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    Show #870
    Original airdate: January 18, 2018
    Guests: Bill Simpich / Paul Bleau
    Topics: Mock Trial / Lone Assassin Connections

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  • The CAPA Mock Trial On Oswald Nov. 16-17 2017 in Houston
  • CAPA bent over backwards to ensure the prosecution had a fair shake
  • There was not enough time for full cross and redirect examinations
  • CAPA was interested in finding what evidence is effective
  • Do we want to get Oswald off, or do we want to find the truth?
  • Courtroom justice is not about truth, it's about game playing
  • Brian Edwards was an effective witness (BOR #863, #864)
  • The Tom Alyea film makes it clear the rifle was the Mannlicher
  • The Mannlicher in evidence is not the rifle in the Backyard photos
  • There were two different defense approaches, lessons were learned
  • This was a real live test, the process was invaluable
  • Getting the research down to digestible, short, punchy stories
  • We're indebted to the volunteer prosecution, they gave good push back
  • Lack of time had a negative effect on trial procedure
  • Jury deliberation was too short, the defense was gaining
  • CAPA is talking about a mock Expungement of Arrest Records
  • Perhaps a civil Wrongful Death of Oswald suit
  • The Oswald innocence case vis-a-vis the multiple gunmen case
  • Where was Oswald that day, first floor, second floor, sixth floor?
  • The mock trial was the beginning of a process not the culmination
  • Oswald's coke may have been a calling card for who he was to meet
  • His whereabouts is a hundred times more important than a lot of things
  • The Houston law school offered a great platform
  • Details of Oswald's bio would help a jury see he was caught in the middle
  • The FBI and Dallas police got the evidence and twisted it to their liking
  • Contact Bill at

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  • At, Paul's article on The Three Failed Plots to Kill JFK: (BOR #811)
  • Previous plots involve more potential patsies, Paul has found eight
  • They had many similarities, travel to Mexico City, FPCC connections
  • Paul's most recent article, Oswald’s Intelligence Connections: (BOR #847)
  • Paul listed 64 names connecting Oswald to CIA, he now has over 75
  • Many of these connections link closely to David Atlee Phillips
  • Paul's chart of potential patsies compared to Oswald
  • Ex-FBI Assistant Director, Alex Rosen testified to the Church Committee
  • The FBI was "in the position of standing on the corner with
         pockets open, waiting for someone to drop information into it"
  • Paul has visited Cuba four times, there he found many informative books
  • JFK: The Cuba Files: The Untold Story of the Plot to Kill Kennedy (Escalante / 2003)
  • Cuba, The Untold History (Capitán San Luis / 2007)
  • Cuban exiles tied to the case, what did they do when they lived in Cuba?
  • Fidel Castro could immediately read the CIA covert operation hallmarks
  • The Mafia in Havana: A Caribbean Mob Story (Cirules / 2010)
  • Havana was the ideal place for the mafia to conduct business
  • Sullivan & Cromwell were key players with imperialistic goals on the island
  • In 1902 U. S. Intelligence infiltrated the Cuban military
  • Supposed disparate groups are a well synchronized network
  • George Bush Sr. recruited members of Operation Forty, cleanup hitmen
  • Names connected to the JFK assassination, Watergate, Iran-Contra
  • Allen Dulles and Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista
  • Ruth Paine should have been a person of interest, was she complicit?
  • Paul is working on an article about the networking of these groups
  • Paul is seeking the help of a data visualization programmer
  • Contact Paul at
  • Fletcher Prouty wrote about the Forty Committee

    Show #869
    Original airdate: January 11, 2018
    Guests: Brian McKenna / Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research / Document Releases

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  • Brian has produced four CBC documentaries on the Kennedy Assassination
  • On November 17, Brian appeared on The Fifth Estate
  • The Fifth Estate on The JFK Files : The Murder of a President (11/17/2017)
  • There was a coup d'etat that day in Dallas
  • We found a fellow conspiracy advocate in Fidel Castro
  • He told Brian, the way it was framed was impossible
  • There is a toxic odor around the assassination
  • In Montreal, Brian spoke with a Canadian admiral
  • He told Brian that U.S. generals at the Pentagon
         discussed Seven Days In May, and said Kennedy's got to go
  • CIA was controlling every move Oswald made
  • Look for David Lifton's explosive new book
  • Brian knew Fletcher Prouty, who knew black ops
  • Mark Lane convinced an American jury that CIA was killing people
  • Historian Robert Caro has dodged the bullet
  • Brian is still working, he is writing a memoir
  • The fairy story of this ex-Marine working alone
  • Dan Rather understood how to advance his career
  • That admiral heard American officers talking treason
  • Prouty spotted Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza that afternoon

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  • Top Ten Articles of 2017 at
  • The History channel is in the third season of Hunting Hitler
  • The Archives stated there are 86 documents yet to be classified
  • They are to re-review redactions in already released documents
  • Donald Trump gave them a dilly-dally loophole
  • They are redacting ARRB/CIA communication documents
  • The Archives may not have received the documents unredacted
  • Non-disclosure of the JFK records is a tsunami
  • The ARRB Board Members were all Lone Nutters
  • The facts of President Kennedy's assassination are most important
  • The law of the JFK Act is not being followed
  • Lee Oswald's 'defection' was in the service of the United States
  • Nixon tried to prove a wider conspiracy around the Pentagon Papers
  • In 1973, Schlesinger said Kennedy would not have warred in Vietnam
  • Jim is not a fan of the The Post, look for his coming review

    Show #868
    Original airdate: January 4, 2018
    Guests: Jim DiEugenio
    Topics: JFK Assassination Research

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  • Recent News Items of Interest at
  • Fifth Public Release of JFK Assassination Records
  • ‘Trump Got Rolled’ by ‘Deep State’, Oliver Stone
  • The release was designed to be a mess, "Not Believed Relevant"
  • David Talbot recovering (Joe Rodriguez) GoFundMe
  • Jim DiEugenio, uno dei massimi conoscitori omicidio Kennedy (Michele Metta)
  • Permindex, researcher Maurice Philipps, L. M. Bloomfield
  • Permindex comes in at a level above CIA, David Rockefeller, Guy Rothschild
  • That club that doesn't know national boundaries
  • Garrison was there first: Vietnam as a motive, domestic covert action conspiracy,
          Lyndon Johnson as part of the cover-up, something wrong with the autopsy,
          something is really weird about Mexico City, Clay Shaw and Permindex
  • Robert Oswald dies at 83 (Beverly Vaughn)
  • Black Op Radio - we're pretty level-headed here
  • Tom Hanks and The Post (trailer)
  • Fighting for the Press: (Goodale 2013)
          The Inside Story of the Pentagon Papers and Other Battles
  • The government cannot enjoin prior restraint
  • Attorney General John Mitchell sought a criminal indictment against Ellsberg
  • Senator Mike Gravel, Gravel v. United States, 408 U.S. 606 (1972) (audio of arguments)
  • Ellsberg could not have survived his ordeal but for Stanley Sheinbaum
  • Lawyers argued that, the U.S. classification process is ridiculous,
          publication did not endanger any military operations,
          were the papers even 'stolen'?
  • The defense called McGeorge Bundy, Schlesinger, Galbraith, Halperin
  • The case was ended by Judge Byrne because of White House interference
  • On screen Johnson confirms Kennedy's Vietnam policies!
  • The original script did not feature the New York Times or Daniel Ellsberg!
  • Listener letters: @6:46 in this film, is that Edwin Walker?
  • General Walker was in New Orleans on 11/22/63
  • How to engage the curious? The bullet/rifle non-chain of evidence
  • 50 Reasons For 50 Years: Mannlicher Carcano, Mail Order Rifle
  • Tom Hanks' influence on the modern view of American History? Disingenuous
  • Brian McKenna's Pentagon plot revelation is important (Fifth Estate 2017)
  • The Crown, Season 2, Episode 8, misrepresenting Jack and Jackie?
  • Chances that Tracking Oswald is state sponsored disinformation? 99% or 100%
  • Thanks everyone, Happy New Year