Black Op Radio Archives 2006

Show #302
original air date Dec 28, 2006
Guest: Jim DiEugenio
Topics: RFK Assassination

Audio Part One Jim DiEugenio

  • Publisher & co-author of "The Assassinations" and producer of Destiny Betrayed
  • DiEuginio discusses the validity of photographic evidence as it pertains to Shane O’Sullivan’s
    documentary and that O’Sullivan should do the work necessary to absolutely prove his case before
    the corporate press begins their hatchet work
  • Jim's opinions of James Files, Judith Vary Baker and others
  • Jim talks about the RFK bullet evidence with respect to the amount of bullets, the angles of trajectory and the range to target
  • He also mentions several points on the inept defense of Sirhan Sirhan and what the trial
    was really all about… something other than Sirhan’s defense
  • Jim & Len discuss Larry Teeter’s lack of technologically advanced devices and Jim gives reasons for that
  • Jim discusses the book "RFK Must Die"
  • He makes the point that Michael Lane should have been investigated more deeply
  • Jim mentions just how susceptible Sirhan was to hypnotism
  • Sirhan’s Hypnotic writing and the girl in the polka dot dress
  • He also discusses William Joseph Bryan...
  • Jim mentions how inaccurate the film Bobbie was and what a lost opportunity the
    movie was to be historically accurate
  • Jim DiEugenio’s material can be seen at Probe Magazine
  • Jim talks about recent books that would exonerate David Atlee Phillips
    and Richard Helms against what history has proven

    Audio Part Two Jim Fetzer

  • Jim mentions his recent trip to Greece to do a show about 9/11
  • Jim’s website – Scholars for 9/11 Truth -
  • Jim & Len discuss the Princess Diana matter and recent revelations about the accident
  • Len reads a great letter and Jim talks about the death of Gerald Ford this past week and a bit of Ford’s dishonest history
  • Jim talks a bit about Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Len mentions he’s going to post a link to a page about JFK’s trip to Ireland and some assassination threats at that time
  • Jim mentions a bit about Bush ignoring the Iraq Study Group

  • Show #301
    original air date Dec 21, 2006
    Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topics: OJ Simpson

    Audio Part One Pat Valentino

  • Discussing more on the RFK assassination
  • Review of the Ted Charach interview from last week - important points discussed in that show
  • Mention of the new lawsuit of OJ Simpson's new book
  • Len mentions his show format where he let's the guest take the ball and run with it
    without much interjection... The guest always gets to say what he/she wants
  • Pat and Len discuss Col Prouty and the Collected Works CD that Len created
  • Len explains the time it took to compile, format and publish the CD material
    and how grateful Col Prouty was when he finally saw the finished version
  • A talk about a little known part of Prouty's life....His musical career

    Audio Part Two Pat Valentino

  • Talking about Ted Charach's video "The Second Gun" and the new video he's releasing
  • Pat talks about his first glimpse of Sirhan Sirhan and that he had a 'devastated' feeling as he thought Sirhan was a Cuban
  • More points on the OJ Simpson subject
  • Pat Mentions the continuing media bias against OJ
  • Pat discusses the anomalies in what Mark Levin said on the Kieth Olberman show and what Pat knows is fact
  • Pat mentions each of Johnny Cochrane's 15 points in the OJ case
  • He asks the question; What was VanAdder doing with the blood evidence?
  • Pat discusses OJ's civil trial and what a kangaroo court it was

  • SHOW #300
    original air date: Dec 14 2006
    guests: Ted Charach
    topics: RFK / The Second Gun

    Audio Part One Ted Charach

  • Ted witnessed the RFK assassination
  • He produced the video "The Second Gun" with Gerald Alcan
  • Ted relates his experience as a witness and how he came to believe there was a second gun
  • He related several anomalies in the official investivgation as compared to what he witnessed and heard
  • He has a soon-to-be-released book "Termination 2"
  • Ted relates a little about the police coverup
  • Talks a bit about Scott Enyart and how the police stole Scott's photos
  • He was Scott's first interviewer
  • Relates the observation that the real story would've been far more interesting than the movie "Bobby"
  • Talks about Sirhan's possible hypnotism and his involvement with mysticism
  • Ted was the man who investigated the involvement of Thane Eugene Caesar and was the first to interview him

    Audio Part Two Ted Charach

  • He talks about Robert Kaiser and how Kaiser tried to derail Ted's investigative efforts
  • Ted talks about the Dr. Henry C Lee institute
  • He discusses the extra bullets and the fact that Sirhan didn't kill RFK
  • At least four shots came from behind including the fatal shot
  • Ted talks about Shane O'Sullivan's work showing three CIA agents in the ballroom
  • Ted's material is available at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Pickford Center
  • Discussion of crime labs should be independant entities outside the control of the police
  • He talks about there being enough film interviews to make another "The Second Gun"
  • Film available at on DVD and VHS - soon to be available for download
  • Ted Charach Telecommunications Media PO Box 396 Beverly Hills Cal 90213
  • More contact info for Ted Charach

  • SHOW #299
    original air date: Dec 7 2006
    guests: Jim Fetzer Pat Valentino
    topics: 9/11 / OJ Simpson Book

    Audio Part One Jim Fetzer

    Guest: Jim Fetzer 

    • Jim begins with comments on how science can change as knowledge increases and time goes on
    • He makes several comments on what has happened to many 9/11 survivors since that tragedy
    • He comments on the growing likelihood that controlled demolition brought down the 9/11 buildings
      and he also says that several kinds of explosives were used
    • Jim is organizing a conference to study the points of the 9/11 tragedy that haven’t been covered
    • Len warns the audience ‘not to get sidetracked’. Try to stay focused and not get drawn into ideas that are ‘too far out there’

    Audio Part Two Pat Valentino

    Guest:Pat Valentino
    • Pat’s subject is the recent OJ Simpson book "If I Would Have Done It" as it relates to America’s First Amendment rights
    • Commentary on the many conservative and liberal media hacks who would deny these rights regardless of the fact
      that OJ was proven innocent in the eyes of the law
    • Pat offers many instances of OJ bashing, mostly from people that are woefully uneducated in the OJ case
      It amounts to total media bias and censorship
    • Interesting opposition to the standard "White" view that OJ did it can be found here
    • Pat makes the point that the US Constitution not only guarantees OJ the right to publish his book
      and make public commentary, it also guarantees the right of every American to read or not read this literature
      under the Freedom of Speech / Freedom of the Press rules
    • Comments on the power of the media hacks to create public opinion and some of the results when these biases prove to be damaging or incorrect
    • Pat makes quite a case that Mark Fuhrman is a much more mysterious witness
      than we’ve been led to believe and that Fuhrman has a great many questions to answer
      before his innocence or credibility can be determined
    • Several Fuhrman timelines don’t add up
    • fingerprint discovered on a gate handle was never admitted to evidence – A print that should have been a keystone piece of evidence

    Audio Part Three Pat Valentino

    Guest: Pat Valentino Cont’d
  • Commentary on Fuhrman’s media value and how he’s been in the public eye more than one would expect
  • POINT- Fuhrman’s wife gives him an alibi when Mark Fuhrman wasn’t the one on trial
  • POINT- Fuhrman also produces alibi evidence for himself during the trial when he wasn’t asked
  • POINT– OJ never changed his story and, without the crime, the story he presents is perfectly normal activity
    and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, OJ is probably innocent, just as the jury stated he was
  • A discussion of evidence not followed up on
  • Pat makes a case that OJ was generally a non-violent person
  • Commentary on the historical value of Black Op Radio’s archived interviews and the value
    of this kind of forum in the face of media bias and news blackouts and omissions
  • Commentary on the total sham of the official inquests into the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK and others

  • SHOW #298
    original air date: 23 November 2006
    guests: Lynn Mangan,Shane O'Sullivan
    topic: RFK Assassination Research,

    Audio Part One Lynn Mangan

  • Lynne Mangan has been researching the case since 1968
  • Upon reading trial transcripts Lynne discovered the gun tested
    was not the original gun even though the original weapon was operable and should have been used.
  • Lynne discovered Grant Cooper, Sirhan’s lawyer was compromised.
  • Lynne discovered a secret deal was made to expedite the trial without
    Sirhan’s presence or permission, disallowing evidence and creating conclusions.
  • She discovered some evidence envelopes were re-numbered or altered
  • Lynne discovered evidence packages were photographed but not the contents
  • Lynne explains the significance of Special Exhibit 10 that the bullets
    in the micrographs were imposter bullets--- forged evidence
  • She explains that Sirhan has no memory of the shooting and there is strong
    evidence that that is the result of some form of mind control although Sirahan
    explicitly denies he was hypnotized as if he’s preconditioned to denial
  • Lynne also discovered Sirhan’s extreme fear of hypnotism; another sign of preconditioning
  • Sirhan shows signs of hypnotic writing

    Audio Part Two Lynn Mangan

  • When asked, the LAPD evidence room could not produce the bullets saying they never received them
  • Bullets that were produced had been coated with grease and rendered unuseable as evidence
  • Lynne talks about her dealings in the Scott Enyart case
  • She states her opinion that the assassinations of RFK, JFK and MLK are linked
  • A discussion of the prison environment
  • Lynne does not believe Sirhan will ever have another trial or be released
  • Lynne recommends Robert Blair Kaiser’s book “RFK Must Die”

    Lynn Mangan Website

    Audio Part Three Shane O'Sullivan

    Shane O'Sullivan website

    BBC video   A film-maker investigating the assassination of Robert Kennedy claims
    to have found new images from the night he was shot. Nearly 40 years after the shooting,
    Shane O'Sullivan reports for Newsnight on his discoveries.

  • In the process of gathering evidence for his RFK documentary he discovered Robert Morales and two accomplices. Evidence shows they may also be involved in the JFK assassination involved with the CIA anti-Castro project JM Wave
  • O’Sullivan began to make a fictionalized version of the RFK assassination but upon gathering evidence, decides to create a documentary
  • Robert Morales, Gordon Campbell and George Joannides were identified as CIA agents as well as 4 unidentified associates
  • A discussion of some of the reasons a person like RFK would be removed
  • Shane O’Sullivan also recommends Robert Blair Kaiser’s book “RFK Must Die”

  • SHOW #297
    original air date: 16 November 2006
    guests: Jerry Coley, Lisa Pease
    topic: JFK Assassination Research, "Bobby"

    Audio Part One Jim Fetzer

  • Genesis Communications Network embarking on new programs, including JFK research with Jim Fetzer
  • discussion of the Nov 2006 U.S. election, followed by criticism of Pelosi and Democrats going soft
  • MSNBC Poll (cast your vote)
  • war crime charges being filed against Rumsfeld, yet "200,000 acres" of land have been purchased by Bush in
    Paraguay, a country with no extradition treaty with the U.S.
  • General Abizaid tesitifies before Congress
  • U.S. Will Train Latin American Militaries
  • Foreign Sales by U.S. Arms Makers Doubled in a Year
  • Jim Fetzer on PBS Tucson

    Audio Part Two Jerry Coley

  • related video interview, and commentary by Martin Barkley
  • Coley recounts in detail his experiences in the Dealey Plaza area on the morning of November 22, 1963, which
    culminated in his discovery of a pool of blood on the steps near the picket fence and his subsequent caustic
    encounters with spooks
  • Don Roberdeau Map showing location of blood (see "liquid red pool"), possibly the result of a bystander being hit
    by a stray bullet; if so, this pool of blood would reveal a second shot that missed the limousine completely, the injury
    to James Tague being the first

    Audio Part Three Lisa Pease

  • discussion of new movie coming out "Bobby;" the film is heavily fictionalized, according to Pease; not a research film so
    much as a work of fiction that explores other issues; IMDB
  • Pease is at work on a research book about RFK and the assassination, and is shocked how much fear still surrounds
    living witnesses to this day; RFK had become more radicalized than his brother, in part as a result of his brother's death
  • Pease on Discovery Channel documentary (produced by an NBC Dateline crew) on CIA mind control, in connection with
    Sirhan Sirhan as the patsy in the RFK assassination; corresponding Pease blog entry
  • The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
  • discussion of the lady in the polka dot dress
  • Dave Talbot's forthcoming book on RFK's personal investigation into the JFK assassination is due for release in late

  • SHOW #296
    original air date: 9 November 2006
    guests: Aaron Russo, Pat Valentino
    topic: The Federal Reserve, IRS. & JFK Research

    Audio Part One Aaron Russo

  • while investigating the IRS, Russo found that the Federal Reserve was the larger problem and thus broadened the
    focus of his film; after the dissolution of Habeas Corpus, Russo felt compelled to get the film out to a wider audience
    through Google Video
  • while the Sixteenth Amendment and Federal Reserve Act were both created in 1913, from 1916-1923 the Supreme
    Court ruled on eight different occasions that the Sixteenth Amendment did not give the government the right to tax the
    labor of the people; while "gains" are taxable, labor isn't, according to the decisions cited by Russo
  • ironically, a central bank and graduated income taxes are planks of the Communist Manifesto
  • the definition of fascism
  • Russo discusses the banking cartel's ultimate goal to have everybody in the world chipped, and all money in the world
    digitized Spy Chips
  • interesting story on the real basis of the Women's Lib movement: to tax the better half of the population, while more
    easily indoctrinating children, now that both parents are working
  • the difference between "democracy" and "constitutional republic"
  • Ben Franklin quote
  • Russo is optimistic that the Fed can be reigned in by Congress, given the people's willingness to mobilize through civil
    disobedience; for more details, check the website Freedom to Fascism

    Interview with Dave Champion
    Tagged Workers
    Real ID Act of 2008 Article

    Audio Part Two Pat Valentino

  • Valentino concludes his discussion of the 4 one-hour CBS programs on the JFK assassination, hosted by Walter
    Cronkite, noting the corruption of such figures in the media as I.F. Stone and Eric Sevareid, and the use of cameras
    different from Zapruder's to create a false impression of the kill zone.
  • Valentino reads a paragraph from Jim Garrison's A Heritage Of Stone "
  • Concluding discussion of two caskets and the importance of interview techniques

  • SHOW #295
    original air date: 2 November 2006
    guests: Prof. Donald Scott, Jim Fetzer
    topic: JFK Research

    Audio Part One Donald Scott

  • upcoming CCMRF Seventh Annual Conference, November 17-19, is previewed; the conference will cover
    controversial subjects ranging from the environment, to disease, to the CIA's war on the world, featuring a
    speech by William Blum
    Blum Link 1 Blum Link 2
  • the importance of oxygen therapy and the "right" to health
  • the "deep politics" of the United States; Scott's medical research has led him into the political reality of a
    shadow government; discussion of Ramsey Clark's role reversal between the James Earl Ray trial and the
    Saddam Hussein trial
  • detailed discussion of CIA assassinations, HAARP, and the price paid by researchers as examples of deep politics
  • Gulf War veterans, SCUD missiles, and mycoplasma; Scott resigned from the Canadian legion; more than a coincidental
    link between Gulf War syndrome and other diseases
  • Seventh Annual Conference of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation
    Fri-Sun November 17-19, 2006
    Hotel Radisson, Downtown Sudbury
    85 Ste. Anne Road
    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    P3E 4S4
    Radisson Tel (705) 675 - 1123
    Radisson Fax (705) 675 - 7727
    Toll Free 1-800-333-3333
    Package Price: All lectures, workshops, Annual Banquet & Breakfast: $125
    Pearson International Airport
    Flight Information: 1-888-255-7327 ask for Louise
    General Information: telephone Bill at (705) 673-0726 or fax (705) 670-0180
    Advance Registration: send check or money order to
    CCMRF Conference
    Box 133, Station B
    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
    P3E 4N5

    Audio Part Two Jim Fetzer

  • reflections on the backfiring of the JFK assassination simulation on-line video game, JFK Reloaded; no
    one could replicate Oswald's shot(s) Article
  • discussion of Rove's unexplainable optimism that his party will retain Congressional control after next
    week's election; does this optimism reflect a sense of confidence that electronic voting machines, not the
    voters, are deciding the election?
  • discussion of today's polls; the war in Iraq does not carry the political boost for Bush it once did; a sense
    of real trouble is deepening in the United States, according to information cited by Fetzer
  • looting of the United States GAO chief warns economic disaster looms
  • roundup of the numerous major scandals currently in progress in the United States: who has to
    "apologize" for their gaffe and who doesn't?
  • voting machine hack video
  • HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy"

    SHOW #294
    original air date: 26 October 2006
    guests: Mark Lane, Pat Valentino,
    topic: JFK Research

    Audio Part One Mark Lane
  • Mark Lane was a campaign manager in New York for JFK, thus the assassination was a
    personal blow to Lane; first contact in Dallas was with assassination witness, Jean Hill,
    who unknowingly coined the term "grassy knoll;" Lane's further visits with other witnesses
    in the Dallas area, including Oswald's mother, to whom he agreed to represent Oswald's case,
    led to articles, and then Lane's first book Rush to Judgment,
    as well as his second book A Citizen's Dissent
  • Rush to Judgment was the #1 hardcover book in the U.S. in 1966 and the #1 paperback,
    a year later, in 1967, and yet Lane had an extremely difficult time getting his third book
    Plausible Denial published some years later
  • Mark Lane Bio 1
  • Mark Lane Bio 2
  • the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission report (the footnotes and citations) were not available initially;
    after they were finally released, Anthony Lewis of the New York Times pronounced,
    the next day, that the 26 volumes supported the veracity of the government's case against Oswald,
    while it took Lane, a trained lawyer, a full year to read all the volumes; no broadcast dissent
    against the WC was allowed in the United States, according to Lane; Lane worked northern border
    cities of the United States, filtering through the Canadian news media to get his case out
  • in addition to criticizing the war in Iraq, Lane touches on the "serious questions"
    surrounding 9/11, questions which neither the media nor the government are addressing
  • Lane describes "one of the most bizarre moments with the media" and LBJ; in a videotaped interview,
    Cronkite assumed LBJ would agree with the findings of the WC, and was shocked when LBJ replied,
    "I never believed it! I always thought there was a conspiracy." while that part of the tape
    never made the final broadcast, the New York Times ran that portion of the interview in print, according to Lane
    Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
  • Lane describes Hunt v. Liberty Lobby, Hunt's suit against the Liberty Lobby Newspaper,
    The Spotlight, and Victor Marchetti, author of the article in question; Hunt won $650,000.00
    in the suit, but on the newspaper's appeal, Lane represented The Spotlight, and was successful in overturning
    the lower court's ruling; in the process of that appeal, Lane won an unprecedented, unanimous verdict
    from the jury that the CIA had killed JFK
    jury forewoman, Leslie Armstrong, offered
    this assessment of the trial:
    "Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult --
    he was asking us to believe that John Kennedy had been killed by our own government.
    Yet when we examined the evidence closely, we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had
    indeed killed President Kennedy."
  • among the most remarkable depositions taken by Lane, Richard Helms stated Clay Shaw,
    the defendant in the Garrison case, "worked for us;" Lane describes his working
    relationship with Garrison at the time
  • Lane decribes Hunt's multiple alibis as to his whereabouts on November 22, 1963
  • Lane describes the remarkable testimony of Marita Lorenz, CIA insider and witness to the CIA
    assassination "caravan" en route to Dallas to kill Kennedy, which was later privately corroborated
    to Lane by Gerry Patrick Hemming, with one exception
  • Lane also conducted video interviews with many of the key witnesses in Dealey Plaza on
    November 22, 1963, such as Lee Bowers, and witness to the Tippit murder, Acquilla Clemons;
    these interviews are available on the film version of Rush to Judgment, and
    the Roger Craig interview is available on Two Men in Dallas; both videos are extremely rare
  • Lane comments on his feature film endeavor, Executive Action, and Donald Sutherland's original subtitle for the film's poster
  • Lane comments on Jim Garrison; they were good friends; Garrison performed the wedding ceremony
    for Lane and his wife, the only prosecutor who "dared" to investigate the Kennedy killing;
    Garrison was "clearly on to something," the first public official ever to say "I have some news for you,
    ladies and gentleman of the press; the CIA killed your President;" among other obstacles presented
    to Garrison, his staff had been infiltrated, according to Lane
  • Alan Dulles and Earl Warren commentaries on the Warren Commission; Dulles: "No one will read this report."
    Warren: "In essence, our job is not to get the truth."
  • Lane describes the CIA cover stories re: Oswald in Mexico and the "40 million American lives"
    that Warren "saved" by pinning blame for the assassination on Oswald
  • Kennedy wanted to end the war, and was about to dissolve the CIA and appoint RFK to head it's
    new incarnation, according to Lane, but in answer to the specific identity of the power center that
    ordered the CIA to kill Kennedy, Lane can't speculate
  • as far as E. Howard Hunt's role in the assassination, according to Lane's investigation,
    Hunt was the propaganda expert at the Bay of Pigs and the paymaster in the JFK assassination
  • not heard of James Files
  • Lane recounts his debate experiences in the pastures of academe; the CIA got a proof copy of
    Rush to Judgment BEFORE his publis her, but could not find a single factual error, so certain
    plants in the academic community tried to find errors, particularly Wesley Liebeler
    of the Warren Commission UCLA blurb
  • Lane concludes that destruction of US honor througout the world is the biggest problem today;
    Lane is working on a piece of legislation which would require everyone from the cabinet level up
    to be taxed 100% on their personal gains from war profiteering

    Audio Part Two Pat Valentino

  • Valentino credits Lane with getting the ball rolling on JFK research, particularly for
    researchers who are from other professions
  • discussion of Lane's numerous public speaking appearances in the 60's and 70's, and a lecture by Clay Shaw
    shortly after the Garrison trial, attended by Donald Freed
  • Valentino recounts other appearances by Lane: speaking at length on the Elliot Mintz program,
    debating attorney Louis Nizer on television, and debating William Buckley on television;
    while records of these appearances are extremely rare, Valentino has audio copies
    which may become available to Black Op Radio
  • discussion of E. Howard Hunt, his book on the Bay of Pigs invasion,
    Give Us This Day, and his appearance on the William Buckley show
  • Kennedy "turned white" when Diem was assassinated, realizing that the CIA
    had maneuvered behind his back again, a repeat of the Bay of Pigs
  • Valentino recalls TV personality Jenny Jones' sudden coldness toward Mark Lane when
    he appeared on her show, a moodswing not unlike the Johnny Carson interview of Jim Garrison,
    or even the behavior of Nancy Grace on today's CourtTV
  • Valentino follows up on the four 1-hour CBS programs described earlier by Lane;
    the transcripts of the shows were released as a book entitled Should We Now Believe the Warren Report?
  • discussion of LBJ and Hoover and the premise that the WC merely "authenticated" the
    original FBI report, which was thrown together in one day; Valentino describes certain key
    phone calls between LBJ and others, and recommends for further research;
    "40 million dead in the first hour"
  • detailed discussion of NSAM #273 (the reversal of #263); the draft of #273 had EIGHT
    copies out on 11/21, the day before the assassination, a stunning behind-the-back
    reversal of Kennedy's intentions to withdraw "all U.S. personnel" from Vietnam,
    evidence that people in the loop already knew Kennedy would be killed

  • discussion of McNamara; Kennedy was trying to disguise the deescalation; how does McNamara
    do a 180 with Johnson? how did he NOT know about the inside job against Kennedy? when Prouty
    came back from Antarctica, the whole Pentagon had changed; how many people there knew the
    Kennedy assassination had been an inside job? Prouty replied, "They all knew."

    Bloody Treason by Noel Twyman
  • anecdotes on difficulties with publishing JFK research
  • discussion of Donald Freed's announcement that Shaw was an "employee," not a contract agent, of the CIA;
    Marchetti's book, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence; and the fact that if Hunt hadn't sued The Spotlight,
    he would have escaped notice, and Lane's Plausible Denial would never have been written
  • Valentino concludes with a discussion of the difficulties in the field of JFK research

  • SHOW #293
    original air date: 19 October 2006
    guests: Pat Valentino, Jim Fetzer,
    topic: JFK Research and U.S. Politics

    Audio Part One Pat Valentino

  • continuing from last week's show, Valentino speaks from prepared notes on the
    Warren Commission and his work with David Lifton
  • Valentino provides a detailed discussion of Lifton's premise that the Warren Commission
    itself wasn't a vast conspiracy so much as it was "lawyers being lawyers;" the WC started
    with the premise that Oswald murdered JFK and simply found evidence to support it; lawyers
    being lawyers, not investigators
  • the released report of the WC represented the "thesis" that Oswald alone assassinated JFK,
    and the first wave of WC critics, including Mark Lane, represented the "antithesis;"
    Lane's Rush to Judgment was the "defense brief" Oswald never had
  • discussion of the six WC panels and "the sixth floor evidence" vs. the grassy knoll eyewitnesses: ""thesis" vs. "antithesis"
  • according to Valentino, Lifton believed the autopsy data carried the WC,
    and that it was only after the publication of the WC that this "best evidence"
    fell under suspicion; the autopsy data failing under scrutiny was the key that
    sparked further investigation by private citizens
  • the question becomes when is being "just a lawyer" a satisfactory excuse
    for letting the crime of the century receive an official seal of approval from Washington?
    for example, why did assistant counsel Wesley J. Liebeler fail to follow up in his questioning of Zapruder?
    according to Liebeler, he had no idea why
  • the FBI report that revealed the handling and room for alterations to the President's
    body was the catalyst that led Lifton to write his book, Best Evidence and FBI Report
  • detailed discussion of the three dissenting members (of the seven leading Warren Commision members),
    congressmen from the southern United States: Richard B. Russell, John Sherman Cooper,
    and Hale Boggs -- who would later die in a plane crash
  • Valentino recalls Boggs' daughter -- Cokie Roberts of ABC News -- and her unusual reaction
    to Sam Donaldson's question put to her during one particular edition of the Sunday morning
    news program "This Week with David Brinkley"
  • Keith Olbermann addresses the Military Commissions Act in a special comment

    Audio Part Two - Jim Fetzer

  • Military Commissions Act 2006 "The term 'unlawful enemy combatant' means--"
  • Fetzer comments on O'Reilly's reaction to the e-mail heat he received for ambushing Fetzer
    on the air, an ambushing which led to an additional 40,000 hits on the 9/11 Scholar's website;
    also comments on Lowry's statement Article 1   Article 2   Article 3  
  • discussion of whether Military Commissions Act applies to U.S. citizens
    Senator Feingold's statement to the President
  • discussion of the Israel lobby and dual citizenship held by key officials, such as Michael Chertoff,
    Director of Homeland Security, and Dov Zakheim, former Pentagon Comptroller Article
  • Bush signs tough NEW space policy Article
  • lack of concern from Bush and Rove over low Republican poll numbers suggests a plan is in
    place to subvert the election process
  • Bush Doctrine Article White House
  • Fetzer reads a letter he wrote to the New York Times this morning,
    in reply to the following article 18 Oct 2006 "President Signs New Rules"

  • SHOW #292
    original air date: 12 October 2006
    guests: Pat Valentino, Jim Fetzer, Lisa Pease
    topic: JFK Research and U.S. Politics


  • Valentino corrects a mistake from his previous appearence, on BOR #276 --
    Paul O'Connor, who opened JFK's casket in Bethesda and noticed the brain was missing,
    did NOT put the body in the casket in Dallas O'Connor on Lancer
  • Valentino recounts an extended meeting with Nigel Turner, producer of
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy video series, and David Lifton, JFK researcher,
    and their discussion of when the President's brain disappeared and how the
    two caskets were manipulated The Men Who Killed Kennedy
  • Valentino recounts the discussion between Senator Ralph Yarborough and
    David Lifton, where Yarborough, a passenger in LBJ's limo, described the behavior
    of the Secret Service upon arrival at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas,
    and described "the biggest cock and bull story of the whole case" --
    that Secret Service agent Rufus Youngblood cited reason for not being able to recall how many shots
    were fired as completely false. Youngblood Bio
  • discussion of LBJ's telling statement to Clare Boothe Luce, and of the process
    by which LBJ privately agreed to be JFK's Vice President, and his irritation
    when RFK was sent to try to get him to change his mind;
    Valentino says Stuart Symington was the first choice for VP Symington Bio

    Audio Part Two

  • Fetzer describes his interview of Paul Craig Roberts on RBNLive, and describes Roberts'
    distress over the subversion of the Constitution; when the interview reached the
    issue of corporate globalization, Fetzer was surprised by Roberts' response that
    the neocons are not so much globalists as they're in it for themselves;
    Roberts conceded he doesn't know what happened on 9/11, but is convinced of the
    use of explosives at the WTC
    Roberts on Lew Rockwell
    "The End of America? The North American Union" Article
    on the right-hand column Interview on RBN Live RBN Live
  • world's largest U.S. embassy is under construction -- in Iraq Article
  • discussion of the Foley scandal
  • discussion of the small plane that crashed in an NYC building Article
  • Fetzer was invited on O'Reilly/FOX by e-mail this afternoon and the interview was taped; Fetzer discusses
    "the pattern" of FOX interviews: they give the guest a false impression of what will be discussed on the show,
    then ambush them with an off-subject "barrage;" the host will hog the limited time with the barrage,
    and the guest has no time to reply with an equal barrage Blogger Coverage Blogger Coverage

    Audio Part Three

  • discussion of trial of Dr. Cyril Wecht; the trial has been delayed Article
  • discussion of listeners' reaction to John Judge's 9/11 theories, the clashing of researchers in general,
    and the effect of these pitfalls on the show and in the media
  • discussion of JFK-related issues, including the late Nellie Connally's eyewitness statements and the incomplete autopsy
    Lisa Pease Bio
    Lisa Pease Blog

  • Show #291
    original air date: 5 October 2006
    guests: John Judge & Jim Fetzer
    topic: COPA Conference and U.S. Politics


  • update on JFK research - Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA) plans for this November 2006 in Dallas.
    Parapolitics Coverage of COPA 2002 Conference COPA 2002 Conference Judge's Writing at Article
  • Federal raid on Dr. Cyril Wecht, which confiscated all his research material, and detailed
    discussion of other planned guests for this year's Coalition On Political Assassination conference Article on Wecht
  • the late Phil Melanson will receive an award posthumously at this year's conference
  • the process of sorting out legitimate researchers from infiltrators is based largely on evaluating the depth and quality of their work;
    infiltrators tend not to hold up, Judge has found
  • discussion of Cuba, Operation Northwoods, and the JFK assassination
  • Judge is skeptical of the 9/11 Truth Movement's "post-literate" reliance on video
  • e-mail question on Woodward's new book, State of Denial; Judge says breaking stories like that are really leaks from
    fractures within the class; comments on the differences between the Bush I team and the Bush II team as an example,
    and continues with a detailed discussion of U.S. politics in the Watergate era, when Woodward became known to the public;
    denies that Mark Felt was the real Deep Throat, even though he was outed as such last year Article on Felt
  • Judge comments on Cheney receiving advice from Kissinger and expands to a discussion of the Reagan era
  • Judge's website is under contstruction, more information is available at
  • Judge concludes that WTC7 collapsed due to poor construction and says "pull" is not a demolition term,
    that Silverstein meant to "pull" the firefighters out; believes the key to solving 9/11 is to study the hijackers
    and NORAD SOP; details on Judge's 9/11 research to follow at his website .


  • the studio was flooded with e-mails disagreeing with Judge's 9/11 statements on WTC 7 and the Twin Towers;
    Fetzer says Judge uses a "non-observable" cause to explain the controlled demolition of 7, the same mistake in
    reasoning he accuses the 9/11 Truth Movement of making; if it was really a hole under 7 that caused its collapse,
    NIST would have come up with that explanation a long time ago, says Fetzer
  • according to detailed comments based on his WTC research, Fetzer goes on to say Judge's comments are "Massive BS,"
    hypothesized causes of observable effects
  • discussion of the leaked NIE, Woodward's book, and the Foley scandal, in which Fox News misidentified Foley as a
    Democratic senator several times Article
  • discussion of organized pedophilia and the potential wide reach of this breaking scandal
  • discussion of U.S. military build up in the Persian Gulf, "a catastrophe in the making," says Fetzer Article
  • the new definition of "enemy combatant" Article

  • Show #290
    Original air date: 28 September 2006
    Guest: Jim Fetzer roundtable with Len and Anita
    Topic: U.S. Politics

    Audio Part One

  • Chris Wallace interview with Bill Clinton on FOX Fox News Transcript Clinton on The Daily Show
  • discussion of 9/11 foreknowledge, holy wars, and hijackers
  • Keith Olbermann approached with an anthrax-like substance Article
  • 7-11 dropping Citgo gas (produced by Venezuela/Chavez) Article And Counter Article
  • leaked National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) Article
  • Maj. General John Batiste’s testimony before Sen. Democratic Policy Committee Article
  • discussion of opium and pipelines in Afghanistan

    Audio Part Two

  • replay of BOR interview (#169) in memory of the late Phil Melanson,
    RFK, JFK, and MLK researcher Article on Melanson's Life

  • Show #289
    Original air date: 21 September 2006
    Guest: Jim Fetzer roundtable with Len and Anita
    Topic: Bush called the Devil...

    Audio Part One

  • Dr. Phil Melanson passed away, author of the book Spy Saga, / BOR Show #169 Paul Nellen interview
  • exchange on 9/11 Scholars home page, "Responding to The American Thinker" Article
  • Bush's evolving statements regarding Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein
  • the split between GOP senators and Bush on torture possibly resolved in today's compromise bill Article
  • torture in Iraq is worse after Saddam Article

    Audio Part Two

  • Hugo Chavez at UN CNN Article
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN MSNBC Interview
  • Ed Haas analysis of Osama Bin Laden video Link
  • 16 budget analysts killed in the Pentagon 9/11 attack

  • Show #288
    Original air date: 14 September 2006
    Guest: Jim Fetzer roundtable with Len and Anita
    Topic: Fifth Anniversary of 9/11

    Audio Part One

  • The ABC documentary ($40 million)
  • Fetzer was in New York for the anniversary, as were hundreds of other 9/11 Truthers,
  • Fetzer describes the event at Cooper Union Hall, featuring numerous speakers
  • Fetzer has done about a dozen more interviews since
  • Debate between Loose Change and Popular Mechanics Article
  • forced to answer the 9/11 Truth Movement, Popular Mechanics now has a book,
    foreword by Senator John McCain, endorsed by Richard A. Clarke, among others Book
  • Prof. Steven Jones on paid leave while BYU investigates his stance on 9/11; AAUP coming to his defense Article
  • on a radio talk show, Jones referenced Webster Tarpley when pressed for "who" did 9/11,
    and a reference to an "international banking cartel" has been seized upon by the Anti-Defamation League
  • Norman Mineta's sudden retirement Article
  • Marvin Bush directing security at the WTC Article

    Audio Part Two

  • The new WTC 7 is rebuilt and UP, yet Ground Zero is still a hole in the ground
  • Republican Senators defy Bush on Gitmo legislation Article
  • 9/11 Truth gaining momentum, a million downloads of Loose Change in one day
  • "Investigate 9/11" parade on 9/11/06 led by Loose Change Photos
  • People getting sick and dying from breathing the air at Ground Zero 60 Minutes coverage: 60 Minutes coverage
  • Upcoming elections in November; will a Democratic sweep in the U.S. make a difference?

  • Show #287
    Original air date: 7 Sept 2006
    Featured Guest: Len, Jim & Anita
    Topic: JFK Assassination and 9/11 Research

    Audio Part One

  • Nellie Connally, wife of former Texas Governor John Connally, and last surviving rider of the JFK limo
    at the time of his assassination, has passed away at the age of 87. Article
  • Fetzer briefly recaps neutron activation. View Article
  • Rahn Debate
  • Brief segue into cosmology.
  • Handling disagreement among JFK researchers. Where is the line between false information and disinformation?
    Len cites Prouty's tip to develop a "sixth sense" for time wasters, and a detailed discussion follows.
  • NSAM 263
  • James Files, Judith Baker, Wim Dankbaar, and the accompanying drama of time possibly being wasted.
  • Murder Inc

    Audio Part Two

  • In 9/11 follow-up book, Without Precedent, Commission co-chairs Kean and Hamilton admit that the Pentagon
    gave them conflicting information, and that they were too weak on Giuliani. Book
  • Question: when were the ships used for transporting Ground Zero debris offshore chartered?
    Researching that would reveal foreknowledge.
  • Scholars for 9/11 Truth is the number one 9/11 website, and Loose Change
    has reached an unparalleled audience with 10 million downloads.
  • Fetzer explicates the government's "several-pronged" counter attack to the success of the Scholars and LC.
  • Prong One: NIST White Paper 9/11 Scholars critiques of paper (on upper right of st911 homepage)
  • Prong Two: Time and US News ploy, reminiscent of Peter Jennings' coverage of JFK,
    that 9/11 Truthers are grasping at "conspiracy theories" to find emotional closure. US NEWS TIME Magizine
  • question:raised "if the Pentagon attack happened the way the federal government said it did,
    why wouldn't they reveal more video tape to reinforce their story?
  • Prong Three: "White House targets conspiracy theorists as terrorist recruiters." Article
  • VA health care piece "Health Policy Malpractice" in 4 Sep 2006 New York Times by Paul Krugman. Krugman Site
  • 9/11 Fifth Anniversary Info
  • Forthcoming ABC 9/11 miniseries under attack from many angles
  • AP Article
  • ABC Article

  • Show #286
    Original air date: 31 August 2006
    Featured Guest: Len, Jim & Anita
    Topic: JFK Assassination and 9/11 Research

    Part One
  • Len announces a proposed program schedule for BOR in the fall, where a debate,
    for and against the Warren Commission, would be carried out over multiple shows and guests.
    Listener questions are invited. (Real e-mail address and phone # required.)
    The goal of the project is to leave a high quality archive for the future.
  • Jim Fetzer revealsanother professor under attack, in this case, 9/11 Scholars member William Woodward,
    of the University of New Hampshire, for wanting to show a film clip questioning the official version of 9/11 as
    part of his political psychology class that studies the many angles of political situations.

    Three articles:
  • AP Article
  • Union Leader Article
  • Inside Higher Ed
  • Jim, Len, and Anita discuss the question: How is it "unpatriotic" to study the past?
    The ensuing discussion traces an extended thread of so-called controversial subjects.
  • Keith Olbermann "The Nexus of Politics and Terror" (note: in the advent of the "shampoo" bombers
    this report is getting more attention now, but it was actually produced last fall 2005) Google Video
  • Len, then Anita, question how different would the Democrats be from the Republicans if elected into a majority?
    Fetzer's answer is the postulation of a Gore presidency, which incites a detailed discussion.

    Part Two
  • Continuing with the subject of persecuted professors William Woodward and Kevin Barrett, Fetzer cites
    an article by Bill Douglas which traces Douglas' personal journey of discovery into the dubious but persistent
    assertion that the 9/11 Truth movement is a "fringe" movement whose "assertions" are "insane." Article
  • Articles on Kevin Barrett: essay Capital Times (Madison WI newspaper)
  • Fetzer comments on Rumsfeld's speech describing "a new type of fascism"
  • Keith Olbermann's response to that speech Article
    (also archived at
    Continuing with the theme of what's patriotic:
  • The reclassification of declassified material
  • Callers to Fetzer on FOX news who are "plants."
  • Gore's running mate was Lieberman.
  • Len closes with the proposed fall show theme of debating the Warren Commission
    version of Lee Oswald's guilt in JFK's murder.
  • Investigate 9/11 T-shirt

  • SHOW #285
    Original air date: 24 August 2006
    Guest: Jim Fetzer with Len and Anita
    Topic: Jim Fetzer roundtable with Len & Anita

    Part One
  • in addition to bringing Aaron Russo on the show.
    Anita describes lining up a guest on the latest advancements in audio forensics in the JFK case,
    which may show direction of shots in addition to number of shots
  • neutron activation analysis of JFK ballisitics briefly described and refuted by Fetzer
  • continued, detailed discussion of audio analysis of the shots in Dealey Plaza based on new
    technology and the need for investigators and original data of integrity
  • Fetzer cites USA Today articles, starting with the involuntary recall of U.S. Marines
    back into the Iraq war -- revealing the brewing crisis in the United States' military strength
  • and continuing with Dr. Irwin Relener article considering mega disaster scenarios where the U.S.
    military would be used in the United States; of five hypothetical disaster scenarios,
    four cite a specific city while the fifth, a nuclear weapon attack in a major city, doesn't
  • Bush quoted at a press conference this week saying Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11
  • events for 9/11 in New York and Washington D.C. The New York event will run from
    the 8th through the 11th with numerous speakers; read article

    Part Two
  • Canadian Broadcasting [CBC] interview with Jim Fetzer is in the process of being buried, says Fetzer;
    show is called "The Current"
    detailed discussion of CBC's vulnerability and the killing of controversial shows
  • Fetzer with three stories about 9/11: starting with the "liquid explosives plot" in England recently;
    the conditions of the flight and the preparedness of the hijackers suggests the foiled "attack" would
    have been impossible to pull off; some of the airlines are considering legal action against the British government
  • second 9/11 story: Donald Buswell story; Buswell is confronting a court-martial over his skeptical e-mail on 9/11 article
  • the breakdown of U.S. sovereignty into a "North American Union," including a transnational highway
    from Mexico to Canada, and possibly a new currency read article
  • third 9/11 story: impact times discrepancy between seismographs and FAA data as reported by the 9/11 Commission;
    the seismographs show the hits happening about 14 seconds BEFORE the impact -- which would suggest bombs
    went off just before the planes hit; an amazing smoking gun -- "seismic proof that 9/11 was an inside job"

  • Show #284
    Featured Guest: David Lifton
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Part One
    David Lifton got into research as a complete skeptic; he believed
    the Warren Commission completely until at a Mark Lane conference
    saw JFK's head snap backwards on the Z film; then his views began to change forever.

  • studied the evidence of alterations to Kennedy's body
  • wrote a book called Best Evidence
  • there was no Google, no internet in 1966; finding autopsy photos was challenging
  • sees the key issue as "fraud in the evidence" moreso than who shot from where.

    Part Two
  • detailed description of David Lifton's multi-year journey through the evidence, quite a compelling story
  • goes up to 1990, when all the emotions and business dealings surrounding release of the photos had pretty much settled
  • AARB, American Assassination Review Board up to 1997
  • Len has e-mails constantly blocked; more pessimistic about the internet than Lifton,
    who says the JFK assassination investigation among private citizens would have unfolded
    very differently if the internet had existed since '63
  • Lifton doesn't have a website, so detailed links will have to be dug up

    Part Three
    Jim Fetzer discusses U.S. Politics, The police beating of investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn,
    who has been pushing on 9/11 and the assassination of Wellstone.

  • Show #283
    Featured Guest: Wallace Milam
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    "Wallace Milam is a long-time researcher into assassinations of the 1960s.
    He has written extensively on many topics of research on the assassination of John F. Kennedy
    and has also studied the assassination of Martin Luther King in great detail.
    He has been published in assassination journals, delivered authoritative lectures for years
    He has good knowledge of some of the more scientifically-oriented and sometimes difficult
    to understand areas, such as the medical evidence and neutron activation analysis.
    Articles by Wallace Milam

    Part One
    Wallace Milam discusses JFK Assassination research and disinformation in the case.
    Gerald Posner, HSCA, and the ARRB.

    Part Two
    Wallace continues with explanation of Neutron Activation why it can't be trusted,
    and his views of the testimony of Dr. Vincent Guinn and Ken Rahn's work.

    Part Three
    Jim Fetzer discusses the latest terror threat. And research in the 911 community.

    Oliver Stone Excerpt regarding Jim Garrison Summation Speech at the trial
    More than 80% in the movie

    Show #282
    Featured Guest: April Oliver/ Jack Smith
    Topic: Operation Tailwind

    Part One
    In this rare interview April and Jack detail their well researched report
    on US. Military gassing deserters in Vietnam with Sarin gas.
    Then CNN caved in to pressure, called the story false, put a gag order
    on them both, and fired the reporters.

    Part Two
    The gutless cave in of CNN was almost as bad as the reporter who tries
    to get them to stop the story. April and Jack sued for wrongful dismissal
    on the threat that they would make public their research.
    with a gag order in place the story may be forgotten unless...
    we study just what they had discovered, that the US government sent
    assassination squads to gas American military deserters in Vietnam.

    Hear April reveal that after the show aired, servicemen called in to reveal
    other similar missions. These leads were followed and interviews were video
    taped but CNN will never air them.
    Don't let this story disappear as "Gutless" CNN would have it forgotten.

    Show #281
    Featured Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: Real American History

    Part One
    Fletcher gives his background and insight into many historical events.

    Show #280
    Featured Guest: Greg Palast
    Topic: Armed Madhouse

    Part One
    Author Greg Palast discusses his new book and past articles,
    web blogs and website -
    Bush's speech at the NAACP Convention analyzed,
    Reasons for Greg's last book being banned in Canada revealed!

    Part Two
    Dr. Robert Thorne calls in with his observations on Talk Radio censorship.

    Part Three
    Prof. Jim Fetzer - More discussion of U.S. Politics, the Middle East, and the fruad of wikipedia.

    Mae Brussel film " “Mae Brussell in Santa Cruz” screens at Long Beach Convention Center July 30th 8pm
    Action On Film Festival website at
    for more information on how to attend.

    Show #279
    Featured Guest: Prof. Donald Scott"
    Topic: Origins of Degenerative deseases "Aids"

    Part One
    Prof. Donald Scott details mycoplasma and disease research by the US. Military
    in the 1950's era and the CIA's involvement. JFK vowed to, "Smash the CIA to 1000 pieces
    and scatter them to the wind". The CIA acted first...

    Part Two
    Prof. Donald Scott con't

    Part Three
    Prof. Jim Fetzer - The convientent death of Ken Lay... is he really dead?
    His estate is intact, who has the money? Kevin Barrett update.
    Pakistan rape laws discussed. - 911 Pentagon witness testimony discussed.

    To order from Common Cause Medical Research Foundation

    Four issuses $25
    Box 133 Ststion B
    Sudbury, Ontario Canada
    P3E 4N5

    Show #278
    Featured Guest: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
    Topic: Recollections of 23 Years
    Part One
    Col. Prouty discusses earlier days of CIA and Vietnam

    Part Two
    Inside information on The Bay of Pigs" and observations of Ed Lansdale and the JFK Assassination

    Show #277
    Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Part One
    Jim discusses the 9/11 conference in LA and his TV interview on FOX

    Part Two

    Show #276
    Featured Guest: Pat Valentino
    Topic: JFK Research
    Part One
    Pat discusses his JFK research working with David Lifton

    Part Two
    A discussion of the evidence in the O.J. Simposon trial

    Show #275
    Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: JFK Research
    Part One
    Prof. Jim Fetzer discusses U.S. politics and Mark Fuhrman's book

    Show #274
    Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: Chicago 911 Conference
    Part One
    Prof. Jim Fetzer discusses U.S. politics

    Show #273
    Featured Guest: Christopher A. Shaw, Ph.D
    Dept. of Ophthalmology
    University of British Columbia

    Topic: Vaccinations
    Part One
    Dr. Shaw discusses the Gulf War Syndrum and his research.
    The Neural Dynamic Research Group
    Research Website

    Part Two
    Prof. Jim Fetzer discusses U.S. politics

    Show #272
    Featured Guest: William Blum
    Topic: Rogue State

    Part One
    Author William Blum discusses his books essay's and website

    Killing Hope website

    Show #271
    Featured Guest: Scott Enyart
    Topic: RFK Assassination

    Part One
    Scott was a photographer in the Pantry of the Ambassador hotel the night RFK was shot.

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer / JFK research update - Mark Fuhrman's new book...

    Show #270
    Featured Guest: Dylan Avery"
    Topic: Loose Change II

    Part One
    Producer Dylan Avery discusses his film "Loose Change II" on the 911 attack.

    Loose Change website

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer / JFK research update - conference May 15th


    Where: Willard Hotel, Grand Ballroom, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC
    When: 11 AM, Monday, May 15

    More details...

    Show #269
    Featured Guest: Prof. Donald Scott"
    Topic: Origins of Degenerative deseases "Aids"

    Part One
    Prof. Donald Scott

    Part Two
    Prof. Donald Scott con't

    To order from Common Cause Medical Research Foundation

    Four issuse $25 / Kerry Thornley Manuscript $25
    Box 133 Ststion B
    Sudbury, Ontario Canada
    P3E 4N5

    Show #268
    Featured Guest: Col. Colin Chauret"
    Topic: Unrest with U.S. Administration

    Part One
    Col, Chauret discusses Secret Torture prisons, Social Security
    Iraq and the Bush Administration.

    Part Two
    Col, Chauret Continued

    E-mail from Col. Chauret mentioed in interview

    Show #267
    Featured Guest: "John Judge"

    Judge For Yourself Part One
    John Judge discusses COPA, MLK, and 911

    Part Two
    John Judge Continued

    Part Three
    John Judge Continued

    Show #266
    Featured Guest: "Jim Fetzer"

    Scholars for truth 9/11 website Interview
    Jim Fetzer discusses 911

    Show #265
    Featured Guest: "John Hankey"
    Topic: John Kennedy Jr. Murder

    John Hankey website Part One
    John discusses his investigation into the Bush family ties to Kennedy assassinations

    Part Two

    Part Three

    Show #264
    Featured Guest: "Joan Mellen"
    Topic: Jim Garrison

    A Farewell To Justice

    Part One

    Joan Mellen discusses her book, Jim Garrison, and research in the JFK Assassination

    Part Two

    Part Three

    Joan Mellen website

    Show #263
    Featured Guests: "Russell Kent, Jutta Schmitt, Franz Lee"
    Topic: JFK Research & Venezuela

    In Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth will be a Revolutionary Act. (George Orwell)
    Part One

    Russell Kent discusses his research in the JFK Assassination
    The Wounding of John Connally – Burying the Single Bullet Theory

    Part Two
    JUTTA SCHMITT, M.A., Political Science, Philosophy & Sociology,
    currently Assistant Lecturer ad honorem in Political Science in
    the Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes at the University of The Andes, Merida, Venezuela.

    Jutta Schmitt describes the economic, political and social developments in Venezuela since the recall
    referendum of August 2004, and shows how across 2005 the Bolivarian Revolution was deepening itself,
    and has generated astounding results, new ideas, actions and projects. She also highlights the
    interrelation of all these dynamic processes with Latin American and Caribbean integration

    Part Three
    Franz John Tennyson Lee, Ph. D (University of Frankfurt),
    Author, Professor & Chairholder of Philosophy and Political Science,
    University of The Andes, Mérida,Venezuela.

    Prof. Franz Lee places all these revolutionary endeavors in global perspective and in historical dimensions,
    and is explaining the fears of North American global fascism, why it wants to convert Venezuela
    into a "rogue" state. as part of the "axis of evil". He also explains why the "Empire" will fail, and why
    something new is being born in Latin America, a new mode of creation,
    on the road towards solidaric human emancipation.


    Show #262
    Featured Guests: "Eugene Jarecki, Mark Manning"
    Topic: New Films...

    Part One

    Mark Manning discusses "Caught in the Crossfire" the untold story of Falluja
    Conceptionmedia website

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer discusses Max Holland & Mark Lane

    Part Three
    Eugene Jarecki discusses his new film "Why We Fight"

    Why We Fight website

    Show #261
    Featured Guest: Robert Sterlie aka "BOB DOG"
    Topic: US Politics

    Part One
    Bob Dog of the band "Dog Eat Dogma" discusses Bush policy
    with Len, Jim, & Anita,

    Part Two

    Dog Eat Dogma Website

    Show #260
    Featured Guest: Jim Fezter
    Topic: Port Security

    Part One
    American sleeps better knowing that George Bush has Arab Muslins guarding ports.
    If this doesn't scare you, go back to sleep...

    Show #259
    Featured Guest: William Davy
    Topic: Jim Garrison

    Part One
    Bill Davy disscusses Jim Garrison's investigation.

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer discusses U.S. Politics, Dick Cheney, and religon.

    Show #258
    Featured Guest: Dr. Gary Aguilar
    Topic: JFK Assassination Research

    Part One
    Dr. Aguilar disscusses deception and dishonest articles from Warren report supporters

    Part Two
    Dr. Aguilar con't

    Show #257
    Featured Guest: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

    Topic: Lecture in Portland from 1993

    Show #256
    Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: 9/11 and Terrorism

    Part One
    Jim Fetzer discusses 9/11

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer con't

    Show #255
    Featured Guest: Col. Fletcher Prouty interview
    Topic: Recollections of 23 Years of service /

    From the Col. Prouty CD-ROM
    The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site

    Part three          Part four

      • Experiences of and Perspectives on the Bay of Pigs
      • A Result of CIA Covert Military Commanders in Vietnam:
        The League of Families for the Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia
      • JFK Prepares To Get Out Of Vietnam:
        The Taylor/McNamara Trip Report of October 1963 and NSAM 263
      • The Murders of President Diem and Kennedy
      • Explanation of the Office of Special Operations--
        Military Services Providing Support to Government Clandestine Activities
      • The Economy Act of 1932: Handling The Money To Run Covert Operations
      • Clarifying the Role of the National Security Agency (NSA)
      • Abolishing the OSO and Moving Special Operations Into the JCS
    Part five          Part six

    Show #254
    Featured Guests: Jim Fetzer
    Topic: The JFK Assassination /

    Part One
    Jim Fetzer discussion on JFK assassination research, new books "Utimate Sacrafice" and German TV documentary.

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer discussion con't

    Letter mentioned in broadcast
    GM: The single bullet theory was tested and found to be possible.
    In the absence of any other hard evidence, therefore, it must have happened

    Show #253
    Featured Guests: Ian Griggs
    Topic: The JFK Assassination /

    Part One
    Ian Griggs