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Show #507
Original airdate: Dec 30, 2010
Guest: Abraham Bolden / Robert Groden / Pat Valentino
Topics: Updates

Play Part One Interview - Abraham Bolden
  • News from Abraham Bolden
  • The Chicago Plot

    Play Part Two Interview - Robert Groden
  • News from Robert Groden

    Play Part Three Interview - Pat Valentino
  • Pat discussed David Lifton and his new book
  • Opinion that Liftons research was highly regarded
  • Says evidence supports alteration between Parkland and Bethesda
  • OJ Simpson update in Las Vegas
  • Recaps the hotel scene and charges
  • OJ gets 9 - 33 years, but all charges dropped against everyone else?

    Show #506
    Original airdate: Dec 23, 2010
    Guest: Jim Hougan /Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Secret Aganda / Watergate

    Play Part One Interview - Jim Hougan
  • Broad discussion of Watergate break-in as reavealed in his book "Secret Aganda"

  • Lou Russell was present at the Watergate burglary. Why were the public initially lied to about this?
  • Prior to Watergate, where did Lou Russell work and for whom?
  • 26 volumes produced by the WC. Only 4 pages by the Senate Watergate Investigators. Why?
  • Who was responsible for sending the burglars into the DNC to commit the burglary?
  • Corporate Media allow themselves to be manipulated by the Military Industrial Complex
  • Did Bob Woodward make a career as a reporter for the Washington Post via approved leaks
  • Did Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward report approved leaks, enabling the CIA to advance their political agenda?
  • Prior to becoming a reporter, where did Bob Woodward work and for whom? Is he a a CIA asset?
  • Julian Assange is extradited for his heroic intelligence leaks while Bob Woodward had full cooperation from the CIA?
  • Was Watergate a silent Coup? Was it a planned failure?
  • Why was Hunt sending weekly information on sexual relations of White House staff to Richard Helms at CIA?
  • Why was the White House & Richard Nixon being spied upon by the CIA?
  • Nixon in Vietnam in the early 60’s on a secret mission trading gold for publically unidentified POW’s?
  • Who was in the Howard Johnson’s hotel across from the DNC watching the burglary as it took place?
  • Why has Gordon Liddy not talked about the night of the Watergate arrests?
  • Why is James McCord know as the “real silent man” of Watergate?
  • Lou Russell... a security guard for the Columbia Plaza Apartments or CIA?
  • Why were the Watergate plumbers trying to bug Larry O’Brien’s phone ?
  • when he was no longer using that office and had been absent for months?
  • Who were the 6 men, five being Cuban, who made the first attempt at obtaining information illegally from the DNC?
  • A week prior to the Watergate arrests, a break in was reported on the floor of the Federal Reserve Board...
  • Alfred Baldwin listened to conversations from the DNC for weeks
  • FBI find no listening devices when they do a sweep of the building.
  • Why did James McCord plan, lead and then sabotage his team of Watergate plumbers?
  • Howard E. Hunt & James McCord pretend not to know each other when their friendship dated back to the Bay of Pigs?
  • Why did Marion Furbershaw evict James McCord from one of her rental properties?
  • What the single conclusive piece of evidence found on the burglars that gives us an idea as to what they were after?
  • Why did Robert Bennett instruct his nephew Gregory to quit Hunts team of plumbers the night before the burglary?
  • Why did Robert Bennett create a back door entry into the Washington Post through the office of Washington Post lawyer, Edward Bennett William?

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim Hougan
  • More specific questions from Jim DiEugenio

    Show #505
    Original airdate: Dec 16, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Jim Fetzer
    Topics: JFK Research - Wikileaks

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener questions discussed
  • Hawaii Conference ideas
  • Jim reads letter of complaint regarding conference
  • Evidence of Revision
  • Robert Groden wins court case

    Play Part two Interview - Jim Fetzer
  • Scientific American Magazine - by Michael Shermer
  • Huffington Post blames Lee Oswald as lone assassain
  • The Conspiracy Theory Detector
  • Ass Sunstein and Michael Shermer
  • Some of Jim's websites: / /
  • / / / /
  • More on WikiLeaks 7/7 ripple effect on youtube

    Show #504
    Original airdate: Dec 9, 2010
    Guest: Dave Ratcliffe / Dan Hardway
    Topics: JFK Research - Fletcher Prouty / HSCA

    Play Part One Interview - Dave Ratcliffe
  • Understanding Special Operations - and Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era
  • 1989 Interviews with Col. L. Fletcher Prouty regarding the Penatagon 1955-1964
  • Read on line here
  • Order the book here

    Play Part two Interview - Dan Hardway
  • Investigating Intelligence connections & activities related to JFK for the HSCA?
  • Why were the HSCA initially given zero access to government documents or security clearance?
  • What happened when Dan tried to interview his first retired CIA on behalf of the committee?
  • What is the CIA’s motto in towards CIA agents in regards to respecting the agency & cover ups?
  • Why was Dan given the task for involving Oswald’s activities in Mexico City?
  • Was Dan able to figure out the back channel communication methods that the CIA were using?
  • Why did the CIA revoke their deal with the HSCA & shut down Dan’s investigation?
  • Why was CIA’s George Joannides brought out of retirement to act as new liaison with the HSCA?
  • What role did David Phillips play anti Castro propaganda operations?
  • What were the Mob connections to Bill Harvey?
  • Who was Johnny Rosseli and what were his ties to the assassination?
  • Why did the CIA take Johnny Roselli to a safe house for extensive debriefing?
  • Why was the investigation shut down after Dan’s request for files & notes on the debriefing?
  • When debriefing file was ready for viewing, why had file been totally retyped?
  • Why were all documents, including Dan’s request for documents, never released by the CIA?
  • Did a photo of Oswald taken at the Cuban consulate sent to DC through diplomatic channels?
  • Why is the original photo submitted to CIA before the assassination not the same as after?
  • Why is Dan convinced this photo was generated at the Cuban embassy?
  • Why did Dan and Eddie Lopez have bad reputations and disliked by the CIA?
  • All notes were to be sent from CIA to the National Archives. Where are they now?
  • The CIA hid the fact that Joannides was the Case Officer in New Orleans from 1962-1964. Why?
  • Joannides & the CIA are guilty of obstruction of justice. Why are they never charged?
  • Why did CIA Mexico City cable traffic raise more questions about multiple Oswalds?
  • If Dan were to be put back on the case, what would be the initial focus of investigation?
  • Why is David Phillip’s prior history with the CIA before the assassination so important to know?
  • Why were the men that Kennedy fired in charge of the investigation of his murder?
  • Why are Oswald’s income tax records being withheld from the public?
  • Did George Joannides report to David Phillips?
  • What was the purpose of the HSCA’s investigation and did they succeed in anything?
  • Transcript of the interview Click Here

    Show #503
    Original airdate: Dec 2, 2010
    Guest: Jacque Fresco with Roxanne Meadows/ Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: The Venus Project /JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows
  • The Venus Project Website
  • Feautured in Zeitgeist Addendum movie website
  • What inspires these two futurists, to design Earth/Humanity friendly cities of the future?
  • How do we redesign our violent culture into a life of world peace?
  • The US does not invade countries to help bring democracy about but to rob their resources.
  • Will we declare all of the Earth’s resources as a Common Heritage of All the World’s people?
  • Would we be able to do away with a monetary system and switch to a resource system?
  • Would a resource system be the end to drug dealing and prostitution?
  • Why does the monetary system thrive on scarcity?
  • How does scarcity cause selfishness & insecurity worldwide?
  • Why does the general population not utilize the art of semantics in our society?
  • Can we do away with all politicians who constantly promise change but never deliver?
  • Can we get rid of the Bank Institutions and create banks that are community owned?
  • Can we make physicians responsible for the health of our communities?
  • Is it possible to recreate the education system doing away with areas that are a waste of time?
  • Why does the US have the highest prison population?
  • Jacque describes pros & cons of transition from a money system to a resource based economy.

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Black Op Radio Conference April 2011 Register Now
  • Jim discusses the upcoming battle against HBO’s slur campaign against JFK.
  • Jim points out many holes in Bugliosi’s theories.
  • Len is canvassing for ideas for the Hawaii conference. email him Len Osanic
  • Would fans of Black Op Radio like to see a WC debate between Jim & Bugliosi in Hawaii?
  • Len points out Wikipedia is a fraud ran by people whose goal is to manipulate public opinion.
  • Who REALLY controls the Wikipedia website?
  • Can Black Op Radio put a wrench in the opposition?
  • Will there ever be an honourable, unbiased, truth seeking Media in North America?
  • What do Jim Garrison, Olive Stone Richard Sprague have in common?
  • Why is there a split in the 9/11 researching community?
  • How do we develop quality control to ensure researchers or distributed research is credible?
  • What were the key players in 1974’s Watergate doing in 1963?
  • Does a Shadow Government operate behind closed doors, controlling our elected Government?
  • What happens to Nixon after firing Helms?
  • Who created Operation 40 and why?
  • How was Operation 40 built into the Bay of Pigs?
  • Who was Allen Dulles’s & Richard Helm’s go to Mr. Dirty Man?
  • Why has only one reporter seen Sam Halpern’s Top Secret report on Operation 40?
  • Why did Chip Berlet attack Col. L. Prouty when Oliver Stone’s JFK came out?
  • What orders did James McCord & David Phillips in regards to the Fair Play For Cuba Committee?
  • Why did James McCord deny knowing about Oswald?
  • Why was Howard Hunt in charge of recruiting Cubans?
  • Why does Amy Goodman sometimes “bushwack” her guests?
  • Why does Amy Goodman ridicule those interested in the assassinations of JFK, RFK & MLK?
  • What did Lisa Pease discover about Chip Berlet and James Angleton?

    Show #502
    Original airdate: Nov 25, 2010
    Guest: Mark Lane / Joe Green / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Mark Lane
    New 2010 documentary "Rush To Judgement" youtube excerpt View here
  • DiCaprio flim news
  • Will attend Hawaii 2011 conference
  • New book yet to be published

    Play Part Two Interview - Joe Green
  • Dallas Conference Review

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Latest from the Secret Service... lone gunman

    Show #501
    Original airdate: Nov 18, 2010
    Guest: Robert Groden / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Robert Groden

  • Recent Dealey Plaza legal situstion
  • New book to be published
  • July 2010, arrested for vending without a permit, held for nine hours, the 81st arrest
  • Constant arrests, thrown out of court, 81 times, just plain harassment
  • Believes Sixth Floor Museum is behind the harassment
  • Dallas to host Super Bowl in February, Sixth Floor Museum would like to be the only game in town
  • Tom Hanks has not returned Robert's call
  • Len complains of Sixth Floor Museum fraud of history
  •, Robert's web site
  • Robert refused job as Director of Sixth Floor Museum
  • Over one thousand photos in new book, expensive to publish
  • Many levels of reality, Oswald never fired a shot, set up to be a Patsy
  • We can easily prove a conspiracy
  • A lady in the Depository, one minute before the shooting, gave Oswald change on the 2nd floor
  • They heard the shots together, Warren Commission suppressed her testimony
  • Robert interviewed the Dallas Doctors
  • All of the, without exception, reported a frontal shoot with a blowout to the rear of the head
  • DVD and magazine available from Robert in Dealey Plaza, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Three shells, originally two shells, FBI suppressed photos
  • The bag was not photographed on the Sixth Floor, no gun oil on the bag
  • 7.65 Mauser and British Enfield .303 found that day, not a 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano
  • Connally's Doctor claimed the bullet was in his leg, at the time CE 399 was being transported to Washington
  • Constant arrests, thrown out of court, 81 times, just plain harassment
  • New book called, JFK Absolute Proof
  • It will cost about $60,000 to print the book.

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Oliver Stone
  • Lancer 2010 Conference summery
  • Listener questions answered

    Show #500
    Original airdate: Nov 11, 2010
    Guest: Gov. Jesse Ventura / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jesse Ventura

    Jesse Ventura, Len Osanic, Tyrel ventura
  • Conspiracy Theory season 2 on Tru TV
  • JFK Assassination research and opinion
  • Was the closest human to JFK’s fatal head shot ever interviewed by the Warren Commission?
  • JFK assassination is the “Corner Stone” to all other events that have happened since.
  • LHO was not a lone nut assassin.
  • “Lee & Me” written by Oswald’s mistress, Judy V. Baker fills in blanks about Oswald.
  • Who was the pilot flying Oswald around in a private plane before the assassination?
  • Jesse recreates the same shots from the Book Depository firing a 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano
  • The Tea Party is fraudulent. Where were they during the George Bush years?
  • Both the Warren Commission & the 911 Commission are fraudulent.
  • FEMA Camps. Why are they being built & for who?
  • Why was Whitewater allocated $96 million more dollars than the investigation into 911?
  • Why does Vincent Bugliosi still promote the lie that Oswald acted alone?
  • Why weren’t the two recent US wars not brought up on the Political Radar for recent election?
  • How is the Government isolating the public from the war?
  • The 6th floors Director, Gary Mack, acknowledged he believes there was a conspiracy.
  • We need an honest investigation into the assassination of JFK and 911.
  • Why do we need to vote for viable, independent candidates?

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Ted Sorenson passed away
  • Jim Douglass, Lisa Pease, Oliver Stone lecture details - Youtube video
  • Listener questions answered

    Show #499
    Original airdate: Nov 4, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener questions

  • Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Lisa Pease, Oliver Stone, Jim Douglass lecture in LA.
  • >A HREF=""> Event website Nov. 8th 2010

    Show #498
    Original airdate: Oct 28, 2010
    Guests: Wes Swearington / Lisa Pease
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Wes Swearington
  • To Kill a President - Finally an Ex-FBI Agent rips the Veil of secrecy that killed JFK

  • Play Part Two Interview - Lisa Pease
  • Lisa Pease, Oliver Stone, Jim Douglass lecture in LA.
  • >A HREF=""> Event website Nov. 8th 2010
  • More on the Suez Crisis of 1956 - Fletcher Prouty from Understanding Special Operations

    Show #497
    Original airdate: Oct 21, 2010
    Guest: Dr. Cyril Wecht
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Dr. Cyril Wecht
  • What should researchers do to organize
  • Conferences of the future

    Play Part Two Interview - Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • Discussion of NSAM 263 and the origins of NSAM 273
  • A draft of NSAM 273 dated Nov 21 1963...
  • NSAM 273 article on-line click here

    Show #496
    Original airdate: Oct 14, 2010
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: US Politics / Inside The ARRB

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • US Politics - Obama

  • Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Inside The ARRB by Doug Horne - Review Part 3

  • Show #495
    Original airdate: Oct 7, 2010
    Guests: Nick Bryant / John Judge
    Topics: The Franklin Scandal

    Play Part One Interview - Nick Bryant

  • Play Part Two Interview - John Judge
  • COPA 2010

    Show #494
    Original airdate: Sept 30, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener email

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Bugliosi review part 10a

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Bugliosi review part 10b

    Show #493
    Original airdate: Sept 23, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener email
  • US Politics

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Reviews book 2 from Doug Horne _Inside the ARRB

  • Show #492
    Original airdate: Sept 16, 2010
    Guest: Dr. Donald Thomas
    Topics: Hear No Evil

    Play Part One Interview - Don Thomas
  • Hear No Evil is available from Mary Farrell Foundation
  • Dr Thomas, being a scientist, was curious as to why the evidence showed conspiracy in the JFK assassination...
  • ...yet it was not published as such, even in the Warren Report
  • He began with the acoustical evidence which the NRC claimed was unsound and unproven
  • Donald proved the echo location used in the testing was a proven and sound science and therefore BBN's work was valid
  • The disqualifying of the evidence and the using of the reports showing disqualification are in fact intellectual dishonesty.
  • The acoustical evidence is valid and the data shows shots from several directions... A conspiracy
  • The Parrafin Tests on Oswald were negative but were unreliable anyway
  • The FBI used the test for thirty years after knowing it was unreliable!
  • Neutron Activation tests proved negative once again but it too was an unreliable test and no longer used in this way
  • Oswald's hands tested positive but the results are probably the result of fingerprinting ink... Again unreliable!
  • Vincent Guinn did the gunshot testing for the Warren Commission and kept the secret of the negative results
  • Gywnne lied saying he wasn't in on the W C testing and ended up on the HSCA panel doing junk metallurgy
  • Guinn was an original tester of Neutron Activation in the 50's and knew it wouldn't work in this case
  • Donald was appalled at the documentary "Inside The Target Car"
  • He believes Gary Mack was "taken-in" by the crash dummy technology
  • The skewed results were used by the program to demonstrate that shots did not come from other directions
  • Dr. Thomas is of the opinion that there were five gunshots base on the evidence he knows

    Play Part Two Interview - Donald Thomas
  • The HSCA presented the original dictabelt to BBN for analysis
  • BBN found gunfire on the dictabelt... 5 shots were found
  • A sixth sound was found but couldn't be determined to be a gunshot
  • The HSCA only acknowledged four shots... Blakey eliminated shot five
  • The majority of witnesses testified that they thought shots came from the Grassy Knoll
  • Donald explains why the Single Bullet Theory seems to make sense
  • Three of the shots were fired within three seconds... Impossible from that Mannlicher Carcano
  • The available evidence although inconclusive shows Oswald likely wasn't a shooter that day
  • A discussion of the Officer Baker testimony regarding Oswald at the Coke machine
  • Pictures of the boxes piled in the window differ... Somebody moved the boxes
  • Malcom Kilduff finger point showing the shot to the front of JFK's head
  • There is no scientific evidence to demonstrate the use of a silencer
  • It is Donald's position that the Grassy Knoll shooter was likely the killer and the other shots were for...
  • ...diversionary purposes and that there was a triangulation of crossfire as described by Stone's JFK
  • If Oswald was guilty why does the government keep his documents sealed?

    Show #491
    Original airdate: Sept 9, 2010
    Guest: Joe Green / Tod Fletcher
    Topics: JFK Research / Cognitive Infiltration

    Play Part One Interview - Joe Green
  • The JFK FAQ
  • The 10-Point Program
  • Joe Green Blog
  • The purposes of JFK Faq and the 10 Point Program - An attept to clarify the truths of the JFK assassination
  • The contradiction that is Lee Harvey Oswald
  • The JFK FAQ begins with basic questions and answers and progresses to more difficult questions and answers
  • Recently, prominent researchers are changing strategy toward agreement on basic truths in the assassination...
  • ... and are attempting to gather forces under this agreed upon group of basic truths in an attempt to get an...
  • ... honest investigation in the JFK assassination, a gathering of strengths rather than devisiveness
  • Joe is trying to get away from the questions that cause infighting in the JFK research community
  • The importance of this case cannot be overstated even after forty-seven years
  • This format also allows researchers to bring their strengths of research in the case to the table
  • The Tom Hanks/Bugliosi disinformation movie is discussed
  • Several researchers are working on movies to counter the Bugliosi garbage
  • Presenting the photographic evidence would show that the official story does not stand up
  • The Hawaii conference
  • Len may just take Black Op Radio on the road!
  • A discussion of the pros and cons of producing JFK research videos

    Play Part Two Interview - Tod Fletcher
  • David Ray Griffin's new book Cognitive Infiltration, an Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
  • Tod Fletcher has been research assistant and proofreader to David Ray Griffin for more than six years and on eight books
  • Cognitive Infiltration is about Cass Sunstein's move to undermine the 9/11 truth movement for the Obama Administration
  • This is another incarnation of the FBI's Cointel-pro
  • The book is the first rebuttal of the Sunstein program and shows how draconian and illegal it really is
  • Sunstein makes many assertions that are clearly untruths and Griffin is able to take apart the Sunstein program
  • Sunstein's argument is so flawed that Griffin postulates that the message might be the opposite of what he stated
  • Tod summarizes each thesis in turn... Points on each thesis are listed below
  • Most everything Sunstein points out he cannot back with reference or evidence of any kind
  • 1) Sunstein's first statement defines Conspiracy in a very narrow way restricting the scope of the term making it innaccurate
  • The evidence tends to prove a deception on the government's part and the government does nothing to dispell...
  • ... and in fact exacerbates the argument against them
  • 2) Sunstein claims that in America anti-government conspiracies are all but unknown... This is a complete fallacy!
  • Tod lists several proven Government conspiracies
  • 3) The myth of a free press in America. Why are important stories buried in America? Why are lies perpetuated by the MSM?
  • 4) Sunstein defines the 9/11 conspiracy too narrowly to be taken seriously. It is an attempt to discredit the movement
  • The acceptance of the 9/11 conspiracy theory, according to Sunstein is the resilt of a "crippled epistimology"
  • He claims 9/11 truthers are uninformed and isolated and use skewed information
  • In fact there probably has never been a better networked and informed movement.
  • 5) Sunstein claims the conspiracy theories of 9/11 are false in spite of the scholars and scientists, engineers and architects
  • Architects and Engineers for Truth has a membership exceeding 1300
  • The official government theory is demonstrably false. Tod lists several points supporting this
  • Sunstein tries to broadbrush all theorists and call them dangerous with "terrifying consequenses"
  • ...of Sunstein's statements... They want a compliant and unquestioning populace
  • Truth undermines the government's story on 9/11 and undermines support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • What exactly does Griffin believe the government will do to undermine truth groups?
  • Police agent provocateurs infiltrating protests in Seattle and several times afterward
  • The people in the 9/11 movements are resistant to change so there is no use in using evidence to change them - Sunstein
  • In fact, people are waiting for a reasonable explanation but none is forthcoming
  • New 9/11 truth groups: Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth, Military Officers for 9/11 Truth and Scientists for 9/11 Truth

    Show #490
    Original airdate: Sept 2, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • New articles by: David Mantik and Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener questions
  • What does Jim consider to be the most important photographic evidence of the assassination?
  • Len recommends this video clip explaining Dealey Plaza Watch
  • Jim is asked about Merrell McCullough as an infiltrator
  • Jim replies to a comment on Amy Goodman and about an article about Alex Jones
  • What have the so-called "Left Gatekeepers" really accomplished?
  • Referencing Stone's JFK, Did Prouty get news of the assassination in New Zealand before it happened?
  • How did obscure information get disseminated so soon after the assassination in the pre-internet era?
  • Jim's opinion of Bill Pepper's handling of the MLK case particularly the Military Intelligence angle
  • The bullet fragments are discussed, was a frangible bullet used?
  • A listener alerts us of John McAdams's new book which promises to be complete disinformation
  • How did Lee Harvey Oswald get his job at the Texas School Book Depository?

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Reviews book 1 of Doug Hornes, "Inside The ARRB"
  • The series of books are a great work by an insider but Jim believes it could be better
  • Jim notes that Doug Horne uses Lifton's "Best Evidence" as his base of evidence
  • He explains his reasons why this may be an error by Douglas Horne
  • Several points Jim believes can be disputed re: the Lifton Thesis
  • How the board was selected and how Horne likely "slipped through"
  • The board was almost exclusively anti-conspiracy, Horne being a standout exception
  • Specter coached the original witnesses, clearly breaking legal rules
  • The three most important witnesses were asked very few questions while 92 less...
  • ...important witnesses were asked more questions than the three important witnesses combined
  • Medical evidence was altered and ignored.
  • By doing these things, Specter controlled the outcome of the Warren Commission findings
  • Glaring inconsistancies in the photographic evidence of the autopsy
  • Humes burns his notes...and the first draft of the report!
  • Robert Karnei testified ther were pictures taken of the back probe and was clearly upset...
  • learn the pictures no longer existed!
  • The Commission claimed autopsy records were not available for examination...
  • ... Evidence shows they examined much of this "non-existant" evidence
  • McDonald always took a full series of autopsy photos on EVERY autopsy...
  • ...Somehow we are to believe he did not do this in the Kennedy autopsy
  • Knudsen claimed he was the only photographer to photograph the autopsy...
  • Stringer and Reibe also claimed they were the only photographers to cover the autopsy???
  • Knudsen claimed that photos were missing and altered
  • Knudsen was never asked any obvious questions regarding his four days missing
  • He was never asked what kind of equipment he used or any obvious relavent follow-up questions
  • Jim believes Horne makes assumptions that maybe he shouldn't make but, to his credit...
  • ...the evidence he uncovers is more than anyone else has revealed

    Show #489
    Original airdate: August 26, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listener questions
  • More lead than missing from the bullet CE 843, CE567 show this

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Will the Real Wikipedia Please Stand Up?Article by J.P. Mroz
  • mcadams flagged by Conflict of Interest web COIBot /Link Report, click to view
  • Details on Robert Fernandez - aka User Gamaliel
    Back yard Photos , Common sense... what do you think? The same chin?.

    Show #488
    Original airdate: August 19, 2010
    Guest: Achayra S. / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Zeitgeist MLK research

    Play Part One Interview - Achayra S.
  • ZEITGEIST Sourcebook: Part 1 - The Greatest Story Ever Told
  • Truth Be Known website " and Free thought
  • Acharya's work takes apart the religions and explains the actual foundations of them
  • Knowing the factual history of religion will allow you to suspect the validity of religions as they are practiced
  • Not long ago a person like Acharya could be jailed or killed for speaking out as she does
  • We should not deny spirituality or religion, rather we should be searching for the truth
  • One of religions' great failings is the inability for people to actually relate to them
  • She describes a 20,000 year old fertility sculpture and it's interpretation
  • The privelige of being able to see sculptures and monuments that were created by human hands ...
  • long ago in their proper context
  • A great many monuments seem to line up with the Winter Solstice
  • Describing how the sun became the subject of myth and then religion
  • Acharya created the source'book' about her section in Zeitgeist
  • Peter Joseph has created the Source'guide' about the entire movie
  • The enslavement of our cultures by religions and the sacrificing of lives by religious fanatics
  • Adhering to religious scriptures is NOT a necessity of life.
  • Cultures have survived perfectly well without religion of any kind
  • The essence of free thinking
  • Monotheistic religions tend to take many superstitions and stories from other cultures and make them their own
  • The similarities of Mary and Isis
  • Half a billion people have been slaughtered in the name of religion
  • The loss of free thought in Western society by the inundation of people from other cultures with very narrow views
  • Acharya describes the divisive natureof cultures that destroys us that we must break away from
  • A description of the simplicity of the science behind religion
  • The ongoing myths are based on anthropomorphized star clusters and the events surrounding the myths...
  • ...continue to happen every year. Monotheistic religions take these events and create the myth that...
  • ... they happened just once and were the work of their god
  • These bigoted religious views are held up to show how one culture is better than another
  • The sourcebook is free and is a list of references for the first section of Zeigeist
  • Acharya promises a video produced by Peter Joseph soon!

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • because of the shortened show, Jim forgoes lead-in materials such as litener email to cover an important book
  • "The 13th Juror The Unofficial Transcript of the Martin Luther King Assassination Conspiracy Trial by John Lescroart
  • Jim's review of this book is posted at
  • Jowers confessed on national television to his part in the assassination for reasons we can only guess
  • Jim believes Jowers felt there was pressure from a documentary film maker for the BBC...
  • ...and might have thought he was going to be patsied anyway. In any case that never happened and Jowers incriminated himself
  • Jim Douglass was the only media person present at the Jowers trial. The MSM ignored the case completely
  • Gerald Posner was the lone emissary for the MSM and he never attended the trial. It's clear he barely read the transcript
  • Raul provided Jowers with the planted rifle via the brush covered lot across from the Lorraine Motel
  • A policeman, Earl Clark, was the actual shooter and Ray was manipulated into place as the patsy by Raul
  • Jowers planted the rifle in front of the store 10 minutes BEFORE the shooting
  • Raul had asked Ray to buy the rifle previously and that's why his prints were on it
  • a second white Mustang appeared on the scene matching Ray's white Mustang
  • Raul had set up Ray in every respect. Raul, although unidentified was likely an agent for the CIA
  • King was originally housed at another safer motel. He bowed to pressure and moved to the Lorraine
  • An unknown person had King moved from the safe side of the Lorraine to the vulnerable road side
  • Jim elaborates on where people were at the time, before and after the shooting and why it is supposed they were there
  • Reverend Kyles seemed to admit he was part of the assassination
  • A taxi driver saw the assassin escape from the shrubbery below and across the street from the Lorraine
  • The taxi driver was found the next day and thrown from a car and killed
  • Author, Douglas Valentine discovered information on the assassination via his research on the Phoenix Program
  • Military assassination squads seemed to be everywhere in case the kill shot missed
  • Other assassins were called up to Memphis but returned home to find out King had been killed
  • Raul, although not officially identified, was identified by several people, one met Raul in Montreal...
  • the same places and times where Ray had met him
  • The Memphis Police and the HSCA knew who Raul was but Ray was convicted without this evidence being revealed
  • Why Ray copped the guilty plea in the early case
  • Ray's lawyer, Percy Foreman, made the plea bargain then provided virtually no defence for him
  • The only witness that would say Ray was in the rooming house at the time was blind drunk
  • two state witnesses lied and said there were rifle marks on the window sill
  • The FBI would not vouch for the evidence and later documents showed no gunshot residue
  • Judge Brown, himself an expert on firearms, had discovered the kill shot bullet did not match the casings in evidence
  • The bullet recovered from King was cut into thirds...destroyed as evidence!
  • Reasons why the scope was not sighted in properly
  • Pepper's summation was very detailed and proved Ray was set up

    Show #487
    Original airdate: August 12, 2010
    Guest: Jim Fetzer / Dr. Cory Holly
    Topics: Research / Zeitgeist Movement

    Play Part One Interview - Jim Fetzer
  • JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn't
  • Opinion of Shane O'Sullivan documentary and book
  • Discusses Ayres, Smith, Talbot, Morley # IDs of Morales, Joannides, and Campbell

    Play Part Two Interview - Cory Holly
  • Conversation regarding the Zeitgeist Movement
  • Health of self, community, society

    Show #486
    Original airdate: August 5, 2010
    Guest: Lance deHaven-Smith
    Topics: 2000 Election Fraud

    Play Part One Interview - Dr. Lance Dehaven-Smith
  • Dr. Lance deHaven-Smith's website is here
  • A background of Dr. deHaven-Smith's interest in the subject
  • The people responsibility for administering the laws for a recount actively prevented the law from being administered
  • The Supreme Court ultimately prevented the recount
  • Where there should've been an investigation, there was none
  • The voting machines responsible have now been outlawed in Florida
  • What went wrong was never adequately identified so many problems still persist
  • While part of the problem was the technology, the bulk of the problem was control of the ballots by partisans
  • The people who have leveraged the votes do not seem to realize the detriment their...
  • ...influence created on the overall system. They are causing disaster
  • The process of disqualifying voters was farmed out to a private comany
  • Contracts that were already awarded were recinded and awarded to partisans...
  • up to a hundred times the original bid
  • The contractor was directed by Catherine Harris's office to do this
  • Legitimate Black voters were turned away at the polls because they had a similar name to a felon
  • The same problems of disenfranchisement re-occurred in 2004
  • After a recount, Gore would have won
  • Two Thirds of the rejected votes were for Gore. The computers were confused and spit them out
  • The rejected votes had both a check mark for gore and Gore's name written in
  • These votes, obviously FOR Gore, should have been included and were not
  • A Republican county re-ran their ballots through the machines and discovered Gore had won
  • Fourteen Democrat-leaning counties did not re-run their votes!
  • The full scope of the criminality is not yet known
  • Dr. deHaven-Smith suggests removing the statute of limitations on vote fraud
  • The State Governor should have removed the people that created the fraud
  • Jeb Bush did nothing
  • The public should have demanded reform and did not
  • The disenfranchisement not only affected the 2000 election, it also caused voters...
  • turn out in record LOW numbers in 2002 and 2004
  • The felony, "use of public office for coercion" was committed by political leaders...
  • ... to stop lawyers from representing Al Gore. Nothing was done
  • The same frauds committed in Florida in 2000 also seen to appear in Ohio in 2004
  • In 2000, an error of 1/2 of 1% of the vote is just cause to demand a recount
  • Now, an error of 1/4 of 1% of the vote is just cause to demand a recount
  • The voting machines are innaccurate by 1% to 3%
  • A recount is feasible in every case!
  • The people that benefit from the fraud/errors have no incentive to fix the problems
  • Discussion of the anomalies of the JFK assassination and 9/11
  • The Dr. points out the Founding Fathers believed the King of England was conspiring to remove the freedom in America
  • This was written into the Declaration of Independance
  • There is nothing un-American about conspiracy thinking. It is perfectly normal
  • Dr. deHaven-Smith identifies a few deeply corrupt areas in American politics and a few solutions
  • The Founding Fathers did not anticipate political parties. They had no writings to counteract the problems caused by this

    Part Two
  • Col. Fletcher Prouty discusses Dealey Plaza Youtube video
  • Then watch - Excercise in Awareness and counting. Youtube video
  • These will both be discussed next week...

    Show #485
    Original airdate: July 29, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Listener email answered

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Jim starts with a CTKA update
  • Seamus Coogan has done a review of Alex Jones on the JFK assassination: Part 1 here and Part 2 here
  • J.P. Mroz's article at CTKA called Will the Real Wikipedia Please Stand Up?
  • Donald Thomas's book, Hear No Evil appears to be a great book. A few reviews will be forthcoming, probably by Martin Hay, David Mantik and Jim
  • LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination by Phillip F. Nelson Doesn't promise to be great. This is a wait and see
  • mcadams is coming out with a book on conspiracy thinking???
  • Jim comments on next week's guest, Lance DeHaven Smith and the Florida election thefts of '2000 and '2004
  • A primer John DeCamp and his book 'The Franklin Coverup', a possible future interview here on Black Op
  • We'll list just the listener's questions (as best we can). Please listen for the answers
  • Jim talks about the flak... and support he's received over his review of Russ Baker's 'Family of Secrets'
  • Jim answers several questions related to Baker's book
  • Was the car that Oswald go into in Dealy Plaza, Ruth Paine's?... Was it really Oswald?
  • Did Nixon know E Howard Hunt? Was Nixon that bad in hiring Cushman for DCI?
  • Did Rose Cheramie mention Jack Ruby's name before he shot Oswald?
  • Was Bennett Cerf asked to avoid books by the early Warren Commission critics?
  • Why would the Kennedy Family give Gerald Ford a Profiles in Courage award?
  • Why does Jim attack Alex Jones so much?
  • "Promises Kept" by Irving Bernstein - A great resource on the achievements' of JFK while in office

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Listener questions
  • Jim answers a listener theory on how Oswald and Ray were used by their controllers
  • How did Fletcher Prouty survive truth telling when so many witnesses were silenced?
  • Do the documents exist that prove RFK was the head of a team dedicated to killing Castro?
  • Do you (Jim) agree with the charge that the above question makes?
  • What happened to the four suspect hit men in the Chicago Plot?
  • Was Seven Days In May plot based on both Generals Walker and LeMay?
  • Kennedy wanted the Dulles's out of controlling positions
  • What was Operation 40?
  • What does Jim think of the Robert Vinson 'Flight From Dallas' story
  • What are Jim's thoughts on Judy Baker?
  • Is it really true that 80% of people believe in conspiracy version of the assassination
  • Are these numbers falling as time goes on?

    Show #484
    Original airdate: July 22, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Bugliosi book review Part 9 - second half

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Bugliosi review con't
  • Jim's home page of course is
  • If the Commission participated in altering the record, this would cast doubt on everything they conclude
  • A great many witnesses stated their testimony wasn't what they actually said
  • Don Archer refused to sign off on rewriting of his testimony TWICE! after he himself had corrected it
  • Roger Craig, S.M. Holland, Ken O'Donnell and Dave Powers were just a few who openly mentioned alerations and omissions
  • Oswald actually slipped up on a radio show stating "I worked in Russia and I was under the protection of the...
  • ...United States, uh, I was under the uh, that is to say, I was not under the protection of the...
  • ... United States Government. The Commission inserted a "NOT" in the first section of the statement just before "under"
  • The Commission denied the link between Oswald, Bannister and 544 Camp Street
  • Delphine Roberts said Oswald, Ferrie and Martin were all regulars at Bannister's office
  • She was the source that Bannister pistol-whipped Jack Martin
  • This multitude of information has either been altered and/or omitted by the Warren Commission and by Bugliosi
  • Earl Warren called the Commission a whitewash forced on him by Lyndon Johnson
  • Jim Garrison, Gary Cornwell, Robert Tanenbaum, Dick Cornwell, Dave Marston, Gary Hart, Jeremy Gunn...
  • ...all experienced and prominent lawyers and investigators that are critical of the Commission's conclusions
  • Bugliosi is a rare exception, but then he just omits or outshouts what he doesn't agree with
  • Bugliosi is on record stating RFK's assassination conspiracy dwarfed Watergate...
  • He calls the Bush Government conspirators in inciting and carrying out the invasion of Iraq...
  • ...all valid statements, then he calls conspiracies in general,a fantasy (paraphrased)
  • Bugliosi insinuates that the early assassination writers were politically motivated (Communists)
  • He includes Thomas Buchannan, Joachim Joesten, Mark Lane, Harold Weiberg, Sylvan Fox and Edward Epstein
  • He calls the Web based groups such as COPA, CKTA, Lancer, and Black Op Radio a network of conspiracy nuts
  • He neglects to mention the total Main Stream Media complicity in the Warren Commission fantasy

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Bugliosi review con't
  • A list of people who were not of the "tin-foil-hat" crowd that believed in a conspiracy
  • Richard Schweiker came to his own conclusion: "The CIA killed Kennedy"
  • The Church comittee was critical of the FBI's investigation and said the Warren conclusions were suspect
  • Bugliosi barely covers the Church Committee
  • Kennedy rejected every plea to send troops to Vietnam
  • LBJ took every opportunity to send troops there
  • Within two months, NSAM 273 is changed and the Pentagon suggests sending troops to Vietnam...
  • ...Nothing has changed in Vietnam. The troops should come home as JFK was trying to do...
  • ...LBJ's government is well on it's way to escalating the war against Kennedy's policy
  • Johnson knew it would take ten years and 538000 troops to fight in Vietnam
  • This was to be an unreasonably difficult war to fight and not worth the trouble...
  • ...Johnson escalates the war anyway
  • Jim shows how the entire Vietnam conflict was drafted in advance...Bugliosi, as usual, left that out
  • Bugliosi is trying to reverse the historical roles of JFK and LBJ
  • "He paints LBJ as a reluctant warrior", as explained above...
  • JFK NEVER committed troops and was bringing everyone out of Vietnam by the end of '65 and...
  • ...LBJ, as soon as Kennedy died, escalated the conflict
  • To write history correctly you need to assemble EVERY fact and use those facts to assemble the book
  • Bugliosi simply does not do this in Reclaiming History. Perhaps it should be renamed "Re-writing History"

    Show #483
    Original airdate: July 15, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research / Bugliosi book review part 9

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • The JP Mroz article "Will The Real Wikipedea Please Stand Up" is now up at CTKA
  • Joe Green's review of Hellhound on his trail is up at CTKA as well
  • Jim has reviewed the first three books of Doug Horne's five book set "Inside the Assassination Records Review Board" 1,">2, and 3
  • Bob Groden's ordeal against Dallas and the Sixth Floor
  • Seamus Coogan's two part article on Alex Jones is still upcoming at CTKA
  • Jim talks about the different sides of the media from the MSM to Blogs
  • The Democrats missed opportunities to take apart the Republicans
  • Listener email answered
  • Were any other Presidents and Vice Presidents ever together in a motorcade like they were in Dallas
  • ...A definite I don't know but it was clearly against Secret Service protocols
  • Was Shoffler's job to be at the Watergate to apprehend the burglers with prior knowledge? He seemed to admit as much
  • About a few black cars parked by the Stmmons Freeway sign...Jim & Len will look into these
  • Why didn't Prouty warn of the assassination?... He didn't have foreknowledge

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Part 9 1st half
  • Bugliosi states the Warren Commission operated at a higher function than any body he knew of...
  • ...Is he kidding?
  • Alsop's phone call coecing Johnson on the JFK assassination hints at psyops
  • Bugliosi eliminates the Alsop call and Elmer Moore's name from his book
  • You can't have a complete chronicle of the Warren Commission without these two
  • Slawson, Coleman and Rankin were supposed to have seen the entire Oswald file
  • The Mexico City file takes weeks to examine on it's own. The above statement hardly seems credible
  • Bugliosi states the Commission was only concerned with finding the truth... Hardly believable
  • McCloy pushed for more incriminating evidence against Oswald
  • Ford had actually rewritten an early draft of the report convicting Oswald all the way
  • When asked about the bullet entry locations by Bugliosi, Ford said he was trying to be more accurate...
  • ... How can changing material evidence be more accurate?
  • The Staffers did not all agree on the Commission's conclusions(Liebler Memorandum)
  • Junior investigators did not want Marina Oswald's, Helen Markham's and Howard Brennan's testimonies
  • They were over-rulled by the senior investigators. Although they were known to either lie or be deceptive,...
  • ...They WERE the Commission's case
  • The primary objective of the Warren Commission was not to get the truth but to dispell damaging rumors
  • All of these things are left out of Reclaiming History
  • Bugliosi cites the number of interviews the Warren Commision conducted. He leaves out the incredible imbalance in questioning
  • Humes recalled only three name present at the autopsy
  • The Siebert - O'Neill Report tells us there were more than thirty present
  • Humes believed CE399 was forced from JFK's body during cardiac massage. This would mean the bullet never escaped...
  • ...JFK's body and could therefore never have damaged Connally... This fact is left out
  • Marina did not see a rifle with a scope and did not recognize the rifle in evidence as Lee's gun
  • Marina's story changed over time until it agreed with the Warren Commission story
  • Who/What was Tex-Italia? Hoover wouldn't investigate and Bugliosi doesn't tell us
  • Sylvia Odio swore that Liebler said that if a conspiracy was discovered, Warren was under orders to cover it up
  • Bugliosi did not include this information
  • Liebler when asked to dissent with the official story replied with: "Mr Marcus, sometimes we are caught up in things that are bigger than we are"
  • This bit of sheer honesty was left out of Reclaiming History

    Show #482
    Original airdate: July 8, 2010
    Guest: Joe Green / David Ratcliffe
    Topics: Hellbound / USO

    Play Part One Interview - Joe Green

  • Joe has done a great review of Hampton Sides's book, Hellhound On His Trail at
  • This awful book goes against history saying James Earl Ray was MLK assassin, it has been proven otherwise
  • It's written slickly purporting Ray's and King's story right up to the point Ray get's arrested
  • By doing this, Sides doesn't have to face what really happened, that Ray really wasn't a shooter at all
  • Although many well known researchers are in the bibliography, experts William Pepper and Jim DiEugenio are not!
  • Joe gives several unlikely and flimsy case points showing the unlikelihood of Ray shooting
  • The bathroom where it was said Ray shot from was altered since then to make it look easier to shoot
  • Witness, Charles Stevens was falling down drunk at the time
  • ...couldn't identify Ray until he was coerced and bought off by the FBI
  • Is witness, Mrs Brewer, to be believed in her testimony that Ray asked for a room with a better view?
  • Grace Stevens, Charles's wife, said it was not Ray. She was sober and coherent...
  • ...She was placed in a mental institution for telling the truth and upsetting the official story
  • Mark Lane is credited with getting Grace released after several years
  • Marrell McCullough turned out to be undercover and working for the FBI and the CIA
  • Sides never mentions Jowers was found guilty and he never mentions Dr William Pepper
  • Reverend Billy Kyles admitted he moved out of the way purposely to allow a shot at King
  • The HSCA admitted they did not adequately persue a conspiracy,they stated no white supremacist groups involved
  • James Earl Ray was not a racist and was clear on that point
  • The supposed dufflebag with the apparent weapon in it was tossed in front of the doorway
  • TEN MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOOTING!... Proves Ray couldn't have shot that rifle
  • A back-and-forth about the sheep-like dishonesty of the MSM
  • It seems that common sense counts for nothing
  • Joe sums up the value of this slick book: "completely worthless"
  • The author, Sides is/was a journalist of some renown... Why this piece of garbage?
  • Joe's recently updated website is at
  • His upcoming book will be called Dissenting Views

    Play Part Two Interview - Dave Ratcliffe

  • Understanding Special Operations
  • Dave had read both of Fletcher Prouty's books before he interviewed him and was well versed in Prouty's work
  • A history of Prouty's JFK book originally entitled The Saigon Solution
  • Dave sectioned and marked his copy of the Secret Team in preperation for the interview
  • Audio clip
  • Fletch defines "Secret Intelligence"
  • Evaluating and distilling intelligence information for the President's Daily Briefing
  • The Pre-Brief: The White House's and the Government's daily agenda setter
  • The Pre-Brief is extremely instrumental in the running of U.S. government...
  • ...ALL of the operations of government revolve around the Pre-Brief
  • Dave explains how the president is a prisoner of his own power
  • The recent Wikileaks article showing the killing of apparent insurgents in Baghdad
  • The Intelligence community, by it's very structure, works against the populace instead of for it
  • Dave recommends Wikileaks Wikileaks

    Show #481
    Original airdate: July 1, 2010
    Guest: John Judge / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: COPA/ Listener Questions/ Reviews

    Play Part One Interview - John Judge

  • John Judge website
  • John speaks in Seattle July 7th 2010 at University Christian Church
  • John's theme "The rise of global fascism and the creation of real Democracy"
  • Representative Democracy has done nothing but enhance the wealth of the rich
  • Real Democracy allows a fair playing field for all
  • John wants to talk about not having finance as civilization's primary reason for being
  • It will be held at 7:30pm, University Christian Church, 4731 15th ave, Seattle
  • Admission will be $10
  • John elaborates on his speech title Bob Dylan's lyrics "There Must Be Some Way Out Of Here"
  • JFK conspiracy theorist sues Dallas over arrest
  • John was once told by the Dallas parks branch to clear a Grassy Knoll application with the Sixth Floor Museum
  • This would be a private museum ruling over a public venue
  • John was shut out of the New York MLK venue by a new management group

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Discussion of the situation surrounding Robert Groden and the Sixth Floor
  • Jim's website -
  • Joe Green has almost finished a review of Hellhound on His Trail
  • JP Miroz is just finishing a review of Wikipedia, "Will the Real Wikipedia Please Stand Up"
  • Jim is editing Seamus Coogan's story about Alex Jones... should prove to be quite controversial!
  • Parts 1 & 2 of Jim's review of Inside the ARRB are up. Part 3 should be up soon
  • Mitch Warriner's book "Consequence of Truth" will be delayed because of new material found by the author
  • Russ Baker's "Family of Secrets" is to be reviewed tonight
  • Len's latest project "The Secret Team"
  • Listener email answered
  • Did Rose Cheramie mention Jack Ruby's name? Yes, This was verified and documented
  • Why didn't the Kennedy family demand a re-investigation of the JFK assassination?
  • Jim gives his reasons why...
  • Nathan McGuire reminds us of a 3 part documentary on DVD on Salvadore Allende's overthrow
  • Nathan also asks about Marvin Gheesling... was he rewarded?
  • Is there any info on Oswald in Japan outside of Atsugi?
  • A listener disagrees with a guest last week talking about the shots from the storm drain
  • Jim says yes it could be done but did it? Garrison said it was extremely difficult
  • The storm drains may have been changed after Nov 22, 63 and the originals may have been easier
  • A guest informs us of linking interviews with book reviews on Amazon
  • A listner comments on Webster Tarpley's book on Obama
  • Did Bloomfield and Permindex have anything to do with the JFK assassination
  • Jim used to think so but not any longer
  • Is there a photo of Oswald with Raoul?
  • Jim hasn't heard of one
  • Did Oswald actually go to Mexico City? If he did, was it just part of the CIA frameup of him?
  • Difficult question to answer. Jim lists references. He may have been there but it cannot be confirmed
  • The CIA knew full well the non-Oswald pictures and the recording sent to Washington were not him
  • A listener suggests 10 established facts as a conference topic
  • Jesse Ventura will be at the Hawaii conference!
  • A listener gives suggestions on the show format
  • Did any of the presidential detail have dealings with any of the key figures in the case?
  • Listener comments on the Secret Service agents particularly Kellerman
  • Jim makes several comments about the strange goings on of the Secret Service
  • The drawing of a man with a gun under his coat. Apparently a newspaper picture of him exists
  • Has anyone stress tested the assassination tapes?
  • Yes and it's been quite revealing especially on Wesley Buell Frazier

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Inside the ARRB vol. 3 very interesting
  • Jim gives a short preview of his review of Doug Horne's book
  • The pictures of JFK's brain are not of JFK's brain...
  • Review of Russ Baker - Family of Secrets
  • The book is not about the family at all. It concentrates only on the two most visible members
  • The book concentrates on GHW Bush and George W
  • It ignores the brothers and grandfather almost completely
  • The book expends about 40% of it's volume on just 3 events
  • 1.) GHW's involvement in the JFK Assassination and 2.) Watergate
  • And 3.) George Dubaya's questionable service in the Texas Air National Guard
  • Jim lists ten major events that are mostly ignored in the book, all of which the Bushes were involved in
  • Jim explains Dubaya's Air National Guard story... How he likely escaped two years of his military obligation
  • Russ Baker asserts GHW Bush is a CIA officer from the days of Zapata onward
  • There is no solid evidence he was anything but an asset until he became DCI although he may have been
  • Baker's sources (Joe Trento) are questionable. Trento is a shoddy investigator
  • It seems that Baker, using just one ARRB document, has come up with this story implicating bush as a CIA officer
  • Bush was in Tyler Texas giving a speech when JFK was killed
  • The James Parrot phone call. Baker calls this an alibi maker even though neither Bush or Parrot needed one
  • Much of the rest of the book surrounds unwarrented allegations and guilt by association
  • Baker states the Warren Commission did not assign a seasoned investigator to check facts...
  • ... Did he not know they didn't have any? They relied on FBI and CIA sources for informaton and investigation
  • Baker tries to tie Bush Sr to the JFK assassination but there just is no credible evidence of it
  • As bad as that reporting is, Baker's attempt to tie Bush to Watergate is worse
  • He tries to tie Townhouse to Watergate and they are two seperate issues at two seperate times
  • Although they were friends, there is no evidence Bush had anything to do with Watergate
  • This kind of "conspiracy mongering" is bad for the whole truth movement...
  • ...It steals credibility from every legitimate, hard working researcher

    Show #480
    Original airdate: June 24, 2010
    Guest: Orlando Martin / James Johnston
    Topic: JFK Analysis of a Shooting/Flight From Dallas

    Play Part One Interview - Orlando Martin

  • JFK. Analysis of a Shooting: The Ultimate Ballistics Truth Exposed Book Website
  • order page"
  • Orlando says the truth lies in the ballisitcs of the shooting
  • nine talking points will be covered in this interview
  • The shots could not have come from the Sixth Floor and we as a country can now prove that conclusively
  • 1. The Warren Commission ignored Governor Connally's pre-surgery X-rays...
  • ...These being the most crucial evidence of the president's shooting
  • The fragments in the wounds prove CE399 was not a "Magic Bullet" was planted evidence
  • The Connally X-rays went missing immediately. Why?
  • 2. The first shot fired impacted over 130 yards away from the president's automobile,(The Tague shot)
  • This shot proves a shot at a very low trajectory and so far off target, it couldn't have been from the Sixth Floor
  • Martin shows why 5 shots were required... They all aimed at his head
  • Ballistics factors that indicate that three gunmen fired five shots in Dealey Plaza at JFK
  • 5 shots means even if Oswald fired at all (and Martin says he didn't fire at all), he couldn't have fired five times...
  • ... A conspiracy exists if someone else fired as well!
  • 3. The Commission was unable to declare, which shot missed the entire limousine in their three- shot scenario.
  • 4. The actual entry angle of the second shot into the president is deliberately changed by the Commission.
  • A shot was taken at 45 degrees and said to have been taken at 18 degrees... 45 degrees is not the Sixth Floor
  • The second and fourth shot came from the roof
  • Oswald was to have shot right to left, Shot 2 came left to right...and couldn't have been Oswald
  • The Commission moved shots 5 inches up to correspond better with the official story
  • Just how many times was Connally shot? Certainly not just once!
  • The volume of fragments in Connally both recovered and unrcovered...
  • 5. Two large fragments are recovered from the president's automobile by the Secret Service.
  • 6. Frame 230 of the Zapruder film shows that Governor Connally was not yet injured on his right wrist.
  • All of these fragments apparently came from CE399, an all but undamaged projectile
  • This proves Connally was hit by more than three shots
  • Copper jackets on the Limo fragments and not on the JFK head shot bullet
  • Just one head impact... Orlando explains why
  • Copper-jacketed bullets do not fragment... The head shot bullet was not copper-jacketed, others were
  • 7. A wound is discoverd during the autopsy in Bethesda, in the back of the president's neck.
  • This is a complete fallacy and Orlando explains why
  • 8. The trajectory orientation of the second shot through the president's body does not correlate to Oswald's alleged position in the Book Depository...
  • The trajectory proposed by the Commission is a complete ballistics fallacy.
  • 9. A pre-emptive trajectory analysis of the shooting conclusively indicates that the shots fired at President Kennedy did not originate from the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building.
  • The assassination could not have been done with three shots, not from that window and not by Oswald

    Play Part Two Interview - James Johnston

  • Attorney and author of Flight from Dallas
  • Did a CIA plane get two agents out of Dallas Nov 22/63?
  • Johnson is primarily an ACLU lawyer with a private practice
  • He was drawn into the JFK assassination after reading various literature on the subject
  • James took a statement from a Mr Bob Vinson about an escape flight he was involved with on Nov 23, 1963
  • The book website is here at Flight from
  • As a career military man, Vinson was forced to join the CIA about a year and a half before he planned to retire
  • He finished his career at a secret CIA base at Area 51 in Nevada
  • Vinson transported a Cuban man and a man that looked like Lee Harvey Oswald away from Dallas after the assassination
  • The aircraft used was a CIA C54
  • The plane was not marked and the passengers did not wear military clothing
  • The plane was ostensibly going to Colorado but ended up in Roswell New Mexico
  • James and Vinson believe(d) this aircraft was part of the JFK assassination scenario in some way
  • Discussion of the evidence versus the official story
  • People around the world agree the Warren Commission Report is a complete fraud
  • James is one of the few people to have investigated the sewer system in Dealy Plaza
  • He says it is unlikely a man could have fired from that location and no way to move around in them.

    Show #479
    Original airdate: June 17, 2010
    Guest: Jim Hougan / Dave Ratcliffe / Robert Groden
    Topic: Jonestown / Fletcher Prouty / Dallas

    Play Part One Interview - Jim Hougan

  • Background for his article on Jonestown
  • Author of Spooks and Secret Agenda, among others
  • Jim is(and has been) an award winning journalist and writer of both fiction and non-fiction books and a magazine editor
  • The Jonestown incident is refered to by Jim as a "Black Swan"
  • Congressman Leo Ryan was visiting Jonestown to investigate whether people there were there willingly or not
  • The escalating numbers of dead grew every news report to an incredible 913
  • The question of how the numbers increased over the days was bizarre at best
  • Initially the story was: upwards of 1000 people voluntarily saluted and committed suicide on Jones's command
  • The security prevented Jonestown residents from leaving
  • Very few were able to escape. Among those, interestingly was Mark Lane, a People"s Temple attorney
  • Hougan does NOT believe this was a CIA, mind control (MK Ultra) experiment gone wrong and explains why
  • The CIA Station Chief, Jim Adkins, was told to stay away from the People's Temple... a strange order
  • Jim Jones was an informant for the FBI
  • Jim Jones was negotiating with the Soviets to relocate the temple to the USSR
  • This makes the CIA "hand's off" order even stranger
  • As Jim explains, the CIA may have been "hands off" but other agencies may have been watching
  • The mind control experiment was entirely Jones's and not the CIA's
  • The intelligence community was likely terrified of what Jones might do and likely did not want to be tied to him
  • Who was Dan Mitrione and what was his role at Jonestown?
  • Missing video NBC footage. Was the harassing questioning by an NBC reporter thought to tip Jones over the edge?
  • JIm calls Tim Reiterman's book Raven: The Untold Story of the Rev. Jim Jones and His People a good book but...
  • ...fails to mention several points, particularly on the CIA
  • Proof several people had been injected with cyanide. The inference is there was some murder going on and not just a mass suicide
  • The seemingly lax reporting on this story and a few reasons why
  • Jim says real investigative reporting died after Watergate, but with the advent of the internet it's making a resurgence...
  • ...Of course this resurgence is carried by anyone but proper journalists and the standard is often lacking
  • With MK Ultra experiments all over the US and in South America, Jones would've been at least a good case study
  • What should be investigated is how this contingency plan was planned and carried out - Jim Hougan(paraphrased)
  • The government of Guyana want's to forget this incident. Many case records were lost in a "Reichstag fire"
  • the "disidentification" of many of the victims of Jonestown
  • In a bizarre turn, a couple of Jonestown victims turned up in rental storage eight years after the event
  • Frank Turple and the recycling of the bodybags for his own profit
  • The mystery still remaining about this story is one of the major tragedies in it

    Play Part Two Interview - Dave Ratcliffe

  • A background on Col. L Fletcher Prouty and his accounting of operations as he understood them
  • Understanding Special Operations con't
  • Intel is not the CIA's forte. Covert operations are their "big money deal"
  • Military is a proactive institution.
  • How Allen Dulles "straightjacketed" the military as the Dept of Defence... a reactionary institution
  • Defense and government react to everything CIA creates worldwide
  • Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government
  • Clip: Dave Ratcliffe and Col L Fletcher Prouty
  • Allen Dulles's background. How he became almost "evangelical" with his foreign policy direction
  • Walter Bedell Smith was the Dulles before Dulles took the reigns
  • Kennedy policy began to subvert the plans of Walter Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles
  • A Kennedy dynasty was upcoming with Bobbie next and Teddy following
  • This threat was likely a contributing factor in the decision to remove JFK
  • Unifying the military under the JCS for the purposes of coordinating Special Operations
  • Counter-insurgency began before JFK in spite of the Kennedy Center name

    Play Part Three Interview - Robert Groden

  • Arrest in Dealey plaza... again!
  • With the Superbowl coming to Dallas, the Sixth Floor wants to be the only game in town
  • Groden and others are now being harassed
  • Groden is a vetran of this harassment having beaten 80 arrests issued by the Dallas police
  • It is not illegal for anyone to do what Groden does in Dealy Plaza.
  • No permits are required so even though he's tried, you cannot buy a permit...They don't exist
  • Robert suspects Gary Mack and the Sixth Floor are responsible for the harassment
  • Robert's new book has not been published yet and this harassment is one of the ways they try to prevent it's publishing
  • This is not just an harassment issue, it's also a free speech issue
  • The mainstream media is broadcasting only the City of Dallas view
  • Groden was offered over $200,000 a year to change his point of view and curate the Sixth Floor Museum
  • He turned them down and Gary Mack, a former conspiracy researcher took the job
  • There, of course, are people causing trouble in Dealy Plaza and the police know who they are
  • They still lump the JFK people in with the criminals
  • The police have admitted the Sixth Floor is calling in the harassment and supported by the city
  • The Sixth Floor is not a museum
  • Robert only sells facts in the case. His personal opinions are not sold in Dealy Plaza
  • The Sixth Floor sees possible massive profits from the Super Bowl...
  • ...for this reason, the Sixth Floor is trying to become the only game in town
  • Groden was responsible for getting the case reopened after the Warren Commission farce
  • If ANYONE should be in Dealy Plaza it should be Robert Groden
  • Robert asks if any lawyer in the Dallas area with First Amendment experience could...
  • with the legal fight and advisement email Robert Groden

    Show #478
    Original airdate: June 10, 2010
    Guest: Dave Ratcliffe / Dr. Andrew Wakefield
    Topic: Fletcher Prouty / Autism link to Vaccinations

    Play Part One Interview - Dave Ratcliffe

  • Special Operations are an ad hoc creation...
  • Probably the strongest ad hoc creation in our government today.
  • With great foresight, Eisenhower tried to restrict the scope of the CIA... Ultimately he failed
  • How the Secret Team were inserted into governmental departments
  • The financing of the Secret Team and Special Operations
  • The CIA became a behemoth it was never intended to be when it was created
  • What the CIA does now was never created in law. It's entire operation is ad-hoc
  • “illegal” targeted killing policies and calls on the US to halt CIA drone killings
  • both of which are published at
  • The CIA operates drone aircraft but the press wording makes it seem other departments operate them
  • Predator Drones and "Nano-Drones"
  • The CIA wages covert operations inside countries "America is not at war with..."

    Play Part Two Interview - Dr. Andrew Wakefield

  • Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath, is an academic gastroenterologist
  • His new book: CALLOUS DISREGARD: Autism and Vaccines—The Truth Behind a Tragedy
  • Book Website - Foreword by Jenny McCarthy
  • He is not anti-vaccine, but rather an advocate of a “safety first” vaccine policy
  • Although he learned virtually nothing about Autism in medical school, he's almost accidentally become involved
  • While treating a child with autism for a seemingly unrelated medical problem, Dr Wakefield improved the autistic symptoms
  • While almost unknown a couple of generations ago, Autism is almost epidemic and probably related to vaccinations
  • The parents have related the Autism to the vaccines and Dr Wakefield has investigated and found the link to be likely
  • These Autism stories are the same worldwide and are all seemingly caused by Vaccines
  • The scientists have accepted the vaccines as a medical necessity and are entrenched in their thinking
  • Cigarettes were once thought of as harmless and even good for you and we now know haow bad they are
  • Like cigarettes, Vaccines are likely to be found extremely harmful
  • Poisons metals like aluminum and mercury are used in vaccines among other extremely harmful things
  • Most of these things are completely untested in the vaccines
  • Pharmaceutical companies are assuming vaccines are harmless until proven otherwise...
  • ...Instead of erring on the side of caution and testing to prove their safety
  • The vaccines have no liability at all... no responsibility to the consumer whatsoever
  • The benefits of vaccines rely on public confidence... one faulty vaccine can destroy the confidence in every vaccine
  • Those that run the regulations are controlled by those that manufacture the vaccines...
  • ... There is no industry regulation because of this blatant conflict of interest
  • Autism is "often" caused by vaccines. Here is information on three cases: Baily Banks, Hannah Poling, Misty Hyatt
  • Reports accuse WHO of exaggerating H1N1 threat, possible ties to drug makers

    Show #477
    Original airdate: June 3, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Upcoming articles at CTKA
  • Article - Will the real Wikipedia Please Stand Up
  • A Seamus Coogan article on Alex Jones
  • A review of Russ Baker's Family of Secrets and Hankey's Dark Legacy
  • A discussion of the validity of materials and subjects covered here on Black Op Radio
  • Jim talks about people and subjects covered on CTKA and their validity and CTKA research
  • Galvanizing the research community...It's time to agree on many important points...
  • ...and drop the unimportant points
  • Email Len with your ideas on subjects the Hawaii conference should cover:
  • Listener comments and questions
  • In a cyberworld of "conspiracy as entertainment", Black Op Radio is a beacon of truth
  • How long would you expect Obama to live if he followed his campaign promises of change?
  • Jim gives his comprehensive opinion of why it shouldn't matter
  • Jim believes Watergate was a power struggle for the control of the CIA

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Review: PBS Special "Roads to Memphis"
  • Produced by the same people as did Oswald's Ghost
  • How James Earl Ray was manipulated by his lawyers
  • The lawyers only wanted Ray to plead guilty and they would plea bargain for them
  • In spite of the Jowers evidence, this show still blames Ray
  • Maps left in Memphis that were used against Ray
  • Ray was said to be a racist but there is much evidence to the contrary
  • Raul was identified by Ray as far back as 1977 and the HSCA had his picture
  • Nothing was done with this evidence
  • Raul placed Ray in the motel as a patsy
  • Charles Stephens was the witness used in the trial against Ray... and he was blind drunk
  • Stephens's commonlaw wife would not agree to testify against Ray and was thrown in an insane asylum
  • She saw someone else, not Ray...
  • The unlikely position the shooter was to have stood to make the shot
  • Judge Joe Brown was going to prove the bullet didn't match the rifle and was removed from the case
  • The bundle dropped in front of the store...ten minutes before the shooting
  • In short all the evidence shows Ray could not have been the shooter
  • The documentary pushes the Ray-did-it story even though the Jowers trial showed who the shooter was

    Show #476
    Original airdate: May 28th, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • New and upcoming articles at CTKA
  • Listener questions
  • J Edgar Hoover's motivations in the JFK assassination cover-up
  • Jim, what do you think of Mark Lane defending Posner? - Jim is bewildered
  • Do you think Mark Lane is a CIA agent? - Jim: No
  • Why is the show so centered on the JFK assassination? - Len comments
  • Jim & Len discuss several subjects upcoming on Black Op
  • David Belin... As Len calls him: "that lying sack of Sh-t"
  • Jim, what is your opinion of the pre-assassination party at the Murchison house.
  • Arlen Specter: Death of Mr Magic Bullet
  • Specter's defection to the Democratic party
  • The Democrats catering to Specter
  • Sestack's fight to win the campaign against Specter
  • Why did Specter want to continue to get re-elected?
  • Why did Obama align himself to Specter during his campaign?
  • Jim runs through the seedy and sordid political history of Arlen Specter
  • Jim explains the Anita Hill allegations and Specter's dirty dealings to discredit her...
  • ...a good example of just how bad the Democratic party has become
  • Specter's strategy in the JFK case

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Book Review: Biting The Elephant - Rodger Remington
  • Remington is a retired History Professor (30 years)
  • He challenged what Jim calls the "Warrenati": Posner, Rahn and Bugliosi
  • Proving Howard Brennan's testimony about the police lineups was faulty at best...
  • fact Brennan was probably never there, the Dallas police have no record of him
  • Remington shows how witness preparation was acomplished
  • Three problems with Amos Euins testimony
  • Euins changed his story several times on whether the shooter was black or white
  • Arnold Rowland's testimony... a shooter was in a different window...
  • ...the sniper's nest window had a black man in it
  • James Worrell heard a fourth shot
  • Worrell's eyesight was questionable yet Specter did not ask him about it
  • The quality of these witnesses was poor at best yet they were used to convict Oswald
  • Surprisingly, the first virdict in Bugliosi's TV trial of Oswald came up 7 to 5 for aquittal
  • The jury foreman said it was a 10 to 2 count for conviction
  • Kennedy's missing brain could have proven bullet direction
  • Discrepancies in the brain weight and completeness
  • Why was the brain not weighed during the autopsy?
  • Bugliosi treats the evidence that could be gleaned from the autopsy of the brain as almost worthless
  • Remington concludes that Bugliosi creates truth rather than finding it
  • Wesley Frazier, Charles Givens and Marina Oswald
  • These three witnesses today would be discredited easily by any skilled lawyer
  • Harry Holmes testimony is dubious
  • Several self-incriminating statements made by Holmes
  • Holmes seemed to be evolving his story to match Givens' story
  • Bugliosi's 53 points, all of which can be discounted
  • Gerald Posner and the Willis Sisters' story
  • Brennan's witnessing of the car at the curb and how Posner eliminates key paragraphs
  • Ken Rahn and his support for the faulty, Neutron Activation Analysis

    Show #475
    Original airdate: May 20th, 2010
    Guest: Mark Lane / John Judge /Dave Ratcliffe /
    Topic: Gerald Posner

    Play Part One Interview - Mark Lane

  • Gerald Posner hires Mark Lane to defend him
  • Posner accused by the Miami Herald of copying articles from them to use on the Daily Beast
  • Posner admitted it and was fired
  • Posner can't explain how he wrote such similar articles to the originals
  • Posner, although diametrically opposed to Lane's views on the JFK assassination also noted that Lane, with...
  • ...his extensive knowledge of the case would have exhonorated Oswald in any courtroom
  • Posner wanted this kind of lawyer for his plagiarism fight and after a long conversation,...
  • ...Lane decided Posner had a reasonable argument and took the case
  • Lane and Posner had met only once previously although the Miami New Times reporter said they were long time friends
  • As of this interview, Lane and Posner have still met face-to-face only once
  • Lane stated Posner was never mean or nasty but seriously mislead about the John F Kennedy assassination
  • Posner is of the opinion that the Miami New Times are trying to ruin Posner's ability to earn a living as an author
  • The Miami New Times has eased their attack on Lane but not Posner
  • Lane explains the "nasty" absurdity of Vincent Bugliosi's theories in Reclaiming History
  • Bugliosi accepts that the CIA's found critical evidence although it clearly appears the evidence was planted
  • The CIA admits they tried to destroy Lane and that Oswald had "NEVER" been to Mexico City
  • Bugliosi still believes the Oswald-in-Mexico City story and, in fact, is quite ignorant of the assassination facts
  • Seven FBI agents who's reports were signed by Hoover testified the Oswald recordings from Mexico City were not Oswald
  • David Phillips, when cornered, was the man that admitted the Oswald-in-Mexico City story was phoney
  • Mark explains how a Black Op Radio listener helped him come up with his new book title "Dancing With The Bullies"
  • Finally Author of the Magic Bullet fable, Arlen Specter is defeated and will no longer be a senator
  • Part of the mystique of Lane taking the Posner case is the shock that he would take it and that's part of the reason he did it
  • Mark explains that the behemoth that CIA has become was going to be shut down by JFK,...
  • ... and the Vietnam conflict was going to be shut down by the end of '65 by Kennedy
  • These were the two main reasons Kennedy was shot
  • More people believe CIA killed Kennedy than believe Oswald acted alone and did it
  • How the farcical Warren Commission was formed and the truth usurped
  • Was Posner committed to his thesis in Case Closed or did he just write it for the money?
  • Lane believes Posner was of the Lone-Nut opinion and only looked at materials that supported that scenario
  • Lane does not commit to an opinion either way beyond that
  • Dancing With The Bullies is finished and is now in the editing/publishing process
  • Lane's troubles getting published

    Play Part Two Interview - John Judge

  • COPA update
  • June 10th annual American University conference commemorating the famous JFK American University speech
  • How would you (John) support the idea that Kennedy was supporting peace?
  • John explains points that apply even today proving the speech is timeless and was visionary in content
  • He refers to the great Jim Douglass book "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters"
  • The reasons Kennedy was killed explain how he was killed because of his peace stance...
  • ...and the proof is in the constant war status America has been in ever since especially today
  • COPA is now on Youtube and Facebook
  • John Judge continues the JFK tributes every year in Dallas as homage to Penn Jones Jr, who asked John to continue
  • John gets little or no support from the State of Texas or Dallas and, in fact, they put up many distractions during John's events
  • Len explains how his Hawaii conference is in no way in conflict with John Judge's great works
  • Most people are unable to attend the many conferences and technology is now allowing online streaming of speaking guests and more
  • The Kennedy Family was given a say in Ted Kennedy's file releases after his death. The answers are, as yet, pending
  • The recently found Dallas "Smoking Gun" documents have been sent to the 6th floor instead of the National Archives
  • American Citizens can now be assassinated abroad without due process... a terrible step for America
  • Assassinations may have been carried out in the past but were never outwardly admitted or commited to public policy
  • One of the Malcom X killers has recently been released without even notifying the family of Malcom X
  • About the awful and completely inaccurate book "Hellhound" supposedly about James Earl Ray as a MLK stalker
  • About Tom Hanks doing the Bugliosi book series. Will he or the History Channel be convinced to stop?
  • These deceptions of history wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so regularly made... This is a constant battle for the truth
  • "Jerry Ray: A Memory of Injustice" is soon-to-be-released. John says it's going to be a good book on James Earl Ray

    Play Part Three Interview - Dave Ratcliffe

  • Understanding Special Operations
  • The book is $15 but shipping outside the U.S. may be more. Please email Len if you plan to buy at
  • The Secret Team is "the Stongest ad hoc creation in government today" - Col. L. Fletcher Prouty 1989
  • Dave makes the point of the foreign policy decision making being made with no democratic process...
  • ...there are no votes and no political oversight, they just make a decision and carry it out
  • How Prouty carried out his central role without a secrecy oath and where he got his orders
  • What NSAM # 263 was and Prouty's role in it's creation, a function of his job in the Pentagon
  • Col Prouty created the Focal Point system on orders from Allen Dulles
  • If Prouty hadn't quit in disillusionment over the Kennedy assassination, he would have been promoted to General
  • Clip: Prouty describes the procurement of hundreds of specialized "Helio" aircraft for the CIA under the cover of Airforce
  • The program was Airforce only in name. The Airforce actually had nothing to do with them
  • Prouty knew of 608 CIA units he supplied... Many generals had no idea the CIA operated on such a large scale
  • How embedded CIA personnel moved up through natural promotions in their ostensible jobs
  • Prouty tells us embedded personnel were grandfathered into the FAA and even the NSA and some moved up to the White House
  • Dave elaborates on secret programs that grew and carried momentum with absolutely no public knowledge
  • The Manhatten Project was one of these programs
  • How war game scenarios were created to deal with newly found nuclear capability
  • Len explains how, through small nameless notes and phone calls, policy is effected
  • Clip: Blip transmission interceptions as an example of anonymous technology development
  • Prouty explains how companies would be encouraged to develop technologies, never knowing they were dealing with the CIA
  • The strange way covert operations are carried out almost without oversight
  • The Iran/Contra operation was an example of the breakdown of the system because of the lack of control
  • Prouty was worried that the top brass had no control over many operations
  • This was the problem these covert operations had
  • The recent BP oil leaks that have never had contingency plans created because there is no regulation requiring it

    Show #474
    Original airdate: May 13th, 2010
    Guest: Dave Ratcliffe / Lisa Pease
    Topic: Understanding Special Operations

    Play Part One Interview - Dave Ratcliffe

  • Understanding Special Operations and Their Impact on The Vietnam Era (1999)
  • Special offer: $15 for the book available here under our "Products" page
  • Dave was introduced to Fletcher Prouty in about 1988 by John Judge
  • Prouty was responsible for designing and then running the Focal Point System in the Air Force...
  • ...that provided military support for clandestine operations (covert activities) of the CIA
  • In time Prouty ran the Focal Point Office for all military branches from the Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • The significance of Col Fletcher Prouty in revealing current inner-governmental history
  • Dave's book is fully indexed
  • Clip: Prouty talks about the Focal Point System
  • Without a Focal Point System, clandestine operations of the CIA would be revealed...
  • ...through its interactions with other governmental agencies
  • The Focal Point System allowed the CIA a place to go and do business and keep the lid on covert operations
  • Embedded employees throughout the government were (and are) CIA agents and these are the...
  • ...people that the CIA deals with. It's one way to preserve the silence necessary for operations
  • These embedded agents not only do their ostensible activity in the job they've been placed in,...
  • ...their real job is to provide for the CIA when called upon and keep that activity a secret
  • The jobs these people do are generational and even the managers of each department no...
  • ...longer know who is CIA and who isn't, the cover is that tight
  • These people, numbering in the thousands are a part of what Prouty called "The Secret Team"
  • The Secret Team is worlwide and there is no indication it has ever reduced it's size
  • Allen Dulles created the Focal-point system that embedded people from the CIA in positions...
  • ...throughout military and civilian agencies of the federal government
  • Clip: How embedded Secret Team members are moved further into the cover jobs
  • Frank Hand, Alexander Haig and Alexander Butterfield were three of these embedded agents who moved...
  • ...up the chain of command through natural promotions as a result of their ostensible job
  • Prouty was present at significant events that gave rise to the post-WWII national security state structure
  • He was a very smart man whose quick mind was recognized by the superiors who assigned him the duties he was given
  • During the Iran-Contra hearings Oliver North admitted that Nicaraguans and Iranians knew what the CIA was doing;...
  • ...the only people North was concealing things from was the American public.
  • Dave Ratcliffe's book is a useful resource describing how publicly unaccountable operations...
  • ...of the federal government increased in size and scope after World War II.

    Play Part Two Interview - Lisa Pease

  • Sunstein writes article promting infitration View Here
  • Sunstein wants to silence anti government statements... by government counter speech
  • Sunstein paints Conspiracy Theorists with a broad brush as if most researchers are automatically insane
  • He then allows that some theories have been proven to be true
  • The result has the effect of confusing the audience muddying the waters
  • Lisa's letter to Cass Sunstein/Vermeule
  • The only solution Sunstein doesn't present is an honest inquiry into these events to find the truth
  • Sunstein wants to infitrate politcal reseach groups with government agents
  • Because they are extremely resistant to correction (and need correction...)
  • ...if you follow the evidence where it leads, that's just good journalism, not a conspiracy theory - Robert Perry (paraphrased)
  • Examples of undocumented, erronious and therefore poor journalism
  • The Press are just telling what they're told to say, reporting these days should more correctly be called "repeating"
  • How the CIA sent orders out on how the media should deal with the JFK assassination
  • There would be fewer 'conspiracy theories' if these events were just thoroughly and honestly investigated
  • We are not the children of our government, we are the parents of it
  • Conspiracy theorists are a threat to government. They question the official story
  • CIA asset, Priscilla Johnson McMillan not only reviewed all JFK books for the New York Times,...
  • ...she was also conveniently in the USSR when Oswald was there and interviewed him
  • Sunstein and Vermeule propose a program like the FBI's COINTELPRO
  • COINTELPRO was also a program to infiltrate and subvert dissenting groups in America
  • They also propose silencing dissenters(conspiracy theorists). This could mean...
  • ...anything from illegalizing conspiracy theorists to outright domestic assassination
  • We need more conspiracy to evaluate theories for credibility
  • Lisa talks about the early Usenet groups were infiltrated with deliberate deceivers
  • The dilemma of the ego wars in assassination research
  • TWA 800 and how hundreds of witnesses were ignored in their missile testimony

    Show #473
    Original airdate: May 6th, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: CTKA Review: Dark Legacy

    Play Part One Interview -Jim DiEugenio
  • Len discusses Black Op Conference Hawaii March 2011 Hawaii Super Conference 2011
  • Len is also trying to get John DeCamp as a guest(The Franklin Coverup)
  • Listener questions
  • Was Nixon a right-winger? - Yes
  • Was Watergate a right-wing coup? - No
  • Was Jack Anderson a CIA asset? - Yes
  • Clarify this: Kissinger was a Rockafeller man and Rockafeller influenced the CIA
  • Gordon Arnold's story about being on the Grassy Knoll: Answerable at a later date
  • Discussion of John Hankey's film JFK II (Dark Legacy)
  • CTKA Article by Seamus Coogan - Review of Dark Legacy
  • The FBI George Bush Memo proves Bush was CIA management at the time of the JFK assassination
  • Hankey involves Prescott Bush, George HW in the JFK assassination
  • He also involves George W in the death of JFK Jr.
  • The outright lying of the mainstream press and the public's hunger for the truth
  • The necessity of weeding out the inaccuracies in the alternative media
  • Against Hankey's assertion; Arbenz was not killed after the Guatemala coup
  • ; Prescott Bush cannot be proven to have been CIA
  • ; Lumumba was not killed before the Mossadegh coup
  • ; Mossadegh did not die in the Iran coup
  • Hankey connects Bush with the Anti-Castro Cubans which is totally unverifiable
  • He also says Bush was a CIA supervisor which is unproved
  • Hankey seems to take credit for realeasing news of CIA/Mafia collaboration
  • Hankey states he's been in the research for 40 to 50 years...
  • ...but really, he was only in it for about 10 years
  • GHW Bush's likeliest association with the Bay of Pigs operation
  • E Howard Hunt's association with Richard Nixon...or lack of it

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Some background on the Zapata Corporation
  • Hankey qotes the Marita Lorenz section of Plausible Denial...The weakest part of the book
  • Marita Lorenz is not necessarily a credible witness
  • Hankey compares Prescott Bush and Alan Dulles and calls Prescot the real power in the CIA
  • That hypothesis is ridiculous on it's face
  • This film appears to be a sensationalist film in the company of the hysteria raised...
  • discredit Bill Clinton and George W Bush... t's just not all fact
  • How Dulles shaped the formation of the CIA
  • Operation Mongoose, Operation 40 and Alpha 66 and E Howard Hunt
  • Hankey contends GHW Bush supervised Howard Hunt...
  • Quotes Hankey relates...that never happened
  • Bush did not cover up the Hunt Memorandum... He wasn't CIA Director during that time
  • How Hankey ties Oswald to Hoover
  • the assertion that Hoover was held to cover the assassination by Dulles
  • The climax of the movie makes such assertions that it cannot be taken seriously
  • In short, this video detracts from the real crimes of the Bush family

    Show #472
    Original airdate: April 29th, 2010
    Guest: Edwin Black Article
    Topic: The Chicago Plot

    The Chicago Plot
  • Len Osanic reads the article from the Chicago Indepentent 1975
  • "Our Man" Edwin writes about can now be revealed "Abraham Bolden"
  • The introduction: Edwin Black is the target of intelligence assets
  • Powers that be did not want the Chicago Plot investigated
  • Article PDF page 1 - 24
  • Page 25
  • Page 30
  • Page 31
  • Page 33
  • Page 34
  • Page 35
  • Page 36
  • An explanation of the purpose of the article
  • Four men in Chicago to assassinate JFK as he approached the Army-Air Force game
  • The FBI warned the Secret Service of the plot and then backed away
  • The Chicago SS office had only eight men
  • A landlady informs of suspicious characters renting a room from her
  • Agent Stocks blows his cover and the suspects are brought in without evidence
  • Thomas Arthur Vallee, eerily similar to Oswald is identified as the proposed patsy
  • Personality traits that could make Vallee a perfect patsy
  • Vallee was arrested with a knife, 750 rounds of ammunition but no firearm
  • The method of assassination used in the Diem murders
  • Vallee's apartment was searched under duress and firearms and ammunition were found there
  • Two suspected conspirators were in custody but the other two were at large
  • Kennedy uses Vietnam events as an excuse to cancel his Chicago visit
  • 20 days after the Chicago plot was thwarted, Kennedy is killed in Dallas
  • Part Two of the article documents the investigation
  • Black brings up the suspicious fact that 90 of the witnesses died shortly after the assassination
  • The cover-ups by the FBI and how they botched the investigation as a result
  • The anonymous source, SS Agent, Abraham Bolden gets a lie-detector test
  • Corruption hawk, Sherman Skolnick produces proof Vallee actually existed
  • The investigation of the arrest and weapons records...much was routinely destroyed
  • Agents Stocks and Motto plead "no memory" in the probing of the plot details
  • The mountain of documents Black waded through in his investigation
  • The original investigations were exhaustive
  • Records found on Vallee seemed incomplete
  • An unassuming document shows Oswald might have been in Chicago that weekend
  • A Secret Service publicity specialist dodges the issue on what the agents knew
  • "No comment" came at every question
  • Agent Linsky opens up... a little, his responses likely were truthful
  • Groth and Shurla covered up the Vallee arrest and were deceptive when asked about it
  • Coffey confirmed the details everyone else was scared to divulge
  • Vallee also confirms the details and was found to be truthful
  • Part Three - The cover-up
  • Nobody would admit the failure of the Secret Service in the assassination
  • Black shows how Oswald's murder saved much embarassment

    Show #471
    Original airdate: April 22, 2010
    Guest: Jim Marrs / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview -Jim Marrs

  • Jim's website is Jim
  • Jim gives a short history of his beginnings with the JFK assassination
  • How his questioning of the official story began
  • Being a Texas homicide, the body should have been examined and investigated in Dallas
  • The evidence as well should have been kept in Dallas where the investigation should have been
  • Everything ended up in Washington and Maryland including JFK's body... completely illegal
  • Everything was transferred from Dallas befor a chain of evidence could be established
  • Without a chain of evidence, the evidence is automatically contaminated and of little value
  • Jim gives 9/11 as a similar example of a conspiracy "we're just not supposed to talk about"
  • The Sixth Floor Museum and the Dallas Historical Society
  • A clear shot could not have been made from that window because a tree is in the way
  • The research community has been sent in many directions causing confusion in many people...
  • ...having an inquisitive look at the case
  • Oswald: "I'm just a patsy!"... indications are that he was telling the truth
  • Jim explains why the documentaries are espousing fraudulent information
  • Over and over the image of Oswald on the Sixth Floor has been imprinted on the public
  • Oswald was probably never on the Sixth Floor during the shooting
  • If Oswald acted, he almost certainly did not act alone...Automatcally a conspiracy
  • If evidence of a conspiracy has been covered up, the people that did it...
  • ...are accessories after the fact and just as guilty as the assassin(s)
  • How the "first three shot scenario" became the "Magic Bullet scenario"
  • The Magic Bullet theory is out the window once one examines JFK's shirt and coat

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • 3 items coming up at CTKA
  • Two Robert Harris articles: One on the description of the shooting sequence and one on Exhibit CE 399
  • an article by Jim called "Why The New York Times Deserves To Die"
  • Bill Hicks on the fraud of the Sixth Floor
  • Listener's questions:
  • On show # 468 Jim alluded to Helms manipulated the FBI over Watergate. How?
  • Jim announces Len's upcoming interview with Jim Hougan
  • The movie "All The President's Men" was just a cover story
  • Hougan was accidentally given access to a hoard of classified FBI, Watergate materials
  • What do we do about 9/11 if they can't prosecute anyone in the JFK assassination?
  • Black Op Conference announcement Hawaii Super Conference 2011
  • Len explains the purposes of his upcoming Hawaii Super Conference 2011
  • We must get together and find out the points we all agree on and move forward TOGETHER
  • Citing a scene in Stone's "Nixon" movie, "Pulling out of Vietnam without a right-wing revolt..."
  • Why was Nixon treated the way he was by the powers that existed at the time?
  • How the newspapers have been misleading the public and why they're failing
  • CIA foreign leadership assassination plots and how the news tries to pin the history on JFK
  • Jim cites the assassinations of the Diem brothers, Rafael Trujillo and Patrice Lumumba
  • In fact, the Kennedys had no idea until they found out about the assassinations by accident
  • The New York Times has held to the "Kennedys did it" beyond the evidence
  • As Jim shows, The Kennedys had no idea the CIA was plotting these murders

    Show #470
    Original airdate: April 15, 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Bob Fox
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Listener email
  • Gamaliel - Robert Fernandez of St Petersburg Fla. and John McAdams are like minded lone nutters
  • Fernandez edits out any conspiracy information from his Wikipedia page on Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Fernandez is a Wikipedia administrator and through him, McAdams gets published and honest...
  • ...information is removed and prevented from being posted
  • Was John Connally shot on purpose or by mistake? David Lifton's work is cited
  • Jim doesn't believe some of Lifton's thesis and he believes Connally was hit by accident
  • Is there an additional "Backyard Photo" with the rifle held above Oswald's head?
  • Marguerite Oswald mentions this picture but the Warren Commission did not pursue it
  • Story behind Bill Cooper, Jim explains...

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • David Von Pein: Hosting Comedy Central Soon?
  • Von Pein exposed...
  • Von Pein website
  • Von Pein maintains the truthfulness of lone nut documentaries and books
  • He proclaims a mountain of evidence for Oswald's guilt but there are...
  • ...major problems with virtually every bit of evidence
  • Debra Conway banned Von Pein from her forum, JFK Lancer, because he was a troll
  • Von Pein then landed on the Sprtacus Forum and he was ejected there too
  • He finally found a home at alt.conspiracy.jfk with John McAdams and his acolytes
  • He claimed Bugliosi would dispell all the conspiracists and their theories with his book
  • Reclaiming History failed miserably, rehashing all the old discredited arguments
  • The 1986 mock Oswald trial in London and Bugliosi
  • Von Pein refers to Bugliosi's mentioning of the Neutron Activation Analysis Test
  • Neutron Activation has been thoroughly discredited as a reliable test
  • Eight major points of contention missing from the mock trial
  • He still promotes the lies in Reclaiming History but only from alt.conspiracy.jfk
  • more info on macdams Here

    Play Part Three Interview - Bob Fox

  • A little further "Deeper into Dave Perry"
  • Bob explains how he came to be involved in assassination research
  • His majors were Mass Communication / Journalism with minors in Political Science and History
  • The one-sided crap that passes for historical documentary journalism on television these days
  • Bob makes the point that with this total bias, it's pretty obvious the CIA is behind these things
  • He listens to everyone's point of view but he doesn't believe everything any one researcher says
  • Bob is a moderator at JFK Murder Solved, Wim Dankbaar's site
  • About disinformationalist, Dave Perry
  • About lone nut theorists, Gary Mack and Dan Moldea, both were former conspiracy researchers turned 180 degrees
  • Robert Groden was originally offered the job at the Sixth Floor but turned it down because of...
  • ...their lone nut views
  • Bob was led to Dave Perry through researching the Mary Bledsoe police report
  • Perry's reporting on Bledsoe was very selective and pointed to Oswald as the lone gunman
  • Bledsoe's rooming house scuffle which included Oswald, Ruby, witnessed by HH Grant
  • Perry tried to discredit this story
  • HH Grant was a builder in Dallas and formerly of the FBI
  • Mary Bledsoe's son was some kind of intel agent and also in the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol...
  • ...with Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie
  • Perry mentions none of these things
  • Things JFK had to deal with: Bay Of Pigs, Group 40, Operation Northwoods
  • Bob suggests typing "Bugliosi is a conspiracy theorist" into the YouTube search bar

    Show #469
    Original airdate: April 8, 2010
    Guest: Jim Lesar /Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim Lesar

  • Jim Lesar is a lawyer representing Jefferson Morley in the FOIA case against George Joannides
  • Jefferson Morley's case against the CIA and George Joannides
  • The case began in 2003 when Jefferson Morley submitted an FOIA request for the CIA records
  • The confrontation between Carlos Bringuier and Lee Oswald and the subsequent TV debate
  • Both appeared to be setups designed to give Oswald a pro-Castro bent
  • This may be the first sign that Oswald was being set up as the JFK assassination patsy
  • Joannides did not disclose his history to the HSCA and was likely there to divert the inquiry
  • Very few records have been released and the CIA was successful in preventing further release of records
  • Joannides is a key figure in the assassination and these records need to be released
  • CIA released limited files on innocuous items but were refused when specific files were requested
  • FOIA is a great tool but it allows the CIA to stonewall and every step is very expensive and time consuming

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Jim has posted a link to Jefferson Morley's article: Dead Spy's JFK Files Pose a Test for Obama's FOIA Order
  • Jim has posted his review of Vol 1 of Inside the ARRB
  • The review of Deeper into Dave Perry is also up at CTKA
  • Horne gives great credence to David Lifton's work but Jim doesn't place as much value on Lifton's work
  • Lifton says all of the bullets came from the front but Jim says some came from the rear as well
  • Jim explains how Arlen Specter cherry picked questions to ask of witnesses
  • A few points Lifton makes that Jim doesn't agree with
  • The compromising of Humes and Boswell
  • Officer Hargis's story of being hit by brain material after the head shot
  • Jack Ruby's motivations in the assassination of Oswald
  • Did Rich Della Rosa reveal his sources for the autopsy deception?
  • Len's opinion of the "other Z Film" and Jim's opinion of it as well
  • Did anyone at all hear Oswald running down the TSBD stairs after the assassination?
  • What is Jim's opinion of E Howard Hunt's deatbead confession?
  • Why was Prouty allowed to live with all of the things he knew?
  • Were there any pictures of the person that cleaned out the JFK Limo after the assassination?
  • Jim promises a part 11 of the Bugliosi book review
  • Jim promises an article explaining the changes in attitude and films in Hollywood

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Jim discusses his article Arianna Huffington, Tina Brown and the New Media: Death at an Early Age?
  • Jesse Ventura's book 'American Conspiracies' has now reached # 7 on the best seller list
  • Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post and Edward J Epstein
  • Edward J Epstein, James Jesus Angleton and Yuri Nosenko
  • George DeMohrenschildt, The Paines and Lee Harvey Oswald
  • DeMohrenschildt's suicide looked anything but...
  • An entry alarm was tripped shortly before DeMohrenschildt was shot
  • Even the CIA did a study that discounted Epstein's credibility
  • Hany Farid and his new anaysis of the Backyard Photos
  • Farid's process was flawed and incomplete and actually proves nothing
  • The David Eisendrath report on the fake photography
  • Eisendrath wanted his own report destroyed because it showed his forgery could not be detected
  • This means none of the forgeries could have been detected by the HSCA
  • About The Daily Beast and Tina Brown
  • Brown hired that infamous plagiarizer, Gerald Posner
  • The great hope that the internet "blogosphere" would bring back honest journalism seems all but lost
  • As an example, Jim cites how the MSM helped the hijacking of the 2000 US Election
  • The bloggers all knew but the MSM seemed to be completely blind
  • Quote:"the USA have become: A lawless state, in which criminal conspiracies run rampant...
  • ...while the Powers That Be cry, "You silly conspiracy theorist, you probably believe in alien abductions too!"
  • The Liberal Blogosphere has become as bad as the MSM in shutting out the truth
  • How a Jesse Ventura show was buried because of his stance on Iraq...
  • ...Keith Olberman, surprisingly, has tried to explain away this story saying Ventura's hosting ability was limited

    Show #468
    Original airdate: April 1, 2010
    Guest: Joe Green / Rodger Remington /Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Joe Green

  • Joe's a political researcher and reviewer
  • Joe is a member of COPA and JFKMI and his website is Dissenting
    and his blog is at
  • Joe did a review of Voodoo History by David Aaronovitch
  • In this book, Aaronovitch lumps a great many conspiracies together that really don't belong together
  • The gist of the book is to prove that conspiracy researchers get into groups that confirm each others conclusions
  • Of course like minded people tend to find each other so the argument falls flat
  • Green shows how the conspiracies cited in the book often don't have any logical connection
  • The book, to the serious reader is often confusing
  • Jesse Ventura and Dick Russell's book, American Conspiracies, was a polar opposite not only in...
  • ...quality of material but in layout and conclusions, head and shoulders above Voodoo History
  • Joe refers to the Texas school book system rewriting national school books to suit their agenda
  • Texas is the state that produces most of the school books America uses nationwide
  • How Occam's Razor is very often misused to explain away conspiracy theory
  • Where a cover-up exists, Occam's Razor cannot apply. It simply dismisses hidden evidence

    Play Part Two Interview - Rodger Remington

  • Roger's challenge to Vincent Bugliosi and everyone
  • His contact information: Mail Address:
  • Rodger A Remington, 1756 Lyon St, NE Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-3718
  • His latest book is Biting The Elephant whitch refute's Reclaiming History very well
  • Destroys Vincent Bugliosi with 53 Evidentary claims
  • Exposes the fruad of "reclaiming history"
  • Bugliosi refuses the defend Reclaiming History by refuting Remington's questions
  • Chapter one states it's all about the facts but he doesn't define what he calls a fact
  • Bugliosi's use of Italics in value judgements in Reclaiming History
  • Bugliosi segragates events as having no connection to other events
  • Bugliosi rattles off several questions in an attempt to minimize their value in the JFK assassination
  • Bugliosi states these questions have no relavence because he says Oswald did it
  • He can therefore shoot down every statement as if there were no evidence to support it
  • It is a far too selective way of laying out the assassination
  • This method of segragation ignores all of the surrounding events as if nothing else happened
  • Rodger covers a few items of his 53 refutations
  • Focusing on item # 13 P 957 & 958
  • The selective interviewing of witnesses by Belin & Specter
  • Humes & Boswell and the artist renderings of the JFK wounds
  • How Bugliosi justifies Oswald being on the sixth floor
  • Rodger refutes the Bugliosi statements
  • One point is: Bugliosi placing words in Oswald's mouth with no proof he said anything
  • Rodger goes through witness testimony and proves several items were not followed up
  • The Cigarette, Shirt, Jacket, Raincoat story that Belin used to give Givens's testimony creedence
  • Givens was used to place Oswald on the sixth floor
  • Rodger talks about drawings Bugliosi included to prove the unrealistic bullet trajectory

    Play Part Three Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • A CTKA
    Site update
  • Listener email questions
  • Is the John Judge/Mae Brussell letter authentic or authenticateable?
  • Judge and Brussell are/were very respected researchers
  • John Armstrong did not include him in Harvey & Lee...
  • ...Norton(Oswald) was so far out there he couldn't include him
  • How hard is John Armstrong's Harvey & Lee to get?
  • It is slightly expensive but well worth the cost and the trouble getting it
  • What is Jim's opinion on Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple suicides?
  • Bugliosi Review Part 8 Con't
  • Jim's done Allen Dulles and John McCloy and this part is about Gerald Ford
  • J Edgar Hoover and Gerald Ford were very close friends
  • Ford fed Warren Commission minutes to Hoover
  • Gerald Ford and David Belin
  • The Rockefeller, Church and Pike committees and Ford's obstruction
  • We may have found out much about the CIA had Gerald Ford not interfered
  • Colby bailed Ford out when Ford slipped up and mentioned the CIA was involved in assassinations
  • Daniel Schorr interviews Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • When Ford fired William Colby, he brought in George HW Bush as DCI
  • Cheney and Rumsfeld got their starts in federal public office under Gerald Ford
  • Richard Welch and Daniel Schorr
  • In his enormous diatribe, Bugliosi forgets to mention just who Ford, Dulles and McCloy really were
  • With Hoover, Ford, McCloy and Dulles controlled the outcome of the Warren Commission
  • With these characters, who hated the Kennedys controlling it,...
  • could the Warren Commission have any other outcome?

    Show #467
    Original airdate: March 25th 2010
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Listener Email
  • John J McCloy involved in a lot of dark things in the 20th century
  • New at Jim's Website,
  • A Joseph E. Green review of the Jesse Ventura/Dick Russell book, American Conspiracies
  • Jim's review of The 13th Juror about the 1999 civil trial on the MLK assassination
  • Coming soon - Jim will review of part one of Doug Horne's book Inside the ARRB
  • - Rodger Remington's book, Biting The Elephant
  • - Jim will collaborate with Bob Fox on Deeper Into Dave Perry
  • - Mitchell Warner's book A Consequence Of Truth will be excerpted
  • - Russ Baker's Family Of Secrets and John Hankey's Dark Legacy
  • Did James McCord infiltrate the Fair Play For Cuba Commitee?
  • Why weren't the heavy crowds in Dealey Plaza? Was word put out that this was dangerous?
  • Talk about the High Cabal and Fletcher Prouty's opinions
  • Referencing the High Cabal, Jim refers to two of Carroll Quigley's books...
  • ... Tragedy & Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment
  • JFK was one of the few that never became a member of the CFR
  • Prouty talked about early planning for the fall of the USSR
  • Jim alludes to Donald Gibson's book Battling Wall Street as a good...
  • ...explanation of the High Cabal
  • John Judge and Fletcher Prouty and Dan Moldea from 1992 on C-SPAN
  • Why didn't Jim Garrison nail Ruth & Michael Paine on cross examination?
  • What was the code Garrison used to decipher Ruby & Oswald's phone numbers?
  • Jim reads a statement by Fred Leemans saying how he was threatened to lie...
  • ... about his contact with Jim Garrison's office

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Bugliosi Review Part 8 Con't
  • Allen Dulles's importance on the Warren Commission
  • The man fired by JFK ends up as the most important member of the inquiry panel...
  • ...Bugliosi does not mention this
  • Jim gives a short Dulles biography as it pertains to this subject
  • The Dulles's were in the thick of the power elite at a very young age
  • From the early days Allan Dulles was a cover-up agent
  • Dulles' firm, Sullivan and Cromwell represented many early Nazi elites
  • About the giant Nazi petro-chemical concern, IG Farben
  • Allen Dulles helped the Nazis violate the Treaty of Versailles
  • He had planned to take over Berlin via an anti-communist coup d'etat
  • This would likely have created WWIII
  • Brigadier General FHO (Foreign Armies East) Reinhard Gehlen
  • Dulles & McCloy were instrumental in bringing the Gehlen Org into the CIA
  • Bugliosi makes only one small reference to Reinhard Gehlen and no reference...
  • Dulles & Mcloy's association with him
  • At the hands of Allen Dulles, the acronym CIA became Corporate Interests of America
  • Dulles's "Operation Mockingbird" controlled the media especially in the JFK assassination
  • Allen Dulles began the programs to overthrow governments to steal a country's resources
  • Under Alan Dulles, the CIA became out of control and infuencing foreign policy far too much
  • Dulles was adept at ridiculing his detractors as evidenced by experiences of David Lifton with him
  • Mary Bancroft long time friends with Ruth Paine...and Allen Dulles's lover
  • Truman was disturbed by the misdirection of CIA policy to influence American policy
  • Dulles tried to include Truman as complicit in the misdirection of CIA
  • Dulles tried to force Truman to reverse his published attack on CIA
  • Bugliosi misses all of this and in doing so, the reader is effectively left in the dark
  • Knowing what he's learned about Allen Dulles, Jim is now convinced...
  • ... Allen Dulles was a part of the conspiracy and not just in on the cover-up
  • Questions that should be asked of Tom Hanks before the release of his mini series on the JFK assassination
  • Next time... Gerald Ford

    Show #466
    Original airdate: March 18th 2010
    Guests: Gov. Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Part 8 Bugliosi Book Review

    Play Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Jim's Website is Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination (
  • Several new books out including:
  • - Joseph Green review of "Voodoo Histories": a book that is a reverse of Jesse Ventura's great book "American Conspiracies"
  • - Progress report on the Bob Fox article, "Deeper into Dave Perry" coming soon
  • - Jim's review of the Martin Luther King transcript, The !3th Juror should be finished this weekend
  • - A couple of reviews of "Inside the ARRB" by Jim and David W Mantik...
  • ...promises to be a continuing series (The book is in five volumes)
  • - A Consequence Of Truth (Mitchell Warner) review about three months away...
  • ...promises to be another great book on Jim Garrison...
  • ...CTKA has the exclusive rights to excerpt that book
  • Bill Davy's expanded and revised edition of "Let Justice Be Done", another very good...
  • ...Garrison book due some time after the Warner book
  • Lots of great stuff upcoming on a true hero of the Kennedy Assassination
  • Nathaniel Heidenheimer's suggestion for listeners to link Black Op to books on Amazon...
  • ...a great and very productive way to get the message out!
  • A question about the mastoid scar Oswald was supposed to have had...
  • ...John Armstrong says the doppelganger was shot in the Dallas police station
  • Len again recommends Jim Douglass's "JFK and the Unspeakable"
  • Jim again recommends John Armstrong's "Harvey & Lee"
  • About The Ruby Connection reviewed by Jim at CTKA
  • The enigmatic Fred Lee Crisman. Who was he, really? Garrison thought he was very important
  • A question as to the cleaning out of the Limo at Parkland... Was there video?
  • Did the 'Umbrella Man' fire a flechette at JFK and who was he?
  • Are the JFK, RFK and MLK(Malcom X as well) murders linked in any way?... Jim says YES!
  • Jim talks about these epic losses and their massive effect on America in those times
  • Is Oliver Stone going to do a movie on Robert Kennedy?... No
  • Bugliosi book review part 8 continued
  • Buglios doesn't seem to understand just who Dulles, McCloy and Ford really were
  • Nobody ever seemed to give a bio on them so it's difficult to recon their effect on the Warren Commission
  • How McCloy made his way up the social ladder
  • He was party to Japanese internment on the West Coast of America
  • McCloy seemed to have extensive and dark ties to US intelligence before, during and after WWII
  • He secured the freedom of 40 0or more Nazi war criminals including Klause Barbie
  • He was an oil diplomat
  • He got the Shah of Iran into America
  • Backing the Warren Commission forgives a multitude of sins including those of John McCloy!

    Show #465
    Original airdate: March 11th 2010
    Guests: Gov. Jesse Ventura / Dick Russell
    Topic: American Conspiracies

    Play Part One Interview - Gov. Jesse Ventura

  • "American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us available at
  • Previous book "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me" did not get published easily
  • Dick Russell collaborated with Ventura on his latest book
  • The new book is already number 4 at Amazon
  • Jesse was the only politician in Dallas for the 40th anniversary of JFK's anniversary
  • Len breaks the news to Jesse that the Conspiracy Museum was closed down
  • Jesse relates a good 6th floor museum story
  • He's the only person in politics to question the official 9/11 story
  • The creation of his popular TV show Conspiracy Theory
  • There are 8 to 10 shows yet to be made... great stuff to come!
  • Jesse considers JFK's assassination the pivotal conspiracy that paved the way for all the others
  • Ventura's two favourite books; Harvey & Lee by John Armstrong and Fletcher Prouty's " JFK"
  • Nixon set up over Watergate was surprising to Jesse
  • The Jonestown Massacre may have been an MK Ultra experiment
  • Jim Jones had heavy and extensive intelligence connections
  • Government's motivation to create 9/11 might not be so far fetched if you consider...
  • ...that 58,000 Americans were killed in Vietnam over the Gulf of Tonkin lie
  • Politicians consider any reference to 9/11 truth political suicide
  • Bill Maher's caving to the pressures of the 9/11 cover story
  • Van Jones was forced to resign because he questioned the official 9/11 story
  • Dick Russell was the primary researcher in the making of Jesse's new book
  • Homeland Security originally used by the Nazis beginning before WWII
  • Reading the materials of known disinformationalists is just "Knowing your enemy"
  • The Denver Airport mystery. Who is the "New World Airport Commission?"
  • Jesse's contract with MSNBC kept him out of the spotlight for three years...
  • ...because he opposed the war in Iraq... Who says the media isn't controlled?
  • To this day MSNBC won't feature Ventura as if he did something wrong

    Play Part Two Interview - Dick Russell
  • Author of "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and co-author of "American Conspiacies"
  • Dick Russell website
  • Dick worked with Jesse Ventura on two books, this one and Don't Start The Revolution Without Me
  • Both men are well versed in the conspiratorial view of post-war American history
  • Conspiracies are swept under the rug by politicians and the media and...
  • ...Ventura and Russell are active bringing these truths to light
  • The Huffington Post pulled the story by Ventura and prohibited any conspiracy reviews
  • Arianna Huffington was well respected yet she caved to the pressure
  • Most will agree no matter your view there should be more transparency in these cases
  • After all of the Bush years and the hijacking of the economy, 9/11 etc, why are the...
  • ...Tea Parties just starting now? Where were they when the damage was being created?
  • The book is a wealth of information and well worth getting
  • The depraved condition of the media and the lack of true investigative reporting

    Show #464
    Original airdate: March 4th 2010
    Guests: Mark Lane / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Mark Lane
  • Tom Hanks' involvement in the production of the Bugliosi book documentary
  • Hanks' involvement not all bad! It will reveal once again the falsity of the Warren Commission and...
  • will be a blow to the credibility of Tom Hanks
  • when questioned Bugliosi knows little about the Kennedy assassination
  • He only took his position after being offered a great deal of money
  • Bugliosi hasn't been in a courtroom in a quarter of a century and...
  • ...he now makes a living making false statements
  • Lane is making a documentary called "Rush to Judgement: Sequel" with Abraham Bolden
  • Bolden stated the Secret Service made the decision to allow Kennedy to die
  • Hemmings and Sturgis both admitted they killed Kennedy

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Tom Hanks and listener email
  • The CIA contributed to the production of Charlie Wilson's War
  • Hanks's process of legitimizing his choice of productions
  • He can't be very intelligent...
  • The checks and balances that existed with the studio system in Hollywood are now gone
  • The actors now make their own productions without oversight
  • The Patsy Paschall film: Pehaps an interview with Mark Oakes is in order
  • The throat wound: Could it have come from a ricochet off of the chrome strip?
  • Jim gives several possible causes for the wound
  • He gives his reason for believing the JFK scenario was carried out by experts
  • Jim also believes we'll never know everything
  • How does Gary Mack handle Badge Man now that he espouses the Lone Nut side?
  • What does Jim think really happened to Dorothy Kilgallen?
  • When found, several anomalous items of note show Kilgallen had died suspiciously
  • Mae Brussell: One of the most important researchers in the JFK area
  • Her archives are an incredible 40 file cabinets of information painstakingly cross referenced
  • Mae's collection of radio episodes may be purchased at Mae Brussell.Com
  • How did Jim DiEugenio become involved in the JFK assassination?
  • How many suspicious deaths were attributed to the JFK assassination?
  • Have you(Jim, Len) received any threatening letters?

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Continuing the Bugliosi book review Part 8
  • No work of literature; magazine or book has a biography of Dulles, McCloy or Ford...
  • ...Any reader must know about these three for a proper perspective of the story
  • These three men WERE the Warren Commission
  • Oswald was presumed guilty, Proceedings should have been open to public scrutiny...
  • ...Important documents and witnesses were never presented: Bugliosi is never disturbed by this
  • Hoover declared Oswald guilty almost immediately
  • The Warren commision members were confused by the bullet evidence
  • The verdict was decided in spite of the Commission`s doubts
  • Warren decared the Commission was to evaluate evidence, not gather evidence
  • Nicholas Katzenbach lied immediately to the Warren Commission
  • Bugliosi was not the least bit bothered by key figures not being subpoenaed
  • The Nazis at Nuremberg had a better defense than Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Nicholas Katzenbach and Gerald Ford both manipulated the Warren commission
  • The power groups within the commission panel... Bugliosi ignores them
  • Richard Russell's investigations and attempts to discover the truth in the investigation
  • In 1964 Russell found the assassination was carried out by rogue CIA Agents and Anti-Castro Cubans
  • *Russian wives were rarely if ever given permission to leave to join a foreign husband
  • *It took a great deal of time after the initial application for the Russian wife to finally join her husband abroad
  • Taking those things into consideration, how did Marina leave the USSR so easily with Oswald?
  • Russell believed Marina was a Russian agent
  • Bugliosi never consulted the Russell archives for his materials

    Special: In memory of Rich DellaRosa / August 17, 1947 - March 8, 2010
  • Show 407- Rich DellaRosa
  • Show 412- Rich DellaRosa
  • Greg Burnham Eulogy

    Show #463
    Original airdate: Feb 25th 2010
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • The latest entries at CTKA
  • Gerald Posner resigns from The Daily Beast in shame over multiple plagiarism charges
  • CTKA also has a link to Robert Greenwald's petition to stop the History Channel's production...
  • ...of the JFK sex documentary discredited by everyone who's anyone
  • PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION! It's already got 50,000 signatures. Let's make it 100,000
  • The Dark Legacy Of John Hankey by Seamus Coogan is another must-read at CTKA
  • Oliver Stone failed in not focusing on the ridiculous CE399 evidence
  • Email your desire to get Discovery Channel to show honest JFK material to
  • The CIA manipulation of the Nixon Administration
  • E Howard Hunt's hiring to work in the Whitehouse: Chuck Colson's biggest mistake
  • The Watergate break-in: "They wanted to be caught, " It was a deliberate operation
  • McCord was Richard Helms's personal "zap" man (hit man)
  • McCord was also the Chief of Security for the CIA Building
  • He was entrusted by the upper echelon of the CIA... He was no amateur
  • Were Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald gay?... It's a distinct possibility
  • Did Bobby Kennedy confront LBJ with "Why did you have my brother killed?"?... The jury is out
  • Material from Joachim Joesten's book about arrests made in Dallas
  • Breaking story: African Americans being shot during Hurricane Katrina...
  • ...The police murdered these people and re-wrote the police reports to cover it up

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Continuing the Bugliosi book review
  • The Sylvia Odio incident... One of the keys to the assassination
  • The other two keys were the Richard Case Nagell and Rose Cheramie stories
  • Who were the Cubans that contacted Odio?
  • The Oswald taped voice recordings from Mexico City... Not Oswald's
  • Hoover suspected deception from the CIA. Bugliosi says the FBI had no knowledge
  • Lie detector tests, an explanation as it pertains to Jack Ruby
  • Lie detector tests require that the subject and the examiner be alone while the test is conducted
  • The Ruby lie detector test was sat in on and interfered with by 8 other people... a clear violation
  • Jim explains why the questions and methods made the Ruby test irrelevant
  • The Mannlicher Carcano numbering system
  • The FBI was involved in the cover-up almost immediately
  • Rodger Remington's book, 'Biting The Elephant'
  • Bugliosi calls several things "proof" when they are merely "evidence"
  • Len asks for listener input on how to improve Black Op Radio

    Show #462
    Original airdate: Feb 18th 2010
    Guests: John Judge / Rodger Remington / Tom Rossley
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - John Judge
  • COPA Conference commemorating the 45th anniversary of the death of Malcom X in New York City Sunday Feb 21st
  • It will be at Judson Memorial Church 6 pm to 8 pm
  • A list of guests include Cynthia McKinney
  • More information and video streams from the conference can be found at COPA
  • One of the guests actually witnessed the shooting and later saw the shooter working inside the New York Police Dept
  • The conference topic will be "The Threat of a Black Messiah", covering Malcom X, MLK, The Black Panthers and others
  • Dr William Pepper will be presenting there as well. His website is William
  • There will be a small admission fee: $10 or $7 for seniors, students and unemployed

    Play Part Two Interview - Rodger Remington
  • Author of four books on the Warren Commission and Report
  • His titles include: 'Biting The Elephant', 'The Warren Report', 'The People v. The Warren Report' and...
  • ...'Falling Chips: A deconstruction of the Single-Bullet Theory'
  • Rodger starts with a challenge issued and not taken up by Posner, Specter, Rahn and Bugliosi
  • He offers the same challenge to anyone wanting to debate the material in any or all of his books
  • The offer includes a strict format that doesn't include chatroom or telephone debate
  • Anyone accepting this challenge may contact him at: Rodger A Remington, 1756 Lyon NE Grand Rapids Mi, 49503-3718
  • Rodger is a retired history professor that only got interested in the assassination in 1992
  • Remington gives a short history on the subject "History" and how it affects the assassinations of the 1960's
  • The subject of 'Truth' and rewriting history in the Warren Commission
  • Rodger noticed that the Warren Commission witnesses were required to take an oath to tell the truth...
  • ...The lawyers, however, did not have to take this oath
  • The truth ... and "Political Truth": Not necessarily the same thing
  • How Specter developed the Magic Bullet Theory and how it contradicts real history
  • Rodger alludes to E Martin Shotz's book "History Will Not Absolve Us"
  • He goes through the basic subject matter involved in each of his four books

    Play Part Three Interview - Tom Rossley
  • Of course by now researchers know the Fair Play for Cuba comittee was housed in Guy Bannister's office...
  • ...Tom reveals a chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in a CIA hotbed at 3126 Hollanddale in Dallas
  • Why are these pro-Castro organizations housed so near CIA or anti-Castro operations?
  • photo from the Carousel Club and Lee Oswald
  • Tom's website is Who Killed
  • Why do people fear the truth from a man dead for 46 years?
  • Tom announces another JFK research debate
  • Several reasons why Oswald was a false defector in Russia at the behest of the US Government
  • People generally don't read the evidence or they would never believe the official story
  • Tom's only ever recommended the Warren Commission's 26 volumes, the Church Commitee's 14 volumes and ...
  • ...the HSCA's 12 volumes. These are the official history and the truth can be deciphered from their contradictions
  • Tom's invitation to his Pal Talk chat room. Tom will send a copy of any file to back up his research
  • Dulles was appointed to the Warren Commission even though Kennedy fired him
  • Three NRA Masters could NOT duplicate the shooting attributed to Oswald in the 26 volumes
  • The Lone Nutters never seem to defer to evidence. This makes their opinions just that: "OPINIONS"
  • Penn Jones Jr., Harold Weisberg and Roger Craig

    Show #461
    Original airdate: Feb 11th 2010
    Guests: Dave Ratcliffe / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Book: Understanding Special Operations

    Play Part One Interview - Dave Ratcliffe
  • How Dave came to interview Col Prouty
  • Understanding Special Operations And Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era
  • Order "Understanding Special Operations" - $15 includes postage to US - email for details
  • Len Osanic personally recommends this book as a must have!
  • Dave explains his 11 1/2 hours of interview recordings and notes that led to the book
  • The book was an afterthought and was edited and supplemented by Col Prouty himself
  • Prouty's coming to terms with his knowlege of what really happened in the assassination
  • Dave's website
  • Prouty's book "JFK: The CIA, Vietnam And The Plot To Assassinate John F Kennedy"
  • ...Understanding Secret Operations (USO) is an extension of "The Secret Team"
  • USO began as a direct collection of 20 magazine articles written by Prouty
  • The Secret Team, The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
  • Prouty's Assignment to "Focal Point" Officer for Air Force Support of U.S. Government Clandestine Operations
  • Creating a Manichaean Devil to Justify Spending $6 Trillion for a Cold War Era
  • An explanation of segments of Col Prouty's job in the Pentagon
  • Dave reads a section on Prouty's introduction to Directive 5412 on covert operations and how his job would entail
  • In finding about 5412, Prouty required to establish his own office and write policy to support covert operations
  • The Economy Act of 1932 guidelines were used as tha basis of covert policy
  • Our "addiction to distraction" as opposed to facing the crazy policies in the world today
  • Article - Entangled Giant by Garry Wills The New York Review of Books, Volume 56, Number 15 October 8, 2009
  • The Gary Wills article states many of the same things Prouty did all those years ago

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio

  • Listener email
  • The Cass Sunstein article: A Democrat calling for infiltration and subversion of conspiracy groups on the internet
  • This is completely against the principles of free speech
  • Probe Magazine has a review by Seamus Coogan on John Hankey's 'Dark Legacy'
  • Does Jim believe that there's still a secret Hoover file that reveals what actually happened in the assassination?
  • Would Jim discuss Kennedy monetary policy in relation to the assassination
  • How Wall Streeters took over the money printing in America
  • Kennedy was the first since Lincoln to try to remove this power from the Federal Reserve
  • Nixon was the worst president with regard to the economy since Herbert Hoover - Jim
  • Battling Wall Street by Donald Gibson - A very important book on finance
  • Did the Tippit bullets match Oswald's gun?
  • The chain of evidence in the Tippit bullets cannot be relied on to prove anything either way
  • Did Marina Oswald take the Backyard pictures? Not likely
  • Richard Russell found that Marina Oswald's testimony was worthless as evidence
  • As far back as 1964 Russell believed Marina was KGB
  • Why would Shaw call Dean Andrews to represent Oswald directly after the assassination?
  • How did the Sixth Floor shooters escape the building assuming none was Oswald?
  • Jim's comments on the Bush document and the Hoover document... were they authentic?
  • The Patsy Paschall film is on YouTube. Jim will comment on it at a later date
  • The second rifle at the foot of the police when the Mauser was presented in Evidence of Revision
  • The blood on Kellerman's shirt on Airforce 1
  • About Edwin Black's 'Chicago Plot'. A comparison examining if the copy available is complete
  • Jim Douglass provided a copy for Len to compare with the Black Op copy
  • Gerald Posner forced to resign from The Daily Beast for blatant plagiarism

    Show #460
    Original airdate: Feb 4th 2010
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Listener email / Bugliosi review Part 7

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • McAdams linking to all researchers to counter legitimate researcher opinions - An active program of deception
  • Roger Remington's book, Biting The Elephant, Remington's fourth book
  • Jim's letter to Discovery producers about Inside The Target Car and JFK: The Ruby Connection
  • A truth mail campaign can now be directed at: Joshua Weinberg:
  • VP Communications, Discovery Channel, #1 Discovery Place, Silver Spring Maryland 20910-3354
  • Email address:
  • Jim lists the inherent problems with the ARRB
  • David Eisendrath prepared ways to fake the backyard photographs for the HSCA. Blakey classified the report
  • The ARRB declassified the Eisendrath information
  • Eisendrath had proven the HSCA couldn't prove forgery even in deliberately forged photographs
  • An explanation of how Blakey deceived everyone over the HSCA including the "Mafia-Did-It" scenario
  • Why the ARRB didn't interview the Paines
  • Why couldn't Lee Harvey Oswald drive?...Some sources say he could!
  • John Armstrong's main thesis, that an Oswald doppelganger was created when he was about 13 years old
  • After all this time does the lone gunman story still hold power?
  • The debate between the value of the big picture in comparison with the minutiae of the assassination
  • The need for a sustained investigation of the Warren Commission
  • Was the second Oswald alleged to have been in Dallas the same impersonator as in Mexico City?
  • John Thomas Masen may have been an Oswald impersonator
  • Conflicting accounts, how to relate them and how to measure testimony
  • Apparent conficts in the testimony of two witnesses may not be a conflict at all
  • The story that LBJ was cowering in the restroom of Airforce 1
  • Why was the assassination such a blatant and public affair?
  • Likely it was to show future leaders what would happen to them... A powerful statement

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Part 9 of the Bugliosi Book Review is now up at CTKA
  • Part 7 review:
  • The Tague bullet and the missing copper on the curb strike
  • Posner said the tree stripped the copper from the bullet...RIDICULOUS!
  • Bugliosi says it skipped off of the pavement peeling the copper from it....Again RIDICULOUS!
  • The bullet angles and the Siebert and O'Neill Report
  • Hoover's three bullet theory
  • Hoover and the Warren Commission tried initially to avoid Tague's story
  • Eight months later the FBI grudgingly gave in and accepted the Tague story
  • The curb section was taken to Washington and promptly lost
  • The mark on the curb could not be reliably identified as belonging to one of the three accepted shots
  • The parrafin test showed Oswald hadn't fired a firearm that day
  • When Nitrates were discovered, they were found on the palm side
  • Nitrates should have been found everywhere on the hand, but the palm
  • The changing of the assassination scene
  • The re-creation vehicle was 13 inches higher than the JFK limo
  • Harold Weisberg found an FBI report that found the Z film was "of little evidentiary value"
  • Hoover said the Houston Street shot couldn't have happened because a tree was in the way
  • ...There is no tree in the Houston Street view
  • The Hughes film showed two figures on the second floor just before the assassination
  • Marina could not remember Lee doing rifle practice... then she could, but the dates were often impossible
  • The Minox camera problems
  • The FBI covered up Oswald/Ferrie connections
  • The FBI also knew Shaw was Clay Bertrand
  • Hoover knew of Guy Banister's association with Oswald
  • About Warren DeBrueys

    Show #459
    Original airdate: Jan 28th 2010
    Guests: Douglas Horne
    Topic: Inside The ARRB ( Part 2 )

    Play Part One Interview - Douglas Horne
  • Gives overview of the staff at ARRB
  • Gunn desired to do all he could to clarify the conflicts within the medical evidence arena
  • Gunn knew Doug was interested in this evidence as well
  • Doug's two areas of expertise are the medical evidence and JFK's Cold War records and his forign policy
  • The medical coverup in the JFK assassination is not a theory, it is now a fact
  • The purpose of writing this set of volumes is to document an official who was involved ...
  • the last investigation proving the conspiratorial side using the evidence available
  • If you don't move out of Dealey Plaza and start investigating the "who" and the "why", you'll never solve the case
  • Paul Nitze and Gen. Curtis Lemay: Two of the biggest proponents of a "hot war"
  • Gunn was the investigative head and the General Counsel... The busiest staffer
  • 85% of the public believes a conspiracy or a coverup was involved. The establishment will not admit this number
  • The top 5 staffers besides Gunn and Horne were staunch lone nutters
  • The ARRB was instituted as a direct result of the release of Oliver Stone's JFK
  • Robert Blakey was evidence the fix was in from the beginning. He never actually read documents archived by the ARRB
  • a major unspoken agenda of most of the Board Members was to discredit unfounded conspiracy theories
  • He names Tom Samoluk, Joan Zimmerman and Joe Freeman as three of the "good guys", among others
  • These people would follow the evidence wherever it led
  • Horne, Samoluk and Freeman were all reasonably well versed in the materal as opposed to the rest of the board members
  • The range of communicated materials from the research communities
  • The primary job of the ARRB was to assemble evidence.
  • Much of the materials sent in required investigations, something the ARRB was not charged to do
  • People called for testimony and people who weren't
  • Decisions for depositions of witnesses were David Marwell and Jeremy Gunn
  • Gunn made the decision, Marwell would need to concur and the board would then decide
  • None of the autopsy witnesses were turned down. All were interviewed when asked
  • Why the Dallas doctors were not properly deposed
  • The suprising depositions of the two FBI agents, Jim Sibert and Frank O'Neill
  • These two agents were so angry over Arlen Specter they couldn't wait to make a deposition
  • Their comments stated reconstruction of the back of the head before the photos
  • O'Neill stated the brain was too complete to be Kennedy's which was more than half missing
  • The back wounds DID NOT transit the body
  • Dr. Boswell gave different answers to those of Commander Hume

    Play Part Two Interview - Douglas Horne
  • Fletcher Prouty quote on HSCA - George Joannides: Play audio clip
  • talk about CIA infiltration of the ARRB and the HSCA
  • Blakey's roadblockng of the evidence. Doug writes about Blakey in Chapters 12 & 13
  • 7 Days In May was due to be released a week after JFK died but was delayed for obvious reasons
  • Doug reads from his book revealing the frctions between Kennedy and the Generals on Cuba
  • The Generals discussed to use nuclear in Laos
  • General MacArthur and Charles DeGaulle both recommended NOT going to war in Vietnam
  • Cuba and the Generals and the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Kennedy resolved these crises with diplomacy against the will of the Generals
  • NSAM 271 to NASA about the joint moon landing effort with the USSR
  • Kennedy was going to use the NASA program and the Peace Corp to end the Cold War
  • He reads a couple of passages from volume 5: A true coup d'etat and an inside job
  • LBJ and J Edgar Hoover both completely complicit in the assassination
  • Doug calls the efforts of the Generals against Kennedy policy a "Jihad"
  • The Russians not only had the MRBM nukes on the island of Cuba, they also had tactical battlefield nukes
  • The CIA did not detect the presence of the actual nukes at the time... a major mistake!
  • Most presidents would have caved to the pressure of the Generals. Kennedy proved his strength
  • Ch 16: The End Of Lemnitzer
  • The generational differences between Kennedy and the Generals particularly Lyman Lemnitzer
  • The 5 volumes of Doug's Inside The ARRB can be purchased seperately at Amazon
  • Doug's Inside THe ARRB website is Here

    Bill Kelly interview with Doug Horne (.pdf)

    Show Special
    Original airdate: Jan 24th 2010
    Guests: Fletcher Prouty Birthday Special
  • Oliver Stone Fletcher Prouty video
  • Video excerpts of Fletcher Prouty

    Show #458
    Original airdate: Jan 21st 2010
    Guests: John Judge /Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - John Judge
  • COPA, Dallas review
  • Various events and dates commemorating the assassinations of the 60's
  • The Malcom X conference is this February 21st; Details at Political (COPA)
  • Judge talks about JFK's American University speech and how it's content probably added to his growing list of enemies and to his death
  • The 2006 Martin Luther King Records Act may be re-introduced soon
  • With this act, John hopes to bring out the details of who was involved and their roles in the assassination
  • John lists several thinks the JFK Records Act has revealed
  • The JFK Records Act was successful "model" act where the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) wasn't successful
  • The JFK act is the model to be looked to for getting records released for MLK, RFK and Malcom X
  • The act calls for all records 25 years old or older released immediately without review
  • "In general we need an open government. We need a government that doesn't bury our history" - John Judge
  • Many FOIA released documents were revealed to not be authentic
  • John met Col. L Fletcher Prouty when he went to meet Penn Jones Jr.
  • He explains how he felt about Prouty as an information source and a man
  • Douglas Valentine is another great investigative reporter
  • Judge On Prouty: "He was one of the spokes-people for the hidden history of the last era"
  • The conversation moves to Prouty's amazing personal history
  • John Judge & Fletcher Prouty Lecture 1992
  • Clearing up the fact that Prouty never met Garrison before the movie JFK... but they corresponded by mail

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's finished part 9 of the Bugliosi review but we're behind at part 7 of it
  • Biting the Elephant: The Warren Report, a new book by Rodger Remington, is now available from Amazon
  • David Von Pein has attacked it so It must be good.
  • Differences in JFK blog sites
  • Bugliosi paid a heavy price in credibility in writing Reclaiming History
  • J Edgar Hoover, JFK assassination and Bugliosi's stand
  • Hoover was forced to fight the Mafia, for Civil Rights and to drop anti-communist activity
  • Hoover would never have done these things on his own. Kennedy forced these on him
  • Hoover's snubbing of Bobby Kennedy after John's assassination
  • The Palmer Raids, The Lindbergh Kidnapping, The Alger Hiss case, The McCarthy era...
  • ...Cointelpro, Cornelius Gallagher: Hoover's FBI was always breaking the law
  • Many people mark Hoover's decline from his handling of the JFK assassination. It began much earlier
  • What was Hoover doing the day after the assassination?
  • Points ignored in the official story that throw into question Oswald's ability to participate
  • The lack of investigation (or rather the lack of documentation) into Ruby and how he got into the police garage
  • Ruby's extensive mob connections are totally ignored by the Warren Commission
  • There was an appalling lack of lead followups and interference from Washington
  • This made Bill Turner into a conspiracy believer
  • Memos stating Oswald was to be found the lone assassin were circulated as soon as Nov 24th
  • Oswald was to be the lone nut in spite of the evidence to the contrary
  • No objective person can accept the Warren Commission conclusion
  • The many faces of CE399
  • The chain of evidence timelines for CE399 seem to show tampering of evidence
  • The CE399 doesn't appear to be the one received in Nov '63

    Show #457
    Original airdate: Jan 14th, 2010
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio / Peter Philips
    Topic: Assassination Research /Project Censored

    Play Part One Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Listeners' questions answered
  • Gordon Novel calls into the Dave Emory radio show (#253)to try to restore his reputation
  • Gordon Novel Google Video Interview
  • Two audio questions about Jack Ruby from a listener in France
  • recent revelations of an Oswald/Ferrie trip to Montreal?...
  • 4 Books inspired by Jim DiEugenio's and Lisa Pease's work at Probe Magazine
  • JD Tippit Badgeman? - a: No. Jim refers to page 828 of Havey & Lee by John Armstrong
  • The "second Oswald" sightings accumulate
  • Jim's thoughts on the Joseph Milteer recordings
  • What is the explanation for the changes in rifles and calibers in the TSBD?
  • How did Oswald get to the Texas Theater?
  • How the official timelines don't add up
  • Buell Wesley Frazier and Ruth and Michael Paine
  • The possible tie between the Tippit shooting and the Abundant Life Temple nearby
  • The church went uninvestigated even though the witnesses saw a man run in there
  • Jim says Lucien Conein was not the hardhat man identified in Dealy Plaza
  • The bad copy of the Z film that led to the "limo-driver-did-it" scenario
  • The debate over the number of witnesses who say the limo stopped
  • Jim explains how the Zapruder film proves conspiracy
  • The infighting in the research community and how much of a disservice it is
  • Where is the Babushka Lady's film?

    Play Part Two Interview - Peter Philips
  • Project Censored - 25 most censored news stories of the year
  • Project Censored has operated for 34 years and putting out books for 20 years
  • The project validates news stories that were important but ignored by the corporate media
  • More than a million Iraqi civilians have died in the war but the media puts the number in the 100,000's
  • The media is broadcasting entertainment / propaganda, not hard news
  • The validation process. Nine universities are now participating
  • The Project Censored offers every book they've written as well as other materials
  • They also make a list of the most frivolous stories of the year
  • Government's real role in the world as opposed to the apparent role
  • There is a newsletter available as well
  • The "truth emergency" and the need for alternative news sources
  • Turn off the corporate media!

    Show #456
    Original airdate: Jan 7th, 2010
    Guests: Gil Jesus / Jim DiEugenio
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Play Part One Interview - Gil Jesus
  • Gil explains why he feels the police lineup was the crux of the police case to frame Oswald
  • How witnesses can be led to a conclusion in a police lineup
  • How the Oswald lineup was selected and the witnesses led
  • The fillers were completely unlike Oswald and dressed in detective clothing
  • The fillers were so unlike Oswald they made Oswald stand out visually
  • The witnesses had seen Oswald on TV before the lineup
  • link to the police lineup essay
  • link to the new JFK assassination channel on Youtube
  • Gil's old channel will remain for the historical videos
  • Oswald obviously couldn't have gone to trial
  • The evidence shows how unfair the lineups were but the Commission said they were
  • A summary of Gil's conclusions
  • Afadavits about the lineups signed BEFORE seeing the lineup!

    Play Part Two Interview - Jim DiEugenio
  • Answers to listener's questions
  • A question on a statement by author Gregory Douglas
  • Jim says Douglas is an habitual con man
  • About Jesse Curry's views and his veracity
  • Gary Aguilar's view on the death of Dr Malcom Perry at CTKA (Probe) under "News"
  • Perry mentioned at least 3 times that the exit wound had the appearance of being an entrance wound
  • Elmer Moore: the unknown man who seemingly was everywhere
  • Moore became an architect of the coverup
  • Moore sets out to talk the doctors into calling an entrance wound an exit wound
  • The Tracheostomy images may have been altered
  • The Discovery Channel's new documentary called "Did The Mob Kill JFK?"
  • The main talking heads are Robert Blakey, Lamar Waldron and Gerald Posner
  • A deceptive group of so-called experts... a disgrace
  • Blakey was responsible for tacking on another 50 years to the seals of the JFK case
  • He was also shocked when he was (apparently) deceived by the CIA
  • He said Oswald and Ferrie did not know each other... a lie
  • The patch on the curb where the Tague bullet struck
  • The Mannlicher Carcano bullet jacket was copper coated
  • The curb showed no copper
  • Blakey states the Warren Commission ran a "Shooter" investigation
  • Even if all the evidence proves Oswald was innocent, the Commission says he was guilty
  • Waldron's Juan Almeida invasion story
  • The real reasons why the invasion failed
  • Several facts about Kennedy on Cuba that Waldron misses
  • How JFK cut through all of the intel red tape and got his information first hand
  • About Abraham Bolden's dealings with Chicago Plot reporter Edwin Black
  • Edwin Black's Chicago Plot in PDF download at Jim DiEugenio ">Black Op Radio
  • Blakey's preposterous "Mafia-did-it" thesis
  • The real aim of the recent TV shows are to show that Oswald did it
  • Inside The Target Car, JFK: The Ruby Connection, and Did The Mob Kill JFK?
  • With the lies spewed by these three shows, it would be better if they had no JFK documentaries
  • The document saying Ruby worked for Nixon was a forgery