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Show #405
Original airdate: Dec 18th, 2008
Guest: William Pepper / Jim DiEugenio / Jim Fetzer
Topics: Assassination Research

William Pepper Video Clip

Part One - William Pepper
  • End of a discussion of his poems
  • He explains the parallel between he, RFK and Chavez
  • They all were awakened to the unfairness in society
  • Some of Bill's experience with the humanity of Martin Luther King
  • The conference at Duquesne and some movement toward revisionism
  • Based on Van Praag's and Joling's firearms evidence, Bill is convinced of Sirhan's innocence
  • Bill is convinced Sirhan will get a retrial
  • He's also started an independent movement to reopen the 9/11 case
  • And a team is looking into the feasibility of indictments of at least 20 criminals
  • Bush and Cheney will be among them
  • He notes that Obama has embraced many of the people that brought america to this point
  • An explanation of the lack of a two party system in America
  • Hoping Obama will change anything drastically is likely too optimistic
  • Osama Bin Laden a convenient patsy
  • Bill predicts disillusionment with Obama within a year by Obama's supporters
  • 3 million jobs will be lost if the auto industry is allowed to fail

    Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Part 4 of Jim's review of the Bugliosi book
  • The almost unknown Elmer Moore: An important person in the coverup of the medical evidence
  • Moore became Earl Warren's bodyguard... Why would Warren need a bodyguard?
  • Moore had the Secret Service set of autopsy photos and tried to show them to Arlen Specter
  • Malcolm Perry anomalies... Did Elmer Moore 'get to him'?
  • Moore applied pressure to get the doctors to alter their evidence
  • Trying to discredit the Seibert/O'Neill report... The report puts the back wound far too low
  • Hoover and Johnson never believed the magic bullet theory
  • Moore was the man molding Warren in the direction of what became the Warren Report
  • Moore is the man most responsible for changing the wound location
  • Bugliosi never mentions this Elmer Moore

    Part Three - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim announces his new talk show "The Real Deal"
  • Reviews the book "My God I'm Hit" with Brian David Anderson, the author
  • The interview is archived at WFU
  • The book appears to have a ridiculous premise with a duplicate JFK whose arm falls off
  • It appears to be a mis-translation of witness testimony
  • Jim relates some original Mary Moorman testimony
  • About Gary Mack revising history again
  • Josiah "Tink" Thompson argues with Jim about the Zapruder Film
  • Jim talks about he and David Mantic experimenting with lines of sight
  • Zapruder film versions and Jim's interpretation

    Show #404
    Original airdate: Dec 11th, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's website is
  • Declassifying JFK documents
  • The HSCA interviews with the Parkland doctors
  • The Lopez Report blows the official story apart
  • Many books just would not exist without the Lopez Report
  • The review Jim is making tonight will be up on Jim's site this weekend
  • Because of the inept autopsy, we will never know from it, how exactly JFK was killed
  • Bugliosi defends this illustrator
  • The official story: The Kennedy family limited the autopsy
  • There is no evidence the Kennedys had any influence on the autopsy
  • Much evidence that didn't jibe with the official story was left out of the Warren Report
  • Why were drawings shown and not the autopsy photographs?
  • The back wound never exited the body...
  • why were no cervical vertebrae damaged by the bullets?
  • They couldn't prove a bullet track. There was no track to connect the wounds internally
  • If this is correct, even the magic bullet couldn't have worked as they said it did

    Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • The only way the wounds could've lined up is if Kennedy leaned fully forward
  • Kennedy never leaned forward at all... Bugliosi still promotes the official theory
  • Jim shows the banality of the track of the magic bullet
  • Oswald supposedly shot downward at a steep angle
  • The back wound had a trajectory of 11 degrees upward
  • How the Magic Bullet Theory came to be
  • The investigators chosen had little experience and relied on memory rather than notes
  • The Rydberg drawings are missing from the Warren Report and from Bugliosi's book
  • how the commission avoided asking the pertinent questions about the Rydberg drawings
  • Why did the Warren Commission do things the way they did them?
  • It's obvious they were trying to make the evidence fit the crime
  • Even the death certificate wasn't included in the commission volumes
  • Jim explains just how co-opted the pathologists were
  • Humes burns his autopsy notes... or did he?

    Part Three - Jim DiEugenio
  • Epstein's and Thompson's books throw a wrench into the official story in '66 & '67
  • These books along with JFK's clothing, prove the wound was moved
  • The evidence also proves the case for a second assassin (at least)
  • It also disproves the Rydberg Drawings
  • Ramsey Clark
  • The changing of Humes' testimony
  • Faked x-rays
  • Why the wound was moved
  • Humes, Boswell and Finck denied the HSCA's version of the autopsy
  • Bugliosi calls their position a "gaffe"
  • The red spot on the x-ray
  • The second magic bullet
  • How can you admit a drawing into evidence that nobody will support?

    Show #403
    Original airdate: Dec 4th, 2008
    Guest: Pat Speer / Lisa Pease
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Part One - Pat Speer
  • A short background of Pat Speer's work
  • Pat's website is
  • Pat's online book "A New Perspective on the Kennedy Assassination" can be found there
  • This web book is very comprehensive
  • The head wounds weren't consistent with the official story
  • This began pat's Real interest in the JFK assassination
  • The moving of the head wound
  • Why would evidence be altered?
  • Was LBJ involved?
  • Disinformation from major sources
  • The shots
  • The evidence vs the parroted official story
  • Many of the liars are quoted over and over by the media
  • Should the Magic Bullet theory be an operating thesis at all?
  • The television animations are altered to enforce the official story
  • The reported shots don't match any traditional medical theory
  • Pat has reason to believe the final head shot came from the rear
  • The bullets appear to be entering at the apparent exit locations
  • How a parafin test works
  • How the test has been made more reliable
  • The carcano carbine testing showed residue on the cheek every time
  • Oswald showed no residue on his cheek
  • The curtain rod bag was too small
  • J Edgar Hoover: Not the man he was made out to be
  • Google Pat Speer or type his name into YouTube to watch his videos

    Part Two - Lisa Pease
  • Lisa is a well respected researcher and author
  • She is the co-founder of Probe Magazine with Jim DeEugenio
  • She also co-wrote "The Assassinations" with Jim
  • James Earl Ray's first attorney was CIA?
  • More than one James Earl Ray
  • Patty Hearst and her kidnapping... a CIA operation? Mae Brussell said so
  • Lisa explains some of the connections
  • Parallels between Kennedy's appointments and Obama's
  • How JFK saw the Bay of Pigs operation before it happened
  • His dealing with The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Henry Cabot Lodge's resistance to Kennedy... it began very quickly
  • Obama may have very similar problems
  • Lisa: Jim Douglass's book "JFK And The Unspeakable" is THE best book on the subject
  • Keeping accuracy in the research... something that should be aspired to
  • Trying to weed out credible sources
  • Re-written history: Basing future policy on this can be detrimental
  • Lisa's recomendation: Don't believe anything you can't prove
  • Jim DiEugenio is probably the best person in disecting books in detail - Lisa
  • James Angleton's power over J Edgar Hoover: Why and what effect did it have?

    Show #402
    Original airdate: Nov 27th, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Jim Fetzer
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's site is
  • Two upcoming critiques of The Discovery Channel's "Inside the Target Car"
  • This weekend David W Mantik's critique will be posted
  • Next Week Milicent Cranor's critique should be up
  • After that Part 4 of Jim's Bugliosi book review will be posted
  • The back wound had an upward trajectory. The shooter's nest was above
  • The 6th Floor Museum ... The same old lone nut theory
  • How Bugliosi moves the reader to his point of view against the evidence
  • The re-encatments don't even match the Warren Commission story
  • Dissenters on the Warren Commission panel: Russell, Cooper and Boggs
  • The debate on this took place but no official record was made
  • How Bugliosi skews the facts when it comes to the limousine
  • Why was the Stemmons Freeway sign removed?
  • Points on why the Magic Bullet theory doesn't work
  • Why the bullets could not have hit anything before they hit Connally
  • Jim talks about the restored version of the Z Film
  • Jet Effect and neuromuscular spasm; Both unacceptable theories
  • Inconsistencies in the autopsy evidence
  • Reactions of gunshot victims compared to JFK
  • Shell found in Dealey Plaza (A 7.65 Mauser among them?)

    Part Two - Jim Fetzer
  • The state of the US economy
  • A Russian economist predicts the breakup of America into up to six pieces
  • Jim comments on The Discovery Channel's "Inside the Target Car"
  • He co-wrote a commentary with David W Mantic"
  • It's called "Another Attempted Re-enactment of the Death of JFK"
  • Jim makes a few points pressing his theory the Zapruder Film was faked
  • He lists several possible shooting lairs
  • Relating a video made my Dr "Pepper" Jenkins from Jack White
  • Len suggests Jim try to get a truthful re-enactment made
  • Jim likes the idea(Will there be something in the works? Stay Tuned!)
  • Something like this could go a long way to leveling the playing field
  • Obama looking very competent at this point

    Show #401
    Original airdate: Nov 20th, 2008
    Guest: Roger Feinmann / Steve Alten
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / The Shell Game

    Part One - Roger Feinmann
  • Roger is a lawyer (no longer practicing) and is now in the information technology field
  • After the death of Larry Ray Harris, Roger picked up the torch on the Tippet murder
  • Sgt. Gerald Lynn Hill seemed to be in every major place in the Tippet/JFK crime scenes
  • You can download a 2 part "Transcript of CBS Interview with Sgt. Hill" at AARC Library
  • Sgt. Bob Carroll and Sgt. Hill had contradicting stories with regard to the Oswald handgun
  • The revolver's chain of custody calls into question the validity of it as evidence
  • New forensic techniques may allow fingerprints to be taken from the bullet casings
  • The varying descriptions by witnesses do not identify Oswald at the Tippett murder scene
  • Feinmann's opinion is that Tippett was a cold blooded sacrifice to draw attention to Oswald
  • What's at stake for the people that contradict the people that question the official story?

    Part Two - Steve Alten
  • Author of "The Shell Game
  • Websites: and www.
  • Dedicated to those who suffered on 9/11 the book is a warning
  • It is a less than optimistic view of our times , the end of oil and the fraud of 9/11
  • Alten began writing about the dangers of Peak Oil
  • It's a factual book delivered as a novel
  • Some focus was on the near future (2012) but "between chapter" quotes draw you to those dates
  • The roots of the House of Saud and the connections to Bush
  • How AlQaeda came into being
  • Osama Bin Laden in Yemen and well protected?
  • Apparent disasters of US policy that warranted criminal charges, instead resulted in promotions
  • Scenarios for weapons of mass destruction and more "New Pearl Harbours"
  • Instead of investigative reporting, the major media is only serving the needs of the ruling class
  • The book is available at

    Show #400
    Original airdate: Nov 13th, 2008
    Guest: John Judge / Dick Russell / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Part One - John Judge
  • John starts with news about several COPA conferences
  • John Judge's COPA website
  • Cyril Wecht's ordeal
  • The events planned for Dallas this year and several guests
  • The optimism in the JFK case
  • A bit of 'accurate' history of the JFK case
  • Oswald cannot be credibly linked as the assassin
  • The Magic Bullet, Metalurgy and the Connally fragments
  • John hopes there will be more political action with this new administration
  • Guns and shooters at various assassinations: Not always what we'd think

    Part Two - Dick Russell
  • Dick Russell website
  • Dick is the author of the famous "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
  • His new book is entitled "On The Trail of the JFK Assassins" Dick began his interest in JFK as a freelance journalist in New York
  • His latest books reflect his primary interest these days in the environment
  • He also helped write "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me" with Jesse Ventura
  • About The Man Who Knew Too Much and Richard Case Nagell
  • Nagell's mysterious death... the day an ARRB suboena arrived in his mailbox
  • Against the official autopsy results, Dick suspects Nagell's death was not natural
  • How Nagell prevented himself from being implicated in the JFK assassination
  • On The Trail of the JFK Assassins is a compilation of Russell's articles
  • It also has material on the CIA's MK Ultra program
  • It ends with a suprising interview with Doug Horne
  • The Lone Nutters and the disinformationalists
  • The title reflects Jim Garrison's On The Trail Of The Assassins
  • It is not a book about Jim Garrison
  • Dick explains his unorthadox method of journalism
  • The book has some new material on Richard Nagell as well
  • A blatant message in the JFK assassination: Why was it in broad daylight?
  • Nagell had mentioned a few other JFK assassination plots...
  • He regrets that Nagell has died and his hidden information still hasn't surfaced
  • Jesse Ventura and the JFK Assassination
  • "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me" is a book about Ventura's Governorship

  • Part Three - Jim DiEugenio
  • The Bugliosi Book: Argument, Hyperbole & Bombast
  • JFK: The 'abrasion collar' indicates an upward rising bullet
  • If Oswald shot JFK, there would be a downward indication
  • Evidence supports a frontal shot, not one from the above rear
  • How the evidence is phonied for TV
  • Jim's website Magazine
  • The Zapruder Film and why the official balistics aren't correct
  • So many have altered and ignored the evidence
  • A new researcher could be easily confused by the conflicts
  • What you would have to believe to believe the official story
  • Bullet fragments found years later
  • Getting Oswald to Mexico City (Ostensibly)
  • The Lopez report: Bugliosi calls it a giant dud
  • Names you don't see in the Warren Report
  • Interviews edited out because the descriptions don't match
  • Contradictions in the Oswald 'Mexico' identity and the real Oswald
  • Why did the CIA never come up with a good photograph of Oswald in Mexico?
  • David Atlee Phillips covering his tracks?
  • Bugliosi chooses to believe David Phillips
  • Phillips makes nothing but excuses for the missing Oswald photos
  • The 'Mexico' Oswald is very different than the one we know
  • Even the Cuban consulate people describe this 'different' Oswald
  • Twists and turns through the Oswalds
  • The deception seems to attempt to cover who Oswald really was working for
  • The Evidence photos and audio tape are not of Oswald
  • A Hoover memo identifies CIA as deceiving FBI over Oswald's identity
  • There can be no denying that Oswald was impersonated in Mexico City
  • Jim mentions an in depth review of this material on CTKA

    Show #399
    Original airdate: Nov 6th, 2008
    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topics: U.S. Election

    Part One - Jim Fetzer
  • Voting fraud in Alaska
  • The tension that was felt this election
  • Jim talks about recent guests he's had on his show
  • Suspected vote fraud and political shenanigans, particularly in Alaska
  • Illogical vote swings against the trends
  • Turdblossom's Insider's Guide to Swinging Elections , about election rigging
  • Obama's lawyers were dispensed to watch for voter fraud not election rigging
  • Mike McConnell and GHW Bush Government database infiltration?
  • Jim suggests the vote fraud this time was to maintain some balance between Red & Blue states
  • He recommends Shannyn Moore for more Alaska vote fraud info
  • Jim on Obama's election: "The whole world is rejoicing"
  • Nancy Pelosi compromised? Maybe that's why she's calling for no charges on the Bush team
  • Bush might actually not realize the damage he's done

    Show #398
    Original airdate: Oct 30th, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: Bugliosi Book review - Part 4

    Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's website Magazine
  • Jim recommends the DVD Into Evidence
  • Jim & Len extoll Jim Douglass's book ---
  • The Mannicher Carcanos: Differences, primarily in the lengths
  • John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • Oswald a strange Marxist-Leninist: He hung around right-wing extremists
  • An explanation of who were White Russians
  • Why does Oswald hang around with these people?
  • There can be only one conclusion: He wasn't a Marxist-Leninist
  • How did right-wing extremist, Guy Bannister, get communist literature?
  • James Hosty, Hunter Leake, and Warren DeBrueys.
  • Otto Otepka: Confusion over defectors and false defectors
  • Next time - The Chicago Plot and Oswald in Mexico

    Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • A preview of Jim's next interview
  • Jim Douglass and Edwin Black
  • The similarities between Dallas and the Chicago Plot
  • Was Chicago a Dallas preview?
  • Bugliosi gets it all wrong
  • Thomas Vallee was a mirror image of Oswald. They even had similar looks
  • Abraham Bolden's railroading
  • Bugliosi brushes off Bolden's accurate record on the Chicago Plot
  • ...ridiculously uses David Atlee Phillips as a credible witness
  • Sylvia Odio fed unsolicited Oswald information
  • You might accept the Odio story and purported Oswald information but...
  • The real question... What was he again doing with two right-wing extremists?
  • Oswald crosses to Mexico by car and by bus... Huh?
  • Bus records dubious: Automobile records also dubious
  • Albert Osborne; A man of many names. Phil Melanson: Osborne is a CIA agent
  • If getting Oswald into Mexico seems strange, then getting him out was stranger
  • Bugliosi omits all the anomalous Mexico evidence

    Show #397
    Original airdate: Oct 23rd, 2008
    Guest: Peter Joseph
    Topics: Zeitgeist and Addendum

    Part One - Part One
  • Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum can be viewed and/or purchased at Zeitgeist: The Movie
  • What brought Peter to create Zeitgeist
  • 9/11 was the catalyzing event...
  • The public seemed to just closed its eyes and accept the official story
  • He created Zeitgeist to be shown for free as an expression of his views on society
  • Examining the WTC girders and cutting charges
  • Thomas Payne's world view often clashed with religion
  • Peter's discovery of the Venus Project
  • He calls the current system "Monetaryism"...corrupt...fake...a failed system
  • Addendum: Showing us a system that doesn't require laws or competition
  • Products are made to fail quickly when they could be made to last forever
  • The Venus Project is the work of Jacque Fresco
  • It offers a "model" view of how society could and should be
  • The many post apolcalyptic movies give us a pessemistic view of the future
  • Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum give us a positive future outlook
  • Jacque Fresco has created many things but he's afraid our culture will use some to do harm
  • Our society is based on created shortages
  • "...nothing in today's society can be created without making money from it"
  • Jacque Fresco and reaource based, moneyless societies
  • Peter describes people's level of caring based on their wealth level
  • "Intellectual Materialism"
  • Comparing Sports figures and non-contributors incomes to the wages of contribuors
  • ...Society is backwards
  • Peter: "Even if the monetary system was repaired it could not work"(paraphrased)
  • 70% of the economy is created waste right now... this is just plain wrong

    Part Two - Part Two
  • Peter states " technology is for the benefit of humanity"
  • He describes a "library" type distribution system based on high technology
  • "If it can be thought of, it can be created"
  • We need borders with the monetary system
  • With this "technology" system, there is no need for borders
  • In the monetary system, people are kept dumbed down as slaves
  • In a technology based system, educating everyone benefits everyone
  • Google is censoring the hit statistics for Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum
  • Suffice to say, the hits are in excess of 30 million !
  • Peter claims the technology system is not based on "New World Order" or "Illuminati"
  • The stock market has nothing to do with the economy...
  • The stock market is just a rediculous gambling scheme
  • An explanation of derivitives and the housing bubble
  • Peter says there can easily be industry with no waste and no pollution
  • Switching to a technology based system presents many problems in shifting the paradigm
  • It's simply a matter of getting everyone on board... no small job
  • The world debts exceed the resurces of the planet.
  • Thinking the world can support this system is just rediculous
  • 6 recommendations to promote the technology based system
  • A very small group of people control everything
  • They use the media primarily to maintain control
  • Boycott the military... you're only supporting corporations
  • Outrageous amounts of money are paid to the military industry
  • Get off the grid... become self sufficient
  • Stop being brainwashed by the media
  • McCain and Obama are promoted while Ron Paul has been ignored
  • His final point: Critical mass - Promote The Zeitgest Movement
  • Production software and processes
  • How Peter came to interview John Perkins
  • About the title "Zeitgeist"
  • The symbolism of the cover images of Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum
  • As long as there is a deprived person somewhere, we are not secure in our societal positions
  • where there is deprivation there will be a backlash against the less deprived
  • We call these backlashes "mindless terrorism"
  • To stop terrorism we must help these people become less deprived rather than depriving them
  • Getting around the mind shift required to think in this new way

    Show #396
    Original airdate: Oct 16th, 2008
    Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: JFK Research

    Part One - Petroleum Transportation
  • Prouty predicts that food will be a future weapon
  • There is no shortage of oil
  • The 1970's oil shortages were caused by the non-shipment of oil
  • The caused shortages keep the price up
  • Fletcher calls this process a form of war
  • Lebanon was brought to war to control the flow of oil
  • Middle East wars are caused to close pipelines and force oil to be shipped

    Part Two - NSAM 263 & NSAM 273
  • Kennedy's NSAM 263: All personnel out of Vietnam by the end of 1965
  • Nov 20th and 21st, 1963 the entire cabinet was in Honolulu on it's way to Tokyo
  • Nov 22, Kennedy is assassinated
  • Nov 26th, after Kennedy's death NSAM 273 was announced, reversing Kennedy's plan
  • NSAM 273 was created on Nov 21st, BEFORE JFK's ASSASSINATION!
  • McGeorge Bundy drafted NSAM 273
  • Bundy is deceptive on his dates and where he was at the time
  • Bill Bundy ia also deceptive on these points
  • NSAM's 263 and 273 have been misfiled in the Pentagon Papers
  • Prouty: "The Pentagon Papers are wrong. They're propaganda"

    Part Three - Trying the JFK Case
  • Ed Lansdale, an excellent cover story man
  • Freedom of Information: Another coverup
  • The Cuban Study Group, NSAM 55, 56 & 57
  • An example of FOIA releases of 55, 56 & 57 that were innacurate - a deception
  • Fletch helped in getting copies of he orignals
  • The Taylor - McNamara Trip Report was NSAM 263
  • Obfuscated from the government publication 'Foreign Relations of the United States'
  • Prouty calls the murder of the Diem Brothers a foreign relations screw up
  • THe Diems unexpectedly disembarked the Air France plane and met their demise
  • Kennedy was devastated. He knew Ngo Dinh Diem for 10 years
  • Prouty again emphasizes that the Pentagon Papers were a "fabrication"

    Show #395
    Original airdate: Oct 9th, 2008
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio/Dr. David Mantik
    Topics: JFK research

    Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Part 4 of Jim's critique of the Bugliosi book
  • Removing the bullet evidence leaves only the rifle to connect to Oswald
  • The Warren Report uses omission of evidence to make it's case on the rifle
  • Jim talks about bullets found
  • Oswald's rifle - 36". The evidence rifle - 40"
  • Serious problems with the rifle evidence
  • Ruth paine again inserts dubious evidence: The camera that took the backyard photos
  • Supporting David Lifton's evidence
  • The ABC Meyers' simulation debunked
  • The Tippet shots: THe bullets don't match the shells
  • More than one wallet with both Oswald's & Hidell's ID? - At least 3
  • Bugliosi can't explain this point away
  • Fingerprints found on Tippet's car... Bugliosi: "No good prints found"
  • Witnesses threatened all over... No conspiracy?
  • Bugliosi barely covers Oswald and the Civil Air Patrol
  • He completely omits David Ferrie
  • Several points that show that Oswald was getting Military Intel training
  • Piecing together some U2 items tied to Oswald
  • Oswald in the USSR: "On assignment ostensibly a defector"
  • Marguerite Oswald knew Lee was going to defect 9 to 10 months ahead
  • It took only 2 weeks for Oswald to discharge from the US Marines
  • A normal discharge would have been 3 to 6 months
  • Albert Schweitzer College, Switzerland - Oswald went there
  • Nobody could find the college... How did Oswald even know about it?
  • Bugliosi adresses almost nothing on the subject
  • False defector programs
  • No CIA 201 file opened on Oswald even when he's a defector?
  • Following Oswald's secret files - Oswald just had to be an Intel agent

    Part Two - Jim Fetzer & Dr David W Mantik
  • As with so many of us, David started by seeing Oliver Stone's JFK
  • Jim was enticed into JFK research by an anti-JFK hit piece by Lundberg
  • The piece was written in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)
  • Jim & David together with Gary Aguilar, Cathy Cunningham and Robert Livingston
  • Dr Mantic is a Radiation Oncologist... an X-ray expert
  • He's been to the National Archives on JFK 9 times
  • His expertise allows him to compare density of subject matter on x-rays (Optical Densitometry)
  • Front and side x-rays do not match
  • A metal object appears to have been added to the skull after the autopsy
  • Dr Mantik believes this metal piece was added to the x-ray in the darkroom
  • Jim describes the condition of the presiden'ts brain at Parkland
  • To match the phoney metal piece on the x-ray, investigators moved the entry wound
  • David explains why the entry wound had to be low and to the right
  • An explanation of the damaged Tantorium; evidence that supports David Lifton's theory
  • Dr Mantik studied the jacket JFK wore. The jacket supports much medical testimony
  • Comparing the medical evidence: What the bullet(s) could have and couldn't have done
  • The slowing or stopping of the limousine
  • New evidence of alteration of the Zapruder Film
  • The throat wound
  • The skull damage
  • The photos: Minimal brain loss. The X-rays: Massive brain loss - Something is very wrong
  • Jim presents 6 shots. Dr Mantic agrees

    Show #394
    Original airdate: Oct 2nd, 2008
    Guest: Col. L Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: Special Operations

    Part One - The Vietnam POW Problem
  • Working out how Vietnam POW's could disappear off the record
  • Employment in the CIA while ostensibly a military man causes confusion
  • The CIA would "sheepdip" volunteers
  • Using this method, the Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines had no record
  • With no record, Men who were lost could not be traced back to their military Service
  • Prouty was involved with The League of Families to track lost personnel
  • Insurance is a large part of this equation
  • If a man is MIA the "Government pays as if the man was alive
  • If a man is proven dead "Insurance" is paid... A major problem for insurers
  • Financing The League of Families
  • The Nugan-Hand Bank... A rogue operation, the result of black marketeers in Vietnam
  • Nugan-Hand Bank Story - Video

    Part Two - Special Operations - An explanation
  • The OSO - Special Operations Assistant Job Description
  • The Dept of Defense was the leading force in all covert activities
  • Hiding large sums of money appropriated fo covert operations
  • The system for repaying funds to their appropriate places
  • The money was always just the movement of numbersfrom one book to another
  • Actual dollars never moved.
  • Explaining Iran/Contra funding
  • To Prouty, Iran/Contra was a diversion from the actual story
  • The NSA monitoring communications and data transferrance - "Emissions"
  • This monitoring is not a covert operation per-se. The data is useless without purpose
  • Closing the OSO was a mistake
  • The failure of the Bay Of Pigs operation was the result of closing the OSO
  • Much of the co-ordination was lost with the abolishment of the OSO

    Show #393
    Original airdate: Sept 25th, 2008
    Guest: Dr. Cyril Wecht / Stu Wexler / Jim Fetzer
    Topics: JFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One Dr. Cyril Wecht

  • The upcoming "Making Sense Of The Sixties" conference at Duquesne University
  • The subjects covered will be the murders of JFK, MLK and RFK
  • Cyril mentions several distinguished guests who will be there
  • The conference will focus on several broader questions everyone wants answered
  • To sign up for the conference call: 412-396-1049
  • Cyril can be contacted by email at: or
  • Using perspective to illustrate the importance of investigations in these cases
  • The single Bullet theory cannot be proven and therefore there are 2 shooters
  • If there are 2 shooters, the government has no case
  • If the government's case is thrown out then there MUST be a new investigation
  • Wecht: "...There's a reason why these three people were assassinated..."
  • He steps through several points of evidence that prove an opposite result in each murder
  • In spite of the the distinguish list of guest speakers there has been no major news coverage
  • The media continues to push fraudulent documentary programs on TV
  • Cyril's friendship with Arlen Specter
  • Wecht lightly examines Specter's intentions on the Single Bullet theory
  • Wecht is expecting a very full audience for this conference

    Interview Audio - Part Two Stu Wexler

  • Chemical & Forensic Analysis of JFK assassination Bullet Lots
  • Stu's area of focus has been the Neutron Activation analysis in JFK's assassination
  • His work is more accurately called Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis
  • This is the single most important evidence for the official story
  • ...Neutron Activation has been thoroughly discredited meaning the official case is very thin
  • Stu Wexler's debates with Ken Rahn
  • About his research and the team that examined the viability of Neutron Activation
  • Using the analogy of Crayon's Vs Chalk, Stu explains why Neutron Activation is terribly flawed
  • The result is that the data obtained and used to press the official JFK case must be thrown out
  • The FBI does not use this flawed process to compare bullet leads for these same reasons.
  • No US lab even does Neutron Activation for Bullet Lead comparison anymore
  • The fact that Neutron Activation has been disproved only means this evidence is unreliable
  • ...It in no way proves or disproves the case. It's just junk science
  • CE399 cannot be proven to be the round that was found on the Parkland Stretcher
  • Ken Rahn cannot get anyone outside of his small sphere of influence to verify his case
  • Wexler and his piers have proven the credibility of their case using clear scientific process
  • He'd like a re-examination of the actual bullet and a re-analysis of the audio evidence
  • Stu is working on a new book on the Martin Luther King Assassination
  • A general examination of lone nut versions Vs conspiracy versions
  • In the end, Stu doesn't make an opinion one way or another.
  • He would just like everyone to use just process and pricples to come to their conclusions

    Interview Audio - Part Three Jim Fetzer

  • Jim has his own radio show on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at GCN
  • Assassination Science, Assassination Research and 9/11
  • Talking about David Lifton's contributions to JFK science
  • Jim states his case that shots came from many directions
  • Len reminds Jim that the debate should Lifton and Fetzer together
  • Jim lists many differences he has with David Lifton's theory
  • He bases his differences on what he calls newly obtained evidence
  • Jim lambastes Sarah Palin on her inexperience
  • Palin began a building project before obtaining full title to the property
  • A couple of abuses of power
  • The 'Bridge to Nowhere'
  • Her views on motherhood and pro-life
  • Her religious beliefs and her affiliation with a secessionist group
  • A quote from an interview wth protesters against Palin

    Show #392
    Original airdate: Sept 17th, 2008
    Guest: Robert Groden / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Robert Groden

  • Robert Groden has almost 45 years of experience on the JFK assassination
  • Author of High Treason, JFK: The Case for Conspiracy and The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Also the author and co-author of many other important books
  • He was responsible for getting the release of most of the photographic evidence available today
  • Groden was the man that released the Zapruder Film to the public in 1975
  • His upcoming book is "JFK Absolute Proof" Groden promises all new evidence
  • He's a Journeyman Photographer and Photo Analyst
  • The Backyard Photos - There were also a third and fourth photo
  • The faces are all the same but the bodies are all different
  • You can get Robert's new book at his website when it is available
  • Robert's opinion of the Bugliosi book: Bugliosi completely ignores the evidence
  • A discussion of the expletives that could be used to describe Bugliosi's book
  • He describes photographically how the single bullet theory could not work
  • There is an active movement by the government to try to discredit the truth in this case and others
  • Case Closed & Mortal Error - 2 books using proven lies to make their theory
  • The recently released cache of JFK assassination papers - Of not much value
  • Ruby's conviction is overturned and before the re-trial both he and the judge die
  • Robert will be speaking at a symposium called "Making Sense of the Sixties"
  • October 3 thru 5 2008, The Cyril Wecht Institute of Forensic Science at Duquesne University
  • Duquesne University's Making Sense of the Sixties home page
  • "That sonofabitch" Gerald Ford changed evidence on the bullet wound to the back
  • Groden explains why the back wound is a bullet wound and not something created later
  • The Ryberg drawings were innacurate but it wasn't Ryberg's fault
  • His new book, he's hoping, will be released before November

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim DiEugenio

  • More on the 'Making Sense of the Sixties' symposium
  • Part 2 of Jim's review of the Bugliosi book
  • The Parafin tests prove a lack of nitrates on Oswald's face - He couldn't a the shooter
  • 3 Shots in 6 seconds? with 2 direct hits - It couldn't be done
  • Jim says the scope would not have had time to stop vibrating before the proceeding shot
  • Oswald was almost a washout in target practice
  • Examples of witnesses to Oswald's target ability - He was too uncoordinated to be a good shot
  • On Craig Roberts' book Kill Zone - Oswald's purported ability was impossible
  • THe Dealy Plaza shooting could not be duplicated, even by experts
  • All of this evidence is ignored as Bugliosi builds his phony lone nut case
  • Oswald could not have been on the upper floors of the TSBD during the shooting. ..
  • Altering testimony and omiting interviews that conflict with the official story
  • Omissions and distortions that Bugliosi exploits
  • Charles Givens interviews and testimony - Changes in his story to suit the Warren scenario
  • Bugliosi believes the later "changed" testimony. He has to to make his case
  • The TBSD Role Call myth. 9 other people were missing, yet they zero in on Oswald
  • The identifications in Oswalds wallet

    Show #391
    Original airdate: Sept 11th, 2008
    Guest: David Ray Griffin, Scott Shane
    Topics: Sept 11th / Anthrax

    Interview Audio - Part One David Ray Griffin

  • David Ray Griffin is one of many contributors at 9/11 Truth
  • Griffin's new book "The New Pearl Harbour Revisited"
  • The book will be found at 9/11 Truth book section at 25% off
  • The loss of Freedom of Speech in protesting public events
  • Americans no longer discuss 9/11 truth openly. Public figures won't risk their careers for it
  • Public debates are all but ignored by major figures
  • David talks about David Newman's unsuccessful attempts to get open debate on the subject
  • Jesse Ventura is the only US(former)polititian to openly espouse the alternative theories
  • A bit about the murky background of the Bush's
  • Whistleblowers; a bit of history and a current whistleblower
  • The lies at NIST... They just want to keep their jobs
  • The rediculous "critical column" theory from NIST
  • People believe what they want to believe and reject what they don't like
  • September 11, 2001: 21 Reasons to Question the Official Story about 9/11
  • Did the Barbara Olsen phone calls really happened ?
  • Cellphone calls could not be made from an aircraft at altitude at that time
  • Guest Host, Les Mursza asks Griffin if there is a future plan for dealing with the times after 9/11
  • Dick Cheney's presence at the Pentagon on 9/11 was concealed
  • How an investigation could and should be carried out
  • Italy, Japan and Russia may all become leading countries in bringing out 9/11 truth
  • Les calls the self destructive fallout of the 9/11 lie, disease like
  • GRiffin's 64,000 dollar question: "Was America attacked by Musims on 9/11?"
  • Able Danger- Mohammed Atta and his cohorts were paid to carry out their part probably unknowingly
  • Again, detailed information on all these subjects and more is in his new book

    Interview Audio - Part Two Scott Shane

  • Who mislead the Anthrax investigation?
  • Scott Shane Articles at New York Times
  • The Anthrax letters
  • The anthrax was traced to Fort Dettrick
  • Suicide victim Bruce Ivins was blamed for the Anthrax attacks
  • He was at the core of the research on Anthrax and now he has the blame
  • The pattern of distribution denotes an attempt to create a panic
  • There is some skepticism as to his guilt
  • The FBI has no proof Ivins was acting alone
  • The evidence is all circumstantial, a reasonably strong case but still only circumstantial
  • Ivins was one of the people the FBI had relied on for information on the anthrax

    Show #390
    Original airdate: Sept 4th, 2008
    Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Fletcher Prouty
  • Dealy Plaza
  • The power groups that seem to have been (and still are?) involved in the Kennedy Assassination
  • Who would Fletcher Prouty ask if he were investigating?
  • Fletch would start with a Dallas investigation with police testimony
  • Assassination would likely have been solved before midnight had procedure been followed
  • The media everywhere parrot the 'Lone Nutter' story then and now against all reason
  • A Lone Nut can have no objective
  • If a conspiracy exists, there "MUST" be an objective
  • Prouty always asked Why? If you know the 'why' then you can move to find the 'Who"
  • Kennedy created many enemies; Nasa, TFX, US Steel, The American University speech
  • The assassins are protected until they escape and no one ever knows who they are
  • Coups d'etat everywhere are run the same way
  • These operations are run by relatively small and specialized groups
  • Calling off the Secret Service military detail in Dallas
  • False Secret Service and Dallas Police in Dallas as well
  • Medical anomalies in the autopsy and everything else... Who arranged it all?
  • It had to be a powerful inside group, not Oswald, The Russians, The Mafia or Castro
  • Changing the parade route. The Secret Service just wouldn't do it
  • Silence from everyone that should have been concerned with the route change
  • Prouty on Dealy Plaza: "An ambush if ever I saw one. A real wild west ambush"

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Fletcher Prouty
  • The cover story
  • The Tramp photos, Staged police, a smirking tramp and someone else not expected in a photo...
  • They are really not tramps at all, Dallas Police don't carry shotguns but these ones do...
  • General Ed Lansdale is in one picture... trying to be unnoticed
  • Prouty got unbiased confirmation that Ed Lansdale was in the picture
  • Lansdale sent Prouty to the South Pole for the assassination
  • The entire governmental body was on their way to Tokyo at the time.
  • News of automatic gunfire in Dallas
  • Oswald biography - photo in a suit in the Christchurch newspaper within hours of the assassination
  • In a time when information would have been difficult at best to get, this would seem unreasonable
  • The Dallas police had not even charged Oswald with the assassination and he's headlined here as the assassin
  • Prouty notes this as a pre-planned cover story. It just couldn't be anything else
  • A further explanation of the timeline proving the cover story

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Fletcher Prouty
  • In the right place at the time
  • Lansdale and Prouty crossed paths every day for many years
  • Lansdale was not allowed to reveal the truth. His books simply omit the subject
  • Prouty says he doesn't have any question that Ed Lansdale was in that picture

    Interview Audio - Part Four - Fletcher Prouty
  • CIA financing
  • What CIA can do with money. Everything looks like a general expense... no trail
  • This method of dealing with finance allows everything CIA does covertly to be invisible
  • Bank accounts with generic names to handle covert operations

    Show #389
    Original airdate: August 28th, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Part 1 of a comprehensive review of Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History"
  • His website
  • Jim's review and commentaries are at CTKA under the title "Rewriting History"
  • He read the entire book, probably one of the few that did
  • Bugliosi, According to Jim, hit a home run with his other books
  • This book, Reclaiming History, is complete drivel
  • He explains where he thinks Bugliosi went wrong which led to the writing of this book
  • David Lifton suspects 1/3 of the book is ghost written
  • Jim lists a few writers that likely did the ghost writing
  • The first manuscript grew from a half baked mock trial Bugliosi did on tv
  • The St. Paul conversion of Gus Russo, Dale Meyers, Todd Vaughan and others
  • Trying to get to the root of Oswald
  • The centerpiece of Bugliosi's case is the Mannlicher Carcano... dubious evidence at best
  • A 7.65 Mauser was reported at least three times then disappeared
  • Jim traces the purchasing of the Carcano
  • Bugliosi: Since we know this is Oswald's rifle then Oswald is guilty
  • DiEugenio: There is no way to prove this is Oswald's gun... There is no case
  • O P Wright identifies that CE399 was not the bullet he discovered on the stretcher
  • There looks to be more than one 'Stretcher Bullet'... Why?
  • The FBI's bullet report was phonied up or written about the wrong bullet... No 'Single Bullet Theory'

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim continues about the ammunition evidence
  • The Carcano rifle and ammunition: No fingerprints anywhere... Just not plausible
  • Bugliosi blows off the dent on the cartridge as normal. It was not
  • The dents are indicative of "Planted" evidence
  • Bugliosi relies on the discredited Neutron Activation evidence... It is "junk science"
  • Jim explains Neutron Activation and why it is unreliable
  • Pricilla Johnston dubious reporting used by Bugliosi
  • The Walker shooting... The evidence is just as strange as the JFK assassination
  • The 'Backyard Photographs', the many cameras and the stories change...
  • Bugliosi omits much of the conflicting camera evidence
  • Marina Oswald loses credibility with the HSCA and many others... because she was coached
  • Bugliosi uses her testimony as a key witness
  • The strange Minox Camera story
  • The Paynes have been involved in most every step of the Oswald evidence
  • The Payne evidence is just not credible
  • Mary Bancroft, Ruth Payne and... Allen Dulles?
  • A mess of related people with tight ties to CIA and their story
  • Bugliosi pushes the Oswald seperation blame in odd directions
  • Ruth Payne, The Contras and Nicaragua... Ruth is CIA
  • Serious problems with Bugliosi using the Paynes to support his evidence
  • Stay tuned for part 2... maybe a part 3!

    Show #388
    Original airdate: August 21st, 2008
    Guest: William Pepper
    Topics: RFK Trial Update

    Interview Audio - Part One - William Pepper
  • Dr Pepper iterates somne of the evidence that Sirhan could not have killed RFK
  • Access to Sirhan is very hard to come by
  • Dr Pepper was RFK's Citizen's Chairman in Westchester County. He knew Robert Kennedy
  • Funding for this work is very trying.
  • Pepper put out more than $1,000,000 of his own money to mount the MLK case over 30 years
  • Defense of Sirhan is expected to be in excess of $250,000 of his own money
  • Any support in the way of a donation is greatly appreciated at the address below
  • Dr William Pepper 575 Madison Avenue Suite 1006 10022 New York NY
  • He's seeing tremendous opposition from the prison and the state
  • Pepper: "I don't think there's any question of a coverup"
  • Paul Schrade is keeping the Kennedy's up to date on the case
  • Schrade was injured that night in the pantry
  • Dr Pepper is trying to kickstart an initiative to open a new investigation into 9/11
  • He has again, put some of his own money into this effort
  • As well, he has solicited the influence of a great many well known people in this effort
  • About the dumbing down of America by the media

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim comments on the strange poll results showing Obama losing ground
  • He makes several points extolling Obama and showing McCain's ineptitude
  • The book of lies written to hurt Obama
  • How many homes does McCain own? He doesn't know. Jim says up to 13
  • Jim calls McCain Cognitively Impaired
  • WTC Building 7: Sept 11 2001 at 6:47, The alarms for Building 7 were shut down
  • About the British reporter that announced WTC 7's collapse 20 minutes before it happened
  • Construction and conditions at WTC 7 - The beams were 'solid' steel
  • A reminder that the 911 Commission Report completely omitted Building 7
  • Could Bill Clinton be nominated for Vice President?
  • Is there a law against it?

    Show #387
    Original airdate: August 14th, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK/RFK Assassination Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's website is (Citizens for Truth in the Kenedy Assassination)
  • The death of Robert Meheu and Review: a re-issue of John Newman's 'Oswald and the CIA'
  • Newman had discovered so much interest in Oswald, he had to write a book
  • Newman was an analyst for 20 years for the NSA... He knew what to look for
  • The Richard Schneider memo, The Navy Department Memo, both on Oswald - The CIA didn't timestamp them
  • THe FBI put out an alert on Oswald because of his defection... The CIA didn't
  • The memos are directed Office of Security & CI/Sig
  • The memos did NOT go to the Soviet Russia Division as would be expected... Were they protecting Oswald?
  • Although he had defected, there was no 201 file on Oswald until December of 1960
  • He was on the HT/LINGUAL watchlist as of November of 1959
  • ...but no 201 file? Where then did they keep his HT/LINGUAL intercepts?
  • The most logical conclusion one can make is that Oswald was an agent run by Angeton's office
  • Files on Oswald's return to the USA from the USSR have disappeared
  • Oswald given a $400 loan upon returning from the USSR by The State Dept.
  • John Newman's explanations of what Oswald was doing and why in New Orleans
  • The Lopez, Hardway Report
  • Although almost complete and unredacted, the Lopez Hardway report is still missing a part
  • The part that is missing was called "Was Lee Harvey Oswald a CIA agent?"
  • Oswald and phone call anomalies in Mexico City
  • J Edgar Hoover realizes he's been duped by the CIA

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • A review of the re-release of Robert Blair Kaiser's book "RFK Must Die"
  • 200 pages missing from this book, Kaiser does a hit job on the revisionists
  • A short history of Jamie Scott Enyart
  • Kaiser states Enyart was never in the pantry... The truth is that he 'was' in the pantry
  • Dr William Pepper is going to get big time help from a high powered law firm in LA
  • What Pepper and his legal team will be up against in the Sirhan/RFK re-trial

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Jim DiEugenio
  • Robert Meheu's recent death
  • Meheu was a key figure in the CIA use of the Mafia to try to assassinate Castro
  • This was at a time when RFK was prosecuting the Mafia
  • J Edgar Hoover apparently admitted Robert Meheu was a likely participant in the RFK conspiracy
  • Meheu took many secrets with him to the grave
  • Jim calls James Phelan's book "Howard Hughes: The Hidden Years" a terrible work, probably mostly untrue
  • Hughes, Meheu and Watergate
  • Meheu is fired and The "Mormon Mafia" took over the running of Howard Hughes' empire
  • Jim has taken on the job of reading Bugliosi's book...for review purposes only
  • He's going to use his knowledge of the book to chastise Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman for doing an HBO special on it
  • Hanks and Goetzman are taking Bugliosi at face value. The book, however is garbage
  • Arlen Specter and the ease at which he was discredited by a couple of interviewers
  • The problems getting the major evidence pieces entered into evidence in a court of law
  • If these items (The gun, The bullet etc) can't be entered, there is no case against Oswald

    Show #386
    Original airdate: August 7th, 2008
    Guest: Mark Lane / Louis Nizer
    Topics: Debate from 1967

  • TV Guide description
  • A Re-examination of the Warren Commission Report Findings from Feb. 11 1967

    Interview Audio - Part One - Pat Valentino
  • Pat gives background to this televised debate from 1967
  • This debate was the result of the uproar caused by Lane's book 'Rush To Judgement'
  • A brief history of Louis Nizer
  • Other people on the panel: Albert E Jenner Jr and Alfreda Skobe
  • The host, David Shoenbrun, is noted as quite fair in the debate, a rarity in today's debates

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Lane / Nizer 1
  • Louis Nizer defends the Warren report
  • Nizer jabs Lane with calls of 'outlandish', 'outragious' and 'slanderous'
  • He calls the rWarren Report 'accurate' and 'truthful'
  • He also calls Lane's criticisms 'incorrect' and 'puny nitpicking'
  • Nizer calls the Carcano the only weapon found at the site and links it Oswald
  • The two Oswald pictures. He states they were taken by Marina Oswald
  • Purported fiber evidence on the rifle
  • Apparent witnesses to the shooting from the sixth floor
  • He writes off the Mauser statement as a misinterpretation
  • The Warren Commission ballistics evidence
  • Oswald's demeanor after the assassination
  • Nizer reads a statement authored by Robert and Ted Kennedy
  • He cites a study of Lane's book and says the book has unlinkable footnotes
  • Lane allows Nizer some of his time to make more points of contention

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Lane / Nizer 2
  • Mark Lane responds
  • He challenged Liebler to prove 90% of his footnotes did not check out.
  • He could only produce two
  • Why Senator Yarborough smelled gunpowder... and not from the sixth floor
  • The Oswald pictures: The rifle could not be identified as the one in the pictures
  • Lane proves the prints were not found on the gun by the FBI but later by Dallas Police
  • The rifle fiber evidence: Couldn't be proven to be Oswald's
  • No blanket fiber was found at all
  • The man in the window of the TSBD was identified as being a 'negro'
  • He clears up the idea that a Mauser was found at the scene as well
  • Alfreda Skobe cites an article she wrote that Lane quoted in an interview
  • Nizer interjects with a bitter off-track argument about an unnamed informant
  • Lane clears up the arguement with his testimony given to the Warren Commission
  • Albert E Jenner goes into a long diatribe on the rifle evidence

    Interview Audio - Part Four - Lane / Nizer 3
  • Final Summation
  • Lane saysthere were 90 witnesses
  • 58 of the witnesses stated the shots came from the grassy knoll
  • 7 railroad employees, on the bridge, saw a puff of white smoke come from the knoll
  • One commissioner stated rifles don't create smoke...
  • The Mannlicher Carcano, against this statement, actually did
  • Gunsmoke was smelled behind the fence
  • Zapruder film evidence
  • Nizer steps in with a rant trying to minimize Lane's evidence... He doesn't do well
  • Lane states the absurdity of the Magic Bullet Theory
  • A debate of the bullet, CE #399
  • Lane gives his summation, condemning Mr Nizer and the Warren Commission Report
  • He cites his own book as a group of facts that stands on it's own merit
  • Nizer counters citing the Warren Commission Report but he's not able to disprove Lane

    Interview Audio - Part Five - Pat Valentino
  • Pat discusses earlier critics of his and David Lifton's research on previous shows
  • Pat's difference of opinion with Jim Fetzer on the JFK back wound
  • Jim talked about sabot casing being found
  • Pat says the bullet hole in JFK's back wasn't created by a bullet at all
  • His argument: 1) It had no abrasion collar
  • 2) The Hume phonecall to Dr. Perry: "Did you guys make any wounds in the back?"
  • Medical evidence differences between Valentino/Lifton, Gary Aguilar and Jim Fetzer

    Show #385
    Original airdate: July 31st, 2008
    Guest: Acharya S.
    Topics: Zeitgeist / JFK research

    Interview Audio - Part One Acharya S.
  • A background of Acharya's work leading to Zeitgeist
  • Her books The Christ Conspiracy, The Suns of God and Who Was Jesus
  • Her new book, almost finished is Christ in Egypt: The Horus/Jesus Connection
  • There has been much comparison between the Egyptian religion and Christianity
  • The backlash against this, accepted religions felt threatened
  • The astrotheological comparisons, they begin appearing everywhere in religion
  • Abraham is the father of all 3 major religions today
  • Acharya is trying to bring back the original meanings to the myths
  • Jesus quite likely did not walk the earth. His persona looks to be a compilation of myths
  • The myths have been bastardized into being accepted as literal fact, against common reason
  • If you said, 2500 years ago Zeus was a mythical character, - same reaction as today with Jesus
  • Just as Zeus is mythical to us, the religious icons today will be the Zeuses years from now
  • God should be a personal choice and imposing religion on people causes the violence
  • Recently discovered tablet describing the resurrection from "before" Christs time
  • Explanation of how modern monotheistic religions came to the power
  • Preistcraft - The creation of religions and their artifacts
  • The evidence of all these things are explained in her books found at Acharya's website
  • No evidence that the gospels of the 4 Apostles existed before the Second Century AD
  • a comparison of Indian religious characters and the comparable Christian ones
  • Acharya's definition of God... a common sense one
  • The pettiness of ritual in the long scheme of religion... Does it really matter?
  • Realizing Religion is not as we've been led to believe, may help humanity prevent it's own destruction

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim mentions book reviews now posted at his CTKA website
  • Review 1.) David Kaiser`s book: Road to Dallas
  • Kaiser`s other book American Tragedy proved to be a great book but not this one
  • Jim points out several discreditted events that appear in the book... another lone nutter
  • What Oswald could have and couldn`t have done
  • Was Oswald FBI?... Not likely
  • Why would Kaiser write a book like this?
  • Jim tossed this one in the trash after he reviewed it
  • Review 2.) The re-release of Gaeton Fonzi's "The Last Investigation"
  • A fantastic book, one of Jim's all time top 10
  • Fonzi's interviews with Vince Salandria and Arlen Specter
  • Fonzi is not just a conspiracy writer. He's also a distinguished investigator
  • Fonzi proves Maurice Phillips is actually David Atlee Phillips
  • The death of George DeMohrenschildt and unanswered questions
  • Anne Goodpasture, a David Phillips assistant
  • Catching Phillips in a lie
  • Oswald's strange dealings and communications
  • David Morales: "...but we got that SOB, didn't we?"
  • Review 3.) Henry Wade, Long time Dallas District Attorney
  • 19 death row convictions overturned... Wade convicted them
  • Wade was one of the very first to say publicly that Oswald was the killer
  • Craig Watkins might be the guy that tries the JFK assassination
  • Jim Garrison offered the governorship of Louisiana?
  • All the real investigations have been shut down or sabotaged
  • Mark Lane, Rush to Judgement, A Citizen's Dissent and Plausible Denial
  • Plausible Denial: Why did E Howard Hunt not have an alibi?
  • Next week's Pat Valentino segment features a rare Mark Lane radio interview

    Interview Audio - Part Three Jim Fetzer
  • Dallas Police Det. Paul Bentley, Helped arrest Oswald, Passed away this past monday
  • He also attended the scene of Officer JD Tippet's shooting
  • His Brother In-Law was the officer that escorted Oswald when he was shot by Jack Ruby
  • Max Holland (CIA) Still writing propaganda for the Agency
  • Bugliosi's rehash of his 1900 page book now called Four Days In November
  • It's not worth buying at any price
  • Jim's Amazon review discrediting the book
  • The review has never appeared on the site. His review is censored
  • Vince Palomera's Lone Nutter review... Complete and utter crap
  • Palomara's work with the Secret Service proves conspiracy
  • This is direct contradiction when Palomera calls Oswald the lone killer
  • His defense of the "Lone Nutter" story is irrational
  • A new DVD called Frame 313
  • A very good quality production but misses much recent research
  • The Rand Corporation is calling for more international policing by America
  • Dishonest polling in the McCain/Obama race
  • Jim says the election will be stolen once again by McCain

    Show #384
    Original airdate: July 24th, 2008
    Guest: Jean Hill
    Topics: The JFK Assassination

    Interview Audio - Part One
  • Jean Hill from June 15/ 2000
  • She has a well known book "The Last Dissenting Witness" written by Bill Sloan
  • She was standing with her friend Mary Moorman as JFK's limo passed and he was shot
  • Jean witnessed a shooter in the classic position on the Grassy Knoll
  • She also saw Jack Ruby there and he was making unusually deliberate movements
  • Everyone else's reactions were purely instinctive...toward the Grassy Knoll
  • Secret Service people confiscated pictures from her that she denied having
  • They had to have been watching her all along
  • Jean recalls the changing of the parade route
  • Jean recalls that everything she witnessed Oliver Stone doing was very factual
  • She never saw her Warren Commission testimony for 25 years and it was changed
  • The writing of her book was delayed for many years because she felt threatened
  • Stone's wonderful treatment of his movie JFK encouraged Hill to write her book
  • Jean heard 4 to 6 shots... they wanted her to say only 3
  • Hill was staring at JFK and was in direct line to observe the shooter on the knoll
  • She didn't witness a shot from inside the car... a popular theory

    Interview Audio - Part OTwo
  • Jean say that Mary Moorman saw nothing
  • The etiquette of the era
  • She says she thinks there were 6 or 8 pictures and she never saw what was on them
  • She states one picture was of the 6th floor but the background had been mutilated
  • Arlen Specter threatened to put Hill in a mental institution
  • Specter asked the steno to leave the room at several key times during her testimony
  • LBJ told Madeleine Brown the day before the assassination "The Kennedys will never bother me again"
  • Hill was told that LBJ slumped into his seat 'before' the shooting started
  • The impossibility of the escape Oswald was supposed to have made
  • Jean says Officer Tippett was killed because he was a part of Oswald's escape
  • When so many witnesses were killed, Jean can't understand how she's still alive
  • A discussion of the shots
  • In those days nobody questioned the government... now everyone does
  • The braking of the limo during the shots
  • The hold the Secret Service agents put on Jean right after the shots

    Interview Audio - Part Three
  • Jean is not aware of any witness that believes Oswald did the assassination
  • She comments that most of her interviews have been given a bad light
  • There was something fluffy with the Kennedys and Jean was asked to call it a dog
  • It wasn't a dog but that statement may have kept her alive all these years
  • Jean is having trouble getting her book rights back and the book is no longer being released
  • Jean wasa school teacher in an all black Dallas school
  • Gerald Posner claims to have interviewed Jean Hill but in reality he's a liar

    Show #383
    Original airdate: July 17th, 2008
    Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: The Secret Team

    Interview Audio - Part One
  • Final part 6 of 6 / regarding his book "The Secret Team"
  • The Dulles Brothers and Sullivan & Cromwell
  • Allen Dulles the principal spokesman for the World Council of Churches
  • Everything was Black or White... There were no gray areas in Dulles' politics
  • Kennedy was trying to remove the "reactionary" quality from the US Government
  • Dulles's firing became his first move to achieve this
  • How the different military departments did and didn't work together
  • Victor Krulak becomes the "suitable" candidate for SACSA
  • Gen Maxwell Taylor asked to write his commentary on the Bay of Pigs fiasco
  • The verbatim text of the Taylor Report became NSAM #55, #56 and #57
  • These NSAM's set the direction of the Kennedy Whitehouse with regard to the CIA
  • This is the strongest message Kennedy made in his administration before NSAM #263
  • Taylor, as JFK found out, wasn't the ideal man for the job he was doing
  • Taylor had an affinity to serve Allen Dulles and his cronies rather than Kennedy
  • Prouty all but calls Kennedy's assembly of Bay of Pigs inquirers brilliant

    Show #382
    Original airdate: July 10th, 2008
    Guest: Joan Mellen / Saint John Hunt / Daniel Hopsicker
    Topics: JFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One Joan Mellen
  • Joan's new book "Jim Garrison: His Life And Times"
  • Available at Amazon
  • A history/bio of Jim Garrison rendered from 1500 to 300 page perfect bound soft cover
  • Who Garrison was before he gave up politics and immersed himself in the JFK case
  • It's primarily the battle between Garrison, Pershing Gervais and others
  • A web article on Pershing Gervais and his attempt to frame Jim Garrison
  • Garrison was an articulate, honest and talented man who enjoyed life
  • Corrupt practices in New Orleans at the time and how Garrison began to clean it up
  • Joan talks about the most suprising thing she discovered about Jim Garrison
  • Suprising news about Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Martin
  • The book also shows the colorful use of language in New Orleans at the time
  • Garrison and Dachau Concentration Camp
  • Joan relates several parallels that occurred in Garrison's life
  • Garrison wasn't a saint but he seemed to always reject the easy road in favour of the honest road
  • Physically and intellectually, Garrison was bigger than life
  • Joan talks about Bugliosi and his cowardly slander of her in his book
  • How the lack of cohesion in the assassination research community hurts the work
  • It is astounding what Garrison accomplished with a staff of about 10 investigators
  • Joan puts Garrison up as one of the great characters in American history
  • Joan: "He was Unique, Special"

    Interview Audio - Part Two Saint John Hunt
  • Saint John has a new book: Bond of Secrecy
  • Available in PDF format at his website,
  • Saint reveals secrets about his father, E Howard Hunt
  • The book discusses the craft of intelligence and the genre of E Howard Hunt's times
  • He names several names in the JFK plot
  • Alberto Gonzalez... Iran Contra... Things never seem to change in government
  • Hunt: Nov 22, 1963 was the moment the shadow government took hold of America
  • Bugliosi attempts to bully Hunt's credibility with another pathetic, unsupported comment
  • This is the un-redacted version of the book E Howard Hunt wrote
  • In the black operations in the Hunt era, all the same characters appear over and over
  • Saint talks about the popular media focus on pulp while real news gets no coverage
  • E Howard Hunt felt his actions in his career were justifiable and wanted his story out
  • Saint's next project will be a video release of 10 hours of E Howard Hunt's interviews

    Interview Audio - Part Three Daniel Hopsicker
  • Daniel gives a brief history of himself and his work
  • The CIA running drugs - It's either the #1 or#2 biggest business on earth
  • Daniel Hopsicker's website is Mad Cow Morning News
  • He says the main point of the Vietnam War was control of the drug trade worldwide
  • Hopsiker says if acepted organized crime handled the drug trade, they would rule the world
  • America rules the world because they control the drug trade
  • He says Heroin production, although it as stated to be, was never reduced in Afghanistan
  • Mohamed Atta in Florida, appeard more like a drug dealer than an Islamic Fundamentalist
  • Wolfgang Bohringer: CIA agent/drug dealer... Close friend of Mohamed Atta
  • Daniel is the author of several books including Barry & the Boys and Welcome to Terrorland
  • The Secret History series:
  • The Secret Heartbeat of America: The CIA and Drugs
  • Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus
  • Masters of the Universe: The Secret Brth of the Federal Reserve
  • In Search of the American Drug Lords: The CIA and the Mob ftom Dallas to Mena
  • The Big Fix 2000: Who Runs the Show?
  • Bob Woodward reported that US Special Forces were inserted into Afghanistan before 9/11
  • The CIA let Bin Laden get away
  • Barry Seal assassinated on orders from Vice President GHW Bush
  • Hopsicker talks about being the only reporter even discussing his angle on 9/11
  • Daniel believes the official version of 9/11 but his reasoning differs from other invstigators

    Show #381
    Original airdate: July 3rd, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio / Jim Fetzer
    Topics: JFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One Jim DiEugenio
  • Books: George Michael Evica's "A Certain Arrogance" and Jefferson Morley's "Our Man In Mexico"
  • Jim's reviews of these books are to be found at Jim's website, CTKA aka Probe Magazine
  • Evica's book is about infiltration and subversion of religious groups by the US Government
  • Oswald and Albert Schweitzer College
  • Oswald's fishy discharge from the Army and his leaving for Russia
  • The extremely obscure Albert Schweitzer College... How did Oswald find it?
  • Shut down when the Warren Commission was convened; Was it a CIA operation?
  • The Paines, George DeMohrenschildt and the Oswalds
  • The party: Right Wing Czarists, Neo-Nazis, Ultra Conservatives
  • As an apparent Marxist/Leninist, What was Oswald doing with these people?
  • The connections of the Paines and the Osbournes
  • The name Lee Harvey Oswald looks to be synonymous with the Intelligence Community
  • Nag's Head North Carolina and the American Military Defector Plan
  • Oswald passes up all normal help channels and phones Nag's Head
  • Jefferson Morley's book is about Winston Scott and the Mexico City CIA station
  • David Atlee Phillips, Mexico City and Miami's JM Wave
  • Where are the pictures of Oswald at the Russian Embassy in Mexico City?
  • Was Scott to be believed as the only man that witnessed Oswald in Mexico City?
  • The November 22,'63 FBI memorandum: The identifying picture and audio tape are 'NOT' Oswald
  • Why would a guy like Oswald, not be intensely studied by the FBI before Dallas?
  • Much disregarded audio tape evidence despite it's importance
  • James Jesus Angleton hides Winston Scott's Oswald evidence from all inquiry... Why?

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim Fetzer
  • Jim's trip to Buenos Aires
  • Jim was invited to make a series of 4 presentations
  • He was also interviewed by two reporters and did a TV interview
  • Jim explains his full page articles presented by newspapers that traditionally print small articles
  • His opinion is presented as told with no spin... A novelty to Jim
  • These articles are presented at Jim's website
  • Special effects at the Pentagon on 9/11?
  • The media outside America is much less controlled and more honest
  • America stomps on socialist countries that infringe on corporate profits...
  • Destroying the final wildlife refuges for oil: Bush's final move before leaving office
  • Market speculation and the falling US dollar behind the rising oil prices
  • Is Iran a real threat?
  • Is Israel the real problem?

    Show #380
    Original airdate: June 26th, 2008
    Guest: Wayne Prante / Shane O Sullivan
    Topics: The Northwest Truth Convergence / RFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One Wayne Prante
  • The Northwest Truth Convergence July 5th on the B.C. / Washington State border
  • The NWTC is not just about 9/11 but many "truth" subjects
  • A short history of Wayne's questioning of 9/11 and how it led to his truth activism
  • A listing of several conferences he's been involved in hosting here in B.C.
  • Why has Canada not investigated 9/11?
  • The secrecy in global political change especially with regard to North America... Why?
  • Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory; The words they use against us
  • The people involved in US politics... NeoCons everywhere
  • Colin Powell in Vancouver: A war criminal sponsored by the local media
  • The conference: A chance for everyone to look at the evidence and see and decide for themselves
  • Discreditted evidence continues to be paraded out as truth
  • Wayne's site: Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth
  • "False Flag" events are the norm when it comes to modern warfare, not the exception
  • Corporatism is behind it all
  • The vast majority of citizens do not believe their government with regard to JFK or 9/11
  • Bring your open mind and your friends, it's free and informative Saturday July 5, Noon til dusk
  • Voltaire: "Every man is guilty of the good he did not do"

    Interview Audio - Part Two Shane O Sullivan
  • Shane's new book: Who Killed Bobby?: The Unsolved Murder of Robert F Kennedy, available everywhere
  • Shane started with a strong curiosity in the RFK assassination culminating in his movie and this book
  • Sirhan Sirhan: The demonized character and thew reality, a normal guy
  • Sirhan remembers absolutely nothing about the RFK assassination
  • William Pepper is trying to get a hypnotist to Sirhan to try to bring out the truth
  • Sandra Serrano: Very clear about the girl in the polkadot dress
  • Shane explains his identifications of three CIA operatives in the Ambassador Hotel photos
  • Sometimes the leads don't pan out. They're inconclusive but still very intriguing
  • A talk about the COPA RFK Conference in Los Angeles
  • Sirhan needs a fair trial no matter what the outcome
  • Dr Pepper's strategy with Sirhan's case
  • This may be the last shot at exhonorating Sirhan so Pepper is being thorough
  • Shane feels the best strategy for reopening the RFK case is examining the 13 shots
  • Sirhan could only have fired 8 at best and all from the front
  • The fatal shot came from behind Robert Kennedy

    Show #379
    Original airdate: June 19th, 2008
    Guest: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jim Douglass, Jim Fetzer
    Topics: Economy, JFK & the Unspeakable, JFK research

    Interview Audio - Part One Catherine Austin Fitts

  • The Solari Network and the The Solari Network Blog
  • The economy, Financial fraud, The 'Black Budget' and the coming election
  • The debt bubble and the suppression of the gold price
  • 9/11 allows yet more intervention in the economy
  • The War Economy further strains the economy
  • The "piratization" of government
  • Trillions go missing with no accounting of it. 9/11 usurps this story
  • The Red Button story - Abig part of the problem
  • Why government does what it does in the economy
  • long as the majority doesn't require accountability, government won't change
  • Catherine proposes alternative financing, ending the financing of corruption
  • Reverend Wright: Was he right?
  • The fears of Black America that government is guilty of their genocide

    Interview Audio - Part One Jim Douglass

  • This is our last interview regarding this book
  • Chapter 6 Washington and Dallas
  • The 'sheepdipping' of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Jim refers to the many volumes of The Foreign Relations of the United Satates
  • A great resource readily available and largely unstudied
  • JFK and Sukarno
  • JFK came to power as a cold warrior. He became a pacafist while in office
  • Unlike most presidents, Kennedy was a listener and through that, he changed
  • The Wheat sale to the USSR and how it came back to haunt him
  • The Manichean Devil alive as Communism is alive now as Terrorism
  • Dialogue will end the War on Terrorism just as it ended the Cold War
  • The Cuban Missiles were analogous to the US missiles in Turkey
  • Douglass reminds us if we don't learn from history, we will repeat it
  • Instances of Lee Harvey Oswald warning of an upcoming assassination attempt
  • 1 month after the assassination, Truman called for a re-evaluation of the CIA
  • Wayne January and the stories of killing the Kennedys
  • Jim's new works include the four assassinations of the 60's, This book on JFK being the first

    Interview Audio - Part Three Jim Fetzer

  • A talk about Vince Palamara's recent turn to the 'Lone Nutter' side
  • Suprising given his research showing the contrary
  • Vince's contribution to Murder In Dealy Plaza alone shows 15 points proving conspiracy
  • Jim relates many points that Palamara researched showing a conspiracy
  • Palamara's accepting that the 'Mafia Did It' just doesn't wash
  • Vince Bugliosi... a loss of credibility after his 1900 page diatribe, Reclaiming History
  • Dispute over the direction of shots in the JFK assassination between Fetzer & Lifton
  • This dispute promises to be heated
  • Oil companies return to Iraq
  • Political distraction in the media and Scott McClellan

    Show #378
    Original airdate: June 12, 2008
    Guest: Abraham Bolden
    Topics: Echo From Dealey Plaza, The Secret Team

    Interview Audio - Part One Abraham Bolden

  • Bolden gives a brief background of himself
  • The first black Pinkerton Detective and the first black Secret Service Agent
  • How Bolden became a Secret Service agent on JFK's Presidential detail
  • Abraham Bolden's website is
  • Racism and alcohol abuse Abraham had to endure on the Presidential Detail
  • Echo From Dealy Plaza is also the name if Bolden's new book
  • It's available at most booksellers now
  • Bolden blows the whisle on the abuse of alcohol on the presidential detail
  • Several conspiracies were organized to assassinate JFK
  • The Chicago Cubans and Milteer in Florida
  • Sealing the incriminating files in the Secret Service
  • The truth gets Bolden sent to Chicago and railroaded
  • His book took two years to write
  • After a hung jury, the next jury was coached by the judge to bring a guilty verdict
  • He was incarcerated for 4 1/2 years and also committed to a mental institution for a time
  • Bolden, as a first hand witness calles JFK a "magnificent" human being
  • Chicago, Miami, Dallas... Kennedy was going to be assassinated no matter what
  • Other agents are still clammed up after all these years
  • About The Chicago Plot and Jim Douglass's book
  • 4 Cuban gunmen, 2 identified, 2 unidentified and the 'patsy', Vallee, said to be CIA
  • Bolden believes Oswald was a shooter but not the only one
  • Conspiracy threats from Tampa also

    Interview Audio - Part Two Col. Fletcher Prouty

    A discussion of Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles
  • The Wall Street Law offices of Sullivan & Cromwell
  • Sullivan & Cromwell operated well into the war in Nazi Germany
  • Allan Dulles was a 'preacher' of sorts against Connunism
  • His world was only Black & White(Capitalism & Communism). There were no greys
  • How Dulles created Reactionary policy in government
  • Kennedy was a dynamicist, against the reactionary policy of govenment
  • Walter Bedel Smith and his cronies were responsible for the ascention of the Dulleses
  • The Defense Intelligence Agency study
  • Changing roles in Intelligence and the Military
  • SACSA, Special Operations(OSO), Deception, DDR&E, ISA, NSA, Counter-insurgency and other offices
  • Victor Krulak: The best man for the job
  • Counter-insurgency began before Kennedy's tenure
  • The bureaucracy was ready for Nixon and Kennedy's win blindsided them
  • The 'Taylor letter' moved Kennedy toward counter-insurgency policy
  • NSAM #55: Kennedy makes the Joint Chiefs accountable to him
  • Lyman Lemnitzer has NSAM #55 shelved
  • The importance of this document
  • Max Taylor dissents from Kennedy... He just wasn't suited to that role
  • Kennedy's forming of the investigation team for the Bay of Pigs fiasco
  • The members were of opposing views but worked extremely well together
  • Dulles uses the time to indoctrinate RFK and Max Taylor to CIA policy

    Show #377
    Original airdate: June 5, 2008
    Guest: John Judge, Jim Douglass
    Topics: COPA in LA, JFK & The Unspeakable, The Secret Team

    Interview Audio - Part One John Judge
  • The third COPA Conference in Los Angeles for the 40'th anniversary of the RFK assassination
  • COPA Schedules and details here
  • Breaking evidence will be presented by a who's who of the reasearch world
  • VanPraag and Joling will present as well as Paul Schrade, an RFK shootng scene victim
  • John lists a host of presenters that will be there
  • Dr William Pepper, Cynthia McKinney, Mark Sobel, Lisa Pease, William Turner...
  • Darwin Hunt Secret Service ret., Shane O'Sullivan, Ted Charach, Summer Reese

  • Don't miss the COPA Live stream

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim Douglass
  • Chapter 5: Saigon and Chicago
  • The 'coup' to remove Diem
  • The plausible deniability of the CIA in Vietnam and America
  • Kennedy's isolation in his own government undermines his dialogue with Diem
  • Lodge, Harriman, Hillsman, The Joint Chiefs and McGeorge Bundy all disagreed with Kennedy policy
  • They all failed to carry out policy requests from The Whitehouse
  • The Aug 24th telegram: Manipulation of JFK that gave the Vietnamese the wrong message
  • CIA policy went ahead as an automatic matter of course against Kennedy's wishes
  • Abraham Bolden, hired by Kennedy personally to be the first black Secret Service Agent
  • Bolden resigned the Secret Service because of security issues he could not get fixed
  • He went to Chicago and witnessed, investigated and reported 'The Chicago Plot'
  • An archived PDF copy of The Chicago Plot, by Edwin Black
  • Thomas Arthur Vallee: A Chicago "Oswald" who looked remarkably like Owald
  • Kennedy did not go to Chicago after being alerted, thus avoiding assassination there
  • Bolden was sent to prison for 45 months on false charges and witnesses against him said as much
  • The real reason for incarcerating him was that he was trying to contact The Warren Commission
  • How Oswald, a false defector, was not watched as a national security risk as would be expected
  • The Secret Team undermines Kennedy policy
  • The JFK Records act opens a window into the covert dealings behind Kenney's back
  • Ambassador Lodge, the most likely culprit in enabling the Diem murders
  • Of note: Thomas Arthur Vallee was not arrested until "after" Kennedy cancelled his Chicago trip
  • He was left on the street until he was no longer a possible Oswald like Patsy
  • Lee Harvey Oswald may have been the original Chicago Plot whistleblower
  • The Diem murders and the Chigago assassination were carefully coordinated to coincide

    Interview Audio - Part Three Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • Fletcher Prouty's office supports the CIA around the world
  • This support department is said by Prouty to be the main reason for the CIA's enormous growth
  • The support for the Cuban Brigades began with a request for two doctors
  • The operation grew to about 3000 men by the time of Kennedy
  • Kennedy knew the leaders. He met with them in August of 1960
  • By 1960, the CIA was a major force, setting it's own policy and unacountable
  • About the "What I don't know won't hurt me" policy in the Congress and Senate
  • ...if the operation was directed by an official body then it must be a legitimate operation.
  • This policy allowed for the unchecked 'cancerous' growth of the CIA
  • About good and bad authors on books about the CIA
  • About the relatively small group that coordinates the covert activities of the CIA
  • LK White: a very capable covert coordinator
  • Allen Dulles and his tactic of using the buzzword"Secret Intelligence" to gain leverage
  • The Pentagon Pre-Brief and the Whitehouse briefing: The most accurate intel available
  • The 'reactionary' function of the Dept of Defense as opposed to an offenive War Department
  • How the Pre-briefs and Briefs direct the actions of the Whitehouse

    Show #376
    Original airdate: May 29, 2008
    Guest: Donald Scott, Jim DiEugenio, Lisa Pease
    Topics: Origins of AIDS, RFK Assassination Research, COPA in LA

    Interview Audio - Part One Donald Scott
  • Professor Scott's Journal of Degenerative Diseases is in it's ninth year of puplication
  • Donald and his son, Scott have been working with AIDS and Chronic Fatigue
  • They've written the book 'AIDS: The Crime Beyond Belief'
  • The contention of the book: Aids and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are 'created' diseases
  • AIDS was created to cull the black population
  • Chronic Fatigue was created to control the rest of us
  • JUne 9, 1969 Dr Macarthur began developing this disease agent
  • The Rockafellers began funding population control experiments
  • Nelson Rockafeller began the MK Ultra and MK Delta programs
  • "MK" in MKULTRA- Mind Control Scott believes it refers to "Monkey Kidney"
  • While curing Smallpox, the seeds of AIDS were laid
  • AIDS and Chronic Fatigue began as a sheep virus, Scrapie
  • Pastor Wright was correct... There is a concerted effort for Population Control
  • There is a US Government Patent on the pathogenic mycoplasma as a disease agent
  • CCMRF Box 133 Stn. B Sudbury Ont. Canada P3E 4N5
  • For a subscription to the Journal of Degenerative Diseases, send $50 to the above address
  • His book is available at the same address
  • Soft cover - $45.95 = 5.00 p&h($50.95) Hard cover for $6.00 more($56.95)
  • Col. Prouty refered to AIDS a weapon, paid for by the Defense Dept.

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim DiEugenio
  • An article about the long interview CNN did with Dr William Pepper at Probe Magazine
  • Pepper is trying to get Sirhan deprogrammed by a better hypnotist
  • This could get the truth of the RFK assassination out
  • He also want's a re-hearing of the RFK case over the VanPraag evidence
  • Larry Teeter, Sirhan's lawyer died 2 years ago and Pepper has taken the case
  • If the case goes ahead, it will be sensational
  • Jim predicts a full barrage of media smears and hit pieces as this gets rolling
  • The Zapruder Film: Did Zapruder stop or was it cut and altered?
  • If frames from 207 to 210 are replaced, it's clear he was hit before he went behind the sign
  • This evidence underscores Oswald's innocence
  • Vince Palamera changes opinion on the JFK case
  • The consensus is, 'nothing has changed, why change your mind now?'
  • How could Bugliosi bring him on board? Bugliosi's work is clearly shoddy
  • Palamera has disregarded all the work he has done to take this new stance, although that isn't how he sees it

    Interview Audio - Part Three Lisa Pease
  • Lisa will be a speaker at the Los Angeles COPA Conference this year
  • Information on the various CPOA conferences can be found here
  • Lisa gives a great list of speakers and some of it will be streamed live
  • She'll be talking on the Robert Maheu connections to the RFK assassination
  • Was Maheu a long time hitman?
  • A few things he was involved in
  • Manny Pena: His brother mentioned his service to the CIA
  • A talk about the book"Nemesis": Weeding through the allegations
  • A little on hypnosis
  • The bullets: Were they switched? Naguchi said they were
  • A list of speakers that will be in the Fall COPA Conference

    Show #375
    Original airdate: May 22, 2008
    Guest: Pat Valentino, Jim Douglass
    Topics: JFK Research, JFK and the Unspeakable - Chapter 4

    Interview Audio - Part One Pat Valentino
  • A very good history of Dennis David at Spartacus
  • Pat talks about his experience interviewing Dennis David
  • David offloaded the gray shipping casket containing JFK in a body bag, not wrapped in a sheet
  • Left Dallas in the bronze ceremonial casket, body wrapped with a sheet, not in a body bag
  • The wound arrived in Bethesda five times the size it was when it left Dallas
  • The brain is also missing in Bethesda... Though damaged, it was in place in Dallas
  • The body was offloaded, out of sight to the right side of Airforce 1 to a waiting helicopter
  • Pat talks about differences of opinion between David Lifton(and Pat) and Jim Fetzer
  • Was the shallow back wound created evidence? Probably
  • Likely created to provide a place from which CE 399 could be said to have fallen?
  • The nurses and doctors in Dallas didn't see a backwound
  • Tracheostomy? Why? If the brain is missing, why perform a lifesaving procedure?
  • Answer: The brain was in place in Dallas. It was removed before it arrived at Bethesda
  • Jackie & RFK arrive with JFK in the ceremonial casket in Bethesda yet JFK was already there
  • A description of the head wound and it's differences from Dallas to Bethesda
  • Was Oswald supposed to be offed before he was ever arrested?... Likely
  • One cop goes for the Book Depository and everyone else heads for the Grassy Knoll
  • Could everyone but one policeman be wrong?... and wrong the same way?
  • The Leibler Memorandum describes evidence that the body was altered between Dallas and Bethesda

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim Douglass
  • Ch 4: Marked Out For Assassination in reference to Monk, Thomas Murton
  • Murton was critical of JFK in the beginning
  • If Kennedy became the person universally dedicated to peace he would be 'Marked Out For Assassination
  • Kennedy brokered a deal with US Steel and the United Steelworkers
  • US Steel reneged and raised the price of steel against the deal and Kennedy was infuriated.
  • He pulled lucrative military contracts and excluded some corporations from bidding on them
  • By doing this he forced the steel industry to lower prices to previous levels
  • James Jesus Angleton directed assassination squads in the 50's
  • Angleton's group investigated CIA personnel and 'ONLY' CIA personnel
  • Angleton investigated Lee Harvey Oswald hence, Oswald was CIA!
  • Jim mentions Lisa Pease as a great researcher
  • Jim & Elsie Wilcott mentioned it was common knowledge that Oswald was CIA
  • Jim, a Pay Agent was responsible for funding some of Owald's operations
  • This testimony was given by Jim to the House Select Commitee on Assassinations
  • Jim Wilcott became a Civil Rights activist
  • Keeping silent Oswald's CIA affiliation was a worry for the Tokyo CIA people - Elsie Wilcott
  • Henry Cabot Lodge would not carry out Kennedy's policy in any way
  • A brief overview of Richard Case Nagell's story
  • Nagell knew Oswald and was ostracized by the CIA
  • Afraid he would be blamed for the JFK assassination, Nagell fired two shots in a bank to get himself arrested
  • He spent 4 1/2 years in jail for this
  • Nagell warned J Edgar Hoover by mail in advance of the assassination
  • Evidence Nagell had disappeared when he was found dead in his bathroom in 1995
  • His testimony to the ARRB was therefore prevented
  • This chapter also includes information on who Ruth and Michael Paine were

    Interview Audio - Part Three Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • Procurement of items for CIA using the Airforce as a purchasing front but financed otherwise
  • Fletch talks about the sheer numbers of units in the CIA- Thousands involved in over 608 units
  • These units were ostensibly military but financed and controlled entirely under CIA
  • When the NSC controls operations, things run well. It is the rougue operations that go wrong
  • He again mentions places that were infiltrated by CIA agents such as the FAA
  • Alexander Haig and General Secord were infiltrated CIA Agents
  • Eisenhower's footnotes in the 10/2 files limited the use of assets to specific operations only
  • Creation of CIA operations and Focal Point Offices using different governmental departments
  • Financing operations and hiding Focal Point financing... immediate reimbursement
  • The enormous growth of CIA budgets... completely unaccountable
  • The unaccountability of funds allows CIA to use funds secretly almost as a slush fund
  • The CIA invested in legitimate businesses as a way of hiding covert funds for use at a later date
  • CIA units existed for so long that their CIA status was forgotten by the surrounding military units
  • The original Special Forces mandate: Operations in a nuclear conflict
  • To increase stockpiles and budgets, departments visualize larger and larger needs every year
  • Whether necessary or not, this is one way departments get larger funding and grow in power
  • Prouty finds out how little the JCS Chairman knows about CIA operational size
  • How items are ostensibly borrowed from different departments
  • The department never knows the use and the money is reimbursed
  • How blip transmissions were read by the CIA
  • How a function of Prouty's office became letting the JCS Chairman know what is going on
  • All covert operations require foreign cooperation.
  • If the JCS has no idea, control is lost and operations can go sideways, a la Iran/Contra

    Show #374
    Original airdate: May 15, 2008
    Guest: Jim Douglass
    Topics: JFK and the Unspeakable - Ch 3

    Interview Audio - Part One Jim DiEugenio
  • appology from Len - bad phone cannection for part one.
  • This month's Vanity Fair has an article on Robert Kennedy's run for the presidency
  • RFK research is coming back strongly
  • Bobby's running had been made before the NH Primaries. He was not an opportunist
  • The differences between the RFK of '63 and the RFK of '68
  • The assassination is finally getting the recognition it deserves
  • Upcoming reviews - 'Truth At Last' and other books to be available at Probe Magazine
  • The progress of Jefferson Morley's lawsuit against the CIA and an explanation
  • CIA suppression of evidence and creation of phoney telephone calls - Why?
  • Was the JFK assassination designed in advance to send all the participants into "cover your ass" mode?
  • Why did Oswald go to Mexico City?... or did he?
  • If so, where is the evidence?...Where are the pictures?
  • The evidence shows that Oswald was a CIA agent and an FBI informant, not a "lone nut"
  • Details on Oswald's history in New Orleans and Dallas
  • More than 1 Oswald?... Maybe!... Likely even
  • The JFK Assassination just keeps getting more complicated. It should, by now, be getting clearer

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim Douglass
  • Kennedy in Vietnam
  • Trying tofind a way out as early as '62
  • Kennedy was clearly against American occupation in Southeast Asia
  • The Kennedy brothers learned about Vietnam as early as 1950 - He knew the problems
  • Operation Northwoods - A terrorist operation dreamt up by the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Kennedy fired General Lyman Lemnitzer(the author of Northwoods) within a few months
  • The Northwoods document has great relavence if you apply the mentality to 9/11
  • Kennedy was considered a political "heretic" and a traitor by the men who killed him
  • In reality, he was more educated and saw the reality of nuclear conflict
  • If there was a major conflict resulting in nuclear exchange, it would've resulted in destruction for both sides
  • In addition it might've brought Russia and China into the conflict
  • The Joint Chiefs just didn't see the problem with this
  • The Buddist conflicts during Diem's reign in Vietnam and the anomalies
  • The Quiet American upset Gen Ed Lansdale - It must've touched a nerve
  • Jim Douglass "Kennedy truly had a prophetic insight into Vietnam"

    Interview Audio - Part Three Fletcher Prouty
  • Continued from last week's show
  • An explanation of the Secret Team and duties they perform
  • CIA financing and how it is hidden
  • War is morphed from a 'last resort solution to a problem' to 'Defence' an ongoing 'reactionary' force
  • "Offence" is the core of war - The antithesis of reactionary force or "Defence"
  • Because of 'The Bomb', we now face defensive war because traditional or offensive war cannot be won
  • Food will be used as a weapon in the future...Prophetic? Are we seeing this now?
  • The Manichean Devil - Stronger when feared and unknown than in reality
  • Who has domain over atomic technology?
  • Communism - Created by the powers that be as a Manichean Devil
  • How Defence gets financing from Congress by using the Manichean Devil
  • Todays Manichean Devils: Osama BinLaden, Al Qaeda and Terrorism
  • How the Vietnam Manichean Devil, The Viet Cong, was created
  • Allen Dulles and the Focal Point system
  • Focal Point Offices are outside the CIA but serve the needs of the CIA
  • Infiltration of other agencies by the CIA
  • Gen Ed Lansdale was one such infiltrated man
  • These infiltrated people are what Prouty refers to as "The Secret Team"
  • Relevant links at David Ratcliff's site
  • In The Context of Its Time: The National Security Act of 1947
  • The Creation of the National Security Council
  • The Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report
  • Opening the Door to CIA Clandestine Operations: Shifting NSC Oversight from Directing to Approving Plans
  • The Function of the Director of Central Intelligence: Coordinating Intelligence of the Government Intelligence Community
  • Clandestine Operations: Out of Control If Not Directed by the National Security Council
  • Four Categories of Military Personnel Employed by CIA
  • Final Chapter in the History of War Making: Going From Offense to Defense
  • The Threat of Nuclear Weapons: Making War Planning Obsolete
  • Creating a Manichaean Devil to Justify Spending $6 Trillion for a Cold War
  • Secret Team Foundations: Creation of the CIA Focal Point System Throughout The Government

    Interview Audio - Part Four Jim Fetzer
  • A JFK update - The caskets and the ambulances
  • Jim goes through evidence unearthed by David Lifton and David W Mantic and others
  • Faked photographs or altered body?...
  • Bullet fragments taken by the Secret Service
  • Jim gives information about the autopsy from Dennis David
  • Current politics - Bush makes inferences that attack Obama
  • The corrupt blunderings of Bush
  • Edwards' endorsement of Obama
  • Trouble for Republicans. They look to be losing several strongholds
  • Bush drives the American economic bus into the ground

    Show #373
    Original airdate: May 8, 2008
    Guest: Col. L Fletcher Prouty
    Topics: The Origins of the CIA

    Interview Audio - Part One Col. Prouty
  • Interview segment by David Ratcliffe from May 6, 1989 on the beginnings of the CIA
  • The original intent of Congress in establishing the CIA
  • The National Security Act of 1947 was established for pre 'Cold War' activities
  • Cold War activities required new laws and a new intelligence group
  • The Dept of Defence was created.
  • Before this there was only The War Dept,Dept of Army -Navy -Airforce
  • Why a Department of "Defence"? - The Official reason
  • The CIA's mandate was purely to co-ordinate intelligence, nothing more
  • Gathering intel is not and has never been a CIA duty and yet they do this
  • The rediculousness of a Dept of `Defence`, even in the age of nuclear technology
  • How Walter Bedell Smith introduced Allen Dulles into the CIA
  • Walter Bedell Smith was the man who brought covert activities into the realm of CIA
  • The National Security Council...Who had and who now has authority to make decisions?
  • 10/2 directive... covert activities originate within the CIA
  • Allen Dulles/William H. Jackson/Mathias Correa - The 10/2 comittee
  • Truman said the greatest mistake of his presidency - signing into law the creation of CIA
  • Definitions: OCB, OPC
  • 5412 "Special Group" - Allen Dulles circumventing the law
  • The Gulf of Tonkin incident: An example of "Kick under the table" tactic
  • 'Directive' operations have now been supplanted by 'Reactive' operations
  • The assets of the military co-ordinated by CIA
  • Stated and unstated roles: The letter of the law as opposed to 'accepted custom'

    Show #372
    Original airdate: May 1, 2008
    Guest: Dr. Cyril Wecht, Jim Fetzer Jim Douglass
    Topics: Wecht Trial - JFK Assassination Research - World

    Interview Audio - Part One Dr Cyril Wecht
  • About Wecht's last trial
  • Since the last interview with Ben Wecht, Several jurors spoke on the air about the trial
  • The Pittsburgh Tribune reports twice on the juror interviews Here and Here
  • The jurors were clearly for aquittal - "A new trial would be costly and futile"
  • The Judge scheduled a new trial anyway
  • On the charges against Cyril Wecht; At best they were accounting errors
  • It was clearly a "political" prosecution
  • The prosecution's witnesses made the case for the defense.
  • The defense rested without arguement
  • $10 to $20 million spent up to now on this case for what amounts to a few $20 anomalies
  • He calls for letters to several influential people explaining outrage for this political persecution
  • The same biased judge will try the retrial - Motions to recuse him have understandably been filed
  • Mary Beth Buchanan is the Federal Attorney prosecuting this case
  • Mary Beth Buchanan was the Director of the Executive Office of US Attorneys when last year's Federal Attorney firing's occured

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim Fetzer
  • The death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madame - A quick conclusion of suicide ??
  • Palfrey news Here and Here
  • Brandy Brittain, a Call Girl who had worked for Palfrey, died a year ago, also suicide ??
  • CIA Officer, Roland Vincent Carnaby, shot by police in Houston for speeding after car chase
  • The Houston Chronicle on this story Here
  • Concern of a parallel attack on the north west US during a military exercise a la 9/11 Here
  • Jim recommends the book 'The Shell Game' by Steve Alten
  • An explanation of False Flag attacks
  • The status of 'the police state' - Using federal 'anti-terrorist' funds and tactics to capture criminals
  • Massachusetts police instilling greater fear in the public... All black uniforms

    Interview Audio - Part Three Jim Douglass
  • Further coverage of Jim's book 'JFK and the Unspeakable', Chapter 2
  • Interview dedicated to Memphis News Anchor Wendell Stacey
  • the victim of numerous break-ins, a car explosion and died mysteriously last August
  • Jim want's again to dedicate these interviews to Stacey for his investigation into the MLK trial
  • The attitude of Nikita Kruschev toward John Kennedy
  • Letter writing between Kennedy and Kruschev began a year before the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Enemies but had come to an understanding of each other with similar goals of peace
  • The CIA were antagonizing the Russians and Kennedy stopped this at the request of Kruschev
  • The Riley Coffee Company - Lee Harvey Oswald was apparently employed there
  • Bill Riley was a staunch cold warrior and Oswald wasn't known to have done any work there
  • Jim calls Oswald an active subverter of Kennedy's policy
  • Calling Oswald a "RED" - CIA was instigating cold war tension to attack Cuba and the USSR
  • The intricacies of cold war politics between CIA people, Kennedy and Kruschev
  • McGeorge Bundy... a person that needs more investigation
  • Oswald likely never went to Mexico City. The CIA was setting up backstories everywhere
  • This book has now been released at Orbis Books. It's a very good book

    Show #371
    Original airdate: April 24, 2008
    Guest: Mark Sobel, Dr. Robert Joling, Pat Valentino,
    Topics: RFK/JFK Assassination Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Mark Sobel
  • Progress on Mark's upcoming film "The Commission"
  • He has a 'sister film' called "RFK: A Personal Quest For Truth" on the film festival circuit
  • How he got to RFK from his original work, The Commission
  • How the survivors have been changed by the RFK assassination
  • No one that was there was asked how far the muzzle was from RFK's head
  • The pertinant questions just weren't asked
  • RFK is what Emilio Estevez's Bobbie should've been
  • The 'girl in the polkadot dress' and Sirhan's apparent hypnosis
  • Mark's hope is that The State of California will finally re-investigate this case
  • The witnesses were intimidated to change their stories
  • It will be shown next at the Newport Beach Film Festival Apr 28 at 11:30
  • Mark's website: Follow the RFK links for more info
  • The Commission is already an award winner (IFP Market Award Best Emerging Film)
  • Mark sees the need for a "good" distributor to make this film go viral
  • Sirhan's amnesia needs to be thoroughly investigated
  • The truth is locked in him and needs to come out
  • Robert Blair Kaiser's book, RFK Must Die is to be reprinted in May
  • Sirhan isthe most suggestable subjects the experts had ever seen
  • There is very strong evidence that perjury was committed in the Sirhan trial
  • On 9/11 Sirhan was put into solitary confinement and accused of having involvement
  • Sirhan's afraid of prison retaliation and refuses to leave

    Interview Audio - Part One - Dr Robert Joling
  • At a meeting with Thomas Naguchi, Robert Joling learned the official RFK story was wrong
  • His research began less than a year after RFK's death
  • Robert's investigative attempts ran into a brick wall with the LAPD
  • All of the research that could be confirmed proved contrary to the official story
  • Kennedy shot 4 times and 5 others were shot = 9 bullets
  • Sirhan's Ivor Johnson revolver held only 8 bullets
  • No fewer than 6 of the shots had to come from behind Kennedy
  • Sirhan was always in front of him
  • The RFK "Magic Bullet Theory" falls apart very easily
  • Robert met Phil VanPraag just a year ago and compared notes
  • Their collective research has become a book "An Open And Shut Case"
  • Their RFK findings are the first opposing view to make the major media
  • Conclusion: Sirhan DID NOT and he COULD NOT have shot Robert Kennedy
  • Joling leans toward the view that the LAPD did a terrible job of the investigation
  • His view is that the LAPD is guilty of bad investigation, not conspiracy
  • The evidence as presented by the LAPD is so unreliable as to be useless
  • Joling and VanPraag use only facts to prove their case
  • They've tried their best to stay away from speculation and conspiracy theory
  • They have an upcoming TV documentary based on their findings

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Pat Valentino
  • Pat presents a Mark Lane interview from May 1968 (just after MLK's assassination)
  • This was a rebuttal to a previous interview after the release of 'Rush To Judgement'
  • This is a clip from a larger interview
  • Oswald was an FBI spy
  • The FBI receives the "Attempt to kill Kennedy" telex before the assassination
  • The FBI destroy's the "Attempt to kill Kennedy" telex shortly after it
  • Abraham Bolden told Mark Lane of the Chicago Plot
  • Bolden spen several years incarcerated on trumped up charges
  • Evidence of the beginning of the coverup
  • The current state of the statement "innocent until proven guilty"
  • Nancy DisGrace and the Duke University trial
  • The attempted Cyril Wecht railroading
  • Pat's working on the address Clay Shaw made at Moorpark College
  • Download The Chicago Plot in PDF format, an early Edwin Black magazine article

    Show #370
    Original airdate: April 17, 2008
    Guest: Walt Brown, Jim DiEugenio, Ben Wecht, Jim Fetzer,
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Walt Brown
  • Walt's website, Deep Politics
  • Master Analytic Chronology: The Death of President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963
  • He talks about this amazing comprehensive 2.5 year work
  • 5800 pages, 20,000 photographs and 2.2 million words
  • Walt dicusses a few points including the apparent shooter's nest
  • JD Tippet
  • The strange story surrounding the autopsy
  • Oswald's everywhere and they make themselves noticed
  • Oswald did not teach himself Russian
  • Brown contends Oswald could not have spoken Russian
  • About several other authors/researchers
  • The real researchers don't make a good living on the JFK assassination
  • The morphing gun: Enfield to Mauser to garbage (Mannlicher Carcano)
  • Walt's work will not be locked away
  • Copywrite for Brown's work to be released a year after his death, that researchers continue the work

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim gives a review of the book "JFK and the Unspeakable" written by Jim Douglass
  • Very well written and researched with very good sources
  • Jim quotes a few paragraphs to show how JFK understood Cuban problems
  • Castro's comments upon hearing of Kennedy's death
  • Douglass agrees with Prouty that JFK was pulling out of Vietnam
  • He gets there from a different direction
  • Douglass contends that McNamara actually wanted to accellerate the Vietnam withdrawl
  • This book puts you right in the action of the day
  • Henry Cabot Lodge was not Kennedy's first choice
  • JFK has many people pulling the rug out from under him
  • Lodge gives Ngo Diem's location to Luc Conein... insuring The Diems' demise
  • Jim calls this the best book in years on JFK
  • The recent CNN special on the MLK assassination
  • James Earl Ray turns up in several places at the same time a la Lee Harvey Oswald
  • The rifle problems
  • Blocking attempts to reopen the case
  • A few words about Lloyd Jowers
  • A bundle dropped infront of a store implicating Ray: A setup thru & thru
  • The general consensus; "This was just another lone nutter did it" show

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Ben Wecht
  • Un update on the trial of his father, Cyril Wecht
  • A mistrial on the first try, it will be retried
  • The trial is about the misuse of funds by Cyril Wecht
  • This looks to be one office holder targetting a Democratic office holder
  • The motivation looks to be purely political
  • Cost so far: over a million dollars on unfounded charges
  • Also the $1,000,000 is spent over a dollar amount of about $100,000
  • The "cadavers for space" charge is proven totally unfounded
  • The FBI looks to be contacting witnesses, possibly with the idea of re-laying charges... A witch hunt
  • Many of the counts are very frivelous - Amounts of as little as $4
  • A list of credentials of Cyril Wecht

    Interview Audio - Part Four - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim's books are listed at the Black Op Products page or at Assassination Research
  • Jim just got back fro a 'Taking Back Your Freedom" rally in Washington
  • Ron Paul and his admirable stance on rights
  • Speakers were Russel Means, Ron Paul, Jim Fetzer and MC, Dave VonKleist
  • 9/11 zeitgeist: Palestinians cheeringas if they were watching it... It was just old footage
  • The FBI has no hard evidence Osama Bin Laden was involved in 9/11
  • Osama has never even been on the FBI's 10 most wanted list
  • The NeoCons, Oil, Israel and the WTC
  • Israeli pipelines to carry Iraqi oil?
  • The missing billions and still they ask for more
  • Obama seems to be the most promising candidate as far as Iraqi withdrawl
  • The long list of US/Israeli dual citizens in power
  • Jim notes the last time the Angel of death (Dick Cheney)visited the Middle East, Iraq was attacked
  • Cheney just visited the Middle East again. Is this a signal Iran is next?
  • Jim reiterates, Iran gave up the bomb in 2002
  • Several Israeli's watched 9/11 from a nearby rooftop
  • They stated they were there to witness the destruction of the WTC
  • Saudi Arabia is now preparing for an influx of nuclear radiation... Iran maybe?
  • Jim recommends a book by Steve Alten, "The Shell Game" available at Amazon
  • The rediculous ABC Democrat Debate... menial, trivial questions. Apalling

    Show #369
    Original airdate: April 10, 2008
    Guest: Col L Fletcher Prouty, Phil Van Praag, James W. Douglass
    Topics: JFK and the Unspeakable...

    Interview Audio - Part One - Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • The 'Tramp' pictures - Several strange anomalies!
  • Retired General Ed Lansdale in the first photo
  • Prouty sends the pictures out to several aquaintences for analysis
  • They came back with the same answer - "That's Ed Lansdale"
  • The timing of the New Zealand news story

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Phil VanPraag
  • Phil begins by mentioning Dr Robert Joling and their conference lecture
  • THe mainstream media has finally become interested in the RFK evidence
  • Van Praag and Joling have written a book "An Open & Shut Case"
  • The reviews are very good
  • Points of evidence that prove Sirhan couldn't have fired the fatal shot
  • New discovery: A 1600htz slice shows a number of spikes affecting just 5 shots
  • This "second gun" was facing Sirhan
  • the gun likely used was owned by Thane Eugene Caesar
  • Caesar was hired security in the hotel
  • He's thought to be living in the Phillipines
  • The main point of their research is that Sirhan could not and did not fire the fatal shot

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Jim Douglass
  • This will be the first of several interviews regarding this great book
  • Jim was a Professor of Theology in Honolulu when MLK was shot
  • He was teaching the theology of peace
  • He was challenged to join a student protest group
  • This marked the beginning of his life of non violence
  • He was the only reporter to follow the entire MLK trial
  • Jim dedicates these interviews to Wendell Stacey, also mentioned here
  • Douglass insinuates a less than natural death for Mr Stacey
  • Jim misunderstood JFK until after his assassination
  • Thomas Murton, a monk wrote Raids on the Unspeakable
  • Douglass' title was out of respect for this man
  • JFK & 'turning'
  • Ch 1: A Cold Warrior Turns
  • Jim observes that JFK, had been near death several times in his life
  • Because of this, he seemed ready to give his life for peace
  • He came to office as a 'Cold Warrior' and went out as a peace maker
  • Kennedy's political pressures. He was alone
  • How Kruschev came to help Kennedy
  • Kennedy prepares NASA for co-operation with the USSR
  • Jim calls Kennedy the author of his own political problems
  • JFK then 'turns' and withdraws from cold war thinking

    Show #368
    Original airdate: April 3 2008,
    Guest: Pat Valentino, Jim Fetzer
    Topics: JFK/RFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Pat Valentino
  • Audio of news coverage showing Sirhan did not shoot RFK
  • This evidence was discovered by Phil Van Praag and Robert Joling
  • They came up with their results independantly and only recently met and compared notes
  • Phil Van Praag was interviewed in Black Op Show #334 - Aug 9, 2007
  • Pat gives kudos to Lynn Mangan for her encyclopaedic RFK research
  • Len interviewed her late 2006 Black Op Show #298
  • Robert Blair Kaiser's book RFK Must Die is another great RFK resource
  • Kaiser was interviewed on Feb 1, 2007 Black Op show #307
  • Most evidence has been available for many years and it is only now making the news
  • About Coroner, Thomas Naguchi
  • Audio of the first reporter (Hal Fishman) to show The Zapruder Film in 1969
  • A refreshing report untainted by today's 'opinion network' reporting
  • 3 segments are featured
  • 1, A detailed explanation of the Zapruder Film as it's shown on network TV
  • 2, A report on Jim Garrison's evidence requests
  • 3, An early expert opinion on the Zapruder Film by a few criminology professors
  • The interviewer asks the Professors' opinions of where the shots came from
  • There is a mixed reaction leaning toward rear shots but not ruling out frontal shots
  • Of course most of us have seen the film and we must each come up with our own conclusions

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim reads fromThe Warrant Report by Tim Madigan
  • It's About 3 early philosophers on the JFK assassination
  • Bertrand Russel noted there must be two Oswalds to explain the official story
  • News about The Princess Dianna crash
  • Jessie Ventura's awakening to 9/11 discrepencies
  • He was prompted by his son to watch Loose Change
  • About Jessie Ventura's show and it's demise
  • Jim relates many points Jessie made about 9/11
  • Ventura's points on JFK and RFK
  • Cheney's visit to the Middle East
  • The pending catastrophe.... if America nukes Iran
  • A massive Civil Defense drill from Apr 6th to the 10th in Israel
  • This could be the pretext moment for the Iranian war
  • Jim talks about serious problems with Russia should America attack Iran
  • Jim reads from this article from Asia Times online
  • About the actual American death count in Iraq... upwards of 70,000?
  • Commentary on Hillary and Obama but not on McCain

    Show #367
    Original airdate: March 20 2008,
    Guest: Jim Fetzer, John Judge
    Topics: RFK Research / Copa

    Interview Audio - Part One - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim reads a new article about RFK's assassination
  • New evidence that second shooter killed Robert Kennedy
  • Evidence suggests Sirhan never fired the fatal shot, if any
  • Shot from behind & Sirhan was always in front
  • The evidence was presented by Phil Van Praag and Robert Joling
  • They came to their conclusions independantly and only began collaborating recently
  • Phil Van Praag was interviewed here on Black Op Aug 9, 2007 (Show #334)
  • Security Guard, Thane Eugene Caesar was likely the assassin.
  • Evidence puts Caesar in the right place at the right time and he owned and carried a pistol
  • Jim RFK's pending reopening of the JFK case may have killed him
  • He recommends Brad Ayers' book "The Zenith Secret"
  • You can get it at Vox Pop online
  • Current events: Jim talks about an Iran attack by the USA
  • The premise for invading Iran?... Iran developing Nukes
  • The truth?... Iran gave up Nuclear development in 2003
  • The Angel of Death (Dick Cheney) visits the middle East
  • International rules on pre-emptive attack
  • A talk about the slowdown of information on 9/11
  • Jim lists off many truth organizations and their contributions
  • Dirty Dick says "So What" when prompted about the popular opposition to war policy
  • McCain's verbal faux pas over Al Qaida and Iraq
  • Public opinion over recent abrasive comments by Obama's minister
  • The trumped-up geneologies of the candidates
  • Jim worries about a US nuclear attack on Iran and Iran's ability to oppose
  • The word is 70,000 casualties in Iraq
  • The numbers have been fudged to show just 4,000

    Interview Audio - Part Two - John Judge
  • The COPA conferences in Memphis and Dallas and Los Angeles
  • This is the 40th anniversary of the RFK and the MLK assassinations
  • The conference will feature a great list of prominent experts
  • More info and conference shedules can be found here
  • 9/11 testimony that was taken while not under oath
  • WWII Nazi historians amending history in America
  • John Judge's opinion of 9/11 - several facts that prove the official story is a farce
  • 40 percent of American's believe Bush was responsible in some way for 9/11
  • How much more will it take before people become outraged enough to do something?
  • Did they kill the public's hope when they killed JFK, RFK & MLK?
  • Suicides of American Service People are up 600 percent
  • John talks about the possible results of America using nuclear weapons in Iran
  • John talks about the possibility of live streaming the Memphis COPA conference

    Show #366
    Original airdate: March 20 2008,
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio, Jim Fetzer
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Jim DiEugenio
  • A bit about last week's Steve Allen/Jim Garrison interview
  • Bob Dornan aka B29 Bob - 'Dis-informationalist'
  • Bringing up Calley & Mi Lai was to muddy the waters in the interview
  • Mort Sahl was asked to do a hatchet job on Garrison
  • For interest's sake Mort Sahl's website
  • Once he found out Jim was an honest man, he couldn't
  • Sahl took up the anti-Warren Report cause
  • He was essentially blackballed in the entertainment world after that
  • The Johnny Carson/Jim Garrison interview
  • Carson was fully scripted and very uncomfortable
  • Garrison was the man who started the
  • The obstruction of Garrison
  • CIA interference causing documents to me ignored
  • Sergio Arcacha-Smith et al & Dealy Plaza sewer system maps
  • The media deception
  • The CIA, The media and Clay Shaw
  • Judge Herbert Christenberry, Clay Shaw and the Shaw trial
  • The devastating Charles Spiesel testimony
  • Jim feels the Shaw case had gone south long before the Spiesel bomb
  • The Warren Commission Report was ruled 'hearsay' and inadmissable as evidence
  • Bernardo De Torres infiltrated Garrison's investigation before it started
  • Garrison's investigation and the Stolen documents
  • Jim's impression of the Shaw Jurors
  • The jurors were the ones that wanted to see the Z film over and over
  • Jim Garrison's book'On The Trail Of The Assassins'
  • Bill Davies book 'Let Justice Be Done'
  • James W Douglass' upcoming book 'JFK And The Unspeakable'
  • Jim says Douglass is writing a trilogy of books
  • The book subjects will be JFK, MLK and RFK

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim Fetzer
  • David Kaiser's book 'The Road To Dallas'...another "Oswald & Mafia-did-it" diatribe
  • Josiah Thompson
  • Jim cites several titles that obfuscate the Kaiser book
  • Jim rcommends for more information
  • Low level employees of the government are accessing Sen. Obama's passport history
  • The same thing happened to Bill Clinton
  • Joe DeGenova calls this acess a possible felony crime
  • The Obama 'racism speech'and his pastor
  • Commentary on Pastor Wright's speech
  • Jim says everything the pastor stated has a basis in fact
  • The sad state of the economy
  • Dissilusioned with Hillary

    Show #365
    Original airdate: March 13 2008,
    Guest: Mark Lane
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Mark Lane
  • Suing Vince Bugliosi... but publicity may have helped sell more of his awful book
  • The US Government's last word is that there WAS a conspiracy in JFK's death
  • LBJ (Who appointed the members to the Warren Commission) believed there was a conspiracy
  • Oswald was divulging his government connections during unrecorded 48 hrs in custody
  • There was no evidence Oswald ever visited Mexico City
  • The voice of Oswald in Mexico City was proven to be of someone else
  • The Mexico City bus ticket planted by Pricilla Johnston of the CIA
  • Max Holland is always pulled out to give Kennedy history on PBS and network TV
  • Max Holland professional CIA disinformationalist: Search for Max Holland
  • Oct 3rd 1963 Arthur Krock article
  • Oct 2nd 1963 Richard Starnes artilcle
  • Richard Starnes artilcle outs CIA station chief John H. Richardson
  • About Norman Mailer - Booze and drugs reduced Mailer's ability to write
  • About E Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis
  • Marita Lorenz' JFK story... Gerry Patrick Hemming confirms the story
  • Lane worries that Obama may meet JFK's fate if elected
  • Captain Dreyfuss' case as a model to which the American government needs to aspire
  • Lane gives a few words of admiration for the late William F Buckley, words he won't give PBS

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Pat Valentino
  • Disscussion regarding rare audio files
  • Pricilla Johnston and Marina Oswald on the Tom Snyder Show
  • Mark Lane's shabby treatment on the Jenny Jones Show
  • Pat sets up the next segment: Jim Garrison on the Steve Allen Show
  • A couple of Liberal deeds by uber-conservative, Robert K. Dornan
  • He asks us to take note of Steve Allen's treatment of Jim Garrison
  • About Robert Stone's misleading documentary
  • Erasures Karl Rove's emails now Oswald's 48 hours then
  • JFK never sent combat troops to Vietnam. They were sent in by LBJ
  • Pat again recommends John Newman's book JFK & Vietnam(Amazon)
  • About COPA, ASK and Lancer conferences
  • Pat talks about a segment of Oliver Stone's JFK

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Jim Garrison
  • Jim Garrison on the Steve Allen Show with Mort Sahl & Robert K. Dornan
  • Steve Allen takes an informal poll of his audience on their belief in the Warren Report
  • Jim explains how he became involved in the JFK assassination
  • David Ferrie's drive to Dallas on the assassination weekend to go "ice skating"
  • Jim leaves us wondering when he talks about the imminent danger before LBJ is innaugurated
  • After the innauguration the danger magically dissipates... an inference that LBJ was involved
  • Garrison turned Ferrie over to the FBI... and they had no interest
  • Garrison met with Sen. Russell Long that started his comprehensive interest in the assassination
  • About the directions of the shots
  • Bethesda, Dr Humes and the illegal removal of JFK's corpse from Dallas
  • A Military General interfered with the autopsy
  • Steve gets Jim's comments on a 1966 Time Magazine article
  • Robert Dornan presses Garrison about the 60's political assassinations
  • Garrison answers coherently and concisely while being berated by Dornan
  • Mort Sahl explains Kennedy was removed for a reason
  • Dornan tries to twist a quote and Garrison straightens it out
  • Garrison points out JFK never sent combat troops to Vietnam, "only advisors"
  • JFK predicted America's loss in Vietnam should America begin to fight there
  • Dornan pulls out facts and figures to make his points and blames Kennedy for Vietnam
  • Steve Allen and Bob Dornan discuss William Calley and the Mi Lai Massacre
  • Mort Sahl Comments; The Green Beret's were formed as a freedom force by Kennedy
  • Their mandate was changed by the people who killed Kennedy
  • Garrison talks about Kennedy was going to remove all troops from Vietnam by 1965
  • He tells us this is what, primarily was the trigger that killed Kennedy
  • Dornan says he doesn't think they would send American men to Vietnam to die
  • Garrison interjects with "Well then, how did they get over there?" to the applause of the audience
  • Several points showing the media is beginning to believe the Warren Report was a fraud
  • When and why did the media go back to sleep?
  • Dornan asks the direct question "Did the CIA kill Kennedy?" Garrison answers "Of course"
  • A few Kennedy quotes showing further that he objected to US involvement in Vietnam

    Show #364
    Original airdate: March 6, 2008
    Guest: Tom Bowden, Jim DiEugenio, Jim Fetzer, Tom Mercer
    Topics: The Conspiracy Museum, Uncivil Liberties

    Interview Audio - Part One - Tom Bowden
  • Tom is the president of The Conspiracy Museum
  • The Museum, opened in 1994, was in it's original location in Dallas for 13 years and was recently forced to close
  • Tom is negotiating with a local university to archive the museum's materials
  • How Tom became interested in the various conspiracies listed in the museum
  • Bowden wrote a book, JFK: The Last Witness, and it was published in 7 languages but not in english
  • He has displayed The "Jack Ruby" gun and the so-called "Second Gun"(RFK), at various times
  • Trouble with the 6th floor Museum - Gary Mack doesn't like competition
  • A lack of cohesiveness in the assassination community
  • Working in the LBJ Presidential Library looking, not at LBJ's materials, but at the materials of his aides
  • Billy Sol Estes
  • Tom doesn't believe the Zapruder Film was altered
  • About Dallas DA, Wade
  • He gives his reasons why he doesn't believe the LBJ party never happened
  • Dallas underworld people and drugs
  • James Files - probably a hoax
  • Judith Vary Baker - probably a friend of Oswald but not a factor in any aspect of the assassination
  • The museum had a varied spectrum of conspiracy subjects but did not cover 9/11
  • Tom talks about the inevitable secrecy involved in assassinations
  • Gary Hemmings, Frank Sturgis

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • The recent release of a hoard (some 15,000 pages) of JFK documents by the Dallas DA
  • These documents were never made public but there were at least 4 occasions when legally, they should have been
  • This DA is the best chance if ever there was one to try the JFK case
  • About Stanislav Pruszynski and the RFK assassination
  • Jim tells the story (with video) and Pruszynski is mentioned here
  • The Pruszynski audio is then analyzed by Phil VanPraag (interviewed in Black Op Show #334 - Aug 9, 2007)
  • VanPraag found at least 10 shots, probably 13 shots. Sirhan's gun held only 8 shots...
  • ...Meaning there was at least one other gunman in the pantry
  • the shots are too close together to have been fired by one hand
  • 4 or 5 of the shots have a unique wave fingerprint, possibly making the location of the shooter(s) known
  • The apparent Oswald 'sniper's nest' was very small. Too small to have been used
  • Upcoming book by David Kaiser. A book stating The 'Mafia' did it... rediculous!
  • Upcoming book JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglas
  • DiEuginio is currently reading the galley proofs of Douglas' book and it looks like a good one
  • Douglas' book shows lots of new evidence
  • The book by Dan Muldea 'Conspiracy & Coverup' ... Terrible, Awful, On par with Gerald Pozner's book
  • The John Christian & William Turner book 'The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy' - If you only read one book on RFK, this should be it!
  • The Christian & Turner book: "The best book ever published on the RFK assassination" - Jim DiEuginio
  • Jim's book reviews can be found at Probe Magazine
  • Probe will have a Mark Lane review of the Bugliosi book

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Jim Fetzer
  • Jim's opinion on the Robert Stone Black Op interview
  • Stone is either incredibly diabolical and clever or incredibly naieve and massively ignorant
  • Stone used Josiah Thompson whose work was superceded completely within two years
  • Jim runs through a string of evidentiary points that completely refute Stone's story in 'Oswald's Ghost'
  • The difference between a Carbine and a Rifle (The Mannlicher Carcano was a Carbine)
  • The Federal Reserve order 0110011
  • Several reasons why JFK might have been murdered
  • Discoveries by several experts of a great many anomalies in the JFK assassination
  • Jim explains at least 7 shots at the JFK motorcade
  • The discredited 'Neutron Activation' evidence
  • The current political race
  • Hillary, Obama and a bit of McCain

    Interview Audio - Part Four - Tom Mercer
  • A brief bio and how he began in film making
  • Tom gives a brief overview of his new film "Uncivil Liberties"
  • It's set in the near future
  • A fictional story showing the dangers of giving up civil liberties in favor of apparent safety
  • The goodness of bad and the badness of good
  • The film is intentionally set in a gray area where it's unclear who are the good guys and who are the bad guys
  • Production took from 2001 to 2007
  • 9/11: looks like a false-flag operation
  • The fil is available on DVD at the Uncivil Liberties - Official Website

    Show #363
    Original airdate: Feb 28, 2008
    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: JFK Research

    Interview Audio - Part One - Pat Valentino
  • William F. Buckley's death Feb 27th 2008 - The main voice of conservatism
  • Like him or not, a fair interviewer who was always fun to watch
  • Last week's interview with Robert Stone struck a painful chord with many listeners
  • Stone's 6th floor epiphany - Pat calls it 'silly'
  • His epiphany ignores the known and accepted facts
  • David Lifton was one of the very first dissenting voices
  • Pat should know. He has worked with Lifton for roughly 30 years!
  • Stone alluded to a palm print found on the rifle (Found later by the Dallas PD).
  • The Warren Commission "statements" prove there were no prints found
  • About Norman Mailer's early review of Mark Lane's "Rush To Judgement"
  • Pat praises Jim Garrison for his Johnny Carson interview ( Black Op Archive 214 from 2005)
  • Comparing the original TV journalists. Cronkite, Lehrer etc
  • Stone and CE399 left over lead still in Connelly's body.
  • He calls the bullet "deformed" yet we know it to be all but undamaged
  • As a great source Len recommends Jim Garrison's "On The Trail Of The Assassins"
  • A 'preface' to the Mark Lane & William F Buckley interview
  • Len & Pat tentatively arrange to have another audio from Pat's collection every two weeks!

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Mark Lane & William F. Buckley
  • Rare interview from 1966
  • William F. Buckley Nov 24 1925 - Feb 27 2008
  • Buckley starts by asking Lane why the forces that he has written about haven't assassinated him
  • Both men are very articulate in their discourse... a refreshing interview style
  • Lane explains points he has investigated and Buckley, primarily answers in terms of left/right political inferences
  • Because JFK was assassinated, Hoover's resignation, at the very least should've been called for
  • Had Oswald lived, he could not have been proven guilty in a court of law
  • Oswald could not have received the Mannlicher Carcano because he was not Alek Heidell. USPS regulations would have prohibited Oswald from receiving Heidell's property. The Warren Commission wormed around this point
  • Lane kills the Warren testimony that says the frst shot "ripped through Kennedy's adam's apple" JFK could not have said "My god I'm hit" as was heard and stated by witnesses
  • A talk about the Magic Bullet trajectory. Lane states the facts and Buckley clouds the issue
  • The interview brings back the mood of the Johnny Carson/Jim Garrison interview
  • Mention of the 7.65 Mauser found at Dealy Plaza and the Dallas Police
  • The relevency of Jack Riby and how the Dallas police had to have helped him
  • an accusatory exchange of what Lane and Buckley deem relevent in the case
  • Who Lane and Buckley would've liked to have seen on the Warren Commission

    Show #362
    Original airdate: Feb 21, 2008
    Guests: Robert Stone
    Topic: Oswalds Ghost

    Interview Audio - Part One - Robert Stone
  • Oswald's Ghost website
  • Robert Stone website
  • IMDB reviews of the film
  • DVD page
  • Describes journey to write the script
  • turning point was ephinfany at the Sixth Floor
  • Says knowing Oswald's psycology he didn't want to kill JFK - it was sign from God...
  • Says there is nothing no sigle piece of evidence that disproves Lee Oswald as killer
  • Could not figure out conspirators point of view, why they would do this?
  • Dealey Plaza too complex for conspiracy... couldn't figure it out
  • People don't vote as a result of distrust of government since Nov 22/63
  • Thinks CE399 is "not quite pristine" but came from a carcano
  • Asks "where are all the other bullets?"
  • Says debate can be solved in 15 minutes
  • Lead Fragments removed from Connally CE567 CE 569 CE 840 CE 842 CE 843
  • Believes George de Mohrenschilt was debriefing Oswald for the CIA
  • Not making a movie about the assassination - the impact on the sixties
  • Calls David Lifton a "Johnny come lately"
  • Says "the basic nub of the debate has not changed since the 1960's"
  • Film has to be a story, not a litany of facts.
  • Bothered by complaints that he is a CIA asset... He sincerely believes Lee shot JFK
  • Books on the subject seem to contridicts each other
  • "My film is not an investigation - its a history of the investigation... nobody pays attention to the new stuff"
  • "Nothing, Nothing, Nothing has come up in 44 years"
  • Bullet went "through" Connally's knee so it has to be in the car
  • Says he was fair with interviews he presented.
  • Keeps asking for one example Len replies for "the tenth time" CE399...
  • Feels "The Left" has been derailed by "The Right"... - get out and vote.
  • Zapruder film
  • Speculation: Commentary Of Oliver Stone

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim and Len converse about Robert Stone
  • Jim made several pages of notes on that interview which he relates
  • He calls Stone's bullet theory a "very slick trick"
  • Talk about the single bullet theory and why Stone, with his point of view, has to believe it... although he doesn't seem to
  • Kennedy's bullet wounds prove there had to be guns from other directions, certainly not from above
  • Jim says Stone used all the wrong books and a known disinformationalist as a co-author, Lawrence Schiller
  • About the release of a cache of JFK memorabilia in Dallas this past week
  • Jim: "Why wasn't this material released to the AARB?"
  • A study about the RFK assassination at the Acadamy of Forensic Sciences by Phil Van Praag and Robert Joling
  • JFK's head wound location and Gerald Ford's 'moving' of the location of it
  • About Robert Stone's (mis)treatment of Jim Garrison and others

    Show #361
    Original airdate: Feb 14, 2008
    Guests: Professor Donald W Scott
    Topic: Guantanamo

    Interview Audio - Part One Donald Scott
  • In 2002, a young (13 yrs old) Omar Khadr, born in Toronto, was taken by his father to Pakistan then to Afghanistan where he sat in the company of Osama Bin Laden
  • Pre-9/11, Bin Laden and his group were aware that America was looking for an excuse to invade Afghanistan
  • America was having a hard time finding an excuse and then 9/11...
  • The morning of 9/11, just1 hour after the attacks, Rumsfeld was already prepared to hit 27 targets within Afghanistan. This level of planning reqires a year's lead time
  • Omar Khadr's brother and father were killed and another brother paralyzed in the early bombing
  • Omar was captured, taken to Guantanamo and tortured
  • The case against Khadr was thrown out by a military judge in the US but the charges wer re-laid
  • The case against Khadr: For 6 years he was purported to have thrown a hand grenade at his attackers, killing an American sargent
  • The truth: A recent document inadvertently released proves Khadr was captured when he was found sitting on the ground peaceably facing away from his captors, facing a wall
  • Khadr's friend, sitting with him was shot through the head, killing him. Khadr was shot twice and left for dead. Neither posed a threat to their attackers
  • Being one of the few early witnesses left, the reason for re-laying charges against Khadr is to shut him up and prevent the truth from coming out about 9/11
  • Guantanamo detainees are routinely tortured until they confess to anything their captors want them to
  • Prof Scott tells us about former Guantanamo guard-cum-author, Erik Saar and an American author accused of murder, William Sampson, detained by the 'Saudis who were trained in torture techniques by the CIA'.
  • Saar's book is Inside the Wire. Samson's book is Inside the Wire.Confessions of an Innocent Man, both at Amazon
  • Scott, like so many others shows that America planned and carried out the attacks on 9/11as an excuse to attack Afghanistan
  • The Canadian government, even after knowing the truth, at this point is still not acting to repatriate Khadr, an innocent in this story
  • Prof. Scott calls Pime Minister Harper(Canada) and his Ministers as well as the opposition Ministers "The gutless wonders of the world" for doing absolutely nothing on this issue
  • Donald Scott's and William Scott's new book AIDS: The Crime Beyond Belief available for $45.95 + $4 p&h(paperback) or $49.95 + $4 p&h(Hardcover)
  • Order this great book at CCMRF PO Box 133 Stn. B, Sudbury Ont. P3E 4N5
  • The latest flavour of the month concerning 9/11: Bin Laden not involved. 6 Afghanis planned and carried it out. Another bulls**t story
  • Donald's Bi-monthly "Common Cause" newsletter is available at the same address as above for $50 per year

    Donald Scott at the Studio 2007 (windows media video)
    Video part one

    Video part two

    Show #360
    Original airdate: Feb 07, 2008
    Guests: John Judge, Jim DiEugineo, Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Copa and Oswalds Ghost

    Interview Audio - Part One John Judge
  • COPA - Coalition on Political Assassinations
  • 40th anniversary of the MLK / RFK assassination, 43rd for Malcom X, and 45th for JFK
  • COPA, RFK for '08 can't be held at the Ambassador Hotel - hotel has been torn down
  • A live broadcast of COPA from Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom Feb 21, 08.
  • A great list of guests
  • There will be a live phone-in during the broadcast so you can ask your questions
  • April 3 to 6, 2008 the second COPA confrence will be in Memphis Tenn.
  • Judge Joe Brown will attend as a speaker
  • About Judge Brown and Dr Pepper and their attempts to have a fair trial for James Earl Ray
  • Many great guests will attend this confrence as well
  • June 6 to 8, 2008 COPA conference will be held in Los Angeles
  • More details for these conferences will be found here as they become available
  • Oswald's Ghost
  • About Josiah Thompson and a few other people
  • A little about cover stories relating to Lee Harvey Oswald in the USSR

    Interview Audio - Part Two Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim's critique of Oswald's Ghost
  • material was shown or omitted selectively - some interviewees involved in disinformation
  • Max Holland, Hugh Ainsworth & Edward Epstein
  • Hugh Ainsworth, the perpetual plant... Quite a history
  • Ainsworth as a legitimate researcher instead of the disinformationalist he is
  • Car horns as signals to shoot Oswald?
  • JFK, Oswald and Gen Walker
  • "Breach of Trust" as the best treatment he's seen of the Gen. Walker shooting
  • Write in and let Len know whether or not you would like to hear Robert Stone as a guest
  • The likelihood of "reverse trajectory momentum" on the Magic Bullet, CE399
  • About bullet wound/ballistics expert Dr Joseph Dolce... left out of Oswald's Ghost
  • Arlen Specter the Liar
  • Why George DeMohrenschildt was left out of Oswald's Ghost

    Interview Audio - Part Three Jim Fetzer
  • More on Oswald's Ghost
  • Josiah Thompson's book 6 Seconds in Dallas published in 1967
  • Mark Lane's Rush to Judgement published in 1966
  • Much has been learned since and completely ignored in Oswald's ghost
  • Jim talks about conspiracy
  • He directs us to his JFK Research site for more information
  • Clinton, Obama, Voting Machines
  • Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter
  • Shaquille O'Neill traded to Phoenix Suns Jim Fetzer's new team will now be the Sun's

    Show #359
    Original airdate: Jan 31, 2008
    Guests: Michael Parenti, Greg Burham
    Topic: Author and speaker on American empire and globalism

    Interview Audio - Part One - Michael Parenti
  • Political Scientist, Michael Parenti's website
  • Michael is a prolific author, writing more than 20 books and numerous articles
  • He devotes the bulk of his time to writing and speaking on corporatism
  • Government serves corporation under the guise of freedom, peace & other phoney buzzwords
  • His most recent book is Contrary Notions: The Michael Parenti Reader
  • We want a world where the ordinary people want prosperity, equality and freedom.
  • They want a world where the top 1% own the lion's share of the world's wealth
  • The growth in prosperity in America is based primarily on hedge fund style investments
  • Information on the bankrupting of America by the Whitehouse in the last 8 years
  • Michael says the national debt not only affects our children and grandchildren, it affects us NOW
  • The ignoring of serious environmental issues is a grave flaw in recent political policy
  • The Air Car website
  • A good commentary on how Liberalism has been demonized
  • Republicans : Each one trying to show how he's more like Ronald Reagan
  • When Reagan came in - national debt $800 billion, after national debt $2 trillion.
  • After Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., the national debt exceeds $6 trillion
  • The Republicans preach fiscal frugality and budgetary restraint while spending like wildmen
  • How the foreign policies are linked domestic policies, and the spending programs are linked to the ideology
  • "Marvelous changes have been happening down there(Venezuela). All of them for the better."
  • more than 30% of the people over 65 in America have no teeth. Chavez has a much better record and getting better.
  • The elite in Venezuela hate Chavez, because the money spent on the poor would otherwise be siphoned off by the rich.
  • this is contrary to the profiteering ideology of the elite.
  • Chavez is constantly vilified in the press, even by people one would think should be approving of his policies
  • Electronic voting fraud: the districts Kerry lost in during the last election, 2004, directly correlated with the use of touchscreen voting.
  • In 2004 there was a concerted effort to suppress the Democratic vote. Just as in 2000, the Democrats were projected winners and still lost
  • common currencies (the Amero, Euro) serve to ratchet down the rights and wages in richer countries and elevates the rights of property. Above all else

    Interview Audio - Part Two - Greg Burnham
  • Discussion of the passing of Gerry Patrick Hemming
  • Gerry Patrick Hemming was recruited about the age of 15.
  • Hemming' s mentioned on more CIA documents than any other name, some 8000 documents in the JFK collection alone.
  • Gerry may or may not have had much to do with the assassination of JFK, but still his name is so commonly linked on paper
  • He was troubled to talk about many of the CIA operations and subjects he had knowledge about.
  • he was a patriot, and he served his country well in the Marine Corps and as an intelligence operative and he held up well under the strictest scrutiny
  • Noel Twyman's "Bloody Treason" is not only a great history of the JFK assassination, it contains much information from Gerry Patrick Hemming
  • A biography of Hemming at Spartacus
  • His obituary at The Fayetteville Observer

    Show #358
    Original airdate: Jan 24, 2008
    Guests: Ernie Fitzgerald, David Ratcliffe, John Judge,
    Greg Burham, Andy Hill, Anita Langley
    Topic: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

    Interview Audio - Part One - John Judge
  • Col. Prouty "an important critic of the official JFK story"
  • How John met Col. Prouty
  • Prouty's work was most often suppressed in the general media
  • Fletcher was a part of a great many historical events in his tour with the US Air Force
  • Prouty exposed Gen. Ed Lansdale
  • Spoke at length of several of Lansdales CIA 'Cover & Deception' escapades
  • Fletcher - Congenial, Kind to a fault, Honest, Patriotic... a Gentleman
  • He was well known and respected in the JFK research community
  • Oswald's "setup" is compared to Martin Luther King's and 9/11
  • Fletcher's inside access gave him special insight into how CIA covert ops
  • When Fletcher spoke you instantly knew you were going to learn something
  • John Judge's website

    Interview Audio - Part Two - David Ratcliffe
  • David interviewed Col. Prouty a great many times
  • Prouty helped David during the writing of his book "Understanding Special Operations"
  • Extremely knowledgeable about events in the past and their relationships to events of the present
  • In a time of specialists and specialties, Col. Prouty was a generalist.
  • In spite of the seriousness of his profession, Prouty had a very engaging sense of humour
  • Fletcher may have been the last of his kind in the Pentagon
  • He had a wider meaning of what the press was saying on events
  • Prouty knew what he could and could not talk about
  • Dave spent 4 days interviewing Col. Prouty on the book "The Secret Team"
  • David Ratcliffe's website

    Interview Audio - Part Three - Greg Burham
  • He was always generous with his answers as long as the person was truly inquisitive
  • Greg talks about a conversation regarding Ed Lansdale, 'flechette darts' and a helicopter
  • The media is designed to obfuscate the truth in many cases
  • Prouty had enough experience and was forthcoming enough to let us know the truth
  • No one of position ever rebutted what Fletcher had to say... because he always spoke the truth
  • About the US Constitution, inalienable rights and a general apathy of the public
  • Fletch had a quiet confidence and a 'presidential' stature
  • Hugh Thomas', 'Stored Labour' a hard to find book on money recommended by Greg

    Interview Audio - Part Four - Ernie Fitzgerald
  • Ernie: Col. Prouty was a great man and a good friend
  • He knew Fletch slightly in the Pentagon but they became great friends later
  • Ernie talks about porkbarrel politics in US government and his book 'The Pentagonists"
  • He reiterates: "There are no more like Fletcher in the Pentagon"
  • 'Commiting truth' in the Pentagon is often punished
  • He talks about 'escaping' the Pentagon on 9/11 2001
  • "The hole just wasn't big enough for a large transport aircraft"
  • Ernie says Fletcher's books are still fascinating reading after all these years
  • Ernies books can be found at

    Interview Audio - Part Five - Andy Hill
  • Andy Hill discusses his interview with Fletcher
  • After seeing the Oliver Stone movie "JFK", Andy listened to a three part interview on the radio
  • The information in these interviews of Col. Prouty's fascinated Andy
  • Andy & Len went and met Fletcher and found him even more engaging in person
  • Andy calls this meeting with Fletcher "one of the great experiences of my life"
  • Prouty wasn't sworn to secrecy regarding CIA
  • This enabled him to expound much more information than he otherwise would've been allowed
  • Accepted history that was revised by Fletcher because... he was actually there
  • About several mementos Andy & Len were able to view with Fletcher

    Windows Media Video excerpts
  • Thoughts of Oliver Stone's film JFK
  • Discussion on the Origins of Oil
  • Ed Lansdale in Vietnam
  • The 'resort' outside Athens
  • The Bay of Pigs

    Show #357
    Original airdate: Jan 17, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEugenio

    Topic: Oswalds Ghost

    Interview Audio - Part One

    Jim DiEugenio
  • Oswald's Ghost - Another 'Lone Nutter'
  • A very slick production but based on the wrong information
  • Why are the reporters parrotting the same old lie? Are there no inquisitive reporters anymore?
  • Jim's review of this subject as well as other great reviews at Probe Magazine
  • ...something is wrong with PBS, that they would continue the disinformation on this subject
  • PBS always trots out Edward Jay Epstein as an expert on JFK although he hasn't done any work on the subject in many years
  • This documentary simply refuses to follow the facts
  • Portrays Oswald as a crazed lone nut, crucial information that would show otherwise is omitted
  • No George DeMorenschildt, No 'Hands Off Cuba" flyer, A Marxist hanging with extreme right wingers?...
  • Many points Robert Stone uses have previously been thoroughly debunked, yet he still uses them as evidence
  • Jim Garrison portrayed in this documentary as using the Clay Shaw case to further his career, actually sacrificed his career in the name of justice
  • Josiah Thompson and Mark Lane are allowed cameos but any evidence of note they could mention has been edited out
  • discussion of what a documentary on this subject "should" look like
  • Referring to Edwin Black's Chicago Plot article, Mark Lane remembered some of the Cuban names as names uncovered by Jim Garrison
  • The Chicago Plot to Kill JFK by Edwin Black Download Article here (pdf)
  • Oswald was clearly a double agent
  • If Oswald was a Marxist/Leninist, why has not one comrad ever been disclosed? Answer, 'there aren't any'. Oswald wasn't really a communist
  • An encouragement: Write to PBS and give them your opinion for/against. Maybe a more truthful documentary will be the result

    Interview Audio - Part Two

    Jim Fetzer
  • Discussion of Oswald's Ghost from Jim Fetzer's point of view
  • No new evidence from about 1980 on has been mentioned in this documentary
  • Jim lists off several points that would make evidence that would've better illustrated the truth in the JFK case
  • Another great JFK truth resource at this, another great Jim Fetzer site
  • Jim talks at some length on the "Z" film
  • Zapruder and other films at Youtube
  • Zapruder widescreen at Youtube
  • Jim agrees with Jim DiEugenio's comment "A very slick production but based on the wrong information"
  • Bullet evidence and medical evidence ignored by this film
  • About Jim Garrison - at least 80% accurate despite infiltration and government resistance at every turn. A great man
  • Talk about the unprecedented 'hit pieces' that came out before and after the release of Oliver Stone's 'JFK'
  • Some information on Hale Boggs, a member of the Warren Commission panel and, by all accounts, a dissenting opinion
  • Boggs plane may have been located and uninvestigated.
  • According to Jim's info, the plane went down in sight of Juneau and the survivors, if any were likely left to die
  • The official story? "Hale Boggs' plane, Lost and Missing"
  • Research on Hale Boggs

    Show #356
    Original airdate: Jan 10, 2008
    Guest: Walt Brown

    Topic: JFK Assassination

    Interview Audio - Part One

  • Walt gives a short self history
  • Books:"The People V Lee Harvey Oswald","The Guns of Texas Are Upon You"
  • Walt Brown's 'Master Chronology' website
  • JFK's struggle for civil rights in America
  • Some chronology leading up to Ricky & Rosco White
  • He gives us an opinion on Bugliosi
  • The Zapruder Film
  • He talks about the many shots and how he documented them
  • Leading and dismissive examination during the Warren Commission panel
  • The conditions and mood in Dallas November 22, 1963
  • Who were the "security" people on every other building in Dallas...
  • They weren't Secret Service and they weren't documented
  • Walt challenges anyone to show another communist in Dallas other than Oswald
  • The rifle (carbine) and the mailing P.O Box anomalies

    Interview Audio - Part Two

  • Witnesses: The shots came from above and behind from the Grassy Knoll
  • The coverage of Pozner's book proves the necessity of the cover story
  • Oliver Stone's JFK panned before the first script was discarded Pozner/Bugliosi tripe raves...
  • "The Book of the Film" proves the truth behind Stone's JFK and the why's
  • Nothing can be told about the characters in this case while they are alive. It's just too dangerous
  • James Files... charge him, or forget about him.
  • The Men Who Killed Kennedy
  • Oswald's getaway: Offered and gave up his cab to a lady, took the bus, got out and walked...
  • What really happened with Tippit?
  • Rare details of the Secret Service in the motorcade
  • The Clint Murcheson meeting the night of the assassination... Did it happen?
  • Madelaine Brown's story becomes no longer credible
  • Walt: There's something to this story but it's impossible to tell what that is
  • The Dallas Oilmen are worth looking at as suspects
  • Walt got back from Russia Jan 8th 2008
  • Walt's take on Oswald in the USSR will have to wait for another in

    Show #355
    Original airdate: Jan 3, 2008
    Guest: Jim DiEuginio

    Topic: Review - The Shane O'Sullivan Documentary - "RFK Must Die..."

    Interview Audio - Part One

  • Ambassador Hotel torn down, Panty was supposed to be saved
  • The Ambassador Hotel pantry where RFK was killed is being put into packages.
  • Sirhan, Larry Teeter and Dr William Pepper
  • Dealy Plaza (JFK)and The Lorraine Motel (MLK)are preserved as historic sites
  • Jim was disappointed with the O'Sullivan movie 'RFK Must Die'
  • There were no explanatory computer graphics used
  • O'Sullivan narrated the film himself
  • DiEuginio is not convinced that O'sullivan discovered CIA characters (Joannides, Campell etc)
  • Jim talks about Scott Enyart and how O'Sullivan completely excluded him
  • Michael Wayne and stray bullets... not mentioned by O'Sullivan
  • Lynne Mangan's discovery of a faked photo... not mentioned
  • Many other convincing details left out
  • Rampart Station infiltrated by a "Secret Team" all the way to the Attorney Gen /Governor's office
  • Sirhan's defence was highly suspect. Misrepresented at every level
  • Jim's website, Probe Magazine ...A great site

    Interview Audio - Part Two
    Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: The Iowa Political races

  • Varying opinions on different candidates
  • Huckabee ahead?
  • The absolute vaccuum shown in the press coverage (or lack of it) of Ron Paul
  • The Benazir Bhutto assassination
  • Musharref still making excuses
  • Jim talks about Fintan Dunne's Break For News -
  • What Dunne has to say about Bhutto--- The NWO took her out
  • Well worth going through Dunnes work. He makes a lot of sense
  • Jim & Len debate Bhutto's winability
  • The Bhutto crime scene and scenario
  • Jim calls the recent history of Pakistan/Afghanistan a "Baker Boys" style scenario
  • Karzai's Pakistan visit & deal with Musharref a trigger for the assassination?
  • Google 'We are all prisoners now" Paul Craig Roberts - the culture of fear in America
  • WTC Building 6 at you can get the DVD 'The 9/11 conspiracy' talking about the anomalies in the WTC buildings.