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The Black Op Combo Product ID: FP002
Product Name: The Black Op Combo $80.00
4 discs that include;
  • Black Op Archive on mp3 - First 7 seasons 300 shows
  • The Collected Works of Col. L Fletcher Prouty CD-ROM
  • Secrets of the Gary Powers U2 Flight
        4 interviews with Col. Prouty 1hr DVD

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  • The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Product ID: FP001
    Product Name: The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
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    The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
    Product ID: FP003
    Product Name: Col. Prouty & The Secrets of the U2 Flight
    These are 4 seperate interviews all on the same topic of the U2 flight that crashed in the Soviet Union May 1960, ending Eisenhower's "Crusade For Peace"
    View 60 sec promo clip /   windows Media    Real Media

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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archived set Product ID: BOR003
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Archived on "MP3"
    MP3s on two DVD discs - 302 shows
    The whole set of interviews Seven Seasons 2000 - 2006 complete
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    Product ID: FIOY001
    Product Name: "Inside Job"
    Music To Indict Them By
    A scathing indictment of the Bush administration's lies behind the 9/11 attacks. A 12 song concept album featuring hundreds of quotes from the 9/11 Truth Movement. Featuring; Jim Fetzer, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, George Noory, Charlie Sheen and many others.

    Black Op Radio Coffee Mugs Product ID: BOR002
    Product Name: Black Op Mugs
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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archive Product ID: BOR010
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Single Season Archive
    Archives Year 2006 on MP3

    302 Jim DiEugenio RFK Assassination
    301 Pat Valentino OJ Simpson book
    300 Ted Charach RFK - The Second Gun
    299 Pat Valentino RFK / OJ Book
    298 Lynn Mangan-Shane O'Sullivan RFK Assassination
    297 Jerry Coley JFK Assassination
    296 Aaron Russo The Federal Reserve
    295 Donald Scott JFK Assassination
    294 Mark Lane JFK Assassination
    293 Pat Valentino JFK Assassination
    292 Pat Valentino JFK Assassination
    291 John Judge JFK Assassiantion
    290 Jim Fetzer 9/11 Research
    289 Phil Melanson replay JFK Research
    288 Jim Fetzer 9/11 Research
    287 Jim Fetzer 9/11 Research
    286 Jim Fetzer 9/11 Research
    285 Jim Fetzer Vendetta
    284 David Lifton JFK Assassination Research
    283 Wallace Milam JFK Assassination Research
    282 April Oliver & Jack Smith Operation Tailwind
    281 Fletcher Prouty U.S. History
    280 Greg Palast Armed Madhouse
    279 Donald Scott JFK Assassination / AIDS
    278 Col. Fletcher Prouty US. Secret History
    277 Jim Fetzer 9/11 Conference /FOX TV
    276 Pat Valentino JFK Assassination research
    275 Jim Fetzer US. Politics
    274 Jim Fetzer Chicago 911 conference
    273 Christopher A. Shaw, Ph.D Vaccinations
    272 William Blum Rogue State
    271 Scott Enyart RFK Assassination
    270 Dylan Avery Loose Change II
    269 Donald Scott JFK Assassination
    268 Col. Colin Chauret Vietnam - Iraq
    267 John Judge U.S. Politics
    266 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics
    265 John Hankey John Kennedy Jr.
    264 Joan Mellen Jim Garrison
    263 Prof Franz Lee Venezuela
    262 Mark Manning The Untold Story of Falluja
    262 Eugene Jarecki Why We Fight
    261 Robert Sterlie U.S. Politics
    260 Jim Fetzer Port Security
    259 William Davy Jim Garrison
    258 Dr Gary Aguilar Jim Garrison
    257 Col. Fletcher Prouty
    256 Jim Fetzer US Politics
    255 Fletcher Prouty The Pentagon
    254 Jim Fetzer JFK Assassination
    253 Ian Griggs Dealey Plaza UK.

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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archive Product ID: BOR009
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Single Season Archive
    Archives Year 2005 on MP3

    252 Allen Dulles speech Cold war tension
    251 Donald Scott Jim Garrison
    250 John Judge JFK Assassination
    249 Jim Fetzer JFK Assassination
    248 Lisa Pease JFK Assassination
    247 Jim Fetzer JFK assassination
    246 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics
    245 Thomas Naylor Vermont Succesion
    244 Gail Davidson Charging George Bush
    243 John Judge COPA Conference
    242 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics
    241 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics
    240 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics
    240 Anita Langley Documents Released
    238 John Dempsey People vs Banks
    237 Jim Fetzer Katrina
    236 Nafeez Ahmed The War On Truth
    235 Vince Palamara JFK Assassination
    234 Joan Mellen Jim Garrison
    233 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics
    232 Ben Rogers Penn Jones Jr.
    231 Donald W. Scott Degenerative Disease
    230 Greg Szymanski 911 / WTC Explosions
    229 Len, Anita JFK /Bush /Rove
    228 Len, Anita, Jim JFK Assassination
    227 Len, Anita, Jim JFK Assassination
    226 Cory Holly Medical Marijuana
    225 Tom Flocco 9/11 & US. Politics
    224 Lisa Pease RFK Assassination
    223 Jim Fetzer JFK Assassination
    222 Dean Henderson Big Oil & Their Bankers
    221 Jim Fetzer George Gallowy
    220 Jim Fetzer U.S Politics
    219 Tom Flocco 9/11 & US. Politics
    218 Jim Donnelly Vaccinations
    217 James Tague JFK Assassination
    216 Charles Key Oklahoma Bombing
    215 Donald Gibson JFK Assassination
    214 Jim Garrison Johnny Carson Show
    213 James Fetzer U.S. Politics
    212 Doug Weldon JFK Research
    211 Jim Fetzer JFK Research
    210 David Ray Griffin 911 Commission Report
    209 Victor Thorn 9-11 On Trial
    208 Prof. Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics
    207 Dr. Donald Scott Biological Warfare Weapons
    206 John Hankey JFK II /The Bush connection
    206 Scott Shane Biowarfare
    205 Dave Von Kleist 911 In Plane Site
    204 Mae Brussell Broadcast 1981
    203 Sam Harris The End Of Faith

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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archive Product ID: BOR008
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Single Season Archive
    Archives Year 2004 on MP3

    201 John Costella Zapruder Film Dec 16
    200 Zachary Sklar Stone / Garrison Dec 2
    199 Jamey Hecht COPA Dallas/update Nov 25
    198 Jamey Hecht JFK Assassination Nov 22
    197 Robert Groden JFK Assassination Nov 18
    196 Mike Ruppert Dick Cheney Nov 11
    195 Ed Haslam Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus Nov 4
    194 Hopsicker/ Karl Schwarz Barry Seal/ G. Bush Oct 28
    193 Daniel Hopsicker Terrorland Oct 21
    192 Mike Palecek The Last Liberal Outlaw Oct 14
    191 Jim Fetzer Paul Wellstone Oct 7
    190 Douglas Valentine U.S History Sept 23
    189 Franz Lee, Jutta Schmitt Venezuela Sept 16
    188 Jim Fetzer US Politics Sept 11
    187 John Judge COPA Sept 4
    186 Jim Fetzer US Politics Aug 19th
    185 Jim Marrs 911 Inside Job Aug 12th
    184 Franz Lee, Jutta Schmitt Venezuela Aug 6th
    183 Jim Fetzer 911 / JFK Aug 5th
    182 Marc Umile BUsh Unplugged July 29th
    181 Jesse Ventura JFK Assassination July 22nd
    180 Jim Fetzer US Election July 15
    179 John Judge Washington D.C. update July 8
    178 David Ray Griffin The New Pearl Harbor July 1
    177 Jim Koepke JFK Assassination June 24
    176 Donald W. Scott MYCOPLASMA June 17
    175 John Judge Assassination research June 10
    174 Kyle Hence 911 Hearings June 3
    173 Anita/ Len /Jim Assassination research May 27
    172 Fletcher Prouty Portland Lecture / 1993 May 20
    171 Judyth Vary Baker Lee Oswald May 13
    170 John Judge Washington Update May 6
    169 Phil Melanson Assassination research April 29
    168 Mark Sobel The Warren Commission film April 22
    167 Jim Fetzer JFK Assassination April 15
    166 Barr McClellan LBJ - The Guilty Men April 8
    165 John Judge washington update April 1
    164 Percy Schmeiser Monsanto Lawsuit March 25
    163 John Hutchison Inventor March 11
    162 Fletcher Prouty Bay Of Pigs March 3
    161 John Judge 9/11 Feb 26
    160 Jim Fetzer TMWKK series Feb 19
    159 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics Feb 19
    158 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics Jan 29
    Col. Fletcher Prouty Special 24 hours of interviews Jan 24
    157 John Buchanan Rep. Pres. Candidate Jan 22
    156 Ellen Mariani Mariani vs. Bush Jan 15
    155 David Ratcliffe Perspectives of 9/11 Jan 8

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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archive Product ID: BOR007
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Single Season Archive
    Archives Year 2003 on MP3

    154 David Ratcliffe 9/11 Dec 18
    153 Jim Fetzer U.S. Politics Dec 11
    152 Garth Nicolson Vaccines Dec 4
    151 Jim DiEugenio JFK Assassination Nov 27
    150 Doug Horne ARRB Nov 20
    149 Doug Horne ARRB Nov 13
    148 David Lifton JFK Conference 2003 Nov 6
    147 Gary Agular JFK Conference 2003 Oct 30th
    146 Cyril H. Wecht JFK Conference 2003 Oct 23rd
    145 Jim Rarey Dr. Kelly Murder Oct 16th
    144 Joan Mellen Jim Garrison Oct 9th
    143 Len Anita & Jim US Politics Oct 2nd
    142 Walter Davis EVIDENCE for Complicity Sept 25th
    141 Project Censored Media censorship Sept 18th
    140 Paul Collins The Hidden Face of Terrorism Sept 11th
    139 Mike Levine Shill role media coverage Sept 4th
    138 Adam Parfrey War is a Racket Aug 28th
    137 Corey Johnson The MLK Assassination Aug 21st
    136 Gordon Thomas Child Slavery Aug 14th
    135 Joe Pietri The King of Nepal Aug 7th
    134 Sheldon Rampton Weapons of Mass Deception July 31st
    133 Abin Jan Interview with Bin Laden July 24th
    132 Bev Harris Ballot Tampering July 17th
    131 Greg Palast Election Fraud July 11th
    130 Jim Fetzer White House lies on WMD July 3rd
    129 Kristina Borjesson Myth of a Free Press July 3rd
    128 Jim Fetzer White House lies on WMD June 26th
    127 David Mantik/Lisa Pease JFK Research June 19th
    126 Jim Fetzer Fetzer in the News June 6th
    125 Jim Fetzer US Politics May 30th
    124 Craig Roberts Author of "Kill Zone" May 23rd
    123 Len Osanic/Anita Langley JFK Assassination May 15th
    122 Jim Fetzer Zapruder film May 8th
    121 Dennis David JFK Assassination May 1st
    120 Joan Sekler/Richard Perez Unprecedented / 2000 election fraud April 23
    120 Raymond Lavas Future technologies April 23
    119 Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Network April 17
    118 Jim Fetzer/Len Osanic JFK Research April 10
    117 Lisa Pease MLK Assassination April 3
    115 J. Harvey Beecher-Stowe US Policy March 20th
    114 Ted Gunderson Retired FBI Special-Agent-In-Charge March 13
    113 Walter Bowart Operation Mindcontrol March 6
    112 Jim DiEugenio JFK assassination Feb 27
    111 Dr. William Pepper The Execution of Martin Luther King Feb 20
    110 Kyle Hence Unanswered Questions.org Feb 13th
    109 Jim Fetzer World View Feb 6th
    108 Jim Fetzer World View Jan 30th
    107 Gerard Colby Myth of a Free Press Jan 23 2003
    106 Kristina Borjesson Myth of a Free Press Jan 16 2003
    105 Col. Fletcher Prouty JFK Assassination January 09 2003

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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archive Product ID: BOR006
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Single Season Archive
    Archives Year 2002 on MP3

    - No Show Dec 26
    104 Jane Akre Myth of a Free Press Dec 19
    104 Gary Webb Myth of a Free Press Dec 19
    103 David Giammarco JFK assassination Dec 5
    103 Neil Burger Interview With The Assassin Dec 5
    - Jim Fetzer/Erskine Overnight JFK assassination Nov 28
    102 Jim DiEugenio JFK assassination Nov 21
    102 Millicent Cranor JFK Assassination Nov 21
    101 Lisa Pease Real History Archives Nov 13
    100 John Judge COPA in Dallas Nov 7
    99 Col. Daniel Marvin JFK assassination Nov 5
    98 James Fetzer World Politics Oct 31
    97 James Fetzer World Politics Oct 23
    96 James Fetzer World Politics Oct 17
    95 Kyle F. Hence Unanswered Questions website Oct 10
    94 Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Action Network Oct 3
    93 John Costella The Zapruder Film Sept 26
    92 Steve Jones Ruth and Michael Paine Sept 19
    91 Rich Della Rosa JFK Research Forum Sept 12
    90 James Fetzer JFK Research update Sept 5
    89 James Fetzer Madeline Brown Aug 29
    - Show cancelled Aug 22
    88 Mike Ruppert World Politics Aug 15
    87 Preston Peet Drugwar.com Aug 8
    86 Doug Valentine CIA, LSD & MKULTRA June 25
    85 Show cancelled Anita gives birth to twins! June 18
    85 Mike Bodine Federal Taxation July 11
    84 James Fetzer Regicide July 3
    - Show cancelled -- -- June 27
    83 Michael Moore - Lecture Stupid White Men June 20
    82 William Blum CIA - "Killing Hope" June 13
    81 Greg Burnham Fletcher Prouty June 6
    80 Len / Anita / Jim JFK Assassination May 30
    79 James Fetzer 9/11 May 23
    78 Tom Flocco 9/11 fraud May 16th
    77 James Fetzer JFK Assassination May 9
    76 John McCarthy CIA in Vietnam May 3
    75 George Michael Evica JFK Assassination April 25
    74 Suzanne JFK jr. crash April 18
    73 Charles Drago JFK Assassination April 11th
    72 Robert Stinnet Day Of Deceit/Pearl Harbor April 3th
    71 Jerry Policoff JFK assassination March 28th
    70 Jim Wakeford Medical Marijuana March 21st
    69 Scott Enyart RFK trial update March 13th
    68 Carl Romaneli Green Party March 7th
    67 James Fetzer Operation Northwoods Feb 28
    66 Dick Russell Richard Case Nagel Feb 21
    65 James Fetzer JFK / World Politics Feb 13
    64 Charles Key OKC Bombing investigation Feb 7
    63 James Fetzer JFK / World Politics Feb 13
    62 Attorney Ray Kohlman D'Ferdinand deposition Jan 23
    61 Tom Flocco Insider Trading from 911 Jan 17
    60 Leonard Horowitz Anthrax Jan 10
    59 Paul Price NASA Technologies Jan 3rd

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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archive Product ID: BOR005
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Single Season Archive
    Archives Year 2001 on MP3

    58 James Fetzer JFK updates Dec 28
    57 Catherine Austin Fitts Dept of Justice... Dec 21
    56 Michael Sparks JFK Assassination Dec 6th
    55 James Fetzer JFK Assassination Nov 29th
    54 Ed Asner Jim Garrison Nov 22nd
    53 Raymond Lavas Current/Future Technology Nov 16th
    52 Len/Anita America's New War Nov 8th
    - Raymond Cushing Medical Marijuana cover up postponed
    51 John Judge Recent Terrorism Oct 11th
    50 Call us with your opinion Recent Terrorism Sept 27th
    49 Charles McCutchen Medical Fraud Sept 13th
    48 Mike Rupert CIA / Drugs Sept 6th
    47 Gary Webb CIA / Drugs Aug 23
    46 Peter Philips Media Censorship Aug 16
    45 Gaeton Fonzi The 1978 HSCA July 26
    44 Jack Cashill Flight #800 July 12th
    43 Sue Kelly Vaccines June 28th
    42 Brig. Gen. Ben Partin Oklahoma Bombing June 21st
    41 John Judge COPA June 13th
    40 Ed Graves AIDS May 31st
    39 Ernie Fitzgerald Pentagon whistleblower May 23th
    38 Zachary Sklar JFK Assassination May 17th
    37 Greg Burnham Bay of Pigs May 3rd
    36 Prof. Garth Nicholson Vaccines and Immunology April 26
    35 Vince Palamara JFK Assassination April 5
    34 Greg Burnham JFK Symposium March 29
    33 T.Mack Durham JFK Assassination March 22
    32 James Sanders Flight #800 March 8th
    31 Betty Martini Aspartame March 1st
    30 Dr.William Pepper MLK Assassination Feb 22nd
    29 Dr.David Mantik JFK Assassination Feb 15th
    28 Doug Weldon JFK Limousine Feb 1st
    27 Gary L. Aguilar, M.D. JFK / Medical Evidence Jan 25th

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    Black Op Radio MP3 Archive Product ID: BOR004
    Product Name: Black Op Radio Single Season Archive
    Archives Year 2000 on MP3

    26 Douglas Valentine TDY, The Phoenix Program Dec 11th
    25 Dr.Robert Cohen Bovine growth hormone Dec 3th
    24 Arthur M.Evangelista Former FDA Investigator Nov 27th
    23 James H. Fetzer Ph.D. JFK Assassination Oct 30th
    22 Brian Quig CIA Oct 23rd
    21 Steve Smith Mind Control Oct 16th
    20 Robert B. Thorne MD. Flight 800 Oct 3rd
    19 Douglas Valentine TDY, The Phoenix Program Sept 18th
    18 Betty Martini Aspartame Sept 11th
    17 Virgina McCullough Promis Software Sept 3th
    16 Barbara Malarky Vaccines and Aspartame Aug 28th
    15 Jack White JFK Assassination Aug 21st
    14 Raymond Gallup Vaccinations July 30th
    13 David Ratcliffe Fletcher Prouty July 23th
    12 Scott Enyart The RFK Assassination July 17th
    10 Anita/Len Anthrax July 10th
    10 Virgina McCullough Mae Brussell July 10th
    9 J. Truman The Downwinders June 22nd
    8 Jean Hill JFK Assassination June 15th
    7 Jim Marrs JFK Assassination June 8th
    6 Sherman Skolnik JFK Assassination June 1st
    5 April Oliver Operation Tailwind May 25nd
    4 William Davy Jim Garrison May 18th
    3 Donald Gibson JFK Assassination May 11th
    2 Michael Ruppert CIA/drugs May 3th
    1 Greg Burnham JFK Assassination April 20th

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