Black Op Radio 2002
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Show #104
Featured Guest:  Jane Akre / Gary Webb

Topic: The Myth of A Free Press
The book "Into The Buzzsaw"
"Into the Buzzsaw" website

Part One
Interview with Jane Akre

Part Two
Interview with Gary Webb

Show #103
Featured Guest:  Neil Berger, David Giammarco

Topics: JFK assassination,

Show #102
Featured Guest:  Dr. Saren Azer, Jim DiEugenio, Mili Cranor

Topics: JFK assassination research, World Social Forum

Show #101
Featured Guest:  Lisa Pease

Topics: The Real History Archives, Probe Magazine, COPA,
The upcoming book- "The Assassinations"

Show #100
Featured Guest:  John Judge

Topics: Paul Wellstone / COPA

Show #99
Featured Guest:  Lt. Col. Daniel Marvin

Topic: Green Beret training / JFK assassination

    Part One
    Col. Marvin discusses his experiences with the Green Berets
    and his new book Expendable Elite

    Part Two
    A discussion of the death of William Bruce Pitzer
    A dynamite book is in the works that will, if taken seriously
    by citizens and elected officials alike, be an inspiration for those
    who possess the integrity, courage and will to demand a renewed
    investigation into the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Jr.,
    and those whose deaths were attributed to strange causes.
    Those same people were involved in one way or another
    in an attempt to foil our government’s cover up
    of the JFK assassination itself.

    Expendable Elite Website

    Expendable Elite reveals the fear that these elite warriors share
    with no other military person: not fear of the enemy they have been
    trained to fight in battle, but fear of the wrath of our government
    should they no longer be needed and find themselves classified as… “expendable.”
    A centerpiece of this book is the CIA mission to assassinate
    Cambodian Crown Prince Nordum Sihanouk, the author’s unilateral
    aborting of the mission, and the drama surrounding the dispatch
    by the CIA of an ARVN regiment to attack and destroy the camp
    and kill every person in it as retribution for going against the CIA,

Show #98
Featured Guest:  James Fetzer

Topics: JFK research

    Part One
    JFK Research update with Jim Fetzer
    Regarding a play in Atlanta "Frame 312"

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer World News update

    Part Three
    interview con't

Show #97
Featured Guest:  James Fetzer

Topics: World Politics

    Part One
    JFK Research update with Jim Fetzer
    Richard Helms dead / New Zapurder documentary

    Part Two
    Jim Fetzer World News update
    DC. Sniper caught / Impeach George W. Bush?

    Part Three
    interview con't

    Website -

    Zapurder film documentary on Dishnetwork / Freespeech TV (channel 9415)
    Documentary presents various permutations and
    combinations of Abraham Zapruder's 8mm
    home movie footage of the assassination of JFK.
    Plays various time all weekend Oct 25th - 27th

    Freespeech TV website -

Show #96
Featured Guest:  James Fetzer

Topics: World Politics

Website -

Show #95
Featured Guest:  Kyle F. Hence

Topics: Unanswered Questions

Kyle F. Hence

Show #94
Featured Guest: Catherine Austin Fitts

Topics: Solari

Part One
Len & Anita World News update

Part Two
Catherine Austin Fitts discusses the Solari Action Network

Part Three
Inteview con't

Part Four
Interview con't

Show #93
Featured Guest: Dr. John Costella

Topics: The Zapruder Film

Part One
Jim Fetzer World News update

Part Two
Dr. John Costella discusses his research

Part Three

Show #92
Featured Guest: Steve Jones

Topics: Michael and Ruth Paine

Part One
Jim Fetzer World News update

Part Two
Steve Jones discusses his research

Part Three

Part Four

Show #91
Featured Guest: Rich Della Rosa

Topics: JFK Assassination Research Forum

Part One
Jim Fetzer World News update

Part Two
Rich Della Rosa discusses his research forum

Part Three

JFK Research assassination forum

Show #90
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topics: JFK Research and World politics

    Part One
    News of upcoming JFK research conference! Discussion of the ongoing research work of John Costella and the Zapruder film

    Part Two
    North Korea already named as part of the "axis of evil" They already have nuclear capability... why are they not named as a threat anymore?

Show #89
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topics: JFK Research and World politics

    Part One
    The Sixth Floor and Madeleine Duncan Brown

    Part Two
    The question is asked why isn't Israel worried about Iraq?
    If the chemical or Nuclear weapons exist they would be the first target!
    What do they know that the US doesn't?
    That there isn't any... Is this another "Wag The Dog"?

Show #88
Featured Guest:  Michael Ruppert

Topics: Iraq and Saudia Arabia...

Show #87
Featured Guest:  Preston Peet

Topics: The Drug War...

Show #86
Featured Guest:  Doug Valentine

Topics: Sex, Drugs & and the CIA

    Part One
    Research Update with Jim Fetzer
    Part Two
    Doug talks about his books, mind control, Homeland Security and the Phoenix Program.

    Part Three

Show #85
Featured Guest: Mike Bodine
Topics: Challenging the Income Tax

    Part One - JFK Research Update with Jim Fetzer

    Part Two - Mike Bodine is the spokesman for the "We The People Foundation"

    Part Three

Show #84
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topics: JFK Update,

Show #83
Featured Guest:  Michael Moore Lecture

Topics: JFK Update, Stupid White Men

Show #82
Featured Guest:  William Blum

Topics: JFK Update, "Killing Hope"

Show #81
Featured Guest:  Greg Burnham

Topics: JFK Update, Fletcher Prouty

Show #80
Featured Guest:  Len, Anita, and Jim Fetzer

Topics: World Politics, and JFK Research

Show #79
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Topics: 9/11, World Politics, and JFK research smear campaign.

Show #78
Featured Guest:  Tom Flocco

Topics: 9/11 Fruad and insider trading.

Show #77
Featured Guest:  James Fetzer

Topics: World politics,JFK assassination research, dis-information.

Show #76
Featured Guest:  John McCarthy

Cherry was one of five CIA sponsored activities. John McCarthy, a team leader in Cherry, was the Case Officer in Saigon, of a CIA directed covert operation code named PROJECT CHERRY. The operational mission of CHERRY was a redundant, three pronged assassination team targeted against Prince NORODOM SIHANOUK, the head of state of Cambodia. Not until late in 2000, after the State Department declassified a section of their records could the trail be traced proving the rogue activities of Cherry. At the time he was involved, John had no knowledge of this rogue activity. Operation Cherry
More on Col. Finck

Show #75
Featured Guest:  Geroge Michael Evica

George Michael Evica is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Hartford, Connecticut. He has been interested in the JFK assassination from its inception. He is the author of one book, And We Are All Mortal: New Evidence And Analysis In The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy, published in 1978 by the University of Hartford. For several years he was Editor of Assassination Chronicles, published by JFK Lancer, Inc., in Dallas, Texas. During the last decade, he has published several articles and has spoken at many JFK conferences.
WWUH website for George Michael's weekly show

Show #74Show not posted

Show #73
Featured Guest:  Charles Drago
Charles discusses the new online Journal "Assassination Research"
The Journal for Advanced Study of the Death of JFK

Show #72
Featured Guest:  Robert Stinnett

Show #71
Featured Guest:  Jerry Policoff

Show #70
Featured Guest:  Jim Wakeford

Show #69 Featured Guest:  Scott Enyart

Show #68
Featured Guest:  Carl Romanelli

Show #67
Featured Guest: James Fetzer

Show #66
Featured Guest: Dick Russell

Show #65
Featured Guest:  Jim Fetzer

Show #64
Featured Guest:  Charles Key

Show #63
Featured Guest:  James Fetzer

Show #62
Feature:  D'Ferdinand deposition by attorney Ray Kohlman

Desiree Carone Ferdinand is the daughter of Colonel Albert Carone, who was the paymaster for Army-CIA-NYPD narcotics trafficking, money laundering and assasinations through the mid-1980's/Iran Contra.

These depositions provide the Ferdinand's recollections of what they saw, heard and were told by their father/father-in-law about narcotics trafficking, money laundering and assasination by the US Army, CIA and New York-organized crime with the knowledge/support of NYPD through the mid-80's, including their use of Afro American gangs to distribute drugs in Afro-American neighborhoods.

Featured Guest: Dr. Tom Flocco
PART III of Tom Flocco s explosive story on Insider Trading and 9-11. All Roads Lead To Deutschebank and Bush's own 1991 insider trading scandal involving Harken Energy. Why? Because Kuwait and Bahraini banks that likely served the Bushes in 1991 have been specifically omitted from the current crackdown on terrorist financing. And these banks have correspondent relations with Deutschebank! Read the 3 part article by Tom Flocco at "From The Wilderness" website -

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Featured Guest: Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Part One / JFK Update

Part Two

Part Three

Featured Guest: Jim Fetzer

JFK Update