, made into a book, printed more than 700 copies, Understanding Special Operations (David Ratcliffe, 1999)
  • The cover story was organized long before, it continues to hold, an indication of their depth of control and influence
  • "Conspiracy Theory", people are afraid of being called a kook, call it "Political Research"
  • On the heels of Iran/Contra, Fletcher knew intimately how Congressional Acts were used to hide how the money was spent
  • Fletcher wanted an official trial, he wasn't going to name names on a talk show, Dallas, Texas, they're not interested
  • The Secret Team was very dense, have to read it multiple times, Special Operations expands on that
  • Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, David's site, March, 2011, Fukushima nuclear disaster
  • Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (Yablokov, et al, 2010)
  • Beyond Nuclear, a film called Into Eternity (Michael Madsen, 2009), Time of Useful Consciousness, Maria Gilardin
  • A documentary about a nuclear waste depository being constructed in Finland, intended to last for 100,000 years
  • If You Love This Planet, Helen Caldicott, David's Radioactivity and the Systematic Falsification of Nuclear Risk
  • "Onkalo", Finnish for "hiding place", do they leave a warning marker or attempt to hide it?
  • Michael Madsen lights a match, "Once upon a time man learned to master fire ... a new fire to burn into eternity"

    David Ratcliffe appeared on Black Op Radio shows #504, 482, 479, 478, 477, 475, 474, 461, 155, 154 and 013

    Visit the The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site for much more insight from this Pentagon insider

    Show #562
    Original airdate: Jan 19, 2012
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty/Canadian Cinderelly and film makers Angela Jackson and James O'Shaughnessy
    Topics: Gary Powers U2 flight/JFK Research/New documentary film

    Play Part One - Fletcher Prouty     (1:02:55)     Real Media or MP3 download or Youtube Video

  • Prouty and the Air Forces' professional support of the CIA's U2, a well run program
  • Powers' plane had a different camera, not the one with the most secret technology
  • Dulles told the Fulbright Committee, they couldn't have reached it, it came down, then they got it
  • Special fuel, JP fuel and hydrogen, the tank only had half enough, it came down half way in the flight
  • The U2 people were the most surprised that the plane was up there, another office, Cover and Deception
  • Détente between Khrushchev and Eisenhower, it was supposed to be a NASA atmospheric research airplane
  • The order for no overflights was nonexclusive, then this flight took off, Dulles was uncertain about the facts
  • Procedure for assigning a pilot to a certain plane for a certain flight, nothing in his pockets
  • The planned summit meeting was cancelled, it had been scheduled for May 10th 1960 in Paris
  • Cancelling of all overflights, Eisenhower certainly did not approve that flight, we had a cover story
  • At first Khrushchev withheld the fact that the pilot was alive, embarrassed Eisenhower
  • They were hiding that somebody else sent the plane out
  • The special camera was removed and they put a regular camera in it, they knew it was going to go down
  • The four names of the men who sent it, Prouty wouldn't divulge them, they were employees, somebody told them
  • Even the pilots didn't know that hydrogen was used in the fuel, they learned that later
  • Why isn't this out in the public? The doors to the Government Printing Office are not locked, newspapers won't print it
  • Allen Pope was shot down, he had identification that he shouldn't have had on the flight
  • It was a clandestine flight, it was exposed, the operation was being supported by the United States, that was his role
  • In 1962 Robert Kennedy helped release Pope, President Kennedy sent him to Indonesia to negotiate
  • In each case when they went down it completely embarrassed the operation, somebody wanted Pope to go down
  • Certain people fixed the plane so that it would come down, if the engine goes out there isn't enough oxygen to restart
  • If the bottle ran out of hydrogen, he couldn't restart, he was surrounded by MIGs, he glided down and landed in a field
  • People have to make an effort to unlearn the story they've been told
  • It was in Khrushchev's interest to say they shot it down

    Visit the The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site for much more insight from this Pentagon insider

    Play Part Two - Canadian Cinderelly, Angela Jackson, James O'Shaughnessy     (52:24)    
                Real Media
    or MP3 download or Youtube Video

  • Film based on three books, Understanding Special Operations (David Ratcliffe, 1999)
  • Angela was introduced to the assassination conspiracy by James as she joined him on this film project
  • Canadian Cinderelly saw the film JFK and her eyes were opened, she joined the internet research community
  • Operation Zapata (Luis Aguilar, Maxwell Taylor, 1981), minutes of the Bay of Pigs investigation
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963, Volume IV, Vietnam August-December 1963 (US GPO, 1991)
  • A film for viewing by University students all over North America, these topics are not generally in University curriculums
  • Film to be called, The Final Analysis ...That Whole Bay of Pigs Thing, ties into Nixon
  • The Bay of Pigs was a failure that we're all aware of, dissect that and learn more about the underlying situation
  • National Security Action Memorandum 55 (John F. Kennedy, 1961), control of covert operations using the military
  • "Oswald Acted Alone" T-shirts in Dealey Plaza, 15-25 people with black shirts with white writing
  • Not interested in charging for a ticket or selling DVDs, fun to make, share it with as many people as possible for free
  • Hanging out in Dealey Plaza close to sunset, security guards came out, they're not allowed to express their opinion
  • Three attempts to meet Gary Mack, no pictures allowed, not even of gift shop
  • Cinderelly encourages hard work to bring justice to this unsolved murder, Kennedy was important
  • Kennedy was preparing for his second term in office, he would have moved mountains, no Vietnam war
  • Professor Galbraith, not "what would JFK have done, but what did JFK do", we have the records, the papers Watch Here
  • Brilliant people around the globe, disagree on one or two things, then just bash each other
  • What we do agree on, let's go forward, swimming upstream, the 50th anniversary, Sixth Floor application
  • People want the truth and to be recognized, stolen work, disregarded efforts, us against the rest of the world
  • Playing onto the hand of those who want to sideline the information, certain forums ignore documents, facts
  • The number one problem with the community is money, the rights to the information, it's locked away
  • A developer of the Zapruder film, Phil Chamberlain, JackHarrison, said the film was needlepoint focus, not all blurry

    James O'Shaughnessy also appeared on Black Op Radio show #553
    David Ratcliffe appeared on Black Op Radio shows #504, 482, 479, 478, 477, 475, 474, 461, 155, 154 and 013

    Show #561
    Original airdate: Jan 12, 2012
    Guest: Mark de Valk
    Topics: JFK Research/Dealey Plaza UK / Doug Weldon replay

    Play Part One - Mark De Valk     (1:02:29)     Video on YOUTUBE or Real Media or MP3 download

  • Mark is the editor of Dealey Plaza UK and the Dealey Plaza Echo published three times a year
  • Mark appeared live on video with Len in Hawaii on April 14, 2010
  • Mark is working on a series of one hour guerilla style documentaries based on several books;
  • JFK and the Unspeakable (Jim Douglas, 2008), Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald (John Armstrong, 1997)
  • Len explains why he has no desire to visit Dallas, including the existence of the Sixth Floor Ad Nauseam
  • Mark found being on the ground visiting assassination related sites to be like going into a time capsule
  • Mark found understanding the geography of Dallas gives one chills, all the important sites seem very close to each other
  • Louie Steven Witt, The Umbrella Man (Errol Morris, 2011), Family of Secrets (Russ Baker, 2008)
  • Ruth Paine received divorce papers the morning of Nov 22nd, 1963, her lawyer and Witt worked in the same building
  • The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK (Jim Fetzer and others, 2003)
  • Mark discusses a photo one page 100 in which he detects Eugene Hale Brading/Jim Braden with Robert Oswald
  • Inside the Assassination Records Review Board (Volume III) (Doug Horne, 2009), page 845, the autopsy reports
  • Discussion of Len's 2011 Hawaii conference and Black Op Radio April 2012 conference
  • The Sixth Floor has booked Dealey Plaza for seven days in a row surrounding the 50th anniversary View Application
  • Mark urges a clandestine Black Op Radio broadcast from Dallas, perhaps from inside a van
  • Mark met author Barry Ernest in Dallas, The Girl On The Stairs (Barry Ernest, 2010)
  • Len could broadcast from the Adolphus Hotel or the Hotel Lawrence
  • Mark encourages Len to host some kind of presence in Dallas for the 50th despite the attempt to lock Dealey Plaza down
  • Contact Dealey Plaza UK

    Mark de Valk also appeared on Black Op Radio show #522
    Russ Baker appeared on Black Op Radio show #422
    Doug Horne appeared on Black Op Radio shows #459, #452, #159 and #149
    Barry Ernest appeared on Black Op Radio show #518

    Play Part Two Interview - Doug Weldon         Real Media or MP3 download

  • Background to Doug Weldon... August 10, 1953, - January 5, 2012, Obituary & guest book
  • This is a reply of show #451
  • Doug qualifies the fact that he's a lawyer, a tough thing to be researching this case
  • Article discussed - The through and through hole in the limo windshield
  • Doug lists off a number of competent researchers and their critical works
  • So many people saw things denied by the Warren Commission "What is the value of these witnesses?"
  • George Whittaker's story of the windsheild at the Ford Rouge plant in Dearborn Michigan.
  • The old windshield had a bullet hole in it that traversed the windshield from outside to inside
  • The Whittakers were very fearful of divulging this information
  • Motorcade Seargent in charge, Stavis Ellis also recognized that a hole was in the windshield
  • Ellis was a very honest and solid witness. He sought nothing from his knowledge
  • A hole emanating from the front means a shot came from the front... "NO LONE NUT"
  • If this is true, who was involved in altering and obfuscating this evidence?
  • Adelia Glanges and the difficulties with other researchers using her information...They never interviewed her
  • Nigel Turner and Doug Weldon are the only two people to actually interview Glanges.
  • Witness testimony attesting to a windshield hole was continually made top secret
  • Deception regarding the windshield hole... Testimony changed to "Pinhole" and no hole at all
  • The government went to extraordinary lengths to get the hole testimony recanted

    Play Part Three Interview - Doug Weldon        Real Media or MP3 download

  • Fear of assassination prevented many witnesses from coming forward
  • Doug clears up several misconceptions about the Whitehouse and Bethesda
  • William Greer, the limo driver changed his story many times
  • Martin Heinreichs, 3D image expert, stated the crack photos were not of the same windshield
  • The Secret Service ordered 12 windshields to use for "target practice" after the assassination
  • The inference is they were recreating the imaged damage without making a hole
  • Several dates seem to have been changed in and around the assassination
  • The limo seems to have a concocted history surrounding the driving of the vehicle
  • Weldon talks extensively about the researchers, good and bad
  • The lone assassin theory is "a house of cards"
  • Doug has a book in the works but he doesn't hold out hope it'll get published
  • James Cheney's testimony: First shot missed and raised dirt, second shot hit Kennedy in the front!
  • Weldon believes Lyndon Johnson was involved in the assassination

    Doug Weldon had also appeared on Black Op Radio show #212, and #28

    Show #560
    Original Airdate: January 05, 2012
    Guest: Ted Yacucci
    Topics: JFK Research/Common Sense

    Play Part One - Ted Yacucci     (1:29:07)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Ted's film will open with him taking a polygraph test administered by Howard Temple, answering 20 specific questions
  • Do you believe JFK was killed by a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, have you ever worked for the CIA, etc.
  • Most people presenting the lone gunman case cannot really believe it, there's too much evidence out there now
  • The assassination was the beginning of the powers behind it realizing that they could get away with anything
  • People are afraid to admit that they can't just sit back and watch democracy, you have to stand up
  • The assassination was just business as usual for Allen Dulles and the CIA, MKULTRA, Richard Helms
  • Operation Mockingbird, 3,000 journalists on the payroll, huge stock holdings in the United Fruit Company
  • They were so out of control, not a surprise how they were able to control the media after the assassination
  • Eyewitnesses, interviewed by Mark Lane but not by the Warren Commission, phony Secret Service agents on the knoll
  • A Mauser cannot be confused with a Mannlicher-Carcano, the found bullet as described does not match CE 399
  • Ruth Paine will be invited to take the polygraph test, she was so complicit, she was up to her neck in it
  • Lee Oswald was a national hero, 24 years old, served his country by acting as a defector to the Soviet Union
  • To be set up as a patsy, to have the stigma of being the lone shooter, he served his country in so many ways
  • Witnesses like Julia Ann Mercer, they simply changed her testimony, Allen Dulles was complicit in the murder
  • Expose the lies, expose the truth, stand up, start saying "No more!", George Orwell right in front of us
  • The main title of the Ted's new film will be Common Sense
  • Ted recognizes Len for his work with Fletcher Prouty and his weekly work with Black Op Radio
  • Len reviews his introduction to Fletcher, their friendship, and how their collaborative efforts came about
  • Ted is aiming for his film to be ready in April, Len proposes a debut screening in Hawaii

    Ted Yacucci appeared on Black Op Radio show #534
    Allen Dulles, Richard Helms and Ruth Paine never appeared on Black Op Radio

    Play Part Two - Susan Lindauer     (59:07)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq (2010)
  • Her website and book available here When Truth Becomes Treason
  • Susan was a US Intelligence asset covering Iraq and Libya at the United Nations, her team gave advanced warning of 9/11
  • The Bush administration had to cover up the warning, Susan was arrested and locked up for a year
  • The war on terror is a publicity stunt, terrorism is not the threat to the United States it is made out to be
  • The CIA was very proactive on Saddam, they got it right, Iraq was cooperating on anti-terrorism
  • The Iraqi's wanted to have a strong alliance with Washington as a counterweight to Iran
  • August 2nd, 2001, Susan was warned that the attack on NY was imminent
  • There were video tapes of strange vans arriving at the WTC at 3:00 AM and leaving at 5:00 AM for ten days in a row
  • An anomaly, timed very carefully, bringing something into the building, indicates that it is an inside job
  • Iraq wanted to recover after the sanctions, it was to it's advantage if the whole world helped in it's rebuilding
  • 1.7 million human beings died in Iraq, it was genocide by sanctions, the war has been catastrophic
  • Obama signed into law, the military can hold anyone without charges, no right to go in front of a judge
  • Susan was not a covert asset, she had to be disappeared, arrested on the Patriot Act, imprisoned at Carswell Field
  • No hearing, no judge, demanding a trial was considered evidence of mental incompetence, Franz Kafka
  • Secret charges, secret evidence, secret grand jury testimony, wanted to hold her for ten years
  • Corporate media was mute, blogs and internet radio exposed her position, a Federal prison on a military base
  • The military told her uncle there was no prison, and that she was not in it, but he had the judge's orders
  • The Patriot Act is 7,000 pages modeled on the Soviet Criminal Code of 1926, the Nazi Enabling Law
  • Bradley Manning, awaiting a decision on whether or not he will be court-martialed, he faces life in prison
  • He revealed information that embarrassed Hillary Clinton, he exposed war crimes by Americans against Iraqi's