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    Show #559
    Original airdate: Dec 29, 2011
    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topics: Iran Blamed for 9/11

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  • Jim is busier now that he is 'retired'. The Real Deal With Jim Fetzer, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
  • Press TV, a federal lawsuit in New York alleging complicity by Iran in 9/11
  • Jim reviews problems with the official 9/11 story, including lack of physical evidence, lack of adequate investigation
  • After 10 years, US blames Iran for 9/11 , pages 240/241 of the 9-11 Commission Report
  • The 'absence' of Iranian stamps in the 'terrorists' passports, Jim's Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots
  • Jim questions the killing of Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011 by SEAL Team Six
  • Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive? (David Ray Griffin, 2009), Team Six would have had to have been eliminated
  • Jim bemoans the failed promise of President Obama, an extension of the Bush admistration, even worse
  • National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, no Due Process Rights, no Habeas Corpus Right
  • Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth, Richard Gage, Feb 19, 2010 Call for New 9/11 Investigation
  • Jim reviews lack of evidence of commercial airliners hitting the Pentagon, crashing in Shanksville, or hitting the WTC
  • Jim's Inside Job: Seven Questions About 9/11, and Inside Job: More Proof of 9/11 Duplicity
  • 36 budget analysts killed on 9/11, the day after Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon had lost track of 2.3 trillion dollars
  • April Gallop, Pentagon employee, observed no remnants of a jet crash, photo of clean lawn, photo of suspicious debris
  • Billowing black smoke, smoking Pentagon, photo of Pentagon dumpster fires
  • Judge Hellerstein in NY, in a case against the airlines, reorganized judicial procedure, a case against NIST
  • Joe's Law, Killtown, Jim details the impossibility of fires bringing down the two towers,
  • Joshua Blakeney's The Pros and Cons of The Toronto Hearings
  • Jim's The Science and Politics of 9/11: The Toronto Hearings
  • Saudi Arabia should have been the obvious candidate, eventually, in the direction of Iraq
  • 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism, Made in USA and Jim's 20 Reasons the “Official Account” of 9/11 is Wrong
  • The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions, suicide pilots alive and well in the Middle East
  • Jim's From America to Amerika: The End Game, apathy of Americans just want their TV, six-packs and football
  • FEMA camps, could hold 15,000,000 people, shackles and guillotines, Internment/Resettlement Specialist
  • Jim and Doug Horne's Reason and Rationality in Public Debate: The Case of JFK
  • JFK: What We Know Now That We Didn’t Know Then, a more complex theory by Ralph Cinque
  • JFK, the CIA and The New York Times, Josiah Thompson,
  • Who’s telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film
  • The limo stop, Six Seconds In Dallas (Josiah Thompson, 1967), Best Evidence (David Lifton, 1980)
  • Murder in Dealey Plaza (Fetzer and others, 2000), Jim's Forrest Gump on the Grassy Knoll

    Jim Fetzer has appeared on 70 Black Op Radio shows from show #23 thru Show #543
    David Ray Griffin appeared on Black Op Radio shows #427, #391, #210 and #178
    Doug Horne appeared on Black Op Radio shows #459, #452, #150 and #149
    David Lifton appeared on Black Op Radio shows #323, #284 and #148

    Show #558
    Original airdate: Dec 22, 2011
    Guest: William Pepper, George Bailey, Sherwood Ross
    Topics: Sirhan Sirhan, JFK Research, President Obama

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  • Filed a Reply Brief on Nov 21, 2011, first time allowed to deal with the question of actual innocence
  • In 1969 there was a substitution of a bullet in evidence, the defense council was himself under indictment
  • Noguchi was not asked to identify the bullet, the judge and jury heard all this phony evidence
  • We have asked the court on the basis of this fraud to set aside the verdict and the sentence
  • The Brief deals with an extensive analysis of the Pruszynski tape, a recording of the sounds of the bullets fired
  • Thirteen bullets fired, Sirhan's gun held eight, RFK was shot from behind at powder burn range, Sirhan was in front
  • The Brief goes over hypno-programming, with declarations by Dr. Daniel Brown and Professor Alan Scheflin
  • The Brief at, the strongest statement ever made in this case
  • It's a political case, we can expect, the state will do everything to justify keeping Sirhan in prison
  • RFK had the same enemies his brother had, he was going to move against the oil depletion allowance
  • He was going to reopen the investigation of the assassination of JFK, close down the Federal Reserve
  • Andrew Jackson ended the Second Central Bank, Lincoln issued his own currency, going against Wall Street

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  • Oswald's Mother blog, the assassination occurred just before George's sixth birthday, started blog in 2008
  • A review of Vincent Bugliosi and his comments on John Armstrong, Harvey and Lee (1997)
  • Two different sets of educational records, one in New York, one in New Orleans, when Oswald was thirteen
  • The paper bag found near the sniper's nest, a package addressed to Oswald containing a second paper bag
  • Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy, Willis' photograph of Dealey Plaza, the FBI shows up, takes the photos
  • In LOOK magazine the photo shows a train, in the returned photos the train was airbrushed out
  • Marguerite Oswald said she believed her son was an intelligence agent, she seems to avoid a paper trail on herself
  • John Carro's truancy report, just about everything she says in it is wrong, follows a pattern, might be another Marguerite
  • Still classified records, a ton of files, why hold up documents on a lone gunmen?, keep the lid down
  • Some sort of intelligence agent at a low level, to be impersonated means that someone has to know something about him
  • Marguerite wanted Mark Lane to represent Lee before the Warren Commission, they flat out turned him down

    Play Part Three - Sherwood Ross     (23:15)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Worked for Reuters, City News Bureau in Chicago, Mayor Daley, Chicago Daily News, etc.
  • Sherwood got an ambulance for James Meredith when he was shot (June 6, 1966)
  • Sherwood reads his Nov 30 column Drone Attacks, The French Revolution & President Obama

    William Pepper also appeared on Black Op Radio shows:
    #539, #517, #448, #416, #405, #388, #343, #111 and #30

    Show #557
    Original airdate: Dec 15, 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

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  • Death of Prof. Donald Scott last week (12/6), Show #556 is a replay of a Scott interview
  • CTKA review, How to Think Like John McAdams by David W. Mantik
  • CTKA review, The Lost Bullet: Max Holland Gets Lost In Space by Jim DiEugenio
  • Holland surfaced after Stone's movie, he was hired by The Nation to write about the Kennedy case
  • Nov 20, 2011, JFK: The Lost Bullet, produced by Robert Stone of Oswald's Ghost (2008)
  • In 2007 Holland stated that the first shot occurred even before Zapruder started filming
  • Could Oswald really have gotten off the three shots?, Larry Sturdivan, not a re-opening of the case
  • Begins with Z-313, the head shot, no mention of the Clark Panel (1968) rear entrance wound placement switch
  • No mention of the 6.5 mm fragment, bloody mist exiting from the skull slightly forward, flimflammery
  • No gunman seen 'on' the knoll, well, look behind the fence, the Moorman photograph and 'Badge man'
  • Oswald's 'hand' print on the rifle, the FBI did not find it, the Dallas Police did, kind of suspicious
  • They place the gunman at the end of the fence, not the middle, fire a laser, mis-placement of Kennedy and Connally
  • They do not question the provenance of CE 399, Oswald had no special training in marksmanship
  • In the Hughes film Holland sees two figures on the sixth floor, one of them Oswald, absolutely crazy
  • Holland says the position of the shells proves an earlier shot, Tom Alyea first saw the shells
  • Tina Towner and Amos Euins and other eyewitness testimony is edited selectively
  • How did an earlier shot miss?, it hit a traffic light!, no hole, no visible dent in the pole
  • All that Stone and Holland prove is that documentary films can lie
  • Sylvia Meagher in Accessories After the Fact (1967) questioned whether a clip was found with the rifle
  • No evidence that Oswald ever purchased any ammunition, problems with Oswald's purchase of the rifle
  • George Michael Evica in And We Are All Mortal (1978) proved it was the wrong rifle in evidence
  • CTKA review, Elegy for Roger Feinman by Jim DiEugenio
  • Roger Feinman passed away (10/14), he was hired by CBS as a writer and was a student of Sylvia Meagher
  • His two interests in this case were the media and the medical evidence, Edward R. Murrow, William S. Paley
  • CBS support of the Warren Commission, 1964 re: critics, 1967 re: Garrison, 1975 re: the Church Committee
  • Roger internally criticized CBS for violating their own written journalistic standards in 1967
  • The producer Les Midgley caved into pressure, there was virtually no debate at all on this series
  • Warren Commissioner John McCloy acted as a consultant, through his daughter, who worked at CBS
  • Gerald Posner, Case Closed (1994), Bob Groden and Jim Garrison, "Guilty of Misleading the American Public"
  • Roger was disbarred trying to defend Groden against Random House with a judge who had clerked for Earl Warren
  • Yoko Ono lists JFK and the Unspeakable (Jim Douglas, 2008) as her number two most recommended book
  • JFK: Ordeal in Africa (Richard D. Mahoney, 1983), diplomat Edmund Gullion became Kennedy's Third World mentor
  • In 1963 he wanted to appoint Gullion as the Ambassador to Vietnam, Dean Rusk put in Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
  • Kennedy's first defining moment, his 1957 speech critical of the French re: the Algerian struggle
  • On nine different occasions, Kennedy refused to send combat troops to Vietnam
  • The Dulles brothers forged American foreign policy under Eisenhower, they represented giant corporations
  • 1953, Allen Dulles put together the coup against Mossadegh, 1954, Allen Dulles sanctioned the coup against Arbenz
  • Kennedy's foreign policy was outside the box, he went around his advisors, Rusk and McGeorge Bundy
  • The Umbrella Man (Errol Morris, 2011), Josiah "Tink" Thompson, Neville Chamberlain's umbrella

    Robert Stone appeared on Black Op Radio show #362

    Show #556
    Original airdate: Dec 8, 2011
    Guest: Prof. Donald Scott
    Topics: Journal of Degenerative Diseases

    Play Part 1 - Prof. Donald Scott (YouTube 49:05) - In-studio interview from January 2007 (Part One)

  • May 19, 1924 - Dec 6, 2011 article and obituary
  • The Journal of Degenerative Diseases by Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Vol. 5, Num. 3, Summer, 2004
  • A 2004 issue with a striking cover of a microscopic picture of DNA when nicotine from tobacco is blown on it
  • At a recent conference we had Dr. Garth Nicolson, explained the fluid mosaic model of the structure of cell membranes
  • Mycoplasma, a particle of bacterial DNA, tries to find a (new) cell, cell deterioration
  • The US Government patented Pathogenic Mycoplasma (1993), Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
  • The Johns Hopkins Family Health Book (1998), has no mention of mycoplasma
  • Dr. Nicolson whose daughter, a Gulf War veteran, has a mycoplasma infection, was fired for publishing his research
  • Dr. Lo, wrote an article stating that mycoplasma can be beneficial in treating cancer
  • A woman who took hyperbaric treatment, totally clear of cancer, without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation
  • We had William Blum as a speaker, author, historian, and critic of United States foreign policy
  • In 2006 Osama Bin Laden recommended Blum's Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower (2000)
  • Four part series, AIDS and JFK - Part 1, AIDS and Watergate - Part 2, Part 3 out now, Part 4 in three months (April '08)
  • In cooperation with the US, the Canadian government in Belleville, Ontario bred one hundred million mosquitoes a month
  • Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, would infect them, then release them into a community
  • Queen's University threatened to sue Prof. Scott for stating the above, it's been nine years with no suit
  • Canadian Dr. Ewan Cameron, CIA and MK Ultra, Rhesus monkey kidneys used to grow disease agents
  • Scientific Paper Trail, on June 9, 1969, Dr. Donald MacArthur told Congress about a new infective microorganism

    Play Part 2 - Prof. Donald Scott (YouTube 41:06) - In-studio interview from January 2007 (Part Two)

  • DNA speaks to RNA, with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, RNA is able to speak to DNA, adopted from sheep virus
  • AIDS, the RNA retrovirus has been able to overcome the human defense system, because of the mycoplasma
  • The Scientific Paper Trail, AIDS wipes out 8,000 people a day, scientists are proud, about disease co-factors
  • The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, sent 17 teams to Africa in 1968, they worked for approximately ten years
  • An epidemic broke out, noticeably in Third World countries that had just been the recipients of WHO vaccine largesse
  • On CBC radio in Sudbury a Dr. said, "We got the vaccine, then we all came down with the worst case of the flu"
  • Travelling by rail from Sudbury to Vancouver, in Winnipeg there was a blizzard warning for Saskatchewan
  • A hundred miles west of Jasper, 50% of passengers and crew came down with diarrhea, stomach problems, fevers
  • Norwalk virus, had to back-up one hundred miles, they had to disinfect the train
  • Mycoplasma is a disabling co-factor, your doctor doesn't know about it
  • AIDS: The Crime Beyond Belief (William L. C. Scott/Donald W. Scott, 2008)

    Show #555
    Original airdate: Dec 1, 2011
    Guest: Gov. Jesse Ventura
    Topics: Ventura update

    Play Part One - Gov. Jesse Ventura (54:04)       Real Media or MP3 download or Youtube

  • Latest two books, 63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read (2011), American Conspiracies (2010)
  • Jesse's knowledge of 911 witness testimony vs. government lies, weapons of mass destruction
  • Mark Lane, Plausible Denial (1991), the defamation suit by E. Howard Hunt, a preponderance of evidence
  • Jesse got Gary Mack to admit that there had to be more people involved than just Oswald
  • General Smedley Butler, the 1934 Business Plot, an attempted overthrow of President Roosevelt
  • Read Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) Senate Bill S1867 here
  • "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety"
  • Jesse's court case, thrown out, a Bill of Rights question, Administrative Law, Woodrow Wilson, skirts the Constitution
  • TSA, you have to go out there and prove you're innocent, at today's airports I am treated like a criminal
  • Jesse trained in Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S), served three years in Team 6, one year in Team 1
  • Aug 6 2011 helicopter 'crash' killing 22 members of SEAL Team 6, a break in standard operating procedure
  • Colonel Fletcher Prouty, served honorably, The Secret Team (1973), essentially banned it by buying up all the copies
  • Last year, 16 million Top Secret documents, we have a right to know what our money's being spent on
  • "The liberties of a people never ... will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them"
  • TSA x-ray machines are dangerous, Michael Chertoff, Newt Gingrich, $1.8 million from Freddie Mac to be a consultant
  • Ron Paul, if he starts winning primaries, the media can't ignore him then, he asks the right questions
  • States' Rights, Gary Johnson, former GOP Governor of New Mexico, he could be the Libertarian candidate for President
  • Take political parties off the ballot, vote for 'None of the above', you could lose to no one
  • Conspiracy Theory on truTV, mid-January, eight more shows, new cast, Sean Stone (Oliver's son), Tyrel Ventura
  • They pulled the 'Police State' episode that focused on FEMA camps, what they have planned for the future
  • Denver International Airport murals, their dedication plaque, the New World Airport Commission, which doesn't exist
  • More on 911, on an up-coming Conspiracy Theory episode...
  • Episode not produced, Chemtrails, they didn't want it, was proposed all three times
  • Wake up, it's still our country, it's up to us, it's our country and we can take it back if we want to

    Gov. Jesse Ventura also appeared on Black Op Radio shows #181, #465, #500, #521,
    Tyrel Ventura (Black Op Radio show #514)

    Play Part Two - Ira David Wood III (22:40)       Real Media or MP3 download or Youtube

  • Ira David Wood III reads dramatized selections of his JFK Assassination Chronology (Part Three)
  • Starting at 12:30 PM Nov. 22, 1963
  • Read Ira David Wood III's The JFK Assassination Chronology Part 1 here
  • Read Ira David Wood III's The JFK Assassination Chronology Part 2 here

    Show #554
    Original airdate: Nov 27, 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio, Lisa Pease, Ira David Wood III
    Topics: J. Edgar, RFK, The JFK Assassination Chronology

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio (47:18)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim received an award from the Lancer group in Dallas, spoke about Kennedy's foreign policy, a lot of young people there
  • J. Edgar, Clint Eastwood's movie, angered Jim, a falsification of the man and his history, by screenwriter Dustin Black
  • Concentrates on the Palmer Raids, the Lindbergh Kidnapping case, the letter to MLK in 1963
  • Thousands were arrested, without evidence, the ACLU began over this case
  • Bruno Hauptmann, the Lindbergh Kidnapping, Hoover mistrusted the evidence, a mockery of justice, changed testimony
  • Film has Hoover gung ho against Hauptmann, using FBI technologies to link him to the crime, falsifies Hoover's certainity
  • Hoover authorized a letter trying to get King to commit suicide, film concentrates on Hoover wiretaps of King
  • Prior to JFK, the FBI had no more than five 'black Agents', each served as a chauffeur or a butler for Hoover
  • The FBI never enforced civil rights laws, the FBI intended to derail the entire civil rights movement
  • The composite wiretaps tape and letter sent to King's wife, caused King a lot of emotional stress
  • Almost none of Hoover reciting the blackmail letter is in the movie, film trys to soften the facts of Hoover's racism
  • Leaves out the worst aspects of Hoover's careeer, left out key facts, an agenda, what a PR man would do for Hoover
  • Clint Eastwood, has a reputation of being a serious director, 137 minutes, counted two scenes above the pedestrian
  • DiCapirio, doesn't capture Hoover's stacatto speech pattern, or malevolence, Tolson is a disaster, Judi Dench
  • The climax of the movie is a quarrel between Tolson and Hoover, a fist fight, a kiss, a lover's spat
  • Black has an agenda to soften the image of Hoover, bring out the homosexuality, like he's a normal person
  • Who Hoover really was. his pernicious impact on America, should have the fight between Hoover and William Sullivan
  • William Sullivan was killed by a hunter, he was mistaken for a deer, before testifying about FBI dirty tricks
  • Jim saved Len the price of admission, Len questions whether it was actually King on those tapes, may have been faked
  • Hoover is a very important figure in the Kennedy case, he covered up the facts, in the assassinations of the 1960s
  • Why aren't the media going after Black and Eastwood for distorting the record?, because of the Warren Commission?
  • The reviews, no in-depth analysis, the movie ignores Hoover ignoring organized crime until Kennedy came into office
  • Hoover put agent provocateurs in the Panthers, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, murdered while sleeping, Geronimo Pratt

    Play Part Two - Lisa Pease (40:10)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lisa discusses her RFK case article in Salon magazine (Nov 21, 2011) read here
  • It's impossible to paint Sirhan as the killer, Robert Kennedy was shot from behind from one to six inches away
  • Researchers spend years, most reporters don't have the time to research the truth, without a guide
  • Start occupying the public mind-space around conspiracy theory, historical investigation, legitimate theories
  • The assassination of Dag Hammarskjold, the UN Secretary-General, the plot to overthrow Patrice Lumumba in the Congo
  • Kennedy was going to stand behind Lumumba, the CIA rushed to take him out, during Kennedy's transition period
  • Hammarskjold's plane 'crashed', evidence that it was shot down, hitman Roland "Bud" Culligan, the Church Committee
  • We should be looking into and talking about taking people out to change policy. make it harder for them to happen
  • Recently, this Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador on U.S. territory, a lot of journalists said 'smells like a setup'
  • The Occupy Movement, here in Los Angeles, unusually festive, we are the 99 percent, the LA police have been fantastic
  • Max Holland, JFK: The Lost Bullet, these programs don't have to be good, don't have to be accurate
  • If I was Allen Dulles, I would constantly fill the media with theses stories, repeat it enough times
  • Dealey Plaza, Nov 22, 2013, the Sixth Floor Museum is now taking over that space
  • In this information war We need a lot more soldiers, send to your friends the links to the good articles
  • Pick up Jim Douglass's book JFK & the Unspeakable (2008), best, latest, most condensed evidence in that case
  • Oswald did not fire a rifle that day, he had no nitrates on his cheek, CIA involvement, using Oswald
  • Laying a cover story in advance of the assassination, to trigger the cover-up among other agencies
  • Author Hank Albarelli, writing a book about George Hunter White, a CIA operative, Oswald in Mexico

    Play Part Three - Ira David Wood III (17:42)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Ira David Wood III reads dramatized selections of his JFK Assassination Chronology (Part Two)
  • Starting at 12:00 PM (Nov. 22, 1963) through 12:30 PM (Nov. 22, 1963)
  • Read Ira David Wood III's The JFK Assassination Chronology Part 1 here
  • Read Ira David Wood III's The JFK Assassination Chronology Part 2 here

    Show #553
    Original airdate: Nov 17, 2011
    Guest: Ira David Wood III / James O'Shaughnessy
    Topics: The JFK Assassination Chronology / Kennedy filmmaker

    Play Part One - Ira David Wood III (30:59)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • Ira David Wood III reads dramatized selections of his JFK Assassination Chronology
  • Starting at 12:00 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) through 11:55 AM (Nov. 22, 1963)
  • Read Ira David Wood III's The JFK Assassination Chronology Part 1 here
  • Read Ira David Wood III's The JFK Assassination Chronology Part 2 here

    Ira David Wood III (Black Op Radio shows #532, #408)

    Play Part Two - James O'Shaughnessy (46:55)     Real Media or MP3 download

  • James is a filmmaker from Toronto, co-producing "The Final Analysis: That Whole Bay Of Pigs Thing", with Angela Jackson
  • Covers his presidency and the assassination, the Bay of Pigs is central, threat of thermonuclear war
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis, how they were able to get the missiles in there without the CIA knowing?
  • Watch Cuban Missile Crisis Declassified: CIA Symposium on Intelligence (1992) here
  • National Security Action Memorandums, how to read those documents, read the McNamara/Taylor Trip Report here
  • Watch Kennedy at press conference answer questions re: CIA here
  • Film's length is now 2 hours and 20 minutes, found 90% of material through the Black Op Radio site, Fletcher Prouty
  • When Kennedy gets upset, he whistles through the space in his teeth, April 20, 1961, watch here
  • Watch Kennedy's April 21, 1961 press conference here
  • The Bay of Pigs was carefully crafted to fail, the CIA had tried to manipulate him into an all-out invasion of Cuba
  • Taught Kennedy not to blindly trust his advisors, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, what would the Soviet response be?
  • Richard Nixon, personality hang-ups, Castro, Ho Chi Minh could have been the greatest allies the United States had
  • A lot of other researchers, students, and artists have something to offer on this subject
  • The 50th anniversary, why wait for it?, the truth is as true today as it will be on November 22, 2013
  • Third thoracic vertebrae, fighting for airtime, where do these people get their money?
  • Making this film, James wishes there was an official JFK library just for documentaries on this subject

    Show #552
    Original airdate: Nov 10, 2011
    Guest: Robert Groden / Frank Cassano
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One - Robert Groden (32:53)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Dealey Plaza federal case, First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment violations, arrested twice, ticketed 80 times
  • The Sixth Floor Museum wants total control of Dealey Plaza for the 50th anniversary in two years
  • The Museum called the Dallas Police, an officer hiding in the pergola, the whole thing is a setup
  • A propaganda outfit for the Warren Commission, cognitively impaired, the War on Terror
  • The Dallas Observer, Jim Shutze, Why Dallas Slept, Silence Pesky Free Speech, Read here
  • Robert was offered the job to be the Director of the Sixth Floor Museum, $230,000 a year, turned it down
  • Research community personalities keep us from really forming a better effort, not the evidence and the details
  • New book, 1300 photographs, finished except for the index, printing should be done within the next several months
  • JFK: Absolute Proof, will be available only in Dealey Plaza and on website, Website here
  • There's a guy down there trying to tell the truth every day, people want to know the truth, we don't have all the answers

    Play Part Two - Frank Cassano (50:15)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Frank reviews John McAdams new book, JFK Assassination Logic (2011), omissions, half truths, innuendos
  • He attacks the witnessess, he knows the case, yet omits pertinent facts, Oswald the loner and malcontent,
  • He mentions Jean Hill, but not the Agent taking the photos fron her pocket, the Chicago plot, but not Abraham Bolden
  • Ferrie, Ruby, Bannister, the photo of Oswald and Ferrie View here, doesn't prove they ever met or talked to each other
  • Can't say there's anything positive in this book, reading this book has been a waste of time, keep a sense of humor
  • The throat wound, Parkland doctors seem to 'believe' that it was an entrance wound
  • He refers many times to Gary Mack as the voice of sanity, these people are all in cahoots, the same old guys
  • It's not going to stop with this book, it is important to set the record straight, Bugliosi's reputation is destroyed
  • McAdams is drinking the Kool-Aid, he's making the Kool-Aid, he knows the world is not flat, is it voluntary?
  • The research community has not really got together, organize first, we need new people, fresh voices
  • Jesse Ventura's lawsuit, too secret to put details of the structure of the TSA up to a jury, slanted against him Read here
  • If Rose Cheramie wasn't important, McAdams wouldn't have spent all that time slamming her and Crenshaw and Jean Hill
  • JFK (film 1991), Zachary Sklar, Nigel Turner, if they're only half right, demolishes the Warren Commission
  • If you've read Jim Douglass's JFK and the Unspeakable (2008) how can you draw any other conclusion?
  • Celebrity Tabloid News - RFK Assassination Read Here
  • The agenda of the Sixth Floor Ad Nauseam, Robert Groden who is on the front lines, to be harassed
  • The bullet hole in the limousine, George Whitaker Sr., Ford technician, ordered to destroy the windshield
  • Witnessess, women, military, mothers and fathers, they're food for scavengers like John McAdams,

    Robert Groden (Black Op Radio show #501)
    John McAdams/Jim DiEugenio Research Debate (Black Op Radio shows #442, #443)
    Jean Hill (Black Op Radio show #384)
    Abraham Bolden (Black Op Radio show #378)
    Jim Douglass JFK & the Unspeakable (Black Op Radio shows #369, #372, #374, #375, #377)
    Zachary Sklar (Black Op Radio show #200)

    Show #551
    Original airdate: Nov 3, 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio, Jerry Coley
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Dealey Plaza Witness

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio (59:04)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Correction: last week, Goldman Sachs, no one arrested in the 2008 Wall Street financial collapse scandal
  • CTKA, RFK section, British program proves Sirhan was hypnotized to shoot RFK View here
  • Coming, John McAdams: The career and the work of a professional propagandist, an in-depth look
  • Dealey Plaza UK / Ira David Wood III's JFK Assassination Chronology PDF Download here
  • Letters, Noam Chomsky?, very peculiar stances, Pol Pot, anti-Semitic, flip-flop on the Kennedy assassination
  • Stephan King's book?, a novel on the JFK assassination (no announced title, release Nov 8, 2011), no plans to review it
  • Jim's movie business source, Reclaiming History / Playtone / HBO, not in development, Waldron and Dicaprio
  • Dr. Robert Shaw press conferance (Nov 22, 1963), CE 399, at 5:00, bullet still in Connolly's leg View here
  • Spartacus forum, a prolonged contest, to express their dislike for each other, Len, a single platform, CTKA
  • Occupy Wall Street, most heartening, the 1960's, the National Security State / Wall Street / Washington / CIA, Dulles, McCloy
  • The Conspirator (2010), Robert Redford, Lincoln assassination, Dr. Roger Remington, big blogs, Charles Occelli
  • Oswald, nutty, Olympic crack-shot, Secret Service agent shot?, Jerry Coley's pool of blood?, (listen to Part Two)
  • Attorney General RFK's role in the assassination investigation?, he had immediate suspicions, played no official part
  • Oswald hospitalized twice in the Soviet Union?, suicide attempt, don't know of any in the United States
  • Oswald in the Soviet Union, the last frontier, information about Oswald's role as an intelligence agent
  • Phil Melanson's book, Spy Saga (1990), a primer on Oswald
  • John Armstrong's book, Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald (1997), incredibly valuable
  • The Assassinations (2003) is now available at Kindle
  • What role do gun and drug running still play in our politics? Rose Cheramie, Jack Ruby, Cubans, Florida to Texas
  • Reagan era, Nicaragua, weapons and cocaine, the assassination has connections that spew out
  • Hank Albarelli, the Frank Olson case

    Play Part Two - Jerry Coley (45:07) (Black Op Radio show #297)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Coley recounts in detail his experiences in the Dealey Plaza area on November 22, 1963
  • Worked at The Dallas Morning News Advertising Dept., as usual Jack Ruby was there
  • Corner of Main and Houston, @12:20 epileptic fit, ambulance
  • The President passed by, an echoing noise, people running toward the Grassy Knoll
  • Discovery of a pool of blood on the steps near the picket fence
  • Back at The News, @12:45 Jack Ruby was there, looked out the window, crying and talking
  • Photographer Jim Hood, rushed back down, tasted blood, made a photo
  • Recognized Ruby as he shot Oswald, found no stain, Hugh Ainsworth, Coley at The News
  • Wife received threatening phone calls, two FBI men, get the photo and the photographer
  • The FBI took the negative and the print, this conversation never took place
  • Subpoenaed to Ruby trial, never called, Unsolved Mysteries episode
  • Location of stain, Jim Hood died in a mysterious plane crash
  • Assassination related deaths, family terrified for years

    Show #550
    Original airdate: Oct 27, 2011
    Guest: Bill Kelly, Jim DiEugenio, Joshua Blakeney, Anthony J. Hall
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Occupy Wall Street

    Play Part One - Bill Kelly (1:16:00)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Committee for an Open Archives and COPA, the JFK Act, Bill's research work at JFKcountercoup
  • CTKA, Real Dizinformation Agents at Dealey Plaza, Oswald & ONI, JFK Act Oversight Hearings
  • The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) really went out of their way to keep records from becoming part of the JFK Act
  • Bill received files from an anonymous source, ONI liason with the AARB, LCDR Florence “Terri” Pike, LCDR Doolittle
  • Found records related to; defectors, oswald, and the assassination
  • Pike was Reprimanded, charged with fraudulent travel, looking at and for these records,
  • Larry Hancock, Peter Dale Scott, Paul Hoch, stirred up interest in the research community, Debra Conway, Jim DiEugenio
  • These files have no RIF numbers, LCDR Pike, a trumped up charge,
  • Article 32 hearing, she's no longer in the Navy, she's a hero, Admiral Rufus Taylor, records were misfiled,
  • Oswald was frequently at the Criminal Intelligence Office (ONI), records 'missing', the footprint, of intelliegence
  • ONI doesn't have any records from Rufus Taylor whatsoever, Oswald was an agent while in Russia of ONI
  • ONI would create this coverup, missing Dealey Plaza records, ONI office in Dallas, no records
  • Did Horne see the records?, no, redacted and unredacted memos, How can we get Congress to enforce?
  • John Judge (COPA), MLK Assassination Records, needs 25,000 signatures, they have only two or three hundred
  • George Joannides, obstruct the release of records, LCDR Pike, the guy that takes over, disapproves, obstruct(s)
  • Fascinating, learning, about the history of the organization, the defection, convince the sub-committee members
  • Examples of obstruction of the Act by ONI and CIA, a broad base of public support, write to their Congressmen
  • David Kaiser, a professor at the Naval War College, looked at these records, may help us locate records
  • Terri Pike, wants to leave this issue behind her, she and Horne and Gunn would be subpoenaed
  • Admiral Taylor records, four years lost, seven hours of Air Force One radio transcripts missing
  • ONI waited two years, before they assigned Terri Pike, we have leads, we have records, we know who the bad guys are
  • Monterey (Defense) Language Institute, the defection was pre-planned, Dealey Plaze was a covert intelligence operation
  • Bill thanks Len, The Parallax View (1974), Loren Singer (Black Op Radio show #305), Cape May, NJ, a secret Navy base
  • Swordfish (2001), Skip Woods, Bill proposes an assassination film festival, Bugliosi, Peter Miller's father, a bandleader
  • Bugliosi's promoter, Len couldn't agree to terms, the pilot car, Oswald's worksheet, things he doesn't mention
  • The truth versus the justice system, Jim DiEugenio, the HBO production, an opportunity to respond to it
  • The Kennedys (TV mini-series 2011), a complete piece of fiction, pretty bad, played in Canada, Len wrote a letter
  • Len's conference in Hawaii, disdain for travelling to the city of Dallas, get a panel on the internet, in touch weekly
  • Read Bill's work on all of the above subjects at JFKcountercoup Blog here

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio (55:56)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Assassinations (2003) by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease is now out on Kindle, rare book
  • Bill Kelly excerpted on CTKA, the toughest nut to crack would be the military intelligence files,
  • On e-readers and JFK e-books by Rich Negrete, Bill Davy review of Betrayal in Dallas: (etc.)
  • JFK and the Unspeakable (2008, James Douglass), George Bailey, Oswald's Mother Blog here
  • Coming, reviews of John McAdams disinformation book, the Chicago Plot, Wikipedia and the Clay Shaw Trial
  • An obiturary for Roger Feinman, JFK assassination researcher, media and the medical evidence
  • Adbusters, Website here , Occupy Wall Street started with these two guys in Vancouver
  • It's happening all over the world, Oakland, London - 200,000 people, Madrid - 300,000, bailout second-tier countries
  • This story (of the economic collapse) is so big, how and why it happened, what these Wall Street guys got away with
  • FDR restores confidence in the banking system, the Glass–Steagall Act (1933), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Senator Phil Gramm, derivatives, dreamed up by Morgan Stanley, gambling on a mortgage going bust
  • Subprime lending, 2005, 2006, started crashing down, AIG, Wall Street made money betting that the bank loses money
  • Merrill Lynch, put together a CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligation), unregulated, screws people that own homes
  • TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program - 2008), Obama hired Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Mary Schapiro
  • Four years now, a permanent recession, should refinance the homes at market value today
  • Tim Geithner, Dr. of Doom, Bernie Madoff, three trillion dollars lost, FDR's laws were weakened, circumvented
  • The Social Security Fund, greed beyond belief, Milton Friedman, the Chicago School of Economics
  • Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine (2007), at Occupy Wall Street in NYC View here
  • Profitable banks won't let the money out, get real estate moving again, Post World War II, the economy was doing very well
  • Under Nixon and Ford, the tax burden, went to the niddle and working classes, wealth stated going upwards
  • Supply-side economics, globalization, free trade, an extra $5.50 to fly to the U.S. Read here
  • Dissapointed in Obama, a new New Deal, advocacy of solar, wind, tidal power, rework the whole grid, new jobs
  • A huge opportunity lost, he really wasn't serious in getting the economy going again, not the real deal
  • No one arrested, one guy, (Rajat Gupta) Goldman Sachs insider trading deal, surrenders to the FBI Read here
  • Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen, put a concert on, donate half to Occupy Wall Street, start a real third party from the left

    Play Part Three - Joshua Blakeney, Anthony J. Hall (1:05:00)       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Josh protested George W. Bush speaking at the Surrey Regional Economic Development Forum, March 17,
  • Bush ought to be inadmissable to Canada, since his memoir, he is a self-confessed torturer, involved in genocide
  • Protest ought to be against the law enforcement system failure to enforce Canadian domestic law
  • Four individuals, who've been tortured have filed complaints with the local courts in BC, a judge, might, find politicization
  • An environment of impunity, 2.3 million Iraqis have been slain
  • Other countries?, he would cancel his trip, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, good for Canadian sovereignty
  • Whims of certain idealogues in Parliament, Middle East, more stable oil markets, the Alberta oil sands
  • In England they no longer have the rule of law, the Minister of Impunity, political allies of Britain, see the law enforced
  • Appeal to police officers, arrest George Bush, 'just following orders', George Galloway, peace activist barred from Canada
  • 9/11 defies credulity, Cold War enemies dissipated, Israel, seems to be heavily involved, Netanyahu, false flag operation
  • The 9/11 Wars, the Truth Movement is tremendously important, disgust with, venues of democracy, 9/11 and Wall Street
  • The Pentagon and Wall Street, axis of evil, not one aspect of the official story bears any kind of scrutiny whatsoever
  • What is the box that the plotters of 9/11 live within?, explosives, this other technology, pulverizes the entire building
  • Somebody did it, technological sophistication, amazing, real professionals, NORAD
  • Anthony is headed for the Vancouver Occupy Zone, who is a trespasser?, the First Nations, treaty negotiations, land titles
  • Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism (2010), concept of Freedom University
  • Oakland, tear gas, be vigilant of the assaults, Vancouver, we want to hold the ground, indigenous peoples
  • The East India Company and Halliburton, the human condition, voraciousness of this war machine
  • Big digital screens at the Occupied sites, talk back and forth, tune in on the internet, get to know each other
  • Freedom University, virtual events, assemblys, Egypt, Wisconsin, asserting our right as groups, communities
  • For the people, of the people, by the people, go to our public places, reinvent our basic institutions of self government
  • Focus on the BBC, the CBC, lies & media, Rupert Murdoch, police and media are the same, orders from higher up
  • The CBC, we own it, let's have War Crimes trials, subversion of the CBC, let them defend themselves
  • Gaddafi, the CIA, all this oil, pan-Africanism, part of the history of the struggle for decolonization, larger than life
  • The Arab Spring, the American Fall, Marx was in some degree correct, class relationships
  • Joshua Blakeney and Anthony J. Hall View here
  • Access Josh's website Here

    Show #549
    Original airdate: Oct 20, 2011
    Guest: Ray Marcus, Kurt Haskell
    Topics: JFK Research / Witness For The Defense In the Underwear Bomber Case

    Play Part One - Ray Marcus       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Legendary first generation researcher whose research focused on CE 399 - "the magic bullet"
  • Author of "The Bastard Bullet" (1966),
  • "The HSCA, the Zapruder Film, and the Single Bullet Theory" (1993), "Addendum B" (1995)
  • Questions that came up by that evening, how they got the guy so quickly, hit in the throat, by turning towards the crowd
  • An entrance wound in the neck, contradictory news items, towards the end of December (1963), The National Guardian
  • The first article by Mark Lane, Read here
  • First generation critics constituted 12 to 18 people
  • The Warren Commission screened out anything that was contrary to the official version
  • Dr. Joseph Dolce, chief wound ballistics expert for the Army... WC didn't like his conclusions
  • Ballistics tests discredited the single-bullet theory,
  • Dec. 4, 1964 Warren Commission lawyer Mark Lane debate (Show #533), the evidence points to a high level conspiracy
  • Frank Mankiewicz, RFK’s press secretary, Brothers (2008) by David Talbot, a personal note signed by RFK, Adam Wolinsky
  • Quote "The most monumentally fraudulent document ever issued by the United States"
  • Harry Truman also comments... Read Limit CIA Role To Intelligence here
  • Bugliosi had no room to publish the Moorman photograph
  • Find Marcus's works at the Last Hurrah bookshop
  • The greatest media scandal in the history of the United States, the media's is the greater irresponsibility

    Play Part Two - Kurt Haskell       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Firsthand witness in the Underwear Bomber Case, flight from Amsterdam to Detroit,
  • A Sudanese man trying to board without a passport, an attempted bombing on our flight
  • Could see smoke rising up, smoke turned in to flames, "Fire!", "Terrorist", "Emergency Landing"
  • African man with no passport, was now handcuffed, waited for an hour
  • Bomb sniffing dogs, the "man in orange", handcuffed and taken away, "those responsible", FBI interview reveals a cover-up
  • No one else taken in to custody, another man was taken for an immigration violation, taken from another flight
  • The story changed five times, each time Kurt would discredit the story in the media, the FBI came to Kurt's office
  • A series of pictures, two of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the Underwear Bomber), airport video under a protective order
  • Alert: Female Suicide Bombers May Be Heading Here From Yemen Read Here
  • Jan.2010 Congressional hearings, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, Michael Leiter (Director - National Counterterrorism Center)
  • Congressional hearing reveals US intelligence agencies shielded Flight 253 bomber Read Here ,
  • Watch Rep. Patrick Kennedy testimony View Here
  • Standby attorney, Anthony Chambers, Kurt sent him a fax, they met, the press was skipping over important details
  • The FBI admitted handing out defective bombs, the Government, caused a fake terrorist attack,
  • Evidence hidden from defense for 20 months
  • The prosecutors said, "We have more evidence and we're not going to turn it over", Associated Press misquoted Kurt
  • Kurt is an attorney, Umar stated Kurt was going to be his only witness
  • Umar pled guilty and accepted a life sentence (October 2011)
  • Five cases of the Government providing defective bombs, do we really even have a terrorist problem at all?
  • Body scanning machines, renewal of the Patriot Act, Kurt is going to sue the Federal Government
  • Blocking evidence, fake evidence, media not reporting things that happen in court, a total scam
  • Access Kurt Haskell blog Here

    Show #548
    Original airdate: Oct 13, 2011
    Guest: Sterling Seagrave
    Topics: Red Sky in the Morning (2009)

    Play Interview       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Author Sterling Seagrave reads sections from his book "Red Sky in the Morning"
  • Gives a glimpse into the raw wild, machiavellian world of Manilla after WWII
  • Documents from Ed Lansdale's G2 Manilla file led to the book (3 foot tall stack of papers)
  • Philip Mehan, adventures in the Philippines, Pete Peterson, escaped imprisonment
  • "Cheez", arrested, liberated, and vanished, an anti-Communist White Russian, Chirskoff
  • It was Lansdale who really started the Cold War, murder as many Huks as they could find
  • Demonizing Vietnamese dirt farmers, Laos and Cambodia, then Central America, death squads
  • "The Manila File" - three feet high, declassified portion, Bohannon, secret agendas, private armies
  • Billions in funds, rich tycoons, crooked banks, dirty tricks, total control of the media
  • Philip Mehan, missed combat, part of Operation Magic Carpet, USS Admiral C.F. Hughes
  • Filipinos have mixed feelings regarding the U.S., big U.S. corporations, President Manuel Quezon
  • Elpidio Quirino, Americans welcomed as liberators, scams, bribery and kickbacks
  • Phil was assigned to a freighter and there met Pete Peterson, Java China Trading Company jobs
  • Reconditioning and selling U.S. surplus ships, Lansdale, warning of the Red Beast of Communism
  • Huks retreated, guerrilla warfare, Lansdale, mailed-fist policy, a campaign of terror
  • Killed men, women and children, hundreds of villages were mortared, Bohannon, Napoleon Valeriano
  • Lansdale, was shown 12 vaults of solid gold ingots, Dulles, Bissell, Braden, Meyer, Wisner, Fitzgerald
  • Counting ears, Vadim Chirskoff, the Manila Hotel, Mina, time to get out of the Philippines
  • Lansdale had the three spied on as Communists agents
  • Ed Lansdale - "If we can't find one (a Russian agent), we'll invent one"
  • Logging hardwoods, needing to flee, Bilibid Prison, escape by Harley-Davidson, Clark Air Base
  • "Cheez" arrested, for inciting Huks, on October 26, 1951 he was released, then he simply vanished
  • Perhaps he was dropped into the ocean from a helicopter, Lansdale's favorite means of disposal
  • Red Sky in the Morning available here
  • YouTube interview of Philip Mehan here

    Show #547
    Original airdate: Oct 6, 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Clips and Interview       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Lee Oswald on Conversation Carte Blanche (Aug 21, 1963) with Bill Slatter, Bill Stuckey, Ed Butler and Carlos Bringuier
  • Lee Oswald on Latin Listening Post (Aug 17, 1963) with Bill Stuckey
  • Read transcripts here
  • Clay Shaw and Dean Andrews interviews (NBC June 19, 1967)
  • Read transcripts here
  • New Orleans, Oswald's defection (to Soviet Union), hardship discharge from Marines, took three weeks, not six months
  • Oswald stayed three days, left from New Orleans, got ticket from Shaw's International Trade Mart, got visa in Helsinki
  • Stays in five-star hotel, Priscilla Johnson interviews him, sent to Minsk, Marina meets both Robert Webster and Oswald
  • Borrows money from State Department to return to the U.S., met by Spas Raikin (June 13, 1962)
  • Oswald's life only makes sense when you understand that he was an intelligence agent, worked at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall
  • In Dallas he's hanging out with White Russians (anti-communists), in New Orleans, street scenes, arrest, leafleting
  • High profile in New Orleans, low profile in Dallas, the one member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans
  • David Phillips and Jim McCord were running CIA anti-FPCC project, Ferrie, Banister, Shaw, "I'm just a patsy"
  • FBI agents Warren De Vrieze and John Quigley, why does this "communist" have such a relationship with the FBI?
  • Crucial to brand him as a communist, one of the most fascinating 24 year olds, not what the WC said he was
  • Shaw, Clinton-Jackson trip, some of Garrison's files were later burned by DA Connick
  • CTKA, JFK and the Majestic Papers (Seamus Coogan), JFK e-books (Rich Negrete), Len likes audio books
  • Listener questions: Oswald was not at the scene of the Tippit shooting, Z-film vs. witness descriptions
  • WC files embargoed for 75 years, James Angleton was CIA liaison to the WC, Hoover never bought the single bullet theory
  • A very small portion, 3%, is still embargoed until 2017, Nelson Thall, call to Dallas PD came from Bell Helicopter?
  • Jim has never heard that, RFK and MLK cases, we really don't know what Federal agencies have, "Raoul"
  • Dallas DA Craig Watkins released 15,000 pages, Gary Mack bid on a first day copy of the Z-film, he bought it
  • FBI tested Oswald's alleged weapon (handgun), Read Ira Wood's The JFK Assassination Chronology here
  • If you could stand anywhere in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963, where would it be? Jim would like to be with Allen Dulles
  • Or, on the fifth floor landing of the TSBD, one firing from TSBD, one from the Dal-Tex Building, one from the picket fence
  • Dallas police Officer Marion Baker, heard shots, saw birds fly off the TSBD
  • Doubts about the incident at the soda machine, based on Baker's original affidavit, somebody ran out the back of the TSBD
  • Films, The Shooter (2007) , and Len recommends "The Package" (1989),
  • Jim discusses problems with Judy Baker, Clinton-Jackson, bassinet in parked car
  • Baker says that it was her with Oswald, Judy said she met Marina, but did not recall her being seven months pregnant, etc.
  • Judy Baker called Len multiple times, golden apples dropped in your lap, Waldron and Hartmann, Mafia and the CIA
  • Spartacus Forum discussions, New Orleans convicts (Miguel Torres, John Cancler) on NBC special
  • Three reviews of McAdams' new book, Harry Williams an anti-Castro Cuban, the 2nd invasion of Cuba
  • Oliver Stone's Secret History of America, airing early next year

    Show #546
    Original airdate: Sept 29, 2011
    Guest: Gail Davidson
    Topics: Arrest George W. Bush in Vancouver Canada

    Play Part One - Gail Davidson       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Laywers Aginst The War - cite Bush as a War Crimminal
  • Canadians Seek to Arrest George W. Bush Oct. 20th 2011 Article
  • August 25 letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper View Letter
  • Gail Davidson on Keith Olbermann video
  • Professor Boyle has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against George W. Bush,
  • Mayor of London, Boris Johnson,. advises Bush not to travel to UK or Europe as he may be arrested Article
  • George Bush calls off trip to Switzerland Article
  • Sooner or later, Bush will step into a country and will be prosecuted for authorising the abuses of the 'war on terror' Article
  • In the past, the US prosecuted and convicted Japanese officials who waterboarded US and allied prisoners
  • Cheney "fears being tried as a war criminal," More...

    Show #545
    Original airdate: Sept 22, 2011
    Guest: John Perkins / Mark Lane
    Topics: Hoodwinked / Executive Action

    Play Part One - John Perkins       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Len's introduction, John's background and his book Hoodwinked
  • Less than 5% of the world's population (U.S.) consumes over 25% of it's resources
  • Our laws are written by corporate lobbyists, one goal, maximize profits, we need a change of conciousness
  • We need to be socially and environmentally responsible, charters had to serve a public interest, late 1800's
  • Corporations have the rights but not the responsibilities of individuals, a trinket economy, a militarized economy
  • Rainforest Action Network sued Mitsubishi and won, executives didn't dare (do the right thing) until pushed
  • Obama, run by Wall Street, agribusinesses, take back our power, the marketplace is a democracy, casting a vote
  • Encourage companies, let them know, greenwashing, we got rid of apartheid, polluted rivers, aerosols, trans fats
  • Support companies that are committed to creating a just and sustainable world, every child, the Earth
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004), business students get it, the new generation, around the world
  • There are a lot of sociopaths sitting at the top of big corporations, they need rules to control them

    Play Part Two - Mark Lane       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Mark details how the film Executive Action (1973) was written (Dalton Trumbo/Donald Freed/Mark Lane) and produced
  • A huge anti-war rally, Mark and Donald met, a film about the assassination of President Kennedy, Donald Sutherland
  • The CIA killed President Kennedy, Mark's new book Last Word (release 11/2011), Skyhorse Publishing
  • Dalton Trumbo moderated it, to make it more commercial, the film was so altered, Mark could not support it
  • Quite different from what we had written, Len would like to see the original screenplay
  • Movie trailer Watch here
  • Entire movie Watch here

    Show #544
    Original airdate: Sept 15, 2011
    Guest: Andrew Winiarczyk / Jim DiEugenio / Carl Oglesby
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One - Andrew Winiarczyk       Real Media or MP3 download

  • The Last Hurrah Book Shop (1982), specializing in assassinations of the 60's, intelligence, espionage
  • Carl Oglesby, Andrew has worked with authors, researchers, libraries, film production companies
  • Many hard to find books, including commercial, university and privately printed
  • In the early 70's Andrew started to look in to the Kennedy assassinations, Bay of Pigs, Guatemala, Watergate, Iran-Contra
  • Crime and Cover-Up (Peter Dale Scott, 1978), Ray Marcus, Walt Brown, Bloody Treason (Noel Twyman, 1997)
  • Don't hesitate to pick up (buy) a good book, JFK and the Unspeakable (Jim Douglas, 2008), sets of the WC volumes
  • Farewell America (James Hepburn, 1968), deals with forces ranged against John Kennedy, banned in U.S.
  • Harvey and Lee (John Armstrong, 2003), call and let Andrew know what books you are looking for
  • Books on the CIA and other agencies, Russian intelligence, the OSS, Watergate, American political biography
  • 20th century American military history, hand a person one book, perhaps one book can make a difference
  • On The Trail of the Assassins (Jim Garrison, 1988), Mark Lane, witnesses are dying off, Nixon/Rockefeller tape
  • Critics don't make money, Shadow Play (Philip Melanson), The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Christian/Turner)
  • Red Roses from Texas (Nerin Gun, 1964), The Secret Team (Fletcher Prouty, 1991),
  • Story of the book store name... The Last Hurrah was a book (1956) and a film
  • About politics in a place called the City (Boston), meaning "the end of something"
  • The best way to contact the Last Hurrah Bookshop is by phone: 570-321-1150 The Last Hurrah Book Shop

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Discussion of Farewell America (see Part One interview above) - Jim says disinformation
  • Carl Ogelsby, Ravens in the Storm (see Part Three interview below), worked for Bendix, co-founded SDS, got radicalized
  • His battle with the Weather Underground, The Yankee and Cowboy War (below), the Assassination Information Bureau
  • Carl wrote the afterward to On The Trail of the Assassins, he was an underrated gem on this case, he;; be missed
  • Listener questions, Robert Harris, Dealey Plaza shot timings?, no opinion, Gerry Patrick Hemming?, no comment
  • Zapruder film, motorcyclist?, gap in film, a hairpin turn, devils advocate, could the assassins have been justified?
  • Khrushchev, 1960 election, Joe Kennedy, Eastern establishment, Harry Truman
  • Kennedy's Foreign Policy initiatives and the Federal Reserve, JFK: Ordeal in Africa (Richard Mahoney, 1983), Vietnam
  • CIA study on Kennedy, 1957 Senate speech assailing the French/Algerian war, Patrice Lumumba, third world, Sukarno
  • Jack Anderson show, Oswald letter to Mr. Hunt?, don't know, Jim's book, Allen Dulles, ABC's Jackie Onassis tapes show
  • Clint Eastwood/Leonardo DiCaprio film about Hoover (J. Edgar Nov/2011), the Mob, blackmail, Robert Kennedy
  • Hoover served from Coolidge to Nixon, books by Bill Turner, Athan Theoharis, Curt Gentry, Tony Summers, Richard Powers
  • The fall of the FBI began November 22nd, 1963, follow all leads to their ultimate conclusion, December 9th FBI Report
  • All to eager to jump on the cover-up, did Hoover think Oswald did it?, no, call to Darrell Tomlinson, the Palmer Raids
  • The overwhelming amount of information that the Warren Commission worked from was from the FBI

    Play Part Three - Carl Oglesby       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Carl Oglesby 1935 - 2011 - a replay from the archives (2007) - (Black Op Radio show #308)
  • The Yankee and Cowboy War (1976), Carl joined Students for a Democratic Society in 1964, became SDS president
  • The JFK assassination couldn't be explained by a lone gunman, had to be a conspiracy, the WC was a cover-up
  • The Zapruder film, a shot from the front, co-founded the Assassination Information Bureau in 1972
  • HSCA found a conspiracy, no further official action, the case is dead, a lot of new facts have come out
  • Myths, another Revolution, a creep like Jack Ruby shoots Oswald, no trial
  • Competing power elites, the Civil War continues, Watergate was set-up, a clandestine layer to American politics
  • Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi anti-Soviet spy, surrendered to the American Army, offered his spy services
  • The basis of U.S. Foreign Intelligence apparatus in Europe post-war, old boys network, many arms and tentacles
  • In Dallas it was Cowboys who attacked, in Watergate it was Yankees who attacked Nixon, overthrew him
  • James McCord, breaking in, putting tape on the latch twice, it would have to be seen
  • Got rid of (Spiro) Agnew first, (Gerald) Ford was put in, Ford could be trusted, a bloodless coupe
  • Norman Mailer's Harlot's Ghost (1991), the CIA, Howard Hunt's wife's death in an airplane explosion in 1972
  • Jim Garrison, Containment and Change (1969), Who Killed JFK? (1991), Ravens in the Storm (2008)
  • Rogue element, murder, coup d'état, to an open mind we can prove the Oswald did not do it
  • George W Bush, a silly Cowboy, a front man, poison has deeply infected the system, the U.S. has been bamboozled
  • Read history, read current events, what people want vs. what they need, truth and justice and democracy

    Show #543
    Original airdate: Sept 8, 2011
    Guest: Jim Fetzer/Pat Valentino
    Topics: Ten Years after 9/11

    Play Part One - Jim Fetzer       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Jim's history of 9/11 criticism and the founding of Scholars for 9/11 Truth
  • Critique of BBC 9/11 program Jim was interviewed for and which misrepresented his input
  • Jim's experience on 9/11/2001, 2006 9/11 Conference on C-SPAN, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
  • Dick Cheney, gave an order, Norman Mineta, President Bush not under oath
  • Jesse Ventura's TV show (Conspiracy Theory), Jim interviewed by CBS and ABC, Toronto 9/11 event
  • Barrie Zwicker's work, 9/11 presentations at Veterans Today
  • Project for the New American Century, a new Pearl Harbor, 40% no longer believe
  • A good video summary of the facts view here
  • Len recommends the docu-drama Who Killed John O'Neill

    Play Part Two - Pat Valentino       Real Media or MP3 download

  • 9/11, George Tenet, flight schools
  • O.J. Simpson, serving 9 to 33 years in Nevada prison, lost his appeal, State Supreme Court refused a hearing
  • Simpson called the police and the FBI, he was charged with kidnapping, no stolen property charges
  • Discussion of the William Dear documentary Watch here
  • Jason Simpson, non-evidence of domestic violence, Nichole Brown, Bruno Magli shoes, Mark Fuhrman
  • Excerpts from the British documentary OJ Simpson - The Untold Story
  • Violations of investigative procedure, EDTA preservative in blood from socks and gate
  • Blood stains in the Bronco changed over time, Fuhrman asserting his Fifth Amendment privilege
  • Reasonable doubt, Detective Vannatter had blood samples from O.J. and the victims
  • Simpson's in jail up near Reno, the guards like him, the inmates like him
  • Missing blood, Thano Peratis changed his testimony about the amount of blood taken from O.J.
  • Iago in Brentwood by Jasper Garrison Read here
  • Killing Time: The First Full Investigation - Unsolved Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman by Donald Freed

    Show #542
    Original airdate: Sept 1, 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Len to attend 9/11 conference in Seattle, plans to broadcast live from there next week
  • Skyhorse Publishing to publish Jim's expanded and revised Destiny Betrayed
  • Post ARRB, Jim's Garrison section can include additional details about:
  • CIA anti-Garrison activities, Bernardo De Torres, Mitchell WerBell, L-shaped crossfire, Lee Bowers
  • De Torres infiltrated Garrison investigation in 1966, the CIA had nine infiltrators
  • Bill and Leonard Gurvich, Walter Sheridan, Richard Sarnoff, first, second and third waves
  • Vince Salandria, Bill Boxley, James Rhodes the Governor of Ohio, Gordon Novel was safe-housed
  • Oswald came back from Russia, assigned to disrupt the Fair Play For Cuba Committee in New Orleans

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Oswald worked out of Guy Bannister's office, Clay Shaw, David Ferrie
  • Jim reviews the Clinton and Jackson Mississippi witnesses and events
  • Ruth Paine takes Marina to Dallas while Oswald goes to Mexico City
  • The Minox camera, the Imperial Reflex camera, the Paines manipulate the evidence
  • Oswald interviews on New Orleans radio, Conversation Carte Blanche/Latin Listening Post
  • Ed Butler of the Information Council of the Americas, Senator Thomas J. Dodd's Committee
  • Painting Oswald as a communist was key to the plot, Ferrie's library card, Ferrie and Oswald in the CAB
  • Oswald and Das Kapital, Ferrie recruiting for military intelligence and boys for Clay Shaw
  • The assassination is now essentially proven, Dallas D.A. Craig Watkins should have a hearing
  • Pierre Finck and Thornton Boswell are still alive, question them, incomplete autopsy
  • They did not weigh the brain, no witness who saw a complete brain, a second brain examination
  • Richard Case Nagell, Rose Cheramie, Sylvia Odio, witnesses before the fact, the Chicago plot
  • CTKA articles, Seamus Coogan article on UFOs, Leon Davidson, believed Allen Dulles was behind it
  • John McAdams new book JFK Assassination Logic, Bill Kelley to update the Chicago plot
  • Listener letters, the Mauser takes a pointed bullet, Lamar Waldron, Atlanta Fantasy Fair
  • Philip Zelikow edited the Kennedy tapes, Bugliosi guilt/innocence contradiction
  • Oswald's attempted phone call to John Hurt in North Carolina, the McCone-Rowley document, a fake Document

    Show #541
    Original airdate: August 25, 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Listener questions
  • DVD review - "The Second Dallas - Who Killed RFK?"
  • Also at CTKA - coming soon, a review of Majestic 12/UFOs, tie to Kennedy assassination
  • Bill Davy to review Mark North's "Betrayal in Dallas" book and Wikipedia on Shaw trial
  • Naomi Klein's book "The Shock Doctrine" (2007), should be mandatory reading
  • Listener questions, Z-frame 346, there is a man with the camera on the grass
  • The Babushka Lady, her film has never been seen, Jim does not think she is Beverly Oliver
  • Author Lamar Waldron worked in the State of Georgia Justice Department
  • Co-author Thom Hartmann admitted ties to the CIA, no one agrees with their thesis
  • "Ultimate Secrets", invasion of Cuba, the mob killed JFK, the cover-up is of the invasion
  • Jim met with the DiCaprio producers and attempted to disprove the supposed invasion plans
  • Bob McNamara, McGeorge Bundy, Dean Rusk, did not know about a planned invasion, Richard Helms
  • Len believes that this is a disinformation campaign, like a McAdams job, Jim agrees
  • David Morales involvement in JFK death vs. that of James Angleton and David Atlee Phillips
  • JFK Vietnam withdrawal plan and it's reversal by Johnson, no discussion of the Paines
  • Paul Schrade and Jim met with Earl Katz, Waldron and George DiCaprio, about nine hours
  • We're very close to cracking this case, ARRB, Waldron created a diversion
  • Tom Hanks and Vincent Bugliosi, substitute one myth for another myth
  • RFK became the ombudsman to the CIA, Desmond Fitzgerald took over the CIA Cuba desk
  • Judge Joe Brown and the King assassination rifle testing - (Black Op Radio show #423)
  • Jim and Len are thanked for fighting the good fight

    Show #540
    Original airdate: August 18, 2011
    Guest: Bob Fitrakis
    Topics: Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? Essential Documents

    Play Part One - Bob Fitrakis       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Political Science Professor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences department, Columbus State Community College
  • Election fraud in Ohio during the 2004 US Election
  • Analysis, legal documents and sworn statements from suppressed and disenfranchised voters .
  • No paper trail, designed by Ransom Shoup, twice convicted of election fraud in Philadelphia
  • Moss v. Bush, King-Lincoln v. Blackwell, out-sourcing of Ohio's vote to Tennessee, SmartTech
  • Difficult to cut through the fog, we overthrow governments around the world
  • Jimmy Carter, US elections don't meet the minimum standards required around the world
  • Diebold, directly tied to the Republican party, to George Herbert Walker Bush
  • Democrats are intimidated, afraid of being called conspiracy theorists, discrediting of exit polls
  • 80% of the undecided went for the incumbent, usually they break 50/50
  • The largest public hearings under oath ever held, kept repeating that there wasn't a shred of evidence
  • Michael Connell, IT tech, died in a small plane crash, he held secrets, Bob personally warned him
  • The Conyers Report, 98.5% turn out, 131% turn out, Bush got 4000 votes, 638 registered voters
  • Carey had millions earmarked to challenge election results, he walked away, not encouraging
  • Gore emboldened the cheaters, Rove, 24.96% of Cleveland voters were purged from the voting rolls
  • Including black soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, the Buffalo Soldiers purge
  • Jim Crow fashion, states' rights, denying blacks, young people, the elderly, race and class based
  • Threatening people with arrest, systematically lying to ex-felons, a fundamental test of a democracy
  • Secretary of State Blackwell, was co-chairman of the Bush/Cheney re-election committee
  • The apparatus has become more sophisticated, ballots destroyed by spilled coffee
  • Non-coverage of Ron Paul, active status vs. inactive status voters, having to re-register to vote
  • Purged an additional million people, provisional ballot, really complex, one voting machine for 300 people
  • HB 194 in Ohio, the poll workers can't help you in any way, going to repeal laws
  • A rally on August 20th 2011 at the Ohio State Fairgrounds, Wellstone's death, Saddam Hussein
  • Bob's website and

    Show #539
    Original airdate: August 11, 2011
    Guests: Dr. William Pepper
    Topics: Sirhan case update / JFK research

    Play Part One - Dr. William Pepper       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Trial news update
  • Sirhan Sirhan case update, submitted comprehensive supplemental brief on the 23rd of April
  • A ruling that actual innocence does not overcome defects related to procedure
  • Dan Brown has been working with Sirhan, no question that Sirhan was hypno-programmed
  • Pruszynski tape recording material, upwards of 13 bullets that were fired, Phil Van Praag
  • Sirhan was in front of Kennedy all the time, he was fed a mixture of chemicals and hypnosis
  • When he was triggered, he thought that he was back at the firing range, shooting at targets
  • Never before have the footprints led so clearly in one direction (Intelligence Operatives)
  • Asked for an evidentiary hearing, shunted aside, ignored on procedural ground
  • The parole hearing, a foregone conclusion, denied for timeliness is the most likely scenario
  • Work on the King case, Pepper was Bob Kennedy's Westchester County Citizen Chairman in 1964
  • When Lawrence Teeter died, Sirhan's brother came to me, stronger evidence than in the King case
  • Associate Laurie Dusek, do something to cause justice to prevail in yet another case
  • Album of poetry, finishing third book on the King case, writing about Venezuela and Hugo Chávez
  • Documents supplied Exhibits A-D
  • Documents supplied Exhibits E-J
  • Documents supplied Suplemental Brief
  • William Pepper album Songs Of Peace and Violence in the Shadow of Drawn Swords

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Arthur Schlesinger interviews with Jackie Kennedy to be put out as a book and cd
  • Her thinking that Oswald was not a lone gunmen, a Texas conspiracy, Michael Beschloss
  • RFK never believed that it was Oswald, Kennedy mini-series nominated for awards in Canada
  • The book is put together by Caroline with an introduction by Beschloss, including a transcript
  • To be released on September 17th, an ABC special with Caroline, ARRB should have got this stuff
  • An article on CTKA, by Bob Harris entitled The Governor Connally Bullet
  • Darrell Tomlinson, O.P. Wright, Josiah Thompson, diagram of gurney Tomlinson put against the wall
  • Tomlinson's widow was Director of Nursing, other nurses found bullets that day
  • Wright found a pointed-tipped bullet, Secret Service agents Richard Johnson and James Rowley
  • Elmer Todd's initials are not on the bullet, FBI panicked, it did not match the murder weapon
  • They switched the bullets, one of the reasons Oswald had to be shot, Oswald was beginning to panic
  • The entrance wound large than the exit wound, the cervical vertebrae, 2000 feet per second
  • Millicent Cranor, wonderful article, wound measured after debridement, a different bullet
  • Governor Connally's autobiography, single bullet theory's kaput, Henry Wade interview
  • Highway patrolman Bob Nolan interview, FBI interview, bullet 'fragment'
  • Nurse Audrey Bell's story, FBI manipulation of evidence, a good article by Bob Harris
  • Gerald Hill Dallas policeman has died, in on the cover-up, at scene of the Tippet shooting
  • Oswald was fast frisked, later bullets were found on him, Hill may have switched the hand guns

    Show #538
    Original airdate: August 4, 2011
    Guests: Sterling and Peggy Seagrave
    Topics: The Secret Financing of the High Cabal - Stolen Gold

    Play Part One - Sterling and Peggy Seagrave       Real Media or MP3 download

  • Author of Gold Warriors (Show #512), Madame Chiang Kai-shek, the Marcos's, Japanese war loot
  • Ed Lansdale, Allen Dulles, thousands of years of accumulated wealth, Lansdale stumbled on some,
  • General Donovan attached Lansdale to G2 in the Philippines, Charles Bohannan, Napoleon Valeriano
  • Landlords with immense properties, General Yamashita Tomoyuki, Major Kojima Kashii
  • Torturing of Kojima, stashing of enormous treasure, twelve sites, two meter high stacks of 75 kilo gold bars
  • Lansdale briefed in Manila, Tokyo and Washington, Clark Clifford persuaded Truman to keep it secret
  • Take and keep the gold and treasure, Donovan getting pissed, based in Panama, Meyer Lansky, "Bugsy" Siegel
  • Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers, flying dope and tungsten over the Hump, conflict between Donovan and Dulles camps
  • Only one bar of gold recovered from the Nazi stash, everything else was melted down and disappeared
  • Clark Air Base, World Anti-Communist League, there hasn't been an audit of Fort Knox in over 50 years
  • Gold Bearer Certificates, everybody is getting swindled, totally unknown, private planes, Presidents are handicapped
  • The guys who own the bankers are the boss, the Power Elite are anonymous, the Federal Reserve, private bankers
  • The reason JFK was removed, he decided to change US currency, the Fed is a fraud
  • Ed Lansdale told Prouty he operated "with a blank check book from Uncle Sam"
  • China White Heroin, BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International), the Vatican, Malta, Macao
  • Members of the Knights of Malta, published 11 books, now the twelfth, Stanley Ho, Phil Graham, Eugene Meyer
  • Graham persuaded Kennedy to take LBJ as his running mate, killing the Pope with a cup of tea
  • Bush and Cheney got in the back door by a coup d'état, you get Republicans, you get swindled,
  • Real evil, it was Cheney and company, The only good left... Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura
  • Third party candidates, siphoning of resources and money out of America,
  • Jefferson vs.. Hamilton, Americans just getting the shaft, the Rothschilds, new book, Red Sky In The Morning
  • Our enemy was going to be the Communists, two young Americans, after the war, in the Philippines, the Huk movement
  • 400 hundred years of Spanish Catholic rule, 50 years under the US, United Fruit, the Pentagon, paper fiat currency
  • Mrs. Clinton saying and they (Russia and China) are our enemies, invent a Cold War, Ray Cline, Madame Chiang Kai-shek
  • Sterling grew up on the Burma China border
  • Latest book Red Sky in the Morning:

    Show #537
    Original airdate: July 28, 2011
    Guests: Jerry Policoff / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Murdoch / JFK Research

    Play Part One - Jerry Policoff

  • Early JFK researcher, area of expertise is the role of the media, New York Times, CBS, Time Inc, John McCloy
  • Murdoch hacking scandal, Watergate analogy, revelations getting bigger and bigger, broke two years ago
  • United States connection, going to take Murdoch and PM Cameron down, Chris Christie, News America, Floor Graphics
  • Carlucci, I will destroy you, hacked by News America, settled for 29 million dollars, multiple cases
  • 500 million and 125 million dollar settlements, violations of the law, mysterious deaths
  • Margaret Thatcher, the Cameron government, head of Scotland Yard resigned, corridors of power
  • The Weekly Standard, helped launch the Iraq war, Fox News, Murdoch became a US citizen, still run from Australia
  • Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, talking about it now, tip of the iceberg, news is the political arm of the Murdoch empire
  • People are afraid of Murdoch, whistle blower, engaged in fraud, FCC waiver, they rolled out the red carpet
  • Frank Sturgis, Marita Lorenz, Murdoch, inherited a newspaper from his father, started Hard Copy, tabloid television
  • James Murdoch lied, Rupert may throw his son under the bus
  • He knew everything going on with his newspapers, he likes thugs, death of a Chief of Police, Metro Media
  • Bill O'Reilly, host of Inside Edition, a clone of Hard Copy, had leaked CIA documents about Garrison
  • At one point he had a sense of outrage, what a nut-case, money does strange things to people

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio

  • CTKA, Bill Kelly has Journalists and JFK Part 3 up, Hugh Ainsworth, Priscilla Johnson, Gordon McClendan
  • Bill Davey has Wikipedia series Part 4 coming, Seamus Coogan MJ-12 coming up
  • Jim to review The Second Dallas film, Bill Kelly to update the Chicago Plot
  • Anton Batey, not his real name, is it Paul Nolan, Larry Dunkel?
  • Ruby testimony, three people named Tippit on the Dallas police force? Jim does not think it valid.
  • Gerald Blaine, Secret Service agents Q&A regarding their book, The Kennedy Detail, mis-trust in government
  • Agent Hill's accurate description of head wound, Peter Scott, Oswald's CIA files, inaccurate information
  • An Angleton program using marked cards? Jim disagrees with Scott, are the Three Tramps important, a diversion
  • Jim is more than skeptical, reseaching Three Tramps, wasting time, Lee Bowers, saw a metal object thrown into a car
  • One sniper team at the Grassy Knoll, better evidence to concentrate on, Tippit shooting timing, about 1:07 or 1:08 (pm)
  • Jim does not think Oswald was at the scene, odd, Tippit seems to be out of his (patrol) area, part of the overall plot
  • Pat Spear put it on Spartacus, (Captain) Fritz breaks the protection pocket, the research community is fragmented
  • John McAdams banned for life, JFK case is like a Rorschach test, what do you see?
  • Obama/Bush, shooter on the second floor? German mauser, an Enfield, new book by Mark Lane, due in November
  • Kennedy reduced Cuban Exile force, back channel to Castro, Max Holland, defense of the Warren Commission
  • Gary Cornwell, Deputy Counsel for HSCA, reality is irrelevant, two shows dropped from archives, Janet Phelan
  • James Phelan, reporter, in contact with the FBI, Garrison documents, government stooge, Maheu, Robert Loomis

    Show #536
    Original airdate: July 21, 2011
    Guests: Karl Grossman / Joe Green
    Topics: Murdoch / Malcolm X

    Play Part One - Karl Grossman

  • Rupert Murdoch and the state of Journalism
  • Professor of Journalism at the State University of New York/College at Old Westbury,
  • Rupert Murdoch's media empire is -- and continues to be -- a journalistic travesty.
  • William Randolph Hearst's power-crazed activities pale in comparison to those of Rupert Murdoch
  • Rupert Murdoch who has sought -- and succeeded -- in being an international Citizen Kane.
  • Scotland Yard compromised... and now murder of the whislte blower...
  • Rupert Murdoch and the rest of his management and supportive board must be brought down
  • Today more than ever we need a free and independent media serving the public interest.
  • Rupert Murdoch Media Empire: A Journalistic Travesty. Article
  • Recommends the Free Press movement, more at

    Play Part Two - Joe Green

  • Manning Marable’s Malcolm X reviewed by Joe Green at CTKA
  • Read Here Very good for political researchers, Manning Marable died within days of the book being published
  • A highly respected scholar, official sources vs. real story and FBI documents
  • Malcom's story is less congenial to Americans, his speeches were just blistering
  • A certain aspect, like an anthropologist, a disconnect, no Malcom Barak Obama, nothing in common
  • Malcom, a gangster, in prison became acquainted with the Nation of Islam and Elijah Muhammad, the Koran
  • Malcom, extremely bright, black vs. white, Jesus was black
  • Noticed by the Nation of Islam, became a prominent leader/spokesman, jealousies
  • The chickens have come home to roost, a gag order on Malcom, rumors then fact of illegitimate children
  • Attempts on his life, separated from the Nation of Islam, an international figure
  • April of 1964, Malcom performed his Hajj, he went to Mecca, realized that white men are not the devil
  • Toured several African nations, treated as a dignitary, against U.S. imperial actions, crimes
  • FBI COINTELPRO documents, FBI sent forged letters to Elijah Muhammad
  • February 21, 1965 Malcom was murdered, movement towards an internationalist policy
  • The Audubon Ballroom, 3:00 pm, as Malcom was ready to speak, shot by shotgun and pistols
  • No police, took them an hour to get there, three men arrested, confusion over actual participants
  • FBI and police involvement in the assassination, major media support of official story
  • Not a story Americans are interested in promoting, Malcom was interested in the truth
  • A man who made statements, then had to repudiate them, realized that he was wrong, astonishing
  • Another example of the State executing someone uncongenial to it's goals
  • The book is good, controversy, about alleged homosexual experience, uncited statements by Marable
  • Malcom gets left out of major political assassinations of the sixties, the assault on the Left
  • Green's own book, Dissenting Views

    Show #535
    Original airdate: July 14, 2011
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio

  • Last weeks show, Silvia Odio, Wesley Liebeler trying to discredit her as a woman of loose morals
  • Odio, a terrific witness, 25th September, 1963 visit was a put up job to incriminate Oswald
  • Various places Oswald was supposed to be, Kennedy Cubans vs. CIA Cubans, Mexico City
  • FBI and the WC BS'd the story, July 22nd, 1964 WC interview in Dallas by Liebeler
  • Internal WC memo, speaks of 'great faith' in her testimony
  • Odio confided in her psychologist, her priest and her father before the assassination
  • Anton Batey, not a registered voter in Michigan for the last 14 years
  • John McAdams runs ads for CIA recruitment
  • Anton Batey, not interested in debate, unless on his show
  • Why was J. D. Tippit killed? To stir up the police as an excuse to kill Oswald at the Texas Theater
  • Edited Police radio transcripts, three versions, why did Tippit pull over Oswald?
  • Is Betty Oliver the Babushka Lady? Jim thinks not, Babushka Lady had the best view
  • Why do you think Allen Dulles was involved in the assassination? Section 4 - 6 of Part 8 of Jim's Bugliosi review
  • Dulles had a motive, Phillips and Angleton were inside the CIA
  • Dulles on the WC, number one in asking questions and in attendance
  • Dulles trying to get Harry Truman to retract anti-CIA article
  • On the 22nd (1963 ) Dulles was at 'the Farm', and in Dallas three weeks before the assassination
  • Dulles's interest in the Garrison investigation
  • Bush presidential directive not to investigate al-Qaida on the eve of 9/11
  • Ruth and Michael Paine meet the Oswalds through the White Russian community
  • Ruth's sister works for the CIA, Ruth provides a home for Marina and daughters
  • Oswald's belongings stored at the Paine House, Ruth is instrumental in getting Lee the job at the TSBD
  • Ruth provides a lot of questionable evidence, asked 5000 questions by the WC
  • The cameras and the backyard photos, the Paine's should be indicted

    Show #534
    Original airdate: July 7, 2011
    Guests: Ted Yacucci /Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One - Ted Yacucci
  • Documentary film maker discusses new documentary
  • Ted is a long time listener to Black Op Radio
  • Trying to clarify facts with proven evidence
  • In initial stages, taping interviews with Len, Jim DiEugenio, Lisa Pease and others
  • Concentrate on the facts, the Chicago plot, so similar to Dallas
  • People heard shots from the Grassy Knoll, saw smoke
  • People turned back by men with Secret Service credentials
  • History of Jack Ruby, Seth Kantor, Ruby stalked Oswald that weekend
  • Gerald Ford changed location of the back wound, autopsyists did not probe neck wound
  • Good early film work, Mark Lane, now, Michael Moore
  • Vietnam would not have happened, had Kennedy lived
  • Black Op deserves credit, Len preaches to the choir
  • So much information, real challenge to pick ten to concentrate on

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio

  • Reviews last weeks "In Defense of the Warren Commission" radio debate
  • The question of a through and through bullet
  • Jim likes "Inside Job", the film about the recent economic collapse
  • Anton Batey invited to debate, hasn't the guts to debate Jim
  • David McCready column about RFK, assassinations didn't matter
  • Harv Morgan Show, Warren Commission lawyers appearance, late 1966
  • Albert Jenner, Wesley Liebeler, Joe Ball
  • Jim punctures statements about the WC, Commissioners, conpiracy vs cover up
  • The cover up was built into the conspiracy, around the 'visit' to Mexico City
  • Not a big conspiracy, the cover up, CYA mode
  • Couldn't be investigated, it was all a bunch of BS
  • Claimed good cooperation between WC, the FBI and the CIA, not kidding Jim
  • FBI and Secret Service reports were comprimised
  • No recording of Oswald interrogation, mismeasurment of back wound
  • Scope or no scope on rifle, fake Oswald trying to buy a car
  • Missing Zapruder film frames, Sibert and O'Neill report
  • Boswell was only asked 13 questions by Spector, Paul Houck early researcher
  • WC did not want to pick a fight with FBI, pressured by DA Wade

    Play Part Three- Jim DiEugenio

  • Silvia Odio, Wesley Liebeler, Sylvia Marr, Gaeton Fonzi
  • Silvia Odio incident recounted, powerful testimony, Liebeler's obfuscations
  • Liebeler hit on Silvia Odio, Tenth and Patton, assumption of Oswalds guilt
  • Governor Connally's testimony, CE 399, sterile, because it was planted
  • Master riflemen could not do what Oswald was supposed to have done
  • Lawyers have a job to do, they had an agenda, they got their tickets punched

    Show #533
    Original airdate: June 30, 2011
    Guests: Robert Groden / Peter Phillips / Pat Valentino
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One - Robert Groden
  • The latest from Dealey Plaza...

    Play Part Two - Peter Phillips
  • Project Censored 2011
  • ICE

    Play Part Three - Pat Valentino
  • OJ confesses to Oprah?
  • Other Trials in the news
  • Reads from JFK and the Unspeakable
  • Discusses rare audio

    Play Part Four- WC Debate
  • "In Defese of the Warren Commission: from the show Contact with Harv Morgan
  • Joseph Ball, Wesley Liebler, Albert Jenner try to defend the Warren Report
  • Paranoid reaction from the public to the Warren Commission
  • Critics of the Commission are irresponsible...
  • Single bullet explanation is laughable and childish
  • Quote "Nothing extrodinary about it at all"
  • No one in the window because...
  • Frames missing in the Zapruder film... why?
  • FBI report at the autopsy contradicts the Warren report
  • Contridtions not important so omitted
  • Callers have the 3 on the defense with every question
  • The Commissioners claim they "can't imagine a conspiracy"
  • Warren Commission used a stationary target.instead of moving
  • How can they claim its an easy shot ...yet on one can duplicate it - They are in denial...

    Show #532
    Original airdate: June 23, 2011
    Guests: Ira David Wood III / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One - David Wood

  • JFK Chronology Nov 22 1963 - who said what and when.
  • was research originally for a play he was writing
  • Recent updates bring known research up to June 2011 version
  • Part one preface details facts leading up to Nov 22 1963 PREFACE - Chronology Part one
  • New updated JFK Assassination Chronology Starting at Nov 22nd 1963
  • email Ira David Wood III

    Play Part Two - Matt Sullivan

  • The Rock Creek Free Press monthly newspaper
  • Paper is also available online
  • Received a "Project Censored" award.
  • Offer a complimentary issue by mail, send your address to

    Play Part Three- Jim DiEugenio

  • Listener question discussed
  • Gary Mack again exposed as disinformation
  • Did the Federal Reserve have reason to have JFK removed ?
  • James Saxon's interview U.S. News and World Report 18/11/63
  • Allen Dulles important report on his view the CIA would play Dulles Jackson Correa report
  • Anton Batey no show after requesting debate with Jim DiEugenio
  • Article regarding Anton Batey part one / part two

    Show #531
    Original airdate: June 16, 2011
    Guest: Fletcher Prouty / Jim DiEugenio

    Play Part One - Fletcher Prouty

  • Fletcher Prouty Jan 24th 1917- June 5th 2001
  • Defense Dept and CIA ... Hiding weapons thru Reimbursement of funds
  • The Secret Team - Al Haig, Richard Secord, Joe Califano, Frank Hand - at the White House level
  • Background to the Vietnam MIA problem
  • Discusses the change from War Dept. to Defense Dept.
  • Mr President, please define 'It'... what is it, that we can do to win the war"?
  • Malthus and genicide economic warfare - the battle for oil and then food.
  • "The Arab Oil Embargo"
  • More at The Col Prouty Reference Site

    Play Part Two -
    Jim DiEugenio

  • RFK documnetary discussed
  • Why would an accomplice wear a polka dot dress...
  • Antisocial or Criminal Acts and Hypnosis. A case study Author: Paul Reiter
  • Background to mind control in 1950's
  • MInd control in Denmark - Palle Hardrup case
  • More on the Bjorn Nielsen case.
  • Thane Cesar the second gunman maybe a third
  • The Grand Illusion by Lisa Pease
  • The CIA website and TRANCE - background to Hypnosis in Interrogation - Obedience in Trance
  • James Hosty passed away

    Show #530
    Original airdate: June 9, 2011
    Guest: Archived Video/ Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: RFK Assassination

    Play Part One - Video Part One

  • Investigative Reports researched the RFK Assassaination
  • Show was only played once... then pulled.
  • 76 people in the pantry contradict the official story
  • RFK's last interview states he will withdraw from Vietnam if elected.
  • Witness testimony differs from LA police and District Attorney
  • Sirhan always in front of RFK wounds from behind
  • Balistics expert lied

  • Do not miss Part Two...

    Play Part Two - Video Part Two

  • Rare footage of Paul Sharaga, Booker Griffin, and Sandy Serrano
  • A couple, man and woman, were "handling" Sirhan
  • 11 people witnessed the Woman in a polka dot dress with Sirhan
  • Paul Sharaga reveals LP police lied and forged his report.
  • Listen to Hank Hernandez badger and browbeat Sandy Sirrano
  • Makes the case that the CIA murdered Bobby Kennedy...
  • Details Project Artichoke and Mind Control assassins

    Play Part Three - Fletcher Prouty

  • Reveals knowledge of a shooter from behind Bobby Kennedy
  • Left the country for her safety

    Note: Do not overlook the interview with Len Osanic and Scott Enyart Show # 520
    and the pdf of the Transcript of the interview

    Show #529
    Original airdate: June 2, 2011
    Guest: Daniel Hopsicker / Lisa Pease
    Topics: 911 / RFK Assassination

    Play Part One - Daniel Hopsicker

  • Author of Barry & 'the Boys' : The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History
  • Latest article Truth, Lies & The Sarasota Herald -Tribune
  • Flight Schools, Cocaine, Heroin, Intelligence Agencies and Mohammed Atta...
  • Venice Florida links to JFK Assassination - Documents

    Play Part Two - Lisa Pease

  • Update of Sirhan legal quest for a new trial, represented by William Pepper
  • Goes over details of the facts of the assassination
  • Acoustical evidence by Phil Van Praag

    Play Part Three - Lisa Pease

  • Four shots to RFK, Three wounds,
  • Two guns, maybe three...
  • New book on the assassination coming from Lisa

    Show #528
    Original airdate: May 26 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Debate Dec 4 1964

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio

  • Discussing the Mark Lane debate at Beverly Hills High Dec 4 1964

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio

  • Anton Batey a no show for requested debate with Jim DiEugenio...
  • Lone Assassin "Beliefs" not defendable with facts known today
  • Oliver Stone's - "The Book of The Film" discussed
  • JFK's Executive Order # 11110 to print currency outside of the Federal Reserve Board
  • The Papers of Bernard D. Nossiter in the Dartmouth College Library
  • James Saxon's interview U.S. News and World Report 18/11/63
  • James Saxon
  • Federal Reserve
  • THE JFK MYTH -Was he assassinated because he opposed the Fed?
  • JFK speech on secret societies

    Show #527
    Original airdate: May 19 2011
    Guest: Mark Lane
    Topics: Debate Dec 4 1964

    Play Part One - Mark Lane

  • Great Debate at Beverly Hills High Dec 4 1964
  • Billed as "The Warren Report: The Whole Truth?"
  • Mark Lane recalls details of the debate and its importance

    Play Part Two - Debate 1

  • Mark Lane vs. Joseph Ball, Herman Selvin and A. L. Wirin
  • 45 minute introduction by Mark Lane

    Play Part Three - Debate 2

  • Comments from Warren Commison supports draws heckels and boo's
  • Joseph Ball just a country lawyer from Long Beach CA..
  • They try to convince the audience they know Lee Oswald ordered the rifle from Klein's Sporting Goods.
  • Klein never called to give testimony to the Warren Commision
  • Joseph Ball embaressed by his lack of knowledge of the facts
  • Mark exposes Joseph Ball as a liar
  • Ball says only one gun found on the sixth floor

    Play Part Four - Debate 3

  • Wirin suggests we should have faith in authority...
  • I. F Stone says it true... then it must be true... ?
  • Lane destorys the retoric of the three Warren Commision support
  • Conclusion and comments from the audience
  • Private interview with Mark Lane

    Show #526
    Original airdate: May 12 2011
    Guest: Adele Edison
    Topics: Col. Jose Rivera

    Play Part One - Adele Edison

  • Dr. Jose Rivera mentioned Lee Osawld in spring 1963
  • Suspects drugged for some inteligence operation
  • Asked Adele to call a number and leave a message "Kill The Chief"
  • Discuss foreknowledge of "it" and event... this is how it will be done
  • Quotes "What will Jackie do? , / Before the Shrinners, / his best friend will kill him, "
  • Who is Jose Rivera

    Play Part Two - Adele Edison

  • Article A New Oswald Witness Goes Public (Updated 2009) -Bill Kelly
  • Col. Jose Rivera & US Army Service Command

    Show #525
    Original airdate: May 5 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio

    Play Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Did the car slow or did it stop in Dealey plaza ?
  • Can witnesses recall can this be tested?
  • Listener questions answered
  • Required reading... The Chicgo Plot Article.pdf - Or audio read by Len Osanic

    Play Part Two - Jim DiEugenio

  • "The GIrl on the Stairs" review
  • Purchase the book at Amazon

    Show #524
    Original airdate: April 28, 2011
    Guest: Dick Russell
    Topics: "63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read"

    Play Interview - Dick Russell

  • Written with Governor Jesse Vetura, met in Mexico in 2006
  • Both interested in conspiracies, their third book together
  • Reprints original documents, CIA assassinations and mind control
  • Kennedy Vietnam withdrawal, Gulf of Tonkin, half the book is contemporary
  • We've been lied to by government, 911, US training of terrorists
  • Stand down order, building 7, insider stock trading
  • Encouraging book sales, #4 in New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction list
  • Plum Island/Lyme Disease, BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, insider stock trading
  • WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Birthers, Guantánamo/media ground rules
  • Stolen elections, fixing the vote in Ohio, mysterious plane crash
  • Left out UFOs, kept in the Rand Corporation, Afghanistan opium economy
  • Get as much of the truth out as possible
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much, On The Trail Of The JFK Assassinations
  • Richard Case Nagell, railroaded, found dead in 1995, ARRB subpoena
  • A million CIA documents withheld, Skyhorse Publishing

    Play Interview - Jerry Coley

  • Coley recounts in detail his experiences in the Dealey Plaza area on November 22, 1963
  • Worked at The Dallas Morning News Advertising Dept., as usual Jack Ruby was there
  • Corner of Main and Houston, @12:20 epileptic fit, ambulance
  • The President passed by, an echoing noise, people running toward the Grassy Knoll
  • Discovery of a pool of blood on the steps near the picket fence
  • Back at The News, @12:45 Jack Ruby was there, looked out the window, crying and talking
  • Photographer Jim Hood, rushed back down, tasted blood, made a photo
  • Recognized Ruby as he shot Oswald, found no stain, Hugh Ainsworth, Coley at The News
  • Wife received threatening phone calls, two FBI men, get the photo and the photographer
  • The FBI took the negative and the print, this conversation never took place
  • Subpoenaed to Ruby trial, never called, Unsolved Mysteries episode
  • Location of stain, Jim Hood died in a mysterious plane crash
  • Assassination related deaths, family terrified for years

    Show #523
    Original airdate: April 21, 2011
    Guests: Wes Swearingen & Mark de Valk
    Topic: To Kill A President

    Part One

  • Swearingen is a former FBI Special Agent from 1951 to 1977, author of FBI Secrets, and To Kill a President
  • Cuban Counter Intelligence in Chicago, spoke to an informant who related CIA involvement in Bay of Pigs before it happened
  • In 1962, talked again, about CIA and Mafia plan to kill JFK, make it look like one person, not a Mob hit
  • Secret CIA training camp in Florida, informed his FBI superiors, filed a 62-0 report
  • Documents routinely destroyed, no collaboration on report, Swearingen was not interviewed post-assassination
  • Expected to be sent to Dallas with 40 other in-training Agents, told Mark Felt about the plot
  • Impression was Oswald was an informant, could not check CIA index files, the investigation was not normal
  • Heard rumors, FBI tested rifle, Agents wanted to keep their jobs, said what Hoover wanted
  • You begin to realize, there really is a cover-up

    Part Two

  • Live from Waikiki (video)
  • Hoover wants it this way, the Chicago plot, did not hear about it at the time, did not know Abraham Bolden
  • The FBI had Sections, you'd never hear what was happening, Jonestown, a rumor about a hit on Swearingen
  • Attorney Charles Garry, Jim Jones was a client, the FBI found my manuscript in Jonestown
  • With COINTELPRO in Los Angeles, Larry Flynt, Mark Lane, Donald Freed, no credible leads
  • Illegal searches, in the Criminal Division, play by the rules

    Part Three

  • Live from Waikiki (video)
  • The Security Index, originally members of the Communist Party, 500,000 names
  • Planned to arrest 50,000 people in Chicago, Church committee, the Reserved Index
  • Oswald should have been on the Security Index, Oswald should have piqued the interest of Agents
  • Fair Play For Cuba Committee, could be ignored, Ruby not qualified for Security Index
  • Division 5, Internal Security/Foreign Counter Intelligence

    Part Four

  • Live from Waikiki (video)
  • The Security Index, originally members of the Communist Party, 500,000 names
  • Planned to arrest 50,000 people in Chicago, Church committee, the Reserved Index
  • Oswald should have been on the Security Index, Oswald should have piqued the interest of Agents
  • Fair Play For Cuba Committee, could be ignored, Ruby not qualified for Security Index
  • Division 5, Internal Security/Foreign Counter Intelligence
  • FBI trained to dominate the situation, possible CIA infiltration of the FBI
  • Richard Cain a Chicago police officer, working for the CIA and FBI and Mafia
  • Industrial espionage, informers informing on informers
  • Agents might meet an informer in a theater, café, car, park, safe houses
  • Was told Cain was in Dallas, on the Grassy Knoll, a genius, a sound man
  • The Zapruder film, echoes, the autopsy, dead witnesses
  • To Kill a President

    Show #522
    Original airdate: April 14, 2011
    Guest: Mark de Valk
    Topics: Dealey Plaza UK

    Part One
  • Mark is the editor of Dealey Plaza Echo research magazine from the UK
  • Dealey Plaza UK website:

    Part Two
  • For DPUK Membership contact: Peter Antill
  • For a complimentary copy of the Dealey Plaza Echo magazine email Mark
  • JFK Doc Series info contact: Mark at

    Show #521
    Original airdate: April 7, 2011
    Guest: Gov. Jesse Ventura
    Topics: "63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read"

    Play Part One Interview - Jesse Ventura

  • New book available 63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You To Read
  • JFK Assassination investigation was deception...
  • Operation Northwoods and The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
  • Reveals documents supporting JFK's plans to withdraw out of Vietnam completely
  • MKULTRA and MKDELTA documents discovered

    Play Part Two Interview - Jesse Ventura

  • Afganistan Heroin and Opium drug money documents revealed
  • FEMA internment camps
  • Wall Street and 9/11
  • TSA Lawsuit update

    Interview also available on youtube - Jesse Ventura on Black Op Radio
    Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis by Jim Douglass
  • News of debate with Anton Batey
  • Listener questions
  • Comprehensive Review of Reclaiming History , Part 3: Chicago and Mexico City

    Show #520
    Original airdate: March 30, 2011
    Guest: Scott Enyart
    Topics: RFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Scott Enyart

  • Interview with Len Osanic and Anita Langley July 17 2000
  • Scott was a photographer in the Ambassador hotel where RFK was shot
  • Details a 20 - 30 year account to retrieve his photos
  • Approx 20 photos taken at the time of the shooting
  • LAPD takes all evidence and hold for 20 years
  • A jury awarded the photographer $450,600 in damages and compensation
  • City appeals the award for lost film that costs millions?.
  • 2 million lawsuit filed against the city and state on Aug. 14, 1989.

    Play Part Two Interview - Scott Enyart

  • City appeals an award of 500K for lost film.
  • Louis "Skip" Miller, an attorney for the city,
  • Skip Miller contacts jury member... juror miscontduct now requires second trial.

    Play Part Three Interview - Scott Enyart

  • Audio of seven weeks of court archived...
  • LAPD found three guns in the Pantry
  • Special Unit Senator...
  • Sirhan has no recollection of the shooting
  • Thane Eugene Cesar
  • Coroner threatened not to testify at first trial
  • Powder burns on RFK indicate shot from 1 inch distance -Thomas Noguchi
  • Records gone missing...

  • Transcript of the complete interview

    Show #519
    Original airdate: March 24, 2011
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / John Costella
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Update new features, iPhone live feed, Facebook, email subscription for site news
  • Fletcher Prouty audio clip
  • CTKA news

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • History of The Federal Reserve - Morgan and Rockefeller
  • JFK - Executive Order 11110 - printing of Silver Certificates interest free through the treasury
  • Discussion of wikipedia article by JP Mroz Part Two: Please, Mr. Wales, Remain Seated
  • Fernandez and the .38 Smith and Wesson - Part Two Addendum by Jim DiEugenio
  • Did Lee Oswald get a rifle and pistol in the mail or is this a paper trail?

    Play Part Three Interview - John Costella
  • John discusses his research and views of the Zapruder film.
  • Was the film altered... what are the problems with it?
  • John's presentation Zapruder Film Symposium, Duluth, Minnesota, May 2003

    Show #518
    Original airdate: March 17, 2011
    Guests: Barry Ernest / Bill Davy
    Topics: JFK Research Books of note...

    Play Part One Interview - Barry Ernest
  • Girl On The Stairs book now available
  • The Search For A Missing Witness To The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy
  • Barry's investigation of Victoria Adams who worked at the TSBD Nov 1963
  • New documents reveal Vicky Adams was telling the truth - David Belin was lying...
  • Evidence fabricated to discredit her...
  • Book is also review of 30 years of research with Harold Weisberg, Penn Jones among others

    Play Part Two Interview - Bill Davy
  • Let Justice be Done released as eBook
  • New Light On The Jim Garrison Investigation

    Show #517
    Original airdate: March 10, 2011
    Guests: William Pepper /Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: RFK/JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - William Pepper
  • Sirhan Sirhan parole hearing
  • Article

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener question answered
  • The Battle of Algiers (1966)
  • The Battle Of Algiers View Movie (with English subtitles)

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Dodd and Dulles vs. Kennedy in Africa

    Show #516
    Original airdate: March 3, 2011
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Len Osanic
  • Schedule problems leads to Hawaii conference postponement

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener question answered
  • Was Marina a reliable witness and good testimony
  • The Cusack papers - Lawrence X. Cusack III, and Seymour Hersh Article
  • Zapruder Film discussion... Tink Tompson view of the film
  • RFK autopsy doctors discussion
  • Did Oswald shot at Gen. Walker
  • Oswald 201 file has anyone seen it?
  • The did it get to the TSBD?
  • Chris Matthews, a new book on JFK...
  • emails please leave a name
  • William Domhoff's article There are no Conspiracy's
  • Kennedy and economics...
  • The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - 1 hour lecture from Naomi Klein
  • (note bad phone line, audio is poor on the interview)

    Show #515
    Original airdate: Feb 24, 2011
    Guests: Dr. Cyril Wecht / Pat Valentino
    Topics: Misconduct / JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Dr. Cyril Wecht
  • The case of ex US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan
  • Prosecutorial Bias and Misconduct is Rampant
  • Malevalent, Ruthless, Unetheical, Immoral, Horrible person.
  • How did she become US attorney?
  • From 84 to 41 to 14 to all charges dropped
  • The FBI's entrapment and blackmail of Tommy Chong
  • Tommy Chong documentary Website

    Play Part Two Interview - Pat Valentino
  • Discussion of the JFK research of David Lifton
  • Interviews with Paul O'Connor, Jerrol Custer, Dennis David
  • Pat discusses the evidence for a "Body Alteration" scenario

    Show #514
    Original airdate: Feb 17, 2011
    Guests: Tyrel Ventura / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Conspiracy Theory

    Play Part One Interview - Tyrel Ventura
  • Producer on Conspiracy Theory
  • Son of Gov. Jesse Ventura

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Who is Anton Batey? - Posthumous Assassination of JFK Article

  • Play Part One Interview - Tyrel Ventura
    Show #513
    Original airdate: Feb 10, 2011
    Guests: Joe Green / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Dissenting Views

    Play Part One Interview - Joe Green
  • Active in the Coalition on Political Assassinations, JFKMI, new book, Dissenting Views.
  • Joe's website: March 26, 2011, will speak at Brave New Books in Austin, TX.
  • Building a New Left. We have a fake Dichotomy...our policies don't change.
  • Fred a teenager joined the Black Panthers. Became the head of the Chicago Chapter.
  • Intelligent, very successful organizer, considered very dangerous by COINTELPRO/FBI.
  • At least 99 shots fired in the house by authorities. He had been drugged by his body guard.
  • Ramsey Clark (United States Attorney General) understood that this was murder.
  • Analysis of assassinations includes the human motivation, begins pointing to internal sources.
  • Patrice Lumumba assassination, January 17, 1961, initiated by Allen Dulles.
  • Richard Helms draws up the plans, Sidney Gottlieb, CIA asset QJ/WIN, Bill Harvey, all involved.
  • At the Church Committee, the CIA admitted this murder, and likely to have supported the JFK assassination.
  • Ronald Reagan appears about to be canonized. Compare that to the media's treatment of JFK.
  • Michael Shermer, head in the sand regarding JFK. Probably part of the paid opposition.
  • Ruby's murder of Oswald was not a chance event.
  • No Socialism in US for citizens, but bank bailouts are a form of Socialism.
  • Commission Exhibit 399. We need to agree on certain foundational areas.
  • People of good will, helping out the impoverished.
  • Book discusses Creation/Evolution debate. You have to participate, not hold one unchanging position.

    Play Part Two Interview - Joe Green / Jim DiEugenio

  • The Alger Hiss case, a harbinger of the battle to come.
  • The collapse of the mainstream media, we don't know what will replace it.
  • The book is a kind of kaleidoscope of how the modern world has evolved, fun to read.
  • High profile cases provide upward mobility for certain authors.
  • The importance of the typewriter as evidence in the Hiss case. Fabricated evidence.
  • Background and details on the Hiss case, Whittaker Chambers, Richard Nixon, the FBI.
  • VENONA documents, involving cryptanalysis of messages sent by intelligence agencies of the Soviet Union.
  • Jack Ruby and Warren Commission lies.
  • Neil Postman, author of Amusing Ourselves to Death, television, a long chain of unrelated events.
  • Quick editing in programs, your mind's not really working, your eye is being diverted.
  • Corporate sponsorship, when push comes to shove, TV will support it's sponsors.
  • Essay on the Federalist Papers (late 1780's), invalid arguments that did not stand the test of time.
  • Extensive discussion of the Founding Fathers and the formation of the US government.
  • Kennedy, Bay of Pigs, Missile Crisis, Kennedy chose not to escalate.
  • Read The Kennedy Tapes, verbatim recordings of the Missile Crisis, how they talked about him behind his back.

    Show #512
    Original airdate: Feb 3, 2011
    Guests: Sterling Seagrave
    Topics: Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold

    Play Part One Interview - Sterling Seagrave
  • Gold Warriors
  • Operation Golden Lily
  • Article 14 of the 1951 treaty voids any return of money
  • The Black Eagle Trust: slush fund loot by Ed Lansdale

    Play Part Two Interview - Sterling Seagrave
  • The M Fund and Richard Nixon
  • Ed Lansdale, Napolean Valariano, Chrles Bohanon,
  • The Nugan Hand bank scandle Play video
  • CIA took Ethiopian money and use in 1948 for Italian election
  • Federal Reserve paper... worthless

    Show #511
    Original airdate: Jan 27, 2011
    Guests: John Kelin/Catherine Bleish
    Topics: JFK and US. Political Research

    Play Part One Interview - John Kelin
  • Fairplay Magazine
  • John's book available on Praise from a Future Generation:
  • The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the First Generation Critics of the Warren Report
  • John Kelin webpage
  • His blog
  • False Mystery by Vincent Salandria
  • Mass Denial in the Assassination of President Kennedy by Martin Schotz

    Play Part Two Interview - Catherine Bleish
  • Missouri Information Analysis Center,
  • MIAC is a Department of Homeland Security fusion center
  • Government surveillance of legal political activity
  • Watch Texans for Accountable Government’s John Bush get arrested at a peaceful debate at Austin University.
  • Watch the eye opening documentary : America Freedom to Fascism
  • In 2005 how did the DHS make Fusion centers a part of their legislation?
  • People with Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin bumper stickers focused on by the Fusion Centres and considered dangerous?
  • Why are bikers in Texas being pulled over & having their club emblems photographed and entered into databases?
  • Catherine Bleish’s appearance on Jesse Ventura’s Police State Episode was recently pulled
  • Catherine’s refusal to go through an airport body scanner result in inappropriate pat down by a TSA agent?
  • Mandatory body scans means being subjected to extensive radiation, including children. Is it time to avoid air travel?
  • How were the Fusion Centres operating for more than two years before being officially approved for by Congress?
  • Catherine mentions Austin’s “Square Patrol”, a community based program that is a safe alternative to driving drunk.
  • As more restrictions and legislation are introduced why do we notice an increased rate of crime, coercion & corruption?
  • How are our words, thoughts & ideas more threatening to corrupt Government than any force?
  • What is the mission of Agenda 21?
  • Poisonous Aspartame has such a bad rap it’s been renamed AminoSweet in hopes of duping the public.

    Show #510
    Original airdate: Jan 20, 2011
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • View Robert Shetterly’s Essay: The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy
  • Congratulations to all that took part in the petition that successfully lead to the American cancelation of the mini -series, The Kennedys.
  • listener’s email questions from around the Globe !
  • How does Robert Shetterly’s essay, The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy, show conspiracy is part of the political system?
  • Was Oswald ever a true suspect in the attempted assassination of General Walker? Jim answers with key points.
  • Interesting film found by author Jim Hougan shows General Walker’s house was being filmed in the summer of ’63. Why?
  • Len mentions 50th Anniversary of JFK’s inaugural speech.Watch Speech on Youtube
  • Why has Wikipedia cofounder has started a new alternative online source of information based on facts & truth at
  • Why has been Mary Farrell been coined the “Dragon Lady” and thought to be a CIA operative while using the Mary Farrell Foundation as a cover?
  • After working in the JFK area for decades how is it that she never gave an opinion about what she thought had happened in regards to the assassination?
  • Why was James McCord’s initial lawyer, Gerald Alch, dismissed after being hired to defend James during the Watergate trials?
  • Why does John Hankey slam Jim DiEugenio, calling him a CIA agent
  • Why did Buck Compton order the destruction of the pantry doors from RFK’s assassination at the Ambassador Hotel?
  • Why were many important leads in the RFK case marked “bad, do not follow”?
  • With 17 witnesses of the “Lady in the Polka Dot Dress” in the pantry kitchen, why didn’t the LAPD search for her?
  • Was Sirhan Sirhan hypnotized by the code words, ”Lots of Cream, Lots of Sugar”?
  • Why was Sandy Serrano belittled by the LAPD in their attempt to break & confuse her in her testimony regarding the “Lady in the Polka Dot Dress”?

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Why could E.Howard Hunt never come up with an alibi in regards to his whereabouts on November 22, 1963?
  • Why have Gerry Hemming & Marita Lorenz been labelled as not being credible witnesses?
  • Was James Angleton the ultimate agent controlling Lee Harvey Oswald?
  • Tom Hartman is pointed out to be an unreliable source for information in regards to JFK due to a working relationship with the CIA.
  • Was the bullet responsible for JFK’s fatal head wound, shot from behind the grassy knoll, an exploding bullet?
  • Jim mentions article he’s written an article for Probe Magazine on the ties between John McAdams & Fernandez at Wikipedia.
  • Jim answers whether he thinks JFK’s rumoured sex life was responsible or connected to his murder?
  • Jim’s review of JFK & The Unspeakable gets 300 hits per month on the CTKA site helping promote book sales of approximately 1000 per week.
  • What information does John Dean have in regards to his comments about Ted Kennedy & the events that took place at Chappaquiddick?
  • Did E.Howard Hunt & Anthony Ulasewicz partake in the murder of Mary Jo & in the political assassination of Ted Kennedy?

    Show #509
    Original airdate: Jan 13, 2011
    Guests: Bob Fox / Frank Cassano / Robert Greenwald / Greg Burnham
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Bob Fox
  • Article - The Huffington Hoax
  • Len & Bob encourage TruTV to keep Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory on the air for another season.
  • Why was Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Police State episode on FEMA camps pulled from TruTV?
  • Why do Bob’s posts on the Huffington Post get censored & deleted?
  • Why is the Huffington Post posting disinfo stories that are similar to what you’d expect from the 6th Floor Museum?
  • Why will the Huffington Post prohibit the promotion of any conspiracy theory, including 9/11?
  • Now a part of the MSN, The Huffington Post is trying to recruit people in their early 20’s & 30’s who might be sucked into believing their stories.
  • When you go to Wikipedia or the Huffington Post for information, they do not depict true information, just their corporate approved version.
  • The MSN uses people like Glen Beck & Rush Limbaugh to dumb down America.
  • Why do you never see anything on cable TV about 9/11 & the possibility that the American Government was involved?
  • Why did the City of Dallas have to confiscate Robert Groden’s material in Dealy Plaza during his last arrest & why won’t they release the items?
  • Although there is heavy infighting amongst JFK researchers, why does this not happen with people like the Gary Macks & Gary Posners of the world?
  • Did Lloyd Kellerman & Bill Greer have foreknowledge of JFK’s assassination?
  • Why did JFK refuse to implement Operation Northwoods against the wishes of the CIA and the JCS?
  • Wikileaks originally stated they would be releasing pertinent information regarding the corrupt Bank of America. Why hasn’t this happened yet?

    Play Part Two Interview - Frank Cassano
  • Problems with online forums
  • Article on Michael Shermer
  • Update article Shermer Takes the Message Wide
  • Petition signed by 50,000 stops the History Channel from airing inaccurate miniseries The Kennedys.
  • Why is JFK is the most hated President by many venomous people who post on online newspapers & forums?
  • How can the JFK community counter these viscous attacks?
  • Frank congratulates Len for getting on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episode on JFK’s assassination.
  • Is Glenn Beck in the hands of Big Oil ?
  • Is INDB the most violent forum where Oliver Stone’s movie gets criticized and slandered the most?

    Play Part Three Interview - Robert Greenwald
  • Robert is responsible for the petition that 50,000 people signed to stop the History Chanel from airing The Kennedys.
  • With other JFK researchers and critics he created the website
  • Caroline Kennedy & Maria Shriver both applied pressure to the History Chanel to have this fictitious miniseries pulled.
  • Can we work together to have the same result for Tom Hanks upcoming Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy cancelled?
  • See more of Robert’s work at his website

    Play Part Four Interview - Greg Burnham
  • Details of NSAM 263-274
  • How and why did we get into the war in Vietnam?
  • Although JFK was NOT responsible for the BOP disaster, why is it commonly thought of as otherwise?
  • What went wrong at the Bay of Pigs invasion?
  • Are current elected officials paying attention to historic lessons in history & connecting the dots?
  • Did the US ever accomplish whatever goals or objectives it had in regards to Vietnam?
  • How did the Americans LOSE the Vietnam war?
  • When it was time to pull out, what happened to the remaining equipment?
  • When John Foster Dulles was making his pitch to jump into the Vietnam war, what was response from JFK?
  • As early as 1954 Kennedy is stating his opinions on the war in Vietnam seeing no way to win it.
  • What REALLY happened once the CIA started to arrive in Vietnam?
  • Why were over a million Northern Vietnamese relocated to the Southern area?
  • Why did the Viet Cong break out in Southern Vietnam?
  • Why wouldn’t the local Vietnamese betray the Viet Cong?
  • What exactly is NSAM #263 and what did it mean to the war in Vietnam?
  • How is it possible that the draft of NSAM #273 was written on November 21st, 1963 when Kennedy was tied up?
  • What are the specific details behind the Macnamara/Taylor Report?
  • Did JFK fully realize the full danger of not being military opposed to all things Communist?
  • Why did JFK require a “Military Recommendation” for NSAM #263 to end American participation in the Vietnam war?
  • What was the military agenda being discussed in Honolulu on November 20th, 1963?
  • Why did George McBundy draft NSMA #273 on the evening of November 21st, 1963?

    Show #508
    Original airdate: Jan 6, 2011
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Dan Hardway
    Topics: JFK Research / US Law

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener questions answered
  • The fruad of Michael Shermer
  • Robert Vinson Story question
  • Hawaii conference updates

    Play Part Two Interview - Dan Hardway
  • Concern with "The Over Felonization of US Law"
  • The increase of Felony charges in America
  • Feloy charges in North Caorlina from 37 to now over 500
  • “over-felonization” going on at a State & Federal levels to feed the current Police State.
  • Constitution founded on five common laws. Murder, rape, arson, theft & suicide.
  • Now over 500 felonies in North Carolina just on a State level.
  • Signing a federal document has become a dangerous proposition for anyone who has dealings with the government?
  • How has the Criminal Law Structure changed so much that a State can now easily boast over 500 state felonies?
  • Although an Attorney General takes an oath vowing to work for the people why are the people getting the shaft?
  • How are the “Infringement of Rights” always done with the government’s idea that it will make us safer as a society?
  • Why are constitutional rights of the citizens no longer a priority when drafting and passing legislations?
  • Education Bill be approved but then the language amended & replaced new language dealing with firearms?
  • Convicted felons in Nazi Germany the first to lose their basic human rights under the German constitution?