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Show #201
Featured Guest: John Costella

Topic: Making a case for Zapruder film reconstruction

Part One
John Costella
Part Two
John Costella con't
Part Three
Jim Fetzer US. News

Assassination Science website

Show #200
Featured Guest: Zachary Sklar

Topic: JFK Assassination and America

Part One
Zachary Sklar - Jim Garrison's editor & screen writer of Oliver Stone's JFK
Part Two
Tim McNiven interview
Discussion of his involvement of a Pentagon scenario of planes crashing into the Penatgon

Show #199
Featured Guest: Jamey Hecht

Topic: Report on COPA Dallas 2004

Jamey Hecht website

Part One
Jamey Hecht discusses the COPA conference in Dallas the year.
Part Two
Jamey Hecht con't

mcadams exposed !

Marquette University sponsor mcadams did they offer the $100,000 prize to shoot John F. Kennedy? We will find out!

Message from john to the research community

You buffs have been cooperating marvelously with my scheme
to make this group a shambles.
And you know the bizarre part? My scheme is not a secret.
I have publicly announced it.
I have made it perfectly obvious.
I have rubbed you buffs' noses in it.
It's blatantly obviously to everybody.

mcadams researching for the game?

Show #198
Featured Guest: Jamey Hecht

Topic: JFK Assassination and America

Jamey Hecht website

Part One
Jamey Hecht discusses implication of the JFK murder
Part Two
Jamey Hecht con't discussing the Pax Americana
Part Three
Jamey Hecht con't

Show #197
Featured Guest: Robert Groden

Topic: JFK Assassination

JFK Murder website

Part One
Robert Groden discusses Jim Garrison, Oliver Stone, the Zapruder film, HSCA, ARRB and more.
Part Two
Robert Groden con't
Part Three
Jim Fetzer's views of the Zapruder film

Show #196
Featured Guest: Michael Ruppert

Topic: Crossing the Rubicon

The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

From The Wilderness Publications -

Show #195
Featured Guest: Ed Haslam

Topic: Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus

Jim Fetzer
Comments on the US. election...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory
by Edward T. Haslam

The book is now available direct from the author.
All copies are signed. To get your copy, mail a check payable to:

Edward T. Haslam
P.O. Box 15381
Bradenton, FL 34280

Book $20.00
Shipping and handling $5.00
Total $25.00

Show #194
Featured Guest: Daniel Hopsicker / Karl

Topic: Welcome To Terrorland

Part One
Daniel Hopsicker - Barry Seal

Part Two

Article - A funny thing happened on the way to the truth!

Part Three
Jim Fetzer - JFK Research update & U.S. Politics

Show #193
Featured Guest: Daniel Hopsicker

Topic: Welcome To Terrorland

Part One
Jim Fetzer - JFK Research update & U.S. Politics

Part Two
Daniel Hopsicker

Madcow Morning News

Transcript of interview
Show #192
Featured Guest: Mike Palecek

Topic: The Last Liberal Outlaw

Mike Palecek is an Iowa author, former federal prisoner for peace,
and newspaper reporter. He was the Iowa Democratic Party nominee
for the U.S. House, 5th District, 2000 election.

Part One
Jim Fetzer - JFK Research update & U.S. Politics

Part Two
Mike Palecek

Part Three
Mike Palecek con't

Show #191
Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer


Part One
Jim Fetzer - JFK Research update & U.S. Politics

American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone

Show #190
Featured Guest: Douglas Valentine

Topic: The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs

Show #167
Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer

Topic: JFK Assassination Research

Show #166
Featured Guest: Barr McCellan

Topic: Blood Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK."

Barr McClellan Website

Web-posted Saturday, March 13, 2004 Guest Column: Facts about LBJ/JFK getting lost in history

By Barr McClellan Opinion

GULFPORT, Miss. - "Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK," my book on the assassination, centers on 68 exhibits showing a lifetime conspiracy between Lyndon B. Johnson and Ed Clark (the "secret boss of Texas)," a 1961 murder case with LBJ an unindicted co-conspirator, and the fingerprint match for Mac Wallace, one of three assassins. With a deep look into the sordid facts from LBJ's inner sanctum, we analyze the crime scene and conclude with a jury argument connecting the facts, leaving the reader to decide.

Most Americans have decided. The latest Gallup Poll shows only 11 percent believe in lone nuts.
Our collective decision as a nation is there was a conspiracy, and we have decided not by a landslide but by an avalanche.
Last November, Nigel Turner presented "The Guilty Men" on the History Channel, featuring 11 witnesses and researchers showing LBJ's involvement.
Jack Valenti and Bill Moyers, representing the LBJ interests, tried to cancel the series.
The History Channel refused, pointing out that the facts were "overwhelmingly researched," that free speech was to be protected, and that Valenti could prepare a response. Censorship failed.

The series, part of Turner's award-winning documentary, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy," proved a best-seller. In January, Valenti tried again, this time bringing far more pressure. The History Channel gave in, naming three historians to review the series.

My book was not mentioned; however, since I appear in "The Guilty Men," I offered full cooperation to the review panel even though one member had already stated LBJ had nothing to do with the assassination.

We have received no response.
Recently we learned the History Channel has pulled "The Guilty Men" and will not sell it again.

There is no longer a reason for the review panel. What we should see is blocked. This ridiculous censorship says we are getting closer to what happened in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

We have turned a corner. This ongoing effort to kill the facts will not succeed. Instead, it shows still another desperate effort to cover up and whitewash. This censorship is not our American tradition of free speech and debate. In that tradition, we challenge Valenti to produce the still-secret records.

Most Americans do not like the fact that a vice president assassinated a president. As patriotic citizens, we support the office of president and are reluctant to condemn the individual occupying it.

My book has the hard exhibits showing it was not only possible but that it did happen.

As attorney for LBJ, I go behind the attorney-client privilege to reveal super-lawyers Ed Clark and Don Thomas at work, voting the dead in the 1948 Senate election, laundering millions of dollars in cash, dealing with "wonder boy" money, and then setting the conspiracy in action.

I also show a critical fact the Warren Report overlooked - motive.

Who benefits?

From childhood LBJ ruthlessly craved power; he had enjoyed being president. In fact, during Eisenhower's last two years, he had no respect for Kennedy, and the 1961 murder forced him to act. He wanted to act, he had to act, and he did.

As this battle between censorship and disclosure unfolds, keep an eye on the facts. The censors have made several misstatements. There are witnesses to talk and men to be prosecuted.

I have been saying what I know since 1984. Even Earl Warren admitted the Report was his biggest mistake. Even LBJ admitted there was a conspiracy but took no action.

As we go further in the now 40-year-old investigation, additional facts will emerge. Ignore the censors and keep watching. The truth will out.

A newsman once said, "Facts are sacred." They still are.

Barr McClellan is an attorney and was a member of President Johnson's legal team.

Show #165
Featured Guest: John Judge

Topic: 911 Citizens Watch

911 Citizens Watch

Show #164
Featured Guest: Percy Schmeiser

Topic: Monsanto vs. Schmeiser

Percy Schmeiser is a farmer from Bruno, Saskatchewan Canada whose Canola fields
were contaminated with Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Canola. Monsanto's position is
that it doesn't matter whether Schmeiser knew or not that his canola field was
contaminated with the Roundup Ready gene and that he must pay their Technology Fee.

When Percy Scheiser was speaking in to the Parliment in Capetown South Africa
One of Monsanto's reps from Johannesberg shook his fist in Percy's face and exclaimed
"Nobody stands up to monsanto, we're gonna get you, and we're gonna destroy you somehow..."

Play Excerpt

Show #163
Featured Guest: John Hutchison

Topic: Invention

Show #162
Featured Guest: Col. L Fletcher Prouty

Topic: The Bay of Pigs

Show #161
Featured Guest: John Judge

Topic: John Judge

Show #160
Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer

Topic: The Men Who Killed Kennedy episodes

Show #159
Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer

Topic: US Politics

Jim Fetzer Website

Show #158
Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer

Topic: US Politics

Jim Fetzer Website

Special Show
Featured Guest: Fletcher Prouty Birthday Special

Topic: Col. Fletcher Prouty
Jan 24th 1917 - June 5th 2001

Show #157
Featured Guest: John Buchanan

Topic: The Corporate Coup D'Etat

David Brown Producer of the O'Rilley Factor 212-301-3223

Jane Millerick State Chair
New Hampshire Rep. Party
603 225-9341

U.S. Congress 202-224-3121 Request that Sr. Council
Burton J. Wydes demand impeachment of Pres. Bush

John Buchanan Website

Show #156
Featured Guest:  Ellen Mariani / Philip J. Berg, Esquire

Topic: 9/11 RICO lawsuit

ELLEN MARIANI: New Hampshire 9/11 widow who lost her husband Louis in Flight 175
which hit the WTC South Tower filed a 62-page RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations] Act
complaint against Bush, Cheney and other White House officials on November 26th charging foreknowledge
of attacks; failure to act, prevent, or warn; passive abetment for personal & political gainl intentional,
organized criminal activity; wrongful death; obstruction of justice; etc.

PHILIP J. BERG: Ms. Mariani's attorney and former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Case No. 03-5273 ELLEN MARIANI, vs. GEORGE W. BUSH[2] - Judge Eduardo C. Robreno

Show #155
Featured Guest:  David Ratcliffe.

Topic: Broadening Our Perspectives of 11 September 2001
Topic: From Broadening Our Perspectives of 11 September 2001
A division of rat haus reality press

A list of materials quoted from/cited in this conversation:

What does it say about our society and culture that since 1991, a "World-Trade-Center's worth of Iraqi children continue to die every month" as a direct result of the crimes against humanity perpetrated under the direction of the last three Presidents of the United States? What does this fact mean to each and every person in this nation-state who pays annual taxes, the largest portion of which goes to the ongoing expansion of the United States military? As tax-paying members of the United States, can we reconcile our culpability for these Iraqi deaths with the deaths of people one year ago in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania?

--David Ratcliffe, "Since 1991, a World Trade Center's worth of Iraqi children continue to die every month," from Broadening Our Perspectives of 11 September 2001, Sep 2002