Black Op Radio 2003
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Show #154
Featured Guest:  David Ratcliffe.

Topic: Broadening Our Perspectives of 11 September 2001

Show #153
Featured Guest:  Len Osanic, Anita Langley, Jim Fetzer.

Topic: U.S. Politics

Show #152
Featured Guest:  Prof. Garth Nicholson

Topic: Vaccines


Show #151
Featured Guest:  Jim DiEugenio

Topic: The ABC Lies documentary

ABC Lies website

    Part One
    Jim Fetzer Research update

    Part Two
    Jim DiEugenio interview

    Never, never, trust a network that lies with such disregard for you as ABC
    Peter Jennings- liar of the year award!

Show #150
Featured Guest:  Doug Horne

Topic: JFK Assassination - ARRB

Show #149
Featured Guest:  Doug Horne

Topic: JFK Assassination - ARRB

Show #148
Featured Guest:  David Lifton

Topic: JFK Assassination - Best Evidence

Show #147
Featured Guest:  Dr. Gary Aguilar

Topic: Topic: The Pittsburg Conference
Solving the Great American Murder Mystery:
A National Symposium on the 40th Anniversary
of the JFK Assassination

Show #146
Featured Guest:  Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.

Topic: The Pittsburg Conference
Solving the Great American Murder Mystery:
A National Symposium on the 40th Anniversary
of the JFK Assassination

The Pittsburg Conference website

The Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law Duquesne
University School of Law Edward J. Hanley Hall 600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
F: (412) 396-6283

Show #145
Featured Guest:  Jim Rarey

Topic: Dr. Kelly Murder

Jim Rarey Article

Show #144
Featured Guest:  Joan Mellen

Topic: Jim Garrison

Show #143
Featured Guest:  Len, Anita & Jim

Topic: US Politics

Show #142
Featured Guest:  Prof. Walter Davis

Topic: September 11th And The Bush Administration
Compelling Evidence for Complicity

Show #141
Featured Guest:  Joni Wellent, Adam Stutz

Topic: Project Censored 2004

Show #140
Featured Guest:  Paul David Collins
Topic: The Hidden Face of Terrorism:
The Dark Side of Social Engineering, From Antiquity to September 11th

Show #139
Featured Guest:  Mike Levine

Topic: Deep Cover

Show #138
Featured Guest:  Adam Parfrey
Topic: War is a Racket

Feral House Publishing website

    Adam Parfrey - "A publisher who refuses to be domesticated"

Show #137
Featured Guest:  Corey Johnson
Topic: MLK Assassination

Show #136
Featured Guest:  Author Gordon Thomas
Topic: The Worldwide slave trade

GORDON THOMAS is the author of fifty-three books. Several were Main Selections for Book of the Month Club, the Literary Guild Book and the Readers Digest Book Club. He has received two Mark Twain Society Awards for Reporting Excellence. Seven of his books are major motion pictures including five times Academy Award nominated Voyage of the Damned; Enola Gay, which won the Emmy Awards Foreign Critics Prize. Experiences won the Juries and Critics prize at the Monte Carlo Film Festival. He holds an Edgar Alan Poe Award for Shipwreck.

His books of best-selling David Morton novels are being filmed by IAC International as a 22-hour television series to be screened worldwide in 2003. His Gideon’s Spies: Mossad’s Secret Warriors became a major documentary for Channel Four which he wrote and narrated. It followed three years of research during which he was given unprecedented access to Mossad’s key personnel.

Gordon Thomas website

Show #135
Featured Guest:  Joseph Pietri
Topic: The King of Nepal - CIA & drug smuggling

The King Of Nepal website

    Part One
    Jim Fetzer commentary

    Part Two
    High adventure hashish smuggling through the kingdom of Nepal

Show #134
Featured Guest:  Sheldon Rampton
Topic: Weapons of Mass Deception

PRWATCH website

Show #133
Featured Guest:  Abid Jan
Topic: The Roots of Terrorism / Osama Bin Ladin

Author and Journalist from Pakistan who has had an interview with Bin Ladin

Show #132
Featured Guest:  Bev Harris
Topic: Black Box Voting

Black Box Voting - Bev Harris Website

Show #131
Featured Guest:  Greg Palast
Topic: The Myth of A Free Press
The book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

Award winning journalist and author of the NY Times bestseller,
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth About Globalization,
Corporate Cons and High Finance, Greg Palast continues to breathe life into dark truths that
corporate America and its symbiotic twin, the U.S. Government, wants suffocated.

Greg Palast Website

Show #130
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer
Topic: Jim Fetzer in the News...

    Part One

    Part Two
    Len Osanic / Jim Fetzer

    Part Three
    Len Osanic / Jim Fetzer

    Amercian Election rigging software...

    (a)Start with this story...

    (b) Go to this one next...

    The Easy Slide into Fascism (American Politics Journal)...

    Solving the Great American Murder Mystery (Pittsburgh)... (home page with tentative program)

    Try this at
    Type in "weapons of mass destruction"
    then hit the "I'm feeling lucky button"

Show #129
Featured Guest:  Kristina Borjesson
Topic: The Myth of A Free Press
The book "Into The Buzzsaw"

    Part One
    Award winning, former CBS journalist Kristina Borjesson summarizes her book, ‘Into the Buzzsaw,’
    updates on theTWA Flight 800 story, discusses F.C.C media deregulation, the recent blow to U.S.
    ‘whistleblower’ law and speaks out on the Bush administration campaign to pin 9/11 on Saddam Hussein.

    Part Two
    Discussion of media practices, censored material, and the strength
    and effect of the propaganda machine

    Part Three
    Len questions Kristina on the mystery that surrounds Suffolk County Medical Examiner Dr. Wetli’s
    concept of ‘Interbody Implosion,’ a phrase he coined to explain how two bodies, right down to
    the DNA were fused as a result of the extreme, high-pressure event that occurred on TWA Flight 800.

Show #128
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer
Topic: Weapons of Mass Destruction ?

Show #127
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer
Topic: RFK Assassination

    Part One
    Lisa Pease discusses the LA conference on the 25th anniversary of the RFK assassination

    The time has come to say it out loud. Most of my academic colleagues
    say it privately, but hedge in their classes. Many of my old buddies at
    Time and Newsweek, where I was an editor for a decade, agree, but tell
    me they can never say so in print. All my friends fear that if they
    spell it out the FBI will arrest them in the middle of the night and
    they will become "disappeared" like hundreds of innocent Moslems who
    are not even charged with a crime. They know that Attorney General
    Ashcroft is itching to use the proposed Patriots’ Act II, which will
    certainly become law after US forces suffer casualties in Iraq, to
    deport native-born critics of the Administration to Antarctica or bury
    them in solitary confinement in the Arizona desert, as that law
    permits. But it is now time to say and act upon the fact that the
    United States, as a state, is Fascist...
    Read the complete article at

    Part Two
    Dr. David Mantik interview regarding JFK assassination medical research

Show #126
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer
Topic: Jim Fetzer in the News...

    Part One
    Jim Fetzer research update / a retired prosecutor from Duluth has threatened to
    take legal action against a University of Minnesota-Duluth philosophy professor
    who espouses the belief that the Bush White House had a hand in Wellstone's demise.

    Part Two
    Len Osanic / Jim Fetzer

    Part Three
    Len Osanic / Jim Fetzer

Show #125
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer
Topic: US Politics

Show #124
Featured Guest:  Craig Roberts

Topic: Kill Zone - A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza

As an investigative journalist, his background includes four years in the United States Marine Corps
as a rifleman and sniper, with one year of that in Vietnam (1965-66).
He is a retired Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer, having served as a patrol officer,
investigator, TAC (Swat) team member, bomb tech, and helicopter pilot.
During this time he had a parallel career in the military, serving in the Army Reserve
as an infantry officer and intelligence officer. He retired in 2000 as a lieutenant colonel.

Craig is the author of over a dozen books, which include;
"Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza,"
"JFK: The Dead Witnesses.
"The Medusa File: Crimes and Coverups of the U.S. Government,"
"The Walking Dead: A Marine's Story of Vietnam,"
"One Shot--One Kill: America's Combat Snipers,"
"Combat Medic--Vietnam," "Police Sniper," "Hellhound,"
and "Doorway to Hell: Disaster in Somalia."

For more check out Craig Roberts Website

Show #123
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topic: Cancelled - bad phone line

Show #122
Featured Guest:  Show Cancelled


Show #121
Featured Guest:  Dennis David

Topic: JFK Assassination

Show #120
Featured Guest:  Joan Sekler and Richard Perez / Ramond Lavas

Topic: Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election

    Part One
    Film makers Joan Sekler and Richard Perez - interview
    The documentary is a riveting story about the battle for the presidency
    in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America.

    Part Two
    Ramond Lavas - Future Technologies

    Part Three
    Ramond Lavas - Future Technologies con't

Show #119
Featured Guest:  Catherine Austin Fitts

Topic: The Solari Action Network

Part One
Jim Fetzer - Iraq conflict, Zapruder conference May 03,
Dealey Plaza Echo - March issue,
Cyril Wecht conference in Pittsburg this fall,
Jim has dinner with Vincent Bugliousi...

Part Two
Catherine Austin Fitts

Truck sold for 17 cents... $9310 copier that went for a shiny nickel... ?

Part Three
Catherine Austin Fitts con't

Show #118
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topic: JFK research / IRAQ conflict

Part One
Jim Fetzer / Len Osanic

Part Two
Jim Fetzer / Len Osanic con't

Part Three
Jim Fetzer / Len Osanic con't

Show #117
Featured Guest:  Lisa Pease

Topic: The Assassinations

Part One
Iraq conflict

Oregon Law Would Jail War Protesters as Terrorists
Wed April 02, 2003 09:02 PM ET

By Lee Douglas

PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - An Oregon anti-terrorism bill would jail street-blocking protesters for at least 25 years in a thinly veiled effort to discourage anti-war demonstrations, critics say.The bill has met strong opposition but lawmakers still expect a debate on the definition of terrorism and the value of free speech before a vote by the state senate judiciary committee, whose Chairman, Republican Senator John Minnis, wrote the proposed legislation.Dubbed Senate Bill 742, it identifies a terrorist as a person who "plans or participates in an act that is intended, by at least one of its participants, to disrupt" business, transportation, schools, government, or free assembly.The bill's few public supporters say police need stronger laws to break up protests that have created havoc in cities like Portland, where thousands of people have marched and demonstrated against war in Iraq since last fall."We need some additional tools to control protests that shut down the city," said Lars Larson, a conservative radio talk show host who has aggressively stumped for the bill.Larson said protesters should be protected by free speech laws, but not given free reign to hold up ambulances or frighten people out of their daily routines, adding that police and the court system could be trusted to see the difference."Right now a group of people can get together and go downtown and block a freeway," Larson said. "You need a tool to deal with that."The bill contains automatic sentences of 25 years to life for the crime of terrorism.Critics of the bill say its language is so vague it erodes basic freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism under an extremely broad definition."Under the original version (terrorism) meant essentially a food fight," said Andrea Meyer of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which opposes the bill.Police unions and minority groups also oppose the bill for fear it could have a chilling effect on relations between police and poor people, minorities, children and "vulnerable" populations.Legislators say the bill stands little chance of passage."I just don't think this bill is ever going to get out of committee," said Democratic Senator Vicki Walker, one of four members on the six-person panel who have said they oppose the legislation.

Part Two
MLK Assassination

Part Three
MLK Assassination con't

Show #116
Featured Guest:  Len Osanic/ Jim Fetzer

Topic: U.S. Iraq conflict

Part One

Part Two

Part Three
Paul Wellstone crash

Show #115
Featured Guest:  J. Harvey Beecher-Stowe

Topic: U.S. Policy

Part One
Jim Fetzer Update

Part Two
J. Harvey Beecher-Stowe Interview

Show #114
Featured Guest:  Ted Gunderson

Topic: Retired FBI Special-Agent-In-Charge

Part One
Jim Fetzer Update

Part Two
Ted Gunderson interview

Part Three
Ted Gunderson interview con't

Show #113
Featured Guest:  Walter Bowart

Topic: Operation Mindcontrol

Part One
Jim Fetzer Update

Part Two
Walter Bowart interview

Part Three
Walter Bowart interview con't

Part Four
Walter Bowart interview con't

Show #112
Featured Guest: Jim DiEugineo

Topic: The Assassinations

Order the book

Part One
Jim Fetzer Update

Part Two
Jim DiEugineo interview part two

Part Three
Jim DiEugineo interview part three

Show #111
Featured Guest:  Dr. William Pepper

Topic: The Execution of Martin Luther King

Part One
William Pepper part one

Part Two
William Pepper part two

Trial closing arguments

Show #110
Featured Guest:  Kyle Hence

Topic: The Patriot Act II - www.unanswered

Bill Moyers -

The Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003
Adobe acrobat document

This Document is 120 pgs.! It will take a few moments
to load- depending on your Internet Download speed...

Show #109
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topic: Paul Wellstone crash & Columbia disaster unanswered questions

Show #108
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topic: JFK research and burnout

Article on Fuel cel research

Impeachment Resolution

Show #107
Featured Guest:  Gerard Colby

Topics: Into the Buzzsaw,

Show #106
Featured Guest:  Kristina Borjesson

Topics: Into the Buzzsaw,

Show #105
Featured Guest:  Rare 1993 lecture with Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

Topics: JFK assassination,